Into the Abyss [Sephira's Notes]

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Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:34 pm

The Story

The Elements:
*Scalvoris Military

Sephira graduated in Cylus of 718 to become a full member of the Flame Troops.

Current Investigations

  • Anti-Element Violence/Cult Investigation
  • Certain members of the Elements are believed to be involved in a cult
  • All male members of the Elements have been suspended until an investigation is completed concerning the cult
  • Sephira is appointed as a Special Assistant and has has begun investigating the cult and events tied to their involvement.
  • Locals have begun attacking the remaining female members of the Elements, Sephira is involved in one of these attacks.
  • A riot began which ended in an Element's murder and the arrest of Maxine by Sephira's hand.
  • Sephira has sworn to hunt down and kill Earth Mask in Max's stead.

    Volker/Aberrant Investigation
  • Sephira has been pulled into Deputy Needwell's office following the public appearance of an Aberrant's Harvester in her presence.
  • She has been briefed on the general nature of Aberrants and sent to investigate
  • Procured one witness for Volker's attack
  • Procured a decapitated 12 arc old child's head that Volker was butchering
  • Participated in Volker's trial, providing testimony before assisting in subduing the Aberrant. Volker was killed.
  • End of Investigation
*Sephira's former mentor

Sephira's master and initiator in Rupturing and Attunment was killed by a mysterious Defiance Mage. She is in search of information about her late master's life in hopes of finding his murderer.
  • Hopes to gain information from Baron Smooglenuff
  • Gained information from the Baron: He knew Elias and her mother personally
  • At the Baron's suggestion has return to Elias's home to investigate
  • During the investigation Sephira realized that all Elias's items have been replaced with similar replicas, likely to fool her.
  • Met a strange man outside Elias's home
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Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:43 pm

Friends and Enemies


Amaris: Soft-spoken Acquaintance
  • Trained with her and taught Amaris the basics of combat
  • Traveled with her to the Vault
Faith: Kindhearted Acquaintance
  • A talented healer of the Order of Adunih
  • Healed Sephira after the events of the Cylus docks collapse
  • Defended Sephira and the Elements from verbal attacks
  • Is a Marked of Famula and used her abilities to speak with the dead and locate clues concerning the cult
Genuvah: Ally
  • Assisted in the defense of Elements Hall
Kura: Respected Ally
  • Serves on the Scalvoris Council
  • Mortalborn
  • Sephira's 1st Rupturing Apprentice
  • Was captured by the cult as well
  • Fought very well during their escape from the Elements cult
  • Intervened before Sephira was forced to attack Max
Maxine: Complicated but Respected Ally
  • Was captured by the cult as well
  • Fought well during their escape from the Element's Cult
  • Defended Sephira and Elements Hall from a mob
  • Follows her beliefs no matter where they lead
  • Is set on defeating Earth Mask
  • Gave Sephira a vial of Truth Serum to aid in her investigation of the cult
  • Surrendered to Sephira rather that forcing them into a confrontation
  • Is a known criminal
Nalin: Childhood Friend
  • Played a game on the beach with him and his sister as a child
Roland:Helpful Friend
  • Assisted in bringing down a conman
  • Offered to take Sephira out for a drink
Vega:: Ally
  • Feisty woman who helped Sephira solve a crime
  • Was captured by the cult and used in a ritual, managed to free Sephira and others from their chains

It's Complicated

Lavana: Untrustworthy Friend
  • Helped in the rescue of Scalv Storm survivors
  • Sparred with Sephira in Almund
  • Helped Sephira solve a crime
  • Murdered Ms. Macklin, the Element's Hall receptionist
  • Was also captured by the cult
  • Assisted Sephira in escaping the cult
  • Lied about her name and identity
  • Tried to stop Sephira from arresting Max during the riot
Mercedes: Suspicious Defier
  • Met him wandering Sweetwine Woods during Cylus
  • Enjoyed speaking openly about magic with him
  • Realized that he was strangely interested in killing Rupturers
  • Used a portal to leave the scene before finding out more
  • Saw him at the riot, where he was captured as one of the instigators
Rowan: Frustrating Ally
  • Hit on Sephira in a bar...while completely wasted
  • Helped her escape a bird attack in Sweetwine Woods
  • Argued about her leadership
  • Irritates her nearly every time they meet
  • Accompanied her into the Vault
Volker (Deceased): The Mage Who Walked a Different Path
  • Read his Frequency and discovered that he was a murderer
  • Warned him to leave Scalvoris before they met again
  • Felt sorry for him, since he had been an Aberrant since childhood
  • Was ordered to investigate him
  • Witnessed him attack civilians
  • Located a severed child's head in his tent
  • Attended his trial and tried to help him.
  • Was forced to subdue him prior to his death
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