• Mature • 5. Bread Crumbs [FYW Event Chapter 5]

Melrath Cold Cycle 719 Event. Navyri, Alex.

The hidden, restricted areas of Melrath that aren’t accessible by wandering through. Often set between both the wilds and the cities and villages, these places can be found through-out Melrath and just outside its gates. Such locations include the Ragnari headquarters (Laerad Tower, Thrudheim Tower, Nifheim Tower, Lyngvi Tower), the prisons (Hel), and those locations that yet have a name. This also includes The Myrk Veil and the False City. Posting in this section is freely available, but perilous if you are somewhere you don't belong.

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5. Bread Crumbs [FYW Event Chapter 5]

Fri Nov 22, 2019 7:29 pm

Chapter Five
Bread Crumbs

Continued from here.

Together, one way or another, the three odd companions made their way through the open door. Ferret led Alex and Navryi down a narrow hallway.

Ferret glanced over his shoulder at the other two, then asked Alex, “Yeh okay, Yari boy? Don’t go fainting or nothing, yeh hear? I ain’t carrying anyone. If yeh faint, yer left behind.”

He looked at Navyri and added, “Goes for ya too, sweetheart.”

He ran to a spiral staircase at the end, where he bounded up the steps. In his hand he still tightly gripped the round loaf of bread.

The sound of guards could be heard underneath them, but not from above. They were moving away from them. Ferret reached a door and he procured a key from somewhere then unlocked it. He held it open for the other two to slip inside.

Another long hallway loomed before them. It was poorly lit, having neither lanterns nor torches. Instead a couple simple candelbras inset to the wall flickered with candles that needed to be replaced. At the center of the corridor, a guard stood with his back to them. He wasn’t wearing a helm.

Ferret waved for the other two to crouch, and hush, as he quietly shut the door behind them. He lifted into a standing posture, strode forward without fear, and then called, “Did ya miss me?”

The guard turned slightly, arms crossed and the helm cradled in the crook of his elbow. He glanced past Ferret, at Navyri and Alex, and he said, “Who’re they? You didn’t say anything about any others.”

“Don’t worry about it, Rolf, mate.” Ferret threw his arm around the other man’s shoulders and said, “Yeh just stay focused to keep your word, and I’ll keep mine. Get it?”

Rolf continued to glare at Alex and Navyri, his rough features and scraggly blond hair slightly obscured by the corridor’s dim lighting. “This will work, won't it?”

“Of course it will!” insisted Ferret. “Back in my homeland, I was esteemed as one of the best alchemists in the region! These two can help assist me to go faster.”

“Guess that makes sense,” muttered Rolf. He nodded and then started to walk.

Ferret followed and gestured for Alex and Navyri to do the same.

They were led through a winding path of rooms and halls, doors that required different keys that the guard had on his keyring, and finally…

…they entered a high-ceiling, vast laboratory. Bubbling concoctions of every color, different acrid scents filled the space. It was chilly, holes in the stone to allow for air drafts to go in and out. Encased lanterns hung down in spots with dim red and blue glow that didn’t come from simple candlelight.

The Melrathi guard said, “You’ve got yourself the night, maybe even the morning, with the outbreak. Though they’ll be looking for you. Overseer will want your skin. If they catch ya, there's nothing more I can do. But for now, I’ll say my unit checked the labra-”

“Rolf, I don’t fucking care what you tell them,” interrupted Ferret. “Just keep them away and get me as much time as you can. The longer I have, the more likely that the potion will be successful.”

“Right… well, I can’t stay. They’ll be wondering where I am.”

“Go, Rolf, go!” Ferret waved the guard out of the laboratory and shut the iron and metal door. He drew the heavy lock shut… then he turned and rolled his brilliant aglow blue eyes at Navyri and Alex. “Finally! I thought he'd never leave. Got the place to ourselves! Let’s get to work! You two look around for anything useful and keep an ear out.”

He went to a counter and set the hard loaf of bread on it. Ferret searched, found a knife, then started to cut at the loaf. The mage didn’t give the other two any explanations. He simply diced the bread into pieces.

With his focus downward, in the calm of the lantern lights, both Alex and Navyri could see that he had more tattoos than just the ones on his face. Ink trailed along his shoulders, and lines embellished around a design of a single black, frayed feather on the back of his neck.

In the far distance, the blare of horns being sounded could be heard.
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  • You are in an alchemy laboratory. There are lots of things around.
  • Ferret is busy chopping up the bread.
  • You seem to have until morning, according to Rolf the guard.
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Hello Alex and Navyri!

You have chosen to go with the wonderful and generous Ferret and he has brought the both of you into an alchemy lab to do unspeakable things... to bread!

This thread will be more free-form, but still play to your stats if you want a chance at success for choices/actions/etc.
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Re: 5. Bread Crumbs [FYW Event Chapter 5]

Thu Nov 28, 2019 8:05 pm

Alex followed as closely as he could, though his mind was still in a fog from what happened in the dinning hall. The influence of the woman, then the shock of the chaos awakening him. On top of that, his voice was missing. Nothing seemed quite right, though no one could see his face, his body gave a soft sway. He was buried in confusion by everything, even as Ferret spoke to another gaining the trio entry to a lab.

Slowly Alex entered the room behind ferret, looking around at the equipment and tools. There was equipment of many sorts, though he had no clue what they were all for. He saw the man he followed working a loaf of bread. This did not give Alex confident in things. He looked and saw the woman had followed as well, he knew her though not well. It seemed like the group was going to have to work together, but what could he do right now.

Hands slowly patted on his hood, he knew he had a face under the illusion. Though he was unsure of what it looked like, for even he can't see past it. He scanned over the area, stumbling over to something that was reflective. Taking hold of a small empty vile, he could see a slight reflection. It would work to test something. He needed to know what had happened to his face. If it was still there, it would be helpful to ward off some people from. He needed to know. Slowly Alex raised the vile under the hood, in order to see the reflection of what was underneath.
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Re: 5. Bread Crumbs [FYW Event Chapter 5]

Mon Dec 02, 2019 8:10 pm

Common Rakahi Gravokian
"A greedy father has thieves for children."

Navyri was braced for more fighting when the Ithecal came hissing and flinging bread, looking at her. Go help, Ferret. She glanced at the door, at the chaos building in the room and nodded, rushing off in unspoken gratitude. Surely he would be okay, but if he wasn’t…

Blue eyes hardened as she rounded up the stairs and fell in line with her new teammates, her new dagger in hand. Ferret laid down the rules - you fall behind, you’re left behind. Then, just to clarify he meant no special treatment, he reiterated it to her. She rolled her eyes. No matter why they were in this place now, Navyri didn’t believe in innocence, and this one had been just as quick to leave her as he had to grab her. She understood that type of persona well enough. She had played that role once or twice, “Be still my beating heart,” she muttered, sarcasm dripping from the words. They might have made it out of one mess, but that didn’t mean they were out clean.

In fact…

Navyri’s eyes bounced between the Biqaj and the hooded leech.

She didn’t trust either of them.

She didn’t think she liked either of them, but they were her best shot. The irony of her situation was not lost. Just trials ago she had been organizing the revival of a very expensive and soon to be beautiful (again) playhouse. She had laid investments, been in the beginnings of becoming a patron of the arts, plotted to take down rival competitors and through her partnerships, she had fostered a business relationship that had her pockets singing. She was on a warpath to success.

And now?

The Naer gripped the handle of the weapon, more upset with each step she took. Was it because she was an outsider, or because she was more than? Desnind, Rynmere, Etzos and Melrath. They scorned her still, for her wings or for her blood, they wished to kill her. To cage her. To contain her. Fuck ‘em all. Just like the Miasma, she would find a way out… She had to.

Saying nothing, the winged Naer pushed onward with the weapon close and her ears strained for any sign of activity. They ended up before a dark corridor, poorly lit for those lacking night vision, and Ferret motioned for them to crouch. Wait. She fell into a thief’s step and watched him grow chummy with a guard, a man named Rolf.

She committed that name to memory, and tried to look unassuming, hiding the blade behind the back of her calf and smiled. Thankfully, Ferret did the talking (and it worked), meaning they were waved into a room - no, an alchemy lab - and at once the Naerrik’s eyes began to sparkle.

Alchemy was an expensive science.

She didn’t know much about it... outside of her... recent experiments, and glanced at Alex who had a hand hovering over a few vials. Ferret seemed possessed with cutting up some bread and that left Navyri with… well… finding something of worth when she hadn’t the first idea of what they were doing.

“What exactly are we making?” she leaned over a table, collected a small cauldron and a few things that caught her interest - a jar with a number of pink flower buds which rattled from the dried seeds weighted at the bottom, another with a silvery liquid that seemed to glow faintly and reminded her of biqaj blood, and another much smaller vial of powder that looked unassuming. She threw in a small wooden box of matches, half filled. All the bottles were sealed and she kept it that way, gently laying them in the pot and carrying them to Ferret’s table. The flower looked familiar from her time in Desnind, but so many arcs ago and not much of an herbalist, Navyri neither knew its name or properties, “Yay or nay?”

She slid her collection on the table and looked back at Alex who was looking down at something, his back to them, “What are you doing?”
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