Alistair's Plotnotes

The plot development forum is designed for players and groups to keep track of their plot lines, goals they wish their characters to complete in each season, and anything else that may tie into your character's past, present, and future. Please remember that this is not the Personal Journals forum and should not be treated as such. All information posted within this forum should be information that ties back to your character within the Standing Trials Roleplay.

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Alistair's Plotnotes

Reviews Done Under the New System:
1. /viewtopic.php?f=126&t=7346 (5 pts) 5
2. /viewtopic.php?f=126&t=7585 (5 pts) 10
3. /viewtopic.php?f=229&t=4658 (10 pts) 20
4. /viewtopic.php?f=125&t=7593 (5 pts) 25
5. /viewtopic.php?f=126&t=7601 (5 pts) 30
6. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=6983 (5 pts) 35
7. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7445 (5 pts) 40
8. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7466 (5 pts) 45
9. /viewtopic.php?f=208&t=7430 (5 pts) 50
10. /viewtopic.php?f=126&t=7640 (5 pts) 55
11. /viewtopic.php?f=125&t=7639 (5 pts) 60
12. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7498 (5 pts) 65
13. /viewtopic.php?f=249&t=6673 (10 pts) 75
14. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=5870 (5 pts) 80
15. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7573 (5 pts) 85
16. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=6903 (10 pts) 95
17. /viewtopic.php?f=228&t=5197 (5 pts) 100
18. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=6979 (10 pts) 110
19. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=6966 (10 pts) 120
20. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=7247 (5 pts) 125
21. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=7205 (10 pts) 135
22. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=7365 (5 pts) 140
23. /viewtopic.php?f=125&t=7687 (5 pts) 145
24. /viewtopic.php?f=192&t=3795 (5 pts) 150
25. /viewtopic.php?f=62&t=4287 (5 pts) 155
26. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=7236 (10 pts) 165
27. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=7326 (15 pts) 180
28. /viewtopic.php?f=188&t=7278 (10 pts) 190
29. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7524 (5 pts) 195
30. /viewtopic.php?f=88&t=7464 (5 pts) 200
31. /viewtopic.php?f=188&t=7558 (5 pts) 205
32. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7511 (5 pts) 210
33. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7497 (5 pts) 215
34. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=7694 (5 pts) 220
35. /viewtopic.php?f=126&t=7355 (10 pts) 230
36. /viewtopic.php?f=126&t=7477 (5 pts) 235
37. /viewtopic.php?f=126&t=7698 (5 pts) 240
38. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7538 (5 pts) 245
39. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7547 (5 pts) 250
40. /viewtopic.php?f=88&t=7636 (5 pts) 255
41. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7507 (10 pts) 265
42. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7702 (5 pts) 270
43. /viewtopic.php?f=236&t=7294 (5 pts) 275
44. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=7668 (10 pts) 285
45. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=7722 (5 pts) 290
46. /viewtopic.php?f=181&t=6942 (15 pts) 305
47. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=7438 (5 pts) 310
48. /viewtopic.php?f=196&t=6189 (5 pts) 315
49. /viewtopic.php?f=126&t=7721 (5 pts) 320
50. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=7756 (5 pts) 325
51. /viewtopic.php?f=181&t=7577 (10 pts) 335
52. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=7760 (5 pts) 340
53. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=7622 (5 pts) 345
54. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=7396 (5 pts) 350
55. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=7024 (5 pts) 355
56. /viewtopic.php?f=192&t=7759 (5 pts) 360
57. /viewtopic.php?f=126&t=7771 (5 pts) 365
58. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=7621 (5 pts) 370
59. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=7647 (5 pts) 375
60. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7582 (10 pts) 385
61. /viewtopic.php?f=192&t=3168 (10 pts) 395
62. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=5248 (5 pts) 400
63. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=6228 (5 pts) 405
64. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7782 (5 pts) 410
65. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=7790 (5 pts) 415
66. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7590 (5 pts) 420
67. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=6229 (5 pts) 425
68. /viewtopic.php?f=88&t=7800 (5 pts) 430
69. /viewtopic.php?f=232&t=7443 (10 pts) 440
70. /viewtopic.php?f=88&t=7011 (5 pts) 445
71. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7708 (5 pts) 450
72. /viewtopic.php?f=236&t=7281 (10 pts) 460
73. /viewtopic.php?f=88&t=7115 (10 pts) 470
74. /viewtopic.php?f=181&t=7767 (5 pts) 475
75. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7676 (5 pts) 480
76. /viewtopic.php?f=249&t=7302 (10 pts) 490
77. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=6631 (10 pts) 500
78. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=7855 (5 pts) 505
79. /viewtopic.php?f=229&t=7862 (5 pts) 510
80. /viewtopic.php?f=229&t=7350 (5 pts) 515
81. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7752 (5 pts) 520
82. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=7682 (10 pts) 530
83. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=7655 (5 pts) 535
84. /viewtopic.php?f=192&t=7288 (10 pts) 545
85. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=6605 (5 pts) 550
86. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7628 (10 pts) 560
87. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7913 (5 pts) 565
88. /viewtopic.php?f=249&t=8140 (5 pts) 570
89. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=8146 (5 pts) 575
90. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=8158 (5 pts) 580
91. /viewtopic.php?f=249&t=8164 (5 pts) 585
92. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=8169 (5 pts) 590
93. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=8173 (5 pts) 595
94. /viewtopic.php?f=125&t=7780 (5 pts) 600
95. /viewtopic.php?f=126&t=7992 (10 pts) 610
96. /viewtopic.php?f=126&t=8046 (10 pts) 620
97. /viewtopic.php?f=126&t=7748 (5 pts) 625
98. /viewtopic.php?f=264&t=11185 (5 pts) 630
99. /viewtopic.php?f=80&t=9715 (5 pts) 635
100. /viewtopic.php?f=249&t=11068 (5 pts) 640
101. /viewtopic.php?f=249&t=11053 (5 pts) 645
102. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=11175 (5 pts) 650
103. /viewtopic.php?f=192&t=5613 (5 pts) 655
104. /viewtopic.php?f=264&t=11207 (5 pts) 660
105. /viewtopic.php?f=262&t=10944 (10 pts) 670
106. /viewtopic.php?f=139&t=11268 (5 pts) 675
107. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=10842 (15 pts) 685
108. /viewtopic.php?f=232&t=8351 (15 pts) 700
109. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=11316 (5 pts) 705
110. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=11245 (5 pts) 710
111. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=11330 (5 pts) 715
112. /viewtopic.php?f=262&t=11340 (5 pts) 720
113. /viewtopic.php?f=263&t=10464 (10 pts) 730
114. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=10796 (10 pts) 740
115. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=11378 (5 pts) 745
116. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=11381 (5 pts) 750
117. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=10671 (10 pts) 760
118. /viewtopic.php?f=264&t=11293 (5 pts) 765
119. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=11319 (5 pts) 770
120. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=11395 (5 pts) 775
121. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=11403 (5 pts) 780
122. /viewtopic.php?f=196&t=6925 (5 pts) 785
123. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=11152 (15 pts) 800
124. /viewtopic.php?f=262&t=9618 (15 pts) 815
125. /viewtopic.php?f=249&t=8931 (5 pts) 820
126. /viewtopic.php?f=188&t=9013 (5 pts) 825
127. /viewtopic.php?f=192&t=11525 (10 pts) 835
128. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=11442 (5 pts) 840
129. /viewtopic.php?f=196&t=10268 (5 pts) 845
130. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=11569 (5 pts) 850
131. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=9357 (5 pts) 855
132. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=11523 (5 pts) 860
133. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=11524 (5 pts) 865
134. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=11370 (10 pts) 875
135. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=11579 (5 pts) 880
136. /viewtopic.php?f=216&t=7675 (10 pts) 890
137. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=10539 (5 pts) 895
138. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=9026 (5 pts) 900
139. /viewtopic.php?f=249&t=10763 (10 pts) 910
140. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=11348 (5 pts) 915
141. /viewtopic.php?f=88&t=11557 (5 pts) 920
142. /viewtopic.php?f=262&t=11604 (5 pts) 925
143. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=11196 (5 pts) 930
144. /viewtopic.php?f=216&t=11376 (10 pts) 940
145. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=11606 (5 pts) 945
146. /viewtopic.php?f=196&t=11634 (5 pts) 950
147. /viewtopic.php?f=192&t=10858 (15 pts) 965
148. /viewtopic.php?f=274&t=11633 (5 pts) 970
149. /viewtopic.php?f=273&t=11643 (5 pts) 975
150. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=11647 (5 pts) 980
151. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=9334 (5 pts) 985
152. /viewtopic.php?f=249&t=11655 (5 pts) 990
153. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=11656 (5 pts) 995
154. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=11685 (5 pts) 1000
155. /viewtopic.php?f=274&t=11646 (5 pts) 1005
156. /viewtopic.php?f=249&t=11746 (5 pts) 1010
157. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=11007 (5 pts) 1015
158. /viewtopic.php?f=188&t=11747 (5 pts) 1020
159. /viewtopic.php?f=249&t=11754 (5 pts) 1025
160. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=11751 (5 pts) 1030
161. /viewtopic.php?f=188&t=9018 (5 pts) 1035
162. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=10069 (10 pts) 1045
163. /viewtopic.php?f=192&t=12256 (5 pts) 1050
164. /viewtopic.php?f=196&t=9958 (5 pts) 1055
165. /viewtopic.php?f=88&t=11929 (15 pts) 1070
166. /viewtopic.php?f=216&t=12353 (10 pts) 1080
167. /viewtopic.php?f=216&t=6365 (10 pts) 1090
168. /viewtopic.php?f=251&t=12071 (5 pts) 1095
169. /viewtopic.php?f=263&t=12519 (5 pts) 1100
170. /viewtopic.php?f=192&t=7319 (5 pts) 1105
171. /viewtopic.php?f=232&t=6825 (5 pts) 1110
172. /viewtopic.php?f=232&t=6761 (5 pts) 1115
173. /viewtopic.php?f=196&t=2715 (5 pts) 1120
174. /viewtopic.php?f=192&t=4702 (5 pts) 1125
175. /viewtopic.php?f=192&t=4269 (5 pts) 1130
176. /viewtopic.php?f=249&t=12576 (5 pts) 1135
177. /viewtopic.php?f=196&t=9896 (5 pts) 1140
178. /viewtopic.php?f=169&t=12591 (5 pts) 1145
179. /viewtopic ... 69&t=14934 (15 pts) 1160
180. /viewtopic ... 69&t=14953 (10 pts) 1170
181. /viewtopic ... 69&t=14973 (10 pts) 1180
182. /viewtopic ... 88&t=15043 (15 pts) 1195
183. /viewtopic ... 66&t=15021 (10 pts) 1205
184. /viewtopic ... 51&t=13981 (15 pts) 1220
185. /viewtopic ... 66&t=15094 (10 pts) 1230
186. /viewtopic ... 92&t=14898 (20 pts) 1250
187. /viewtopic.php?f=88&t=7065 (10 pts) 1260
188. /viewtopic ... 17&t=15525 (15 pts) 1275
189. /viewtopic ... 16&t=15523 (10 pts) 1285
190. /viewtopic ... 49&t=15529 (10 pts) 1295
191. /viewtopic ... 51&t=15288 (15 pts) 1310
192. /viewtopic ... 51&t=15156 (15 pts) 1325
193. /viewtopic ... 51&t=15151 (10 pts) 1335
194. /viewtopic ... 16&t=15373 (10 pts) 1345
195. /viewtopic ... 16&t=15401 (10 pts) 1355
196. /viewtopic ... 53&t=13349 (10 pts) 1365
197. /viewtopic ... 49&t=15395 (10 pts) 1375
198. /viewtopic ... 51&t=15474 (45 pts) 1420
199. /viewtopic ... 53&t=15168 (25 pts) 1445
200. /viewtopic ... 63&t=15790 (20 pts) 1465
201. /viewtopic ... 66&t=15824 (10 pts) 1475
202. /viewtopic ... 66&t=15828 (10 pts) 1485
203. /viewtopic ... 66&t=15829 (10 pts) 1495
204. /viewtopic ... 88&t=15839 (10 pts) 1505
205. /viewtopic ... 17&t=15844 (10 pts) 1515
206. /viewtopic ... 17&t=15848 (10 pts) 1525
207. /viewtopic ... 66&t=15392 (10 pts) 1535
208. /viewtopic ... 66&t=15884 (10 pts) 1545
209. /viewtopic ... 17&t=15925 (10 pts) 1555
210. /viewtopic.php?f=88&t=9151 (15 pts) 1570
211. /viewtopic.php?f=88&t=8633 (15 pts) 1585
212. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16403 (20 pts) 1605
213. /viewtopic ... 92&t=14979 (15 pts) 1620
214. /viewtopic ... 92&t=15308 (10 pts) 1630
215. /viewtopic ... 16&t=16691 (10 pts) 1640
216. /viewtopic ... 16&t=16690 (10 pts) 1650
217. /viewtopic ... 16&t=10302 (35 pts) 1685
218. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16563 (10 pts) 1695
219. /viewtopic ... 49&t=16557 (10 pts) 1705
220. /viewtopic ... 69&t=16564 (10 pts) 1715
221. /viewtopic ... 66&t=16556 (10 pts) 1725
222. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16579 (10 pts) 1735
223. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16698 (10 pts) 1745
224. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16699 (10 pts) 1755
225. /viewtopic ... 36&t=16349 (10 pts) 1765
226. /viewtopic ... 16&t=16830 (10 pts) 1775
227. /viewtopic ... 16&t=16872 (10 pts) 1785
228. /viewtopic ... 16&t=16877 (10 pts) 1795
229. /viewtopic ... 16&t=16882 (10 pts) 1805
230. /viewtopic ... 53&t=14510 (35 pts) 1840
231. /viewtopic ... 17&t=13107 (20 pts) 1860
232. /viewtopic ... 53&t=16585 (10 pts) 1870
233. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16721 (10 pts) 1880
234. /viewtopic ... 17&t=15072 (10 pts) 1890
235. /viewtopic ... 88&t=16763 (10 pts) 1900
236. /viewtopic ... 64&t=16706 (10 pts) 1910
237. /viewtopic ... 36&t=16714 (10 pts) 1920
238. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16772 (10 pts) 1930
239. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16764 (20 pts) 1950
240. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16778 (10 pts) 1960
241. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16774 (20 pts) 1980
242. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16781 (10 pts) 1990
243. /viewtopic ... 53&t=16782 (10 pts) 2000
244. /viewtopic ... 53&t=14910 (30 pts) 2030
245. /viewtopic ... 88&t=16806 (10 pts) 2040
246. /viewtopic ... 53&t=16817 (10 pts) 2050
247. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16779 (25 pts) 2075
248. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16816 (10 pts) 2085
249. /viewtopic ... 88&t=16594 (15 pts) 2100
250. /viewtopic ... 36&t=16821 (10 pts) 2110
251. /viewtopic ... 69&t=16823 (10 pts) 2120
252. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16825 (10 pts) 2130
253. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16829 (10 pts) 2140
254. /viewtopic ... 88&t=16828 (10 pts) 2150
255. /viewtopic ... 53&t=13160 (10 pts) 2160
256. /viewtopic ... 53&t=13146 (25 pts) 2185
257. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16824 (40 pts) 2225
258. /viewtopic ... 36&t=16846 (10 pts) 2235
259. /viewtopic ... 53&t=16856 (10 pts) 2245
260. /viewtopic ... 88&t=16837 (10 pts) 2255
261. /viewtopic ... 88&t=16836 (10 pts) 2265
262. /viewtopic ... 53&t=16838 (10 pts) 2275
263. /viewtopic ... 88&t=16835 (10 pts) 2285
264. /viewtopic ... 53&t=16807 (10 pts) 2295
265. /viewtopic ... 88&t=16227 (10 pts) 2305
266. /viewtopic ... 88&t=16857 (10 pts) 2315
267. /viewtopic ... 88&t=16860 (10 pts) 2325
268. /viewtopic ... 12&t=16822 (10 pts) 2335
269. /viewtopic ... 12&t=16884 (10 pts) 2345
270. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16889 (10 pts) 2355
271. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16890 (10 pts) 2365
272. /viewtopic ... 53&t=16891 (10 pts) 2375
273. /viewtopic ... 36&t=16893 (10 pts) 2385
274. /viewtopic ... 36&t=16892 (10 pts) 2395
275. /viewtopic ... 36&t=16894 (10 pts) 2405
276. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16895 (10 pts) 2415
277. /viewtopic ... 36&t=16897 (10 pts) 2425
278. /viewtopic ... 88&t=16742 (10 pts) 2435
279. /viewtopic ... 88&t=16939 (10 pts) 2445
280. /viewtopic ... 88&t=16874 (10 pts) 2455
281. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16929 (10 pts) 2465
282. /viewtopic ... 36&t=16922 (10 pts) 2475
283. /viewtopic ... 64&t=17008 (10 pts) 2485
284. /viewtopic ... 51&t=14885 (10 pts) 2495
285. /viewtopic ... 53&t=14887 (40 pts) 2535
286. /viewtopic ... 88&t=16965 (40 pts) 2575
287. /viewtopic ... 62&t=14228 (10 pts) 2585
288. /viewtopic ... 63&t=11891 (55 pts) 2640
289. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16871 (10 pts) 2650
290. /viewtopic ... 51&t=16933 (10 pts) 2660
291. /viewtopic ... 62&t=16773 (15 pts) 2675
292. /viewtopic ... 88&t=16954 (20 pts) 2695
293. /viewtopic ... 53&t=16437 (20 pts) 2715
294. /viewtopic ... 66&t=17297 (10 pts) 2725
295. /viewtopic ... 66&t=17398 (10 pts) 2735
296. /viewtopic ... 51&t=17367 (25 pts) 2760
297. /viewtopic ... 25&t=17832 (10 pts) 2770
298. /viewtopic ... 51&t=17917 (15 pts) 2785
299. /viewtopic ... 51&t=17772 (30 pts) 2815
300. /viewtopic ... 51&t=17766 (40 pts) 2855
301. /viewtopic ... 51&t=17948 (10 pts) 2865
302. /viewtopic ... 51&t=17946 (10 pts) 2875
303. /viewtopic ... 51&t=17950 (10 pts) 2885
304. /viewtopic ... 25&t=17807 (10 pts) 2895
305. /viewtopic ... 51&t=17872 (30 pts) 2925
306. /viewtopic ... 36&t=16241 (25 pts) 2950
307. /viewtopic ... 88&t=17912 (25 pts) 2975
308. /viewtopic ... 81&t=16640 (40 pts) 3015
309. /viewtopic ... 09&t=17597 (35 pts) 3050
310. /viewtopic ... 51&t=17962 (10 pts) 3060
311. /viewtopic ... 36&t=16435 (20 pts) 3080
312. /viewtopic ... 47&t=17974 (10 pts) 3090
313. /viewtopic ... 66&t=16971 (10 pts) 3100
314. /viewtopic ... 81&t=17785 (35 pts) 3135
315. /viewtopic ... 66&t=17986 (10 pts) 3145
316. /viewtopic ... 62&t=17725 (20 pts) 3165
317. /viewtopic ... 88&t=17839 (15 pts) 3180
318. /viewtopic ... 88&t=18013 (15 pts) 3195
319. /viewtopic ... 88&t=18017 (15 pts) 3210
320. /viewtopic ... 47&t=18011 (15 pts) 3225
321. /viewtopic ... 51&t=17977 (10 pts) 3235
322. /viewtopic ... 47&t=18023 (10 pts) 3245
323. /viewtopic ... 47&t=17681 (20 pts) 3265
324. /viewtopic ... 66&t=16262 (15 pts) 3280
325. /viewtopic ... 88&t=18041 (15 pts) 3295
326. /viewtopic ... 17&t=18055 (10 pts) 3305
327. /viewtopic ... 51&t=18057 (10 pts) 3315
328. /viewtopic ... 17&t=18064 (10 pts) 3325
329. /viewtopic ... 21&t=18063 (10 pts) 3335
330. /viewtopic ... 51&t=18058 (10 pts) 3345
331. /viewtopic ... 88&t=18079 (20 pts) 3365
332. /viewtopic ... 17&t=18080 (10 pts) 3375
333. /viewtopic ... 86&t=17894 (10 pts) 3385
334. /viewtopic ... 17&t=18084 (10 pts) 3395
335. /viewtopic ... 51&t=18059 (10 pts) 3405
336. /viewtopic ... 53&t=18024 (10 pts) 3415
337. /viewtopic ... 88&t=18019 (15 pts) 3430
338. /viewtopic ... 17&t=18087 (10 pts) 3440
339. /viewtopic ... 66&t=18044 (10 pts) 3450
340. /viewtopic ... 53&t=18092 (10 pts) 3460
341. /viewtopic ... 47&t=18096 (20 pts) 3480
342. /viewtopic ... 47&t=18014 (15 pts) 3495
343. /viewtopic ... 17&t=18099 (10 pts) 3505
344. /viewtopic ... 17&t=18345 (10 pts) 3515
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Syroa Blessing Story

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Alistair's Plotnotes

Barony of Novilane

Map of Oxentide

Location: Venora, Rynmere
Population: Very High
Imports: Lumber, Paper and Books, Military Armaments, Livestock
Exports: Silks and Textiles, Luxury Goods (Perfumes, Fine Tailoring, Furniture, etc), Wine, Glassworks, Manufactured Goods, Minerals and Metals
Leader: Baron Alistair of House Venora
Capital: Oxentide
Villages: High density around Oxentide, almost all sprawled around the barony's capital, creating an urban atmosphere. However, a low density of villages outside of the northern end of the barony.

The Barony of Novilane, located along Cyrene Bay and Venora's southern coast, is a prosperous and wealthy barony typically inherited by the heir of the ducal throne of Venora. The barony is renowned for its strong presence on the Cyrene Bay trade node, receiving a great deal of shipments and tariff gold for items and luxuries heading westward, towards the rest of Venora, Burhan or Warrick. Due to its strong position in foreign and internal trade, the of Oxentide (the barony's capital) has since developed into a booming hub of industry, employing large swaths of commoners in textiles, ceramics, glassworking, the sale of luxury goods, and the production of a great sum of goods assembled in Venora and even neighboring Duchies. Oxentide is renowned for its role as an urban center, with many of the surrounding villages of Novilane acting as its suburbs. As a result, Novilane's population is almost entirely focused around or within Oxentide, with much of the outer areas managed only by camps of laborers or farmers.

While most of Venora's lands typically ply their trade in music and art, Novilane and particularly Oxentide are unique in their industrial and manufacturing focus. Due to the vast amount of jobs available in the holding of Oxentide, it is the most populous holding in Venora, actually followed after by Sabaissant due to the latter city's emphasis on privacy and wealthy hegemony.

The realms outside of Oxentide are mostly rural or suburban, with a focus on mining and winemaking on the interior, and agriculture and fishing along the coast. While most of the realm of Novilane is fairly flat, the borders are dominated by mountains, save for several trade routes with long roads leading towards Andaris, Sabaissant, Drakengard, and other large settlements within the Kingdom of Rynmere.



Oxentide, the seat of the baron, is one of the most industrialized cities in Rynmere. A place of innovation, many great inventions across Rynmere's history have been credited as being birthed and funded within this holding, particularly within the field of engineering. The economy of Oxentide has been one of continual growth for the past 86 arcs, when a previous Baron of the land began to invite academics from Viden, Ne'haer, Nashaki, Etzos, Hiladrith and other places across the world of Idalos to combine their knowledge.

As such, Oxentide is one of an incredibly diverse demographic, with a larger percentage of biqaj and other non-human races than any other area in Venora. Notably, there is a strong presence of Qi'ora in the town, drawn by the industry of glassblowing and masonry that has presented itself in the western half of Oxentide. Along the coast, the majority of the population is of mixed biqaj ancestry, where naval, wind and water-based technology are constantly being approached, researched, and re-examined.


While Oxentide is a highly developed and innovative industrial center, there are a great deal of downsides that come with its business practices, its risky endeavors, and its development of energy and utilization of coal and other substances. For one, the town's crime rate is considerably higher than in the upper-class cities that tend to litter Venora. Most of the crime differences lay in robberies, petty theft and burglary, but vandalism and other crimes are considered an issue within the town. Drugs and their influence are always a challenge within the barony considering foreign trade and smuggling. The homicide rate is significantly higher than in Sabaissant, due to the cultural and racial tensions that exist between the unique groups inhabiting districts of the realm.

Furthermore, the lifespan of your average worker in Oxentide is notably lower than those in Venora's upper class cities, due to lung issues relating to the usage of smelting, coal and untested substances in order to achieve higher efficiency in the industrial centers. As a result, while Oxentide is a large money earner, it is also a place of significant risk compared to the safe and insulated centers of the rest of urban Venora.

Finally, Oxentide is constantly dealing with competitive trade opposition from Astedia as a result of their fairly equal share of the Cyrene Bay trade node. While the Duchy does not deal with as much privateering as Astedia at the far end of the bay, they struggle with issues of tariffs and foreign merchants constantly, and their economy can often fluctuate as a result of these disputes.


Setting Sun Estate

The Setting Sun Estate, seat of the Baron of Novilane, is named for its historical significance. Near the end of Nora, First Queen of Rynmere's life, the Setting Sun Estate was built as a place of retirement for her to dwell within as her children succeeded the Duchies of Andaris and Venora. The name signified, then, the setting of Nora's story upon the land - the end of her life, a place for her to die. Since then, it has served as a place of rulership for the firstborn child of the reigning Venora Duke, expanded upon and renovated consistently as both a historical site and a place of nigh-Sacred significance.

The Setting Sun Estate, while not as grand as the Sabaissant du Cristel, remains near to the people of Oxentide, overlooking the town from atop a rocky hill, farmland and endless plains at its back. It is from this estate that the Baron of Novilane leads, with a great deal of jobs provided within the estate itself, lumber mills and orchards a satellite around the building, many workers living within the manor doubly as servants and interns for Oxentide's great industries.

Note: Much of the estate, once known as the Setting Sun Palace, is now owned by Zaran Ki'zola's shipping and porting company. As a result, Alistair only holds a portion of the manor.

Location NPCs

Moderator's Note: Players are free to control NPCs in this location without moderation. However, keep in mind that these are NPCs involved in major events / plots and therefore they can only be used in a 'surface' manner. If in doubt, please check with a Ryn mod.

Kamden Bradford


Race: Human-Biqaj (Mixed Blood)
Age: 33
Title: Chancellor of the Barony of Novilane
Skills: Politics: 70, Etiquette: 60, Leadership: 45, Rhetoric: 40, Negotiation: 35

Kamden Bradford, Chancellor of the Barony of Novilane, serves as the direct advisor and assistant to the reigning baron. Previously serving beneath Willow Venora, he has essentially acted as interim leader within the Barony due to the former Baroness' dilettante approach to her role. As such, Kamden is highly well connected within Oxentide, and greater Novilane, with a firm grasp on the political and business landscape within the barony.

Currently, Kamden Bradford acts doubly as the Dean of the Oxentide Development Committee, seeking ways to expand upon the Barony's infrastructure and turn it into one of the greatest realms in Northern Idalos. His goal, he has always said, has been to witness Oxentide rival Andaris in all ways but crime committed per capita.

The man is quite admired by the business owners of the holding, though he holds a fairly ambivalent reputation among the common citizenry. Few notice his workings, and instead direct their ire mostly towards the former Baroness Willow, stating her irresponsibility as their grievance.

Taya Barrett


Race: Human
Age: 31
Title: Marshal of the Barony of Novilane
Skills: Blades: 70, Leadership: 60, Tactics: 55, Intimidation: 45, Mount: 30

Taya Barrett, born in the Eternal Empire, is a woman of incredible mystery. Even among the nobles there lies speculation, particularly regarding her inner thoughts, and the depth of her loyalty. She immigrated to Rynmere as a young teenager, citing her interest in the Iron Hand as a ladder on which she sought to climb. However, as she progressed through the Moseke Knights of Venora, the woman decided that her desires fell elsewhere - she would rather be a leader than an eternal follower, and so she became the Marshal of Novilane, leading the grand retinue and military force under the charge of Novilane's Baron.

In her time in said position, she has done incredibly well, organizing the retinue and training them to exceptional quality. She has also taken direct part in determining the upper echelon of the guard, a task she is proud of accomplishing, considering the decline of crime since replacing the decadent commissioner chosen by the former Baroness, Willow.

The Marshal allegedly holds the mark of Krorros, though she has never stated it, and refuses to acknowledge such questions. As in all things, she is very reserved in regards to her faith.

Zaran Ki'zola


Race: Biqaj
Age: 35
Title: Admiral of the Barony of Novilane
Skills: Shipbuilding: 80, Navigation: 65, Carpentry: 55, Business Management: 50

Zaran Ki'zola, known internationally as "Zaran of Oxentide", is a well-renowned shipbuilder and developer of modern sail technologies, based in Oxentide, Novilane. Due to his exceptional skill in the craft, the position of Admiral of Novilane was created specifically for him, never granted to anyone before him or after. Zaran operates a shipbuilding dock on the eastern corner of the coastal port known as "Montefrey," where a great deal of trade ships and navigational vessels are developed and built with the intention to expand the technology of Venora's navy. While the navy developed by Zaran still remains quickly behind Burhan, the man has helped to rapidly expand the Duchy's naval force, largely focused in the barony of Novilane.

Before becoming a famous naval thinker in Novilane, Zaran spent most of his youth in Ne'haer's nearby city of Bayward. Ironically among most of the biqaj in Oxentide, Zaran strongly supports slavery, and has a large quantity of slaves who operate the woodwork required to build his naval constructs. This is likely due to Bayward's own open advocacy for slavery, with Zaran true to their ideology and loyal to Rynmere's current laws and policies.

Otherwise, he is a man of unique tastes, allegedly spending a great deal of his nels investing into businesses many would consider taboo, such as brothels, drug dens, distilleries and gambling houses. Regardless of his penchant for slavery and his obsession with the nigh-illegal, the man is considered to be a kind and honest gentleman, fond of many at Novilane's court.

Lena Chicasaw


Race: Human-Sev'ryn (Mixed Blood)
Age: 26
Title: Treasurer of the Barony of Novilane
Skills: Mathematics: 65, Business Management: 55, Negotiation: 45, Logistics: 45, Construction: 40

Lena Chicasaw, Treasurer of Novilane, has been a ruling authority in the Barony of Novilane for the past seven years. Given her position largely due to nepotism, her father was quite scandalously known in several corners of the Duchy as the hidden lover of Baroness Willow of House Venora. There are some among Novilane's elite circle who claim she is the lovechild of the two, largely due to a "miscarriage" had by Willow around the time of Lena's birth. However, this is vehemently denied by both Willow and Lena.

Though her position was given as a show of favor, the Treasurer has proven since her employment that she is an excellent treasurer, capable of budgeting the Barony to a surplus even with the poor spending habits of the former Baroness, Willow. She has taken part in several keen investments that have built up manufacturing businesses in Oxentide, and one of her primary interests of late - with great success - has been the creation of suburban villages directly neighboring Oxentide to host a larger population of middle to upper class citizens, creating small and large business owners to employ the large sum of Oxentide's residents.

Personality-wise, Lena is generally quiet and tends to obey authority. However, when she is passionate or knowledgeable on a topic, the woman is known to be firm, resounding and articulate. Many find her quite intimidating, though few among Novilane's council have all too strong an opinion on her. She is simply there, and has been there for some time.

Tamlen von Sien


Race: Lotharro
Age: 48
Title: Spymaster of the Barony of Novilane
Skills: Intelligence: 75, Deception: 60, Interrogation: 45, Investigation: 45, Stealth: 25

Tamlen, once a member of Uthaldria's Alsingarde - their intelligence organization - is Spymaster of Novilane, known to be one of the greatest intelligence organizers of Rynmere.

As Spymaster of Novilane, Tamlen has dealt with - for a long time - affairs dealing in the scandal of the former Baroness Willow of House Venora. From covering up romantic affairs to intimidating the victims of her arbitration into silence, the man has shown his wit and his haste in preventing a grievous and inhospitable reputation among his liege. For this reason, the von Sien has always been seen as a reactive Spymaster, watching over the actions of Oxentide's elite and ensuring House Venora always comes out ahead, regardless of the trifles and foolery of the leader he serves.

But despite this loyal and protective reputation, the advisors of the Baron have always known something else of the man - he desires more. Tamlen has sought to join the nobility from his days as a youth, previously courting the Baroness in an attempt to acquire her hand in marriage. Since the ascension of Kaleb Venora nee Fate, the two have lived as rivals, the Spymaster desperately seeking to kick down the man from his position of authority. It is for this reason that Tamlen has never left or risen from his position as Spymaster of Novilane, with the Venora Lord keeping him in a singular position, never to rise.

But Tamlen's fire burns still, and of late, he has begun to seek other ways to join the ruling elite. With the ascension of Alistair, the man has a plan to truly modernize Oxentide - form a parliamentary council in the area, with himself as the helm, the Baron presiding over in quiet, content to allow his subjects their endless prattling while Ser von Sien expands his influence throughout the Baron's realm.

Credit: Alistair
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Alistair's Plotnotes

Revenant Formations
Single Foe Formations
Considering the immense skill of Alistair and his Revenants, the only time a single foe formation is employed is in a situation where they are fighting a foe of unparalleled ability, necessarily inhuman, such as an Immortal or an Ancient Mortalborn.

Formation One: This is a stealth formation in which all of Alistair's minions hide in separate positions. Then, when the time to strike comes, Andreas rises first and fires an arrow. As the foe attempts to dodge or block the arrow, Alistair blinks behind the enemy and attempts to immediately kill them with Insomnus or some other Shadowdancing ability. Deovan will then sprint from the darkness and viciously, rapidly strike with his claw-daggers, and Icarus will act as an auxiliary reinforcement.

Formation Two: Formation two is a formation in which Alistair stealths will the three Revenants distract the opponent. When an opening comes, Alistair blinks in and attempts to instantly kill the opponent.

Formation Three: Formation three is a form in which all of Alistair's revenants, excluding Andreas, cycle from side to side and massacre a single foe, continuously dancing in circles and shifting their standing positions, reversing the flank.

Formation Four: Formation four is a formation in which Alistair operates as the primary vanguard against the enemy, taking their ire and fighting them off whilst Deovan and Icarus both act as attackers from the flanks. Alistair will typically use the Silum form of Shadowdancing to keep the opponent close and on their toes, whilst Deovan digs his claw-daggers into the enemy's sides, and Icarus plunges his spear into vital organs, arteries, etc. Andreas will fire from a distance, Alistair jumping into the foe's shadow as he does so that the arrows catch them from behind if they defend against Alistair.

Formation Five: Formation five is a formation in which Deovan, instead of Alistair, acts as the primary vanguard against a singular foe whilst Alistair uses Gravelmonger to lay low, slide around their feet and attempt to dismember or cripple them. Icarus continues to act as a spontaneous attacker seeking moments of openness/weakness, while Andreas continues to fire at the enemy.

Multiple Foe Formations

Formation Six: x
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Alistair's Plotnotes

The lakeside city of Lysoria towers above the surrounding woodlands and overlooks the Salt Lake, which they have long claimed ownership of. They say none know The Red Caves quite as well as the people of Lysoria, who for generations have used the tunnels to move between their lands and the neighboring lands of Ironridge, a long-time ally to their people. Lysoria, though a city, is quite small compared to the massive population of Ne'haer. Even so, they wish to keep separate from that city due to their regulations on slavery and their system of leadership. Lysoria has been governed and ruled by House Amielle for generations, shortly after the construction of the city was completed no less. They began as a merchant family that quickly rose to power through influence and Nel, as Lysoria quickly became it's own wealthy hub of trade in the Northern Expanse.

In more recent times however the House has found it's claims to Lysoria tested and challenged, as the oldest heir Theon found his right to the claim challenged. His wife Kemma had been rumored unfaithful and therefore resulted in his child being declared a bastard, while the second in line Stefan Amielle holds a strong claim; his rule proves more strained as punishment for crimes seem more harsh than usual. While he certainly bears a stronger claim to the throne of Lysoria, with several heirs that can continue the Amielle line, the people of Lysoria seem less inclined to live under his rule. With the Mage Court less effective in advising House Amielle's with their council, another faction has recently formed to rise against the tyranny Stefan has thrust onto his denizens; The Circle of Mages.

With House Amielle's claim and reputation both weaker than before The Circle, as they're commonly referred as, have opted to step in and try to lead Lysoria towards a better future. However this has only led to further unrest and political dispute between House Amielle and The Circle, therefore the throne awaits for one to claim power over it; and decide whether Lysoria's future aligns with The Circle or House Amielle.


The weather within Lysoria is similar to Ne'haer's, particularly with its considerably close placement on the world's axis, but with a few minor differences throughout the cycles. Lysoria is known to be a little more drier in terms of humidity, therefore gets less rain throughout the seasons of spring and fall. Summer time is usually quite warm but rather bearably so in comparison to Ne'haer. Due to the landscape features it can also be rather windy most days, though only mildly so in comparison to the Hyran's own landscape.


Over a whopping 1,200,000 people live within and around the looming towers of Lysoria, as the city continues to gradually grow and improve with various job opportunities. The Miners trade is in a bit of a high demand as the city seeks to uncover more potential rare resources from the mines, while overall the general populace seem more or less accepting of those that come to stay in their city. It is however noticeable that a good chunk of the city's inhabits are human, as the other 'lesser' races tend to be slaves bound by servitude of their owners. There are a couple of races that aren't allowed to linger within the for long, as their general reputation deems them a hindrance on Lysoria's behalf. They are usually the Aukari and the Yludih.

Humans - 49%
Mixed Race - 8%
Biqaj - 6%
Lotharro - 6%
Sev’ryn - 6%
Wisps - 6%
Mer - 4%
Tunawa - 4%
Ithecal - 2%
Avriel - 4%
Eidisi - 2%
Aukari - 1%
Ellune - 1%
Yludih - 1%


Lysoria's views on worship are evenly mixed between pragmatic and academic at best, while it doesn't display strong religious tendencies like Ne'haer; there are a few Immortals that are given praise here. Chamadarst is one easily revered among the many merchants of this growing city, with Treid and Ralaith more popular among scholars and philosophers. Overall the general populace loosely worships the other Immortals, more so in the privacy of their own homes rather that out in public. House Amielle hasn't outlawed or declared worship to be bad in Lysoria, however they have made it quite clear that openly spreading faith is grounds for punishment.


Lysoria is well known for it's exports of stones and metals found only within their mine, while importing good from it's neighboring territories. So far Ironridge is capable of supplying a variety of other valuable metals while Yurrova, reluctantly, trades gems with them from time to time. Clothes and dyes are also more of a commodity created and sold here, though expensive fabrics have to be imported from elsewhere unfortunately. Many of the merchants find business here to be booming if not competitive, as some shops tend to get more business than others depending on the time of the Arc.




House Amielle is said to be the ruling family that governs Lysoria, however the monarchy system remains challenged by both the people and The Circle. Both The Mage Court, which advises and promotes House Amielle's rule, and The Circle of Mages are determined to undermine one another; leaving the seat of Lysoria vacant in power until a legitimate heir the people of Lysoria will follow to claim it.

Alliances & Enemies

  • Cycres:
  • Hyran:
  • Ironridge:
  • Lysoria:
  • Millstone:
  • Ne'haer:
  • Treth:
  • Yurrova:




Things to do in Lysoria
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • Location - Placeholder
  • Location - Placeholder
Food and Lodging
  • Location - Placeholder
  • Location - Placeholder
Business and Shops
  • Location - Placeholder
  • Location - Placeholder
  • The Circle Tower - Where the Circle of Mages reside as they collectively operate and influence the growth of their numbers. The Circle Tower resides on the northern battlements of the city, composed of several floors that house the growing number of mages there. Only the elite Circle Mages are allowed at the tower's peak, where the seniority determine what direction the Circle should follow for their growth.
  • Location - Placeholder
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Alistair's Plotnotes

1. Colliding Force
Creating two portals, both across from one another and generally in close proximity, use Push on both portals, assuming someone is in the middle of both of them. This will cause for the kinetic force to clash furiously against itself. Whoever is caught in between the two portals will be completely smashed.

This can also be used with two 'Pull' portals to, essentially, draw and quarter a target. Depending on the strength of the pull, the results can be more gruesome and more immediate.

2. Intentional Destabilization
Pulling or pushing someone into a portal (whether magically or physically), or convincing/tricking someone to enter, the Rupturer then intentionally destabilizes the portal as they step in, or closes it when they're only partially in. This will completely disband their physical properties, forcing them into a state of mere atoms.

3. Disregarded Obstruction
Ushering someone near a wall or a door, perhaps for a conversation, one uses Splintering on the surface of the obstruction (such as the door) and by ignoring the fortifications between you and the target, the mage becomes capable of instantly (and surprisingly) stabbing or mauling them while they're caught off guard. An assassination technique.

4. Corrosion Portals
By making a symbiosis of two magics - a portal influenced by both Rupturing and Necromancy - the Rupturer uses Pushing/Pulling, creating an outward aura that expands past the portal's focal point. This energy is then contributed to by a stream of corrosive energy - via Necromancy - which will make any foe caught in the portal's aura (which is of variable size) begin to rapidly degrade, their physical material diminishing.

5. Anti-Athletics
Someone rushing to engage with the Rupturer is perhaps the easiest target. By catching a running target by surprise, opening a portal directly in their trajectory, they can either be portaled somewhere else or intentionally destabilized.

6. Presents
By dropping a portal into a remembered location, tossing an object into it and closing it immediately, one can sabotage a location without indicating themselves as the actor. This could range from throwing forward a bomb, to a powerful spell, or to a noxious poison gas. An effective way to perform, essentially, a terrorist act.
word count: 373
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Alistair's Plotnotes

Transmutation Crafting Notes
1. Transmuters craft temporary objects using the three steps: Deconstruction, Alteration, and Reformation. Deconstruction = laying an object into a field of ether, basically smelting it into a state of formlessness where you can impart changes onto it. Alteration = applying Qualities, as I'll go over in a sec. Reformation = rebuilding the item and restoring it to reality, with the Altered Qualities remaining; voila, new magical item.
2. Qualities are obtained by experiencing them and ascribing them to your Palate... seemingly, mostly by just focusing on them. Qualities seem to be... virtually anything that is a part of the world, as long as it's a physical trait.
3. The enchanted items are temporary. 6 Trials at novice, 12 at competent, 30 at expert, 60 at master, 90 or permanent at legendary. 10% less duration for each quality. However, Transmuters can renew the lifespan of an item... making them virtually timeless if within their own possessions, just not particularly good for commerce as - without the Transmuter - the item will eventually wither and die.
4. Flaws come with Transmutation, too. They have a higher chance of emerging per quality added, but they can be essentially scrubbed out completely by Formula, a master Transmutation ability.
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Alistair's Plotnotes

The Travelers of the Uncanny Ravine
A symptom of what some would call the 'parasite' of magic is isolation. A mage's life is often prescribed loneliness, abandonment and the great intensity of vitriol by others around them, whether derived from fear, ignorance, or religious zeal. To be accepted as a mage - let alone as a friend, or a member of one's family - is a rare thing. The goal of the Travelers isn't really to counteract that on a wide scale, or to provide all mages a home, or anything like that. It's meant to - for a specific and selective group of people - operate as their bedrock with which to survive a world so hostile to them, and their desires.

The Travelers are often called the Brotherhood. It's a place akin to family, with members referred to as siblings, and the Wayfinder viewed like the father or mother of the group. Everyone in the organization knows everyone - and well. They are all, generally, quite close and know the backgrounds and struggles of each other individual around them. To judge, envy and detest is a cultural taboo; some would say the point of the organization is to meet self-enlightenment, rather than obsessing over the virtues and flaws of others.

And that's, ultimately, where this faction acquires its function. By providing a home to the many members, and a community for them to grow and rehabilitate, they are placed into a rigorous structure of progression and are given the urgency of improvement. The Travelers function as a home, a Guild and an Academy, with facilities and resources offered to its members to progress rapidly in their many talents and arcane faculties. They're given direct attention by Voyagers, and the Wayfinder, who instruct them and offer them both insight and validation.

Much of the purpose of the organization is to create a small, elite number of closely allied, loyal friends. To produce truly stellar individuals, far beyond that of the average rank and file of other magical organizations, the Seeker and Coven coming to mind. With initiations often shared, enchanted relics, clothes and equipment and all manner of things, the Travelers are given all that they need to progress - without the harrowing sadism of the Coven, nor the brutally enforced adherence to any particular ideology.

Many of the members of the Travelers are recommended to take positions of prominence in the outside world, and will often perpetuate a cycle of nepotism with those members seeking to work beneath them. Funneling the resources, information and influence of their respective organizations, a small family tied together bears much power - and the Wayfinder directs that power as he pleases, to whatever cause he pleases.

Fundamentally, the Travelers seek to explore the world, the self, and the unknown, but with the company of those dearly embedded with them. Finding peace and fulfillment is foremost to them and their ways - but like with all mages, the desire for supremacy remains.
Rather than basing their worldview on the trifling ideologies of the 'Outside', the Travelers look inward, at least at first. Into their own perceptions, their own hearts, questioning what they know and believe and exploring philosophies too familiar to deconstruct alone. Much of the ideology of the Travelers is based on exploring the greater concepts of the world, and of life, and of the self... and examining their value. Exposing arbitrary stigmas, wondering of the value of each joy and pain as the emotion comes to them, and questioning the validity of their prior dreams.

The Travelers are fundamentally inspired by the inquisitive nature of magic, but rather than focusing on the meta narrative of the world, members of the organization focus first on the one thing they must truly master: their emotions. To this end, within the ideology of the Travelers is interwoven a series of harrowing, beautiful, almost mythological introductions to the self and the member's supposed worldview, but often through the distorted lens of drugs and other substances meant to alter the mind.

The ideology of the Travelers is fundamentally built on the belief of its own mental acuity; that its members are enlightened, that they have sought and met understanding. That the Outside -- everyone else -- is of faltering importance, and that they must preserve their own number before any other thing. They may supplement the lives of others around them, but much of their actions are for their true kin, those within the inner circle of the Brotherhood. As the members do typically still interact with the outside world, they will often acquire positions of prominence, but will generally forward their benefits to the Travelers. For this reason, the Travelers can (theoretically) withhold an incredible amount of information and influence at any one given time, depending on the successful development of their members.

With all this in mind, though the organization is fundamentally cult-like, to be a member of the Travelers is not to be controlled, or leashed, or compelled into obedience by a cabal of looming masters at the end of harsh interrogations. The existence of any one member can often be described as 'euphoric' - they are treated with utmost love, acceptance and forgiveness by their peers. Often, a whole night will be spent lain in a circle among one's closest friends, backs pressed to the floor of the courtyard and staring to the stars, telling stories and vividly imagining the deeper complexities presented within the mural of the sky. The core theme, and core ideology, of the faction is the concept of intangible affinity for one another. A love of all who share in the piety of one's dreams - in the strength of their illusions, fantasies, and even their truths.

Rules of Entry
1. To join the Travelers, one must be recruited directly by the Wayfinder. This is to prevent the subversion of the organization's integrity by any unwanted elements. All members are directly vetted with the highest scrutiny.
2. All members of the Travelers must be mages, or must intend to become initiated in magic.

The Wayfinder: The Wayfinder, often called the Father or Mother, is at the core of the organization and provides purpose for the faction. Unlike many factions which have an explicitly stated central purpose from the very beginning, the Travelers' direction is perfectly correlated to the will of the Wayfinder, and thus the whole direction of their organization may shift from leader to leader. Considering the almost cult-like beliefs of the group, the Wayfinder is given a particular level of reverence and is offered the utmost compliance by the other members, including the Voyagers. Though there are few rules within the organization, most of them are implicit or are inferred, and can result in expulsion if not followed. To not obey the will of the Wayfinder is one such implicit law, and is enforced perhaps more firmly than any other.

The Wayfinder has access to the whole of the resources of the group, including whatever intelligence they may have stored in the Compass Hall, a guarded study of written knowledge within the building. They are directly responsible for choosing members, and are the only individual capable of both selecting and removing members of the group, unless they delegate this power to a Voyager specifically. The Wayfinder will often take a few pupils, most of which will become Voyagers in a short amount of time. They are typically a powerful mage and an influential political or business figure, and are - like everyone else - expected to share their influence with the Brotherhood.

The Voyagers: Voyagers are the direct operatives of the Wayfinder, and are essentially the arbiters of law within the group. They police other members and ensure they remain in-line with the group's philosophy, as well as ensuring all things within the faction remain peaceful and productive. More than this, they are given the ability to select up to five pupils - Explorers and Lost equally included - and are given the rights to direct them onto any sort of missions and undertakings they like. They're essentially given the option to lead other members of the group, acting in a way like a small-scale Wayfinder.

The Voyagers are typically a Tribunal, and with a majority may determine actions without the consent of the Wayfinder, though he is free to veto any actions they determine. More importantly, they act as de facto leaders when the Wayfinder is not present or is compromised, which is often a common occurrence in a group of... well, travelers. During these times, they essentially act as the Wayfinders themselves, though they are not meant to go against the Father or Mother's will, and can receive repercussions if it is believed they intentionally did so.

Voyagers can be delegated certain authorities by the Wayfinder, at their discretion. Also, they are all gifted an array of gifts by the Wayfinder: a full masterwork set of equipment, of improved mineral quality (such as Adamantite), a magical relic with properties adjusted to them, and the direct tutelage of the Wayfinder. If and when other sects of the organization are built in other sections of Idalos, the position of the Voyager will grow in prominence, as they will be selected to directly lead individual chapters of the group.

The Explorers: The Explorers are the fully-fledged, median members of the organization, and are given full access to most facilities within the Sanctum. They are typically offered a basic masterwork set of gear, of steel or poorer quality, and notebooks with information on the magics they're interested in. Generally, in order to become an Explorer one must simply be a trusted, initiated mage, with the initiation often provided by another member of the group. The Explorer will then be given the opportunity to attend lectures held by Voyagers, and will often be invited to group tasks or expeditions. Explorers are given a high level of autonomy and their ventures are generally supported by the group, including helping them prepare for ventures outward, or allowing Explorers of similar intentions the ability to connect and perform their endeavors jointly.

The Lost: The Lost are not fully-fledged members of the group. They are generally those interested in joining, who have been deemed prospects by the Wayfinder. Generally, they may not yet be mages, but may simply need a home and a community to guide them. The Lost sometimes transition outwards and leave the group before full initiation, and this is considered fine. Long-term Lost may include children, such as orphans, and those simply afraid to undergo initiation, though after a time they are expected to leave if they do not progress in their beliefs. Generally they are viewed as acquaintances or passing faces, rather than as 'siblings' or 'dearly beloved friends'.

PC Members
The Wayfinder
1. Alistair Venora

The Voyagers

The Explorers

The Lost

The Brotherhood Sanctum
The Brotherhood Sanctum is the Headquarters of the Travelers, located within Quacia, in the Gleam. It was purchased by Alistair, the Wayfinder, in Arc 718, and is located directly next to his home and hospice - Ashbrook - as well as the Red Cloak Hospital. Previously serving as the Headquarters of the Guild of Hospitality, the Sanctum has been re-purposed to act as a community center and a live-in academy for those selected to join the Brotherhood.

In total, there are around forty small rooms reserved for members, as well as several other major areas to progress and learn. There are multiple meeting halls of considerable size, meant for study and rigorous discussion, a large central library, a courtyard and garden at the heart of the building, a bathhouse and open communal and lecture area on the lowest floor, and several cornerstone stairwells at the end of each hallway for one to quickly navigate between the floors. The tower of the building - ascending above the rest of the structure - is known as the Tower of the Father, and is reserved for the Wayfinder and his pupils.

Generally, most magical practice is performed on the lowest floor. There are basins for Transmutation, rough patches of grass and small wells of water for Defiance, and some of the deceased patients of the Ashbrook Hospice are brought as well for direct training in Necromancy. Given the libertine ways of Quacia in regards to magic, this is all tolerated, and the only onus is on the mages to ensure they do not do damage to the building.

If any member desires, they may be given a room to live in. These rooms are somewhat simple; they have a shelf, a desk with a few chairs, and a double bed.
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Creep Notes

1. The Creep communicates via contact; it has to remain within the weave in order to communicate. All Creep is one life form, but it reconnects and disconnects via entering or leaving its influence.
2. Trees can die mostly via fire, but also by cutting them into 3 to 4 pieces. Cutting them from the roots reduces their mobility.
3. Young Ferahorns are more human (or whatever respective animal), older ones are more skeletal and planty. They all have brains and eyes, but young ones may still have human/animal organs.
4. Creephearts have no combative abilities of their own, and rely on guards.
5. Trees have no sensory organs, and are communicated to via the Creep. This means that if they are disconnected from the Creep (possibly by burning Creep around them), they are blind, and can only fight reactively - like by flailing around. But very violently lol.
6. The Creep can evolve against strategies unleashed against them.
7. Can write improvised one-off Creep abominations for a challenge.
8. When a Creepborne entity dies, it cannot be brought back by the Creep. So, fire is not necessary, though it may assist to burn non-Creep corpses.
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