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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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The Bread Basket
The Bread Basket is Andaris‘ premier bakery and located on the third tier of the city in a somewhat quiet side street between a flower shop and a cobbler and not too far from the marketplace. The building itself is rather quaint. It is one of the oldest in the area and used to house a tavern and a clothes shop before it finally became a bakery.

The walls are made of stone, and there are two large glass windows at the front that allow those that pass it by to take a look inside and get a glimpse of the delicious baked goods that are for sale. Above the wooden door is a sign with the picture of a fresh faced young farm girl carrying a basket full of bread that gave the bakery its name.

The bakery can already be smelled from far away. The enticing scents of freshly baked bread and cakes drift through the windows that are usually open during the warm seasons, linger in the street and make the mouths of those that pass the bakery by water.

Inside the delicious smell is even stronger, to the point of being nearly irresistible. Loaves of bread, baked according to recipes from all over Idalos, line the shelves in addition to different kinds of cakes, kept under glass domes and ranging from simple ones to those made of rare and expensive ingredients that only nobles could possibly afford.

In a corner, next to the counter where the proprietor and his two young daughters can usually be found, are three tables and a couple of chairs for those that wish to eat at the bakery rather than taking their food with them. The Bread Basket doesn’t serve any alcohol though, and the only drinks that can be gotten are water, milk and various kinds of tea.


Name: Eckard Tibolt
Race: Human
DOB: Saun 25, Arc 670
Title: Baker
Skills: Baking 60, Cooking 35, Business Management 26, Leadership 20
Other Information: Eckard Tibolt inherited the bakery from his father who inherited it from his own father. In his youth Eckard worked as a cook on a ship. During his travels he collected recipes from all over Idalos. Once his father died, he returned home and made use of them, turning what was once one bakery among many into a profitable business. He had a wife once, but she died of an illness arcs ago so that Eckard takes care of their two teenaged daughters and the shop alone now.

Price List

White bread 2 sn
Wholemeal bread 3 sn 1 cn
Mixed grain bread 3 sn
Rye bread 3 sn 1 cn
Sourdough bread 3 sn 5 cn
Potato bread 2 sn 5 cn
Sunflower seed bread 3 sn
Oatmeal bread 2 sn 5 sn
Walnut bread 3 sn 1 cn
Baguette 2 sn 6 cn
Crispbread 1 sn 5 cn

Cakes & Pies:
Apple Pie 4 sn
Blueberry Pie 4 sn
Cherry Pie 6 sn
Chocolate Cake 6 sn

Cup of milk – 5 cn
Cup of tea – 5 cn
Glass of water – free, if you eat something

If you want to order a special cake or bread inquire with the proprietor about the pricing!
Credit: Tristan Venora
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A N D I T' S A L L J U S T S M A L L S T U F F, B A B Y.

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