Finn's Peculiar Plot Points

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Finn's Peculiar Plot Points

Tue May 23, 2017 12:07 am

This will just be plain text and ugly because I am too lazy to make it fancy.

Fair warning for all those who are currently (long-term) threading with Finn, some of this info may contain spoilers. You have been warned.
Secret Stuff
  • Finn's full name is Finnegan.
  • He potentially has a sister, (Zipper)? They are likely polar opposites (from what was discussed with Zipper). She sticks to the law, he breaks the law all the time. Zipper might involve/employ him as a puppet of Vuda which could have some connection with why Finn is adopted by Alistair and Fridgar (if it happens). It could be a device from Vuda to keep an eye on Fridgar.
  • When he was abandoned by his mother, a note was left with him that may only open on his 18th birthday. The orphanage still has this note, even when Finn is in Mr. Caltweld's employ. This letter would help lead him to his half-brother, Narav.
  • Finn will get into Defiance sooner rather than later. Wind is his kin element. It resonates with his desire to be free.
  • Finn may at one point be adopted by Alistair and Fridgar and start carrying the von Kaernhad name, Whether he will be happy there remains to be seen as he might experience noble life as far more restrictive than he likes. At this point in time I imagine he'd get along fairly well with Fridgar, but may have serious problems with Alistair who he might consider too serious and too ambitious.
  • After having witnessed the sacking of Argos, Finn's outlook on the Lotharro will shift radically, to the point of utterly despising them. He might exact revenge for Argos by using his Defiance to burn the Temple of Thetros, thereby hitting the most sacred place for the Lotharro and also challenging an Immortal, cause fuck Immortals. (obviously it's not that straightforward, but this is the gist of it).
word count: 328
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