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Caius Gawyne
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Caius Gawyne

Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:25 pm

Caius Gawyne
[columns=2]Name: Caius (KEY-uh s) Gawyne

Race: Mixed Blood (Human/Aukari/Biqaj)
Age: 24
Date of Birth: Cylus 30, 694

Height: 6’
Weight: 158lb

FC: Jamie Campbell Bower

Profession: Lord Arbiter of the Order of the Mantis
See also: Inquisitive Troublemaker, Perpetual Student, Occasional Printmaker, Rebellious Noble, Reluctant Mage Hunter

Marks: Ezere (Favored), Sesser (Favored)
Factions: Order of the Mantis
Partner: Unofficially so.

Languages Spoken:
Common (Fluent, SP), Common Sign (Broken), Rakahi (Broken), Vauni (Broken, SP)[/columns]
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Caius Gawyne
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Race: Mixed Race
Profession: Arbitrary Lord
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Caius Gawyne

Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:28 pm

Perhaps the first word used to describe Caius would simply be tall, standing at an even 6’, though he is narrow in frame with long limbs and lithe fingers and has often been deemed as lanky. Stronger than his form implies from working with the heavy machinery of printmaking and lots of time spent on his feet, his features are angular and aquiline but not unattractive. He is a noble’s son underneath the dust of too many forgotten library books or the smudges of ink and oil with dirty blond hair worn just past his chin that hide tinges of red only revealed in the sun; clear blue eyes that reveal his mixed Biqaj heritage; and a roguish, lopsided smile that is usually accompanied by something sarcastic in tone. His eyes shift slightly in color: silver grey when angered or frustrated, greenish blue when amused, and amber when passionately curious. Perhaps telling of his Aukari heritage as well, Caius is generally warmer to the touch than most. It doesn't make him any less susceptible to the cold, though as a Gawyne, cold is an acceptable form of weather anyway, but he never has a chilly handshake and he's the noble tugging at his cravat during a social gathering, feeling the heat of the hearth fire under too many layers of fancy clothes.

His sharp features are expressive, but it’s obvious he doesn’t often feel the need to spend a lot of time putting himself together or a lot of time in the sunshine, let alone sleeping. He often looks unkept, wild, as if he’s been up all night working on something crazy and possibly interesting (because he has). His hair is either minimally untangled, tucked behind his ears, or tied back. Perhaps as a snub to his heritage now that he’s living far from the family estate, his ears and nose are pierced and usually adorned with simple silver rings. He wears no other jewelry, however, as it would just get in his way. His hands are nearly permanently stained with ink or some other substance, and it’s very clear that he doesn’t bother to be concerned, even in the company of others who share his social class.

Outside of the print room, such as in the library or in class or any forced social situation, Caius dresses well and cleans up nicely. He prefers the best clothing he can afford, leaning toward dark colors that hide ink and jewel tones that compliment his shifting eye colors with a penchant for subtle patterns and carefully tailored details. He enjoys texture appreciating the craftsmanship of the clothing he owns, and thus is very capable of dressing the part of his birthright. Inside of the print room, the young Gawyne prefers simple, functional clothes that are usually hidden behind a thick leather apron, all of which are perpetually dirty, ink stained, or smudged with oil.

Tattoos, Scars, & Injuries


His birthday is tattooed in small, white-ink script on the inside of his left wrist. It looks more like a scar than a tattoo without closer inspection. It is not the obvious reminder one would think, if only because for Caius it's a reminder not of his beginning, but of his end.


A deep, puckered scar on his right shoulder near his collar bone from Pythera's dagger and a long, obviously stitched scar of a gash from shoulder to sternum from the same attack on Zi'da 52, 717. Thanks to Syroa's blessing, this scar is slowly fading and will be gone by the end of Ashan.


103 Vhalar 717: Split lip, bruised ribs, bruises on the face. Will take 10 trials to heal properly.

4 Zi'da 717: Bruised, scabbed face for 5-8 trials.
51 Zi’da 717
Wounds from an attack in this thread.
Minor nicks and cuts to arms, legs and torso - 7-10 trials to heal
Minor bruising from fall to hip and shoulder - 7-10 trials to heal
Major gash wound from top of right shoulder, down across chest to shallow out and stop at sternum - YOU ARE BLEEDING. This wound is deep at the shoulder, shallowing as you reach its end at the sternum. If you do not get it professionally treated you will be at risk of infection and death. It will require cauterisation, stitches, medication and rest to heal. You will have some arm weakness for at least 7-10 trials, not enough to stop you functioning but it will be harder to lift your arm above chest height. If you don’t look after the wound you risk infection. Will take at least 30-35 trials to fully heal the deep part of the wound, 10-15 for the shallowest. Will leave a permanent scar. May leave permanent ache in the shoulder and stiffness without some physiotherapy.
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Caius Gawyne
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Caius Gawyne

Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:36 pm

There are a few words that can be used to quickly sum up Caius’ outward personality: aloof, sarcastic, rebellious, and blunt. The young Gawyne grew up in affluence and wanted for nothing, and so he is prone to taking things for granted. He wasn’t raised without etiquette, but while he may know how to act with the civility expected of his station, he’s purposefully removed himself from the watchful expectations of his family and his peers in order to study and live a life of his own, thus becoming a bit more free—if one could put it politely—with his opinions, his words and his mannerisms.

Caius isn’t antisocial by any means; his aloofness is intelligent and creative in nature. He distances himself from those he considers inferior to himself partly out of habit from his noble upbringing and partly out of necessity: the young Gawyne has a ravenous thought process that usually consumes himself, if not everything and everyone else around him. So, if someone can’t keep up or burns out, he can’t and won’t wait for them. He makes his social choices based on this unspoken and complicated requirement, which often requires him to be blunt and makes him come across as rude, judgmental, or cruel. If one can pass over the wall and endure the intensity of his inner circle, then they have a friend for life who actually has a sarcastic, devious sense of humor and a penchant for debauchery and sleeplessness. Often finding the only reliable cure for his inability to sleep is just being busy, he’d rather be in the library than a tavern, binding a book than at a formal dinner, and printing with ink under his finger nails than changing society through political maneuvering. That said, he isn't adverse to finding some kind of night life outside of campus on occasion, purely for the variety of experience, though if he’s ever to participate in anything resembling social change, should anyone ever be able to yank him out of wealthy apathy, then his weapons would be the printed word and pure, unfiltered truth.

The young Gawyne is rebellious in that he has no interest in the complications of noble society other than the spoils he feels he deserves because of his birthright, despite being aware that his family has expectations for his future that he doesn’t want. His desire to learn has become a crutch to keep him away from home, to keep learning, to keep finding excuses not to return to what he feels is a suffocating perpetual cycle of sameness and under-stimulating political malaise. Caius is almost morosely obsessed with the pursuit of knowing more—history is an escape from the conflicts of his family and in his mind a key to making a better future. He wants something else, something more, but he also doesn’t want to be poor or common, so he’s ruthless in his ambitious desire to be someone not seen for his family or his title but for his for his individual expression, for his daring creativity, and for his intelligence instead. Knowledge is power, or so he's been raised as a Gawyne, and he is hungry to discover true knowledge instead of content to live under the assumptions by which Rynmere society is run.
Music Inspiration
Story arc:


Merits: Creative, Intelligent, Discerning, Bold
Flaws: Crass, Disillusioned, Insomniac, Distant

Alignment Reference: Neutral Good (Lawful Neutral)

Personality Type: INTP
Personality Highlights: The measured, thoughtful nature of their speech. The wild, unstructured pattern of their thoughts. The way they break down every pre-determined concept. The way they question and cast doubt onto themselves. The curiosity that fuels their every action. The open-mindedness with which they approach people. The patience they apply to deep complexities. The biases they recognize within themselves.
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Caius Gawyne
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Caius Gawyne

Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:37 pm

Faith and Devotion
As a Rynmere noble from the house of Gawyne, Caius was raised within the tenants of Rynlism. The Fates are important to him, unlike other members of his family, and he does more than simply pay lip service to their existence. He reveres them as they deserve, though perhaps he views them through a more critical and discerning sense than most common folk in that he's convinced they were mere mortals like himself. That said, he not only believes in the existence of Immortals, but is aware through his studies of religion and history that they are real and walk Idalos, so he is perhaps an oddity in that he does not find any hint of conflict in these two things together.

Instead, he wants to know the truth about both, and has made Religion one of his courses of study at Rynmere University to learn more. He has, however, begun to feel the limitations of the Rynlist perspective, no matter how unbiased the University claims to be. Because of this, Caius has begun to wonder if there are other avenues to travel in order to find the knowledge that he so insatiably wants to learn.

Envoy ability: As the grandchild of a Mortalborn son of Ziell, you are gifted—or cursed, depending on your point of view—with the ability to know the exact arc, trial, break and bit of your natural death. You do not know how you will die, but you know when.
Blessings and Curses

EZERE: Ziell's Blessing |Favored

Ezere, Favored Thread

Mark Abilities

Favored Abilities
Snow Falls Silently In the winter, one can almost hear the sound of quiet snow drifting and building around them. This ability takes that silence and applies it to a different sound. The user of this ability can silence all sound they make, evoking nothing louder than the gentle sifting of snow. (They can maintain this ability for half a break before needing to rest.)
Calm Before the Storm 0 The user of this ability can target one person who is able to hear them. The ability lives within the words that are said and this ability is especially powerful in the moments before a verbal argument comes to blows. The target will feel all anger, annoyance, fear, and violence seep away from them. It may not change their minds about their disagreement with the other party, but they will no longer feel compelled to escalate the argument. This ability is triggered with a few words or sentences to the targeted individual. Those especially learned in Meditation can resist, but cannot hold their anger for long. This ability is useless against those that are already in pitched combat.
Winter's Warmth The blessed individual doesn't feel the cold as strongly and is able tolerate much colder temperatures than the average person, walking in snow without footwear, venturing outside during Cylus, or swimming in an icy lake without issue. The marked cannot be affected by an ice or cold-based effect.
The Smell of Conflict 0 This ability can be used to smell aggression and the intent to harm. Violence or the potential of violence has a strong smell. Some marked use this ability to patrol the streets of their city, following the scent to scenes of violent crimes and putting a stop to them. Others catch a whiff of violence growing in the bar and decide to call it an early evening. If someone intends to do the marked one harm, one with this ability can smell it on them.
Chill Finger 1 The user of this ability can impart the effects of hypothermia on anyone they meet with skin on skin contact. The effect is immediate and spreads from the point of contact throughout the entire body. During the warmer months this ability, at best, imparts sharp tremors and shortness of breath, but during the colder months it can debilitate an opponent with weakness, chills, and tremors. Not meant to be a deadly ability, this power paradoxically guards the victim against the fatal effects of the chill they are affected with. Although they will experience the full devastation of hypothermia, they will be freed within a break (or when the marked removes contact) with their body temperature restored to a natural, healthy state.
Peacefather's Skills +3 Added to Investigation
Touch of Greatness (Minor) 0 With this ability, one can sense the capability of another. While not truly a 'prophecy' of what is to come, this ability grants a sensation of what one target is capable of. Those with Competency in a weapon will smell of blood or steel, someone accomplished in magic might smell acrid or lance the tongue with a shocking sensation. Players are encouraged to be creative with this ability. While it does not deliberately spell out a character's skills or abilities, a learned user of this talent will be able to identify certain people by what they are capable of.
Safe Hearth (Minor) This ability manifests as a light dusting of snow and frost along the walls and floor around the user that seems impervious to melting, no matter the temperature. Anyone who steps on the surface marked by the user immediately alerts the user of their presence. If their intentions are peaceful, they move comfortably within the space...but if they intend to cause violence or harm, the ground becomes slippery with ice and the room plunges in temperature. The marked becomes instantly aware of impending violence and can act. This ability can be used to mark a room sized location at this level. During the warmer months, this ability is at its weakest and the cold will be only a slight nuisance to those who enter the area, but in the colder months the effect can be strong and dangerous to the unwary. . Many marked use this ability on the road when they slumber, marking the area around them. Some choose to guard their hearths. When the trap triggers, the ice and cold will melt and seep away as normal and the location must be marked again.

Mark Knowledges

Calm Before the Storm | 0 The Smell of Conflict | 0 Chill Finger | 1
Chill Finger: Regulating the length of touch for less damage Touch of Greatness | 1
Touch of Greatness: The panicked feeling of someone pursued (+)

SESSER: Syroa's Blessing | Favored

Sesser, Favored Thread[/columns]

Mark Abilities

Favored Abilities
Transformer's Toolbox [Minor] 0 The bearer is able to make superficial changes to his or her form. Facial skin, hair, eyes, nails, voice - through Syroa's blessing, the bearer becomes a minor shapeshifter, a faint echo of the winged goddess of transformation. Minor alterations are instant - the bearer could be a brunette with a pixie cut and brown eyes one moment, a long-haired, blue-eyed blonde the next. Minor alterations can be held effortlessly for trials at a time, while major alterations will start showing signs of reversion within a few breaks. While users of Makeover can attempt to mimic another, at this level the resemblance will always be a little off.
Ever Alluring I The bearer has an enhanced constitution, staying strong and healthy in conditions where others would wilt and fall ill. Scars never remain, disease rarely seems to visibly touch the bearer, and he/she recovers from injuries much faster than the average member of their race. The bearer seems to age more slowly, though the effect is superficial rather than biological. In addition, everyone encountered is subconsciously attracted to the bearer, even those of incompatible sexual orientation. Those of alternate tastes may not feel compelled to flirt or pursue the marked, but the spark of incomprehensible arousal, however slight, is there all the same.
Grifter's Skills I N/A +3 Skill Points have been added to Persuasion.
Thespian 0 While some other gods would demand their followers master their emotions, Syroa favors a more elusive approach to the solution of the human heart.With this blessing, the bearer is able to adopt and discard feelings and emotions as he or she sees fit, turning the human heart from a liability into one of its greatest, most controlled assets. This ability is even somewhat effective against Empathy, although experts and masters can overtax a Sesser just as fast as they discard. At the end of the trial, however, the bearer has to feel again; everything 'real' comes rushing back in their sleep as a jumbled mess. Syroa's chosen don't have nightmares; they simply face the ugly reality of their mindscape in their dreams.

Mark Knowledges

Transformer's Toolbox | 2
• Thespian: The consequences of not feeling are more nightmares (+)
• Thespian: Selective masking in high-emotion situations (+) Thespian | 2
• Transformer's Toolbox: Borrowing from what you know (+)
• Transformer's Toolbox: Subtle transformations last longer (+)
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Caius Gawyne

Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:38 pm

Caius is the second-born son of Baron Frederick and Baronness Jade Gawyne. He is a full three years younger than his eldest brother, Hunter, and at the same time, three years older than his closest sister, Ivy. His next brother, Robert, is four years his younger. His other two siblings, another brother and a sister, are far enough away from him in age that he is only just beginning to form real relationships with them as an adult.
NPC + PC Family
Hunter Gawyne - NPC
Ivy Gawyne - PC
As the second child, Caius was oft compared to his brother. He was a quiet and easy infant, content to be held and hardly ever fussy. He, like his brother, was given all that he could have wanted as another male and potential heir. While Hunter was studious, the second Gawyne was active—he much preferred physical activity, rough housing, and making messes. He was creative instead of logical, and yet had great aptitude for reading and history and stories, always captivated by knowing what had happened before his time. He was the boy who got lost in the Fort Gawyne library whenever possible, curling up in a chair with a stack of books he had to blow dust off of before he could even open. He learned to read early as a very young child, perhaps in true competitive form against his brother, and has never grown out of his appetite for the written word and the process to create a book from start to finish.

He took well enough to combat training as was fitting for a Lord, finding close combat and the use of a sword both worthy of any tale in an old tome and exciting for the strategy involved. Sticks, pans, and real weapons borrowed from the Gawyne armory often snuck their way into his play with his siblings, much to the chagrin of his parents. Tutors eventually brought him to focus on the saber, and while he has no particular interest in military service, Caius is aware that Idalos is a world full of conflict—he is a noble, after all.

Caius’ real love was and is art—both the visual arts and the written word—and the young Lord drew and painted and charcoaled and carved his vision of such expression on every surface in Fort Gawyne. There are secret art works hidden in places adults would never know to look and there were many cold Zi’da days spent scrubbing walls with the servants for his disobedient creativity. He found it easier to express himself visually and physically than he ever did with words as a child, and was often teased by his brother for being quiet and shy when he just couldn’t find the right words to say no matter how bold he felt inside. However, this creative pursuit was not deemed practical for a Lord of any age and this in the spirit of competition and preparation, Caius was discouraged from pouring too much of himself into anything resembling the arts. It was good for a man to aspire to be well-rounded, said the his father far too often, but a Gawyne must seek to expand his mind through practical knowledge and well-honed wisdom through study and discipline while cultivating pleasing hobbies within the arts instead. And so even as a child, Caius began to grow discontent, torn between the pursuit of knowing and the need to make with his hands.

He and his siblings were quite close as children, and despite the often confusing competitiveness placed upon him by parental expectations, he admired his older brother and was always finding ways to get into trouble with his sister Ivy. Their penchant for adventure was notorious throughout Fort Gawyne, though it was usually Caius who got in trouble or Robert who took the blame, the boys more often than not making sure to heroically look out for their sisters.

At least until they couldn’t.
Teenaged Years
Caius blames himself for Ivy’s disappearance, for it was their shared spirit of adventure that encouraged her decision. That and he grew afraid and refused to come with her, aware that the repercussions from their father and family once they were found would have been far too much for the quiet, bookish boy to bear.

In the trials after Ivy’s disappearance, so much of his home life was turned upside down. Hunter’s blame and anger drove a wedge between them as Caius was the first to speak up that he knew. While his eldest brother didn’t blame him at all it seemed, the younger Gawyne didn’t need anyone else to tell him how to feel. He remained supportive of his parents, which lost the youth his eldest brother’s respect. The yelling and talk of vengeance drove Caius further into his studies and into his quiet, creative world. Had he been asked, he would have gladly sworn the same vengeance, but he was not, instead choosing to pursue knowledge in his own way, seeking to sooth the hurt but also gather information in ways that Hunter could not, always leaving him the clues as his older brother was still looked upon with authority by birthright, no matter who objected to his accusations and crazed methods.

When Ivy returned, Caius was often the one who found the most creative ways to see her, his self-initiated guilt driving him to take the risks in order to cheer her up with drawings, paintings, books, and poetry.

With the failure of his brother to find Ivy’s captor, Caius became disillusioned with both Hunter’s supposed superiority as well as traditional nobility in general. Everyone had failed and to the younger Gawyne, something had to change. That something started inside himself. The desires to constantly resort to violence and conflict felt foolish, leading only to more trouble instead of the solution everyone surely longed for. The young Gawyne longed for peace in his own home and peace for his siblings foremost. He missed their friendships and closeness, the loneliness of suffering driving him inward and away instead of empowering him to get involved. He allowed himself to become an outsider, afraid to step up, to speak out with words lest he bring more hurt and chaos.

More frustrated than ever at the conflict and ineptitude that raged within his own House, he threw himself into studies of language and history and art and religion and politics, seeking to expand his mind with ruthless precision and yet more and more relying on the creative outlet of art to express the things he could not say out loud, to communicate wordlessly with those willing to listen. And then Ivy left him too, alone with his younger siblings, and after Robert’s death Caius truly felt as though he had no one. He became aloof and disinterested in the duties and expectations of his family, missing the companionship of his closest siblings and exhausted by the expectations of his father to fill a role he had not been raised to fit into without the option of creating his own expression of it.

By his 18th year, he requested to go to Viden to study Art, a request that was not right away granted by his father in Hunter’s absence. Instead, the restless Caius took on the role of eldest Lord in his brother’s place for more arcs than he desired, each new season bringing his request back before his father with more and more desperation. Growing more and more apathetic to the trappings of nobility while his hunger to learn grew impatient and starved, the young Gawyne was finally granted his freedom to study abroad and he took it without hesitation.

Young Adulthood to Present
Finally, with Hunter’s return from Nashaki and subsequent studies at Rynmere University, Caius was allowed to leave for Andaris and study as well. However, he took the first opportunity he had to put distance between himself and his family by choosing to study for almost an entire arc in Viden. It was difficult and even colder than his own homelands, and yet the separation was perhaps just the kind of breathing room he needed after all that had happened within his family. After that arc abroad, he has returned to Andaris to continue his studies at Rynmere University. Though he still does not associate at all with his brother, especially now that the eldest Gawyne has returned home, Caius desires to seek out his sister and perhaps rekindle their friendship now that they are both far from the confines of their home in the north. Inside, Caius still longs to bring stability and peace, though his focus is on his immediate circle, still far too disillusioned to consider his usefulness in the kingdom at large.

His creativity has matured after studying drawing and painting and writing. After countless hours among books and scrolls and old times, he has found an interest in printmaking with its meticulous precision and physical activity as well as in the making of books with its long process with so much careful involvement. The Baron has no interest in his second son becoming an artist, however, and so Caius could only pursue Printmaking in the Institue of Arts under the strict promise that he take up a more practical course of study. Therefore, the ever rebellious second son has chosen Religion as his primary course of study, a choice that keeps him constantly covered in the dust of old books, his fingers on spines in need of sewing, and buried in old stories of knowledge far beyond his understanding.

Just as it should be for a proper Gawyne.

Starter Quest
Tomes are dusty, but they provide a good bit of information. Even more importantly, they provide you with a location in which your true education can begin. North of Viden there is a cave that is talked about in a rumor you found written in the pages of a book. Told to contain a source of true knowledge, Treid's Sanctum has been undisturbed for two hundred arcs. It could all be a rumour, but perhaps it's not. And for some inexplicable reason, you want to leave your home and figure out if the hype is to be believed.

But there is a niggling feeling that the exact arc, trial, break and bit of your death happens to fall on the date you get to Treid's Sanctum. Do you want to take the risk in pursuit of knowledge? Or will you allow the cave to remain undisturbed, and hope the date of your natural death will come far later? You decide.

Courtesy of Djinn
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RP Medals

Caius Gawyne

Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:38 pm

Housing, etc.
Caius shares a 1250 square foot, 2-story rental property in Mid-Town near the Rynmere Gazette with Darcyanna Venora. The rental property includes a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, two bedrooms, and a spare room. It includes a hearth in the kitchen and a fireplace in each bedroom. The spare room has a wooden stove (-15gn).

The purchased furnishings for the rental property are as follows, all deducted from our ledgers, split evenly:
[columns=5]Main Room
Armchair (2) 30gn
Coat Rack 7gn
Couch 35gn
Coffee Table 4gn
Shelves, Small (2) 10gn
Pillow (for dog) 10gn
Lantern 10gn

Table, small 25gn
Chair, small (4) 20gn
Hutch 40gn
Kitchen Cabinet 15gn
Small Frying Pan 2gn
Small Cooking Pot 3gn
Small Cast Iron Pan 5gn
Cup (4) 20sn
Mug (4) 20sn
Plate (4) 8sn
Fork (4) 4sn
Knife (4) 4sn
Soup Bowl (4) 4sn
Tea Kettle 6gn
Lantern 10gn
Tinderbox 5gn

Bedroom, Master
Queen Bed 100gn
Queen Fitted Sheet (2) 4gn
Queen Flat Sheet (2) 2gn
Pillows (4) 20gn
Pillow Cases (4) 4sn
Comforter 15gn
Duvet 20gn
Quilt 6gn
Dresser, Large 60gn
Bedside Table 15gn
Vanity 30gn
Mirror, Small 30gn
Bench 35gn
Candle Holder 5gn
Candle (4) 20sn

Bedroom, Guest
Double Bed 50gn
Double Fitted Sheet (2) 16sn
Double Flat Sheet (2) 12sn
Pillows (4) 20gn
Pillow Cases (4) 4sn
Comforter 20gn
Quilt 6gn
Dresser, Small 30gn
Mirror, Small 10gn
Stool 5gn
Candle Holder 5gn
Candle (4) 20sn

Spare Room (Study)
Shelves, Large (2) 20gn
Desk 20gn
Chair, Large (Padded) 13gn
Stool 5gn
Piano (Darcy's) --
Ink Well 2gn
Ink Pen (2) 2gn
Fine Paper (10 pages) 5gn
Blank Journal 5gn
Lantern 10gn

Towels, Large (4) 6sn
Towels, Small (4) 2sn[/columns]
Note: The rental agreement for the Mid-Town property is 15sn/night, paid seasonally.
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RP Medals

Caius Gawyne

Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:41 pm

Skill Name (Specific) Knowledges Points Acquired Total Points Proficiency
Acting 7 25 / 100 25 / 250 Novice
Blades: Saber 28 51 / 100 78 / 250 Expert
Business Management 9 25 / 100 25 / 250 Novice
Bookbinding 6 10 / 100 10 / 250 Novice
Deception 22 51 / 100 78 / 250 Expert
Detection 30 51 / 100 78 / 250 Expert
Discipline 37 51(54) / 100 78(81) / 250 Expert
Endurance 30 51(54) / 100 78(81) / 250 Expert
Etiquette 30 26 / 100 27 / 250 Competent
Intelligence 13 26 / 100 27 / 250 Competent
Intimidation 12 26 / 100 27 / 250 Competent
Investigation 13 26 / 100 27 / 250 Competent
Leadership 16 26 / 100 27 / 250 Competent
Linguistics 8 5 / 100 5 / 250 Novice
Meditation 2 5 / 100 5 / 100 Novice
Persuasion 4 5 / 100 5 / 100 Novice
Politics 38 51 / 100 NA: FT Expert
Printmaking 14 26 / 100 27 / 250 Competent
Psychology 11 26 / 100 27 / 250 Competent
Research 17 26 / 100 27 / 250 Competent
Rhetoric 36 26 / 100 27 / 250 Competent
Seduction 30 51 / 100 78 / 250 Expert
Sociology 11 26 / 100 27 / 250 Competent
Stealth 5 5 / 100 05 / 250 Novice
Strength 15 26 / 100 27 / 250 Competent
Unarmed Combat 19 26 / 100 27 / 250 Competent

Skill Knowledges

Skills A-E

Acting | 7
• Acting: Referencing familiar material to make yourself more believable (+)
• Acting: Taking on acceptable roles to go unnoticed (+)
• Acting: Using a false name is an easy start (+)
• Acting: Playing variations of yourself instead of someone else (+)
• Acting: Using your title to unnecessarily expedite things (+)
• Acting: Playing a more pleasant version of yourself (+)
• Acting: Knowing when to drop the curtain (+)
Alchemy | 1
• Alchemy: Absolution, an explosive concoction (+)
Blades: Saber | 28
• Blades: Longer blades for self defense (DJ)
• Blades: Saber: Basic Guard Stance (SP)
• Blades: Saber: Steadying your grip when surprised (+)
• Blades: Saber: Slash to the face (+)
• Blades: Saber: Taking opportunities as they come (+)
• Blades: Saber: Quick slice under the ribs (+)
• Blades (Saber): How to parry a dagger attack (+)
• Blades (Saber): Slashing at your opponents wrists to try and disarm (+)
• Blades (Saber): Guarding and counterattacking (+)
• Blades (Saber): Using the pommel as well as the blade (+)
• Blades (Saber): Low guard position (+)
• Blades (Saber): High guard position (+)
• Blades (Saber): Upward parry (+)
• Blades (Saber): The power is in your wrist (+)
• Blades (Saber): Using your free hand for leverage (+)
• Blades: Saber: Crowd control (+)
• Blades: Saber: Defensive threat (+)
• Blades: Dagger: Basic grip (+)
• Blades: Dagger: Forward stab (+)
• Blades: Taking on a larger opponent (+)
• Blades: Wild swings of desperation (+)
• Blades (Saber): Parrying a larger weapon (longsword) (+)
• Blades (Saber): Reacting quickly to a slower weapon (+)
• Blades (Saber): Adjusting your stance when injured (+)
• Blades (Saber): Quick jabs in close quarters (+)
• Blades (Saber): Patiently waiting an opportunity for attack (+)
• Blades (Saber): Using your free hand for grappling (+)
• Blades (Saber): The quick riposte (+)
Bookbinding | 6
• Preparing the signature (SP)
• Bookbinding: Signs of wear on the spine (+)
• Bookbinding: Assessing how pages are (+)
• Bookbinding: Limitations of rebinding (+)
• Bookbinding: Knowing when to reprint or when to rebind (+)
• Bookbinding: Glue becomes brittle over time (+)
Business Management | 9
• Business Management: Cleaning up after the job is done (+)
• Business Management: Being the last to leave (+)
• Business Management: Accepting a business proposal (+)
• Business Management: Keeping it professional (+)
• Business Management: Negotiating with personal details (+)
• Business Management: Receiving outside investments (+)
• Business Management: Recognizing a good offer (+)
• Business Management: Delegating tasks you know you're not skilled in (+)
• Business Management: Trusting the assistance of your employees (+)
Caregiving | 3
• Caregiving: Being the sober one (+)
• Caregiving: Working through irrational behavior (+)
• Caregiving: Taking away the problem (+)
Climbing | 2
• Climbing: Ice, not really that easy to climb (+)
• Climbing: The right equipment for the right environment (+)
Cooking | 1
• Cooking: The Smell of Burning manflesh (+)
Cosmetology | 1
• Cosmetology: Letting the clothier make the decisions (+)
Dancing | 5
• Dancing: (Im)Proper hand positions (+)
• Dancing: Watching other dancers for clues (+)
• Dancing: Relaxing for more natural movement (+)
• Dancing: Keeping step with an intoxicated partner (+)
• Dancing: Feeling the music even when you don't (+)
Deception | 22
• Deception: I'm fine. (+)
• Deception: Breaking a promise for the greater good (+)
• Deception: Not telling the whole truth is still lying (+)
• Deception: Keeping difficult secrets from loved ones (+)
• Deception: Hiding an intervention with a social visit (+)
• Deception: Showing confidence to avoid giving your foe the upper hand (+)
• Deception: Hollow threats don’t bank cheques (+)
• Deception: Taking advantage of your foe’s distractions (+)
• Deception: Not telling the entire truth (+)
• Deception: Withholding the details for someone else's safety (+)
• Deception: Not giving your noble title (+)
• Deception: Avoiding straightforward answers (+)
• Deception: Changing the subject (+)
• Deception: Pretending at property ownership (+)
• Deception: Keeping it believable (+)
• Deception: Hiding dishonesty by being wordy and annoying (+)
• Deception: "Of course not." (+)
• Deception: Knowing it's wrong and doing it anyway (+)
• Deception: Using official language to make a lie more convincing (+)
• Deception: Adding an untrue detail to elevate danger (+)
• Deception: Unwelcome pleasantries (+)
• Deception: Generalizing when details don’t fucking matter (+)
• Deception: Fudging the dates (+)
Detection | 30
• Detection: The scent of reevi (+)
• Detection: Signs of overdose (+)
• Detection: Paying attention to clues in your foes monologue (+)
• Detection: Realizing she’s not into you (+)
• Detection: The difference between magic and alchemy (+)
• Detection: Signs of drug intoxication (+)
• Detection: Knowing you've totally hurt her feelings (+)
• Detection: Noticing subtle signs of flirtation (+)
• Detection: Knowing when you've said the wrong thing (+)
• Detection: Signs of withdrawal (+)
• Detection: Taking queues from your surroundings (+)
• Detection: Knowing when you've overstepped trust (+)
• Detection: Picking up on hints (+)
• Detection: Recognizing the hints of jealousy (+)
• Detection: Straining to hear what you want over conversation (+)
• Detection: Signs of alcohol intoxication (+)
• Detection: Making eye contact in a crowd (+)
• Detection: Voices in the dark (+)
• Detection: The eyes have it (+)
• Detection: That's your queue (+)
• Detection: You're not in Rynmere anymore, noble (+)
• Detection: The map is a lie (+)
• Detection: Spotting anomalies in an irregular surface (+)
• Detection: Peering beyond the surface (+)
• Detection: Recognizing a familiar voice (+)
• Detection: Signs of a bar fight (+)
• Detection: Paying attention to danger even when inebriated (+)
• Detection: Putting faces to names (+)
• Detection: Paying attention to details in a busy place (+)
• Detection: Finding that face in the crowd (+)
• Detection: Recognizing the familiar from voice (+)
• Detection: Spotting the little things in a quick moment (+)
Discipline | 37
• Discipline: Humility is difficult (+)
• Discipline: Containing your noble airs (+)
• Discipline: Refusing to retaliate (+)
• Discipline: Ignoring feelings of desire (+)
• Discipline: Sticking to your convictions (+)
• Discipline: Remaining firm in the face of conflict (+)
• Discipline: Sticking to the plan even when it hurts (+)
• Discipline: Weathering someone else's withdrawal symptoms (+)
• Discipline: Saying no (+)
• Discipline: Optimistic game face (+)
• Discipline: Sticking to what you believe is right (+)
• Discipline: Repressing your fear (+)
• Discipline: Taking control of a situation even when you’re loosing (+)
• Discipline: Saying no when your body says yes (+)
• Discipline: Having a sarding conscience (+)
• Discipline: Waiting on the dog (+)
• Discipline: Keeping it all in (+)
• Discipline: Letting it all go (+)
• Discipline: Resisting professional seduction (+)
• Discipline: Continuing a conversation while distracted (+)
• Discipline: Determination in the face of adversity (+)
• Discipline: Meaning what you say (+)
• Discipline: Burying the hurt (+)
• Discipline: Knowing when to step out of conversation (+)
• Discipline: Taming the tongue in surprise (+)
• Discipline: Accepting what is handed to you (+)
• Discipline: Making a difficult decision (+)
• Discipline: Staying sane in chaos (+)
• Discipline: Holding ground amidst terrifying magic (+)
• Discipline: Keeping focused in the face of horror (+)
• Discipline: Watching someone burn alive (+)
• Discipline: Keeping it together when you have nothing to lose (+)
• Discipline: Calming oneself for the sake of others (+)
• Discipline: Not making those snide comments you could have (+)
• Discipline: Ignoring desires for companionship (+)
• Discipline: Distracting oneself to deny unwanted desires (+)
• Discipline: Walking away from trouble, even when it hurts (+)
Drawing | 8
• Drawing: Planning a printed page (+)
• Drawing: Sketching letters by hand (+)
• Drawing: Laying out a large art piece (+)
• Drawing: Medium: Charcoal (+)
• Drawing: Technique: Sketching (+)
• Drawing: Technique: Drawing your surroundings (+)
• Drawing: Critiquing your own work (+)
• Drawing: Representational accuracy! (+)
Endurance | 30
• Endurance: Working all night (+)
• Endurance: Skinny dipping in Vhalar (+)
• Endurance: Functioning on little sleep (+)
• Endurance: Staying up that extra break to write (+)
• Endurance: Taking the anger to your face (+)
• Endurance: Conversing through pain (+)
• Endurance: Two more bits. (+)
• Endurance: Further blows to an injured face (+)
• Endurance: Working through the heat (+)
• Endurance: Sometimes it's alright to power nap (+)
• Endurance: Putting on your noble face after a bit of a beating (+)
• Endurance: Standing your emotional ground (+)
• Endurance: Being in shock from a severe injury (+)
• Endurance: Cleaning a wound hurts (+)
• Endurance: Cauterization is horrible (+)
• Endurance: Poor stitching is agony (+)
• Endurance: Talking to stay conscious (+)
• Endurance: Someone else's body warmth for comfort (+)
• Endurance: Surviving a second set of stitches (+)
• Endurance: Immobilization to minimize pain (+)
• Endurance: Disgust-induced nausea (+)
• Endurance: The press of a crowd (+)
• Endurance: Withstanding the Cylus chill (+)
• Endurance: Viden's harsh Tundra chill (+)
• Endurance: Accepting the inevitability of death (+)
• Endurance: Pushing through pain (+)
• Endurance: Catching your breath after having it knocked out of you (+)
• Endurance: Walking in deep snow (+)
• Endurance: Traveling farther than your body is used to (+)
• Endurance: Still too warm when it's cold (+)
Ensorcelling | 2
• Ensorcelling: DuKette’s glimmering blades (+)
• Ensorcelling: The explosive properties of wells (+)
Etiquitte | 30
• Etiquette: Asking for directions with as few bad words as possible (+)
• Etiquette: Answering the important questions first (+)
• Etiquette: Properly improper (+)
• Etiquette: Insulting someone with subtlety (+)
• Etiquette: I don't sarding care (+)
• Etiquette: Nicknames instead of titles (+)
• Etiquette: Using familiar language to build rapport (+)
• Etiquitte: Talking about the weather (+)
• Etiquette: Unapologetically crass (+)
• Etiquette: Proper introductions with a Duke (+)
• Etiquette: Appreciating someone else’s art (+)
• Etiquette: Purposefully annoying (+)
• Etiquette: It helps to get names correct (+)
• Etiquette: Polite interruption (+)
• Etiquette: Accepting the critique of others (+)
• Etiquette: Holding doors open for the ladies (+)
• Etiquette: Making scars beautiful (+)
• Etiquette: Making sure she knows she can have boundaries (+)
• Etiquette: Complimenting a lady on her outfit (+)
• Etiquette: Taking care of friends in financial need (+)
• Etiquette: How to breach a taboo subject (+)
• Etiquette: Polite questions (+)
• Etiquette: Accepting a generous gift (+)
• Etiquette: Making difficult promises (+)
• Etiquette: Remembering someone is human (+)
• Etiquette: Bloodied and unpresentable for your liege (+)
• Etiquette: Always walk the lady home after a night out (+)
• Etiquette: How to receive a compliment (+)
• Etiquette: Proper introductions in combat (+)
• Etiquette: Holding the door for strangers (+)

Skills F-J

Intelligence | 13
• Intelligence: Asking personal questions (+)
• Intelligence: Pushing past the surface value (+)
• Intelligence: Broaching the subject of magic in (+)public
• Intelligence: Asking about artistic vision in order to dig deeper about a person (+)
• Intelligence: Overheard conversation (+)
• Intelligence: Listening between the lines (+)
• Intelligence: The process of justice (+)
• Intelligence: Distilling the moment into a summary (+)
• Intelligence: Honest evaluations of a terrible situation (+)
• Intelligence: Annoying barrage of swear-laden questioning (+)
• Intelligence: Expedience over thoroughness (+)
• Intelligence: Reviewing the notes of your network (+)
• Intelligence: Trusting the observations of others (+)
Intimidation | 10
• Intimidation: That noble sneer (+)
• Intimidation: Damn your house! (+)
• Intimidation: Laying on the threats to scare your foe (+)
• Intimidation: Using your position of power to its full advantage (+)
• Intimidation: Turning your foes words against them (+)
• Intimidation: Referencing a higher authority (+)
• Intimidation: A dry sense of humor is often misinterpreted (+)
• Intimidation: Threatening to bring the superiors (+)
• Intimidation: Throwing your title around like you mean it (+)
• Intimidation: Always insult their mother. (+)
• Intimidation: Verbal threats, physical presence (+)
• Intimidation: Promise of official procedures to quiet suspicions (+)
Investigation | 13
• Investigation: Making an educated guess (+)
• Investigation: Direct questions get things done faster (+)
• Investigation: Casually querying interest (+)
• Investigation: Offering opinions to open up conversation (+)
• Investigation: Signs of a Defier’s element of choice (+)
• Investigation: The sound of a Rupture portal (+)
• Investigation: Making friends with your informant (+)
• Investigation: Determining the best course of action (+)
• Investigation: Following unlikely leads (+)
• Investigation: Taking the time to study multiple accounts of the same event (+)
• Investigation: Realizing someone is more than they seemed (+)
• Investigation: Following your assumptions to a likely location (+)
• Investigation: Proving your hypothesis (+)

Skills K-O

Leadership | 16
• Leadership: Taking lead on the dance floor (+)
• Leadership: Making relationship decisions (+)
• Leadership: The power of delegation (+)
• Leadership: Paying for services well-rendered (+)
• Leadership: Ordering the crowd (+)
• Leadership: Accepting the sacrifice of others to succeed (+)
• Leadership: Giving orders to keep the crowd calm (+)
• Leadership: Taking the stage (+)
• Leadership: Controlling the situation (+)
• Leadership: How to conduct an arrest (+)
• Leadership: Offering assistance, useful or not (+)
• Leadership: Making executive decisions (+)
• Leadership: Collaborating with others to come up with the best solution (+)
• Leadership: Delegating under pressure (+)
• Leadership: Making your presence known (+)
• Leadership: Ignoring the opinions of the crowd (+)
Linguistics | 7
• Phonetics and Phonology (SP)
• Linguistics: Semantics of illegitimacy (+)
• Linguistics: Cultural contexts of the word noble (+)
• Linguistics: The semantics of family (+)
• Linguistics: Word choices matter (+)
• Linguistics: Words are not always necessary to communicate (+)
• Linguistics: Body language is a language (+)
• Linguistics: The indelicate nature of Immortal swears (+)
Logistics | 2
• Logistics: The chaos of a frightened crowd (+)
• Logistics: Choosing your course of action in chaos (+)
Meditation | 2
• Meditation: Imagining your place of contentment (+)
• Meditation: Seeking inner quiet (+)
Navigation | 2
• Navigation: Asking directions (+)
• Navigation: All these halls look the fekking same (+)

Skills P-T

Persuasion | 4
• Persuasion: I don't want your help, just your company (+)
• Persuasion: Adorable dogs are always a bonus (+)
• Persuasion: Admitting your real desires (+)
• Persuasion: The power of apology (+)
Politics | 38
• Politics: Refuting illegitimacy (+)
• Politics: The weight of your authority is relative to your location (+)
• Politics: No delicate descriptors (+)
• Politics: Reminding someone of their status (+)
• Politics: Establishing common ground (+)
• Politics: Know your Houses (+)
• Politics: Pursuing the whole picture, the grander picture (+)
• Politics: Is it worth fighting for? (+)
• Politics: Balancing personal goals with title requirements (+)
• Politics: Complimenting the host (+)
• Politics: Not living your life under your parents' shadows (+)
• Politics: Being seen with your significant other (+)
• Politics: Courting: Making a romantic relationship official (+)
• Politics: Organization: The RCA (+)
• Politics: The history of House Krome (+)
• Politics: Offering gifts in exchange for keeping secrets (+)
• Politics: Representing your house through the color of your outfit (+)
• Politics: Unofficially official (+)
• Politics: The intricacies of courting (+)
• Politics: Casual conversation with a Duke (+)
• Politics: House Venora: Complicated (+)
• Politics: Eastern Settlements: Oakleigh (+)
• Politics: Unusual meeting places (+)
• Politics: House Endor (+)
• Politics: Concluding business before partaking in pleasure (+)
• Politics: Betrothal gossip (+)
• Politics: Giving the gift of an employee (+)
• Politics: Goodwill between Houses (+)
• Politics: Knowing you have a friend and a professional ally (+)
• Politics: Rynmere Anti-Magic Decree of 717 (+)
• Politics: The legitimate weight of nobility (+)
• Politics: The Weight of Further Failure (+)
• Politics: Showing a brave face for the good of the Crown (+)
• Politics: Showing strength against the crowd (+)
• Politics: Avoiding a scene (+)
• Politics: Describing House relations in simple terms (+)
• Politics: Congratulations are in order (+)
• Politics: Determining the worth of your peers is rather subjective (+)
Printmaking | 14
• Letterpress: Makeready (SP)
• Printmaking: Setting type by hand (+)
• Printmaking: Securing type in the chase (+)
• Printmaking: Laying out the form (+)
• Printmaking: Leveling the block (+)
• Printmaking: Letterpress: Using a composing stick (+)
• Printmaking: Letterpress: Matrices for moveable type (+)
• Printmaking: Letterpress: Composing the layout (+)
• Printmaking: Letterpress: Locking it up with a quoin (+)
• Printmaking: Letterpress: Locking up a chase in the press (+)
• Printmaking: Letterpress: Setting the frisket (+)
• Printmaking: Wetting paper before printing for a better impression (+)
• Printmaking: Warming ink before printing (+)
• Printmaking: Locking up multiple copies of the same piece to save time and paper (+)
Psychology | 11
• Psychology: Using your wit to get your way (DJ)
• Psychology: Sometimes bruises are roguish (+)
• Psychology: Enjoying someone's company without strings attached (+)
• Psychology: Brothers (+)
• Psychology: Honesty is a binding force (+)
• Psychology: Finally telling the whole story (+)
• Psychology: Death (+)
• Psychology: Immortals and prophecy (+)
• Psychology: The truth hurts (+)
• Psychology: Too many women, only one conscience (+)
• Psychology: Jealousy (+)
• Psychology: Recognizing the signs of nervousness (+)
Research | 17
• Using written records (SP)
• Research: Gathering multiple sources on the same subject (+)
• Research: Piecing together limited information (+)
• Research: Library organization by subject (+)
• Research: The numerical system of call (+)numbers
• Research: Keeping a list helps (+)
• Research: Knowing the validity of your sources (+)
• Research: Everyone has an opinion (+)
• Research: Historical records vary in reliability (+)
• Research: Using more than one source to get a whole picture (+)
• Research: Finding the oldest, most reliable source (+)
• Research: Cross-referencing information (+)
• Research: Questioning absolutes (+)
• Research: Separating truth from folklore (+)
• Research: Keeping an objective mind with subjective material (+)
• Research: Knowing when your sources are limited (+)
• Research: Gleaning facts even from the most paltry of sources (+)
• Research: Separating your emotions from the subject (+)
Resistance | 10
• Resistance: Reevi for pain relief (+)
• Resistance: Reevi turns you toward prophecy (+)
• Resistance: The quick burn of vodka (+)
• Resistance: Some liquor for your nerves (+)
• Resistance: Knowing your limits (+)
• Resistance: The burn of your own bile (+)
• Resistance: The stench of death (+)
• Resistance: Knowing you're a sleepy drunk (+)
• Resistance: Finding your happy place (+)
• Resistance: Lukewarm ale goes down easier than it should (+)
Rhetoric | 37
• Rhetoric: Calling someone rude (+)
• Rhetoric: Admitting your personal shortcomings without apology (+)
• Rhetoric: Obligatory student conversation about subjects of study (+)
• Rhetoric: The family genealogy of the House of Gawyne (+)
• Rhetoric: Calling the other man out (+)
• Rhetoric: Breaking promises to tell the truth (+)
• Rhetoric: Explaining what you really want (+)
• Rhetoric: Admitting your fears (+)
• Rhetoric: Verbally defending your Lady's honor (+)
• Rhetoric: Self-deprecation (+)
• Rhetoric: Making promises (+)
• Rhetoric: Sword talk (+)
• Rhetoric: On love and marriage (+)
• Rhetoric: Even my silence was for you. (+)
• Rhetoric: Scones will never be simply baked goods again (+)
• Rhetoric: University gossip (+)
• Rhetoric: Witty innuendo (+)
• Rhetoric: Casual small talk with strangers (+)
• Rhetoric: Self-deprecating apologies (+)
• Rhetoric: Making bad assumptions (+)
• Rhetoric: Flirtatious bluffing (+)
• Rhetoric: Please, go on. (+)
• Rhetoric: Confessions of love (+)
• Rhetoric: Almost a proposal (+)
• Rhetoric: Self-deprecating comparison to your dog (+)
• Rhetoric: Mortality is already too fucking short. (+)
• Rhetoric: Admitting your past experimentations (+)
• Rhetoric: Crushing a suitor's dreams (+)
• Rhetoric: Claiming what's yours (+)
• Rhetoric: Answering honestly when asked (+)
• Rhetoric: Prayer and forgiveness (+)
• Rhetoric: Tell it like you see it, even if it hurts (+)
• Rhetoric: Inebriated innuendos (+)
• Rhetoric: Knowing your shortcomings (+)
• Rhetoric: Flavoring your opinions with liberal language (+)
• Rhetoric: Inappropriately timed apologies (+)
• Rhetoric: Challenging authority (+)
• Rhetoric: Ready but not ready (+)
• Rhetoric: Conversational asshattery (+)
Seduction | 30
• Seduction: Knight in the dark (+)
• Seduction: More than just innocently protective (+)
• Seduction: Admitting your feelings are more than platonic in nature (+)
• Seduction: Curious touches (+)
• Seduction: That first kiss, though (+)
• Seduction: Making a fool of yourself for attention (+)
• Seduction: Now she knows where you live (+)
• Seduction: If you want more of me, you can have it. (+)
• Seduction: Conversation against skin. (+)
• Seduction: Rough Kisses, warm hands (+)
• Seduction: Asking directions (+)
• Seduction: Putting on the brakes (+)
• Seduction: Finding a common interest (+)
• Seduction: Clever wordplay (+)
• Seduction: Holding hands (+)
• Seduction: Keeping her guessing about your intentions (+)
• Seduction: Kissing away fears (+)
• Seduction: Letting her have her way (+)
• Seduction: Exploratory touching (+)
• Seduction: Apologies accepted all around (+)
• Seduction: Make up sex (+)
• Seduction: Some like it rough (+)
• Seduction: Carriages are becoming a 'thing' (+)
• Seduction: Nothing you haven't seen before (+)
• Seduction: Giving into the charms of strangers (+)
• Seduction: The irresistible allure of an Immortal (+)
• Seduction: The position of compromise (+)
• Seduction: My house it is, then (+)
• Seduction: Kissing her first (+)
• Seduction: Savoring tea and company (+)
• Seduction: Keeping the help happy (+)
• Seduction: Employee benefits (+)
Socialization | 2
• Socialization: Giving your friends a hard time (+)
• Socialization: Marriage gossip to keep the conversation going (+)
Sociology | 11
• Sociology: Listening to someone's difficult past (+)
• Sociology: Letting someone in (+)
• Sociology: Offering the comfort of a furred friend (+)
• Sociology: Sharing secrets (+)
• Sociology: Noble impressions (+)
• Sociology: Having an unusual lineage (+)
• Sociology: Admitting you can't say anything nice (+)
• Sociology: The effects of a mob mentality (+)
• Sociology: Group efforts to turn the tide (+)
• Sociology: The awkwardness of ex-lovers (+)
• Sociology: The formal structures of Eídisi society (+)
Stealth | 5
• Stealth: Pretending at intimacies to avoid consequences (+)
• Stealth: Using less trodden garden paths in the dark (+)
• Stealth: Knowing how to find an alternative exit (+)
• Stealth: Using the darkness of Cylus to your advantage (+)
• Stealth: Leaping from the shadows for a surprise attack (+)
Strength | 15
• Strength: Physical activity makes for physical strength (DJ)
• Strength: BAM! Right in the face! (+)
• Strength: Getting a hand free from being pinned (+)
• Strength: Using your whole body in melee (+)
• Strength: The weight of an undead bear (+)
• Strength: Lifting a wounded comrade (+)
• Strength: Pressing against a crowd (+)
• Strength: Supporting the weight of a drunk companion (+)
• Strength: Hanging on for dear life (+)
• Strength: Supporting the weight of someone far bigger than yourself (+)
• Strength: Desperately hacking through ice (+)
• Strength: Keeping balance on slippery surfaces (+)
• Strength: Parrying a stronger individual (+)
• Strength: Practicing to restore muscle loss after an injury (+)
• Strength: Lotharro are fucking heavy (+)
Storytelling | 1
• Storytelling: You should have seen the other guy (+)
Swimming | 1
• Swimming: Getting into cold water quickly (+)
Tactics | 5
• Tactics: Assisting your superiors (+)
• Tactics: Going for what’s in front of you first (+)
• Tactics: Hiding your forces in plain sight (+)
• Tactics: Staying aware of who is on your side in combat (+)
• Tactics: Diverting attention from a scene (+)
Teaching | 2
• Teaching: Educating by example (+)
• Teaching: Breaking down a new lesson into easy to understand steps (+)

Skills U-Z

Unarmed Combat | 19
• Unarmed Combat: When in doubt, put a knee to that groin (+)
• Unarmed Combat: Brawling: Shoulder shove (+)
• Unarmed Combat: Brawling: Simple dodge (+)
• Unarmed Combat: Rolling Dodge (+)
• Unarmed Combat: Grabbing the collar to steady your blow (+)
• Unarmed Combat: Having your own weight used against you (+)
• Unarmed Combat (Grappling): Pressure points! (+)
• Unarmed Combat (Grappling): There is no graceful falling (+)
• Unarmed Combat (Grappling): Sidestep dodge (+)
• Unarmed Combat (Grappling): Keeping your footing against sudden impact (+)
• Unarmed Combat (Grappling): Improvised tripping with other opponents' bodies (+)
• Unarmed Combat (Grappling): Dealing with multiple opponents (+)
• Unarmed Combat (Grappling): Escaping a tight grip (+)
• Unarmed Combat (Grappling): Using your knees to gain distance (+)
• Unarmed Combat (Grappling): Using your height to your advantage (+)
• Unarmed Combat (Grappling): Elbows as weapons (+)
• Unarmed Combat (Grappling): The shoulder slam (+)
• Unarmed Combat (Grappling): Using a grappled opponent as a body shield (+)
• Unarmed Combat (Grappling): Recovering your footing (+)

Non-Skill Knowledges

Domain Magic

• Domain Magic: Far greater than what can be prepared for (+)
• Domain Magic: Defiance, of elements and fury (+)
• Domain Magic: Necromancy, of corpses and control (+)
• Domain Magic: Becoming, of masks and transformations (+)
• Domain Magic: Rupturing, of portals and transport (+)
• Domain Magic: Empathy, of manipulations and mesmerism (+)
• Domain Magic: Abrogation, of shielding and barriers (+)
• Domain Magic: Transmutation, of magic missiles and twisting properties (+)
• Domain Magic: As a spark grows in power, a mage progresses in ability (+)
• Domain Magic: The spark changes the soul (+)
• Domain Magic: The more powerful the spark, the more it’s taken over the mortal soul (+)


• Mage Burning of Cylus, 718 (+)
• Faction: The Seekers (+)
• Faction: The Order of the Mantis (+)
• Faction: The Order of the Mantis: Hello, Lord Arbiter (+)
• Fauna: Volareon (+)
• Slang: Printer’s Diri: Printmaker’s Apprentice (+)
• Location: Andaris, Rynmere (+)
• Location: Andaris Countryside (+)
• Location: Andaris: The Sacred (+)
• Location: Andaris: The Crown (+)
• Location: Andaris: Mantis Barracks (+)
• Location: The Rynmere Gazette, Andaris (+)
• Location: Rynmere University (+)
• Location: Mid-town, Andaris (+)
• Location: Favorite Bakery in Mid-Town (+)
• Location: Outside Andaris: The Tulburn Estate (+)
• Location: The Tulburn Garden (+)
• Location: The Tulburn's Ornamental Pond (+)
• Location: Andaris: House of Roses (+)
• Location: Low-Town (+)
• Location: Viden Academy (+)
• Location: Prime Atheneum (+)
• Location: Andaris: Ericor's Elegance (+)
• Location: Rented Home in Andaris (above Ink and Prophet) (+)
• Location: Rynmere: Lake Krome (+)
• Location: Bellesoir, Venora (+)
• Location (Viden): Still sarding cold in Saun (+)
• Location: Viden: The Devil's Advocate (+)
• Location (Viden): The Carnelian Prism (+)
• Viden: Sarding Cold in Ashan (+)
• Location (Viden): Sweet Luxuries (+)
• Location (Viden): The Black Market (+)
• Layout (Viden): The Black Market (+)
• House Gawyne: Mortalborn line (Ziell) (DJ)
• House Gawyne: The house of Scholars (DJ)
• House Venora: A flaming fod-sack of an arc, politically (+)
• Noble House: Krome (+)
• Noble House: Krome: Gerard Krome was the First Krome (+)
• Noble House: House Endor (+)
• House Endor: Mining is a major part of their economy (+)
• House Endor: Close ally to Gawyne (+)
• Alcohol: Makes you sleepy (+)
• Caius: Responsible for any mages in the University (+)
• Caius: Marriage is forever in Rynmere (+)
• Caius: Breaking your vows (+)
Philosophy + Religion
• Philosophy: Objective and subjective truths (+)
• Philosophy: Optimism and naiveté (+)
• Religion: Cults vs Religion (+)
• Religion: More twisted Immortal secrets than you want to deal with going on in Viden (+)
• Religion: Immortals: Daia, Immortal of Companionship, Prosperity, Tailoring, and Dance (+)
• Religion: Immortals: Daia, the Immortal who died (+)
• Religion: Immortals: Ziell's love for Daia (+)
• Religion: Immortals: Ralaith, Immortal of Wisdom, Bitterness, Time, and Bears (+)
• Religion: Immortals: Ziell, Ralaith, and Daia's strange relationships (+)
• Religion: Originals: Those who came before the Immortals (+)
• Religion: Originals: Creators of the Immortals? (+)
• Religion: Immortal: Syora, Immortal of Acting, Fury, Lust, and Transformation (+)
• Religion: Ziell, Immortal of Peace, Prophecy, Winter and Curse Words (+)
• Religion: Zyrum, Treid's Mortalborn Son (+)
• Religion: Zyrum: Has a job to do and it doesn't sound good (+)
• Immortal: Syora, her cursed become a Sessfiend (+)
• Immortal: Syora, has invested interest in current Rynmere events (+)
• Immortal: Syora, put you in a more than compromising position (+)
• Immortal: Syora, her Blessing for innocent lives (+)
• Immortal: Syroa, kissed you would be an understatement (+)
• Religion: Mastes, Immortal of Compulsion, Trickery, and Vices (+)
• Religion: Kata, Immortal of Insanity, Injustice, and Ruin (+)
• Religion: Syroa, Immortal of Acting, Fury, Lust, and Transformation (+)
• Religion: Immortals have allies and enemies amongst themselves (+)
• Religion: Mastes and Kata are allies with Syroa (+)
• Religion: Mastes and Kata are enemies of Ziell (+)
• Religion: The Sacred Seven (+)
• Religion: Story of Venora and the Gods (+)


Aeodan Burnett
• PC: Aeodan Burnett (+)
• Aeodan: Linguistic Anthropology Student (+)
• Aeodan: Full of reluctant wit (+)
• PC: Aeodan: Wore someone else’s skin (+)
• Aeodan: Friend of mages (+)
• Aeodan: Murderer of innocents (+)
Edalene Burnett
• Edalene: Queen of collateral damage (+)
Seth Albertson
• PC: Seth Albertson (+)
Charlotte Vale
• Charlotte Vale: Just a kid (+)
• Charlotte Vale: Famula's Servant (+)
• Charlotte Vale: Has a way with words (+)
• Charlotte Vale: Knows a bit about you (+)
• Charlotte Vale: Not the criminal you're looking for (+)
• Charlotte Vale: Marked by Zuuda (+)
• Charlotte Vale: Has a traitorstone (+)
• Charlotte Vale: Got away by causing a scene in the Prime Atheneum (+)
• Charlotte Vale: Recognized you (+)
Darcyanna Venora
• Darcyanna Venora: Gets wasted at parties (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Has a good set of lungs (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Pianist and Student of Music (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Sleep is for the weak (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Goes by Darce or Darcy (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Also "studies" Medicine (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Likes your dog (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Totally asked you out (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Drug Supplier for Rynmere University Students (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Might have a drug problem (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Pianist for hire (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Got you out of your clothes for a swim (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: You kissed her first (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Scars? (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Definitely has a drug problem (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Was abused by her younger sister (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Is terrified of Pythera's return (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Knows all of your history (+)
• Darcy: Wanted to go all the way (+)
• Darcy: Didn't appreciate being told no (+)
• Darcy: Wasn't in the mood for your conscience (+)
• Darcy: Drives you sarding crazy (+)
• Darcy: You told her you loved her (+)
• Darcy: Loves you, too (+)
• Darcy: Sort of kind of said yes (+)
• Darcy: Your Winter Rose (+)
• Darcy: Got you high for medicinal reasons (+)
• Darcy: Cauterized your wound (shared her pain) (+)
• Darcy: Has only darned a sock instead of done stitches (+)
• Darcy: Might have judged your comfort level with reevi (+)
• Darcy: Is amazing (+)
• Darcy: Is way more comfortable in social situations than you (+)
• Darcy: Is quite thrilled to court you, officially (+)
• Darcy: Baked goods: Inside innuendo (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Believes Immortals are Fairy Tales (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Is more Rynlist than you (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Doesn't believe in your prophecies (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Would rather die than lose you (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Knows of your Envoy gift (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Knows you're supposed to die on Zi'da 91, 717 (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Pours herself into her music (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Looks perfect in your home (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Has a jealous streak (+)
• Darcyanna Venora: Danced with Bram Hayward (+)
• Darcyanna: Managed to get high in the middle of fucking nowhere (+)
• Darcyanna: Calm in the storm (+)
• Darcyanna: Definitely wife material (+)
• Maebella: Eidisi (+)
• Maebella: Prime Atheneum clerk (+)
• Maebella: Asks too many sarding questions (+)
• Maebella: Is still young for her race (+)
• Maebella: Has no concept of Rynmere politics (+)
• Maebella: Doesn't need a title (good for her) (+)
• Maebella: Agreed to a drink (or a few) with you (+)
• Maebella: Blushes quite a bit in your presence (+)
• Maebella: Is still young for an Eídisi (+)
• Maebella: Feels out of place among her own kind (+)
• Maebella: Was alright with a little overly-friendly touching (+)
• Maebella: Giggly when drunk (+)
• Maebella: Finds you attractive (+)
• Maebella: You kissed her first, but she totally kissed you back (+)
• Maebella: Totally shoved you to your doom (+)
• Maebella: Probably still a little hurt about your breakup (+)
• Maebella: Still managing to be a voice of reason (+)
• Maebella: Still under your skin (+)
• Maebella: Betrothed to some sarding Viden Lord (+)
• Maebella: Totally slapped you (+)
• Maebella: Shouldn't look at you that way, dammit (+)
• Maebella: Still doesn't approve of your use of titles (+)
• Maebella: Unforgiving (+)
• Maebella: Took quite the step down with that one, really (+)
• Maebella: No less cruel than you (+)
Virikai Talius
• PC: Virikai Talius (+)
• Virikai Talius: Maebella’s Fiancé (+)
• Virikai Talius: Viden Lord (+)
• Virikai Talius: Really quite the consummate asshole (+)
• Virikai Talius: Territorial and petty (+)
• Virikai Talius: Didn’t want to know who you were (too bad!) (+)
Oliver Venora
• Oliver Venora: Darcyanna's Loving, Protective Older Brother (+)
• Oliver Venora: Offered you a printmaking job (+)
• Oliver Venora: Likes his wine like his humor, dark and dry (+)
• Oliver Venora: Weighed your worth (+)
• Oliver Venora: Dealt with anger using his fists and your face (+)
• Oliver Venora: Pretty much family now (+)
• Oliver Venora: Calls you brother (+)
• Oliver Venora: Told his side of the story (+)
• Oliver Venora: Knows your story, too (+)
• Oliver Venora: Thinks you've done a damn good job (+)
Nathaniel Endor
• PC: Nathaniel Endor (+)
• Nathaniel Endor: His middle name is Humphrey (+)
• Nathaniel Endor: Ladies’ man (+)
• Nathaniel Endor: Has unusual taste in business meeting (+)locations
• Nathaniel Endor: Friend and troublemaker (+)
• Nathaniel Endor: Respects your work ethic (+)
• Nathaniel Endor: Nathaniel Humphrey Endor (+)
• Nathaniel Endor: Doesn't like that gorgeous middle name (+)
• Nathaniel Endor: Clearly a good friend (+)
• Nathaniel Endor: Made you promise (+)
• Nathaniel Endor: Gifted you a hunk of cash to start a business (+)
• Nathaniel Endor: Is betrothed to Lady Krome (+)
• Nathaniel Endor: A possessive fiance (+)
Tristan Venora
• PC: Tristan Venora (+)
• Tristan, Duke of Oakleigh (+)
• Tristan, Sculptor and Alchemist (+)
• Tristan, Does what he wants! (+)
Valeria Burhan
• Valeria Burhan: Fainted while dancing with you (+)
• Valeria Burhan: Committed to fashion (+)
• Valeria Burhan: Uncomplicated friendship, complicated situation (+)
PC: Yolande (+)
PC: Zane (+)
• PC: Zane, Not intimidated by a bar fight (+)
• PC: Zane, Invites himself along for the ladies (+)


• NPC: Rylan: Caius' Eídisi Art student friend (+)
• NPC: Rylan: Friendlier off campus (+)
• NPC: Mateo: A Merchant House student from Rynmere (+)
• NPC: Mateo: Wants to see the world (+)
• NPC: Mateo: Ever the wingman (+)
• NPC: Rylan: Tells horribly long jokes (+)
• NPC: Esine: Caius' friend and ex-interest (+)
• NPC: Danya: Eídisi Religion student and friend of Caius (+)
• NPC: Penelope (+)
• NPC: Basilius Moad, Master Printer (+)
• NPC: Reed, Receptionist at the Rynmere (+)Gazette
• NPC: Fern Llewellyn: Rynmere Gazette Gossip Columnist (+)
• NPC: Fern Llewellyn: Into the ladies (+)
• NPC: Smudge the Dog: Likes Darcy (+)
• NPC: Professor Herlinger: Qi'ora (+)
• NPC: Professor Verigan: Professor of Religious Studies at Rynmere University (+)
• NPC: Professor Verigan: Focused on Immortals whose spheres directly impact mortals in a negative way (+)
• NPC: Professor Verigan: Doesn't like unpunctuality (+)
• NPC: Professor Verigan: Caius is his research assistant (maybe) (+)
• NPC: Lady Anthea Tulburn, Political History Student (+)
• NPC: Nadia Harwyn, Architect from Gawyne (+)
• Nadia Harwyn: Your "gift" to Nathaniel (+)
• Nadia Harwin: Will meet with you once a season (+)
• NPC: Pythera: Darcy's younger sister (+)
• NPC: Pythera: Psychotic, apparently (+)
• NPC: Pythera: You're going to have to take care of that (+)
• NPC: Pythera Venora: Is not mentally stable (+)
• NPC: Pythera Venora: Has an unhealthy obsession with Darcyanna (+)
• NPC: Pythera Venora: Can fight with daggers (+)
• NPC: Pythera Venora: You made the first move on her (+)
• NPC: Pythera Venora: Seems to physically enjoy fighting (+)
• NPC: Pythera Venora: Has a foul mouth with no filter (+)
• NPC: Pythera Venora: Is easy to get talking, hard to shut up (+)
• NPC: Pythera Venora: Revealed the name of a VII member to you (Vishal) (+)
• NPC: Pythera Venora: Has been stalking you (+)
• NPC: Pythera Venora: Rides a Volareon (+)
• NPC: Pythera Venora: Knows Darcyanna told you how she got her scars (+)
• NPC: Pythera Venora: Has promised to come back for Darcyanna (+)
• NPC: Pythera Venora: Will not hesitate to kill you (+)
• NPC: Bram Hayward: Moseke Knight (+)
• NPC: Bram Hayward: Had eyes on yo' girl (+)
• NPC: Bram Hayward: Not a bad guy, actually (+)
• NPC: Thomas Theodore Terrance, Leader of the Seeker cell (+)
• NPC: Seeker Cell, Nolan, Aegeo, Ninacky, Malena, Vhalo (+)
• NPC: Ninacky, dead by Ser Alan’s hand (+)
• NPC: Ser Alan, Moseke Knight (+)
• NPC: Lord Inquisitor Kayled Wine (+)
• NPC: Dagget (+)
• NPC: Roland DuKette, Hildari Mage Hunter (+)
• NPC: Elizabet Moru, Lord Guardian (+)
• NPC: The Empress, Emerson (+)
• NPC: King Cassander Renault (+)
• NPC: Sara Dj'pyri – Mage (Deceased) (+)
• NPC: Alucard (is Ziell, Ziell is Alucard!) (+)
• NPC: Essa, A Defier Refugee from Rynmere (+)
Skill Ledger
Currently 58 unspent skill point(s).
Skill Ledger
+25 Blades: Longsword (RB)
+50 starting package (SP)
-25 Printmaking (SP)
-15 Research (SP)
-5 Bookbinding (SP)
-5 Linguistics (SP) +4 Bookbinding (DJ)
+5 Psychology (DJ)
+4 Research (DJ) + 10 (Thread)
-1 Bookbinding
-6 Research +15 (Thread)
-5 Business Management
-5 Endurance
+15 (Thread)
-5 Business Management
-5 Detection
+15 (Thread)
-5 Leadership
-5 Discipline
-5 Strength
+15 (Thread)
-5 Etiquette
-5 Politics
+15 (Thread)
-5 Unarmed Combat
-5 Seduction
-5 Sociology
+15 (Thread)
+15 (Thread)
+15 (Thread)
+15 (+)
-2 Printmaking
-15 Endurance
-15 Politics
-5 Business Management
+15 (+)
-27 Rhetoric
-5 Intelligence
+15 (+)
-2 Endurance
-12 Intelligence
+15 (+)
-17 Discipline
+15 (+)
-5 Discipline
-10 Deception
+15 (+)
+10 (+)
-2 Blades
-2 Politics
-22 Etiquette
+15 (+)
-15 Investigation
+15 (+)
-15 Seduction
+15 (+)
+15 (+)
+15 (+)
+15 (+)
+15 (+)
-7 Detection
-20 Psychology
-8 Intelligence
-25 Intimidation
-10 Investigation
-5 Seduction
+15 (+)
+15 (+)
-13 Detection
-2 Seduction
+15 (+)
+15 (+)
-13 Strength
-17 Deception
+15 (+)
+15 (+)
+15 (+)
+15 (+)
-15 Business Management
+15 (+)
+15 (+)
-2 Research
-51 Discipline
-20 Leadership
+15 (+)
-7 Strength
+20 (+)
+15 (+)
+20 (+)
-51 Politics
+20 (+)
-2 Strength
-2 Leadership
-2 Intelligence
+15 (+)
+15 (+)
+15 (+)
-51 Blades (Saber)
+ 15 (+)
+ 15 (+)
+ 15 (+)
-22 Unarmed Combat
-20 Sociology
+10 (+)
-51 Detection
+15 (+)
+10 (+)
+10 (+)
+15 (+)
+15 (+)
+15 (+)
+15 (+)
-51 Seduction
-51 Endurance
-22 Acting
+ 15 (+)
+ 15 (+)
-2 Investigation
-5 Meditation
+15 (+)
-2 Intimidation
-3 Acting
+15 (+)
-5 Stealth
+15 (+)
-2 Sociology
-2 Psychology
-51 Deception
+15 (+) Bonus Points
• Endurance +3 (+)
Given for the 'Long Way 'Round' secret achievement, given for circumventing the rope in the chasm and taking the more dangerous path.
• Discipline +3 (Renown Medium Reward at 100pts)
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RP Medals

Caius Gawyne

Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:42 pm

Equipment and Such
[columns=4]Outfit 1
Work Clothes
Shirt, white cotton (SP)
Leather Breeches, dark grey (SP)
Vest, black linen (-2gn 25sn)
Belt with silver buckle (-2gn)
Undergarments, cotton (SP)
Socks (-1gn)
Boots, knee (SP)
Wool hooded cloak (SP)
Outfit 2
Every Day
Shirt, white cotton (-18sn)
Leather Breeches, brown (-4gn)
Vest, violet brocade (-24gn)
Jacket, violet velvet (-120gn)
Belt with silver buckle
Undergarments, cotton (SP)
Boots, knee (SP)
Outfit 3
Formal 1
Shirt, violet silk (6 gn)
Surcoat, ivory satin with silver embroidery (126 gn)
Vest, violet brocade
Breeches, ivory satin (16 gn)
Belt with silver buckle
Undergarments, cotton (SP)
Boots, knee (SP)
Outfit 4
Formal 2
Shirt, ivory silk (-1gn 50sn)
Vest, violet brocade
Leather breeches, brown (-4gn)
Doublet, ivory and violet and silver brocade (-70gn)
Belt with silver buckle
Undergarments, cotton (SP)
Boots, knee (SP)[/columns]
Additional Clothing
House Gawyne Formal Attire:
  • Violet velvet long jacket (-120gn)
  • Violet velvet vest (-40gn)
  • Black satin pants (-67gn 50sn)
  • White silk shirt (-1gn 50 sn0
  • Leather knee boots (-60sn)
Ashcloak - An ash-colored cloak emblazoned with the Order of the Mantis symbol in onyx as a symbol of his rank of Archon and Lord Arbiter.
Formal Gambeson (Padded Armor Vest): beige, violet, and silver brocade (-52gn 50sn)
Leather Brigadine (Long-Sleeved Padded Armor Long Coat), charcoal (-15gn)
House of Gawyne Tabard, violet with embroidery (-30 gn)
Leather gloves (-8gn)
2 earrings, silver (-4gn)
1 nose ring, silver (-2gn)
Wool hooded cloak (-11gn)
White Gold House of Gawyne Signet ring with Spinel Gemstone (-83gn)
Personal Effects:
Toiletries (SP): Soap, a comb, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste
Two sets of eating utensils (SP)
[columns=2]Waterskin (SP)
Large leather rucksack with shoulder straps (18sn)

Printers’ Apron, leather (-4gn)

Artist’s Kit (-19gn)
Scribe’s Kit (-18gn)
Woodworker’s Kit (-30gn)
Tinderbox (SP)

Twin Parchment: The ink is full now, but must be refilled with your own blood. You may write on both sides of the parchment and when read on its partner, it will fade off of the parchment you wrote on, opening it up to be responded on by the other. If destroyed, the other parchment (its twin) will crumble to dust. (Aeodan Burnett has the other half, and the Twin Parchments were received here.)[/columns] Weapon | The Pen is Mightier:
Sabre (-25gn)
Companion (SP) | Man's Best Friend:

ImageSmudge, small dog (15gn). A loyal companion brought from home in Fort Gawyne, Smudge is perhaps one of Caius' only excuses for taking walks around Rynmere University campus and the rest of Andaris during the day time. Smudge is an adult dog, 5 years old, bought as a present for the young Gawyne's 18th birth trial.

He has a leather lead (-2gn) and a collar (-2gn).

RIP Smudge, who disappeared from Caius' own home during the Taking of the Guard VII raid across Rynmere Event of Cylus 718.

Financial Ledger
Current Total in Bank: 250gn
Current Total in Hand: 3101gn 54sn 92cn Current Total (On Hand+Bank): 3351gn 54sn 92cn
Vhalar 717
ItemPurchased LocationDebitCredit
Starting Package SP +100gn 100gn
Housing Cash-in SP +250gn 350gn
At-Creation Purchases SP -125gn 18sn 224gn 82 sn
Vhalar Rynmere University Cost - Religion Tuition -100gn 124gn 82sn
Vhalar Rynmere University Cost - Printmaking Tuition -100gn 24gn 82sn
Vhalar Campus Residency 2cn/day -2gn 46sn 23gn 36sn
Vhalar Wages (Gazette) (+) +701gn 10sn 724gn 46sn
Dress Jacket (Surcoat) (+) -120gn 604gn 46sn
Breakfast Date (+) -6sn 604gn 4sn
PB cash-in 206PB +1030gn 1634gn 40sn
Royal Velvet Amaryllis Flower (+) -3sn 1634gn 37sn
Extended Coach Ride (+) -6gn 1628gn 37sn
Vhalar Wages (Research) TBD TBD TBD
Current Total: 1628gn 37sn
Zi'da 717
ItemPurchased LocationDebitCredit
Zi'da Rynmere University Cost - Religion Tuition -100gn 1528gn 37sn
Zi'da Rynmere University Cost - Printmaking Tuition -100gn 1428gn 37sn
Zi'da Campus Residency 2cn/day 1gn 86sn 1426gn 51sn
Clothing Purchases As noted above -437gn 75sn 988gn 76sn
Signet Ring Purchase -83gn 905gn 76sn
Venora Charity Gala Donation Donation -300gn 605gn 76sn
Holiday Soirée NPC Upkeep 5 seasons -50gn 555gn 76sn
Venora Charity Gala Outfit Purchase -229gn 60sn 326gn 16sn
PB Cash-in (from Muse) (+) +805gn 1131gn 16sn
PB Cash-in (from Pash) (+) +450gn 1581gn 16sn
PB Cash-in (from Caius) (+) +10gn 1591gn 16sn
Zi'da Ryn U Sports Club Classes (+) -15gn 1576gn 16sn
Bank Account Opening (+) -1010gn 566gn 16sn
Zi'da Wages (Gazette) (+ +706gn 80sn 1272gn 96sn
Private RUSC Lesson (+) -50gn 1252gn 96sn
Zi'da Rental (+) -13gn 95sn 1239gn 01sn
Rental Furniture Purchases Split w/Darcy -412gn 81sn 826gn 2sn
Zi'da NPCs 2 Current -20gn 806gn 2sn
Valeria's Outfit Loan (+) -17gn 2sn 8cn 788gn 99sn 92cn
PB Cash-in (from Muse) (+) +1250gn 2038gn 99sn 92cn
Bank Deposit (+) -1500gn 538gn 99sn 92cn
Zi'da Wages (Research) TBW TBW TBW
Sub-Total (In Hand + Bank) 3038gn 99sn 92sn
Withdrawal from Bank for Business (+) -2260gn 738gn 99sn 92sn
Current Total in Bank: 240gn
Current Total in Hand: 538gn 99sn 92cn
Cylus 718
ItemPurchased LocationDebitCredit
PB Point Conversion (+) +1320gn 2008gn 99sn 92cn
Cylus Rynmere University Cost - Religion Tuition -100gn 1908gn 99sn 92cn
Cylus Rynmere University Cost - Printmaking Tuition -100gn 1808gn 99sn 92sn
Cylus NPCs Upkeep -20gn 1788gn 99sn 92sn
Cylus Rental (+) -13gn 95sn 1775gn 04sn 92cn
Bank Deposit -1275gn 500gn 4sn 92cn[
Cylus Wages + +443 gn 10sn 943gn 14sn 92cn
Cylus Wages [url= 171gn
Current Total in Bank: 2004gn
Current Total in Hand: 1114gn 14sn 92cn
Ashan 718
ItemPurchased LocationDebitCredit
Ashan NPCs Upkeep -20gn 3118gn 14sn 92cn
House Rental 8 Seasons -111gn 6sn 3006gn 54sn 92cn
Current Total in Bank: 250gn
Current Total in Hand: 2756gn 54sn 92cn
Ymiden 718
ItemPurchased LocationDebitCredit
Ymiden NPCs Upkeep -20gn 2736gn 54sn 92cn
3 Breaks of fun at Sweet Luxuries + -360gn 2376gn 54sn 92cn
200 PB Point Cash-in +1000gn 3376gn 54sn 92cn
Viden Fitness Centre Classes -275gn 3101gn 54sn 92cn
Current Total in Bank: 250gn
Current Total in Hand: 3101gn 54sn 92cn
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RP Medals

Caius Gawyne

Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:42 pm

Surrok | PB NPC | The Guardian
[columns=2]Name: Surrok Salthara Qulnum Zixa'unhali
Race: Ithecal, Paltharnum
Height/Weight: 8’5”, 265lbs
Birthday: Ashan 103, 767
Age: 42 arcs
Approval: Here.[/columns] Skills (350 SP):
[columns=2]Unarmed Combat (Natural Weapons) / 50
Shield Combat (Tower) / 50
Bludgeoning Weapons (One-Handed Axe) / 50
Ranged Weapon (Crossbow) / 50
Strength / 50
Endurance / 50
Hunting / 25
Running / 25[/columns] Description:
With dark grey and deep green banding patterns and a lighter underbelly, Surrok stands at an imposing 8'5" tall and weighs in at a solid 265lbs of well-trained muscle. Narrow for his species, the Paltharnum Ithecal has a sleek appearance that belies the strength and combat he has trained himself for over the decades. He keeps his claws meticulously tidy, though they are sharp and deadly, honed for his particular brand of unarmed fighting. He prefers to dress in as little as possible that's not armor, enjoying the bone adornments of his previous bounties and always one to keep a trinket from his conquests—braids of hair, feathers, and bits of bone have become his macabre memorabilia that decorate his armor and the hefty hilt of his axe.
He is gruff but soft-spoken, preferring actions to words, Surrok can be quite eloquent and poetic when given a chance. He has a deep thought life but is immensely private, and while he is a terrifying beast to those not familiar with the Ithecal, he isn't all monster except when necessary. He has learned to care for those who gain his trust and is the Ithecal you want to have your back in a tight spot, if only because, chances are, he's going to literally allow you to disappear behind his massiveness and his tower shield.
Halit Dj'gwar | Current NPC
ImageName: Halit Dj'gwar (Present, Active NPC)
Race: Biqaj
Date of Birth: Ashan 21, 695
Relationship to Caius: Friend, fellow student, unofficial bodyguard
Approval Thread: This.

Skills: Unarmed Combat 30, Daggers 30, Detection 30, Strength 10

Appearance: Halit is shorter for a Biqaj, standing at just barely 5'7" with broad shoulders, dark mocha skin, a smattering of freckles, and green eyes that shift color as all Biqaj eyes do. His dark, almost-black hair is worn in dreadlocks and usually pulled back in a colorful scarf. He dresses well, preferring gold jewelry and fine fabrics, for his parents are Ne'Haer upper class. He almost always has a dagger on him, hidden or visible, and would rather wear as little as possible when the weather permits.

Personality: In order to broaden his studies, Halit has been attending Rynmere University and studying History, but he's an active sort of person, much preferring physical pursuits such as combat and sparring. Observant and friendly, Halit has adopted Caius as a friend because the two enjoy colorful debates. He's offered to become the young Gawyne's unofficial bodyguard in the wake of the Zi'da 717 attacks by Pythera of VII, Darcyanna's sister. Halit in a tavern is boisterous and fun, but he is otherwise a kind, playful Biqaj who likes a good joke and giving Caius a hard time whenever possible.
Lly'en | Current NPC
ImageName: Lly'en (Present, Active NPC)
Race: Sev'ryn
Date of Birth: Vhalar 81, 694
Relationship to Caius: Friend, fellow student, unofficial bodyguard
Approval Thread: This.

Skills: Unarmed Combat 30, Shortbow 30, Stealth 30, Meditation 10

Appearance: Lly'en is average height for a Sevir with dark, sun-kissed skin and dark hair worn in braids. She is, much to her chagrin, often mistaken for Halit's sister, and though they are close friends, they are not at all related. She dresses in natural fabrics and neutral colors, preferring to blend in with the crowd and not draw attention to herself.

Personality: Lly'en was a well-traveled Sevir, having traveled with her mother and father from Desnind to Rynmere with a few stops along the way, with her mother currently a professor at Rynmere University teaching Medicine and herbalism. Lly'en is now an adult woman, and while she could return to Desnind if she wished, she has grown comfortable in Andaris, having made some friends. She's generally quiet and considerate in public, but when she's out with friends, she has the mouth of a sailor and packs a mean punch. She loves an occasional glass of wine, but is otherwise a rather matter-of-fact sort of creature. Friends with Halit, she became friends with Caius by association, but her martially-inclined Biqaj friend has convinced her to look out for the noble and his Lady friend, Darcy.
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RP Medals

Caius Gawyne

Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:43 pm

Fame Ledger
Current Fame +164
Fame Ledger
Item/ ThreadEarned LocationFameTotal
Nobility SP +50 (SP) +50
Mixed Blood in Rynmere SP +10 (SP) +60
Profession (Printmaker's Apprentice) - +10 +70
Profession (Assistant Researcher) - +10 +80
Sleep is for the Weak (+) +10 +90
It's Not a Date (+) +8 +98
Buying Breakfast (+) +1 +99
Honesty +1 (+) +1 +100
Soirée Oliver Hangs (+) +3 +103
Darcy's Intervention (+) +5 +108
Art Exhibit (+) +4 +112
Social Fun (+) +3 +115
Brokenness (+) +5 +120
Soiree Dance (+) +6 +126
Hanging with the Duke (Soirée) (+) +5 +131
Giving a gift (+) +2 +133
Stepping in for a slave (+) +5 +138
Unarmed Practice in Public (+) +5 +143
Meeting a Skyrider (+) +5 148
Avoiding a Barfight (+) +5 153
Noble Gossip (+) +5 158
Making a Scene in the Prime Atheneum (+) +5 164
Current Total +164
Current Point Bank: 30
Point Bank
Transfer from Muse +164 164
Transfer from Pash +221 385[/s]
Skill to 50 - Discipline +5 169
Skill to 50 - Politics +5 174
Skill to 50 - Saber +5 179
Skill to 50 - Detection +5 184
Skill to 50 - Endurance +5 189
Skill to 50 - Seduction +5 194
Employ a PC (Darcyanna) +3 197
March Votes 350+ +6 203
April Votes 300+ +5 208
Boxcode (Charlotte) +2 210
Boxcode (Charlotte) +2 212
Boxcode (Charlotte) +2 214
Meet an Immortal (Ziell) +2 216
Blessing Award IRP (Ezere) + 5 221
Review a Thread (+) +5 226
Review a Thread (+) +5 231
Review a Thread (+) +5 236
Review a Thread (+) +5 241
Review a Thread (+) +10 251
Review a Thread (+) +5 256
Review a Thread (+) +5 261
Review a Thread (+) +5 266
Review a Thread (+) +5 271
Small Renown Award (50) +50 321
Small Renown Award (150) +50 371
Review a Thread (+) +5 376
Review a Thread (+) +5 381
Review a Thread (+) +5 386
Review a Thread (+) +5 391
Make a Donation +144 535
Review a Thread (+) +5 540
Review a Thread (+) +5 545
Review a Thread (+) +5 550
Review a Thread (+) +10 560
Review a Thread ()+) +15 575
Review a Thread (+) +5 580
Review a Thread (+) +5 585
Review a Thread (+) +10 595
Review a Thread (+) +5 600
Review a Thread (+) +5 605
Review a Thread (+) +5 610
Review a Thread (+) +5 615
Review a Thread (+) +5 620
Review a Thread (+) +10 630
NPC Purchase (+) -400 230
PB to GN conversion -200 30
Current Total 30
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