The Crimson Games Sign Ups

72nd of Ymiden 723

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The Crimson Games Sign Ups

The Crimson Games

This is a sign up for calendar event “The Crimson Games” which begins on 72 Ymiden 723.

The tournament event guide is as follows:
  • 72 Ymiden 723 - The games begin with a large celebration held in the Crimson Arena. Spectators and participants are invited to mingle, eat, and drink in preparation for and in anticipation of the events to come. This is mostly a festive trial, signaling the beginning of the games. This is the trial where most people sign up for the events to follow.
  • 73 Ymiden 723 - The Tournament of Swords is held. It is a standard bracket dueling game with scoring based on simple points. Every hit against your opponent is a point gained. Five points wins you the match. Opponents must either wield the same length weapon or agree to accept the challenge of weapons being different lengths.
  • 74 Ymiden 723 - The Crimson Joust is held. Between rounds of jousting there are theatric performances and dances which take place to stall while the next joust is prepared.
  • 75 Ymiden 723 - The Tournament of Hammers is held. This is a contests for smiths and often includes challenges like using scrap material, altered tools, or time restrictions.
  • 76 Ymiden 723 - Announcement of The Crimson Champion and final trial of celebration.
Rules / Guidelines:
  • Not a tracker but you have two weeks-ish to sign up here and let me know where your PCs will be. Sign up with as many as you'd like, I will manage it.
  • Once the sign ups are done or there are enough participants for the event to start, I will make and put up the initial post- then link it here.
  • Every event awards points (which I will track) and at the end an overall winner is announced. The more events you participate in and the higher your score in them, the more points you get.
Initial Post

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PCs involved:
NPCs involved? (can be a general overview like “Yes, these ones <linkie to a faction>” or “Yes, a, b, c” – please give me links).
PC Role in this: (Spectator, Participant, Passing Through)
Brief summary of how prepared your PC is:
What will your PC hope to do / achieve:

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Re: The Crimson Games Sign Ups

PCs involved: Kalortah
NPCs involved? Flavor probably, otherwise not sure.
PC Role in this: Participant
Brief summary of how prepared your PC is: He wouldn't do anything he's not highly trained to do, so probably very.
What will your PC hope to do / achieve: He wants to dedicate his victories to Delroth. And just generally make it all about Delroth with his addition to the theatrical performances.
word count: 69
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