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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Medicine has come a long way in the last hundred years, and the city's Infirmary employs some of the finest doctors, herbalists, and health professionals in Idalos. Health professionals in Rynmere have found that keeping the area clean, and infected persons separated, has helped slow or even stop the spread of dangerous viruses, bugs, and other nasty illnesses.

The Infirmary houses up to fifty people at any one time, with a special wing dedicated to the treatment and recovery of babies and young children. Due to Rynmere's 4% tax on all resident's wages, all treatment and doctor visits are free to anyone with residency, while foreigners will find that they have to pay a hefty price to speak to a health professional or have their wounds tended to.

Teddy Crews

Name: Teddy Crews
Created by: Vera
Race: Human
Age: 28
Born: Cylus 51st, 688
Title: Psychiatrist at the Infirmary
Skills: Psychiatry 58, Medicine 31

Other Information: A peculiar man, he is calm, laid back, and a bit of a psychopath. The mortifying screams of a patient will not cause him to so much as flinch or tarry in his treatment of them, and a hand with two missing fingers is indicative of an unsavory past. Upon his face is the brand of a thief, but most misfits have probably gotten away with far more than they have been caught doing. There is an unnerving coldness about him, but he performs his job well.


Name: Kryll
Created by: Vera
Race: Eídisi
Age: 52
Born: Cylus 8th, 664
Title: Surgeon at the Infirmary
Skills: Surgery 61, Observation 39

Other Information: Kryll is the one who patches up an unfortunate Skyrider every time a Volareon takes a chunk out of one. Anyone who's got a big bad wound in the military has probably been under the knife of this tall and imposing elderly. He is passionate, focused, and absorbed in his work. His most admirable trait is that the man radiates an intense calm and only speaks in a manner of give-and-take, questions and answers summarizing his existence. Despite his choice in occupation, he does not enjoy saving lives. Instead, the intricate art of diagnosing, planning, and commencing a surgery has consumed him. Kryll cares very little for staff or patients at the Infirmary because he keeps his heart locked away for fear of forming a close bond with someone.
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