[Sweetsong] A Fairly Fair Fury Fairy Ferret Hunt

109th of Ashan 723

The home to the Induk Sweetwine and populated by fairies, this enchanted forest has many secrets

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[Sweetsong] A Fairly Fair Fury Fairy Ferret Hunt

A Fairy Tea Party
OOC: Rules of the Game

There are only a few very broad rules this time, these are as follows:
  • Fanciful is fun! It does not matter what form of fanciful tickles you pink, green or blue. All that matters is that it is fun for me and you!
  • Create and solve a challenge of some kind. It can be anything, big or small, danger or fun, death or birth... OH! I've never seen a fairy be born before!
With Vega

Somewhere, somehow, Vega finds herself now, wondering why where she goes there are Faries that glows. A leaf on the wind she doth find with a splat, as it landed quite squarely down as a hat.

The leaf was no common muddling funangle. No this leaf had words of parties and was shaped a triangle.

If read it she did, the text it would say, after which she would find, it simply floated away:

"To Vega, we are throwing a Fairly Fair Fury Fairy Ferret Hunt. It would be great if you came, but OK if you cant.

Winston says that you should come see, the treasure hunt he planned for me.

All of my love, well most of it really, because we all know, Winston's may favourite clearly.

Kelpie xx"

The party begins

There was barely a square foot around Chest that didn't have something fluttering inside it. Winston was clearly standing atop of his legged friend, doing his best to orchestrate proceedings. He was not doing a bad job, all things considered, but there was a might more chaos than an 'organised event' might usually include, if that was indeed what this was.

Angela was nowhere to be seen, but
were floating about pretending to juggle with their own head and causing much laughter among the Fairies. Shinwa was, with a steeled resolve, standing at the ready should anyone that made any sense, need something his could actually understand.
"That's et! ... Nope, nat dat, nat a leaf. Ets gatta be sleepin' de lang rest with de wormies and nat wid de four legs..."

Shinwa spotted Vega first and made to offer her something to drink.
"A beverage of golden or blue, Me'lady?"
He offered her a selection of cups held upon a tray. There was also an actual table, with chairs and a tiny fairy couple sitting at it having a chat. They waved at her as they spotted her face appearing over them like the rising of an orbital body.
"Master Miller's research found that at Fairy parties rhyming is abound. What's more is themes of colours a flavours are almost required and so at his behest I do as desired."
He smiled in a polite way that suggested that were she to take a drink, she would be doing the fellow a great favour.

Yelled the ferret and he bounded over to greet her, with genuine delight in his eyes. There was a chorus of Fairies the follow suit, yelling her name and following the diminutive party organiser like a cloud of locus.
"Me soh glad yuh made et. Me 'ope yuh don't mind, bot me... Uh..."
He tried to whisper the next bit, but the chances anything he said was going without an audience right now we slim to none.
"Me es arganising a trade agrement with de fairies, see?"

Joe interrupted with a chuckle.
"There is a chance that Winston has no idea what one of them is though."
He mocked as Smoky gestured at their surroundings.

"Sush you!"
Snapped the ferret with nothing but jest in his tone.
"Ets goin' fine see. Uhhh... sarry about all de fairies... Only me tryin' to get dem to get dis..."
he handed her a list, it was not long, but it included:
  • Peganots (dead)
  • Grave Gold (I don't think this needs to be dead)
  • Anything else they think is rubbish but is actually super-cool.
"...bot ef yuh joy ASK far et, dem loose interest, yuh see?"
He looked up at her hopefully, clearly invested in trying to make something of this chaos as more Fairies came and went with Acorns, dead birds, teeth, worms and all manner of berries.
word count: 710


When standing at his full height, Winston towers a full 1 foot and one blueberry tall. A fact he will happily demonstrate before flicking said blue orb into the air with his nose and then eating it with a snappy grin.

His eyes are dark and sharp, ringed by dark brown fur upon the bright white fur that sets off across the rest of his face.


Winston usually carries the following on his person:
  • Cassion's Locket hangs snugly around his neck.
  • Winston's Fairy Bell hangs from his tool-belt attached to his hip. It's 'ringer' is often bound by a small piece of cloth to prevent it giving away his position while in the wilderness.
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Re: [Sweetsong] A Fairly Fair Fury Fairy Ferret Hunt

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Vega's skin has a reflective metallic sheen with a red glow. Her eyes still swirl biqaj colours, but one colour is always bright red which glows like fire. She has a bright red glow in her chest, situated directly under the mark of a heart (Daia mark) in the middle of a glowing silver dragon on her chest (Xiur). She's unnaturally warm to the touch
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