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Nightshade Eld, Yana

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Sat Dec 23, 2017 2:18 pm


The Review

Apologies for this taking a while - I was waiting for Nightshade's Ethelynda level up of her mark to be completed. I very much hope that you both enjoyed this thread and the storylines within it. Without further ado -your review!



Oh my gosh, you were such a good sport during this thread! You rolled with everything and just did fantastically - thank you! I love how clearly logical Yana is, how she considers each and every aspect ~ you play her excellently, with real skill and she's great fun. Enjoy the rewards and please do pm me if you've got any questions!


XP: 20
Fame: +20


Yana has earned +1 favour from Faldrun, as promised.
+1 Pin of Ethelynda
Rupert's Statue: A statue of Yana in her Saeri form.


Deception: Appearing to be Immortal-marked
Deception: Pretending to be envious
Deception: Hide lies in the truth
Deception: Appearing to be shocked
Discipline: Not reacting in fury
Endurance: The pain of running into a door
Intelligence: Observing details to gather intelligence
Intelligence: What other people ask can be a clue to information.
Intelligence: How to sew seeds of doubt
Investigation: Give enough information to get a lot more information back
Leadership: Taking charge of a situation
Leadership: A humble leader



Nightshade is such an intense and reflective pc! You write her as agonizing over everything, really considering the details with such care and then almost second guessing herself. I love how deeply reflective and eager to do the right thing Nightshade is ~ you play that aspect of her very well, and I always enjoy reading your threads. Enjoy the rewards and please do pm me if you've got any questions!


XP: 20
Fame: +20


Rupert's Statue: A small statue of Nightshade.
Heart & Head: Nightsthade was both efficient and did the right thing! For this, Nightshade has earned the following Taithir ability:
Serpent TongueThis skill is seemingly useless at first, as it only allows the bearer to understand the language of snakes. However, this gives the bearer access to all the information that snakes can gather undetected, allowing those who know how to listen to find information they might never have otherwise learned. There are myriad other uses to this ability, depending on the ingenuity of the Shield-Bearer.


Detection: Trying to pick out details from a face
Detection: Noting when people are on the edge
Detection: Attend carefully to instructions
Etiquette: It is not polite to refuse a gift
Intelligence: Gathering information from someone else's actions.
Intelligence: Identifying vital information
Interrogation: Firing off questions
Logistics: Weighing up what's right with time allowed
Persuasion: Calming someone with tone of voice
Psychology: Negative experiences in the past can cause you to miss positive opportunities in the present
Psychology: How people behave when they are friends, and enemies.
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