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Virikai Talius
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Virikai Talius

Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:38 am

Virikai Talius
Fast Facts

Name: Lord Virikai Talius
Unofficial Title: Ice Prince
Gender: Male
Age: 31 Arcs
Race: Eídisi
Date of Birth: 16th Day of Cylus, 687th Arc
Place of Birth: Viden, Northern Idalos
Current Location: Viden, Northern Idalos
Caste: Aristocracy
Alignment: Lawful Evil/Neutral
Career: Assistant Researcher, FRA
Studentship: Viden Academy, Institute of Science
Blessing: Xypha (Favoured)
Allegiances: Viden & Yvithia
Lord Talius & Family
Viden Academy
Facility for Retrospective Analysis
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Virikai Talius
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Race: Eídisi
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Virikai Talius

Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:41 am




6 foot, 6 inches


With looks as perfect as his personality is flawed, Virikai is the envy of many men and women in Viden. The young researcher is tall and handsome, with pale periwinkle skin and ebony coloured hair. His eyes, which are pale white in colour, are just like any other eídisi - appearing sightless and devoid of any emotion. He has sharp, pointed features and well defined cheekbones, though perhaps his eyes are a little too sunken. To those who know Verity Talius, they find great joy in the knowledge that Virikai looks just like his father.

Now that he has passed sexual maturity (and thus is fully grown in the physical sense), Virikai stands at a respectable height of 6'6. His slender form lacks any substantial muscle, though there is some; his interest in physical fitness only goes as far as ensuring his health. The Talius scion is always dressed impeccably, with a crisp white shirt and clean black trousers. He cares not for the inappropriateness of his garb in the harsh arctic climates, for he rarely leaves the Academy buildings. Though, for such times, he has invested in a thick cloak of the finest animal fur.
Most eídisi remain detached from their emotions, relative to other races... but Virikai takes that to a new extreme. He is a psychopath with all the classic traits: lack of empathy, incapacity for remorse, grandiosity, selfishness, and even evidence of violence. During his lifetime, including much of his childhood, he was shown to be highly ruthless and sadistic, showing very little mercy for those who might have slighted him. To most around Virikai, however, they would not see this. His charismatic, personable mask made him an accomplished manipulator, and he found himself liked, and still does, by many. He disdains close attachments, but manages to mimic them almost perfectly, so many do not recognise the exploitative behaviour.

He is highly intelligent, as demonstrated throughout his younger years studying at primary and secondary levels in the Viden Academy. He excelled in all subjects, but was clearly most interested in the sciences and their practical applications. It is another trait that he shares with many eídisi, but others are much more tempered, whereas Virikai is obsessional in his craving of knowledge and information. Those without that drive for learning are ridiculed by him, and thought of as weak, or worthless. It follows, then, that he does not invest time into friendship (or the semblance of such) with anyone who does not appear to be useful to him. But, for all of his intelligence, he is ignorant of any matters which he deems as unimportant.

Independence is another trait of his, something that others seem to admire him for, as he comes across as a pro-active and capable individual, perhaps even a reliable one. The reason for his independence is not positive, though: Virikai has strong narcissistic tendencies, bordering on megalomania. Few are good enough for his company, and those he surrounds himself with are only there for as long as he deems them useful to his ends, viewing them as disposable.

Perhaps Virikai's only redeeming quality is his unwavering loyalty and devotion to Yvithia.
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Virikai Talius
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Virikai Talius

Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:41 am

As a son of the Delegate Verity Talius, Virikai was born into a family of privilege and wealth. Both of his parents spoiled their son, giving him the best of everything as far as material possessions go, and he never wanted for anything. His family background gave him a head start in life that even most eídisi didn't have: at the tender age of just two arcs, Verity paid for private instruction for his son. At first, the child did not seem interested in his lessons. When his instructor complained to Verity, however, he was furious, and sought to correct his son's behaviour in the only way he thought a toddler would understand: pain.

As a Videnese child, he began to study at the Viden Academy just before turning six. His early instructors could not miss the signs of brilliance already having taken root in the child. He excelled in both literacy and numeracy, and was among the youngest to enter secondary education, at the age of eight. The next eight years of Virikai's life was spent in secondary education, where he was exposed to a broad range of topics, before finally being offered the chance to specialise in those he was truly interested in: the sciences. In the early years of his adult life, Virikai was considered by all who met him to be an intelligent, polite young man who showed an enthusiasm to learn.

At first, the Talius scion could not understand why pupils in his classes tried to befriend him or, indeed, each other. Days of silent study allowed him to come to the conclusion that each person who entered into a friendship sought to get something out of it. Accepting this logic, Virikai began to evaluate the other pupils before beginning to surround himself with those he deemed to be the most valuable. With low levels of tolerance for empathy, Virikai could not understand the emotional attachments that were formed... in fact, he despised them. But he was slowly perfecting his mask, and was able to use his superficial charm to make many do his bidding.

Leaving education for a period at the age of nineteen, Virikai immersed himself in private study, using his father's money to access the Prime Atheneum many times each season as he expanded his knowledge of topics which he was intrigued by the most. For years, he continued in this fashion, devouring tome after dusty tome, claiming them as his companions over people. Further, he isolated himself, for he found himself so intrigued by the books in the Prime Atheneum that he no longer saw the need for effort in constructing an image of himself for the world to see: his ambitions were singular and did not require the goodwill of others to see them through.

Most of all, his fascination of science continued... particularly his interest in the practical applications of it. Most of all, he was interested in medical uses, and how the body might react to certain potions and poisons. His father, seeing this, offered to pay for his studies in tertiary education from the Academy, with the prospect of his employment in the medical centre. Virikai, however, scorned this, no longer using a mask of pretend compassion for the world around him. Medicine was interesting, yes, but he could not abide working in that clinical white space every day, having to soothe the irrationally concerned mother of a child with a mild bout of influenza. But four years of his private study had now passed. At 23 arcs, his father forced his hand - believing his son to be wasting his time - and secured him a job in the Facility for Retrospective Analysis as a Researcher.
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Virikai Talius
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Virikai Talius

Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:49 am


Relationship: TBC
Race: Naerikk

About: here

Relationship: Colleague and Acquaintance
Race: Eídisi

About: here

Relationship: Sister
Race: Eídisi

About: here
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Virikai Talius
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Race: Eídisi
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Virikai Talius

Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:51 am

Skillxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Acquired Pointsxxxxxxxxxx /251 Mechanismxxxxx Proficiency
/100 (+1
1/251 Novice
/100 (+7
7/251 Novice
/100 (+1
1/251 Novice
/100 (+2
2/251 Novice
/100 (+1
1/251 Novice
/100 (+1
1/251 Novice
/100 (+3
3/251 Novice
/100 (+7
7/251 Novice
/100 (+6
6/251 Novice
/100 (+3
6/251 Novice
/100 (+1
1/251 Novice
/100 (+1
1/251 Novice
Skillxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Acquired Pointsxxxxxxxxxx /251 Mechanismxxxxx Proficiency
30/251 Competent
/100 (+2
45/251 Competent
31/251 Competent
Linguistics [FT]
/100 (+10
N/A Competent
/100 (+6
27/251 Competent
/100 +15
55/251 Competent
35/251 Competent
40/251 Competent
Skillxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Acquired Pointsxxxxxxxxxx /251 Mechanismxxxxx Proficiency
84/251 Expert
/100 (+20
78/251 Expert
/100 (+25
81/251 Expert
Skillxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Acquired Pointsxxxxxxxxxx /251 Mechanismxxxxx Proficiency
???/251 Master
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Virikai Talius
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Race: Eídisi
Profession: Researcher/Student
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Virikai Talius

Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:52 am

Descriptionxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Creditxxxxxxx Debitxxxxxxxx Total
Starting Package [SP] +50 50
Racial Bonus [RB] +25 75
CS Approval Points [MY] +10 85
Old System Points [OS] +74 159
Total Starting -159 0
Xypha Bonus [XB] (Linguistics) +3 0
Something's Gotta Give +15 15
Unknown Booked Conversation +15 30
Making the Grade +10 40
And So We Meet Again +15 55
Save a Dance for Me +15 70
Etiquette -20 50
Politics -20 30
Medicine -22 8
Seduction -8 0
Footloose +15 15
A Different Kind of Dream +15 30
Etiquette -7 23
Seduction -17 6
Persuasion -6 0
Breaker of Hearts +15 15
The Price of Knowledge +10 25
Scholarly Interest +10 35
Epiphany +10 45
Blessings in Disguise +10 55
Absence Makes the Heart... +15 70
Discipline -35 35
Teaching -20 15
Seduction -10 5
Flight of the Fallen +15 0 20
The Measure of a Man +15 35
You're the One That I Want +15 50
Celebration +15 65
Behind Closed Doors +10 75
Leadership -31 44
Intimidation -43 1
The Grapevine Game +10 11
The Facts of Life +15 26
Needs Must +15 41
What Happens... +10 51
Pop! Fizz! Clink! +15 66
Politics -20 46
Discipline -20 26
The Ethics of Science +10 36
Union ofSouls +15 51
Linguistic Relativity +15 65
Spectre at the Feast +15 80
A for Effort +10 90
Discipline -23 68
Persuasion -14 54
Linguistics -14 40
Research -40 0
Little Lost Orphans +20 20
LLO: Socialisation +3 -3 20
LLO: Etiquette +3 -3 20
LLO: Discipline +6 -6 20
Teaching -20 0
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Virikai Talius
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Posts: 301
Joined: Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:03 am
Race: Eídisi
Profession: Researcher/Student
Renown: 0
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RP Medals

Virikai Talius

Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:40 pm

Ability and Learning


Research (26):
  • Academia: Motivations for Study
    Academy Classes: A Potential Aid To Research
    A Quiet Location is Key
    Ask Questions of Lecturers
    Critical Reasoning
    Research: Identifying Problems
    Research: Insubstantial, Inconclusive and Negative Results
    Learning to Pass an Exam
    Learning for the Sake of Knowledge
    Learning from Another Student
    No Ethical Code in the FRA
    Passion Helps
    Practical Experiences
    Productive Use of Resources
    Solo Research: Might Not Be Worth It
    Step 1: Identifying Research Questions
    Step 2: Critical Appraisals of the Literature
    Step 3: Experimental Research and Empirical Evidence
    Step 4: Analyse the Results
    Step 5: Consolidate the Information
    Taking Notes from a Book
    Test Scores Show Value and Worth
    The Applications of Theory
    The Foundation to Progress
    Time Management
Teaching (11):
  • Experience Complements Theory
    Carrot and Stick Method
    Finding Deep Reserves of Patience
    Keep Your Skills Current
    Offering to Support Another
    Punishment as a Teaching Mechanism
    Remaining Calm
    Teach Students to Teach Themselves
    The Consequences of Miscommunication
    The Value of Revision
    Trying to Explain Something
  • A Research Proposal
    Refining a Research Proposal


Acting (1):
  • Appearing Outwardly Collected when you aren't Inwardly so
Caregiving (1):
  • Provide What Comfort You Can
  • Setting a Fire in One's Fireplace
    Crime Takes Careful Planning
    Work Gets the Mind off of Parental Borishness


Linguistics (17):
  • Definition of Creole Languages
    Definition of Pidgin Languages
    Difference Between Pidgins and Creoles
    Hypothesis: The Impact of Language on Cognition
    Hypothesis: Language Shapes Thinking and Behaviour
    Ingrained in Culture
    Linguistics: Pragmatics
    Linguistics: Phonetics
    Linguistics: Phonology
    Linguistics: Semantics
    Linguistics: Syntax and Morphology
    Spotting Someone's Lack of Fluency
    Translating from One Language to Another
    Aukari (2):
    • Spoken Language: Vauni
      Written Language: Sau'ei
    Euthic Sign (1):
    • Naerikk Word: Eili
    Leni (1):
    • Developed from a Pidgin
    Xanthea (1):
    • Simple Sentences


Medicine (49):
  • Anatomy:
    • Blood: Gets Something Necessary From Air
      Blood: Turns Red When Exposed To Air
      Medicine: Anatomy
      Circulatory System
      Nervous System
      Organs: Necessary For Survival
      Respiratory System
      Race (Eídisi): Mimics Human Anatomy
      (SP) Race (Human): Anatomy
      Race (Human): Location of Diaphragm
      Race (Mer): Mimics Human Anatomy
      The Brain: Houses Thought
      The Brain: In The Head
      The Circulatory System: Controlled By The Heart
      The Circulatory System: Layout
      The Nervous System: Commands are Conscious or Unconscious
      The Nervous System: Controlled By The Brain
      The Nervous System: Controls The Body
      The Respiratory System: Layout
      The Respiratory System: Muscles Expand Ribcage
      The Respiratory System: Necessity For All Races
    • Comparison of Race Healing Rates
      Eídisi Typical Development
      Human Typical Development
      Knowing Degrees of Human Consciousness
      Race (Mer): Breathes Water
    Wound Care:
    • (SP) Basic Suturing
      Congealed Blood Protects Wounds
      Managing Abdominal Injury
      Reddening Skin is a Sign of Infection
      (SP) Removing Sutures
      Running Stitches are not Easy to Remove
      (SP) Suture Wound Care
      Yellow Pus is a Sign of Infection
    • Medicine: Herbalism - Decoctions
      Medicine: Herbalism - Infusions
      Medicine: Herbalism - Properties of Plants and Herbs
      Medicine: Herbalism - Tinctures
      Medicine: Herbalism - Use Whole Plant
      Toxin: Yela
      Truth serum: Works for a break's duration
    • Effects of Sedation
      Effects of Withdrawal
      Signs and Symptoms of Impairment
      Neurology of Defence Mechanisms
      Neurology of the Reptilian Brain
      Typical Development: Ages and Stages
      Typical Development: Gross vs Fine Motor Skills
    Patient Care:
    • When to Answer Patients' Questions, and When to Ignore Them


Leadership (16):
  • Allowing Another to Make Decisions
    Complete Control
    Enjoying Having Power Over Another
    Having Another’s best Interests at Heart
    How to Chastise Someone
    How to Silence Someone
    Leaving No Room for Argument
    Inventive Punishments
    Making Hard Decisions
    Making Requests of People
    Managing Slaves
    Quiet Control
    Speak as if You Expect to be Obeyed
    Tone of Authority
    Use of Imperatives
    Working with Others' Skills
Politics (44):
  • Accepting Support from Another
    Acquiescing an Argument
    Appropriate Titles
    Aristocrats Must Marry Well
    Being Seen Helping the Common Man is Important
    Casual Banter can Ben Very Significant
    Control of Potentially Damaging Situations
    Control Through Force
    Control Through Respect
    Do What You Must
    Doing the Dirty Work
    Don't Rub in a Victory
    Dropping your Guard is a Very Bad Idea
    Even Academia is Politics
    Expectations of a Scion
    Fabricating the Truth
    Family Matters are Private
    Flattery Works - to a Degree
    Focus on Education, Not Marriage
    Formal Functions Are Good to Circulate
    Harder than it Looks
    Importance of a Reputation
    Juggling Situations where Politics, Academics and the FRA Overlap
    Know Your People
    Knowing a Little About Someone Gives an Advantage when Talking to Them
    Life as the Son of a Lord
    Lower Classes: Lazy When Supporting Their Betters
    Lying to the People of Viden
    Morality is an Emotional Response
    Morality is a Subjective Construct
    No Such Thing as Meaningless Conversation
    Preserving the Talius Name
    Protecting the Greater Good of Viden
    Protecting Those You Care For
    Remember Your Station
    Respect the Will of Your Father
    Rumour Can Affect Reputation
    Sealing a Deal: Concealing One's Own Involvement
    Showing That You Won't be Cowed
    Smile in the Face of an Insufferable Pig
    Society Doesn’t Advance Through Convivial Diversions
    The Value of Secrets
    Viden Citizens Are Not Sheep
    The Videnese Social Elite
  • Lady Elia Talius: Talius Matriarch
    Lord Orthen Voren: Heir Voren
    Lord Taelis Voren: Lord Voren
    Lord Verity Talius: Lord Talius
    Viden Aristocracy: Aranaz Family
    Viden Aristocracy: Talius Family
    Viden Aristocracy: Voren Family


Dancing (2):
  • Leading a Partner
    The Waltz


Etiquette (22):
  • A Reception is Different than a Dinner
    Appropriate Introductions
    Bowing and Curtseying
    Defending Your Partner’s Honour
    Educating the Socially Awkward
    Escorting a Partner
    Fine Food Engenders Fine Company
    Formal Occasions in Foreign Lands
    Greeting in a Formal Reception
    Greetings and Farewells
    Limiting Alcohol Intake
    Making Small Talk
    Managing a Partner’s Discomfort
    Observing Cultural Traditions
    Ordering Drinks and Dinner
    Other Cultures: Senseless Formality
    Permission to Deduct Superfluous Scraping
    Polite Civility
    Putting Forward a Counter Argument in a ‘Friendly’ Manner
    Seek Permission before Acting
    Showing Appropriate Deference to your Father
    Wait for Her to Say “Yes”
Intimidation (20):
  • Deceptively Soft Tones
    Dominating Your Partner
    Glacial Expressions
    Learning Another’s Triggers
    Learning What to Say to Control Another
    Less is More
    Physical Control
    Reminding People of his Property
    Silent Communication
    Subtle Implications
    Use of Aggression
    Use of Blackmail
    Use of Expression
    Use of Insults
    Use of Force
    Use of Pain
    Use of Rank and Status
    Use of Threats
    Use of Tone
Negotiation (13):
  • Answering Questions Clearly but Putting Your Own Spin on Them
    A Favour Given for a Favour Later
    A Political Conversation can be a Minefield
    Argument and Counter Argument
    Crafting a Deal
    Ensure You Pise Interesting Questions
    Explaining Why You Need to Do This
    Giving an Opponent Some Choice, Even When They're Backed into a Corner
    Knowing when to Fight or When to Concede
    Proposals are a Business Deal
    Question Terms Used
    Reasoning With a Patient
    Setting a Stake
Persuasion (15):
  • Defining your usefulness
    Know What Someone Wants
    Not Always Linguistic
    Offering Your Services
    Proving that Your Choices are Beneficial
    Putting Forward an Argument for an Utterly Reprehensible Act
    Reasoning with Someone
    The Use of Tone
    The Value of Attributes
    Thinly Veiled Threats
    Using Logical Arguments
    Using Logic
    Using Positive Rewards
    Using Someone’s Desires Against Them
    Why You Would be Good for This, Even if Under Qualified on Paper
Rhetoric (18):
  • Calling Someone’s Bluff
    Compendious Speaking
    Crude Language to Make a PointFormal Introductions
    Framing an Argument
    Implications and Inferences
    Making Someone Feel Small
    Manipulation and Gaslighting
    Polite Conversation
    Public Speaking
    Refusing to Take Back Your Words
    Ridicule as a Way of Enforcing Status
    Quips and Retorts
    Speaking Clearly
    Talking Around the Issue
    Use of Metaphors
    Use of Sarcasm
    Using Ultimatums to Get Your Way - You Hope!
Seduction (24):
  • Butterfly Kisses
    Challenge Your Quarry
    Chaste Kisses
    Dominating Your Partner
    Ensure Her Safety
    Erogenous Location: Inner Thighs
    Erogenous Location: Lower Torso
    Eliciting Blushes
    Fine Dining
    Guiding Your Partner’s Submission
    Hand Placement
    How to Control Your Partner
    Impress Your Quarry
    Lavish Gestures of Wealth
    Make Her Want It
    Ply with Fruit and Alcohol
    Protective Gestures
    Putting Your Partner First
    Reading Signals
    Soft Spoken Commands
    Staying Naked
    Teasing Remarks
    Using Compliments
    Use of Pet Names
Socialisation (2):
  • A Smile Makes you Appear more Friendly
    Avoid Using Your Title to Appear Friendlier and More Approachable


Deception (1):
  • A Snall Amount of Mirth can make a Fake Smile seem Genuine
Intelligence (5):
  • A Shared Interest can make Someone Frop their Guard
    Culture Impacts Information
    Gathering Information from a Variety of Sources
    Gathering what Information you can through Careful Questioning
    Understanding Someone’s Role in a Social Group
Interrogation (3):
  • Ask Questions with Firm, yet Soft, Urgency
    Convince your Target that Answering Questions is to Their Benefit
    Tell Someone they won’t get in Trouble if they Answer your Questions
Investigation (2):
  • Choosing a Suitable Area to Search for a Person
    Sometimes You Have to do a Lot of Legwork
Stealth (1):
  • Use Sign to Avoid Anyone Knowing you’re Communicating with Someone

Personal Development


Celebration: Anagénnisi
Humans: The Original Race
Race: Aukari
  • Can be Overcome by Emotions
    Struggle with Puzzle Tasks
Race: Naer
  • Enemies of Viden and Eídisi
Race: Tunawa
  • Become Quite Lethargic in Extreme Cold


Immortal: Yvithia
  • Immortal of Intelligence, Language and Communication
    Depths of My Devotion
    Xypha: Awareness of Emotions
    Xypha: Manipulated Memories
    Xypha: Sending Ideas and Images
    Xypha: Silent Communication
    Xypha: The Power to Control
    Xypha: The Power to Read Minds
    Xypha – Telepathic Communication (Minor): Pass on Thoughts From Others
    Xypha – The Telesthetic Boon: A Crowd Makes it Difficult to Pick out Individual Streams of Conscious Thought
    Xypha – The Telesthetic Boon: Experience the Suffering of Others
    Xypha – The Telesthetic Boon: Hear Streams of Conscious Thought
    Xypha: Yvithia’s Blessing


  • Rynmere: Duchy of Venora
    Rynmere: Makes Whiskey
  • Viden: Alcohol Prohibition Laws
    (SP) Viden: City Layout
    Viden: Culture of Courtships
    Viden: Culture of the Lower Classes
    Viden: Etiquette of Courting
    Viden: Intelligence Authority
    Viden: Quiet in the Early Morning
    Location: Aranaz Family Estate
    Location: The Fruit Gardens
    Location: The Old Jubilee
    Location: Temple of Worship
    Location: Tienite Reavers' Warehouse
    Tienite Reavers: Ice Sculptors
    Location: The Prime Atheneum
    Location: The Viden Academy
    Viden Academy: Social Functions
(JD) Location: Facility for Retrospective Analysis
  • Even Drudge Work is Elite in the FRA
    Escaped Subject (Cylus 718)
    Longitudinal Research Project
    Must be Kept a Secret
    Research into Developmental Milestones of Mortal Races
    (JD) Research on The Great Shattering
    Secret Research Facility


Caius Gawyne:
  • Likes to Think of Himself as Suave
    Lord Arbiter
    Lord of Rynmere’s Venora
    Maebella’s Former Lover
    Pathetically Desperate
Linika Amarinthine:
  • A Hateful Whore
    A Poor Actress
    An Exile
    Clinging to a Title
    Overly Emotional
Maebella Arval:
  • A Defiant Paradox
    Attacked (at the Academy)
    Beautiful When Blushing
    Can Conduct Herself Appropriately
    Concerned She will Lose Kai
    Contempt for Aristocracy
    Daughter of Trinna Arval
    Defiant and Uncultivated
    Descendant of the Voren Family
    Disowned by the Voren Family
    Engaged to Me
    Has Other Suitors
    Intelligent Conversational Partner
    Insecure and Self-Conscious
    Isolated Erudite
    Is not a Complete Disaster
    Lives in Student Accommodation
    Marches to the Beat of her Own Drum
    Not Part of My World
    Reputation: "Frigid Bitch"
    Reputation: "Lordling's Slut
    Responsive to Me
    Sensitive to Seductive Touches
    Socially Inept
    Student at the Academy
    Studies Literature
    Uncomfortable Discussing Heritage
    Uncomfortable Dressing Up
    Wears a Mask
  • Hope Dewispe: Dean of the Institute of Arts
    Head Researcher Selek Fahe: Recognisable Suture Patterns
    Sayr Tytle: Anatomy Teacher
    Sayr Tytle: Doesn't Let Prejudice Interfere With Academics
    Supervisor Annelies Layne: Tolerable
    Tevin [Viden Infirmary]: Is Loyal
    Lady Elia Talius: Mother
    Lord Orthen Voren: Hates Maebella?
    Lord Verity Talius: Disapproves of Me
    Verity Talius: Doesn't wholly trust you
    Verity Talius: Is disappointed in you
    Verity Talius: Might trust you
    Verity Talius: Opinions on reproducing with non-Eídisi
    Verity Talius: Used truth serum on you
    Verity Talius: Yvithia's Champion


Discipline (29):
  • Carefully Schooled Expression
    Defending Your Stance Calmly
    Doing as Told by Superiors
    Doing What You Don’t Want to Do
    Fighting Against Your Lover
    Holding Back Anger
    Holding Back Thoughts
    Holding Your Tongue to Save Face
    Ignoring Struggling and Pleas of Patients
    Ignoring the Stench of Bodily Fluid
    Ignoring Others' Emotions
    Keeping Calm while Approaching an Important Meeting
    Learning Humility
    Maintaining ‘Face’
    Managing Expectations
    Managing Unsightly Wounds
    No Empathy for Research Subjects
    Not Losing Sight of Yourself in the Room with an Imposing Individual
    Not Reacting to a Duplicitous Companion
    Not Showing Your Feelings
    Not Squirming Under a Steely Gaze
    Refusing to Lash Back
    Refusing to Retaliate when Offended
    Remaining Polite No Matter What
    Remaining Silent
    Socialisation in the Face of Irritation
    Standing Your Ground
    Working Even if You're Above It
    Working Without Complaint
Endurance (9):
  • Cacophony Inside My Head
    Dealing With a Telesthetic Boon Overload
    Learning to Control Xypha
    Watching a Woman Give Birth
    No Empathy for Others
    Remaining in an Uncomfortable Position
    Sharing Another's Pain
    Trudging Through the Snow
    Watching Others’ Pain
  • A Star Can't Fit into a Square
    Children Fall into Familiar Patterns
    "Diamond Dust"
    First Impressions Can Be Deceptive
    Social Relationships are More Important to Children than Education
    Travel Broadens the Mind
Resistance (1):
  • Alcohol can Loosen the Tongue


Alberquerque: Strategy Game
Languagexxxxxxxxxxx Proficiencyxxxxxxxxxxxx Difficultyxxxxxxxxx Working Towards...
Ancient Tongue Fluent (SP) Hard
Common tongue Fluent (RB) Easy
Euthic Sign Conversational (SP) Medium 4kn, 45exp
Leni Fluent (XY) Easy
Rakahi Broken Easy [novice ling] 2kn, 30exp
Vauni Fluent Medium [competent ling boost]
Xanthea Broken Easy [novice ling] 2kn, 30exp
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RP Medals

Virikai Talius

Wed Aug 05, 2015 4:54 am

Descriptionxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Creditxxxx Debitxxxx Running Total
Starting Race +10 10
Starting City +10 20
Career +10 30
Attending a Function +5 35
Proper Etiquette +2 37
No Altercations +10 47
Saving Maebella +3 50
Gain a Blessing +10 60
Helping a Patient +1 61
FRA Renown +5 66
Teaching +5 69
Attending a Party +15 84
Research Approval +10 94
Saving Orphans +20 114
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RP Medals

Virikai Talius

Sat Dec 02, 2017 4:08 pm

  • Clothing:
    • Cloak, black fur;
    • Shirt, white cotton;
    • Trousers, black canvas;
    • Plain Undergarments;
    • A pair of well-fitting boots, black leather;
    • Robes, fine blue embroidered (prized possession).
    • Formal brocade suit with cotton shirt*
  • Bitch, husky: Aspen.
  • Modbomd Coin???*
  • Broze bracelet*
  • Child's ragdoll*
    [*Bioluminescent plant inside a vial*
  • Deck of cheat cards*
  • One Set of Toiletries:
    • Soap;
    • Brush;
    • Razor;
    • Toothbrush;
    • Toothpaste.
  • One Waterskin.
[*]Academic Equipment:
  • Large leather bag;
  • Vellum (10 sheets);
  • Vial of black ink;
  • Vial of ink thinner;
  • Reservoir pen.
  • Quill (hides penmanship)*
[*]Medical Equipment:
  • Sweetleaf Jelly*
  • Weapon worth 40gn*
As heir to the Talius line, Virikai remains in his family home with his parents and younger sister. It is a large manor, with guest suites, servants' quarters and function rooms. Virikia is not materialistic, however, and his personal room, whilst larger than most, is much more simplistic than the rest of the house. The room contains an insulating double bed, a desk and accompanying chair, plus a comfy sofa chair, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers. As a requirement from the law of all occupied houses/rooms in Viden, his room also contains a stove.
Monetary Worth
Descriptionxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Creditxxxxxxx Debitxxxxxxx Total Ledger
Starting Package +100gn 100gn
Vial of Black Ink -5sn 99gn 5sn
Vial of Ink Thinner -1gn 98gn 5sn
Reservoir Pen -5sn 98gn
Vellum (10 sheets) -1gn 97gn
Large Leather Bag 1gn, 2sn 95gn 8sn
Ymiden 715 Academy Fees -90gn* 5gn 8sn
Saun 715 Academy Fees -90gn* -85gn 8sn
715 Living Expenses waived -85gn 8sn
Point Bank Gold Exchange (635 points) +3175gn 3065gn 8sn
*Dress for Maebella -25gn 3040gn 8sn
*Shoes for Maebella -1gn, 8sn 3039gn
*Brocade Jacket -22gn, 5sn 3016gn 5sn
*Brocade Trousers -37gn, 5sn 2970gn
*Cotton Shirt -1gn, 8sn 2977gn 2sn
Z'ida 717 Academy Fees -90gn* 2887gn 2sn
Zi'da 717 Assistant Researcher Income +1023gn 3910gn 2sn
Zi'da 717 Politician Income +558gn 4468gn 2sn
Zi'da 717 Living Expenses (Common) -158gn 1sn 4310gn 1sn
Cylus 718 Academy Fees -90gn* 4220gn 1sn
Cylus 718 Assistant Researcher Income +390gn 4610gn 1sn
Cylus 718 Politician Income +240gn 4850gn 1sn
Cylus 718 Living Expenses (Common) -63gn 4787gn 1sn
Ashan 718 Academy Fees -90gn* 4697gn 1sn
*Bottle of wine -8gn 4689gn 1sn
*Larimar Pendant -106gn 9sn, 2cn 4582gn 1sn 8cn
Ashan 718 Researcher Income +2091gn 6673gn 1sn 8cn
Ashan 718 Politician Income 1230gn 7903gn 1sn 8cn
Ashan 718 Living Expenses (Common) -332gn 1sn 7571gn 8cn
Ymiden 718 Academy Fees -90gn* 7481gn 8cn
*Reward +200gn 7681gn, 8cn
Ymiden 718 Researcher Income +1743gn 9424gn, 8cn
Ymiden 718 Politician Income +996gn 10420gn, 8cn
Ymiden 718 Living Expenses (Luxury) -410gn 8sn 5cn 10009gn, 2sn, 3cn
Saun 718 Academy Fees -90gn* 9919gn, 2sn, 3cn
Saun 718 Researcher Income + total
Saun 718 Politician Income + total
Saun 718 Living Expenses (Luxury) - total
Total Worth: 9,919gn, 2sn, 3cn

*Discount for employment
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Virikai Talius
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Profession: Researcher/Student
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RP Medals

Virikai Talius

Sat Dec 02, 2017 4:39 pm

Blessed by Yvithia with Xypha

It was his father’s fault, Virikai thought… if he were to pinpoint a cause. Covered in blood, vomit, urine, faeces and all other bodily fluids, Virikai had sunk lower than he had ever thought possible. The young scion was above this… filth. This was the point of servants, or, better yet, slaves. They had few other purposes, and the son of the Delegate Verity Talius was the last person anyone would expect to be in this situation.

Yet here he was… wearing what could no longer be described as ‘fine’ clothing, not now that it had been ruined by the filth. And despite all the foul, murderous thoughts that were running through his head, Virikai did not stop the painstaking work of cleaning up the barely conscious patient.

A mere break ago the Talius scion had been fast asleep in bed, many breaks before the sun’s rays would bathe Viden in light. Three quarters of a break ago he had dragged himself out of his warm sheets and blankets, eaten the breakfast so diligently prepared for him by the family’s slaves. Half a break ago he had left the Obsidian Prism and was well and quite truly on his way to work in the Facility for Retrospective Analysis, with a lead weight in his gut. He was still new to the work here - an effort in his part to become more current in the practice of Medicine, since his pause in studying. The lead researcher had had the scion come in early that morning, in order to bring him up to speed with basic practices. It had been a dull start, but a necessary one.

Now, Virikai found his heart heavy and his hands covered in blood, some orderly attending the subject next to him giving him hasty directions as the student attempted to see to the pained man's wounds. “Unbandage and clean the wounds thoroughly, she’s been here a while and I don’t know when they were last changed.” A bitter sigh left the orderly’s lips as she gestured to the bloody mess of an arm before the scion. The woman shot the man before her a wayward glance, his forehead covered with beaded sweat and mouth twisted into the form of a pained scar.

Virikai knew the subject wanted to question him, to probe him and ask him if he truly knew what he was doing… but the answer to that question was not one that she wanted to hear. Virikai would have answered honestly: yes, he did, but he would not do it in the caring way an orderly would see to the dressings. With a a sigh of his own, the medical student lifted the woman's arm and began the painful task of unwrapping the stained of blood bandage, now stained with dried blood and yellowed with pus dirt.

At every flinch and wince, the scholar would pause shortly, give the ageing, silver haired woman a stern look, before returning to his work, teeth gritted at the unpleasantness of the activity. The first few twists of the bandage were awkward, at best, with the student propping the arm of the man up with one hand as the other took the bandage and threaded it over and through, and he found himself thanking the Gods that it was only on the upper arm of the patient that her wounds were concentrated, especially if he was going to be of so little help in supporting his own weight.

It had been a mere season since his father had forced him to renew his studies and gain employment with the Academy. In pursuing a Letter in Medicine from the Institute of Science, he had been easily placed into a role in the support staff of the Infirmary. It was simple work, but he was promised that it would only be temporary. Virikai, as the son of a Delegate, was one of the trusted few to know of the hidden secrets of the Facility of Retrospective Analysis, and it was expected that he would eventually begin work for the FRA itself.

Remain still, Madame,” Virikai’s voice was soft - not polite, nor could it even be described as caring, but it was calm, his voice low and disinterested, and his sedated patient could hardly know the difference. It was enough to keep her calm, so Virikai would not debase himself further to pander to the neediness of the woman. It was not necessary. Regardless, the panicked look in the woman’s eyes, as she realised a man had complete access to her body and was washing her down, caused Virikai to explain himself further. “You have not been well, and it would be prudent for you to be clean, if you are to gain a restful night of sleep.

It seemed to calm the woman, and he fell silent again. Despite the disgust he was feeling inside, the Talius scion did not display any outward emotions, such was the eídisi way. Eídisi were good for such a menial role, Virikai supposed… but all of them must crave more. Who in their right mind could consider that this was enough?

The sounds of the room were taking too much from his concentration. It was not a dead silence, but instead a constant turbulence of groans and curses, of prayers and hopes and damnations. He needed something, however short-lived it was, to take his mind from all that was whirling around him, lest his patience, and concentration snap.

Thank you, Virikai.” The young eídisi paused as he was cleaning up from the session and turned to face the voice who spoke. It didn’t take more than that single glance for the student to realise that he was not talking to a mere supervisor. “My Lady,” was all he said, his voice level as ever, as he bowed his head slightly in greeting.

The woman smiled; she had made no conscious effort to hide herself from her Right-Hand’s son, and was pleased that the boy had recognised her. “You do not enjoy the jobs you must currently complete.” Yvithia’s words were phrased as a statement, but there was the clear indication that she was expecting an answer from him.

Virikai turned back to washing his hands. He did not need to consider his answer; the Immortal could see clearly enough if she deigned to look into his mind, so he answered quickly and honestly. “I am above this.” It was difficult to admit, for Virikai was rarely around his betters; he had no betters, and being so honest was a new challenge for him.

I am not challenged,” he explained further. Thoughts and images were one thing, but he felt the need to justify himself further. “When my father said that he had found me work with the Academy, never in my wildest nightmares had I expected… this. The Academy should help me to learn more, but what is there to learn from cleaning up another person’s vomit?

Humility, Virikai.” The eídisi paused at those words, and he could not even admit that he was surprised by the answer. Hard as it was to admit, he did have a lot to learn about how millions of people lived. As he rinsed his hands free of suds, they did not yet feel clean, and he reached for more soap, trying again. Yvithia was silent, and Virikai fought to look around to see if she was still there. He continued to methodically scrub between his fingers, as he had been taught.

In all his arrogance, the Talius scion knew what was coming next... and, oh, how desperately he wanted it. How desperately he craved to earn his Lady's favour, and follow in the footsteps of his father... perhaps he was even pursuing the wrong degree, perhaps he would be better suited to politics. “It is not my place to tell you of your father’s trials in his journey to become my most trusted advisor, Virikai,” the Immortal of Intelligence replied softly as she placed her hand on Virikai’s chin, forcing him to lock gaze with his God. “But it is no breech of his trust to state that Verity has earned his place by my side… and through far harsher means than providing personal care to those less fortunate than him.

The young eídisi’s eyes lowered, ashamed at his thoughts; even as the Immortal spoke, he still believed himself better. Yvithia knew this, and she smiled once more, still maintaining her hold on the young man’s chin, “Look at me,” she commanded, and Virikai did so without hesitation. “Your time will come, Virikai Talius.

The Immortal pulled her subject’s chin toward her, and raised her own head. Gently, she planted a kiss above his brow, where Virikai felt the faint sensation of a cool breeze against his forehead and eye. Then, he heard Yvithia’s voice speak again, though her lips did not move. “But you have much to learn. I will guide you in this.
  • Telepathic Communication
  • Intuitive Linguist
  • Intellectuals' Skills I
  • Identify
  • Perfect Copy
  • Emotional Palette
  • Telesthetic Boon
  • Mental Library
  • Borrowed Knowledge
  • Telepathic Link
  • Intuitive Polygot
  • Intellectuals' Skills II
  • Perfect Recitation
  • Translator
  • Emotional Synthesia
  • Telesthetic's Mastery
  • Orator
  • Group Think
  • Telepathic Array
  • Exceptional Linguist
  • Intellectuals' Skills III
  • Implant
  • 2 Bodies, 1 Mind
  • Cognito Infinitum
  • Lingua Franca
  • Omnilingual
  • Telepathic Possession
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