Knowledge Lists and True Grandmaster Achievement

For all you Knowledge nerds out there

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Knowledge Lists and True Grandmaster Achievement

Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:27 pm

So I'm gonna keep this intro short and sweet. Basically I want to create a player made (me, and all of you) list of approved Skill Based Knowledges in the wake of the recent Knowledge update. "But why?" You might ask. Because some people might struggle to think up of some Knowledges for particular skills, and I think we as a community can help with that. So if you wish to participate, it is quite simple. Submit approved skill based knowledges (meaning from approved CS Reviews or from Reviewed threads) and I'll add them to the lists. If there are repeats, I'll only post them once (if I notice. I'll try my darnedest).

The second goal of this is to acknowledge the people who've gone above and beyond and have achieved the 60 Knowledges required for Grandmaster (don't necessarily have to have the skill level, just the knowledge count.) So... without further ado, submit me your knowledges. You heathens.


24 Knowledges
  1. Acrobatics: Jumping whilst running
  2. Acrobatics: Best time to jump from a swing
  3. Acrobatics: Balancing on branches
  4. Acrobatics: Basic Moves are Often Parts of Advanced Moves
  5. Acrobatics: Best to be Wearing Pants, Not a Dress
  6. Acrobatics: Cartwheels, Forward and Lateral
  7. Acrobatics: Do Some Stretching Exercises First
  8. Acrobatics: Keep Momentum From One Move to the Next
  9. Acrobatics: Climbing While Tied To Another Person
  10. Acrobatics: Forward somersault
  11. Acrobatics: Working together for a complex trick
  12. Acrobatics: Headstand on someone’s shoulders
  13. Acrobatics: The appropriate place to put your hands for a headstand on someone else
  14. Acrobatics: Working together for balance
  15. Acrobatics: Emergency moves for defence
  16. Acrobatics: Cartwheel
  17. Acrobatics: Stretching exercises
  18. Acrobatics: Touching toes
  19. Acrobatics: Jumping over opponents
  20. Acrobatics: Over the gunnel
  21. Acrobatics: The art of falling
  22. Acrobatics: Keeping upright on a slippery surface
  23. Acrobatics: Pushing Through Inertia Instead of Surrendering to it
  24. Acrobatics: Keeping Balanced on a Slippery, Moving Surface


22 Knowledges
  1. Acting: Plan your movements
  2. Acting: Taking directions
  3. Acting: changing your laughter into a cough
  4. Acting: Telling a story through motion
  5. Acting: Impersonating a drunk
  6. Acting: Pretending to cower
  7. Acting: Faking emotions
  8. Acting: Appearing to be entirely focused
  9. Acting: Faking interest in another
  10. Acting: Playing the role assigned to you
  11. Acting: Considering how you move.
  12. Acting: A pout
  13. Acting: Responding to the cues given by others
  14. Acting: Maintaining etiquette around people you dislike
  15. Acting: Taking on the role of someone you know
  16. Acting: Making unsettling facts appear as harmless jokes
  17. Acting: Emulating the nobles of Rynmere
  18. Acting: fighting the urge to skip about with excitement.
  19. Acting: Fake it till you Make it
  20. Acting: remaining calm and collected during a difficult situation.
  21. Acting: Helpless maiden
  22. Acting: Scary person


9 Knowledges
  1. Agriculture: Crop planning is essential
  2. Agriculture: Preparation for harvest
  3. Agriculture: Planning for livestock farming
  4. Agriculture: Layout of a farm is important
  5. Agriculture: Livestock ratios and land size
  6. Agriculture: Optimizing for crop yield
  7. Agriculture: Planting to minimise pests
  8. Agriculture: Growing grapes vs trees
  9. Agriculture: Planning land use


19 Knowledges
  1. Alchemy: Garrotte vine sap, ghost mushroom, and almond oil poison
  2. Alchemy: Sulfur, ground charcoal, and composted manure explosive
  3. Alchemy: Merging of Magic and Chemistry
  4. Alchemy: Immortal's Bodies Have Special Properties
  5. Alchemy: Combining ingredients to make Magic
  6. Alchemy: The Use of Ingredients for Magic
  7. Alchemy: Can strengthen cloth
  8. Alchemy: Requires careful planning
  9. Alchemy: Binding two substances to get the best of both worlds
  10. Alchemy: The reagents needs to be added at the creation stage
  11. Alchemy: Requires multiple steps
  12. Alchemy: Two enchantments per item
  13. Alchemy: Conflicting Properties Must Be Considered Before Creation
  14. Alchemy: Stone is Good For Regulating Temperature
  15. Alchemy: Divine Magic Is A Powerful Reagent
  16. Alchemy: Combing with Medicine to extract healing oils
  17. Alchemy: Making Scalvorian Fruit "Caviar"
  18. Alchemy: Fluid contents of Fruit does not affect the Fruit "caviar" creation process
  19. Alchemy: Tried's Shards are Powerful Accelerating Reagents

Animal Husbandry

17 Knowledges
  1. Animal Husbandry: Speaking to your Animals
  2. Animal Husbandry: Housing Animals Correctly
  3. Animal Husbandry: Use Oil When Bathing A Cat To Suffocate Fleas
  4. Animal Husbandry: Horse: Gentle tone of voice to calm animals
  5. Animal Husbandry: Horse: Talk to them, keep physical contact.
  6. Animal Husbandry: Horse: Horses don't like to be rushed.
  7. Animal Husbandry: Horse: Bits against teeth can be painful
  8. Animal Husbandry: Horses have personality
  9. Animal Husbandry: Use Flea Comb To Brush Cat of Flea Eggs
  10. Animal Husbandry: The Only Way To Rid A Cat of Fleas Is To Bathe It
  11. Animal Husbandry: Bathing an unwilling animal
  12. Animal Husbandry: Preparing an animal's bath
  13. Animal Husbandry: Use protection (like gloves) to prevent bites and scratches
  14. Animal Husbandry: Some Animals Like Their Master's Voice
  15. Animal Husbandry: How to saddle a horse
  16. Animal Husbandry: Frogs Regulate Their Own Body Temperature or Hibernate
  17. Animal husbandry: Animals appreciate when you make a fuss over them

Animal Training

14 Knowledges
  1. Animal Training: Using treats as rewards for desired behavior
  2. Animal Training: Establishing dominance early to prevent problematic behaviors
  3. Animal Training: Using audio cues and devices to condition a puppy
  4. Animal Training: Horse: Blow in their noses
  5. Animal Training: Horse: Ears are used to communicate
  6. Animal Training: Horse: Careful if ears are down flat
  7. Animal Training: Horse: Techniques to make saddling easier
  8. Animal Training: Less spirited animals are easier to train
  9. Animal Training: Using repetition and treats to reinforce behavior
  10. Animal Training: Critical for preventing bad behaviors before they become ingrained
  11. Animal Training: Repetition plus time yields progressively improved results
  12. Animal Training: Using treats to lead an Enormowl
  13. Animal Training: Convincing an Enormowl to stay with you
  14. Animal Training: Getting an Enormowl home


2 Knowledges
  1. Appraisal: Judging Another's Cooking
  2. Appraisal: Take your time to look over the goods

Axes & Bludgeons

1 Knowledges
  1. Axes/Bludgeons (Club): End of the Crossbow can Buy you some Time


32 Knowledges
  1. Baking: Basic Cake Mixing
  2. Baking: How to follow a simple recipe
  3. Baking: How to measure out ingredients
  4. Baking: How to make a simple pastry
  5. Baking: Proofing Bread
  6. Baking: Savoury Biscuits
  7. Baking: Sweet Lemon Honey Cake
  8. Baking: Chocolate Orange Cake
  9. Baking: Garlic and herb bread
  10. Baking: The problem with Chocolate Fondant
  11. Baking: Baking similar to Chemistry.
  12. Baking: Patisserie and pastry are similar to Alchemy
  13. Baking: Ratios, temperature and timing are just as important as measurements.
  14. Baking: Making small samples to test recipes
  15. Baking: Always measure twice.
  16. Baking: Honey and corn syrup are less viscous and result in a less dense baked good.
  17. Baking: Need Better Equipment at Home
  18. Baking: Recipe: Chocolate Cherry Cake
  19. Baking: Large Cakes Should Have Thin Layers
  20. Baking: Texture and Flavor
  21. Baking: Enhancing a Pastry with Fresh Fruit
  22. Baking: Wedding cakes
  23. Baking: Preparing goods for a journey
  24. Baking: Drying and preserving
  25. Baking: Quality is most important for a good fish dish.
  26. Baking: Taste is linked to quality
  27. Baking: Unusual produce can make unusual dishes
  28. Baking: Combining nougat and caramel
  29. Baking: White chocolate mousse
  30. Baking: Chocolate quill
  31. Baking: Chocolate parchment
  32. Baking: Chocolate ink

Basket Weaving

X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


52 Knowledges
  1. Blades (Curved Sword): Basic Thrust
  2. Combat: Blades: (Longsword): Basic fighting stance
  3. Combat: Blades: (Longsword): Basic Blocking Techniques
  4. Combat: Blades: (Longsword): Basic Slashing Techniques
  5. Bladed Combat (long sword): Slicing with a long sword
  6. Bladed Combat (long sword): Trusting when unable to slash
  7. Bladed Combat (longswords): Remain relaxed, flexible and responsive
  8. Bladed Combat (longswords): Fight from the hips
  9. Bladed Combat (longswords): Leaning/ducking to avoid attacks
  10. Bladed Combat (longswords): Warming up is important and should be done before fighting
  11. Blades: Sword: Prepare for attack
  12. Blades: Sword: Maintain stance in the face of multiple opponents
  13. Blade: Sword: Relaxed and ready stance
  14. Blades: Sword: Swing from the hips
  15. Bladed Combat: Longsword: Step aside defense technique.
  16. Bladed Combat: Longsword: Footwork during a charge
  17. Bladed Combat: Forward lunge
  18. Bladed Combat: Aiming for an eye with a thrust
  19. Bladed Combat: Change techniques for fighting armoured foes.
  20. Sword: Draw and strike
  21. Sword: Slice whilst moving foward
  22. Sword: Maintain balance
  23. Sword: Changing movement mid-strike
  24. Sword: Relaxed stance
  25. Sword: Lunging
  26. Sword: Shifting weight as movement changes
  27. Bladed Combat: Sword: Overhead arc
  28. Bladed Combat: Sword: Recovering from an unexpectedly ineffective attack
  29. Bladed Combat: Sword: Upward thrust
  30. Blades (Tamo Daggers): Basic grip
  31. Blades (Tamo Dagger): Hammer Grip
  32. Blades (Tamo Dagger): Ice Pick Grip
  33. Blades (Tamo Dagger): Six Angles of Attack
  34. Blades (Tamo Dagger): Footwork: Triangles
  35. Dagger: Basic stab techniques
  36. Blades (Dagger): Basic grip
  37. Blades (Dagger): How to swing a dagger
  38. Bladed Combat: Dagger: Drawing a blade in combat
  39. Bladed Combat: Dagger: Stabbing in the neck
  40. Bladed Combat: Dagger: Stab to the throat
  41. Bladed Combat: Dagger: Defending against a quicker attacker
  42. Bladed Combat: Dagger: Eye strikes
  43. Blades: Dagger, disarming an opponent
  44. Blades: Dagger: A little too up close and Personal for Undead
  45. Melee: Knife- hilt strike
  46. Blades: Slice and stab
  47. Blades: An on-guard stance
  48. Armed Combat: Blade is an Extension of the Body
  49. Blades: A gladius is bigger than a dagger
  50. Blades: Fighting is Akin to Dancing
  51. Blades Basic stance


X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


2 Knowledges
  1. Brewing: Soothing tonic
  2. Brewing: The Tailoring of Tastes and Aftertastes in Sauces

Business Management

61 Knowledges
  1. Business Management: Skilled work is worth the coin
  2. Business Management: Hiring slaves is less expensive than hiring free citizens
  3. Business Management: Bidding wars can artificially increase prices
  4. Business Management: Putting the customer first
  5. Business Management: Sex sells
  6. Business Management: Keeping the customer happy
  7. Business Management: Never argue with a client
  8. Business Management: Complimenting the customer
  9. Business Management: Taking notes on a customer's order
  10. Business Management: Business etiquette
  11. Business Management: Finding small ways to save a customer money
  12. Business Management: Keeping your workplace tidy
  13. Business Management: Maximum profit for minimum outlay
  14. Business Management: Target your product to a specific market
  15. Business Mgmt: Supply and Demand of the Slave Trade
  16. Business Management: Running a Tight Kitchen
  17. Business Management: Overseeing Staff
  18. Business Management: Timekeeping
  19. Business Management: Promoting a business through contests and prizes
  20. Business Management: Working around customers
  21. Business Management: Making sure everything is stocked and working well
  22. Business Management: Working with inexperienced trainees
  23. Business Management: Always please the customer
  24. Business Management: How to run a restaurant
  25. Business Management: Use one technique and apply it to a range of goods
  26. Business Management: Unusual goods can attract custom.
  27. Business Management: Management theory is different to practice
  28. Business Management: Find out which advertising technique works
  29. Business Management: How employees present themselves is important
  30. Business Management: Written contracts aid clarity
  31. Business Management: Identify opportunities, even unexpected ones.
  32. Business Management: Be clear on the limits of a business deal
  33. Business Management: Some business is a political statement.
  34. Business Management: Social enterprise and community
  35. Business Management: Menu writing
  36. Business Management: Changing the menu with the season
  37. Business Management: Spending time with each employee
  38. Business Management: Networking is necessary
  39. Business Management: Knowing when to trust your employees.
  40. Business Management: Knowing when not to trust your employees.
  41. Business Management: Planning for absences.
  42. Business management: Greeting people in your place of business
  43. Business management: Holding meetings in your business
  44. Business management: Sample menus for functions
  45. Business Management: Ensure that you understand all the workings of your business
  46. Business Management: Consider the long term gain
  47. Business Management: Giving news to employees
  48. Business Management: Discussing large issues in groups
  49. Business Management: Speaking individually to your employees to ensure they are comfortable.
  50. Business Management: Considering roles and responsibilities
  51. Business Management: Preparing for your own absence
  52. Business Management: Considering how to invest
  53. Business Management: Making changes to your environment to match your circumstance
  54. Business Management: Using business as a social and community tool
  55. Business Management: Expanding business
  56. Business Management: Managing teams of staff
  57. Business Management: A variety of relationships
  58. Business Management: Clear guidelines are vital for business relationship
  59. Business Management: Puurchasing by weight and amount.
  60. Business Management: Setting clear professional boundaries
  61. Business Management: Discussing plans for a Franchise


X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


66 Knowledges
  1. Caregiving: Ignoring physical changes in a loved one
  2. Caregiving: Providing refreshment for a beach party
  3. Caregiving: Keeping a shady spot comfortable
  4. Caregiving: Helping the sick
  5. Caregiving: Trying to comfort a bereaved individual
  6. Caregiving: Do what they want you to do, not what you want.
  7. Caregiving: Be clear about what you're offering
  8. Caregiving: A relaxing massage
  9. Caregiving: Wrapping in a blanket
  10. Caregiving: Hugging to keep warm.
  11. Caregiving: Offer reassurances
  12. Caregiving: Provide an escape
  13. Caregiving: Massaging tired muscles.
  14. Caregiving: Easing tension with a shoulder massage
  15. Caregiving: Soothing tone of voice to aid relaxation
  16. Caregiving: Sometimes, the best way to care for someone is to help them with a task.
  17. Caregiving: Helping someone who's having night terrors
  18. Caregiving: In order to care for someone else, you need to be psychologically robust
  19. Caregiving: Oils enhance a massage.
  20. Caregiving: Prevention is better than cure.
  21. Caregiving: Feeding the hungry
  22. Caregiving: Caring for a traumatized child
  23. Caregiving: Calming down a distressed individual
  24. Caregiving: Making a chair and stool as comfortable as possible
  25. Caregiving: Keep Your Child Within View
  26. Caregiving: Making Sure You're Child is Easily Reached, in Case of Emergency
  27. Caregiving: Rocking a Baby Helps Them Sleep
  28. Caregiving: Sleep When the Baby Sleeps
  29. Caregiving: The Desire to Decorate a Baby's Crib
  30. Caregiving: Watching Out for Child Hazards
  31. Caregiving: Reading To An Unborn Child Is Good
  32. Caregiving: Children Flourish With a Routine
  33. Caregiving: Eat Healthy Foods During Pregnancy
  34. Caregiving: You Must Consider the Child When Making Decisions
  35. Caregiving: Outdoing Your Own Parents Is A Good Start
  36. Caregiving: Other's babies aren't as worrisome as your own
  37. Caregiving: Avoid alcohol previous to breastfeeding
  38. Caregiving: Knowing a child's schedule
  39. Caregiving: Being a good hostess
  40. Caregiving: Reassurance
  41. Caregiving: Looking after tired travelers
  42. Caregiving: Speaking to the traumatized
  43. Caregiving: Encouraging, just a little at a time
  44. Caregiving: Helping someone bathe
  45. Caregiving: Teaching how to hold a cup
  46. Caregiving: Teaching how to eat with your hands
  47. Caregiving: Being aware of the need for small steps in the indoctrinated
  48. Caregiving: Tone of voice with patients in shock
  49. Caregiving: Giving as much information as one can
  50. Caregiving: Remaining calm
  51. Caregiving: Breaking the news of death
  52. Caregiving: Helping people deal with grief
  53. Caregiving: Looking after the person who is hurt, and the person who loves them.
  54. Caregiving: Physical reassurance
  55. Caregiving: Gentle tone of voice
  56. Caregiving: Names have real significance
  57. Caregiving: Communication can be non-verbal
  58. Caregiving: Gentle touch
  59. Caregiving: Don't overwhelm.
  60. Caregiving: Comfort food
  61. Caregiving: Playing with a child to put them at their ease
  62. Caregiving: Distracting a child
  63. Caregiving: Using colours as a teaching tool
  64. Caregiving: Recognising when admitting your vulnerability helps others
  65. Caregiving: Sometimes, looking after yourself is looking after him.
  66. Caregiving: Taking another person's ideas into account


33 Knowledges
  1. Carpentry: Small saw for a small job
  2. Carpentry: Sketching your plans before building
  3. Carpentry: Basics of carving
  4. Carpentry: Go with the grain
  5. Carpentry: Types of wood
  6. Carpentry: Tools of the trade
  7. Carpentry: Types, and uses, of sandpaper
  8. Carpentry: Types of joint
  9. Carpentry:Putting together the pieces for a project first
  10. Carpentry: Sanding before you start any close work
  11. Carpentry: Use of varnish
  12. Carpentry: Easier to take more away than to add more on
  13. Carpentry:Start at one corner and move out
  14. Carpentry: Glue is messy
  15. Carpentry: Taking Care of Polished Tables
  16. Carpentry: Building a small shelter
  17. Carpentry: Coffin Making [SP]
  18. Carpentry: Boarding up windows
  19. Carpentry: Finding Damages on a Carriage
  20. Carpentry: How to Assess Wood Quality
  21. Carpentry: Knowing to Cut and Sand with the Grain
  22. Carpentry: Salvaging Scraps of Metal for Makeshift Nails
  23. Carpentry: A Swinging Cradle is a Simpler Design Than a Rocking One
  24. Carpentry: Measure, Measure, and Measure Again
  25. Carpentry: Putting Accessibility and Convenience into the Design of a Crib
  26. Carpentry: Sanding the Wood
  27. Carpentry: The Dimensions of the Item Matter
  28. Carpentry: Making use of all available materials.
  29. Carpentry: Joining two halves of wood together.
  30. Carpentry: Angling nails to provide a better seal.
  31. Carpentry: Fitting complimentary pieces.
  32. Carpentry: How to restore a shattered door
  33. Carpentry: Using diagrams to plan


4 Knowledges
  1. Cartography: Map reading
  2. Cartography: Symbols used on land maps
  3. Cartography: Using a map to identify where you are.
  4. Cartography: A Beautiful but Alien Map Design.


24 Knowledges
  1. Chemistry: Solids, liquids, and gases
  2. Chemistry: Alkaline vs acid
  3. Chemistry: Potential of hydrogen
  4. Chemistry: Testing different chemical reactions with small samples
  5. Chemistry: Baking powder is an Alkaline and will rise with the help of an acid
  6. Chemistry: Always measure twice.
  7. Chemistry: Molasses has a high Viscosity
  8. Chemistry: Gasses gain viscosity when exposed to heat because the particles bind together.
  9. Chemistry: Honey and corn syrup are less viscous and result in a less dense baked good.
  10. Chemistry: Liquids lose density with heat.
  11. Chemistry: Purifying Reagents is Necessary
  12. Chemistry: Basic Dehydrating of Vegetables
  13. Chemistry: Cooking Crossover
  14. Chemistry: Ph level of blood can cause different effects with coagulants and anti coagulants.
  15. Chemistry: Eye Drops
  16. Chemistry: Eye Bath
  17. Chemistry: Extracting Oil
  18. Chemistry: Add peppermint oil to boiling water for healing vapour
  19. Chemistry: Vapour isn’t as potent as more concentrated forms
  20. Chemistry: droplets of extract along with the healing steam to increase potency
  21. Chemistry: How certain herbs work with the skin
  22. Chemistry: Reduction still reduces effects even if it keeps the flavour
  23. Chemistry: Freezing to keep the effect during reduction.
  24. Chemistry: Use of a Syringe.


2 Knowledges
  1. Climbing: How to climb a robe ladder
  2. Climbing: Don’t look down


3 Knowledges
  1. Construction: Wrapping a present.
  2. Construction: A bit of wire from a thrown cart wheel can make a good fishhook
  3. Construction: Cool girls build dens


67 Knowledges
  1. Cooking: The best way to add flavor to beef
  2. Cooking: Use salt and pepper to add flavour
  3. Cooking: Adding flavour with herbs
  4. Cooking: A Basic Stew Consists of Meat and Vegetables in Broth
  5. Cooking: Searing the Meat First
  6. Cooking: Seasoning is Your Friend
  7. Cooking: Some Things Should be Added in Later
  8. Cooking: Plucking and Cleaning A Turkey
  9. Cooking: An Interesting Insight into Local Insect Cuisine.
  10. Cooking: Stirring the pot
  11. Cooking: Seasoned and seared meat tastes better
  12. Cooking: Uniform cutting
  13. Cooking: Bite sized pieces
  14. Cooking: To rub salt and pepper into beef
  15. Cooking Herb: Sage
  16. Cooking: To sear meat in oil, then slow roast it
  17. Cooking: Thrifty use of food
  18. Cooking: How to make a simple sweet fruit jam
  19. Cooking: Seasoning
  20. Cooking: Chopping onions makes people cry
  21. Cooking: Chicken Stew
  22. Cooking: Spicing roast meat gravy with sage
  23. Cooking: Flatbread
  24. Cooking: How to follow a simple recipe
  25. Cooking: On hot stones
  26. Cooking: Preparing and deboning a chicken
  27. Cooking: Spices that go well with chicken
  28. Cooking: Kneading dough
  29. Cooking Avoiding Outdoor Pests
  30. Cooking On the stones
  31. Cooking: Vinegar in the water to help eggs keep shape
  32. Cooking: How to check is something is cooked
  33. Cooking: Recipie: Stuffed Chicken Wrapped in Ham
  34. Cooking: For a crowd
  35. Cooking: Stew goes further than other meals
  36. Cooking: The Use of a Sieve
  37. Cooking: Removing the Stones From Cherries
  38. Cooking: Butter emulsion
  39. Cooking: Making a crispy crust
  40. Cooking: Peeling parsnips
  41. Cooking: Utensils and their uses
  42. Cooking: Tools and their uses
  43. Cooking: Start with a recipe
  44. Cooking: Seasoning meat before you cook it
  45. Cooking: The Use of Ingredients to Promote Health
  46. Cooking: Making Pudding
  47. Cooking: It's All in the Details
  48. Cooking: How to cook for large numbers
  49. Cooking: Feeding the Army with a Hearty Meal
  50. Cooking: Spices are Needed on the Road
  51. Cooking: Adding the final touch
  52. Cooking: Balancing Flavors
  53. Cooking: Letting a flavor dominate
  54. Cooking: Mixing mousse
  55. Cooking: Seconds is the difference between good and excellent
  56. Cooking: Testing Ingredients
  57. Cooking: Taste Testing Food
  58. Cooking: Providing Decent Non-Cooked Meals
  59. Cooking: Providing A Military Retinue With Proper Nutrients
  60. Cooking: Orange, lemon, gingko and green tea
  61. Cooking: Always Taste the Food you Serve First
  62. Cooking: A Five Course Meal Fit for a King
  63. Legendary Cooking: (53)Processing how to figure out a new dish using logic.
  64. Cooking: Ice cream
  65. Cooking: Soak potatoes in water to remove starch
  66. Cooking: When potatoes have less starch, they crisp up better
  67. Cooking: Caramel


76 Knowledges
  1. Cosmetology: Dress to impress
  2. Cosmetology: Bubble bath
  3. Cosmetology: It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it
  4. Cosmetology: How to apply lipstick
  5. Cosmetology: Dress to enhance your body type
  6. Cosmetology: Confidence is key
  7. Cosmetology: Long clothes can still be revealing
  8. Cosmetology: How to look good in a negligee
  9. Cosmetology: The "mussed" look is attractive
  10. Cosmetology: A strategically placed ribbon
  11. Cosmetology: Accessories on clothing
  12. Cosmetology: Blue clothing accentuates your eyes
  13. Cosmetology: Fashion dictates beauty
  14. Cosmetology: Natural look can be tricky to achieve
  15. Cosmetology: Rouge to accentuate cheekbones
  16. Cosmetology: Lipstick can complete or change a look
  17. Cosmetology: Dressing to draw attention
  18. Cosmetology: How to keep clothing in place
  19. Cosmetology: Consider what clothing shows and what it promises
  20. Cosmetology: Revealing clothing doesn't have to be short
  21. Cosmetology: Light colours in summer weather
  22. Cosmetology: Hair styling
  23. Cosmetology: Wisps of hair to soften a style
  24. Cosmetology: Ringlets
  25. Cosmetology: Up do hairstyle to reveal the neck
  26. Cosmetology: Tiny details make a difference
  27. Cosmetology: Decolletage area can be easily enhanced
  28. Cosmetology: Loose, cascading curls.
  29. Cosmotology: Picking colours with significance
  30. Cosmetology: a subtle makeup
  31. Cosmetology: with certain eyes it's sufficient to just emphasize the corners
  32. Cosmetology: Decide make up on the colour of your clothing
  33. Cosmetology: Dress for the situation
  34. Cosmetology: Emphasis on the eyes
  35. Cosmetology: Accessories make an outfit
  36. Cosmetology: Get the basics right
  37. Cosmetology: Looking natural can be hard work
  38. Cosmetology: Simple and elegant is hard to pull offX
  39. Cosmetology Applying make up to dead people
  40. Cosmetology: Make dark hair shine with vinegar
  41. Cosmetology: Make up is often applied to the dead
  42. Cosmetology: Undertaking: Use make-up to hide decay
  43. Cosmetology: Undertaking: Washing a body
  44. Cosmetology: Undertaking: Anointing a body
  45. Cosmetology: Lemon Juice and Water on Hair for Shine
  46. Cosmetics: Dressing Hair
  47. Cosmetology: Different Shades of Make Up Match Different Skin Tones.
  48. Cosmetology: Dark Kohl Pencil Around the Lower Eyes
  49. Cosmetology: Subtle Eyeshadow to Emphasize Light Blue Irises
  50. Cosmetology: Making the day before’s outfit presentable
  51. Cosmetology: A simple braid
  52. Cosmetology: Accessories are key
  53. Cosmetology: Stick to a couple basic colors to save coin
  54. Cosmetology: Mixing and matching clothing
  55. Cosmetology: Knowing fashion trends
  56. Cosmetology: Designing a wardrobe
  57. Cosmetology: Different materials have different uses
  58. Cosmetology: Pretty yellow dress
  59. Cosmetology: Proper hair care
  60. Cosmetology: Dress for the weather
  61. Cosmetology: Choosing colours which suit
  62. Cosmetology: Eyeshadow to accentuate eyes
  63. Cosmetology: Simple and subtle make up works
  64. Cosmetology: Loose hair can look good if well maintained
  65. Cosmetology: Simple, sophisticated clothing
  66. Cosmetology Professional dress
  67. Cosmetology: Colour choices.
  68. Cosmetology: Accessorising
  69. Cosmetology: Hair styling
  70. Cosmetology: Wedding dresses
  71. Cosmetology: Colour schemes
  72. Cosmetology: Preparation of the dead
  73. Cosmetology: Oils in hair
  74. Cosmetology: Covering bruises
  75. Cosmetology: Evening skin tone
  76. Cosmetology: How to apply foundation with a brush


X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


21 Knowledges
  1. Dancing: How to find the rhythm
  2. Dancing: Swaying to the rhythm
  3. Dance: Stretching exercises
  4. Dancing: A good exercise
  5. Dancing: Requires a warm up
  6. Dancing: Reach to the sky!
  7. Dancing: Full bend and stretch of arms
  8. Dancing: Staying aware of your partner's movements as well as your own
  9. Dancing: Mucking up the dance move may result in falling
  10. Dancing: Clapping in time with the beat
  11. Dancing: Clap and stomp combo
  12. Dance: It's all in the hips
  13. Dance: Ballet practice with bar and mirrors
  14. Dance: Standing on point
  15. Dance: Arc of the back
  16. Dance: Shoulder positions
  17. Dance: Ballet positions for legs and arms
  18. Dancing: Stepping in time with the music
  19. Dancing: Swinging hips can make walking a dance
  20. Dancing: Leading with your whole body
  21. Dancing: A nautical jig


45 Knowledges
  1. Deception: Using half truths to avoid further questioning
  2. Deception: It's totally a habit
  3. Deception: Telling Lies for the Sake of a Game
  4. Deception: Sometimes Your Smile gives more Away than Your Words.
  5. Deception: Not All Are Who They Say They Are
  6. Deception: Telling lies is easier through closed doors
  7. Deception: Hiding a weapon
  8. Deception: Pretending to use powers to calm someone down
  9. Deception: Pretending to be what people assume you are
  10. Deception: Putting on a smile in the face of true hardship
  11. Deception: Telling someone you hate them when you mostly don't
  12. Deception: Seeming to be dismissive
  13. Deception: Appear to be focused on one person whilst watching another
  14. Deception: Body language can give you away
  15. Deception: How to feign ignorance
  16. Deception: What a beautiful home you charlatans and cowards have.
  17. Deception: noticing tension in others that can be played upon.
  18. Deception: Lying about the cause of an injury
  19. Deception: Saying one thing and thinking another
  20. Deception: Acting One Way while Feeling Another.
  21. Deception: Keeping Secrets.
  22. Deception: Lying to your father
  23. Deception: The best liars are the ones that don’t know their lying
  24. Deception: Smiling brightly and acting like everything is ok
  25. Deception: Pretending to be a devout follower of a religion
  26. Deception: Presenting yourself as a professional adventurer
  27. Deception: Appearing comfortable with the details of a deal
  28. Deception: Minimizing one's internal struggles
  29. Deception: It’s not always actually okay
  30. Deception: Putting on a cheerful face
  31. Deception: Hiding a Weapon Within Fabric
  32. Deception: Extra Concealment is Good
  33. Deception: Calling Someone by a Different Title
  34. Deception: Using Chatter to Hide Important Information
  35. Deception: Truth is the Best Cover
  36. Deception: Hidden Weapons
  37. Deception: Considering what emotion looks like and hiding it
  38. Deception: How to conceal weapons in a dress
  39. Deception: How to conceal a knife in a hairpiece
  40. Deception: Concealing your true motives
  41. Deception: Keeping secrets from your partner
  42. Deception: Never use your real name when telling a dangerous lie
  43. Deception: Speak the truth where you can
  44. Deception: Consider how you deliver your words
  45. Detection: Spotting signs of fear
  46. Deception: Deception doesn't have to be a lie.


X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


132 Knowledges
Congratulations to Faith for achieving Grandmaster Detection!
  1. Detection: Listening to inflection in tone
  2. Detection: The boy in the tree.
  3. Detection: Hearing leaves rustle in the forest
  4. Detection: Studying and looking for familiar faces
  5. Detection: A glare
  6. Detection: Feeling the Adjustments in Your Body's Motions
  7. Detection: Signs of Waking Recently
  8. Detection: Arlo Gave you That Look!
  9. Detection: Noticing when someone is upset
  10. Detection: Seeing the truth in someone's face
  11. Detection: Movement in the peripheral vision
  12. Detection: Unnatural structures in the wilderness
  13. Detection: Spotting small details in a clearing
  14. Detection: Spotting what's out of place
  15. Detection: Spotting wealth
  16. Detection: Spotting a familiar face in a new place
  17. Detection: Overgrown paths
  18. Detection: Reading your audience
  19. Detection: Note preference on entrance
  20. Detection: Lean in close to ascertain eye colour
  21. Detection: Observation of a third party during intimate moments
  22. Detection: Noticing your usual patterns
  23. Detection: Reading the expression on your lover's face
  24. Detection: Observing slight facial movements
  25. Detection: Observe people to ascertain what they want
  26. Detection: You can't listen and talk
  27. Detection: The smell of a poor quality establishment
  28. Detection: Watching a crowd during a fight
  29. Detection: Making out figures in the shadows
  30. Detection: Spotting tell tale signs of desire
  31. Detection: Watching where someone looks.
  32. Detection: Musical preferences change by the amount of alcohol consumed
  33. Detection: Getting the news through word of mouth
  34. Detection: Anticipate your employer's needs
  35. Detection: The helpless part is a lie
  36. Detection: Finding the right spot to perform
  37. Detection: Location determines your audience
  38. Detection: Looking for breakfast
  39. Detection: No one should frown at a party
  40. Detection: How to Spot Signs of Discomfort
  41. Detection: Using facial expressions to determine peoples relationships
  42. Detection: Spotting when someone is Stuck for things to Talk About.
  43. Detection: People can’t easily Deny the Sounds they Make.
  44. Detection: Spotting the Anger in their Eyes.
  45. Detection: Noticing Inconsistencies with Role
  46. Detection: Changes in behaviour
  47. Detection: Noting the feeling of being watched
  48. Detection: Observing patterns of behaviour
  49. Detection: Spotting a glance of desire
  50. Detection: Spotting tattoos
  51. Detection: Listening for truth in rumors
  52. Detection: Clarifying details about creatures
  53. Detection: Searching for something
  54. Detection: Knowing when you’ve crossed a line
  55. Detection: Trusting your gut
  56. Detection: Assessing the situation
  57. Detection: The sounds of a forest
  58. Detection: Drinking in the bigger picture
  59. Detection: Body language can help gauge emotions
  60. Detection: Noticing relationship details from a distance
  61. Detection: Watch everyone, all the time.
  62. Detection: Pay attention to the words used
  63. Detection: Noting who is armed in a group
  64. Detection: The sounds of the jungle
  65. Detection: Checking your environment
  66. Detection: Finding someone by the sound of their voice in the dark
  67. Detection: Facial expressions
  68. Detection: Recognising the look of loss
  69. Detection: Hearing all the important details
  70. Detection: Spotting things which aren’t right in familiar places
  71. Detection: Signs of a bar fight stirring
  72. Detection: The smell of the dead
  73. Detection: Determining the group leader
  74. Detection: Even in a dream, being aware of your surroundings is important.
  75. Detection: Watching the feet
  76. Detection: Comparing Dreams and Reality
  77. Detection: The smell of death
  78. Detection: Screams of terror
  79. Detection: Paying attention to mannerisms
  80. Detection: A yowling cat
  81. Detection: The smell of mint
  82. Detection: Being aware of others expressions.
  83. Detection: Blood
  84. Detection: Spotting a lie
  85. Detection: The Signs That Someone is Home
  86. Detection: Analyzing a person’s gait
  87. Detection: Recognizing a familiar face
  88. Detection: Noticing someone is standing over you
  89. Detection: The direction of the stitches in a piece of clothing can tell you if somebody's left or right-handed
  90. Detection: Even threads in a piece of clothing indicate that it is new
  91. Detection: Clothing has pressure put on them in different places each time it is used
  92. Detection: Badly dyed hair
  93. Detection: Hearing the sound of a scuffle
  94. Detection: Determining the Quality of Test Samples
  95. Detection: Determining the Effectiveness of Adhesive and Dissolvant
  96. Detection: Spotting similarities between twins
  97. Detection: War Nearby Sounds Different Than War at a Distance
  98. Detection: Pay attention to the small details
  99. Detection: How to detect small changes in a person’s facial expression
  100. Detection: The Signs that a Patient is in Pain
  101. Detection: Attentiveness helps to avoid accidents
  102. Detection: Examining the possessions of an approaching figure
  103. Detection: Analyzing your surroundings
  104. Detection: A biqaj's eyes
  105. Detection: Guessing someone's age by their features
  106. Detection: A Failure of a Known Hero's Courage Reveals an Imposter
  107. Detection: Signs That the Disciplined Shadow Beasts are Illusions
  108. Detection: Simple Requests Aren't Always So Simple
  109. Detection: Noticing when somebody has trouble focusing their eyes
  110. Detection: It pays to look where you're going
  111. Detection: Reading the thought processes of others
  112. Detection: Observing an injury or infection for changes
  113. Detection: Initial flavoring of a dish
  114. Detection: The aftertaste of mint
  115. Detection: Texture of a mousse
  116. Detection: Something Odd About the Teenagers
  117. Detection: Finding the Key Flavors to Enhance
  118. Detection: Finding friends in crowds
  119. Detection: Minor changes in body movement
  120. Detection: The Behavior of Melt Can Give Warnings in an Ice Cave
  121. Detection: The Signs of Construction Taking the Shape of a Body
  122. Detection: Noticing lingering tastes in food
  123. Detection: The smell of paint
  124. Detection: A Kid With a Gold Coin is Probably a Messenger
  125. Detection: Spotting when someone knows what you're talking about
  126. Detection: Small details in written records
  127. Detection: The signs of a panic attack
  128. Detection: Similarities and differences between individuals.
  129. Detection: Recognising kindness when you don't know the language.
  130. Detection: What my child would look like
  131. Detection: Peripheral vision can lie
  132. Detection: The difference between what's there and what isn't


108 Knowledges
  1. Discipline: Being polite, but firm
  2. Discipline: Focusing On One Task
  3. Discipline: Sitting Still When You are Unbearably Eager
  4. Discipline: Being brave to protect smaller people
  5. Discipline: Practice makes perfect
  6. Discipline: It isn't all about me.
  7. Discipline: Reacting to shock
  8. Discipline: Not thumping someone when you really want to.
  9. Discipline: Reining in your temper
  10. Discipline: Not killing someone in the throes of fury
  11. Discipline: Dealing with boredom
  12. Discipline: Understanding what you want, and why
  13. Discipline: Tease to avoid giving in
  14. Discipline: Not showing that you are uncomfortable
  15. Discipline: Waiting with patience
  16. Discipline: somethings are bigger than your own desires.
  17. Discipline: maintaining a farce.
  18. Discipline: Focus on facts, not Emotion
  19. Discipline: Getting up and carrying on in spite of everything
  20. Discipline: Hiding the fact that you are in pain
  21. Discipline: Holding back the urge to snap
  22. Discipline: Go through with your father's plans, even if you dont like it
  23. Discipline: Tempering Emotions With Breathing
  24. Discipline: Overcoming fear and saying a hard truth.
  25. Discipline: Finding strength in Xander
  26. Discipline: Ignoring conflicting emotions
  27. Discipline: Focus on long term goals
  28. Discipline: Not letting your anger drive you
  29. Discipline: Not giving in to fear
  30. Discipline: Trying to contain emotions
  31. Discipline: Making yourself be quiet when you want to get hysterical
  32. Discipline: Attending to someone else's emotions.
  33. Discipline: Not charging ahead
  34. Discipline: Knowing when not to use Empathy
  35. Discipline: Keeping going despite extreme trauma
  36. Discipline: Practicing to get a move right
  37. Discipline: Using music to center yourself
  38. Discipline: Not caving to temptation
  39. Discipline: Staying calm in the face of someone else’s anger
  40. Discipline: It’s not always appropriate to bring up magic in conversation
  41. Discipline: Keeping a magic connection while moving
  42. Discipline: Listening to the whole story
  43. Discipline: Keeping your voice down while in pain
  44. Discipline: Not showing your annoyance
  45. Discipline: Biting your cheek to hide your feelings
  46. Discipline: Keeping a polite facade, even when you really don't want to
  47. Discipline: Worship as selflessness
  48. Discipline: Not succumbing to your desires
  49. Discipline: Recognizing an opportunity to focus
  50. Discipline: Not losing your temper
  51. Discipline: Putting aside your emotions to decision make.
  52. Discipline: The sight of ghostly ships
  53. Discipline: Not being afraid of a giant, rotting chicken zombie
  54. Discipline: Ensuring that you don't die without honour
  55. Discipline: Not allowing yourself to panic when you are vulnerable
  56. Discipline: Tidying as you work is a sign of professionalism
  57. Discipline: Protecting your new owner
  58. Discipline: Practices makes perfect
  59. Discipline: The importance of staying focused
  60. Discipline: Persistence is a type of discipline
  61. Discipline: Following orders no matter the costs
  62. Discipline: being diligent in cooking practice.
  63. Discipline: Take strength from the knowledge that you serve your Immortal.
  64. Discipline: Stopping your Tears
  65. Discipline: Not Reacting to Someone's Disfiguring Injuries
  66. Discipline: Staying Quiet During Aeon's Monster Story
  67. Discipline: Staying Out of Others' Negotiations
  68. Discipline: Controlling your emotions
  69. Discipline: Don't Babble
  70. Discipline: A disciplined person does what they're required to do, even when they're afraid
  71. Discipline: Ignoring the Desire to Bed Padraig
  72. Discipline: Doing your own counting and lists
  73. Discipline: Keeping calm when someone’s mad
  74. Disclipline: Too many emotions to hold
  75. Discipline: Keeping others focused on the task at hand
  76. Discipline: Keeping your students in order
  77. Discipline: Maintaining a Steady Stomach Under Pressure
  78. Discipline: Without Commands, Do What You Can Do Best
  79. Discipline: Making the most of unexpected circumstances
  80. Discipline: Doing Extra Rounds to Make up for Long Breaks
  81. Discipline: Deferring to and helping the freeborn above oneself
  82. Discipline: Drawing on the Strength of Loved Ones
  83. Discipline: Making a Decision and Sticking to It
  84. Discipline: don’t show up late to classes
  85. Discipline: Containing laughter under pressure
  86. Discipline: Allowing Yourself to be Pulled From one Goal to a Greater One
  87. Discipline: Duty to Famula to Investigate the Chasm in Treid's Tomb
  88. Discipline: Focusing Fanatacism and Fury
  89. Discipline: Keeping in Mind the Frequency of Illusory Foes
  90. Discipline: telling your master of your wrong doings even if he’s unlikely to care.
  91. Discipline: Focusing in Long Lectures tests the Concentration.
  92. Discipline: Containing your curiosity
  93. Discipline: Focusing on curing Lightbane
  94. Discipline: Operating Under Stress Carrying a Baby
  95. Discipline: Separating Oneself From Someone Cared About
  96. Discipline: Determination to discover elusive cures
  97. Discipline: Working in a methodical way
  98. Discipline: Not shouting at trainees
  99. Discipline: Facing the Truly Unknown
  100. Discipline: Seeing a Job Through When You are Playing it by Ear
  101. Discipline: Facing Your Master With a Contrary Interpretation
  102. Discipline: Staying Cool When It's Friend in Critical Need
  103. Discipline: Control your fear
  104. Discipline: Keep information to yourself (even if you don't know said information)
  105. Discipline: Letting a loved one go in order to protect them
  106. Discipline: Not just blurting out good news.
  107. Discipline: Sometimes, it's not good to deal with it on your own


3 Knowledges
  1. Disguise: That of a Lovestruck Girl. (X)
  2. Disguise: Hiding Facial Injuries is Harder.(X)
  3. Disguise: Covering Up a Bruise (X)


63 Knowledges
  1. Drawing: Line Quality
  2. Drawing: Break Up Complex Images to Simple Shapes
  3. Drawing: Sketching on a canvas
  4. Drawing: Light touch to keep the sketch feint
  5. Drawing: Consider light and shadow
  6. Drawing: How to Observe Your Subject Matter
  7. Drawing: One Point Perspective
  8. Drawing: Two Point Perspective
  9. Drawing: Three Point Perspective
  10. Drawing: Push Your Values
  11. Drawing: Cross-hatching
  12. Drawing: Stippling
  13. Drawing: Draw From the Shoulder
  14. Drawing: How to Hold Your Pencil
  15. Drawing: How To Ink a Drawing
  16. Drawing: Sketch with Light Strokes
  17. Drawing: What is a Still Life
  18. Drawing: Basic Composition Rules
  19. Drawing: Pay Attention to the Light Source
  20. Drawing: How to Draw Different Fabrics
  21. Drawing: Illustrating Texture
  22. Drawing: How to Show Movement in a Piece
  23. Drawing: How to Determine Your Subject Matter
  24. Drawing: How Crayon and Ink Interact Together
  25. Drawing: Express Emotion Through Art
  26. Drawing: Give Your Piece a Purpose
  27. Drawing: Multiple Light Sources Affect Color
  28. Drawing: How to Create Balance in Your Piece
  29. Drawing: Understanding Proportions
  30. Drawing: How to Create Smooth Gradation
  31. Drawing: What are the Elements of Art
  32. Drawing: Vary Line Thickness
  33. Drawing: Shapes Express Different Feelings to the Viewer
  34. Drawing: Squares and Rectangles Can Portray Strength and Stability
  35. Drawing: Circles and Ellipses Can Represent Continuous Movement
  36. Drawing: Triangles Lead the Eye in an Upward Movement
  37. Drawing: Inverted Triangles Create a Sense of Imbalance and Tension
  38. Drawing: Form is Representational or Abstract.
  39. Drawing: Human Anatomy (Male)
  40. Drawing: Human Anatomy (Female)
  41. Drawing: Improve Drawing Speed with Quick Gestures
  42. Drawing: ‘S’& ‘C’ Curves in the Figure
  43. Drawing: What is a Stiff Pose
  44. Drawing: Work in Layers When Drawing with Pastel
  45. Drawing: Do Not Primarily Shade By Smudging with Your Finger
  46. Drawing: No Mistakes, Only Happy Accidents
  47. Drawing: How to Replicate the Style of Others
  48. Drawing: Observe the Work of Grandmaster’s
  49. Drawing: Working with Overlays
  50. Drawing: Ghost the Line
  51. Drawing: X-Y-Z Coordinate System
  52. Drawing: Finding Vanishing Points on the Picture Plane
  53. Drawing: The Minor Axis is Key
  54. Drawing: Perspective Grid Construction
  55. Drawing: How to Mirror Tilted Planes
  56. Drawing: How to Create Smooth Gradients
  57. Drawing: Use Color to Amplify Emotion
  58. Drawing: Find Your Own Style
  59. Drawing: The Different Types of Erasers
  60. Drawing: How to Use a View Finder
  61. Drawing: Vary Your Design to Interest the Eye
  62. Drawing: How to Exaggerate Well
  63. Drawing: What is A Self Portrait


14 Knowledges
  1. Dreamwalking: Keeping a Dream Journal Helped Recount Events.
  2. Dreamwalking: You Better Understand your Subconscious Influence on our Dream.
  3. Dreamwalking: You Gained Many New Insights both Personal and Practical.
  4. Dreamwalking: Dreamers Often Wear What They Sleep In
  5. Dreamwalking: telling reality from fiction
  6. Dreamwalking: Making a spoon stir
  7. Dreamwalking: let things happen naturally
  8. Dreamwalking: Dreaming is dangerous but you can learn to protect yourself against the dangers in time.
  9. Dreamwalking: Imagination is the greatest tool in Emea
  10. Dreamwalking: you can enter the dreams of nearby people but people with the mark can stretch father.
  11. Dreamwalking: Start with things your familiar with.
  12. Dreamwalking: Don’t tell others that your in a dream.
  13. Dreamwalking: Time, space, distance mean nothing in Emea
  14. Dreamwalking: Can’t seek out dreams of people you don’t know from long distances


106 Knowledges
  1. Endurance: Operating with little sleep
  2. Endurance: Staying coherent after overstepping
  3. Endurance: Practicing even when disappointed
  4. Endurance: The pain of a physical beating
  5. Endurance: Adrenaline helps to improve endurance.
  6. Endurance: Sudden onset migraines
  7. Endurance: Functioning whilst nauseous
  8. Endurance: Pushing Through Exhaustion
  9. Endurance: Ignoring fatigue
  10. Endurance: Acrobatics Improves Overall Condition
  11. Endurance: Ignoring the Numbness in Small Muscles when doing Finicky Work
  12. Endurance: Resisting The Pull of Waves
  13. Endurance: Running while carrying a child is difficult and tiring
  14. Endurance: Just keep putting one foot in front of the other
  15. Endurance: Being struck by a mace.
  16. Endurance: All over impact
  17. Endurance: Holding on to something as you're hit
  18. Endurance: Regaining consciousness and forcing yourself to move
  19. Endurance: Pain from battle.
  20. Endurance: Psychological torture
  21. Endurance: Travelling in the jungle when injured
  22. Endurance: Sudden dip in cold water
  23. Endurance: Lack of sleep can make you grouchy
  24. Endurance: Pain from repetition of movement.
  25. Endurance: Aches and pains following a beating
  26. Endurance: Tension, fear and insomnia
  27. Endurance: Exhaustion eventually will catch up
  28. Endurance: Pain in the arms after exercise
  29. Endurance: Forcing yourself to move after pausing is more difficult.
  30. Endurance: Eating something which is not fit for consumption
  31. Endurance: Pride in your appearance can require endurance
  32. Endurance: How to survive a verbal assault
  33. Endurance: The importance of breath
  34. Endurance: The will to survive and flourish
  35. Endurance: Fighting off Sickness leaves you Exhausted
  36. Endurance: Fighting for your life when you are exhausted and drugged
  37. Endurance: Keeping composure when telling hard truths.
  38. Endurance: Failure is Not an Option
  39. Endurance: “Fight or Fail”
  40. Endurance: Staying awake to hear news.
  41. Endurance: Keeping hold of a weight with outstretched arms.
  42. Endurance: The pain of continued effort.
  43. Endurance: Breathe evenly to increase endurance
  44. Endurance: Pushing yourself to continue, even when already in pain
  45. Endurance: Running through the house
  46. Endurance: Not slowing down for stairs
  47. Endurance: Getting up after being kicked in the face
  48. Endurance: Pushing through the cold with exercise
  49. Endurance: Always ready for an encore
  50. Endurance: Coping with pain through conversation
  51. Endurance: Stitches hurt
  52. Endurance: Keeping it real when the adrenaline fades
  53. Endurance: Physical exertion in the heat
  54. Endurance: Sailing through pain
  55. Endurance: Using physical work to set aside emotional trauma
  56. Endurance: Bugs bite. Lots of Bug Bites
  57. Endurance: The battering of a waterfall
  58. Endurance: Bruised and battered against the rapids
  59. Endurance: Extreme Cold and altitude
  60. Endurance: Mountain terrain is hard on the body
  61. Endurance: Functioning on limited sleep
  62. Endurance: Playing music in the heat of Saun
  63. Endurance: Sudden drop of temperature to below freezing
  64. Endurance: Physical pain of stiff joints
  65. Endurance: Very loud noises
  66. Endurance: Being pecked by lots of birds
  67. Endurance: Slave training
  68. Endurance: Extreme slave training
  69. Endurance: Pacing yourself for physical tasks
  70. Endurance: Pain of branding
  71. Endurance: Working through tired muscles
  72. Endurance: Living under scrutiny
  73. Endurance: Maintaining a calm appearance
  74. Endurance: Pushing Past the Pain of Smashed Fingers
  75. Endurance: Pace yourself
  76. Endurance: The Importance of Calm, Even Breaths
  77. Endurance: Enduring cat scratches
  78. Endurance: A night outside, how to stay warm
  79. Endurance: Handling the Physical Strain of Pregnancy
  80. Endurance: Pregnancy: The Long Ordeal
  81. Endurance: Withstood too much to let a silly man get to me
  82. Endurance: The sickness that comes with failure
  83. Endurance: Using repetitive action to dull anxiety
  84. Endurance: Resolute Persistence
  85. Endurance: Try, Try Again
  86. Endurance: Remaining focused despite intense emotional disruption
  87. Endurance: Pregnancy can take a physical and emotional toll
  88. Endurance:The abuse of taste buds while tasting terrible dishes
  89. Endurance: Standing for breaks
  90. Endurance: Battling exhaustion
  91. Endurance: Maintaining focus
  92. Endurance: Morning sickness
  93. Endurance: Early stages of pregnancy can be exhausting
  94. Endurance: Fighting against stronger opponents
  95. Endurance: Struggling against all the odds
  96. Endurance: Taking a hit to the face
  97. Endurance: Ignoring pain
  98. Endurance: Pregnancy tired is unlike any other
  99. Endurance: Pushing self to the limit when already tired
  100. Endurance: Onset of a panic attack
  101. Endurance: Oxygen deprivation
  102. Endurance: Pain to force yourself to breathe.
  103. Endurance: Dealing with extreme emotions.
  104. Endurance: Pregnancy: A long haul
  105. Endurance: Holding another's memories can be physically painful
  106. Endurance: Feeling another person's torture / branding


X Knowledges
Insert here


137 Knowledges
  1. Etiquette: It's polite to help a lady who is struggling
  2. Etiquette: Point out the flaws in others' behaviour
  3. Etiquette: How to answer the boss' question
  4. Etiquette: You Keep Memories Alive in Stories
  5. Etiquette: Respect to Others is Important in Most Cultures
  6. Etiquette: Sharing Common Language Tips
  7. Etiquette: Sharing Stories at Meal Time
  8. Etiquette: Inviting Arlo to the Dance
  9. Etiquette: Timely compliments smooth tensions
  10. Etiquette: Apologizing for angry outbursts to mend fences
  11. Etiquette: Return what you stole (tokens)
  12. Etiquette: Understand the role of your handler
  13. Etiquette: Always maintain a physical relationship with your handler
  14. Etiquette: Check if tactile contact is acceptable
  15. Etiquette: Introductions
  16. Etiquette: Be clear about where your loyalties lay
  17. Etiquette: A whore goes where her handler puts her
  18. Etiquette: Demonstrating loyalty physically
  19. Etiquette: Hide outbursts of laughter
  20. Etiquette: Apologize when it's necessary
  21. Etiquette: Always remember how fragile the male ego can be
  22. Etiquette: A good wine doesn't help a bad meal
  23. Etiquette: Appropriate seating standards
  24. Etiquette: Playing a role in a group
  25. Etiquette: Idle chit-chat
  26. Etiquette: Underwear is usually expected
  27. Etiquette: Speak the native language, it's polite
  28. Etiquette: Meeting strangers
  29. Etiquette: Family will always be more important
  30. Etiquette: When to remain quiet.
  31. Etiquette: Touching people often weirds them out
  32. Etiquette: Apologizing when you're hurtful
  33. Etiquette: Respectfully declining a bonus
  34. Etiquette: Buying a round of drinks for the crowd
  35. Etiquette: Rynmere Nobility
  36. Etiquette: The Role Of A Lady
  37. Etiquette: Appearing to be that which you are not
  38. Etiquette: Hostess
  39. Etiquette: Sending a modest but sincere sounding letter
  40. Etiquette: Allow enough time for other party to respond.
  41. Etiquette: Preforming a proper curtsy
  42. Etiquette: don’t forget your mask
  43. Etiquette: using the proper honorific
  44. Etiquette: The careful juggling act of dealing with a loose cannon
  45. Etiquette: Maintaining Eye contact when speaking
  46. Etiquette: Whisper in a Library
  47. Etiquette: If you are going to have a formal dinner, you want to look your best
  48. Etiquette: It's impolite to ignore someone's letters
  49. Etiquette: Thanking the host
  50. Etiquette: Thanking your Mother for her Assistance in your Union.
  51. Etiquette: Courting even though you didn’t want to Initially.
  52. Etiquette: Formal Titles Count.
  53. Etiquette: Knowing that First Names Aren’t Always Used at Dinner.
  54. Etiquette: Understanding the Subtleties of whom Serves your dining Partner.
  55. Etiquette: Some nobles take improper table position as an insult
  56. Etiquette: Apologize to the servants for making messes.
  57. Etiquette: Avoid scandal wherever possible
  58. Etiquette: Offer to help
  59. Etiquette: Correct use of titles
  60. Etiquette: Not revealing secrets
  61. Etiquette: Compliment your date, even when they already know they look good
  62. Etiquette: Some cultures don’t care about personal space
  63. Etiquette: Seat the lady first
  64. Etiquette: Using a napkin correctly
  65. Etiquette: Attend dinner at the sound of the gong
  66. Etiquette: A barrage of questions is considered rude
  67. Etiquette: The Posture of a Lady
  68. Etiquette: The Rynmere System of Hierachy
  69. Etiquette: Keeping a Collected Demeanour
  70. Etiquette: What it is to be property
  71. Etiquette: The Difference of Demand and Free Will
  72. Etiquette: Slavers are not to be loved
  73. Etiquette: The shaking of hands
  74. Etiquette: Manners
  75. Etiquette: As a slave, avert your gaze
  76. Etiquette: Curtsy
  77. Etiquette: It is unacceptable for a slave to kiss her master outside of the bedroom
  78. Etiquette: A slave must not embarrass their master
  79. Etiquette: A slave may only eat with their master if he allows it
  80. Etiquette: Correct wine pouring
  81. Etiquette: Curtsy and bow
  82. Etiquette: Holding your frustration
  83. Etiquette: Tea snorting is considered "ewwww"
  84. Etiquette: Avoiding Subjects That Cause Discomfort
  85. Etiquette: Understanding the Tone of Conversation
  86. Etiquette: It is polite to offer guests refreshments
  87. Etiquette: Politely refusing payment.
  88. Etiquette: Maintaining an appropriate distance
  89. Etiquette: Dry your hands before answering the door
  90. Etiquette: Don't be too sassy
  91. Etiquette: Saying "Thank You"
  92. Etiquette: Sometimes Sympathy Can Seem Patronizing
  93. Etiquette: Brush Your Teeth First Thing
  94. Etiquette: Teasing a Friend with an Amazing Domain Bag
  95. Etiquette: Bring a Gift to a Party
  96. Etiquette: Knowing your place
  97. Etiquette: Knowing when what you are feeling is unbecoming
  98. Etiquette: Remaining professional and calm in a difficult situation
  99. Etiquette: Disagreeing with Tact
  100. Etiquette: Acting properly as a teacher
  101. Etiquette: Observing Propriety in a Battle Zone
  102. Etiquette: Volunteering Aid to Master's Relatives
  103. Etiquette: Birth doesn’t require an Audience
  104. Etiquette: How to address a professor
  105. Etiquette: Answer only what has been asked of you by authorities
  106. Etiquette: Maintaining Proper Poise During an Interview
  107. Etiquette: Speaking politely about age
  108. Etiquette: Politely Calling People Out
  109. Etiquette: Fake smiles
  110. Etiquette: Don’t act rashly
  111. Etiquette: don’t speak more than needed
  112. Etiguette: How to properly address a noble
  113. Etiquette: Ignorance and Intellectual depravity are unforgivable sins
  114. Etiquette: When a story is inappropriate to tell.
  115. Etiquette: Greeting a soldier with proper deference
  116. Etiquette: Being Well Prepared for your Duties.
  117. Etiquette: Waiting Patiently When Asked.
  118. Etiquette: Waiting Until you Propose Change.
  119. Etiquette: Knocking For Patients
  120. Etiquette: Announcing Presence in the Dark
  121. Etiquette: How to Behave at a Play
  122. Etiquette: Providing useful information in order to help another
  123. Etiquette: It is improper for a professor to date their student
  124. Etiquette: How to Give a Proper Tour
  125. Etiquette: Best to Write Someone, Even if They Don't Respond
  126. Etiquette: Following Local Traditions
  127. Etiquette: Three Ribbons a Nice Compromise With Tradition
  128. Etiquette: Behaviour when around the in laws
  129. Etiquette: Assisting the professor can also mean being his lackey
  130. Etiquette: Speaking to the Dean
  131. Etiquette: Let the boyfriend go first when boarding pirate vessels.
  132. Etiquette: Ask before sitting with someone
  133. Etiquette: Proper terms of addressing your significant other in work
  134. Etiquette: Tell your significant other that you are not feeling well, even if they can't do anything about it.
  135. Etiquette: People touch the belly when you're pregnant
  136. Etiquette: It is acceptable to hug friends
  137. Etiquette: Boys are sensitive

Field Craft

39 Knowledges
  1. Fieldcraft: Using branches to craft a hide
  2. Fieldcraft: Using branches to craft a hide
  3. Fieldcraft: Don't keep logs in mist, they'll go soggy
  4. Fieldcraft: Water can be found downhill
  5. Fieldcraft: Building crude shelters
  6. Fieldcraft: Forest Survival
  7. Fieldcraft: Catching Game
  8. Field Craft: protect yourself from the cold
  9. Field Craft: Travel Light
  10. Field craft: Dressing for the weather
  11. Field Craft: Skinning Medium Game
  12. Field Craft: Cleaning Bones by Boiling Them
  13. Field Craft: Proper Disposing of Kill
  14. Field Craft: Guts as Bait
  15. Fieldcraft: Turkeys and turkey eggs for dinner
  16. Fieldcraft: Bleeding out a turkey
  17. Fieldcraft: Prepare to leave the night before
  18. Fieldcraft: Identifying where to put a tent
  19. Fieldcraft: Not putting dark coverings on tents in hot weather
  20. Fieldcraft: Quickly packing up camp
  21. Fieldcraft: Cutting your way through the jungle
  22. Fieldcraft: Jungle survival
  23. Fieldcraft: Choosing a spot to set up your tent for winter
  24. Fieldcraft: Combining tents
  25. Fieldcraft: Using tarpaulin to protect against the wind
  26. Fieldcraft: How to season a cast iron pot
  27. Fieldcraft: Prepare for the winter. Winter is coming.
  28. Fieldcraft: Protecting against wind and snow
  29. Fieldcraft: Choosing the best place to set up camp.
  30. Fieldcraft: Starting a fire for food and warmth
  31. Fieldcraft: Gathering wood
  32. Fieldcraft: Choosing the best wood for a fire
  33. Fieldcraft: Telling the time by looking at the sun
  34. Fieldcraft: Keep the camp tidy
  35. Fieldcraft: Cleaning utensils
  36. Fieldcraft: Game trails usually lead to water
  37. Fieldcraft: Stay dry and out of rain under tree canopy
  38. Fieldcraft: Rivers are dangerous after rain
  39. Field Craft: Dangers of Collapsing Caves


4 Knowledges
  1. Fishing: Better To Cast Your Line Further Out
  2. Fishing: Fish Aren't Likely To Be Near Big Ships
  3. Fishing: Reeling In A Catch
  4. Fishing: Releasing Small Catches


8 Knowledges
  1. Fletching: Basics of arrow creation
  2. Fletching: Basic parts
  3. Fletching: Determines how the arrow rotates
  4. Fletching: Straight fletch
  5. Fletching: Wrap fletch
  6. Fletching: The direction of the helical wrap doesn't matter
  7. Fletching: Wrap fletch is much better at distance
  8. Fletching: The tools you use are really important.


X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


X Knowledges
  1. nsert here


X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


27 Knowledges
  1. Gardening: Moss behaves in certain ways
  2. Gardening: Moss does not usually grow in perfect rectangles
  3. Gardening: Moss doesn't just grow on trees.
  4. Gardening Dirtier than the books describe
  5. Gardening: Speaking to plants
  6. Gardening: The right tools!
  7. Gardening: Window boxes and planters for growing food
  8. Gardening: Growing herbs in a ship’s cabin
  9. Gardening: Using a ship’s cabin roof as a gardening space
  10. Gardening: Keep vegetables and fruits cool when storing them
  11. Gardening: The herbal properties of lavender
  12. Gardening: How to use mortar and pestle
  13. Gardening: Plant: Winter Savory (3)
  14. Gardening: Herbalism: Where lavender grows
  15. Gardening: Growing mint
  16. Gardening Herbalism, Moseke Mist: The root is the most potent
  17. Gardening: Herbalism: Scarf rot: Grows in three layers
  18. Gardening: Arrowroot
  19. Gardening: Lavender
  20. Gardening: Mint
  21. Gardening: Turning all of the earth and digging lines to ensure that all of the plants get the same amount of moisture
  22. Gardening: Comfrey: Difficult to grow in the cold
  23. Gardening: Planting crops in order to spread out the harvest of vegetables and fruit
  24. Gardening: Large gardens require more organisation
  25. Gardening: Spray insect repellent every five trials
  26. Gardening: Growing in confined spaces
  27. Gardening: Identifying places which are appropriate, even for a traveller


X Knowledges
  1. Insert here
H, I, J


34 Knowledges
  1. Hunting: Recognizing Hafrein Deer Tracks
  2. Hunting: Boars cover themselves in mud
  3. Hunting: Ruined Flesh Can be Used as Bait
  4. Hunting: Skinning the Squirrel
  5. Hunting: Drop the Weight for Quicker Chase
  6. Hunting: Animals use scent to track prey
  7. Hunting:Firing from Hidden Position
  8. Hunting: Retrieve your ammunition while on the run
  9. Hunting: soil is soft, not packed so the track must be fairly recent
  10. Hunting: the difference between a raccoon paw print and a dog or cat
  11. Hunting: Deer prints and how they are different from other animals with cloven hooves
  12. Hunting: be patient, for a deer will always outrun you.
  13. Hunting: Spulmokawarta tracks
  14. Hunting: Telling when a creature was running
  15. Hunting: Telling when a creature was stationary
  16. Hunting: Knowing a girls footprints
  17. Hunting: Using your hand to measure a foot size
  18. Hunting: Similarities between Pelts of Land Animals and Sea Creatures
  19. Hunting: Using Every Part of a Kill
  20. Hunting: Possible game during Cylus
  21. Hunting: Bird tracks in the snow
  22. Hunting: Recognising the signs of a male deer/Bruxon's presence
  23. Hunting: You should really learn about your prey
  24. Hunting: Recognising a change in size and depth from a normal creatures tracks
  25. Hunting: Sensing a Quiet Forest
  26. Hunting: When following tracks, follow the most obvious.
  27. Hunting: Distinguishing old and new tracks
  28. Hunting: Sometimes, there are too many tracks to make sense
  29. Hunting: Tracking above ground, looking for disturbed branches
  30. Hunting: Flunnies
  31. Hunting: Tracking: Identifying specific animals
  32. Hunting: Tracking: Identifying hybrids
  33. Hunting: Tracking: Determining direction of flight
  34. Hunting: Tracking: Determining when a creature is carrying another.


40 Knowledges
  1. Intelligence: Asking questions to determine not just what, but why
  2. Intelligence: Using mortalborn abilities as a means of intelligence gathering
  3. Intelligence: Gathering intelligence as a prostitute
  4. Intelligence: Applying your Own Situation to those in Places of Power.
  5. Intelligence: Types of information
  6. Intelligence: Seemingly mundane information can be useful
  7. Intelligence: Identifying places where intelligence can be gathered.
  8. Intelligence: Spotting flaws in information-gathering techniques
  9. Intelligence: Knowing when to question, when to keep quiet
  10. Intelligence: Symbols as signs of group membership
  11. Intelligence: Don't assume motivations
  12. Intelligence: Spotting the best client for the night
  13. Intelligence: Responding in a way the client wants to put them at their ease
  14. Intelligence: Setting up contacts
  15. Intelligence: You shouldn't make assumptions based on no knowledge
  16. Intelligence: Investigation: Seeking Multiple Informants
  17. Intelligence: Utilizing punishment as a tool (being punished to gather information)
  18. Intelligence: Fettering Out Comparisons
  19. Intelligence: organisations in Rynmere
  20. Intelligence: Underground organisations with a focus on nobility
  21. Intelligence: Take note to report back to father
  22. Intelligence: Everybody Has Secrets
  23. Intelligence: Gathering small details from a story
  24. Intelligence: Consider why someone would do something apparently illogicalX
  25. Intelligence: Secretly Making Allegiances Known
  26. Intelligence: Watching Contacts
  27. Intelligence: Your Echo Scroll Will Keep You in Touch
  28. Intelligence: The Tomb is the Key Target
  29. Intelligence: casual ease dropping
  30. Intelligence: Formulating Detailed Questions.
  31. Intelligence: Quarantine as a Necessary Safeguard.
  32. Intelligence: Using Darkness and Your Sight to their Advantage.
  33. Intelligence: The importance of keeping information secret
  34. Intelligence: Information is power
  35. Intelligence: The Use of Medical Records
  36. Intelligence: Gathering feelings about foreign lands
  37. Intelligence: Finding out a general feeling
  38. Intelligence: Generalizations often have nuggets of truth
  39. Intelligence: Getting Information Right from the Source
  40. Intelligence: An Immortal That Needs Your Help is a Good Source


13 Knowledges
  1. Interrogation: Asking lots of questions to ascertain details
  2. Interrogation: Sometimes you can interrogate people with a smile
  3. Interrogation: Barrage of questions
  4. Interrogation: that your tree?
  5. Interrogation: If you don’t ask you don’t know
  6. Interrogation: Why Desnind? seems like a long way away.
  7. Interrogation: What is an ornamental fish pond!?
  8. Interrogation: Trying to find out what secret your significant other is keeping
  9. Interrogation: Establishing a time and place
  10. Interrogation: Open vs closed questions
  11. Interrogation: Asking questions about what you were signed up for
  12. Interrogation: Friendly questions work well with people who aren’t threats
  13. Interrogation: A Long-Abandoned Agent Will Likely Spill His Guts


9 Knowledges
  1. Intimidation: Rudeness as self-defense
  2. Intimidation: I don’t know karate but I do know craaazy.
  3. Intimidation: Threats can ring hollow on those who live in danger
  4. Intimidation: Threatening to avoid altercation
  5. Intimidation: Letting Them Know That You Have Many Allies
  6. Intimidation: Explaining how you intend to cause pain
  7. Intimidation: Explaining the horrors that might unfold
  8. Intimidation: Waving a weapon
  9. Intimidation: Focus on pre-existing fears


69 Knowledges
  1. Investigation: Determining the use of Empathy while performing
  2. Investigation: Ensure you know all the details
  3. nvestigation: Determining another persons age
  4. Investigation: The tracks of a wounded animal
  5. Investigation: Separating the Dream World from the Real World can be a Hard Task.
  6. Investigation: Determining that the shrine is, in fact, creepy
  7. Investigation: Footprints
  8. Investigation: Comparing two sets of markings
  9. Investigation: Comparing real life buildings to ones that you've seen in your dreams
  10. Investigation: Searching for clues in someone's home
  11. Investigation: Considering things which are out of place
  12. Investigation: Secret compartments
  13. Investigation: Trying to think where clues could be hidden
  14. Investigation: Working out where you know someone from
  15. Investigation: Alcohol as a way to gather information
  16. Investigation: Sometimes, you don't need to ask questions, just let them talk
  17. Investigation: Steer a conversation, don't direct it
  18. Investigation: Using minor details to create a scandal
  19. Investigation: Finding out about someone from a third party.
  20. Investigation: Small details can be incredibly important.
  21. Investigation: It's important not to get hung up on minor details
  22. Investigation: Putting together clues
  23. Investigation: Asking questions for clarity
  24. Investigation: Reading Body Language
  25. Investigation: Looking through windows for clues
  26. Investigation: Check drawers and cupboards for clues
  27. Investigation: To find someone, start in the most likely location
  28. Investigation: A good investigation starts with a plan
  29. Investigation: If no one answers the door, try the window
  30. Investigation: Thinking like the enemy
  31. Investigation: Using the powers of deduction to figure something out
  32. Investigation: Remembering past events
  33. Investigation: The importance of taking notes during an investigation
  34. Investigation: Checking clothing for clues
  35. Investigation: Checking a body for clues
  36. Investigation: Measuring the victim to determine whether the clothing fit them
  37. Investigation: Asking the Right Questions
  38. Investigation: People “Can’t or Won’t” Answer?
  39. Investigation: Always keep your samples organized and labeled.
  40. Investigation: The victim was not force fed due to lack of mouth damage.
  41. Investigation: The type of bruises left by metal manacles.
  42. Investigation: Loose manacles vs tight.
  43. Investigation: The victims may be surrogates for someone else.
  44. Investigation: Murderer likely deals with horses.
  45. Investigation: Murders centred around the Glass Quarter.
  46. Investigation: Taking samples
  47. Investigation: A theory without proof is just a theory
  48. Investigation: How to connect evidence in order to build a theory
  49. Investigation: An estimation of Professor Argus’s age.
  50. Investigation: Spotting An Opportunity to gain Professionally Sourced Information.
  51. Investigation: A Careful Diagnosis of their Symptoms.
  52. Investigation: Drawing the correct conclusion from the clues present
  53. Investigation: Deducing Sources of an Ailment
  54. Investigation: trying to figure out what Padraig’s present is
  55. Investigation: Going to the right person for information you need
  56. Investigation: Break-Ins Were a Gang Initiation Prank
  57. Investigation: No Evidence of Picked Lock Means a Key
  58. Investigation: Perpetrator is the Son of One of the Keepers
  59. Investigation: The Tell-Tale Hat
  60. Investigation: A Bizarre Environment Can Still Hold Believable Clues
  61. Investigation: Determining Someone's Age by Their Vocabulary
  62. Investigation: Putting together clues to pregnancy
  63. Investigation: Asking questions to aid diagnosis
  64. Investigation: Thorough examination leads to efficient diagnosis
  65. Investigation: Working together provides options
  66. Investigation: Consider geographical clues
  67. Investigation: Ask questions about who is not involved
  68. Investigation: Consider alternative possibilities.
  69. Investigation: Working out who has blessed a mortal

Jewelry Crafting

X Knowledges
  1. Insert here
K, L


44 Knowledges
  1. Leadership: Giving commands
  2. Leadership: Tell people what you want from them
  3. Leadership: Convincing citizens to stay out of the jungle
  4. Leadership: Volunteering to scour the jungle
  5. Leadership: Keeping Secrets to Protect People
  6. Leadership: Giving direction without using the words
  7. Leadership: Going first and being the lead in a group
  8. Leadership: Taking charge in a difficult situation
  9. Leadership: Designating tasks
  10. Leadership: Regaining control of a tense situation
  11. Leadership: Clear instructions
  12. Leadership: Leading accompanying musicians
  13. Leadership: Commanding a parrot
  14. Leadership: Direction In The Voice
  15. Leadership: Forming a plan for a murder investigation.
  16. Leadership: Gaining the respect of a group
  17. Leadership: Maintaining the interest of your audience
  18. Leadership: Connecting with individuals in a group setting
  19. Leadership: Redirecting the focus of your audience
  20. Leadership: Use of new concepts and ideas to maintain the interest of your audience
  21. Leadership: Spontaneous Commands to Those Around You
  22. Leadership: Spreading the Word of Enemy Tactics
  23. Leadership: Delegating Tasks in a Workplace
  24. Leadership: Motivating a Parent to Stay Strong
  25. Leadership: Encouragement through genuine expression of ones feelings and thoughts.
  26. Leadership: Bouncing ideas and taking considerations among equals.
  27. Leadership: How to take initiative and control, even when those around you refuse it.
  28. Leadership: Refuse to back down even when others are screaming in your face.
  29. Leadership: This is my kitchen, we run it my way
  30. Leadership: Being clear on who you want assisting you- and who not.
  31. Leadership: Giving clear commands
  32. Leadership: Sharp tone of voice
  33. Leadership: Eye contact helps
  34. Leadership: Lay expectations out clearly
  35. Leadership: Ensure that you keep them on their toes
  36. Leadership: Classroom management
  37. Leadership: Keeping good time
  38. Leadership: Crowd control
  39. Leadership: Preparing for a medical admission
  40. Leadership: Telling people what you need, clearly
  41. Leadership: Directing and requesting
  42. Leadership: Managing individuals reactions.
  43. Leadership: Repeating and reinforcing the ethos you adhere to.
  44. Leadership: Being bossy with friends

Leather Working

X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


13 Knowledges
  1. Linguistics: Reading and writing methods for the blind
  2. Linguistics: Communicating with hands.
  3. Linguistics: Language: Xanthea
  4. Linguistics: Listening to a Conversation Helps to Learn a Language
  5. Linguistics: Xanthean: "Goodtrial" and "Thank You"
  6. Linguistics: Xanthean: Practice Makes Perfect
  7. Linguistics (Common Sign) : Individual Letters Sometimes Require Two Hands
  8. Linguistics (Common Sign) : Thank You, like Blowing a Kiss
  9. Linguistics (Common Sign) : The Sign for Good Trial Resembles a Backwards Salute
  10. Linguistics (Common Sign) : Using Signs To Give Phrases or Commands
  11. Linguistics: Better to know common sign than not know it
  12. Linguistic: Practice makes perfect
  13. Linguistics: Practicing Xanthean at a Holiday Party

Lock Picking

X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


68 Knowledges
  1. Logic: Detachment From A Situation Lends New Perspective
  2. Logic: Debating the Difficulties of Parenthood
  3. Logistics: Planning an archaeological dig
  4. Logistics: Planning a Trip with a Friend.
  5. Logistics: Layout of an archaeological camp
  6. Logistics: Places to grow vegetables on a sloop
  7. Logistics: Planning a meeting with your totally not gay future husband
  8. Logistics: Thinking of wedding arrangements.
  9. Logistics: Planning your wedding
  10. Logistics: Planning a murder
  11. Logistics: Working around complications in the plan
  12. Logisitcs: Don’t forget the poison tea.
  13. Logistics: Planning for childcare
  14. Logistics: Considering the future
  15. Logistics: Planning to overthrow a throne
  16. Logistics: Creative storage techniques with local materials
  17. Logistics: When time is short, start with the most efficient tasks
  18. Logistics: The value of making lists
  19. Logistics: How to prioritize a list
  20. Logistics: How to plan for success
  21. Logistics: Keep quiet, don’t wake the baby
  22. Domestic: New mother? Wait on her hand and foot
  23. Logistics: Domestic: Balancing speed and care
  24. Logistics: Domestic: Comforting the mother and baby
  25. Logistics: Domestic: Silent service is best
  26. Logistics: Domestic: Anticipate their needs
  27. Logistics: How to prepare for a day trip
  28. Logistics: Work in a system to make sure everyone is attended, and prioritize those most needy.
  29. Logistics: Organization means efficiency
  30. Logistics: High fashion means high costs
  31. Logistics: Make an item easily customizable to save money
  32. Logistics: Testing before doing
  33. Logistics: Choosing items to pack
  34. Logistics: Working out the details of a collaboration
  35. Logistics: The necessity of a timeframe
  36. Logistics: The logistics of a murder investigation
  37. Logistics: Basic Testing Procedure
  38. Logistics: Carefully planning a romantic outing with precise organization.
  39. Logistics: bring your medicine kit just incase.
  40. Logistics: Injured Rescuers Just Add to the Problem
  41. Logistics: Poorly Outfitted Slaves are an Ill-used Commodity
  42. Logistics: Trying to find reason
  43. Logistics: Planning a trip to Scalvoris
  44. Logistics: Gathering, preparing and organizing materials
  45. Logistics: Having the proper materials
  46. Logistics: Using details to plan a project
  47. Logistics: Better Suited as Fighter Than Healer in Tomb Battle
  48. Logistics: Experience of a Well Organized Clinic.
  49. Logistics: Beginning a record for future reference
  50. Logistics: Arranging classes and textbooks on behalf of another party
  51. Logistics: Keeping an up to date list of current stock
  52. Logistics: Planning a cooking contest
  53. Logistics: Dealing with three way ties
  54. Logistics: Dividing workers into teams
  55. Logistics: Running a contest during business hours
  56. Logistics: Working out a schedule for an event
  57. Logistics: Planning a menu
  58. Logistics: Prioritizing tasks for employees
  59. Logistics: Organising meals for a full household
  60. Logistics: Having information ready
  61. Logistics: Keeping a copy
  62. Logistics: Are the Processes Required for Success Cost-Effective?
  63. Logistics: Wedding planning starts with a date
  64. Logistics: When faced with planning something unknown, gather information first
  65. Logistics: Running a busy household.
  66. Logistics: Planning together requires time and communication
  67. Logistics: Organising a surprise
  68. Logistics: Changing a plan based on new information


13 Knowledges
  1. Mathematics: The Basics of Arythmetic
  2. Mathematics: Pure mathematics
  3. Mathematics: Applied mathematics
  4. Mathematics: Quantity and ratio
  5. Mathematics: Measurement
  6. Mathematics: Backtracking your steps to find what you did wrong.
  7. Mathematics: Angles in a triangle always add up to 180 degrees
  8. Mathematics: Based on logic and patterns
  9. Mathematics: Roughly converting clothing dimensions.
  10. Mathematics: How much powder to the given area
  11. Mathematics: Determining the average rate of murder.
  12. Mathematics: Trying to make an uneven number work in your crafting project.
  13. Mathematics: Checking and double checking calculations.


100 Knowledges
Congratulations to Faith for achieving Grandmaster Medicine!
  1. Medicine: Treating Open Wounds
  2. Medicine: Milkthistle is a numbing agent
  3. Medicine: Basic triage care
  4. Medicine: Moving fall/trauma victims could cause additional injury
  5. Medicine: Keeping a trauma victim talking to gain information regarding their status
  6. Medicine: Cleaning wounds
  7. Medicine: Stitches for a knife wound
  8. Medicine: Caring for a Concussion
  9. Medicine: Internal injuries: Best not to move a patient
  10. Medicine: The Raft as an alchemical waterproof bandage
  11. Medicine Herb: Death: Lavender and Eucalyptus to combat the smell
  12. Medicine: Use of herbs in death rituals, crafting incense etc.
  13. Medicine: Close the body quickly
  14. Medicine: Arnica to Help Heal Bruising.
  15. Medicine: A Soft Voice can be Soothing Itself.
  16. Medicine: Comforting a Pregnant Woman
  17. Medicine: Soothing Herbs
  18. Medicine: Don't Scratch that Itch
  19. Medicine: How to deal with a head wound
  20. Medicine: Pregnant Women Need to Eat
  21. Medicine: How to breathe when panicked
  22. Medicine: Dealing with shock
  23. Medicine: Mint is good for the digestive system
  24. Medicine: Lavender has antiseptic properties
  25. Medicine: Cloth In Place of Bandages
  26. Medicine: Tea Tree, Lavender, Aloe, and Crush Yarrow Helps Heal Wounds
  27. Medicine: Crushed Yarrow Is a Good Anaesthetic
  28. Medicine: Splint Broken Legs With Cloth and Boards
  29. Medicine: Stop Bleeding First
  30. Medicine: Repositioning and Relocating A Broken Leg
  31. Medicine: Diagnosing an arterial bleed
  32. Medicine: The Moukou Bean
  33. Medicine: The Seaweed Buoy
  34. Medicine: Applying appropriate pressure to open wounds
  35. Medicine: Diagnosing broken ribs
  36. Medicine: Cold Compress for swelling
  37. Medicine: Antiseptics have a mild anaesthetic effect.
  38. Medicine: Analgesic cream numbs pain.
  39. Medicine: Closing wounds is critical
  40. Medicine: Immobilizing the injured area of the body
  41. Medicine: Elevating legs to keep blood to heart
  42. Medicine: Throwing up can cause dehydration
  43. Medicine: Use physics to your advantage
  44. Medicine: Find the bleeding. Stop the bleeding. Save the life.
  45. Medicine: Different ways to stop bleeding
  46. Medicine: Tourniquet: The Faith way
  47. Medicine: Scarf rot for burns
  48. Medicine: How to deal with frostbite
  49. Medicine: Scarf rot: Puts people to sleep
  50. Medicine: Talc: How to make
  51. Medicine: Wounds, once cleaned and treated, can become reinfected due to dirty bandages
  52. Medicine: Tree sap and honey can be used to prevent wounds becoming infected and treat infected wounds
  53. Medicine: Winter Savory: Herbal Uses
  54. Medicine: Every Fluid Gets in Wounds
  55. Medicine: Pigskin and Orange Peel as Skin Substitutes
  56. Medicine: cleaning an infected wound
  57. Medicine: applying "the raft"
  58. Medicine: good bedside manner
  59. Medicine: The Physical Examination
  60. Medicine: Coagulant Therapy for Spontaneous Bleeding
  61. Medicine: Linking disciplines with advancements
  62. Medicine: Relies on the input of other sciences.
  63. Medicine: Testing on animals is sometimes necessary
  64. Medicine: The Side-Effects of Drugs Must be Considered
  65. Medicine: Removing Glass from a Wound
  66. Medicine: Using Dead Animals to Stop People from Freezing.
  67. Medicine: The Stages of Hypothermia.
  68. Medicine: A Respiratory Check.
  69. Medicine: Traditional Procedure can be Quick to Judge.
  70. Medicine: The different part of the eye
  71. Medicine: If you get an infection in the cornea, you can find light unpleasant and it takes longer to focus
  72. Medicine: An infection in the cornea often rectifies without any intervention
  73. Medicine: Treating an infection in the cornea with eyedrops
  74. Medicine: Making an elderflower eye bath
  75. Medicine: How to lessen the strain caused by Lightbane
  76. Medicine: Changing treatments to avoid further damage
  77. Medicine: Common Treatments For Hayfever
  78. Medicine: Herbal Tea
  79. Medicine: Herbal Oil Up The Nose
  80. Medicine: Treating Nasally With Vapors
  81. Medicine: Importing Treatments From Other Regions
  82. Medicine: Tracking spreading patterns of 'The Rot'
  83. Medicine: Behaviors of 'The Rot' in different geological locations or among various races
  84. Medicine: Relaxation can be good medicine
  85. Medicine: Sourcing medications/herbs from other locations
  86. Medicine: Johnswort: For mood disorders and skin infections
  87. Medicine: Distillation of herbs to extract healing, injectable oils
  88. Medicine: Healing through diet
  89. Medicine: Fighting illness on multiple fronts
  90. Medicine: Pathophysiology Before a Cure
  91. Medicine: Using cooking herbs to slow brain rot
  92. Medicine: Using an Immortal's blessing to aid your work.
  93. Medicine: Combining medicine and alchemy
  94. Medicine: "Burning Stomach" can be held at bay and cured by a moss
  95. Medicine: "Moseke's Moss" has curative properties
  96. Medicine: Antidote for strychnine is oak bark
  97. Medicine: All Blood May Not be the Same
  98. Medicine: Blood is Made of Both Compatible and Incompatible Elements
  99. Medicine: Blending For Several Needs into a Tincture
  100. Medicine: Diagnosing developmental delay


37 Knowledges
  1. Meditation: Music as an inward path
  2. Meditation: Using the setting to determine focus
  3. Meditation: Don’t let nerves sway you from your path.
  4. Meditation: Regulating breathing
  5. Meditation: Sometimes It Brings The Focus You Need to Figure Things Out
  6. Meditation: Concentrating on making a spoon stir in a dream.
  7. Meditation: Doesn't need to be sitting still.
  8. Meditation: Movement as meditation
  9. Meditation: Breathing in to coincide with movement.
  10. Meditation: Breathing out slowly
  11. Meditation: Using repetition to aid meditation
  12. Meditation: Concentrate on movement
  13. Meditation: Clear your mind
  14. Meditation: Correct breathing requires focus
  15. Meditation: Tapping into the calm in your core
  16. Meditation: Pull in calmness, push out tension
  17. Meditation: Calming, healing breath
  18. Meditation: Sitting still
  19. Meditation: breathing in to calm your emotions before explaining something.
  20. Meditation: The process of gratitude
  21. Meditation: Using breathing to focus your thoughts
  22. Meditation: Visualizing your happy place
  23. Meditation: Moving your body to still your thoughts
  24. Meditation: Finding your personal meditation style
  25. Meditation: Exploring memories through music
  26. Meditation: Your Faith Can Calm You
  27. Meditation: Maintaining focus throughout the cooking process.
  28. Meditation: Finding calm in pain to make it more manageable.
  29. Meditation: Clearing your head
  30. Meditation: Clear your mind of bad feelings, they won't help you
  31. Meditation: The Long-Term Patience of Awaiting a Letter Back
  32. Meditation: find your courage
  33. Meditation: Breathing slowly.
  34. Meditation: Can be a form of prayer
  35. Meditation: Settle Into The Familiar Before Broaching the Frightful
  36. Meditation: Stop thinking, just imagine
  37. Meditation: Processing difficult emotions with music


X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


13 Knowledges
  1. Mount: Horse: Basics of a saddle
  2. Mount: Horse: Putting on a girth strap
  3. Mount: Horse: Tendency to hold breath whilst saddling up
  4. Mount: Horse: Putting in the bit and reins
  5. Mount: Horse: Getting to know your horse is important
  6. Mount: Mounting up!
  7. Mount: Horses will generally follow each other
  8. Mount: Horses are slaves to hunger
  9. Mount: Jacadon landing
  10. Mount: Horse: Riding with two people
  11. Riding: Jumping onto a horse
  12. Riding: Pushing a horse to the limits

Music (Unofficial Skill)

2 Knowledges
  1. Music: Expression of the Soul
  2. Music: Song "The Coachman"

Musical Instrument

34 Knowledges
  1. Musical Instrument: Gittern: Basic Scales
  2. Musical Instrument: Gittern: Casual strumming
  3. Musical Instrument: Gittern: Comfortable hold
  4. Lute: Basic Tuning Techniques
  5. Lute: Finger placement
  6. Lute: Encouraging romance with a melody
  7. Lute: Adjusting play style for a different audience
  8. Lute: Warm up chords
  9. Lute: Playing background music
  10. Lute: Picturing your situation before you play
  11. Lute: Ambiance is a more subtle performance
  12. Lute: Playing your feelings when words won't do
  13. Lute: Playing to attract an audience
  14. Lute: Tunes Tunawa can dance to
  15. Lute: Recovering from a distraction
  16. Lute: Playing from the heart
  17. Lute: Playing for a crowd
  18. Lute: Improvisation
  19. Lute: Playing quietly while singing
  20. Lute: Playing sad songs is sad
  21. Lute: Changing your tune on the fly
  22. Lute: Parts of a lute
  23. Lute: How to accompany a Tunawa
  24. Lute: Adjusting volume to sing
  25. Lute: Playing through the nerves
  26. Lute: Ending well in a rush
  27. Lute: Choosing your melody to suit the season
  28. Lute: Accompaniment to a story
  29. Lute: Improvising as accompaniment
  30. Lute: Music as an offering of worship
  31. Lute: A meditative tool
  32. Lute: Improvising memory as song
  33. Lute: Difficult emotions expressed with hope
  34. Lute: Playing music while touching Tangles
  35. Lute: Music as a form of self-defense
  36. Lute: Keeping a party going with the right tempo
  37. Lute: Keeping up with your accompaniment


17 Knowledges
  1. Navigation: How to find the north star
  2. Navigation: Compass will do
  3. Navigation: How to read a compass
  4. Navigation: Finding your way through a forest at night/in Cylus
  5. Navigation: Finding your way in the dark
  6. Navigation: Following another's instruction and guidance
  7. Navigation: Calculating Wind Speed
  8. Navigation: Map-reading
  9. Navigation: Working out time from scale
  10. Navigation: Working from map to land
  11. Navigation: Plotting a course over land
  12. Navigation (Land): How to follow basic instructions
  13. Navigation (Land): How to plot a course for success
  14. Navigation (Land): Follow the direction of the river
  15. Navigation: Determining where you are on a map.
  16. Navigation: North is always up, the right is east.
  17. Navigation: Retracing your Steps


49 Knowledges
  1. Sewing: Coffin Lining
  2. Sewing: Making clothes for dead people
  3. Sewing: Cross-stitch
  4. Sewing: All Fingers And Thumbs
  5. Sewing: Undertaking: Cut clothes to make dressing death easier
  6. Sewing: Knitting: How to sew a cape in your dreams!
  7. Sewing: Difficult on the Move
  8. Sewing: Doubling seams to add strength
  9. Sewing: Working with voile.
  10. Sewing: Hiding hems on the inside.
  11. Sewing: Measure till you’re sure, cut once.
  12. Sewing: Taking Measurement, and getting personal.
  13. Sewing: How to thread a needle
  14. Sewing: Benefits of the satin stitch
  15. Sewing: How to sew a satin stitch
  16. Sewing: First, take the model’s measurements
  17. Sewing: How to knit a hat.
  18. Sewing: Knit two, purl two.
  19. Sewing: Matching appropriate garments to customers.
  20. Sewing: Colours add Depth
  21. Sewing: Flimsy vs Reinforced Materials
  22. Sewing: Painting a Picture
  23. Sewing: Swirling Stitch
  24. Sewing: Use of Paper to Thicken Materials
  25. Sewing: Creating pockets for warm stones to heat up bedrolls.
  26. Sewing: Sewing in embroidery on a gown
  27. Sewing: Taking measurements
  28. Sewing: Measuring twice to be certain
  29. Sewing: Picking out colors to match complexion and eyes
  30. Sewing: Sewing pleats
  31. Sewing: Sewing in small details
  32. Sewing: Sewing lace
  33. Sewing: Making a Quilt
  34. Sewing: Marking your progress
  35. Sewing: Piping
  36. Sewing: Creating clothes to fit a certain person
  37. Sewing: When you repair clothing you have to check all over
  38. Sewing: an embroidered book mark
  39. Sewing: 70 small keys for each night you’ve fallen asleep with Padraig
  40. Sewing: Making red lace pyjamas.
  41. Sewing: Using a Sample Swatch is Vital To Bigger Projects
  42. Sewing: The Difference Between Good and Masterwork is the Amount of Detail
  43. Sewing: Tiny, weighted clothes for tunawa
  44. Sewing: Measuring is even more important in tunawa
  45. Sewing: Patterns for hats, mittens and gloves
  46. Sewing: Careful layering for capstone ability warmth / cold
  47. Sewing: Using patterns to cut out
  48. Sewing: Patchwork blankets
  49. Sewing: Embroidery


27 Knowledges
  1. Negotiation: Have a flexible schedule
  2. Negotiation: Never tell them how to cook you a free meal
  3. Negotiation: It's hard to say no when drunk
  4. Negotiation: Managing two difficult males.
  5. Negotiation: Keeping clear boundaries.
  6. Negotiation: Better to Irritate a Shop Owner than Jamal
  7. Negotiation: The act of reciprocation
  8. Negotiation: Using memories to ask for favors
  9. Negotiation: Staying Firm When Compromises Won't Work
  10. Negotiation: "I don't have anything" Doesn't leave much room for negotiating
  11. Negotiation: Tell the barbarians that you're ready to negotiate
  12. Negotiation: Make your terms known
  13. Negotiation: Dealing with difficult people
  14. Negotiation: Giving a little to get what you want
  15. Negotiation: Discussing the Terms of a Request
  16. Negotiation: State the non-negotiables
  17. Negotiation: Giving in gracefully
  18. Negotiation: Explaining what you want
  19. Negotiation: Giving concreate examples to nullify counter-arguments
  20. Negotiation: Putting forward good reasons for alternatives
  21. Negotiation: Pointing out why your suggestion is better
  22. Negotiation: Identify where you agree, and where you disagree
  23. Negotiation: Defining terms is important
  24. Negotiation: Challenge ideas in a friendly and accepting manner.
  25. Negotiation: Pointing out that all is alright
  26. Negotiation: Clearly stating the terms for which you will act
  27. Negotiation: Putting Your Devotional Status on the Line
O, P, Q


5 Knowledges
  1. Painting: Acrylic paints dry quickly
  2. Painting: Watercolour paints dry slowl
  3. Painting: Paint what you see, not what you think you see
  4. Painting: Direction of the brush stroke makes a difference to the appearance.
  5. Painting: On to a canvas is different than parchment


100 Knowledges
  1. Persuasion: Addressing a Crowd
  2. Persuasion: Dismissing one's doubts
  3. Persuasion: Understanding need and want
  4. Persuasion: Persuading a Friend with Relaxed Humour.
  5. Persuasion: Being right in an argument
  6. Persuasion: Some people are persuaded by the truth
  7. Persuasion: Using emotional phrases
  8. Persuasion: Identify where your opponent has been wrong
  9. Persuasion: Apologise over a small detail
  10. Persuasion: Gentle teasing
  11. Persuasion: Explaining how you're different
  12. Persuasion: Finding common personality traits
  13. Persuasion: Point out the flaws in a (stupid) argument
  14. Persuasion: Explain why you're obviously right
  15. Persuasion: Be clear on what's on offer
  16. Persuasion: Stating your wishes clearly
  17. Persuasion: Stating what you will not do
  18. Persuasion: Explaining why you will not do something
  19. Persuasion: Use sex as a means of persuasion
  20. Persuasion: Tell them their actions make you sad
  21. Persuasion: Use examples to deconstruct an argument
  22. Persuasion: Confidence is key to a strong argument
  23. Persuasion: Tone of voice can be very persuasive
  24. Persuasion: Persuade during moments of intimacy
  25. Persuasion: Pick your battles
  26. Persuasion: Explaining how you're perfect, just the way you are.
  27. Persuasion: Being clear about what you sell
  28. Persuasion: Saying it how it is.
  29. Persuasion: Explaining why now is the time
  30. Persuasion: Making promises and keeping them
  31. Persuasion: Expressing competence
  32. Persuasion: How to use threats to persuade
  33. Persuasion: How to use promises to persuade
  34. Persuasion: How to appeal to emotion
  35. Persuasion: Honesty can be more powerful than lies
  36. Persuasion: When all else fails, resort to begging
  37. Persuasion: Finding labour
  38. Persuasion: Subtly remind the barbarians to let you sit
  39. Persuasion: Using Flattery and Humility to Advantage a Third Party.
  40. Persuasion: Appealing to Reason
  41. Persuasion: Requesting a private audience
  42. Persuasion: Showing evidence to quell any doubt.
  43. Persuasion: Speaking soft and calmly to relax someone
  44. Persuasion: Explain the reason behind a delay
  45. Persuasion: Trying to make Xander see reason
  46. Persuasion: Explaining why his idea is a bad one
  47. Persuasion: You're the one that isn't ready, not me
  48. Persuasion: Don't stop helping
  49. Persuasion: Honesty is sometimes difficult
  50. Persuasion: Buy them a real drink
  51. Persuasion: Promising no regrets
  52. Persuasion: Let's get to know each other better first
  53. Persuasion: Appealing to the heart instead of the head
  54. Persuasion: Using a prop to illustrate your point
  55. Persuasion: Returning anger with kindness
  56. Persuasion: Forgiveness before permission even with a chair
  57. Persuasion: Offering a song as distraction
  58. Persuasion: Quiet tones for comfort
  59. Persuasion: Innocence can be endearing
  60. Persuasion: Being clear why something is a really stupid idea
  61. Persuasion: Stating what you are doing in the hope others follow
  62. Persuasion: Confessing love to end an argument
  63. Persuasion: Consider the consequences of choices
  64. Persuasion: Plan for success
  65. Persuasion: You’d be surprised.
  66. Persuasion: Charming persistence
  67. Persuasion: If I say I'm the boss, I am. I am!
  68. Persuasion: Using metaphor to press a point
  69. Persuasion: Make it worth their while
  70. Persuasion: Getting People to Look After Themselves
  71. Persuasion: Sometimes it’s best to be blunt
  72. Persuasion: Compelling arguments are based on truth.
  73. Persuasion: Remind them of their mortality.
  74. Persuasion: Soothing words can help calm a distraught individual
  75. Persuasion: Sensitive subjects sometimes require a more empathetic approach
  76. Persuasion: How to use body language to persuade someone to relax
  77. Persuasion: Talk about previous experience Persuasion: Name dropping
  78. Persuasion: Youthful Enthusiasm to Heal can win over your Superior.
  79. Persuasion: Using logic to improve one's point
  80. Persuasion: Taking responsibility onto yourself relieves it from others and allows you to take control.
  81. Persuasion: Pressing your advantage by citing Immortal will.
  82. Persuasion: Presentation Makes for Good First Impressions
  83. Persuasion: Putting forward a moral argument
  84. Persuasion: Appealing to an individual’s academic ego.
  85. Persuasion: Applying your case to what someone already knows
  86. Persuasion: Making an offer of help
  87. Persuasion: Trying to persuade against violence
  88. Persuasion: Trying to save someone from themselves.
  89. Persuasion: Explaining the impossible
  90. Persuasion: Persuading your mentor to support you
  91. Persuasion: Trying to wheedle information out of someone
  92. Persuasion: Start at a point and don't deviate
  93. Persuasion: Recognise your own weaknesses
  94. Persuasion: No time to negotiate in an emergency
  95. Persuasion: Being clear about what you are saying
  96. Persuasion: Letting friends know they are cared for
  97. Persuasion: Pointing out the reality of slavery
  98. Persuasion: Asking for support
  99. Persuasion: Using personal examples
  100. Persuasion: Being clear about giving an order


12 Knowledges
  1. Physics: Density
  2. Physics: Gravity
  3. Physics: Thermodynamics
  4. Physics: Water: Effects of Temperature
  5. Physics: Horse stops, you fly away
  6. Physics: Centre of Balance
  7. Physics: Redistribution of Weight
  8. Physics: how to make vapour more concentrated
  9. Physics: Application of Heat and Pressure
  10. Physics: Factors impacting displacement of liquid
  11. Physics: Gravity and resistance
  12. Astronomy: The Study of Stars

Pick Pocketing

X Knowledges
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8 Knowledges
  1. Poisons: Moseke Mist is poisonous in high doses
  2. Poison: Garrotte Vine Sap
  3. Poison: Ghost Mushroom: Affects respiratory tract
  4. Poisoncrafting: Giant Spider venom causes similar effects to Lightbane.
  5. Poisoncrafting: Identifying the cause of Faux-Lightbane.
  6. Poison: Undiluted lavender might knock someone out if inhaled
  7. Poisons: Strychnine poisoning
  8. Poisons: Whiskey can dull the senses and slow reactions


X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


50 Knowledges
  1. Politics: Being Owed Favours Gives You Power
  2. Politics: Your Role Defines Your Countenance
  3. Politics: The Outcome of Investment
  4. Politics: War Negotiations
  5. Politics: How to use information to your advantage
  6. Politics: A dangerous game
  7. Politics: Trust no one.
  8. Politics: The power of clothing
  9. Politics: For nobles, a well-planned marriage brings power
  10. Politics: War requires sacrifice
  11. Politics: Keeping up appearances
  12. Politics: Marrying for the good of your family
  13. Politics: Dancing the dance of fools, only important because others deemed it so.
  14. Politics: turning a dress into a political statement.
  15. Politics: Power Weighed Against Family, Safety and Your Situation.
  16. Politics: Analysing decisions carried out by state.
  17. Politics: United We Stand
  18. Politics: Leveraging With Power
  19. Politics: Using your wedding to bridge the gap between commoners and nobility
  20. Politics: Baiting the King into taking action
  21. Politics: “My Father Will Hear About This”
  22. Politics: Pick Your Battles
  23. Politics: Who Are the Pawns
  24. Politics: Making an Enemy of Andaris Will Cause Others to Intervene
  25. Politics: Choose Between Duchy or Kingdom
  26. Politics: Keep Your Humanity
  27. Politics: Krome and Venora are Allies
  28. Politics: The Powerful Succeed
  29. Politics: A scandal to cover up a scandal?
  30. Politics: Risks are inherent in politics
  31. Politics: Sometimes, you create a scandal by fearing one
  32. Politics: Own your actions
  33. Politics: You can not reason with an unreasonable man
  34. Politics: Use witnesses to back up claims
  35. Politics: Pull in those above you in order to solidify your story
  36. Politics: Small talk
  37. Politics: Political alliances
  38. Politics: Attending events in order to see who attends, and who does not.
  39. Politics: Wedding gifts give a message.
  40. Politics: A Good-Will Gesture in the Form of a Culinary Crucible
  41. Politics: The reality of Imperial Rule
  42. Politics: Notions of ownership
  43. Politics: Identifying weakness in arguments
  44. Politics: A moral question
  45. Politics: Political allegiance is more than it seems.
  46. Politics: New councils have "teething troubles"
  47. Politics: Getting the "big picture" is important.
  48. Politics: Office politics is a real thing!
  49. Politics: A Luther Family Minion Holds Partial Control Over North Sea Magic
  50. Politics: Planning to peacefully free slaves


X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


154 Knowledges
  1. Psychology: Empathy magic can make you jaded
  2. Psychology: Wearing your heart on your sleeve, er, in your eyes
  3. Psychology: Balancing Two Cultural Callings
  4. Psychology: Don't Overthink Your Behavior
  5. Psychology: Even When Friendly, A Ghost is Creepy
  6. Psychology: Feeling the Racial Differences
  7. Psychology: People Handle Delicate Subjects Differently
  8. Psychology: When you are Young you Perceive Age Differently.
  9. Psychology: Analyzing a dream from within
  10. Psychology: Surprises can Lead to Anger
  11. Psychology: The jeebies
  12. Psychology: Seasickness can be in your head.
  13. Psychology: Boys are weird.
  14. Psychology: Admitting feelings can be very tricky.
  15. Psychology: Not everyone appreciates the details
  16. Psychology: What is this Code you speak of?
  17. Psychology: Biqaj eye colour denote moods
  18. Psychology: Instincts can be useful
  19. Psychology: Some people are attracted to victims
  20. Psychology: Be proud of being an egotist
  21. Psychology: Being a prostitute is about power
  22. Psychology: The loss of emotions
  23. Psychology: Confidence is noticeable
  24. Psychology: A robust ego makes it hard to insult someone
  25. Psychology: Telling a broody person they're brooding doesn't help
  26. Psychology: if you feel ready, you aren't.
  27. Psychology: What a panic attack feels like
  28. Psychology: Experiencing a flashback
  29. Psychology: They aren't being nice for the hell of it, what's their angle?
  30. Psychology: Using cognitive dissonance to gain an ally
  31. Psychology: Gauging the Honesty of Those in your Company.
  32. Psychology: Resentment Motivates some Family Abuse.
  33. Psychology: Some people do not wish to be saved
  34. Psychology: Vulnerability
  35. Psychology: Excessive Fear Makes You Pass Out
  36. Psychology: “Your jackass father is trying to throw of your game by making you angry.” says Celeste
  37. Psychology: Some people need space to calm down
  38. Psychology: Xander is more open with his emotions around you
  39. Psychology: Surface conversation can hide pain
  40. Psychology: Every rule has exceptions
  41. Psychology: The price of trauma
  42. Psychology: Avoid the temptation to overstep your boundaries
  43. Psychology: A calm conversation can help soothe upset
  44. Psychology: Conflicting emotions are confusing
  45. Psychology: Anger affects people differently
  46. Psychology: Emotions leave you vulnerable
  47. Psychology: Speaking the truth can be hard.
  48. Psychology: Emotions are difficult.
  49. Psychology: Impacts of trauma
  50. Psychology: Telling someone you love something which will hurt them.
  51. Psychology: Dealing with shock
  52. Psychology: Good news can be shocking
  53. Psychology: Overwhelming emotions
  54. Psychology: Change can be difficult to manage
  55. Psychology: The feeling of deja vu
  56. Psychology: It’s hard to say no
  57. Psychology: A duet to draw the crowd in
  58. Psychology: Unusual companions make for more audience interest
  59. Psychology: Knowing when it’s not a salvageable situation
  60. Psychology: Biqaj social rules
  61. Psychology: Don’t knock it until you try it
  62. Psychology: Not every woman’s a muse
  63. Psychology: Touch as a relationship indicator
  64. Psychology: Families that enjoy a meal together, stay together
  65. Psychology: The truth isn’t always an easy listen
  66. Psychology: Unexpected common ground
  67. Psychology: Secrets can be dangerous
  68. Psychology: A good relationship is built on acceptance
  69. Psychology: Always assume your opponent is better than you
  70. Psychology: Tristan is accepting of your sense of self
  71. Psychology: Dealing with new emotions
  72. Psychology: Tristan is confident
  73. Psychology: Knowing the minds of those who have seen battle
  74. Psychology: At the Mercy of A Calculative Mind
  75. Psychology: Triggering Memories Through Familiar Statements
  76. Psychology: Unobtrusively Helping People Who Don't Want Help
  77. Psychology: Confronting fears
  78. Psychology: Staying calm in a crisis
  79. Psychology: Panic eating
  80. Psychology: Sometimes, It's Okay To Be Rude
  81. Psychology: The mind mirrors the body.
  82. Psychology: Fine Clothes to Accessorize Slaves' Chains
  83. Psychology: Staying Positive Under Extremes
  84. Psychology: Survivor's Guilt
  85. Psychology: The Right Degree of Compliments
  86. Psychology: Not lying to those you care for
  87. Psychology: Admitting vulnerability
  88. Psychology: Interpreting someone’s look
  89. Psychology: A Long-term Slave's Struggle to Truly Embrace Freedom
  90. Psychology: Accepting That You'll Never Know Your Own Birth Date
  91. Psychology: Recognizing self-depreciation
  92. Psychology: People have different views on slavery
  93. Psychology: Difficulty Expressing your Own Emotions
  94. Psychology: Miscommunications Cause Stress
  95. Psychology: Reciprocating anger with niceness
  96. Psychology: People sometimes hate others for qualities they lack
  97. Psychology: Overcompensating to impress
  98. Psychology: Falling into old roles
  99. Psychology: What jealousy feels like
  100. Psychology: The impossibility of understanding men
  101. Psychology: Communicating without words
  102. Psychology: A lifetime of slavery impacts you
  103. Psychology: People treat you differently when they are unaware of your past
  104. Psychology: When people are uncomfortable give them something to focus on
  105. Psychology: When a murders actions are about control.
  106. Psychology: Murder’s born from emotion not logic
  107. Psychology: Living out a fantasy, rejection, mother issues or all of the above.
  108. Psychology: Cooking is Always a Relaxing Answer
  109. Psychology: The Realization That Walls do Not Guarantee Safety
  110. Psychology: The Reassuring Presence of House Troops
  111. Psychology: Developing Feelings For My Unborn Child
  112. Psychology: Early Childhood Events Affect Later Emotional Development
  113. Psychology: You Can Always Aim For Happiness
  114. Psychology: Distance makes things easier
  115. Psychology: Human contact can help others relax
  116. Psychology: Calling on past experience to overcome fear
  117. Psychology: Service to the greater good
  118. Psychology: Positive thought aids in healing
  119. Psychology: To be humble is a desirable trait among slaves
  120. Psychology: Identifying the preferences of others
  121. Psychology: The Fear that Success Will Lead to Exposure
  122. Psychology: Panic Always Finds Justification
  123. Psychology: Staying Busy Leaves no Time for Worry
  124. Psychology: Overcoming nerves and uncertainty
  125. Psychology: Sorting out the agendas and motives of ghosts
  126. Psychology: Surprise of Discussion of Weddings
  127. Psychology: Personal Style
  128. Psychology: The Definition of Family is Obscure and Personal
  129. Psychology: Grudging Respect for Naerikk's Devotion to Audrae
  130. Psychology: Motivated by Fear for Tristan's Well-Being
  131. Psychology: No Fear of Death in Famula's Service
  132. Psychology: Realization of Your Love for Padraig
  133. Psychology: People Using Flattery as Ice-Breakers
  134. Psychology: Creating an environment that makes it as easy as possible for somebody to talk
  135. Psychology: Breaking The News of a Terminal Illness
  136. Psychology: Allowing a Patient To Grieve By Their Lonesome
  137. Psychology: Pregnancy and food cravings
  138. Psychology: Setting a High Bar, and Remaining Undaunted by it
  139. Psychology: Stripping away identity causes significant damage
  140. Psychology: Names are important for identity
  141. Psychology: Recognizing your own limits
  142. Psychology: The toll of trauma is often unseen
  143. Psychology: Trauma by association happens
  144. Psychology: Development of identity
  145. Psychology: Techniques for rebuilding identity
  146. Psychology: Maintaining the illusion of control helps
  147. Psychology: Put fears out in the open, then dismiss them
  148. Psychology: Most Messages are Bad News
  149. Psychology: Tragedies Often Connect to Positive Turns of Fate
  150. Psychology: Actions have unforeseen consequences.
  151. Psychology: Dealing with the consequences of your own actions.
  152. Psychology: Symbolic gestures can be very powerful
  153. Psychology: Freedom is a long, slow process
  154. Psychology: There is strength in unity

Ranged Combat

37 Knowledges
  1. Ranged Combat: Crossbow: How to load
  2. Ranged Combat: Crossbow: How to fire
  3. Ranged Weapon: Crossbow: Basic Safety
  4. Ranged Weapon: Crossbow: Aiming
  5. Ranged Weapon: Crossbow: Breathing with the shot
  6. Ranged Weapon: Crossbow: Stance
  7. Ranged Weapon: Crossbow: Adjusting aim.
  8. Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Stance
  9. Ranged Combat: Crossbow: How to hold it
  10. Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Aiming
  11. Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Firing a bolt
  12. Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Bolts
  13. Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Delivers killing blows when used properly
  14. Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Recoil can hurt
  15. Combat: Ranged (Shortbow): Hitting moving targets
  16. Combat: Ranged (Shortbow): More Likely To Hit A Target When Exhaling (JD)
  17. Combat: Ranged Combat (bow): Talking the time to aim
  18. Combat: Ranged Combat (bow): Flying straight and true but still missing the mark
  19. Ranged Combat: Bow: Breathing while aiming
  20. Ranged Combat: Bow: Aiming at the right target
  21. Ranged Combat: Knowing Where to Shoot Helps
  22. Ranged Weapon: Bow: Aiming into a group
  23. Ranged Weapon: Bow: Wait until you're calm, if you can
  24. Ranged Combat: Bow: Maximising speed when drawing
  25. Ranged Combat: Bow: Consider the placement of your companions
  26. Ranged Combat: Bow: Neck shots are usually effective.
  27. Ranged Combat: Bow: Eye shots
  28. Ranged Combat: Bow: Take time to aim, especially for the eye
  29. Bow: Aiming at moving airborn targets
  30. Ranged Combat: Bow: Tracking movement through trees
  31. Ranged Combat: (Bow) Preparing for prey
  32. Ranged Combat: (Bow) Breathe in to aim, out to fire
  33. Ranged Combat: (Bow) Consider where you'll strike if you miss
  34. Ranged Combat: (Bow) Take as much time as the shot demands
  35. Ranged Combat: Point Blank Range is Impossible to Miss
  36. Ranged Combat: Throat shot
  37. Ranged Combat: Adrenaline boosts actions and accuracy


48 Knowledges
  1. Research: Avoid manipulating text to meet your theories
  2. Research: take as much notes as possible
  3. Research: How to Search for Tomes in a Bookstore
  4. Research: write legibly when talking notes
  5. Research: Write your name on every page!
  6. Research: Considering the Location of Application of Medicine
  7. Research: Required Characteristics of End Product
  8. Research: Careful Testing on Yourself
  9. Research: Books Often Only Set the Stage For Research
  10. Research: Evidence Links 'Rot' Treatment to the Brain Itself
  11. Research: Compiling a List of Halluginogenic Herbs to Treat 'The Rot'
  12. Research: Noble Houses, Families and Factions
  13. Research: Unique Flora and Fauna on Scalvoris
  14. Research: Get as much details as possible
  15. Research: A Structured Outline Prevents Wasted Efforts
  16. Research: Making a list of relevant material
  17. Research: Overlaying maps to figure out patterns
  18. Research: Formulating theories from related patterns
  19. Research: Reading Up On An Ailment
  20. Research: Organising an investigation
  21. Research: Examine Frozen Bodies Found in Different Caverns
  22. Research: Frozen Bodies Show No Injuries of Any Kind
  23. Research: Gather Samples of Environment as Well as Subject
  24. Research: Taking Note of Crystal Snowflakes in Ice Caves
  25. Research: Organization speeds up the process
  26. Research: In order to focus you must understand the big picture
  27. Research: Careful notes aid clarity
  28. Research: Application of a technique to a new source
  29. Research: Studying Old Recipes
  30. Research: Considering individual words
  31. Research: Analysis of an essay title
  32. Research: Defining terms & challenging definitions
  33. Research: Spotting patterns using visual cues
  34. Research Considering the most effective way to present information
  35. Research: Parts of blood
  36. Research: Differences in blood between races
  37. Research: Putting together information
  38. Research: Using a range of sources
  39. Research: Logical means of planning a research study
  40. Research: Recording findings
  41. Research: Test and retest hypotheses
  42. Research: Using books to determine customs
  43. Research: Cave Paintings are not always reliable
  44. Research: Compiling data
  45. Research: Ensuring that data is triangulated and cross referenced.
  46. Research: Considering all angles
  47. Research: Use a variety of disciplines Research: Collaboration leads to success.
  48. Research: Start with what you know


2 Knowledges
  1. Resistance: Ingesting Small Amounts of Toxins for Immunity
  2. Resistance: Sleep can be a Memory that you Stay Awake in all Night.


63 Knowledges
  1. Rhetoric: Humility in the face of achievement
  2. Rhetoric: It's okay to be surprised by altruism
  3. Rhetoric: It'll be fine, there's plenty of pretty ones
  4. Rhetoric: Naughty riposte
  5. Rhetoric: "Short" Jokes
  6. Rhetoric: The Never-Ending Hat Debate
  7. Rhetoric: Knowing how to Phrase an Uncertain Question to get an Answer you Want.
  8. Rhetoric: A Sincere Apology for Putting Someone in Danger.
  9. Rhetoric: Sarcasm
  10. Rhetoric (Rhetorical Device): Hyperbole
  11. Rhetoric (Rhetorical Device): Pathos
  12. Rhetoric: How to pick apart word choices
  13. Rhetoric: Using feigned ignorance to gain a verbal advantage
  14. Rhetoric: Using written and verbal clues to assess an ally's motives and intent
  15. Rhetoric: Some Words Mean more than they Appear To.
  16. Rhetoric: Strategies Disguised as Olive Branches!
  17. Rhetoric: Knowing When to Speak and When Not to.
  18. Rhetoric: Sweet Talking the Help as a Strategy.
  19. Rhetoric: Vehemently Turning an Insult on Its Head.
  20. Rhetoric: Saying What you Have to Can Still be Hard.
  21. Rhetoric: The Truth is sometimes Exactly What is Needed.
  22. Rhetoric: Sharing what hurt you
  23. Rhetoric: This is a party, you know.
  24. Rhetoric: Listening to difficult life stories
  25. Rhetoric: A heartfelt prayer
  26. Rhetoric: The difference between Elders and elders
  27. Rhetoric: Staying graceful despite cultural ignorance
  28. Rhetoric: Make some small talk while waiting for your drink
  29. Rhetoric: Everyone likes a story
  30. Rhetoric: Sharing your blessing story with enthusiasm
  31. Rhetoric: Keeping up with a witty date
  32. Rhetoric: Dealing with family opinions
  33. Rhetoric: Dealing with your parents
  34. Rhetoric: Sharing your travel dreams
  35. Rhetoric: Asking for directions as a form of introduction
  36. Rhetoric: The delicate balance of being overly flirtatious
  37. Rhetoric: Never a stranger
  38. Rhetoric: Warning others of dangerous places
  39. Rhetoric: Sharing secrets
  40. Rhetoric: Every blessing story is different
  41. Rhetoric: You could say we know each other well enough
  42. Rhetoric: The Discussion of Knowledge
  43. Rhetoric: Axiom
  44. Rhetoric: How to use an analogy to make a point
  45. Rhetoric: How to build a convincing argument
  46. Rhetoric: A convincing argument cites examples
  47. Rhetoric: Speaking in front of an audience
  48. Rhetoric: Some Sayings are Just MEANT to be Challenging
  49. Rhetoric: Vacation Get-Away Advertising Blurbs
  50. Rhetoric: Explaining Your Credentials.
  51. Rhetoric: A Passionate Case for What you Want from your Life.
  52. Rhetoric: Establishing a Rapport with a Sick Man.
  53. Rhetoric: Stories Used to Inspire Hope in others.
  54. Rhetoric: Uses distracting language
  55. Rhetoric: Circular logic
  56. Rhetoric: Romantic Mathematical Equations
  57. Rhetoric: Factual accounts
  58. Rhetoric: Telling the story of your ideal wedding
  59. Rhetoric: Analogy to make a point.
  60. Rhetoric: Symbolism in speech
  61. Rhetoric: Words have power
  62. Rhetoric: Clear, precise description of what is
  63. Rhetoric: Explaining specific circumstances


4 Knowledges
  1. Running: Zigzag when being shot at
  2. Running: Hard vs soft ground
  3. Running: Running with a different center of gravity
  4. Running: Being careful not to trip on a rocky cave floor


8 Knowledges
  1. Sculpting: The purpose of an armature
  2. Sculpting: How to cover an armature with clay
  3. Sculpting: The purpose of fine tip and broad tip tools
  4. Sculpting: Ensure the edges are smooth
  5. Sculpting: The purpose of baking sculptures in the oven
  6. Sculpting: Fired ceramic pieces are extremely porous
  7. Sculpting: Stone sculptures are less forgiving than clay sculptures
  8. Sculpting: The purpose of primer


20 nowledges
[*]Seafaring: Sailing a Sloop
[*]Seafaring: How to jury rig a storm anchor
[*]Seafaring: Heaving-to in a storm
[*]Seafaring: Constant Sea Sickness
[*]Seafaring: Basic Knots
[*]Seafaring: Learning From Experienced Sailors
[*]Seafaring: Motion Sickness Is Worse If Looking Opposite Direction You're Travelling
[*]Seafaring: Unfurling Sails
[*]Seafaring: How to raise the sails in a storm
[*]Seafaring: Keeping your footing on deck
[*]Seafaring: Maximising speed in a sail
[*]Seafaring: Using the boom to increase speed
[*]Seafaring: Speeding through calm waters
[*]Seafaring: Run aground to dock
[*]Seafaring: Creating a canopy for shade aboard a sloop
[*]Seafaring: Deck, sails, guardrail
[*]Seafaring: Rigging has ropes (not strings)
[*]Seafaring: Ropes attach to mainsails
[*]Seafaring: Basic layout of a ship
[*]Seafaring: Sail placement, ropes, and accessibility of space


73 Knowledges
  1. Seduction: Honesty is sexy
  2. Seduction: Not my coin, still my party
  3. Seduction: Knowing you look good in the dark
  4. Seduction: Hand Squeeze Before Bed
  5. Seduction: Looking under your lashes
  6. Seduction: Speaking suggestively
  7. Seduction: Dancing in the rain is sexy
  8. Seduction: Ignoring personal space means more touching
  9. Seduction: If the inn isn't safe, invite them home with you instead
  10. Seduction: Singing by firelight is sexy
  11. Seduction: Let's call it not sleeping
  12. Seduction: The more the merrier
  13. Seduction: Tell a good story
  14. Seduction: Seductive tone of voice
  15. Seduction: An innocent expression goes a long way
  16. Seduction: A slight covering can enhance desire
  17. Seduction: The art of innuendo
  18. Seduction: Judge how sophisticated your target is
  19. Seduction: Slow, languid appraisal
  20. Seduction: Greet with a kiss
  21. Seduction: Irritation can increase passion
  22. Seduction: Some people like to watch
  23. Seduction: Make up sex is the best kind
  24. Seduction: Playing coy
  25. Seduction: Showing your own desire increases theirs
  26. Seduction: A kiss to accentuate each word
  27. Seduction: Present yourself as a 'gift'
  28. Seduction: Discussions about clothing can lead to all sorts of places.
  29. Seduction: Memory of passion can reignite the flame
  30. Seduction: An innocent look is a bonus for a prostitute
  31. Seduction: Lipstick sends signals
  32. Seduction: Eye contact shows interest
  33. Seduction: The importance of a good build up
  34. Seduction: Keep them wondering, keep them entertained
  35. Seduction: Obvious possessiveness
  36. Seduction: Playing the role you're paid to play
  37. Seduction: Teasing and serious
  38. Seduction: A pleasure deferred is a pleasure enhanced
  39. Seduction: Offer a range of alternatives
  40. Seduction: Be aware of how your body moves
  41. Seduction: Innuendo doesn't need to be subtle.
  42. Seduction: Sometimes, brazen is attractive
  43. Seduction: Be clear that they know ~ you're worth it
  44. Seduction: Sometimes you’re the performer, sometimes you’re the audience
  45. Seduction: That blessing glow, though
  46. Seduction: Wandering eyes
  47. Seduction: It’s okay to keep some things a mystery
  48. Seduction: Focus on the one you’re with
  49. Seduction: Just the right look
  50. Seduction: Playing the tourist
  51. Seduction: When in Rharne, do as the Rharneans do
  52. Seduction: Not so subtle stolen glances
  53. Seduction: Hand on the thigh, all through dinner.
  54. Seduction: One tub, two people, ample time.
  55. Seduction: Fangs are a'right
  56. Seduction: How not to do it
  57. Seduction: Apparently, men like to be taken to dinner
  58. Seduction: Showing your enjoyment increases your partner’s enjoyment
  59. Seduction: Show off the “Merchandise”.
  60. Seduction: A promise is better than a gift.
  61. Seduction: A surprise for the Master.
  62. Seduction: Playing the damsel in distress
  63. Seduction: The balance between revealing too much and too little skin
  64. Seduction: Earlobes are Sensitive
  65. Seduction: adorable book mark for your nerdy significant other
  66. Seduction: it makes all the difference when something is freely given and reciprocated.
  67. Seduction: The less subtle approach is best, just not so blunt that you inadvertently break the mans nose.
  68. Seduction: Teasing in a playful manner
  69. Seduction: suggestion to eat cake rebelliously.
  70. Seduction: How not to introduce someone to lingerie.
  71. Seduction: Corsets show off the girls
  72. Seduction: Using jewelry to look sexy
  73. Seduction: Daring dresses.

Shielded Combat

X Knowledges
  1. Insert here

Ship Building

X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


X Knowledges
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Siege Weaponry

X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


40 Knowledges
  1. Singing: Simple warm-up exercises
  2. Singing: Overdoing it will hurt your voice
  3. Singing: Basic Biqaj Sailing Song
  4. Singing: Warming up your voice to your lute
  5. Singing: A romantic ballad in your native tongue
  6. Singing: Choosing the right romantic ballad
  7. Singing: Scales to improve range
  8. Singing: Outdoors is a unique amphitheater
  9. Singing: Performing a song you can hear in your head
  10. Singing: Breathing from the diaphragm
  11. Singing: Counting out instead of scales
  12. Singing: Practice to expand vocal range
  13. Singing: Exercises to improve breath control
  14. Singing: Breath control
  15. Singing: Singing in a large room
  16. Singing: Keep your pitch low to sound sultry.
  17. Singing: Projecting your voice
  18. Singing: Warm up exercises
  19. Singing: Practice with an instrument
  20. Singing: Tell a story with a song
  21. Singing: Performing for a small group
  22. Singing: Songs in your native tongue
  23. Singing: Harmonizing with a Tunawa
  24. Singing: Translating on the fly
  25. Singing: Unusual duets
  26. Singing: Telling a story through song
  27. Singing: Biqaj Cultural songs
  28. Singing: Defiance in a storm
  29. Singing: Reading music
  30. Singing: Rhythmn in Nursery Rhymes
  31. Singing: Singing in harmony with another
  32. Singing: Copying tone
  33. Singing: Changing pitch
  34. Singing: Emphasis on certain sounds to produce a rhythmic verse
  35. Singing: Harmonizing with a baritone
  36. Singing: Learning words, tone and inflection
  37. Singing: Emotion behind words
  38. Singing: Can be healing and soothing for the person hearing it, and the person doing it
  39. Singing: Technical details
  40. Singing: Singing whilst working to soothe your own nerves


X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


62 Knowledges
  1. Socialization: Always look someone in the eyes
  2. Socialization: Letting the audience choose the song
  3. Socialization: A Relaxing Day spent with a Friend.
  4. Socialization: It’s about the Journey more than the Destination.
  5. Socialization: Using Humor as a way to Bond.
  6. Socialization: Doing the right thing sometimes requires persistence
  7. Socialization: Crossing cultures through celebration
  8. Socialization: When the work is done, it's okay to play
  9. Socialization: What do grooms parties want?
  10. Socialization: Looking at the bigger picture of a whole event
  11. Socialization: Working a crowd.
  12. Socialization: Offering Assistance to Others
  13. Socialization: Introducing Yourself
  14. Socialization: A Dazzling First Impression for your Date.
  15. Socialization: Keeping and Using Eye Contact to your Advantage.
  16. Socialization: Your Dining Manners are Impeccable.
  17. Socialization: A Person with Company isn’t as easily Picked On or Targeted.
  18. Socialization: Dealing with a servant in the middle of an argument
  19. Socialization: Knowing where the good parties are
  20. Socialization: Drinking and carousing go hand and hand
  21. Socialization: Looking for ladies with a wingman
  22. Socialization: Staying humble about those Immortal visits
  23. Socialization: Always an open table
  24. Socialization: How to Recognize Unwanted Conversation Topics (like Grandchildren)
  25. Socializing: Avoid 'My Boyfriend' Speeches
  26. Socializing: Planning the Trial's Itinerary Together
  27. Socialization: Closed Meetings with Tutors are not Always Bad News.
  28. Socialization: Consoling A Dying Man With a Hug
  29. Socialization: Eye Contact
  30. Socialization: Chin Grab to Emphasize
  31. Socialization: Inviting Someone Over for Dinner
  32. Socializing: Don't Offer Worship Views Until Invited
  33. Socialization: Chatting in a group
  34. Socialization: Conversing with someone who is never quiet
  35. Socialization: Answering questions
  36. Socialization: The art of small talk with strangers
  37. Socialization: Summaries are helpful in conversation.
  38. Socialization: Approach the last job interview as enthusiastically as the first.
  39. Socialization: Explaining the ethos of a place
  40. Socialization: Guided tours help people feel at home
  41. Socialization: Group introductions
  42. Socialization: Friendly discussions can be insightful
  43. Socialization: Sharing different viewpoints can lead to increased understanding
  44. Socialization: Clear exemplars
  45. Socialization: Discussing uncomfortable topics in groups
  46. Socialization: Joining a conversation in the middle
  47. Socialization: Being forceful and clear with friends
  48. Socialization: Dealing with a house full of people and animals
  49. Socialization: Talking to familiars and ghosts
  50. Socialization: Trying to make sense of confusing concepts in a group discussion
  51. Socialization: Keeping up in a group when not in receipt of the facts
  52. Socialization: Trying to keep the peace
  53. Socialization: (30)Being in crowded rooms
  54. Socialization: Places with alcohol can have very different "vibes"
  55. Socialization: Confused individuals need clarity of speech
  56. Socialization: Meeting and greeting customers
  57. Socialization: Working in teams is hard
  58. Socialization: Meeting and greeting new people
  59. Socialization: Talking to strangers
  60. Socialization: Emotional reunions
  61. Socialization: Trying not to get in the way
  62. Socialization: Playing with a Velduris Wolf


42 Knowledges
  1. Sociology: Bonding Through Shared Hardship
  2. Sociology: Real Fears are Often Veiled in Teasing
  3. Sociology: Silence Often Speaks Volumes
  4. Sociology: The zeitgeist is important in a society
  5. Sociology: Sex workers are seen differently in different cities
  6. Sociology: How to Properly Celebrate a Birth-Trial
  7. Sociology: Understanding your Mother's Motivations for your Union.
  8. Sociology: Knowing your own Status in Relation to those Around You.
  9. Sociology: Offer Your Gloves to a Boss That Needs Them
  10. Sociology: A Community Menu Event
  11. Sociology: A Novelty Can Become a Craze
  12. Sociology: Names are important
  13. Sociology: Behaviour in different group situations
  14. Sociology: Context and environment are important
  15. Sociology: Considering society from an economic standpoint
  16. Sociology: Wealth redistribution via social enterprise
  17. Sociology: Individuals behave differently in crowds
  18. Sociology: Weddings are cultural celebrations
  19. Sociology: Slavery is one word for a very complex reality
  20. Sociology: Men behave strangely in groups
  21. Sociology: Communication requires clarity
  22. Sociology: Extreme emotions inhibit clarity, especially in groups.
  23. Sociology: The Effect of Strong Hidden Feelings on Conversation
  24. Sociology: Healing factions have a unique place in society
  25. Sociology: Uniforms are a means of identification and protection
  26. Sociology: People behave differently when alcohol is involved
  27. Sociology: Small group interactions with traumatized individuals
  28. Sociology: Impacts of abuse on communication
  29. Sociology: Identity formation requires groups to identify with
  30. Sociology: Identity changes in different life stages
  31. Sociology: Role change to parent is a slow process.
  32. Sociology: Some roles overtake previous priorities
  33. Sociology: Cultural norms for behaviour during pregnancy
  34. Sociology: The importance of rituals around death
  35. Sociology: Notions of community
  36. Sociology: Cultural relevance of death rituals
  37. Sociology: Community grief has many layers
  38. Sociology: People respond differently to former slaves.
  39. Sociology: Impression formation happens early in an interaction
  40. Sociology: Scalvoris wedding customs
  41. Sociology: Tunawa customs are very different
  42. Sociology: Considering cultural norms in food


49 Knowledges
  1. Stealth: Use Mud to mask your scent
  2. Stealth: Removing possibly noisy hazards beforehand
  3. Stealth: That was not your drink, was it?
  4. Stealth: speak in whispers.
  5. Stealth: Reading your bow quietly
  6. Stealth: Don’t snap twigs
  7. Stealth: Learning By Walking With Ti'niva
  8. Stealth: Removing heavy clothing for stealthier movement
  9. Stealth: Sneaking through a dark cave
  10. Stealth: Moving silently through the woods
  11. Stealth: Basic techniques
  12. Stealth: Hiding in the undergrowth
  13. Stealth: Taking Advantage of Distractions
  14. Stealth: Avoiding Lines of Sight
  15. Stealth: Using Shadows to Hide
  16. Stealth: Torches just Reveal your Location
  17. Stealth: Hiding in a Cranny
  18. Stealth: Hiding Among the Branches
  19. Stealth: Listening for Reactions to One's Own Noises
  20. Stealth: Moving Along the Treeline
  21. Stealth: Keep to Terrain You Know
  22. Stealth: Feathers Muffle Sounds
  23. Stealth: Dead Plant Life is Too Brittle
  24. Stealth: Trading Silence For Chain Mail Protection
  25. Stealth: Don't Wear a Path to Your Own Home
  26. Stealth: Tracking Soldiers
  27. Stealth: Following Humans Up Mountains Silently
  28. Stealth: Sleight of Hand Allows for “Magic”
  29. Stealth: Use the Light of Someone Else' Torch
  30. Stealth: Staying Near the Edge of a Fight Keeps you Hidden
  31. Stealth: Staying Away from Firelight
  32. Stealth: Keep back until you know where you are
  33. Stealth: Hard to hide in the middle of a circle
  34. Stealth: Whisper
  35. Stealth: Using Tall Grass to conceal yourself
  36. Stealth: Using blood scented items to create false trails
  37. Stealth: Avoid open areas when dodging flying enemies
  38. Stealth: Using decoy clothing to throw enemies off your track
  39. Stealth: Take the less populated roads
  40. Stealth: Sneaking: Removing shoes to quiet footsteps
  41. Stealth: Using Low Status to Escape Notice
  42. Stealth: Waiting for the Right Moment to Share Information
  43. Stealth: Walking quietly
  44. Stealth: Sneaking up on an opponent
  45. Stealth: not waking a sleeping patient
  46. Stealth: quietly observing, just out of sight.
  47. Stealth: Remaining Unnoticed in a Crowded Room is Easier.
  48. Stealth: Be aware of equipment when climbing quietly
  49. Stealth: Slow is easiest for silence


38 Knowledges
  1. Storytelling: Dramatic arc
  2. Storytelling: Story of Ipi'ufnajot's Constellation
  3. Storytelling: Pre-empting a song with its summary
  4. Storytelling: The Story of My Father
  5. Storytelling: Telling a story without words
  6. Storytelling: the story behind the card.
  7. Storytelling: About Being a Biqaj
  8. Storytelling: Hearing Others Tell Stories is Good Experience
  9. Storytelling: Making the Listener Feel Like They Were There
  10. Storytelling: Was the Ghost on the Ship Her Mother?
  11. Storytelling: Sharing Wisdom That Was Shared With You
  12. Storytelling: Sharing Your Race's Culture in Stories
  13. Storytelling: Using a story from the past to assist in teaching
  14. Storytelling: How You Lost Your Pants Playing Cards
  15. Storytelling: Recounting Anecdotes
  16. Storytelling: What has happened since last I saw you
  17. Storytelling: The song of dragons
  18. Storytelling: The tale of the dragon and the volcano
  19. Storytelling: What my cousin said
  20. Storytelling: Trying to get across the gist of a conversation
  21. Storytelling: Small details can improve stories
  22. Storytelling: The Masks of the Sacred Seven
  23. Storytelling: Elaborate
  24. Storytelling: Stick to the facts
  25. Storytelling: Skip to the juicy parts
  26. Storytelling: Know when to stop talking
  27. Story Telling: Talking to Horses in Andaris
  28. Storytelling: Big Plans for the Future
  29. Storytelling: Blending Past Experiences With Present Realizations
  30. Storytelling: Past Accounts of Performing Domestic Skills
  31. Storytelling: Time Spent at The House of Roses
  32. Storytelling: Intimacy if difficult to talk about
  33. Storytelling: Telling the tragic story of the man who wished to propose to his beloved but died on the way.
  34. Storytelling: A Slim Hope is Better than None.
  35. Storytelling: The story of who I was
  36. Storytelling: Telling an emotional story without emotion
  37. Storytelling: The story of the slave who got free
  38. Storytelling: What happened in Treid


53 Knowledges
  1. Strength: Carrying someone with wings
  2. Strength: Wrestling strong creatures
  3. Strength: Using your core
  4. Strength: Transporting a dead animal
  5. Strength: Repetitive movements to build muscles.
  6. Strength: Using your weight to increase your pushing power
  7. Strength: The soreness of your muscles after a good workout
  8. Strength: Tensing your muscles during exercise is a good method of isolating muscles for working out
  9. Strength: Acrobatics Builds Muscle
  10. Strength: Utilizing rope and muscle to secure oneself to a location
  11. Strength: It takes strong legs for momentum
  12. Strength: Holding a headstand
  13. Strength: Proper form when lifting a child
  14. Strength: Kicking and Screaming Requires Muscles
  15. Strength: Fear Produces Adrenaline
  16. Strength: Carrying a heavy deer
  17. Strength: Working in extreme cold
  18. Strength: Keep foothold in the snow
  19. Strength: Holding yourself ready for impact
  20. Strength: Maintaining a strong grip
  21. Strength: Putting your strength into a movement
  22. Strength: Tearing free of a grip
  23. Strength: Use your strength to hold another in place
  24. Strength: Using momentum to pull someone into water
  25. Strength: Swimming is good for building strength in your arms
  26. Strength: Focusing your strength on a single spot.
  27. Strength: Holding on to a weight with outstretched arms.
  28. Strength: Ballet exercises strengthen leg muscles
  29. Strength: Repetition of movement to build muscles
  30. Strength: Use weights, even light ones, to increase the effectiveness of exercise
  31. Strength: Low weight, high repetition works
  32. Strength: Holding your arms above your head and working for a length of time builds muscles
  33. Strength: Maintaining a hold increases muscles
  34. Strength: Keep your breathing steady
  35. Strength: Lifting a weight above your head to build strength
  36. Strength: Repetition helps build muscle tone
  37. Strength: Running up stairs builds calf muscles
  38. Strength: Slow movements require concentrated strength
  39. Strength: Resisting the toss of a ship in rough waters
  40. Strength: Holding your own weight on a rope
  41. Strength: Holding another’s weight on a rope
  42. Strength: Carrying logs
  43. Strength: Water is surprisingly heavy
  44. Strength: Flinging Barrels is Easier with Adrenaline
  45. Strength: Adrenaline increased strength
  46. Strength: The More Bodies To Lift Rocks, The Merrier
  47. Strength: Spread out the weight to make it easier to carry
  48. Strength: Toting Home a Ton of Groceries
  49. Strength: Lifting an unconscious body
  50. Strength: Pulling Padraig's weight Strength: (9)The Weight of Pregnancy on Your Legs
  51. Strength: Carting Around Frozen Bodies
  52. Strength: Forcing yourself to move after a panic attack
  53. Strength: Running when pregnant


49 Knowledges
  1. Surgery: Making an incision.
  2. Surgery: Performing a thoracotomy.
  3. Surgery: The colours/weights of organs can determine the patients state of health.
  4. Surgery: Stretched abdominal skin means pregnancy.
  5. Surgery: Stretched thigh skin means previous weight loss.
  6. Surgery: Experience of past conditions is the best means of diagnosis in current patients.
  7. Surgery: Clean open wounds to prevent infection.
  8. Surgery: Stitching up a chest injury.
  9. Surgery: Combining medication to alleviate pain during surgery.
  10. Surgery: Rest after surgery can help prevent further injury.
  11. Surgery: Stitching an arterial bleed
  12. Surgery: Double stitching
  13. Surgery: Tourniquet for lessening blood supply
  14. Surgery: Applying stitches
  15. Surgery: managing a pierced liver
  16. Surgery: holding a wound together
  17. Surgery: removing stitches
  18. Surgery: Stitches, removal and administration
  19. Surgery: sterilising instruments
  20. Surgery: Clean yourself before going near exposed flesh
  21. Surgery: Blood-Letting
  22. Surgery: Bruising After a Procedure is Common
  23. Surgery: Midwifing on the Fly
  24. Surgery: Sev’ryn Anatomy in detail
  25. Surgery: Hearts, lungs, livers, renal systems all the same in Biqaj, Sev’ryn and Human
  26. Surgery:Biqaj have silver blood-cosmetic difference.
  27. Surgery: basic cautery
  28. Surgery: common disinfection
  29. Surgery: Splints Without Splints, Bones can be a Substitute.
  30. Surgery: Prop up the patient while performing brain surgery
  31. Surgery: Keeping blood in the patient during surgery
  32. Surgery: The treatment for the Rot
  33. Surgery: Techniques for accessing brain areas
  34. Surgery: Careful measurement can be the difference between life and death
  35. Surgery: Can not cut corners
  36. Surgery: Chilled Plasma is Too Thick and Sluggish to Transfuse
  37. Surgery: Separating Out the Plasma from Blood
  38. Surgery: Transfusion (with Famula's help)
  39. Surgery: Blood separation
  40. Surgery: Blood typing
  41. Surgery: Racial differences in blood
  42. Surgery: The use of blood in surgery
  43. Surgery: Diagnosing a dislocation
  44. Surgery: Treating a dislocation
  45. Surgery: Check for infection in previous treatments
  46. Surgery: Taking blood samples
  47. Surgery: Methods of removing pain from surgical processes
  48. Surgery: Issues with Naerrick blood
  49. Surgery: Naerrick surgery different if the naer is in Augiery?


8 Knowledges
  1. Swimming: Lowering yourself into ice water
  2. Swimming: Swimming one-handed
  3. Swimming: Holding a torch whilst swimming
  4. Swimming: Be cautious when swimming in rough water
  5. Swimming: Lowering yourself into a pool
  6. Swimming: Treading water
  7. Swimming: Breath control underwater
  8. Swimming: Using your hands to cut the water


44 Knowledges
  1. Tactics: It's good to be prepared
  2. Tactics: Knowing when to leave the tavern
  3. Tactics: Spears (and javelins) can't hurt ghosts
  4. Tactics: Not to rush into an unknown situation
  5. Tactics: Playing it safe
  6. Tactics: Remaining within eyesight and staying together
  7. Tactics: Calling out someones name at intervals
  8. Tactics: Not wasting time arguing
  9. Tactics: Having a backup plan
  10. Tactics: Swords Front, Archers Back
  11. Tactics: The Benefit of Sticking to a Plan
  12. Tactics: Using lists and discussion to create a battle plan
  13. Tactics: Balancing the needs of disparate groups to ensure cooperation
  14. Tactics: Seeing someones twisted games for with they are
  15. Tactics: How to use your size to your advantage
  16. Tactics: Choose to kill or not act in order to avoid danger in a fight
  17. Tactics: In a fight, strike decisively and do not hesitate
  18. Tactics: Smuggling small weapons
  19. Tactics: Plan ahead when you sense danger
  20. Tactics: Getting in trouble purposely to speak to the higher ups
  21. Tactics: The importance of trade
  22. Tactics: There is safety in numbers
  23. Tactics: Blocking exits
  24. Tactics: Prepping for a difficult task
  25. Tactics: Taking harm for a gain
  26. Tactics: Crossing a rope bridge
  27. Tactics: Sensible clothing for adventures
  28. Tactics: Protect the captain
  29. Tactics: Chemical Warfare
  30. Tactics: Wartime Strategies
  31. Tactics: When small, numbers do matter
  32. Tactics: Meant to be Understood by Militants
  33. Tactics: Leave the Chasing to the Militants
  34. Tactics: There is safety in numbers
  35. Tactics: Fighting a Holding Action
  36. Tactics: Go For the Ends of Enemy Lines
  37. Tactics: sometimes you need to shove mist up peoples noses.
  38. Tactics: Using dogs to detect mines
  39. Tactics: Be prepared for trouble, since it will probably find you
  40. Tactics: Don't overdo it
  41. Tactics: Know when to keep quiet
  42. Tactics: Prepare a punch to the nose to incapacitate
  43. Tactics: Planning a peaceful revolution
  44. Tactics: Plans to defend freed slaves


X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


53 Knowledges
  1. Teaching: Reluctant magic teacher
  2. Teaching: Music, you can teach
  3. Teaching: Using past experiences and stories as assistance
  4. Teaching: Using yourself as an example
  5. Teaching: Sharing knowledge with others
  6. Teaching: Get your facts straight, even if it makes them uncomfortable
  7. Teaching: Explaining your instrument
  8. Teaching: Sharing your history with another
  9. Teaching: An enthusiastic student is a good student
  10. Teaching: Simple Recipes as Verbal Instruction
  11. Teaching: Teach your Students like Children
  12. Teaching: Best way to learn is to ask as many questions as possible.
  13. Teaching: Describing Common Issues and their Solutions
  14. Teaching: Personal Protective Equipments for Sewing
  15. Teaching: The Concept of Combat
  16. Teaching: Teaching an Unarmed Combat Stance
  17. Teaching: Teaching Combat Applies Physics
  18. Teaching: Students can learn from each other
  19. Teaching: Taking notes is important
  20. Teaching: Engaging with questions
  21. Teaching: Demonstrating how
  22. Teaching: Easier to learn by doing
  23. Teaching: like someone's life depends on it. Because it does.
  24. Teaching: Encouragement!
  25. Teaching: How to Properly Assist an Instructor
  26. Teaching: Utilizing Discipline During Lessons
  27. Teaching: Using Analogies to Interest Students
  28. Teaching: Approaching Each Child Differently is Necessary
  29. Teaching: Creating exercises to help students learn
  30. Teaching: Explaining how to differentiate a free slave and a not-freed slave
  31. Teaching: Teaching about culture, not whether its right or wrong
  32. Teaching: Use of materials to connect with students
  33. Teaching: Familiarizing yourself with your students' interests
  34. Teaching: Assigning tasks as learning tools
  35. Teaching: Students enjoy validation through grading
  36. Teaching: Use of hands on activities
  37. Teaching: Asking for feedback
  38. Teaching: Pointing to students, asking their name and asking them a questions is a good teaching strategy
  39. Teaching: Using tangible items to explain symbolism
  40. Teaching: Showing a Learner How to Stick to a Culinary Strategy
  41. Teaching: Informal settings for teaching
  42. Teaching: Getting students to draw what you describe, rather than write what you say.
  43. Teaching: Projecting your voice
  44. Teaching: Using quizzes to improve student engagement.
  45. Teaching: Utilising competition
  46. Teaching: Show your own passion for what you teach
  47. Teaching: Get students to identify their own priorities.
  48. Teaching: The usefulness of feedback
  49. Teaching: Keep a happy and relaxed classroom atmosphere
  50. Teaching: Feed-forward as a teaching tool
  51. Teaching: Use diagrams
  52. Teaching: Consider using a mirror when teaching make up
  53. Teaching: Explain, define, give examples

Textile Production

X Knowledges
  1. Insert here

Thrown Weapons

11 Knowledges
  1. Thrown (Javelin): Twisting your body from the hip for a better throw
  2. Thrown: Following through with the throw
  3. Thrown Weapons: Knife: Weight and balance of the blade
  4. Thrown Weapons: Knife: Basic stance
  5. Thrown Weapons: Knife: Wrist movement
  6. Thrown Weapons: Knife: Full and half rotations
  7. Thrown Weapons: Knife: Using practice weapons helps
  8. Throwing (Javelin): Aim ahead of targets in straight line motion
  9. Throwing (Javelin): Skipping while running into a throw
  10. Throwing (Javelin): aim at the broad side of a creature
  11. Thrown Weapons: Possible methods of deflecting Padraigs grenades


X Knowledges
  1. Insert here

Trap Making

7 Knowledges
  1. Trap Making: Various Types of Traps
  2. Trap Making: Baiting A Trap
  3. Trap Making: Sapling Snare
  4. Trap Making: Choosing The Right Trap For The Job
  5. Trap Making: Stick-Fashioned Hook
  6. Trap Making: Noose
  7. Trap Making: Pit Trap
U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Unarmed Combat

67 Knowledges
  1. Unarmed Combat: Pressure Points
  2. Unarmed Combat: Tackling somebody to the ground
  3. Unarmed Combat: Brawling: Front kick
  4. Unarmed Combat: Brawling: Use your nails
  5. Unarmed Combat: Brawling: Utilise the environment
  6. Unarmed Combat (Capoeira): Music to fight by
  7. Unarmed Combat (Capoeira): Basic stance: ginga
  8. Unarmed Combat (Capoeira): Defensive move: cocorinha
  9. Unarmed Combat (Capoeira): Defensive move: esquiva
  10. Unarmed Combat (Capoeira): Never stop moving
  11. Unarmed Combat (Capoeira): Spinning heel kick: compasso
  12. Unarmed Combat (Capoeira): Roundhouse snap kick: martelo
  13. Unarmed Combat (Capoeira): Defensive countermove: vingativa
  14. Unarmed Combat (Martial Art) Acrobatic Dodge
  15. Unarmed Combat (Martial Art) Bracing for impact
  16. Unarmed Combat (Martial Art) Considering the size and relative speed of the opponent
  17. Unarmed Combat: Footwork while intoxicated
  18. Unarmed Combat: Inebriated accuracy
  19. Unarmed Combat: Using a somersault to body slam an opponent.
  20. Unarmed Combat: Brawling: Punch in the face
  21. Unarmed Combat: Brawling: Leap attack
  22. Unarmed Combat: Brawling: Use a strength advantage
  23. Unarmed Combat: Brawling: Use knees to pin arms
  24. Unarmed combat: Using repeated movements to build muscle memory
  25. Unarmed Combat: Brawling Smaller opponents can rely on hitting sensitive areas
  26. Unarmed Combat: Brawling A good fighting stance helps evenly distribute weight and maintain balance
  27. Unarmed Combat: Brawling Basic fighting stance
  28. Unarmed Combat: Brawling How to hold your arms to guard your body
  29. Unarmed Combat: Brawling Balance
  30. Unarmed Combat: Brawling Knee to groin
  31. Unarmed Combat: Brawling Don't hold your thumb when you punch
  32. Unarmed Combat: Brawling Armlock
  33. Unarmed Combat: Brawling Trust your instincts
  34. Unarmed Combat: Brawling Fear: Brings on Recklessness
  35. Unarmed Combat: Brawling Shoulder barge
  36. Unarmed Combat: Brawling Restraint with arms and legs
  37. Unarmed Combat: Brawling Branch: Slash
  38. Unarmed Combat: How to dodge a moving target
  39. Unarmed Combat, Wrestling: Tackle
  40. Unarmed Combat: The power of a well-placed elbow
  41. Unarmed Combat: Improvising a weapon
  42. Unarmed Combat: Bite
  43. Unarmed Combat: Aim for the Sensitive Bits
  44. Unarmed Combat: Fighting Dirty
  45. Unarmed Combat: The Stance
  46. Unarmed Combat: The Physics Behind It
  47. Unarmed Combat: Stance
  48. Unarmed Combat: Movement is important
  49. Unarmed Combat: How to make a fist
  50. Unarmed Combat: Forward punch
  51. Unarmed Combat: Center yourself
  52. Unarmed Combat: Use height to your advantage
  53. Combat: Hand to hand: Preparing to block a slap
  54. Combat: Unarmed: Kicking a mans undercarriage
  55. Combat: Unarmed: Tripping a man over
  56. Combat: Unarmed: Standing ones ground
  57. Unarmed Combat: Breaking out of an upper body grab
  58. Unarmed Combat: Using alternating movement to confuse the mind of a foe
  59. Unarmed Combat: Repetition creates needed muscle memory
  60. Unarmed Combat: Use the element of surprise
  61. Unarmed Combat: Use what you can from your surroundings
  62. Unarmed Combat: Biting is a viable option
  63. Unarmed Combat: Struggling to break an opponents hold
  64. Unarmed Combat: Groin kick in combat.
  65. Unarmed Combat: Ensure that weapons can not strike you
  66. Combat: Unarmed: Defend and attack in one move
  67. Combat: Unarmed: Maintaining balance whilst moving from sitting to standing


2 Knowledges
  1. Vinting: Wine to grape ratio
  2. Vinting: Storing techniques


X Knowledges
  1. Insert here


20 Knowledges
  1. Writing: Regular breaks improve legibility
  2. Writing: The Basics of Grammar
  3. Writing: Note taking
  4. Writing: Copying from Library Books
  5. Writing: Creating tables for teaching use
  6. Writing: Careful notes increase accuracy
  7. Writing: Authoring a Letter of Well-Wishes
  8. Writing: Make your notes clear
  9. Writing: Ensure that you identify links
  10. Writing: Construct questions clearly
  11. Writing: Summary of a summary
  12. Writing: Wording a business contract
  13. Writing: Clear note taking
  14. Writing: Structuring notes for re-reading
  15. Writing: Constructing a written argument
  16. Writing: Writing verse
  17. Writing: Writing musical notations.
  18. Writing: Clear identification of test subjects
  19. Writing: Lab notes require clarity and brevity
  20. Writing: Using structure to ensure clarity


0 Knowledges
  1. Insert Here


0 Knowledges
  1. Insert Here


0 Knowledges
  1. Insert Here


0 Knowledges
  1. Insert Here


0 Knowledges
  1. Insert Here


1 Knowledges
  1. Empathy: Using The Tangle to Locate Others


0 Knowledges
  1. Insert Here


0 Knowledges
  1. Insert Here


0 Knowledges
  1. Insert Here


0 Knowledges
  1. Insert Here


0 Knowledges
  1. Insert Here


0 Knowledges
  1. Insert Here


0 Knowledges
  1. Insert Here


0 Knowledges
  1. Insert Here


0 Knowledges
  1. Insert Here


0 Knowledges
  1. Insert Here

Unspecified/Too General Skill Lores

6 Knowledges
  1. Armed Combat: Brief and Light Strikes
  2. Armed Combat: Switching Mid-Attack
  3. Combat: Collaboration with Allies
  4. Combat: Exploiting Weaknesses
  5. Combat: Prepare for Anything
  6. Combat: Simultaneous Attacks
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Knowledge Lists and True Grandmaster Achievement

Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:28 pm

This is now open and ready for submissions of Knowledges or people who have 60 Knowledges in a single skill. I am aware that this is currently ugly, but it is functional. If you wanna offer assistance to pretty it up, feel free.
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Knowledge Lists and True Grandmaster Achievement

Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:36 am

Some generic suggestions:

Blades (Curved Sword): Basic Thrust
Deception: Using half truths to avoid further questioning
Detection: Listening to inflection in tone
Discipline: Focusing On One Task
Empathy: Using The Tangle to Locate Others
Intelligence: Asking questions to determine not just what, but why
Medicine: Treating Open Wounds
Politics: Being Owed Favours Gives You Power
Research: Avoid manipulating text to meet your theories
Resistance: Ingesting Small Amounts of Toxins for Immunity
Unarmed Combat: Pressure Points
Writing: Regular breaks improve legibility
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Knowledge Lists and True Grandmaster Achievement

Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:04 am

Thanks Harp, I'll add those when I get home from work, as well as the following I received in a grade.

Hunting: Recognizing Hafrein Deer Tracks
Hunting: Boars cover themselves in mud
Thrown (Javelin): Twisting your body from the hip for a better throw
Stealth: Use Mud to mask your scent
Stealth: Removing possibly noisy hazards beforehand
Fieldcraft: Using branches to craft a hide
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Knowledge Lists and True Grandmaster Achievement

Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:42 pm

Literally stuff copied from my knowledge. :P

Hunting: Ruined Flesh Can be Used as Bait
Hunting: Skinning the Squirrel
Hunting: Drop the Weight for Quicker Chase
Hunting: Animals use scent to track prey
Hunting – Firing from Hidden Position

Stealth: Taking Advantage of Distractions
Stealth: Avoiding Lines of Sight
Stealth: Using Shadows to Hide
Stealth: Torches just Reveal your Location
Stealth: Hiding in a Cranny
Stealth: Hiding Among the Branches
Stealth: Listening for Reactions to One's Own Noises
Stealth: Moving Along the Treeline
Stealth: Keep to Terrain You Know
Stealth: Feathers Muffle Sounds
Stealth: Dead Plant Life is Too Brittle
Stealth: Trading Silence For Chain Mail Protection
Stealth: Don't Wear a Path to Your Own Home
Stealth: Tracking Soldiers
Stealth: Following Humans Up Mountains Silently
Stealth: Sleight of Hand Allows for “Magic”
Stealth: Use the Light of Someone Else' Torch
Stealth: Staying Near the Edge of a Fight Keeps you Hidden
Stealth: Staying Away from Firelight

Credit to Pegasus

As a note: Noth is a Grandmaster in Intimidation. That means that he's at least as scary as the Count from Sesame Street. Beware.

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Knowledge Lists and True Grandmaster Achievement

Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:57 pm

Kudos to Pash!

She not only donated a massive amount of her own skill knowledges but also cleaned up and organized the database.

So much thanks to you Detective Pashy!
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Knowledge Lists and True Grandmaster Achievement

Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:20 pm

Dancing: A nautical jig Discipline: The sight of ghostly ships
Discipline: Not being afraid of a giant, rotting chicken zombie
Discipline: Ensuring that you don't die without honour Endurance: Sudden drop of temperature to below freezing
Endurance: Physical pain of stiff joints
Endurance: Very loud noises
Endurance: Being pecked by lots of birds Fieldcraft: Using branches to craft a hide
Fieldcraft: Don't keep logs in mist, they'll go soggy
Fieldcraft: Water can be found downhill
Fieldcraft: Game trails usually lead to water Hunting: Retrieve your ammunition while on the run Leadership: Commanding a parrot Persuasion: If I say I'm the boss, I am. I am! Running: Zigzag when being shot at Seduction: How not to do it
Seduction: Apparently, men like to be taken to dinner Stealth: Keep back until you know where you are
Stealth: Hard to hide in the middle of a circle
Stealth: Whisper
Stealth: Using Tall Grass to conceal yourself
Stealth: Using blood scented items to create false trails
Stealth: Avoid open areas when dodging flying enemies
Stealth: Using decoy clothing to throw enemies off your track Strength: Carrying logs Tactics: Spears (and javelins) can't hurt ghosts Thrown: Following through with the throw
Throwing (Javelin): Aim ahead of targets in straight line motion
Throwing (Javelin): Skipping while running into a throw
Throwing (Javelin): aim at the broad side of a creature
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Knowledge Lists and True Grandmaster Achievement

Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:24 am

You are welcome to the knowledges from any of my pc's - that's Faith, Vega, Zana & Celeste Andaris.

Also, Faith has 60+ knowledges in:

Detection (a GM skill for her)
Etiquette (currently at Master)
Medicine (a GM skill)
Psychology (currently at Expert)

(CS for Faith is here

Hope that helps!
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Knowledge Lists and True Grandmaster Achievement

Sat Nov 25, 2017 5:30 pm

Few more knowledges.

Caregiving: Sometimes, looking after yourself is looking after him.
Caregiving: Taking another person's ideas into account
Discipline: Being polite, but firm
Etiquette: Boys are sensitive
Persuasion: Being clear about giving an order
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Knowledge Lists and True Grandmaster Achievement

Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:38 am

Knowledge Ideas:

Drawing: Line Quality
Drawing: Break Up Complex Images to Simple Shapes
Drawing: How to Observe Your Subject Matter
Drawing: One Point Perspective
Drawing: Two Point Perspective
Drawing: Three Point Perspective
Drawing: Push Your Values
Drawing: Cross-hatching
Drawing: Stippling
Drawing: Draw From the Shoulder
Drawing: How to Hold Your Pencil
Drawing: How To Ink a Drawing
Drawing: Sketch with Light Strokes
Drawing: What is a Still Life
Drawing: Basic Composition Rules
Drawing: Pay Attention to the Light Source
Drawing: How to Draw Different Fabrics
Drawing: Illustrating Texture
Drawing: How to Show Movement in a Piece
Drawing: How to Determine Your Subject Matter
Drawing: How Crayon and Ink Interact Together
Drawing: Express Emotion Through Art
Drawing: Give Your Piece a Purpose
Drawing: Multiple Light Sources Affect Color
Drawing: How to Create Balance in Your Piece
Drawing: Understanding Proportions
Drawing: How to Create Smooth Gradation
Drawing: What are the Elements of Art
Drawing: Vary Line Thickness
Drawing: Shapes Express Different Feelings to the Viewer
Drawing: Squares and Rectangles Can Portray Strength and Stability
Drawing: Circles and Ellipses Can Represent Continuous Movement
Drawing: Triangles Lead the Eye in an Upward Movement
Drawing: Inverted Triangles Create a Sense of Imbalance and Tension
Drawing: Form is Representational or Abstract.
Drawing: Human Anatomy (Male)
Drawing: Human Anatomy (Female)
Drawing: Improve Drawing Speed with Quick Gestures
Drawing: ‘S’& ‘C’ Curves in the Figure
Drawing: What is a Stiff Pose
Drawing: Work in Layers When Drawing with Pastel
Drawing: Do Not Primarily Shade By Smudging with Your Finger
Drawing: No Mistakes, Only Happy Accidents
Drawing: How to Replicate the Style of Others
Drawing: Observe the Work of Grandmaster’s
Drawing: Working with Overlays
Drawing: Ghost the Line
Drawing: X-Y-Z Coordinate System
Drawing: Finding Vanishing Points on the Picture Plane
Drawing: The Minor Axis is Key
Drawing: Perspective Grid Construction
Drawing: How to Mirror Tilted Planes
Drawing: How to Create Smooth Gradients
Drawing: Use Color to Amplify Emotion
Drawing: Find Your Own Style
Drawing: The Different Types of Erasers
Drawing: How to Use a View Finder
Drawing: Vary Your Design to Interest the Eye
Drawing: How to Exaggerate Well
Drawing: What is A Self Portrait
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