The Commonwealth: A Mage Liberation Society

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Sat May 05, 2018 8:13 pm

Hello people!

I would like to recruit for the Commonwealth for Free Mages, also just called the Commonwealth. This is a group designed for mages who identify with their magic, who are escaping persecution/seeking freedom, and/or are just trying to be initiated or learn more about magic. This group is also designed for any characters seeking to get into the world of magic; it's an organized collective of (fairly) ethical mages that are attempting to build a centralized mage community across Idalos, advocating for mages and their interests.

It is, also, an attempt to build an independent mage city-state - an effort that anyone who's interested can help with!

We have a lot of plot ideas planned and there's a lot that I think we can do with this group, in both the Ne'haer region (its HQ, Acadia) and internationally. So, I'd love for people to join - there's lots of good opportunity to get in good and early and be a part of some epic magic plots, hopefully some metaplots too if we can draw interest. : D

If you're interested, post here or drop me a PM! I'd be happy to thread with you and coordinate plots. Thanks!
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Sat May 05, 2018 9:02 pm

That sounds great, i'd love for Lowell to join, only one problem tho, you didnt' specify exactly how PC can join IC outside of yer HQ city (cuz ya did say internationaly), mind telling me about it? Is there like mages actively around nearby cities or fliers or what? Or do PC's have to personally visit avadia?
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