The Rune of Touch

A city thrust in a land of magical corruption, where survival isn't taken for granted, Yaralon is a jewel on Eastern Idalos. It is world renown for its mercenary companies, for their spiritual culture that appears a bit backwards and counter intuitive to more "civilized" types. Yaralon is where the strong go to discover that they are anything but, and mercenaries learn that only Yari mercs are true mercs.

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The Rune of Touch

Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:44 pm


Vhalar 1 712

Rain pounded on the windows of Aetu’s bedroom. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t go back to sleeping like this. She rolled over in bed and stared out at the window with an apathetic expression. It had been a month since she had been initiated as a mage and she was finally coming to terms with what she was. As of yet her experience with magic had been limited to one rune and studying like her life depended on it. She was beginning to fully grasp the significance of what she could be capable of. Something inside her told her that she was finally ready to learn her next rune.

Aetu somberly slid out of bed and picked up the dusty book on her table. Her guardian had called it a grimoire which was a word she’d never heard of before last month. Apparently she was su8pposed to put her notes in here, although she didn’t know why. She had seen her guardian’s grimoire before and he had supposedly already filled nearly every page. “Why don’t I just use his book instead?” A mischievous smile spread across her lips as the idea took root in her mind. Her startlingly blue eyes darted around as she made her way to Cane’s study…

A quick look around told her that Cane was out of the house, probably out shopping. Due to the storm he probably wouldn’t be back for a while either. This was the perfect chance to snoop around and look at his belongings. All she wanted to do was take a peek. No, ‘she’ wanted to go back to sleep. It was the spark that truly thirsted for the knowledge contained in Cane’s grimoire.

Aetu pulled the worn book into candle light and opened it to the first page. It was a table of contents that listed almost every rune along with many sub categories. She saw that the rune of strength was one of the first entries and had dozens of chapters dedicated to its usage. She tried to read some of it but it was simply too complex to understand. She’d keep flipping along until she got to the rune of touch section. Apparently it was the second rune that Cane had learned so Aetu figured that she was plenty ready to learn it herself.

“It’s time to get to work,” she’d mutter as she tried to think back to her first magic lessons. The general gist of it was learning how to perfectly carve out the rune with her ether then applying a trigger to it. Aetu tried to imitate the steps that she remembered and began drawing the rune over and over on blank parchment. She wrote it down enough times that she could do it with her eyes closed. Then she started to flow ether into the pen which caused the rune to burn into the parchment. Upon finishing the rune, it immediately latched onto her hand and made her whole arm feel tingly.

This same series of events had happened before with the strength rune and at that time she’d accidentally crushed the pen she was holding and broken the table she was working at. This time though she was very cautious to not move so much as a finger. Now that she had executed the rune she realized that she didn’t even know what the rune was supposed to do. She had completely forgotten about the hours of lecturing that had accompanied her first rune. She carefully turned pages with her spare hand and started to read about what the rune was all about.

The young mage read that the rune of touch was supposed to enhance your ‘touch’ sense which made sense. She was supposed to be able to feel minute details of a surface. She ran each index finger along the wooden table and noticed that she could feel as though the groves of the wood were much easier to feel. She thought if she really wanted to she could count the number of groves underneath her finger. She kept running her finger across the table and shouted in extreme pain.

Her finger had made contact with a small wooden splinter and the pain was shooting through her body like she’d just been stabbed with a knife. “Make it stop,” she shouted but there was nothing to do but take the splinter out carefully and wait for the rune to wear off. “I guess that I don’t want to be casting this on myself again anytime soon.”

Aetu decided to wrap up her little lesson before Cane could come back home. She inscribed the runes onto her legs but made sure to put a trigger on them so that they wouldn’t activate for no reason. Truthfully she just wanted to practice etching the runes into skin since it was strangely mesmerizing and satisfying for her spark. She placed about six down before she started to feel dizziness. “This must be the overstepping,” she realized aloud. She’d been warned about writing too many runes and had been instructed to stop if she felt dizzy or got nosebleeds.

Aetu made it back to her room, but when she laid back down to try sleeping again she couldn’t stop thinking about how much she wanted to keep inscribing runes. It was tantalizing for her spark to demand to be used and at the same time know that it was a terrible idea. If only there was some way to get more ether…

“If only I could take the ether back out of these runes, then I could keep practicing,” she thought to herself. It couldn’t hurt to try so she tried sucking the ether out of her runes and found it quite energizing. She felt as though she had all over her ether back and even felt less dizzy. She had gotten what she asked for but she would still not satiate the spark. She’d be patient and wait until Cane got back to ask if it was really a safe thing to do – absorbing ether from runes that is.
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Re: The Rune of Touch

Sat Jan 19, 2019 5:47 pm

Your Review
here you go, sweets!

So this was a nice read. I liked the nature of the spark you've got going - hungering for more, to be better. Very fitting to the type of magic you've chosen. There is just one thing I have concerning it, though. Runewrights of the Lucius path cannot place active runes on inanimate objects. That would be only Umbral Runewrights, and it wouldn't be core runes. So, just keep that in mind for future threads. Apart from the magic, it felt kind of rushed, but it flowed well with Aetu trying to sneak all of this in while her teacher was away. Great thread!


As a quick note, solos only get you six knowledge and they can't all be in the same skill. I've given you suggestions for a sixth skill unrelated to Hone, as one of them isn't quite a knowledge lore.

Hone: Dizziness light overstepping - Endurance: The effects of overstepping
Hone: Feeling minute details with the rune of touch
Hone: Experiencing enhanced pain with the rune of touch
Hone: Dismissing runes to regain ether
Hone: Dismissal didn’t seem to have any side effects
Hone: You’re supposed to record runes in a grimoire


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Injuries: Dizziness from light overstepping

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