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Where slaves fight for freedom

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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Fighting Arena

Fighting Arena

The Arena has been a source of entertainment for the masses for generations and fighters from all over Idalos travel here once a year for the annual games to test their strength and their chance at claiming the tital of 'The King's Champion,' the highest honour for any free man or slave in Rynmere. Of course, the gates are not only open to fighters but those who seek to sharpen and hone their skills in melee or ranged combat. Once a season, generally on the thirteenth day, a tournament is held, where prisoners, slaves, and free men fight to the death to earn gold, freedom, or nobility. The rest of the time, however, The Arena is open to all of Rynmere's residents for less deadly training.

Upon the opening ceremony of any seasonal match, blood is spilled on the sand in honour of those who have already fought and died here. The King is always the first to spill blood, taking the life of one of the Kingdom's finest bulls. The body of the bull is then towed around the Arena behind a chariot, drawing a circle of blood in the sand. Any fighter that steps outside of this circle before the match has ended, is taken to the dungeons and tortured relentlessly until a less honourable death finally takes them. The last man standing inside the circle after all of the fighting is done, walks away with one thousand gold nels, and the title of Gladiator. The men and women who hold such a title are considered to be Rynmere's top fighters and find themselves welcome wherever their travels may take them within the seven regions, no matter their race or previous transgressions.

Some of Rynmere's best combat teachers work here and offer lessons to the general public for the low price of five gold nels an hour. It is said that their is a lot of money to be made in trading and training fighters for the Arena, and some of the Kingdom's most respected nobles send scouts often to look out for the next champion in the making.

Fighting Arena NPC List

Moderator's Note: Players are welcome to use these NPCs if they're writing about this location.

Torloth Bower

Race: Mixed Blood (Biqaj x Human)
Age: 37 arcs
Title: Melee Combat Expert
Skills: Melee Combat: 60, Shield Combat: 55, Stealth: 25, Endurance: 45, Teaching: 30

Torloth has been a teacher of Melee Combat in the Fighting Arena for the last eleven years, before which time he served firstly as a slave then earned the title of gladiator, and with it, his freedom. Torloth is a fearsome opponent and a very strict teacher who doesn't appreciate weakness or lack of effort.

Noah Rickoth

Race: Human
Age: 41 arcs
Title: Unarmed Combat Expert
Skills: Unarmed Combat: 65, Meditation: 60, Stealth: 45, Acrobatics: 30, Teaching: 35

Noah believes the meditation is the key to true self awareness, something he practices often, arguing that it has helped improve all other aspects of his life. Anyone trying to get a lesson with this man is likely to have their ear talked off regarding the benefits of meditation before he demonstrates and parts any of his true skill.

Oona Strayer

Race: Human
Age: 28 arcs
Title: Bow Expert
Skills: Ranged Combat: 55, Endurance: 45, Running: 25, Tactics: 30, Teaching: 50

Disciplined, dedicated, and deadly, Oona is one of the youngest archery experts in Rynmere, and one of the most respected in Idalos. Originally from the shores of Ne'haer, Oona moved to Rynmere with her parents as a young girl and quickly took up an interest in Ranged Combat. She has dedicated a lot of time to her craft and now offers lessons to the locals.
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