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Race: Mortalborn Human
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2"
Build: Average

Birthdate: 687 Cylus 5th
Birthplace: Unknown, raised in Andaris.

Children: Iago, Toutouye.

Blessings: Sevrath Favored, Ezere Favored, Sombran Adored
Curses: None

Fluent: Common (SP), Vahanic (Competent Linguistics).
Conversational: Common Sign (Novice Linguistics; Purchased Conversational), Scalveen (Loyalty: Cycle, Arc).
Basic: Cursive (SP), Yari(Novice Linguistics).

Merits: Cerebral, Calm, Methodical, Principled.
Flaws: Brooding, Gullible, Dull, Frigid.

Family and Friends: The Sad Army (link to NPCs)


Woe has a pale complexion, framed in well-groomed, dark brown, almost black, shoulder-length locks of hair. His eyes are a pale blue, set to each side of a well-formed nose. His looks are marred by the sword brand of a freed-slave on his upper right cheekbone. He often wears the best clothes he can afford, which often include a long coat of grey color, with brown trousers and white shirt beneath. He's tall, standing at six feet and two inches, but is rather thin despite his frame.

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History & Personality Profile


Pre-Play History

Pre-Play History

Woe was born to slavery, sold into it by parents who were driven into destitution by a weaver by the name of Erastus. Erastus took on the child as his own personal slave, and named him Woe, for whatever reasons are unclear. Perhaps he thought of it as a gradual method of breaking the young child's will. He grew up in the weaver's household as a general serving slave, basically doing menial tasks in order to acquire his master's approval. He was later initiated as a hatchling by Erastus, as a reward for assisting in the ritual murder of another child Erastus had acquired in a similar manner as he had Woe.

The young Woe eventually grew into adolescence, and was granted more responsibilities under Erastus. He became one of the leading slaves in his stables, as one who was responsible for punishing those who went against the will of the master, and breaking the will of those who were defiant. He had few relationships during these times, but eventually adopted a softer manner of manipulating his fellow slaves, learning what drove their behavior of human beings, or whatever kind they belonged to.

In time, Erastus came to see Woe as a sort of protoge. He relied on him to carry out mortal punishments against his slaves when he was unwilling to do it himself. Woe took advantage of these opportunities to play with his prey, learning more of psychology and interpersonal manipulation before dispatching them. Eventually he saw fit to free Woe on the condition that he stay on as an employeee for a while, as a manager of the man's stable.

Erastus gave Woe a house of his own in Low-town as a final payment for his services as a slave, not too far from where the Master himself lived. He grew adept at the art of cajoling parents of young children and adolescents to give up their offspring as slaves in exchange for monetary rewards, which Erastus gratefully accepted them into his service. Other times Woe would negotiate with guardsmen for prisoners who were shut into cells indefinitely, to potentially become combat slaves. Eventually Woe branched out in his clientele, serving other masters around the city, and convincing families and individuals who would become slaves, convinced by Woe of the benevolence of their potential masters.

Throughout his life, Woe learned much about what drives human behavior. Humans who became chattel had certain low expectations, that made it easier to navigate their psychology, at least in the early term, which provided Woe a better education in that arena than he could've hoped for. He found he was adept at manipulating those with lesser wills, and if they didn't have a lesser will, breaking their will through a combination of mental and physical torture, and averse psychology.
Personality Profile: ISTJ

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Re: Woe


Knowledge & Skills

Skills in Order of Level

  • Combat: Whip
  • Deception
  • Discipline
  • Psychology
  • Socialization

  • Detection
  • Intelligence
  • Meditation
  • Politics

  • Appraisal
  • Athletics
  • Combat: Blades
  • Combat: Unarmed
  • Endurance
  • Intimidation
  • Investigation
  • Logistics
  • Medicine
  • Seduction
  • Tactics
  • Torture

  • Business Management
  • Brewing
  • Etiquette
  • Fieldcraft
  • Leadership
  • Linguistics
  • Mount
  • Resistance
  • Shield
  • Stealth
  • Strength
  • Swimming
  • Teaching
  • Writing

Novice Skills

Skill Points Bonus Adjusted Rank
Dual Wielding Knowledge (Whip/Blade)
  1. x1
  2. x4
(---/---) --- ... Fully Learned
  1. none
(1/250) +0 ... Novice
Animal Training
  1. Animal Training: Feeding crows properly by spreading out their food.
  2. Animal Training: Showing someone your spider familiar.
  3. Animal Training: Letting the spider familiar dance a bit.
  4. Animal Training: After not seeing your mount for a while, give it a moment to reacquaint itself with your scent.
  5. x 4
(0/250) +0 ... Novice
Animal Husbandry
  1. Crows enjoy raw meat.
  2. Animal Husbandry: x2 viewtopic.php?p=175524#p175524
  3. Animal Husbandry: Taking care of your Destiar's mane.
  4. Animal Husbandry: Seeing your horse stabled for the night.
  5. x 5
(1/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. Appraisal: The worth of the woman is reflected in her emotions.
  2. Determining the balance and material of a weapon.
  3. Finding a suitable slave.
  4. Recognizing fine glass.
  5. Appraisal: Scalvoris has some of the most innovative glasswares.
  6. Appraisal: Developing a taste for a specific art style.
  7. Appraisal: Determining the quality and temperament of the artist.
  8. Appraisal: Determining that the produced drawing meets your standards.
  9. Appraisal: Calmly assessing the work that was done.
  10. Appraisal: Appraisal: x 2
  11. Appraisal: Judging the fashionability of an item.
  12. Appraisal: Blooded leather is valued at a great deal more than ordinary hide or leather.
  13. Appraisal: x 2 viewtopic.php?f=412&t=25899
  14. x8
  15. x2
  16. x4
  17. Appraisal: Assessing the quality of a musical instrument's artistic appeal.
  18. Appraisal: Taste-testing a tea.
  19. x5
  20. Appraisal: Knowing what is of value and worth to oneself
  21. Appraisal: Identifying the origins of a person by their accent
  22. Appraisal: Taking in the details of the sword, to identify its maker.
  23. Appraisal: Examining an item to determine its authenticity.
(80/250) +0 ... Expert
  1. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Falling is the first lesson in acrobatics.
  2. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Positioning is important.
  3. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Setting your feet or staying mobile.
  4. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Quacian Botany: Shoots in the Stonework (1/2)
  5. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Quacian Botany: Shoots in the Stonework (2/2)
  6. *Athletics: Acrobatics: For every inch of height you have on a smaller opponent, there are that many ways to fall on your ass.
  7. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Falling down and losing balance.
  8. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Keeping upright with a cane while balancing weight on one leg.
  9. *Athletics: Acrobatics: The Good, the Bad, and the Well Done x3
  10. *Athletics: Acrobatics: x 8 Three Blade Tournament: battle one
  11. *Athletics: Acrobatics: x 1 A Simple Demonstration
  12. *Athletics: Acrobatics x 3 The Mountain King
  13. *Athletics: Acrobatics x 2 The Mines of Morandi
  14. *Athletics: Climbing up a lattice.
  15. *Athletics: Giant spiders' webs make things easy
  16. *Athletics: The surety of feet more than hands
  17. *Athletics: he use of mountain-climbing gear
  18. *Athletics: Running: Losing pursuers through sharp turns.
  19. *Athletics: Running: Running home swiftly.
  20. *Athletics: Running: To posture is not divine 1x
  21. *Athletics: Running x5 From Star to Star, a Spider's Silk
  22. *Athletics: Runningx 3
  23. *Athletics: Running X 2 viewtopic.php?f=412&t=25899
  24. Athletics: x 2
  25. Athletics: x 2
(80/250) +0 ... Expert
  1. none
(0/250) +0 ... Novice
Business Management
  1. Business Management: Glass industry is strong in Egilrun. viewtopic.php?f=412&t=25535&sid=8d71a38 ... 2a0cc621a4
  2. Business Management: Neutrality aids commerce
  3. Business Management: Big picture decisions
  4. Business Management: Define your terms
  5. Business Management: State what you want, and how much you'll pay for it.
  6. Business Management: Balancing the books
  7. *Business Management: Design x 4
  8. *Business Management: Design: Natural light is preferable for an artist to work with.
  9. *Business Management: Design: Designing buildings to appeal to Immortals
  10. x2
  11. Business Management: Having food prepared for clients and prospective employees can make everyone feel welcome at a business.
  12. Business Management: Hiring people you work well with is good team-building.
  13. Business Management: Holding a job fair for your new business.
  14. x2
  15. x5
  16. x4
(30/250) +0 ... Competent
  1. Brewing x 9
  2. Brewing: Placing tea leaves in a bag for steeping allows the flavor to spread in boiled water.
  3. Brewing: Heating the water just right is an important step.
  4. Brewing: x 3 viewtopic.php?f=514&t=24639
  5. Brewing: Using familiar methods to create herbal decoctions and concoctions.
  6. Brewing: Making a medicated tisane.
  7. Brewing: Recipe: Frostbane Tea: An anti-inflammatory tisane made from cayenne pepper, sliver of ghost cactus, and some dried citrus with juice splashed into the tea.
  8. Brewing: Keeping the teabag tightly sealed is important to prevent spoilage of the drink.
  9. x4
  10. x2
(30/250) +0 ... Competent
  1. x3
  2. x2
  3. Caregiving: Making a guest in your house comfortable as you can.
  4. x2
  5. x1
(0/250) +0 ... Novice
Combat: Blades

  1. Two-Handed Focus: Blades x 3
  2. Two-Handed Focus: Blades x 3

General Knowledge
  1. Blades (Cane-Sword): Unsheathing the Sword from the case by twisting and pulling.
  2. Blades (Cane-Sword): Can detach from its case, and be concealed as a cane.
  3. Blades (Cane-Sword): The blade of the sword is narrow with a trangular cross section.
  4. Blades (Cane-Sword): A hidden weapon.
  5. Blades (Cane-Sword): Can also be used as a bludgeon, either with the case or tucked into the case.
  6. Blades: Hold a rapier at length.
  7. Blades: Basic parry
  8. Blades: Basic counterattack.
  9. Blades: Cutting requires the use of the edge of your weapon.
  10. Blades: Parrying with the hilt
  11. Blades: Basic binds.
  12. Blades: Throwing the sheath at your opponent's face.
  13. Blades: Shoots in the Stonework (1/1)
  14. Blades: x 6
  15. Blades: x 3
  16. x2
(76/250) +0 ... Expert
Unarmed Combat
  1. Unarmed Combat(grappling): Exploiting an opening
  2. Unarmed Combat(grappling): Striking while in very close quarters
  3. Unarmed Combat(grappling): Using leverage to pop a joint out of its socket
  4. Unarmed Combat(Striking): Attacking nerve endings to increase pain
  5. Unarmed Combat(Striking): No arms? no legs? headbutt!
  6. Unarmed Combat: Chokehold.
  7. Unarmed Combat: Dodging heavy weapons while grounded (Instinct)
  8. Unarmed: Arm lock/half-nelson
  9. Unarmed Combat (Ki'enaq): Ki'enaq: A martial art perfected by the Etzori.
  10. Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Soft targets can temporarily stun an opponent when struck.
  11. Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Blackguard Standard: A formal style of Ki'enaq that emphasizes strikes on soft targets and producing pain.
  12. Unarmed Combat (Ki'enaq): Target the lower joints of heavier opponents, so they'll have trouble moving around.
  13. Unarmed Combat (Ki'enaq): Pummeling with speed and ferocity.
  14. Unarmed Combat (Ki'enaq): Using armored arms and hands to claw skin and flesh.
  15. Unarmed Combat (Ki'enaq): Kicking a big guy that lifts you over his shoulders.
  16. Unarmed Combat: Vy'Ufnaji: A greasy, grappling style of combat.
  17. Unarmed Combat: Discovery of Sting and Claw Domain ability: Arms move faster while covered in black carapace.
  18. Unarmed Combat (Vy'Ufnaji): Snapping the opponent's neck with an awkward twist.
  19. Unarmed Combat: x 9 viewtopic.php?p=164205#p164205
  20. Combat: Unarmed: Ground fighting is the endgame to most 'friendly' spars.
  21. Combat (Unarmed): Performing an arm bar on an opponent.
(80/250) +0 ... Expert
Combat: Whips
Thrown Whips: Novice
  1. Combat: Whips (thrown): Holding the bola by the joint.
  2. Combat: Whips (thrown): waving your arm too wildly throwing a bola can cause it to fly out of control.
  3. Combat: Whips (thrown): A weak wind-up can end in disaster, when gravity causes the bola to collide with your head.
  4. Combat: Whips (thrown): Moderating the stiffness of your arm in the windup with fluidity of motion to make a balanced launch of the bola.
  1. Whips (Bullwhip): Aiming Through the Bars.
  2. Whips (Bullwhip): Lashes for Punishment.
  3. Whips (BullWhip):Strangling with the cord of the whip.
  4. Whips (Bullwhip): A Warning Crack on the Street (Maltruism)
  5. Whips (Bullwhip): Need to Practice Your Accuracy (Maltruism)
  6. Whips (Bullwhip): The arm grapple (Instinct)
  7. Whips (Chains): Can be used to bludgeon or grapple with armored opponents.(Alistair Venora)
  8. Whips (Flail): Even a blindman could use it.(Alistair Venora)
  9. Whips (Flail): Hitting with the flail as an enemy tries to bind your shield.
  10. Whips (Flail): Lateral snap with the flail, across the waist.
  11. Whips (Flail): Smashing faces.
  12. Whips (Flail): Snap-attack over the shoulder
  13. Whips (Flail): Flailing about blindly.
  14. Whips (Flail): Timing your blow so that the flail's head reaches its apex at the point of contact
  15. Whips (Scourge): Horizontal slash with a metal scourge.
  16. Whips (Scourge): Relentless, speedy strikes can strip hide asunder(Alistair Venora)
  17. Whips (Scourge): The pain of the weapon causes is part of it's danger.(Alistair Venora)
  18. Whips (Scourge): Turning your wrist to deliver a stronger blow. (Alistair Venora)
  19. Whips (Scourge): Whipping hard enough to cut into an artery
  20. Whips (Scourge): Face strike! (Instinct)
  21. Whips (Scourge): Gathering momentum via the figure-eight (Instinct)
  22. Whips (Sjambok): Whipping a nel out of someone's hand to demonstrate accuracy.
  23. Whips (Sjambok): Sjambok: A stiff whip, that hurts bad when it lands
  24. Whip: Blacksnakes are full of metal shot, with a ball-bearing in the handle knot
  25. Whip: Blacksnakes are efficient at blludgeoning while holding them by the narrow.
  26. Whip: Blacksnake whips tend to be shorter than full-length leather bullwhips.
  27. Whip: Reverse the grip of the whip to use the bludgeoning end of the blacksnake to hammer your opponents.
  28. Whip: When a problem comes along, you must whip it!
  29. Whip: Before the cream sits out to long, you must whip it!
  30. Whip: When something's going wrong, you must whip it!
  31. Whip: Tripping your opponent's ankle.
  32. Whip: Hold the whip half coil for shorter range attacks
  33. Whip: Rat-tail with a real whip
  34. Whip: Rat-tail with a belt
  35. Whip: Horizontal strikes to avoid hitting above or below a mark
  36. Whip: Lacing strikes with empathy magic.
  37. Whip: Tearing through flesh with the whip
  38. Whip: Standing back a proper distance in order to do the most damage and cause the most pain
  39. Whip: Using the handle like a blackjack
  40. Whip: Attack one direction then reverse the whip's direction in a figure eight to capitalize on that momentum.
  41. Whip: Metal whips are slightly slower to recover from a swing, and less agile, but hit harder.
  42. Whip: Bullwhips can make intricate attack patterns when whipped from end to end
  43. Whip: Two whips are better than one, sometimes
  44. Whip: Can be used as a garrote
  45. Whip: Chain whip can be wrapped around the knuckles to form an iron fist
  46. Whip: Nostalgia x 5
  47. Whip: Loveless x 5
  48. Whip: Whip it all around and maybe you'll hit something.
  49. Whip: A Haunting Hunt x 4
  50. Combat: Whip Chains Aren't Made to be Broken
  51. Whip x 1 Three Blade Tournament: battle one
  52. Whip x 3 This is the Dividing Line
  53. Whips: x 5 A Simple Demonstration
  54. Whips: x 3 The Rise of Rhaum
  55. Whip: Tying a red fall to the whip, to make it easier for the student to see where it's landing.
  56. Whip: Whipping from the ground, up.
  57. x5
  58. x5
(250/250) +20 270/250 Grandmaster
  1. A giraffe is a cake, made with chocolate and a variety of fruit.
(0/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. Cosmetology: Choosing more humble but flattering attire for a somewhat formal affair.
  2. x 3
  3. Cosmetology: Picking out an outfit to wear, while going incognito
  4. x5
(0/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. x3
  2. x5
  3. x5
(30/250) +0 ... Competent
  1. Deception: A facade is difficult to maintain under stress (Instinct)
  2. Deception: Evasive Speech to avoid unpleasant topics (Pegasus)
  3. Deception: Explaining suspicious property (Pegasus)
  4. Deception: Lying of your intentions (Instinct)
  5. Deception: Never Giving Hope
  6. Deception: Pretending to be a Friend
  7. Pretending to be afraid.
  8. Deception: Promising goods while plotting demise (Instinct)
  9. Deception: Reminding him to Lock the Doors as he Leaves.
  10. ]Deception: Pretending that you belong in a place.
  11. Deception: Entering a temple under false pretenses.
  12. Deception: Don't just be honest all the time...
  13. Deception: Don't come out with your name right out of the gate.
  14. Deception: Sticking to your story.
  15. Deception: Going to a shop under false pretenses.
  16. Deception: Being circumspect to avoid lying directly.
  17. Deception: Sometimes it's safer not to tell the truth
  18. Deception: Lying about your name.
  19. Deception: Pretending to have given up on Sintra
  20. Deception: Promising something you have no intention of providing.
  21. ]Deception: Remembering your fake name.
  22. Deception: Get out of my dreams (1/5)
  23. Deception: Get out of my dreams (2/5)
  24. Deception: Get out of my dreams (3/5)
  25. Deception: Get out of my dreams (4/5)
  26. Deception: Get out of my dreams (5/5)
  27. Deception: Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 1/2)
  28. Deception: Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 2/2)
  29. Deception: Lie about your purpose.
  30. Deception: Lying only in part, to make the deception more convincing.
  31. Deception x 4
  32. Deception x 2
  33. Deception - The art of the cold read
  34. Deception: Make them think you're going to do one thing, then do another.
  35. *Deception: Acting: "Please don't kill me!" (Instinct)
  36. *Deception: Acting: Pretending to be someone more than just Woe.
  37. *Deception: Acting: Inviting someone out on false pretenses.
  38. *Deception: Acting: Pretending to be husband and wife.
  39. *Deception: Acting: Thread of the Webspinner (1/3)
  40. *Deception: Acting: Thread of the Webspinner (2/3)
  41. *Deception: Acting: Thread of the Webspinner (3/3)
  42. *Deception: Acting: Roleplaying and assigning roles.
  43. *Deception: Acting: Taking the role of the villain.
  44. *Deception: Acting x 2
  45. *Deception: Acting x 4
  46. *Deception: Disguise: Slipping a ring of Paradigm on, when you want to hide all of your mutations in a pinch. viewtopic.php?f=412&t=25535&sid=8d71a38 ... 2a0cc621a4
  47. Deception: x 2 viewtopic.php?p=175827#p175827
  48. Deception: Selective sharing.
  49. Deception: Pretending to be interested in another's work.
  50. Deception: Pretending not to notice a shadow following your friend out of the Mess Hall.
  51. Deception: Playing the part of a hapless benefactor.
  52. x 3
  53. x 2
  54. x4
  55. x2
  56. x6
  57. x2
  58. x5
  59. x1
  60. x2
  61. Deception: Taking on the persona of one lesser known
(250/250) +0 ... Grandmaster
  1. A healer who isn't from the order of Adnunih.
  2. Cold steel against skin (Instinct)
  3. Eavesdropping while someone else is talking to you.
  4. How to interpret the signs that Webspinning returns.
  5. Intuiting a person's desperation.
  6. Telltale signs of a predator.
  7. The Signs That Someone Wants Privacy (Maltruism)
  8. The sounds of struggle (Instinct)
  9. The Varying Sounds of Screams are Informative (Maltruism)
  10. Unlikely Habits Can Reveal False Claims (Maltruism)
  11. Paranoia can sharpen the senses.
  12. Feeling a note being slipped into your hand.
  13. Listening to the voices of your pursuers, to tell if they are far off.
  14. Noticing a missing coin purse.
  15. Webspinning: Using Lethroda to track a runner.
  16. Staying alert though everything is hazy.
  17. Webspinning is useful to keep an eye on an errant adversary.
  18. The smell of old perfume and dried flowers.
  19. Noticing others watching you.
  20. Overhearing rumors.
  21. Critical failure to notice the naked woman behind you
  22. Overhearing treasonous words.
  23. Noticing someone's body language out of the corner of one's eye.
  24. Light coming from inside the mountain means a presence
  25. From the West
  26. Cannot One Thing Be Mine? (1/1)
  27. A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 1/3)
  28. A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 2/3)
  29. A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 3/3)
  30. Overhearing the sniffling and crying of a child.
  31. Hearing your name over the crowd noise.
  32. Telling that something is not quite right.
  33. Realizing that you are in a dream.
  34. Sensing that your follower is no longer with you.
  35. Trying to hear for someone's location when everything is dark.
  36. Detection x 2 The Dividing Line: A Flower Field
  37. Detection x 1
  38. Noticing small tells and ticks in a merchant's demeanor.
  39. Detection x 4 viewtopic.php?f=249&t=22251&start=70
  40. Detection x 2 viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23696&start=10
  41. Detection x 5 viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23821&start=20
  42. Detection: Listening to voices when your ears are covered in snow; not very effective.
  43. Detection: A master of stealth is hard to perceive, even when they don't mean to hide.
  44. Detection: x2
  45. Detection: Noticing others in unusual ways
  46. Detection: Making sense of what you see.
  47. Detection: Elisabeth's tangle
  48. Detection: Noting emotions
  49. Detection: The way that the feeling of a room can change
  50. Detection: The signs of displeasure
  51. Detection - Noting irritation on another's face
  52. Detection - Noting similarities between two people
  53. Detection: Noticing the Raggedy man in a crowd.
  54. Detection - Noting that the damned dog has left
  55. Detection - Noting when lights are actually glowing spiders!
  56. Detection: x 3 viewtopic.php?f=514&t=24639
  57. Detection: x 1 viewtopic.php?f=537&t=24929&start=10
  58. Detection: x 2 viewtopic.php?f=249&t=26834&start=10
  59. Detection: Noticing when half of your group seem "out of reality"
  60. Detection: Spotting changes in the environment.
  61. Detection: Picking people out in a crowd.
  62. Detection: x 5
  63. x7
  64. x 12
  65. x4
  66. x2
  67. x3
  68. x4
  69. x2
(160/250) +9 169 Master
  1. Discipline: Keeping your Cool while Being Crushed.
  2. Discipline: Not knocking out the healer that's trying to help you.
  3. Discipline: Obeying the hierarchy of individuals within one's circle. (Pegasus)
  4. Discipline: Respecting your betters. (Pegasus)
  5. Discipline: Sitting still while under pain.
  6. Discipline: Staying calm despite witnessing horrific death.
  7. Discipline: Taking a blow without reacting (Instinct)
  8. Discipline: An uncomfortable seat can prompt you to get up.
  9. Discipline: Remaining stoic while someone confesses their woes to you.
  10. Discipline: Resisting the urge to spill the beans.
  11. Discipline: How to keep from weeping.
  12. Discipline: Knowing when to stop.
  13. Discipline: Alcohol loosens your inhibitions.
  14. Discipline: Tongue is loosened by one with a caring disposition.
  15. Discipline: Teaching farmers discipline is a bit like herding cats.
  16. Discipline: Restraining amusement, so as not to blow your veneer.
  17. Discipline: Maintaining a lock on your fear/loathing.
  18. Discipline: Don't panic; but you're going to die.
  19. Discipline: Showing mercy to an enemy.
  20. Discipline: Getting a hold of yourself in the midst of a mental break down.
  21. Discipline: Don't act until you're ready.
  22. Discipline: Holding back your true feelings.
  23. Discipline: Obey orders, don't rush off and fall for the lure
  24. Discipline: Who Stares Back?
  25. Discipline: Thread of the Webspinner (1/2)
  26. Discipline: Thread of the Webspinner (2/2)
  27. Discipline: Ignoring buskers isn't easy.
  28. Discipline: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (1/6)
  29. Discipline: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (2/6)
  30. Discipline: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (3/6)
  31. Discipline: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (4/6)
  32. Discipline: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (5/6)
  33. Discipline: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (6/6)
  34. Discipline: Standing by the man who just ambushed and kidnapped you without expressing hostility.
  35. Discipline: Suppressing an immediate reaction.
  36. Discipline: Stop bellyaching.
  37. Discipline: Don't be a girl.
  38. Discipline: Facing down a baby cliff lurker.
  39. Discipline: Staying calm as a ghost creeps into your bed.
  40. Discipline x2 From Star to Star, a Spider's Silk
  41. Discipline x4 viewtopic.php?f=249&t=22251&start=70
  42. Discipline x3 viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23696&start=10
  43. Discipline x5 viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23821&start=20
  44. Discipline: Reigning in the impulses of one's sparks mutations. viewtopic.php?f=412&t=25535&sid=8d71a38 ... 2a0cc621a4
  45. Discipline x3 viewtopic.php?f=139&t=25307&start=30
  46. Detection: x 1 viewtopic.php?p=169359#p169359
  47. Discipline: Resisting the full influence of an Empathy spark, with a susceptible target.
  48. Discipline: Ignore distractions
  49. Discipline: Use previous experience to strengthen resolve
  50. Discipline: Know yourself.
  51. Discipline: Be concise.
  52. Discipline: Avoid gross displays of sentimentality
  53. Discipline - Keeping your cool when you are being sized up
  54. Discipline - Commitment and focus are acts of will, not results of insight.
  55. Discipline: x 2 viewtopic.php?p=173877#p173877
  56. Discipline - Not giving into a child's wishes
  57. Discipline: Avoid looking at someone who has disappointed you.
  58. Discipline: Dealing with an over-wrought child's tangle.
  59. Discipline: Protecting yourself against the emotions of a panic-stricken group.
  60. Discipline: Resisting the urge to flay a mortalborn.
  61. Discipline: Putting yourself on the line to do what needs to be done.
  62. Discipline: x 1 viewtopic.php?p=175827#p175827
  63. Discipline: Standing in the presence of Induks
  64. Discipline: Standing in the presence of Immortals
  65. Discipline: Not being overwhelmed by Cassion's story
  66. Discipline: FInding a single string of a mortal soul
  67. Discipline: Holding on to your emotions to help another.
  68. Discipline: Choosing an unknown path.
  69. Discipline: x 3
  70. Discipline: x 4
  71. x 10
  72. x1
  73. x3
  74. x2
  75. x3
  76. Discipline: Forcing yourself to face terror takes away its power.
  77. x 2
  78. x4
(250/250) +15 265 Grandmaster
(78/250) +0 ... Expert
  1. Ensorcelling: Washing wells is very important and must be done thoroughly before any attempt at refinement.
  2. Ensorcelling: Wells come from fractures in reality that bridge a gap into Emea.
  3. Ensorcelling: Smog is a miasmatic field of ether that corrupts reality around it, and is given off by wells that haven't been properly refined.
  4. Ensorcelling: Pressure points deep within wells need to be removed through the refining process.
  5. Ensorcelling: Wells can explode at any point in the refinement process, if improperly handled.
(1/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. Endurance: Big pain of having a bullet wound treated.
  2. Endurance: Having infected material scraped from the entry wound.
  3. Endurance: Perservering beyond discouragement and exertion.(Alistair Venora)
  4. Endurance: Pressing on despite being injured (Instinct)
  5. Endurance: recovering from a blow to the head (Instinct)
  6. Endurance: Recovering from a tackle
  7. Endurance: Reopening an old wound.
  8. Endurance: Surviving a bearhug
  9. Endurance: Surviving a beast attack.
  10. Endurance: Taking a kick (Instinct)
  11. Endurance: Taking a shot to the crotch
  12. Endurance: Taking a slap (Instinct)
  13. Endurance: Wading for miles through swampy mire with little rest.
  14. Endurance: Work is hard.
  15. Endurance: Working the oars for hours at a time
  16. Endurance: Taking a beating from a pack of urchins.
  17. Endurance: Taking a beating for well over five bits.
  18. Endurance: Bruises all over make it painful to move.
  19. Endurance: Getting choked to near unconsciousness.
  20. Endurance: Getting hit with armor on doesn't hurt nearly as much.
  21. Endurance: Receiving a groin kick.
  22. Endurance: Surviving the cold of water in autumn.
  23. Endurance: Getting battered on some rocks.
  24. Endurance: The heat of Saun under normal circumstances
  25. Endurance: the heat of Saun while traveling in mountains
  26. Endurance: From the West
  27. Endurance: This Pain is Mine (1/2)
  28. Endurance: This Pain is Mine (2/2)
  29. Endurance: Holding breath underwater for a half a bit.
  30. Endurance: Taking punishment that is due to another.
  31. Endurance: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (1/1)
  32. Endurance: Shoots in the Stonework (1/1)
  33. Endurance: Keeping pace with a hunting party.
  34. Endurance x 4 The Dividing Line: A Flower Field
  35. Endurance x 1
  36. Endurance x 2
  37. Endurance x 4
  38. Endurance x 3
  39. Endurance x 3 viewtopic.php?f=249&t=22251&start=70
  40. Endurance: Enduring the cold for a break or more.
  41. Endurance: Hail pelting you constantly
  42. Endurance: The physical demands of a high-energy situation.
  43. Endurance: Being in an explosion
  44. Endurance: Dealing with impact
  45. Endurance: The strange sensation of being healed.
  46. Endurance: The Forging
  47. Endurance: Standing in a maelstrom
  48. Endurance: The wrath of Qylios
  49. Endurance: The toll of a very long day!
  50. Endurance: Taking some cracks in the ribs.
  51. Endurance: Getting an arm dislocated.
  52. Endurance: Twisting limbs can cause horrible pain.
  53. Endurance: Enduring an aggressive arm-lock
  54. Endurance: x 3
  55. x 5
(80/250) +0 ... Expert
(1/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. Etiquette: Appropriate clothing for formal occasions (Pegasus)
  2. Etiquette: Giving your comrade a heads-up (Instinct)
  3. Etiquette: Introducing oneself to the guy in charge.
  4. Etiquette: The Rules are the Rules.
  5. Etiquette: Addressing a "King" (Pegasus)
  6. Etiquette: A masked ball (Pegasus)
  7. Etiquette: How to talk to a woman.
  8. Etiquette: Women of ill-repute also sometimes want to be spoken to kindly.
  9. Etiquette (Military): The newly established rank of "Broomsman"
  10. Etiquette: Don't give unsolicited advice.
  11. Etiquette: Don't offer food to a stranger's dog.
  12. Etiquette x 2
  13. Etiquette x 3
  14. Etiquette: Setting the place properly helps set the mood for a good tea time.
  15. Etiquette: Proper place settings at a table.
  16. Etiquette: How to dispose of a tardy or absent guest's tea under Woe's roof.
  17. Etiquette: Honoring the sanctity of someone else's territory.
  18. Etiquette: Offering your name after being greeted properly.
  19. Etiquette: Paying homage to an Immortal
  20. Etiquette: Making offerings at shrines
  21. Etiquette: Know who to stand on ceremony with - and who not
  22. Etiquette - Cleaning up before a big meeting is important
  23. Etiquette - Small talk is sometimes compulsory
  24. Etiquette: Ale isn't the favored drink of barflys.
  25. Etiquette: Buying a round of drinks for the entire tavern can earn kudos.
  26. Etiquette - Taking leave properly.
  27. Etiquette - Expressing gratitude.
  28. Etiquette - Offering to pay for services
  29. Etiquette - Apologizing for having to translate
  30. Etiquette: x 2 viewtopic.php?f=537&t=24929&start=10
  31. Etiquette: Turning down an offer politely.
  32. Etiquette: Saying thank you is important
  33. Etiquette: A reciprocal relationship
  34. Etiquette: Adding "No Offence" might help not to cause offence. But probably not.
  35. Etiquette: Advocating for autonomy
  36. x5
  37. x2
  38. x3
  39. x3
  40. x1
  41. x2
  42. x6
  43. x3
  44. Etiquette: Don't make promises you aren't sure you can keep
  45. x5
(30/250) +0 ... Competent
Field Craft
  1. Field Craft: Constrictors are Deceptively Fast (Maltruism)
  2. Fieldcraft: Locating areas that were spoken of.
  3. Fieldcraft: Setting up a signal fire (Instinct)
  4. Fieldcraft: A lean-to is a structure that can shield you from cold and weather.
  5. Fieldcraft: Building a fire with a branch, flint, and kindling.
  6. Field Craft: Cave-ins sometimes open new passages
  7. Field Craft: Far fewer bugs in the mountains than in the jungle
  8. Field Craft: Giant spiders' webs secure loose rock
  9. *Fieldcraft: Trap Making: Using explosives to collapse the cliff on an enemy
  10. *Fieldcraft: Trap Making: From the West
  11. *Fieldcraft: Trap-Making: Trap-doors are best set up above confinement areas.
  12. *Fieldcraft: Trap-Making: Getting someone else to build the trap lets you worry more about the strategic execution.
  13. Fieldcraft: x 4
  14. x3
  15. x2
  16. x2
(30/250) +0 ... Competent
  1. Gambling: Cheating is bad for your health.
  2. Gambling: Checking cards under the table
  3. Gambling: Allowing a Ghost to improve your gambling skill with their own
  4. Gambling: Raising the stakes.
(0/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. x 3
  2. Gardening: A Lovalus oasis can grow domestic as well as wild breeds of flowers and plants.
  3. Gardening: Spirits of Scaltoth are drawn to interact with wild gardens.
  4. Gardening: Categorizing flowers by color.
  5. Gardening: Asking plants permission before picking them is just good practice.
  6. Gardening: Plants think nothing of damage done to them, but only appear to want to be consumed and used, in order to propogate their kind.
  7. Gardening: Corpseflower: A yellow and red flower that if planted by a gravesite it will communicate their thoughts and wishes if their ghost remains in the world.
(0/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. none yet
(5/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. Hunting: Don't hunt the same grounds too often, or the animals will get skittish.
(0/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. Intelligence: Determining the Opponent's Strength by Resistance
  2. Intelligence: Webspinning: Keeping tabs on a valuable asset.
  3. Intelligence: Weighing the Probability of the Story.
  4. Intelligence: Contact: Mister Magpie: A Quacian youth who is more thoughtful and experienced than his years would let on.
  5. Intelligence: Mister Magpie keeps his cards close to his chest.
  6. Intelligence: Emea, a vast source of intelligence
  7. Intelligence: Don't overshare the truth.
  8. Intelligence: Toutouye: A mute savage boy, with a knack for survival.
  9. Intelligence: Sy: A squeaky little woman at a bar.
  10. Intelligence: A drug parlor isn't a bad place to lose an associate.
  11. Intelligence: Making your key asset forget about you.
  12. Intelligence: It's easier to make people forget about you, rather than killing them.
  13. Intelligence: Fleaface knows some of the best brothels in Etzos
  14. Intelligence: Brothels can be a source of learning.
  15. Intelligence: The Madam of a brothel is a cunning creature.
  16. Intelligence: An old witch that feeds crows has information on the Immortals and Mortalborn.
  17. Intelligence: Get out of my dreams (1/4)
  18. Intelligence: Get out of my dreams (2/4)
  19. Intelligence: Get out of my dreams (3/4)
  20. Intelligence: Get out of my dreams (4/4)
  21. Intelligence: To Posure is not Divine (1/2)
  22. Intelligence: To Posure is not Divine (2/2)
  23. Intelligence: "Severed Shade" as a recon soldier
  24. Intelligence: Sintra's spiders are truly allies
  25. Intelligence: Contact: The Mortician of Vri in Ne'haer.
  26. Intelligence: Magpie's father was a torturer from Quacia?
  27. Intelligence: Magpie also knew Fridgar
  28. Intelligence: Magpie can turn into a dark-haired biqaj woman. Is a Becomer.
  29. Intelligence: Contact: Juniper, a tunawa.
  30. Intelligence: Quacian Botany: Shoots in the Stonework (1/2)
  31. Intelligence: Quacian Botany: Shoots in the Stonework (2/2)
  32. Intelligence: Contact: Eapheo Perfeita: A Grandmaster Smith and Councilor of the Guild of War in Quacia.
  33. Intelligence: Contact: Rufion Perfeita: An impetuous would-be soldier.
  34. Intelligence x 2
  35. Intelligence: Magpie is also known as Llyr Llywellyn
  36. Intelligence: Llyr Llywellyn is his etzos business alias.
  37. Intelligence - Contact: Duchess Callisto (Quacia).
  38. Intelligence - Location: The Royal Court of Fortress (Quacia).
  39. url=viewtopic.php?f=510&t=24864]]Intelligence: Setting watermarks so as to recognize tampering.[/url]
  40. Intelligence x 3 viewtopic.php?f=412&t=26040&start=10
  41. Intelligence - Riddling out what connections one might have
  42. Intelligence: Akktava Tribal Mer are the main Tribal occupants of Scalvoris' waters.
  43. Intelligence: Bastion Ufnaji'Ihab knows more about the Akktava than he is willing to let on.
  44. Intelligence: Reading 'fictional' stories as a method of intelligence collection.
  45. Intelligence: Picking a former associate's brain for information about a foreign state/power.
  46. Intelligence: Using less obvious names in conversation for noted notables. Sintra is 'Legs'.
  47. Intelligence: Using non-verbal communication in order to convey commands.
  48. Intelligence: Keeping your enemies and wildcards close to your chest may not be a bad idea.
  49. Intelligence: Changes of allegiance are on a need-to-know basis.
  50. Intelligence: When searching for information about a particular group, consult a member who used to belong to that group.
  51. x4
  52. x 1
  53. x 4
  54. x 4
  55. x2
  56. Intelligence: Knowing the names of prominent citizens and business owners can benefit your network.
  57. x2
(160/250) +0 ... Master
  1. Intimidation: Crouching Over a Prisoner
  2. Intimidation: Do you know the Raggedy man?
  3. ]Intimidation: The Empty eyes of death incarnate
  4. Intimidation: The Chains that threaten to strangle you.
  5. Intimidation: The flash of steel beneath a cloak.
  6. Intimidation: A gladius placed on the table.
  7. Intimidation: Excluded from their whispers, maybe it's about you?
  8. Intimidation: Small looks can say a lot
  9. Intimidation: You can't run.
  10. Intimidation: You'll die twice before you hit the ground.
  11. Intimidation: Raggedy man knows your name.
  12. Intimidation: Give them a chance to run, then show they why they should.
  13. Intimidation x4 From Star to Star, a Spider's Silk
  14. Intimidation: x3 Cold Service
  15. Intimidation: x 1 Rebuilding the Mind
  16. Intimidation: x 2 Penumbral Revelry
  17. Intimidation x 1
  18. Intimidation x 3
  19. Intimidation x 5
  20. x2
(80/250) +0 ... Expert
  1. Investigation: Assessing the Situation in the Cells.
  2. Investigation: Considering the motive (Instinct)
  3. Investigation: Cannot One Thing Be Mine? (1/1)
  4. Investigation: Council Murder: Inquest (1/3)
  5. Investigation: Council Murder: Inquest (2/3)
  6. Investigation: Council Murder: Inquest (3/3)
  7. Investigation: Learning vital clues.
  8. Investigation: x 6 viewtopic.php?f=249&t=22251&start=70
  9. Investigation: Results and evidence may arrive from more persistent investigation. viewtopic.php?f=412&t=25535&sid=8d71a38 ... 2a0cc621a4
  10. Investigation: Using dousing to find a hidden place you're looking for.
  11. Investigation: Concluding that the investigation has hit a dead end.
  12. Investigation: x 1 viewtopic.php?p=169359#p169359
  13. Investigation: x 2 viewtopic.php?f=412&t=25899
  14. Investigation: Consider the importance of names unknown to you
  15. Investigation: Make sense of things by looking at their context
  16. Investigation: Trying to decipher another's motives
  17. Investigation: Weigh up the cost of people
  18. Investigation x 3 viewtopic.php?f=412&t=26040&start=10
  19. Investigation - Making inquiries to find the right man for a job.
  20. Investigation - Answers can lead to more questions
  21. Investigation - Determining true knowledge vs deception
  22. Investigation: Missing puzzle pieces
  23. Investigation: Knowing the significance of what you don't know
  24. Investigation: Questioning motives behind actions.
  25. Investigation: Recognizing the need for a father as a powerful motivator
  26. Investigation: Considering who might be involved - and why.
  27. Investigation: Gather your resources - and information - before moving ahead.
  28. *Investigation: Interrogation: Know what you want them to say, and then make them say it.
  29. *Investigation: Interrogation: Guiding the interrogated to answer in a way that is honest.
  30. *Investigation: Interrogation: Sometimes you need power tools to enhance an interrogation.
  31. *Investigation: Interrogation: Tie them up so they are helpless while being questioned.
  32. *Investigation: Interrogation: From the West.
  33. *Investigation: Interrogation: From the West.
  34. *Investigation: Interrogation: Council Murder: Inquest
  35. *Investigation: Interrogation: Casually questioning a person's reasons for being in a place.
  36. *Investigation: Interrogation: Interrogation: x 2
  37. *Investigation: Interrogation: x2
  38. Investigation: x3 viewtopic.php?p=175524#p175524
  39. Investigation: x 2 viewtopic.php?p=175827#p175827
  40. Investigation: x 2 viewtopic.php?f=249&t=26834&start=10
  41. Investigation: Vigilante justice is a disruption of the peace.
  42. Investigation: x 5
  43. Investigation: Following a lead to the next most likely source of information.
  44. Investigation: Coordinating with a partner, and arranging to meet up later to compare notes.
  45. x3
  46. x 2
  47. x5
  48. x2
  49. x2
(80/250) +0 ... Expert
  1. Leadership: Running the household slaves
  2. Leadership: Taking the first step.
  3. Leadership: Delegation of a spider.
  4. Leadership: Men get bolder with the slighest hint of success.
  5. Leadership: Leading men in a drill.
  6. Leadership: Sending an underling to gather up a trainer.
  7. Leadership: Expectation of attendance.
  8. Leadership: Agreeing to another person's idea
  9. Leadership: Sending your underling to bed.
  10. Leadership: Sending a diri to save itself, so it can be made useful later.
  11. Leadership: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (1/1)
  12. Leadership x 2
  13. Leadership x 3 This is the Dividing Line
  14. Leadership: x 3 viewtopic.php?f=249&t=22251&start=70
  15. Leadership x 5 viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23696&start=10
  16. Leadership x 3 viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23821&start=20
  17. Leadership x 4 viewtopic.php?f=412&t=26040&start=10
  18. Leadership: Giving clear information
  19. Leadership: Instructing people where to go.
  20. Leadership: Being present for your organization, and solidifying your resolve to support them.
  21. Leadership: Show up as a person of importance at a Order dedication.
  22. Leadership: Inspiring someone to do better.
  23. Leadership: Impressing a lower rank with your skill.
  24. Leadership: Providing an example of great skill, to show what is possible.
  25. Leadership: x 3
  26. Leadership: Delegating some of the efforts for an investigation on your partner.
  27. x 4
  28. Leadership: Making a potential hire feel comfortable, so they feel better about following you.
  29. Leadership: x 2
(30/250) +0 ... Competent
  1. Linguistics: Dehasin, a slave's langauge.
  2. Linguistics: Euphemisms.
  3. Linguistics: Lorien, a slaver's language.
  4. Linguistics: Vahanic: A southern language spoken in Quacia.
  5. Linguistics: Vahanic: A colorful language with many curses.
  6. Linguistics: Common Sign: I can't talk.
  7. Linguistics: Common Sign: Pointing at things is a good way to give silent commands.
  8. Linguistics - Vahanic: The Good, the Bad, and the Well Done
  9. Linguistics - Vahanic: The Good, the Bad, and the Well Done
  10. Linguistics - Vahanic: The Good, the Bad, and the Well Done
  11. Linguistics - Vahanic: The Good, the Bad, and the Well Done
  12. Linguistics - Translating Common into Vahanic
  13. x 2
(30/250) +0 ... Competent
  1. *Leatherworking: Shoemaking: Sealing the sole of a shoe.
(0/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. Logistics: Understanding the Many Functions of the Prison.
  2. Logistics: Geared up for a jungle campaign
  3. Logistics: Injuries from falls slow the army's speed
  4. Logistics: Lisirra's 'Bug-Bomb' volunteers
  5. Logistics: Webbed-up enemies are ghost snacks for later
  6. Logistics: Getting prepared for a dungeon crawl.
  7. Logistics: 101 Ships Biscuits 1/4
  8. Logistics: 101 Ships Biscuits 2/4
  9. Logistics: 101 Ships Biscuits 3/4
  10. Logistics: 101 Ships Biscuits 4/4
  11. Logistics: Arranging to have trap-doors installed, for easy capture of prisoners.
  12. Logistics: Arranging payment for your hireling after he arranges payment for a contract.
  13. Logistics: x3 Cold Service
  14. Logistics: x3 Mounain King
  15. Logistics: Suggesting a base of operations for the Order of Adunih in Egilrun can make sure the operation gets off on the right foot. Patronage and Servitude
  16. Logistics: Thinking about the supply lines running in and out of a village.
  17. Logistics: The cost of human life vs human lives.
  18. Logistics: The logistics of a war
  19. Logistics: Arranging for delivery of high quality foods to a function.
  20. Logistics: Organizing the supplies arriving to the Order from Beacon.
  21. x2
  22. Logistics: Maintaining a production line in a brewing process.
  23. x3
(80/250) +0 ... Expert
  1. Medicine: First aid.
  2. *Medicine: Poisons: Various delivery methods.
  3. *Medicine: Poisons: You don't poison your friends.
  4. *Medicine: Poison: From the West
  5. *Medicine: Poison: From the West
  6. *Medicine: Poison: From the West
  7. *Medicine: Poisons: Black Oleander Leaves: deadly when ingested.
  8. *Medicine: Poison: The blue cookies should only be inhaled, effect is that they cause you to tell the truth.
  9. *Medicine: Poison: Blue cookies kill when ingested.
  10. *Medicine: Surgery +1 viewtopic.php?f=316&t=19333&start=30
  11. Medicine: Setting a dislocated shoulder.
  12. Medicine: Healing supplies aren't just medicines, but blankets, clothing, and stationery to keep track of records.
  13. x 2
  14. x10
  15. x2
(80/250) +0 ... Expert
  1. Meditation: Staying focused and present in the moment.
  2. Meditation: Maintaining a semblance of calm
  3. Meditation: Calming yourself though your emotions are boiling over.
  4. Meditation: Focusing on what is happening here and now.
  5. Meditation: Taking slow breaths
  6. Meditation: Close your eyes to shut out distractions.
  7. Meditation: Pausing to think through your response.
  8. Meditation: Processing difficult emotions with the aid of another.
  9. Meditation: Human contact can be helpful to sort through difficult emotions.
  10. Meditation: Clearing your mind by going to sleep.
  11. Meditation: Laying still can calm your thoughts.
  12. Meditation: It's hard to think straight with a ghost's voice in your ear.
  13. Meditation: Being present in the moment.
  14. Meditation: Realizing that the dream cannot be real because it conflicts with reality.
  15. Meditation: Calming down after enduring a torrent of emotion.
  16. Meditation: Considering things carefully while occupied.
  17. Meditation: Relaxing in a bath house can be good for the mind.
  18. Meditation: Visual stimuli inspire daydreams.
  19. Meditation: Daydreams can be disturbing, when you're a creep.
  20. Meditation: Forget about daydreams, put them behind you and move forward.
  21. Meditation: Think about what you'll do when they're at your home.
  22. Meditation: Get out of my dreams (1/2)
  23. Meditation: Get out of my dreams (2/2)
  24. Meditation: Calmly walking away.
  25. Meditation: Closing your eyes can help with focus.
  26. Meditation: Quacian Botany: The Watermelon Patch 1/2
  27. Meditation: Quacian Botany: The Watermelon Patch 2/2
  28. Meditation: Maintaining focus in the midst of a ghostly conversation.
  29. Meditation: x 3 Chains Aren't Made to be Broken
  30. Meditation: x 1 The Dividing Line: Untold Torment
  31. Meditation x 2
  32. ]Meditation x 2
  33. Meditation x 4
  34. Meditation x 2
  35. Meditation x 4
  36. Meditation: x 2
  37. Meditation: x 1 viewtopic.php?p=175827#p175827
  38. Meditation: Finding a quiet place to concentrate.
  39. Meditation: Splitting one's consciousness and senses can be facilitated by meditation.
  40. Meditation: Overstepping while meditating can break your trance, as well as send you reeling.
  41. Meditation: Directing your attention inward to perceive your emotional state.
  42. Meditation: Solitude is good for inner calm.
(160/250) +0 ... Master
Mount (Ground)
Air Specialization Competent (9 Knowledges)
  1. Mount (Flying): x 4
  2. Mount (Flying): x 5 From Mother of Dragons.
  3. Flying: x1
Base Knowledges
  1. Mount: x 2 viewtopic.php?f=317&t=23667
  2. Mount: (Ground) x 5 viewtopic.php?f=249&t=26834&start=10
  3. Mount (Ground): Regaining control of a bolting Destiar.
  4. Mount x 5 viewtopic.php?p=179605#p179605
  5. Mount: Attaching the riding gear to your animal.
  6. Mount: Leaping onto the saddle.
  7. Mount: Performing an agile dismount of your animal.
  8. Mount: Arriving from afar on a Destiar traveling the moonlit gait.
(30/250) +0 ... Competent
Music Instrument: Wind (Recorder)
  1. none
(10/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. Navigation: The stars are a guide.
  2. Navigation: Navigating familiar streets.
  3. Navigation: x 3
  4. x 2
(0/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. Politics: No one here is who they seem to be (Pegasus)
  2. Politics: Etzos doesn't accept worshippers of the Immortals.
  3. Politics: Withersfield no longer pays the Sober taxes.
  4. Politics: Withersfield will probably get overrun by the Sober, and replaced by other serfs.
  5. Politics: Sintra is hated mightily by some in Etzos
  6. Politics: Etzos is embroiled in controversy, split between anti-Immortals and those sympathetic to 'Sintra'.
  7. Politics: Commoners and Well-to-do citizens are divided by class.
  8. Politics: People admire those who fought in the wars.
  9. Politics: Discovering his Hierarchy MB ability
  10. Politics: To each a role.
  11. Politics: Moving up the ladder of hierarchy.
  12. Politics (Military): In the hills, you are assumed "lost" not "deserting"
  13. Politics: This is war against an Immortal, not between Immortals
  14. Politics: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned (1/5)
  15. Politics: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned (2/5)
  16. Politics: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned (3/5)
  17. Politics: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned (4/5)
  18. Politics: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned (5/5)
  19. Politics: Not all Ithecal call Raskalarn master.
  20. Politics: Ithecal come in a few different stripes.
  21. Politics: Quacia has instituted a draft of young men.
  22. Politics: War with the Creep isn't far from arrival.
  23. Politics: 101 Ships Biscuits 1/4
  24. Politics: 101 Ships Biscuits 2/4
  25. Politics: 101 Ships Biscuits 3/4
  26. Politics: 101 Ships Biscuits 4/4
  27. Politics: Draft dodging.
  28. Politics: Corruption can exist, even in military circles.
  29. Politics x 2
  30. Politics: Don't trust people who won't keep simple promises, they won't keep the big ones either.
  31. Politics: Patronage: Giving half of the required money to establish a Order Outpost in Egilrun can gain the gratitude of the Order.
  32. Politics: Patronage: Joining up is the purest method of Patronage and activism.
  33. Politics: Patronage: A human resource is worth its weight in nels.
  34. Politics: Diplomacy: A letter sent to various individuals, petitioning them for aid.
  35. Politics: Diplomacy: Making a case for mutual benefit and aid.
  36. Politics: Warfare: Explaining how cooperation, solidarity, and steadfastness can lead to a swifter end to a war.
  37. Politics - Knowing when opportunity exists for advancement
  38. Politics - Investing in an area can have political gain
  39. Politics - Politics can be a specific form of theater
  40. Politics - A good gatekeeper can weed out undetermined souls
  41. Politics: Extolling the worthinesss of the ruling power (Sintra)
  42. Politics: Ambition is a powerful accelerant for those looking to get promoted.
  43. Politics: Mutual ambition leads to mutual fulfillment of goals.
  44. Politics: Governance: Council politics is probably superior to Monarchy.
  45. Politics: Governance: Blind Loyalty and miseducation can lead to an unruly populace.
  46. Politics: Governance: An informed, represented populace is more likely to go along with it's government's decisions.
  47. Politics: Revolution: Class divisions and poor quality of education can render a populace susceptible to being led into revolution.
  48. Politics: The importance of the Albarech
  49. Politics: Keeping the Albarech safe.
  50. Politics: x3 viewtopic.php?p=175524#p175524
  51. Politics: Patronage: hosting a function to accentuate an organization's positive profile.
  52. Politics: Patronage: Offering to pay for the food of a celebration.
  53. Politics: Patronage: Sucking up to the leader of a faction.
  54. x 4
  55. x5
  56. x2
  57. x2
  58. x10
  59. x7
(160/250) +0 ... Master
  1. Pottery: Using a shoe as a pot.
(0/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. Psychology: Assessing the motivations of your subjects
  2. Psychology: Aversion Therapy
  3. Psychology: Born slaves are naive to the greater world outside captivity. (Pegasus)
  4. Psychology: Dealing with a difficult subject.
  5. Psychology: Desperation is a strong motivator (RM)
  6. Psychology: Divesting a broken man of a shred of hope
  7. Psychology: Examining Personal Perspective. (Pegasus)
  8. Psychology: Extolling the benefits of letting go.
  9. Psychology: Past events should remain in the past (Pegasus)
  10. Psychology: Psychological wounds aren't always visible at first glance.
  11. Psychology: Self-reflection leading to greater understanding. (Pegasus)
  12. Psychology: Sharing is caring.
  13. Psychology: Stockholm Syndrome
  14. Psychology: Talking through traumatic experiences.
  15. Psychology: They Always Say they are Innocent.
  16. Psychology: Unexpected Upsides of Having Been a Slave (Maltruism)
  17. Psychology: Unraveling the motivations of one's superiors.
  18. Psychology: Warriors process guilt/grief differently than plebs.
  19. Psychology: Fear is the mind killer.
  20. Psychology: Ailment: Drunkeness can affect one's inhibitions
  21. Psychology: Denial is poor consolation.
  22. Psychology: Motivation: Jealousy is a green-eyed monster
  23. Psychology: Loyalty to a person is a flimsy thing.
  24. Psychology: Therapy: Taking notes while interviewing a patient.
  25. Psychology: Relief can be interpreted in several ways, not all of them favorably.
  26. Psychology: Talking through experiences can reveal underlying motives that escaped notice at the time.
  27. Psychology: Emotion: Nostalgia for the unpleasantness of past events.
  28. Psychology: Deep despair can weaken your will and ability to go on.
  29. Psychology: Losing a child is one of the worst emotional pains one can suffer.
  30. Psychology: Motivation: Antipathy serves to grant men purpose, when they are at their last rope.
  31. Psychology: Behavior Modification: Give them a reason to change.
  32. Psychology: Sympathize by sharing your pain.
  33. Psychology: Identifying the source of their feelings.
  34. Psychology: Woe isn't as intelligent as he feels when he's drunk.
  35. Psychology: Inebriation doesn't make for the best of insights.
  36. Psychology: Inebriation can lead to emotional instability
  37. Psychology: Understanding the underpinnings of a person's motivations.
  38. Psychology: Fear prompts the body and mind to release a burst of energy
  39. Psychology: Being forgotten hurts your feelings.
  40. Psychology: Couples therapy can reveal information that otherwise would not come to light
  41. Psychology: Get out of my dreams (1/1)
  42. Psychology: Who Stares Back? x4
  43. Psychology: Smalltalk in Lochgrass x4
  44. Psychology: Thread of the Webspinner x3
  45. Psychology: Emotional Blackmail: Threaten to harm yourself in order to cause guilt.
  46. Psychology: Simple acts of kindness can open someone’s heart.
  47. Psychology: A broken heart can be mended.
  48. Psychology: Everyone needs love, even the heartless.
  49. Psychology: Psychology can inform one’s use of attunement and empathy.
  50. Psychology: Empathy can grant an insight beyond that of mere observation.
  51. Psychology: Empathy makes psychological reading easier
  52. Psychology: Basic thanatology.
  53. Psychology: Mourning at the site of burial can relieve some of the sadness.
  54. Psychology: Sorrow can be strong enough to birth a spirit
  55. Psychology: Fear of Love.
  56. Psychology: Words of Acceptance
  57. Psychology: Complete Acceptance.
  58. Psychology: Conditional Love.
  59. Psychology: Unconditional Love.
  60. Psychology: x 3 Rebuilding the Mind
  61. Psychology x 3
  62. Psychology: Determining the motive and reasoning behind one's body language
  63. Psychology: Manipulating a merchant's desperation to buy, by offering a practical demonstration of the goods.
  64. Psychology x 3.
  65. Psychology x 2
  66. Psychology x 5
  67. Psychology x 3.
  68. Psychology x 5
  69. Psychology: Psychology: x 2
  70. Psychology: Psychology: Reading the mood in the room.
  71. Psychology - Expecting mortals to be rational just leads to frustration.
  72. Psychology - Not everyone can be helped; some people are just crazy.
  73. Psychology - Having a clear outcome in mind is crucial to the success of counseling.
  74. Psychology: x 1
  75. Psychology - The effects of fortune reading on a raw mind
  76. Psychology - x 5 viewtopic.php?f=537&t=24929&start=10[
  77. Psychology : x 4 viewtopic.php?p=175827#p175827
  78. Psychology: Induk psychology is different.
  79. Psychology: Immortal psychology
  80. Psychology: Depression is hard to notice in yourself, if you've been sad for a long time.
  81. Psychology: After a significant setback to fortunes, it's best to build your subject up.
  82. x 2
  83. Psychology: Recognizing that someone is telling you to do something for one reason, while they have another motive for doing so.
  84. Psychology: Questions of identity can be thought-provoking.
  85. Psychology: Magic phenomenon can inform on psychological processes.
  86. x5
  87. x3
  88. Psychology: The psychology of loss is mitigated by the illusion of closeness to the lost.
  89. Psychology: Hearing the voices of long lost loved ones can soothe a troubled mind.
  90. Psychology: Reading a face to understand the depths of anguish.
  91. Psychology: A person's psyche can be fragile and very impressionable to a visiting dreamer.
  92. Psychology: Gleaning another person's perspective can lead one to new insights.
  93. Psychology: Terror can break down mental resistance to face it, if you indulge in the instinctive response.
  94. Psychology: An acute state of dementia can rob one of total awareness, both physical and mental.
  95. x2
  96. x 2
  97. Psychology: Recognizing that someone is baiting you to anger
  98. x5
(100/100) +0 ... Grandmaster
  1. Resistance: Syrupy alcohol is among the strongest kind.
  2. Resistance: One who hasn't drunk much before may have weaker resistance to start.
  3. Resistance: Enduring the sickness of the med tents.
  4. Resistance: Walking in close proximity to the plague heaps.
  5. Resistance: Opium parlors are full of disease.
  6. Resistance: Secondhand inhalation of drugged vapors.
  7. Resistance x 2
  8. Resistance: Rum is strong, and can be made stronger through distillation
  9. Resistance: Hard Cider is as strong as it is sweet.
  10. Resistance: Fighting the cold as you travel the wilderness, covered in grime and damp clothing.
  11. Resistance: Alchohol isn't just for getting drunk.
  12. Resistance: x 3 viewtopic.php?f=249&t=22251&start=70
  13. Resistance: Resisting nausea-inducing noxious fumes of a tannery.
  14. Resistance: Olfactory fatigue: growing accustomed to a bad smell the more you're exposed to it.
  15. x2
  16. x5
(30/250) +0 ... Competent
  1. *Science: Chemistry From the West x 4
  2. *Science: CandlemakingUsing a shoe as a pot for the candlewax.
(0/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. Sculpting: How to properly polish a stone.
(0/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. Seduction: Don't bore them away. Join them for a drink.
  2. Seduction: Nibbling a woman's ear.
  3. Seduction: Compliments go a way to softening their disposition.
  4. Seduction: Seduction is a collaborative engagement.
  5. Seduction: Contrition works on some women.
  6. Seduction: Luring a lone woman into your dungeon of horrors.
  7. Seduction: A soft touch and caress are good enough for some.
  8. Seduction: Luxuria Aranea (1/4)
  9. Seduction: Luxuria Aranea (2/4)
  10. Seduction: Luxuria Aranea (3/4)
  11. Seduction: Luxuria Aranea (4/4)
  12. Seduction: Empath on Empath action.
  13. Seduction: A Heartfelt Confession.
  14. Seduction x 2 Penumbral Revelry
  15. Seduction x 2 Lady Lair's Curtain Call
  16. Seduction x 3 Bloodless Abandon
  17. Seduction x 4 The Crimson Court
  18. Seduction - Courtship is a dance.
  19. Seduction: x 4
  20. Seduction: Squeeze your subject's hand to reassure them that this is right.
  21. Seduction: Convince someone that they want to go with you.
  22. Seduction: Allowing your subject to feel a sense of agency.
  23. Seduction: Minding the shifts in power dynamic in a relationship.
  24. Seduction: Letting them think they have the advantage.
  25. x2
  26. x3
  27. Seduction: A forceful kiss, when the mood is wrong can end awkwardly.
  28. Seduction: Turning another's thoughts of sorrow subtly toward another subject.
  29. Seduction: Holding hands is a tender gesture more likely to get through to sensitive hearts.
  30. Seduction: Sharing a drink with a courtesan, to help her loosen up
  31. Seduction: Flattery will get you nowhere
  32. Seduction: Promising security and safety can entice the otherwise insecure.
  33. Seduction: Holding hands can build a rapport that leads to more
  34. x4
  35. x3
(80/250) +0 ... Expert
  1. Shield (tower Shield): Covers quite a bit of area.
  2. Shield: Quacian Botany: The Watermelon Patch 1/2
  3. Shield: Quacian Botany: The Watermelon Patch 2/2
  4. x10
  5. x1
(30/250) +0 ... Competent
  1. x1
(0/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. none
(2/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. Socialization: Arguing a viewpoint you don't agree with (Pegasus)
  2. Socialization: Bantering with the Prisoners.
  3. Socialization: Discussion in groups (Pegasus)
  4. Socialization: Getting someone's attention so you can have a chat.
  5. Socialization: Taking part in debates (Pegasus)
  6. Socializing: Small Talk Seems to Bother Some People (Maltruism)
  7. Socialization: Val: An avriel apothecary in the Underground.
  8. Socialization: Smiling: It's creepy when Woe does it.
  9. Socialization: Sitting with the master's paramour.
  10. Socialization: Sharing a joint with the master's paramour.
  11. Socialization: Letting her have her way with you, to make nice.
  12. Socialization: Basic Introduction
  13. Socialization x 3
  14. Socialization: Spending the early night talking to a stranger.
  15. Socialization: Buying a drink for a new acquaintance.
  16. Socialization: Contact: Natalia Gregorios: Not an Element
  17. Socialization: Making smalltalk isn't always unpleasant or dull.
  18. *Socialization: Sociology: Meritocracy of the Slave Pits
  19. *Socialization: Sociology: Slavers are not welcome, even in societies where it's legal.
  20. *Socialization: Sociology: Honor is a subjective concept.
  21. *Socialization:Rhetoric: Clearly stating your position (Pegasus)
  22. *Socialization:Rhetoric: Giving the Squire an Easy Way Out.
  23. *Socialization:Rhetoric: His word against yours
  24. *Socialization:Rhetoric: Speaking about big ideas sometimes sounds profound.
  25. *Socialization:Rhetoric: Man versus beast as a talking point
  26. *Socialization:Rhetoric: To posture is not divine (1/3)
  27. *Socialization:Rhetoric: To posture is not divine (2/3)
  28. *Socialization:Rhetoric: To posture is not divine (3/3)
  29. *Socialization:Rhetoric: Cannot One Thing Be Mine? (1/1)
  30. *Socialization:Rhetoric: Thread of the Webspinner (1/2)
  31. *Socialization:Rhetoric: Thread of the Webspinner (2/2)
  32. *Socialization:Rhetoric: Wrestling with your own morality in the form of a speech.
  33. *Socialization:Rhetoric: Arguing for the sparing of a life.
  34. *Socialization:Rhetoric: Warning against the dangers of magic.
  35. *Socialization:Rhetoric: Question: What is a Giraffe?
  36. *Socialization:Rhetoric: Alms for the Affluent (1/2)
  37. *Socialization:Rhetoric: Alms for the Affluent (2/2)
  38. *Socialization: Rhetoric x1 Casual Heresy: The Silken Hymnal
  39. *Socialization:Rhetoric x 4
  40. *Socialization: Rhetoric x 2 viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23696&start=10
  41. *Socialization:Rhetoric: x2
  42. *Socialization: Rhetoric - Rephrasing a question.
  43. *Socialization: Negotiation: Anything can be acquiredâ ¦ for the right price (RM)
  44. *Socialization: Negotiation: Arranging an exchange of labor for shelter.
  45. *Socialization: Negotiation: Bargaining with lives.
  46. *Socialization: Negotiation: Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Maltruism)
  47. *Socialization: Negotiation: Offering just enough value for trade. Not enough to keep.
  48. *Socialization: Negotiation: That Lash will Count as Two.
  49. *Socialization: Negotiation: Settling on a price for materials and make of a weapon.
  50. *Socialization: Negotiation: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned (1 /5)
  51. *Socialization: Negotiation: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 2/5)
  52. *Socialization: Negotiation: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 3/5)
  53. *Socialization: Negotiation: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 4/5)
  54. *Socialization: Negotiation: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 5/5)
  55. *Socialization: Negotiation: Thread of the Webspinner (1/2)
  56. *Socialization: Negotiation: Thread of the Webspinner (2/2)
  57. *Socialization: Negotiation: War and Hospitality 1/1
  58. *Socialization: Negotiation: Offering something of great value, in order to encourage a less advantageous trade.
  59. *Socialization: Negotiation: Using yourself as a bargaining chip.
  60. *Socialization: Negotiation: Extolling the virtues of an item on sale.
  61. *Socialization: Negotiation: Telling grand tales of the item that is being sold.
  62. *Socialization: Negotiation: Make exaggerations about an item's abilities.
  63. *Socialization: Negotiation x 2
  64. *Socialization: Negoitation x 1 viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23696&start=10
  65. *Socialization: Negotiation: Stating your worth as a potential hire.
  66. *Socialization: Negotiation: Discussing pricing for individual commissions
  67. *Socialization: Negotiation: Sometimes the price is just right as it is.
  68. *Socialization: Negotiation: Never try to haggle a Sombran that charges you fairly.
  69. *Socialization: Negotiation: Consider the terms of your agreement
  70. *Socialization: Negotiation: Be open to change
  71. *Socialization: Negotiation: Be clear on worth
  72. *Socialization: Negotiation: Change your demands
  73. *Socialization: Negotiation: Often based on shifting ideas.
  74. *Socialization: Negotiation: Sacrifice whatever you need to achieve your goal
  75. *Socialization: Negotiation: Be clear what you are.
  76. *Socialization: Negotiation: Understand when your time is up
  77. *Socialization: Negotiation: State your aims, find common ground.
  78. *Socialization: Persuasion: Build up your argument (Pegasus)
  79. *Socialization: Persuasion: Getting a mother to trust a stranger with her children.
  80. *Socialization: Persuasion: How to appeal to greed (RM)
  81. *Socialization: Persuasion: Point out potentially dire consequences of not listening to you. (Pegasus)
  82. *Socialization: Persuasion: Promising more nel (Instinct)
  83. *Socialization: Persuasion: Start with something very reasonable. (Pegasus)
  84. *Socialization: Persuasion: Suggest compromise (Pegasus)
  85. *Socialization: Persuasion: Telling people what they want to hear (Instinct)
  86. *Socialization: Persuasion: Trying to get a name.
  87. *Socialization: Persuasion: Using positive phraseology to describe an unfavorable proposal.
  88. *Socialization: Persuasion: Let a child know why they ought to trust you.
  89. *Socialization: Persuasion: Nels can talk.
  90. *Socialization: Persuasion: Persuading a man to train you, even though he's uncertain.
  91. *Socialization: Persuasion: Get out of my dreams (1/1)
  92. *Socialization: Persuasion: Stay a while.
  93. *Socialization: Persuasion: No Go Away!
  94. *Socialization: Persuasion: No Come Back!
  95. *Socialization: Persuasion: Pretend not to care, just give up and maybe they'll take pity.
  96. *Socialization: Persuasion: Emotional Blackmail as a persuasive tactic
  97. *Socialization: Persuasion: Try to convince a monster that killing someone isn't necessary.
  98. *Socialization: Persuasion: Alms for the Affluent (1/2)
  99. *Socialization: Persuasion: Alms for the Affluent (2/2)
  100. *Socialization: Persuasion: War and Hospitality 1/1
  101. *Socialization: Persuasion x 2
  102. *Socialization: Persuasion x 2 viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23696&start=10
  103. *Socialization: Persuasion x 2 viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23821&start=20
  104. *Socialization: Persuasion: Making a convincing case for your use, by referring to local reputation.
  105. *Socialization: Persuasion: Convincing a gold cloak that you want to join the Order of Adunih doesn't take much persuading, at least not the first time.
  106. *Socialization: Persuasion: Convincing a anxious artist to relax.
  107. *Socialization: Persuasion: Persuasion: x 2
  108. *Socialization: Persuasion: Taking the initiative to speak on your new home's behalf.
  109. *Socialization: Persuasion: x2
  110. *Socialization: Persuasion: x 4 viewtopic.php?f=412&t=25899
  111. *Socialization: Persuasion - Positive deeds is a good way to get your foot in the door
  112. *Socialization: Persuasion - Stating what you want clearly
  113. *Socialization: Persuasion - Pick your battles wisely
  114. *Socialization: Persuasion - Using bribes to get not only compliance, but discretion.
  115. Socialization: Persuading your friend to carry a letter halfway across the island for you.
  116. Socialization: Negotiating a meeting with the leader of a major faction.
  117. Socialization: Introducing acquaintances to each other.
  118. Socialization: Offering choices.
  119. Socialization: Sharing one's experiences and thoughts.
  120. Socialization: Getting another to open up with a story about themselves.
  121. Socialization: Convincing a person to share more about their work.
  122. x 3
  123. x5
  124. x 2
  125. x4
  126. x3
  127. x2
  128. Socialization: Sharing the warmth of a cloak with someone who is very cold is a kind gesture.
  129. Socialization: Communication can be conveyed without sound, through touch and visual cues as well.
  130. Socialization: Contextual clues can portend more meaning than mere words.
  131. Socialization: Asking for another's perspective on a potential crisis.
  132. Socialization: Discussing a wide range of topics in order to cover as much ground as possible.
  133. x7
  134. x7
  135. Socialization: Finding common ground through shared trauma.
  136. x5
(250/250) +16 266/250 Grandmaster
  1. Stealth: How to be unseen in a crowd(Pegasus)
  2. Stealth: Melting your profile into the side of a large structure.
  3. Stealth: Leave without your child noticing.
  4. Stealth: Hiding under a wagon.
  5. Stealth: Sneaking over when a distraction appears.
  6. Stealth: Sneaking away from a wagon to mope around a grave.
  7. Stealth: Sneaking around a carriage.
  8. Stealth: An Arachnid Embraces Its Prey (1/2)
  9. Stealth: An Arachnid Embraces Its Prey (1/2)
  10. Stealth x 2
  11. Stealth: Beating a discrete retreat.
  12. Stealth: A feint attack can spring from an unexpected motion.
  13. Stealth: Using an ezere ability to make less noise, so as to attract less attention.
  14. Stealth: Creeping up upon a sleeping person.
  15. x 2
  16. x2
  17. x2
  18. Stealth: Sneaking out while you're supposed to be locked up
(30/250) +0 ... Competent
  1. Storytelling: Thread of the Webspinner (1/3)
  2. Storytelling: Thread of the Webspinner (1/3)
  3. Storytelling: Thread of the Webspinner (1/3)
  4. Storytellingx 1 Casual Heresy: The Silken Hymnal
  5. Storytelling: Stories have power
  6. Storytelling: Watching Cassion's story
  7. Storytelling: Self-insertion into a character of a story seems to indicate a less imaginative storyteller.
(0/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. Strength: Fending off the animal's razor teeth.
  2. Strength: The Fireman's Carry
  3. Strength: Strike hard and suddenly.
  4. Strength: Carrying a small girl for a few miles.
  5. Strength: Pulling oneself up with a walking stick.
  6. Strength: Arm muscles strengthen with resistance.
  7. Strength: Holding a heavy weapon aloft for an extended period can build muscle.
  8. Strength: Pit of Lashes (1/4)
  9. Strength: Pit of Lashes (2/4)
  10. Strength: Pit of Lashes (3/4)
  11. Strength: Pit of Lashes (4/4)
  12. Strength: Sting and Claw: Blows have more force when applied with speed.
  13. x2
(30/250) +0 ... Competent
  1. Swimming: Floating calmly down the river.
  2. Swimming: Getting Salty (1/5)
  3. Swimming: Getting Salty (2/5)
  4. Swimming: Getting Salty (3/5)
  5. Swimming: Getting Salty (4/5)
  6. Swimming: Getting Salty (5/5)
  7. Swimming: Long Dive
  8. Swimming: Freestyle
  9. Swimming: Breaststroke
  10. Swimming: Dog Paddle
  11. Swimming: Backstroke.
  12. Swimming: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (1/1)
(30/250) +0 ... Competent
  1. Tactics: Allow powerful groups amnesty to build loyalty and trust? (Pegasus)
  2. Tactics: Be prepared (Instinct)
  3. Tactics: Biding your time (Instinct)
  4. Tactics: Executing and instigating a mutiny
  5. Tactics: Hiding in the weeds.
  6. Tactics: Inadvertently Acting as Bait for a Snake (Maltruism)
  7. Tactics: Lowering your value as a target
  8. Tactics: Overthrowing a better equipped force with greater numbers
  9. Tactics: Setting an ambush.
  10. Tactics: Something to be learned from war stories.
  11. Tactics: Staying out of range until ready to fight
  12. Tactics: Suggesting a Prize When There is None
  13. Tactics: Using yourself as bait (Instinct)
  14. Tactics: Pretending to be under duress, to lure your enemy in.
  15. Tactics: Crouch low to the ground, feigning injury before attacking.
  16. Tactics: Bird-form Becomers as scouts
  17. Tactics: "The Many" as a decoy, instead of "The Few"
  18. Tactics: Taking on multiple opponents at once.
  19. Tactics: Fighting in a duo.
  20. Tactics: Using words to get the advantage.
  21. Tactics: Formations can be exploited and torn apart by goading the ranks to break.
  22. Tactics: Single combat: Divide and conquer.
  23. Tactics: Quacian Botany: The Watermelon Patch 1/2
  24. Tactics: Quacian Botany: The Watermelon Patch 2/2
  25. Tactics: Using what resources you have to enact your will.
  26. Tactics: x 5 viewtopic.php?f=249&t=22251&start=70
  27. Tactics x 5 viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23696&start=10
  28. Tactics x 3 viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23821&start=20
  29. Tactics x3 viewtopic.php?f=139&t=25307&start=30
  30. Tactics: An Island divided cannot stand against a dangerous and united foe.
  31. Tactics: Play the long game
  32. Tactics: A long life is an advantage
  33. Tactics: Consider all angles.
  34. Tactics: COnsider the worth of a person to your individual goals.
  35. Tactics: Keep your allies calm
  36. Tactics: Motivating others to do as you want
  37. Tactics: Tire them out rather than overpower.
  38. Tactics: Identify when using magic is helpful.
  39. Tactics: Know when magic is not useful.
  40. Tactics: Get your people out of danger if you can.
  41. Tactics: Weigh up the risk vs reward of your actions.
  42. Tactics: When one solution becomes negated, move to the next thing.
  43. Tactics: Know when to walk away.
  44. Tactics: Weighing up the importance of different lives.
  45. Tactics: Taking individual parts and making them into a whole.
  46. Tactics: Aiming for peace.
  47. Tactics: Creation balances a Diri of Destruction
  48. x2
  49. Tactics: Basic tag team tactics.
  50. x1
(80/250) +0 ... Expert
  1. Teaching x 11
  2. Teaching x 1
  3. Teaching: Giving a good impression of what you're teaching, in order to engender an interest in learning.
  4. Teaching: There's no easy way to inform someone that they're a wizard.
  5. Teaching: Telling a younger mage the signs of bearing an attunement spark.
  6. x2
(30/250) +0 ... Competent
Textile Production
  1. Textile Production: Spider silk is highly resistant to cutting.
(0/250) +0 ... Novice
  1. Torture: Before you Start Whipping them, Restraints are a Must.
  2. Torture: Beneath the Nails
  3. Torture: Bloodless abuse
  4. Torture: Medics can be almost as bad as torturers.
  5. Torture: Understanding when Physical Resistance might be too much for Torture.
  6. Torture: Using a strap of leather to keep the teeth from gnashing.
  7. Torture: Using Items Nearby
  8. Torture: Device: the Iron Maiden.
  9. Torture: Death is a mercy.
  10. Torture: Wielding despair as effectively as any scourge.
  11. Torture: Inflicting psychological anguish, to break a prisoner.
  12. Torture: Tool: Nail file: Wedge it between the nails, and peel back.
  13. Torture: Device: The rack.
  14. Torture: The rack is meant to draw out the subject's legs and arms while tied to a 2 dimensional plane.
  15. Torture: Flaying them for added pain.
  16. Torture: Hanging bits of the other client over another's head.
  17. Torture: Leaving a knife in while you work.
  18. Torture: From the West
  19. Torture: From the West
  20. Torture: From the West
  21. Torture: Respecting a client's threshold for pain.
  22. Torture: Safeword: Oberan.
  23. Torture: Using degrading language to break down a person’s resistance.
  24. Torture: Make them call you daddy.
  25. Torture: Harming oneself is one way to learn effective torture techniques.
  26. Torturing: Tickling.
  27. Torture: Using magic to enhance torture.
  28. Torture: Flaying sensitive skin.
  29. Torture: Use of burning brands.
  30. Torture: The Captain's Daughter: Another name for a scourge.
  31. Torture: Put 'em in a bed with the captain's daughter, put 'em in a bed with the captain's daughter...
  32. Torture: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (1/2)
  33. Torture: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (2/2)
  34. Torture: x 2 viewtopic.php?f=510&t=24442
  35. x2
  36. x3
(80/250) +0 ... Expert
  1. Writing: Tracing runes on paper before channeling them upon the body.
  2. Writing: Alms for the Affluent (1/2)
  3. Writing: Alms for the Affluent (2/2)
  4. Writing x 2 The Dividing Line: Untold Torment
  5. Writing x 4 Casual Heresy: The Silken Hymnal
  6. Writing x 2
  7. Writing x 2
  8. Writing: Writing a letter to a Baron.
  9. Writing: Forming a proper address and salutation, as best you can.
  10. Writing: Making a compelling argument that touches on several points.
  11. Writing: Penning an argument for why magic is good.
  12. Writing: Recognizing a cheap hook to grab the attention of the juvenile illiterate.
  13. Writing: Catching one's interest by weaving the topic of one's writing with everyday thoughts and concerns.
  14. x2
(30/250) +0 ... Competent

Demagicked Skills

Skill Points Bonus Adjusted Rank
  1. Abrogation: Initiation is difficult for people who are already mages
  2. Abrogation (Mute) x 5
  3. Abrogation (Mute) x 2
  4. Abrogation (Barrier) x 3
  5. Abrogation: Mute: The Abrogation spark rebels against muting itself.
  6. Abrogation: Preemptive Field: Creating a Preemptive field takes at least half a break.
  7. Abrogation: Exception: Allows other sparks to operate as normal while the Abrogative spark is channelling barriers and such.
  8. Abrogation: Mute: Cancelling out the Empathy spark, a much stronger one than the Arcane Gaoler takes slightly more ether, and lasts not as long.
  9. Abrogation: Mute: Punishing an errant spark entity by locking it down with Mute.
  10. Abrogation: Barrier: Using reversed barriers to create resistance as you shadow box.
(40/250) +0 .... Competent
  1. Attunement: Can distract me from reaching out with empathy magic.
  2. Attunement: Note: Runic Hone Script.
  3. Attunement: Dousing: Dousing for Runic Grottos.
  4. Attunement: Note: Paper.
  5. Attunement: Compass: Doesn't work so well on notes
  6. Attunement: Compass: Notes give mixed directions at best.
  7. Attunement: Compass: Once you have a frequency, keep aware of where it lies.
  8. Attunement: Dousing: Using a note to find kindred spirits.
  9. Attunement: Frequency: Agana, Brigantia's daughter.
  10. Attunement: Frequency: Brigantia, a weaver and Woe's mentor.
  11. Attunement: Frequency: Mouse: A nervous, fidgety little woman.
  12. Attunement: Frequency: Webspinner
  13. Attunement: Frequency: Werthom, a human girl and Woe's daughter.
  14. Attunement: Frequency: Woe, me, myself.
  15. Attunement: Initiation: Not as gentle or understated as the magic itself.
  16. Attunement: Note: Emmy's blood.
  17. Attunement: Note: Pain
  18. Attunement: Omnivision: A way of seeing in the darkness.
  19. Attunement: Static: Disrupting attempts at attunement.
  20. Attunement: Static: Scrambling your own signal so as to hide the fact that you're a mage.
  21. Attunement: The intimacy of Attuners sharing a bed.
  22. Attunement: Static: Concealing an Empathy spark.
  23. Attunement: Static: Attempting to conceal one's spark while utilizing its magic.
  24. Attunement: Frequency: Stoll Moritan, a mishapen magus.
  25. Attunement: Dousing: Finding a familiar frequency.
  26. Attunement: Note: Slumbering biqaj.
  27. Attunement: Omnivision can sense ether as well
  28. Attunement (static) x 1
  29. Attunement - Omnivision: [url=https://www.standingtrials.com/viewtopic.php?f=505&t=23139&start=20] The Good, the Bad, and the Well Done
  30. Attunement: Dousing: Finding a sharp object in a proverbial haystack..
  31. Attunement: Note: A sharp knife beneath the earth feels like a thorn in your boot./url]
  32. Attunement: Frequency: Changeling (Creepborne).
  33. Attunement: Frequency: Baron Cezario.
  34. Attunement: Note: Changelings (Creepborne).
  35. Attunement: Note: Creepborne.
  36. Attunement: Note: Loss of Family.
  37. Attunement: Note: Loyalty to Home.
  38. Attunement: Active Frequency: Augusta Dolizar The Crimson Court
  39. Attunement: Frequency: Woe's Rooms at the North Star in Viden.
  40. Attunement: Soothing: The Abrogation spark doesn't like being soothed, but succumbs all the same.
  41. Attunement: Frequency: Bloodhound Dog (Quacia). viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23696&start=10
  42. Attunement: Note: Canine viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23696&start=10
  43. Attunement: Note: Escape viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23696&start=10
  44. Attunement: Note: Lost viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23696&start=10
  45. Attunement: Note: Search viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23696&start=10
  46. Attunement: x 2 viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23821&start=20
  47. Attunement: Soothing: Selectively soothing certain sparks, while leaving others that are less obvious. viewtopic.php?f=412&t=25535&sid=8d71a38 ... 2a0cc621a4
  48. Attunement: Frequency: The Old Slave Pens
  49. Attunement: Frequency: Paradigm Ring
  50. Attunement: Note: Steel band jewelry.
  51. Attunement: Note: Transmuted Crystal.
  52. Attunement: Frequency: A Dapple-Gray Destiar belonging to Woe now.
  53. Attunement: Projection: A way of listening in from a remote location, on an item or person that one has an active frequency with.
  54. Attunement: Projection: Can also be used to see what is around the object one is projecting to.
  55. Attunement: Projection: Don't let someone destroy the object you hold a frequency on. It may lead to overstepping.
(80/250) +0 ... Expert
  1. Empathy: Embroidery: A subtle suggestion.
  2. Empathy: Embroidery: Making them feel the same for you as they do for another they know more intimately.
  3. Empathy: Entwine: Combining two simple emotional threads to form one more complex emotion.
  4. Empathy: Entwine: Luxuria Aranea (3/6)
  5. Empathy: Entwine: Luxuria Aranea (4/6)
  6. Empathy: Entwine: Luxuria Aranea (5/6)
  7. Empathy: Entwine: Luxuria Aranea (6/6)
  8. Empathy: Entwine: Sharing a controlled amount of emotion back to the one that it was taken from.
  9. Empathy: Entwine: Taking the threads of sorrow from another onto oneself.
  10. Empathy: Entwine: Weave Anger with Contentment
  11. Empathy: Entwine: Weave confidence with fear.
  12. Empathy: Flaying Specialization: (Emotion) Affection/Love Woe can consume the emotional tangles of affection and love from other people to either incorporate back into his frayed tangle or consume for ether.
  13. Empathy: Flaying Specialization: Emotion (Love/affection/unconditional love)
  14. Empathy: Hem: Controlling the release of fear.
  15. Empathy: Hem: Luxuria Araenea (2/6)
  16. Empathy: Hem: Luxuria Aranea (1/6)
  17. Empathy: Hem: Tucking an emotion under the tangle's surface, so one doesn't feel it as keenly.
  18. Empathy: Initiation is an intimate, calm affair.
  19. Empathy: Initiation: Can shield your initiate from the worst.
  20. Empathy: Initiation: Dangerous when done as merely Competent
  21. Empathy: Knot: Tying your emotional strands to stall feelings for another time.
  22. Empathy: Noticing the intricacies of a tangle.
  23. Empathy: Personal sadness and loss can prompt the mage to drift toward despair.
  24. Empathy: Quilt: Cannot One thing Be Mine?
  25. Empathy: Quilt: Protection from invasive attempts by another Empath
  26. Empathy: Sensing and scouting out a person's tangle with the joint cooperation of attunement magics.
  27. Empathy: Strum a sense of regret, to test their resolve.
  28. Empathy: Strumming those non-feelings, so that others may feel numb.
  29. Empathy: Tapestry: Exploring a ghost's emotional tapestry.
  30. Empathy: Tapestry: Hard to read Mouse's tangle.
  31. Empathy: Tapestry: Mouse's tangle is a gray bundle of tightly wound emotions.
  32. Empathy: Tapestry: Shapes and clues on the surface of Magpie's tangle.
  33. Empathy: The Emotional hues of despair and sorrow.
  34. Empathy: The intimacy of Empaths sharing a bed.
  35. Empathy: The look of a flayer's hunger in another's eyes.
  36. Empathy: The spark may, when overwhelmed by emotion, shut down and knot all emotions as a defensive mechanism.
  37. Empathy: The Tangle influences and bares the color of our emotions to the empath.
  38. Empathy: The tangle is dark at its center
  39. Empathy: Tapestry: Fleaface has feelings too.
  40. Empathy- Embroidery: Tucking a thread of trust in the surface of the tangle.
  41. Empathy- Tapestry: Monitoring the tangle of a smith and his son.
  42. Empathy - Embroidery: The Good, the Bad, and the Well Done
  43. Empathy - Strum: The Good, the Bad, and the Well Done
  44. Empathy - Hem: The Good, the Bad, and the Well Done
  45. Empathy: Embroidery Catch-22
  46. Empathy: Strum Catch-22
  47. Empathy: Embroidery x 2 Rebuilding the Mind
  48. Empathy x 2 Penumbral Revelry
  49. Empathy: The Danger of Creepborne "Tangles".
  50. Empathy: Nexus: Can be used to weave the emotions of a crowd into a single person. The Crimson Court
  51. Empathy: The Tangle of a Canine. viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23696&start=10
  52. Empathy: x 3 viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23821&start=20
  53. Empathy: Nexus: Draw on the greed of gamblers to give a spike of greed to the one you're speaking to.
  54. Empathy: Knotting the sense of greed, to give it legs.
  55. Empathy: Hemming in doubt, to avoid having to back up your more sensational claims of aptitude.
  56. Empathy: Nexus: Can be used on animals as well.
  57. Empathy: Embroidery: Reordering and contextualizing your own emotional threads, very carefully.
  58. Empathy: Hem: Hemming and knotting in the changes, to fortify them.
  59. Empathy: Knotting the changes just loosely enough so the tension doesn't snap them entirely.
  60. Empathy: Embroidery: Reordering the personality in tandem with Lovalus' boon of Sophist Guile.
  61. Empathy: Using your magic to calm a high-pressure situation
  62. Empathy: Magic under duress.
(100/250) +0 ... Expert
Hone (Umbral)
  1. Hone: Rune of Touch: Can make a victim more sensitive to pain.
  2. Hone: Initiation: Painful process, during which runic tattoos are applied to your body, one after another, leaving a witchmark.
  3. Hone: Resistance: Can protect the Hone mage from his own runes' potency.
  4. Hone: Rune of touch applied to back of neck, to keep alert?
  5. Hone: Dismissal: Removing a rune when it becomes inconvenient.
  6. Hone: Rune of Strength: Three lines, roughly in the shape of a heart.
  7. Hone: Rune of Strength: Applied to the core of a body, can improve general mobility and flexibility.
  8. Hone: Rune of Touch: Useful for turning pages, who'd have thought?
  9. Hone: Touch Trigger: Can be used to activate a rune by... touching it.
  10. Hone: Rune of Strength: Activating three runes at once.
  11. Hone: Rune of Strength: Isn't always a boon, if you're not used to handling your strength.
  12. Hone: Chained Runes Catch-22
  13. Hone - Umbral: Rune of Weakness Catch-22
  14. Hone - Umbral: Rune of Numbness Catch-22
  15. Hone - Umbral: Traps and sound triggers. Catch-22
  16. Hone: Rune of Savoring The Dividing Line: Untold Torment
  17. Hone: x 2 The Dividing Line: Untold Torment
  18. Hone: Runic Trap: Chained Runes of Weakness & Numbness don't last much more than a break.
  19. Hone: x 3
  20. Hone x 2
  21. Hone: Rune of Weakness x 2
  22. Hone: Rune of Fatigue: A rune that saps endurance and makes a victim vulnerable to pain.
  23. Hone: Rune of Sight.
  24. Hone: Rune of Sound.
  25. Hone: Chained Rune of Sight and Sound
  26. Hone: Chained Rune of Endurance and Touch.
  27. Hone: Rune of Silence x 1 Lady Lair's Curtain Call
  28. Hone: Rune of Fatigue x 1 Lady Lair's Curtain Call
  29. Hone: Rune of Weakness x 1 Bloodless Abandon
  30. Hone: Rune of Silence x 1 Bloodless Abandon
  31. Hone x 2 viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23821&start=20
  32. Hone x 4 viewtopic.php?f=139&t=25307&start=30
  33. Hone: Rune of Night: A newly discovered rune that can rob the victim of sight.
  34. Hone: Drawing runes while the world explodes around you
  35. Hone: Maintaining order in chaos.
(151/250) +0 ... Master


Non Skill

Location: Andaris Jail
Rynmere: The Prisoner System
Rynmere: Prisoners are not Slaves
Location: Sarraski [NH]
Location: Augiery[NH]
Location: Beldistorio[NH]
Location: Andaris: Warrick's Watch.
Location: Etzos, a city on the Western Continent.
The Txerriak: Slave Population of Augiery[NH]
The Txerriak: Black Collars[NH]
Dreamwalking Initiation


[NPC] Emma Heen: Mugged you (Instinct)
[NPC] Emma Heen: Bad Manners (Instinct)
[NPC] Emma Heen: Sold her body for shelter (Instinct)
[NPC] Emma Heen: Has an aunt (Instinct)
[NPC] Emma Heen: Handy with a knife (Instinct)
[NPC] Emma Heen: In your debt (Instinct)
Emerson Sands: Asked for donations (Pegasus)
Emerson Sands: Empress of Rynmere (Pegasus)
Emerson Sands: Wore a simple gown to the ball (Pegasus)
Fridgar: Packs Quite a Punch (Maltruism)
Robek: Big lad, small mask. (Pegasus)
Robek: Fridgar: Both tall (Pegasus)
Robek: Fridgar: Both the same person(Pegasus)
PC: Fridgar: Unlikely Snake Trainer? (Maltruism)
Mister Magpie: Lowborn man from Quacia
Mister Magpie: Possibly not all that he appears.
Mister Magpie: Works the med tents in Etzos.
Mister Magpie: Mistook me for someone named Green.
Mister Magpie: Looked at me with a murderer's gleam.
Mister Magpie: Is haunted by ghosts of his own.
Raggedy Man - He knows my name now.
Raggedy Man - I don't know his.
Magpie - Also known as Mister L
Magpie - Speaks out of both ends of his mouth.
Woe - OMG I'm gonna die.
Sintra: Confident in her schemes
Sintra: Distant communication through a web "speaker"
Sintra: Is aware of all the mortal "players" in Etzos
Sintra: Views mortal and Immortal time tables as very different.
Glamour: Illusion magic is very effective
Mark: Audnev: Mark of a Dark, Five-Pointed Star
Immortal: Audrae: Shadow Maiden is one of her names.
Immortal: Audrae: Worshipped mainly by females.
Lethroda: Attaching your companion to another person for eye view
NPC: Joderall: Attuner, Linguist and Historian
NPC: Joderall: Is on Oberan's side
NPC: Senalee: Glamourist for Rhakros, now deceased
PC: Oberan: Is at odds with Llyr
PC: Oberan: May have some connection to Audrae
Rhakros: has an extensive underground cavern system
Rhakros: Has Insect guardians
PC: Magpie: Carries my spark's child. (Empathy)
PC: Magpie: Will always be my initiate.
PC: Magpie: Enjoys a good lashing
PC: Magpie: Had a complex relationship with his father.
PC: Magpie: May have murdered his father.
PC: Magpie: Is a beautiful, blonde Biqaj Man with a southern accent, and also a pretty brunette biqaj woman, with a baroness' accent.
PC: Magpie: Had me followed by children sentries in order to protect me from danger.
PC: Magpie: Says he loves me.
PC: Magpie: Is good at lying and keeping secrets.
PC: Emmy: Something happened to her after initiation.
PC: Emmy: May have lost her soul.
Magpie: Attuner, Empath Initiate, Lover.
Magpie: Can become a Rynmerish Baroness
Magpie: Appeared upset that I was leaving for Ne'haer.
Dreamwalking: Governing: Can go awry without experience.
Dreamwalking: Lucidity: You CAN get injured.
Dreamwalking: Governing: Can stop time in the dream, sort of.
Magic: Becoming
Magic: Empathy
Emmy: Has Woe's Love
Emmy: Stole Woe's Heart
Emmy: Agreed to bear his children.
Emmy: My initiate.
Emmy: Can take a lashing.
Chamadarst: Immortal of Solitude
Antony Fransse: Dead Councilor
Antony Fransse: Was marked by Chamadarst
PC: Vito: My initiate.
Sintra: Was booted from power in Etzos.
Sintra: Aka Legs.
Fleaface: Had to sell the house in the Citadel.
Fleaface: "Drank" his way across the ocean to Scalvoris.
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Skill Point Ledger

Beginning to Cold Cycle 718
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints Spent Points Total
Leadership [RB} 25[RB] 25 0 ()
Starting Package 5000 50 ()
Psychology (FT) ..10 40
Whip ..10 30
Torture ..10 20
Endurance..10 10
Persuasion..10 0
Intimidation (RM) 3 00 0 ()
Negotiation(RM) 3 00 0 ()
Persuasion(RM) 3 00 0 ()
Psychology(RM) 2 00 0 ()
Other End of the Chain 10 0 10 (10)
Torture0005 5
Psychology 0005 0
Acquiring the Totem Anaconda 15 00 15 (25)
Walking Target: 10 00 25 (35)
Masquerade Ball 18 00 43 (53)
Legality of Magic 20 00 63 (73)
Endurance 00 15 48
Psychology 00 13 35
Whip 00 15 20
Persuasion 00 12 8
Ring of Lashes 15 0 23 (88)
Unarmed Combat 0 5 18
Tactics 0 10 8
Cat's Half in the Bag 10 0 18 (98)
Whips 0 10 8
Playing to the Deaf 15 0 23 (113)
Tactics 0 15 8
Give me Freedom, Oar Else 10 0 18 (123)
Unarmed Combat 0 10 8
Nightmire Run at Maiden's Refuge 10 0 18 (133)
Tactics 0 1 17
Snatching Victory from the jaws of Defeat 10 0 27 (143)
Psychology 0 18 9
Smithing 0 1 8
Detection 0 8 0
Woe eats Crow 10 0 10 (153)
Best Three of Five 10 0 20 (163)
Endurance 0 1 19
Shield (Furniture) 0 19 0
The Healer and the Tormentor 15 0 15 (178)
Withersfield belongs too the Gourds 15 030 (193)
Whip 0 15 15
Tactics 0 15 0
Intensive Care 15 0 15 (208)
Shield (Furniture) 0 6 9
Tactics 0 9 0
Birthday Gift 10 0 10 (218)
Thread-Wrapped-In-Scarf Man 10 0 20 (228)
Whip (Scourge) 0 20 0
Don't Stand on my Head! 5 0 5 (233)
A Weaver among Warriors 15 20 (248)
Torture 0 10 10
Unarmed Combat 0 10 0
Points Left: 0
Arc 719-720
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Rynmeran Dandy 10 010 (258)
Unarmed Combat 0 55
Woe is Me 15 020 (273)[
I Will to my Lord be True and Faithful 10 030 (283)[
Deception 0 25
Torture 0 5
Waylaid near Warrick's Watch 10 010 (293)[
Discipline 0 5
Psychology 0 5
Rise of the Fallen 10 010 (303)[
A Clutter of Three 10 020 (313)[
The Maw 15 035 (328)[
Detection 0 18
Whips 0 6
Psychology 0 11
Right by Combat 10 010 (338)[
Discipline 0 9
Persuasion 0 1
Shaking Off the Cobwebs 10 010 (348)[
Unraveling the Servant 10 (Emp)020 (358)[
Discipline 0 12
Meditation 0 8
Watching the Watcher 10 (At)010 (368)[
Attunement 0 5
Meditation 0 5
Renown 100 Medium Reward +3 to Whip 00
Lethroda Skills +3 to Whip 00
Quacian Botany 10010 (378)[
Whip 0 10
Long Cold Look in the Mirror 15 015 (393)[
Psychology 0 15
Woe of Aftermath 10 010 (403)[
Interrogation 0 10
Fleecing Fleaface 10 010 (413)[
Psychology 0 10
What's New Pussy Cat 15 (Emp) 010 (428)[
Empathy 0 12
Meditation 0 3
Mycology, Miasma, Murder? 10 010 (438)[
Meditation 0 100
Minute Men 10 010 (448)[
Roadside Assassins, I mean Assistance 10 020 (458)[
House of Savagery 10 030 (468)[
Negotiation 0 70
Intimidation 0 723
Interrogation 0 116
Politics 0 150
Echo of Morandi 10 010 (478)[
Socialization 0 100
What's in a Name 10 010 (488)[
Seduction 0 55
Intelligence 0 50
Return to Etzos (Empathy) 15 (Empathy) 015 (Empathy) (503)[
Empathy 0 150
Eighteen Lashes 1/3 10 010 (513)[
The Spider and the Rabble Rouser 10 (Empathy) 010 +10 (Empathy) (523)[
Empathy 0 1010
Seduction 0 100
Deeper in Cups 10 010 (533)[
Seduction 0 100
Farewell to Fleaface 10 0010 (543)[
Resistance 0 100
Whip It! 10 010 (553)[
Whips 0 100
I Must Not Fear 10 010 (563)[
Whips 0 100
Ordinary People 15 015 (568)[
It's so easy to forget 10(Attunement)015 + 10 Attune (578)[
Attunement 0 10(Attunement)15
Discipline 0 150
The Nurse is In 15 015 (593)[
Resistance 0 150
Old Habits 10 010 (603)[
Torture 0 100
Playing it Safe 10 010 (613)[
Resistance 0 10
Interrogation 0 90
Crossed Swords 15015 (628)[
Poltiics 0 114
Strength 0 40
Lady of Crows 10 010 (638)[
Intelligence 0 100
Down Came the Rain and Washed a Spider Out 15 015 (653)[
Intelligence 0 150
Wicker's Funeral 15 015 (668)[
Unarmed Combat 0 141
Deception 0 10
Get out of my Dreams 15015 (683)[
Politics 0 141
To Posture is not Divine 15 016 (678)[
Discipline 0 151
From the West 20 021 (698)[
Discipline 0 201
Luxuria Araenea 10 (Empathy) 010 (Empathy) + 1 (708)[
Luxuria Araenea 5 010 (Empathy) + 6 (713)[
Empathy 0 106
Meditation 0 51
Seduction 0 10
Cannot One Thing Be Mine? 10 (Attunement) 010 (723)[
Attunement 0 100
Council Murder: Inquest 10 010 (733)[
Investigation 0 100
This Pain is Mine 10 (Attunement) 010 (Attunement) (743)[
Attunement 0 55
Intimidation 0 50
A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned 20020 (763)[
Meditation 0 911
Intimidation 0 110
Who Stares Back 10010 (773)[
Meditation 0 91
Psychology 0 10
Pit of Lashes 10010 (783)[
Meditation 0 46
Strength 0 60
Quacian Safari 10010 (793)[
Etiquette 0 19
Rhetoric 0 18
Swimming 0 17
Logistics 0 16
Strength 0 60
200 Renown reward +3 to Whip 00
Smalltalk in Lochgrass 15 (Empathy)015 (Empathy) (808)[
Empathy 0 150
Getting Salty 10 010 (818)[
Strength 0 100
Candlemaking/shoemaking/pottery 10 010 (828)[
Meditation 0 100
Thread of the Webspinner 15 015 (843)[
Meditation 0 150
Threshold 15 (Empathy) 015 (Empathy) (858)[
Empathy 0 141
Tactics 0 10
Wallflower of the Crescent Arena 15 015 (873)[
Remember that you must die 15 030 (888)[
Psychology 0 1020
Whip 0 200
Quacian Botany: Ballistic Fury 15 0 15 (903)[
Whip 0 150
One thing drives out another 10 (Empathy) 0 10 (Empathy) (913)[
Whip 0 100
Sombran Skills +3 to Discipline 0
Hurt Me 10 (Empathy) 0 10 (Empathy) (923)[
Blades 0 100
Fade In: Threshold 15 (Empathy)015 (Empathy) (938)
Blades 0 150
Allow Us 10 010 (948)
Whips 0 55
Blades 0 50
Shadows on a Cylus Moon 10 (Attunement) 010 (Attunement) (958)
Meditation 0 28
Attunement 0 62
Unarmed Combat 0 20
Abstractions I 15 015 (973)
Politics 0 69
Torture 0 63
Blades 0 12
Intelligence 0 11
Writing 0 10
Chamber of Anguish 10 (Attunement)010 (Attunement) (983)
Attunement 0 100
Catch a Scorpion by the Tail 10 (Hone) 010 (Hone) (993)
Hone 0 64
Whip 0 13
Trap-Making 0 12
Persuasion 0 20
Boy howdy 15015 (1008)
Torture 0 105
Lost Stars 15 020 (1023)
Tactics 0 200
We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want To Go Home 15 015 (1038)
Leadership 0 114
Torture 0 104
Negoitation 0 13
Investigation 0 12
Socialization 0 11
Smithing 0 10
The Most Dangerous of Cages 10 010 (1048)
Whip 0 100
An Arachnid Embraces its Prey 10 (Hone) 010 (hone) (1058)
Nostalgia 15 025[ (1073)/b]
Quacian Botany: Theater of the Carnifex 10 035 (1083)
Combat: Whips 0 341
Interrogation 0 10
Loveless 5 + 5 Hone 05 (5 Hone) (1093)
Hone 0 55
Whip 0 50
Four Corners of a Corruption 10 (Abrogation) 010 (Abrogation) (1103)
Abrogation 05 (Abrogation)5
Whip 05 0
A Real Page Turner 10 (Hone)0 10 (Hone) (1113)
Hone 010 0
Quacian Botany: Shoots in the Stonework 100 10 (1123)
Whip 05 5
Intelligence 05 0
Alms for the Affluent 10010 (1133)
Writing 0-5 5
Rhetoric 0-5 0
Honing the Weapons of War 10 (Hone)0 10 (Hone) (1143)
Hone 0-5 5 (Hone)
Whips 0-5 0
War and Hospitality 100 10 (1153)
Torture 0100
101 Ship's Biscuits 15015 (1168)
A Haunting Hunt 15030 (1183)
Whip 0255
Persuasion 050
Quacian Botany: The Watermelon Patch 10010 (1193)
Whip 0100
So Nice, I'd Kill You Twice 10010 (1203)
Trap-Making 055
Linguistics 050
Chains aren't Made to be Broken 10 (Empathy)010 (Empathy) (1213)
The Good the Bad and the Well Done 15 (Empathy)025 (Empathy) (1228)
Empathy 0421
Linguistics 0210
Present Arms! 10010 (1238)
From Star to Star, a Spider's Silk 15025 (1253)
Catch-22 10 (Empathy)025/ 10 (Empathy) (1263)
Empathy 01025
Logistics 0250
Signalist Transit: Three-Fold Servant 100010 (1273)
Signalist Transit: Forever Alone 100020 (1283)
Rhetoric 0200
Cold Service 10 (Empathy)0010 (Empathy) (1293)
Teaching 0100
Rebuilding the Mind 10 (Empathy)010 (Empathy) (1303)
Teaching 0100
Penumbral Revelry 10 (Empathy)010 (Empathy) (1313)
Acrobatics 0100
The Dividing Line: Untold Torment 10 (Hone)010 (Hone) (1323)
Hone 0100
The Dividing Line: A Flower Field 10 010 (1333)
Intimidation 0100
Beneath the Magpie's Nest 10 (Attunement) 010 (Attunement) (1343)
Attunement 0100
You Are Invited 15 (Hone)015 (Hone) (1358)
Hone 0150
Casual Heresy: The Silken Hymnal 10 010 (1368)
Teaching 0100
Above and Beyond 15015 (1383)
Intimidation 0105
Combat (Blades) 050
The World is gone Let Us Go WIth it 15 (Abrogation)015 (1398)
Abrogation 0150
Of Brushfires and Weed-Whackers 15 (Hone)015 (Hone) (1413)
Hone 0150
Grief of a Wind-up Heart 10010 (1423)
Intimidation 0100
The Weapons of War 10 (Hone)010 (Hone) (1433)
Hone 0100
Blister and Burn 10 (Abrogation)010 (Abrogation) (1443)
Abrogation 0100
The Art of Ignorance 15 015 (1458)
Negotiation 0510
Intimidation 0100
Bargain for Passage 10 010 (1468)
Negotiation 0100
Double Take to Topple a Kingdom 20 (Attunement & Empathy) 0 20 (Attunement & Empathy) (1488)
Attunement 020 (Attunement & Empathy)0
Sock Puppet Theater Invitation 10 0 10 (1498)
Intimidation 0100
Thus to the Worms 10(Hone)0 10(Hone) (1508)
Three Blade Tournament: Battle 1 150 10 (hone) 15 (1523)
Sound Unheard, Sight Unseen 10 (hone)0 20 (hone) 15 (1533)
Brewing 0520 (hone) 10
This is the Way the World Ends 10 0 20 (hone) 20 (1543)
Letters from the Grave with Love 10 0 20 (hone) 30 (1553)
Hone 02030
Meditation 0300
This is the Dividing Line 10 0 10 (1563)
Torture 046
Acrobatics 060
Class Blows 10 0 10 (1573)
Acrobatics 0100
A Simple Demonstration 10 0 10 (1583)
Mount 028
Tactics 044
Intimidation 000
Lady Lair's Curtain Call 10 (Hone) 0 10 (Hone) (1593)
Hone 0100
Bloodless Abandon 10 (Hone) 0 10 (Hone) (1603)
Hone 0100
The Crimson Court 10 (Empathy) 0 10 (Empathy) (1613)
Empathy 0100
Assuming the Initiative 10 0 10 (1623)
A Gloomy Teatime 15 0 25 (1638)
When My Ship Comes In 10 0 35 (1648)
Stealth 0305
Trap-Making 050
Woe and Balthazar 15 0 15 (1663)
Mountain King 20 0 35 (1683)
A Mage and his Woes 15 0 50 (1698)
Acrobatics 0500
The Morning Of 20 (Empathy) 0 20 (Empathy) (1718)
Down Beneath 20 (Empathy) 0 40 (Empathy) (1738)
Investigation 01525 (Empathy)
Etiquette 0250
A Game before Twilight 15015 (1753)
Don't Cry Over Spilt Beer 15030 (1768)
Arc 721
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Writing 0 246
Cryptography 0 60
The Creepers and the Crawlers 10 (Attunement)010 (Attunement) (1778)
Attunement 0 46
Running 0 60
Rise of Rhaum 20 hone 020 hone (1798)
Hone 0 200
Tea for you and Me 10 010 (1808)
Acrobatics 0 46
Discipline 0 42
Brewing 0 11
Research 0 10
Seekers 15 (Attunement)015 (Attunement) (1823)
Misery loves company 15 030 (1838)
Persuasion 0300
A Ship's Cat 10 010 (1848)
Persuasion 0100
Gloom and the Snowbank of Doom 10 010 (1858)
Patronage and Servitude 10 020 (1868)
Man's Best Friend 15 035 (1883)
Politics 0 341
Poisons 0 10
Ignorance is Bliss 15 015 (1898)
Farewell to Fleaface, Hello to War 10 025 (1908)
Vae Dormienti 15 040 (1923)
Appraisal 0 2614
Interrogation 0 59
Investigation 0 90
Brand of the Crystal Blade 10 010 (1933)
Investigation 0 100
Excetion to the Cruel 10 Abrogation010 Abrogation (1943)
Abrogation 0 100
Shopping Spree 10 010 (1953)
Out of the Kennel, into the Doghouse 15 025 (1968)
Seduction 0 250
One Nel, Two Sides. 20 020 (1988)
Seduction 0 200
The Die is cast... Twice 15 015 (2003)
Seduction 0 510
All Eggs in One Basket 15 025 (2018)
Mines of Morandi 10 035 (2028)
Investigation 0 350
The Golden Rule 15 015 (2043)
The Heart of Immortal Strife 15 030 (2058)
Swimming 0 291
Careless Whispers 10 (hone) 010 (2068)
Sophists Guile 10 (Empathy) 020 (2078)
Spider Silk and Radiance 15 035 (2093)
License to Purchase 10 045 (2103)
The Consequences of Oversteeping 10 055 (2113)
Intelligence 0 4411
Seduction 0 47
Hone 0 52
Alchemy 0 11
Ensorcelling 0 10
Do the Hokey Pokey 10 010 (2123)
Persuasion 0 46
Brewing 0 51
Engineering 0 10
Nels of Glass 15 0 15 (2138)
Brewing 0 150
Glass Chessmen 10 + 10 hone 0 10 +10 Hone (2158)
Hone 0 1010
Socialization 0 100
Skill Scale Down 2021
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Acrobatics Now Athletics 00
Persuasion Now into Socialization 00
Trap-Making Now Fieldcraft 00
Poisons Now Medicine 00
Rhetoric 26 Into the Pool26
Interrogation 26 Into the Pool52
Negotiation 26 Into the Pool78
Running 6 Into the Pool84
Saoire's Event with Alyssia 15 099 (2173)
Conversational: Common Sign 0 1584
Spiderman Spiderman Does a couple things a spider can 15 099 (2183)
An Order to Everything 10 0109 (2193)
Fieldcraft 0 1594
Mount 0 1975
Detection 0 5421
Medicine 0 201
Animal Husbandry 0 10
Power is a Prison 15 015 (2208)
Socialization 0 150
War of Slag's Deep: Exposition 4 20020 (2228)
Socialization 0 200
It's Not about the Destination 15015 (2243)
Socialization 0 150
Alone, Finally 10010 (2253)
Socialization 0 100
Knights of the Verses 15 015 (2268)
Dawn of a new Order 15 030 (2283)
The Seal of the Crystal Blade 10 (Attunement) 030; 10 (Attunement) (2293)
Endurance 0 400
Hone xp Refunded 151 0151
Empathy xp Refunded 100 0251
Attunement xp Refunded80 0331
Abrogation xp Refunded 40 0371
Socialization 0 100271
Meditation 0 50221
The Forging 20 0241 (2313)
Combat: Unarmed (Da'Riya) 0 34207
Endurance 0 14195
Logistics 0 54141
Politics 0 8061
It's about the journey 15076 (2328)
Mount 0 175
Intelligence 0 750
Trials born of Woe 10010 (2338)
Medicine 0 55
Intelligence 0 50
Tides of Peace: The Salty Talespinner 10010 (2348)
Fleaface's About Face 10020 (2358)
Once Lost 10030 (2368)
Business Management 0 300
Return of Flogger 10010 (2378)
Scaltoth Souls 20030 (2398)
The Cantankerous Mer 10040 (2408)
Appraisal 0 436
Deception 0 432
Brewing 0 428
Combat: Blades 0 424
Etiquette 0 420
Fieldcraft 0 416
Leadership 0 412
Linguistics: Blades 0 48
Medicine 0 44
Mount 0 40
Now, Mercy Stalks These Streets 10010 (2418)
Blood on our Hands 10020 (2428)
Resistance 0 416
Strength 0 412
Swimming 0 48
Teaching 0 44
Writing 0 40
Back Again 10010 (2438)
While on some Earnest Business Bent 15025 (2453)
Order of whodunit 15040 (2468)
With Mischief, Botany 15055 (2483)
Adentures in Retail Therapy 15070 (2498)
Black Thumb 10080 (2508)
Discipline 0 800
Saoire's Heroes: Fire Table 20020 (2528)
Noble Shadows 50070 (2578)
Deception 0 5020
Self-Totems and the Initiation Ritual of Becoming 10030 (2588)
Sins of Sauns Past 10040 (2598)
Exposition 5 15055 (2613)
EWWW... What is that? 10065 (2623)
Announcement 32097 (2623)
Discipline 0 907
Shield 0 52
Reorder of Whoduniht 15017 (2638)
What is Confidential 10027 (2648)
Whistle if you Would 10037 (2658)
Combat: Blades 0 361
Gardening 0 10
Desert Isles of Emea 10010 (2668)
Eight Sleepers 10020 (2678)
Saoire's Heroes 15035 (2693)
Acta Non Verba 15050 (2708)
Do These Come in Navy Blue 15065 (2723)
Cable Cars and Soul Catchers 15080 (2738)
Deception 0 800
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints Spent Points Total
First Bel 10 0 10 (2748)
Broken Triangle 10 0 20 (2758)
Hits Hooks and Haymakers 15035 (2773)
Dance of Degenerates 10045 (2783)
Up Came the Suns and Dried Up all the Rain 10055 (2790)
Medicine 0505 (2790)
Musical Instrument: Wind (Recorder) 0 50 (2790)
Tis Folly to be Wise 15015(2805)
Fright Night 15030(2820)
Dancing 5530(2825)
Winter's Whisper 10040(2835)
Blodwen 10050(2845)
Appraisal 0 500 (2845)
Apex of Grief and Passion 10010(2855)
The Quest for Confidence 15025(2870)
Apex of Ignorance and Terror 10035(2880)
Council Meeting: Cold Cycle 721 20055(2900)
Six Hands are better than Two 15070(2915)
Neutral Ground 10080(2925)
Apex of Malice and Ambition 10090(2935)
Deception 0 900 (2935)
Bitter Tea 10010(2945)
Well, this is Awkward 15025(2960)
Fractive Studies 10035(2970)
Musical Instrument: Wind 0 530 (2970)
The Trap and Outermost Dark 10040(2980)
Council Meeting: Rebirth 722 20060(3000)
Have You Buried Anyone Alive Today 15075(3015)
The Pale Edge of the Diamond Queen I 10085 (3025)
Glassblowing 0 580
Detection 0 800
A Stab in the Dark 10010 (3035)
Gift of the Magpie 15025 (3050)
The Pale Edge of the Diamond Queen II 10035 (3060)
Crow Hunt 10045 (3070)
A Night for Fine Things pt 1 10055 (3080)
May I Grandmother Grizelda 10065 (3090)
Kuvarakh's Effigy (Power 3) 0 2540
Kuvarakh's Effigy (Power 6) 0 2515
A Night for Fine Things pt 2 10025 (3100)
Kuvarakh's Effigy (Power 4) 0 250
Dreamwalking Grandfathering: 78 to Dreamwalking Skill 78 780
I See for you a Future Red 10010 (3110)
Winter Wonderland 20030 (3130)
Dancing 0 255

Old Dreamwalking Ledger
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Lethroda (Adored: 3) (Removed in The War of Slag's Deep)
Sombran (Exalted: 7)
Ezere Favored: 5
Sevrath Adored: 3


  • Pocket Change: The first ability of Sombran is to guarantee his marked benefits from his prosperous domain. A Sombran will find that throughout the Cycle they work, they will find an extra 10 wealth points in value. For seasonal wages, a Sombran always has an additional 10 wealth points added in. This is often found through serendipity, whether through a tavern goer dropping their purse, to loose nels on the street, to unexpected windfalls in business transactions. Sombran always, even those without a job, manage to get along better with coin than almost any other.
  • Grifters Eye: While somewhat specific, most who earn Sombran’s mark certainly would not dare complain. Grifter’s eye sees through ruse at any level...so long as the subject of deception is theft. If someone has the goal of stealing a Sombran’s property or profits, no amount of talking or special magical abilities will affect the marked. The Sombran can see to the heart of the deception instantly. In addition, when any property a Sombran owns is taken by a thief or with the intent to steal, the Sombran is instantly aware of it, no matter how far away they are from the object in question. While this ability considers any item that the Blessed obtained through honest means, whether buying, creating, or crafting, anything that the merchant has stolen from another person will not be protected by this ability until it has been in the Blessed's possession for an arc. While not strong enough to pierce powerful illusions or be used for any other situation but a Sombran’s personal wealth, Grifter’s eyes is an invaluable tool for merchants looking to protect their goods from thieves. However, this ability only applies to things of purely mercantile or monetary value to the Blessed. Things of personal value are not so protected, as such attachments are a violation of Chamadarst's Neutrality.
  • Merchant's Skills: The character is granted an extra three skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Business Management, Discipline, Investigation, Detection, Mathematics, Persuasion, or Glassblowing. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses. +3 to Socialization
  • Pass Unnoticed: Neutrality is a wonderful thing. It allows merchants to trade in war zones, generally to both sides. It lets the banker enforce peace and calm in his bank. It allows the glass maker to create beautiful works of art while the world rages around them. This ability takes that to an extreme, however, as it allows the Blessed to pass through any conflict without either side noticing them. However, this ability only works so long as the Blessed remains absolutely neutral. Favoring a side of a conflict will render this ability null. It also doesn't prevent the Blessed from any of the side effects of a conflict, such as thrown pots, boiling oil, or stray arrows.
  • Glass Touch: Glass is a beautiful thing, capable of being formed into almost any shape. However, it is also a brittle, frail substance, and relatively easily broken. This ability allows the Blessed to impart that frailness into any single substance they touch. This ability only works on non-organic substances, and the Blessed has to touch it with their bare hands. As such, the ability is almost purely defensive, and has generally been found not work well on weapons that are actively being swung at them, as those who have attempted it have usually found that it's hard to concentrate on using your Blessing powers when your hands have just been severely damaged. Furthermore, while this ability imparts the relative frailness of glass to any single object the Blessed touches, the blessed is still required to break the item itself, and which can still be difficult with items of sufficient thickness.
  • Isolated Calm: Those Blessed by Chamadarst will frequently find themselves alone, separated from those who would normally be their peers. However, rather than being a curse, those who wield Sombran find this to be rather useful. Isolated Calm boosts the focus and discipline of the Blessed whenever they are alone, allowing them achieve things they might otherwise find difficult to manage. This manifests in several ways, all of them beneficiary to the Blessed. They are all but immune to mundane distractions, the chattering of people on the street outside, dripping water, wind blowing through the room, and things of that nature. In addition, they able to more easily resist the mind clouding effects of things like drugs, magics or blessings. Finally, they'll find it a bit easier to parse business or crafting matters, amounting to a 15 EXP skill boost to any skill that falls under those umbrellas.
  • Wealth Spirit: Like many Blessed, those who wield Sombran can communicate with the spirits that fall under Chamadarsts Domains. In the case of Wealth Spirits, the Blessed can choose to have one accompany as a familiar. These spirits are drawn to those who have a lot of money, and the wealthier the Blessed, the stronger the Wealth Spirit will be. However, they are not drawn to the poor, and if the Sombran loses too much wealth, the spirit will depart for richer pastures. These spirits get stronger the more accumulated Wealth Points the Blessed has.
  • Commerce Spirit: The contrast to the Wealth Spirit, a Sombran can also choose to have a Commerce Spirit accompany them. Commerce Spirits, however, work in the opposite way, getting stronger the more wealth that the Blessed feeds them. Commerce Spirits are generally more willing to hang around the poor, since even the poor can still feed them, but will depart those who hoard their wealth too closely, as they will believe they are not being fed their due. These spirits gets stronger the more Wealth Points the Blessed sacrifices to the Commerce Spirit.
  • Partisan Sense: While those who wield Sombran tend to espouse their neutrality, the rest of the world generally does not. Those who wield Sombran will find that they can tell where someone's allegiances lie, so long as they themselves do nothing to violate their own neutrality. This is useful for many people, as knowing someone's allegiance can help the Blessed tell how to avoid angering them, what will make their goods seem more valuable to potential buyers, and what will encourage people to give them preferential treatment. This ability only works when engaged in matters of business and will not assist when the Blessed is attempting to act as a mediator.
  • Bottomless Chest No matter the circumstances, those who wield Sombran will often find themselves with a need to transport a significant amount of wealth, whether to spend, hoard, or trade. Since wealth is, rather frequently, a heavy thing, this ability makes it significantly easier for the Sombran to transport their wealth. Bottomless Chest grants the Blessed access to a pocket dimension where they can hold all their wealth, whether currency or goods. They can open and close the gate to this dimension at will, and unlike things like Domain Bags, Bottomless Chest cannot be damaged. In addition, this ability acts as a mobile bank and generates interest, an additional 2 WP every season.
  • Ostracism While the Blessed finds being isolated to be a helpful thing, other beings generally find it undesirable. With this ability, the Blessed can inflict an intense sense of isolation upon others. This feeling lasts for a whole trial before fading, and the Blessed can only use it once per trial. For those used to being around others, this feeling of isolation can be crippling. For those who already consider themselves to be held apart from their fellows, it is notably less useful.
  • Merchants Skills II The character is granted an extra six skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Business Management, Discipline, Investigation, Detection, Mathematics, Socialization, or Glassblowing. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses. +6 Socialization
  • Fracturetouch An improved version of the Glasstouch ability, Fracturetouch works through fabrics such as gloves, hand wraps, or other form of cloth or textiles, allowing the Blessed some more protection against things that are hazardous to touch. In addition, the effect is more powerful, as it not only imparts the relative frailty of glass upon that which is affected, but it causes deep fractures to appear in the affected object, making them even easier to break, especially thicker objects that Glasstouch alone could not sufficiently weaken. This ability still only works on non-organic objects.
  • Coin Armor No matter how hard someone tries to stay neutral, others won't always allow it. Because of this, even the most neutral of Sombran bearers will find themselves embroiled in a fight and in need of protection. Since they may not always wear armor, the ability to make armor is a very useful thing. By giving up some of their hoarded wealth, they can create armor. The more wealth they give up, the more the armor protects and the more durable this armor is. In addition, a Sombran can use this ability on someone else, though this ability still costs money when using this way. This armor fades crumbles to dust after the danger has passed, but for an Sombran who isn't normally a fighter, an emergency suit of armor is a useful thing indeed. Sacrificing 5 WP will generate a suit of armor at the Blessed's Wealth Tier, either on the Sombran or on someone else. Sacrificing 3 WP will generate a suit of armor one wealth tier below the Blessed's Wealth Tier, while sacrificing 8 WP will generate a suit of armor one tier above the Blessed's Wealth Tier
  • Willow's Sanctuary Through divine will, the user is able to draw toxins out of the body by pulling them through the skin. When this ability is in use, the mark of Sevrath shimmers green/yellow and releases tendrils of branches, transparent and completely made of energy, that will cover the user's body or the body of the individual. These branches will connect with the flesh and begin to draw the toxins from the body while forcing divine energy back into the body to heal any damage. The toxins gather in front of the mark where they may either be collected or burned up by the divine energy. Concentration is imperative while this ability is in use and must be completed once started. Should the character be interrupted during this ability, they risk allowing toxins into parts of the body that could be fatal to their life or the life of the person they are trying to save. Using this ability more than two times in a day will cause great exhaustion on the user.
  • Sevrath's Skills The character is granted an extra three skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Meditation, Medicine, Singing, or Musical Instrument. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses.
  • Moseke's Light (Minor) Similar to Sevrath's Will, the user is capable of focusing divine energy into a minor injury (abrasion, small cut/puncture, etc.) and coax the cells into healing. This ability requires multiple events to "convince" the cells to heal, and even then they may not heal. This ability does not weaken the character as another, more powerful healing ability would, however, the character is unable to heal major injuries. When this ability is in use, a pale green/yellow light emits from the character's skin like a mist and is focused towards the palms and fingers where it is released upon contact of another individual's flesh. Multiple uses of this ability for long periods of time will cause headache and fatigue.
  • Snow Falls Silently In the winter, one can almost hear the sound of quiet snow drifting and building around them. This ability takes that silence and applies it to a different sound. The user of this ability can silence all sound they make, evoking nothing louder than the gentle sifting of snow. (They can maintain this ability for half a break before needing to rest.)
  • Calm Before the Storm The user of this ability can target one person who is able to hear them. The ability lives within the words that are said and this ability is especially powerful in the moments before a verbal argument comes to blows. The target will feel all anger, annoyance, fear, and violence seep away from them. It may not change their minds about their disagreement with the other party, but they will no longer feel compelled to escalate the argument. This ability is triggered with a few words or sentences to the targeted individual. Those especially learned in Meditation can resist, but cannot hold their anger for long. This ability is useless against those that are already in pitched combat.
  • Winter's Warmth The blessed individual doesn't feel the cold as strongly and is able tolerate much colder temperatures than the average person, walking in snow without footwear, venturing outside during Cylus, or swimming in an icy lake without issue. The marked cannot be affected by an ice or cold-based effect.
  • The Smell of Conflict This ability can be used to smell aggression and the intent to harm. Violence or the potential of violence has a strong smell. Some marked use this ability to patrol the streets of their city, following the scent to scenes of violent crimes and putting a stop to them. Others catch a whiff of violence growing in the bar and decide to call it an early evening. If someone intends to do the marked one harm, one with this ability can smell it on them.
  • Chill Finger The user of this ability can impart the effects of hypothermia on anyone they meet with skin on skin contact. The effect is immediate and spreads from the point of contact throughout the entire body. During the warmer months this ability, at best, imparts sharp tremors and shortness of breath, but during the colder months it can debilitate an opponent with weakness, chills, and tremors. Not meant to be a deadly ability, this power paradoxically guards the victim against the fatal effects of the chill they are affected with. Although they will experience the full devastation of hypothermia, they will be freed within a break (or when the marked removes contact) with their body temperature restored to a natural, healthy state.
  • Sevrath's Will (Minor) With a large amount of concentration, the user is capable of focusing energy into a small plant or sapling of their choosing to coax it into a form (An inanimate object, a room, etc). Using this ability will require multiple events to "convince" the plant to retain the shape that is willed unto it. The character will usually have to sing or play music for the plant in question to calm its wild ways. At this stage, the formations created by this ability are often small and easily destroyed.
  • Sru'Alubosa (Minor) - Standing for 'nature form,' the user is capable of turning small portions of their body into stone or wood. They must be in direct contact with sturdy, natural object containing stone or wood. Other natural objects such as earth and sand are not encouraged, as a low level user is unable to maintain the form of the body part. Potential loss of the body part is high if the user is not familiar with that natural component.
  • Perfect Value - When dealing in matters of trade, as many Sombran are wont to do, it helps immensely to know the exact value of the goods for which you are trading. Perfect Value allows the Sombran to know the exact value of any good they are buying, selling, or trading. Due to this, many unscrupulous merchants hate dealing with those who bear Sombran, as they are impossible to fool. Many wealthy houses and businesses, however, regularly employ those who bear Sombran in order to ensure the quality of the goods they purchase. Naturally, most Sombran bearers are not shy about exploiting this ability in order to charge a great deal for such services.
  • Glass Blades - When in a fight, no Blessed should ever find themselves without a weapon, and so Sombran grants those who wield the ability to form glass blades over the their hands and arms, turning themselves into living weapons. Those unfamiliar with glass may find this underwhelming, but glass has an incredibly sharp edge, and those these blades can be shattered, they can be reformed almost instantly and at very little cost to the Blessed. Each blade costs only 1 WP to generate, but cannot be used more than 10 times a break.
  • b]Calming Whispers[/b] This ability allows the character to calm mental ailments, regardless of whether they are caused by old age, wounds, poison, curses, or arcana. When in use, the character must touch the temples. Upon touching the patient, green/yellow, transparent tendrils connect to the head, neck, and top of the spine. Energy is transferred through these where it is sent into the body to correct the mind. Concentration is key to this ability, as the character risks being drawn into their mind or the mind of the individual they are trying to save. Multiple sessions must be performed for the effects of this ability to last or until the mental ailments are cured. Fatigue, headache, nosebleeds, and nightmares are common symptoms of using this ability excessively.
  • Lemun Suna (Minor) Standing for 'seed sleep,' the user is capable of causing drowsiness in an opponent by blowing lightly on their palm. Small, pollen-like seeds are released from the palm into the opponents face. These spores have a sleepy effect on any that succumb to the pollen including the user. At a low level, this ability will subdue an opponent for 5 bits (minutes).
  • Protective Spirits (Minor) The character is able to summon small sprites, familiars, and/or wisps to aid them in combat, healing, or whatever purpose they see fit. The user may only summon one creature at a time and, as they practice this ability, will be able to summon multiple. The summoned creatures may act according to their will and what they see as right or wrong. They must be persuaded or convinced to do the user's bidding. Using this ability is exhausting on the character in the earlier stages, though they will adapt to the strain through practice. It is recommended that characters present an offering for the summoned creature.
  • Prison An offensive/defensive ability that is used to trap the opponent or shield the character. Pushing energy into the earth, the character is able to form sudden traps from dirt and stone, quickly ensnaring the opponent in a prison of soil and rock. Defensively, the character is able to draw the earth around them, cocooning in thick, almost impenetrable layers of earth and stone. This ability works well only if the user practices. Otherwise, the character cannot hold the structure for more than a few seconds, they cannot extend it for more than a few feet, and they will become exhausted from trying to exert energy to correct themselves.
  • Moseke's Light (Moderate) Similar to Sevrath's Will, the user is capable of focusing divine energy into a moderate injury (Deep cuts, burns, moderately sized puncture wounds, etc.) and coax the cells into healing. This ability requires a few events to "convince" the cells to heal, and even then they may move slowly. This ability does not weaken the character as another, more powerful healing ability would, however, the character is unable to heal major injuries. When this ability is in use, a pale green, yellow light emits from the character's skin like a mist and is focused towards the palms and fingers where it is released upon contact of another individual's flesh. Multiple uses of this ability for long periods of time will cause headaches and fatigue.
  • Sevrath's Will (Moderate) With a sizable amount of concentration, the user is capable of focusing energy into a medium sized plant or sapling of their choosing to coax it into a form (An inanimate object, a room, etc). Using this ability will require a few events to "convince" the plant to retain the shape that is willed unto it. The character will usually have to sing or play music for the plant in question to calm its wild ways. At this stage, the formations created by this ability are often decently sized and durable.
  • Sevrath's Skills II The character is granted an extra six skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Meditation, Medicine, Singing, or Musical Instrument. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses.
  • Greed Loves Company Those Blessed with Sombran are not the only ones who hoard wealth, but no one benefits from hoarded wealth the way they do. This ability allows the Blessed to use the hoarded wealth of others to power Sombran abilities that are fueled by hoarded wealth. For this to work, the Blessed has to have a rough idea of how wealthy the person who's wealth they're attempting exploit, and the person has to have proprietary claim on that wealth. They cannot, for instance, use a nations royal treasury for this effect because they know a king. That wealth is the nations wealth, not the king. The blessed does not have this wealth added to their own in any way, nor does this ability decrease the wealth of the other person. If the Blessed has 50 Wealth Points, and the other person has 50 Wealth Points, then the Blessed's Wealth Points will be treated as 100 Wealth Points. However, the other person does not lose their Wealth Points, nor does the Blessed gain any actual Wealth Points for them to use for their own gain.
  • Neutral Ground Those who bear Somban tend to hate having the neutrality of their homes and places of business defiled. This ability allows the Sombran to declare any piece of property that they own to be Neutral Ground. No one, no matter how angry or hate filled, may do violence upon another living being in any area designated such. Should they attempt it, they will find that the area itself will eject them from the premises and they will not be allowed to return without the express permission of the Sombran. Such permission, of course, usually comes at a price.
  • Molten Glass Glass is an incredibly dangerous thing when heated to extreme levels. This ability allows the Blessed to generate a high velocity stream of molten glass. How this stream emits varies depends on the Blessed, but it is never something those who dare to antagonize Chamadarst's chosen are particularly happy to see. This stream has a range of up to 25 feet and lasts up to five bits. After being used, it can't be used again for half a break.
  • Sought After Isolation There are times when the Sombran desires to be isolated. This ability allows them to fulfill that desire at will, making them isolated no matter how many people there are around them. While this ability is active, others will tend to go around the Blessed, feeling that their presence is not wanted by the bearer of Sombran. Those who a specific desire to speak to or see the Sombran will be able to ignore this ability, but even they will feel as if they should not be bothering the Blessed.
  • Merchants Skills III The character is granted an extra nine skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Business Management, Discipline, Investigation, Detection, Mathematics, Socialization, or Glassblowing. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses. Detection +9
  • True Neutral For many Sombran, their Neutrality is a highly prized thing and it is difficult to shake them from it. However, there are means, both supernatural and mundane, to force a Sombran to act against their will. For those Sombran who reach this level, however, such concerns are a thing of the past. No means, now matter how supernaturally or mundanely powerful, are sufficient to force the Blessed out of their neutrality against their own will. Of course, the Sombran may choose to take a side on their own, should someone anger them sufficiently, but no longer can they be forced into taking a side.
  • Wealth Parasite Sombran bearers tend to not want to give up their own wealth, even to power the abilities of Sombran that require it. Using this ability, they can draw from the wealth of any enemy that they are currently facing to power abilities that require spending wealth. They can, of course, only use this ability until the Blessed runs out of wealth, and furthermore, this ability only works on an enemy that the Sombran is actively opposing when they use it. The Sombran does not get to keep any of the wealth they steal with this ability for their own gain, as it is immediately funneled into the ability they're using the stolen wealth to fuel.
  • Merchants Strength: There are times when those who bear Sombran cannot rely on their familiars or their hirelings to do the heaviest fighting or thinking for them. For such situation, this ability allows the Sombran to sacrifice their wealth to increase their own physical abilities. The more wealth they give up, the bigger the boost. This ability does not grant the Blessed any knowledge or skill they do not already possess, it simply gives them the capabilities to better use the knowledge and skills they already posses. Sacrificing 1 WP is equal to 1 EXP in Strength, Endurance, Resistance, and Intelligence. The boost lasts 30 Bits and then fades away.
  • Shattertouch: The final form of the Glasstouch ability, Shatter touch works through anything that may be covering the hands of the Blessed, and the effect it imparts is to instantly shatter anything that it affects like a pane of brittle glass. This does, of course, present an immediate hazard of bits of the shattered object tend to go flying, and they tend to have a sharp edge as a result of the shattering.


  • Sombran - Grifter's Eye: Finding out who took your stolen goods.
  • Sombran - Grifter's Eye: Finding out where your stolen goods are.
  • Sombran - Grifter's Eye: Detecting deception of one who means to steal from you.
  • Sombran: Glass Touch - Can make any substance as fragile as glass.
  • Sombran: Glass Touch - Cannot work on organic materials.
  • Sombran: Glass Touch - Only confers the fragility of glass, no other
  • Sombran: Isolated Calm: Making mutually agreeable deals when negotiating on your own behalf becomes easier.
  • Sombran: Commerce Spirit: Can be fed wealth in order to become stronger.
  • Sombran: Commerce Spirit: Stronger spirit means stronger concept.
  • Sombran: Commerce Spirit: A strong concept of Commerce means business becomes much easier to fulfill.
  • Immortal: Sintra
  • Immortal: Labrae
  • Mark: Lethroda
  • Lethroda: Webweaving x 2
  • Lethroda: Webweaving x 1
  • Lethroda: Webspinning: Is a way of keeping tabs on various people.
  • Lethroda: Webspinning: Can be used to get a sense of what a person is feeling or their general surroundings.
  • Lethroda: Webspinning: Can spin only so many into your web, and empower it with Empathy.

Mortalborn Information

Mortalborn Application: viewtopic.php?f=367&t=15303

Character Background information: Woe was a former slave of a man named Erastus, a leatherworker/tanner in Rynmere. He grew to adulthood and was eventually released because he earned his freedom, and had a good relationship with Erastus. For a time, he stayed on and aided in Erastus' illicity slave trade, becoming a clerk and occasionally a taskmaster of the slaves. After ten years of this kind of employment, he was released entirely from service, and went his own way.

From there, he had some adventures, which led him to meeting and becoming infatuated with the fugitive, Emma Heen. She later betrayed him, selling him to the Naer of Augiery. There, he was for a few seasons a slave, before he was finally traded to a slave galley. While on the galley, after some long manipulation and planning and patience, he managed to organize a revolt against the taskmasters. This revolt was successful, and with the help of some Biqaj thralls, they took command of the galley, sailing it around the seas.

They dropped anchor some distance away from Andaris, where Woe decided he would meet with Erastus, to unravel the mystery of his past for good and all. He wanted to know where he could find his parents, so he'd have a chance to either confirm himself as a servant of Sintra, or spare them.

He later found Erastus in his workshop, shacking up with Emma Heen. When Erastus revealed that he'd driven Woe's parents (Or who he supposed were Woe's parents) to destitution, ruining them until they died of sickness, he flew into a rage.

In the process, he managed to kill both Erastus and Emma Heen. At the last moment, deprived of a reason for being, he almost turned the knife on himself, but he was stopped by a hand on his wrist. Labrae stopped him from killing himself. He later met with Sintra. Though few words were spoken between them, she marked him as her own Webspinner. Thus he was given a new purpose under her, though he had no idea what this entailed yet.

He later returned to the Galley, after he'd recovered from his wounds and the trauma. THere they sailed the seas, and nearly ran aground on the shores of Yaralon. The galley then went its own way, leaving Woe with just one fellow who soon died in the swamps of Maiden's Refuge. Woe now lives in Yaralon, completely ignorant and cut off from any understanding of who he was, or what his purpose was.
Character concept: I originally saw Woe as a former slave who sympathized with his slavers, and became a slaver himself. Later I saw him as someone that was dedicated to the idea of order, law. He's always been a mopey guy, kinda miserable and dull of personality.

But I have to admit feeling intrigued by the subtle sadness of this character. In the end, he's just another PC, looking to survive and find a purpose.
Appearance: Pale skin, pale blue eyes (From his father), dark brown and almost black hair. He's fairly tall, standing at Six feet and two inches.

Mortal Parent:

Name: Erastus
Created by: Woe
Race: Human
DOB: arc 657 19th of Cylus
Title: Weaver of the Webspinners
Blessings/Curses: Lethroda
Skills: 30 Persuasion/ 20 Leatherworking/ 20 Whip/ 15 Bartering/15 Psychology
Other Information: Former slavemaster of Woe. He runs a household out of Mid-Town, but conducts a barely legal slave trade out of Low-Town, where it's bound to draw less notice. He has several contacts within the Justice system, who he pays and cajoles to overlook his trafficking of slaves. His front operation in Low-Town, where his unluckiest chattel are housed, is a simple company that trades material commodities, providing leatherwork to various enterprises and for those who need leather products. The side-effect of running a leather-working facility and tannery, is that nobody important wants to visit in person unless they're happy with the scent of tanning animal skins.

^^^ That was his original write-up, as found in the Rynmere Development thread. He's dead now.

He makes an appearance in Woe's Lethroda Blessing thread as well as the Mortalborn Story.

Mortalborn story:

Eight wax candles were lit around Erastus, dyed with the blood of innocents. The ritual was perfect, the scene set. The young Leatherworker was ready to earn his way into the Webspinners.

Most webspinners were born into it, or rather abducted by the Lady of Crows, Labrae and indoctrinated as they grew. Erastus would be different, he was determined. A fair hand at bartering, persuasion, and psychology, perhaps he was exhibiting some hubris, in thinking his feeble skills would be enough to sway the Immortal of Manipulation. At the last, he had to adopt a sense of fatalism, what would happen, would happen.

I will not be turned away by my doubt. So saying this to himself, he proceeded with the ritual.

The squaling of a newborn babe issued from the dais that was encircled by those eight candles. It was a child that Erastus had abducted for just this purpose. He drove the young maggot's parents to ruin, in effect killing them. When the magistrate heard the child's case, and looked to those assembled if any would claim responsibility for the child, Erastus rose his voice. He'd already made a deal with the judge in case any others spoke for the child. There was something to be said for bribing low-level officials.

So he brought the babe here, never even bothering to give him to a wet nurse. He'd timed the ritual perfectly to the day that the parents died, and the child became his property.

In the depths of that Low-town basement, he was ready to kill a babe for Sintra's favor.

He lifted the athame in the air, chanting in a strange coded tongue only known to the Webspinners. That bit of knowledge had been difficult to extract. He didn't want to think of what he'd done to achieve it.

Taking a deep breath after the last incantation, he drove the athame down.

The tip barely nicked the child's skin before a swath of blackened webbing took hold of his arms, wrenching him backward. Erastus shouted in alarm, the child's squaling growing louder. Something was putting pressure on his chest. It was simply too dark to make out what was happening behind him, but he could see clearly the child on the dais, lit by candles. And the tall figure standing over it, gingerly picking it up and then smiling toward Erastus. In a moment, the child and Labrae were gone.

Leaving Erastus with whoever, or whatever was dragging him against the wall, toward the ceiling. His arms adhered to the ceiling, then his legs were bound. Finally, his neck was drawn backward. At the last moment, he noticed a pair of blood red eyes in the darkness.

Somehow he knew before she told him. Afterall, that was what this entire ritual had been dedicated to. But he never dared to expect...

"Sintra..." He rasped, barely breathing as the webbing dug into the skin of his neck.

She said nothing, but seemed to purr as she drew him into a kiss. He felt Lethroda on the bottom of his tongue as hers explored his mouth. He also felt a sudden sting in his lower abdomen. The rest was a haze, and he knew little apart from the fact that she was having her way with him. When he realized what that might mean, he nearly screamed into the kiss they were sharing.

She drew away from that kiss as she realized his thoughts, "Oh, don't worry Erastus. It won't be me that kills you, though we share our flesh now. But be warned, it will be your own flesh that will kill you one dark night, not unlike this. Take this as a warning and the only other boon I will ever give you, apart from my mark."

She smiled at him, and after the act was consumated, slowly drew away.

He rested then, bound to the ceiling by her darkened webbing.

When he awoke, he found himself in his own bed. A profound disappointment befell him then. Had that been a dream? He rushed to the nearest bronze mirror, and checked his tongue, the bottom of it. A sense of relief washed over him, when he spotted her mark. While the details of what had happened may have been a dream, he was most certainly alive, with Lethroda, and the ritual had been a resounding success.

Many Seasons later, he heard a knock at his shop, followed by the cawing din of a murder of crows. He opened the door to be greeted. Not by who he presumed would be there. Labrae, if she'd been there, was gone. And at the doorstep, was a young babe. Resembling the one that he'd nearly sacrificed seasons prior, only older. With a shock of dark brown, almost black hair on his head, and a sullen look. He knew then, that Labrae wanted him to raise this child as a Webspinner, perhaps as part of his initiation into their family.

So he did his best to guide the young Woe to adulthood, and at the right moment granted him a longer leash. It never occurred to him that he might have been the product of the union between himself and Sintra.

To the day he released Woe from his servitude, he never had a natural born child of his own, fearful that they would be his doom.

Mortalborn domains: Ignorance, Hierarchy, Scorpions.

Mortalborn abilities:

Scorpions: Sting and Claw: "As the son of Sintra, Woe is the child of the queen of arachnids. This fact is made no clearer than when he is in combat and feels as though his life is threatened. The skin up to his upper arms shifts, turning a deep black and hardens, becoming like armor. It appears as though his arms have become coated in the glassy onyx chitin of a black scorpion. He becomes more resistant to damage and can tolerate heavy impact upon his freshly armored arms. Along with this transformation, his arms and hands become capable of moving much faster and his grip strength is enhanced substantially. Additionally his nails now produce a subtle venom that causes numbness to areas that are scratched. This venom lasts for three breaks before dissipating. String and Claw will last for a maximum of ten bits before the transformation begins to fade. It can be used once per trial."

Hierarchy: As Above so Below

Hierarchy often enough is a pyramidal structure, with those privileged few standing at the top. Meanwhile, those lesser privileged, more numerous individuals occupy the lower strata. The obligations of either group differ from system to system. Yet what endures is that inferiors will provide comfort and support superiors, while superiors are responsible for the defense of inferiors.

As the Mortalborn of Hierarchy, Woe can move up and down this pyramidal ladder at need, with surprising ease and mobility. When the blame or responsibility for action would fall to someone aligned with Woe, he can reassign that blame/responsibility to himself, to a superior, an equal, or one among the lower echelons of the hierarchy he occupies. Alternatively, he can drop in rank to evade consequences of faulty leadership decisions (for when he finds himself at the top of the hierarchy). When punishment or consequence would fall on those that are his peers and thus include him, he may move upward to higher ranks/echelons, to avoid the consequence.

This ability can be invoked twice per season. However, Woe cannot maneuver up a hierarchy if he is at the top, as a leader. Nor can he lower himself when at the bottom, as a slave.

viewtopic.php?f=367&t=20439 (Approved Here)

"Ignorance: Agent Unknown

"As a result of his distinct lack of personal magnetism and general dullness, he can make a person to forget meeting him, if he chooses. He must lock eyes with them, and concentrate. They will forget having associated with him. In his place, they will simply remember a person whose name they failed to catch for each instance of his involvement with them. As an added bonus, once per trial Woe can force them to forget a specific piece of information, detail, object, or person that he chooses. Depending on the strength of that person's association with the said object, detail, or subject, the memory will return within a few seasons or cycles or arcs. As a negative side to this domain, every time he chooses to remove the memory of himself from another person, he also loses his memory and knowledge of them in the same way. If for any reason the other regains their memory of the other person, the recovery of that knowledge is mutual."

viewtopic.php?f=367&t=20131 (Rework Approved here)

Agent Unknown 2:

At will, Woe can become completely unrecognizable, even to those who know him well. This does not change any aspect of his appearance by itself. Any identifying features he currently possesses can of course be noted and remembered, but his identity will be obscured and unknowable while utilizing this ability. The main exception to this ability is that Immortals, Dragons, Induks, and beings that are bonded to his soul will recognize him. Otherwise, he's effectively a nobody while using this ability. He can turn this ability on and off twice a trial. There's no limit to the duration, otherwise.

For characters bearing Bellinos' power Eidetic memory, they'll know him if they have memories of who he was. In Gwelliph's case, they'll be able to tell the truth of things easier, but won't be able to associate what Woe does until such time as he switches the power off.

Fracture Scar: A fracture scar forms down the middle of Woe's tongue, on the underside of it. Usually not visible when he's talking, unless he elevates his voice.

Abilities Miscellany

Spirit Form
You gain the ability to assume the illusionary spirit form granted to them in the thread for 2 hours, twice a season. While it does not actually make them spirits or give them spiritual abilities, it is likely that those they meet while in these forms will assume that they are a spirit until given a reason to think otherwise.

Form of the Spirit of Sorrow - The form of a creature of tangible darkness, stretched tall and thin like a shadow cast in the light of a sunset. He was humanoid, though it was hard to tell beneath the flowing black robes he wore that fluttered as it caught in some chill breeze. A hood was pulled across his head, and upon it rested a black crown of wrought iron laced with spikes and barbs.

Acquired Here: viewtopic.php?f=249&t=22251&start=70
Falsehood's Favour
The Sprit of Falsehood smiles upon you. Once per season when your character says a single sentence that is not the full, honest truth, this ability can be activated. Magical abilities (of expert /Adored or lower) that are usually capable of detecting if the sentence was true or not are either negated or are tricked into informing their owner that the sentence was truthful, at the favoured's discretion.

Acquired Here: viewtopic.php?f=249&t=22251&start=70
Floral Fragrance
Woe took a risk accepting flowers from spirits and it paid off. At will, Woe is able to change the scent of his body to the smell of fragrant flowers. This smell is enticing to all who smell it.

Acquired Here: viewtopic.php?f=249&t=22251&start=70
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Re: Woe



  • 1st Masterwork Outfit: A navy velvet surcoat covers Woe well below his knees, trimmed around the collar and neckline with ermine, with silver buttons fastening the surcoat's front seam. Gloves of velvet, starched around the longish cuffs, are threaded with silver cloth. Breeches of black leather, boots of black leather are worn beneath the surcoat. A belt and baldric with silver buckles cinched the surcoat at the waist.
  • 2nd Masterwork Outfit: Woe wore a silken, dark sapphire blouse beneath a black tweed doublet, fastened by silver buttons. Cloth of silver cravat around his neck was tucked into the neckline of his vest. Tweed trousers of black color with diamond-quilted stitching. Shoes of black, polished leather. Wrist-length gloves of black tweed. Over it all, he had a black velvet cloak, lined with royal blue and cloth of silver brocade.
  • 3rd Masterwork Outfit: Woe was wearing a jacket of dark crimson velvet over a black silk, button-up shirt with onyx buttons. Trousers of sturdy, brown leather with diamond pattern quilted stitching. A cloth of onyx cravat wrapped around his neck and tucked into the neckline of his coat. On his feet were a pair of polished dancing shoes.
  • 4th Masterwork Outfit: Woe wore a long-sleeved, blue-gray silk jacket covered him to well above his knees and was loosely tied with onyx string at the bottom right side. The sleeves of his jacket are quite wide and reach down to his wrists, they're decorated with a single cloth of onyx thread lining at the sleeve ends. The jacket had a deep v-neck which revealed part of the simple, pale green silk shirt worn below it and was worn with a black cloth neck tie, held in place by a flint broach. The necktie was made of satin. His black pants were simple and quite wide and reach down to his hard leather boots. The boots were made from a tough leather, but are otherwise a common design.
  • 5th Masterwork Outfit: Covering Woe's shoulders is a black, quilted wool jacket, stitched with cloth of silver in a diamond pattern. Beneath it he wears a wool shirt of pale dark blue, which hangs freely over a pair of black breeches made of quilted leather, in the same diamond pattern as the jacket, with similar silver stitching. He wears a pair of black knee boots on his feet.
  • 6th Masterwork Outfit: Woe wore a padded silk surcoat, colored charcoal gray with trims of darker colors. Beneath the surcoat, a simple, black wool shirt, brown leather trousers tucked into shin boots. Around his shoulders, a mantle of gray magpie feathers which was worn over a cloak of light, black velvet.
  • 7th Masterwork Outfit: Desert Outfit Around his torso he wore a rich, brown, velvet tunic. On his legs, a pair of loose-fitting velvet trousers of the same fabric. Around his shoulder and waist, a tied sash of deep blue, to which was attached a shoulder cape of black velvet, trimmed with dark wolf's fur. On his feet, a pair of black riding boots. His hands were covered by a pair of deep blue gloves, the same color of his sash. Around his head, he wore a turban, part of which wrapped around his face to keep the dust, sand, and debris out. On his eyes, a pair of simple, soot-shaded goggles.
  • 8th Masterwork Outfit: His upper body was wrapped in a forest green great cloak, mantled at the shoulders by gray, black, and white magpie feathers. Beneath it, he wore a vested doublet of dark brown, quilited velvet. Around his legs a pair of quilted trousers of charcoal gray. His feet were covered by a pair of simple, dark brown travel boots. Around his wrists and hands, a pair of thick, dark brown leather gloves.
  • 1st Good Outfit: He wore a wrist-length and knee-length flaxen brown tunic. His breeches were of wool fabric with flaxen inner lining. They were loose-fitting and colored green, tucked into black leather shin-wraps. His feet were bare, save for some brown fur coverings that draped over the top of his feet, to purvey the illusion of soles. Around his shoulders, a mantled sash of green wrapped over his torso, cinched in place by a pewter broach in the shape of a hound.
  • Bespoke Outfit: He wore a loose-fitting white blouse of lunar silk, the collar undone to his upper clavicle. Over this, a vest of black velvet, buttoned by gilded onyx pieces. His breeches were made of black-dyed, form-fitting buckskin, tucked into knee-high military boots. Around his waist, a sash of blue color was cinched into place by a gilded onyx buckle, carved in the shape of a scorpion. A coat was worn over this ensemble, made of black velvet and buttoned with the same giled onyx buttons.
  • Pair of black glass shades: The lenses of the shades were an inch and a half in diameter, round with bronze wireframes. These resembled goggles, however, more than shaded bifocals, with a shallow tube-like siding on the outside of each lenses frames. The material was a lighter color of bronze, with lacquered goat horn reinforcing the temples and temple tips. The lenses were black, entirely opaque to the naked eye, but when worn allowed a comfortable level of visibility in sunlight and bright light. It reduced ambient sources of glare but rendered a dim-lit room to near full darkness.
  • A wide-brimmed blooded leather hat: It was a wide-brimmed, black hat, fashioned from blooded leather. Scuffed and beaten up, and showing signs of distress on the surface of its material through the reddened leather beneath the dye job. A thin leather chinstrap hung underneath the cap, preventing it from blowing off the head and allowing it to hang on the neck if the wearer wished. Sacrificed to Sintra
Jewelry Sets

A good quality brooch, featuring an amber with scorpion inclusion, framed by black cobalt and silver.

A good quality cobalt torc, with scorpion flares at the ends.

A good quality scorpion signet, silver with bronze gilding. (Includes his Ring of the Master)

A good quality scorpion ring, silver. (Includes his Ring of Reversal)

Current Residence
Acquired: viewtopic.php?f=292&t=7909&p=182607#p182607
Quality: Tier 8 + 3 cave rooms (1 huge, 1 large, 1 average) and 3 large bedrooms.
Room Layout:

Huge Cave Room: Dragons Lair for Soz.
Large Cave Room: Woe's isolation retreat.
Average Cave Room: Toutouye's Grotto.
Large Bedroom # 1: Augusta's Rooms.
Large Bedroom #2: Sage's Rooms.
Large Bedroom # 3: Woe's Rooms.
Average Room #1: Iago's Master Bedroom.
Average Room #2: Master Bathroom
Average Room #3: Gloom's Kitchen.
Small Room: Gloom's bunkroom (adjacent to the Kitchen)
Large Room #1: Dining Room (also adjacent to the Kitchen)
Large Room #2: Large Workshop
Large Room #3: Large Living area.
Huge Room: Gymnasium for exercise and weapons training.
Former Residences
Tier 4 Cabin, Southwest of Egilrun
Tier 4 Cabin, Southwest of Egilrun
Tier 6 House in Egilrun's Residential District: It was a sturdy house, about two stories high. It was constructed largely from a stone foundation, with stucco walls above that, framed in polished oak wood. There were a few glass windows, a marked luxury compared to less well-appointed homes. A brick chimney stuck out of the gabled roof, but no smoke issued from it. It consisted of several rooms, one large foyer on the ground level, with three small rooms and one large kitchen branching off from that main foyer. Upstairs, a large study filled with books and places of study. One master bedroom, and a master bath.
Egilrun Residence given to Soraia in Rebirth 721
Tier 8 House in Egilrun
House in Etzos (GIVEN UP Vhalar 719)
3 small bedrooms
Master Kitchen, Master Bathroom
Hidden dungeon/basement :twisted:

+1 Prisoner
-1 Prisoner
0 Prisoners currently
Treth Almshouse and Farmhouse sold Early Ashan 720

Tier 8 Farm Manor in Ne'haer territory (Treth): 4+ acres

Rooms: 2 distinct buildings, the Treth Almshouse, and Plantation facilities.

Almshouse facilities:

1 huge 1 Dormitories for Almshouse.
1 Large 1 Dining Area
1 Average 1 Big Kitchen
1 Small 1 Broom Closet

Treth House:

1 large 1 Large Study.
2 average 1 Master Bedroom, 1 Big Kitchen.
2 small 1 Reception to an office, 1 examination room for a doctor.

1st floor: Large Study, Reception to an office, examination room for a doctor, Big Kitchen.
2nd floor: master bedroom
House in Etzos Citadel Given away to Fleaface at the end of Zi'Da 720, refunded and returned in Vhalar 721

Tier 7 house, write-up in development.
House in Viden Carnelian Prism Given away at the end of Zi'Da 720

Tier 3 house, write-up in development.
House in Quacia sold at the end of Zi'Da 720

Tier 10 house


Basic Quality Hone Grimoire
Acquired here

Basic Quality: Core Runes, Novice.

Contains information regarding runes of touch, strength, endurance, weakness, trap technique, dismissal technique and diffuse technique.
Average Quality Hone Grimoire
Acquired here

Average Quality: Core Runes, Umbral Runes, Competent.

Yet to be read.
Average+ book of Webspinner Nursery Rhymes (Encrypted)

"Labrae, a child suffers,
Wishes to go away,
From home and shelter,
To weave and play."

Point Bank Items and Miscellaneous items
  • Domain Bag.
  • Cloak of Hiding.
  • Coin Bag.
  • Destiar: This elusive horse has been seen throughout the Unibor. It is said that the horse appears to recent heroes and cowards alike after a great test of their will. Those who have crumpled under adversity and mount this horse will sink into it and the cloak will wrap about and suffocate the rider to death. But those that are indeed worthy, who have fought hard, are served loyally by this horse 'til death. The destiar is known for its glowing white, wispy mane and tail; and its ethereal 'cloak', shrouding its bodies and covering its eyes. The blindfold does not seem to inhibit the horse's vision but is said to aid the horse's impartiality when judging. The shroud acts like wings that flutters about when it runs and also reduce its weight, allowing it to gallop at great speeds.
  • Master's Ring
  • 2 Cavani Cloaks (One given to Gloom)
  • Portal Footwear: Boot Buckles.
  • Sinith Slug Ash (4 doses)
  • 1 basic+ quality Bullwhip viewtopic.php?f=317&t=23673
  • 1 basic quality bronze eating knife. viewtopic.php?f=317&t=23673
  • Ring of Paradigm.
  • Chamadarst's Coin - The Coin which Woe finds in his pocket is icy cold and made from glass. It has a single use of a favoured ability on it from the mark of any Immortal NOT listed as sibling, ally, or enemy of the Coinking. Alternatively, it may remove 1 curse from 1 individual. Please choose one use and PSF it.
  • Vri's Gratitude Woe is given a small glass bottle by Vri. Vri explains that it is a Memento bottle and it allows Woe to breathe a memory into it. If he does that, then it functions as a Memento but with a slight difference. Woe can place one of his own memories in there and, while it is in there, the memory will be gone from him. Opening the bottle and breathing in the contents will fully restore the memory to him. Should another breathe in the contents, they will see the memory clearly, although they will know it was not theirs, and it will be lost to Woe forever. Acquired here.
  • Earthsoul!: An ornamental doorstop-like figure. Made from what seems to be ice, this is the spider-monkey thing that Woe saw. It can be placed at a perimeter or point where it will act as an alarm. When there is movement within a 40ft radius of it, Woe will hear an alarm. The alarm can only be heard by Woe and up to four other people he designates. He can remove access to hearing the alarm at any time, but can only give access twice a cycle.Acquired here.
  • A story book, entitled "The Princess of Fection" - it is the tale of a princess who traveled the world but ends up back home (in Fection.....). It tells of all the many different languages she has learned on her travels and the glorious food she ate and the many adventures she had. When you read this it imparts one language (your choice) to your pc. This language is at Conversational level and does not count towards your Linguistics maximum number of languages. You may assume that you have the base requirements for this language and may progress it as usual if you choose to.Acquired here. (Given to Soraia by Woe)
  • A beautiful and very delicate-looking decanter which, once a trial, will create pure, clear water. The decanter is actually very tough and will hold up to four servings. Those who drink this water will have any negative effects from tiredness, tension etc, washed away with the drink. It leaves you feeling refreshed and clear-headed. It does not, however, heal wounds etc and will not combat magical effects.Acquired here.
  • A piece of parchment. Four times a season, you may activate this and it folds itself into a small origami bird. You speak to the bird and give it a message - it "records" that message and then flies off to find the person the message is for. The message may be no longer than 50 words (contractions count for the correct number of words) and the bird will take the required amount of time to fly to the recipient. Upon arriving, the bird speaks your message (in your voice) and then flies back. If the recipient is dead or hidden by magical / immortal means - the bird will circle overhead when you summon it and not fly in any direction.Acquired here.
  • The Very Pineapple of Usefulness. A small cut-glass pineapple which would fit in the palm of your hand. When placed on the ground it functions as a campfire in terms of warmth and providing a place to cook.Acquired here.
  • A small bunch of 10 grapes. Each one is wonderfully sweet - eating 1 grape will heal you of minor injuries. This is cuts and bruises, scrapes and grazes etc. If you have moderate injuries (deeper cuts etc) then it will take 3 grapes. Major injuries take 6 grapes and someone can be brought back from a critical condition with 9 grapes. Please note, though - if you gave (for example) 1 grape to someone with moderate injuries, it would do nothing. You have an all-or-nothing grape situation.Acquired here.
  • 1 Crystal Sculpture from your little boxes. While not magical, there is something very lovely about these and they just have a bit of a 'feel good' about them.
  • Coin: This glass coin is icy cold on one side, warm to the touch on the other. It has on it an enchantment which does one of two things.
    • If the ice side of the coin is activated, it allows Woe to "freeze" up to 4 seconds of time. During this, only he can move or act. While it is active he can commit no violence, but of course he can set up for some, should he wish it. This may be activated once per cycle.
    • The warm side of the coin acts as a Ring of Reversal and will activate should Woe die. It will bring him back from death to life, just once - it automatically activates as long as he has it on his person
  • Forged of Scalvoris! – For your bravery, ingenuity, and determination you are awarded a crystal turtle: ~ Each crystal turtle allows you to have a home. Twice a cycle it will transform into a turtle-shell shelter (shellter). Up to four adults can comfortable shelter in the Shellter. No matter what the weather is, the Shellter is warm and comfortable and dry.
  • Culinary Master! – For describing two or more courses of dinner! – Health Pack! Two times a season, this small box will produce enough emergency rations for up to four people for one trial. This will appear in the form of nutrition bars and clean water. The rations can be split further but this will lower the effectiveness of the rations.
  • Group Synergy! – For asking two or more group questions! – Saoire’s Sweets - A small box of your favorite chocolates / candies (10 total). You find yourself unable to eat more than 1 on any trial. But each one provides the following to whoever eats it for the next 6 hours: "Saoire's domain of Gifts is not merely one of physical goods, but of the happiness and joy that comes with both giving and receiving a well-meant gift. This ability allows the Blessed to give both themselves and anyone they're with a feeling of joy and good cheer, banishing negative feelings like sorrow, anger, and fear."
  • 2 x memory vials. Since Woe did not drink his vial, he may take it with him and is given a spare.
  • NPC trinkets – Please accept these humble offerings from Saoire for your NPCs, with our thanks for being part of this wonderfully uplifting thread! All gifts as described by you in this thread are now the property of the NPCs.
  • Joy Scroll – For those that accepted a scroll from the Immortals, allowing them to connect with Vega/Arlo.
  • Empty Vessel A plain black ceramic jug with no decoration. It sits in a bowl and looks like a jug / bowl used to help with washing in a bedroom. Once a trial, it pours a full carafe of fine wine or large serving bowl of soup. Awarded here
  • Mirror Image A pair of mirrors which can be hung in totally different places - no matter what the distance, once a trial they can be activated and will allow communication between the two. If Woe stands in front of one of them, he will see the reflection of the other mirror, and hear what is being said. The same is true in reverse so, while they could be used for spying, there is a chance they will be seen. Excellent for two way communication, however. Awarded here
  • The Mother of Dragons : A book with this title tells the tales and adventures of a long-dead knight who flew on Dragonlings. When reading it, Woe gains +5 knowledge to Mount (Winged) OR Animal Husbandry. Awarded here
  • 1 limb of whistling wood, uncut/raw
  • Use the words "murder", "fowl" and "bestest" in your next post ~ you find a small origami bird during the party. It can be unfolded, ripped, whatever and, the next day, it's a small origami bird again. Acquired Here
  • Have your PC draw a comparison between your host / guide (the nine ladies) and yourself ~ Bonus +1 Etiquette Knowledge Acquired Here
  • Have your PC draw a comparison between your host / guide (the nine ladies) and a member of your family / friends. ~ Bonus +1 Etiquette Knowledge Acquired Here
  • Bonus from Raine: Your kindness to her daughter did not go unnoticed. She awards you an intricate clasp for a cloak. When worn, once a trial, it will act as a "duplicity suit" but for your cloak and shoes and jewelry etc. So - a duplicity clasp for accessorising! Acquired Here
  • Scales of Just This: You chose the scales. They are small and delicate. Once a trial you may place an item on one side and a weight on the other, and the scales will break the item down to dust. The weight, however, will transform into a pure weight of one of the "source materials" the item was. Only one material, the weight is small because the scales are small, but it will allow you to take a small piece of something and turn it into a slightly larger piece. Acquired Here
  • Start every sentence of your post with a vowel - for meeting this goal you are awarded a feather quill. It will never need to be dipped in ink, and will change colour of ink on command, once a trial. (you didn't start each sentence with a unique word. You used "In" twice). Acquired Here
  • Lose an item of clothing - you are given a replacement pair of gloves. These are akin to your duplicity clasp and will simply blend in with whatever else Woe is wearing. Acquired Here
  • Use the words "cornucopia", "copasetic" and "scurryfunge" - You did! For this, you are awarded a small children's puzzle made of wood and brightly coloured. It draws attention, should you be trying to solve it. People will stop what they're doing and watch you, they'll be intrigued. It isn't massively powerful (Discipline, etc, will be able to resist it) but it's very useful for de-escalating situations. Acquired Here
  • Use the words "boring", "card" and "indigestion" in your next post - You did! For this you are awarded a small statue of a woodpecker. Once a cycle it can be animated with a command word (you must include this word in your inventory / link to it and your PC chooses it now) and will then fly to the nearest piece of wood and attempt to bore a hole through it. It will stay active for 1 hour and can bore through a piece of wood approximately 4 inches (10 cm) deep and roughly the same diameter in that time. However. It is activated on use of that word the first time it is spoken in it's "earshot" each cycle. So, if someone else happens to say it, it'll fly and find the nearest piece of wood and start pecking. Acquired Here
  • Whistle - You find a small bird-whistle. It makes sounds like birds. Acquired Here
  • Have your PC use a quote from The Princess Bride You did! You are awarded a gold coin which is most odd-looking and not a nel (it looks like a florin, OOC) - when you flip it for heads or tails -it always lands on the opposite of what was called. Always. Acquired Here
  • Masterwork Whistle Wood Recorder: A fine recorder of whistling wood. The recorder came attached to a long string of beads that were woven through with strong twine. Each one was intricately carved, just as the recorder was. This was obviously meant to be hung from his shoulder, and allowed some slack so he could pick up the recorder and play it whenever he wished.
Mother's Embrace (Blanket)
Mother's Embrace
Approved Here: viewtopic.php?f=368&t=24849

A masterwork blanket made of vanta black silk. While resting beneath this blanket, it acts as a healing chamber for only Woe. Around his injuries, a chrysalis of Lethroda silk forms, creating fibers that can then be recycled as usable of good quality. While healing in the blanket, he does so at four times the rate they would outside of it, capable of regenerating limbs and body parts as well. When Woe is completely healed and emerges from his rest, the strands of the lethroda silk itself are enough to make a single measure of silk cloth, enough for one garment or cloth item. Two measures would be enough to make a set of padded armor. Those attempting to destroy the blanket while Woe rests within it will find it tough and thick, difficult to pierce or breach in any way. If the blanket or its occupant is threatened, Woe can awake safely and early.
Magic Shades
Base Item (Shaded Spectacles): The lenses of the shades were an inch and a half in diameter, round with bronze wireframes. These resembled goggles, however, more than shaded bifocals, with a shallow tube-like siding on the outside of each lenses frames. The material was a lighter color of bronze, with lacquered goat horn reinforcing the temples and temple tips. The lenses were black, entirely opaque to the naked eye, but when worn allowed a comfortable level of visibility in sunlight and bright light. It reduced ambient sources of glare but rendered a dim-lit room to near full darkness.

Enchantment: With a lingering glance in the eyes of another, the user and the individual he locks eyes with can link their past experiences and share a detailed array of events with one another, from childhood experiences to great findings in the world. In this link time flows statically on the outside world, and so while others may perceive this as two individuals merely meeting with a short glance, a great deal of information could be shared, the user and the one they lock eyes with are able to look through the lens of time passed to share knowledge of previous events. This can be overwhelming to those of weak will, and should be undertaken with caution, and not engage in oversharing.

The recipient and sender can refuse the information transfer if they wish. Both recipient and sender are totally in control of what information comes from their end. They cannot control exactly what information comes from the other party. This cannot be used to pry or impart information from/to someone who is unwilling to share it.

Approved: viewtopic.php?p=171548#p171548
Quacian Bloodhound
Very Loyal Quacian Blood Hound: viewtopic.php?f=503&t=23696&start=10
Legendary Mount
Legendary Mount:
Opal the Moonstride

Opal (Destiar): This elusive horse has been seen throughout the Unibor. It is said that the horse appears to recent heroes and cowards alike after a great test of their will. Those who have crumpled under adversity and mount this horse will sink into it and the cloak will wrap about and suffocate the rider to death. But those that are indeed worthy, who have fought hard, are served loyally by this horse 'til death. The destiar is known for its glowing white, wispy mane and tail; and its ethereal 'cloak', shrouding its bodies and covering its eyes. The blindfold does not seem to inhibit the horse's vision but is said to aid the horse's impartiality when judging. The shroud acts like wings that flutter about when it runs and also reduce its weight, allowing it to gallop at great speeds.

Opal has a special bond with Woe, and high levels of animal intelligence, as well as excellent training and conditioning. Her coat and cloak shimmers with gray and white, and more subtle colors that reflect her inner tangle.

Moonstride-Gait: Should Woe wish to meet with someone he longs to see, the sorrow in his tangle will open a gateway before Opal, spreading through the threads of her veil. This results in a temporary gateway to the person he wishes to see, so long as that person is open to receiving him. This gateway, however, is temporary. After thirty bits, Woe will be pulled back to their starting location along with Opal. Should the person he wished to meet want to travel with him back to wherever he came from, Opal will allow them to take hold of her veil, and guide them to the starting position. He may only invoke this ability while under the light of a moon and only once per trial.


The refusal of a connection is a mechanic to allow a PC or NPC to refuse his arrival. He can't use Opal to hunt down NPC enemies, for example, as Opal will sense his hostile intentions through their bond and refuse to open the way. It's letting them know that he wants to see them and for a moment, if they remember Woe, their thoughts of him will bridge the connection. But only if they're willing to meet again.

Approved: viewtopic.php?f=529&t=26921


Template by Natalia Gregorios

Armor and Weaponry:

Embersteel Flamberge
Condition: 100%
Status: In possession
Quality: Masterwork+
Material: Embersteel
Wounds: 0
Kills: 0

Description: Tbd
Steel Longsword
Condition: 100%
Status: In possession
Quality: Good
Material: Steel.
Wounds: 0
Kills: 0

Description: Tbd
Iron Bolas
Condition: 100%
Status: On Tier (weapon 1 and weapon 2)
Quality: Masterwork
Material: Iron and Blooded Leather
Count: 6 of them.

Description: A set of six bolas. They are barbed and bladed along the axis of their ball ends. Three cords attach to a joint, from which one makes a throw. They hang discretely from the back of Woe's belt.
Hand and a Half Sword
Condition: 100%
Status: In possession.
Quality: Masterwork+
Material: Faldrunium with fire-warded hilt and scabbard.

Description: Its scabbard was one wrapped in salamander leather, fire-warded against the intense heat of the faldrunium blade. The hilt was similarly warded against its fire, disallowing the fire to heat the crossguard and handle. It had a simple tsuba guard, with a hand and a half grip that was most comfortable to be weilded in one hand, but could be in two. The blade itself, bore the enscriptions of Perfeita's shop in Quacia. Asit was unsealed, the blade from its sheath, its light roared to life.
Blooded leather bullwhip
Condition: 100%
Status: In possession
Material: Embersteel and blooded leather.

Description: The whip's embersteel handle is fashioned in the shape of a scorpion's tail, with a small cross-section at the top of the hilt that resembled a pair of claws, and the tail curled around in a sort of knuckle-bow, guarding the hand. The metal-covered a handle of woven blooded leather strips, red as crimson that formed a coil around four feet in length, ending in a thinner fall that extends another two feet. The fall was laced with little jagged caltrops of embersteel, tied to the core of the fall. There were about eight caltrops in total along the end of the weapon.

Enhancements: Elemental Illusion: Shadow Coverage:This is a design element that may be applied to any armor/outfit/weapon to give it one of the following appearances: Frost Coverage, Molten Rock Coverage, Heat Wave Coverage, Water Ripples Coverage, Lightning Ripple Coverage, Flower-Vine-Moss Coverage, Light Glow Coverage, Shadow Coverage. Coverage means that the element is covering the surface of the armor/weapon. These effects are permanent, and may not stack, meaning you may only use one element per of armor.
Blooded Leather Tier 4 Leather Armor
Condition: 100%
Quality: Masterwork
Material: Blooded Leather and Embersteel

Description: The armor itself consists of both leather and padded textile pieces. The leather specially molded with fanciful motifs and web-like designs that are tactile but not too visible from a distance. The hardened parts of leather, the pauldrons, vambraces, fauld, and shin guards are molded and fitted to look as if they were of a scorpion's carapace, layered one hardened and reticulated shell over another. The cuirass isn't made of hardened leather, but soft strips of leather, padded underneath with textile armor. The soles of the feet and portions of the hand are left uncovered by this suit of armor.

Enhancements: Elemental Illusion: Shadow Coverage: This is a design element that may be applied to any armor/outfit/weapon to give it one of the following appearances: Frost Coverage, Molten Rock Coverage, Heat Wave Coverage, Water Ripples Coverage, Lightning Ripple Coverage, Flower-Vine-Moss Coverage, Light Glow Coverage, Shadow Coverage. Coverage means that the element is covering the surface of the armor/weapon. These effects are permanent, and may not stack, meaning you may only use one element per of armor.
Rawhide Bullwhip
Condition: 95%
Status: In possession
Quality: Basic+
Wounds: 0
Kills: 0

Description: A braided rawhide whip, of dark brown and light tan rawhide.

Trash left in Withersfield
  • Brown leather pants, undergarments, and a pair of brown leather boots. All clothing is standard quality.
  • A flimsy Scourge
  • a cattle-driver hat
  • a large, black leather coat
  • leather padding
  • Plate armor
  • Plate pauldron
  • Plate pauldron
  • leather gauntlets
  • leather fauld
  • leather greaves
  • leather lamellar tunic
  • good plate helmet
  • crossbow
  • 20 good bolts
  • Tower Shield
  • crossbow spanner
  • Leather armor plate covering.
  • A Scorpion (Iron Scourge)
  • A one-handed sword
  • A flail (Good Quality) - The handle is made from a hardwood, capped at either end with iron. THe chain is about four inches long, with the spiked metal, oblong head being one inch thick where it meets the link, up to three inches thick at the end.

Sold and Lost Arms
Adamantite Gladius
Condition: 100%
Status: In possession Sold
Quality: Masterwork+
Material: Adamantite
Wounds: 0
Kills: 0

Description: TBD

Tier 6 Grave Gold full metal buckler (Acquired late Zi'da 720)
Condition: 100%
Status: Sold
Quality: Masterwork

Description: The buckler shield is around 1.5' in diameter, almost as small as a buckler, with a boss set in the middle, several blades protruding from the edges of the shield. A light mesh valance, about two feet wide and three feet long hangs from the bottom of the buckler, as protection against low projectiles.

chain Mesh bull Whip
Condition: New
Quality: Good
Material: Steel and Leather.

Description: A good bullwhip made of steel mesh. The bullwhip’s handle is roughly six inches in length, its grip wrapped in leather and shaped in imperial gladius style. The coil of the mesh whip is four feet in length, consisting of sharpened and barbed chain links and rivets chains of steel extending into an ever-narrowing taper up until the final foot of length, which is a very thin length of chain weighted for cracking.

Faldrunium Mesh Whip (Acquired Mid-Ymiden 720)
Condition: 100%
Status: In posssession
Quality: Masterwork+

Description: The whip's metal handle was fashioned in the shape of a scorpion's tail, with a small cross-section at the top of the hilt that resembled a pair of claws. The rest of the whip is made of fire-warded, golden salamander hide wrapped around a core of faldrunium chain, in the style of a short bullwhip, its cord about a meter and half in length. At the very end of the whip, the popper consists of a light, spiked and sharpened faldrunium chain links.

Adamantite Long Seax (Sold Ymiden 59th 720)
Condition: 100%
Status: In Possession
Quality: Masterwork+

Description: A hilt with a round pommel, handle wrapped in sharkskin, and a bronzed, round cross-section. The blade 24" long, wide enough for chopping, but tapering narrowly about six inches from the tip.

Grave Gold Spiked Flail (Traded for another weapon)
Condition: 100%
Status: Traded in Ymiden 720
Quality: Masterwork+

Description: A one-handed flail with a 24 inch rod of grave gold, with roughly six holes drilled out of the top of the rod, for chains to weld onto. The handle was full-metal grave gold construction, crafted into the shape of an Imperial Gladius grip. The flail portion consists of four separate spiked chains a foot in length, with two large spiked heads, and two smaller bladed heads. All metal in the flail is of grave gold.

Grave Gold, Spidersilk, Blacksnake Whip (Sold to a local smith)
Condition: 100%
Status: Traded in on 45th Zi'Da 719
Quality: Masterwork+

Description: The whip, braided with spider silks of black and reds interwoven, was braided with expert skill. Inside the strap, small metal balls of pure grave gold and pure copper were oiled to resist corrosion. At the soft handle knot of the blacksnake whip, was contained a large grave gold ballbearing. The grave gold shell was filled with some lead in its core to increase the weight and balance. The hard ballbearing served well as an option to bludgeon into the bargain.

Acquired: viewtopic.php?f=169&t=20532

Steel Rapier (sold)
Status: Sold in mid Vhalar
Condition: 100%
Quality: Good+
Wounds: 0
Kills: 0

Grave Gold Cane-Sword (Sold Zi'da 719)
Condition: 100%
Status: Sold Zi'Da 719
Quality: Masterwork+

Description: The blade had sharpened, triangular point and cross section running up from handle to tip, and was incredibly light, with excellent flex and control. The pistol-grip is weighted, to lend even more point control and balance to the blade. It shone with a strange patina, in fact, Grave Gold. A metal cane, with a scorpion's sting shaped into the grip, with the claws twining around the cross section. The case is made from a grave-gold inner sheath, with an ironwood frame around it.

Acquired: viewtopic.php?f=88&t=20457

Condition: Slightly used and battleworn.
Status: Sold
Quality: Masterwork
Material: Grave Gold

Description: The metal of the armor itself was of a golden color, only having begun to earn its blood marks. The cloth that accompanied the brigandine pieces of armor were black.

As for its construction, the suit began with a maile coif and half-mask that covered Woe's upper face. The chain portios of the coif had thick, silken underpadding. The mask molded in the likeness of a demon's eyes, with a few other motifs besides. From the coif, a mantle of maile and silken padded cloth covered his neck and shoulders. Polished scale lamellar covers his chest, in a cuirass. From the cuirass, a pair of maile and padded silk sleeves ended in protective vambraces.

A half-skirt of lamellar scale protected his legs, their scales swept around in Imperial style. A girdle of gravegold protected his midsection. Around the legs, a pair of chain leggings with black silk underpadding. Finally, a pair of sabatons that protected his feet.

Old Ledger
Starting Package 100 gn 100 gn
Bullwhip 20 gn 80 gn
Scourge 40 gn 40 gn
Loan of 200 gn 230 gn to be paid by Ymiden 717 0 240 gn
Wardrobe Purchases 215 gn 8 sn 4 cn 24 gn 1 sn 6 cn
A large, canvas rucksack with shoulder straps. Not waterproofed. 8 sn 23 gn 3 sn 6 cn
Sold into Slavery Assets Liquidated Everything Nothing left
Ymiden 718 job 0 473 gn 1 sn
Rent (Good 2 room Cabin around Yaralon paid until 27th of Vhalar) 90 gn 0
Woe finds five gold nels on some corpses 0 5 gn
Woe gets his house confiscated in Rynmere with the loan and account dissolved 1 starter house 0
Bought a grain flail 6 gn 0
Leather armor plate covering 78 gn (est.) 0
Armor/crossbow stuff bought 185 gn (est.) 0
A Scorpion (Metal Scourge) 50 gn (est.) 0
A one-handed arming sword 20 gn (est.) 0
Tower Shield 20 gn (est.) 0
Renting in Yaralon 108 gn (est.) 0
Small renown reward for reaching 50 0 300 gn
Purchased a good flail in Withersfield 1st of Vhalar 718 90 gn 0
Wardrobe Update Vhalar 718 99 gn 1 sn 5 cn 0
Leather Lamellar Tunic 10 gn 0
Total Currency/Debt: 0 ON, 21 GN, 9 SN, 5 CN

Legacy Wealth Ledger
Wealth Tier: 8
Wealth Skill: Whip
Purchases/Wages Adj. Total Wealth Points
Approval 0 66 WPs
T5 Starting Equipment marked by (T5SP) 0 66 WPs
Ymiden Wage 719 +11 77 WPs
1st ofVhalar 719 Traded T4 steel buckler for T4 Plate Mitton (T5SP) 0 77 WPs
1st ofVhalar 719 Traded 2 Average Embersteel Scourges for 2 Average Embersteel Gauntlets (T5SP) 0 77 WPs
for 2 masterwork outfits for Werthom -1 76 WPs
for 4 Average outfits for Werthom -1 75 WPs
for 4 Average outfits for Werthom sold back +1 76 WPs
Bought a Steel Rapier (Good+) -10 66 WPs
Sold a Steel Rapier (Good+) +10 76 WPs
Bought an average snake whip. (within tier) 0 76WPs
Bought a masterwork+ grave gold cane-sword -14 62WPs
Saun Wage +12 74WPs
Vhalar Wage +13 87WPs
Traded T4 Plate Mitton for a Good T4 Silk Padded Cloak (Shield) (T5SP) 0 87WPs
1 Masterwork+ spidersilk and grave gold blacksnake whip -14 73WPs
Severance Package season of Vhalar 719 -2 71WP
T8 Plantation Manor in Treth + 4 acres of additional land -28 43WPs
Bribe -1 42WPs
Lessons in sword -2 40WPs
Playing it safe, paying someone's debt -1 39WPs
73rd of Zi'Da 719 sold his masterwork canesword +14 53WP
Zi'Da wages +14 67WP
Medicines for Emelia Enners -5 62WP
Bought eight masterwork outfits -4 58WP
Traded Masterwork+ Grave-gold and Spidersilk Blacksnake for a Masterwork+ Grave Gold Spiked Flail Zi'Da 45th 719 0 58WP
720 Cylus Wage +25 83 WP
Bought a Masterwork+ Adamantite Long Seax Cylus 6th 720 -15 68WP
Sold his land in Treth, plus the farmhouse and almshouse +28 wp 96 WP
Bought a tier 6 set of grave gold armor (masterwork) -12 wp 84 WP
Paid Fleaface for services rendered. -1 83 WP
Paid Fleaface for services rendered. -3 80 WP
Ashan 720 Wage +26 106 WP
Purchased Courier Service (Ymiden 720) -1 105 WP
Purchased samples of Faldruunium (Ymiden 720) -2 103 WP
Alms for the Affluent (Ymiden Wage 720) +27 130 WP
Purchase of a full shipment of Faldruunium enough for 7 weapons, 1 of which Woe will be keeping for himself from Curious constellations. (Ymiden 720) Within Tier 130 WP
Purchased a Masterwork+ Faldrunium Chainmail Bullwhip with fire-warded golden salamander leather grips and sheath/sleeve -16 114 WP
Purchased a tier 10 house with renown discount 1/2 off -43 71 WP
Purchasing a series of trap-doors and Household Items for the Undercroft of his Townhouse -2 69 WP
Purchasing a Faldrunium masterwork+ sword for Balthazar's payment -16 53 WP
Sold back a Grave-Gold Masterwork+ Flail +14 67 WP
Bought a tienite masterwork+ bastard sword -14 54 WP
Earned an Onyx Nel+1 55WP
Catch-22-1 54WP
Purchased 3 sets of good jewelry-9 45WP
Saun 720 Wage+34 79WP
Purchased tier 3 masterwork padded leather (fire-warded)-7 72WP
Sold Adamantite Long Seaxe+15 87WP
Tier 7 House purchase in Etzos Citadel-38 49WP
Sold Masterwork+ Tienite Bastard Sword and Faldrunium Bullwhip+23 72WP
Purchased course in Letter for Brewing in NTA-1 71WP
Purchased course in Letter for Glassworking in NTA-1 70WP
Vhalar 720 Wage+34 104WP
Round of drinks for the house-5 99WP
Gift from Duchess Callisto+10 109WP
1 Letter course and 1 Diploma Tuition from Viden Academy-4 105WP
Tier 3 House in Carnelian Prism in Viden-10 95WP
Sold: tier 3 masterwork padded leather armor (fire-warded)+7 102WP
Zi'Da 720 Wage+30 132WP
Sold: House in the Gleam (Tier 10 50% Price)+43 175WP
Secret Saoire: Will fill in with link once gifting occurs Zi'da 720-42 133WP
Purchased: A tier 8 home in Egilrun-27 106WP
Purchased: A good Steel Mesh Whip-7 99WP
Purchased (In advance): a bespoke pair of flash-resistant goggles (sunglasses).-2 97WP
Donated: To Order of Adunih for setting up an outpost in Egilrun-9 88WP
Purchased: Masterwork+ blooded leather whip. 2 pairs of black glass shades. 1 blooded leather hat-26 62WP
Cylus Wages 72132 95WP
Ashan Wages 72137 132WP
Purchased: 4 drawings from Perdita-10 122WP
Purchased: 1 Tier 10 Research kit for Perdita-10 112WP
Purchased: 4 Bespoke glass frames for Perdita's Drawings-8 104WP
Purchased: Tier 4 Masterwork Blooded Leather Armor-9 95 WP
Sent 10 trials of luxury food to Wren-1 94 WP
Purchased: 1 Masterwork+ Adamantite Gladius and fed Diri of Commerce-15 79 WP
[Purchased: 3 Good Quality Outfits-1 78 WP
Purchased: Luxury drinks and food for a celebration-10 68 WP
Wealth Claim: Ymiden wage+38 106 WP
Purchase: a set of 2 hairpin daggers for Natalia-9 95 WP
Sacrificed: Remaining Wealth to Diri of Commerce-47 48 WP
Purchased: 2 Letter Courses in University of Scalvoris-2 46 WP
Purchased: 10 trials of Luxury foods.-2 44 WP
Scalv-Hunt: Reward+5 49 WP
Sold: A good Steel Mesh Whip+7 56WP
Sold: a tier 6 set of grave gold armor (masterwork) +12 wp 68 WP
Wages (Saun 721) +41 wp 109 WP
Treasure +5 wp 114 WP
Sold: a masterwork+ adamantite gladius +14 wp 128 WP
Sacrificed: 1 onyx nel to his spirit Radburn -1 wp wp 127 WP
Purchased: Tier 6 house and 4 average outfits for an NPC -31 wp wp 96 WP
Paid: Shl'drei for training Botany -2 wp wp 94 WP
Saoire's heroes: Gifts +5 wp wp 99 WP
Sold: Tier 6 House +30 wp wp 129 WP
Purchased: Tier 8 house -54 wp wp 75 WP
Paid: Augusta's Rent for three seasons -3 wp wp 72 WP
Wages (Vhalar 721) +45 wp 117 WP
Liquidated: House in Etzos Tier 7 +38 wp wp 155 WP
Merchant Guild Dues: Paid for Ymiden, Saun, Vhalar, and Zi'da -4 wp 151WP
Purchased: 1 Masterwork+ Embersteel Flamberge -12 wp 139 WP
Loan Repayment -39 wp 100 WP
Hired: 8 Flavor mercenaries to accost Natalia Gregorios -4 wp 96 WP
Wages Zi'da 721 +48 wp 144 WP
Donated: 30 onyx to Spirit's Rest Oasis -15 wp 129 WP
Purchased: A masterwork+ whistle wood recorder -10 wp 119 WP
Wages: Cylus 722 +49 wp 168 WP
Business Thread +10 wp 178 WP
Purchased: Bespoke Outfit -2 wp 176 WP
Wages Ashan 722 +50 wp 226 WP
Won a hand of cards +1 wp 227 WP
Gifted 2 Cycles of Purple Whiskey (luxury drugs) +20 wp 207 WP
Purchased: Masterwork+ Faldrunium Sword +10 wp 197 WP
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Thread List

Arc 718
Arc 718
Birthday Gift 4TH TRIAL OF CYLUS
Give me Freedom, Oar Else 29TH TRIAL OF CYLUS
Nightmire Run at Maiden's Refuge 4TH TRIAL OF YMIDEN
Snatching Victory from the jaws of Defeat 30TH TRIAL OF YMIDEN
The Healer and the Tormentor 30TH TRIAL OF YMIDEN
Woe eats Crow 50th Trial of Ymiden
Thread-Wrapped-In-Scarf Man 58th of Ymiden
Withersfield belongs too the Gourds 68th of Ymiden
Arc 719
Arc 719
Rynmeran Dandy 1st of Ymiden 719
Right by Combat 1st of Ymiden 719, 12th break
A Clutter of Three 3rd of Ymiden 719
Unraveling the Servant 3rd of Ymiden 719
Watching the Watcher 31st of Ymiden 719
A Long Cold Look in the Mirror 68th of Ymiden 719
What's New Pussy Cat? 69th of Ymiden 719
From the West 8th of Saun 719
We're Frightened and We Need to go Home 9th of Saun 719
Quacian Botany 1st of Vhalar 719
Mycology, Miasma, and Murder?! 8th of Vhalar 719
Return to Etzos 10th of Vhalar 719
Fleecing Fleaface 14th of Vhalar 719
Wall Flower of the Crescent Arena 20th of Vhalar 719 Early Morning
Ordinary People 20th trial, Vhalar, 719 Afternoon
Remember that you must die 23 Vhalar 719
Playing it S A F E 24th Vhalar 719, 13th break
Down Came the Rain and Washed the Spider Out 28th of Vhalar 719 14th break
Crossed Swords and Double Jeopardy 35th of Vhalar 719
Farewell to Fleaface 36th of Vhalar 719
Eighteen Lashes PT 1 36th of Vhalar 719 - 39th of Vhalar 719 Morning - 40th of Vhalar 719 early morning.
Thread of the Webspinner 39th of Vhalar 719 Evening
To Posture is not Divine 40th of Vhalar 719 Noon/afternoon
It's so easy to forget 43rd of Vhalar 719
The Nurse is In 44 of Vhalar 719
Get Out of my Dreams 44th of Zi'da 719
Quacian Safari 50th of Vhalar 719
Roadside Assassins, I mean Assistance 60th of Vhalar 719
House of Savagery 61st of Vhalar 719
Wicker's Funeral 63rd of Vhalar 719
The Echo of Morandi 68th of Vhalar 719
Whats in a Name? 71st of Vhalar 719
Deeper in Cups 71st of Vhalar 719
Whip It! 83rd of Vhalar 719
Small Talk in Lochgrass 90th of Vhalar 719
A Haunting Hunt 118th of Vhalar 719
A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned 2nd of ZI'da 719
Nostalgia 12th of ZI'da 719
Old Habits 71st of Zi'da 719
Hot Cycle 720
Quacian Botany (The Real Deal) Hot Cycle 720:

A Real Page Turner 2nd of Ymiden
Honing the Weapons of War 5th of Ymiden
Alms for the Affluent 16th of Ymiden
War and Hospitality 18th of Ymiden
Quacian Botany: The Watermelon Patch 19th of Ymiden
From Star to Star, a Spider's Silk 21st of Ymiden
The Good The Bad and the Well Done 29th of Ymiden
Cold Service 30th of Ymiden 720, at dawn.
Chains aren't made to be broken 30th of YmidenSo Nice I'd Kill You Twice 31st of Ymiden
Catch 22 31st of Ymiden 720 Afternoon, nearly dusk.
Penumbral Revelry 32nd of Ymiden 720, after Midnight
Present Arms! 34th of Ymiden
A Double Take to Topple a Kingdom 35th of Ymiden
Signalist Transit: The Three-Fold Servant 40th of Ymiden 720
Signalist Transit: Forever Alone 40th of Ymiden 720, Almost dusk in the land of the awake.
You Are Invited 46th of Ymiden
Of Brushfires and Weedwhackers 57th of Ymiden
The Weapons of War 61st of Ymiden 720
Blister and Burn 62nd of Ymiden 720, After Midnight.
The Art of Ignorance 63rd of Ymiden 720
The World is Gone let us go with it 63rd of Ymiden 720
Cold Cycle 720
Signalist Transit - Cold Cycle 720:

Itinerary in Order:

Etzos: 1st of Vhalar 720 - 16th of Vhalar 720 (portal boots: Quacia)
Quacia: 16th of Vhalar - 20th of Vhalar 720
Shipping from Quacia to Viden: 20th of Vhalar - 58th Vhalar 720
Viden: 58th Vhalar - 70th of Vhalar 720
Dreamwalking from Viden to Nashaki (Fleaface Brand): 71st Vhalar 720 - 81st of Vhalar 720
Nashaki: 82nd of Vhalar - 1st of Zi'Da 720
Portal Shoes from Nashaki to Quacia: 1stth of Zi'Da - 40th of Zi'Da 720
Dreamwalking from Quacia to Rharne from 40th of Zi'da - 52nd tof Zi'Da 720 Onwards
Dreamwalking from Rharne to Viden from 65th of Zi'da - 75th tof Zi'Da 720 Onwards
In Viden after the 75th of Zi'da 720

Amnesiac Therapy 11th of Vhalar 720
Don't Cry over Spilt Beer 15th of Vhalar 720
Sock Puppet Theater Invitation 18th Vhalar 720
Tea for You and Me 50th of Vhalar 720
Careless Whispers 62nd of Vhalar 720
Do the Hokey Pokey 63rd of Vhalar 720
Sound Unheard, Sight Unseen 64th of Vhalar 720
The Seekers 65th of Vhalar 720
Bargain for Passage 85th of Vhalar 720
A Simple Demonstration 87th of Vhalar 720
Class Blows 91st of Vhalar 720
The Consequences of Over-steeping 101st of Vhalar 720
The Crimson Court 35th of Zi'Da 720
Lady Lair's Curtain Call 35th of Zi'Da 720
Bloodless Abandon 35th of Zi'da 720
Misery Loves Company (Dream) 65th of Zi'Da 720
Letters, from the Grave with Love 82nd of Zi'da 720
When My Ship Comes In 84th of Zi'da 720
This is the Way the World Ends 87th of Zi'da 720
Gloom and the Snow Bank of Doom 87th of Zi'Da 720
A Game before Twilight 89th of Zi'da 720
Rebirth 721
Rebirth Arc 721

Cylus 1st Woe is released from the Infirmary. He spends the day in quiet reflection in the AoTA headquarters, in his rooms there. Soraia gives him a haircut, while he trims a beard he'd been growing. He releases her from slavery, presenting her with emancipation papers from Viden.
Cylus 2nd Open
Cylus 3rd Open
Cylus 4th Open
Cylus 5th Open
Cylus 6th Woe departs from Viden, for Egilrun by boat.
Cylus 7th Sea Travel.
Cylus 8th Sea Travel.
Cylus 9th Sea Travel.
Cylus 10th Sea Travel.
Cylus 11th Sea Travel.
Cylus 12th Sea Travel.
Cylus 13th Sea Travel.
Cylus 14th Sea Travel.
Cylus 15th Sea Travel.
Cylus 16th Sea Travel.
Cylus 17th Sea Travel.
Cylus 18th Spider Silk and Radiance (Paradigmed)
Cylus 19th Woe collects some Lunar Spiders. (Paradigmed)
Cylus 20th Farewell to Fleaface, Hello to War (Paradigmed)
Cylus 21st Open (Paradigmed)
Cylus 22nd Open (Paradigmed)
Cylus 23rd Open
Cylus 24th Brand of The Crystal Blade
Cylus 25th Creepers and Crawlers (Paradigmed)
Cylus 26th Seal of the Crystal Blade (Paradigmed)
Cylus 27th Open (Paradigmed)
Cylus 28th Shopping spree.
Cylus 29th Open
Cylus 30th Open

Ashan 1st Patronage and Servitude
Ashan 4th Ignorance is Bliss
Ashan 5th Woe meets with Hart and Wren at his house, and arranges a lunch for them all while Woe has a discussion with Hart about magic and anti-magic sentiment.
Ashan 6th Hart and Woe investigate the Shackle situation, and the laundry.
Ashan 10th Man's Best Friend
Out of the Kennel and Into the Doghouse Ashan 15th (Paradigmed)
Ashan 16th Woe meets with Perdita and Hart to discuss strategy? (Paradigmed)
Ashan 16th The Golden Rule (Paradigmed)
Ashan 17th Open
Ashan 18th Dream thread with Elisa
Ashan 18-21 The Heart of Immortal Strife
Ashan 22nd-25th Travels back from Immortal's Tongue to Egilrun.
Ashan 26th Almost has a meeting with the Egg.
Evening of Ashan 26th Open
Ashan 27th Spiderman
Ashan 28th With Mischief, Botany
Ashan 29th Open
Ashan 30th One Nel, Two Sides
Graded Threads (new list incoming soon)
Other End of the ChainDate: 9th of Cylus Arc 717
Acquiring the Totem AnacondaDate: 6th Of Cylus 717
Walking Target:Date: 28th of Cylus 717
Masquerade BallDate: 13th trial of Cylus, Arc 717
Legality of MagicDate: 13th trial of Cylus, Arc 717
Ring of LashesDate: Saun 1st Afternoon 717
Cat's Half in the BagDate: 6th Day of Cylus, 717th Arc
Playing to the DeafDate: 12th of Cylus of the 717
Give me Freedom, Oar ElseDate: 29TH TRIAL OF CYLUS 7184TH TRIAL OF YMIDEN, ARC 718
Nightmire Run at Maiden's RefugeDate: 30TH TRIAL OF YMIDEN, ARC 718
Snatching Victory from the jaws of DefeatDate: 50th Trial of Ymiden, Arc 718
Woe eats CrowDate: 1st of Cylus 717
Best Three of FiveDate: 30TH TRIAL OF YMIDEN, ARC 718
The Healer and the TormentorDate: 68th of Ymiden arc 718
Withersfield belongs too the GourdsDate: 68th of Ymiden arc 718
Intensive CareDate: 20th Cylus 717
Birthday GiftDate: 4TH TRIAL OF CYLUS ARC 718
Thread-Wrapped-In-Scarf ManDate: Ymiden 58th arc 718
Don't Stand on my Head!Date: Vhalar 120 718
A Weaver among WarriorsDate: 113th of Vhalar 718
Rynmeran DandyDate: 1st of Ymiden 719
Woe is MeDate: 100th Vhalar, 718
I Will to my Lord be True and FaithfulDate: 35th of Zi'da, Arc 712
Waylaid near Warrick's WatchDate: 3rd of Cylus, 717th Arc
Rise of the FallenDate: Zi'da 10, 718, Afternoon
A Clutter of ThreeDate: 3rd of Ymiden 719
The MawDate: Saun 20th 718
Right by CombatDate: 1st of Ymiden 719, 12th break
Shaking Off the CobwebsDate: 30th of Cylus 717
Unraveling the ServantDate: 3rd of Ymiden 719
Watching the WatcherDate: 31st of Ymiden 719
Quacian BotanyDate: 1st of Vhalar 719
Long Cold Look in the MirrorDate: 68th of Ymiden 719
Woe of AftermathDate: 1st of Saun 719
Fleecing FleafaceDate: 14th of Vhalar 719
What's New Pussy CatDate: 69th of Ymiden 719
Mycology, Miasma, Murder?Date: 8th of Vhalar 719
Minute MenDate: 1st of Saun Arc 718
Roadside Assassins, I mean AssistanceDate: 60th of Vhalar 719
House of SavageryDate: 61st of Vhalar 719
Echo of MorandiDate: 68th of Vhalar 719, midmorning.
What's in a NameDate: 71st of Vhalar 719
Return to EtzosDate: 10 Vhalar, Arc 719
Eighteen Lashes 1/3Date: 36th of Vhalar 719
The Spider and the Rabble RouserDate: 19th of Vhalar 719
Deeper in CupsDate: 71st of Vhalar 719, Evening
Farewell to FleafaceDate: 37th of Vhalar 719
Whip It!Date: 83rd of Vhalar 719
I Must Not FearDate: 21st of Vhalar 719
Ordinary PeopleDate: 20th trial, Vhalar, 719
It's so easy to forgetDate: 43-45th of Vhalar 719
The Nurse is InDate: 44th of Zi'Da 719
Old HabitsDate: 71st of Zi'da 719
Playing it SafeDate: 24th of Vhalar 719, 13th break
Crossed SwordsDate: 35th of Vhalar 719
Lady of CrowsDate: 21st of Ashan 699
Down Came the Rain and Washed a Spider OutDate: 28th of Vhalar 719 14th break
Wicker's FuneralDate: 63rd of Vhalar 719
Get out of my DreamsDate: 44th of Zi'Da 719
To Posture is not DivineDate: 40th of Vhalar 719
From the WestDate: Saun 7 Vhalar 719
Luxuria AraeneaDate: 28th of Vhalar 719
Luxuria AraeneaDate:
Cannot One Thing Be Mine?Date: 29th of Vhalar 719
Council Murder: InquestDate: 15th of Zi'Da 719
This Pain is MineDate: 29th of Vhalar 719
A Penny Spent is a Penny EarnedDate: 2nd of Zi'da, 719
Who Stares BackDate: 54th of Zi'da 719 , 7th break
Pit of LashesDate: 100th of Vhalar 719
Quacian SafariDate: 50th of Vhalar 719
200 Renown rewardDate:
Smalltalk in LochgrassDate:90th of Vhalar 719, early morning
Getting SaltyDate: 72nd of Vhalar 719 10th Break
Candlemaking/shoemaking/potteryDate: Cylus 5th 706
Thread of the WebspinnerDate: 39th of Vhalar 719
ThresholdDate: 3rd break 30th of Vhalar, 719
Wallflower of the Crescent ArenaDate: 20th Vhalar 719
Remember that you must dieDate: 23rd Trial of Vahlar, Arc 719
Quacian Botany: Ballistic FuryDate: 72nd of ZI'da 719
One thing drives out anotherDate:15th of Zi'Da 719, 21st break.
Hurt MeDate: 5th Cylus 720
Fade In: ThresholdDate: 30th of Vhalar, Arc 719
Allow UsDate:6th of Cylus 720
Shadows on a Cylus MoonDate: 9th of Cylus 720
Abstractions IDate: 46th of Vhalar, Arc 719
Chamber of AnguishDate: 9th of Cylus 720
Catch a Scorpion by the Tail[/urlDate:10th Cylus 720
Boy howdyDate: Saun 5th 718
Lost StarsDate: Cylus 12th, 717
We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want To Go HomeDate: 9th of Saun 719
The Most Dangerous of CagesDate: 10th of Cylus 720
An Arachnid Embraces its PreyDate:15th of Cylus 720
NostalgiaDate: 12th of Zi'da 719
Quacian Botany: Theater of the CarnifexDate:12th of Ymiden 720
LovelessDate: 16th of Cylus 720, First Break
Four Corners of a CorruptionDate:42nd of Ashan 720
A Real Page TurnerDate:2nd of Ymiden 720
Quacian Botany: Shoots in the StoneworkDate:15th of Ymiden 720, Late Breaks
Alms for the AffluentDate: 16th of Ymiden 720 18th break
Honing the Weapons of WarDate: 5th of Ymiden 720
War and HospitalityDate:18th of Ymiden 720
101 Ship's BiscuitsDate:3rd of ZI'Da 719 12th break.
A Haunting HuntDate:118th of Vhalar, 719
Quacian Botany: The Watermelon PatchDate:19th of Ymiden 720
So Nice, I'd Kill You TwiceDate: 31st of Ymiden 720
Chains aren't Made to be BrokenDate: 30th of Ymiden 720
The Good the Bad and the Well DoneDate: 29th of Ymiden 720
Present Arms!Date:34th of Ymiden 720
From Star to Star, a Spider's SilkDate: 21st of Ymiden 720
Catch-22Date:21st of Ymiden 720
Signalist Transit: Three-Fold ServantDate:31st of Ymiden 720 Afternoon, nearly dusk
Signalist Transit: Forever AloneDate:40th of Ymiden 720
Cold ServiceDate:30th of Ymiden 720, at dawn.
Rebuilding the MindDate: 13th of Saun 720
Penumbral RevelryDate: 32nd of Ymiden 720, after Midnight
The Dividing Line: Untold TormentDate:15th of Saun 720, after dusk
The Dividing Line: A Flower FieldDate: 15th of Saun, 720 Mid-Morning
Beneath the Magpie's NestDate:24th of Saun 720, Early morning
You Are InvitedDate:48th of Ymiden 720
Casual Heresy: The Silken HymnalDate:2nd of Saun 720 mid-afternoon
Above and BeyondDate:85 Zi'da, Arc 716
The World is gone Let Us Go WIth itDate:63rd of Ymiden 720
Of Brushfires and Weed-WhackersDate:57th of Ymiden 720
Grief of a Wind-up HeartDate:37th of Saun 720
The Weapons of WarDate:61st of Ymiden 720
Blister and BurnDate:62nd of Ymiden 720, After Midnight
The Art of IgnoranceDate: 63rd of Ymiden, Arc 720
Bargain for PassageDate:85th of Vhalar 720
Double Take to Topple a KingdomDate: 35th of Ymiden 720
Sock Puppet Theater InvitationDate:18th of Vhalar 720
Thus to the WormsDate:81st of Ymiden 720
Three Blade Tournament: Battle 1Date:59 Ymiden 720
Sound Unheard, Sight UnseenDate: 64th of Vhalar 720
This is the Way the World EndsDate:87th of Zi’Da 720
Letters from the Grave with LoveDate:82nd of Zi’Da 720
This is the Dividing LineDate:81st of Ymiden 720
Class BlowsDate:91st of Vhalar 720
A Simple DemonstrationDate:87th of Vhalar 720
Lady Lair's Curtain CallDate:35th of Zi’da 720
Bloodless AbandonDate: 35th of Zi’da 720
The Crimson CourtDate: 35th of Zi'Da 720
Assuming the InitiativeDate: 58th of Vhalar 720
A Gloomy TeatimeDate: 1st of Ymiden 720
When My Ship Comes InDate: 84th of Zi’Da 720
Woe and BalthazarDate:25th Trial of Zi'da in Arc 720
Mountain KingDate:35 Ashan 720
A Mage and his WoesDate:59 Ymiden 720
The Morning OfDate:66 YMIDEN, ARC 720
Down BeneathDate:66 YMIDEN, 720
A Game before TwilightDate:89th of Zi'Da 720
Don't Cry Over Spilt BeerDate: 15 Vhalar, Arc 720
The Creepers and the CrawlersDate: 25th of Cylus 721
Rise of RhaumDate:38th of Vhalar, 720
Tea for you and MeDate: 50th of Vhalar 720
SeekersDate:65th trial of Vhalar, 720th Arc
Misery loves companyDate:65th of Zi'da 720
A Ship's CatDate:21st of Vhalar 720
Gloom and the Snowbank of DoomDate: 87th of Zi'da 720
Patronage and ServitudeDate:1st of Ashan 721
Man's Best FriendDate:10th Ashan, 721
Ignorance is BlissDate: 4th Ashan, 721
Farewell to Fleaface, Hello to WarDate: 20th of Cylus 721
Vae DormientiDate:52nd of Zi'da 720
Brand of the Crystal BladeDate:24th of Cylus 721
Excetion to the CruelDate:Cylus 1st 721
Shopping SpreeDate:28th of Cylus 721
Out of the Kennel, into the DoghouseDate:15th of Ashan 721
One Nel, Two Sides.Date:Arc 721, 30 Ashan
The Die is cast... TwiceDate: Arc 721, 18 Ashan
All Eggs in One BasketDate:Arc 721, 26 Ashan
Mines of MorandiDate:25th of Saun 720, mid-morning
The Golden RuleDate:16th of Ashan 721
The Heart of Immortal StrifeDate: 18th of Ashan 721
Careless WhispersDate:62nd of Vhalar 720
Sophists GuileDate:42nd of Ashan 721
Spider Silk and RadianceDate:18th of Cylus 721, Twilight
License to PurchaseDate:Afternoon, 43rd of Ashan 721
The Consequences of OversteepingDate:101 Vhalar 720
Do the Hokey PokeyDate:63rd of Vhalar 720
Nels of GlassDate:Ashan 45th 721
Glass ChessmenDate:Arc 721, 30 Ashan
Saoire's Event with AlyssiaDate:25th Trial of Zi'da in Arc 720
Spiderman Spiderman Does a couple things a spider canDate:27th of Ashan 721
An Order to EverythingDate:45th of Ashan 721
Power is a PrisonDate:20th of Ashan 721, Mid-Morning Break
War of Slag's Deep: Exposition 4Date:30th Ashan, 721
It's Not about the DestinationDate:Ashan 46, Arc 721
Alone, FinallyDate:16th of Ymiden 721
Knights of the VersesDate:121st Ashan 721
Dawn of a new OrderDate:1st of Ymiden 721
The Seal of the Crystal BladeDate:66th of Ashan 721
The ForgingDate::30th Ashan, 721
It's about the journeyDate: Ymiden 8, Arc 721
Trials born of WoeDate:Evening on the 4th of Cylus 721
Tides of Peace: The Salty TalespinnerDate:73rd of Ymiden 721
Fleaface's About FaceDate:41st of Ymiden 721
Once LostDate:37th of Ymiden 721
Return of FloggerDate:19th of Saun 721
Scaltoth SoulsDate:30th Ashan, 721
The Cantankerous MerDate:74th of Ymiden 721
Now, Mercy Stalks These StreetsDate:71st of Ymiden 721
Blood on our HandsDate:71st of Ymiden 721, Mid-Evening
Back AgainDate:Ymiden 72, Arc 721
While on some Earnest Business BentDate:6th Ashan, 721
Order of whodunitDate:4 Ymiden, Arc 721
With Mischief, BotanyDate:60th Ashan, Arc 721
Adentures in Retail TherapyDate:Ymiden 10, Arc 721
Black ThumbDate:69th of Ymiden, 721
Saoire's Heroes: Fire TableDate:Ymiden 39, Arc 721
Noble ShadowsDate:35 of Saun, 721
Self-Totems and the Initiation Ritual of BecomingDate:1st of Vhalar 721
Sins of Sauns PastDate:5th of Saun 721
Exposition 5Date:30th Ashan, 721
EWWW... What is that?Date:16th of Saun 721
Reorder of WhodunihtDate:4 Ymiden 721
What is ConfidentialDate:Ymiden 80th 721
Whistle if you WouldDate:54th of Vhalar 721
Rebirth 722
Rebirth 722
Link Thread Date/Location
viewtopic.php?f=251&t=28854 Up Came the Suns and Dried Up All the Rain Cylus 5/Scalvoristown
viewtopic.php?f=251&t=28914 Blodwen Cylus 6/Scalvoristown
viewtopic.php?f=251&t=28918 Bitter Tea Cylus 6/Scalvoristown
viewtopic.php?t=29147 Fractive Studies 101 Cylus 7/Scalvoristown
viewtopic.php?f=251&t=29107 A Stab in the Dark Cylus 10/Scalvoristown
viewtopic.php?t=29032 On Neutral Ground Cylus 18/Scalvoristown
viewtopic.php?p=187678#p187678 PPSSSFAC Cylus 21/Egilrun
viewtopic.php?f=262&t=28897 Crystal Ship Cylus 24/Almund
viewtopic.php?f=559&t=28892 Winter's Whisper Cylus 30/Sweetwine Wood
viewtopic.php?f=251&t=28945 Gift of the Magpie Ashan 5/Scalvoristown
viewtopic.php?f=412&t=28901 Strange Botany Ashan 8/Egilrun
viewtopic.php?f=412&t=29267 The Pale Edge of the Diamond Queen I Ashan 9/Egilrun
viewtopic.php?t=29286 The Pale Edge of the Diamond Queen II Ashan 9/Egilrun
viewtopic.php?t=29220 Almund's Gone to the Dogs Ashan 15/Almund
viewtopic.php?t=29221 The Song of the Sapphire Seahorse Ashan 16/Almund
viewtopic.php?t=29261 A Night For Fine Things I Ashan 20/Almund
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viewtopic.php?f=236&t=28948 Glamping Ashan 81/Eureka
viewtopic.php?t=29124 Quacian Botany: The Real Thing Ashan 83/Rharne
viewtopic.php?t=29207 Blood Gods, Dust Men, and Stone Masons Ashan 85/Rharne
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RP Medals



Re: Woe


Faction Standing

Order of the Adunih Ledger
Link Type Points Earned Points Total Rank
Patronage and Servitude Joining 2 2 Green Cloak
Ignorance is Bliss Practice 4 (2 Participants) 6 Green Cloak
The Heart of Immortal Strife Practice: Flouncing 2 8 Green Cloak
An Order to Everything Practice 2 10 Green Cloak
Dawn of a New Order Practice 4 (Collab) 14 Green Cloak
Glass Chessmen En Prise Practice: Field 6 (Intense Collab) 20 Green Hood
Life Forged, Death Forged the Forging Practice: Field 6 (Intense Collab) 26 Green Hood
The Order of Whoduniht Practice: Field 4 (Collab) 30 Blue Cloak
Black Thumb General: Apothecary 2 32 Blue Cloak
Self-Totems and the Initiation Ritual of Becoming Research: Psychology 2 34 Blue Cloak
Sins of Sauns Past Practice: Psychology 2 36 Blue Cloak
Do These Come in Navy Blue? Practice: Promotion to Blue Hood 2 38 Blue Cloak
Up Came the Sun and Dried up all the Rain Practice: Field 2 40 Blue Hood
Winter's Whisper Practice: Psychology 2 42 Blue Hood
Blodwen Practice: Apothecary 2 44 Blue Hood

Soul Forged Ledger
Link Thread Title Points Earned Points Total Rank
viewtopic.php?f=249&t=27365&start=60 The Forging 16 16 Principales
viewtopic.php?p=187122#p187122 Blodwen, Up Came the Sun and Dried Up all the Rain +2 18 Principales
viewtopic.php?p=187189#p187189 Winter's Whisper +2 20 Primus Principales
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Kuvarakh's Effigy

Power Tier Power Number Power Name Power Cost Power Description
Breath Power 1 Toxic Breath Free The basic breath power of Kuvarakh's Effigy, Toxic Breath lets the Bearer breathe out a stream of shadowy toxic particles that sickens anyone it touches that doesn't have some sort of illness. This sickness manifests as fatigue and muscle spasms at first, but prolonged exposure (upwards of a few minutes) can lead to more severe conditions such as fever, delirium, migraines, and eventually, organ failure. These particles dissipate after a minute.
Tier 1 3 Shade Blade 25 One of the few directly offensive powers of Kuvarakh's Effigy, Shadow Blade allows the Bearer to create a weapon from the shadows, taking the shape of their weapon of choice. These weapons are not especially sturdy, but they are as dangerous as a real weapon of Good+ Quality.
Tier 1 4 Poison Blood 25 One of the two powers that amplifies how the Effigy manifests on the Bearer, rather than the on the Bearer's shadow, Poison Blood does exactly what it sounds like, it makes the blood of the Bearer poisonous, with the same toxin as the Toxic Breath power. There's a mild visual effect, as it makes the Bearer look slightly ill, as if they have a mild cold or fever all the time. This also has the effect of making the Bearer immune to their own toxins.
Tier 1 6 Imbue 25 A very basic power, but no less effective for it, Imbue allows the Bearer to imbue their weapons with toxin. By default, this power uses the toxin from the Toxic Breath power. The imbuement lasts for up to an hour, and projectile weapons such as bows can have the main weapon imbued and it will pass the effects to any projectile fired through it.

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