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Welcome to Hot Cycle 723! & Active Cities List

Hot Cycle: Arc 723

The Hot Cycle has Ymiden (83 Trials) and then Saun (40 Trials) which are open for you to play. All new threads from June 1st 2023 - September 31st 2023 should be timestamped within one of those two seasons.

Please see Timekeeping for more information and reach out to a member of staff if you're confused!

This announcement includes information on:
- Dates & Seasons
- Staff Changes
- Open and Closed Cities.
- Community Updates
- Tech Guy

Dates & Seasons
We're rolling into the new Cycle. The Hot Cycle marks the Winter and Spring seasons of the Arc, and begins with the season of Ymiden.
Ymiden is known for its hot, summer weather and strong hurricanes. Though this season isn't as unbearable as Saun, Ymiden provides more cloudless days than cloudy. Astronomers cherish this season for its clear skies, giving way to cool nights full of stars and moonlight. Ymiden is also the season where most festivals take place. Crops planted during Ashan will be harvested before the middle of Ymiden, allowing for enormous feasts, plenty of drink, and an unlimited supply of entertainment.

Ymiden lasts for a total of 83 trials (days). During this time, temperatures remain moderate while oceans and any other body of water become warm enough to swim in. The storms that occur throughout this season can be severe, ranging from hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, and monsoons. However, each region will experience the effects of this seasons differently.
As Ymiden closes out, Saun begins, bringing with it another sun. Saun is known as the hottest season in Idalos with high temperatures that can become unbearable to work in. During this season, night time provides a small relief to the heat and though the temperatures aren't so excruciatingly hot, exposure to the sun without proper water and shade as well as rest can be fatal.

Saun lasts a total of 40 trials (days) at the end of which the second sun disappears. It is recommended during this time to keep a close eye on all children, livestock, and crops. Because of the heat, water will need to be readily available and distributed frequently, as to avoid potential stroke or loss of life from overheating. Any storms experienced during this season are much more powerful than those produced during Ymiden.

Staff Changes

We've had a few old faces step up to volunteer duties this past cycle, so kudos to Vulpes and Kasoria for rejoining the Wiki Workers and Peer Review groups (respectively). We'd like to thank all peer reviewers for all the work they've been doing. We went from a month long wait in the middle of the cycle for review, to waiting only a week tops for a review. Great job!

Avalon is also returning from her hiatus from modding! Welcome back!

Also, we'd like to point anyone to Activity Guidelines/Requirements if you want to join the ranks of volunteers. There are certain standards of communication for Peer Reviewers/Wiki Workers/Prophets to communicate with the rest of staff for hiatuses or absences. As well as being basic courtesy to fellow reviewers, it allows us to understand and be aware of how many Peer Reviewers / Wiki Workers / Prophets we have at any given time - this is important for knowing what we can take on and what needs focus.

Cities & Areas Open and Supported by City Mods
The following Cities are Open and have City Moderators presiding over them. This means they will have active Calendars, Events, and will moderate threads for players. These city moderators are on hand to provide active support for their cities.
  • Melrath - Fate
  • Rharne - Pig Boy
  • Scalvoris - Peg
  • The Eternal Empire - Basilisk
  • Viden - Avalon
  • Yaralon - The Wanderer

Cities Under Active Development
Avena - A new island in the West whose development will be headed up by the lovely Avalon. A place of culture and learning! Stay tuned! For a preview, here's a blurb written by Avalon:

"The smell of exotic spices lingers throughout what most call a peaceful paradise. By day, a gleaming epicenter of culture and craftsmanship, capable of seducing people’s senses without the slightest concern. A place where the artisans of all trades come to learn and showcase their skills for friendly locals and adoring tourists alike, seeking acclaim and renown. The best always find their way there eventually…

What makes the city shine in the light of day? The answer is shimmering irizat, the resident crown jewel of resources. Gleaming roofs, overlaid with irregular tiles of the mollusk byproduct, pieced together like stained glass – a tradition from the early trials - showcases the prevailing architectural style: form, function, beauty.

As the sun(s) disappears beyond the horizon and the remaining luminosity shifts from dusk to twilight, the city comes alive with light and energy. The music beckons from candlelit concert halls and amphitheaters. Colorful illumination of the city’s art galleries ensnares one’s gaze, bouncing off the ever-present irizat, producing some of the most dazzling displays in Idalos.

But as every coin has two sides, so does every city. Illusions, created by those protecting purpose and longevity, can be broken by those willing and stubborn enough to seek out the dark underground that hides in plain sight.

None of this do you suspect as you approach the city – by air or water - captivated by the rocky cliffs that form the base, laboring under the lofty expectations of those that founded the place you now find yourself.

The Isle of Avena awaits you...."

Cities & Areas Closed
The following cities are closed. PCs are not allowed to play here.
  • Rynmere (including Andaris and the Eastern Territories)

Unmoderated Cities

Central: Ivorian Empire
Eastern: Athart
Southern: Augiery
Southern: Desnind
Southern: Quacia
Western: Etzos
Western: Ne'haer
Western: Rhakros
Western: Sirothelle
Western: Uthaldria

Community Updates!
Rather than something every month, which I realised will overlap with this - I'm going to put the Community Updates here.

Currently, staff are working on the following:
  • Working on streamlining the Site Guides & where they are. This project is an all around team effort. If anyone wishes to adopt it for their selves, please speak up!
  • More Effigies are forthcoming! This is being headed up by Basilisk and is ongoing.
  • Valtharn's blessing is also being developed.
  • Daia's blessing is being developed! Exalted line is up for feedback, and the curses will be next!
  • Darius is leading on trying to streamline the languages we have on Idalos - on giving them descriptions and so on. This is ongoing.
  • We're working on simplifying the Shoppe - on making 1 page per Wealth Tier that gives you an overview of that Tier, and the Shoppe only being for buying things outside your Tier. I'm leading on this but it's kind of stalled a bit. If anyone would like to help, that would be very gratefully received.
  • There's a new race (from beyond the Barriers at the edge of the world) and some new magic(s) in the process of being dev'd.
  • There's an ancient race returning from the depths of the past, trapped in Emea for many years, they long to get to know the people of Idalos, they are being worked on.
  • A strange new amphibious race is being worked on.
  • We're thinking that maybe the whole of creation started when a mouse laughed. Deep lore /ancient history clarification is forthcoming.
  • There's an ongoing discussion on Ghosts. ~ if someone would jump start the discussion again, it can be found here: Ghost Skills and such
  • Glamour has been released!
  • Draithadir's Effigy is in Feedback phase. Maybe consider volunteering as a Peer Reviewer or Wiki Worker if you want to participate in feedback! Basilisk is heading up the development of this Effigy.
  • Immortal Personalities Chart is being worked on by Basilisk also!
  • We're working on a 1-5 guide for how likely an Immortal is to mark a specific person meeting certain criteria.
  • New Methods of learning magic is being discussed in the Peer Review and Wiki Work forum, if you'd like to get involved in the discussion consider volunteering. The new method will involve other ways of learning magic, that don't involve implanting an alien parasite into your soul.

Tech Guy!
I can't even begin to explain all the things Tech Guy has done for us over the last few years and this continues. We've had a lot of updates, including an automated review system, an automated XP / skill ledger - lots and lots of things! If you're not up to date then start here in the updates! Massive, enormous thanks to Tech Guy for all he's done and continues to do. There's also still so much more to come, such as Tier 2 skills being added, and the UCP skill system exiting beta. Thanks go out to Pegasus who's worked side by side with Tech Guy through all of this.

Also thanks for excerpts, say code, and integrating the Calendar into the forum structure!! Here's to any ongoing developments you have coming. They truly have been a gift.
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