A Secret Bunker!

A city thrust in a land of magical corruption, where survival isn't taken for granted, Yaralon is a jewel on Eastern Idalos. It is world renown for its mercenary companies, for their spiritual culture that appears a bit backwards and counter intuitive to more "civilized" types. Yaralon is where the strong go to discover that they are anything but, and mercenaries learn that only Yari mercs are true mercs.
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A Secret Bunker!

Wed May 15, 2019 10:37 am

Ashan 115, 719 - For reals

As Tio stepped through the portal leaving that room that belonged to the Seekers, he'd find himself transported to a new room, made of the same exact stone, with ancient runes carved into the walls. But upon his arrival, the tired spark upon his soul was recognized by the building he was in. And so, in a deep, rumbling voice around him, the structure spoke.

"Welcome Tio Silver, the first of your kind. You have proven yourself worthy by one of the great Eternals. You have been entrusted with this place as a gift for your service. It was first given to those who came first, that some call The Shay. It was later claimed and subsequently lost by those called the Seekers. It is now yours, and yours alone. Within this place, you will find that the world outside knows not of your presence here. None may enter here, none may spy into here, and none may be heard in here. Those who have toyed with your life know not of this place."

And so, the structure, which was merely a room, revealed itself to Tio. Tio would find that while the room was bare, it had the capacity to grow. He would know that it was deep underground in Yaralon. And he could make it grow with his own will. He could shape this structure into that which he desired. And should he wish to leave, the door would present itself to him, returning him to Yaralon.
 ! Message from: Aegis
This is Tio Silver's exit from the Call Event. He has successfully completed this event.

Tio, you may self moderate the creation of this dungeon/building/structure. When you've finished, I will review this thread for you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. You've been great! I look forward to seeing what you do with this.

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Re: A Secret Bunker!

Wed May 15, 2019 7:02 pm


Tio arrived through the door a little hastily, expecting the scary lady and her psychopathic axe-wielding shadow to be hot on his heels. Yet when a few trills had passed and he realized that he was alone, Tio turned his attention to the room he had found himself in. It looked exactly like the previous room had, built from stone and covered in spooky runes, but was thankfully clean of all the blood Maxine had decided to repaint the last one in. It was too bad he hadn't had a chance to clean his shoes really, since by coming in he'd tracked a line of bloody footprints over the nice clean carpet.

The structure spoke to him in a loud, gravely voice, declaring that he was now the owner of this place. It claimed that while he was within here he was completely invisible to the rest of the world; no Immortal, mage or other such creature could enter, spy on him or try to contact him. It was a place of perfect security and privacy. The perfect place to get up to no good.

"Oh I like the sound of this! I like the sound of this a lot!" Tio chuckled, the unmistakable sound of maniacal laughter tinting his voice. His own private palace! A world that no other being could intrude upon, and that he could shape and chance to his will at a whim! There was so much he could do with this place! It could be a home, a treasure trove, a magical laboratory and a mini golf course all in one! "My very own world. Ha, I like it! My world! That's what I'll call this place! Tio's World!"

He rubbed his hands together, his body practically shaking with glee. He could feel this place responding to his will, ready to morph into a new form. Why not do some redecorating then? In his mind's eye he pictured what he wanted the room to become: a great scarlet castle, proud and imposing, filled with amazing and grandiose furnishings. There would be no half-measures on this! He thought of rows upon rows of huge stained glass windows, braziers of eternally lit flames, and a great golden throne sitting at the top of an inconveniently long staircase.

The room answered his desires. The stone swirled like water, twisting and molding into a new form, and within the span of a few trills Tio found himself sat upon a throne, overlooking a palace that looked like something straight out of a fairytale. An evil fairytale.


Tio looked around in awe. "Now this is cool!" He whispered to himself, experimentally squeezing the soft padding on his new throne. "But damn, those stairs are really long. It's going to take forever to get down these..."
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