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Sat May 27, 2017 10:46 pm


"If you take the kill out of killjoy, all that's left is joy. Who the hell wants that?"
Other Aliases: Zip, Foc, The Crossest Girl in Etzos, Lady Sunshine

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Date of Birth: 20th of Cylus, 697

Birthplace: Etzos

Current Location: Etzos

Blessings: Hell to the no

Ith'ession: Fluent
Common: Conversational Broken
Common Sign: Conversational Broken (Linguistics)
Xanevic: Conversational Broken (Linguistics)

The Ministry of Advisors
The Army of the Etzori
The Black Guard

Advisory Liaison to Foster's Landing
Etzori Twister
Black Guard Negotiator

Sexuality: Zipper has a type: Bryonic, impossible men incapable of loving her back. Bonus attractive traits include necromancy, terrible childhoods that may or may not involve parricide, a pathological obsession to assert control both over within and without, and a fondness for ornate cutlery. Anyone without abs need not apply. Theoretical

Partners: Neronin Nope

Brother: Finnegan O'Connor
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Sun May 28, 2017 1:27 pm


The black dread in the pit of her stomach, that sense that she was about to get herself killed, swelled into a sickening premonition of impending doom. Zipper's knees went weak and wobbly, and the part of her that feared the tyrant gods wanted to bolt down the corridor and flee but she was too late -
the sales girl returned with yet another ill-colored dress.
There's an uncanny way Zipper carries herself that makes her feel older than her 20 arcs. It's in her rigid, too-perfect soldier's posture and the conservative style of fashion she favours outside uniform: all gloves and stockings and long sleeved blouses and every excuse to shield as much delicate skin behind conservative flair.

It's in the tired bags under the eyes that follow her for the better part of the week, and it's in the way those same eyes just don't seem to blink all that much, if at all. It's in that piercing stare that stabs straight through you and the absent way she keeps rubbing her arms and her palms and the few patches of uncovered skin she can reach, almost as if trying to scrub away at some unseen stain.

It's in the way she's just a little too neat, too put-together, too presentable all the damn time, and it's in the nigh-pathological way she will always choose to stand over seating down, as if she can't bear to let her bum touch some foreign, germy seat. It's in the frozen hint of a beam on her face that never quite seems to blossom into a full-blown flower of a smile, and it's in the accusatory frown she sports when she can't even be bothered trying to pretend. It's in the, despite any attempt at feigning civility, implied aggression and simmering rage and neurotic discomfort she exudes with every little nuance of body language.

It is, on occasion, in the shivering sense that one is talking to something deeply, deeply avian rather than a young woman; something that looks good soaring in the winds, but with an unimaginable streak of viciousness once you invade the easily breached comfort zone that is her proverbial nest.

At 5 foot 8 inches and 140 pounds, with a sleek build somewhere between runner and dancer, Zipper is an athletic, fetching young lady who should have no trouble having her pick of suitors - but those not intimidated away by her strange intensity and her pricklish, foul-mouthed belligerence and her excessive stoicism and her relentless horde of idiosyncrasies, those hunting for the spoils of the bed over their better instincts, have found a lady -and the term is used as loosely as possible here- with time for only one real courtship in her life: the work, and she don't just be meaning her professional development.

Faceclaim: Pasha Harulia
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Sun May 28, 2017 2:50 pm


"Don't know which is worse: watching her slowly rage towards you like an impeccably styled earthquake or popping out of nowhere like a sudden, seething landslide."
―Robin Stark, Black Guard Officer AKA Colleague-in-Suffering
Zipper can be nice, Zipper can be amiable, Zipper can be the bloody saint-anointed mascot of good cheer and easy charm - when she remembers to be, and her memory has a tendency to rapidly deteriorate when faced with the laundry list of perceived grievances that reality has seen fit to inflict on her. She hates small talk, she hates physical contact, she hates bureaucracy, she hates puppies and kittens and children, all huge eyes and mewling wastes of space. She hates the idea that anyone can make an appointment, a cherished mutually-agreed social contract if there ever was one, and dare fail to be punctual. She hates the little delays in life, the little, lost trills that add up to not-so-little lost bits that, in turn, swell into breaks and trials that she will never get back. She hates that people come in a thousand and one varieties, and she hates that they don’t perform and behave in a predictable, rational manner. She hates the gods, a hate that far transcends mere etzorian propaganda, and above all else, she hates unseemliness and untidiness; she hates that dirt and grime and murk and ill-conceived decor can’t actually be bullied into assisted suicide. She hates and she hates and she hates-

When Zipper says she despises everything, it is only mild hyperbole.

Other people have moods; Zipper almost exclusively has states of wrath: icy courtesy, stern professionalism, quiet hostility, thinly veiled annoyance, surly grumpiness, seething exasperation, simmering anger, frothing rage, an almost zen tantrum trance that has been unfavorably likened to what a volcano would look and sound like if it decided to become a serial rapist, and then there's something beyond that, something so terrible it reaches high into the divine and roots deep into Faldrun’s Domain of absolute turmoil: the complete and utter silence of someone who has truly snapped.

Wrath is her bludgeon and her cudgel, her rusted razor and assassin's dagger, her carrot and stick, her sword and shield - she’s a one-trick social pony, and one with a lame hoof at that, but she knows how to use her solo means of expression as a well-honed swiss knife: to bully, to mock, to intimidate, to threaten, to pressure, to shame, to rally, to mislead others into thinking she's nothing more than a short-sighted, volatile hothead guided by short-sighted, volatile impulses.

Well, she is - but we all have depths, no?

If there’s a sliver of real joy inside her, it ain’t ever showing through. Catching her in an actual good way is like trying to catch a unicorn: going on a fool’s quest to hunt for something both clearly mythological and extremely patronizing to virgins. But what happens when you do find the fabled beast and open it from breast to groin? Do you find a young woman so determined to treat the world the way it has treated her and hers that she knows no other way to confront it? Do you find a studious, book-smart girl hiding no small amount of social awkwardness behind social hostility, opting to face every day in a guise of strength rather than weakness, to project some semblance of control lest she admits that she has none? Do you find a little lady trying to make sense of a world bent on contradiction? Or is there simply nothing underneath the ire: just a rotten claw reaching out from a hollow pit where the dead go to die, trying to cling to the one thing that feels like it could be real to the rest of the world? Could one brand of social dysfunction be brandished to hide another much, much more alien one?

Maybe there's a bit of gospel to each of it, but the unifying source for it all might just be a bit more bizarre.

In truth, Zipper could be the poster child for the developmental dangers of an initiation too early. An etherist since she was seven, her worldview has been more wholly shaped by the rigours of Transmutation than they have by her childhood peers in the Etzos orphanage. She sees the world in terms of the expressed truths of Qualities and hated Flaws - and there are way too many Flaws to suffer it as it is right now. The ratio is unbalanced. The world isn't spinning as fast as it could go. Half the cogs are rusted, the other half turning in the wrong direction. There's dirt and grime and mud clogging up the framework of the world - needless conflict, naked diversions of venality, power serving for the sake of power, petty violence, wasted resources, ignorance unending, the bowing and scraping before undeserved authority, and the blind leading the blind. There's a poison in the foundation of the world, she thinks, and it urgently needs an antidote.

There's no good and bad in Zipper's world, only efficiency and the absence of it, only solutions and the problems they solve, only assets and liabilities, only knowledge and how its applied, only self-actualized potential and those that give themselves over to parasitism and excess. Anything less than that... just isn't real enough for her - and she desperately needs the world to be real, to be more than the meaningless, misused byproduct of Emea's exhaust pipe. To be more than a cycle of a necrosis, a status quo of rot replacing rot replacing rot replacing rot.

If nothing else, Zipper is principled. Morally vacant, sure, but, perhaps paradoxically, possessed of some pretty rigid principles. One could say she's honourable even, for a given definition of the term. She deeply values responsibility, loyalty, charity, excellence, discipline, gratitude, even the rare friendship here and there - but there's always a bit of an alien slant to each of it. Always something off to her very special interpretation of what one would call a code of ethics. It's often calculated, ritualistic, and completely ignorant or unconcerned with the spirit of the concept - at the best of times. Zipper is capable of doing a great deal of good - and all the reasons are the wrong ones. Not necessarily bad ones, just the wrong ones.

Because Zipper's not a sociopath, no, no, no, she's something so much more destructive than a two-dimensional psycho in the thrall of a mental ailment that keeps them small: she's an idealist. Worse: she's an idealist that thinks she can fix the world in its entirety. Underneath all her bite and sourness and rampant cynicism is someone who genuinely believes in change for the greater good. In fact, Zipper's an idealist that maybe -just maybe- one day might possess the tools to take a genuine shot at utopia - and inevitably fail. Because where it really, really, really matters, compromise is poison to Zipper. Because there is no all-solving hammer of a solution to the world, and Zipper will never accept that. Because anything Zipper creates will dismiss the human element as arbitrary crap. Because her motives for fixing the world are simply an extension of her anal sense of technical perfection, and there is not a single shred of altruism in it. Because Zipper has no interest in rulership; she's an architect that grows and builds and fixes and if that isn't enough, if it doesn't hit the standards despite all that, then the project was flawed to begin with: off to the trash bin and back to the drawing board. Because Transmutation is more than Qualities and Flaws, it's also steeped in shaping and unmaking - and she sees no relevant difference between either, sees no actual distinction between the healing doctor and the slaying assassin.

A tool for every task. A man -or woman- for every job. Nothing more - and in a perfect world, in a better world, she would be every tool for every task. Alas, no person can play every role. Let's add one more item onto the laundry list of spite in light of that: Zipper hates delegation; she hates that she needs it.

But ultimately, the real reason she won't tell herself is this: Zipper's a hypocrite of the highest order.

Strip Zipper of her neurotic whining and her preening and her amorality and the posturing about a better, cleaner world. Strip her of technical excellence and her rage and her brother and all her talk about pragmatism and every other color that makes the woman till you get a blank slate with a smudge on it. That's level 1, that's the foundation, that's the stone the rest of tower was built upon.

And Zipper's foundation is built upon a 7 arc old girl fighting an ether missile while it drives her deeper and deeper into Emea. Zipper's foundation is built upon the joy and relief when she smashed through, tears and pain, and came out an etherist.

And then the subsequent dissatisfaction.

She misses it. She will always miss it. She misses that turbulence that was the forge of her creation. Zipper will never succeed because there are no victory conditions for her; the struggle is life itself. The struggle is the struggle for its own sake. Her belligerent nature towards everything is founded upon wanting to jump back into the scorch and chill of the Emean swirl, and her nigh-combative approach to everything in life is a semi-subconscious attempt at recreating it.

In the end, Zipper is a Transmutator and a Transmutator seeks the truth - and her truth is progress through a baptism of fire, the truth of her is the dragonslayer - and she is nothing if there are no dragons -good or bad, real or imagined- to slay. Because Zipper will try to cook up a dragon in a lab before admitting there's nothing left to put to the sword. Because, deep down in her heart of hearts, Zipper knows she will never be content standing on the ashes of her foes big and small; it's never, ever been about them. It's her. It's always been her: climbing, climbing, climbing, looking for a peak that says "okay, that's enough. This is it. The be all and end all."

Power's just a word, what she wants is something much, much more abstract. What she wants she just doesn't know how to express or obtain. What she wants is to defy causality with a bang, to inscribe the fact of herself into the very surface of Emea itself-

No. It's not love, you fuckwit.

For all her intelligence, for all her potential, for all the personal power she aspires to and will wield, for all of her inner mental posturing about Transmutation's ability to grasp the world in its truest form, about its place above both the other Domain magics and the divine scraps they call blessings, Fiona Zippomaria O'Connor ultimately-

Just. Doesn't. Get It.
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Sun May 28, 2017 5:24 pm


"Sis, what's the saddest thing you've ever seen?"

Orphan, sister, street rat, thief, the world's worst grifter, bookie, unadoptable menace, rejected doctor's apprentice, part-time accountant for a bunch of feckless thugs, one-time Seeker neophyte, etzori caster and, finally, black guard officer. There's some part of Zipper that muses that she could spin all that into some kind of cheap, derivative story of redemption, of a little girl borne into the gutters of crime clawing her way to legitimacy, finding meaning in the service of policing for the people, the strong, forgiving arms of civilization beckoning her back into the radiant light of the human condition. But that's all it is, isn't it? Cheap, derivative, and above all else, bull frickin' crap. The truth is Zipper was happier -fine, less miserable- on the other side of the law, but one circumstantial stumble after another had landed her as yet another shackled mage under Vuda's shadow regime.

Finn thinks she sold out, y'know? Gave in to the blackjacks like a mangy cur, and she just doesn't have the heart to tell him the truth of it, that she's a glorified arcane slave rather than a turncoat. But we're getting ahead of ourselves a bit, so let's go back to the beginning:

It was a dark and stormy night. Felt like it anyway, when your mum ditches you with a wailing newborn you want to smother and a spark untested. Zaira O'Connor was a mage who bit off more than she could chew, pissed off the kind of people you wanted to keep a town's distance away from at minimum, and wisely decided to bail, ditching her lameass kids at an orphanage near you. Mother of the arc, ladies and gentlemen. If you're reading this, Pash: take a note. Anyway, Zaira decided that her daughter had a better shot at life with a bit of a, shall we say, magical edge. So as something of a parting gift, she initiated her into Transmutation, the art of making and breaking. One break of ether missile-flavoured physical trauma and a whole lot of gibberish to the tune of "Mummy, mummy, nooooo! I'll be good, mummy! Stop, mummy!" and Zipper, to keep a long story short, emerged a Transmutator at the ripe old age of seven. Zaira even stayed long enough for her open wailing to recede into bitter, ugly sobbing. You go, Zaira ol' girl, which, incidentally, is exactly what she did. Forever. Never to be seen again. When I put your deets in as a memory NPC, I'm putting it on Finn's tab. Suck it, bozo.

The subsequent few years of newly-minted orphanhood went by slower than Zipper would care to admit. Between taking care of Finn, fantasizing about smothering Finn (in her defence, he never quite graduated from needlessly loud baby in his 13 arcs of life), foolishly plotting to escape the wondrous candyland that is parentless poverty, and doing everything in her own power to sabotage her own social development, time moved like a snail. She was never the most outgoing girl before even before the initiation. The studious type, yes, the kind of kid who hides in her shell reading what little books she could find, rebuffing offers to play, and generally doing everything in her power to stay invisible. The kind of sullen kid desperately in need of personal space, so incredibly appalled by the hygiene standards of the world around her.

But with Transmutation... Oh, there was a shift, alright. There was a big shift. She reached out, not to her peers, but to the idea of dynamic, productive change, steps to improve her and her brother's position, one nel at a time. It started with a slight bit of thievery, a bit of applied corrosion to worn-out pockets, and it escalated from petty magic-fueled thievery. She got into fights, ran with the kids on the wrong side of the tracks, then she just ran: became a tiny drug runner before she hit her eleventh arc day for a two-bit gang.

Killed a boy before her twelfth.

She'll say it was to protect her brother from a bully and maybe, just maybe, she might even believe it in her weaker moments. But the truth of it is she did it because she saw a problem, an opportunity, and a solution - and she took it. She did it to make a point to herself. She did it, because, she saw it as a staging ground - practice. The boy was a loudmouth, a harasser, and worst of all, unwashed - putting him out his misery made their immediate world an undeniably better place. What she did that day was simply a microcosm of what she planned to accomplish when her spark grew strong, strong, strong. Finn was, she would tell herself, an incidental spectator in his own victimhood. Her motives were pure: it was an act of cleansing, not something as inconsistent as sisterly instinct.

Regardless, she learned a lot that day. Learned a lot about herself, about such fun trivia like the insane durability of the human spine and the heights and/or blunt force it will take to even dent it. Learned that she deeply regretted that she couldn't take back her choice if she wanted, not because of guilt, oh, no, no, but simply because she lacked the means, the know-how, the skills to unbreak the egg she cracked. Transmutation had no power over flesh-

But medicine just might.

To put this whole bizarre event into blunt perspective: her ultimate conclusion on killing a boy in cold blood was to aspire to become a doctor.

WILL REWRITE THE LAST 3 PARAGRAPHS - The Etzorian orphanage takes care of you till you're 14, then you're adopted or you're out. If nothing else, Zipper's quite insistent on the idea of them being adopted together, and has spent quite a great deal of effort into pretending to be a - actually, she didn't need to pretend much at all. Apparently, prospective parents aren't all that keen into adopting a troublemaking bundle of rage who won't let you touch her. Soooooo she was out.

After a failed stint as a prospective healer's apprentice, where she was dismissed for, I quote, having the bedside manner of a cannibal swamp caiman, she went back to what she knew: the wholesome wing of crime. And that might have been the end of the story, if not for what came next. The details grow sketchy here, but it starts with a hazy recruitment of what would be the initial iteration of an attempt at a seeker cell in Etzos. And like all factions not mentioned in the present narrative, naturally, it all went to shit. But hey, she got attunement out of the deal. Regardless, it was a half arc she never once talked about, and when the the seekers got extinguished and chased and loads of unpleasant stuff, Zipper got what all prospective young mages got: drafted into the etzori army.

And from there she learned. She grew meaner, she grew more dissatisfied, she grew smarter and, with some proper guidance, she grew her magic. She found a place in the guard, and she grew goals that she never thought she would have, and she grew this tiny paragraph a lot too.
Starter Quest
What a foul-mouthed, cynical troublemaker you've been, Fiona. A naughty child, a bad seed, and a poor influence to young Finnegan. You've lied, cheated, stolen, murdered, blasphemed... The list goes on. But the one thing you've done right is learned to use your Spark. Rely on that Spark, Fiona, and use it to improve your standing. Poverty isn't your home. Hunger isn't your default state of being. Learn the world, and then use your magic to shape it to be what YOU want, not what THEY want. Discover the natural qualities, and turn those against those that would shackle you with duty, boredom and an annoying little brother. Change the world, Fiona, or die with it.
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Wed Jun 07, 2017 4:18 am


Skill NamePoint Expenditure Proficiency
Domain: Transmutation 250 / 251 Master
Domain: Attunement 154 / 251 Master
Dreamwalking 84 / 100 Master
Business Management 250 / 250 Master
Intelligence (FT) 100 / 100 Master
Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq) 154 / 250 Master
Detection 78 / 250 Expert
Endurance 78 / 250 Expert
Intimidation 78 / 250 Expert
Acrobatics 27 / 250 Competent
Deception 27 / 250 Competent
Discipline 27 / 250 Competent
Investigation 27 / 250 Competent
Leadership 27 / 250 Competent
Linguistics 27 / 250 Competent
Medicine 26 / 250 Competent
Negotiation 27 / 250 Competent
Politics 27 / 250 Competent
Running 26 / 250 Competent
Stealth 27 / 250 Competent
Strength 27 / 250 Competent
Tactics 27 / 250 Competent
Woodworking 27 / 250 Competent
Blades (Dagger) 5 / 250 Novice
Climbing 10 / 250 Novice
Disguise 10 / 250 Novice
Drawing 5 / 250 Novice
Meditation 10 / 250 Novice
Painting 5 / 250 Novice
Surgery 5 / 250 Novice
Swimming 10 / 250 Novice
Points Ledger
Thread/SkillPoints AddedPoints spentTotal
Unarmed Combat (RB) 25 25 0
Starting Package 50 0 50
Domain: Transmutation 0 20 30
Domain: Attunement 0 15 15
Medicine 0 5 10
Linguistics 0 5 5
Intelligence 0 5 0
AR: Transmutation (DJ) 5 5 0
AR: Attunement (DJ) 2 2 0
AR: Endurance (DJ) 3 3 0
I Killed a Dolphin Once 15 0 15
Doing it Right 10 0 25
Intelligence 0 25 0
The Fault in Our Stones 10 (M) 0 10 (M)
Foundation 10 (M) 0 10 (M)
Edge 10 (M) 0 10 (M)
Domain: Transmutation 0 30 (M) 0
Fratricide 15 0 15
Intimidation 0 5 10
Stealth 0 5 5
Discipline 0 5 0
Presentation 10 (M) 0 10 (M)
Domain: Transmutation 0 10 (M) 0
Life of Fi 15 0 15
Deception 0 5 10
Strength 0 5 5
Acrobatics 0 5 0
On a boat 5 0 5
Detection 0 5 0
Orientation 15 (M) 0 15 (M)
Domain: Transmutation 0 13 (M) 2 (M)
Fostering friendships 15 0 15, 2 (M)
Words are wind, unless they are written 15 0 30, 2 (M)
Leadership 0 5 25, 2 (M)
Running 0 5 20, 2 (M)
Investigation 0 5 15, 2 (M)
Politics 0 5 10, 2 (M)
Drawing 0 5 5, 2 (M)
Tactics 0 5 2 (M)
Felicia & Finn 15 (M) 0 17 (M)
Pupils of the trade 15 (M) 0 32 (M)
Reunion 15 0 15, 32 (M)
Surgery 0 5 10, 32 (M)
Stealth 0 5 5, 32 (M)
Blades (Dagger) 0 5 32 (M)
Mirror, Mirror on the wall 15 (M) 0 47 (M)
Frostbound 10 (M) 0 57 (M)
Boundaries 15 0 15, 57 (M)
Negotiation 0 10 5, 57 (M)
Intimidation 0 5 57 (M)
Slow Carriages and Wrathful ladies 15 (M) 0 72 (M)
Domain: Transmutation 0 72 (M) 0
Three idiots in a bar 15 0 15
Duel of the fakes 15 0 30
Unarmed Combat 0 30 0
You can't have evolution with lack of out-group preferences 15 0 15
Kayfabe 15 0 30
Saboateur 15 (M) 0 30, 15 (M)
Hunters becomes the hunted 15 (M) 0 30, 30 (M)
Playground Squabble 15 0 45, 30 (M)
Steel on the Aftermath 10 0 55, 30 (M)
Molly 10 0 65, 30 (M)
The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword 15 0 80, 30 (M)
Newman 10 0 90, 30 (M)
The Citrus Deception - Part 1 10 0 100, 30 (M)
Meeting Mages 15 (M) 0 100, 45 (M)
In thunder, lightning, or in rain? 10 0 110, 45 (M)
Domain: Transmutation 0 44 (M) 110, 1 (M)
Stabbity & Blockity - Part 1 10 0 120, 1 (M)
Stabbity & Blockity - Part 2 10 (M) 0 120, 11 (M)
Hey 15 (M) 0 120, 26 (M)
Dreaming like a pair of idiots 15 0 135, 26 (M)
Cradle to the Grave 15 0 150, 26 (M)
Caught in the act - Part 1 15 0 165, 26 (M)
The events leading up to the Zi'da dolphin massacre 15 0 180, 26 (M)
Mine 15 0 195, 26 (M)
Upstart 15 0 210, 26 (M)
Niv meets a Zip 15 (M) 0 210, 41 (M)
Domain: Transmutation 0 40 (M) 210, 1 (M)
Intelligence 0 50 160, 1 (M)
Disguise 0 10 150, 1 (M)
Detection 0 73 77, 1 (M)
Discipline 0 5 72, 1 (M)
Business Management 0 5 67, 1 (M)
Politics 0 22 45, 1 (M)
Intimidation 0 17 28, 1 (M)
Deception 0 22 6, 1 (M)
Endurance 0 6, 1 (M) 0
The Banana Intervention 15 0 15
Unarmed Combat 0 14 1
Fingles Gravy: Pirate Enthusiast 15 0 16
The Turkey Knight 15 0 31
Negotiation 0 17 14
The spark of kinship - Part 1 15 0 29
Endurance 0 17 12
The spark of kinship - Part 2 15 (M) 0 12, 15 (M)
Domain: Transmutation 0 11 (M) 12, 4 (M)
Linguistics 0 3 (M), 6 6, 1 (M)
Medicine 0 1 (M) 6
Unarmed Combat 0 6 0
Not(h) a problem 15 0 15
Linguistics 0 13 2
Hard knocks 15 0 17
A Home for Justice 15 (M) 0 17, 15 (M)
Unarmed Combat 0 3 14, 15 (M)
Did you miss me? 15 0 29, 15 (M)
The Treachery of Caius Gawyne, Part 1 15 0 44, 15 (M)
A Fiend in Need 15 (M) 0 44, 30 (M)
Business Manangement 0 22 22, 30 (M)
Discipline 0 17 5, 30 (M)
Domain: Attunement 0 30 (M) 5
Ether Ship Down 15 0 20
Intelligence 0 20 0
Connection 15 (M) 0 15 (M)
Fire in the Hole 15 0 15, 15 (M)
Painting 0 5 10, 15 (M)
Swimming 0 5 5, 15 (M)
Woodworking 0 5 15 (M)
Dead bait 15 (M) 0 30 (M)
Domain: Attunement 0 28 (M) 2 (M)
Heaven and Hell - Part 1 15 0 15, 2 (M)
It Looks Good on Paper 20 0 35, 2 (M)
Turkey Wars 20 0 50, 2 (M)
Business Management 0 50, 1 (M) 1 (M)
Door Wars 10 0 10, 1 (M)
Pondering The Crypts 10 0 20, 1 (M)
Once 10 0 30, 1 (M)
Bloodbored (Part 1) 10 0 40, 1 (M)
Bloodbored (Part 2) 10 0 50, 1 (M)
The Bickering of the Necromancer 10 0 65, 1 (M)
Keep it Brief 15 0 80, 1 (M)
Business Management 0 79, 1 (M) 1
Want 10 0 11
One Last Touch 15 0 26
The Doran Chronicles - Dawn Of The Planet Of The Dorans 15 0 41
The Doran Chronicles: The Plan to Eradicate all Xiurs 15 0 56
The Doran Chronicles: A Song Of Finns And Dorans 15 0 71
Heaven and Hell (Part 3) 20 0 91
Sis of Boi 15 0 106
Quiet of the Doors 10 0 116
Business Management 0 92 24
Woodworking 0 22 2
Good Guy Tucker 10 0 12
The Doran Chronicles: Doran Souls III 15 0 27
Life Continues 15 0 42
Keeping Abreast of a Handful of Pirates 15 0 57
The Blaming of the Necromancer 10 0 67
Who's the Father? 15 (M) 0 67, 15 (M)
Domain: Attunement 0 15 (M) 67
Post Ganguitic Jail Disorder 15 0 82
Unarmed Combat 0 76 6
We're Literally Doing This for Points 15 0 21
The Doran Chronicles: Requiem for a Doran Sourcebook 15 0 36
Sight 10 (M) 0 36, 10 (M)
Looking for Molly 10 (M) 0 36, 25 (M)
Domain: Attunement 0 24 (M) 36, 1 (M)
Strength 0 22 14, 1 (M)
Runway Police 10 0 24, 1 (M)
Acrobatics 0 21, 1 (M) 3
The Buddying of the Necromancer 10 0 13
Trial 15 0 28
Stealth 0 17 11
Love Letter 10 0 21
Bloodbored (Part 3) 10 0 31
Salt & Pepper 15 0 46
Leadership 0 22 24
Tactics 0 22 2
Grami Doracooni 10 0 12
On a Steel Sea 15 0 27
Investigation 0 22 5
Lies Over the Ocean 15 0 20
River Wars 15 0 35
Climbing 0 10 25
Meditation 0 10 15
Running 0 5 10
Swimming 0 5 5
Medicine 0 5 0
Bloodbored 0.2 Final Mix 15 0 15
Ro Your Boat 15 0 30
The Dialogue Sessions 15 0 45
The Ballad of Jersey Krome 15 0 60
Intimidation 0 51 9
House on the River 15 0 24
Not so Good in Practice 12 0 36
The Prophecy of Maury 15 (M) 0 36, 15 (M)
Domain: Attunement 0 15 (M) 36
The Zippy Odditor 15 0 51
Endurance 0 51 0
Hit It 15 0 15
Zip Your Lip 15 0 30
How I Met Your Brother 15 0 45
Off To See The Wizard 15 0 60
Blind Date 15 0 75
DORDOR: The Assembly 15 0 90
DORDOR: Dorlist's Legacy 15 0 105
Mad Shrinking 15 0 120
Best of Three 15 0 135
The False Bounty 15 0 150
Food Grand Order - Episode 54 15 0 165
The Cat, the Cradle, and the Silver Spoon 15 0 180
The Necromantress Formerly Known as Ellasin 15 0 195
Ah yes, Vriepers 15 0 210
Dog SPark 15 0 225
He and She 15 0 240
When Nothing Comes to Mind 15 (M) 0 240, 15 (M)
Domain: Attunement 0 10 (M) 240, 5 (M)
Domain: Transmutation 0 5 (M) 240
Calm 15 (M) 0 240, 15 (M)
Storm 15 0 255, 15 (M)
Domain: Attunement 0 15 (M) 255
Medicine 0 15 240
Running 0 15 225
You're the Father 15 0 240
Unko 15 0 255
What That Tongue do Though 15 0 270
The Fault in Our Fionas 15 0 285
Point Bank Ledger
Feb 2018 +474 474
Chalice of Fortune (Cylus 718) (17) -30 444
April 2018 +126 570
Chalice of Fortune (Ashan 718) (14) -30 540
Chalice of Fortune (Ymiden 718) (11) -30 510
June 2018 +81 591
Chalice of Fortune (Saun 718) (9) -30 561
June 2018 2.0 +160 721
Chalice of Fortune (Vhalar 718) (3) -30 691
Chalice of Fortune (Zi'da 718) (7) -30 661
October 2018 +850 1511
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RP Medals




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A - E

Acrobatics: 13
Catching a cat
Dipping out of a martial exchange
Dodging a kick
Dodging a thrown boot
Ducking a dive-bomb run from a giant flyer
Landing safely on your feet
Finding balance and rhythm in a brawl
Finding your balance and flexibility
Navigating your way deftly through a crowd
Safety Vault
Speed Vault
Swiftly closing the distance
Taking a great leap forward

Blades (Dagger): 2
A straight stab to the throat
Consecutive stabbing to ensure death

Business Management: 33
Assuaging a difficult client
Avoid giving unnecessary information to stakeholders
Building the foundation of your brand image
Choosing your clients wisely
Conducting a business transaction
Conducting an interview with an employee
Creating a brand mascot
Creating a response team to tackle an incident
Creating the product
Crisis management
Compromise is a necessary evil
Delegating an urgent task to an employee
Demanding proper conduct from an employee
Discussing a proposition with a partner
Diversifying your brand
Don’t release a product that isn’t ready
Gauging liability
Getting on the same page with a business partner
Offering consultation services as a bonus
Outsourcing work to a better-equipped specialist
Placating an angry half-avriel client with a Neronin-shaped gift
Perfecting the product design
Providing value-added services
Quality control
Sealing a deal with a handshake
Setting goals
Swallowing your pride to fix a problem
Taking into account mass manufacturing aspects of the product
The importance of maintaining brand reputation
The importance of tailoring your mascot to the target demographic
The need for communication between stakeholders
Trust is essential in business
Understanding the viewpoint of an employee

Deception: 41
Answering questions with questions
Asserting non-existent moral standards
Bloating up a local celebrity's importance and stature
Deflecting questions
Denying a response
Derailing a conversation using distraction
Diverting a child away by crushing their expectations
Diverting suspicion to other likely suspects
Casually throwing out a fake gender to muddy the facts
Consistent denial of known facts
Covering the truth behind insults
Exploiting those ignorant of Domain magic
Faking contrition
Feigning ignorance
Feigning manners
Feigning obsession
Feigning regret
Giving a non-answer
Going off on a tangent to divert attention
Hiding a Eureka moment
Hiding your true feelings
Keeping bloody secrets from Finn
Laughing at a joke you don’t understand
Lies told to children
Lying about injuries
Lying with the truth
Making up a fake Immortal
Not a combat mage
Offering half-truths about your magic
Picking the right words
Playing a good role model
Playing nice when you need something
Presenting an incomplete picture of the truth
Projecting a lack of concern
Telling a bald-faced lie
The art of building rapport
Using euphemisms to soften the blow
Using jargon as a tool of deception
Using real anger to legitimize a fake cause
Weaponizing projected ignorance to get a target to spill more
Working your lies around a social saboteur

Detection: 35
Anticipating betrayal
Assessing skill
Detecting a bald-faced lie
Detecting tension
Dissecting the ideology of a chauvinistic zealot
Gauging the limits of how far one can push a prank
Gauging the mood of the moody
It HAD to be Oberan!
Inferring character from observation
Keeping track of your target in a crowd
Looking for movement in a murky river
Noticing a gestured signal
Noticing a subtle verbal diversion
Noticing a social threat
Noticing when you’re being patronized
Predicting the inevitable escape attempt
Picking apart a social performance
Picking out a truth phrased as a joke
Picking out key details in a crowd
Picking out landmarks from a high vantage point
Reading the body language of a ruling Naer
Recognizing a hollow display of intimidation
Recognizing the tell-tale signs of a con
Recognizing when someone is trying to weird you out
Sensing a trap
Sensing an intruder in the dark
Sensing greed
Sensing hidden displeasure
Sensing hostility
Sensing hypocrisy
Sensing misplaced optimism
Sensing sexual interest
Spotting a pair of sneaks in the dark
The False Image was Betrayed by Graeslin's Voice
Using the Ether Sense to pick up something supernatural

Discipline: 42
Choosing fight over flight
Curbing profanities
Enduring disappointment
Enduring failure
Enduring long delays
Enduring Foster’s Landing unbearable culture
Exercising self-control with a mantra
Have a method of identification beyond appearance
Holding back anxiety and panic
Holding back an insult
Holding back on magic to enjoy a semi-mundane hunt
Holding back the cussing during a negotiation
Ignoring a pestering child
Keeping a cool head when plans go awry
Keeping information to yourself
Maintaining a stern composure under pressure
Not using magic to stop Finn
Overcoming personal hygiene concerns to save a life
Projecting just the right amount of productive anger
Quashing sentiment
Resisting arson
Resisting the urge to bash a face in
Saving someone you hate
Snapping out of a trance
Soldiering through the unease of vulnerability
Speaking through your glitch to report
Staying awake for trials because a magical clone borne of Deific halfbreed sorcery is stalking you and may or may not slit your throat in the night and may never ever disappear
Staying focused in an Attunement trance
Staying focused during a long Transmutation
Suffering the consistent nuisance that is Robin Stark
Suffering nudity
Standing your ground in the face of fear
Tolerating a ruckus
Tolerating inadequate living conditions
Tolerating odd social customs
Tolerating people you despise
Tolerating the outdoors
Trudging through the horror of small talk
Uttering a really, really, really awful name with a straight face
Weathering incredibly personal insults without immediate retaliation
Withholding anger from annoyance
Withholding physical retaliation

Endurance: 33
A wound to the leg
Braving harsh winds
Bruised knuckles
Drinking the undrinkable
Enduring a hair pulling
Enduring the aftermath of a vicious brawl
Enduring the backlash of a sloppy headbutt
Enduring the backlash of an Ether Missile
Enduring the barbed tongue of a giant Nightmare Toad
Enduring the Zi'da chill
Fighting in a room on fire
Fighting with a limp
Getting choked to near-death
Getting punched in the stomach by a stone golem
Getting pushed into a wall
Getting your hand slammed painfully into a table
Gritting through a fight with an elbow fracture
Headbutting a Yludih
Passing into Overstepping
Staying up all night
Staving off Overstepping
Staving off the witchbrand
Suffering a sleepless night on a rocking boat
Surviving an Ether Missile to the Soul (DJ)
Taking a beating
Taking a headbutt
Taking a knife in the back
Taking a punch to the cheek
Taking a right hook to the eye
Taking multiple punches to the face
The long walk
Weathering a thunderstorm
Withstanding the Cylus cold

Etiquette: 2
Don't throw your baby brother
The Glitch helps in that it shuts you up

F - J

Intelligence: 60
A friend of a friend of a friend
A friendly barkeep in every tavern (SP)
A two-bit thug in every two-bit gang (SP)
Acquiring information on the pirates of Foster’s bay
Bartering for information
Correcting a lapse in intel focus
Correcting erroneous assumptions
Cross-checking the truth using alternate sources of information
Dead people don’t talk
Digging up deeply buried information
Drinking rum to earn a contact’s trust
Evaluating your Intelligence network
Establishing contacts beyond Idalos
Every local information network begins with the first contact
Faking bigotry to get the information you need
Feigning a slip of the tongue to gather intelligence
Ferreting out religious affiliation
Gaining intel from both friends and foes
Gathering available intel on a target before a confrontation
Gathering information by making them ask the questions
Getting a tip-off from a Foster’s Landing innkeep
Grooming a child into an operative
Hunting information by bringing up the topic multiple times
It is to be assumed Torvyn has wells also
Keeping a log of information
Keeping covert tabs on your own informants through magical means
Keeping informed on even minor local developments
Keeping informed on the allies of your allies
Leaking intel to gain intel
Learning vital information about your targets from unexpected sources
Making contacts in unfamiliar places
Managing Black Guard delegated contacts (SP)
Maneuvering the target to tell you what they know
Offering a false tale to bait out the real one
Playing your role to learn information (DJ)
Provoking information with hard questions
Putting yourself in a position to access vital street-level information
Reassessing the facts of a situation
Recruitment - targeting a contact based on close proximity to Intelligence
Scouting out a criminal operation in the guise of providing an onsite service
Selecting a contact that hears everything in the room
Sometimes a name is all you need
Some Black Guard wear 'Sovereign Ward' armor
Some don’t take too kindly about being spied upon
Spotting truth in an unbelievable rumour
'Sovereign Ward' armor negates kinetic force
Sussing out the unsaid and the unspoken
Telling a contact what they want to hear
The breadth and depth of a city-wide network
The direct approach
The web of Foster’s Landing
Trading amnesty for information
Trading service for information
Unorthodox Emean spying tactics
Using a business meeting to dig for information
Using Attunement to skim for basic information
Using orphanage children as informants (SP)
Using rumours and hearsay to your advantage
Using Transmutation to seek out and confirm information
Whittling away at the diversions of a secretive target

Intimidation: 48
A blank reaction to an admission of murder
A drastic shift in mood
A magical massacre
A predator's dominance display
A sudden act of violence
A summary execution via Ether Missile
A threat backed by imminent magic force
Asserting your territory against a perceived rival
Being brutally honest about a painful task
Belittling tactics
Brandishing magic as a tool of terror
Bullying 101
Daring a Defier to strike you dead
Employing the witchbrand for intimidation
Expressing your dominance by stepping on a downed opponent
Feigning sweetness to convey a threat
Forcing an admission of defeat from a downed opponent
Holding eerily prolonged eye contact
Hurling a list of escalating accusations
Inflicting harm to coerce obedience
Juxtapositioning calmness and sudden shouting
Letting danger seep into your tone
Letting the potential threat of violence speak for itself
Master Tovyrn isn't bothered by your Glitching
Or else
Pretending to be a serial killer
Projecting an image of unshakable bravado
Relentless threats to both Oberan and Graeslin
Resting bitch face
Showing no fear of Oberan & Graeslin's threats
Shouting down your attacker
Staring an enemy down
Sudden, uproarious laughter
Surprise Motherfucker!
The Death Glare
The thirst for the blood of aquatic mammals
The threat of harm to Finn
Threatening a bard
Threatening a dreamwalker with being hunted down in the waking world
The slasher smile
Using an admission of wrongness to intimidate
Using the Ether Missile as a crowd control tool
Using violence to buy silence
Uttering a single word for terrifying emphasis
Veiled threats
Viciously creative threats
Vocalizing displeasure with a stare

Investigation: 13
Asking for an elaboration
Asking for directions
Asking questions
Connecting the dots
Confirming the facts
Coercing information through force
Getting the details
Identifying key areas of interest in a new environment
Identifying key personnel of interest
Inferring an answer
Looking for clues
Pressing hard for answers
Retracing a rogue Necromancer’s steps
Scouting your new home

K - O

Leadership: 12
An inspirational speech about the dubious nature of cunts
Addressing blatant insubordination
Asserting authority over a subordinate
Directing a subordinate
Do or don’t
Giving an inspirational pep talk
Knowing when to play the carrot
Laying out all available options
Offering firm guidance
Providing accurate information for a difficult task ahead
Providing emotional support
Urging caution

Logistics: 3
Black Guard Casters' robe colors indicate Domain.
'Sovereign Ward' armor has a limited charge
The Black Guard have Ward chains and Ward arrows

Linguistics: 16
Adapting to the slang of a foreigner from Rynmere
A careful choice of words to convey respect
Choosing the right words to make a harsh point
Gesturing and miming to convey meaning through the language barrier
Overwhelming a non-native speaker of Common
Puzzling out foreign terms
Puzzling over a strange word
Rediscovering Common
Slang differs even within the same language
Speaking to a Quacian
Swearing in a second language
Tailoring your vocabulary for children
The cadence of Grovokian
The proper Ith’esson cadence of the Etzori middle class
Using obscure words
Waxing poetic about magic

Medicine: 11
Bedside manner matters (DJ)
Burn the dead during a Rhakrosian plague
Diagnosing Overstepping
Even the most harmless things can be disease carriers
Infectious disease can spread through a ridiculous amount of ways
Inspecting a mauled breast
Resuscitating a drowning victim
Rhakros’ lab-engineered diseases are ever-improving
Self-assessing injuries
Treating an Overstepped mage
Understanding the causes, symptoms, and preventive measures of frostbite and hypothermia

Meditation: 11
Allegedly teaches patience
Abrogants require meditation to hone their craft
Blocking out distraction
Entering an Attunement trance
Finding the mental mindset for Attunement
Finding your centre
Meditating in the rain
Meditating to the sound of chimes
Taking a deep breath
The quiet in the mind
Using directed mental insults to calm yourself

Negotiation: 29
Accepting unreasonable demands
Asking for service beyond the contract
Assertively dismissing an unreasonable demand
Bluffing to the bitter end
Delay tactics
Downplaying the negatives
Hard bargaining
Going to absurd lengths to stall the inevitable
Letting a heavy silence speak for itself
Making a deal
Making excuses
Offering an ultimatum
Opening up a meeting with undeserved social pleasantries
Playing up the benefits
Playing stupid
Poker face
Presenting your case
Reaching an accord
Reframing the facts
Setting ground rules
Shifting the goalposts
Suggesting alternatives
Talking your way towards a compromise
Throwing out a take-it-or-leave-it offer
Throwing out hard facts to pressure the other party
The assurance of success
The blunt no
Using mockery to derail a negotiation
Walking away from an unwanted partnership

P - T

Politics: 29
A ghost without an identity does not exist in the eyes of the law
Basic professionalism
Coming to terms with an unfamiliar political landscape
Doing the right thing at the wrong time can be disastrous
Endorsing a patriot's viewpoint
Government subsidies for enterprising start-ups
Greasing the wheels of the system
Keeping the favor of the public
Keeping your superiors assuaged
Knowing when to keep your head down
Maintaining decorum in the presence of foreign dignitaries
Managing assets who are fighting each other
Navigating the Bureaucracy of Foster’s Landing
Nationalism can be both a self-defeating inefficiency and a useful tool
No action, big or small, exists in a vacuum
Sometimes the best move you can make is the least stupid one
Supporting the rights of a profession you despise
The advantages and limitations of acting outside your jurisdiction
There’s more to politics than efficient administration
The life cycle of a major bounty
The role of crime in society
The role of a liaison
The strength and restrictions of the vast Bureaucracy
The taboo of magic
The unspoken rules are just as if not more important than the written ones
The unspoken rules of the Etzori criminal underworld
Torvyn delivers a conduit, per policy
Torvyn wants the Mortalborn episode hushed up
Waiting out the crisis

Psychology: 7
A genuine regret over Molly
A world of fuck!
Caring enough about family to be extorted
Insulting yourself to take one down with you
Keeping up your spirits in the worst situations
The horror of failing to protect Finn
Using insults to keep people at a distance

Running: 11
Chasing down a cat
Chasing down a mage
Escaping from a horde of Nightmare beasts
Outrunning your pursuer
Running against the wind
Running in a thunderstorm
Running on the uneven mud of a riverbed
Running with a baby
Running while being dragged by a bigger man
Sprinting away from danger
The difficulties of running in thigh-high waters

Sociology: 2
Criminals often have useful connections
Not throwing Robin under Torvyn's bus

Stealth: 11
Ambushing your target
Creating secret passageways with Corrosion to move freely and unseen
Keeping magic use minimal to avoid the arcane-scenting attention of a Nightmare beast
Keeping to the shadows
Magical cloaking to avoid magical senses
Sneaking around a maze
Sneaking out into the night
Sneaking up on a home invader
The stealthy paradox of using light to avoid creatures of shadow
Using Attunement to actively evade those trying to find you
Walking silently

Surgery: 1
79 organs in the human body

Strength: 16
Carrying a baby for a long period of time
Carrying a huge sack of Dorans
Crushing a windpipe
Engaging in an arm wrestling contest
Holding down a cat
Keeping a sick man steady
Lifting up a growing teenager by the neck
Neglecting strength training
Overestimating your power
Prying a large man’s arm off your shoulder
Pushing a boulder aside
Slamming the door shut
Straining against an opponent
Trying to lift your own body weight up
Using a pebble to give weight to your punches
Yanking away from a strong grip

Swimming: 5
Proper breathing technique
Proper form
Sprint swimming
Swimming across a river

Tactics: 19
Barricading the only entrance
Cutting off the enemy’s advance
Deactivating the Rupture Ward array in the tower
Deploying the absurd to stall and delay
Employing mockery to fluster and denigrate
Exploiting elemental immunity to identify a Defier
Exploiting weakness
Fall back to a bottleneck when outnumbered
Guiding the situation towards a physical confrontation
Keeping close to Transmutation’s power sources
Letting one problem solve another
Listen, but don't show it
Luring an enemy in with bait
Mitigating a liability
Playing to the audience
Strike Sovereign Ward wearers when they strike
Tripping/grappling works best against 'Sovereign Ward'
The ugly necessity of retreat
Using a Defier for an underwater hunt

U - Z

Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): 37
Absorbing a body shot
Aiming for permanent harm
A perfect headbutt to the temple
Bracing for impact
Digging fingers into a fresh wound
Dodging a punch
Dodging a wild swing
Downward elbow strike to the face
Engaging in a brawl
Eye gouging
Eye gouging with an Ether Missile
Eye poke
Fighting dirty
Fighting someone bigger, stronger, and more durable than yourself
Finishing a downed opponent
Groin attack
Head stomp
Knee to the face
Knee to the stomach
Nutcracker choke
Oblique kick
Pinning a smaller opponent to a wall
Shooting a takedown
Slamming an opponent into a table
Slapping to demoralize
Soccer kick to the face
Stand-up grappling
Stomach punch
Striking the ears
Striking the same spot repeatedly
Throat punch
Throwing a haymaker
Throwing a jab
Throwing a retaliatory punch
Weak spots of the human body

Woodworking: 12
A narrative to go with the carving
Carving a little doll
Contemplating design
Fashioning a paddle
Inspecting the handiwork
Relief carving
Transmutation is its own carving knife
Salvaging unfinished work
Using Corrosion to work away at wood
Using Sculpting to undo an error
Wood carving
Other Knowledge


Beast of flesh and shards
Winged beast of the Gauthrel plains

Warrior giants of Uthaldria

Haters of Men

Nightmare Beasts
Using Domain Magic drains ether from Nightmares
Using Domain Magic makes you THE target of the invading Nightmare beast


Children of the Immortals
Flesh and blood
Possess their own personal Domain of power

Immortals - General
Reproduce the old fashioned way

The Faceless one

Immortal of Shadows

Worshipped in Rharne

Escorted you into the Veil
Her flock are gifted with fairies to steer her war
The caretaker of dreams
The guardian of dreamers
Willing to mark children

The Plaguedaughter

The Beauty of a Gift
The Holiday Woman
Wears Variable Holiday Crowns

The Queen of Masks

Patron Immortal of the Lotharro


Nullifies Magic

Addicts with power

Incapable of handling self-identity
Responsible for Padfoot's Carnival

Defiers have elemental preferences
Defiers suck donkey balls
Listen and speak to the elements
The arcane powerhouses of Domain Magic
Undisciplined, delusional, sentimental

Raises dead bodies

A portal can cut inanimate matter
The feeling of going through a portal
What a portal looks like


Language - Common
Fades with misuse
Flexing your vocabulary
Forming a grammatically perfect sentence
Never forget the slurs
Throwing insults

Language - Gravokian
Guttural Sounding

People - PC

PC - Aqihlih
Looks to be a Biqaj

PC - Finn
Baby brother
Corresponding with Robin in secret?
Employed by the Hero Doran
Hates you
Has been visiting the Tower of Ministers
In contact with a mysterious bird person
In love?
Thinks you're a shite sister
Travelled to Ulthaldria'

PC - Gangui
A beast of twisted logic
A better warrior than a tour guide
A big fan of Zapper
A survivor of mage battles
A useful icebreaker for the Foster’s Landing’s locals
A useful if often crude ally
As much asset as liability
Contact in Foster’s Landing
Demanded a kill as a test of character
Demands to be spoken to nicely
Distrusts those who do not drink
Etzori patriot
Ever-ready to start a scene
Full name - Gangui Munzorig
Founder and only current member of the Turkey Company
Hates High Marshall Morgan Pahrn
Hates mutants
Hates the Black Guard
Has mercenary friends who could help - for a good price
Ignorant of the nuances of magic
Leads mob lynchings
Mercenary for hire
Mistrusts foreigners
Not fond of Robin
Not yet a lost cause for the project in Foster’s
Oberan turned his sword to a literal blade of grass
Open to help you get acquainted with the locals
Pig-headed stubbornness before contracts
Possesses a magic sword that can absorb and reflect magic
Should have been a historian
Talks too much
Terrible manners
Unwilling to move too far beyond the terms of the contract

PC - Neronin
Childhood flame
Hunted by Gavre

PC - Niv
A Company mascot in the making
Archer, chemist, poisoner
Has a fear spirit named Moop
Has an emean fairy named Freckle
Twig, tenacious, talented

PC - Noth
Criminal, client, claws galore
Has two mages working for him
Lost his chief necromancer

PC - Oberan
A drunken scoundrel
A Mortalborn of many unreliable powers
Abandoned by mummy
Has a very polite mirror clone
Hasn’t met his mom in decades
Made a clone of you call Zapper
Mortal born of Mischief
Not a complete joke
Possesses a Mischief-derived power with randomized effects
Possesses the ability to supernaturally escape bindings
Son of Audrae
Uncertain limitations to his power
Will be reckoned with like the rest of the dirt

PC - Qit'ria
All-too-eager to hunt a Giant Nightmare Toad
Favors the Javelin
Not the most eloquent of speakers
Nubile Savage
Skilled huntress

PC - Rayna (Yanahalqah)
A spy
Bow of the Etzori Army
Contact in Andaris, Rynmere
Driven to seek out information
Keeps logbooks of gathered intelligence
Knows everyone’s secrets
Not a Becomer
Not a Sesser
Not human
Not made of flesh
Practically pen pals

PC - Robin Stark
A liability in professional settings
Black Guard
Bones of literal stone
Can’t stand other Defiers
Can't speak Ith'Ession
First kiss since the necromancer boy
Has a divine necklace from Karem
Has a necromancer sister
Has a sister called Felicia
Has less power over water
Hates people too
Inexplicably believes in freedom over order and structure
Is ignorant of most Domain Magic
Made you laugh and cry
Pissed on his ward chain to show his contempt
Refuses to shut the fuck up
Rescued Finn
Seeking a Defier’s Revelation
Subordinate, understudy, blue collar slave-to-be

PC - Tio Silver
Has an alias 'Captain Taboo'
Needlessly Flamboyant

PC - Toan
Human thief

People - NPC

NPC - Brandon
Gangui's interpreter and legal stooge
Gangui's personal singing lapdog
The brains behind the brawn
Sings songs of history

NPCs - Graeslin, Den and Brigg
Pirate trio
Brigg: Big pirate thug
Den: The quiet pirates are the worst
Greaslin: Has some kind of teleport artifact
Greaslin: Knows you care more about Finn than you let on
Greaslin: Used Finn against you

Unbearably rude
Works for Noth

NPC - Gossager
Bartender at the Treasure Trove
Contact at the Treasure Trove in Foster’s Landing

NPC - Master Torvyn
Can nullify magic on a whim
Naggy old fuck
Powerful Abrogationist

NPC - Molly
A spy for Finn’s own good
Absolutely did not have sex with Finn
Best friends with Finn
Was mute until recently due to the death of her family
Your personal bell on Finn’s cat collar

NPC - Mr. Barnelby
Dull bureaucrat

NPC - Odessa
Knows Robin and Zipper as Mages
Scary as Fuck
Vice Queen of Augiery
Whip Master


Presentation is Paramount
The superficiality of the upper class

Home of the Naerikk
'The Gift' takes a toll on them as well

Alleys and streets around the bazaar
Bazaar layout
Location - Etzos' Interrogation Chamber
Location - Mackey Manor
Location – The Citizen's Free Market (Bazaar)
Location - The Etzori Orphanage
The Black Guard

Etzos - Foster's Landing
Location - Nalod’s Dockside Pub
Location - The Treasure Trove

Bordering Etzos

Not under Immortal rule

Central Idalosian port of commerce
Has irregular working trials for its citizens
The city of booze and bass

Land of Hordes and Monsters
Location - Temple of Thetros
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Transmutation - General: 19
Checking for a successful Spark implantation
Conducting your first initiation
Ether Sense: Sussing out unseen emean entities
Identifying the true guards by the Sovereign in the armor
Initiation via Ether Missile (DJ)
Overstepping: Backlash ruins tools and weapons you use
Overstepping: The Glitch
Overstepping: The Metal grating voice
Overstepping: They get worse if you try to cast
Overstepping: Sustenance now gained from qualities, not food
Shaken focus results in irrevocably damaged objects
Step 1 - Deconstruction
Step 2 - Alteration
Step 3 - Reformation
Testing your Etheric mettle against a Defier
The Magic of Ether Quality (DJ)
The Palate
Witchbrands do not 'go away' after awhile

Transmutation - Spellbook: 40
Absorption: Absorbing from an Emean fairy
Absorption: Not as efficient against a mage of equal caliber
Absorption: Preemptively Absorbing to weaken a spell
Absorption: The backlash against an Abrogator's shield
Brilliance: Using Brilliance as a weapon against creatures who are physically harmed by the light
Ether Missile
Ether Missle: Aiming for the head
Ether Missle: Conjuring twin Ether Missles
Ether Missile: Drawing on a Nightmare Beast’s ether for enhanced results
Ether Missile: Firing consecutive Ether Missiles
Ether Missile: Launching the Missile through the feet
Ether Missile: The Maximized beam of a Master
Ether Missile: The power of a charged two-handed Ether Missile
Ether Missile: Tasking an Ether Missle with Corrosion
Ether Missile: Shooting to kill
Ether Missile: Using the Missile in Melee Combat
Galvanize: Infusing breaks of work within trills
Galvanize: Infusing Fire into fabric
Galvanize: Infusing Steel into wood
Galvanize: Infusing the Cylus Cold into the tip of a javelin
Identity: Immersing into the star-bound properties of Malorite
Identity: Touching Admantite
Pathway: Forging a Pathway to the bottom of a river
Pathway: Striking blindly far out of personal range
Sculpting: Restoring rusted metal
Shapecraft: A wall of stone spikes
Shapecraft: Everything you can touch is an ally
Shapecraft: Fashioning restraints out of stone
Shapecraft: Twisting wood and stone
Shapecraft: Shaping mud
Shapecraft: Weaponizing mundane clothing

Knowledge - Qualities

Transmutation - Physical Qualities: 10
The Discharge of Lightning
The Edge of Admantite
The Force of Downburst Winds
The Hardness of Stone
The Heat of Fire
The Rigidity of Steel
The Toughness of Malorite
The Slipperiness of Ice
The Stinging Sensation of the Rhakros Strongjaw (Bullet ant)
The Warmth of Wool

Transmutation - Abstract/Sensory Qualities: 4
The Freezing Chill of Cylus
The Roar of Thunder
The Shades of Colour (SP)
The Varied Fragrances of Perfume
Pre-Expert Brands, Mutations, and Awakenings


(DJ Approved)


(DJ Approved)

Granted incredible precision and creativity in the way something unravels, the authenticity of her Corrosion’s faux damage will more than hold up to above-average scrutiny when compared to the real thing – but not at all to the gaze of a skilled Attuner.

But the forgery of reality isn't the only boon granted by Toolbane: Zipper’s Corrosion seems to do its work much, much faster and with a greater deal of strength. Additionally, her Corrosion seems to be especially virulent when she wants it to be, continuing to linger up to a bit after her initial touch, spreading out and beyond from the area of contact to corrode, corrode, corrode like wildfire – though with mounting depreciation as the bit goes on.


(DJ Approved)
While many mages acquire curious dietary eccentricities due to their mutations, Zipper’s just might take the cake (ha) for being one of the most bizarre. The Transmutator’s Palate, the mental canvas on which the Qualities of the world are copied, archived, regurgitated, and then inscribed onto objects to create magical items is one of the hallmarks of the Etherist. In the case of this awakening, the Transmutator’s Palate is quite literal: in lieu of proper food, Zipper eats Qualities.

As her Spark borders on the zenith of her Transmutation prowess, even the option of organic food and water becomes lost to her. Eating and drinking become physically impossible rather than simply an unpleasant alternative; her body will violently reject anything that would be considered nourishment for any other human being. Likewise, her ability to feed off the Qualities of food and beverage can no longer properly replenish her.

Instead her diet turns towards, water excluded, the inorganic and the post-organic.

Most other traits from the earlier stage of the mutation remain the same, albeit tuned towards materials rather than meals, save for one: Zipper can only dine on the Quality of things that she already possesses in her Palate – perhaps the Spark’s drive to take in the world, to expand the Palate without end kicked into overdrive, to force the otherwise prudent Zipper to venture outside her comfort zone where the Transmutator can truly shine. Whether it’s feeding off the strength of a freshly forged steel sword, rendering it brittle and dead before its first swing, or sapping the heat of fire and leaving it burning cold and without life, Zipper has to have it committed to her Palate before she can dig in. She literally has to be what she eats.

Unless stated otherwise within a thread, the possessed Quality is assumed to be steel.

Fisher Queen

Post-Expert Brands, Mutations, and Awakenings


(DJ Approved)


(DJ Approved)

Granted incredible precision and creativity in the way something unravels, the authenticity of her Corrosion’s faux damage will more than hold up to above-average scrutiny when compared to the real thing – but not at all to the gaze of a skilled Attuner.

But the forgery of reality isn't the only boon granted by Toolbane: Zipper’s Corrosion seems to do its work much, much faster and with a greater deal of strength. Additionally, her Corrosion seems to be especially virulent when she wants it to be, continuing to linger up to a bit after her initial touch, spreading out and beyond from the area of contact to corrode, corrode, corrode like wildfire – though with mounting depreciation as the bit goes on.




General: 14
Catching glimpses of a Becomer’s totems through her Frequency
Concentration is key
Finding a name
Holding an active frequency
Opening a frequency
Rediscovering Attunement
The Act of Attunement
Concentration is key
The dangers of attuning to a frequency beyond your weight class
The sour tune of notes beyond your level
The tracker’s best friend
Tracking a frequency
Trying and failing to attune to a Nightmare beast
Using Attunement as a vague, semi-reliable lie detector

Active Frequencies: 5
Mathias 'Mads' Moreno
Pepper Farrow

Inactive/past Frequencies: 2

Spellbook: 16
Compass: Able to measure direction and distance between the Attuner and held frequencies
Compass: A mastery of direction and spatial awareness
Dousing: Dousing for magic
Project: Projecting outwards to the Source of the Nightmare
Soothe: Easing Overstepping
Soothe: May have some unpleasant and unexpected side effects depending on the mutation
Soothe: Suppressing a mutation that prevents the ingestion of standard food and beverage
Soothe: Wrestling down a struggling spark
Static: Disrupting your frequency to mask your presence
Omnivision: Using Omnivision to scout through walls

Knowledge - Notes

General: 3

Domain Magic: 3

Emotions: 4

Events: 2

Species: 3
Unknown (Yludih)

Supernatural (Others): 2
Nightmare Beast
Brands, Mutations, & Awakenings


(DJ Approved)
P]ette of a man trapped behind pure, milky white eyes.[/url] While her eyes are normally, well, normal looking, catching a frequency causes the briefest flicker of the black-upon-white to show up.

It's in the more profound extensions of Attunemhump[/i] punctuating the air, tiny fists smashing themselves bloody against an eye wall that will never part, their muffled sobbing more felt than heard.


(PL Approved)
The passivity of the Attunement Spark is such that it rarely beg of the inspected notes.




General: 7
Creatures of Nightmare are powerful
Doors can lead from dream to dream
Dreamers must be Escorted through the Veil to become Dreamwalkers
Nightmares can attack you in dreams
The Veil is a barrier between dreams
You can become lost when walking between dreams
You can walk in the dreams of others

Abilities: 15
Crossing: Crossing over fully can result in physical injury in the Dreamscape
Lucid Dreaming
Lucid Dreaming: A night spent Lucid Dreaming is a night of rest unused and squandered
Lucid Dreaming: Can be triggered by 'willing' yourself into it as you drift to sleep
Lucid Dreaming: Can happen by chance
Trespassing: An uninvited guest of a foreign dreamscape can be ejected by certain types of hosts
Trespassing: Able to seek out specific dreamers within range
Trespassing: Jesine’s flock can eject trespassing Dreamwalkers from their dreamscape
Trespassing: No permission needed to enter a foreign dreamscape

Brands: 2
Mathias 'Mads' Moreno
Emean Corruptions & Mutations


Obtained here

By drawing the etheric essence of an Emean being into herself, Zipper has taken yet another step away from Idalosian reality and it is literally reflected in what she lacks; she has no reflection, no shadow, no lasting physical record of her image. No mirror she passes will grace her, no puddle she steps across will record her stride, no light will find the silhouette of her shadow. Any attempt to sketch, draw, craft, paint, sculpt or artistically recreate her likeness in some manner or form will find that the work self-sabotages itself at every step of the way, almost as if even trying to capture the memory of her is a cursed ordeal. The end product of anything that uses her image as its foundation will inevitably result in a surreal, haphazard, shapeless mess of color; even if color wasn’t used in its creation.

But the most peculiar part of this Emea-triggered mutation is that Zipper seems to be beneath the perception of any idalosian entity without an etheric connection to Emea; any creature that lacks the ability to dream can’t seem to properly perceive her, and the most common among this group’s number are the mundane animals of Idalos - with the unusual exception of true insects. Zipper is neither invisible nor obscured from ether-challenged sight, but her existence is muted to their senses. She walks amongst them ignored, eludes their recollection once she has left their physical presence, and there is a nigh-supernatural lack of attention paid to her so long as she doesn’t put in a moderate amount of effort to draw it to herself.

A pursuing scent hound struggles to consistently find her scent on the trail, picking it up and losing it at regular intervals, eventually losing it completely. An eagle will never pick her up from the sky. Timid rats scamper freely around her rather than flee down their holes. The woods will chatter on as she walks through them, oblivious to her passing. Zipper will never properly ride a horse or train a dog with this mutation in place, and no amount of prodigious skill with Animal Training will bypass the fact that any and every animal won’t even remember who she is the very moment they lose sight of her.

That being said, there’s nothing stopping a skilled trainer from directing a sufficiently trained animal to attack her, even if said animal is perplexed by what exactly it's trying to maul.
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RP Medals




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Location: Etzos - Southern Civilian Outer Housing

A 400 sq ft. Adobe House with all that entails.


Starting Package +100 gn 100 gn
Christmas Event -35 gn, 5 sn, 4 cn 64 gn 4 sn 6 cn
Al'Angyrl bribes +400 GN 464 gn 4 sn 6 cn
Zi'da wages 1 (expenses deducted) +920 gn, 7 sn 1385 gn 1 sn 6 cn
Zi'da wages 2 (expenses deducted) +920 gn, 7 sn 2305 gn 8 sn 6 cn
Looting with a literal corpse +200 gn 2505 gn 8 sn 6 cn
Chalice of Fortune (Roll: 17) +50 gn 2555 gn 8 sn 6 cn
More petty looting +150 gn 2705 gn 8 sn 6 cn
Cylus Wages 1 (Expenses deducted) +351 gn 3056 gn 8 sn 6 cn
Cylus Wages 2 (Expenses deducted) +351 gn 3407 gn 8 sn 6 cn
Total 3407 gn 8 sn 6 cn

Mundane Items

1) One Set of Clothing (Coat, blouse, pants, undergarments, boots)
2) One Set of Toiletries: Soap, brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste,

Key Items

1) Rayna's Notebook:
The covert pride and glory of Rayna's long-time intelligence gathering efforts in Etzos acquired by Zipper in 716. Inside the notebook is an astonishingly detailed number of entries on Etzori army officers and soldiers alike, both in and outside Rayna's wing of the army. There's even a section on the four Marshals of Etzos, though the findings in that segment are superficial at best. Although more than a few seasons out of date by the arc 717, with more than several of the entry members having either died, retired, or moved on to less hazardous vocations, the notebook continues to provide surprisingly accurate information where it counts. Zipper occasionally updates it to better reflect current intel, but her intense personal annoyance at the unacceptable stylistic clash of Rayna's handwriting and her own has left the notebook mostly unaltered.

The contents of the notebook seem to also extend to before Rayna's time in the military, containing her formative thoughts on how children respond to stimuli both positive and negative, rigid tips on how to socialize with other children, a trial and error checklist on which lies worked on which childhood peer, an objective assessment on the best ways to dispose a body in Etzos, in-depth notes on a variety of dissected animals, and a whole load of other innocent childhood musings.

Magic Items

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RP Medals




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Ashan 718

Name: Sight
Date: 5th
PCs: Solo
Summary: Eyes on the prize.

Name: The Doran Chronicles - Dawn Of The Planet Of The Dorans
Date: 12th
PCs: Finn
Summary: "Doran no kill Doran." *squints* "Koba no Doran."

Name: The Doran Chronicles: The Plan to Eradicate all Xiurs
Date: 13th
PCs: Finn
Summary: Foreza.

Name: The Doran Chronicles: A Song Of Finns And Dorans
Date: 16th
PCs: Finn
Summary: "But why didn't Tywin attack Highgarden the moment the Lannister gold mines run out?" *laugh track*

Name: The Doran Chronicles - Doran Souls III
Date: 19th
PCs: Finn
Summary: We didn't even get to Doran Gundyr.

Name: The Doran Chronicles - Requiem for a Doran Sourcebook
Date: 19th
PCs: Finn
Summary: Though he may smite a god dead and partake in the vilest alchemical heresies, Doran still advocates for responsible drinking practices.

Name: Off to See The Wizard
Date: 30th
PCs: Kasoria
Summary: Auditions open til 45th Ashan

Name: Looking for Molly
Date: 72nd
PCs: Finn
Summary: But she's not here.

Cylus 718

Name: The Bickering of the Necromancer
Date: 1st
PCs: Neronin
Summary: In which a mild disagreement ends in profane spritual desecration.

Name: Fire in the hole
Date: 20th
PCs: Finn, Gangui
Summary: Baby brother, why do you dumb?

Name: Post Ganguitic Jail Disorder
Date: 20th
PCs: Yana
Summary: Zipper cordially invites the handicappable into her den of justice.

Zi'da 717

Name: Hey
Date: 8th
PCs: Robin
Summary: A co-worker crosses a line.

Name: The events leading up to the Zi'da dolphin massacre
Date: 11th
PCs: Robin
Summary: A couple's spat leads to dead dolphins.

Name: The Banana Intervention
Date: 13th
PCs: Robin
Summary: The banana wroth cometh

Name: Mine
Date: 15th
PCs: Robin
Summary: Dead dolphin. Singular.

Name: Niv meets a Zip
Date: 16th
PCs: Niv
Summary: Zipper faces off against her deadliest foe yet.

Name: Caught in the act - Part 1
Date: 17th
PCs: Finn
Summary: Why do rats sneak?

Name: A spark of kinship - Part 1
Date: 20th
PCs: Finn
Summary: There's beaches, then there's bitches.

Name: A spark of kinship - Part 2
Date: 20th
PCs: Finn
Summary: Kinship on more than one level.

Name: A Home for Justice
Date: 35th
PCs: Gangui, Niv
Summary: Prime real estate in the middle of nowhere.

Name: Connection
Date: 37th
PCs: Robin
Summary: Opening up in more ways than one.

Name: It Looks Good on Paper
Date: 40th
PCs: Tio, Aqi, Oberan, Finn, Toan
Summary: Zipper joins a conservation effort to save a herd of endangered pirates.

Name: Not so Good in Practice
Date: 40th
PCs: Tio Silver, Oberan, Finn, Toan
Summary: Turns out that, like pandas, they really weren't saving.

Name: Cradle to the Grave
Date: 46th
PCs: Noth
Summary: Zipper volunteers at a pet shelter and nurses a neglected parrot back to health.

Name: Upstart
Date: 51st
PCs: Vorval
Summary: Zipper offers counseling to a troubled employee.

Name: Not(h) a problem
Date: 51st
PCs: Gangui
Summary: Different employee, same problems

Name: The Turkey Knight
Date: 58th
PCs: Noth
Summary: Zipper exhibits the general common sense of a horror movie victim.

Name: Fingles Gravy: Pirate Enthusiast
Date: 60th
PCs: Yana
Summary: Zipper lends a helping hand to the visually impaired.

Name: Ether Ship Down
Date: 60th
PCs: Yana
Summary: The visually impaired one exhibits ungratefulness.

Name: Keeping Abreast of a Handful of Pirates
Date: 60th
PCs: Yana
Summary: A resolution is found.

Name: Turkey Wars
Date: 80th
PCs: Gangui
Summary: Zipper walks the path of non-violence.

Name: A Fiend in Need
Date: 92th
PCs: Neronin
Summary: Zipper welcomes a leper into her home.

Name: Dead bait
Date: 93th
PCs: Neronin
Summary: Zipper helps said leper clean up and find employment.

Vhalar 717

Name: Life of Fi
Date: 4th
PCs: Robin
Summary: Zipper extends an offering of peace, only to be coldly rebuffed by a troubled young man.

Name: On a boat
Date: 4th
PCs: Robin
Summary: Zipper saves a life.

Name: Felicia & Finn
Date: 8th
PCs: Robin
Summary: Zipper offers a stern but fair critque on the privilege of a co-worker.

Name: Slow Carriages and Wrathful Ladies
Date: 21st
PCs: Robin
Summary: Zipper and Robin defend slavers from the evil working class.

Name: Fostering Friendships
Date: 22nd
PCs: Gangui
Summary: Zipper meets with Gangui to discuss a contract.

Name: Word are wind, unless they are written
Date: 23rd
PCs: Gangui
Summary: Signed, sealed, already regretted.

Name: Three idiots at a bar
Date: 24th
PCs: Robin, Gangui
Summary: Three intellectuals stumbling over their affection for each other.

Name: Mirror, mirror on the wall
Date: 25th
PCs: Oberan
Summary: Zipper gains a new friend, one who restrains her from making a most fatal error.

Name: Boundaries
Date: 26th
PCs: Gangui
Summary: Zipper speaks fondly of Oberan.

Name: You can't have evolution with lack of out-group preferences
Date: 27th
PCs: Gangui
Summary: Zipper visits a sailor's bar.

Name: Kayfabe
Date: 27th
PCs: Gangui
Summary: Zipper visits a clown troupe.

Name: Playground Squabble
Date: 32nd
PCs: Robin
Summary: Zipper performs an exorcism on a reluctant co-worker.

Name: Saboateur
Date: 41st
PCs: Robin
Summary: Zipper finds fulfilment in jolly cooperation.

Name: The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword
Date: 54th
PCs: Gangui
Summary: A mistake extended.

Name: Reunion
Date: 110th
PCs: Finn
Summary: Zipper extracts her brother from the orphanage.

Name: Duel of the fakes
Date: 111th
PCs: Oberan
Summary: Zipper meets an old foe, and there are no new friends to restrain her from fatal errors.

Name: Did you miss me?
Date: 117th
PCs: Yana
Summary: Zipper aids an eyepatched hobo

Saun 717

Name: Molly
Date: 23rd
PCs: Solo
Summary: Zipper has a mild disgreement with a tiny child.

Name: Stabbity & Blockity - Part 1
Date: 23rd
PCs: Solo
Summary: Zipper emerges from her cocoon a newborn helicoptor and flies off to save the innocent.

Name: Stabbity & Blockity - Part 2
Date: 23rd
PCs: Solo
Summary: Zipper poses omniously for the cameras while refugees drown.

Name: Orientation
Date: 29nd
PCs: Robin
Summary: Zipper's amicability is thrown back in her face by a rude colleague.

Name: Fratricide
Date: 30th
PCs: Finn
Summary: Zipper expresses concern for her wayward brother, Finn.


Name: How I Met Your Brother
Date: 19th Saun 704
PCs: Odd
Summary: Fiona meets an odd person.

Name: Zip Your Lip
Date: 19th Saun 704
PCs: Odd
Summary: Fiona is saved by an odd person.

Name: Hit It
Date: 21st Saun 704
PCs: Odd
Summary: Fiona befriends an odd person.

Name: The Fault in our stones
Date: 7th Ymiden 705
PCs: Solo
Summary: Fiona takes her first small step towards her inevitable damnation.

Name: Foundation
Date: 20th Ymiden 705
PCs: Solo
Summary: Fiona builds the foundation of her Palette with her first chosen Qualities.

Name: Edge
Date: 21st Ymiden 705
PCs: Solo
Summary: Strong, weak, smart, dumb, pretty, ugly - all that needed to matter was what you want, and how you would get it.

Name: Frostbound
Date: 5th Cylus 706
PCs: Solo
Summary: Finding warmth in the arcane.

Name: Presentation
Date: 30th Vhalar 706
PCs: Solo
Summary: Empty dresses and vacant scents.

Name: In thunder, lightning, or in rain?
Date: 2th Ymiden 707
PCs: Solo
Summary: Fiona learns that you shouldn't stand under a tree in a thunderstorm

Name: Meeting Mages
Date: 13th Cylus 710
PCs: Solo
Summary: Fiona meets Neronin.

Name: Hard knocks
Date: 10th Ymiden 711
PCs: Finn
Summary: Fiona educates Finn on the power of diplomacy.

Name: Pupils of the trade
Date: 3rd Ymiden 716
PCs: Yana
Summary: Zipper tries to convince a wanted fugitive to turn herself in, appealing to what little goodness is left inside that hollow shell of treason and spite.


Name: I killed a Dolphin Once
Date: 3rd Ymiden 717
PCs: Aeon
Summary: Under the thrall of rabid ponies, Aeon and Zipper discuss the finer points of dolphin murder.

Name: Doing it right
Date: 1st Saun 717
PCs: Solo
Summary: Don't take your eyes off the children.

Name: Trial
Date: 52nd Vhalar 717
PCs: Sabine
Summary: Minus punching, minus kicking

Name: Hunters Become the Hunted
Date: 100th Vhalar 717
PCs: Qit'ria
Summary: A tadpole stands defiant against the evils of man.

Name: Steel on the aftermath
Date: 1st Zi'da 717
PCs: Solo
Summary: Unrimeted blado woks.

Name: Dreaming like a pair of idiots
Date: 2nd Zi'da 717
PCs: Robin
Summary: A friendly debate about the non-binary classification of gender

Name: Newman
Date: 3rd Zi'da 717
PCs: Solo
Summary: In which Zipper loves Rharne.

Name: The Citrus Deception - Part 1
Date: 18th Zi'da 717
PCs: Solo
Summary: Vuda begins his endgame.

Name: The Treachery of Caius Gawyne, Part 1
Date: 90th Zi'da 717
PCs: Caius
Summary: Zipper finds herself at the mercy of a brutal inquisitor.

Name: Pondering the Crypts
Date: 1st Cylus 718
PCs: Solo
Summary: Zipper thinks about the dead which eternal lie.

Name: Once
Date: 5th Cylus 718
PCs: Solo
Summary: Astronauts, doctors, and bankers galore.

Name: Want
Date: 6th Cylus 718
PCs: Solo
Summary: Not even the world is enough.

Name: One Last Touch
Date: 9th Cylus 718
PCs: Solo
Summary: Fire and Breakups.

Name: Door Wars
Date: 12th Cylus 718
PCs: Solo
Summary: Did you forget? I, too, have Door-fufufufu.

Name: Bloodbored (Part 1)
Date: 17th Cylus 718
PCs: Solo
Summary: Blooooooooooood.

Name: Bloodbored (Part 2)
Date: 18th Cylus 718
PCs: Solo
Summary: Basically

Name: Best of Three
Date: 21st Cylus
PCs: Sephira
Summary:In which women fight to the death

Name: Heaven and Hell (Part 1)
Date: 30th Cylus 718
PCs: Qit'ria
Summary: Zipper finds herself at the mercy of island gigantism.

Name: Heaven and Hell (Part 3)
Date: 30th Cylus 718
PCs: Qit'ria
Summary: Burninate.

Name: Good Guy Tucker
Date: 2nd Ashan 718
PCs: Solo
Summary: Loving father, devoted careerman, a proud pioneer of modern alchemy.

Name: Life Continues
Date: 5th Ashan 718
PCs: Solo
Summary: I'm not really sure what's happening here.

Name: The Blaming of the Necromancer
Date: 8th Ashan 718
PCs: Solo
Summary: How many times do I get to not say goodbye?

Name: Sis of Boi
Date: 17th Ashan 718
PCs: Finn
Summary: Only fire when I tell you to.

Name: Quiet of the Doors
Date: 20th Ashan 718
PCs: Solo
Summary: You're a rube, Keene Ward.

Name: We’re Literally Doing This for Points
Date: 52nd Ashan 718
PCs: Solo
Summary: Title.

Name: Who's the Father?
Date: 62nd Ashan 718
PCs: Qit'ria
Summary: On a very special episode of the Jerry Springer show, Zipper finds herself faced with a high-stakes race against time. Will she survive long enough for the DNA test to return?

Name: The Prophecy of Maury
Date: 62nd Ashan 718
PCs: Qit'ria
Summary: Surprisingly, he is the father!

Name: Runway Police
Date: 1st Ymiden 718
PCs: Solo
Summary: Zipper offers earnest advice to the ill-fated.

Name: The Buddying of the Necromancer
Date: 2nd Ymiden 718
PCs: Solo
Summary: Nothing more necromantic.

Name: Love Letter
Date: 3rd Ymiden 718
PCs: Solo
Summary: A strongly worded missing person report.

Name: The Zippity Odditor
Date: 4th Ymiden 718
PCs: Odd
Summary: Zipper provides constructive criticism.

Name: Bloodbored (Part 3)
Date: 6th Ymiden 718
PCs: Solo
Summary: Adventures in mundane zookeeping continue.

Name: Grami Doracooni
Date: 10th Ymiden 718
PCs: Solo
Summary: In Cooney town we all fall down, and a grader awoke from slumber.

Name: Bloodbored 0.2 Final Mix
Date: 15th Ymiden 718
PCs: Doran Cooney
Summary: A dinner date gone wrong when the angeled ones cometh.

Name: The Ballad of Jersey Krome
Date: 17th Ymiden 718
PCs: Velaine Krome
Summary: Jersey hires a doctor.

Name: The Dialogue Sessions
Date: 22nd Ymiden 718
PCs: Doran Cooney
Summary: A wise teacher deals with sloppy parenting.

Name: Salt & Pepper
Date: 45th Ymiden 718
PCs: Pepper
Summary: Fiona is accosted by a nudist.

Name: On a Steel Sea
Date: 46th Ymiden 718
PCs: Pepper
Summary: Fiona defends herself in a clearcut break-and-enter case.

Name: Lies Over the Ocean
Date: 46th Ymiden 718
PCs: Pepper
Summary: Fiona is assailed by a 14 year old hooligan.

Name: River Wars
Date: 51st Ymiden 718
PCs: Pepper
Summary: Pepper continues her path of destruction.

Name: Ro Your Boat
Date: 51st Ymiden 718
PCs: Pepper
Summary: Pepper cruelly leverages the life of an innocent child for petty profit.

Name: House on the River
Date: 58th Ymiden 718
PCs: Pepper
Summary: Pepper's scam continues.

Name: Blind Date
Date: 33th Saun 718
PCs: Mads
Summary: Finding love at a wake.

Name: DORDOR: The Assembly
Date: 37th Saun 718
PCs: Mads
Summary: A world saved by emean trading cards.

Name: DORDOR: Dorlist's Legacy
Date: 39th Saun 718
PCs: Mads
Summary: A world's time wasted by emean trading cards.

Name: Food Grand Order - Episode 54: A Kitchen's Nightmare's Nightmare
Date: 1st Vhalar 718
PCs: Mads, Oberan
Summary: Just your ordinary cooking show.

Name: Ah yes, Vripers
Date: 2nd Vhalar 718
PCs: Mads
Summary: The immortal race of sentient psychopomps allegedly addicted to pumpkins. We have dismissed that claim.

Name: Dog SPark
Date: 8th Vhalar 718
PCs: Mads
Summary: Flaying is still practiced in certain eastern countries in Idalos.

Name: The Necromantress Formerly Known as Ellasin
Date: 12th Vhalar 718
PCs: Mads
Summary: Smiles on, people!

Name: Mad Shrinking
Date: 14th Vhalar 718
PCs: Mads
Summary: Low bar: but he's a better brony shrink than Aeon.

Name: He and She
Date: 14th Vhalar 718
PCs: Mads
Summary: Sup.

Name: When Nothing Comes to Mind
Date: 14th Vhalar 718
PCs: Mads
Summary: Take off your shirt.

Name: Calm
Date: 14th Vhalar 718
PCs: Mads
Summary: Mutual yapping.

Name: Storm
Date: 14th Vhalar 718
PCs: Mads
Summary: Stuff and shit.

Name: You're the Father
Date: 22nd Vhalar 718
PCs: Mads
Summary: Alimony is a steep and perilous road.

Name: Unko
Date: 24th Vhalar 718
PCs: Mads
Summary: It means your cow isn't constipated.

Name: What That Tongue Do Though?
Date: 24th Vhalar 718
PCs: Mads
Summary: It means tongue wrestling is off the table.

Name: The Fault in Our Fionas
Date: 24th Vhalar 718
PCs: Mads
Summary: It means nobody, not even a bob-haired goddess, is perfect.

Name: The Cat, the Cradle, and the Silver Spoon
Date: 34th Vhalar 718
PCs: Qit'ria
Summary: Alexa, play...
word count: 2422
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