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Have a matter that needs to be addressed by a Prophet? Come find their office here! Please note that all private issues should be kept to PMs or the Help Desk.
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Developer - Staff
Developer - Staff
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Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:54 am

Welcome to The Hive

Welcome to my office, worker bees! I'm Bumblebee, or Honey, if you'd prefer. I'm currently a storyteller in Rynmere, and officially joined the staff on March 23rd, 2017. Since you've stopped by my little office, I'm sure you're wanting to see what all the buzz is about. Let me show you:
  • The Sweet Stuff I Do:
  • Reviews
  • Write and manage moderated threads in my city
  • Ensure all jobs and wages are updated
  • Update city development
  • Seasonal Calenders
  • Thread Drop-ins
  • Development in Athart to push player interest
  • Update & Approve Bounties
  • Respond to all PMs and inquiries in city forum.
  • What to Write Here:
  • Mod Requests
  • Reply Reminders (I prefer a PM, but do what ya gotta do)
  • Any ideas you might have for Athart you want to discuss.
  • TBD
Please contact me via PM, Skype, or catch me in chat. I'm very flexible and willing to work with players regarding plots or new ideas. Don't be scared to approach me. I promise I don't bite (but I might sting... jk!).
Work Hard. Stay Bumble.
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