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Rent or house a horse in Andaris City

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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Anyone who owns a horse in the City of Andaris knows how well the local stables look after their animals. Situated on five acres of land, the stables are run by a woman named Ruth Calder, who has looked after and cared for horses her whole life. There are over five hundred stalls with an expansion taking place on the west end of the property that will house another two hundred horses by the end of 716. As such, Ruth is always looking for people with experience working with horses to help muck out stalls, pick hooves clean, brush the animals, wash the equipment, exercise the horses, and much, much more. Andaris Stables are one of the biggest and most wealthy businesses in the city, housing animals from the royal guard and Rynmere's Moseke Knights.

Accommodation for a horse starts at reasonable prices and increases depending on the amount of care and attention you would like that animal for receive. The prices below detail the options available to the public and the care can expect their horse to see while staying at the stables.

Common: 5cn a day. Horse will be housed in the paddock in all weather conditions, fed on grass, washed once every ten days, and exercised every seven days.
Bronze: 5sn a day. Horse will be housed in the paddock in all weather conditions, fed on grass and straw, and washed after every exercise which will take place every five days.
Silver: 1gn a day. Horse will be housed in a stable, fed on straw and grain, and washed after every exercise which will take place every three days.
Gold: 5gn a day. Horse will be housed in a stable, fed on straw, grain, and molasses, washed and groomed after every exercise which will take place every second day.
Royalty: 10gn a day. Horse will be housed in a stable with its own grassy yard, fed on grass, barley, and molasses, and washed and groomed after daily exercise.

General Information: All horses will be treated with care, have access to a vet, teeth specialist, and groom. Their hooves will be well maintained and iron horseshoes for gold and royalty classes is included in the price.


Iron Shoes: 10gn
Grooming: 2gn
Teeth Checkup: 30gn
Mane and tail care: 2gn
Wash: 1gn
Overnight housing: 2gn

Renting a Horse:

Short Term Renting: 8gn a day
Long Term Renting (1 season or more): 2gn a day

Riding Lessons:

All lessons in riding, grooming, animal husbandry, and animal training are 5gn per lesson.

Stables NPC List

Moderator's Note: Players are welcome to use these NPCs if they're writing about this location.

Ruth Calder

Race: Human
Age: 48 arcs
Title: Stable Owner
Skills: Animal Husbandry: 50, Animal Training: 45, Teaching: 30, Business Management: 35, Medicine: 40

Ruth is the owner of Andaris Stables and enjoys coming to work every day. She lives on site and has been trained as a veterinarian, enabling her to care for sick or injured horses. In her free time she teaches horse riding lessons to people, but is more often than not too business running the place to put her feet up.


Race: Aukari
Age: 27 arcs
Title: Riding Instructor
Skills: Animal Husbandry: 35, Animal Training: 50, Teaching: 55, Storytelling: 30, Mount, Horse: 60

Amberlyn has worked as a riding instructor with the Andaris Stables for the last six years. She gets on well with all of the other staff and enjoys meeting new people. Amberlyn is a fantastic rider and likes to compete in events held every now and then on the grounds.

Jack Keel

Race: Human
Age: 25 arcs
Title: Groom
Skills: Animal Husbandry: 40, Animal Training: 25, Teaching: 35, Cleaning: 45, Mount, Horse: 30.

Jack works as a groom who has time to teach lessons every now and then. He has a massive crush on Amberlyn and has made it no secret that he admires the woman. Not only does he teach riding lessons, but also shares information on how to care for a horse properly.

Kane Pavin

Race: Qi'ora
Age: 17 arcs
Title: Groom
Skills: Cleaning: 55, Animal Husbandry: 40, Animal Training: 30, Teaching: 35, Mount, Horse: 45.

Kane has worked alongside Jack for just over a year now, learning the ropes and helping out with the odd task. He is kind natured and easy to be around with an infectious smile that lights up the room. Kane is happiest when he is working with the animals and can often come across as shy around strangers but is fine once he gets to know them.
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