Regional News Rebirth Calendar 721

The Desnind Calendar for Cylus & Ashan 721

Known as the City in the Trees, Desnind is a town bustling in its own way. The locals follow odd customs, and the visitors are never quite sure if they're visiting the same city as they were last time. It's home to the Immortal of Life, Moseke, as well as most of the Sev'ryn.

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Rebirth Calendar 721

Mon Feb 01, 2021 4:34 am

Rebirth Calendar 721

Cylus (30)

1st: Darkfall (Holiday): Within the first breaks of the season the last light of Zi'da fades beneath the horizon, the city gathers their iyo lanterns to participate in the light walk, a symbolic farewell to the former arc and a greeting of the next.

1st: Within the beginnings of Cylus, many of the iyo begin to form their cocoons, preparing for their transition to bioluminescent butterflies. Children chatter excitedly about the upcoming metamorphosis.

3rd:Greendawn Dusk (Tradition) Despite the dark and dreary nature of Cylus, the Sev'ryn and followers of Moseke are not deterred. Both citizens and visitors are invited to plant mushrooms and attend gardening seminars, teaching about the planting, growth, and properties of some of the local fungi that are native around the region. Reward: Those who participate will receive a starter of mushroom spores and a medium bucket of high-grade compost. Gardening lessons on any fungi are free to join.

4th: Book Fair (Event!) For the first time in decades, an Ellune enters the city alongside a group of tolerant humans. Hailing from Viden and Oscillus, the merchant and his crew quickly set up a book fair, unveiling a plethora of items in the form of tomes, scrolls, and stationery supplies. They will accept nel or barters and seem keen to exchange learned knowledge. Many Sev'ryn flocks to the event, if only to catch a glimpse of the ice giant. They will stay until the 25th of Cylus.

6th: The first snow of Cylus falls upon the city of Desnind. Quickly, small parties of all ages are gathered to trek into the forest. They seek hollowed logs or large chunks of fallen wood that can be hallowed out for the celebration of Yara Meje. In the evening, woodworkers around Desnind compete to see who can carve their log with the most skill before the next trial arrives. While not a requirement, there are rumors that those who pour Ãdälcï sọ i’en (or wish sand) into the most beautiful log will have their wish granted.

7th: Yara Meje (Tradition) Yara Meje takes place, a tradition of hope in the face of Cylus' biting snow. Citizens across Desnind line up to pour wish sand upon the many erected logs around the city, and that night they are burned at the Fire Pit, a myriad of prismatic colors and sweet smoke wafting through the air while songs of praise and worship are sung for Moseke across the treetops. Many dance in the snow and it is a night filled with good wishes.

11th: Construction is underway for a new facility, with volunteers and city officials working side by side to choose appropriate trees for the new structure, a housing unit for students and expedition team members involved with the University: Scalvoris Branch and other related personnel. Those with any useful skills aiding the project are encouraged to come forth in exchange for compensation.

14th: A family of four biqaj, two adults and two children, are found dead in their beds upon their modest vessel, The Peregrine. There does not appear to be any physical trauma from weapons or struggle, but all appeared suffocated in their sleep. Nothing seems indicative of motive aside from a few possessions strewn about the room. A close relative pleads with anyone who will offer assistance in bringing the murderer to justice.

21st: One by one, Iyo across the city start to emerge from their cocoons.

23rd: Mwen Tsabta (Tradition) The Star Release All the residents collect their captive iyọ and release them. There is no place to congregate for the event, as most residents will release them just outside their front door. The sky is filled for the next 24 to 36 breaks with the bright butterflies, making all of Desnind glow.

30th: Nature's Awakening (Holiday) The frost of Cylus' darkness begins to break and preparations of the Sru’ ïsẹ begin. Preparations for the festival aren't complicated or complex but they are highly individual. Each Sev'ryn is given time to find something old from the last arc. It can be a piece of equipment, clothing, or even an aged plant they have been caring for. These items are taken outside and left in patches where new growth is spotted until the first rays of sunshine can fall upon them. It is meant to rejuvenate the item and its owner in the upcoming trials.

31st: Nature's Awakening (cont.) Citizens continue to lay out their belongings, healers venture into the Lori for new materials, priming the location for harvest and praying upon the land. At the end of the trial, Sev'ryn comes together for an evening that begins low but with progress gets more energetic. It symbolizes the process of coming out of hibernation.

Ashan (124)
4th: A wealthy proprietor funds the planning and construction of three new trails that wind within the forest in dedication to the Immortal Cassion. While each road is respectful of the existing landscape, they vary in accessibility and are meant as new riding trails. It is said that once the project is complete, a riding competition will be held. Excitement for the event spreads like wildfire and a city-wide celebration planning goes underway.

12th: Farmers and gardener's venture into their fields to find what appears to be golden nel burrowed into parts of their soil. Upon investigation, it is discovered to be a small beetle with a thin snout. These bugs do not bite if handled and have a rounded abdomen that looks to contain a shimmery liquid that grants its alluring color. Those who step on the insect find it surprisingly durable, not easily squashed by brunt force alone. Alchemists and amateur researchers around the city are eager to observe this new discovery.

27th: The day is plagued by heavy thunderstorms and high winds that could damage crops. The rain continues for 5 trials.

32nd: A man is spotted who runs away crying every time someone approaches or tries to speak to him. What could be troubling him so?

49th: A den of particularly large badgers have begun digging around a small section of the city, threatening to topple the trees people live in.

51st: A scream is heard in the middle of the night on the outskirts of Desnind. Some rush to the sound and find a young woman, early twenties, mauled and bleeding. She is alive but shaken up, crying about the 'large beast' that lunged from the bushes. Those who arrived at the scene do recall seeing a hulking shadow disappear among the leaves, but none could identify it beneath the dark canopy. Hunters and those experienced in wilderness survival are rallied in the upcoming trials. [Self-mod/GST]

53rd: The Hunt Begins!

56th: Sev'ryn scouts report to have spotted an Avriel flying across the canopy. While not in direct borders of the city, warnings are issued to remain alert in case a larger flock is nearby. Rumors begin to spark that slavers are on the prowl.

60th: Despite the weather and challenging events of the season, the riding trails have come to completion and a tournament is announced. Those with land mounts are encouraged to enroll as races will proceed in three trials time to test the bond and skill between beast and man. Tourists arriving via Flutterbus are encouraged to bring items for bartering and city residents will find a number of mounts for sale. For those who wish to see the trails by foot, tours are given in the trials leading up to the tournament. Gamblers get to work arguing odds and getting to work.

63rd: The Race is On! (Event!) Riders from around Idalos enroll in the bracket tournament, separated into three categories. Beginning riders are sent on route 1, a trail that wraps around the city in a simple circle. The crowd favorite for this category is a Yarofko known as Rain Man. For Route 2, the intermediate category, the city favors a mount rarely seen in Desnind, a Merquestrian, known as Jackpot. In the intermediate and advanced category, gamblers favor Sly Fallacy, a mighty Slepnir that cuts around the sharp turns and is expected to take the competition. Food and drink are readily available and prizes will be given to participants.

82: A large majority of visitors and citizens of Desnind find their senses assaulted in a wave of high pollen activity. The Medicine House and the Order of Adunih see an influx of patients seeking relief.

123: Particularly aggressive mold is spreading through food stores due to all the humidity from the heavy fogs.

Credit to: Bumblebee, Hankley & Pig Boy
word count: 1481
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