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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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The barracks is the beating heart of the Rynmere military. Here the new recruits and the veterans alike train and learn the theory of strategy and tactics alongside the practicalities of most types of combat. Entrance to the Barracks is free and open for those in any branch of Rynmere's military forces, a courtesy afforded to each other out of necessity and expediency. Therefore, on any given trial one is likely to run into all sorts of warriors, many of whom are happy to train with a fellow protector of the kingdom. However, if one is not a member of the military, then entrance is not going to happen without an appointment, a reason, or a recommendation from someone with military standing.

That is not to say that the public are unable to use the barracks as a place of training, they are, however, there is a cost to training here and anyone wishing to learn must adhere to the lesson schedule without exception. Lessons are arranged at the convenience of the teacher, not the student and ever has it been so.

The barracks are, throughout, utilitarian and clean. There are areas which are devoted to training, to sleeping, to eating and to socialising and as is so often seen in military life, the knights, skyriders, and sailors who both train and live here have formed a family, and have a sense of shared identity. To military members, the training is free, as is the loan of basic equipment for training purposes (not to be taken out of the Barracks). To the general public however, the charge is 20gn per break, no matter who they are training with or with what weapon or style.

Note: Characters who start out as a knight (squire), skyrider (airman), or sailor, can use the city starter package to obtain a room in the living dormitories within the barracks. Men in one dorm, women in the other. The room is no bigger than a normal starting cottage, with a small kitchen, bathroom, single bedroom, and living space (open plan is fine).

Barracks NPC List
Moderator's Note: Players are welcome to use these NPCs if they're writing about this location.


Race: Human
Age: Born Saun 1st, 657
Title: Trainer: Blades
Skills: Combat: Blades (Longsword): 70, Combat: Shield: 50, Combat: Unarmed (Brawling: 50, Tactics: 50, Endurance: 50, Strength, 50.

"Youth and skill will never defeat age and treachery, lad," is a phrase often heard from Ray's mouth. He is the head trainer at the Barracks and, whilst no one actually knows what his rank is, everyone knows that he is in charge. He is gruff, wrinkled, swears and chews tobacco, and he knows the name of every one of the recruits he has ever taught. Those who do not know him think of him as a cantankerous and difficult man; those who take the time to get past that exterior realise that he is the most dedicated and determined individual who takes responsibility for every death in battle.


Race: Sev'ryn
Age: 15th Cylus, 687
Title: Trainer: Ranged Weapons
Skills: Combat: Ranged Weapon (Longbow): 70, Combat: Unarmed: 50, Acrobatics: 50, Mount: Horse: 50, Endurance: 40, Stealth: 40.

Trixi is a slight woman who trains those who wish to learn to master ranged weapons. She has a ready smile and a temper to match her flame-red hair. Whilst she in very patient with those who are trying their hardest, Trixi hates laziness and she will deal with any perceived laziness robustly. She is much more inclined to teach people in a way that involves running, jumping and climbing trees, as she points out that it is a rare battle where one has the chance to stand still, take aim and shoot.


Race: Human
Age 25th Ymiden 686
Title: Strategy and Tactics Instructor
Skills: Tactics: 77, Logistics: 60, Combat: Ranged Weapon (Longbow): 50, Combat: Unarmed: 50, Mount: Horse: 50, Endurance: 40, Stealth: 40.

Will is a quiet young man who seems to be rather shy. He does not socialise, no one really knows anything about his personal life and he appears to always be at the Barracks. He has, without a doubt, a genius level of intellect; he is a master tactician and he has the ability to look at a map and make absolute sense of it. He can't win an unwinnable war, but he is a weapon in any battle as surely as a sword or cannon is. More than that, he's a damn sight more dangerous to the enemy.
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