Shellknight Lodge

Home of the Order of Green Knights, and Kisaik.

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Shellknight Lodge

Fri Jan 14, 2022 3:01 pm

Shellknight Lodge
The Shellknight Lodge is the home of Kisaik, and the base for the Order of Green Knights. It has a tortoise-shell style roof above the lodge, around which were gutters filled with soil and various seeds gathered on Kisaik's adventures throughout the island. Around the grounds of the large lodge, a huge garden sprawls out, with a small pond in the back of the lodge, not too far from where the Hopetoun Hole itself lay.

At the front entrance, a large double-door, rounded at the top and banded with hard phoenix wood stood.

Inside the lodge was a large, multi-purpose foyer. A hearth was set at the rear wall, and with space for setting tables, chairs, and whatever else was needed, although at the moment it was empty. Stairs and ladders of various sizes and compositions were set all along either side of the hall, leading up into raised walks, that led each into rooms on the second story. A larger double door was set in the central, raised walk, above where the hearth was set. Apparently, the chimney sloped backward, to the point where it wasn't flush vertically. There are many rooms and divisions within the lodge, detailed in spoilers below:
Tier 10 House Layout
1 small room: A turtle foyer, for smaller tortoises and turtles to crawl into for shelter, when they need it.
3 Average Rooms: A kitchen, a small study, and a master bedroom for Kisaik.
3 Large Rooms: A barracks-style mess hall for the Order of the Green Knights. A large laboratory (for alchemy). A large stables.
3 Huge Rooms: Exterior, huge garden grounds, where Kisaik can grow all manner of ingredients. A large, water-filled moat surrounding the Lodge, complete with draw bridge. A large barracks-style living area for the Order of the Green Knights.

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