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Have a matter that needs to be addressed by a Prophet? Come find their office here! Please note that all private issues should be kept to PMs or the Help Desk.
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Storyteller - Staff
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Feel free to post up any requests (not grading requests, those go to the respective grading thread) or other issues here.
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Thu Dec 22, 2016 5:03 pm

Whelp as per the instructions of the wilderness pack I think I may need your attention to properly finish off this character.
I'm still a work in progress, but so far the skinny of this pc is she was part of the cult of elasin was trained to bushwhack people in there homes but her mentor is murdered within the cult as a power grab and she's framed for it.
Now she is exiled and has left civilization in fear of Assassination from fellow cultists if she stays within city limits.
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