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A giant body of water that separates Western Idalos from the mysterious floating Iulure Isles. This sea is known for it's massive storms and hurricanes as well as taking the lives of many sailors who dare venture out into its depths. Not much is known of this sea, however, it is said that mysterious merfolk inhabit the waters, beckoning seafarers to their doom.
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Any Port...

Tue Sep 20, 2016 7:09 pm

Tuuri wasn't entirely certain what to make of people who kept threatening to do horrible things to you in pleasant tones of voice while smiling. Was that meant to be more or less worrying? Interesting also that based on the hurried dispersal of the crew, apparently not everyone was in on the smuggling. In fact apparently almost no one was. The Captain and Kian, perhaps no one else. Was the crew really that disengaged? She'd been here for such a short time and had already exposed the smuggling, they crewed the ship, were in theory there for loading and unloading, plus the entire length of the journey.. That being the case she'd probably estimated the crew payrate at higher than it needed to be since these would clearly be the utter dregs.

As Tedric grilled Kian, she watched the large man from the corner of her eye. If he was the only one the Captain trusted with knowledge of their illicit activities, then he was important at least in the tiny microcosm that was the Eight Winds. Mercurial was a good word for her emotions. She was meant to have close control over them, to hide her intentions behind a facade that no one who might try to use her against her family could penetrate. She was not very good at it. She reacted too quickly and unthinkingly. In her own way, she had begged Kian to protect her, to be on her side. And to her point of view he'd refused her. Making clear he'd do whatever the Captain said. Slighted, she'd ignored him thereafter. She didn't know what he'd done to keep the rest of the crew in line, nor did she know the thoughts in his head. Now it seemed she was going to have to pay him some attention again and it hurt her pride. Still, as much as the ransom bit fit her current opinion of him, there was a part of her that was pleased that he thought she was pretty. Pretty was much better than cutesy. She also did not know who or what a Chumm or Vrenn was, but she was on principle opposed to being given to anyone thank you very much, so his obvious disapproval of that netted him a few points back again. Chumm was something to do with fishing wasn't it?

There was a feeling like a clenched fist in her chest. She was sure that she was an asset. Sure that she could improve profits, could do better, be smarter, but the fact that if she didn't convince these two men who might not even be educated of it she could die. There was a very strong temptation to just give up, to throw her name around and let them try for a ransom,just to make sure she was safe. But soft though she might be, Tuuri had a stubborn streak. She could do this. She didn't need to go running home, or worse, to make home come get her.

"I am quite certain I don't know everything that you're doing no, but nor do I need to to maximize your profits. So. To start with, you're importing primarily cooking spices at the moment. Unfortunately that's one of Ne'haers primary exports. A few they may not grow in bulk, or there may have been bad crops, if we are lucky. Still, it is not a profitable cargo. However, many cooking spices can, with proper knowledge, be used medicinally, and medicines are often imported. Assuming you've a layover of a day or more, some brief legwork and investigation which I am more than capable of would allow us to pitch, I would estimate a minimum of fifty percent of the current goods as medicinal rather than culinary, a net gain of, conservatively, ten percent overall, as much as perhaps forty."

Honestly speaking of these things calmed her. She didn't know very much about being shipwrecked or dealing with smugglers, but she did know trade. Novice or not, what she knew was still significant.

"That additional income could then be invested to buy a cargo more suited to your next port. Which you've yet to share. Offhand of the nearby ports, for Argos pearls for embroidery and red or gold dyes would net a healthy profit. Hiladrith almost anything could be sold but food stuff that will keep while not usually what I would suggest will sell well if you take the time to see that its moving on to Rynmere, they recently suffered a drought, while not in true famine they are certainly importing more, otherwise for quick turnaround anything exotic or specialized can be sold there. Rhakros I am advised is dangerous, but since your trade is as well, I suppose that is still a possible port. I am told they favour any poison, narcotic or illness they do not have easy access to. Used to danger or not, I would still not value the possible profit of transporting a new plague or transferable illness to Rhakros over the chances of an outbreak at sea. Strosdyn I know less about, but they are Sev'ryn, which means not much interest in farmed goods, vegetable or meat. But tattoo quality inks, or lumber tend to sell well. Furs from non-native beasts, though again, I've not the knowledge to know which those would be, so I would need to find more information."

"And if you're going to further ports or have specific trade partners who carry on further I could of course work out a specific manifest, but with so little information, all I can really tell you is that yes, I can do better."

She shrugged once. It might have sounded egotistical, but it was true. This said, she snapped the journal, which she'd been jotting notes to herself in, shut. And turned her full attention back to the two men who were apparently deciding her fate.
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