Blessing Ability Suggestion Thread

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Blessing Ability Suggestion Thread

Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:35 pm

Here's a few more ideas for potential Argua powers:

By activating this power, a favoured of Aelig can create a perfect still illusion of themselves in the exact place and position they are standing in. This image cannot move at all, however it activates instantly and can be used at the same time other mark powers or magical abilities with little effort.

A favoured of Aelig can conjure a simple illusion around themselves, their clothes and any small items on their person that makes them disappear from sight, masks their scent and hides their frequency from Attuners of an equal or lower level for ten trills per Argua power unlocked.

Eyes of Aelig
As lord of all illusions, Aelig can naturally tell any illusion apart from reality. With this ability an argua user will instantly be able to identify an illusion created by another argua user or mirage mage with a lower level mark or equivalent skill level than them. They can also identify sufficiently weak illusion from other sources (at the moderators discretion) and Yludih. Keep in mind however that Aelig loves to see the chaos an illusion can bring, and may grow angry with a follower of his who keeps revealing illusions to others.

An adored of Aelig can perfectly mimic the muscle movements of a person they've seen performing an action during the last ten trials. They can dance the same routine as a dancer, juggle flaming swords just like a professional juggler, and even rewrite a letter in the exact same words and handwriting as the original writer. In order to do this however they must have a clear view of the entirety of the action being performed.This ability will not allow an argua user to surpass their physical limits, such as punch through a stone block without any skill points in strength, or make any sort of variation to the performance they've copied, such as change a word in a message they're rewriting.

Fantasy Smith
An adored of Aelig can conjure an illusion of any kind of weapon, shield or armour they can think of. The item will look and feel exactly how they pictured it in their minds eye, allowing anything from completely original pieces to perfect imitations of a city guards equipment to be made, however anything besides the argua user will pass through the equipment and so cannot be used to inflict damage on anyone or offer the user any real protection. This also means that anyone else who tries to touch the equipment will notice that they're merely illusions.

An exalted of Aelig can create an illusion of absolutely anything they can imagine; a dragon, castle, or imitation of a person, which will look exactly as they pictured it in their mind's eye. This image can move, make accompanying sounds and smells, and even fool low level attuners. However this illusion can still never interact with anything physical, and upon being touched by a living being will dissolve into a cloud of sparks.
Upon earning Aelig's first curse mark, the cursed will find themselves unable to speak or make any other sort of sound with their mouth of their own accord. Instead they will be compelled to echo the words of anyone they hear, and to mimic all gestures a person makes while making eye contact with them that they are physically capable of copying.

A condemned of Aelig often finds themselves becoming the playthings and slaves of crueler argua or mirage users, for once marked a second time all forms of illusion will become capable of physically interacting with them; allowing them to be injured, trapped within or even killed by the simplest of illusions. If the condemned is capable of creating illusion themselves they will find that these illusions betray and turn against them, or else turn into an illusion of something else that will be of no help to them.

A despised of Aelig will never find peace for as long as Aelig's mark is upon them, for chaos haunts their every step, quickly destroying even the slightest semblance of order and stability that appears in their lives. An unending and unrelenting series of cruel and horrifying events will plague the despised, forcing them to live a chaotic and unpredictable life as any attempt they make to settle into one location, job or social group fails, and unfortunate circumstances bully them to keep wandering aimlessly through the world. Until the curse is removed or death claims them the despised will never know where they'll be tomorrow or what they might be forced to do, for the chaos clinging to them takes special care to break their routines and thwart their plans, and for most being adrift in the world like this is enough to drive them into some form of madness.
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Blessing Ability Suggestion Thread

Wed Aug 01, 2018 6:22 am

So I had a different idea for Aelig's curse - or one level of his curse - that I think would be really interesting to RP and go well with his "Chaos" domain:

Devious Doppelganger: Upon earning Aelig's curse, a doppelganger of the character that is the polar opposite of them and tries to sabotage them at every turn is created. People that are not familiar with the character and their mannerisms will have a hard time telling them apart. It is possible to run away from the doppelganger - for a time - but they will always find you, eventually and continue to make your life miserable.

The doppelganger could, possibly, also be killed - only to reappear again in perfect health a trial later. What do you think?

I also think that the skill boni for "Vaelus" need to be changed. Vhalar is the Immortal of Art, among other things, but his Blessing gives you a bonus to "any Weapons skill, Socialization, Linguistics, or Leadership" instead of Sculpting and Painting (or Drawing) which is weird in my opinion. He is not the Immortal of Languages or Combat!
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