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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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House of Roses
The name of Andaris‘ biggest brothel – the House of Roses, named after the beautiful women (and occasionally men) that worked there – was known to men from all social circles as well as quite a few women, even though they didn’t dare to admit such a thing as long as the sun was still visible in the sky, out of fear that their precious reputation would be tarnished. It was located a few blocks from the Bath House which was very convenient since both establishments catered to similar needs and gave their clients the opportunity to relax and just let go.

The House of Roses was a two story building made of grey stone and rather inconspicuous from the outside. Curtains covered the windows so that it was impossible to just take a peek when you were standing in front of the building, and the sign above the thick wooden door just showed the picture of a red rose. If you stepped through the door that was framed by long, crimson silk drapes though, you would find yourself in a whole different world.

During the trial few people visited the House of Roses, but as soon as the sun disappeared behind the horizon it was full of life. The smell of perfume and alcohol and more intimate things was heavy in the air, there were laughter and conversations and even music, sometimes.

On the ground floor a bar could be found. The drinks that were served there were quite good, even though most people didn’t come there for the drinks or at least not just for the drinks. Next to the bar was a stage where a few of the Roses would usually dance seductively, often to the sound of music and surrounded by men and women that wanted to get rid of their money.

Tables that were surrounded by very comfortable looking arm chairs could be found throughout the ground floor, some of them located in niches near the wall to allow people a little more privacy. There the prostitutes would often sit with their clients. The floor was covered with soft carpets, and pictures of half naked men and women decorated the walls. The whole room was lit by numerous candelabras and luxurious chandeliers that hung from the ceiling, giving the establishment a somewhat mysterious and decadent atmosphere.

Next to the bar a staircase led to the first floor where the rooms in which the prostitutes met their clients and often also lived could be found. Each room contained a large bed, a table, two chairs, a dresser, a small hearth as well as a washing basin, handkerchiefs and a mirror as prostitutes as well as clients usually wanted to clean themselves afterwards.

Every once in a while one of the guards would check the first floor to make sure that everything was in order and that the clients didn’t hurt the prostitutes, although different people often had different views as to what exactly that entailed.

House of Roses NPC List

Moderator's Note: Players are welcome to use these NPCs if they're writing about this location.

Madame Alessa

Name: Madame Alessa
Race: Human
Age: 33 Arcs
Job: Brothel Owner
Skills: Seduction: 66, Persuasion: 50, Negotiation: 34, Socialization: 40, Leadership: 35

Nobody really knows a lot about Madame Alessa. Some say that the owner of the House of Roses is an escaped slave from Athart, others claim that she is really an Yludih, and yet others insist that she is the bastard daughter of a rich merchant or even a lord and her business is thriving because her father secretly supports her. What is known though is that the raven haired Alessa is a shrewd businesswoman and takes good care of her workers. She has been managing the brothel for about 10 arcs now, since the old owner, a Biqaj male, died. In the beginning she quite often took clients of her own, but these trials she only serves the most important ones.


Name: Lucille
Created by: Tristan Venora
Race: Human
DOB: Ashan 32, Arc 694
Title: Prostitute
Skills: Seduction: 35, Persuasion: 26, Cosmetology: 15, Business Management: 10, Blades (Dagger): 10

Lucille is one of the prostitutes that work at the Houses of Roses. She was born a crofter’s daughter in Warrick, but she was never interested in learning her father’s trade (or any other normal job). Even as a girl she was rather wild and flirted with boys everywhere she went. Eventually she ended up in the capital of Rynmere, Andaris, where she met Madame Alessa and asked the rather surprised woman for a job. She figured she might as well make money with what she enjoyed. Lucille is a very extroverted and slightly sarcastic young woman and not ashamed of what she does at all.


Prostitute with Novice Seduction: 5 sn per prostitute
Prostitute with Competent Seduction: 1 gn per prostitute
Prostitute with Expert Seduction: 2 gn per prostitute

Multiple prostitutes are allowed.

Common Drink

Ale 1sn a mug 6sn a flagon A cheap drink brewed from barley or oats, or any number of different grains.
Beer3sn a mug2gn a flagonRich, hoppy flavours scented with allspice, juniper, resin, apples, bread-crumbs, sage, lavender, gentian, cinnamon, or laurel. These are usually high-flavoured beverages with a strong, natural taste.
Cider5sn a mug3gn a flagonA bitter-sweet flavour achieved by pouring water onto apples and steeping them to perfection. Fresh, crisp, and strong-flavoured, cider can be served cold, at room temperature, or heated.
Mead1gn a mug6gn a flagonA sweet alcoholic drink enjoyed by people from all classes, mead is and brewed using honey.
Rum1gn a shot10gn a bottleMade from sugarcane juice and molasses and distilled into a clear liquid before it is aged in oak barrels, producing the dark, amber colour rum is famous for. It has a smoky, sweet taste and is very popular among sailors.
Vodka2gn a shot15gn a bottleCrisp and distilled for volume rather than flavour, vodka has no distinctive taste, and can best be described as cold and clean, going down smoothly. This spirit is clear having no colour and is typically drunk straight, with a subtle after taste and strong bite.
Brandy2gn a shot20gn a bottleAn after dinner drink of the best quality and highest proofing, this brandy will leave a warm feeling in the mouth and stomach upon consumption.
Whiskey 2gn a shot30gn a bottleMade from fermented grain-mash including barley, corn, rye, and wheat. Whiskey is aged over time in wooden crates generally made of charred white oak important from different regions across Idalos.

White Wine

Ashan’s Twilight6sn per Glass4gn per BottleA wine low in alcohol that is cheap and popular. It has a pleasant taste and is grown, harvested, and vinted in the hottest parts of Idalos. Though it is mass produced most of the year, Ashan’s Twilight is a very widely respected wine.
Saun’s Heat8sn per Glass6gn per BottleA spicy concoction made by the Biqaj and often kept by the barrel loads upon their ships. This is an aged, dry wine with a strong hint of flavour that goes great with seafood dishes.
Shimmering Koriel10sn per Glass8gn per BottleThe added flavours of pomelos and kumquats give this straw coloured, sweet, full-bodied wine its unique and delicious taste. Imported from areas of eastern Idalos, this wine is crafted and bottled every four arcs, making it hard to come by outside of the east.
Sparkling White2gn per Glass13gn per BottleVibrant and bubbly in aroma and flavour, this sparkling wine is herbaceous, flavoursome, and will ensnare the senses with its hints of citrus and passionfruit.
Kuwasa3gn per Glass15gn per BottleA dessert wine from the shores of Desnind with special aromas of mandarin and apricot with a hint of lemon zest.
Appiden4gn per Glass17gn per BottleRich and savoury flavours loaded with the aromas of intense, ripe pears and Ymiden apples.
Smof8gn per Glass26gn per BottleA crowd favourite with ripe peach and aromatic flavours, make this one of the best mid-range wines in all of Idalos. Its subtle spices make this the perfect white wine for a cold day.
Moseke’s Harvest13gn per Glass35gn per BottleInspired by the tastes of nature, crafters of this wine import green grapes from the far reaches of Idalos to bring together the ‘tastes of the world’. A crisp, refreshing vintage that will inspire anyone's taste-buds.
Queen25gn per Glass50gn per BottleA strong wine with a sharp taste blended with hints of kiwi fruit, mangosteen, and lychee. This is known as the queen of wines, best served with a meal fit for a king.
White Diamond40gn per Glass100gn per BottleA sweet wine best served cold, high in alcohol and far too easy to drink, this white wine tastes just like a high quality grape juice and has been describe as ‘the taste of Saun in a bottle’. Partnered well with fish.

Red Wine

Stone Creek6sn per Glass4gn per BottleAn inexpensive red wine from the city of Rharne with enticing aromas and flavours of wild blackcurrant with overtones of black pepper and spices best served with red meat, wild game, and stews.
Venora Rose8sn per Glass6gn per BottleImported all around the world from the sunny shores of Rynmere, Venora Rose is grown on the slopes of ‘Nora’s Rest’ where the vines get just the right mix of cool air and warm sunshine. This light, red rose is best served with Saun fruits and light meals.
Low Hanging Zemoni10sn per Glass8gn per BottleCrafted from the shores of Ne'haer, this wine is excellent as a before-or-after-dinner drink. This deeply coloured wine of purples and reds is sweet and delectable. Its elegant smoothness is due to a low acid content, delivering a flavour that will leave most yearning for more.
Acripae2gn per Glass13gn per BottleA wine that evokes legend and fascination with its brilliant tastes of purple grapes from the mysterious lands of Desnind. It shines with noticeable hints of garnet-red and flashes of amber. Acripae can be a bitter tasting wine due to its acidity. However, it is a wine that exudes glory, nobility and power.
Nanutha3gn per Glass15gn per BottleNanutha is a drink best served chilled. It is a drink with a high alcohol content that is bound to get even the most tolerant tipsy after a few glasses. This wine is meant as a dessert drink, with its intense notes of red fruits and herbal undertones. Some say this wine is a true serum.
Vithella4gn per Glass17gn per BottleImportant from the Avriel City, Athart, Vithella holds notes of spicy and herbaceous undertones that go great with a beef entree. It sparkles with brilliant reds and has low alcohol content for maximum enjoyment.
Red Aìda8gn per Glass26gn per BottleNamed after the Sev'ryn's meaning for 'Love', Red Aida is a wine imported from the lands of Desnind and crafted by the people themselves. This drink is high in alcohol content and contains a chemical that is known to bring about “feel good” emotions and cause mild hallucinations. The wine itself is balanced between tartness and sweet and is great as an after dinner drink.
Ruby Shav13gn per Glass35gn per BottleThis wine is both delectable in taste and appearance, giving off a very transparent shade of ruby red. Given at most celebrations, Ruby Shav has undertones of acai berry mixed with hints of orange and starfruit and is mostly produced and exported from Hiladrith.
Sesser’s Blend25gn per Glass50gn per BottleNamed after Syroa's mark, this wine has a chemical in it that causes strong hallucinations combined with herbal ingredients that causes the body to become both hypersensitive and sluggish, verging on paralytic. The wine does not have a high alcohol content and is more often used for fast acting drunkenness than enjoyment. The taste is quite bitter, though most seem to enjoy it.
Gyara40gn per Glass100gn per BottleGyara is a high class wine made by the citizen of Rharne . Its quality of smoothness coupled with its luxurious colour and blend make it a drink preferred by the noble class. The process to make the wine takes an extensive amount of time, making it one of the most expensive wines in the world.
Credit: Tristan Venora.
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