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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Fighting Pits

Fighting Pits

The Fighting Pits are run by the city's outlaws, crooks, and greedy men with too much coin and not enough sense. By day they fight the trained dogs, bears, and even exotic cats, but by night the real cruelty unfolds, where slaves, new and old to Rynmere, are set to face up against each other in fights to the death, using whatever weapons the crowd bids for them to hold; the higher the bids, the better the chances and rewards. Though the actions that take place here are illegal and the city's forces and leadership are well aware of what goes on here, little has been done to put an end to it, with most attempts in the past ending poorly for both sides.

Finn Craig is the mastermind behind the madness, buying and selling slaves, deserters, and warriors to help put him ahead in the pits and line his pockets with gold stained with the blood of the innocent. He is a ruthless man who seems to care little for anyone but himself, going as far as to bribe nobles, guards, and even certain dukes in order to keep the pits running. As cruel and wicked as this place is, locals and travellers from all across Idalos still come here to wage bets on their favourite fighters.

The current champion of the pits is a woman that is known only as Blade, for her unmatched skill with both dagger, and sword. Blade has kept her title as queen of the pits for over two seasons now, a record held by only one other in the history of this place, a beast by the name of Voltanis, man of a thousand cuts, the only slave to ever earn his freedom in the Fighting Pits, one who reigned supreme for a full arc, a record none believe will ever be broken, including the man himself, who now deals in the business that made and kept him a slave for so long.

Fighting Pits NPC List

Moderator's Note: Players are welcome to use these NPCs if they're writing about this location.


Race: Human
Age: 32 arcs
Title: Man of a Thousand Cuts
Skills: Melee Combat: 75, Tactics: 50, Unarmed Combat: 60, Endurance: 45, Business Management: 25.

Said to have survived the unthinkable in the fighting pits during his time as a slave, Voltanis, the man of a thousand cuts, was granted his free at the end of the longest arc of his life. It took him a long time to adjust to life outside the pits, but now he is said to be one of the wealthiest men in Andaris City, making his fortune on the misery and suffering of others. It seems you really can't teach an old dog new tricks.


Race: Aukari
Age: 27 arcs
Title: The Burning Woman
Skills: Ranged Combat: 35, Melee Combat: 40, Leadership: 30, Tactics: 25, Intimidation: 50.

Taken from her homelands and thrown into a life of slavery, Blade has to fight for her life every night to ensure that she will live to see another day and hopefully get closer and closer to her freedom, which Voltanis has promised her if she can survive long enough to see her first arc in the pits of Andaris. On nights where she is forced to go hungry, Blade feeds herself on the idea of revenge, and taking the life of every noble that has ever come to watch her fight in the pits.

Finn Craig

Race: Mixed Blood [Human x Biqaj]
Age: 51 arcs
Title: Master of Slaves
Skills: Business Management: 55, Melee Combat: 35, Pick Pocketing: 35, Persuasion: 40, Investigation: 25.

The man who runs the show, Master of Slaves; Finn Craig is possibly the most hated man in all of Rynmere, and arguably, the most dangerous.
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