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The plot development forum is designed for players and groups to keep track of their plot lines, goals they wish their characters to complete in each season, and anything else that may tie into your character's past, present, and future. Please remember that this is not the Personal Journals forum and should not be treated as such. All information posted within this forum should be information that ties back to your character within the Standing Trials Roleplay.

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Kydrel's Cave

Kydrel's Cave

Welcome to Kydrel Sevnium’s Plot Notes! I'll be updating this as long term ideas formulate. I included a timeline so others can see where he has been in his past and dates for possible thread ideas.

  • Arc 691, 15th of Saun – Kydrel is born
  • Arc 712 – Returns From Wilderness to Athart
  • Arc 713, 3rd of Ashan – Dominion Training Starts
  • Arc 715 – Kydrel Exiled from Athart
  • Arc 715, Ymiden/Saun - Flees to Ivorian, Waits Out Winter
  • Arc 715, Vhalar - Sails to and Arrives in Rhakros
  • Arc 715, Zi'da - Travels to Etzos
Character Creation
  • Arc 716, 6th Trial of Cylus – Enters Etzos

  • Build a reputation in Etzos as a Bounty Hunter/Mercenary/Gladiator.
  • Acquire and increase combat skills.
  • Obtain a Blessed Item from Syroa to shift into a human form.
word count: 137


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