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Books as old as Rynmere itself

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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Rynmere's library is one of the most important, historical buildings in all of Andaris City, housing work by some of the great leaders, Kings, poets, philosophers, and minds of the city's time. Even work by Gawyne is kept here, and the famous shipwrights of Burhan. Lord Commander Verne Andaris was also said to write in his free time, a skill the people of Rynmere value above all others. Knowledge is a part of their religion, and thus, the library is considered important enough to have its own guards.

Andaris City hires a handful of experts from each race to give an account on the history, religion, and stories of their people. There are many jobs to be fill here and Alana Aberdeen oversees all of the staff, working to ensure that the library is kept in order with most the recent works of fiction and nonfiction from all around the world of Idalos. Alana is an expert historian and researcher looking for an apprentice to help ease the load of her work, someone who doesn't mind chasing a story and checking all the facts, with a brilliant mind lot match her own.

Residents are permitted to take out two books a week, which are expected to be returned to the library in the condition they left in. Anyone seen to be mistreating the books on offer will find themselves barred from this wonderful place, stripped of the privilege to enjoy all this place has to offer. Of course, not all books are allowed to be taken from the library, but anyone is allowed to view the restricted, original copies of works by Rynmere's greats., under supervision.

Library NPC List

Moderator's Note: Players are welcome to use these NPCs if they're writing about this location.

Alana Aberdeen

Race: Human
Age: 32 arcs
Title: Librarian
Skills: Etiquette: 45, Appraisal: 30, Writing: 65, Storytelling: 40, Linguistics: 55.

If you can't find the book you're looking in the Andaris Library, you can be sure Alana can get her crafty little hands on it soon enough. A highly intelligent woman, Alana has done a lot of travel in her time, especially within north, and eastern Idalos, and knows almost all there is to Rynmere's violent history.

Penelope Longstride

Race: Mixed Blood [Aukari x Human]
Age: 24 arcs
Title: Restoration Expert
Skills: Writing: 25, Sewing: 35, Poetry: 50, Performing: 30, Teaching: 45.

Penelope has worked for Alana ever since she turned seventeen and enjoys her work restoring books, re-writing old texts, and translating languages for people. She is a talented young woman with a promising future, quiet nature, and is very approachable.

Theo Kamper

Race: Human
Age: 36 arcs
Title: City Guard
Skills: Melee Combat: 55, Shield Combat: 30, Mount-Horse: 25, Leadership: 40, Intimidation: 45.

As one of the City Guards, Theo is tasked with protecting the books and workers within the library. He has worked closely with Alana for many years and understands her subtle cues for silently announcing when she wants to get rid of someone.
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