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Name: Maxine

Age: 19

Race: Mixed Blood (Avriel/Human-Biqaj Mixed Blood)

Date of Birth: 1st of Cylus, Arc 699

Marks: Rusalkis

Factions Joined: N/A

Languages Spoken: Fluent: Common and Broken: Rakahi

Partners: None.

Current Location: Almund, Scalvoris

Maxine is not a girl that's overly fussy with her appearance. Her dark, wavy hair frames her rounded face to hover always just above her shoulders. Her black-lined, striking caramel eyes are rivaled for attention only by her sharp cheekbones and plump lips. If someone were to gaze upon her for some time, however, they might notice some peculiar attributes associated with her mixed heritage. Diluted Biqaj blood from her birth mother sometimes changes the hue of her usually caramel eyes depending on Max's mood. These alterations are certainly not so drastic as a true Biqaj, but they may appear on a spectrum from hazel to nearly black. Likewise, there exists Avriel influence in her irises, too. Flecks of black proliferate it as though the dark abyss in the center were slowly gaining ground against the Biqaj cover. Any other Avriel influence seems to be deeply rooted in psychology rather than appearance.

Chosen clothes tend to be light-weight and breathable, allowing her the most room to breathe in a world that she feels is constantly trying to nail her down and suffocate her. More often than not she'll happily wear a bandeau beneath a tank-top in the warm cycles and layer up with practical furs come the cold. Yet beneath those clothes one can glimpse the wounds of the past. Small, circular burns, lashes and miscellaneous scars mark her tan skin and sometimes peek outside whatever she's wearing. Since Chrien took notice, Max also boasts the goddess's mark upon her torso.

As someone who was left by everyone practically at birth, it shouldn't come to much surprise that Maxine is geared toward self-preservation. Repeated let-downs and exposure to the cruelty of the human spirit hasn't planted any trusting seeds in the Mixed Blood. Suspicious of virtually everyone and reluctant to get her hopes up, most will be hard-pressed to deceive the girl that is always expecting it. Being passed along from orphanage to orphanage made making and keeping friends hard, and after a while, Maxine became less preoccupied in developing a friendly/fake attitude that might make creating bonds easier later in life. Given the choice it's likely she wouldn't spend more time than necessary with others in general. Only the fittest of the fittest shall survive and Max has every intention of doing just that. She alone is her closest confidant, her most reliable friend, and her own family. No one can protect Max better than Max least that's what she's come to firmly believe. All in all, when it comes to playing with others, Maxine doesn't play well. If the going gets precarious one shouldn't rely on the Mixed Blood to unreasonably risk her own life for anyone else's.

In many ways Maxine hasn't grown up. Besides her hypervigilance and paranoia, her emotions are tumultuous in that there's very little regulation. While guarded, her ego is easily wounded. Disrespect is answered with violence either verbally or physically. Those that have received both might even admit a verbal lash from the girl packs just as much stopping power as one of her bare-knuckle punches. Even criticism is met with strong resistance. Demanding too much of her can trigger her into a spiral of spite, the end result of such a mistake being entirely unpredictable but no doubt carrying heavy consequences for all. It's probably easier to lead a stubborn horse to water and make it drink than it is to force Max to do something she doesn't want to.

Despite her stark flaws, Max does have some merits. Unless seen as a necessity, the Mixed Blood prefers blunt candor over telling lies. What integrity she does have will manifest strongly despite the punishment she might earn for it. The very, very rare few that manage to create a bond with her will be protected fiercely and enjoy perks of her loyalty. Getting in the way of her determination when she has her mind set on something is extremely difficult. When she likes and is truly dedicated to something, it may manifest like an obsession.

For as long as she can remember, Maxine was always some sort of nomad. Perhaps it's due to some defense mechanism that she can recall so little of her early childhood. Whatever the case, even she admits there are glaring holes in her origin story. Most of what she does know has been filled in by caregivers she's had over the years. Born a Mixed Blood to a venturing Avriel man and half-Human, half-Biqaj woman, there's reason to believe she was never born out of love. From the moment she was abandoned at the first, orphanage after orphanage took turns passing the little abomination. Each place of asylum was different: some serving as waking nightmares, and others offering a glimpse into a life filled with genuine compassion and affection. After many arcs she landed in one particularly abhorrent place. It was the sort of establishment that smiled when young couples walked in the door but viciously lashed a starving child with the audacity to reach for seconds. One bout of corporal punishment too many sent a small Max slipping into the night with a sack of stolen, stale bread. The next morning she awoke to find that the docked sloop she'd hidden inside to safely sleep was well out to sea, and a few pairs of pointy-eared sailors blinking down at their stowaway with eyes that changed in light of their curiosity.

For the most part, the Biqaj people had embraced her rather warmly since they discovered her stowed away as a child in one of their sloops. She was fed, clothed, and taught like any other child in their communities. One would've assumed such an upbringing would've resulted in the Mixed Blood practically becoming no different from the pure-blooded adventurers that had taken her in. The charisma and light-hearted attitudes that defined the sea-farers was the part that never seemed to take. Everyday she seemed to wake up just as angry, just as distrusting of the intentions of those around her. No matter how much she practiced her smile never quite reached her eyes. Rolling with the punches was a foreign concept. Yet her prior trauma and paranoia weren't the only problems that barred her from becoming a proper Biqaj. There was simply no denying it: Maxine was a poor sailor. Everyone knew it. Her knots were never quite tight enough, the deck never quite clean enough, but the orphan had did her best to do her part all the same. Max was an unruly ward. Joking slights and ridicule by other children had almost always resulted in fist-to-cuffs. Even the smallest indiscretions seemed capable of setting the emotionally unstable half-Avriel off. Where Max went trouble always followed. Whether one wished to blame it on her genetics or early childhood trauma, the fact was that Max would never fit in. Still she always tried.

A series of altercations, disappointments, and failed jobs convinced Max her best bet would be to join a trading or pirating crew. With her best childhood friend Ned, she joined a ship with good intentions. Yet as the pattern prevailed, repeated conflict with the ships' captain escalated into outright violence. Max struck the last nail in her proverbial coffin when she hit him in the back of the head with the mop, humiliating him in front of his crew after he'd cruelly admonished her for the last time. After a firm kick to the face she was tossed into the ship's stores as punishment. In the midst of her childish tantrum below deck, Max spilled a large volume of gunpowder. By the time she was sent up to take watch the whole night as part of her reparations, a sea swell knocked a lantern lose. The explosion blew the ship apart and sent both Max and Ned into the sea. While those that perished in the explosion or the ship's sinking likely didn't know who was to blame for the tragedy, Ned did.

After a day of drifting a ship appeared on the horizon. At first relief washed over her. Then dread. Before the ship was upon them, Max plunged Ned's own sword into his middle and dropped him in the sea. Though she mourned the murder of her only friend, self-preservation was the strongest instinct. And dead men tell no tales. The Goddess Chrien took notice of this deceitful, devastating performance and elected to mark Max with Rusalkis; effectively unleashing a new, unpredictable, uncontrolled weapon to bring devastation upon the Human world. Soon after Chrien's storm, the ship returned to view to scoop the sea goddess's "Little Storm" from the sea. The simple lie of a ferocious storm breaking her ship apart in the water was bought by the benevolent crew. Without further suspicions, they dropped her off at the nearest trade port: Scalvoris. Now, with a dark secret to keep, Max will see how far she can go before her self-destructive tendencies reveal her again.

Like everyone else in Almund, Scalvoris, Max currently resides in the remains of decommissioned ships. In compliance with the City Dweller pack, her very humble abode includes a bed, a pair of chairs, a table, two knives, six plates, a fireplace, and a chest.
Knowledge & Skills

SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Unarmed Combat: Brawling100/100 NA: FTMaster
Detection 100/100 (251/251) Master
Blades: Gladius (RB)76/100 (126/251)Master
Deception 51/100 (76/251)Expert
Endurance51/100 (78/251)Expert
Intimidation51/100 (78/251) Expert
Stealth 51/100 (76/251) Expert
Thrown Weapon (Dagger) 76/100 (151/251) Expert
Acrobatics26/100 (27/251)Competent
Resistance 26/100 (27/251) Competent
Seduction 26/100 (27/251)Competent
Strength 26/100 (27/251) Competent
Swimming 26/100 (27/251)Competent
Business Management25/100(25/251)Novice
Navigation 5/100 (5/251)Novice



1.Acrobatics: Dodging Thrown Bodies
2.Acrobatics: Jumping Upon a Tall Man's Back
3.Acrobatics: Diving Away From a Strike
4.Acrobatics: Sliding Down a Hole
5.Acrobatics: Maintaining Balance with One Good Foot
6.Acrobatics: Rolling Out of the Way
7.Acrobatics: Changing Positions
8.Acrobatics: Adjusting Flexibility to Meet Intimate Demands
9.Acrobatics: Jumping
10.Acrobatics: Barrel Roll
11.Acrobatics: Fitting Through Small Spaces
12.Acrobatics: Sliding
13.Acrobatics: Hurtling a Drop-Off
14.Acrobatics: Diving Away from a Torrent of Fire
15.Acrobatics: Diving Roll
16.Acrobatics: Keeping oneself steady while falling
17.Acrobatics: Diving at an Angle to Avoid a Spear
18.Acrobatics: Dodging by Leaning at the Waist
1.Acting: Pretending to Read
2.Acting: Playing the Role of Traitor
3.Acting: Disguising Underlying Emotions During Performance
4.Acting: The Demeanor of a Mage Hunter
5.Acting: Don’t Break Character
6.Acting: Serving Appropriate Lines
7.Acting: Improvising Character Responses
8.Acting: Eyes, Expression, and Body Language Convey a Message
9.Acting: Feigning Indifference
10.Acting: Playing the Traitor
11.Acting: Breaking Character
12.Acting: Returning to Character
1.Axes & Bludgeons (Pickaxe): Pierces skulls as easily as stone
2.Axes and Bludgeons (Mace): Crushing a man's face
1.Blades (Gladius): Basic Attacks (SP)
2.Blades (Gladius): Aiming for the soft parts (DJ)
3.Blades (Gladius): Slitting a Throat
4.Blades (Gladius): Striking the Flank
5.Blades (Gladius): Severing an Appendage
6.Blades (Gladius): Point it at the Vulnerable Throat
7.Blades (Gladius): Diagonal Slash
8.Blades (Gladius): Horizontal Slash
9.Blades (Gladius): Basic Thrust
10.Blades (Gladius): Strike the Weapon Hand
11.Blades (Gladius): How to Disembowel
12.Blades (Gladius): Opponents' Backs are Vulnerable
13.Blades (Dagger): Twisting in a Wound for More Damage
14.Blades (Dagger): Driving the Point into the Thigh
15.Blades (Dagger): Putting a Hole in a Throat
16.Blades (Gladius): Attacking from Horseback
17.Blades (Gladius): Attacking to Put an Aggressive Opponent on the Defensive
18.Blades (Gladius): Cutting at the Legs
19.Blades (Gladius): Severing the Femoral Artery
20.Blades (Gladius): Stick Them with the Pointy End
21.Blades (Gladius): Splintering a Spear Shaft
22.Blades (Gladius): Swing for the Back of the Neck
23.Blades (Gladius): Aiming for Unprotected Areas
24.Blades (Gladius): Stabbing a restrained man in the chest
25.Blades (Gladius): Chopping off the hand that wields a weapon against you
26.Blades (Gladius): Stopping a swing at the neck
27.Blades (Gladius): Parrying a Thrust Away
28.Blades (Gladius): Adjusting to the Weight of a New Sword
29.Blades (Gladius): Using New Techniques to Compensate for Weakness
30.Blades (Dagger): Slashing with a Dagger
31.Blades (Dagger): Stabbing with a Dagger
32.Blades (Dagger): Aiming for the Chest
33.Blades (Dagger): Slitting an Opponent's Wrist
34.Blades (Dagger): Slashing a Throat
35.Blades (Gladius): Stringing Slashes Together
36.Blades (Gladius): Swinging at a General Shape
37.Blades (Gladius): Cutting What Binds You
38.Blades (Gladius): Plunging Through the Chest
39.Blades (Gladius): Parrying a Spear
40.Blades (Gladius): Through the Eye Socket
41.Blades (Greatsword): Mighty Overhead chop
42.Blades (Gladius): Hamstringing Your Enemy
43.Blades (Gladius): Incapacitating Your Enemy
1.Deception: Lying through expressions (DJ)
2.Deception: Downplaying Control of Luck
3.Deception: Denying Knowledge of Interest to Another
4.Deception: Appearing to Know What You're Doing
5.Deception: Feigning Interest in Conversation
6.Deception: Meddling with a Crime Scene
7.Deception: Concocting a Convincing Lie
8.Deception: Using Fire to Get Rid of Damning Evidence
9.Deception: Creating Wounds to Sell a Story
10.Deception: Switching Sides
11.Deception: Manipulating Real Emotions to Escape Wrath
12.Deception: Pledge Allegiance but Serve Yourself
13.Deception: Denying True Rumors
14.Deception: Masquerading as an Ally
15.Deception: Manipulating Trust
16.Deception: Creating an False Identity
17.Deception: Stealing Under the Guise of Heroism
18.Deception: Dodging Questions of Involvement
19.Deception: Let Them Come to Their Own Conclusions
20.Deception: Lie of Omission
21.Deception: Re-purposing Someone Else's Truth for a Convincing Lie
22.Deception: Distracting a Defier's Guardian with a Feint
23.Deception: Confusing Scent with Blood Patterns
24.Deception: Inflating your own importance to downplay another's
25.Deception: Covering a slight of hand with an emotional outburst
26.Deception: Dragging a Gladius Upon the Ground
27.Deception: Throwing Something to Create Confusion
28.Deception: Using Sound to Hide Your Location
28.Deception: Attack From an Unexpected Angle
30.Deception: Switching from Affection to Murder
31.Deception: Sugar-coating a Risky Undertaking
32.Deception: Manipulating a Child
33.Deception: Confusing with Voice
34.Deception: Combining Deception Tactics for Better Results
35.Deception: Attack and Disappear
36.Deception: Confusing with Dialogue
37.Deception: A Plausible Lie
38.Deception: Reverse Psychology
1.Detection: Identifying Outsiders Based on Appearance
2.Detection: Spotting an Expected Target
3.Detection: Using a Better Vantage Point to Locate a Mark
4.Detection: Spotting a Gambling Cheat
5.Detection: Body Position Before a Punch
6.Detection: Finding Something Missing from its Place
7.Detection: The unique sound of someone being burned alive
8.Detection: A woman's scream
9.Detection: Relying upon other senses when sight is hindered
10.Detection: The sound of a steady rocking carriage
11.Detection: Hearing the shuffling of people approaching in darkness
12.Detection: Discolored, Worn Bones Indicates Age
13.Detection: Incoming Punch
14.Detection: Recognizing a Becomer by the same mutation carried over forms
15.Detection: Screams Indicate Danger
16.Detection: Recognizing a Familiar Voice
17.Detection: Recognizing Someone You've Only Met Once
18.Detection: Recognizing a Slip in Someone's Mask
19.Detection: Recognizing a Obvious Lie
20. Detection: Truth Serum
21.Detection: Identifying a Potential Movement Leader
22.Detection: Spotting an Optimist
23.Detection: A Force to be Reckoned With
24.Detection: Entering a world completely devoid of light
25.Detection: Picking Mercedes' voice from a crowd
26.Detection: A growing shadow from above means something flying, or falling, toward you
27.Detection: Looking for an Escape
28.Detection: Spying a Silhouette in the Dark
29.Detection: Deciphering a Nearby Sound
30.Detection: Muscle Movements Can Indicate Next Attack
31.Detection: Predicting the Next Strike by Maintaining Contact
32.Detection: Tension Often Precedes Action
33.Detection: Using a Hand to Guide You Through the Dark
34.Detection: The Texture of Black Onyx
35.Detection: Deciphering Average Rock from Materials of Value
36.Detection: Finding Your Bearings in the Dark
37.Detection: Relying on Your Ears When You Can't See
38.Detection: Deciphering Between People's Footsteps
39.Detection: The Sound of Punches in the Air
40.Detection: The Sound of Footsteps Give Away Position
41.Detection: The Sound of Nearby Water
42.Detection: Fighting in the Dark is Hard
43.Detection: Attempting to Predict Where the Punch Is Going
44.Detection: The Sounds of a Courier of Lisirra
45.Detection: The Smell of a Courier of Lisirra
46.Detection: The Smell of Another Prisoner
47.Detection: Noticing Defiance Mutations
48.Detection: Noticing Abrogation Mutations
49.Detection: Noticing Malice in Someone's Expression
50.Detection: Attempting to Identify Strengths by Appearances
51.Detection: Transitioning Focus Between Senses
52.Detection: Surveying a New Environment
53.Detection: Noticing Faked Expressions
54.Detection: Finding Your Target in the Dark
55.Detection: The Sound of Broken Stone
56.Detection: The Sound of a Blade Through Air
57.Detection: The Taste of Blood
58.Detection: Confidence in Someone's Voice
59.Detection: A Naerikk's Shadow and Illusion Forms
60.Detection: The Sound of a Sword Being Unsheathed
61.Detection: Finding an Improvised Weapon
62.Detection: Distinguishing a Friend from a Foe
63.Detection: Recognizing Familiar Voices
64.Detection: The roar of rushing floodwaters in the dark
1.Discipline: Refusing to Break Under Mild Torture
2.Discipline: Remaining Focused Despite the Presence of a Lover
3.Discipline: Continuing Despite Troublesome Thoughts
4.Discipline: Calming Down While Taken Captive
5.Discipline: Moving Toward a Goal Despite Danger
6.Discipline: Not Losing Your Cool in Public Due to Fear
7.Discipline: Staying in the Moment Despite Traumatic Memories
8.Discipline: Choosing to Negotiate Over Taking Revenge
9.Discipline: Composing Yourself After a Nightmare
10.Discipline: Sticking to a Personal Promise
11.Discipline: Sitting Still
12.Discipline: Facing an Intimidating Entity
13.Discipline: Remaining Despite Fear
14.Discipline: Keeping to a difficult agreement
15.Discipline: Maintaining a stoic demeanor while stripping in public
16.Discipline: Not reducing yourself to a whore
17.Discipline: Fighting to Stay Awake
18.Discipline: Refusing to Give In
19.Discipline: The Fight Is Never Over
20.Discipline: Steeling yourself to kill someone who might be a friend
21.Discipline: Standing down when all is lost
22.Discipline: Not Letting an Injury Slow You Down
23.Discipline: Mind Over Matter
24.Discipline: Fighting Down a Foot
25.Discipline: Outlasting Your Partner
26.Discipline: Restraining Yourself From Action as Long as You Can
27.Discipline: Getting Back Up for More
28.Discipline: Refusing to Have Beliefs Shaken
29.Discipline: Refraining from Violence While Under Care
30.Discipline: Focusing on a Singular Goal
31.Discipline: Focusing on Nothing but the Task at Hand
32.Discipline: Not blaming oneself for the failings of others
33.Discipline: Taking a literal leap of faith
34.Discipline: Having the presence of mind to not forget your joint
35.Discipline: Remaining calm on an excessively long fall
36.Discipline: Steeling oneself in order to ally with very unlikely entities
37.Discipline: Recognizing that others will only see to their own benefit
38.Discipline: Not insulting Chrien
39.Discipline: Taking an out when presented with one
40.Discipline: Resisting a Sesser's Lust
41.Discipline: Re-Focusing After Seeing Something Terrible
42.Discipline: Never, Never, Never Give Up
43.Discipline: Showing Up When Summoned
44.Discipline: Following Boring Orders


1.Endurance: Weathering Pain (SP)
2.Endurance: Surviving explosions (DJ)
3.Endurance: Functioning Through a Hangover
4.Endurance: Taking a Beating
5.Endurance: Fighting Through Fatigue
6.Endurance: Persisting Despite Head Injury
7.Endurance: Ignoring Skewed Vitals
8.Endurance: Continuing to Work After Combat
9.Endurance: Fighting Through the Cold
10.Endurance: Running Straight to Fighting
11.Endurance: Being thrown around bodily
12.Endurance: Being pummeled by many potatoes
13.Endurance: Being struck by a 'whirlpool punch'
14.Endurance: When Knocked Down, Get Back Up
15.Endurance: Continuing to Bloody Knuckles
16.Endurance: The little black dots in your vision from extreme pain
17.Endurance: Fighting Through a Crossfade
18.Endurance: Tired Muscles
19.Endurance: Taking a Throw to the Ground
20.Endurance: Being kept in the frigid, high altitude airs
21.Endurance: Being smacked in the face by heavy snow
22.Endurance: The nauseating ride of a Scal Sohr Khal nosedive
23.Endurance: The intensely long hike down to level 7
24.Endurance: Facial bruising from a powerfully hawked loogie
25.Endurance: Fending Off Fatigue During a Battle
26.Endurance: Persisting Despite Inferior Strength
27.Endurance: Battling Through Burning Muscles
28.Endurance: Fighting Through Withdrawals
29.Endurance: Being Strangled With Abrogation
30.Endurance: Suffering a Period of Time Without Air
31.Endurance: The Burn and Sting of Muscles
32.Endurance: Being Slammed Against a Rock Wall
33.Endurance: Accepting the Grating of Rock Against Your Skin
34.Endurance: Finishing Last...In a Good Way
35.Endurance: Getting Battered and Bloodied
36.Endurance: Forcing Yourself Back to Your Feet
37.Endurance: Fighting After a Short Recovery from the Last
38.Endurance: Taking Hits from an Ithecal
39.Endurance: Accepting Pain as a State of Being
40.Endurance: Suffering Surgery While Conscious
41.Endurance: Ignoring Pain for the Sake of Mobility
42.Endurance: Repeatedly swinging a mining pickax
43.Endurance: Being tackled while mid fall
44.Endurance: Being blinded by sudden light after far too many trials in darkness
45.Endurance: The pressure of an Ithecal's bite on one's leg
46.Endurance: The weight of a massive ithecal atop one's leg
47.Endurance: Being struck by an ithecal's tail to the chest
1.Etiquette: Proper Way to Hold Utensils While Eating
2.Etiquette: Sharing a Bottle with Strangers
3.Etiquette: Remembering to give thanks
1.Field Craft: Securing Any Potential Supplies
1.Gambling: Using Logic to Cast Predictions
2.Gambling: Relying on Luck to Win
3.Gambling: Spades
1.Hunting: Tracking a Victim by Spite Trail


1.Intelligence: Picking the Brain of the Religious for Answers
2.Intelligence: Using Rumors and Legends as Leads
3.Intelligence: Finding a Suspect in Their Favorite Locations
4.Intelligence: Listening is more important than speaking
5.Intelligence: Interrogating a Friend
6.Intelligence: Gaining Access to Another Person's Information Network
7.Intelligence: Using the Visual Abilities of Others to Gather Information
8.Intelligence: Cross-referencing Stories
9.Intelligence: Entertaining Other Theories
10.Intelligence: Weeding Through Facts
11.Intelligence: Coming Up With Alternative Explanations
12.Intelligence: Deciding on What Will Confirm Suspicions
13.Intelligence: Dismissing Nonsensical Theories
14.Intelligence: Gathering Information Based on Past Experiences
15.Intelligence: Following a Mark for Information
16.Intelligence: Stating What You Want to Know
17.Intelligence: Choosing a Likely Source for Information
18.Intelligence: Soliciting Information Via Threat
19.Intelligence: Corroborating Information from Different Sources
20.Intelligence: Offering Help in Exchange for Information
21.Intelligence: If You Want to Know, Ask
22.Intelligence: Following Up on a Lead
23.Intelligence: Eavesdropping
24.Intelligence: Recruiting an Informant
25.Intelligence: Letting an Informant Take the Lead
26.Intelligence: Canvasing a Location of Interest
27.Intelligence: Offering Coin for Information
28.Intelligence: Spies Can Become Casualties
29.Intelligence: Following Traces of Spite to the Source
1.Interrogation: Demanding Answers
2.Interrogation: Making Accusations
3.Interrogation: Giving a Chance to Explain
4.Interrogation: Ceasing questioning when the target is getting suspicious
5.Interrogation: Recognizing when answers don't match up
6.Interrogation: Making Accusations Based Off Rumors
7.Interrogation: Demanding Answers
8. Interrogation: Don't Ask, Demand
9.Interrogation: Threatening Harm if They Don't Comply
10.Interrogation: Using Intimidation to Ensure They Give Up Everything
11.Interrogation: Repeating the Question
12.Interrogation: Cooperate or Die
13.Interrogation: Stating What You Already Know
14.Interrogation: Using Others to Bait a Response
15.Interrogation: Explaining What Will Happen If You Don't Cooperate
16.Interrogation: Demanding Answers
17.Interrogation: Don't Tolerate Dodgy Answers
18.Interrogation: Demanding Clarification
19.Interrogation: Demanding an Explanation
20.Interrogation: Lies Rewarded with Pain
21.Interrogation: Lies Rewarded with Future Threats
22.Interrogation: Ask Questions Directly
23.Interrogation: Demanding Answers at Knife Point
1.Intimidation: Stare Down
2.Intimidation: Making a Scene
3.Intimidation: Emphasizing Opinions with Profanity
4.Intimidation: Striking Fear Through Emotional Outbursts (SP)
5.Intimidation: Witty Counts to Ward off Unwanted Advances
6.Intimidation: Coasting Off Powerful Allies to Appear Equally Fearsome
7.Intimidation: Taking a Hostage with a Blade
8.Intimidation: Fighting Words
9.Intimidation: Holding Sword Hilt to Deter Criminals
10.Intimidation: Compliance Through Threats
11.Intimidation: Compliance Through Fear
12.Intimidation: Violent Displays of Anger
13.Intimidation: Threat of Powerful Partner
14.Intimidation: Giving your opponents an ominous warning
15.Intimidation: Threaten with violence
16.Intimidation: Promise of Pain
17.Intimidation: Glare
18.Intimidation: Shouting at Strangers
19.Intimidation: Providing an example of the violence you threaten with
20.Intimidation: Name Calling
21.Intimidation: Breaking Down Egos
22.Intimidation: Inviting an Enemy to Try to Make Good on Their Threat
23.Intimidation: Threatening to Break Teeth
24.Intimidation: Forcibly Shutting Someone Down with Words
25.Intimidation: Mind Your Business
26.Intimidation: Informing of Consequences
27.Intimidation: Threats of Death to Get What You Want
28.Intimidation: Motivating Success with Threats of Death
29.Intimidation: Reminding People of Your Violent Character
30.Intimidation: Making Loud Noises to Make a Point
31.Intimidation: Taunting a mortalborn with words about their parentage
32.Intimidation: Berating Allies Turned to Enemies
33.Intimidation: Challenging Your Master
34.Intimidation: Threatening with a Scalpel
35.Intimidation: Inspiring Fear Through Reputation
36.Intimidation: Using threats to avoid answering inappropriate questions
1.Investigation: Asking for a Strange Event's Explanation
2.Investigation: Following Clues
3.Investigation: Coming Up with Suspect Theories
4.Investigation: Finding an Expert to Identify a Potion
5.Investigation: Asking About Origin
6.Investigation: Staking Out a Marketplace
7.Investigation: Using a Suspect Description
8.Investigation: Clues of Abrogation Use
9.Investigation: Abrogation Witchbrand Appearance
10.Investigation: Using Others' Intelligence to Find Someone
1.Leadership: Threatening Death to Those That Disobey Your Orders
2.Leadership: Guiding Emotional People Toward Action
3.Leadership: Using powerful, physical symbols to reinforce your point
4.Leadership: Taking the blame to protect others
5.Leadership: Tough Love
6.Leadership: Using Reality to Motivate Toward a Task
7.Leadership: Motivating Your Allies with a Challenge
8.Leadership: Telling Your Lover What to Do
9.Leadership: Instructing a Lover to Feed Your Ego
10.Leadership: Giving Your Lover Commands
11.Leadership: Giving Orders, Not Requests
12.Leadership: Leading Allies into Battle
13.Leadership: Demanding a show of neutrality
14.Leadership: Demanding agreed upon payment
15.Leadership: Keep the Dominant Position
16.Leadership: Listing Your Accolades
17.Leadership: Usurping Another's Higher Rank with Your Personal Merit
18.Leadership: Taking the Lead on a Mage Hunt
19.Leadership: Announcing Authority
20.Leadership: Asking for What You Need
21.Leadership: Taking Over a Situation
22.Leadership: Defeating Naysayers with Success
23.Leadership: Taking Up the Literal Torch


1.Medicine: Applying pressure to a bleeding wound
2.Medicine: Fashioning a splint out of a spear shaft
3.Medicine: Putting Pressure on a Wound
1.Mining: Look for Gemstones or Ore
2.Mining: There's a lot more finding nothing than finding something
1.Mount (Horse): Tapping a Horse's Side to Increase Speed
2.Mount (Horse): Steering with the Reigns
3.Mount (Cart): Driving a Cart Forward
1.Navigation: Learning to sail towards a goal (DJ)
2.Navigation: Traveling Streets While High
3.Navigation: Traversing Icy Terrain
4.Navigation: Finding Your Destination with Directions
5.Navigation: Listening Your Way Through the Dark
6.Navigation: Leading Someone to Your Home
1.Negotiation: Securing a Contract
2.Negotiation: Using Hostages
3.Negotiation: Giving Your Word
4.Negotiation: Offering Something They Want
5.Negotiation: Striking a Deal
6.Negotiation: Keeping the Other Party at the Table
7.Negotiation: Declaring Your Position Firmly
8.Negotiation: Threatening to Leave
9.Negotiation: Accepting the Offer
1.Persuasion: Buying Silence
2.Persuasion: Stating Facts
3.Persuasion: Sewing Suspicion with Accusations
4.Persuasion: Presenting commonality with a person
5.Persuasion: Revealing a disturbing secret to unsettle a person
6.Persuasion: Returning a token of friendship to make a point
7.Persuasion: Stating absolutes to reinforce your point
1.Philosophy: Not Everything Happens for a Reason
1.Politics: Due Process
2.Politics: Participating in Public Discourse
3.Politics: Giving an Official Testimony
1.Psychology: Revenge Doesn't Soothe the Restless Mind
2.Psychology: The Emptiness of a Finished Vendetta
3.Psychology: A Man is Only as Powerful as You Make Him
4.Psychology: Recognizing What's Holding You Back
5.Psychology: Experiencing Flashbacks


1.Resistance: Building Tolerance to Bug Berries
2.Resistance: Combating a Bad High with Peppercorn
3.Resistance: The drowsy feeling of having drank drugged wine
4.Resistance: Doing Shots of Rum
5.Resistance: Doing Shots of Tequila
6.Resistance: Working in a Smoke-filled Room
7.Resistance: Doing Shots of Rum
8.Resistance: Alcohol Makes Talking Easier
9.Resistance: Drinking to Ease Pain
10.Resistance: Smoking Ambrosia
11.Resistance: Using Ambrosia to Connect New Dots
12.Resistance: Drinking to Numb Psychological Pain
13.Resistance: Using Liquor to Keep Warm
14.Resistance: Suffering Ambrosia Withdrawals
15.Resistance: Withdrawal-induced Hallucinations
16.Resistance: Withdrawals Worsen Over Time
17.Resistance: Substituting Alcohol for Painkillers
18.Resistance: The Sting of a Rusalka's Acid
19.Resistance: Constant Presence of a Corpse
20.Resistance: Handling Dead Bodies
21.Resistance: Handling Rotten Bindings
22.Resistance: The rush of ambrosia never truly fades
23.Resistance: Chugging a Bottle of Rum
24.Resistance: Glove-induced Exhaustion
25.Resistance: Cold Sweats
26.Resistance: Glove-induced Drain
27.Resistance: Stun Glove Hangover
28.Resistance: Lessening Withdrawals with Alcohol
1.Rhetoric: Riding on the coattails of another speaker
2.Rhetoric: Stating your rebuttal proudly
3.Rhetoric: Pointing out flaws in the opposition
4.Rhetoric: Not allowing the opposition to argue further
5.Rhetoric: Uniting the common man against the uncommon
1.Running: Giving Chase
2.Running: Sprinting over rainy stone streets
3.Running: Sprinting
4.Running: Outrunning a lethal wall of water
5.Running: Chasing a Fleeing Suspect
1.Seduction: Using Innuendos
2.Seduction: Using Weapons to Add Excitement
3.Seduction: Attracting with Wit
4.Seduction: Fighting for Dominance
5.Seduction: Playing Hard to Get
6.Seduction: Public Displays of Affection
7.Seduction: Challenging Bedroom Prowess
8.Seduction: Taking a Familiar Man Home
9.Seduction: Clothes Off
10.Seduction: Erogenous Zones
11.Seduction: Use Tongue
12.Seduction: More Than One Way to Pleasure
13.Seduction: Control from the Top
14.Seduction: Pain and Pleasure
15.Seduction: Dominance
16.Seduction: Testing Another's Endurance
17.Seduction: All About Rhythm
18.Seduction: Give and Take
19.Seduction: Simple, Suggestive Commands
20.Seduction: Playing Hard to Get
21.Seduction: Class the Courting Man's Bluff
22.Seduction: Playing into a Courting Man's Act
1.Stealth: Blending Into a Crowd (SP)
2.Stealth: Sleeping Drunks Are Easy Targets to Steal From
3.Stealth: Hiding in Plain Sight
4.Stealth: Creating a Distraction to Make a Getaway
5.Stealth: Sneaking About a Ship Unnoticed
6.Stealth: Hiding in Clouds
7.Stealth: Letting the Sound of Battle Mask Your Steps
8.Stealth: Walking Heel-Toe to Diminish Sound of Footsteps
9.Stealth: Testing For Sturdy, Quiet Footing Before You Step
10.Stealth: Attacking Your Opponent Under the Cover of Dark
11.Stealth: Hiding in a Crevice
12.Stealth: A Hand Over Your Mouth to Keep Quiet
13.Stealth: Hiding in the Dark
14.Stealth: Moving Quietly Toward Potential Enemies
15.Stealth: Whispering
16.Stealth: Avoiding Being Seen Until the Time is Right
17.Stealth: Hiding in Plain Sight
18.Stealth: Subtly Conversing with an Agent
19.Stealth: Blending in by doing Mundane Tasks
20.Stealth: Speak in a Whisper
21.Stealth: Hiding Behind a Rock
22.Stealth: Sneaking Back into Familiar Territory
23.Stealth: Revealing Self at the Last Moment
24.Stealth: Avoiding the Gaze of Your Target
25.Stealth: Following in a Crowd
26.Stealth: Keep Your Distance
27.Stealth: Broad Daylight Makes It Easy to be Seen
28.Stealth: Sewers and Rooftops May Be Good Places to Hide
29.Stealth: Quieting Breathing
30.Stealth: Keep Your Profile Low
31.Stealth: Stay Out of the Light
32.Stealth: Moving From Obstacle to Obstacle
33.Stealth: Keep to the Shadows
34.Stealth: Surprising a Target
35.Stealth: Hiding Violence in an Alleyway
36.Stealth: Following a Target Closely
37.Stealth: Slipping in a Door Behind a Target
38.Stealth: Wading Nonchalantly Through a Crowd
39.Stealth: Killing Quietly
40.Stealth: Avoiding the Snitching Ground
41.Stealth: Leaving the Visual Field to Create Advantage
42.Stealth: Avoiding the Snitching Ground
43.Stealth: Leaving the Visual Field to Create Advantage
44.Stealth: Keep Your Voice Low
Strategy: Avoiding a Bar Fight by Moving to the Corner
Strategy: The Power of Surprise
Strategy: Making a Plan Quickly
1.Strength: Lifting a Sword
2.Strength: Pulling apart your bonds
3.Strength: Dragging a full grown woman
4.Strength: Carrying your full weight on one side
5.Strength: Half-Carrying an Injured Man
6.Strength: Use Your Legs
7.Strength: Controlling Someone's Descent
8.Strength: Using Arms to Pull
9.Strength: Keeping Something Heavy Elevated
10.Strength: Throwing Someone Over Your Shoulder
11.Strength: Swinging a Pickaxe
12.Strength: Striking a Wall
13.Strength: Using All Your Arm Strength for Power
14.Strength: Swinging a Pickaxe
15.Strength: Putting All Your Power Into an Attack
16.Strength: Holding an Enemy Back
17.Strength: Dragging a Dead Body
1.Swimming: Holding Your Breath
2.Swimming: Flutter Kick
3.Swimming: Light Signals the Surface
4.Swimming: Diving Beneath the Surface
5.Swimming: Floating on your back
6.Swimming: Going with the current
1.Tactics: Reacquiring vision first when lost
2.Tactics: Working with what you've got
3.Tactics: Rescuing a particularly useful person
4.Tactics: Moving in close against a spear user
5.Tactics: Try to force a mage to run out of ether in combat
6.Tactics: Relying on Previous Experience
7.Tactics: Improvising Weapons
8.Tactics: Attack While They're Disorganized
9.Tactics: Using the Body of Another as a Shield
10.Tactics: Using Strikes with Wider Surface to Catch Targets
11.Tactics: Choosing to Wait and Learn Rather Than Attack
12.Tactics: Exposing an Enemy’s Hidden Strength Via Taunting
13.Tactics: Knowing When to Retreat from a Location
14.Tactics: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
15.Tactics: Playing to Yourself and Your Ally's Strengths
16.Tactics: Splitting Up Can Take Care of Enemies Quickly
17.Tactics: Teaming Up Makes You Stronger
18.Tactics: Saving the Biggest Challenge for Last
19.Tactics: Stealing Resources Over Working for Them
20.Tactics: Using Range to Avoid Skin Contact
21.Tactics: Knowing When to Retreat
22.Tactics: Go With It
23.Tactics: Forming a Basic Plan
24.Tactics: Accounting for Known Enemy Strengths
25.Tactics: Well-rounded Fighters Are More Dangerous
26.Tactics: Not slaying an ally over greed
27.Tactics: Burning a Ship to Send a Message
28.Tactics: Check for Followers Before Entering
29.Tactics: Lock Doors Behind You
30.Tactics: Attacking From Different Heights
31.Tactic: Working With Enemy Force, Not Against It
32.Tactic: Using Stun Gloves to Disrupt Ether
33.Tactics: The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend
34.Tactics: Choosing the Most Direct Approach
35.Tactics: Choosing to Move Through a Choke Point
36.Tactics: The One Most Immune to Enemy Magic Should Leader
37.Tactics: Planning a Jailbreak
38.Tactics: Assessing Physical Attributes of an Enemy
1.Thrown Weapons (Dagger): Throwing from Cover
2.Thrown Weapons (Dagger): Throwing at a Target
3.Thrown Weapons (Dagger): Creating a Distraction for Escape
4.Thrown Weapons (Dagger): Partially Hitting a Target
5.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Squaring to a Target
6.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Put One Foot Forward
7.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Raise the Weapon Behind Your Ear
8.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Loosen Up Your Body
9.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Throwing Upon An Exhale
10.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Aiming for Center Mass
11.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Try to Time the Spin
12.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Don't Strike with the Handle
13.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Throwing at a Stick-able Target
14.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Focusing on a Single Target
15.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Only the Tip of the Dagger Sticks
16.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Guide, Don't Hurl
17.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Repeating the Proper Throwing Motion
18.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Timing Rotation
19.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Eliminating Full Rotation is an Option
20.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Quick Transition Throw
21.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Throwing Through a Portal
22.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Hitting a Target in the Back
23.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Hitting a Target in the Middle
24.Thrown Weapon (Dagger): Throwing from a Sitting Position
25.Throwing Weapon (Dagger): Hitting the Sternum
26.Throwing Weapon (Dagger): Sinking a Knife Between the Ribs
27.Throwing Weapon (Dagger): Striking the Upper Chest
1.Torture: Removing a Mage’s Spark With An Artifact
2.Torture: Secure Your Victim Before Acting
3.Torture: Burning Someone Alive


1.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Basic Strikes (SP)
2.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Thrashing Body to Hinder Kidnappers
3.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Perks of Attacking From Behind
4.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Feet Make Good Weapons Too
5.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Ambushing an Opponent From Above
6.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Slipping a Punch
7.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Crushing a Face With Your Knee
8.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Displacing a Mounted Enemy With Your Hips
9.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Kicking While They're Down
10.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): The Element of Surprise
11.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Easiest When Attacking from Behind
12.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Sending an Enemy Down with a Foot
13.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Using Objects in Your Environment
14.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): No Pattern is Hard to Predict
15.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Knee to Face
16.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Never Stay on Your Belly
17.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Bob and Weave
18.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Faking a Jab
19.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Escaping a Top Mount
20.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Using Ground and Body to Break an Arm
21.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Ground and Pound
22.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): When in Doubt, Bank on a Nut Shot
23.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): A Kick to the Ribs
24.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Uppercut to the Chin
25.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Hit Them When They Least Expect It
26.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Rope is great for strangling people
27.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Side stepping around a spear thrust
28.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Protecting Your Head with Your Forearm
29.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Throwing an Enemy off Top Mount
30.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Hook to the Temple
31.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Headbutt
32.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Dropping Your Weight to Keep from being Taken Down
33.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Bashing Their Head off the Ground
34.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Transitioning from a Strike to a Chokehold
35.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Downward Stomp
36.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Simple Throw
37.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Shoving Your Partner Down to the Ground
38.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Uppercut
39.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Front Kick
40.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Taking out a Knee
41.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Beating a man to death with his own helmet
42.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): A swift kick to the groin
43.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): The twist to snap a man's neck
44.Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Wedging against an Ithecal's body to prevent a death roll


Arlo: Vega's Man
Akktava: Scalvoris Mer Tribe
Akktava: Gathers Intelligence from Scalvoris Ships
Akktava: Working for Someone in Scalvoris
Bug Berries: Illegal for Recreation
Bug Berries: Gets You High
Ceressa Reyes: a Sapphire Inn Employee
The Chaos Daughter - A girl with extreme powers beneath Slags Deep
Dana: Kennel Master
Domain Magic (Defiance): How Defiers Can Fake Death
Edmond: Member of the Merchant Guild
The Elements: Have access to truth serum
Francis Higglebottom: The man that is known as Earth Mask
Gibney: Hound Master
Genuvah: Mercenary who aided in the defense of Element's Hall
Illaren: Immortal of Intoxication
Intelligentsia: A Scholar Faction
The Kennel: First Place of Scalvoris Employment
Kura: Has a plan to use Max as bait for Earth Mask
Kyeeri: Man of fire from Yaralon
Kyeeri's Promise: He told her that if she ever made her way to Yaralon, he had a bed waiting for her, many adventures with the Mercenary Company he owned, The Fire Spitters.
Lavana: Works at a Butcher's Shop
Lavana: A Good Ally in a Fight
Lavana: Killed an old lady brutally
Lavana: Daughter of Raskalarn
Lavana: Sister to Valtharn
Lavana: Always the martyr
Location: The Sapphire Inn
Location: The Kennel
Location: Immortals Tongue
Location: Mad O'Rourke's
Location: Slags Deep Prison Mine
Location: Scholar's Nook
The Mantis: Mage Hunter Faction in Andaris
The Mantis: Led by a Lord Inquisitor
Meerabelard: Tribe of Mer Still Loyal to Chrien
Merces: Ability to Stop Flying Objects?
Merces:Not a Fan of Riff-Raff
Merces: King of Epic Shut Downs
Merces: Arrogant and Alluring
Merces: Keeps Me on my Toes
Merces: Uses Magic in Fights
Merces: Murderer
Merces: A Fire-Wielding Mage
Merces: Intended to Kill You
Merces: Controls Earth, Wind, and Fire
Merces: He didn't fight alongside me at the Riot...
The Merchant Guild: Mismanaged Trade Fleet
Qit'ria: Reckless Choice of Suitor
Rapier: Quick but Fragile
The Raven: Drug Kingpin of Almund
The Raven: Enjoys Power and Control
The Raven: Only Deals With Those of Value to His Ends
The Raven: Will Accept You Back in Almund and Share Intelligence...For a Price
The Raven: You Two Have a Deal
The Raven: Accepts People of Worth Into His Ranks
The Red Ravens: The Raven's Gang in Almund
The Red Raven Sharks: Just as Bad as Their Boss
The Riddle of the 7 Locks
Scalvoris Town Harbor: Ships can work out agreements in order to avoid taxes
Self: My tab is 10,000,000 Golden Nels
Self: I received a 68 arc sentence, release on Ashan 65, 78
Self: I am to receive psychiatric care during my sentence
Self: Killing Elements has brought me no relief from the Earth Mask's torment
Self: Everyone thinks that I am a victim
Sephira: She gave me a chance to come quietly
Sephira: Gave her word to kill Earth Mask in my stead
Sephira: Sided with the Elements
Sephira: A Frenemy That Still Has Your Loyalty
Silviria: Gives energy, strength, and vigor to those who imbibe it
Silviria: Might help one to wake up faster from a drugged stupor
Slags Deep: Somewhere in the mountains
Slags Deep: Has a roof entrance accessible by flying mounts
Slags Deep: An intentionally insane maze
Slags Deep: Full of massive wealth
Slags Deep: More well guarded than anything run by the Elements
Slags Deep: When my name is called, I have 24 breaks to answer
Slags Deep: My belongings are in storage, in a crate with my name on it
Slags Deep: Each level has a narrow set of stairs leading to the guard area
Slags Deep: Each level is locked behind 7 massive of gates, made of differing substances, which are never opened simultaneously
Slags Deep: Guards are not among the prisoners beyond Level 1
Slags Deep: Cannibalism beyond Level 1 is commonplace
Slags Deep - Level 1: A vacation resort, with meals, beds, and games
Slags Deep - Level 2: Where prisoners receive their Tab
Slags Deep - Level 2: Full of hungry, dirty angry criminals
Slags Deep - Level 2: Junior Warden is a smug, redheaded woman
Slags Deep - Level 3: Murder is common
Slags Deep - Level 4: Full of smoke and smog
Slags Deep - Level 5: Full of heat and horrible, bestial screams
Slags Deep - Level 6: Full of Elements and foul stenches
Slags Deep - Level 7: Junior Warden is a massive Ithecal man
Slags Deep - Level 7: They offer an option of whoring yourself out for food or tab reduction
Slags Deep - Level 7 Location: The Warden's private lift
Slags Deep - Level 7 Location: The Chaos Daughter's Prison
Slags Deep: A prison for the Chaos Daughter before it was a prison for others
Slags Deep - Level 7 Location: The Onyx Room
Slags Deep - Level 7 Location: The Carved Tunnel
The Storm Breaker: A two-masted ship that carried Earth Mask from Scalvoris to Rynmere
Stun Gloves: Disrupt Magic Ether
Stun Gloves: Come With a Price
Vega: The Tough Red Head
The Warden of Slags Deep: Set me free with his own money
The Warden of Slags Deep: Father of the Chaos Daughter
The Warden of Slags Deep: Thrived for 500 arcs in Level 7
The Warden of Slags Deep: The Apex Predator of the Beneath

Skill Capstones

  • Detection
    • Sense Focusing

      Between the chaotic surface world and a long stay in the abysmally dark Level Seven of Slags Deep Prison, Maxine's senses have been honed beyond that of most people. She notices more detail, remains sensitive to sound, picks up more scents, and etc. as a product of her advancement. While better sense awareness has upped her detection game, it's Sense Focusing that separates her from the rest. The skill is best described as a toggle between her enhanced senses. If she finds herself surrounded by darkness, for example, Maxine may choose to focus her sense of hearing above all others. As a result, her mind and body become far more aware of auditory stimuli. She can hear things like the exhale of an enemy as they begin to execute their attack, or the sound of a large sword cutting through the air toward her. A toggle shifting to focus her sense of touch might allow her to pick up changes in the air that suggest an incoming storm on the horizon. While Sense Focusing is an extraordinary detection perk, the ability itself is limited. Under no circumstances can more than one sense be toggled into focus. The more Maxine toggles between senses within a given trial, the less potent the sense enhancement.
Skill Point Ledger
[/td] 0 [/td][/td]0[/td][/td]0[/td]
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Starting Package 500050
Blades(RB) 25 00 50
Acrobatics ..1040
Unarmed Combat ..10 30
Endurance..10 20
Intimidation..10 10
Stealth .. 10 00
Navigation(DJ) 5 00 00
Endurance(DJ) 4 00 00
The Regulars 10 00 10
Unarmed Combat 00 10 00
Shadows in the Tavern 15 00 15
Unarmed 00 5 10
Intimidation 00 10 00
Rusalkis I 3 00 3
Swimming 00 3 00
Dancing Into The Night 15 00 15
Seduction 00 5 10
Deception 00 10 00
Kenneled 10 00 10
Deception 00 10 00
Every Time, You Remind Me 15 00 15
Deception 00 7 8
Endurance 00 8 00
A Violent Reunion 15 00 15
Endurance 0 3 12
Intimidation 0 5 7
Stealth 0 7 0
The Enemy of My Enemy 15 0 15
Unarmed Combat 0 15 0
Fist to Cuffs 10 0 10
Unarmed Combat 0 10 0
Buggin’ Out 10 0 10
Who Crazy Is 10 0 20
Knuckle Duster 10 0 30
Unarmed Combat 0 25 5
Stealth 0 5 0
Saboteur 10 0 10
The Unemployed 10 0 20
A Poorly Played Hand 15 0 35
Strength 0 25 10
The Butcher's Cut 15 0 25
Blades 0 24 1
Blackout 15 0 16
Resistance 0 16 0
The Darkest Shadow Can Be Found 20 0 20
Endurance 0 20 0
Dead Tales 10 0 10
Intimidation 0 2 8
Unarmed Combat 0 8 0
Ladies’ Night Out 15 0 15
Yet The Resolute Never Give In to Darkness 15 0 30
When It Rains, It Pours 15 0 45
Rumble in the Dark 15 0 60
How Fire Starts 10 0 70
Intimidation 0 50 20
Detection 0 20 0
The Underclass 10 0 10
She Who Made Me Choose 10 0 20
Seduction 0 20 0
Sleepless in Scalvoris 10 0 10
Detection 0 9 1
Pies and Pints 15 0 16
Back So Soon? 10 0 26
A Revolutionary Walks Into a Bar 10 0 36
Into the Deep 15 0 51
Endurance 0 33 18
Slave to the Mask 10 0 28
Anguished by the End 15 0 43
Tides of Change 20 0 63
Detection 0 46 17
And It All Came Crashing Down 15 0 32
Blades 0 29 3
Little Fish in a Sea of Sharks 10 0 13
Masks in the Night 15 0 28
Seduction 0 2 26
Drought 15 0
Ruined Soil 15 0 56
Run, Girl, Run 10 0 66
Stealth 0 5 61
All That Glitters 10 0 71
Strength 0 2 69
The Horrors of War 15 0 84
Detection 0 76 8
A Deal with the Devil 10 0 18
The Fool's Errand 15 0 33
Shattered Earth 15 0 48
Breaking Silence 15 0 63
A World of Hurt 15 0 78
Of Blood and Stone 15 0 93
White Buffalo 10 0 103
Detection 0 96 7
Unarmed Combat 0 7 0
The Hyena Den 10 0 10
Until the Last Drop 15 0 25
A Second Smile 15 0 40
Secrets and Lies 15 0 55
Healing Hurts 15 0 70
The Sisters 15 0 85
Thrown Weapon 0 25 60
The Long Way Down 10 0 70
Acrobatics 0 17 53
A New Edge 10 0 63
Something to Stick 10 0 73
Just the Tip 10 0 83
Intruder Alert 10 0 93
Thrown Weapon 0 50 43
Strays and Orphans 15 0 58
And So Sanity Slipped 10 0 68
Deeds Most Foul 10 0 78
Thrown Weapon 0 75 3
Just As You've Seen Me 15 0 18
Begin the Vendetta 10 0 28
Come All Ye Needy 15 0 43
Stupid is as Stupid Does 20 0 63
Picking Up the Scent 10 0 73
Where's Francis?! 10 0 83
You Think Darkness is Your Ally? 10 0 93
Where You've Been 10 0 103
Before The Trail Goes Cold 10 0 113
What's In The Box?! 10 123
Blades 0 7548
The Slow Knife10058
Mask Off10068
Dig Two Graves10078
Coming Down10038
The Ashcloak10024
Preying Mantis I.10034
Preying Mantis II.10044
Preying Mantis III.10054
Of Clay and Bricks15058
The Tell10018
Turn Cloak 15033
Business Management0258
Fiery End10018
Masks Come Off15033
He Ain't You10043
I'm Sending You Away10053
Marks Section

Rusalkis Abilities

  • Turbulent Waters
    • An ability that works on any body of water deep enough for the Rusalka to swim in, Turbulent Waters causes the water to toss and turn, rage and roar as if a storm had risen, even if the day is as clear as can be. In addition, there are strong and uncontrollable riptides under the waves. For an unskilled Rusalka, Turbelent Waters can be dangerous to use, but for the skilled, it is a dangerous and deadly ability. This is due to the fact that while the Rusalka is safe from the waters themselves, they are not immune to any effects the waters have on other things. This ability can only be used once a trial at full strength, more often if the Rusalka affects a smaller area. The power affects an area up to three nautical miles in diameter and lasts for a break.
  • Favorable Outcome
    • An ability that allows the Rusalka to affect the odds of things like dice rolls and card draws, or any thing of a similarly small nature, so that they fall in the Rusalka's favor. The skill can be used as many times in a row as the Rusalka desires, but each consecutive use is less likely to succeed than the one before it, though going a whole Trial without using the ability will reset it.
  • Rusalkis Skills I
    • Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Swimming, Seafaring, Torture, Polearms, Gambling, or Fishing. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
  • Seed of Spite
    • A surprisingly subtle ability for the usually operatic Chrien, Seed of Spite allows the Rusalka to plant the beginnings of a grudge in a target, a seed that can grow into a deep seated resentment and anger. Seed of Spite has been used in the past to ruin friendships, destroy loves, and topple dynasties, for such a small thing is so easily ignored. The seed is planted by touch, and will grow according to the victims natural inclinations, though the Rusalka can sort of "aim" a grudge by whispering into their hand what type of grudge they want the target to have.
  • Root of Dissent
    • Like Seed of Spite, Root of Dissent is a subtle skill, mainly for use in information gathering. Root of Dissent allows the Rusalka to tell what the cause of any given grudge is at any time, as well as being able to tell when someone is holding a grudge. A skill with a myriad of uses, heroic Rusalka's have used such information to heal breaches, while more villainous Rusalka's have used the knowledge to cause entire families to tear themselves apart.
  • Stormy Skies
    • Stormy Skies is an ability that, when activated, surrounds the Rusalka with storm clouds that then flow out from the Rusalka in a wave, allowing for a brief way to hide. The ability can be be used once five times a break, but repeated uses will cause the Rusalka to feel increasingly light headed.
  • Lucky Break
    • An ability that is passive in nature, Lucky Break causes random acts of good fortune to befall the Rusalka, anything from accidentally landing a perfect thrust or managing to avoid hitting hard rocks on a fall. However, this ability is random, chaotic, and out of the Rusalka's control, so many Rusalka prefer not to rely on it, especially as once it causes a good stroke of luck to happen, a bad one is certain to shortly follow. (OOC: While players can use this ability, keep in mind that abusing it will result in a loss of points and repeated offenses could be result in firmer action.)
  • Windstorm
    • A skill that allows the Rusalka to raise a terrible, but localized, wind against their enemies, the winds of this ability are no minor breeze, but rather a gale that can fling objects around, bend trees and collapse ships. However, not even Chrien can control the winds, so this ability can be almost as dangerous to the Rusalka as to their foes, for while the Rusalka is immune to the winds, they aren't immune to flying debris. This ability can only be used once a trial, covers an area about 500 feet in diameter and lasts for a break.
  • Spiteful Acid
    • The Rusalka is given the ability to launch a short range acid spray from their hands. Against most people, this acid is little more than irritating and itchy. To anyone against whom the Rusalka holds a grudge against, however, the acid will burn, the burning getting worse the more the Rusalka hates their target. The ability can be used five times a break.

  • Seeker of Spite
    • An ability that allows the Rusalka to trace an act of spite to it's source, Seeker of Spite can be used to allow the Rusalka to make easier use of the other spite-based abilities of Rusalkis by letting them sense when an act of spite has been performed near them and trace it to it's source.

  • Fan the Flames
    • A skill that is passive in nature, Fan the Flames allows the Rusalka infuse their own words so that they naturally augment the already existing spite and wrath in the people around them. However, it can not cause people to act in a specific manner, as they will still act how they choose to act, whatever that is to them.

  • Rusalkis II
    • Add an extra six skill points to one of the following skills: Swimming, Seafaring, Torture, Polearm, Gambling, or Fishing. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.

  • Twister
    • The Rusalkis is able to conjure up and command man sized cyclones to send at foes. These miniature storm are drawn and send tearing along the earth towards their target, ripping up anything that gets in their way. Once the storm finds its victim, the twister will tear them through its body and hurl them out, dissipating. When the storm has taken too many things into its small cyclone body it will naturally dissipate. This ability is can be draining when used extensively. Rather than simply attack a victim, a Rusalkis can command a cyclone to instead hold them captive with powerful winds.

  • Horrific Deluge
    • The Rusalka causes powerful, driving rains that put out raging fires, flood rivers, and drown those who can't escape rising waters. Unlike a normal rain, however, Horrific Deluge is a power born of Chrien's anger and bitterness, and those dark emotions corrupt this downpour, causing any caught in it to be stalked by phantoms of their worst enemy. These phantoms have a physical presence and can injure the stalked and can only be defeated if the one caught in the rain lets go of their grudge. This ability can only be use once every three trials and lasts for a break.

Audnev Abilities

  • Blood Tie
    • The blessed can always tell in what direction The city of Augiery lies. This does not magically open an easy path, but it does give a boon to ignore the many decoys and avoid the traps that ensnare the unblessed who attempt to locate the hidden city. It can double as a compass of sorts. Can be activated twice per trial.
  • Leading the Blind
    • The blessed is able to inflict, upon a single victim, a sense of absolute certainty that some item could only be hidden in one particular place. The victim simply refuses to consider the possibility of it being concealed anywhere else. It lasts as long as the searcher feels the necessity to search, or as many bits (minutes) as the blessed's "Deception" skill point total, whichever comes first. This can be done twice per trial, but not both uses at once, so a pair of guards will still be a problem.
  • Stare Down
    • The blessed is always able to think clearly under extremes of terrifying situations. This does not mean they will never decide to run or hide (or whatever) anyway. But they will have been able to give lucid consideration to other options at the time. This includes the option of acting scared if they think it might give them some edge. This does not protect them from fear inflicted by drugs or arcana, but the impact will be significantly reduced.
  • Hand of Truth
    • Once per trial, the blessed can impose a twitch upon a single victim, by which they can not keep their hand still if they tell something that is either an outright lie, or a distortion meant to deceive. It will be the same hand as the blessed's own primary hand. If the victim is missing that hand, this blessing will be ineffective. The duration is for half as many bits (minutes) as the blessed's "Intimidation" skill point total. The victim will be unaware of this condition, but this blessing does not compel him to talk if he chooses not to.
  • Shadow Blind
    • Once per trial, the blessed can cloak themselves in a concealing shadow for as many bits (minutes) as their "Stealth" skill point total. However, use of this blessing in an unlikely spot, like broad daylight, will still be noticed, and probably draw unwanted investigation. At "Adored" level, this can be done three times per trial; at "Exalted", five.

Audnev Knowledge

Leading the Blind: Misleading the Location of a Dagger
Hand of Truth: A Dominant Hand Twitch Signals a Lie

Rusalkis Knowledge

Chrien: Created and Abandoned the Mer
Chrien: Hates the Mer
Chrien: Hates Humans
Chrien: Sometimes Saves Humans for...Something Else?
Chrien: You're Her Trojan Horse
Chrien: Trusts me
Chrien: "Every drop of pain becomes a storm of our fury!"
Chrien: Notices when her marked children go missing
Rusalkis: It's a Gift
Rusalkis: More Power in Exchange for Service to Chrien?
Rusalkis: Using Mark to Influence Luck (Favorable Outcome)
Rusalkis: Higher Levels Can Summon Twisters
Rusalkis: Higher Levels Possess an Octopus Familiar
Rusalkis: Higher Levels Can Shoot Acid from Hands
Rusalkis Familiar: Venomous
Rusalkis: We do not run. We are the storm.
Rusalkis: No prison can truly hold a Rusalkis
Favorable Outcome: Using Ability to Influence Dice Outcomes
Favorable Outcome: Wanes With Continued Use
Lucky Break: An Escape When Least Expected
Root of Dissent: Uncovering a Grudge
Seeker of Spite: Tracking a Murderer From Their Kill
Spiteful Acid: Burns the Face of Those Worthy Your Ire
Spiteful Acid: Burns Worse the More You Hate
Stormy Skies: Hiding from Your Enemy
Stormy Skies: Providing a Distraction
Stormy Skies: Can be combined with Windstorm
Turbulent Waters: Maximizing Effect of Ability by Using Environment
Turbulent Waters: More Deadly in Cold Water
Turbulent Waters: Can fail if not enough water is present
Turbulent Waters: Can Be Used in a Deep Pool
Turbulent Waters: Other Rusalka Are Immune
Windstorm: Useful for disorienting enemies in a confined space
Windstorm: Rivaling the Wind Summoned By Another


Maxine had been fired. Again. She could try and tell everyone one of the usual stories: her boss was a dick, the job was a stupid waste of time, or that everyone knew that that one coworker had it coming. It didn't matter. Whatever her excuse, there would be no escaping the look of disappointment and defeat on the faces of her guardians when she broke the news. So routine was the exchange that the Mixed Blood could predict every word of the lecture to come. It seemed, in their opinion, she always was too much of something: too angry, too unfocused, too irresponsible. The redundancy was more than she could bear that day, and for once she desperately wanted to return as a ward that didn't fill anyone up with immense regret. After kicking over one of the business's rubbish bins and throwing up an obscene gesture, Maxine elected to venture down to the docks with what she believed was a genius idea: taking a contract out to sea. It seemed like a master plan. Pirating or trading would relieve her guardians of their unruly ward, and perhaps out on the open ocean she could hone her skills to find her place. She had to try. Just one last time.

Max had the contract pinned for easy. The captain had a reputation for candor but overall he was regarded as a favorite by his crews. Responsibilities were doled out based on merit, and the nature of even the simplest trading voyage could change if he spied a prize upon the horizon. The Mixed Blood had managed to keep quiet enough for the first mate to agree to her usefulness, and so the next day she set sail with her new crew. Most of the faces were new and surprisingly overwhelmingly Human, but Maxine was pleasantly surprised to identify a Human boy from her youth in her company. Ned began his life with the Biqaj as an outcast, too. Though his family preferred to embrace the Biqaj culture from land, Ned was forced to become sea savvy. Through hard work he became a model sailor in his adolescence and a friend to Maxine. He was one of her only friends, really, and perhaps one of the only children in their cohort she'd never felt the urge to smack. Glancing around the crew quarters, it was nice to know there was someone she could trust.

"It'll be a breeze," Ned said with a reassuring smile, the kind that made all worries briefly seem like a distant dream. "Just tie your hammock tighter to the post this time. Don't want it coming loose in the middle of the night again, do you?" Maxine rolled her eyes. She could still feel the pain of her head smacking against the wooden floor all those arcs ago. "And you keep your lips puckered," the Mixed Blood countered quickly. "I'm sure this captain will like all the ass kissing you were always into." Ned scoffed and threw a rag at her before the pair raced like children toward the upper deck to receive their orders. Predictably, Ned scored the duties that required a reliable, experienced sailor. Max was begrudgingly banished to maintenance duties. With each swab of the deck the excitement of her sailing adventure sorely waned. The reputation of their captain proved to be false when it came to her. The more he was on her case for the slightest infractions, the harder it became for her to keep her cool. The slipping of her facade merited her more frequent admonishment until the treatment between her and the rest of the crew was stark indeed.

"MAXINE!" The captain bellowed from beside the first mate at the helm. She felt her heart sink and something begin burning in her chest. She tightened her grip on the mop handle and slopped more water across the deck's surface. His voice came again. "MAXINE!" Heavy boots thumped toward her with hasty fervor. For a moment she shut her eyes tight, wishing him away like a child might the monster in the closet. At only a couple feet away his steps became deafening. Her eyes opened in time to watch his pair of clunky boots print mud all through where she'd just cleaned. Her knuckles around the mop turned white. "Yes, Captain?" If there was any attempt at restraint in her voice, it couldn't have been convincing.
"Have you ever owned a ship before?"
"No, what?"
"No, sir," Maxine forced the words out between her teeth. By now the rest of the crew had taken notice of the confrontation and a general hush had fallen over the ship. Captain stepped forward so there was little space between their chests. His color-turning eyes looked down upon her as his body cast a shadow. Maxine couldn't help but become acutely aware of the mop in her hands. "This ship is a representation of this crew," Captain bellowed again. "Do you respect your fellow crew members?"
"Yes, sir."
"Do you respect me?"
"Yes...sir," she lied after a lengthy pause. The Captain's anger beat against her skin like the flames from an open pit. She kept her eyes down on the deck, not out of cowardice, but for fear that if he saw the contempt she had for him her final chance would be blown. He shifted one of his muddy boots into her vision and twisted the filth on their bottoms onto the deck. "Get cleaning, you ungrateful mutt," he growled before turning on his heels. It was then that Maxine's gaze lifted. Ned caught her eye once, his brows raised and head shaking wildly. He seemed to repeatedly mouth "no" at her but it was too late. The Mixed Blood had already spun the mop around and smashed the cloth head into the back of the captain's skull. The big Biqaj slammed down into his own footprints and it seemed like everything but the waves breaking against the ship went quiet. One of the other crew members wrenched the mop from Maxine's hands while the first mate helped their disgraced leader up. The crew seemed divided on who needed the most restraint, but ultimately it was the captain that broke through to deliver a kick to Maxine's face when the crew had wrestled her down to her knees.

With a rag to take care of her bloody face, Max was tossed down beneath and banished from the upper deck. A verbally violent tirade was still occurring up top, but she was far too busy attending her own tempest. Her knuckles bloodied against wooden posts. Crates of food were toppled and once carefully wrapped lines strewn about the cabin. "Fucking prick!" she shrieked. "Bastard and his cheap ass fucking ship. Clean this about you fucking clean this!" With two hands she grabbed one of the powder kegs and flung it down upon the floor. The dark powder spilled about in thick clumps at her feet. A large swell crashed against the ship so hard it nearly tossed the tantrum-throwing girl off her feet. The oil lanterns rattled and precariously swung about. "Maxine," Ned's voice came a bit later alongside the sound of a swinging hatch.
"What?!" she griped and turned toward the stream of moonlight, realizing only then she must've been down there for at least a few breaks. Ned smiled kindly but it never reached his eyes. "You'll get the lashing tomorrow," he explained. "But tonight you start making amends with the shit watch." Maxine made for the opening and all but shoved past him. "Don't you give me that look," she sighed to him before slipping past the crew quarters to venture above deck. A long, precarious ascent into the crow's nest started her watch. With each passing break, every swell seemed to disturb the ship with more violence than the last. Then...boom.

An explosion shot out from down below with a force that rocked Maxine in her perch. Thrown against the rim of the nest, she peered down with horror to see bits of the ship hull blasted out in every direction. The ship moaned and immediately began to plunge sidelong. Her eyes widened, but it was too late. Before she knew it, she was tipped with the nest down into the sea. The ocean invited her into its massive, dark swells with heartless chill. Maxine clutched desperately to what she could to stay afloat as she listened to the screams of trapped crew. There were less tormenting her ears than there should've been, leading her to believe a large portions of her compatriots were killed in the blast. Seized with panicked, her eyes blinked at the carnage with horror. The reality of the situation seemed inconceivable...until. The gunpowder. Witless tears streamed down her face. She let out a whimper and desperately attempted to maneuver back toward what little of the ship remained afloat. The door to below peeked up from the waves, and she could hear someone slamming upon it and shouting from inside. Maxine swam over to it and yanked it open, only to peer down and spy Ned hardly keeping afloat inside. "Ned!" she shouted before reaching her hand down. With wide eyes he hurriedly lunged upward to grasp it so she might help hoist him out. A deafening crack sounded before pieces of the ship began to break apart, leaving the two little time to swim from the doomed ship to clamber onto a massive section of debris.

The two rested in their grief upon their makeshift raft, the silence speaking volumes between the two. Ned had seen the mess she'd made in the stores, and with the rock of the ship, it didn't require a detective to assume it must've been a loose lantern that blew their world and friends apart. The next day Maxine lifted her head to spy large white sails drifting toward them. "Ship," she murmured through chapped lips. Ned lifted his own head and the corners of his lips immediately tugged up. He willed himself on top of the makeshift raft and began waving his hands and shouting toward rescue. "Over here, we're here!" he called above the waves, hopping up and down so his short sword slapped against his hip. "Max! Get up here! Quick!" Exhausted, she pulled herself up to stand among the wreckage with less hope than her friend. "They'll never see or hear us, Ned," she despaired. Still he continued to shout. To both their surprise, the ship rotated toward them.
"See!" he whooped. "See! Look at that, Maxine, they're coming. They'll take us home!" Max looked from the incoming ship on the horizon, to her only friend in the world, and then back again. Something panged within her. Then, at near-lightning speed, she tugged his short sword free from the sheath on his hip, and thrust the blade through his center mass with an agonized shriek. The whooping stopped. Max's chest heaved. Blood poured down from the wound and over the hilt of the sword, rolling over her fingers. Sobs began to shake her rib cage when she dared look up at his face. His expression was twisted with pain and disbelief. "Maxine...why?" he managed to choke out. Tears rolled down her cheeks, breath turning haggard as she tried to force the words out.
"You were going to tell," she said softly before yanking the blade free from her friend's chest. Ned blinked and then stumbled back into the water where he would exsanguinate.

Max collapsed onto the bloody, floating wood choking while clutching her sword. The water churned furiously and the wind seemed to pick up out of no where. Clouds gathered above and the promising white sails disappeared in a fury of rain. Lightning flashed. Then something from the depths of the sea themselves ascended. A beautiful, horrifying sea creature broke the sea's surface to loom over the Mixed Blood. Max shook though the sight of the deity paralyzed her in place. The creature's gaze eyed the drenched girl with a mix between disgust and admiration. "You really will betray anyone, won't you?" the deity accused in a way that suggested Maxine need not answer just yet. A webbed hand churned the sea, causing the raft to spin as if the deity wished to get a better look at the Mixed Blood at her mercy. "Do you know who I am, girl?"
"Ch-Chrien," Max managed to voice between shivers. She looked up to glimpse the vast array of white scars that marked the infamous body of her captor.
"Yes," Chrien purred back, sinking deeper in the water until she was nearly eye level with the object of her interest. "I sunk a ship full of humans in these waters just trials ago with a storm you couldn't see through...and somehow you managed to blow apart one and everyone inside in a matter of seconds. Well..." She scooped Ned's lifeless body from the depths, presenting it to Max with a false sense of sympathy before pulling him back down into the darkness again. "Almost everyone."
"Stop it," Max whispered and hurled the bloody sword into the sea.
"Oh, Max," Chrien tsked. "Just what do I do with you? Destroy you? Is that what you deserve?"

The Mixed Blood inched back from the deity as though to make a stand or an escape, which only caused the sea goddess to cackle. "After that performance, you still want to live! I think I have just the thing for you." The storm deity reached out and rested a finger on Max's back. Immediately it felt as though lightning had struck the surface of her skin, bouncing about in a strange pattern that made her involuntarily twitch. When the touch relinquished it felt as though something had been left in its wake. It was something that seemed to course through her very veins. "You'll become one of my Rusalka. My "Little Storm". For what better weapon is there to wreak havoc upon the Human scourge than a Mixed Blood that walks like them, talks like them, but just can't help herself from inevitably destroying them?" Chrien laughed and offered her new Rusalka a final stoke upon her head. Then she retrieved Ned's sword from the depths and laid it before Max, before starting to slink beneath the depths of her sea again. "Serve me well, my Little Storm." Just like that Chrien's absence led to the end of the tempest. Skies cleared. The ocean calmed. And as the sun shined down, those promising white sails began to roll rescue back into view.
  • Acquired via City Dweller's Starting Package
    • One set of clothing (cloak, shirt, pants, undergarments, and a pair of boots)
    • One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste (lost)
    • One waterskin (lost)
    • Two sets of eating utensils (lost)
    • Tinderbox (lost)
    • Compass (Loot)
    • Leather Armor
    • Leather Gauntlets
    • Leather Greaves
    • Leather Fauld
    • Leather Padding
    • Leather Helmet (lost)
    • Heirloom: Ned's Gladius Sword
    • Lavana's Necklace
    • Good Quality Bone Dagger
    • Gladius, Mercy's Embrace
    • Chalice of Fortune
    • Kindred Bracelets
    • Cloak of Hiding
    • Silver Cutlery Worth 50gn
    • Stolen Earth Element Pin
      *All above items are currently in a box with Max's name on it in Slags Deep Prison*
    • Robe (Cotton, Itchy)
    • Pickaxe (Good Quality, Steel)
    • Gladius
[anchor=marks]Special Items[/anchor]

Chrien Blessed Cat Suit

This catsuit will always perfectly fit Maxine's body, and will never limit any range of motion. This material is similar to the softest leather in feel, and is as strong as Adamantite. This catsuit cannot be worn over other clothes, and an attempt to do so will find it refusing to be put on. It can be worn underneath other clothes however. If another person possesses this Catsuit, a permanent, albeit small (the size of a city block) hurricane will rampage around the individual until it returns to Maxine's possession. While wearing it, Maxine can communicate with Mer telepathically and breathe underwater.

The Stun Gloves

A pair of fingerless gloves with the ability to interrupt any form of ether, including that used in Domain Magic, divine ether used in mark abilities, ether used to make up Emean creatures, and other such things. Each strike will disturb the ether momentarily. This means that a spell or ability being prepped will need to be started over or reactivated. A being made of ether, ectoplasm, or ephemera will find Maxine's strikes always capable of hitting their form. Maxine is able to mentally toggle the stunning ability on and off while wearing them. However, while it is on, there is a heavy, constant drain on Maxine's body, leading to extreme weariness, hunger, addictions growing stronger, and other adverse effects. Too much use without rest will cause Maxine to pass out, starve to death, or lose control to her addictions. These gloves cannot leave Maxine. Any attempt to take them will find them magically back upon her person.

Heavy Bag of Coins

A coinpurse with 30 Onyx Nels inside.

The Map of Maps

A perfect detailed map of the main building of Slags Deep

Keys to the Kingdom

A ring of keys for navigating the main building of Slags Deep

[tab]=A Man's Suit]
Perfectly tailored to the warden, this suit is of the finest quality and if so desired, can be sold for 5,000 Golden Nels[/tab]

Mercy's Embrace
“Mercy's Embrace”


Mercys Embrace is a master-crafted Gladius with a blade length of 68 cm(27 in), and a pommel length of 7 inches. The weapon has a total length of 34 inches, and the blade width of 2.5 inches; the blade is composed of embersteel, and is thus heavier than the average Gladius. As a result of the master-level of craftsmanship it is incredibly durable. The weapon possesses an elemental illusion thus it always appears to glow a bright cerulean hue, and the entire weapon from blade to pommel dances with azure flame. Max might notice that the weapon is far heavier than any of her older blades, and has a far more ornate design in the metal alone. The pommel of the weapon bares striking similarities to that of a long-sword. With a heavy pommel designed to deliver blunt force crushing blows, and a somewhat abrasive grip as to promote proper hand placement. Unlike the average gladius this one features a hand guard as to protect the wielder. Price deducted from Mercedes Ledger

Current Injuries

-Fractured Ribs (2) from being thrown against stone wall -Can heal on own, will heal faster with Medicine of Competent+ applied
-Slash wound from spear along left rib (1 permanent scar) -Will need stitched up, Novice+ Surgery
-Foot Skewered 1 (Permanent scarring) -Will require Expert+ Surgery and Medicine to heal with moderate chronic pain after. Master+ for full recovery

The above listed injuries will all be healed upon 60 Ashan.

City Dweller Starting Package ... 100gn
Leather Armor (Full Set from Price List) -35gn ...
Loot from A Violent Reunion ... +150gn
Zi'Da Seasonal Wages-Expenses ... +535gn
Knuckle Duster Thread +50gn 585gn
Cylus Seasonal Expenses ... -5gn
Pies and Pints Thread ... -11gn
Back So Soon? ... -2gn
Total Currency: 0 ON, 667 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
Point Bank Ledger
ItemEarnedSpent Total
Earned a Medal (Murder) 5 0 5
+50 in a Skill (Unarmed Combat) 5 0 10
Complete a Collab. Thread with +2 PCs (x2) 10 0 20
Event Participation and Completion (Cylus 718) 2 0 22
Meet a Mortalborn (x2: Lavana and Kura) 4 0 26
Create Approved NPC (x5: Red Ravens Sharks) 10 0 36
Small Renown Reward (1) 50 0 86
Small Renown Reward (2) 50 0 136
Kindred Bracelets 0 30 106
Chalice of Fortune 0 30 76
Cloak of Hiding 0 60 16
Renown Ledger
]Item/ ThreadFameTotal
Starting Race 10 10
Starting Race in City 10 20
Mercenary 10 30
Dancing Into the Night 1 31
Kenneled 3 34
A Violent Reunion 20 54
The Enemy of My Enemy 15 69
Knuckle Duster 4 73
Fist to Cuffs 5 78
Buggin' Out 2 80
The Unemployed 2 82
A Poorly Played Hand 10 92
Saboteur 25 117
Aftermath 15 132
The Butcher's Cut 10 142
Ladies’ Night Out 5 147
Yet The Resolute Never Give Into Darkness 5 152
When It Rains, It Pours 5 157
Rumble in the Dark 5 162
How Fire Spreads 10 172
A Revolutionary Walks Into a Bar 5 177
Pies and Pints 10 187
Anguished by the End 5 192
Tides of Change 0 212
And It All Came Crashing Down 15 227
Masks in the Night 15 242
Run, Girl, Run 5 247
Shattered Earth 5 252
The Hyena Den 5 257
The Sisters 5 262
The Long Way Down 5 267
Intruder Alert 5 272
And So Sanity Slipped 5 277
Come All Ye Needy282
Stupid is as Stupid Does10292
Picking Up the Scent 10 302
Where's Francis?! 10 312
The Slow Knife5317
Dig Two Graves15332
The Ashlocka5337
Preying Mantis II.10347
The Tell5352
Turn Cloak1353
Fiery End5354
Thread List

Zi'da 718
60: To Find the Stone (In Progress)

Vhalar 718
1: Begin the Vendetta (Graded)
A Reluctant Alliance (Pending)
The Maze (Pending)
Maze Round 4 (Pending)
Maze Round 5 (In Progress)
Maximum Trouble (In Progress)
5: Storms Collide, Ships Sail (Pending)
13: He Ain't You (Graded)
16: Keep to the Law (In Progress)
Ecdysis (In Progress)
Enter the Bog (In Progress)
20: Deep Shadows (In Progress)
21: Vice Grip (In Progress)
40: Picking Up the Scent (Graded)
Where's Francis?! (Graded)
45: Where You've Been (Graded)
60: The Fire of One's Soul (In Progress)
Thelma and Louise (In Progress)
63:Before the Trail Goes Cold (Graded)
65:What's In The Box?! (Graded)
Mask Off (Graded)
Dig Two Graves (Graded)
67:Coming Down (Graded)
The Ashcloak (Graded)
68:The Fiery End (Graded)
69:Preying Mantis I. (Graded)
70:Preying Mantis II. (Graded)
71:Preying Mantis III. (Graded)
72: The Tell (Graded)
80: Turn Cloak (Graded)
Whose Side Are You On? (In Progress)
84: I'm Sending You Away (Graded)
85: Masks Come Off (Graded)
90: Saving Private Rey'na (In Progress)

Saun 718
39: Stupid is as Stupid Does (Graded)

Ymiden 718
1: Ruined Soil (Graded)
Drought (Graded)
2: Shattered Earth (Graded)
3: The Horrors of War (Graded)
The Fool's Errand (Graded)
4: Until the Last Drop (Graded)
5: White Buffalo (Graded)
The Hyena Den (Graded)
The Long Way Down (Graded)
10: A Second Smile (Graded)
The Sisters (Graded)
50: Secrets and Lies (Graded)
60: A New Edge (Graded)
70: Something to Stick (Graded)
75: Just the Tip (Graded)
80: Intruder Alert (Graded)
Deeds Most Foul (Graded)
83: The Slow Knife (Graded)
You Think Darkness is Your Ally? (Graded)
90: An So Sanity Slipped (Graded)

Ashan 718
3: The Underclass (Graded)
4: How Fire Spreads (Graded)
5: And It All Came Crashing Down (Graded)
10: She Who Made Me Choose (Graded)
11: A Revolutionary Walks into a Bar (Graded)
12: Masks in the Night (Graded)
13: Back So Soon? (Graded)
14: A Deal with the Devil (Graded)
20: Sleepless in Scalvoris (Graded)
52: Fun In Games (In Progress)
61: Adrenaline and Other Drugs (In Progress)
65: Tides of Change (Graded)
Into the Deep (Graded)
Run, Girl, Run (Graded)
68: [Slags Deep - The Beneath] Little Fish in a Sea of Sharks (Graded)
69: [Slags Deep - The Beneath] And Way Down We Go (TBD)
70: [Slags Deep - The Beneath] Slave to the Mask (Graded)
75: [Slags Deep - The Beneath] Breaking Silence (Graded)
77: [Slags Deep - The Beneath] Hush (In Progress)
80: [Slags Deep - The Beneath] A World of Hurt (Graded)
85: [Slags Deep - The Beneath] Of Blood and Stone (Graded)
Something in the Sweet (Wine) Water? (Redacted)
88: All That Glitters (Graded)
90: [Slags Deep - The Beneath] I Am Not Afraid Anymore(TBD)
95: [Slags Deep - The Beneath] Genesis (TBD)
123: [Slags Deep - The Beneath] See What I've Become (TBD)

Cylus 718
3: The Unemployed (Graded)
5:Dead Tales (Graded)
7: The Butcher's Cut (Graded)
8: Counting Crows (In Progress)
10: Ladies Night Out (Graded)
Rumble in the Dark (Graded)
11: Come All Ye Needy (Graded)
17: Anguished by the End (Pending)
20: When It Rains, It Pours (Graded)
29: Healing Hurts (Graded)
30: The Darkest Shadow Can Be Found (Graded)
Yet The Resolute Never Give In To Darkness (Graded)

Zi'da 717
10: Aftermath (Graded)
15: Who Crazy Is (Graded)
30: Every Time, You Remind Me (Graded)
Blackout (Graded)
36: Night of Lies (In Progress)
39: Pies and Pints (Graded)
41: An Untouched Paradise (In Progress)
50: Knuckle Duster (Graded)
60: A Poorly Played Hand (Graded)
70: The Enemy of My Enemy (Graded)

Vhalar 717
20: The Twelve fold (Abandoned)
68: Shadows in the Tavern (Graded)
Dancing into the Night (Graded)
105: Kenneled (Graded)
110: The Regulars (Graded)
111: Buggin' Out (Graded)
112: Fist to Cuffs (Graded)
120: A Violent Reunion (Graded)
123: Chasing Ghosts (In Progress)

Ashan 710
45: Just as You've Seen Me
50: The Outsider (In Progress)
Zi'da 711
50th: Of Clay and Bricks (Graded)
word count: 14757
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