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Welcome to Hot Cycle 724!

Welcome to Hot Cycle 724!

Hello all! So the new cycle is here, and we're making a few announcements to go along with it.

We've seen a few releases lately, and a new race! That's exciting.

Same drill for those new and not new to cycle change. No more placeholders or threads can be started in the Rebirth Season. We're in the Hot Cycle now.

THe Hyludin have been released for players to make a Hyludin PC or NPC!! Check them out.

The List for our Anniversary Year!

Races: Hyludin, finishing off Ghosts.

Magic: Pact, Schism, and the return of Aberration.

Skills: write ups done. Get Languages sorted. Dreamwalking and Emeas.

Marks: Treid, Valtharn. Finish updating (take out all mentions from the old Devotion system.)

Spiritborn: (This will not look like what was promised in The Call, just as a heads up.)

The Shoppe:(Gathering, Crafting, Resources)

Dragons: Artere

Effigy: Vielkrontier, Artere.

Usual Cycle Change Stuff

This Cycle is the Hot Cycle 724, including the seasons of Ymiden and Saun.


Ymiden is known for its hot, summer weather and strong hurricanes. Though this season isn't as unbearable as Saun, Ymiden provides more cloudless days than cloudy. Astronomers cherish this season for its clear skies, giving way to cool nights full of stars and moonlight. Ymiden is also the season where most festivals take place. Crops planted during Ashan will be harvested before the middle of Ymiden, allowing for enormous feasts, plenty of drink, and an unlimited supply of entertainment.

Ymiden lasts for a total of 83 trials (days). During this time, temperatures remain moderate while oceans and any other body of water become warm enough to swim in. The storms that occur throughout this season can be severe, ranging from hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, and monsoons. However, each region will experience the effects of this seasons differently.


As Ymiden closes out, Saun begins, bringing with it another sun. Saun is known as the hottest season in Idalos with high temperatures that can become unbearable to work in. During this season, night time provides a small relief to the heat and though the temperatures aren't so excruciatingly hot, exposure to the sun without proper water and shade as well as rest can be fatal.

Saun lasts a total of 40 trials (days) at the end of which the second sun disappears. It is recommended during this time to keep a close eye on all children, livestock, and crops. Because of the heat, water will need to be readily available and distributed frequently, as to avoid potential stroke or loss of life from overheating. Any storms experienced during this season are much more powerful than those produced during Ymiden.

Staff Changes and City Status

Etzos requires only some minor reorganization before we can reopen it. Stay tuned.

Open Moderated Cities

Iulure Isles - Fate
Melrath - Fate
Rharne - Pig Boy
Scalvoris - Peg
The Eternal Empire - Basilisk
Yaralon - The Wanderer

Cities Under Development

Closed Cities

Rynmere (including Andaris and the Eastern Territories)

Cities Open But Unmoderated

Central: Ivorian Empire
Eastern: Athart
Eastern North: Viden
Southern: Augiery
Southern: Desnind
Southern: Quacia
Western: Etzos
Western: Ne'haer
Western: Rhakros
Western: Sirothelle
Western: Uthaldria

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