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Captain of the Skylance Pirates

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Sun May 07, 2017 7:10 pm

Tio Silver
"Oh while I live, to be the ruler of life, not a slave, to meet life as a powerful conqueror, and nothing exterior to me will ever take command of me."
Name: Tio Barabus Silver (Most commonly used name)
Tuihobri (Real name. Means "He Who Is Silver" in Ulehi)
Taelis Selvar (Eidisi form Alias)
Captain Taboo (Pirate Alias)
Bubbles (Nickname)
Tio of the Tarnished Silver Crown (Title)
Darbyton Derby 717 Champion (Title)

Age: 23

Race: Yludih

Date of Birth: 12th of Ashan, Arc 695

Marks: Sesser, Tarouz, Soujorn

Factions Joined: The Seekers - Acolyte

Languages Spoken: Fluent in Common & Scalveen, Broken in Ancient Language.

Partners: None

Profession: Pirate Captain

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5. Knowledge and Skills
6. Skill Point Ledger
7. Marks Section
8. Items
9. Ledger
10. Renown Ledger
11. Thread List
12. Thrall Menagerie & Witchmarks
13. NPC's
14. Business
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Sat Jun 03, 2017 4:25 pm


Like all Yludih, Tio's real form is a body of crystals that even he has yet to discover the true appearance of. However through his race's natural abilities he has two well practiced illusionary forms that he uses regularly in life that he likes to call first form and second form. As a Sesser user he also has the ability to transform himself in a multitude of ways, giving him access to a number of other identities.

First Form: Human
His first form is the one he first took at birth, the human form he based upon his mother, and the one he spends the majority of his time in. This form has Caucasian skin, light blonde hair and blue eyes, and has an androgynous air to it as a result of being based on a female. He is tall and slender, with little in the way of visible muscles sadly, and seems to almost always wear a look of restrained amusement, as if he views the world around him to be a joke somehow. After the events of Cassion's game in 718 he began to grow a small, stubbly blonde beard, and wears a black eyepatch with six white dots arranged like on a dice over the eye Cassion took from him.
Image Image When not expecting trouble Tio wears an black hawaiian shirt with a green floral print, which he wears open in order to stay cool since his defiance witchmark changed his body temperature, and black trousers. This shirt has a magical property that makes him feel pretty damn good while wearing it, but is admittedly pretty tasteless. When expecting trouble he wears his Darbyton Derby Champions Armour, a set of masterwork black leather armour etched with designs of the Scaltoth Mountains, and occasionally the accompanying black feather cape.

Tio wears the Dread Pirate's Earring in his left ear, which many pirates or those who deal with them might recognize as the one once worn by the Dread Pirate Roberts and afford him a measure of respect. He wears his ring, Thieve's Accomplice, on the middle finger of his right hand, which prevents people from noticing him unless they directly look at him as long as he stands completely still. Most of the rest of his equipment is kept in his domain bag, which he keeps on his person at all times.

Second Form: Eidisi
The second form of his is the less often used Eidisi form, which he learnt to take after he first learnt that he was a Yludih and journeyed to Uleuda. This form looks similar to his human form in terms of height and build, as Tio had a rather Eidisi-like build anyway, and shares the majority of his human forms facial features. In this form however Tio's skin is a pale light blue with a slightly greenish tinge to it, like ocean water, and his hair is a darker blue and reaches down to his waist. His eyes are a blank white, with no pupils or iris, and his body has none of the jagged markings some Eidisi have. He wears sea green robes with a black sash and scarf.

Additional Forms

Captain Taboo

The masked persona Tio assumes when committing piracy or other crimes, Captain Taboo is the false face Tio uses to bear the infamy the comes with being a pirate. Underneath the mask this form is based on his human form but uses his Sesser ability Transformer's Toolbox to make a couple of changes. His skin is a shade darker, his eyes green, his hair black, longer and slicked back, and his voice a notch or two deeper.

He wears a navy blue jacket completed with bits of fur and golden buttons over a grey vest, brown trousers and black boots. He has a number of pockets and straps holding pouches to hold his throwing knives in, and an assortment of charms made front various types of bird feathers purely for appearances sake. Most noticeable of all however is his mask; a full faced metal helmet shaped roughly in the form of a bird with extended wings. It gives off an overwhelmingly piratey vibe, with a mystical air about it that hints at Tio's status as a magician. It was made as a product of alchemy, and has the durability of the fangs and scales of the Scalv Ziemia.


The Rogue Knight

Due to the curse of Sojourn inflicted upon Tio there is a split personality living inside of his head; one that takes control if he tries to resist getting involved in one of the adventures he is drawn to, or if it feels that Tio hasn't has enough adventure in his life recently. This split personality is even more insane than Tio, completely obsessed with adventures, and calls itself The Rogue Knight. Occasionally it takes control of his body when Tio is asleep and patrols the streets at night dressed in armor and a mask, stopping whatever crimes it finds and acting like some sort of deranged vigilante.
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Tue Jun 27, 2017 1:23 pm


Tio lives by a simple philosophy; living is all about feelings. People amass money and power so they can get things that make them feel good, help people because it makes them feel good, and fight and kill each other because it makes them feel good. The best way to live life is to fill it with as many unique and pleasurable feelings as possible, and this philosophy is quite clearly reflected by Tio in everything he does.

When you first meet Tio, the thing that stands out about him perhaps the most is his bubbly enthusiasm. He is energetic and youthful, full of good cheer, ambition and adventurous spirit, and always seems to go with his own flow in a slightly childish manner, making jokes or other carefree remarks as he does his own thing. There is a touch of eccentricity in him, reflected in his flair for the dramatic and harmless love for his own appearance, which tends to make events he is a part of spiral out of control. His game is all about entertainment, and it shows in his fondness for mischief, lies and flirting as well as his adamant refusal to do anything that he believes will be even a little boring, such as honest work or attending lectures. It is also fairly obvious after just a few minutes in his company that Tio is the unfortunate combination of a fortune-seeker and a bit of a fool, which together grant him the uncanny ability to end up right in the middle of trouble, intentionally or not. Additionally the mark of Syroa on his back kindles a flicker of attraction for him into the hearts of anyone who meets him, which makes it hard to forget an encounter with the frivolous thief.

However if one gets the chance to really get to know him it slowly starts to become obvious that underneath his bright attitude lie some very dark desires. The touch of ambition and love of fortune that at first just seem to be a part of his charm are really just the tip of the iceberg of the intense greed hidden within him. Tio is a man of desire who covets everything the world has to offer; wealth, fame, sex, power, knowledge, he wants it all, and has dreams of one day becoming a king of undeniable power. His free-spirited nature and mischievousness is part of the insecurity over his identity and fear of persecution that comes with being a Yludih, and those two qualities have created inside of him a deep-seated distrust for the other races and a stubborn pride in his own kind that borders on being radically nationalistic. With desires such as these it’s really no surprise that a fierce, cold anger sleeps behind his usual cheerfulness.

But despite these bad points Tio isn’t really a bad person, just a pretty chaotic one. He may not be particularly charitable or empathetic to the feelings of people he doesn’t know, but when he comes across people in need of aid will usually do something to help them out, even if it’s only a little. And though he’s not above fighting if the need arises he doesn’t wish to harm people, and will try to settle things peacefully if it seems like he can.

Tio is not one for devotion to another person and as such doesn't care much for individual immortals or domains; to him anyone who can pay him somehow for his services is a valid client. However despite his desire to avoid getting involved in the wars between immortals and their followers Tio does share and undeniable similarity to one particular immortal; Syroa. Not only is Tio fond of acting, a Yludih, and practically fits the ideal personality of Sesser user to a T, but his mother was marked by Syroa and imparted in him some of the respect she feels for the immortal. He also feels a large degree of respect towards Aelig, for as the creator of the Yludih he feels that the Immortal of chaos is something of a grandfather figure to them, and Delroth because their philosophies match nicely, and would aid them if called upon to do so. Recently Tio has discovered and become fascinated by the mystical arts of magic, which he eagerly studies in the hopes of obtaining great power and one day achieving eternal life.
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Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:33 pm


Tio was born on the 12th of Ashan to Mary Silver, a traveller favoured by Syroa who went from city to city using her Sesser abilities to seduce wealthy men, married or otherwise, into taking her as their mistress and providing for her and Tio. Mary was all about living for herself and enjoying the easy life, a philosophy she passed down onto her son, and as such didn't care that everywhere they went her work caused bad rumours about her to spread. What other people thought of her didn't change the fact that they all had to slave away at work all day whilst she got whatever she wanted on a silver platter, and whenever they sneered at her she responded with a smug smirk. However her bad reputation passed onto Tio, and so the boy's early years were dominated by loneliness since the other kids his age would tend to stay away from him too.

As he grew older Tio began to act out; stealing, cheating and causing mischief in order to get attention. It quickly became apparent to him though that even when he did something wrong he never got punished for it like the other kids did; his mother found the havoc he caused to be highly entertaining, and the other kids that tried to beat him up rarely succeeded because he had a far more fierce temper than them. As such Tio developed no proper concept of the importance of laws, and became more and more devious with time. As he grew into a teenager and realized that he was pretty damn smart his mind turned from violent pranks to the more cunning and subtle arts like trickery and stealth, and his brashness and temper became hidden underneath a mask of flirtatious snark and arrogance. He learnt to satisfy his desire for attention by joining acting troupes and basking in the glory of the stage, and learnt to sate his appetite for trouble by stealing from and tricking people without them ever realizing he was responsible.

He was 14 when his mother revealed to him that neither of them were in fact humans like he'd believed, but in fact members of the persecuted Yludih race. Her reasons for travelling so often weren't just because she didn't like people getting to know her but because she never wanted to be revealed as a Yludih, and by staying on the move she could stop people from knowing her long enough to begin suspecting. She'd been discovered for the race she really was before in her youth and had suffered for it, and had instilled in him the same independence and wariness of other people that she had in order to keep him safe. She showed him how to enter Uleuda, how to shift his form into that of another race, and told him more about the immortal Syroa and the power of Sesser.

At the age of 17 Tio, desiring adventure and the chance to see more of the world, decided to strike out on his own and parted ways with his mother to start travelling around Idalos. In his quest for fortune he has had a number of professions over the years; a smuggler, a pirate, and even a spy at one point, however his main "work" has always been as a thief under his masked persona "Taboo." It was during the start of the 717th arc that Tio met a peculiar old man, Zavious, quite by chance after attempting to steal a book from him whilst he slept. Tio hadn't realized the man was a necromancer until it was too late and had been caught during the theft by one of his skeletal servants, however instead of killing him Zavoius was impressed the Tio's resourcefulness and curiosity, and offered to instruct Tio in the arts of necromancy. After a few seasons of training Tio was initiated into necromancy on the island of Scalvoris, however due to his initiation taking too long Zavious believed his student to be dead and abandoned him, leaving Tio to start his new life as a necromancer alone in the city of pirates.

Over the course of his adventures Tio has seen and done many incredible things, good and evil, which have had some form of effect on Tio's personality and perception of the world.

After the events of 'Digging in the Ruins' part 1 and 2, Tio developed a hatred Lisirra, and fully intends to make the Immortal pay for the deaths she caused. How exactly he's going to do this without earning the ire of Syroa and Aelig however remains to be seen.

During the events of The Fortune Teller Tio saw proof that destiny exists, and developed a respect for divination and prophecies. He treats prophecies told to him by credible sources very seriously, and heeds the 'advice' of tarot card readings and bones on important matters.

During the events of End Game Tio was horrified to learn that Immortals use their marks to possess the bodies of their champions should their old ones be destroyed. He has become very wary of all Immortals and in some regards could be considered an anti-Immortal activist. Additionally he has come to somewhat fear the blessing he currently possesses; he is hesitant to rely on them or let them grow too strong, and although he will not ask the Immortals who granted them to remove them for fear of their wrath he is secretly searching for a way to rid himself of them.

Unique Abilities

The Gold Eater's Curse

During the events of Plucking Feathers, Tio was cursed by the Immortal Delroth. He now suffers from a constant, eternal hunger that can only be satiated by swallowing gold. This can include coins, rings, necklaces and all other forms that gold can be shaped. Because Delroth does not want to kill him, the gold will not poison him, and his body is capable of surviving on nothing but gold. Any other type of regular food will taste like dust, ash, or something equally disgusting.

Spectral Mist Breath

During the events of A Debt is Due, Tio swallowed some of the glowing fog. He has developed the ability to produce tiny amounts of mist from his mouth. With practice, he'll be able to produce smoke rings. The mist / smoke he produces does nothing, has no magical effects etc. He can just... puff smoke. Additionally since he touched the goblet, Tio will now attract more spirits and ghosts. He will experience this indirectly, through thinking he's glimpsing movement and then there being nothing there, cold spots in rooms, sudden shivers etc. Having voted to keep the goblet, the spirits around him are more likely to be malicious or malevolent. He will find that he is at the receiving end of a number of tricks and unkindnesses, things will go missing etc. It isn't one specific ghost, it's just... any that are around really don't like him.

Ramesses the Mountain King

During the events of Swift of Feet, Sharp of Mind Tio befriended a giant ram called Ramesses. While in the Scaltoth Mountains, Tio will find Ramesses willing to team up with him for whatever he needs.

Sight of the Storyteller

During the events of the global plot End Game Tio gained two unique abilities. The first one revolves around the eye that Cassion cut out:

"Cassion has marked you with his blade and stolen the sight from your eye. Although you can hide this scar on your eye as a Yludih, it will always manifest in any form you hold. A notable scar somewhere visible on your form, as if mocking you. And although it may at first seem that you have lost all sight in your eye, that is not the case. Tio can ONLY see those who have a strong current of ‘narrative’ around them. His eye will see them as ghosts in the pitch darkness, swaddled with colors and patterns he does not innately know or can recognize. He can begin to recognize that sharp, jagged patterns in oranges and reds often denote a violent story, or a strong inclination to be violent in story, and I invite you to make other interpretations of themes as you use this eye. Not everyone is blessed by story, or living in accordance with narrative. All PC’s (By virtue of being PC’s) are and many important NPC’s, but most ‘normal’ people would just be part of the blackness to Tio."

Half Thy Life

The second revolves around the deal with made with Avacer, the skeleton Tio found in Gilagrod:

"You have sworn an oath. Half your life to the man you brought from the Sepulcher. He is bound to you inextricably and when you dream, you will see him. Always, in your dreams, he will be manifested in some way. Always he will be out of reach and always he will be slumped on a golden throne. HOW that manifests (Inside a snowglobe, on a distant hill, under the sea, in the eye of a dragon) is up to you, only that he will ALWAYS be present in your dreams going forward, and you will never be close enough to reach him. To free him, we will have to have another modded quest at some point. No one else is able to see him if they wander into your dreams UNLESS you point him out. If so, communicate that they to will begin to see him in all their dreams distantly. This will be a point in the plot later on."

Coupled to Kura

During he events of Something in the Sweet(wine) Water Tio and Kura were the random couple and then, in the next post, they interacted. This has formed a unique bond between them. Once a season - at a time of your choosing - Tio will have a sudden flash of where Kura is and what she's doing at that moment. It will be completely random as far as Tio is concerned and will often seem to be at the most inconvenient moment possible. Please agree between yourselves and maintain PM contact as this is a permanent thing. If, for some reason, Kura's player is not able to be contacted, please pm a Scalvoris mod and point them to this (it's in your PNs). It is important that you note: the vision will last for two bits exactly and during that time Tio will see what Kura is seeing, feel what she is feeling and say what she is saying Kura will not know that Tio is doing this and her time of this happening will be on a different date each season.

Hand of Obsession

Also during the events of Something in the Sweet(wine) WaterBecause of their exposure to the strange ether-soaked winds of The Tree, the pc has experienced a strange mutation.Tio's hand will now glow a deep green whenever he is near someone who is feeling an obsessive emotion. When it does that, it looks like crystals and is transparent, which is just... weird.
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Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:33 pm


ImageSilver Point: A quirky, fun, interesting property which is about as isolated as it's possible to be. Starting at the ground floor, where the small jetty provides the only access, this house winds up through the stone, with small windows throughout the interior. The massive winding staircase allows for four floors of single, circular rooms before entering the house proper. The above-ground house is large, open and beautifully decorated. Accessible only via boat or if you have access to a winged mount, this is an isolationists paradise! Viewing highly recommended (not suitable for those with a fear of heights, the dark or claustrophobia)!
Details: 6 bedrooms, 4 receptions, 4 large circular rooms inside the rock, medium garden out the back and in an isolated location.
Player Note: Beautiful house, if a little bit quirky. Lots of steps and often cut off in the colder seasons. Located off the coast of Almund, in view of Port Diablo.
Windwing Stables: This is a unique business opportunity! A large stables, previously successfully run, this is an opportunity to pick up a property which allows for a horse breeder / trainer to simply move in and set up shop. None of the equipment remains but there are stables, yards, and all spaces required for a small horse breeding / stabling / rental business.
Details: 2 bedrooms, 2 receptions, 1 x business property.
Player Note: Beautiful house, very quirky (in a manner you decide). If your pc is interested in buying this property, pm one of the Scalv mods, and we'll talk it through. The exact location is up to you, the player but if you are buying it for business purposes, then you must still provide a business plan etc. Located the coast of Almund, near Tio's other house! (Currently donated to The Skylance Pirates.)
ImageVonDwight Laboratory: After the events of The Phoenix's Nest, Tio occupied a secret underground necromancy laboratory built beneath the Faldrass. Originally belonging to the grandfather of Tio's first apprentice, Tasha VonDwight, the lab contains years of necromantic knowledge just waiting to be revealed. It can be accessed by two secret entrances hidden inside trees, one at the base of the Faldrass volcano and the other in the middle of the Faldrass market, or by a secret cave by the island's shore.
Details: 1 bedroom, 1 living room, 1 large laboratory, 3 secret tunnels leading to various parts of the island.
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Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:34 pm

SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Acrobatics30/100 (35/250)Competent
Acting30/100 (+3 Grifter's Skills) (35/250)Competent
Alchemy30/100 (35/250)Competent
Appraisal25/100 (25/250)Novice
Blades (Cutlass)30/100 (35/250)Competent
Business Management30/100 (35/250)Competent
Chemistry30/100 (35/250)Competent
Climbing0/100 (0/250)None
Dancing0/100 (0/250)None
Deception75/100 NA: FTExpert
Defiance40/100 (55/250)Competent[/color][/b]
Discipline0/100 (0/250)None
Disguise30/100 (35/250)Competent
Endurance25/100 (25/250)Novice
Field Craft30/100 (35/250)Competent
Flying0/100 (0/250)None
Forgery0/100 (0/250)None
Gambling0/100 (0/250)None
Intelligence30/100 (35/250)Competent
Investigation2/100 (2/250)Novice
Leadership30/100 (35/250)Competent
Lock-picking25/100 (25/250)Novice
Medicine30/100 (35/250)Competent
Meditation0/100 (0/250)None
Mount30/100 (35/250)Competent
Musical Instrument: Drums0/100 (0/250)None
Necromancy50/100 (75/250)Competent[/color][/b]
Persuasion30/100 (+3 Charisma's Tools) (35/250)Competent
Philosophy2/100 (2/250)Novice
Pick-pocketing25/100 (25/250)Novice
Poisons0/100 (0/250)None
Running25/100 (25/250)Novice
Seafaring25/100 (25/250)Novice
Stealth30/100 (35/250)Competent
Strength30/100 (35/250)Competent
Swimming30/100 (35/250)Competent
Tactics30/100 (35/250)Competent
Teaching30/100 (+6 Renown Bonus) (35/250)Competent
Thrown (Knives) 0/100 (0/250)None
Unarmed (Brawling)2/100 (2/250)Novice
Skill Knowledges


  • Leaping a fence
  • Rope Swinging
  • The art of falling
  • Climbing to the crows nest
  • Leaping to Grab a Hovering Orb
  • Balancing on ship railings
  • Loosening up the body with a massage
  • Avoid getting locked-up muscles
  • Sprained shoulders affect mobility
  • Diving to the side to avoid collision
  • Swinging on a rope one-handed
  • No matter how good you are, the cats are better
  • Dodging a skeletal tiger
  • Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'...
  • Trying to land on the ground gracefully
  • Failing to land on the ground gracefully


  • The World is a Stage [NH]
  • Playing an angry boss
  • Acting like a Knight
  • Cheating? No sir, not me
  • Pretending to be drunk
  • Winging it
  • Playing an Immortal
  • Playing Lisirra
  • Playing Thetros
  • Pretending to have a beard
  • The power of improvisation
  • Pretending to be an old man
  • Being loud and obnoxious to appear dumb
  • Stepping on others feet to appear clumsy
  • Playing Along Like Nothing is Wrong
  • Person in authority
  • Titles are important when taking a role
  • Remember your character's name. Make it memorable
  • Confidence makes up for a lot
  • Bonus Knowledge 1
  • Bonus Knowledge 2
  • Bonus Knowledge 3
  • Pretending to be hurt by something someone says
  • Pretending you know someone
  • Deliberately getting on peoples nerves
  • Pretending to be an honest man
  • A Commanding Voice Promotes Obedience
  • Following a Partner's Lead
  • Playing the Part of an Injured Guard
  • Pretending to be stepdad forty four
  • Putting emotion into your performance
  • Putting a moral into your story


  • The recipe for invisible flammable ink
  • Using Purple Gamble flowers in alchemy
  • Trigger reagents
  • Cancelling reagents
  • Making things that set alight
  • Requires chemistry to be good at
  • Requires maths to be good at
  • Patience is key
  • Alchemy tends to be flammable
  • Making foul smelling smoke
  • Refine your reagents
  • Make use of layers
  • Primer Reagents
  • Consider opposing effects
  • Making Siren Marbles
  • Siren Light comes from luminescent patches
  • Applying Siren Light to Glass
  • Glass Bases
  • Using Sponges in Alchemy
  • Let things wait for a while
  • Using only relevant fish parts
  • The basics of strength potions
  • Using muscles as reagents
  • Animal testing
  • "Bunny Blaster" potions
  • Using Scalv Ziemia parts as reagents
  • Using a binding step
  • Using a preservation step
  • Alchemically enhancing threads
  • Alchemically enhancing metal
  • Banshee Powder
  • Using Yellow Dragon Wood in alchemy
  • Using Wraithgrass in alchemy
  • The quieting property of Wraithgrass
  • How to make magical gunpowder

Animal Training

  • Sharks have lots of sharp teeth
  • Sharks are dangerous
  • Cats are naturally evil
  • A blown whistle will wake a hibernating bear into anger
  • Conveying emotion through eye contact
  • Not all seemingly domesticated animals wished to be touched by strangers
  • Some animals can give permission to ride through a stare


  • Evaluating art
  • Identifying Good Swords
  • Identifying Good Armour
  • Masterwork armour isn't made for looks
  • Picking a good companion
  • Checking gold nel
  • Identifying fake gold nel


  • Aim for an opening
  • Cutlass: Use speed to your advantage against heavy weapons
  • Cutlass: Two blades are better than one
  • Cutlass: Stabbing with a cutlass
  • Cutlass: The knee is a weakness
  • Cutlass: Testing a Cutlass' balance
  • Cutlass: Draw and prepare
  • Cutlass - Matching skill with strength
  • Cutlass - Swordfighting while balancing
  • Cutlass - Attacking all-out
  • Cutlass - How to riposte
  • Cutlass - It's a pain dueling ambidextrous people
  • A killing blow
  • Combat Knife: Stabbing bones
  • Combat Knife: Aim for the skull
  • Combat Knife: A desperate strike
  • Combat Knife: Knives work best at close range


The taste of Ilaren’s wine

Business Management

  • Hiring employees
  • Recruiting a right hand man
  • The importance of an accountant
  • Having contacts in the right places
  • A business philosophy
  • Setting a strong first impression
  • Stealing products to sel
  • A Company Vacation
  • Identifying an opportunity to make money
  • Company Training Days
  • Delegating training responsibility to an employee
  • Regretting delegating training responsibility to an employee
  • Taking risks is better that doing nothing
  • Working without information can be difficult


[*]Delivering bad news
[*]Comforting the bereaved
[*]Trick your patients into relaxing


  • Map drawing
  • Map reading
  • Symbols on maps


  • Acids and Alkalis
  • Reaction of pigments
  • Helps to support Alchemy
  • Lisarra's Blight Chemicals
  • Separating chemicals with water
  • Fizzing = Bad
  • Beware of causing fires
  • Always use proper safety equipment
  • Stabilising Scalv Ziemia parts.
  • Yellow Dragon Charchol


  • Using a climbing rope.
  • Climbing a cliff using a pick and hand holds
  • Climbing up a house
  • Harder in the snow


The sweet taste of Edasha’s fair


Cosmetology: The Dress Maketh The Man


  • All about footwork
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Go with the flow
  • It's tiring
  • It's hot
  • A nautical jig
  • The Ashan Dance
  • Clap your hands
  • Flap your arms
  • Wiggle your butt
  • Have a good time


  • Going along with someone else's lie
  • Impersonation and employer
  • Appearing chipper when you feel awful
  • Not showing your worries
  • Lying about your Profession
  • Pretending to be a treasure hunter
  • Pretending to be a Knight
  • Sure... he wanted to study of his own free will...
  • Offering More Reward Than You Can Afford
  • Pretending to be an old man
  • The false wooden shark
  • Lying about a sea monster
  • Pulling off a prank
  • Don't give the game away
  • Simulating movement in fake animals
  • When the gig is up, retreat!
  • Knowing when to stay silent
  • Pretending to be in need of aid
  • Covering up surprise
  • Making excuses for staring
  • Try to be underestimated by rivals
  • "Sure... I'm a team player..."
  • Trying to trick someone into becoming your meat-shield
  • Tio the Trustworthy
  • Claiming to be Harmless
  • Definitely not a criminal
  • A false reason for investigating
  • Becoming suddenly ill
  • Pretending to be an Eidisi
  • Pretending to be a scholar


  • Creating a change in the wind's direction
  • The feeling of overstepping the first time
  • Asking water to let you ride the waves.
  • Using your spark when cold and afraid requires focus
  • Kin to the Wind
  • Hurricane Punch!
  • Gets supercharged inside Fractures
  • Difficult to control inside Fractures
  • Breaking your fall with a gust of wind
  • Naming a kin element
  • The importance of a kin bond
  • Using wind to help evade attacks
  • Letting your spell fly out of control
  • The consequences of letting your spell fly out of control


  • Spotting items of worth
  • Examining items for clues
  • When people are behaving strangely.
  • Noting clues in your environment
  • Noting fleeting facial expressions
  • Clues to mood in facial expression
  • Low buzzing sounds
  • The sound of insects
  • Use what light is available to you
  • The moment the ground moves beneath you
  • Looking for something which doesn't exist
  • Trying to identify a "best fit" to a description
  • Spotting obscure details
  • Search for hidden stairways
  • Smell of dust and decay
  • Focusing on a Single Thing Makes Others go Unnoticed
  • One Orb for Each Person Present
  • Noting things about the people around you
  • Knowing When Two Strangers Have Met Before
  • Taking Note of Attire for Clues
  • Hearing sounds from above
  • Spotting when something looks dodgy in a crowd
  • Looking for racial traits
  • A familiar face in a crowd
  • Spotting someone struggling
  • Seeing someone shoot the person you're trying to save!
  • Some things are hard to spot, others hard to miss
  • The faint smell of apples
  • The False Image was Betrayed by Graeslin's Voice
  • Recognizing What Must be a Magic Ward


  • Putting Up With Uncomfortable Surroundings
  • Staying calm in the face of infection
  • Hide fear in sarcasm
  • Being clear about what to do, even in a difficult situation
  • Not looting when you really really want to
  • Dealing with shock
  • Remaining determinedly cheerful
  • Considering what you should (and shouldn't) say aloud.
  • The sight of ghostly ships
  • Not being afraid of a giant, rotting chicken zombie
  • Facing your fear
  • Making the best decision, long term
  • Clearing your thoughts when in blind panic
  • Remaining focused
  • Forcing yourself to act
  • Ensuring that you stay focused on now, not the past
  • Dealing with boredom
  • Not letting the actions of others stay your course
  • Forcing yourself to study
  • Maybe don't take free candy from beautiful strangers?
  • Acting when you are speechless
  • Continuing on when you are in a place of doubt.
  • Not allowing yourself to give in to a real downer
  • Noticing things about people who are very distracting
  • Speaking what you need, not what you want
  • Not dying of fright when faced with a popfruit
  • Not showing your envy of smoke-blowing rabbits
  • Being cautious when very curious
  • Causing Yourself Pain to Make Yourself Alert
  • Have a Method of Identification Beyond Appearance
  • Keeping a Cool Head When Plans go Awry
  • Remain calm in the face of anger
  • Think about your words, even in emotional moments.
  • Do not show your despair


  • Impersonating an earth troop Element soldier
  • Looking like a sailor
  • Changing forms to avoid being caught
  • Disguising oneself as an Order of Adunih member
  • The use of handlebar moustaches
  • Doctor Heimlich Schimmermimmerman
  • Reward 1
  • Reward 2
  • Reward 3
  • Reward 4
  • Reward 5
  • Changing clothes super quickly
  • Dressing like a scholar
  • Dressing like a hippie


  • Abandonment in the Jungle May be the Next Test
  • A Long Walk Through a Hot Jungle
  • The Birth of the Spark is Intense and Unique
  • Resisting the cold
  • The battering of standing under a waterfall
  • Icy water
  • Breath control (enforced)
  • Dealing with stitches.
  • Sudden drop of temperature to below freezing
  • Very loud noises
  • Bright lights
  • The feeling of death
  • Utter mental and physical exhaustion
  • Painful Massages
  • Fighting through overstepping to keep moving
  • Naked in the snow during cold season
  • Slamming bodily into a cliff
  • Taking a harsh beating
  • The pain of a broken face
  • Freezing cold water
  • The heavy blow back of an explosion
  • “It will kill you” extremes of cold weather.
  • Being pelted by balls of hailstone
  • Long walks through Emea
  • Pain like no other
  • Phenomenal Cosmic Power!! Wheeeeee!
  • Shocks from a Leviathan
  • Standing against a whirlwind
  • The blow from Cassion which took your eye.
  • Burning, intense pain


  • Don’t tell people they’re meat-shields
  • The fine art of abysmal jokes
  • Politely asking someone to be your meat-shield
  • Invite your guests in, don't point swords at them.
  • Offer drinks
  • Proper introductions
  • Introduce yourself to Immortals
  • Some things are just beyond any rules of etiquette
  • Be a helpful criminal
  • Bonus Knowledge 1
  • Bonus Knowledge 2

Field Craft

  • Avoiding Roots in the Dark
  • Jungle Canopy Traps Heat
  • Tents are not always stable
  • Knowing when to head back to civilization
  • Basic paths
  • Keep branches etc away
  • Metal armour and heat are not a good plan
  • Prepare for dehydration
  • Pitfall traps
  • Dangerous creatures live in caves
  • Lighting a torch under pressure
  • Tinder boxes are very useful
  • Communicating in a storm
  • Surviving a sudden super-storm


  • Drinking games
  • The art of Cheating


  • Identifying tracks


  • Eavesdropping for information
  • Tailing a target
  • Listening to rumors
  • Eavesdropping around a corner
  • Prophesy of your own death?!
  • Asking the right questions
  • The layout of Almund's Streets
  • How To Restore Needle Midge Bites' Confusion
  • The Orbs Avoid Their "Target" Contestant
  • Gather information via observation.
  • Watch how group decisions are made
  • Assessing Who Takes Others' Threats Seriously
  • Every Recruit Must Have a Useful Skill
  • Some Black Guard Wear 'Sovereign Ward' Armor
  • Sovereign Ward' Armor Negates Kinetic Force
  • Gather information on your enemy
  • Someone can interfere without being present
  • Understanding the nature of teamwork is important
  • Getting a birds eye view
  • Spying on unsuspecting worshippers


  • Asking pertinent questions
  • Clarifying own perception with others
  • Staring down a cat
  • Questions & coffee
  • Rapid fire questions


  • Threatening a man at knifepoint
  • The Threat of Revealing That You're a Yludih
  • Threatening a hostage


  • Check around first
  • Think about what would or should be somewhere
  • Determining the worth of clues
  • Prioritising what you investigate
  • Identifying actions which were not the brightest.
  • Noting important differences in perception
  • Use those who have knowledge as much as possible
  • Putting together clues
  • Piecing together strange information
  • Putting clues together to come to the best response.
  • Buttons for secret doors.
  • Researching in underground secret lairs
  • Ensuring that you have searched everywhere
  • Asking the right questions
  • Cold cases can be interesting
  • Make sure to get all the details
  • Probe for details
  • Use racial traits to determine familial links
  • Remembering the small details
  • Coming to a conclusion in a "whodunnit"
  • Consider each of your competitors
  • Know your own strengths, and weaknesses
  • Noting differences in triplets
  • Work out the flaws in an argument


  • Commanding a parrot
  • Megalomania can sell
  • Prepare for avoiding butt-knives by planning ahead
  • No one tells Tio how to eat foreign things, even if they burn
  • Calm Down the Ones Losing Their Composure
  • Trying to Get Competitors to Cooperate
  • Inspiring speeches to bring a group together
  • Leading an acting rehearsal
  • Encouraging improvisation
  • Proving yourself a strong captain
  • Clear directions can be shouted
  • State what you do not want to do
  • Recognizing that power is more valuable than money
  • Knowing when to play nice with local government
  • Leading a boarding party
  • Leading a kidnapping
  • Being a glory hound is not being a leader
  • Being a loner is not being a leader
  • Being a team player is being a leader
  • Reckless and cray-cray!
  • Bonus Knowledge 1
  • Bonus Knowledge 2


  • Opening a window with a chisel
  • Smaller hands are better
  • Breaking into a drug laboratory
  • Whistle while you work


  • Organization of camps
  • Be prepared for any eventuality
  • Equipment is vital
  • Organizing one's underground lair
  • Arranging cleaning
  • 'Sovereign Ward' Armor Has a Limited Charge
  • A Bag of Wards is a Nice Surprise
  • The Black Guards All Have Individual Numbers
  • There is Often Opportunity in Disaster


  • Cleaning wounds
  • Using bandages
  • Healing a sprained muscle with a massage
  • Sweetwine poisoning
  • The importance of a good assistant
  • There's no need to amputate poisoned people
  • Foreign objects can often stop someone from bleeding a lot
  • People who bleed a lot, die.


  • Difficult on hard floors
  • Gets easier with age
  • Reflecting on how you really feel
  • Considering lessons learned
  • Uncomfortable sitting position
  • Used to organise a cluttered mind
  • Getting over a murder
  • Easier in serene areas
  • Finding inner peace


  • Horse: Holding on to a horse for dear life
  • Horse: Being the bait
  • Horse: Outrunning a giant snake
  • Ram: Bareback riding a ram can lead to groin trauma
  • Ram: Communicating your concerns to your ram
  • Ram: Protecting your ram's face from debris
  • Ram: Rams are incredibly agile in rocky terrain
  • Ram: Rams have incredible acceleration


  • Following obscure directions
  • Leading the way through the streets of Scalvoris Town
  • The location of the Scholar's Nook
  • Finding your way in the woods
  • Keeping Your Sense of Direction While Underground


  • Command Stems from the Heart and Mind, Not the Mouth
  • Initiation: Assert Control of Thrall or Die
  • Initiation: Escape From the Thrall is Failure
  • Succeed or Become the Thrall for the Next Initiate
  • The Bond Between Master and Pupil [NH]
  • Respect for the Dead is an Obstacle to Discard
  • Zavious is your Mentor [NH]
  • Thralls can be de-animated and reanimated at will
  • Using thralls for a boost
  • Dropping thralls down the chimney
  • Using a fetch to pick a lock
  • Using husks to restrict enemy movement
  • Thralls make good firehooks
  • Using necromancy against cursed individuals
  • Explaining the basics to an apprentice
  • Describing the spark like a tree
  • Demonstrating how to animate a thrall
  • Running an initiation
  • Animating a thrall without controlling it
  • Passing the spark to another
  • Creating a golem
  • Creating a giant thrall
  • Combining a giant's strength with a golem's toughness
  • Implanting wells into thralls
  • Making a golem from stone and clay


  • Asking Questions Instead of Sulking
  • Try to appear like you're seeing both sides
  • Argument and counter argument
  • Negotiate with a smile
  • Notice when you've been out maneuvered
  • Accept compromise
  • But I really, really don't wanna!!


  • Appeal to people's desire for money
  • Bribery using drinks
  • Bribery using money
  • Being friendly is helpful
  • Smiling is helpful
  • Politeness is appreciated
  • Craftsmen like to hear that their work is appreciated
  • Explaining freedom to someone with no concept of it.
  • Breaking a lifetime of belief
  • Telling people why they should leave somewhere they don't want to
  • Using fanaticism to persuade
  • Explaining why a companion doesn't want to shoot you in the face
  • Explaining how much you've achieved already!
  • Appeal to their ego
  • Is money worth your life?
  • I'm the best one for the job
  • Pestering people until you get what you want
  • Why not hire a sneaky guy?
  • Give a compliment to ensure a smooth relationship
  • A clear message in an apparently flippant remark
  • Going with the majority to speed up decision making
  • It'll be fun!
  • Why someone else will be good at a job
  • Negotiating a surrender
  • Working really hard to make someone think you should be exempt from hard work
  • Sweet-Talking to a Child
  • Why my idea (about penguins) is a good one.
  • It's worth to follow multiple leads
  • Why mixing roles is a bad idea


  • Me, Myself, and I [NH]
  • Don't disbelieve everything you hear


  • Lifting a key from a pocket
  • Make sure nobody's watching
  • Easier on drunk people
  • Be smooth
  • Wait for an opportunity
  • Cause your own distraction
  • Pick your targets carefully


Staff: Basic staff combat


  • Learning to Treat the Dead as Mere Objects
  • Rationalizing the Right to be a Quitter
  • Attributing stress as a cause of strange behaviour
  • A conscience is a demanding aspect of your psyche
  • Grumpy people are grumpy
  • Each individual is a multi-faceted one
  • The Anxiety of Not Knowing Who You Are, or Were
  • The Realization that Your Curse is Gone
  • Restored identity Gives a New Appreciation of Self
  • Accepting an Unpleasant Situation
  • The Ever-Present Yludih Fear of Exposure
  • Working out who to hide behind in an attack
  • Words have power
  • The Thrill of Blatant, Large-Scale Disobedience

Ranged Combat

  • Javelin: Throwing a javelin
  • Firebombs: Aiming, as best you can


  • Reading up on shark facts
  • Looking in libraries
  • Testing the properties of Purple Gamble flowers
  • Cave paintings are not always reliable
  • Researching myths and legends
  • The rules for dusty old tomes
  • Deciphering handwriting
  • Doing research the fun way
  • Learning with a performance
  • Educational plays
  • Can be very time consuming
  • Can be, often is, inordinately dull
  • Eventually, you'll be clutching at straws


  • Experiencing hallucinations
  • Recovering from hallucination experiences
  • To drink from the cup of the Immortals


  • Praising water
  • Killer crabs?
  • Children's rhymes
  • Speaking an Immortal's lines
  • Talking like Lisirra
  • Talking like Thetros
  • Whining


  • Chasing a Flying Orb Through a Forest
  • Running through a fiery forest!
  • Noticing when there's no ground beneath your feet
  • Sprinting through the snow
  • Running around a volcano
  • Difficult in high temperatures
  • Getting out of breath
  • Can't run any further


  • Ships need to be kept clean
  • Tightening the sail
  • Surviving a storm at sea
  • Pretending to get the ropes ready
  • Sheering a schooner
  • Paddling
  • Getting a lift to an island


  • A robust ego is a real bonus
  • Rejection is part of the game
  • Flattery will get you everywhere
  • Be a Knight in Shining Armor
  • Blonde + Pirate + Badass = Yes
  • Cheesy pick up lines are the best pick up lines
  • All the girls love a pirate
  • Keep the conversation flowing and ask questions
  • Flirting with a Mortalborn
  • Flirting with an Immortal


Singing (Song): My Derby Victory Song


  • Breaking the ice
  • Being humble is too easy
  • Counter crude insult with an equal or greater crude insult
  • Corpses are Very Good Listeners
  • Lead Into an Unpleasant Subject with a Free Drink
  • Add a Bit of Show to Your Brand


  • Use of a Mask [NH]
  • Darkness is your ally
  • Staying quiet is the key
  • Don't let neighbors see you
  • Sesser is helpful for following people
  • Use nearby alleys when tailing someone
  • Walking quietly
  • Light steps to avoid noise
  • Tiptoeing
  • Taking cover
  • Creeping next to a wall
  • Whispering so no one else hears
  • Creeping around a crime scene
  • Sneaking in through the window
  • Sneaking up on Oberan to Steal the Orb


  • Telling my story to Jesine
  • The initial story to Cassion
  • Where this story begins for you
  • The princess and the hedgehog
    Storytelling: Consider whether the story will sound the same in the open as it does in your head


  • Holding on for dear life
  • Lifting heavy crates
  • Pulling your own body weight upwards
  • Repeated swings of a pickaxe
  • Punching a strong person
  • Getting in an underground fight match
  • 100 push ups
  • Beach-side training
  • Lifting a nearly dead man from the water
  • Holding on tight!
  • The feeling of enormous strength
  • Hauling boats


  • Icy water is hard to swim in
  • Treading water
  • Kicking with your feet
  • Paddling movements with your hands
  • Swimming in the open sea is tricky
  • Cold waters are hard to swim in
  • Rescuing someone else makes things difficult
  • Dark doesn't help
  • Can save you from poison!
  • Treading water
  • Through difficult waters


  • Choose your companions based on self-preservation
  • Don’t go underground if you don’t know what’s behind you
  • Weigh up odds of survival with rewards
  • When There's Nowhere to Run, Attack!
  • Organising a distraction
  • Have someone watch your back in combat
  • Fighting in a pair
  • Accounting for weather
  • Use every resource available to you
  • Improvisation is sometimes necessary
  • Relying on improvisation is not a good plan
  • Hide in water from insects
  • Don't hit on women who's friends have flaming swords
  • A good time to escape
  • Grabbing Another's Orb to Encourage Trading
  • Cutting off a ship's wind currents
  • Preparing is easier when you know what you're facing
  • Risk the non-injured group members first
  • Working together to increase the chance of success.
  • Think about consequences, before acting
  • Always consider the worst case scenario
  • You know that phrase "Careful when you play with fire...?"
  • Planning how to get rid of moss as a team
  • Considering your place in a team effort
  • Assessing your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Celebrating before victory can be costly
  • Keeping track of the competition
  • Positioning yourself so your enemy does what you want them to do
  • Deactivating the Rupture Ward Array in The Tower
  • Strike Sovereign Ward Wearers When They Strike
  • Using numbers to your advantage
  • Consider the importance of every question, every step
  • It’s important to know the rules
  • It’s not a better idea just because it’s yours
  • Recognising the difference between a really good plan and a rubbish one
  • Using the Fracture's strange empowering ability to your advantage
  • Do not, ever judge a place by its name.
  • Bull by the horns and go for it!
  • Make sure that you grab every opportunity
  • Fall Back to a Bottleneck When Outnumbered
  • Letting Spontaneous, but Likely, Allies Join the Fun
  • Tripping/Grappling Work Best Against 'Sovereign Ward'
  • Being able to think tactically while distracted by something else
  • Be memorable. With penguins.
  • Sacrifice for the larger picture
  • Tactics: Planning out the future


  • Believe in your student
  • Repetition is key
  • Making use of a hostage situation
  • The Demon Teacher
  • How to motivate an artist
  • 12 hours, 12 tests
  • Identifying how to reach a student
  • Give basic ideas
  • Discussion promotes learning
  • Explain carefully
  • Using comparatives in an explanation
  • Encourage a study to do dirty work
  • Try not to let your student's creepy behaviour concern you
  • Running a necromancy initiation
  • Seeing what your student could become one day
  • Balancing pride with caution
  • Pop quiz!


  • Thrown Knives: Throwing knives at a tiger
  • Thrown Knives: Throwing knives at a skeleton
  • Thrown Knives: Bone is tough to penetrate
  • Thrown Knives: Mostly missing
  • Throwing Harpoons


Cutting fuses to disarm an explosive

Unarmed Combat

  • Childish Brawling in the Streets [NH]
  • Use your environment
  • Kick
  • Brawling: Using anger in a fight
  • Brawling: Beginning a fight by circling your opponent
  • Brawling: Slapping yourself to psych yourself up
  • Brawling: Charging forwards
  • Brawling: Dodging a attempted grab
  • Brawling: Headbutting someone in the nose
  • Brawling: Minimising damage from a shoulder barge
  • Brawling: Kneeing someone in the stomach
  • Brawling: Attacking the head with a hammer blow
  • Brawling: Don't get cocky near the end of a fight
  • Brawling: The Tactical Shoulder-barge
Non-Skill Knowledges


Epilogue: The Sword Which Killed Cassion




  • Moss Zombie Disease
  • Moss Zombie Disease: A real thing
  • Moss Zombie Disease: Only affects boys?


  • Race: Eidisi
  • Creation Legends: Eidisi

General Knowledge

  • Travel Routes
  • Important Underworld Figures


  • Aelig: Immortal of Illusions, Mimicry and Chaos
  • Syroa: Immortal of Transformation, Acting, Lust and Fury
  • Lisirra: Moseke's sister
  • Lisirra: Plague bearer
  • Lisirra: Fights Moseke
  • Moseke: Lisirra's sister
  • Moseke: Life giver
  • Moseke: Fights Lisirra
  • Delroth: Immortal of Wind, Vanity, Greed and Birds
  • Delroth: Finds greedy people amusing. Finds people who try to take money from him disgusting
  • Delroth: Can appear as a tall, slightly-glowing shirtless man
  • Cassion: The final, and true, test
  • Daia: Her tale
  • Delroth: His Domains are Birds, Wind, Vanity and Greed
  • Delroth: Sponsored Tio in Cassion’s Gambit
  • Delroth: The second of four
  • Edasha: Her Domains are Sight, Adultery, Beauty and Jealousy
  • Edasha: Sponsored Nauta in Cassion’s Gambit
  • Edasha: The fourth of four
  • Ilaren: Her Domains are Alcohol, Lightning, Brawling and Sound
  • Ilaren: Sponsored Vivian in Cassion’s Gambit
  • Ilaren: The first of four
  • Jesine: Can appear to be a crow
  • Jesine: Dreams of rest
  • Jesine: Your Guide
  • Jesine: Kissed you
  • His domains are Navigation, Water and Auroras
  • Sponsored Arlo in Cassion’s Gambit
  • The third of four
  • Won Cassion’s Gambit

Immortal History

  • Lisarra: Made the Moss Zombie Plague?
  • There were seven Original Beings
  • The rumoured eighth Original Being "Delana"
  • "The Scientist" Fei
  • "The Conqueror" Anox
  • The Originals once fought strange creatures
  • Fei was a peaceful Original
  • Fei liked to study the world
  • There's no evidence that dragons were real
  • The Originals may have left something where they died.
  • The Originals existed before humans
  • The Originals created The Immortals
  • The creation story of the Sev'ryn
  • Lisirra and Moseke were once friends
  • Lisirra grew jealous of the human
  • Lisirra wiped the humans out with a great plague
  • The creation story of the Tunawa
  • Ymiden created the Tunawa
  • Moseke searched for a way to revive her humans
  • Moseke consulted Ymiden to revive her people
  • Moseke consulted Thetros to revive her people
  • Moseke consulted Famula to revive her people
  • Moseke revived her humans
  • Moseke's humans became Sev'ryn
  • The animal spirits bound to the Sev'ryn
  • Cassion’s Gambit: A game among the Immortals
  • Cassion’s Gambit: You were seeking a key


  • Foster's Landing Location: Riverbank Inn
  • Immortals Tongue
  • Immortals’ Tongue: The Immortals walk here?
  • Immortals’ Tongue: Unique flora, fauna and monsters
  • Immortals’ Tongue: Very odd weather
  • Scaltoth Jungle: Creatures like No One had Ever Seen
  • Scaltoth Jungle: Plants like No One had Ever Seen
  • Scaltoth Jungle: Slippery Tribes with Poison Darts
  • Scaltoth Jungle: Magical Water?
  • Location: Almund: The Buckle and Chain Tavern
  • Location: The Misty Miasma
  • Misty Miasma Creature: Needle Midges
  • Uleuda
  • Emea: Gilgarod: Where dreams of kings go
  • Emea: Jesine’s Real
  • Emea: The Realm of Dreams
  • Location: The Meeting Place
  • Location: Etzos' Interrogation Chamber


  • The Spark Will Fade if not Initiated
  • Magic: Fractures
  • Magic: Wells
  • Magic: The Coven
  • Magic: The Seekers
  • Magic: Defiance
  • Magic: Abberation
  • Magic: Abrogation
  • Magic: Witchmarks
  • Magic: Mutations
  • Magic: Becoming: Oberan's Illusion Combines with Transformation
  • Magic: Rupturing: A Portal Can Cut Inanimate Matter
  • Magic: Rupturing: The Feeling of Going Through a Portal
  • Magic: Rupturing: What a Portal Looks Like


  • Fractures: Tears in reality
  • Fractures: Lead to a dimension called Emea
  • Fractures: Minor Fractures
  • Fractures: Major Fractures
  • Fractures: Fault-line Fractures
  • Fractures: The Heart of a Fracture
  • Fractures: Foyers
  • Fractures: Chambers
  • Fractures: Contain Wells
  • Fractures: Strengthen spells cast inside them
  • Fractures: Can have other weird effects

The Seekers

  • The Seekers: Explore Fractures
  • The Seekers: Neophytes
  • The Seekers: Acolytes

The Coven

The Coven: Evil mages


  • Wells: Ezymite
  • Wells: Oolasyte


  • Moss Zombies
  • Moss Zombies only male?
  • Needle Midges: Their Bite Gives or Takes a Person's Characteristics
  • Needle Midges: The Color of Their Bite Indicates What Was Changed


  • Brigg: Big Pirate Thug
  • Den: The Quiet Pirates are The Worst
  • Graeslin: Apparently Has the Means to Detect Yludih
  • Greaslin: Has Some Kind of Teleport Artifact
  • Jo’ne: Mayor of Scalvoris Town
  • Kris: All Knowledge's in Thread Tab
  • Reza: Overseer of the Shrines on Immortals’ Tongue
  • Handor: The One That Explained How To Restore The Midge Bites
  • Handor: An Entomologist That Got Put in Finn's Body
  • NPCs: Graeslin, Den and Brigg, Pirate Trio
  • Ozbourne: Pushed you to your death
  • Ozbourne: Your Defiance master
  • Saoire: The Holiday Woman
  • Saoire: The Beauty of a Gift
  • Saoire: Wears Variable Holiday Crowns
  • Joelle: A fortune teller
  • Joelle: Blind, but not
  • Joelle: Looks like Kitty
  • Joelle: Had a sister, called Cat


Naerikk: 'The Gift' Takes a Toll on Them as Well


  • PC: Aqihlih: Yludih
  • PC: Davic: A Man Who Got Control of the Midges With Your Siren Marbles
  • PC: Finn O'Connor: A Kid Who Also Got His Identity Stolen
  • PC: Navyri: Black-Haired Girl with Wings and an Owl Companion
  • PC: Nir'wei: Sev'ryn Man With a Wolf Companion That Bites
  • PC: Oberan: Confrontational Human
  • PC: Robin Stark: A Mixed-Blood Wind Mage at Least
  • PC: Toan: Human Thief
  • PC: Zana: Conceited, Narcissistic Blonde Woman
  • PC: Zipper: Finn's Angry Sister


  • Layout: Scalvoris
  • History: Scalvoris
  • Laws: Scalvoris
  • Scalvoris Event: Rainbow Sky
  • Scalvoris Event: Glass Trial
  • Scalvoris Legend: The Phoenix Stone
  • Scalvoris Flora: The MeeMaw Bush


  • Masters of Disguise [NH]
  • Race: Yludih
  • Creation Legends: Yludih
  • Customs & Traditions: Yludih
  • History: Yludih
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Character Sheet
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Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:34 pm

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Disguise (RB) 25(RB) 25 0
Starting Package 50 0 50
Stealth 0 10 40
Acting 0 10 30
Deception 0 5 25
Intelligence 0 5 20
Acrobatics 0 5 15
Lock-picking 0 5 10
Necromancy 0 5 5
Pick-pocketing 0 5 0
Character sheet completion gift: Acting [NH] 5 0 0
Character sheet completion gift: Unarmed Combat [NH] 2 0 0
Character sheet completion gift: Philosophy [NH] 2 0 0
Character sheet completion gift: Necromancy [NH] 1 0 0
First Step Along The Road 10 0 10
Necromancy 0 10 0
Digging in the Ruins: Fauna 20 0 20
Pick-pocketing 0 20 0
Taboo Strikes I 10 0 10
The Fountain of Youth 15 0 25
Blades (Cutlass) 0 25 0
Taboo Strikes II 10 0 10
Taboo Strikes III 10 0 20
Stealth 0 15 5
Lock-picking 0 5 0
Ready for Anything 10 0 10
Acrobatics 0 10 0
Taboo Strikes IV 10 0 10
Necromancy 0 9 1
Form of the Shark 1 10 0 11
Acrobatics 0 10 1
Explosive Invisible Ink 10 0 11
Intelligence 0 10 1
Alchemy; It's a Blast 15 0 16
Alchemy 0 15 1
Taboo Strikes V 10 0 11
Intelligence 0 10 1
Tio's Magical Shiny Marbles 10 0 11
Alchemy 0 10 1
Team Fauna: Thread 2 20 0 21
Necromancy 0 10 11
Deception 0 10 1
The Shrine of Fei 15 0 16
Deception 0 15 1
Dirty Deeds Done Cheap 15 0 16
Running 0 15 1
The Fountain of Youth Pt.2 20 0 21
Running 0 10 11
Stealth 0 10 1
A Lesson in Pickpocketing 10 0 11
Acting 0 10 1
Glass and Sass 15 0 16
Like a Prism 15 0 31
Lockpicking 15 0 16
Swimming 15 0 1
Taboo Strike VI 10 0 11
Alchemy 0 10 1
Plucking Feathers 20 0 21
Business Management 0 20 1
Day of the Exploding Rabbit 10 0 11
Business Management 0 5 6
Chemistry 0 5 1
A Debt is Due 20 0 21
Chemistry 0 20 1
The Phoenix's Nest 15 0 16
Mount 0 10 6
Appraisal 0 5 1
Who Seeks the Seekers 10 0 11
Necromancy 0 10 1
Teach a Fish to Fish 10 0 11
Teaching 0 10 1
Murder Mystery 20 0 21
Teaching 0 15 6
Seafaring 0 5 1
Mixed Messengers 20 0 21
Seafaring 0 20 1
Trial by Waterfall 15 0 16
Defiance 0 15 1
Academic License? 15 0 16
Birth of the Skylance Pirates 10 0 26
Tactics 0 25 1
Tio's Raging Giant Snake 10 0 11
Tactics 0 10 1
Chrien's Night, Pranksters Delight 15 0 16
Deception 0 15 1
Flight of the Hearty Salmon 10 0 11
Deception 0 5 6
Swimming 0 5 1
In This Place of Wrath and Tears 0 20 21
Appraisal 20 0 1
The Fortune Teller 15 0 16
Stalemate 10 0 26
Leadership 0 25 1
The Captain's New Clothing 10 0 25
Leadership 0 10 1
I Need a Break 10 0 11
Blades 0 10 1
Swift of Feet, Sharp of Mind 20 0 21
Acrobatics 0 10 11
Defiance 0 10 1
A Few Tangles 15 0 16
Deception 0 15 1
It Looks Good on Paper 20 0 21
Deception 0 10 11
Intelligence 0 10 1
Can't You Hear Me Knocking? 15 0 16
Swimming 5 0 11
Mount 10 0 1
Hit Me With Your Best Shot 15 0 16
Mount 0 5 11
Strength 0 10 1
Training Camp 10 0 11
Business Management 0 10 1
Lesson Number One 10 0 11
Necromancy 0 10 1
Dr Tio Does A Medicine 10 0 11
Medicine 0 10 1
At The Base of the Brightest Lighthouse 20 0 21
Here Comes the Boom! 10 0 31
Medicine 0 10 21
Yet the Resolute Never Give In to Darkness 15 0 36
Medicine 0 15 21
My Apprentice 10 0 31
Necromancy 0 10 21
Fish You Were Here 15 0 36
Strength 0 5 31
Fieldcraft 0 10 21
Bonus Reward: Disguise 0 5 21
High Sea Kidnapping 10 0 31
Fieldcraft 0 10 21
End Game 20 0 41
Acting 0 10 31
Chemistry 0 10 21
Into The Fracture 10 0 31
Defiance 0 30 1
Looking for Mercy 15 0 16
Fieldcraft 0 15 1
Leader of the Pack 15 0 16
Teaching 0 10 6
A Hostage Situation 10 0 11
Something in the sweet(wine) water 20 0 31
Mount 0 10 21
Swimming 0 10 11
Strength 0 10 1
What Lies Below 15 0 16
Persuasion 0 15 1
Not So Good In Practice 20 0 21
Persuasion 0 20 1
A Question of Ethics 15 0 16
Endurance 0 15 1
Shake It Off 10 0 11
Endurance 0 10 1
Building a Better Golem 10 0 11
Necromancy 0 10 1
Yellow points are points that can or have been spent on magic skills.
Necromancy Points Pool: 1
Defiance Points Pool: 0
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Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:35 pm


Sesser The mark of Sesser, granted by Syroa, manifests itself as a pair of demon wing tattoos on his back. Additionally whenever he uses one of his Sesser abilities his eyes glow a bright amber.

Acquisition link here.
The mark of Tarouz, granted by Delroth, manifests itself as a bird wing tattoos on his upper arms. Additionally he is accompanied by a bird familiar that takes the form of a peacock, named Diva.

Acquired in the thread End Game.
The curse mark of Sojourn, inflicted by Cassion, manifests itself as the large, badly healed scar across Tio's right eye.

Acquired in the thread End Game.


  • Transformer's Toolbox [Minor]: The bearer is able to make superficial changes to his or her form. Facial skin, hair, eyes, nails, voice - through Syroa's blessing, the bearer becomes a minor shapeshifter, a faint echo of the winged goddess of transformation. Minor alterations are instant - the bearer could be a brunette with a pixie cut and brown eyes one moment, a long-haired, blue-eyed blonde the next. Minor alterations can be held effortlessly for trials at a time, while major alterations will start showing signs of reversion within a few breaks. While users of Makeover can attempt to mimic another, at this level the resemblance will always be a little off.
  • Ever Alluring I: The bearer has an enhanced constitution, staying strong and healthy in conditions where others would wilt and fall ill. Scars never remain, disease rarely seems to visibly touch the bearer, and he/she recovers from injuries much faster than the average member of their race. The bearer seems to age more slowly, though the effect is superficial rather than biological. In addition, everyone encountered is subconsciously attracted to the bearer, even those of incompatible sexual orientation. Those of alternate tastes may not feel compelled to flirt or pursue the marked, but the spark of incomprehensible arousal, however slight, is there all the same.
  • Grifter's skills: Add an extra three skill points to any of the following skills: Acting, Intimidation, Seduction, or Persuasion.
  • Thespian: While some other gods would demand their followers master their emotions, Syroa favors a more elusive approach to the solution of the human heart.With this blessing, the bearer is able to adopt and discard feelings and emotions as he or she sees fit, turning the human heart from a liability into one of its greatest, most controlled assets. This ability is even somewhat effective against Empathy, although experts and masters can overtax a Sesser just as fast as they discard. At the end of the trial, however, the bearer has to feel again; everything 'real' comes rushing back in their sleep as a jumbled mess. Syroa's chosen don't have nightmares; they simply face the ugly reality of their mindscape in their dreams.
  • Wrathling Forge: The spirits of rage live where there is spilt blood and broken bones. The marked call them Wrathlings, small orange-red miasmas with gibbering mouths and formless spines. Alone, these spirits are but the scavengers of fury, wafting through battlefields and taverns, in abusive homes and alleyways. However, Syroa's marked have learned how to make use of these creatures for their own gain. When a Sesser motivates violence from fury, either self perpetuated or as the result of their manipulations, they attract these relatively common spirits. While most cannot perceive Wrathlings, a Sesser can uniquely mark their shape. When found, a single Wrathling can be taken and bound to a weapon in the Sesser's possession. This weapon will hit with more force, pierce deeper, and slash wider than any other ordinary weapon of its class. Weapons with bound Wrathlings tend to manifest unique reddish stains and wear out much faster than ordinary. Fury gives no regard for the damage done to it, caution abandoned for raw, furious power. A Wrathling can never be taken from a weapon. When the weapon breaks, and it most often will wear itself out within the first few bouts it is used, the Wrathling dissipates with the shattering. For whatever reason, magical items cannot have Wrathlings bound to them.
  • Feathered Friend: Immediately granted when blessed by Delroth, Feathered Friend takes the form of a bird companion that is tied mentally and emotionally to the Tarouz. At this level, the bird may be of any species of a Medium size, which is roughly 9-16 inches tall. The bird need not eat or sleep, but will often to mimic other birds to avoid suspicion.At this level, the Tarouz can communicate with the bird familiar through flashes of mental and emotional signals, which each interprets flawlessly. The bird can be used to scout, to offer a distraction in combat, or at this level, is mostly used for companionship.
  • Wings of Steel: By using this ability, the Tarouz can grow organic steel feathers all along his or her arms, allowing them both a weapon and armor at a moment's notice. The feathers are as durable as steel, and offer resistance to piercing and bludgeoning damage. They are also razor sharp, though at this level, they must be wielded as melee weapons, as they can't be thrown from the Tarouz. The biggest drawback is that the feathers each weigh a moderate amount, slowing the Tarouz considerably unless well practiced with the ability.
  • The Charismatics Toolbox: The Tarouz may add 3 skill points to any of the following skills: Appraisal, Cosmetology, Falconry, Flying, Persuasion or Seduction. These points may be used to surpass the 100 skill points of the skill chosen.
  • Sojourn - Hated: The Hated of Cassion earn his ire, often, through no fault of their own. Seeking safety, security, and longevity, those that most often earn Cassion’s first mark are they who avoid conflict and danger at every turn. These are the rich, the sick, the unfortunate who do not believe they can weather such dangers. These are cowards he encounters along his journey. The Hated of Cassion will find that danger will often find them, but rarely be directed. Those marked in such ways often find themselves nearby in the market when a battle breaks out between a thief and the guards, or accidentally stumbles in on conspirators whispering their disasterous plans. The Hated may find themselves out at sea for fishing and unexpectedly sail straight into a nautical battle between pirates, or see someone go overboard in a heavy storm at a distance. The Hated are simply drawn to the circumstances of story. They are encouraged to engage with it, capture it, make it their own. Some of the greatest of Cassion’s Sojourners began with the first curse and often ask to maintain it, even after earning his favor. For some, being pulled by invisible strings of destiny to be involved in great adventure is no curse at all...but for those he usually marks, it is a terrifying new reality.
  • Sojourn - Despised:
    The Despised of Cassion are usually those who were given multiple opportunities for greatness and shied away. These are cowards resilient in their ways and scurrying to avoid every new opportunity presented. While it is rarely Cassion who finds them again, a Sojourner of the second mark could injure such an individual and incur the second level of the curse. What was once indirect will become direct. What truly happens is that a new identity is awoken within the Despised, one that craves danger, intrigue, and adventure beyond anything that the actual original would have desired. This clash then forms a battle of wills, often with the marked losing time, even days, as their alternate persona (with all their same skills) deliberately involves them in the activities they were fleeing from. The switches are random but the two personalities will never meet, in the dreaming or otherwise. The only way to escape this curse is to take the reigns. The personality will not force or manifest itself if the main ego has taken on responsibility for new adventure, quest, and life for themselves.


Transformer's Toolbox: Mimicking a man's face
Transformer's Toolbox: Mimicking voices is hard
Transformer's Toolbox: Assuming a nondescript appearance
Transformer' Toolbox: Practice Makes Perfect
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Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:36 pm


  • Extravagant Cutlass (Winterbite)
    • A cutlass with a brushed silver handle and a guard that arcs over one side to protect his fingers. The handle is wrapped tightly in clean black leather to ensure a solid grip, and the pommel is crafted into the shape of a rook chess piece with another small amber stone inlaid at the top of it. The sheath is a sleek, shiny black lined with silver and tipped at the end with more silver shaped in the form of a roaring lion’s head. One side of the blade is engraved with the ancient language word for Fortune, and on the other side Freedom.
  • Extravagant Combat Knife (Frostbite)
    • A black and silver combat knife similar in design to Winterbite. It has been coated with Rubberlegs poison.
  • Pistol Crossbow
  • Bolts (40)
  • Short Sword
  • Home Made Firebombs (19)
  • Throwing Knives (500)
  • Extravagant Cane Sword
  • Spring-Loaded Dagger


  • Taboo Mask (Prized Possession)
    • Image
    • A black mask made of metal and shaped like a skull. The mask is imbued with a number of small diamonds, making it quite expensive, and due to its shape is both menacing and beautiful to behold. Tio wears this mask when committing crimes and names his mask wearing alter-ego Taboo.
    Casual Clothing Set
    ► Show Spoiler
    Weather Gear Set
    ► Show Spoiler
    Captain Taboo Clothes
    ► Show Spoiler
    Black Suit Set
    ► Show Spoiler
    Black Armour Set
    ► Show Spoiler
    Scholars Uniform
    ► Show Spoiler
    ► Show Spoiler
    Crazy Tio Clothing Set
    ► Show Spoiler
    Pirate Knight Armor
    ► Show Spoiler

    Darbyton Derby 717 Champion Armour
    Obtained in Swift of Feet, Sharp of Mind as a reward for winning the Darbyton Derby, this set consists of:
    ► Show Spoiler
  • Captain's Hat
  • 2 Top Hats
  • Formal Outfit
  • Red Brocade Vest
  • Golden Circlet
  • 1 Order of the Adunih Blue Cloak
  • Lucky Eye Patch
  • White Tri-Cornered Hat
  • Gold Ring x2


  • Lockpicking Tools (3)

Living Equipment

  • One tent (sized to accommodate two people or one person and their possessions.)
  • 100 feet of rope.
  • One tinderbox.
  • A set of six torches.
  • One lantern.
  • One bedroll.
  • A compass.
  • A fishing net or fishing pole with a set of thirty hooks.
  • A blanket.
  • Four rucksacks.
  • A knife.
  • One waterskin.
  • One set of toiletries.
  • Two rags.
  • Trapping equipment set.

Mounts/Pets & Animal Equipment


  • Letter of Metaphysics in Immortal History
  • Letter of Science in Alchemy
  • Certificate of Science in Alchemy


  • 2 Imedyte wells
  • 7 x Ezymite Wells
  • 3 x Ezymite Wells (Lesser)

Magical Items

  • 5 "Bunny Blaster" potions
    • These potions will temporarily increase the physical strength of whomever drinks them, but will cause the person to explode after a few minutes.
  • Echo Walnut
    • A small walnut, still in the shell. It appears to be indestructible but, should Tio hit it with a hammer, when struck it gives out a beautiful single tone. Like a chime or triangle. Other than that, it's a very old walnut. If there's a walnut museum, they'll find that it's sort of old.
  • Undead Chicken Feather
    • One of the feathers from his stinky undead chicken has fallen. This makes an excellent quill and never seems to get blunt or smudge ink or anything. It remains a bit stinky, though.
  • Book of Riddles
    • A book that writes back to you. Legend says that lost souls are placed within these books and can only communicate when written to, on the pages.
  • Megalomaniac's Mirror
    • Tio finds a small hand held mirror. If he looks through it at an area, he can see ghosts or spirits in the reflection of the area. He can't interact with them, just see them.
  • Psychic Pirate Coin
    • Each member of the group has a small pirate coin. Whilst they are in proximity of another person with a coin like it (in the same room, line of sight etc), they are able to send one telepathic message. This is to all others with a coin in the vicinity and can be no more than ten words. It works once a trial.
  • Puppeteer Paintbrush
    • This masterwork paintbrush has a slight enchantment on it - when used, it is addictive, making you want to paint with it, then need to. Even competent discipline can break it completely, and high-end novice would fight it well, but it's a trap for the weak willed. The question is - who set the trap and who was it for?
  • Thieve's Accomplice
    • A curiously simple looking pewter ring that if not looked directly at, seemed to completely disappear from view. When worn this ring gives the bearer a boost to their stealth. If the user stands stock still, unless directly looked at they will find people will not see them, as though invisible.
  • Arrowroot
    • A small piece of arrowroot, chewable although vile tasting. When chewed and for a quarter break afterwards, Tio has a one level boost to his stealth. So, if he's expert, he becomes master, etc. This is due to it making shadows seem to cling to you. The piece of root has three uses.
  • Tarot Card: The Star
    • This card remains with you. Like, you leave it at home? It's in your pocket. You go on holiday? It's right there beside you on the beach. You can't lose it. Even if you try. Weird! Oh, also - it never creases - it's always pristine.
  • Domain Bag
    • A magic bag that can store anything narrow enough to put inside it, from swords to a lake’s worth of water. The bag remains almost weightless no matter what if held inside, with items believed to be stored in the owner’s personal domain in Emea until they are needed again.
  • Coin Purse
    • Any amount of coin may be placed into this small pouch. The coin can be retrieved at any time by announcing into the pouch how much is required. This will even cause larger coins to be converted into change for specific amounts.
  • Ring of the Three Seers
    • When the wearer of this ring writes the name of someone on a blank piece of paper the ring possesses their hand, and writes out (and sometimes also draws) a prophecy upon it. These prophecies are often cryptic, and occasionally written like a poem.
  • Metal Morph
    • The size of a marble, this metal is able to morph into anything you wish. It cannot materialize new metal, therefore you may only create items that are small sized or tinier. If you attempt to make a dagger, it will look like a letter opener, and so on… The metal stays morphed until the wielder wishes it shape changed. The shape can only be changed by the person who owns the metalmorph.
  • Enlightenment Leaf
    • A small walnut, still in the shell. It appears to be indestructible but, should Tio hit it with a hammer, when struck it gives out a beautiful single tone. Like a chime or triangle. Other than that, it's a very old walnut. If there's a walnut museum, they'll find that it's sort of old.
  • Double Bucket
    • It holds twice as much as it seems to (which is, of course, impossible) and doesn't get heavier no matter what you fill it with!
  • Emerald Lantern
    • A small glowing rock or pebble, which glows a gentle green colour.
  • Ol'Tuck's Luck
    • A small coin that you can flip. Where it lands will have consequences. PM me when / if you're using it and I'll tell you what happens! (one use deal!)
  • Ilaren's Cup
    • A cup carved from bone, as if a great boar had been defeated, and this was a trophy for the magnificent, fearless hunter who defeated the animal.Even in the waking, this is no ordinary vessel. When filled with alcohol during a celebration, the cup will not remain empty. So long as it is being emptied through being imbibed, it will always refill. Only works for Tio, only on non-magical, non-alchemical drinks.
  • Delroth's Charm
    • The remaining charm on the necklace will provide you with one minor healing similar to the Favoured Sevrath ability. This is a one time deal and will work with minor wounds only.
  • Luminescent Tear
    • Your luminescent tear reverberates with the echoes of the Leviathan. It allows Tio momentarily to upgrade his skill in strength two competency levels for a single break. It will not grant him capstones, or take him to grandmastery and is a one-use power only.
  • Verity Stone
    • This too maintains a taste of Edasha's touch upon it in the waking world. Once only, Tio is granted the ability to see through the eyes of another person. This ability can be activated if he has secured uninterrupted eye contact with the individual for at least five trills, and is holding the Edasha-granted item - the ability may be used any time within that same trial. Using this ability incapacitates Tio as he moves into a trance-like state where he is unable to see his surroundings - only what his target is seeing. This makes using the ability when in the presence of others somewhat risky. The target does not lose their own sight when the ability is activated. This lasts for one break and my be used once only before the item loses power.
  • Bowl of Soul
    • A beautiful bowl, of a design of your choice. It is also almost unbreakable. I mean, if you drop a house or mallet on it, then it's going to break, but trial -to-trial, it doesn't lose shine / sheen, is always functional, easy to clean. It's lovely.
  • 8 Defiance Wards
    • A bag of 8 Black Guard Defiance wards. When activated they can negate Defiance magic from being cast.


Assorted Kits
► Show Spoiler
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Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:37 pm

Starting Package + 25gn 25gn
Ashan 717 Wages + 492gn 517gn
Scribe's Kit - 18gn 499gn
First Aid Kit - 22gn 477gn
Carpenter's Kit - 50gn 427gn
Theatre Kit - 60gn 367gn
Herbalist Kit - 45gn 322gn
Climber's Kit - 25gn 297gn
Tattooist's Kit - 25gn 272gn
Woodworker's Kit - 30gn 242gn
Spelunking Kit - 30gn 212gn
Fisherman's Kit - 35gn 177gn
Artist's Kit - 19gn 158gn
Sewing Kit - 6gn 152gn
Sculptor's Kit - 75gn 77gn
3 med. & 3 large glass vials with rubber stoppers - 3gn 74gn
Ymiden 717 Wages (Thief) +630gn 8sn 704gn 8sn
Short Sword -13gn 691gn 8sn
Weapons and Armour -291gn 400gn 8sn
Jacket & Trousers (Wool, Fur Trim, Black Dye) - 36gn 9sn 6cn 363gn 8sn 4cn
Boots (Ankle) & Undergarments -1gn 362gn 8sn 4cn
Ymiden 717 Wages (Pirate) +473gn 1sn 835gn 9sn 4cn
Extravagant Combat Knife -20gn 815gn 9sn 4cn
Rubberlegs -60gn 755gn 9sn 4cn
Scholars Outfit -57gn 698gn 9sn 4cn
Student Fees -100gn 598gn 9sn 4cn
Saun 717 Wages (Pirate) +304gn 902gn 9sn 4cn
Black Suit Outfit -144gn 2sn 758gn 7sn 4cn
Chemist's Kit -115gn 643gn 7sn 4cn
Vhalar 717 Wages (Thief) +1476gn 2119gn 7sn 4cn
Firebomb Equipment -49gn 2070gn 7sn 4cn
Vhalar 717 Wages (Pirate) +1230gn 3300gn 7sn 4cn
Pajamas -48gn 3252gn 7sn 4cn
Lockpicking Tools (3) -5gn 3247gn 7sn 4cn
A Debt is Due +400gn 3647gn 7sn 4cn
Opened Scalvoris Bank Account -10gn 3637gn 7sn 4cn
Bank Deposit -3000gn 637gn 7sn 4cn
Teach a Fish to Fish +50gn 687gn 7sn 4cn
Transfer to Business Ledger -591gn 96gn 7sn 4cn
Zi'da 717 Wages +8849gn 8sn 5cn 17on 446gn 5sn 9cn
Loan Repayment -10on 300gn 7on 146gn 5sn 9cn
Bank Deposit -5on 2on 146gn 5sn 9cn
Student Fees (Zi'da 717) -100gn 2on 46gn 5sn 9cn
Cylus 718 Wages + 8021gn 8sn 5cn 18on 88gn 4sn 4c
Bank Deposit -10on 8on 88gn 4sn 4cn
Captain Taboo Clothes -179gn 9sn 6cn 7on 408gn 4sn 8cn
Thief's Kit -166gn 7on 242gn 4sn 8cn
Faldrass Luxury Resort -52gn 7on 190gn 4sn 8cn
Personal NPC Expenses Cylus 718 -10gn 7on 180gn 4sn 8cn
100 lbs Yellow Dragon Wood -100gn 7on 80gn 4sn 8cn
Scalvoris Bank Account +7000gn 21on 80gn 4sn 8cn
House: Silver Point -7000gn 7on 80gn 4sn 8cn
Ashan 718 Wages + 14on 241gn 5sn 21on 321gn 9sn 8cn
Bank Deposit -20on 1on 321gn 9sn 8cn
End Game -1on 321gn 9sn 8cn
End Game +10gn 331gn 9sn 8cn
Scalvoris Bank Account + 20on 20 on 331gn 9sn 8cn
House: Windwing Stables - 20on 0 on 331gn 9sn 8cn
Something in the Sweet(wine) Water +300gn 0 on 631gn 9sn 8cn
Ymiden 718 Wages +12on 867gn 5sn 13 on 499gn 4sn 8cn
Scalvoris Bank Account +7on 20 on 499gn 4sn 8cn
Transfer to Business Ledger -20on 499gn 4sn 8cn
Blank Journal -5gn 494gn 4sn 8cn
Bottle of Rum -10gn 484gn 4sn 8cn
Total Currency: 484 GN, 4 SN, 8 CN
Bank Accounts

Scalvoris Account: 5,929gn 5sn 0cn
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