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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Butcher Shop

Butcher Shop

The local butcher shop is always full of fresh produce, lovely pink, red, and white meat, and two men (brothers) with very friendly smiles that go by the names Vin, and Videer. The shop is always tidy, and for the most part, visitors to this well aged establishment have very few complaints. Perhaps then, they would find it disturbing to know that Andaris' local butchery is owned and run by one of the most notorious factions in Rynmere, the mountain men, better known as VII, and specifically, Chief Vilhelm of Andaris himself.

Butcher Shop NPC List

Moderator's Note: Players are welcome to use these NPCs if they're writing about this location.


Race: Human
Age: 43 arcs
Title: Crook
Skills: Melee Combat: 45, Animal Husbandry: 50, Stealth: 40, Observation: 35, Smuggling: 30.

Vin loves working with animals and nothing ever gets by him. He has a mind for numbers and a good work ethic. Of the two brothers he tends to be the quieter one, but what he lacks in people skills he makes up for in skill with a knife, offering customers only the finest cuts of meat.


Race: Human
Age: 51 arcs
Title: Outlaw
Skills: Melee Combat: 40, Animal Husbandry: 55, Ranged Combat: 50, Smuggling: 45, Gambling: 35.

Videer is a raging drunk and seriously out-of-pocket gambler with an eye for all things shiny. He is easy to talk to and trusted by most of the locals in and around the city, with farmers selling their meat to him for far better prices than anyone else has been able to import it for. His father before him ran the shop, and now he runs it alongside his younger brother Vin, under the guidance of a Biqaj man named Vilhelm.


Race: Biqaj
Age: 34 arcs
Title: Bandit Chief of Andaris
Skills: Melee Combat: 60, Endurance: 45, Ranged Combat: 55, Seafaring: 50, Politics: 40.

Vilhelm was born in Ne'haer and emigrated to Rynmere in 709, later falling in with the wrong crowd, he was set upon on the road and taken back to Vulken’s Fort where Vashal gave the order to throw him into the 'Mouth of the Jacadon', but was convinced by the man to give him a second chance via tiral of combat. Vilhelm defeated eleven men single handedly that day and was tattooed the following morning, readily accepted by the members of VII. He worked hard and by 713 earned the title of Bandit Chief of Andaris.
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