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Sephira Blackwood

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Table of Contents
Name: Sephira Blackwood

Age: 21

Race: Mixed Blood Human and Biqaj (3/4 Human - 1/4 Biqaj)

Date of Birth: 28th of Ymiden Arc 697

Occupation: Flame Element (Special Assistant)

Factions Joined: The Elements

Languages: Common (Fluent) Rakahi (Broken)

Marks:Taithir (Mark of Ethelynda), Celarion (Mark of Qylios), Bellinos (Mark of Vri)

Recent Changes in Appearance
Due to the following mutation, Sephira's physique and body has changed.

Rupturer's Body: Rupturing is a magic of thinning. It separates the barriers of distance. A Rupturer can often embody their art, appearing to grow thinner, lithe, almost otherworldly in appearance. As the Spark takes more and more of Sephira, it changes her to suit its needs. Sephira grows almost half a foot taller, her arms and legs stretching out delicate and nimble. Although she appears almost dangerously thin, she is healthy but does not seem able to put on any weight. This is a fairly drastic change as it will be clear to those around her that she is no longer precisely human.

Also per this thread, Sephira now has solid black eyes as a result of an Attunement Corruption
Bearing the physique of a practiced fencer, Sephira bears a lean, well-built visage with defined muscle throughout her entire body. Her skin is a warm ivory in hue that contrasts deeply with her dark wavy brunette locks. Sephira’s hair has always been somewhat wavy, never deciding to be either pin straight or curly. Often, she wears her hair in one of two ways, either freely draped across her shoulders or bound back in a high ponytail to keep it out of the way of her swordplay. As for bone structure, the lines of her face can be faulted for being a little too severe if seen in poor lighting.

As a Human Biqaj mixed blood Sephira possessed the bright color changing eyes of her father’s people. When curious her eyes are a soft cerulean, much like the color of the ocean at midday and when confident her eyes bleed to a deep scarlet with a solid black ring around the outer edges of her iris. If fear grips her, Sephira’s eyes change to a bright ghostly silver, and if pleased or happy the hue changes to a deep sunset gold rippling with waves of citrine and topaz yellow. When calm her eyes turn an unassuming umber brown, but when anger seizes her Sephira’s eyes darken to a deep black color.

Much like her mother, the young mage enjoys indulging in a striking sense of fashion. Preferring to wear well-tailored coats in bold colors paired with muted neutral breeches and tunics, normally in black or gray. Her sense of style reflects her quick and agile combat style, electing to wear form fitting clothes and avoiding dresses like the plague.
Strange Runic Markings
As of 85th of Ashan, Arc 718 Sephira now possesses as strange red tattoo that marks most of her body. When she is not channeling ether it remains a flat crimson color, but when she begins channeling ether it will glow red. The tattoo itself is a mixture of eldritch runic symbols and elegant lines.
Vault Mark
Vault Mark: Upon her left breast,a glowing red hand, with the thumb glowing gold. Tapping into this mark mentally will allow Sephira access to Charlie's Charming Carvings from anywhere in existence, as if by sudden teleportation. However, this cannot be used to escape imminent danger, as upon exiting the Vault, Sephira is returned to the exact same instance of time and location she left from.
Portal Appearance :Sephira's portals appear crimson in hue, with varying colors of deep violet and indigo around the edges. Her portals are like tears in the fabric of space, flecked with stars and other bright astral bodies. Blink portals display as mere flashes of crimson light, especially if she is moving through them quickly.

Her skysteps are similarly colored.

Initiation Witchmark

Rupturer's Gleam Sephira's eyes gleam with motes of crimson light any time she looks at a distance more than 200 or so feet. It's as if her Spark is reaching out and preparing to portal her to her destination, as a result her eyes glow with flecks of light, as if from miniature portals.
*All are written with a huge amount of help from Plague

Theme: Freedom

Competent Awakening/Mutation

Emotional Mirror: Sephira's Spark has grown entangled in her own emotions, both to benefit and disadvantage. When frightened, her spark is jumpy and has a tendency to open up blinking portals suddenly with any slight movement of her hand to respond to any danger. When angry, her portals will be louder and more aggressive, when sorrowful they tend to jump shorter distances and last even less time than ordinary, and while joyous her blinking portals take her farther, as if the Spark wants to show off for her. Through discipline and keeping her emotions under control, Sephira can mitigate the worst of these Spark mood swings, but the Spark is beginning to respond with her, feeling what she feels, and flares in kind.

A Flame in the Dark - Gained here
As this is a mental mutation Sephira was mostly unaware of it's effects until after this event.

Expert Awakening/Mutation

Skysoles : Due to her use of Skystepping, Sephira's Rupturing Spark has developed a mutation along the length of her feet that has melded them permanently with a pair of sky steps. They appear as very obvious but faintly glowing crimson red markings along her arch, heel and ball of her foot. These Skysoles are essentially very small portals that are also strangely always enacting a weak Pull upon themselves. This allows Sephira to basically be lightly "glued" to the ground by the effect of the Skysoles. She is harder to knock off her feet and capable of even briefly running on walls. It allows her a freedom of movement that she has never experienced before due to the magic gravitational effect of the mutation. (This works off her Spark's theme of Freedom)

However there is a drawback, the strength of the Pull can often fade in and out , meaning that sometimes she is unable to execute such feats of acrobatics. The strength of the Pull effect can also increase to the point that she is fully glued to her spot from a few trills to a few bits before being released. Further, Sephira can sometimes find leaves, dirt and other bits of refuse in excess, clinging desperately to her boots or to her feet because of the effect.

Because her emotions are closely tied to her Spark, the fluctuations of the Skysoles strength are highly dependent on them. Anxiety and fear can leave the power of the Skysoles drained and incapable of functioning. Extreme fear can cause them to become completely erratic, going from moments of having no effect to having far too strong of an effect and rooting her where she stands. More aggressive emotions such as anger will cause them to increase in strength so she can cling to walls for longer, but this will obviously expend more ether to maintain the Pull effect. Less tumultuous emotions such as calm or happiness will cause the Skysoles to behave with the typical moderate level of effect.

Shadow Cylus Event - Gained here

Mastery Mutations

Wanderlust: The Spark desires freedom. In its time within Sephira it has noted and learned that those she cares for and has duty towards will keep her rooted in one place. The spark, conversly, abhors the idea of being in one place for any given length of time and has evolved a response to keep its host on their toes. This mutation takes effect in three ways, three defense mechanisms the Spark has evolved. First, when Sephira has remained in one place or with one person for too long, the Spark will awaken in her a strong wanderlust. She will feel drawn to travel in order to satisfy the Spark. This is the first methodology of defense. Should she continue to have interaction and deepen her relationship, then the spark will utilize its secondary defense. This secondary defense involves a 'relocating' of her emotions. While some would suggest this as an Empathy drawback, the nature is still the transport of one thing to another place. The Spark will sometimes 'teleport' her attachment or emotions to another nearby person. Often this involves transferring strong emotions to a relative stranger in the hopes it will draw her away from her actual object of affection. These effects are temporary, but usually trigger whenever Sephira has a truly intimate moment with another and only powerful discipline or meditation can keep her from running away with her emotions. The final defense of the Spark is more physical whereas it will randomly create pull portals to draw in and teleport one who Sephira feels strongly about as far away as possible.

While seemingly only a drawback, this defense also allows the Spark to guard against mental effects from marks and Empathy magic, 'teleporting' emotional concern to other targets to keep Sephira from staying rooted in one place.

Rupturer's Body: Rupturing is a magic of thinning. It separates the barriers of distance. A Rupturer can often embody their art, appearing to grow thinner, lithe, almost otherworldly in appearance. As the Spark takes more and more of Sephira, it changes her to suit its needs. Sephira grows almost half a foot taller, her arms and legs stretching out delicate and nimble. Although she appears almost dangerously thin, she is healthy but does not seem able to put on any weight. This is a fairly drastic change as it will be clear to those around her that she is no longer precisely human.

A New Awakening - Gained Here

Overstepping Mutations

Booming Sneezes: Every time Sephira sneezes, it will create a loud booming sound much like the opening of a portal

Awarded in the Shadow Cylus Event after Overstepping

A Traveler's Ear
Sephira is now able to hear when a Minor or Major Fracture is opening a full minute before it actually occurs, with a 200 meter range of effect. This will often sound like a loud tearing sound followed by the whoosh of air. She can also hear where the portals of other Rupturers will open up an instant before they actually do, with a 100 meter range of effect. Finally, this makes Sephira immune to the deafening sound of Roars, from herself or other Rupturers.
Awarded in 1 Cat, 2 Cat, Black Cat, Dead Cat
Witchmark- Onlookers will find that Sephira's pupil and sclera are divided by a myriad of proportionate lines, almost as though the eyes were deconstructed and places back together.

Following this thread Sephira had overstepped in Attunement and gained a new mutation.

Attunement Overstepping Mutation: Sephira's eyes are pure black now, in entirety. This does not obscure her vision, and gives her immunity to bright flashes of light, as well as bright flashes from sudden frequencies detectable by Attunement.

Eye Color Quick Reference
Eye ColorEmotion
Silver Fear
Sky Blue Curiousity
Gold Happiness
Umber Calm
Onyx Anger
Crimson Confidence
Emerald Sadness
Red Glow *Witchmark: When Rupturing, Sephira's eyes gain a crimson glow encircling her pupils that gently fades into her natural eye color.

Sephira is foolishly courageous daredevil. She treats everything like a game and goes about her life with an incredibly high level of confidence. Perhaps this attitude comes from her time living as an only child on the beautiful island of Faldrass. Her childhood was easy and carefree. Sephira’s free spirit was allowed to run wild and there were very few obstacles ever put in her path that really challenged her. It was not until the death of her mentor Elias that Sephira finally realized that some things cannot be beaten with charm and a nimble sword strike.

Her devil-may-care personality has always gotten her into a fair bit of trouble. That confidence led her to breaking her arm as a teenager when rupturing during practice without clearly picturing her destination. Sephira is more likely to go into a situation guns blazing, rather than carefully considering all her options. That said her persona is not without its charms. The young woman has the uncanny ability to sweep others up in her enthusiasm; this can sometimes lead to fast friendships but it can also lead herself and her friends into disaster.

Before the death of her mentor, Sephira tended to shirk responsibilities and give little thought to the wellbeing of her friends. Now she can be a mite bit overprotective of those she cares for. A hyper aggressive streak can be seen in the young mage when her allies or loved ones are threatened. One might confuse her for a rabid wolverine if facing her in the heat of battle. Because of this Sephira is prone to overextending herself magically and physically; going all out when enraged.

Emotional sensitivity is not her strong suit, expressing her feelings is something the young mage actively avoids. She is a world class example of conversational pivoting. Sephira will change topics or completely ignore any line of inquiry that concerns her feelings. As such the woman is emotionally stunted and has never really appreciated the delicate nuances of romance. After witnessing the consequences first hand of what happens to those who associate with mages, Sephira has become fearful of growing close to anyone.
Since the death of her mentor Elias and joining the Elements, Sephira has become a stern, almost icy individual. With the events surrounding the end of Cylus and the collapse of the Scalvoris docks she carries a great deal of guilt for the part she had to play in those deaths. She still retains a dry sense of sarcastic humor, but this side of her is rarely seen by others.

The Rupturer has become incredibly disciplined during her time in the military. She has now seen combat and death first hand, and has killed on several occasions. Her persona seems almost haunted with the knowledge of her actions and the impact she has had as a soldier in the Flame Troops.

Her identity as a mage has become far more complex now that she understands the price mages pay for access to their magic. Her Rupturing Spark has become more and more entangled with her emotions and her mind, causing havoc when she is not completely focused on keeping it in check. The Element has developed a soft spot for mages, especially those that go down dark paths because they were not given the care and education to be something better. She strives to eventually provide those things for mages, especially for those in the military.

Sephira is no longer the carefree, willful girl she was during her time on Faldrass. She has been hardened by her time as a soldier and as a mage, granting her a chilly exterior that very few people ever see past.

Sephira was born to Amelia Blackwood on the volcanic island of Faldrass. Amelia never knew the father of her daughter well; he had been nothing more than a passing Biqaj sailor who has shared a few short weeks with her. Sephira never seemed bothered by the absence of a father, she enjoyed her young life; spending it dashing around the marketplace in spirited chases with her childhood friends. It was always a contest to see who could leap over the highest table in the market, or slide through the smallest gaps. It was a game she played every day with the other traders’ children up into her teenage years.

As a talented seamstress and rug maker, Amelia has made a fairly comfortable living catering to the needs of tourists at the local marketplace. Although far from possessing any great amount of wealth, Amelia still managed to arrange for her daughter to be educated by a local tutor during her formative childhood years. While she didn’t wish to tame her free spirited daughter, she did wish that Sephira have a chance at a better life. It was a chore for her poor tutor to make the young girl sit still during their lessons, as Sephira was constantly in motion, never wanting to stop for even a moment.
The Old Man and the Mountain
At the age of fourteen arcs old Sephira and her friends began branching out from their typical romp around the marketplace and started taking short excursions up the slopes of the Faldrass volcano. It could be a terrifying place at times when the volcano momentarily awoke from its slumber, but the risk was always worth it as it was the exhilarating moments of discovery that drove Sephira onward. Unearthing a remote cave or running into one of the volcano’s fiery inhabitants was always exciting for her, although her friends did not always seem to enjoy her adventurous attitude. After a time Sephira began mostly undertaking her daily jaunts up the mountain alone, she was the only one foolish enough or daring enough to do it. During one of these solo adventures Sephira found a wide shelf jutting out of the eastern side of the volcano. It was at least eighty paces wide and led to a large craggy opening into the side of the mountain. The scent of sulfur and brimstone was less putrid in this place and stone floor of the cavern appeared to have been cleared of rubble and dust. It was strange as Sephira was something of a self-taught spelunker, and caves were never this tidy. After a dozen paces through the gloomy narrow entrance, the cavern widened into a fairly large chamber that was lit by a pair of oil lanterns. A cot was crammed into the corner of the chamber along with a small dust coated shelf of books, and a long wooden chest. It was at this moment that the young girl encountered what she presumed to be a dirty old homeless beggar living in the mountain. The gentleman was wearing a brown ragged tunic tied at the waist with a worn belt where a well-polished sword was sheathed.

To be quite honest, their first meeting did not go well. Startled, the gangly young girl immediately dashed back through the crag the moment they made eye contact and slid in a tumble of dust through the entrance of the cave out into the sunlight. There was suddenly a loud thrumming groan from within the mountain that shocked Sephira into the realization that the volcano must have awoken. Shielding her head with her arms, the girl curled into a ball fearing that she was in mortal danger. Almost as soon as it began the sound had stopped and out of nowhere a grizzled old hand clapped her on the shoulder. It was the old man; his face creased into a scowl as he plucked her up from the dust like a misbehaving cat and set her on her feet. He demanded to know who she was and why she had stumbled into his cave of all things! Sephira was trembling from the shock of the last few moments, only realizing a few trills later that somehow the old beggar had been waiting for her outside the cavern before she had made it out herself. The crag leading into his home was only big enough to allow one person through at a time; it made no sense that he made it outside before her. Jostling her again, he demanded once more to know her name and why she was there. With a trembling voice Sephira gave her name but abruptly became very distracted by the sword on his belt. The blade was made of bright curved steel and sported a brass basket hilt in the shape of a winged dragon. It was a lovely thing, and it totally ensnared her attention to the point that she rudely ignored the rest of his questions and kept asking where he had gotten the sword and if she could please have it.

This was how Sephira met Elias. He never told her if he had a surname, he was simply Elias to her. It took some convincing and shameless begging to have her trespasses forgiven; granted she mostly swayed him with a new set of clothes from her mother’s market stand and a few sweets she snatched from another trader. Regardless, he began to enjoy her visits; it was nice to have some company from time to time. Eventually Sephira began noticing odd things happening around Elias. Sometimes he would seem to travel from one side of his cave to the other in a blink when she was not looking. On the rare occasion that Sephira convinced him to come down the market with her; she noticed that he always sent her ahead of him so he could travel alone at a more ‘leisurely pace’. As soon as she was out of his sight she would hear that loud thrumming noise again and somehow he always beat her to the bottom of the volcano. It was the same sound from their first encounter, and as the weeks passed Sephira began to put two and two together.

At fifteen arcs old Sephira finally confronted her cave dwelling friend. Upon her declaration that he must be a mage, Sephira suddenly found herself being ignored by Elias and pushed away. Many times he would simply not be there when she went to try and speak to him. It was as if he knew when she was coming. There would sometimes be a freshly stewed kettle of tea waiting to be poured, or a book lying open on his cot, the pages still moving a bit as though it had just been set down by its reader. It was disheartening to be ignored by her friend. Sephira knew that many people did not really like magic users; plenty of the traders in the market cursed nameless mages when their fortune turned sour, or when the weather was bad. Personally she thought of mages as heroes if they were all like Elias. He was kind and wise even if he was always trying to hide his true nature from her. They confided in each other about little things, he always gave good advice when her mother was hounding her over her lessons, or when the other children were picking on her for never playing with them anymore. Every trial she could spare young Sephira ventured back to the cave to see if he was there so they could talk; and to ask if maybe he would teach her.

Finally after what seemed like an age, Sephira found Elias waiting on the wide cliff just outside his home. He was garbed in a worn black leather coat with faded golden sigils emblazoned on the shoulders and lapels. The curved sword with the brass dragon encircling the hilt was clasped proudly to his belt. He turned to her and gave her a piercing look before asking if she truly understood what it was to be a mage; that he had retreated to Faldrass to live the life of a hermit because of how he had been treated because of what he was. After reflecting on his question Sephira answered that she understood that many people hated mages, and that some people hated them for foolish reasons. Elias frowned as she spoke before correcting her, stating that many mages were hated for justified reasons, because mages possessed a wild and dangerous power that threatens the lives of all people. Elias had never had an apprentice before, but he had reflected on the issue for many years. Everyone he had ever considered in the past had lacked the conviction and guile, but here was a girl with plenty of resolve and spirit. Perhaps he was a vain old fool, but some part of him wanted to leave something behind when he reached the end of his days.

What followed next was remarkable; Elias unsheathed his sword and seemed to blink away in a daze of indigo light before stepping out of a hazy flare of the same radiance, landing a few paces away. Before the young girl’s eyes Elias put on a demonstration of what he called Rupturing; explaining techniques as he performed them. Skystepping, blinking, and of course the creation of portals were all put on display before her. Equipped with his sword the old man became something else, a specter of blades and light that could blink in and out of combat with ease; nimbly climbing steps of hardened amethyst light to take an aerial advantage with great speed. It was a wonderful sight to see him come alive like this. Of course the free spirited girl begged him to teach her.

Initiation into Rupturing was something Sephira would never forget. It was like leaving her body behind and setting sail into some unknown cosmic sea; full of stars, crimson nebulas, and an unending blackness that threatened to swallow her. It was a bit like walking the deck of a ship in the grip of a violent storm. It was gut wrenching but at the same time endlessly beautiful. Somehow she could feel that Elias was with her even if she could not see him as they crossed that cosmic horizon. Sephira thought she might lose herself at one point, but eventually managed to tighten her grip on the tether that was keeping her grounded to her body and found her way back home.

Her first experiments with rupturing were little more than attempts to send sticks and rocks through her first portals. It would be some time after her initiation that Sephira would risk sending herself through one of her portals. Whereas Elias’s portals were of a bright rippling indigo, outlined in a shimmer of stars; Sephira’s appeared like scarlet nebulas, but like her masters portals they were interspersed with the same glittering pin-pricks of starlight.

Elias began instructing his young apprentice in the ways of swordplay. As a younger man, the mage had learned how to combine Rupturing with bladed combat, using his superior mobility of blinking and portals to out maneuver an opponent. Skystepping only made him far more deadly on the battlefield, allowing him to nimbly leap through the sky and dive down on unsuspecting enemies. This style of combat he passed on to Sephira, drilling her daily in sword stances and blinking in the heat of battle. It was during one of these training sessions that his apprentice misaligned her trajectory during a blink that sent her careening to the ground from ten feet up.

Explaining the broken arm to her mother had been difficult, especially since Sephira had kept her magehood a secret from everyone on the island. Her mother had met Elias before but had never appeared to suspect he was anything more than a kindly hermit. Most of the traders in the market now knew there was a man living alone on the mountain and that the seamstresses’ daughter visited almost every trial.

For the next season while Sephira healed, Elias decided to initiate her into discipline of Attunement. He had been waiting to address the subject at a later date but he was aware that Attunement could assist his student in ‘feeling’ where others were in space, rather than simply seeing them. Elias had enjoyed cowing his student’s wild ambitions by fighting her while blindfolded; using only her Frequency to ascertain where she was in space. It was time to begin teaching her this magic as well.

Initiation into Attunement was a different matter than Rupturing. Rupturing had been a wild and beautiful tour through the cosmos. With Attunement, Sephira stayed firmly in her own body while she sat in Elias’s cave, listening to and feeling the hum of the song that he passed on to her. It was a melody that Sephira could never quite place again; both exquisite to hear and agonizing to endure. When it was over she couldn’t help but feel changed by the experience. From that point on if she concentrated long enough she could recognize the frequencies of herself, Elias and her mother; allowing her to find her way to them within a short distance, even if they were hidden from view.

Once her sword arm had healed Sephira resumed her training. At nineteen arcs of age Sephira had learned enough to be a bit more of a challenge for her master in combat. She excelled more than her instructor at injecting acrobatics into her techniques. Leaping and twisting into a blink at full speed to retain her momentum when emerging at the desired location and using that inertia in her movement to stagger her opponent. It was exhilarating to feel the rush of blinking out of range of a blade only to appear just behind her mentor, ready to strike.

The Hunter
Just after turning twenty arcs old, Sephira began displaying an interest in leaving Faldrass and heading to Scalvoris Town to join the military. She wanted to leave the tiny tourist location and really put her skills to use. This declaration deeply disturbed and frightened her master. Elias was terrified of his apprentice following in his footsteps. He tried desperately to explain that non-mages and mages alike would seek to use her as a weapon, especially those in a military force. Not only that, but once they realized what she was they might try to cage her, only releasing her when there was a need for someone with her skills. Memories clouded Elias’s indigo eyes as he told her what he could of his past. He had been a soldier in the military of some distant nation ; he would not name what country he had served. Still, he had been used like a tool. Like a weapon to be picked up for a particular use, then set aside when the battle had ended. Elias had been a precision instrument, aiding in troop movements with his portals and killing targets at the order of his superiors. Somehow he had escaped; or rather deserted. That is how he had ended up here on Faldrass. He had literally fled to the ends of the earth in order to find safe haven.

Sephira, being young and naive ignored Elias’s cautions, insisting that the world of his youth was far different than hers. She ignorantly wanted to prove that mages could be moral people that were beneficial to Idalos. Not to mention the daredevil in her wanted a chance to test her skills. She left the cliffside cavern, frustrated and angry with her mentor.

Trials would pass as Sephira debated leaving; irritated that Elias had insisted for her to stay. How could he ask that of her? This tiny island was nothing; it was safe, but uninteresting for a local. Nearly a week had passed since she had spoken to Elias. One night just as a blustery wind began harassing the shoreline and heralding a coming storm, Sephira was awoken by a strange tugging in her chest. It wasn’t exactly in her chest to be quite honest, but she did not know enough of sparks to understand what was happening. All she knew was she had felt this connection before during her initiation into Rupturing. She had known Elias was with her, even if she could not see him; like a slender thread connecting them at all times. Leaping from bed as silently as she could the young woman dressed and slipped out of the door. The first tentative drops of rain fell on her face as Sephira sprinted toward the slopes of the mountain. Something was wrong. The connection between master and student was getting weaker and weaker. Her eyes glowed a bright violet at their center as she reached out to the ether on the ledge ahead that led up to Elias’s cavern. A flash of red nebulous light washed over her vision as she willed her energy toward a pocket of ether over a dozen feet above her. Sephira burst from a second flash of scarlet light at a full run, before hauling herself up the next ledge, shards of obsidian cutting into her hands as she climbed. For several bits this was how she traveled; blinking where she could and climbing the rest of the way. Rain was steadily coming down, soaking her hair and clothes as she raced up the volcano.

Moments later Sephira stumbled up to the wide expanse of volcanic rock that marked Elias’s home. A silhouette of a man could be seen in a flash of lightening as he retreated down the other side of the cliff face. The young woman crouched down as she watched him leave, his short gray blonde hair and crisp uniform illuminated by the flashes of electricity in the sky before he faded away into the night. The thread pulling at her core faltered briefly like a candle in a breeze to remind her why she was here. Ignoring the sting of her battered hands and the retreating figure, Sephira hurried inside the narrow opening that led to her master's home.

Once her eyes adjusted to the light she realized that the room had been gutted as if someone had been searching for something. All of his books had been somehow been turned to ash and one of his oil lamps lay shattered on the ground. Elias himself was collapsed on his cot, clutching at his gut where his tunic smoldered and his flesh had been blackened by a deep horrendous burn. Sephira rushed over to him insisting that she would go back to the market town to get help. Elias held up his hand to stop her from leaving. There was no healing this, he explained with a pained expression. Elias continued, explaining through painful gasps that the man who had done this had been hunting him for arcs, seeking to punish the mage for his desertion. His hunter had been in Faldrass for the last few weeks, investigating and seeking him out. During the hunter’s time on the island learning of Elias’s hiding place, his pursuer began to suspect that the Elias had taken an apprentice. There was no doubt in Elias’s mind that his attacker would be searching for Sephira. She would either be killed or forcefully taken back to that man’s superiors to be used as he had once been. Begging her to leave the island and to go into hiding, her master told her to take his sword Wyvern as his last gift to her. Elias demanded that his apprentice leave that very night before she was found. At his forceful insistence Sephira left her dying master in the cavern and returned down the slopes of the mountain toward her home. The thread connecting her to Elias had grown incredibly faint as though a stray wind could tear it away. Sneaking back into her home, with her mother asleep in the other room, Sephira held back tears as she packed a bag and gathered everything she could for her journey that included her savings, Elias’s sword, and a new set of clothes her mother had been making for her. Hastily she scratched out a note on spare scrap of paper for her mother, explaining that she had to leave and that she loved her. Sephira did not want to leave home like this, but she believed Elias; the fear she had seen in his eyes and the nature of his wound had convinced her that she was no longer safe on Faldrass. Just as she finished signing the note Sephira felt the connection between herself and her master suddenly evaporate. It was a shock that caused her breath to catch in her throat once she realized what it meant. Elias was gone, and she had a boat to catch.
Starter Quest
Late in the afternoon many trials after you had joined the Elements, you received a letter from one of the merchants your mother had been close with. Enclosed was some information you already knew. The hermit on the mountain, a perceived friend of yours, had been found deceased while they looked for you at your mother's request. The wounds of losing your mentor are incredibly fresh, worsened by the information found later in the letter. Your mother had been attacked several trials after your disappearance. She had suffered injury but appears to be recovering well. The letter had been dated trials ago. Whether the writer even knew where to find you was a mystery. Perhaps the Elements had some interest in getting you this information. Had Elias' attacker jumped your mother while searching for you? Be that as it may, crumbs were beginning to fall. The murderer has left one clue behind: your mother.

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Rupturing 172/250Master 52
Attunement 112/250 Expert 43
Bladed Combat (Saber) (FT)80/100 Master34
Detection 106/ 250 Expert 34
Discipline 151/250 Master61
Endurance 57/250 Competent32
Etiquette 5/250 Novice 25
Investigation 80/250 Expert 47
Leadership 79/250 Expert 52
Meditation 5/250 Novice 8
Persuasion 5/250 Novice8
Running 5/250 Novice4
Stealth 5/250 Novice4
Strength 36/250 Competent11
Swimming 5/250 Novice 3
Tactics44/250 Competent 39
Thrown Weapons (Dagger) 5/250 Novice 3
Unarmed (Ki'Enaq) 5/250 Novice 5

Skill Knowledge

Acrobatics: Maintaining balance in combat
Acrobatics: Leaping in combat
Acrobatics: Flexibility helps extend the range of your attack
Acrobatics: Leaping into an attack can be dangerous
Acrobatics: Diving through a portal and a window
Acrobatics: Spinning to gain inertia
Acrobatics: Recovering from a fall
Acrobatics: Dodging bird attacks
Acrobatics: Sliding across the ground and recovering
Acrobatics: Diving through a portal
Acrobatics: Tumbling over the ground
Acrobatics: Falling without hurting yourself
Acrobatics: Finding you balance in a new form
Acrobatics: Dodging away from a sudden grab
Acrobatics: Sliding beneath the bottom of a door
Acrobatics: Ducking beneath a mace and using Skysteps to escape
Acrobatics: Finding your balance when pulled away from an edge
Acrobatics: Maintaining balance on slanted roofs
Blades (Saber): Parrying Strikes
Blades (Saber): Loose Clothes are a Hindrance (NH)
Blades (Saber): Combination of Physical and Rupturing Techniques (NH)
Blades (Saber): Blocking a heavy blow
Blades (Saber) : Right Shoulder Guard Stance
Blades (Saber) : Lower Left Guard Stance
Blades (Saber): High Guard Stance
Blades (Saber): Parrying is more efficient than blocking
Blades (Saber): Pressing your advantage after a parry
Blades (Saber): Keeping your weapon oiled and clean
Blades(Saber): Gripping the hilt correctly
Blades(Saber): Diagonal Slice
Blades(Saber):Gauging the weight of a weapon
Blades(Saber): Lighter attacks should be used when sparring
Blades(Saber): Combining Skysteps with a strike
Blades(Saber): Combining a Blink portal with an attack
Blades(Saber): Striking the legs to make an opponent lose balance
Blades(Saber): Using acrobatics to put momentum behind a strike
Blades (Saber): Footwork is important during combat
Blades (Saber): A low guard stance presents a smaller target to your opponent
Blades (Saber): A downward parry can push the opponent’s weapon away from you
Blades (Saber): Adding enough force behind a parry to create an attack opening
Blades(Saber): Slicing the legs of a heavy opponent to cripple their movement
Blades (Saber): Striking as a follow-through to rupturing
Blades (Saber): Single, lethal strike
Blades (Saber): Efficient movements need to take magic into account
Blades (Saber): Controlled, downward thrust to incapacitate, not kill
Blades: (Saber): Recognizing a key point to strike.
Blades: (Saber): Slice up the chest
Blades: (Saber): Working in conjunction with another
Blades(Saber): Stab through the back
Blades(Saber): Injuring the lung will end a fight quickly
Blades(Saber): Sidestep and thrust
Blades(Saber):Reversed Strike
Caregiving: Holding hands to provide comfort
Caregiving: Using physical touch to give comfort
Climbing: Climbing up a fleshy building
Cosmetology: Basic standards of clean
Cosmetology: Crimson and black suit you
Cosmetology: Consider how you look before you leave
Cosmetology: Striving to appear “normal”
Cosmetology: Using a sword blade as a mirror
Deception: Lying to get answers
Deception: Aiding in another's deception
Detection: Realizing the criminal had fled
Detection: A woman's scream
Detection: Discerning motion through shadows beneath a door
Detection: Noticing the ambiance of a house
Detection: Noticing the difference between elderly and ill
Detection: Noting the gathering crowd
Detection: Noticing bruising and scratches
Detection: Noticing that Lavender does not speak
Detection: Noticing Lavender's dark eyes
Detection: Watching siblings have an unspoken conversation
Detection: Recognizing bones near the fire
Detection: Catching sight of a winter fox
Detection: Taking notice of an Attuner's Witchmark
Detection: Spotting issues with the local wildlife
Detection: The subtle change in emotion behind eyes when a change in plan is made
Detection: Noticing the shift in stance before an opponent attacks
Detection: Noticing subtle hand movements that might indicate an attack
Detection: Noticing a chemical odor in the room
Detection: Sighting the strange tree at a distance
Detection: Noticing when something seems unnatural
Detection: The smell of ash and sulfur
Detection: Tiny details
Detection: Looking for what is out of place
Detection: Realizing that someone is waiting to speak with you at the door
Detection: Listening carefully for key words
Detection: Picking up on a familiar face in the crowd
Detection: Recognizing when you are being avoided
Detection: Spotting physical irregularities in an individual
Detection: Noting changes over time
Detection: Mice have sharper hearing than people
Detection: Fumbling about with greatly diminished eyesight
Detection: Recognizing a wound on a leg
Detection: Using the scent of pitch and lumber to locate the docks
Detection: The clicking sound of Hungers
Detection: The rotten smell of the Ventri Fracture pus
Discipline: Respecting Superiors
Discipline: Resisting the urge to retaliate
Discipline: Remaining calm in chaotic surroundings
Discipline: Dealing with a grumpy teacher
Discipline: Calming down when panicked and disoriented
Discipline: Staying calm when dealing with hysterical victims
Discipline: Calming breath
Discipline: Cross your arms to avoid twitching
Discipline: Keep control of your emotions when hearing shocking news
Discipline: Public speaking
Discipline: Remaining calm while dealing with that for which you weren't prepared
Discipline: Always working, even when not on duty
Discipline: Not having confidence in yourself is detrimental
Discipline: Forcing out distractions while focusing
Discipline: Harnessing your rage into productive energy
Discipline: Not showing shock
Discipline: Hearing him out
Discipline: Wait to see what the answer to a question will be.
Discipline: Don't show your emotions
Discipline: Hide your grief
Discipline: Resisting the urge to chase after the conman
Discipline: Maintaining calmness while explaining oneself to a superior
Discipline: Staying calm in the face of disappointment
Discipline: Keeping calm when bitten
Discipline: Standing your ground against a Harvester
Discipline: Brushing off jokes to remain focused
Discipline: Keeping calm when in close proximity with an Aberrant and his Harvester
Discipline: Helping previously unruly citizens who are in need of medical attention
Discipline: Orders are orders, whether you like them or not
Discipline: Remaining in in control of a chaotic situation with civilians.
Discipline: Staying cool while the Elements are criticized
Discipline: Staying focused when remembering bad memories
Discipline: Enduring extreme pain to stay in control
Discipline: Not giving in to finding someone very irritating
Discipline: The strength to protect others
Discipline: In discipline, your greatest foe is yourself
Discipline: Holding firm, even when accused by others
Discipline: Fulfilling all the duties of an Assistant, even the irritating ones
Discipline: Not giving in to what you want, but doing what you must
Discipline: Not fighting back against a lesser skilled civilian in distress
Discipline: Declining offers of camaraderie with the subjects of an investigation
Discipline:Going over the details even if they are painful
Discipline: Continuing to function even after seeing a loved one come back from the dead.
Discipline: Feeling overwhelming emotion, but not letting it get the better of you
Discipline: The after effects of a battle
Discipline: Maintain your role, even when you want to curl up and sob
Discipline: Keeping emotion out of one's words
Discipline: Continuing on when something seems pointless.
Discipline: Patience is, most definitely, a virtue
Discipline: Not letting surprising news show on your face
Discipline: Taking a vacation from duty. Technically.
Discipline: Admonishing oneself for a failure
Discipline: Recognizing when you've taken a threat too far
Discipline: Having a physical reminder of duty and responsibility
Discipline: Fighting back an extremely powerful spark
Discipline:Resisting the urge to intervene even when your morals incline you to do so
Discipline: Resolving to never give in
Discipline: Resisting the urge to retaliate against insults
Discipline: Cutting through chatter to get to the important part of a conversation
Discipline: Ignoring people when they spit at you
Discipline: Fighting back your Sparks while in a Major Fracture
Discipline: Ignoring the stench of you being covered in pus
Disguise:Sometimes you must hide your mutations
Endurance: Suffering Through the Pain (NH)
Endurance: Searching all trial for the culprits
Endurance: Enduring the cold
Endurance: Climbing up the Menagerie stairs.
Endurance: Chasing a Criminal
Endurance: Working in bad weather
Endurance: Being thrown into a wall
Endurance: Being pummeled by magical wind
Endurance: The biting cold of a Cylus snow
Endurance: Smashing through a window
Endurance: The heavy drain of overstepping
Endurance: Having breath forced out by a heavy weight
Endurance: Landing on your face
Endurance: The dizziness associated with heavy overstepping
Endurance: Walking on an injured leg
Endurance: Trekking through Weaver’s Woods
Endurance: Fighting to stand when pushed by wind
Endurance: Exquisite pain is a thing
Endurance: Dealing with the pain of a sprained ankle
Endurance: Being on the receiving end of an open hand slap
Endurance: When a slap to the face is really, really hard
Endurance: Not letting pain slow you down
Endurance: Dealing with a bruised jaw
Endurance:Contending with Spark induced pain
Endurance: The feeling of scared sparks in pain
Endurance: The feeling of being pulled through a stone wall, magically
Endurance: Being turned into a mouse
Endurance: The bodily pain of giving every ounce available
Endurance: Contending with the cold on Ishallar
Endurance: Drinking really really terrible rum
Endurance: Taking a hit to the jaw
Endurance: Having your eardrums ruptured
Etiquette: Being polite to strangers
Etiquette: Choose your battles carefully
Etiquette: Sometimes being agreeable gets results
Etiquette: Getting on a first name basis with others
Etiquette: Giving Credit when credit is due
Etiquette: A courtly bow
Etiquette: Graduation ceremony
Etiquette: Clap in speeches
Etiquette: Wait for your host to speak
Etiquette: A bow
Etiquette: Say thank you where it's due
Etiquette: Accepting the offer of a drink to make a friend
Etiquette: Helping a stranger with directions
Etiquette: Putting your best foot forward with an introduction
Etiquette: Asking others to join in the fun
Etiquette: Ignoring flattery
Etiquette: Apologizing for acting rashly
Etiquette: Sheathing your own blade when your prisoner has done so
Etiquette: Saluting superiors
Etiquette: Apologizing and buying a drink for another
Etiquette: Helping out a colleague in need
Etiquette: Apologizing for being in someone’s way
Etiquette: Keeping your nose out of someone else’s business
Etiquette: Scalvoris Council voting procedures
Etiquette: Giving extra acknowledgement to allies and friends
Etiquette: Giving appropriate thanks
Field Craft
Field Craft: Starting a Fire
Hunting: Recognizing when you're not the prey
Intelligence: Scanning the skies for anomalies
Intelligence: Gossip can be a great source of information
Intelligence: Trying to determine which is useful knowledge
Intelligence: Sharing the necessary information only
Intelligence: Gather information from everyone you can.
Interrogation: Ask questions carefully and with caution.
Intimidation: Making a silent threat with a sheathed weapon
Intimidation: Using your words to threaten a stranger
Intimidation: Promising to hurt them if they lay a hand a hand on your friend.
Intimidation: Using the sound of a portal opening to frighten someone
Intimidation: Silence can make people uncomfortable
Intimidation: Going along with a threat even if you aren't going to hurt them
Intimidation: Allow them to make assumptions
Intimidation: Projecting your voice
Intimidation: Giving a warning, and backing it up with action
Intimidation: Using the touch of a weapon to get a point across
Intimidation: Making it clear that you are no longer holding back
Interrogation: Threatening bodily harm with a knife
Interrogation: Making them believe that you will hurt them if necessary
Investigation: Deducing that the thieves may not be patrons
Investigation: Checking all the doors to determine if locked
Investigation: Deducing that the ointment was a fake
Investigation: If he has evidence, he's a suspect
Investigation: Taking in a suspect for questioning
Investigation: Acquiring as many suspects, victims, and witnesses as soon as possible
Investigation: Asking for witness testimony
Investigation: Asking questions where there is suspicion
Investigation: Using Attunement to discover more about a suspicious person
Investigation: Searching for incriminating physical evidence
Investigation: Listening to a confession
Investigation: Making the connection that someone familiar with domain magic might be a mage
Investigation: Realizing when someone might be a criminal
Investigation: Noting odd patterns of behavior
Investigation: Working out when two things don't fit together
Investigation: Don't disturb the evidence!
Investigation: Directing the search of a crime scene
Investigation: Noting the masks and the similarities to the cult members
Investigation: Connecting the dots when someone mentions information that they shouldn't know
Investigation: Individuals are made more suspicious by wearing masks
Investigation: Trying to protect sources of information
Investigation: Seeing past the familiar
Investigation: Sometimes, having expectations of a place can be detrimental
Investigation: Looking deeper than the surface
Investigation: Consider the possible reasons why something is happening
Investigation: If you're going to work with someone, hope they're interesting!
Investigation: Putting together a sequence of events
Investigation: Using an outside source to glean clues
Investigation: Attempting to discern the reasoning behind a crime
Investigation: Baiting someone with information in order to learn something
Investigation: Attend to the small details, also.
Investigation: Explore all possibilities, use all resources
Investigation: Put together clues for logical conclusions
Investigation: Recording evidence
Investigation: Recording testimony
Investigation: Showing just enough compassion to get someone to talk
Investigation: Pressing for more information during an interview, in spite of seeming to be finished
Investigation: Picking up on key words in a testimony
Investigation: Searching medical records
Investigation: Understanding when a case might be interesting
Investigation: Using a change in speech patterns as a clue
Leadership: Giving clear, concise commands
Leadership: Sending underlings with messages
Leadership: Appealing to the emotions of desired allies
Leadership: Encouraging others to take the lead
Leadership: The strength of your voice is key
Leadership: Owning up to one's mistakes
Leadership: Allowing no time for question following an order
Leadership: Be clear and honest
Leadership: Peel it down to basics
Leadership: Giving instructions to your team
Leadership: Following orders
Leadership: Ensure that all are heard
Leadership: State your preference, or lack therof
Leadership: Commanding a team
Leadership: Taking stock of strengths and weaknesses in your suborninates
Leadership: Taking charge of a plan
Leadership: Ascertaining if a subordinate has useful skills
Leadership: Teaching a recruit a valuable lesson
Leadership: Take charge quickly, and efficiently
Leadership: Ensure you delegate appropriately
Leadership: Keeping people informed is key
Leadership: Lead by example
Leadership: Warn of known, and expected, danger
Leadership: Ensure everyone knows you and your role
Leadership: Making a public speech
Leadership: Inspiring your fellow soldiers
Leadership: Knowing when a conversation should be private or public
Leadership: Knowing when to ask your team members for help.
Leadership: Setting specific goals for your team
Leadership: Summarizing a case for your team
Leadership: Keeping your team members focused on the task at hand.
Leadership: Explain what you want, clearly.
Leadership: Expect, but don't demand
Leadership: Doesn't stop until everything is over
Leadership: Ordering an evacuation
Leadership: Presenting one's thoughts in front of superiors
Leadership: Recognizing when you're not the best leader for an open position
Leadership:Setting up the first mission for a recruit
Leadership: Making the assignment clear
Leadership: Letting your subordinate make their own decisions
Leadership: Stepping up when a companion fails
Leadership: Letting a companion know you're there for them, even when all seems lost
Leadership: Giving comfort to a pained companion
Leadership: Telling a companion you'll pay back a life debt
Leadership:Directing your team to withdraw from a dangerous situation
Leadership:Keeping your team safe no matter the risk to yourself
Leadership:Knowing when to use force and when to retreat
Leadership: Telling a subordinate to stop complaining
Leadership: Keeping a new recruit calm
Leadership: Teaching a hard lesson
Leadership: Sometimes you can be too tough on your subordinate
Leadership: Defending those under your command
Leadership: Cooperating with a partner
Leadership: Shouting commands while in a fast paced situation
Linguistics: Common Sign: Talking with your hands
Linguistics: Seeing the unknown language in The Vault
Logistics: Defining the rules of the game
Logistics: How to organise an evacuation.
Medicine: Bandaging a flesh wound
Medicine: Keeping head injury victim from moving too much
Medicine: Visual diagnosis starts with skintone
Medicine: Field medicine
Meditation: Deep breathing helps with focus
Meditation: Visualizing a peaceful place
Meditation: Let go of negative emotions
Meditation: Set aside your guilt
Meditation: Closing your eyes to calm yourself
Meditation: Focusing on breathing while reigning in your Spark
Meditation: Controlling your heart rate
Medicine: Putting pressure on a wound
Meditation: Relaxing and breathing helps control your Spark
Mount (Winged): Riding on a flying mount
Mount (Winged): Cold air is exacerbated by air travel
Mount (Winged): Hold on tight![
Mount: (Winged): Fly high in the sky on a sigh
Navigation: Using the river to keep your sense of direction
Navigation: Keeping your bearings in snow
Navigation: Navigating a city based on demographics
Negotiation: Convincing a stubborn person to leave their home
Negotiation: Deciding on the terms of an agreement
Persuasion: Persuading the crowd to demand another demonstration
Persuasion: Using selfless words to achieve selfish goals
Persuasion: Asking a person to not make you do something you don't wish to
Persuasion: Keeping it short
Persuasion: Offering support to a misguided opponent
Persuasion: Reminding a person of their limits
Persuasion: Convincing the guard to leave his post
Persuasion: Explaining when someone wasn't cursed.
Politics: Crafting proposals and submitting them to be put on an agenda
Psychology: Holding hands up passively to keep others calm
Psychology: Guilt is a powerful motivator
Psychology: Using words to box in an enemy
Psychology: Speaking to the air is abnormal behavior
Psychology: Brooding
Psychology: Relationships are tricky
Psychology: Dates have weird rules
Psychology: Age impacts how we process tragedy
Psychology: Using breathing to help a person calm down
Psychology: A Spark can react to your emotions
Resistance: The alchemical knock out gas that tastes of honey
Resistance: Poison in the beak
Resistance: Visions & hallucinations
Rhetoric: Reinforcing another's point
Rhetoric: Presenting character witness in a positive light
Rhetoric: Compromising on what you're asking for
Rhetoric: Speaking to the most prominent person
Rhetoric: Maintaining eye contact while speaking
Rhetoric: Presenting the facts first
Rhetoric: Using physical objects to support your statements
Rhetoric: Showing compassion, even to criminals
Rhetoric: Explaining all the facts clearly and concisely
Rhetoric: Providing supporting words to an ally with a good idea
Rhetoric: Presenting the leading train of thought to support your idea
Rhetoric: Showing one's own flaws to display a need for improvement
Rhetoric: Making a well-reasoned argument
Running: Running in sand
Running: Sprinting on two legs while in a mouse form
Running: Running over fleshy ground
Running: Running over slanted, fleshy roofs
Stealth: Using dark clothing to hide your form
Stealth: Using proximity to dark areas to hide your form
Stealth: Hiding behind columns to gain momentary respite
Stealth: Footsteps can be loud over a stone surface
Strength: Climbing on and off an Enormowl
Strength: Tackling a larger opponent
Strength: Swimming for an extended period of time
Strength: Moving a body on a stretcher
Strength: Removing rubble from a home
Strength: Kicking the ball through the goal
Strength: Lifting the ball
Strength: Digging a deep hole to locate survivors
Strength: Prying at beams with your hands
Strength: Making practice swings with a sword
Strength: Wrenching open a rusty door
Surgery: Stitches are needed for deep cuts
Socialization: Hold your crowd
Socialization: Speak clearly and consider your audience
Socialization: Performing in public is nerve wracking
Socialization: When giving a speech, start with an apology
Socialization: Asking for a stranger to kick the ball back
Socialization: Making an introduction in an odd place
Socialization: Stalling for time with words
Socalization: Offering to provide training to a stranger
Socialization: Making conversation even when in pain
Socialization: Defending yourself from accusations
Socalization: Focusing on the facts in a case briefing
Socialization: Being direct when pleasantries fail
Socialization: Appearing nonthreatening
Socialization: Explaining magic to a stranger
Stealth: Whispering so as to avoid insulting a host
Stealth: Made much easier by being tiny
Stealth: Hiding sources of light that could expose you
Stealth: Allow the quietest member of the team to take point
Stealth: Communicating silently with your team
Storytelling: My life
Storytelling: Starting at the beginning
Swimming: Treading Water
Swimming: Keeping you bearings
Swimming: Floating on your back
Tactics: Improvising to outmaneuver an opponent
Tactics: Actions have Consequences(NH)
Tactics: Calling for help when you can't do it alone
Tactics: Using triage to deduce victims with the highest level of need.
Tactics: Removing unskilled people from harm's way
Tactics: Using all skills at your disposal
Tactics: Sometimes stealth must be sacrificed for speed
Tactics: Teaming up out of necessity
Tactics: Taking stock of your surroundings
Tactics: Timing the gaps between an enemy's attacks
Tactics: Drawing out a Defier's guardian before moving in for the strike
Tactics: Whether or not to carry a weapon is an important consideration
Tactics: Find the exits, secure your place
Tactics: Sometimes the best thing to do is to share information.
Tactics: Using the crowd to corral a criminal
Tactics: Taking advantage of an opponent unfamiliar with magic
Tactics: Taking note of confined quarters when preparing for a confrontation.
Tactics: Taking advantage of an opportune distraction
Tactics: Choosing a weapon that best suits your body shape
Tactics: Using your peripheral vision during combat
Tactics: Choosing the right stance before beginning combat
Tactics: Using the length of a weapon to keep an opponent at bay
Tactics: Changing your combat style on the fly when an opponent is familiar with your moves
Tactics: Checking an area for danger with Attunment
Tactics: Ensure that you learn everything you can about the situation
Tactics: Understanding how great of a blow was dealt to the Elements
Tactics: Aiming for the weapon can be most effective
Tactics: Call for back up when needed
Tactics: Priorities are vital
Tactics: Surprising a target for capture
Tactics: Never underestimate your opponent
Tactics: Deciding how to deal with a crafty opponent
Tactics: Moving to a less populated area to question a stranger
Tactics: Attacking a large creature's eyes first
Tactics: Recognizing when a battlefield is ill suited to your skills
Tactics: Using Static (Attunement) to hide your magic around mage hunters
Tactics: Pulling your weapon before a combatant arrives.
Tactics: Ensuring that you do not have a liability on your team.
Tactics: Leaving behind a marker of yourself for reinforcements
Tactics: Taking time to get bearings and make a plan
Psychology: Using breathing to help a person calm down
Psychology: A Spark can react to your emotions
Thrown Weapon (Dagger)
Thrown Weapon (Daggers): Holding the dagger by the blade to better throw it
Thrown Weapon (Daggers): Combining a throw with a portal to hit a target
Thrown Weapon (Daggers): Aiming for a target
Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq)
Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Getting out of a hold
Unarmed Combat(Ki'Enaq): Dodging Arial attacks
Unarmed (Ki'Enaq): Disabling an enemy by knocking them to the ground
Unarmed Combat(Ki'Enaq): Executing a hold from behind
Unarmed Combat (Ki’Enaq): Putting your weight behind a punch
Storytelling: Recounting past events to a person

Arcane Knowledge

Attunement: The Initiation(NH)
Attunement: Can be used to detect occupants in a room
Attunement: Distorting your own frequency to avoid detection
Attunement: Heavy emotions can dominate a held frequency
Attunement: Similar frequencies will resonate with one another
Attunement: Identifying the notes associated with death
Attunement: Identifying the notes associated with murder
Attunement: Identifying the notes associated with loneliness
Attunement: Using Compass to locate a previously learned Frequency
Attunement: Noting the 'flavor' of different notes
Attunement: Relating Frequency to a target's past
Attunement: Omnivision
Attunement: Omnivision allows you to "feel" the world around you.
Attunement: Can be used to find people that you can't see.
Attunement: Differentiating between multiple frequencies
Attunement: Using Attunement to inspect a crime scene
Attunement: Note - Confusion
Attunement: Using Frequencies to locate a hidden room
Attunement: Using Static to try and defend your mind
Attunement: The taste of magic and death
Attunement: The Note can be used to investigate who committed a crime
Attunement: Pushing your Spark to delve deeper
Attunement: Use of Omnivision in combat
Attunement: Taking in surrounding frequencies to detect anything abnormal or unnatural
Attunement: Note - Stress
Attunement: Note - Impatience
Attunement: Note - Hunger
Attunement: The Vault is filled with overwhelming and alien frequencies
Attunement: The Resounding note of "Scalvoris"
Attunement: The many frequencies in the Vault pleases the attunement spark
Attunement: Pulling the spark free from frequencies it craves
Attunement: Directing a particularly distracted spark
Attunement: Able to give more than asked
Attunement: Omnivision can give exact distances
Attunement: Will pout over being denied raw ether
Attunement: The taste and feel of people dying
Attunement: Joining the song of another
Attunement: Using Soothe to hide an obvious physical mutation
Attunement: Using Compass on a Note of Ferocity to track a rabid animal.
Attunement: The Frequency of the Ventri Fracture
Attunement: Frequencies in fractures can often be overwhelming
Attunement: Using Static to protect your apprentice
Attunement: A newborn Attuner can't always control their exposure to Notes
Rupturing: Blinking in Combat
Rupturing: Be mindful of where you exit a portal
Rupturing: Accidents Happen Without a Clear Destination(NH)
Rupturing: Choosing Your Apprentice Wisely(NH)
Rupturing: The Initiation(NH)
Rupturing: Phasing can only be accomplished at short range
Rupturing: Sound cannot be heard through Phasing yet
Rupturing: Be mindful of overstepping
Rupturing: Ambient ether is used to make portals
Rupturing: "Chasing Portals" are short distance
Rupturing: The gathered ether must be infused with the mage's intent
Rupturing: Using hand gestures helps guide portal creation
Rupturing: Visualization is vital for portal making
Rupturing: Using the loud sound from portal creation as a distraction
Rupturing: Creating portals in the air to drop enemies from a height.
Rupturing: The Pull of the Spark
Rupturing: New Mutation: Realizes emotion can effect her magic
Rupturing: The Use of Skystepping
Rupturing: Planning is paramount
Rupturing: Using markings to better remember a destination
Rupturing: Chaining Blinks to move quickly between targets
Rupturing: Anger makes portals boom more loudly
Rupturing: Overstepping can start with blurred vision
Rupturing: Overstepping also includes motion sickness
Rupturing: Building up speed before using a portal
Rupturing: Using a portal to dump the contents of a pile into open view
Rupturing: Compression- Knowing the distance to your destination
Rupturing: Compression Portals are long distance
Rupturing: Using a portal as a means of escape
Rupturing: Using a Compression Portal in the ocean to douse a fire
Rupturing: Chaining together Skysteps and Portals in combat
Rupturing: Holding a portal open for others
Rupturing: Using a Skystep to steady yourself
Rupturing: Pushing and Pulling
Rupturing: You can flex the fabric of ether around a portal
Rupturing: Requires careful control of your emotions in a fight
Rupturing: Aiming a Pull Portal requires precision
Rupturing: The alignment of your soul with your Spark
Rupturing: Understanding the inevitable conclusion
Rupturing: Cutting through a wooden toe with portals
Rupturing: The spark will viciously defend raw ether
Rupturing: Initiating a student for the first time
Rupturing: Initiation involves teleporting between locations important to the teacher and student
Rupturing: The power of a newborn Rupturing Spark
Rupturing: Choosing the right initiate
Rupturing: During the initiation there is an undetermined amount of time between teleportation
Rupturing: Using Scrying in conjunction with Attunement
Rupturing: Using thunder to hide the sound of portals
Rupturing: Manipulating the image through a scrying portal
Rupturing: Scrying - Technique
Rupturing: Blending Attunement to more easily Scry an individual
Rupturing: Being able to sense a Fracture Entrance closing
Rupturing: Massive Roars are highly effective against Hungers

Location Knowledge

Location: Faldrass
Location: Elements Hall
Location: Redwood Redoubt : Command Post for the Flame Troops
Location (The Four in Hand): Casino, Restaurant, Inn, and Bar all in one
Location (The Four in Hand): Has a great variety of patrons.
Location: The Menagerie
Location: Darbyton
Location: Gleamwater Sanctuary: Water Troop Command Post
Location: Smooglenuff Manor
[Location]Rynmere: Hatred of mages
[Location]Rynmere: Mage burnings prevalent

Factions Knowledge

Faction:The Elements: Land Troops: Act as city guard and militia
Faction:The Elements: Land Troops: A vital branch of the Elements
Faction: The Darbyton Rangers
Faction:The Elements: The Flame Troops : Specialist branch of the Elements
Faction: Water Troops: Protectors of Scalvoris's waters


Max 3 - 2 in use
Frequency - The killer on the street (Volker) - Inactive
Frequency Maxine - Active
Frequency: Leshlie'- NPC -

Non-Skill: Frequency: Note of Ferocity
Non-Skill: Frequency: Note of Panic
Non-Skill: Frequency: Note of Fear


Slavery being abolished in Scalv
The Abolition of Slavery in Scalvoris, voted in favor: Faith, Kura, Militant Broson, Accountant Fraer, Academic Witchbane, Darbytonian Elliot, Gunvortonian Shania, Egg Liza
The Abolition of Slavery in Scalvoris, voted against: Devout Reza, Merchant LeShard, Havardreen Linca
The Abolition of Slavery in Scalvoris, chose to not vote: Trainer Tren, Proper Birch, Naturalist Amaris
Warden of Slags Deep: Appeared pleased at the abolition of slavery
Cornel Sherapo: Not pleased at the abolition of slavery
Ymiden 10th, 718 - Slavery no longer exists in Scalvoris
Militant Broson: Offered to help me improve my proposal
Scalvoris Council: Granted me their resources to improve my proposal

Domain Magic: All magic is unpredictable
Domain Magic: Only a fool believes they can control totally control magic
Domain Magic: The Guardian triggers based on proximity of a potential threat
Domain Magic: Use of the Guardian seems to drain the Defier

Domain Magic: Becoming is a magic of transformation

Domain Magic - Sparks : Sparks are like living things
Domain Magic - Sparks : A mage must find a balance between themselves and their Spark
Domain Magic - Sparks: Sparks can have their own desires
Domain Magic: Mutations can effect the body and the mind

Domain Magic: Empath - Mages that can toy with your mind.
Domain Magic: Rupturing: Maintaining dominance over the spark in times of extreme duress.

Taithir: Enduring Scales: Very useful in combat - activate it early!


Ms. Macklin - Receptionist at Elements Hall

NPC Elias: Won't talk about his past
NPC Elias: Repetitive teacher
NPC Elias: Cares for his pupil

Elements: Have magic sealing cuffs
The Order of the Mantis: Rynmere Mage Hunters

Su'an - Defiance Mage
Su'an - Flame Assistant

Elliot (Chief Ranger)

(NPC): Keim'an Thojo

Emily Ducar: Very well informed
Emily Ducar: Rousing speeches

Maxine: Unable to escape the fear of Earth Mask
Maxine: Gave herself up without further fight
Maxine: I promised her I will kill Earth Mask
Maxine: Approached by the scariest person I've ever met
Max: Desires revenge
Max: Hates the Elements for their part in the cult

Baron von Smooglenuff: Not as old as he looks, when you get a close up look at him.
Baron von Smooglenuff: Interested in you
NPC: Baron Rodrigues von Smooglenuff

NPC: Winston. Butler of the Baron

Amaris – Incredibly tall
Amaris – An excellent student
Amaris – Preferred to use a spear

Kura:A steadfast ally

People: Lavana Tharn : Introduced herself as Alvana Thorn
People: Lavana Tharn : May possibly be insane
People: Lavana Tharn: Cracks jokes at bad times
People: Lavana Tharn: Helpful when asked
People: Lavana: Killed Mrs. Macklin

People: Volker : Hunter and Murderer
People: Volker : Animal-like when threatened

NPC: Jax : Flame Assistant

People: Roland Demira: Gentleman with a silver tongue
People:Roland Demira: The sly fox
People: Roland Demira: Helped stop a conman

Faith: Healer of the Order
Faith: In possession of Immortal Marks
Faith: Capable of speaking to the dead
Faith: Was granted healing abilities by Moseke
Faith: Was previously a slave
Faith: Led the repair and recovery of the docks collapse

Lavender: As stubborn as they come
Lavender: Pale skin and dark eyes
Lavender: Does not like sharing her big brother

Leshlei: Doesn't think she knows Orrick at all
Leshlie: Orrick's wife

Nalin: An excellent big brother
Nalin: Patient with his sister
Nalin: Kindhearted

Volker: A killer with standards
Volker: Rational about his murders
Volker: Aberrant
Volker: Died in front of me

Oor: Volker's Harvester

Orrick: Formerly a bookkeeper from Darbyton
Orrick and Leshlie: Met in their youth in Darbyton
Orrick: Joined the Elements when the government formed
Orrick: All of his family are dead
Orrick and Leshlie: Married in 717
Orrick and Leshlie: Have a son, Orrick Jr
Orrick: Orrick's daily routine with Leshli

Mercedes: The Defiance Mage
Mercedes: Walking the woods alone
Mercedes: Strangely interested in learning how to fight Rupturers
Mercedes: Disapproves of the “Mundane”
Mercedes: Might be a criminal

Tio: Likely a thief
Tio:Handy with least he's useful
Tio: Way too talkative

Vega: An excellent tracker
Vega: Tio calls her firefly
Vega: Follows the Immortal Xiur

Rupturing Spellbook

Phasing Learned Here:Obtained at Novice rank. Allows for the user to create a portal that only allows vision and through extremely short distances (such as a few feet). This will not appear on the other side, which allows for one to spy on someone from another room. Requires little time, effort and ether to maintain. At Competent, you can hear through this portal as well. These portals make no volume, considering they cannot be entered, and thus do not truly tear space.

Skystepping Learned Here : Obtained at Competent, Skystepping allows the Rupturer to create miniature portals - acting as stepping stones - to increase their mobility. These portals momentarily sterilize the effect of space where they're created, acting as spatial anomalies of dense physical properties. They are cheap and can be utilized frequently throughout a situation, and typically can be utilized to gain aerial advantage. However, creating a longer-lasting Skystep (such as a full-blown platform) will slowly drain ether for as long as it is active.

Roaring Learned Here : Roaring is an ability unlocked at Competent that - momentarily - destabilizes matter and space in a specific area (that one can see). The result of this is an intensified reverberation of the air, far moreso than merely the typical crackling and ripping of a Rupturing portal. The air around it will appear imbalanced, distorted, and will emit a violent sound as it continues to reverberate, causing a clear distraction, especially for any creatures which rely on sound or benefit from an enhanced sense of hearing. This ability is typically used to cause a distraction for the sake of escape.

Scrying Learned Here: Scrying - some would say - is a much more advanced form of Phasing. Scrying allows one to project a portal to view and observe an object, person or place. One can learn to mark an area as a lore, such as a specific room, street corner, or alleyway and with concentration, open a small portal to the area. This practice is known as scrying which grows far more potent when a mage has achieved an expertise of Attunement and can mark the people they meet or objects they find, allowing small 'view/speak only' portals to open around the marked in order to spy on their movements.

There is no distance unattainable at this level, so long as the mage has been there before and memorized the ether signature of the area. In this way, it breaks the usual distance allowed to a Rupturer. However, these portals are small and not capable of sustaining a stable passage between two locations. Due to the immense distance, these portals can only be viewed or spoken through. Attempting to pass items through them will instantly collapse the portal, rending the object passing through into bits. Scrying portals make little sound when opening, like a whisper, likely due to the weakness of the passage.

Pushing and PullingLearned Here
Pushing and Pulling - obtained at Expert proficiency - allows the Rupturer to drag pockets of ether towards or away from a portal they have opened, which consequently pushes or pulls individuals into or away from the portal. This can be used for a variety of purposes. Notably, the mage who cast it is immune to being pushed or pulled by this effect. As one grows in expertise to legendary/master, the push and pull effect increases with their proficiency.

Splintering Learned Here
Obtained at master proficiency, Splintering builds on phasing and pushes it a step farther. No longer will one only see through walls but have the ability to bypass them. Spider-webbing with glowing-ether cracks, a Rupturer and any with them can push through solid non-living, non-magical objects as though pushing through thick water. The space between the two places destabilizes, allowing the passage. It is a much more efficient use of ether than conjuring a portal and much quieter as well. Some combat minded Rupturers utilized this ability to bypass the armor of their opponents, splintering their full plate before plunging their dagger through.

Attunement Spellbook

Static Learned Here :Static is a basic technique that seems similar in effect to Abrogation’s muting. In essence it scrambles ones Frequency for the purpose of masking magical energy and certain other information, but unlike Abrogation this ability goes much farther. Static can be implemented on any object, person, or thing that the Attuner has attuned to. As an Attuner is always attuned to themselves, it doesn’t take much to shift their Frequency. Static, likewise, offers a small resistance to other abilities that might seek to identify or learn information about the Attuner or the things they have also affected with static. Certain divine mark powers that rely on gathering information from an Attuner will find that information harder to extract or somewhat garbled. For a Novice Attuner, Static is only enough to minorly offset some divine sensing. For competent, many favored marks will have trouble or fail completely. At expertise the same could be said of Adored abilities and a Master can contend with an Exalted. A Revealed Attuner pitting their might against a Champion of an Immortal might still have difficulty concealing what the power seeks from them, but they certainly won’t make it easy. Likewise the sensing ability must be pitted against a similar expertise level to successfully allow Static to maintain a disguise. Particularly powerful well based tools may still suss out the truth of an Attuner’s static, depending on its type. At expertise, Static evolves into Mimic, a sub ability that allows the mage to obscure their Frequency by mimicking an active Frequency they currently hold. At Revealed, Static becomes Absence, explained in the Revealed entry.

Compass Learned Here : Once an Attuner has memorized the Frequency of an object, person, or power they have encountered, this ability allows the Attuner to always sense the direction and general distance between them and what they sense. While this ability can only be used on ‘held’ Attunements, it ensures the mage will never be absent the important things they’ve chosen to resonate with in their Spark. Compass also allows an Attuner a perfect sense of direction and general spatial awareness. An Attuner will never become lost wandering alleys or the forest, always able to retrace their steps and determine when they might be moving in circles. By Attuning to ‘a city’ the Attuner can use compass to lead them to all sorts of interesting avenues. By identifying certain notes within a city, an Attuner could use Compass to track them to areas that resonate high with crime, justice, pain, or many other general concepts that steep a city.

Dousing Learned Here :Unlike Compass, that allows one directional awareness to the things they attune to, Dousing allows a mage to seek out things they have yet to Attune to. Primarily used to discover Fractures and the wells that reside within, Dousing can also be used on certain note-like concepts. If an Attuner was Dousing for a murderer, they might be led to someone who is actively thinking about or who has recently gotten blood on their hands. As murder is a step beyond the taking of life (but taking of sentient or valued life) this could lead a Dowser to a soldier, an assassin, a thief, or a child who had the misfortune of having to put down a favored pet. Dousing is never specific, but works only on the general notes an Attuner can conceptualize. The more ‘notes’ an Attuner memorizes and experiments with, the more accurate their Dousing can be. Dousing, likewise, will substitute for Compass when an Attuner has dropped an active Attunement. If they stopped Attuning to a particular person, place, or thing but still remember what that Attunement was, Dousing can give them a general direction to travel. While not as specific as Compass (as it could simply lead the Douser to people drastically affected by the object, person, or place) it is a step better than wandering blind.

Omnivision Learned Here : Attunement is often understood as ‘hearing’ but many have suggested it is instead a sixth sense that encompasses multiple modes of interpreting information. At Competency, an Attuner’s own knowledge of self expands to allow them a certain awareness around their entire body. An Attuner can actively focus their ‘sight’ in any direction from their body, pushing their awareness out without the need of their eyes. Often, the blind will seek initiation into Attunement for this very reason, regaining a certain vestige of their sight. While this expanded sight is not the true sight of the eyes, it is an awareness. An Attuner can walk through a pitch black room without ever tripping over furniture or obstacles. It is remarkably difficult to sneak up on an Attuner, and an Attuner can ‘sense’ the contents of a room simply by pressing their body against a wall or door. While this sense is not perfect (It does not impart colors, or details, simply generalities) it is often more than enough for Attuners to seem remarkably cognizant in their surroundings and unnaturally graceful.


Per this Sephira has been granted Dreamwalking and 10 points in the skill.
Initial Skill
Lucid Dreaming: Upon being initiated into Dreamwalking, a Dreamwalker first gains the very basic understanding of the reality of dreams and becomes more likely to gain self-awareness in their dreams, increasing probability that they can retain information in the waking world. Not all dreams will be lucid even for a Dreamwalker, but their initiation into the ability gives them the liberty of choosing to explore their dreams in more depth, which is a prerequisite of all other implied ventures by the Dreamwalker.

Gained at 10 xp
Walking: The trademark ability of a Dreamwalker is to walk. It's to exit their own Dreamscape and step into the Veil. Their body in Idalos is unaffected, but their mind ventures further into Emea in order to access the parts of the Veil within range of their body. 'Walking' will only allow the Dreamwalker to access the Veil itself, gaining awareness of Dreamscapes in their vicinity and gaining familiarity with the mechanics of the Veil. While rare, there's a possibility of encountering strange creatures and entities in the Veil.
Skill Point Ledger

Thread or Source of Points Skill Name Points Awarded Points SpentRunning Total
Starting Package
Rupturing 202030
Attunement 101020
Acrobatics 15155
Racial Bonus Bladed Combat (Saber) 25 250
Starting Reward
Rupturing(NH) 5 5 0
Attunement(NH) 3 3 0
Acrobatics(NH) 2 2 0
Endurance(NH) 3 3 0
Earth, Wind, and Fire 10 010
Strength 0 5 5
Discipline 0 5 0
A Window of Opprunity 10 010
Attunement 0 10 0
First Steps 10 0 10
Rupturing 0 10 0
Into the Air 10 0 10
Endurance 0 7 3
Acrobatics 0 3 0
Earth , Wind, Fire,and SpaceTime 10 0 10
Rupturing 0 10 0
A Flame in the Dark 10 0 10
Rupturing0 10 0
Waterlogged 10 0 10
Acrobatics 0 5 5
Discipline 0 5 0
An Uninvited Guest 10 0 10
Strength 0 5 5
Discipline 0 5 0
Into the Storm 15 0 15
Discipline 0 5 10
Endurance0 5 5
Come Away With Me 10 0 10
Dicipline 0 5 5
Strength 0 5 0
Into the Flames 15 0 15
Etiquette 0 5 10
Blades(Saber) 0 10 0
Keep it Simple Stupid 10 0 10
Rupturing 0 10 0
The Darkest Shadow Can Be Found 20 0 20
Rupturing 0 14 6
Discipline 0 6 0
The Case of the Curious Invitation 15 0 15
Tactics 0 15 0
A Snake in the Grass 15 0 15
Tactics 0 14 1
Blades(Saber) 0 1 0
The Resolute Never Give in to Darkness 15 0 15
Endurance 0 12 3
Blades(Saber) 0 3 0
Taithir-Mark of Ethelynda -Protective Skills 3 0 3
Blades(Saber) 0 3 0
The Price of Lies 10 0 10
Discipline 0 10 0
A Tiger Comes In 15 0 15
Discipline 0 14 1
On the Edge 15 0 16
Blades (Saber) 0 5 11
Discipline 0 10 1
Forever Reaching For 15 0 16
Discipline 0 14 2
Blades(Saber) 0 2 0
The Kiss of Death 15 0 15
Attunement 0 14 1
Strength 0 1 0
Snowfall and Stardust 15 0 15
Rupturing 0 15 0
Finding Balance 10 0 10
Detection 0 5 5
Meditation 0 5 0
Air to Trial 15 0 15
Tides of Change 20 0 35
Investigation 0 8 27
Leadership 0 5 22
Detection 0 22 0
Let's get down to bussiness 15 0 15
Blades (Saber) 15 0
Air to Trial - Extra Reward XP 5 0 5
Acrobatics 4 1
Blades (Saber) 1 0
The Price We Pay 10 0 10
Attunement 10 0
Looking for Mercy 15 0 15
Swimming 5 10
Investigation 10 0
Masks in the Night 15 0 15
Investigation 9 6
Rupturing 6 0
Scalv Ashan Seasonal 20 0 20
Rupturing 9 11
Leadership 11 0
A Journey to the Past 15 0 15
Investigation 12 3
Discipline 3 0
Push and Pull 10 0 10
Thrown Weapons (Dagger) 1 9
Rupturing 9 0
Healing Hurts 15 0 15
Leadership 11 0 4
Blades(Saber) 4 0 0
Easy Breezy 15 0 15
Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq) 5 0 10
Thrown Weapons (Dagger) 4 0 6
Investigation 6 0 0
Swimming in the Stars15015
Dark Hearts Ice Ice Baby 20 0
Rupturing 0 20 0
Hungry for Justice 20 020
Investigation 0 20 0
Rememberance15 0 15
Detection0 15 0
The Forgotten Husband15015
The Beginning of the End15030
Secrets and Lies15045
Dark Hearts: Who Wants to Life Forever20031
Council Meeting Ashan 12038
A New Awakening10028
Blades (Saber)01117
Sign Me Up15015
Fitting Right In15015
Chasing Horizons 15 0 15
Discipline 15 0
The Music of the Night 15 0 15
Best of Three 15 0 30
Leadership 15 15
Tactics 15 0
First Steps in a Thousand Arcs 20 0 20
Attunement 20 0
The Fire In One's Soul 15 0 15
Discipline 10 5
Stealth 5 0
The Maze 20 0 20
Discipline 20 0
Elements on Ice 15 0 20
Discipline 15 0
Wings of Starlight 15 0 15
Discipline 4 11
Rupturing 11 0
Whose side are you on 15 0 15
Endurance 5 0
Rupturing 10 0
To Find a Friend 10 0 10
Endurance 10 0
Down a Dark Path 15 0 15
Endurance 15 0
A Reluctant Alliance] 15 0 15
Attunement 15 0
The Wolfman] 15 0 15
Strength 15 0
1 Cat, 2 Cat, Black Cat, Dead Cat] 20 0 20
Running 5 15
Detection 15 0
I'm a What!?] 15 0 15
Detection 15 0
Renown Ledger
Points Ledger
Points AquiredPoints SpentItem PurchasedTotal
February: 26 026
February: 91 0 117
20 100 GN to Ledger 97
March: 75 0 172
160 Night Glow Gem 12
March: 71 0 83
April: 62 0 145
May: 85 0 230
Marks Section


Taithir-Mark of Ethelynda
Celarion-Mark of Qylios
Bellinos - Mark of Vri


Serpents Hood-Named for the technique many snakes use to appear more threatening, Serpents Hood generates an aura around the user that makes them appear like significantly bigger threat than the people around them, drawing the attention of enemy combatants towards the Shield-Bearer and away from more vulnerable targets. This ability lasts until the Shield-Bearer deactivates it or is rendered unconscious or dead.

Enduring Scales-The Shield-Bearer's skin takes on a scale pattern, allowing them to absorb more physical damage than they could before. Poisons and toxins also take longer to effect the Shield-Bearer. The effect only lasts for a single Bit, and takes a Break to recharge before it can be used again.

Protective Skills I-Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Any Weapons Skill, Shield Use, or Endurance. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.

Bond(Minor): The Favored can Bond with 1 other person. In doing so the Bonded individual gains a single glowing band around their left forearm. The Bond remains as long as both the Favored and the Bonded allow it. The Bond only functions within 300 feet of the Favored, and dissipates shortly beyond that distance.

Illustrious Skills I:Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Blades, Leadership, Discipline, or Endurance. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.

Bound in Battle:The Favored and those Bonded with them are better able to fight together. Their tactics and movements flow almost seamlessly with little-to-no spoken communication. The Bond passes insights and slight thoughts between those Bonded while in combat together.

Final Moment: A Blessed of Vri has the ability to experience the last few minutes of a corpse’s life. They experience the death as if it were happening to them and only come out of the trance when the experience has ended. This is always a jarring and emotionally devastating ability to use as one can never quite get ‘used’ to dying, but it can reveal remarkable clues and insights as to the wishes or circumstances behind a death. A body must be presented, mostly intact (Within a Cycle or two of age), for the ability to work.

Death's Pallor: A Blessed of Vri understands the nature of life and death better than any. This ability allows a user to suspend their bodily functions and fall into a death-like trance. Unless another marked of Vri is in attendance, this act is almost impossible to see through without a mastery in the medicinal or surgical field. When entering this suspension, the body effectively acts dead. Limbs stiffen, skin pales, and eyes become cloudy. Any wounds suffered by the marked will bleed coagulated blood. Some marked, after receiving a grievous wound, will leave instructions to fetch a doctor and suspend themselves in the state till help arrives. The marked must define how long they intend to stay in this state. At Blessed, the time cannot exceed three trials. At Adored this time cannot exceed a single cycle. Likewise at Adored this ability can be transferred to another, although only one use of this power may remain active at a time. Supposedly there is no upper limit on how long an exalted or Champion can remain in this deathless trance, although none dare exit the world for too long. The body will not decay in this state, appearing freshly slain for the entirety of the duration. A marked can be killed in this state if irreparable harm is done to the body, in which case the state will become permanent upon the ending of the ability.

Deathkeeper's Skills I Add an extra three skill points to any of the following. These skill points may exceed the 100 cap. Interrogation, Investigation, Meditation, Detection

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RP Medals


Sephira Blackwood

Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:28 pm

ItemsAcquired FromQuantity
Masterwork Leather Armor Chest Purchase1
Masterwork Leather Armor Gauntlets Purchase1
Masterwork Leather Armor Greaves Purchase1
Masterwork Leather Armor Fauld Purchase1
Coat (Red, with tails) SP 1
Black Fitted Blouse SP 1
Black Pants SP 1
Black Knee High Boots (Color Changing to Match Outfit SP 1
Undergarments SP 1
Black Gloves Starting Purchase 1
Black Wool Cloak (Good) Purchase 1
Red Embroidered Wool Coat Purchase 1
White Cotton Shirt Purchase 1
Black Leather Chest Piece (Extravagant) Purchase 1
Black Leather Belt Purchase 1
Elements: Fire Troop Pin Awarded 1
Wyvern (One Handed Sword /Saber) *Prized Possession
/Weapon info
SP 1
Spring Loaded Dagger Starting Purchase 1
Letter from Baron Smooglenuff Awarded 1
Black Leather Armor(Chest, Greaves, Gauntlet) Purchase 1
Black Leather Pants Purchase 1
Medical Kit Purchase 1
Bandages for casts 3
Tourniquet 1
Wooden Splint Braces 6
Cloth Bandages 15
Bandage Hooks 12
Folding Burner 1
Boiling Pot 1
Burner Fuel 1
Cauterizing Iron 1
Needle Set 3
50' Spool of Thread 1
Tweezers 1
Vial of Antiseptic Alcohol 1
Sponge 1
Sling 1
Backpack Purchase 1
Onyx Element's Pin (Militant's Special Assistant) Aquired 1
Black Fox (Nyx - 6 month old fox) }Acquired 1
Gold Star Ruby Pendant Acquired 1
Small everlasting candle Acquired 1
Weatherproof Map of Sweetwine Woods Acquired 1
Small Glowing Pebble (Silver) Acquired 1
Small crystal pufferfish Acquired 1
Sanguine Touch - Tier 1 Renown Item
/Item Details
Old Ledger

Financial Ledger
Items Credit DebitTotalsDetails
Starting Package 100 100
Spring Loaded Dagger 0 20GN 80 GN
Black Gloves 0 2 GN 78 GN
Memory PC (Elias) 0 10 GN 68 GN
Zi'da 717 Wages 530GN 0 598GN Seasonal Wages
Black Wood Cloak 0 16GN 582GN
Point Shop Transfer 100 GN 0 682GN 20pts from PT Shop
New Clothes 0 190GN 492GNPurchase
Money for Drink 0 1GN 491GN Paid guard to go get a drink and leave the scene
Cylus 718 Wages 256GN 0 747GN Seasonal Wages
Leather Armor (Good) 0 40GN 707GN
Leather Pants 0 20GN 687GN
Medical Kit 0 22GN 665GN
Leather Backpack 0 5GN 660GN
2 Glasses of Sparkling White 0GN 2GN 558GN
Ashan 718 Wages 1217GN 0 1775.7 GN Seasonal Wages
Reward - Seasonal300gn02075gnSeasonal reward
Ymiden 718 Wages1079gn03154gnSeasonal Wages
Saun 718 Wages - Awaiting Approval 576gn 0 3,730gn[Seasonal Wages
Vhalar 718 Wages - Awaiting Approval 1992gn 0 5722gn Seasonal Wages
Annual Bonus (6 total job threads) 5000gn 0 10722gn Annual Bonus
Wealth Ledger
Adjustment (link) Wealth Tier Total Wealth Points
Grandfathering In 5 82 WPs
Description A number XX WPs
Sephira lives in a 400 sq ft stone cottage in Scalvoris. The house includes the following:
1 Bed
2 Chairs
1 Table
2 Knives
6 Plates (assorted)
1 Chest
1 Fireplace
1 Armchair (Optional House Decoration 15 GN)

Memory NPC: Elias
Name: Elias

Race: Human

Date of Birth: 27th of Zi’da Arc 660 (Age 58)

Rupturing 30
Attunement 30
Bladed Combat (One Handed Sword) 30
Strength 10

Appearance : Elias is fairly tall, standing at 6’ 3”, sporting stern but grizzled features. He is of a medium build, weighing 155lbs. The ageing mage is somewhat balding with thin white hair that is neatly combed back along with an equally white beard that he keeps neatly trimmed. Elias’s eyes are a dark violet; a witchmark associated with his initiation into rupturing that allows him to see the other side of his portals. His second Rupturing mutation is a set of faintly glowing amethyst slash marks running up his right arm that reach to his elbow.

Personality : As a hermit, Elias speaks to few people on Faldrass. He hides away on the mountain in order to avoid being targeted by anti-mage oriented individuals and especially Etzori military personnel. Elias was a mage deserter arcs ago and is deeply concerned that he will be hunted down and punished for his crime. Sephira only knows that her master was once in a mage serving in a military somewhere in Idalos, and that he feels betrayed by the people he once served. His mannerisms can seem stern on the outside but Elias can be quite insightful and kind when he gets to know a person. He can seem a bit paranoid from the perspective of a stranger; avoiding conversation with those he does not feel he can trust.

Relationship to PC: Elias is Sephira’s teacher and initiator into the disciplines of Rupturing and Attunement. He also has instructed her in the art of swordplay. They met when she was a young teenager on Faldrass and she spent over an arc visiting him before realizing that he was a mage. He was something of a father figure to Sephira

NPC: Ethan Pryce
- NOTE: Ethan was given as a reward in the Scalvoris Seasonal by Pegasus.

Name: Ethan Pryce

Race: Human

Date of Birth: 9th of Cylus, Arch 692 (Age- 26)

Skills: 150 pts Total
Blades (Dagger) -15 (Novice)
Deception – 5 (Novice)
Detection – 5 (Novice)
Endurance – 5 (Novice)
Field craft – 30 (Competent)
Intelligence -30 (Competent)
Investigation- 10 (Novice)
Surgery- 5 (Novice)
Psychology– 5 (Novice)
Resistance -5 (Novice)
Stealth -30 (Competent)
Strength – 5 (Novice)

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 190lbs

Ethan is a relatively young man whose appearance shows that he has been through many difficulties in his time amongst the Elements. His arms and wrists are flecked with scars of unknown origin and his face is marked across the right side of his jawbone with a single faint scar that clearly came from a blade. The soldier has somber brown eyes that are flecked with hints of copper and suggest a depth to him that few ever see beneath his roguish exterior. His hair is a light brown and it’s clear from the jagged cut that he must trim it himself with nothing more than a sharp knife. Most trials, the Flame Element bears a bit of stubble on his face, almost as if he couldn’t be bothered to shave daily.

Personality: Ethan Pryce is a perplexing man who on the surface seems to possess an almost devil-may-care attitude. He is swift to quip and jest with others, almost as if to keep them at arm’s length.
It is common knowledge that Ethan was born and raised in Darbyton, to a father who was one of the local rangers. The youth was expected to follow in his father’s footsteps but instead came to Scalvoris Town to join the Elements. Without a second thought he immediately sought out one of the most dangerous professions within the military; working undercover. Ethan strove to collect intelligence on a particularly prosperous and active drug ring. After weeks on the case he was eventually discovered by the drug traffickers and was reportedly interrogated and tortured before being dumped on the doorstep of Element’s Hall as if he were nothing but garbage.

Recovery has been a long road for him and it is only recently that he has returned to work. From time to time he experiences momentary flashes of his past and can experience brief panic attacks. Ethan does a respectable job of concealing his wounds and strives to earn back his reputation as an investigator and undercover officer. For the moment he has been saddled with serving as the assistant of Special Assistant Blackwood. It is not a role that he holds in high regard, but until he can prove his ability to return to his duties, he will remain in this position.

Relationship to PC: Assistant (Member of the Flame Troops (Elements)
Wyn (Wolf Companion)
Name: Wyn
Species: Appears to be a timber wolf (White)

Wyn is a white timber wolf that Sephira met in the Maze (Scalvoris Event). There no real explanation for what Wyn really is. She originated from Emea and apparently the dreams of Anthropos Apteros.

During her time in the Maze, Wyn helped guide Sephira before they both encountered an entity known as the Wingless Man. Wyn possesses the ability to speak although only Sephira and those who were in the Maze can here her. Everyone else will only hear normal barks, yips, and howls. The timber wolf is a bright white although she has soft touches of gray along her ears. Her eyes are a bright amber with fleck of gold and her nose is a soft black.

Weight: Approx. 95 lbs

Personality: it was revealed at the heart of the Maze that Wyn is something of a reflection of Sephira. While she is far more lighthearted, the wolf possesses the soldier's protectiveness and wariness. Wyn will often spend her time sleeping and lounging around at least so long as all is well in the world. The moment anyone presents themselves as a threat she will waste no time in putting herself between those she cares for and the enemy. In a way Wyn acts much like a young Sephira, before she joined the military. The canine is quick to make sarcastic comments when people irritate her and possesses her human companion's sardonic sense of humor.

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A Window of Opportunity 61st of Zi'da Arc 717 Sephira works with the Land Troops
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On the Edge 19th of Cylus, Arc 718 An Element and a Mortalborn go to the Witchwood Graveyard
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The Case of the Curious Invitation (Pegasus) 22nd of Cylus, Arc 718 After receiving an invitation from Baron Smooglenuff, Sephira visits him on Faldrass.
The Price of Lies 25th of Cylus, Arc 718 Sephira visits her mother and tells her that she is a mage.
Snowfall and Stardust 26th of Cylus, Arc 718 Sephira meets Merces in Sweetwine Woods
The Darkest Shadow Can Be Found 28th of Cylus, Arc 718 Scalv Seasonal Event
Yet the Resolute Never Give in to Darkness 29th of Cylus (Early Morning) , Arc 718 The Conclusion to the Seasonal Event
Healing Hurts 29th of Cylus, Arc 718 Following the events of the Seasonal Event, the ladies go to get healed at the Order[/color]
The Price We Pay 2nd of Ashan, Arc 718 Sephira assists with the Relief Effort
A Journey to the Past 10th of Ashan, Arc 718 Sephira investigates her late master's past
Masks in the Night 12th of Ashan, 718 The Elements are under attack!
Secrets and Lies 13th of Ashan, 718 Faith and Sephira question one of the attackers.
Finding Balance 14th of Ashan, 718 Sephira goes to the Spirit's Rest Oasis for treatment.
The Forgotten Chamber 20th of Ashan, 718 Investigations begin into the cult chamber in Almund
Friends don't come in mugs of ale 60th of Ashan 718 Sephira meets Rowan
The Kiss of Death 58th of Ashan, Arc 718 Sephira begins the hunt for Volker
The Forgotten Husband 61st of Ashan Leshli inquires as to why her husband is being investigated.
The Tides of Change 65th of Ashan, 718 An anti-Elements speech starts a riot
Hungry for Justice 75th of Ashan, Arc 718 Volker's trial begins
Air To-trial, Gone Tomorrow 85th of Ashan, 718 Scalv Seasonal
Something in the (Sweet) Wine Water 85th of Ashan, 718 Scalv Seasonal
How may I ruin your life to-trial?87th of Ashan, 718 Sephira and Rowan meet again, this time with sniffles.
First Steps in a Thousand Arcs 95th of Ashan, 718 Sephira, Rowan and Amaris venture into a deadly dungeon.
Wings of Starlight 108th of Ashan, 718 Sephira initiates Kura into Rupturing.
Council Meeting 123 of Ashan, 718 Sephira speaks about changes for the Elements
Council Meeting Part 2 1st of Ymiden, 718 The Ashan council meeting continued late into the morning
Remembrance 1st of Ymiden, 718 Remembrance ceremony
Chasing Horizons 2nd of Ymiden, 718 The investigation into Elias continues, but now she has help.
Push and Pull 2nd of Ymiden, 718 Seph learns Pushing and Pulling
Easy Breezy 7th of Ymiden, 718 A new Element enlists
Sign me up 10th of Ymiden, 718 Rey enlists in the Elements
The Beginning of the End 45th of Ymiden, 718 Sephira brings Adam and Rey onto the cult case
Dark Hearts: Ice Ice Baby 82nd of Ymiden, 718 Scalv Ymiden Seasonal
Dark Hearts: Who wants to live forever 82nd of Ymiden, 718 Scalv Ymiden Seasonal Pt. 2
A New Awakening83rd of Ymiden, 718Sephira's Rupturing Spark Awakens
Black Ships and Bright Hearts1st of Saun, 718The investigation into the black ships continues
The Wolfman 9th of Saun, 718 Rey'na and Sephira investigate an apostate mage
Red Redoubt 5th of Saun, 718 Rynata comes looking for training
Moving in and Moving on 7th of Saun, 718 Toraj moves in and the group discusses their future.
WORMS8th of Saun, 718Sephira encounters Kovic
1 Cat, 2 Cat, Black Cat, Dead Cat 12th of Saun Sephira chases a cat into a Fracture
Element's on Ice 15th of Saun, 718 Sephira, Ethan and Siorey track down a drug ring
Fitting right in15th of Saun, 718 - MorningJoseph runs into Sephira in the street/Thread Negated
Don't Let the Bastards Get you Down 15th of Saun, 718 - Morning Sephira find's Joseph in an alley
Date Night 17th of Saun, 718 Sephira goes on a date with Liam
A Hidden History 22nd of Saun, 718 Sephira speaks with the Baron once again
A Reluctant Alliance1st of VhalarThe mission to Rynmere begins
The Maze 1st of Vhalar Scalv Vhalar Seasonal
I'm a What!? 2nd of Vhalar, 718 You're a mage Rowan!
They Always Return 3rd of Vhalar, 718 (Tentative) Sephira and others fall back into the Vault
Keep to the Law 16th of Vhalar, 718 Max is in Rharnian jail and Seph has to stage a jail break
Special Assistance Needed 16th of Vhalar, 718 Sephira and Finn travel through a portal after escaping jail
Ecdysis TBD Vhalar, 718 Sephira intervenes in a fight betwene Max and Finn
The Fire in One's Soul 60th of Vhalar, 718 A mage burning in Ryn goes wrong
Down a Dark Path 60th of Vhalar , 718 Sephira is forced to speak with Rey about her mistake
To Find an Friend 60th of Vhalar, 718 Rey'na has gone missing
Whose side are you on80th of Vhalar, 718 Max's secret is discovered
Saving Private Rey'na90th of Vhalar,718 It's time to save Rey'na from the Mantis
To Find the Stone 60th of Zi'da, 718 Team Scalv begins their final mission in Ryn
Memory Threads
First Steps(Memory) 17th of Ymiden Arc 713 Sephira begins learning Rupturing
Keep it Simple Stupid 77th of Ymiden Arc 715 Sephira over complicates her training
Forever Reaching For 61st of Vahlar, Arc 710 12 Arc Old Sephira meets Nalin
Dream Threads
Come Away With Me 22nd of Cylus, Arc 718 Sephira encounters her spark in a dream
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Swimming in the Stars 75th of Ashan, ARc 718 The mage relives Volker's death, and meets another.
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