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Kalortah's Storybook

Sat Jul 03, 2021 1:50 am


Storyteller Information for Kalortah

I love modbombs! Please don't feel you have to check with me!
Things I'd like the mods to know about my pc:
  1. Kalortah is an avriel bard
  2. After a certain point in his story, he's mostly passing for human using a special transformation gem gifted to him by the Aeolian of Athart. However, he has moments where he has to let his avriel form out to play.
  3. He used to be a mage. In a strange adventure, and an arcane accident involving his mentor, his sparks were purged from him in the fury of an abrogative explosion.
  4. He is the son of U'frek, but has never met him. He'd probably might be disappointed if he learned he was the Mortalborn son of U'frek.
Things I'm working on with the PC currently: I'd love some Storyteller support with:
  1. Working on his skills, with an interest in making him more combat capable.
  2. Working on progressing his Tarouz mark.
  3. Promoting a love and admiration of birds and Delroth more specifically.
Three wishes for the future for this PC.
  1. To meet... Delroth
  2. To learn… Combat and more social skills.
  3. To have social adventures.

word count: 208
Image ~ Image ~ Image
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