[Seasonal Event] Blackberry Picking!

The home to the Induk Sweetwine and populated by fairies, this enchanted forest has many secrets

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Re: [Seasonal Event] Blackberry Picking!

Zoro was delighted, thrilled by the impending adventure helping the fairies in Sweetvine Woods. He was born for this! He was pleased to be with other adventurers, some new to him and others that he knew and trusted. Zoro wondered to himself, thinking back to the words of an old biqaj rowing song which he had heard a million times and listened to but rarely.

Life is a waterfall.
We’re one in the river and one again after the fall.
Swimming through the void we hear the word.
We lose ourselves, but find it all.
Because we are the ones that want to play.
Always want to go, but never want to stay.

It fitted their situation, Zoro thought. Adventurers who were one in the river of life and were ready to risk their all for the thrill. It was like riding the rapids, he thought, and smiled to himself.

Zoro was aware of the others eating their berries and was unsurprised, due to previous experience, to see some of the strange changes which came over people. Nothing strange happened to him, though. He felt a little light-headed and perhaps he’d grown a little taller. Then, as he saw the stuffed bear behave in a frightful manner, quite unbecoming of something so cute, Zoro’s mood changed to indignant shock.

Making to spring forward, Zoro realized that he could get no traction to move and he noticed for the first time that he was in fact floating above the ground. He could not propel himself and for just a brief second Zoro floated in the air, legs pedaling wildly. He quickly realized that he was also still moving up, and he reached and grabbed the branch of a tree. His fingers wrapped around that, and Zoro realized that he wasn’t turning into a gaseous biqaj but he was just a floating one.

He had to act. To help the fairies. He could not allow this stuffed bear to eat one of the fairies of Ol’Tuck, the very Induk who had made him Songforged. So, Zoro did the only thing he could think of.

He pressed his foot against the tree he was holding on to and he pushed himself off it as hard as he could at the same moment that he let go of the branch and stuck both his arms out above his head, like he was diving. Since he was floating anyhow he decided to propel himself forward like an arrow fired from a bow. His aim was simple enough, he thought. He pushed as hard as he could with the aim of flying past the bear and grabbing the fairy right out of its hands as he did so. He didn’t want to fight the bear, but he knew he had to save the fairy.

(lyrics from Ariels Song by System of the Downed)

word count: 484
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Re: [Seasonal Event] Blackberry Picking!

The Clearing

Deep in the Sweetwine Woods, something rumbled.

It was a deep and as they stood there (or floated there) it reverberated through the very ground they were on.

And should they be inclined to notice You need competent detection and a reason to be paying attention to it then they would recognise the sound which resonated beneath them.

It was a chuckle.

Cage looked on in surprise as Areia clumsily attempted to grab Merl novice / unskilled in unarmed combat . Merl saw it happening and didn't flutter away, didn't stop Areia. In fact, none of the fairies did.

Yet, there were others in the group, others gathered there who did attempt to stop her.

One fluffy paw lifted to one fluffy mouth, preparing to devour. Marl waved to her as she lifted him to her and Marl's face wore an expression of sadness - of compassion ..... even of forgiveness. Just then, Kisaik leapt forward and Areia felt her bite sink into her own flesh (and it felt like it was her normal, usual flesh). Her attack, her anger, reflected back on herself. Kisaik jumped into the fray and defended the fairy.

And then, as it all happened Winston opened his locket. Dozens of sprites and spirits, strange looking creatures and fairy-folk poured out of it, they poured out and the fluttered around - and they each one of them landed on the shoulder of one of the Guests of Ol'Tuck. They sat on shoulders, and as things unfolded, they took stock and watched, just for a moment. The one that was next to Kisaik, though, that was the one who made the decision, took the action. Winston would know that fact somehow - instinctively, maybe - that it was Kisaik's tiny tiny (fairy sized for him) sudden companion who made the locket do what it did this trial.

That creature appeared next to Kisaik and he saw a tiny creature of light as he heard it's tinkling voice. "We'll defend together! Kisaik's fairy companions, his forged diri too - they welcomed this creature and saw it as a good force, he knew that, and between them, they reflected back the attacks.

Elisabeth, in her very pretty dress was a small force to be reckoned with. She told Areia to sleep and Areia felt nothing of it. Elisabeth, however, felt a wave of exhaustion crash over her and it was only her high levels of stamina Endurance: Master which stopped her from sleeping where she stood. Her voice lifted in a song, perhaps even in defiance and determination not to fall asleep, and the fairies giggled and fluttered around her. The sprite from Winston's locket, a tiny will'o'wisp puff of pink fluffyness, didn't know that song but hummed along best they could. "Don't fall asleep!" the tinkling voice laughed.

For Nir'wei, the sprite from Winston's locket was a floating, flying wood-sprite and it was as old as him. He called for the creatures of the wood - including those who had been transformed - to attack and they felt it. They were doing it. Nir'wei knew that they were - he knew it had worked. And then, the tiny wood-sprite chuckled and Kisaik's magic gifted to him by Saoire worked in conjunction with that, which led to the clearing suddenly being filled with creatures of all shapes and sizes. Foxes and owls and mice and squirrels, birds of every kind, even kitten bees and grizzly bees, all of them flew or ran into the clearing - specifically to Nir'wei. They weren't attacking him, though, they were just really very keen on showing him affection ooc: I see it like this, except with a really old guy..... Image. Perhaps Nir'wei noticed as that happened that quite a few of the wolfberries of the type given to Balthazar were dropped into his pockets. A couple of particularly mischievous squirrels dropped them on him from a tree above and he felt the berries land on his head.

It was all happening simultaneously, so when Oram called on people to take the knee and stop this nonsense, he would know - absolutely - that his ability had worked. He knew it in the same way Elisabeth did. Yet, like Elisabeth he found that his ability reflected back on him, taking on a slightly different shape. The animals which Nir'wei had inadvertently called - and many fairies, too - all started crowding around him in a manner so respectful that it was almost worship. They wanted to touch his arm, his leg, to hear his words.

Of course - because such is the way of fairy magic - it only worked on anything that could reach no further than his knee when standing. Balthazar and the wolves had no urge to worship, but anything that was both an animal and shorter than knee-high, adored him.

Now, if Balthazar was paying attention to what was happening around him, he might have a moment's pause here. Because left and right, attacks were being reflected back and he cast a snazzy-looking bolt of lightning at Areia. True enough, and true to the moment, it reflected on to Balthazar, not to Areia at all. It could have hurt him, of course, but it didn't. What it did do, however, was cause the Balth- wolf to turn into fluffy puffed-out bundle of fur and static electricity. Sparks flew off him and he felt all the hair on himImage rise up, the weight of it even lifted his ears. Sparks flew off him and, should anyone touch him, they'd get a shock.

It wasn't Yina's intention to harm, instead she intended to try and restrain Areia as much as she could. She called to her mäsällã'kọ'pọnọ, Adler, and the creature looked at her with wide and earnest eyes. But, at the end of the day, it was an animal and not an intelligent creature - and since Yina was not training Adler to beyond his scope Novice in Animal Training , the tiny creature just looked a little confused. However, what that meant was that Yina was in a unique position. While almost everyone else had some additional something either slowing them down or interfering with their concentration, Yina was able to see exactly what was going on and all around them.

This might well be a major advantage, going forward.

Finally, of course, there was Zoro. He was trying to save the fairy and that was a noble thing to do. What it meant though, was that when his attempt reflected back, the fairies tried to save him. The main problem Zoro seemed to be having, at least as far as the fairies could see, was that he was floating and so, he grabbed Marl out of Areia's hand as he flew past. That was done. But then, the biqaj was bombarded with fairies, all of whom were jumping up and down on his back in order to try and get him to land.

They were entirely unsuccessful. But they must get props for trying.
"Stop this AT ONCE!"
Cage commanded.

Many of the people here gathered had stood in the Forging. They had heard the voice of the Induks and to them, there was no doubt that an Induk spoke through Cage now. His voice rang out and while everyone present was able to do what they chose, they stood in Sweetwine and the Induk Sweetwine had just instructed them to stop. The power and force of that instruction was very difficult to resist. Even coming from a small fruit dragon.

For a moment, everything froze in a split second of time. It was like Cage / Ol'Tuck / Sweetwine breathed in and then, Cage turned to Areia.
"No violence here!"
, His voice was deep, the Induk still within him.
"You are not welcome here, violent one"
And then, in a blink, Areia was simply no longer there. She disappeared. Areia finds herself outside Sweetwine Woods. Just outside. She also finds that she is physically unable to re-enter. She remains a fluffy teddy bear for maybe another hour or two, then it wears off.

Meanwhile, there was Winston. The handy-ferret who had opened the locket which had coincided with Kisaik's action of reflecting aggression away. These two things had merged and this was the outcome. The spirits and sprites, the fairies and creatures of whimsy danced around and they all heard their song ~ it was breathtakingly beautiful.

And Cage turned to look at the two of them. Just for a moment Winston and Kisaik both saw something that looked nothing like Cage at allImage but instead an ancient being of power. That being looked at Kisaik and Winston and bowed its head, just slightly.
"Singers of my song. You have my thanks,"
he said to the two of them, yet his voice shook them all - all of those still present - to their soul. Only Kisaik and Winston saw the true form of Cage in that moment, the rest continued to see Cage.

But all of them heard the voice. Some of them might even remember and recognise it.

He turned then and looked at Elisabeth and Oram,
"The peacekeepers"
, he spoke like it was a title, not an accolade. To Nir'wei and Balthazar he looked next,
"The attackers."
Finally, he turned his gaze to Zoro and Yina,
"The defenders."

The voice continued, deep and resonant.
"My fairies mean no harm with their games. Be at peace, with my thanks"
And Cage blinked and was once again who they knew him as.

And, just like that, they were back to the moment they should have been. They knew everything that had happened, none of the strange effects had worn off. Yet, they were back to being able to do what they were here to do.

"So!" Cage declared and the fairies (including their guides) cheered. Those who had fairy diris from the Forging would feel no sense of concern. Indeed, far from it - and from most it was deeply amusing. "We can reconvene! As I said, you have eaten our food and, briefly, you will walk in your world and ours. So come now, and let me show you!" he said.

The small dragonfruit fey gestured and all the fairy guides fluttered around him. They sang and danced in the air, laughter tinkled and they seemed inordinately happy. More claps and cheers and whistles. "Now we have eaten together, you must pick the Blackberry. That person will forever be who they are now - their fairy form. They will spend their trials liaising between Ol'Tuck, the fae and the creatures of Sweetwine," Cage beamed. "You will waken to the song of Ol'Tuck, you will dance all night beneath the stars and you wings will never fly outside Sweetwine, for that is the only place where we can exist. "

Suddenly, as though it was rehearsed, every fairy fell silent.

Cage spoke amid the stillness. "Now you must face three trials. The Trials of the Blackberry - the trials of the Flapdoodle, Flopsy and Pinch!! Those who survive these trials will be eligible to become Blackberry. Those who survive, but do not become Blackberry will return to their mortal form," Cage certainly had a flair for theatrics..... "Far across the misty seas and in the dark recesses of Faldrass, there exists a legend of the Smooglenuff. But here, in Sweetwine, we hear the song of all the legends. We know where that story began. It began in fear and fog and terror. It began with a creature held back by Smooglenuff. We call it the ..." Cage leaned forward, as though speaking the name might indeed summon the creature itself. "It is the .... Flapdoodle. A creature of fearful visage. Tall as a bear, with claws like razors, poison in its blood and the bane of fairies everywhere." He looked around them and he gestured. In front of him was suddenly an opening - an opening in the ground which led down into a place which seemed to have a waterfall and was rather... purple. It was all that they could make out.

"On this trial every ten arcs, the Flapdoodle must be defeated. He can only be defeated by someone who is both Fae and Mortal - and such you are and so we ask you to descend and fight the Flapdoodle. Save us all!!!!"

"Save us all!....." "Save us all! ....." "Save us all!!!! ....." "SAVE US!! ....."

The Flapdoodle

Should any of them go in (there was a lot of expectation that they would - no fairy would join them, even the Forged dirirs) then, indeed, they would find themselves in a purple-hued place. It was like a cavern, but the roof of the cavern was painted to be such a perfect rendition of the sky that they weren't sure whether they were above or below ground.

In the distance, there was a waterfall and what seemed to be a small golden-haired winged woman who was sitting by the waterfall and singing a mournful song.

If they went through (and of course, they could not do) then, when the last of them had entered, they heard a single bell chime and, behind them, the opening was no more.

OOC Things & Stuffies

Rules, Etc

Sincere apologies for the delays!!!
Please make sure to read and respond to my posts - while this is a light-hearted "theme" - there is still danger here.
I've kept your objectives the same as some of you had the chance to meet them, others not. :) If you've met them in your last post, you're golden.
There are secret objectives hidden throughout - as well as not-secret ones / notes!
I'm happy to wait for folks if there's prior notice, but if you don't communicate with me, I can't read your mind!
I would like you to have a go at the new knowledge system - please identify up to three knowledge per post.

PC Notes

I'm going to leave you a note, each post. This might be an OOC thing or an IC thing. It's just something I'm trying - this will sometimes give you individual objectives, other times it will give you minor inconveniences or little bonuses. Who knows!

Dear Kisaik

Personal Objective! Kisaik finds a small trinket. Please describe what it is and how you find it.


Dear Winston

Personal Objective! Winston hiccups so hard that he bangs against something and a tiny treasure is loosened / drops / etc. Please describe what it is and how you find it.


Dear Zoro

Personal Objective! Zoro spots something shiny in a high up place. Please describe what it is and how you find it.


Dear Elisabeth

Personal Objective! Elisabeth finds a small child's toy in her pocket. What is it?


Dear Areia

Personal Objective! Areia sees something honey-coloured but, it isn't honey. What is it? Does she pick it up? (it counts, what you did )


Dear Nir'wei

Objectives: You did NOT meet all objectives. PLEASE use the knowledge system to claim 3 knowledges. Negative consequence incoming!

Personal Objective! One of Nir's teeth falls out. Except, it's not a tooth at all.... what drops out of his mouth? (can be anything - as wild and wacky as you like)


Dear Balthazar

Objectives: All met! (it worked great!)

Personal Objective! Balth can smell something ... unusual. It's just over there and when he goes to sniff it out (if he does) he finds something odd and out of place. What's he find?


Dear Yina

Objectives: You did NOT meet all objectives. PLEASE use the knowledge system to claim 3 knowledges. Negative consequence incoming!

Personal Objective!Yina catches her horn on something hidden in the underbush. What is it?


Dear Oram,

Personal Objective! One time, Oram coughs and spits up something else. As small / smaller than a cherry it's a very unusual thing. What is it?


Round 1:
 ! Message from: Must Do
1. Well, I think you've got stuff to react to there. Please do.....
2. Be clear where knowledge is coming from in the text.
3. Be clear whether you go through to fight the Flapdoodle or not
 ! Message from: Can Do
1. Talk in rhyme! That would be fine! Or you can do it some of the time!

I'll be posting Friday 12th August (we're back, baby!)
Please post by end of day Thursday 11th August in order to ensure that your response is counted.
Talk to me if you need an extension!
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Re: [Seasonal Event] Blackberry Picking!

I'm a composer of rhyme and didn't realize it.

The fluffy bear attacked with fluffy claw
And bit at nearby fae with fluffy maw.
Turned out, that fae was made of sterner stuff,
And withstood said onslaught of angry fluff.
The bear, in fact, soon found that it was teething
Upon itself, which must have set it seething.

Other aggressive moves were likewise thwarted,
Forestalling the disaster they’d all courted.

The ferret seemed to reach into its pocket
And then pulled out and opened up a locket.
If ferret said aught, Oram didn’t hear it,
Yet the locket disgorged many a sprite and spirit.

What of our scruffy, scowly hunter Oram?
He tried to keep the peace, maintain decorum.
With Ziell’s words he bade the party chill
And forbear mayhem that would turn out ill.
But as he spoke, he coughed up many a cherry
He coughed and coughed and coughed and coughed, ‘twas very
Annoying, and then something hit the ground.
A something roughly cherry-sized and round,
Yet not a cherry, more of a red marble.
For now, he simply pocketed the bauble,
As other things demanded his attention,
And doing so, these probably merit mention.

Oram found himself beset by countless owls
(a prospect which he met with countless scowls)
And also rabbits, rats and bats and bees
Which thronged adoringly about his knees.
A trait which larger beasts did not acquire,
Not even his own song wolf. Et tu, Choir!

The ground afoot, it rumbled like an earthquake
That quite resembled laughter. (So…a mirthquake?)

Cage spoke once more, his voice now Induk-powered
He bade them cease the violence, and he glowered
At angry fluff bear, who then promptly vanished.
Now, with the troublemaker bamfed and banished
The fae turned once more to the in-hand matter
Of picking a Blackberry. Long he’d natter
At them about Flapdoodle, Flopsy, Pinch.
The trials were dangerous, and not a cinch.

For the first trial, they must meet, with strength and noodle
The feral, foul, nefarious Flapdoodle.

Weary of coughing cherries, and thus thirsty
For resolution; Oram thus went firsty
Into the portal, feeling that he oughtto,
And found himself within a purple grotto,
Where sat a woman by a waterfall.
Nothing was suspect here, nothing at all.
Donning his helmet, shouldering his spear,
Oram looked around before he got too near.

On entering, the hunter heard a low chime.
The portal closed behind him. It was go time.

word count: 417
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Re: [Seasonal Event] Blackberry Picking!

Areia did not know what was going
She lunged to grab the Merl bug, to gnash and grind the Merl bug to
But, before she was able to grab the Merl bug, she discovered that the Merl bug was
One of the others lunged to grab the Merl bug and managed to grab it~ Areia thought that one, too, knew the Merl bug to be a

The moment that one grabbed the Merl bug, he was thrown to the ground by many of the little
The little faeries are devouring him! Areia
In that moment, Areia discovered that the little faeries ~and the bad little beasts of Ol' Tucks' Run!~ were throwing themselves on the ones they had poisoned with the
The ones they were devouring were the one who had grabbed the Merl bug, the two who were choking up their innards, and the old one~ those, in moments, would likely be

Areia was going to gnash and grind the little faeries, but in the moment ~the moment that was many moments in one~ it was one of the little faeries who bit her in the
Areia did not know why the little faery had bitten her, because the little faery had a weapon that looked to be of
Weapon or no weapon, Areia's mouth was stinging from the little faery's bite, and she moved back from the little faery, listening to it
If the little faery with the weapon did not back off, it would know Areia's

Many things were going on in the moment that was many moments in
The young one looked to be dying, or otherwise looked to be losing
The one that had been transformed into prey was not ~in the moment~ being devoured by the faeries, or otherwise dying of the
But, the one that had been transformed into predator looked to be discomforted by the bad poison's

We are going to be devoured, Areia
The little faery with the weapon would bite into her big, soft white body, and she would be devoured and she would be
The others, too, would be devoured by the little faeries~ before, Areia had thought that it was not over, that she would bite the Merl bug and the Blackberry, the two little faeries who had wronged Areia most in the
But, now Areia thought it was over~ she thought, This is

This was it, but looking at the little faery with the weapon, Areia thought to grab it, to gnash and grind the bad little
But, then the moment that was many moments in one was
For a moment, it looked to her like the world was over ~for her and the others, for the little faeries, for the bad little beasts~ for those in Ol' Tuck's Run who were
For the ground rumbled, or the Blackberry spoke~ no, the ground spoke out of the Blackberry, like it was his

Then, it was over, and Areia was not in
Ol' Tuck's Run
She looked over the big, soft white ~softness~ that was now her
She looked for the others, for the little faeries, for the bad little beasts~ but, it looked like the fighting was
With the fighting done, Areia thought of the ground speaking out of the Blackberry, and thought that the speaking was

Though she was in the big, soft white body, Areia thought to thank the godly thing that had spoken and, she thought, thrown her from the Ol' Tuck's tribal
Though she did not know if she should thank the godly thing or if she should grumble~ she thought the godly thing was the faeries'
Ol' Tuck
In the moment, though she was in the big, soft white body, she was not devoured by the little faeries, so she did not grumble or
Areia did not know of this godly thing, but she did know of Chrien, who she knew was bad

Objectives~ Must do!
  • Areia believes she and the others are being devoured by the little faeries and the bad little beasts of Sweetwine. Then she's uninvited by the induk.
  • Knowledge is marked. It's a little different because of my coding, but it's marked.
  • Areia doesn't go through. She's uninvited. :sob:
Objectives~ Can do!
  • I did the rhyming, but some of it's not rhyme ~some of it is assonance~ and it's only the last word of the sentence. It's got no meter. I'm not good at rhyming. :sob:
word count: 1021
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