[Storyteller's Office: Instinct] The Deep Dark Den

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[Storyteller's Office: Instinct] The Deep Dark Den

Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:29 am

Welcome, Two-Legs
If you've found yourself in my den, that can only mean one thing... You want something. Be it the need to find water, an escape from a vicious predator or even your migration patterns for the arc, Instinct will be your friend.

"I'm not an animal" You say? I beg to differ. Very well, lets see what else I can offer you, Two-Legs.

I'm currently doing
  • Thread reviews
  • Moderated threads
  • Job and wage approvals
  • Updating the development requests thread
  • Updating and approving bounties
  • The seasonal calendar
Don't believe me? Here's what I've done already...
  • ...
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