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 ! Message from: Rumour
Lena is now an NPC Mortal Born. Please see the Mortal Born Guide for more information!
I am not immune to fear. I fight on in spite of it.
Name: Lena A'stril
Race: Mixed Race (Mortalborn of Ilaren: Disputes, Sobriety, and Fortitude)
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 11 Saun 693
Age: 24
Approval: Here

Location: Rharne
Profession: Thunder Priestess Noviciate

Fluent: Common
Broken: Rakahi

Marks: None
Factions Joined: Thunder Priestesses

Likes: Calmness, reflection, good conversation
Dislikes: Drunkenness, disorder, arrogance
Merits: Methodical, resilient, determined
Flaws: Stubborn, judgemental, immutable

Sexuality: Pansexual
Partners: None

Lena stands tall at 5'11", an intimadating height. While she looks slender, upon close inspection it is obvious that she is a strong woman, her skin lightly tanned and wiry with muscles. Her cheekbones are high, and with her pale eyes, she gives off an intimidating, regal impression. Her expression does not often change, only quirking into small smiles, and a full grin is something exceedingly rare. While she gets her fair colouring from her father, her build and facial structure are inherited from her Immortal mother.

Lena favours simple clothing and colours, particularly in pale whites and greys. She does not often wear anything adorning, except for a simple gold necklace that has a small locket. Inside is a picture of her father. She is very protective of this pendant, and does not like it to be touched by anyone beside herself.
Lena is determined and strong, but there is an intimidating air around her. Not one for easy mirth or frivolity, Lena rarely smiles and this tends to put others off her at first interaction. She spends most of her time working hard at her work and with the Thunder Priestesses. She does this endlessly and tirelessly, to the point that even the other Priestesses are wary of her. She feels that due to who her mother is, she must work twice as hard to prove herself worthy, that she is not where she is due to motherly bias. Lena does not like to speak about her mother, but secretly, she craves for maternal affection. Lena is beset by grief and carries the weight of her father's death with her.
Eden A'stril was shocked when he opened the door on a humid Saun night, long past the time the two suns had retreated beyond the horizon. There, sweaty, panting, and yet somehow still intimidating, stood Ilaren. Eden had thought of her every night since their tryst, but assumed that Ilaren had much more important things - and men - to bother remembering the unimportant Lightning Knight. But there, in her arms, was proof that she had not been able to forget him. A baby, sleeping soundly in her Immortal mother's arms.

As Ilaren handed their child over to Eden without a word, the little girl woke up and began to wail. Panicked, Eden looked to Ilaren, who returned his gaze with a sad smile. "I cannot keep her," she said, reaching out to stroke the baby's forehead. "You will be a good father to her, Eden. I am sure of it." As she turned to walk away, she paused, and said softly, "I would like to call her Lena, Eden. She should at least have that from her mother."

Eden was left with a child, unprepared to raise her, but determined to do it right.

It was not easy. There were many late nights of wailing - on both parts - and exhaustion. As Lena grew, though, it became easier. There was a great deal of closeness between the two, father and daughter seeking comfort from one another. Lena knew who her mother was, but she did not ask questions or bring her up. Eden waited for Lena to show an interest in her background, but the Mortalborn child seemed fiercely determined to ignore her Immortal parentage. Perhaps he should have said something, or insisted Lena speak of Ilaren, but he could not bear to cause his daughter pain. And so he left it.

Being raised by a Lightning Knight was not easy. Eden often had missions to go on with his Priestess, but when he was away, Lena stayed with neighbours. There was a good community in Rharne, kindly neighbours determined to help out the loyal Eden with raising the daughter of their goddess. Still, when Eden was around, he spent all the time he could with his daughter. He never took another lover - at least, not one that Lena knew about.

Though she never mentioned her mother to Eden, Lena was determined - silently - to make her mother notice her. Ilaren had never been back to the house to see her daughter, and Lena stewed, silently. The best way, she thought, was to become to best Thunder Priestess she could - and one day, High Priestess. And so she spent her days studying and training, preparing for the day that her mother could no longer ignore her.

But when Lena was fifteen, just an arc before she could join the Thunder Priestesses, Eden was killed by bandits travelling back to Rharne. He was thinking of his daughter when he died. They took his money and his armour as he lay, bleeding from the arrows pierced in his back, but Eden thought that they had taken the most valuable thing from him: one last chance to see his daughter. Lena waited over a season before she accepted that her father was not coming back. They never found his body.

Lena, on permission from Ilaren (though she did not see her mother directly), moved into the Lightning Temple. She assisted the healers there with menial jobs until she was old enough to take the oath and join the Priestesses herself. Since then, Lena has been living and working for the Thunder Priestesses, yearning for her mother to take any notice of her - now that she does not have a father.

Starting Quest

It's been some time now since the death of your father and your official induction into the ranks of the Thunder Priestesses. You've worked hard, and no one will beat around the bush about it. You've outperformed most of your peers, though you've yet to gain that recognition you yearn for. Illaren is woefully distant, though this is to be expected. Perhaps she has her reasons. Your focus is suddenly torn, however, away from your duties as a sick man admitted into the temple under the care of the clerics seems to recognize you as you pass him by amidst your personal studies. He reaches out to you in disbelief, and though he's clearly delirious from what ails him, he's able to level you with a glare that shakes you to your core. It's one of thirst for vengeance. When you raise the query with your sisters a couple of trials later, they fill you in. The man had stumbled in from the countryside not too long ago, angry and wounded, complaining about his fellows who'd left him to die and ran with their collected spoils. As they cared for him, he'd raved on about a man they had crossed paths with several arcs ago, showcasing several scars on his body as proof of the encounter. According to them, the man's face had burned into his memory for one reason or another, and when he'd laid eyes upon Lena that day... he'd seen her father. The sick brigand had passed away with a scowl stuck to his face and didn't give enough information to provide a time and place, but this man... He was there, the day that Eden died. Perhaps this is a lead you can follow. The dead brigand's former associates are still out there, and if you can trace their steps somehow, perhaps it'll lead you back to learning what had truly occurred all those years ago. You clutch your pendant tight as the image of your father invades your mind. Is this a lead worthy of being pursued? Is this the closure you wanted, and will that truly be what you'll find at the end of this path?
Skill Points Acquired Points Spent Proficiency Knowledges
Discipline 5/100 5/251 Novice -
Medicine 25/100 NA:FT Novice 3
Poisons 10/100 10/251 Novice 1
Resistance 10/100 10/251 Novice 1
Surgery 10/100 10/251 Novice 1
Unarmed Combat 25/100 25/251 Novice 3

Starting Package: Medicine 20, Poisons 10, Resistance 10, Surgery 10
Racial Bonus: Unarmed Combat
Fast Track: Medicine
CS Approval: Discipline 5 (AN), Medicine 5 (AN)
Thread Points Awarded Points Spent Points Remaining



Medicine: Herbal Poultices (SP)
Medicine: Treating Open Wounds (SP)
Medicine: Creating Splints (SP) Poisons: Mixing Poisons To Coat Blades (SP) Resistance: Ingesting Small Amounts of Toxins for Immunity(SP) Surgery: Applying Stitches(SP) Unarmed Combat: Blocking Punches (SP)
Unarmed Combat: Basic Footwork (SP)
Unarmed Combat: How To Throw A Punch Safely (SP)


Rharne: City Layout (AN)
Rharne: The Lightning Temple (SP)



Immortal: Ilaren (TP)
Ilaren: A Distant Mother (AN)
Ilaren: The Ruler of Rharne (AN)


Faction: The Lightning Knights (AN) Faction: Thunder Priestesses (TP)
Thunder Priestesses: The Oath (TP)
Thunder Priestesses: Hierarchy (AN)



Eden: Lightning Knight (AN)
Eden: Body Was Never Found (AN) Self: The Pain of Being Effectively Orphaned (AN)
Self: Desiring To Be Acknowledged By Ilaren (AN)
Lena lives in the Noviciate housing in the South Wing of the Lightning Temple. She shares a windowed, semi-private room with another Noviciate. Her room is semi-private, 400 square feet and contains two beds, two desks, two chairs, two chests, and a fireplace.


  • Basic set of clothing including a cloak, a blouse, a skirt, undergarments, and a pair of boots.
    All in shades of white and beige. (SP)


  • First Aid Kit


  • One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste. (SP)
  • One waterskin. (SP)
  • Two sets of eating utensils. (SP)
  • Tinderbox. (SP)
  • A pot of lavender Lena grows on her bedside table. (SP)

Prized Possession

A basic pendant worn around her neck at all times. This pendant has a portrait of her father inside, though Lena rarely opens it to look at it.
Item Debit Credit Total
Starting Package - 100gn 100gn
First Aid Kit 22gn - 78gn
Fame: Reason Positive Negative Total
Mortalborn - 10 -10
Mortalborn in Rharne +10 - 0
Thunder Priestess (Job) +10 - +10
Thunder Priestess (Noviciate) +2 - +12
Thread List

Vhalar 717

  • 2nd: Dark Shadows
    PCs: Lena, Patrick
    Summary: Lena meets a twisted soul.
    Status: Ongoing.
  • 22nd: Two Arcs Later
    PCs: Lena, Patrick
    Summary: Lena comes across Patrick drunkenly grieving.
    Status: Ongoing.
  • 95th: Vigil
    PCs: Seasonal Quest
    Summary: Raids occur throughout the city and citizens are called to action.
    Status: Ongoing.
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Lena is daughter of Ilaren, Immortal of Lightning, Sound, Brawling, and Alcohol. Lena's own Domains differ from her mother's, seemingly the antithesis of her mother's powers. Where Ilaren is loud and brash, Lena is reserved and methodical. Lena is the Mortalborn of Disputes, Sobriety, and Fortitude.

While her mother takes domain over physical brawls, Lena is more concerned with disputes of the mind. While her domain is Disputes, Lena does not have the ability to incite them, but only to control them should they arise. Once a trial, Lena can 'settle' a dispute by taking control of the two (or more) people involved. She does this by forcing them to be quiet. When this ability is activated, the subjects will find that they are physically not able to continue speaking about anything to do with the argument. They can continue to talk, but if it is related to the themes of the argument, the words physically will not come out of their mouths. This ability takes more effort the more people it involves, and induces headaches, lethargy, and muteness in Lena herself for the rest of the trial. She is able to do this to herself and anyone arguing with her as well, but the effects are the same - Lena will not be able to talk about the issue being argued either.

As one of Lena's domains, Lena can make people sober. On one level, this does relate to alcohol. Lena can wave away the alcohol in another's blood, forcing them to be sober immediately. This effect lasts for three breaks, whereupon the hangover will set in at full force, as if you were waking up after a night of long, hard drinking.

Sobriety, though, can also apply to emotions. When one is overpowered by a particular emotion, it can feel like you are inebriated, overcome with said emotion. Lena can make you "sober" of this emotion; she can withdraw the emotion from you and leave behind it nothingness. This remain is numbing clarity, and all other emotions tend to be dulled. This also lasts for three breaks, but thereon the subject is filled with lethargy and headaches, with an echo of the emotion removed left behind.

This ability leaves similar echoes of the emotion removed in Lena herself, and can only be used either on alcohol/emotions once a trial.

As the Mortalborn of Fortitude, Lena is someone who is stoic and forthright in her emotions. She does not change her mind very often, and is incredibly strong in her beliefs. This can sometimes manifest physically. Once a trial, Lena came become hardened as stone. While she is able to move herself, others will find they cannot shift her in any way. This lasts only up to five minutes, and Lena can end the ability at any time before that. Her skin will become cold as if it were stone. She is reminiscent of a living statue. After this ability ends, for the rest of the trial she will find herself somewhat exhausted, as it takes great strength and concentration to induce this ability.

How Eden A'stril and Ilaren Met
63 Zi'da 692

Eden stumbled through the shadows, cursing, holding a hand to his bleeding side. Too stubborn to visit a medic, Eden waved them off and stumbled home, insisting that with some rest and wine he’d be perfectly fine. But as he made his way through the night-lit Rharne streets, he started to wonder just how fine he would be.

“Buggering fuck,” he muttered, stumbling yet again. He’d left his uniform at the barracks, as he lived in a small apartment out of them. As such, blood spooled easily over his rough tunic, simply an undergarnment.

“Well, that’s not very nice, is it?”

Eden jumped, leaning against the wall panting heavily. He was too wounded to fight off an attacker, but who would attack a bleeding Lightning Knight in Rharne? And then he remembered – he’d left his armor at the barracks. There’d be no reputation to defend him here, not that it had done much good for him before.

“Who’s there?” Eden called gruffly into the shadows. “I’m a Lightning Knight, I’ll have you know, so no funny business!”

A lithe form came through the darkness, and Eden gasped, knowing immediately who she was. “Shit,” he muttered, before turning red and blushing, looking down. “I’m sorry, my lady, really –“

Ilaren waved off his apologies with a laugh. “If I were bleeding like that, I’d probably be swearing quite a bit, too.” Ilaren moved easily, lithely, to come to rest next to him against the wall. She looked at him with big, brown eyes, and cocked her head towards him. She looked younger than Eden had expected. He’d caught glimpses of the Immortal of course – everyone in Rharne had at one point or another – but this was the closest he’d ever been to her. Eden swallowed nervously, unable to make eye contact.

“So what happened?” Eden looked up in shock, and she simply rose her eyebrows at her. “I’m pretty sure we train our Lightning Knights well, so something must have happened. Not like you’d just trip and fall onto a polearm.”

Eden flushed. He had, in fact, once or twice fallen onto a rack of polearms, but luckily had never hurt himself.

“Just. This bastard—“ Eden looked up, but again Ilaren laughed and waved for him to continue. “Was stealing bread, and we caught him. I was alone, I didn’t think it’d be a big deal. He made a plea for starvation, and honestly I believed him, the fella was dirty and smelled like a sewer, but I still had to take him in, you see? I know he was hungry, but the shop owner was pitching a fit. I told him, I’d take him in and we’d see he got some food, but he pulled a knife and stabbed me in the gut.” Eden gestured to the bleeding wound in his side. “I managed to pin him down and by then another guard came along and we brought him in. So. Yeah.” Eden shrugged awkwardly, finally looking to Ilaren. She looked – rather amused. “S’how I got stabbed.”

Ilaren chuckled, shaking her head. “Sure, but that doesn’t explain why you’re bleeding all over my streets, does it?”

Eden shrugged again, bolstered by the fact that she was speaking to him as an equal. Words just flowed out of him easily. “They wanted to stitch me up – but. I didn’t let ‘em.”

“And why’s that?”

Eden blushed and muttered something.

“Sorry?” Ilaren asked, chuckling, suggesting that she had and just wanted him to repeat it.

“I don’t like needles! They freak me out, okay?” Eden burst forth, then clamped his mouth shut, blushing, looking away. For a Lightning Knight to be so ridiculous, so fearful, and for Ilaren to now know this… it was mortifying.

“Awwww,” Ilaren cooed, stepping closer to him. “Poor baby. Whatever will we do with you, big city guard scared of a little pain?”

“Shut up,” Eden muttered, before staring at her open mouthed. “I didn’t mean – shut up. I – fuck.”

Ilaren laughed again, and then pressed her hip against his. “It’s fine. Let’s see what we can do, hmm?” Ilaren waved her hand slowly over the wound, as if it there were a hundred invisible needles, it closed up. There was no pain. “There. Much better, hmm? And no needles.”

Eden closed his eyes and gulped, nodding at her closeness. “Yeah. Thanks – Thank you, my lady.”

Ilaren laughed, shaking her head. She leaned ever closer, and put a finger on his lips. “Now, now, none of that deference.” Ilaren’s eyes flickered down, and she grinned. “You still have blood all over your clothes, though. Should we head back to your place and do something about it?”

Eden gaped for a moment. Could she be – what was she suggesting? Eden stared, aware of her finger on his lips, and could say nothing.

“Oh, Eden,” she whispered, leaning in, her nose skirting against his cheek. “That wasn’t a request. That was an order.”

Eden gulped, before taking his hand and pulling her down the street towards his apartment. Well, if it were an order – who was he to deny his Immortal?

Eden Astril

Mortal Parent: (Memory NPC)
Name: Eden A'stril
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 6 Zi'da 672
Skills: 30 Weapon: Longsword, 30 Unarmed Combat, 10 Strength, 10 Shield Combat, 10 Linguistics, 10 Enurance
Appearance: Eden A'stril stood tall at 6'2", and always came with a smirk on his face. His shockingly blonde hair stood out on the streets of Rharne, as did his pale blue eyes, which seemed to see right through you. Eden was broad and muscled from training in the Lightning Knights, and tanned from working in the sun.
Personality: Eden was the perfect Lightning Knight - he took his work seriously, but loved to laugh. He was determined to protect the people of Rharne as a city guard, but through all his seriousness, he loved to make others feel warm and welcome. He loved to drink, and tell stories to Lena, making her giggle while she bounced on his knee in a tavern. Sometimes brash and arrogant, he could make mistakes as he was quick to feel. Eden had a reputation for knowing the names of everyone in his neighbourhood, taking an interest in even the smallest of happenings, including Mrs Tibbs' dog's tinnea.
Relationship to PC: Father
Other: Eden died at the age of 36 (708), when Lena was 15. She worked in the Lightning Cathedral as a cleaner until she could join as a Noviciate.
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