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Sun Feb 05, 2017 7:35 am


Race: Mortalborn Human

Date of Birth: 687 Cylus 5th

Languages Spoken: Fluent Common, Broken Cursive
Appearance at character creation
Woe has a pale complexion, framed in well-groomed, dark brown, almost black, shoulder-length locks of hair. His eyes are a pale blue, set to each side of a well-formed nose. His looks are marred by the sword brand of a freed-slave on his upper right cheekbone. He often wears the best clothes he can afford, which often include a long coat of grey color, with brown trousers and white shirt beneath. He's tall, standing at six feet and two inches, but is rather thin despite his frame.
He stands at six feet and two inches tall. Pale, gray blue eyes. Straight-edged aquiline nose. His build is thin, with wiry muscles. He still has a sword brand of a freed-slave on his upper right cheekbone, since being freed from slavery in Rynmere.

Mutation changes to appearance:

From Abrogation Witchmark: Witchmark: A scar in the shape of an Umbral Silence rune on his chest. The tissue of the scar is blackened by the residual energies of the Umbral rune.
From Hone Witchmark: A series of jagged runes marking the skin of his collarbone, with shadowy edges creeping over that area of skin. They formed sharp and jagged edges as they wormed their way across his neck, and winding around it, formed from several Umbral runes.
From Hone Awakening: Creeping Shadows The edges of Woe's shadow has grown long, jagged, thorn-like protrusions to its profile. Their appearance is blatantly obvious to any who see him casting a shadow, and they writhe as he moves around. In addition, when shadows fall upon Woe, they will writhe over his skin in strange, distorted patterns that are quite impossible to ignore in bright lighted areas, or under daylight.
From Empathy Witchmark: The witchmark is somewhat subtle, showing as dark circles underneath Woe's eyes as if he's losing sleep. If one looks closer, they can see them as dark multi-colored strands underlying the skin beneath his eyes.
From Empathy Awakening: Nocte Tectus His skin has taken on a web-like silken texture, which makes his skin paler while also reflecting more light.

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Woe's Point bank total

Sun Sep 02, 2018 10:55 am



Merits: Cerebral, Calm, Methodical, Principled.
Flaws: Brooding, Gullible, Dull, Rigid.

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Re: Woe

Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:48 pm

Pre-Play History

Woe was born to slavery, sold into it by parents who were driven into destitution by a weaver by the name of Erastus. Erastus took on the child as his own personal slave, and named him Woe, for whatever reasons are unclear. Perhaps he thought of it as a gradual method of breaking the young child's will. He grew up in the weaver's household as a general serving slave, basically doing menial tasks in order to acquire his master's approval. He was later initiated as a hatchling by Erastus, as a reward for assisting in the ritual murder of another child Erastus had acquired in a similar manner as he had Woe.

The young Woe eventually grew into adolescence, and was granted more responsibilities under Erastus. He became one of the leading slaves in his stables, as one who was responsible for punishing those who went against the will of the master, and breaking the will of those who were defiant. He had few relationships during these times, but eventually adopted a softer manner of manipulating his fellow slaves, learning what drove their behavior of human beings, or whatever kind they belonged to.

In time, Erastus came to see Woe as a sort of protoge. He relied on him to carry out mortal punishments against his slaves when he was unwilling to do it himself. Woe took advantage of these opportunities to play with his prey, learning more of psychology and interpersonal manipulation before dispatching them. Eventually he saw fit to free Woe on the condition that he stay on as an employeee for a while, as a manager of the man's stable.

Erastus gave Woe a house of his own in Low-town as a final payment for his services as a slave, not too far from where the Master himself lived. He grew adept at the art of cajoling parents of young children and adolescents to give up their offspring as slaves in exchange for monetary rewards, which Erastus gratefully accepted them into his service. Other times Woe would negotiate with guardsmen for prisoners who were shut into cells indefinitely, to potentially become combat slaves. Eventually Woe branched out in his clientele, serving other masters around the city, and convincing families and individuals who would become slaves, convinced by Woe of the benevolence of their potential masters.

Throughout his life, Woe learned much about what drives human behavior. Humans who became chattel had certain low expectations, that made it easier to navigate their psychology, at least in the early term, which provided Woe a better education in that arena than he could've hoped for. He found he was adept at manipulating those with lesser wills, and if they didn't have a lesser will, breaking their will through a combination of mental and physical torture, and averse psychology.
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RP Medals

Re: Woe

Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:52 pm

Knowledge & Skills

Running Skill Total: 1,270

Skill Levels

SkillPoints AcquiredLevel
Psychology (FT)100/100 Grandmaster
Whips (One-Handed) 250+3+3+3+3(262)/250 Grandmaster
SkillPoints AcquiredLevel
Meditation80/250 Expert
Empathy76/250 Expert
Discipline76+3(79)/250 Expert
Tactics 76/250 Expert
Torture76/250 Expert
SkillPoints AcquiredLevel
Unarmed Combat (Mixed Arts) 46/250 Competent
Politics46/250 Competent
Attunement46/250 Competent
Intelligence36/250 Competent
Blades (One-handed) 31/250 Competent
Persuasion36/250 Competent
Hone26/250 Competent
Seduction26/250 Competent
Detection 26/250 Competent
Resistance26/250 Competent
Endurance26/250 Competent
Deception26/250 Competent
Intimidation26/250 Competent
Strength26/250 Competent
Leadership (RB)26/250 Competent
SkillPoints AcquiredLevel
Shield 25/250 Novice
Interrogation 21/250 Novice
Investigation11/250 Novice
Socialization11/250 Novice
Smithing 11/250 Novice
Negotiation11/250 Novice
Rhetoric6/250 Novice
Writing6/250 Novice
Abrogation5/250 Novice
Etiquette1/250 Untrained
Swimming1/250 Untrained
Logistics1/250 Untrained
Trap-Making1/250 Untrained

Skill Knowledge


Two-Handed Knowledge
Two-Handed Blades
  1. Two-Handed Blades: Honing the Weapons of War (1/3)
  2. Two-Handed Blades: Honing the Weapons of War (2/3)
  3. Two-Handed Blades: Honing the Weapons of War (3/3)
Dual-Wielding Knowledge
Whip x Whip
  1. Dual wield: Whip x Whip
  1. Abrogation: Initiation is difficult for people who are already mages.
  1. Acrobatics: Falling is the first lesson in acrobatics.
  2. Acrobatics: Positioning is important.
  3. Acrobatics: Setting your feet or staying mobile.
  4. Acrobatics: Quacian Botany: Shoots in the Stonework (1/2)
  5. Acrobatics: Quacian Botany: Shoots in the Stonework (2/2)
  6. Acrobatics: For every inch of height you have on a smaller opponent, there are that many ways to fall on your ass.
  7. Acrobatics: Falling down and losing balance.
  8. Acrobatics: Keeping upright with a cane while balancing weight on one leg.
  1. Acting: "Please don't kill me!" (Instinct)
  2. Acting: Pretending to be someone more than just Woe.
  3. Acting: Inviting someone out on false pretenses.
  4. Acting: Pretending to be husband and wife.
  5. Acting: Thread of the Webspinner (1/3)
  6. Acting: Thread of the Webspinner (2/3)
  7. Acting: Thread of the Webspinner (3/3)
  8. Acting: Roleplaying and assigning roles.
  9. Acting: Taking the role of the villain.
Animal Training
  1. Animal Training: Feeding crows properly by spreading out their food.
  2. Animal Training: Showing someone your spider familiar.
  3. Animal Training: Letting the spider familiar dance a bit.
Animal Husbandry
  1. Animal Husbandry: Crows enjoy raw meat.
  1. Appraisal: Determining the balance and material of a weapon.
  2. Appraisal: Finding a suitable slave.
  1. Attunement: Can distract me from reaching out with empathy magic.
  2. Attunement: Compass: Doesn't work so well on notes.
  3. Attunement: Compass: Notes give mixed directions at best.
  4. Attunement: Compass: Once you have a frequency, keep aware of where it lies.
  5. Attunement: Dousing: Using a note to find kindred spirits.
  6. Attunement: Frequency: Agana, Brigantia's daughter.
  7. Attunement: Frequency: Brigantia, a weaver and Woe's mentor.
  8. Attunement: Frequency: Mouse: A nervous, fidgety little woman.
  9. Attunement: Frequency: Webspinner
  10. Attunement: Frequency: Werthom, a human girl and Woe's daughter.
  11. Attunement: Frequency: Woe, me, myself.
  12. Attunement: Initiation: Not as gentle or understated as the magic itself.
  13. Attunement: Note: Emmy's blood.
  14. Attunement: Note: Pain
  15. Attunement: Omnivision: A way of seeing in the darkness.
  16. Attunement: Static: Disrupting attempts at attunement.
  17. Attunement: Static: Scrambling your own signal so as to hide the fact that you're a mage.
  18. Attunement: The intimacy of Attuners sharing a bed.
  19. Attunement: Static: Concealing an Empathy spark.
  20. Attunement: Static: Attempting to conceal one's spark while utilizing its magic.
  21. Attunement: Frequency: Stoll Moritan, a mishapen magus.
  22. Attunement: Dousing: Finding a familiar frequency.
  23. Attunement: Note: Slumbering biqaj.
  24. Attunement: Omnivision can sense ether as well.
  1. Baking: A giraffe is a cake, made with chocolate and a variety of fruit.
  1. Blades (Cane-Sword): Unsheathing the Sword from the case by twisting and pulling.
  2. Blades (Cane-Sword): Can detach from its case, and be concealed as a cane.
  3. Blades (Cane-Sword): The blade of the sword is narrow with a trangular cross section
  4. Blades (Cane-Sword): A hidden weapon.
  5. Blades (Cane-Sword): Can also be used as a bludgeon, either with the case or tucked into the case.
  6. Blades: Hold a rapier at length.
  7. Blades: Basic parry
  8. Blades: Basic counterattack.
  9. Blades: Cutting requires the use of the edge of your weapon.
  10. Blades: Parrying with the hilt
  11. Blades: Basic binds.
  12. Blades: Throwing the sheath at your oppponent's face.
  13. Blades: Shoots in the Stonework (1/1)
  1. Candlemaking: Using a shoe as a pot for the candlewax.
  1. Caretaking: You're adopted!
  2. Caretaking: Taking a child under your wing.
  3. Caregiving: Comforting a young boy as he mourns a pet.
  1. Chemistry: From the West
  2. Chemistry: From the West
  3. Chemistry: From the West
  4. Chemistry: From the West
  1. Climbing: Climbing up a lattice.
  2. Climbing: Giant spiders' webs make things easy
  3. Climbing: The surety of feet more than hands
  4. Climbing: The use of mountain-climbing gear
  1. Cryptography: Sometimes it's just scribbles.
  1. Deception: A facade is difficult to maintain under stress (Instinct)
  2. Deception: Evasive Speech to avoid unpleasant topics (Pegasus)
  3. Deception: Explaining suspicious property (Pegasus)
  4. Deception: Lying of your intentions (Instinct)
  5. Deception: Never Giving Hope
  6. Deception: Pretending to be a Friend
  7. Deception: Pretending to be afraid.
  8. Deception: Promising goods while plotting demise (Instinct)
  9. Deception: Reminding him to Lock the Doors as he Leaves.
  10. Deception: Pretending that you belong in a place.
  11. Deception: Entering a temple under false pretenses.
  12. Deception: Don't just be honest all the time...
  13. Deception: Don't come out with your name right out of the gate.
  14. Deception: Sticking to your story.
  15. Deception: Going to a shop under false pretenses.
  16. Deception: Being circumspect to avoid lying directly.
  17. Deception: Sometimes it's safer not to tell the truth.
  18. Deception: Lying about your name.
  19. Deception: Pretending to have given up on Sintra.
  20. Deception: Promising something you have no intention of providing.
  21. Deception: Remembering your fake name.
  22. Deception: Get out of my dreams (1/5)
  23. Deception: Get out of my dreams (2/5)
  24. Deception: Get out of my dreams (3/5)
  25. Deception: Get out of my dreams (4/5)
  26. Deception: Get out of my dreams (5/5)
  27. Deception: Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 1/2)
  28. Deception: Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 2/2)
  29. Deception: Lie about your purpose.
  30. Deception: Lying only in part, to make the deception more convincing.
  1. Detection: A healer who isn't from the order of Adnunih.
  2. Detection: Cold steel against skin (Instinct)
  3. Detection: Eavesdropping while someone else is talking to you.
  4. Detection: How to interpret the signs that Webspinning returns.
  5. Detection: Intuiting a person's desperation.
  6. Detection: Telltale signs of a predator.
  7. Detection: The Signs That Someone Wants Privacy (Maltruism)
  8. Detection: The sounds of struggle (Instinct)
  9. Detection: The Varying Sounds of Screams are Informative (Maltruism)
  10. Detection: Unlikely Habits Can Reveal False Claims (Maltruism)
  11. Detection: Paranoia can sharpen the senses.
  12. Detection: Feeling a note being slipped into your hand.
  13. Detection: Listening to the voices of your pursuers, to tell if they are far off.
  14. Detection: Noticing a missing coin purse.
  15. Detection: Webspinning: Using Lethroda to track a runner.
  16. Detection: Staying alert though everything is hazy.
  17. Detection: Webspinning is useful to keep an eye on an errant adversary.
  18. Detection: The smell of old perfume and dried flowers.
  19. Detection: Noticing others watching you.
  20. Detection: Overhearing rumors.
  21. Detection: Critical failure to notice the naked woman behind you
  22. Detection: Overhearing treasonous words.
  23. Detection: Noticing someone's body language out of the corner of one's eye.
  24. Detection: Light coming from inside the mountain means a presence
  25. Detection: From the West
  26. Detection: Cannot One Thing Be Mine? (1/1)
  27. Detection: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 1/3)
  28. Detection: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 2/3)
  29. Detection: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 3/3)
  30. Detection: Overhearing the sniffling and crying of a child.
  31. Detection: Hearing your name over the crowd noise.
  32. Detection: Telling that something is not quite right.
  33. Detection: Realizing that you are in a dream.
  34. Detection: Sensing that your follower is no longer with you.
  35. Detection: Trying to hear for someone's location when everything is dark.
  1. Discipline: Keeping your Cool while Being Crushed.
  2. Discipline: Not knocking out the healer that's trying to help you.
  3. Discipline: Obeying the hierarchy of individuals within one's circle. (Pegasus)
  4. Discipline: Respecting your betters. (Pegasus)
  5. Discipline: Sitting still while under pain.
  6. Discipline: Staying calm despite witnessing horrific death.
  7. Discipline: Taking a blow without reacting (Instinct)
  8. Discipline: An uncomfortable seat can prompt you to get up.
  9. Discipline: Remaining stoic while someone confesses their woes to you.
  10. Discipline: Resisting the urge to spill the beans.
  11. Discipline: How to keep from weeping.
  12. Discipline: Knowing when to stop.
  13. Discipline: Alcohol loosens your inhibitions.
  14. Discipline: Tongue is loosened by one with a caring disposition.
  15. Discipline: Teaching farmers discipline is a bit like herding cats.
  16. Discipline: Restraining amusement, so as not to blow your veneer.
  17. Discipline: Maintaining a lock on your fear/loathing.
  18. Discipline: Don't panic; but you're going to die.
  19. Discipline: Showing mercy to an enemy.
  20. Discipline: Getting a hold of yourself in the midst of a mental break down.
  21. Discipline: Don't act until you're ready.
  22. Discipline: Holding back your true feelings.
  23. Discipline: Obey orders, don't rush off and fall for the lure
  24. Discipline: Who Stares Back?
  25. Discipline: Thread of the Webspinner (1/2)
  26. Discipline: Thread of the Webspinner (2/2)
  27. Discipline: Ignoring buskers isn't easy.
  28. Discipline: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (1/6)
  29. Discipline: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (2/6)
  30. Discipline: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (3/6)
  31. Discipline: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (4/6)
  32. Discipline: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (5/6)
  33. Discipline: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (6/6)
  34. Discipline: Standing by the man who just ambushed and kidnapped you without expressing hostility.
  35. Discipline: Suppressing an immediate reaction.
  36. Discipline: Stop bellyaching.
  37. Discipline: Don't be a girl.
  38. Discipline: Facing down a baby cliff lurker.
  1. Empathy: Embroidery: A subtle suggestion.
  2. Empathy: Embroidery: Making them feel the same for you as they do for another they know more intimately.
  3. Empathy: Entwine: Combining two simple emotional threads to form one more complex emotion.
  4. Empathy: Entwine: Luxuria Aranea (3/6)
  5. Empathy: Entwine: Luxuria Aranea (4/6)
  6. Empathy: Entwine: Luxuria Aranea (5/6)
  7. Empathy: Entwine: Luxuria Aranea (6/6)
  8. Empathy: Entwine: Sharing a controlled amount of emotion back to the one that it was taken from.
  9. Empathy: Entwine: Taking the threads of sorrow from another onto oneself.
  10. Empathy: Entwine: Weave Anger with Contentment
  11. Empathy: Entwine: Weave confidence with fear.
  12. Empathy: Flaying Specialization: (Emotion) Affection/Love Woe can consume the emotional tangles of affection and love from other people to either incorporate back into his frayed tangle or consume for ether.
  13. Empathy: Flaying Specialization: Emotion (Love/affection/unconditional love)
  14. Empathy: Hem: Controlling the release of fear.
  15. Empathy: Hem: Luxuria Araenea (2/6)
  16. Empathy: Hem: Luxuria Aranea (1/6)
  17. Empathy: Hem: Tucking an emotion under the tangle's surface, so one doesn't feel it as keenly.
  18. Empathy: Initiation is an intimate, calm affair.
  19. Empathy: Initiation: Can shield your initiate from the worst.
  20. Empathy: Initiation: Dangerous when done as merely Competent
  21. Empathy: Knot: Tying your emotional strands to stall feelings for another time.
  22. Empathy: Noticing the intricacies of a tangle.
  23. Empathy: Personal sadness and loss can prompt the mage to drift toward despair.
  24. Empathy: Quilt: Cannot One thing Be Mine?
  25. Empathy: Quilt: Protection from invasive attempts by another Empath
  26. Empathy: Sensing and scouting out a person's tangle with the joint cooperation of attunement magics.
  27. Empathy: Strum a sense of regret, to test their resolve.
  28. Empathy: Strumming those non-feelings, so that others may feel numb.
  29. Empathy: Tapestry: Exploring a ghost's emotional tapestry.
  30. Empathy: Tapestry: Hard to read Mouse's tangle.
  31. Empathy: Tapestry: Mouse's tangle is a gray bundle of tightly wound emotions.
  32. Empathy: Tapestry: Shapes and clues on the surface of Magpie's tangle.
  33. Empathy: The Emotional hues of despair and sorrow.
  34. Empathy: The intimacy of Empaths sharing a bed.
  35. Empathy: The look of a flayer's hunger in another's eyes.
  36. Empathy: The spark may, when overwhelmed by emotion, shut down and knot all emotions as a defensive mechanism.
  37. Empathy: The Tangle influences and bares the color of our emotions to the empath.
  38. Empathy: The tangle is dark at its center
  39. Empathy: Tapestry: Fleaface has feelings too.
  1. Endurance: Big pain of having a bullet wound treated.
  2. Endurance: Having infected material scraped from the entry wound.
  3. Endurance: Perservering beyond discouragement and exertion.(Alistair Venora)
  4. Endurance: Pressing on despite being injured (Instinct)
  5. Endurance: recovering from a blow to the head (Instinct)
  6. Endurance: Recovering from a tackle
  7. Endurance: Reopening an old wound.
  8. Endurance: Surviving a bearhug
  9. Endurance: Surviving a beast attack.
  10. Endurance: Taking a kick (Instinct)
  11. Endurance: Taking a shot to the crotch
  12. Endurance: Taking a slap (Instinct)
  13. Endurance: Wading for miles through swampy mire with little rest.
  14. Endurance: Work is hard.
  15. Endurance: Working the oars for hours at a time
  16. Endurance: Taking a beating from a pack of urchins.
  17. Endurance: Taking a beating for well over five bits.
  18. Endurance: Bruises all over make it painful to move.
  19. Endurance: Getting choked to near unconsciousness.
  20. Endurance: Getting hit with armor on doesn't hurt nearly as much.
  21. Endurance: Receiving a groin kick.
  22. Endurance: Surviving the cold of water in autumn.
  23. Endurance: Getting battered on some rocks.
  24. Endurance: The heat of Saun under normal circumstances
  25. Endurance: the heat of Saun while traveling in mountains
  26. Endurance: From the West
  27. Endurance: This Pain is Mine (1/2)
  28. Endurance: This Pain is Mine (2/2)
  29. Endurance: Holding breath underwater for a half a bit.
  30. Endurance: Taking punishment that is due to another.
  31. Endurance: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (1/1)
  32. Endurance: Shoots in the Stonework (1/1)
  33. Endurance: Keeping pace with a hunting party.
  1. Etiquette: Appropriate clothing for formal occasions (Pegasus)
  2. Etiquette: Giving your comrade a heads-up (Instinct)
  3. Etiquette: Introducing oneself to the guy in charge.
  4. Etiquette: The Rules are the Rules.
  5. Etiquette: Addressing a "King" (Pegasus)
  6. Etiquette: A masked ball (Pegasus)
  7. Etiquette: How to talk to a woman.
  8. Etiquette: Women of ill-repute also sometimes want to be spoken to kindly.
  9. Etiquette (Military): The newly established rank of "Broomsman"
  10. Etiquette: Don't give unsolicited advice.
  11. Etiquette: Don't offer food to a stranger's dog.
  1. Field Craft: Constrictors are Deceptively Fast (Maltruism)
  2. Fieldcraft: Locating areas that were spoken of.
  3. Fieldcraft: Setting up a signal fire (Instinct)
  4. Fieldcraft: A lean-to is a structure that can shield you from cold and weather.
  5. Fieldcraft: Building a fire with a branch, flint, and kindling.
  6. Field Craft: Cave-ins sometimes open new passages
  7. Field Craft: Far fewer bugs in the mountains than in the jungle
  8. Field Craft: Giant spiders' webs secure loose rock
  1. Hone: Rune of Touch: Can make a victim more sensitive to pain.
  2. Hone: Initiation: Painful process, during which runic tattoos are applied to your body, one after another, leaving a witchmark.
  3. Hone: Resistance: Can protect the Hone mage from his own runes' potency.
  4. Hone: Rune of touch applied to back of neck, to keep alert?
  5. Hone: Dismissal: Removing a rune when it becomes inconvenient.
  6. Hone: Rune of Strength: Three lines, roughly in the shape of a heart.
  7. Hone: Rune of Strength: Applied to the core of a body, can improve general mobility and flexibility.
  8. Hone: Rune of Touch: Useful for turning pages, who'd have thought?
  9. Hone: Touch Trigger: Can be used to activate a rune by... touching it.
  10. Hone: Rune of Strength: Activating three runes at once.
  11. Hone: Rune of Strength: Isn't always a boon, if you're not used to handling your strength.
  1. Intelligence: Determining the Opponent's Strength by Resistance
  2. Intelligence: Webspinning: Keeping tabs on a valuable asset.
  3. Intelligence: Weighing the Probability of the Story.
  4. Intelligence: Contact: Mister Magpie: A Quacian youth who is more thoughtful and experienced than his years would let on.
  5. Intelligence: Mister Magpie keeps his cards close to his chest.
  6. Intelligence: Emea, a vast source of intelligence
  7. Intelligence: Don't overshare the truth.
  8. Intelligence: Toutouye: A mute savage boy, with a knack for survival.
  9. Intelligence: Sy: A squeaky little woman at a bar.
  10. Intelligence: A drug parlor isn't a bad place to lose an associate.
  11. Intelligence: Making your key asset forget about you.
  12. Intelligence: It's easier to make people forget about you, rather than killing them.
  13. Intelligence: Fleaface knows some of the best brothels in Etzos
  14. Intelligence: Brothels can be a source of learning.
  15. Intelligence: The Madam of a brothel is a cunning creature.
  16. Intelligence: An old witch that feeds crows has information on the Immortals and Mortalborn.
  17. Intelligence: Get out of my dreams (1/4)
  18. Intelligence: Get out of my dreams (2/4)
  19. Intelligence: Get out of my dreams (3/4)
  20. Intelligence: Get out of my dreams (4/4)
  21. Intelligence: To Posure is not Divine (1/2)
  22. Intelligence: To Posure is not Divine (2/2)
  23. Intelligence: "Severed Shade" as a recon soldier
  24. Intelligence: Sintra's spiders are truly allies
  25. Intelligence: Contact: The Mortician of Vri in Ne'haer.
  26. Intelligence: Magpie's father was a torturer from Quacia?
  27. Intelligence: Magpie also knew Fridgar
  28. Intelligence: Magpie can turn into a dark-haired biqaj woman. Is a Becomer.
  29. Intelligence: Contact: Juniper, a tunawa.
  30. Intelligence: Quacian Botany: Shoots in the Stonework (1/2)
  31. Intelligence: Quacian Botany: Shoots in the Stonework (2/2)
  32. Intelligence: Contact: Eapheo Perfeita: A Grandmaster Smith and Councilor of the Guild of War in Quacia.
  33. Intelligence: Contact: Rufion Perfeita: An impetuous would-be soldier.
  1. Intimidation: Crouching Over a Prisoner
  2. Intimidation: Do you know the Raggedy man?
  3. Intimidation: The Empty eyes of death incarnate
  4. Intimidation: The Chains that threaten to strangle you.
  5. Intimidation: The flash of steel beneath a cloak.
  6. Intimidation: A gladius placed on the table.
  7. Intimidation: Excluded from their whispers, maybe it's about you?
  8. Intimidation: Small looks can say a lot.
  9. Intimidation: You can't run.
  10. Intimidation: You'll die twice before you hit the ground.
  11. Intimidation: Raggedy man knows your name.
  12. Intimidation: Give them a chance to run, then show they why they should.
  1. Interrogation: Know what you want them to say, and then make them say it.
  2. Interrogation: Guiding the interrogated to answer in a way that is honest.
  3. Interrogation: Sometimes you need power tools to enhance an interrogation.
  4. Interrogation: Tie them up so they are helpless while being questioned.
  5. Interrogation: From the West.
  6. Interrogation: From the West.
  7. Interrogation: Council Murder: Inquest
  1. Investigation: Assessing the Situation in the Cells.
  2. Investigation: Considering the motive (Instinct)
  3. Investigation: Cannot One Thing Be Mine? (1/1)
  4. Investigation: Council Murder: Inquest (1/3)
  5. Investigation: Council Murder: Inquest (2/3)
  6. Investigation: Council Murder: Inquest (3/3)
  7. Investigation: Learning vital clues.
  1. Leadership: Running the household slaves
  2. Leadership: Taking the first step.
  3. Leadership: Delegation of a spider.
  4. Leadership: Men get bolder with the slighest hint of success.
  5. Leadership: Leading men in a drill.
  6. Leadership: Sending an underling to gather up a trainer.
  7. Leadership: Expectation of attendance.
  8. Leadership: Agreeing to another person's idea
  9. Leadership: Sending your underling to bed.
  10. Leadership: Sending a diri to save itself, so it can be made useful later.
  11. Leadership: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (1/1)
  1. Linguistics: Dehasin, a slave's langauge.
  2. Linguistics: Euphemisms.
  3. Linguistics: Lorien, a slaver's language.
  4. Linguistics: Vahanic: A southern language spoken in Quacia.
  5. Linguistics: Vahanic: A colorful language with many curses.
  6. Linguistics: Common Sign: I can't talk.
  7. Linguistics: Common Sign: Pointing at things is a good way to give silent commands.
  1. Logistics: Understanding the Many Functions of the Prison.
  2. Logistics: Geared up for a jungle campaign
  3. Logistics: Injuries from falls slow the army's speed
  4. Logistics: Lisirra's 'Bug-Bomb' volunteers
  5. Logistics: Webbed-up enemies are ghost snacks for later
  6. Logistics: Getting prepared for a dungeon crawl.
  7. Logistics: 101 Ships Biscuits 1/4
  8. Logistics: 101 Ships Biscuits 2/4
  9. Logistics: 101 Ships Biscuits 3/4
  10. Logistics: 101 Ships Biscuits 4/4
  1. Medicine: First aid.
  1. Meditation: Staying focused and present in the moment.
  2. Meditation: Maintaining a semblance of calm
  3. Meditation: Calming yourself though your emotions are boiling over.
  4. Meditation: Focusing on what is happening here and now.
  5. Meditation: Taking slow breaths
  6. Meditation: Close your eyes to shut out distractions.
  7. Meditation: Pausing to think through your response.
  8. Meditation: Processing difficult emotions with the aid of another.
  9. Meditation: Human contact can be helpful to sort through difficult emotions.
  10. Meditation: Clearing your mind by going to sleep.
  11. Meditation: Laying still can calm your thoughts.
  12. Meditation: It's hard to think straight with a ghost's voice in your ear.
  13. Meditation: Being present in the moment.
  14. Meditation: Realizing that the dream cannot be real because it conflicts with reality.
  15. Meditation: Calming down after enduring a torrent of emotion.
  16. Meditation: Considering things carefully while occupied.
  17. Meditation: Relaxing in a bath house can be good for the mind.
  18. Meditation: Visual stimuli inspire daydreams.
  19. Meditation: Daydreams can be disturbing, when you're a creep.
  20. Meditation: Forget about daydreams, put them behind you and move forward.
  21. Meditation: Think about what you'll do when they're at your home.
  22. Meditation: Get out of my dreams (1/2)
  23. Meditation: Get out of my dreams (2/2)
  24. Meditation: Calmly walking away.
  25. Meditation: Closing your eyes can help with focus.
  26. Meditation: Quacian Botany: The Watermelon Patch 1/2
  27. Meditation: Quacian Botany: The Watermelon Patch 2/2
  1. Navigation: The stars are a guide.
  2. Navigation: Navigating familiar streets.
  1. Negotiation: Anything can be acquiredâ ¦ for the right price (RM)
  2. Negotiation: Arranging an exchange of labor for shelter.
  3. Negotiation: Bargaining with lives.
  4. Negotiation: Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Maltruism)
  5. Negotiation: Offering just enough value for trade. Not enough to keep.
  6. Negotiation: That Lash will Count as Two.
  7. Negotiation: Settling on a price for materials and make of a weapon.
  8. Negotiation: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned (1 /5)
  9. Negotiation: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 2/5)
  10. Negotiation: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 3/5)
  11. Negotiation: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 4/5)
  12. Negotiation: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned ( 5/5)
  13. Negotiation: Thread of the Webspinner (1/2)
  14. Negotiation: Thread of the Webspinner (2/2)
  15. Negotiation: War and Hospitality 1/1
  1. Persuasion: Build up your argument (Pegasus)
  2. Persuasion: Getting a mother to trust a stranger with her children.
  3. Persuasion: How to appeal to greed (RM)
  4. Persuasion: Point out potentially dire consequences of not listening to you. (Pegasus)
  5. Persuasion: Promising more nel (Instinct)
  6. Persuasion: Start with something very reasonable. (Pegasus)
  7. Persuasion: Suggest compromise (Pegasus)
  8. Persuasion: Telling people what they want to hear (Instinct)
  9. Persuasion: Trying to get a name.
  10. Persuasion: Using positive phraseology to describe an unfavorable proposal.
  11. Persuasion: Let a child know why they ought to trust you.
  12. Persuasion: Nels can talk.
  13. Persuasion: Persuading a man to train you, even though he's uncertain.
  14. Persuasion: Get out of my dreams (1/1)
  15. Persuasion: Stay a while.
  16. Persuasion: No Go Away!
  17. Persuasion: No Come Back!
  18. Persuasion: Pretend not to care, just give up and maybe they'll take pity.
  19. Persuasion: Emotional Blackmail as a persuasive tactic
  20. Persuasion: Try to convince a monster that killing someone isn't necessary.
  21. Persuasion: Alms for the Affluent (1/2)
  22. Persuasion: Alms for the Affluent (2/2)
  23. Persuasion: War and Hospitality 1/1
  1. Poisons: Various delivery methods.
  2. Poisons: You don't poison your friends.
  3. Poison: From the West
  4. Poison: From the West
  5. Poison: From the West
  6. Poisons: Black Oleander Leaves: deadly when ingested.
  7. Poison: The blue cookies should only be inhaled, effect is that they cause you to tell the truth.
  8. Poison: Blue cookies kill when ingested.
  1. Politics: No one here is who they seem to be (Pegasus)
  2. Politics: Etzos doesn't accept worshippers of the Immortals.
  3. Politics: Withersfield no longer pays the Sober taxes.
  4. Politics: Withersfield will probably get overrun by the Sober, and replaced by other serfs.
  5. Politics: Sintra is hated mightily by some in Etzos
  6. Politics: Etzos is embroiled in controversy, split between anti-Immortals and those sympathetic to 'Sintra'.
  7. Politics: Commoners and Well-to-do citizens are divided by class.
  8. Politics: People admire those who fought in the wars.
  9. Politics: Discovering his Hierarchy MB ability
  10. Politics: To each a role.
  11. Politics: Moving up the ladder of hierarchy.
  12. Politics (Military): In the hills, you are assumed "lost" not "deserting"
  13. Politics: This is war against an Immortal, not between Immortals
  14. Politics: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned (1/5)
  15. Politics: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned (2/5)
  16. Politics: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned (3/5)
  17. Politics: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned (4/5)
  18. Politics: A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned (5/5)
  19. Politics: Not all Ithecal call Raskalarn master.
  20. Politics: Ithecal come in a few different stripes.
  21. Politics: Quacia has instituted a draft of young men.
  22. Politics: War with the Creep isn't far from arrival.
  23. Politics: 101 Ships Biscuits 1/4
  24. Politics: 101 Ships Biscuits 2/4
  25. Politics: 101 Ships Biscuits 3/4
  26. Politics: 101 Ships Biscuits 4/4
  1. Pottery: Using a shoe as a pot.
  1. Psychology: Assessing the motivations of your subjects
  2. Psychology: Aversion Therapy
  3. Psychology: Born slaves are naive to the greater world outside captivity. (Pegasus)
  4. Psychology: Dealing with a difficult subject.
  5. Psychology: Desperation is a strong motivator (RM)
  6. Psychology: Divesting a broken man of a shred of hope
  7. Psychology: Examining Personal Perspective. (Pegasus)
  8. Psychology: Extolling the benefits of letting go.
  9. Psychology: Past events should remain in the past (Pegasus)
  10. Psychology: Psychological wounds aren't always visible at first glance.
  11. Psychology: Self-reflection leading to greater understanding. (Pegasus)
  12. Psychology: Sharing is caring.
  13. Psychology: Stockholm Syndrome
  14. Psychology: Talking through traumatic experiences.
  15. Psychology: They Always Say they are Innocent.
  16. Psychology: Unexpected Upsides of Having Been a Slave (Maltruism)
  17. Psychology: Unraveling the motivations of one's superiors.
  18. Psychology: Warriors process guilt/grief differently than plebs.
  19. Psychology: Fear is the mind killer.
  20. Psychology: Ailment: Drunkeness can affect one's inhibitions
  21. Psychology: Denial is poor consolation.
  22. Psychology: Motivation: Jealousy is a green-eyed monster.
  23. Psychology: Loyalty to a person is a flimsy thing.
  24. Psychology: Therapy: Taking notes while interviewing a patient.
  25. Psychology: Relief can be interpreted in several ways, not all of them favorably.
  26. Psychology: Talking through experiences can reveal underlying motives that escaped notice at the time.
  27. Psychology: Emotion: Nostalgia for the unpleasantness of past events.
  28. Psychology: Deep despair can weaken your will and ability to go on.
  29. Psychology: Losing a child is one of the worst emotional pains one can suffer.
  30. Psychology: Motivation: Antipathy serves to grant men purpose, when they are at their last rope.
  31. Psychology: Behavior Modification: Give them a reason to change.
  32. Psychology: Sympathize by sharing your pain.
  33. Psychology: Identifying the source of their feelings.
  34. Psychology: Woe isn't as intelligent as he feels when he's drunk.
  35. Psychology: Inebriation doesn't make for the best of insights.
  36. Psychology: Inebriation can lead to emotional instability.
  37. Psychology: Understanding the underpinnings of a person's motivations.
  38. Psychology: Fear prompts the body and mind to release a burst of energy.
  39. Psychology: Being forgotten hurts your feelings.
  40. Psychology: Couples therapy can reveal information that otherwise would not come to light.
  41. Psychology: Get out of my dreams (1/1)
  42. Psychology: Who Stares Back? (1/4)
  43. Psychology: Who Stares Back? (2/4)
  44. Psychology: Who Stares Back? (3/4)
  45. Psychology: Who Stares Back? (4/4)
  46. Psychology: Smalltalk in Lochgrass (1/4)
  47. Psychology: Smalltalk in Lochgrass (2/4)
  48. Psychology: Smalltalk in Lochgrass (3/4)
  49. Psychology: Smalltalk in Lochgrass (4/4)
  50. Psychology: Thread of the Webspinner (1/3)
  51. Psychology: Thread of the Webspinner (2/3)
  52. Psychology: Thread of the Webspinner (3/3)
  53. Psychology: Emotional Blackmail: Threaten to harm yourself in order to cause guilt.
  54. Psychology: Simple acts of kindness can open someone’s heart.
  55. Psychology: A broken heart can be mended.
  56. Psychology: Everyone needs love, even the heartless.
  57. Psychology: Psychology can inform one’s use of attunement and empathy.
  58. Psychology: Empathy can grant an insight beyond that of mere observation.
  59. Psychology: Empathy makes psychological reading easier.
  60. Psychology: Basic thanatology.
  61. Psychology: Mourning at the site of burial can relieve some of the sadness.
  62. Psychology: Sorrow can be strong enough to birth a spirit.
  63. Psychology: Fear of Love.
  64. Psychology: Words of Acceptance.
  65. Psychology: Complete Acceptance.
  66. Psychology: Conditional Love.
  67. Psychology: Unconditional Love.
  1. Research: Arcana: Hone Grimoires are a treasure trove for the fledgling mage.
  1. Resistance: Alchohol isn't just for getting drunk.
  2. Resistance: Syrupy alcohol is among the strongest kind.
  3. Resistance: One who hasn't drunk much before may have weaker resistance to start.
  4. Resistance: Enduring the sickness of the med tents.
  5. Resistance: Walking in close proximity to the plague heaps.
  6. Resistance: Taking a venomous bite from an emean being.
  7. Resistance: Fighting the cold as you travel the wilderness, covered in grime and damp clothing.
  8. Resistance: Hard Cider is as strong as it is sweet.
  9. Resistance: Rum is strong, and can be made stronger through distillation
  10. Resistance: Opium parlors are full of disease.
  11. Resistance: Secondhand inhalation of drugged vapors.
  1. Rhetoric: Clearly stating your position (Pegasus)
  2. Rhetoric: Giving the Squire an Easy Way Out.
  3. Rhetoric: His word against yours
  4. Rhetoric: Speaking about big ideas sometimes sounds profound.
  5. Rhetoric: Man versus beast as a talking point
  6. Rhetoric: To posture is not divine (1/3)
  7. Rhetoric: To posture is not divine (2/3)
  8. Rhetoric: To posture is not divine (3/3)
  9. Rhetoric: Cannot One Thing Be Mine? (1/1)
  10. Rhetoric: Thread of the Webspinner (1/2)
  11. Rhetoric: Thread of the Webspinner (2/2)
  12. Rhetoric: Wrestling with your own morality in the form of a speech.
  13. Rhetoric: Arguing for the sparing of a life.
  14. Rhetoric: Warning against the dangers of magic.
  15. Rhetoric: Question: What is a Giraffe?
  16. Rhetoric: Alms for the Affluent (1/2)
  17. Rhetoric: Alms for the Affluent (2/2)
  1. Running: Losing pursuers through sharp turns.
  2. Running: Running home swiftly.
  3. Running: To posture is not divine 1x
  1. Seduction: Don't bore them away. Join them for a drink.
  2. Seduction: Nibbling a woman's ear.
  3. Seduction: Compliments go a way to softening their disposition.
  4. Seduction: Seduction is a collaborative engagement.
  5. Seduction: Contrition works on some women.
  6. Seduction: Luring a lone woman into your dungeon of horrors.
  7. Seduction: A soft touch and caress are good enough for some.
  8. Seduction: Luxuria Aranea (1/4)
  9. Seduction: Luxuria Aranea (2/4)
  10. Seduction: Luxuria Aranea (3/4)
  11. Seduction: Luxuria Aranea (4/4)
  12. Seduction: Empath on Empath action.
  13. Seduction: A Heartfelt Confession.
  1. Shield (tower Shield): Covers quite a bit of area.
  2. Shield: Quacian Botany: The Watermelon Patch 1/2
  3. Shield: Quacian Botany: The Watermelon Patch 2/2
  1. Shoemaking: Sealing the sole of a shoe.
  1. Socialization: Arguing a viewpoint you don't agree with (Pegasus)
  2. Socialization: Bantering with the Prisoners.
  3. Socialization: Discussion in groups (Pegasus)
  4. Socialization: Getting someone's attention so you can have a chat.
  5. Socialization: Taking part in debates (Pegasus)
  6. Socializing: Small Talk Seems to Bother Some People (Maltruism)
  7. Socialization: Val: An avriel apothecary in the Underground.
  8. Socialization: Smiling: It's creepy when Woe does it.
  9. Socialization: Sitting with the master's paramour.
  10. Socialization: Sharing a joint with the master's paramour.
  11. Socialization: Letting her have her way with you, to make nice.
  12. Socialization: Basic Introduction
  1. Sociology: Meritocracy of the Slave Pits
  2. Sociology: Slavers are not welcome, even in societies where it's legal.
  3. Sociology: Honor is a subjective concept.
  1. Stealth: How to be unseen in a crowd(Pegasus)
  2. Stealth: Melting your profile into the side of a large structure.
  3. Stealth: Leave without your child noticing.
  4. Stealth: Hiding under a wagon.
  5. Stealth: Sneaking over when a distraction appears.
  6. Stealth: Sneaking away from a wagon to mope around a grave.
  7. Stealth: Sneaking around a carriage.
  8. Stealth: An Arachnid Embraces Its Prey (1/2)
  9. Stealth: An Arachnid Embraces Its Prey (1/2)
  1. Storytelling: Thread of the Webspinner (1/3)
  2. Storytelling: Thread of the Webspinner (1/3)
  3. Storytelling: Thread of the Webspinner (1/3)
  1. Strength: Fending off the animal's razor teeth.
  2. Strength: The Fireman's Carry
  3. Strength: Strike hard and suddenly.
  4. Strength: Carrying a small girl for a few miles.
  5. Strength: Pulling oneself up with a walking stick.
  6. Strength: Arm muscles strengthen with resistance.
  7. Strength: Holding a heavy weapon aloft for an extended period can build muscle.
  8. Strength: Pit of Lashes (1/4)
  9. Strength: Pit of Lashes (2/4)
  10. Strength: Pit of Lashes (3/4)
  11. Strength: Pit of Lashes (4/4)
  12. Strength: Sting and Claw: Blows have more force when applied with speed.
  1. Surgery
  1. Swimming: Floating calmly down the river.
  2. Swimming: Getting Salty (1/5)
  3. Swimming: Getting Salty (2/5)
  4. Swimming: Getting Salty (3/5)
  5. Swimming: Getting Salty (4/5)
  6. Swimming: Getting Salty (5/5)
  7. Swimming: Long Dive
  8. Swimming: Freestyle
  9. Swimming: Breaststroke
  10. Swimming: Dog Paddle
  11. Swimming: Backstroke.
  12. Swimming: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (1/1)
  1. Tactics: Allow powerful groups amnesty to build loyalty and trust? (Pegasus)
  2. Tactics: Be prepared (Instinct)
  3. Tactics: Biding your time (Instinct)
  4. Tactics: Executing and instigating a mutiny
  5. Tactics: Hiding in the weeds.
  6. Tactics: Inadvertently Acting as Bait for a Snake (Maltruism)
  7. Tactics: Lowering your value as a target
  8. Tactics: Overthrowing a better equipped force with greater numbers
  9. Tactics: Setting an ambush.
  10. Tactics: Something to be learned from war stories.
  11. Tactics: Staying out of range until ready to fight
  12. Tactics: Suggesting a Prize When There is None
  13. Tactics: Using yourself as bait (Instinct)
  14. Tactics: Pretending to be under duress, to lure your enemy in.
  15. Tactics: Crouch low to the ground, feigning injury before attacking.
  16. Tactics: Bird-form Becomers as scouts
  17. Tactics: "The Many" as a decoy, instead of "The Few"
  18. Tactics: Taking on multiple opponents at once.
  19. Tactics: Fighting in a duo.
  20. Tactics: Using words to get the advantage.
  21. Tactics: Formations can be exploited and torn apart by goading the ranks to break.
  22. Tactics: Single combat: Divide and conquer.
  23. Tactics: Quacian Botany: The Watermelon Patch 1/2
  24. Tactics: Quacian Botany: The Watermelon Patch 2/2
Textile Production
  1. Textile Production: Spider silk is highly resistant to cutting.
  1. Torture: Before you Start Whipping them, Restraints are a Must.
  2. Torture: Beneath the Nails
  3. Torture: Bloodless abuse
  4. Torture: Medics can be almost as bad as torturers.
  5. Torture: Understanding when Physical Resistance might be too much for Torture.
  6. Torture: Using a strap of leather to keep the teeth from gnashing.
  7. Torture: Using Items Nearby
  8. Torture: Device: the Iron Maiden.
  9. Torture: Death is a mercy.
  10. Torture: Wielding despair as effectively as any scourge.
  11. Torture: Inflicting psychological anguish, to break a prisoner.
  12. Torture: Tool: Nail file: Wedge it between the nails, and peel back.
  13. Torture: Device: The rack.
  14. Torture: The rack is meant to draw out the subject's legs and arms while tied to a 2 dimensional plane.
  15. Torture: Flaying them for added pain.
  16. Torture: Hanging bits of the other client over another's head.
  17. Torture: Leaving a knife in while you work.
  18. Torture: From the West
  19. Torture: From the West
  20. Torture: From the West
  21. Torture: Respecting a client's threshold for pain.
  22. Torture: Safeword: Oberan.
  23. Torture: Using degrading language to break down a person’s resistance.
  24. Torture: Make them call you daddy.
  25. Torture: Harming oneself is one way to learn effective torture techniques.
  26. Torturing: Tickling.
  27. Torture: Using magic to enhance torture.
  28. Torture: Flaying sensitive skin.
  29. Torture: Use of burning brands.
  30. Torture: The Captain's Daughter: Another name for a scourge.
  31. Torture: Put 'em in a bed with the captain's daughter, put 'em in a bed with the captain's daughter...
  32. Torture: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (1/2)
  33. Torture: We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want to go home! (2/2)
  1. Trap Making: Using explosives to collapse the cliff on an enemy
  2. Trap Making: From the West
Unarmed Combat
  1. Unarmed Combat(grappling): Exploiting an opening
  2. Unarmed Combat(grappling): Striking while in very close quarters
  3. Unarmed Combat(grappling): Using leverage to pop a joint out of its socket
  4. Unarmed Combat(Striking): Attacking nerve endings to increase pain
  5. Unarmed Combat(Striking): No arms? no legs? headbutt!
  6. Unarmed Combat: Chokehold.
  7. Unarmed Combat: Dodging heavy weapons while grounded (Instinct)
  8. Unarmed: Arm lock/half-nelson
  9. Unarmed Combat (Ki'enaq): Ki'enaq: A martial art perfected by the Etzori.
  10. Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Soft targets can temporarily stun an opponent when struck.
  11. Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): Blackguard Standard: A formal style of Ki'enaq that emphasizes strikes on soft targets and producing pain.
  12. Unarmed Combat (Ki'enaq): Target the lower joints of heavier opponents, so they'll have trouble moving around.
  13. Unarmed Combat (Ki'enaq): Pummeling with speed and ferocity.
  14. Unarmed Combat (Ki'enaq): Using armored arms and hands to claw skin and flesh.
  15. Unarmed Combat (Ki'enaq): Kicking a big guy that lifts you over his shoulders.
  16. Unarmed Combat: Vy'Ufnaji: A greasy, grappling style of combat.
  17. Unarmed Combat: Discovery of Sting and Claw Domain ability: Arms move faster while covered in black carapace.
  18. Unarmed Combat (Vy'Ufnaji): Snapping the opponent's neck with an awkward twist.
  1. Whips (Bullwhip): Aiming Through the Bars.
  2. Whips (Bullwhip): Lashes for Punishment.
  3. Whips (BullWhip):Strangling with the cord of the whip.
  4. Whips (Bullwhip): A Warning Crack on the Street (Maltruism)
  5. Whips (Bullwhip): Need to Practice Your Accuracy (Maltruism)
  6. Whips (Bullwhip): The arm grapple (Instinct)
  7. Whips (Chains): Can be used to bludgeon or grapple with armored opponents.(Alistair Venora)
  8. Whips (Flail): Even a blindman could use it.(Alistair Venora)
  9. Whips (Flail): Hitting with the flail as an enemy tries to bind your shield.
  10. Whips (Flail): Lateral snap with the flail, across the waist.
  11. Whips (Flail): Smashing faces.
  12. Whips (Flail): Snap-attack over the shoulder.
  13. Whips (Flail): Flailing about blindly.
  14. Whips (Flail): Timing your blow so that the flail's head reaches its apex at the point of contact.
  15. Whips (Scourge): Horizontal slash with a metal scourge.
  16. Whips (Scourge): Relentless, speedy strikes can strip hide asunder(Alistair Venora)
  17. Whips (Scourge): The pain of the weapon causes is part of it's danger.(Alistair Venora)
  18. Whips (Scourge): Turning your wrist to deliver a stronger blow. (Alistair Venora)
  19. Whips (Scourge): Whipping hard enough to cut into an artery.
  20. Whips (Scourge): Face strike! (Instinct)
  21. Whips (Scourge): Gathering momentum via the figure-eight (Instinct)
  22. Whips (Sjambok): Whipping a nel out of someone's hand to demonstrate accuracy.
  23. Whips (Sjambok): Sjambok: A stiff whip, that hurts bad when it lands.
  24. Whip: Blacksnakes are full of metal shot, with a ball-bearing in the handle knot.
  25. Whip: Blacksnakes are efficient at blludgeoning while holding them by the narrow.
  26. Whip: Blacksnake whips tend to be shorter than full-length leather bullwhips.
  27. Whip: Reverse the grip of the whip to use the bludgeoning end of the blacksnake to hammer your opponents.
  28. Whip: When a problem comes along, you must whip it!
  29. Whip: Before the cream sits out to long, you must whip it!
  30. Whip: When something's going wrong, you must whip it!
  31. Whip: Tripping your opponent's ankle.
  32. Whip: Hold the whip half coil for shorter range attacks.
  33. Whip: Rat-tail with a real whip
  34. Whip: Rat-tail with a belt
  35. Whip: Horizontal strikes to avoid hitting above or below a mark.
  36. Whip: Lacing strikes with empathy magic.
  37. Whip: Tearing through flesh with the whip.
  38. Whip: Standing back a proper distance in order to do the most damage and cause the most pain.
  39. Whip: Using the handle like a blackjack
  40. Whip: Attack one direction then reverse the whip's direction in a figure eight to capitalize on that momentum.
  41. Whip: Metal whips are slightly slower to recover from a swing, and less agile, but hit harder.
  42. Whip: Bullwhips can make intricate attack patterns when whipped from end to end.
  43. Whip: Two whips are better than one, sometimes.
  44. Whip: Can be used as a garrote.
  45. Whip: Chain whip can be wrapped around the knuckles to form an iron fist.
  46. Whip: Nostalgia (1/5)
  47. Whip: Nostalgia (2/5)
  48. Whip: Nostalgia (3/5)
  49. Whip: Nostalgia (4/5)
  50. Whip: Nostalgia (5/5)
  51. Whip: Loveless (1/5)
  52. Whip: Loveless (2/5)
  53. Whip: Loveless (3/5)
  54. Whip: Loveless (4/5)
  55. Whip: Loveless (5/5)
  56. Whip: Whip it all around and maybe you'll hit something.
  57. Whip: A Haunting Hunt 1/4
  58. Whip: A Haunting Hunt 2/4
  59. Whip: A Haunting Hunt 3/4
  60. Whip: A Haunting Hunt 4/4
  1. Writing: Tracing runes on paper before channeling them upon the body.
  2. Writing: Alms for the Affluent (1/2)
  3. Writing: Alms for the Affluent (2/2)

PC Knowledge

Fridgar: Packs Quite a Punch (Maltruism)
Robek: Big lad, small mask. (Pegasus)
Robek: Fridgar: Both tall (Pegasus)
Robek: Fridgar: Both the same person(Pegasus)
PC: Fridgar: Unlikely Snake Trainer? (Maltruism)
Mister Magpie: Lowborn man from Quacia
Mister Magpie: Possibly not all that he appears.
Mister Magpie: Works the med tents in Etzos.
Mister Magpie: Mistook me for someone named Green.
Mister Magpie: Looked at me with a murderer's gleam.
Mister Magpie: Is haunted by ghosts of his own.
Raggedy Man - He knows my name now.
Raggedy Man - I don't know his.
Magpie - Also known as Mister L
Magpie - Speaks out of both ends of his mouth.
Woe - OMG I'm gonna die.
Sintra: Confident in her schemes
Sintra: Distant communication through a web "speaker"
Sintra: Is aware of all the mortal "players" in Etzos
Sintra: Views mortal and Immortal time tables as very different.
Glamour: Illusion magic is very effective
Mark: Audnev: Mark of a Dark, Five-Pointed Star
Immortal: Audrae: Shadow Maiden is one of her names.
Immortal: Audrae: Worshipped mainly by females.
Lethroda: Attaching your companion to another person for eye view
NPC: Joderall: Attuner, Linguist and Historian
NPC: Joderall: Is on Oberan's side
NPC: Senalee: Glamourist for Rhakros, now deceased
PC: Oberan: Is at odds with Llyr
PC: Oberan: May have some connection to Audrae
Rhakros: has an extensive underground cavern system
Rhakros: Has Insect guardians
PC: Magpie: Carries my spark's child. (Empathy)
PC: Magpie: Will always be my initiate.
PC: Magpie: Enjoys a good lashing
PC: Magpie: Had a complex relationship with his father.
PC: Magpie: May have murdered his father.
PC: Magpie: Is a beautiful, blonde Biqaj Man with a southern accent, and also a pretty brunette biqaj woman, with a baroness' accent.
PC: Magpie: Had me followed by children sentries in order to protect me from danger.
PC: Magpie: Says he loves me.
PC: Magpie: Is good at lying and keeping secrets.
PC: Emmy: Something happened to her after initiation.
PC: Emmy: May have lost her soul.
Magpie: Attuner, Empath Initiate, Lover.
Magpie: Can become a Rynmerish Baroness
Magpie: Appeared upset that I was leaving for Ne'haer.
Dreamwalking: Governing: Can go awry without experience.
Dreamwalking: Lucidity: You CAN get injured.
Dreamwalking: Governing: Can stop time in the dream, sort of.
Magic: Becoming
Magic: Empathy
Emmy: Has Woe's Love
Emmy: Stole Woe's Heart
Emmy: Agreed to bear his children.
Emmy: My initiate.
Emmy: Can take a lashing.
Chamadarst: Immortal of Solitude
Antony Fransse: Dead Councilor
Antony Fransse: Was marked by Chamadarst

Place Knowledge

url=http://standingtrials.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=5575]Location: Andaris Jail[/url]
Rynmere: The Prisoner System
Rynmere: Prisoners are not Slaves
Location: Sarraski [NH]
Location: Augiery[NH]
Location: Beldistorio[NH]
Location: Andaris: Warrick's Watch.
Location: Etzos, a city on the Western Continent.
The Txerriak: Slave Population of Augiery[NH]
The Txerriak: Black Collars[NH]

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RP Medals

Re: Woe

Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:55 pm

Skill Point Ledgers

Beginning to Cold Cycle 718
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints Spent
Leadership [RB} 25[RB] 25
Starting Package 5000
Psychology (FT) ..10
Whip ..10
Torture ..10
Intimidation (RM) 3 00
Negotiation(RM) 3 00
Persuasion(RM) 3 00
Psychology(RM) 2 00
Other End of the Chain 10 0
Psychology 0005
Acquiring the Totem Anaconda 15 00
Walking Target: 10 00
Masquerade Ball 18 00
Legality of Magic 20 00
Endurance 00 15
Psychology 00 13
Whip 00 15
Persuasion 00 12
Ring of Lashes 15 0
Unarmed Combat 0 5
Tactics 0 10
Cat's Half in the Bag 10 0
Whips 0 10
Playing to the Deaf 15 0
Tactics 0 15
Give me Freedom, Oar Else 10 0
Unarmed Combat 0 10
Nightmire Run at Maiden's Refuge 10 0
Tactics 0 1
Snatching Victory from the jaws of Defeat 10 0
Psychology 0 18
Smithing 0 10
Detection 0 8
Woe eats Crow 10 0
Best Three of Five 10 0
Endurance 0 1
Shield (Furniture) 0 19
The Healer and the Tormentor 15 0
Withersfield belongs too the Gourds 15 0
Whip 0 15
Tactics 0 15
Intensive Care 15 0
Shield (Furniture) 0 6
Tactics 0 9
Birthday Gift 10 0
Thread-Wrapped-In-Scarf Man 10 0
Whip (Scourge) 0 20
Don't Stand on my Head! 5 0
A Weaver among Warriors 15
Torture 0 10
Unarmed Combat 0 10
Points Left: 0
Arc 719-720
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Rynmeran Dandy 10 0
Unarmed Combat 0 5
Woe is Me 15 0
I Will to my Lord be True and Faithful 10 0
Deception 0 25
Torture 0 5
Waylaid near Warrick's Watch 10 0
Discipline 0 5
Psychology 0 5
Rise of the Fallen 10 0
A Clutter of Three 10 0
The Maw 15 0
Detection 0 18
Whips 0 6
Psychology 0 11
Right by Combat 10 0
Discipline 0 9
Persuasion 0 1
Shaking Off the Cobwebs 10 0
Unraveling the Servant 10 (Emp)0
Discipline 0 12
Meditation 0 8
Watching the Watcher 10 (At)0
Attunement 0 5
Meditation 0 5
Renown 100 Medium Reward +3 to Whip 0
Lethroda Skills +3 to Whip 0
Quacian Botany 100
Whip 0 10
Long Cold Look in the Mirror 15 0
Psychology 0 15
Woe of Aftermath 10 10
Interrogation 0 10
Fleecing Fleaface 10 0
Psychology 0 10
What's New Pussy Cat 15 (Emp) 0
Empathy 0 12
Meditation 0 3
Mycology, Miasma, Murder? 10 010
Meditation 0 100
Minute Men 10 010
Roadside Assassins, I mean Assistance 10 020
House of Savagery 10 030
Negotiation 0 70
Intimidation 0 723
Interrogation 0 116
Politics 0 150
Echo of Morandi 10 010
Socialization 0 100
What's in a Name 10 010
Seduction 0 55
Intelligence 0 50
Return to Etzos (Empathy) 15 (Empathy) 015 (Empathy)
Empathy 0 150
Eighteen Lashes 1/3 10 010
The Spider and the Rabble Rouser 10 (Empathy) 010 +10 (Empathy)
Empathy 0 1010
Seduction 0 100
Deeper in Cups 10 010
Seduction 0 100
Farewell to Fleaface 10 0010
Resistance 0 100
Whip It! 10 010
Whips 0 100
I Must Not Fear 10 010
Whips 0 100
Ordinary People 15 015
It's so easy to forget 10(Attunement)015 + 10 Attune
Attunement 0 10(Attunement)15
Discipline 0 150
The Nurse is In 15 015
Resistance 0 150
Old Habits 10 010
Torture 0 100
Playing it Safe 10 010
Resistance 0 10
Interrogation 0 90
Crossed Swords 15015
Poltiics 0 114
Strength 0 40
Lady of Crows 10 010
Intelligence 0 100
Down Came the Rain and Washed a Spider Out 15 015
Intelligence 0 150
Wicker's Funeral 15 015
Unarmed Combat 0 141
Deception 0 10
Get out of my Dreams 15015
Politics 0 141
To Posture is not Divine 15 016
Discipline 0 151
From the West 20 021
Discipline 0 201
Luxuria Araenea 10 (Empathy) 010 (Empathy) + 1
Luxuria Araenea 5 010 (Empathy) + 6
Empathy 0 106
Meditation 0 51
Seduction 0 10
Cannot One Thing Be Mine? 10 (Attunement) 010
Attunement 0 100
Council Murder: Inquest 10 010
Investigation 0 100
This Pain is Mine 10 (Attunement) 010 (Attunement)
Attunement 0 55
Intimidation 0 50
A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned 20020
Meditation 0 911
Intimidation 0 110
Who Stares Back 10010
Meditation 0 91
Psychology 0 10
Pit of Lashes 10010
Meditation 0 46
Strength 0 60
Quacian Safari 10010
Etiquette 0 19
Rhetoric 0 18
Swimming 0 17
Logistics 0 16
Strength 0 60
200 Renown reward +3 to Whip 00
Smalltalk in Lochgrass 15 (Empathy)015 (Empathy)
Empathy 0 150
Getting Salty 10 010
Strength 0 100
Candlemaking/shoemaking/pottery 10 010
Meditation 0 100
Thread of the Webspinner 15 015
Meditation 0 150
Threshold 15 (Empathy) 015 (Empathy)
Empathy 0 141
Tactics 0 10
Wallflower of the Crescent Arena 15 015
Remember that you must die 15 030
Psychology 0 1020
Whip 0 200
Quacian Botany: Ballistic Fury 15 0 15
Whip 0 150
One thing drives out another 10 (Empathy) 0 10 (Empathy)
Whip 0 100
Sombran Skills +3 to Discipline 0
Hurt Me 10 (Empathy) 0 10 (Empathy)
Blades 0 100
Fade In: Threshold 15 (Empathy)015 (Empathy)
Blades 0 150
Allow Us 10 010
Whips 0 55
Blades 0 50
Shadows on a Cylus Moon 10 (Attunement) 010 (Attunement)
Meditation 0 28
Attunement 0 62
Unarmed Combat 0 20
Abstractions I 15 015
Politics 0 69
Torture 0 63
Blades 0 12
Intelligence 0 11
Writing 0 10
Chamber of Anguish 10 (Attunement)010 (Attunement)
Attunement 0 100
Catch a Scorpion by the Tail 10 (Hone) 010 (Hone)
Hone 0 64
Whip 0 13
Trap-Making 0 12
Persuasion 0 20
Boy howdy 15015
Torture 0 105
Lost Stars 15 020
Tactics 0 200
We'll Say We're Frightened and We Want To Go Home 15 015
Leadership 0 114
Torture 0 104
Negoitation 0 13
Investigation 0 12
Socialization 0 11
Smithing 0 10
The Most Dangerous of Cages 10 010
Whip 0 100
An Arachnid Embraces its Prey 10 (Hone) 010 (hone)
Nostalgia 15 025
Quacian Botany: Theater of the Carnifex 10 035
Combat: Whips 0 341
Interrogation 0 10
Loveless 5 + 5 Hone 05 (5 Hone)
Hone 0 55
Whip 0 50
Four Corners of a Corruption 10 (Abrogation) 010 (Abrogation)
Abrogation 05 (Abrogation)5
Whip 05 0
A Real Page Turner 10 (Hone)0 10 (Hone)
Hone 010 0
Quacian Botany: Shoots in the Stonework 100 10
Whip 05 5
Intelligence 05 0
Alms for the Affluent 10010
Writing 0-5 5
Rhetoric 0-5 0
Honing the Weapons of War 10 (Hone)0 10 (Hone)
Hone 0-5 5 (Hone)
Whips 0-5 0
War and Hospitality 100 10
Torture 0100
101 Ship's Biscuits 15015
A Haunting Hunt 15030
Whip 0255
Persuasion 050
Quacian Botany: The Watermelon Patch 10010
Whip 0100
Dreamwalking Ledger

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RP Medals

Re: Woe

Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:56 pm


Lethroda (Favored: 7)
Sombran (Favored: 3)


  • Webspinning The Lethroda skill that the Webspinners take their name from, Webspinning allows the bearer to connect those around them with a thread of energy, granting them a sense of what the people they connect to are doing and feeling. While this is not a perfect read of them, it will grant the Marked a vague understanding of their surroundings and emotions. At Favored this ability allows you to web three people. Adored gives you the read of six people. Exalted allows you to connect to twelve and the Champion of Sintra can connect to up to twenty four people. Anyone with Empathy will be able to recognise and physically see the webs that are being made, theoretically able to remove or even amplify them. At Favored it takes Competent Discipline or Meditation to resist this effect entirely, Adored needing Expert. An Exalted or a Champion with this power will require Master in either Discipline or Meditation.
  • Arachnid Familiar At the beginning of her blessing, Sintra grants a marking in between their shoulder-blades on their upper back. This Marking is an intricate tattoo of a spider, coloured to look like whatever species of spider the Marked chooses. If the Blessing is forced onto someone a tarantula will be chosen by Sintra herself. This will then, at will, climb off the body of the Marked and take form of its real equivalent. This can not be any bigger than a Tarantula, any smaller than a coin and will not contain any venom at this stage of the blessing. This spider can not speak but can be used to monitor and watch, allowing the Blessed to look through the spider’s eyes and hear what it hears in place of their own senses. It will follow verbal commands the Blessed gives before returning to the Marked. Should the Marked give a command it can not do then it will remain in place. If the Familiar is killed then its body disappears and returns back to the Blessed’s back. This Marking becomes faded and, over the span of four trials, returns to its full condition where it can be used again. During this time the Marked feels a small burning pain on the tattoo. At Adored the Familiar can take telepathic commands. This Spider is a real, physical spider that has been chosen by Sintra to be used for her Marked.
  • Manipulative Skills I Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Stealth, Persuasion, Deception, Tactics or any weapon skill (Including natural weapons i.e. Unarmed)
  • Silk Thread
    As a subtle protective measure a Lethroda can set up a small, single strand of webbing from their finger. This can be placed across ten feet of distance or less and will alert the Marked when it is broken. While this thread is delicate it will not break of natural causes, including strong winds. Yet a person lightly walking towards it will snap it on contact, as well as any other living being larger than a mouse interacting with the thread. Once this happens, the Marked immediately knows their thread has been broken, but not what broke it. This can be placed anywhere in Idalos and is often used to protect the Blessed’s belongings as well as zone off an area. At Favored only one can be placed. Adored allows for three at a time. Exalted has five and the Champion of Sintra has ten.
  • Bite of the Spider
    Making use of the Arachnid Familiar, this ability allows the Marked to see brief flashes of a desired memory by their familiar biting someone. Before the familiar bites their target, the Lethroda must think of something they desire to see, such as a specific valuable or a person of interest. If the bitten has seen this desire within the past three trials it will show the Marked a few trills of images as to what the desired item or person looks like and the general area around it, as if viewing pictures. If they have not seen it, nothing happens and the bitten feels the spiders bite, potentially lashing out to kill it. While these images are being shown the Arachnid Familiar can make a stealthy escape, the bitten falling in to a temporary trance. This can only be used once a trial. If those bitten have a Discipline or Meditation of Expert or Above the trance will not work, nor will any memories be obtainable.
  • Hateful Web
    One of the first powers allowing indirect manipulation, this ability allows the Marked of Sintra to place a small, physical web on a person or their clothes. This is hard to notice for an untrained eye and will usually go ignored, however something as small as a passive shoulder brush could destroy this web, so placement is important. If the person removes an item of clothing with the web on it then the effect will end and the web will break immediately. When this web is on somebody or their clothes it will draw negative attention from everyone around within a thirty feet radius, giving them an unnatural dislike of whoever it may be, even those that are usually friendly with the Webbed. If this web remains unbroken the effect will last for half a Break and the ability can only be used once every five trials. However, with a Detection at Expert or Above this web is easy to notice, or a Meditation at Equal level from the webbed will negate it entirely. Empath's can detect this effect at near to any level, though much more prominently at Competency.
  • Arachnid's Ally
    At this level of the blessing Sintra’s Marked is recognised as a webspinner by all Arachnids. No arachnid will ever harm the Webspinner unless they actively attack one of their own or disturb their territory. However, if the Webspinner does attack and break this bond then the spider and all others around will attack for twenty Bits, weaker spiders doing minimal damage where venomous spiders could prove life threatening. Becomers, while not compelled to follow it as closely, will sense this bond in the form of a spider. Another Lethroda's familiar will also know of the bond and will not harm a Webspinner unless them or their Marked are under threat, even if ordered to do so.
  • Pocket Change: The first ability of Sombran is to guarantee his marked benefits from his prosperous domain. A Sombran will find that throughout the Cycle they work, they will find an extra 10 wealth points in value. For seasonal wages, a Sombran always has an additional 10 wealth points added in. This is often found through serendipity, whether through a tavern goer dropping their purse, to loose nels on the street, to unexpected windfalls in business transactions. Sombran always, even those without a job, manage to get along better with coin than almost any other.
  • Grifters Eye: While somewhat specific, most who earn Sombran’s mark certainly would not dare complain. Grifter’s eye sees through ruse at any level...so long as the subject of deception is theft. If someone has the goal of stealing a Sombran’s property or profits, no amount of talking or special magical abilities will affect the marked. The Sombran can see to the heart of the deception instantly. In addition, when any property a Sombran owns is taken by a thief or with the intent to steal, the Sombran is instantly aware of it, no matter how far away they are from the object in question. While this ability considers any item that the Blessed obtained through honest means, whether buying, creating, or crafting, anything that the merchant has stolen from another person will not be protected by this ability until it has been in the Blessed's possession for an arc. While not strong enough to pierce powerful illusions or be used for any other situation but a Sombran’s personal wealth, Grifter’s eyes is an invaluable tool for merchants looking to protect their goods from thieves. However, this ability only applies to things of purely mercantile or monetary value to the Blessed. Things of personal value are not so protected, as such attachments are a violation of Chamadarst's Neutrality.
  • Merchant's Skills: The character is granted an extra three skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Business Management, Discipline, Investigation, Detection, Mathematics, Persuasion, or Glassblowing. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses.


Immortal: Sintra
Immortal: Labrae
Mark: Lethroda
Intelligence: Webspinning: Keeping tabs on a valuable asset.

Mortalborn Information

Mortalborn Application: viewtopic.php?f=367&t=15303

Character Background information: Woe was a former slave of a man named Erastus, a leatherworker/tanner in Rynmere. He grew to adulthood and was eventually released because he earned his freedom, and had a good relationship with Erastus. For a time, he stayed on and aided in Erastus' illicity slave trade, becoming a clerk and occasionally a taskmaster of the slaves. After ten years of this kind of employment, he was released entirely from service, and went his own way.

From there, he had some adventures, which led him to meeting and becoming infatuated with the fugitive, Emma Heen. She later betrayed him, selling him to the Naer of Augiery. There, he was for a few seasons a slave, before he was finally traded to a slave galley. While on the galley, after some long manipulation and planning and patience, he managed to organize a revolt against the taskmasters. This revolt was successful, and with the help of some Biqaj thralls, they took command of the galley, sailing it around the seas.

They dropped anchor some distance away from Andaris, where Woe decided he would meet with Erastus, to unravel the mystery of his past for good and all. He wanted to know where he could find his parents, so he'd have a chance to either confirm himself as a servant of Sintra, or spare them.

He later found Erastus in his workshop, shacking up with Emma Heen. When Erastus revealed that he'd driven Woe's parents (Or who he supposed were Woe's parents) to destitution, ruining them until they died of sickness, he flew into a rage.

In the process, he managed to kill both Erastus and Emma Heen. At the last moment, deprived of a reason for being, he almost turned the knife on himself, but he was stopped by a hand on his wrist. Labrae stopped him from killing himself. He later met with Sintra. Though few words were spoken between them, she marked him as her own Webspinner. Thus he was given a new purpose under her, though he had no idea what this entailed yet.

He later returned to the Galley, after he'd recovered from his wounds and the trauma. THere they sailed the seas, and nearly ran aground on the shores of Yaralon. The galley then went its own way, leaving Woe with just one fellow who soon died in the swamps of Maiden's Refuge. Woe now lives in Yaralon, completely ignorant and cut off from any understanding of who he was, or what his purpose was.
Character concept: I originally saw Woe as a former slave who sympathized with his slavers, and became a slaver himself. Later I saw him as someone that was dedicated to the idea of order, law. He's always been a mopey guy, kinda miserable and dull of personality.

But I have to admit feeling intrigued by the subtle sadness of this character. In the end, he's just another PC, looking to survive and find a purpose.
Appearance: Pale skin, pale blue eyes (From his father), dark brown and almost black hair. He's fairly tall, standing at Six feet and two inches.

Mortal Parent:

Name: Erastus
Created by: Woe
Race: Human
DOB: arc 657 19th of Cylus
Title: Weaver of the Webspinners
Blessings/Curses: Lethroda
Skills: 30 Persuasion/ 20 Leatherworking/ 20 Whip/ 15 Bartering/15 Psychology
Other Information: Former slavemaster of Woe. He runs a household out of Mid-Town, but conducts a barely legal slave trade out of Low-Town, where it's bound to draw less notice. He has several contacts within the Justice system, who he pays and cajoles to overlook his trafficking of slaves. His front operation in Low-Town, where his unluckiest chattel are housed, is a simple company that trades material commodities, providing leatherwork to various enterprises and for those who need leather products. The side-effect of running a leather-working facility and tannery, is that nobody important wants to visit in person unless they're happy with the scent of tanning animal skins.

^^^ That was his original write-up, as found in the Rynmere Development thread. He's dead now.

He makes an appearance in Woe's Lethroda Blessing thread as well as the Mortalborn Story.

Mortalborn story:

Eight wax candles were lit around Erastus, dyed with the blood of innocents. The ritual was perfect, the scene set. The young Leatherworker was ready to earn his way into the Webspinners.

Most webspinners were born into it, or rather abducted by the Lady of Crows, Labrae and indoctrinated as they grew. Erastus would be different, he was determined. A fair hand at bartering, persuasion, and psychology, perhaps he was exhibiting some hubris, in thinking his feeble skills would be enough to sway the Immortal of Manipulation. At the last, he had to adopt a sense of fatalism, what would happen, would happen.

I will not be turned away by my doubt. So saying this to himself, he proceeded with the ritual.

The squaling of a newborn babe issued from the dais that was encircled by those eight candles. It was a child that Erastus had abducted for just this purpose. He drove the young maggot's parents to ruin, in effect killing them. When the magistrate heard the child's case, and looked to those assembled if any would claim responsibility for the child, Erastus rose his voice. He'd already made a deal with the judge in case any others spoke for the child. There was something to be said for bribing low-level officials.

So he brought the babe here, never even bothering to give him to a wet nurse. He'd timed the ritual perfectly to the day that the parents died, and the child became his property.

In the depths of that Low-town basement, he was ready to kill a babe for Sintra's favor.

He lifted the athame in the air, chanting in a strange coded tongue only known to the Webspinners. That bit of knowledge had been difficult to extract. He didn't want to think of what he'd done to achieve it.

Taking a deep breath after the last incantation, he drove the athame down.

The tip barely nicked the child's skin before a swath of blackened webbing took hold of his arms, wrenching him backward. Erastus shouted in alarm, the child's squaling growing louder. Something was putting pressure on his chest. It was simply too dark to make out what was happening behind him, but he could see clearly the child on the dais, lit by candles. And the tall figure standing over it, gingerly picking it up and then smiling toward Erastus. In a moment, the child and Labrae were gone.

Leaving Erastus with whoever, or whatever was dragging him against the wall, toward the ceiling. His arms adhered to the ceiling, then his legs were bound. Finally, his neck was drawn backward. At the last moment, he noticed a pair of blood red eyes in the darkness.

Somehow he knew before she told him. Afterall, that was what this entire ritual had been dedicated to. But he never dared to expect...

"Sintra..." He rasped, barely breathing as the webbing dug into the skin of his neck.

She said nothing, but seemed to purr as she drew him into a kiss. He felt Lethroda on the bottom of his tongue as hers explored his mouth. He also felt a sudden sting in his lower abdomen. The rest was a haze, and he knew little apart from the fact that she was having her way with him. When he realized what that might mean, he nearly screamed into the kiss they were sharing.

She drew away from that kiss as she realized his thoughts, "Oh, don't worry Erastus. It won't be me that kills you, though we share our flesh now. But be warned, it will be your own flesh that will kill you one dark night, not unlike this. Take this as a warning and the only other boon I will ever give you, apart from my mark."

She smiled at him, and after the act was consumated, slowly drew away.

He rested then, bound to the ceiling by her darkened webbing.

When he awoke, he found himself in his own bed. A profound disappointment befell him then. Had that been a dream? He rushed to the nearest bronze mirror, and checked his tongue, the bottom of it. A sense of relief washed over him, when he spotted her mark. While the details of what had happened may have been a dream, he was most certainly alive, with Lethroda, and the ritual had been a resounding success.

Many Seasons later, he heard a knock at his shop, followed by the cawing din of a murder of crows. He opened the door to be greeted. Not by who he presumed would be there. Labrae, if she'd been there, was gone. And at the doorstep, was a young babe. Resembling the one that he'd nearly sacrificed seasons prior, only older. With a shock of dark brown, almost black hair on his head, and a sullen look. He knew then, that Labrae wanted him to raise this child as a Webspinner, perhaps as part of his initiation into their family.

So he did his best to guide the young Woe to adulthood, and at the right moment granted him a longer leash. It never occurred to him that he might have been the product of the union between himself and Sintra.

To the day he released Woe from his servitude, he never had a natural born child of his own, fearful that they would be his doom.

Mortalborn domains: Ignorance, Hierarchy, Scorpions.

Mortalborn abilities:

Scorpions: Sting and Claw: "As the son of Sintra, Woe is the child of the queen of arachnids. This fact is made no clearer than when he is in combat and feels as though his life is threatened. The skin up to his upper arms shifts, turning a deep black and hardens, becoming like armor. It appears as though his arms have become coated in the glassy onyx chitin of a black scorpion. He becomes more resistant to damage and can tolerate heavy impact upon his freshly armored arms. Along with this transformation, his arms and hands become capable of moving much faster and his grip strength is enhanced substantially. Additionally his nails now produce a subtle venom that causes numbness to areas that are scratched. This venom lasts for three breaks before dissipating. String and Claw will last for a maximum of ten bits before the transformation begins to fade. It can be used once per trial."

Hierarchy: As Above so Below

Hierarchy often enough is a pyramidal structure, with those privileged few standing at the top. Meanwhile, those lesser privileged, more numerous individuals occupy the lower strata. The obligations of either group differ from system to system. Yet what endures is that inferiors will provide comfort and support superiors, while superiors are responsible for the defense of inferiors.

As the Mortalborn of Hierarchy, Woe can move up and down this pyramidal ladder at need, with surprising ease and mobility. When the blame or responsibility for action would fall to someone aligned with Woe, he can reassign that blame/responsibility to himself, to a superior, an equal, or one among the lower echelons of the hierarchy he occupies. Alternatively, he can drop in rank to evade consequences of faulty leadership decisions (for when he finds himself at the top of the hierarchy). When punishment or consequence would fall on those that are his peers and thus include him, he may move upward to higher ranks/echelons, to avoid the consequence.

This ability can be invoked twice per season. However, Woe cannot maneuver up a hierarchy if he is at the top, as a leader. Nor can he lower himself when at the bottom, as a slave.

viewtopic.php?f=367&t=20439 (Approved Here)

"Ignorance: Agent Unknown

"As a result of his distinct lack of personal magnetism and general dullness, he can make a person to forget meeting him, if he chooses. He must lock eyes with them, and concentrate. They will forget having associated with him. In his place, they will simply remember a person whose name they failed to catch for each instance of his involvement with them. As an added bonus, once per trial Woe can force them to forget a specific piece of information, detail, object, or person that he chooses. Depending on the strength of that person's association with the said object, detail, or subject, the memory will return within a few seasons or cycles or arcs. As a negative side to this domain, every time he chooses to remove the memory of himself from another person, he also loses his memory and knowledge of them in the same way. If for any reason the other regains their memory of the other person, the recovery of that knowledge is mutual."

viewtopic.php?f=367&t=20131 (Rework Approved here)
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RP Medals

Re: Woe

Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:57 pm

As of the 13th of Zi'Da 719:

1st Masterwork Outfit: A navy velvet surcoat covers Woe well below his knees, trimmed around the collar and neckline with ermine, with silver buttons fastening the surcoat's front seam. Gloves of velvet, starched around the longish cuffs, are threaded with silver cloth. Breeches of black leather, boots of black leather are worn beneath the surcoat. A belt and baldric with silver buckles cinched the surcoat at the waist.
2nd Masterwork Outfit: Woe wore a silken, dark sapphire blouse beneath a black tweed doublet, fastened by silver buttons. Cloth of silver cravat around his neck was tucked into the neckline of his vest. Tweed trousers of black color with diamond-quilted stitching. Shoes of black, polished leather. Wrist-length gloves of black tweed. Over it all, he had a black velvet cloak, lined with royal blue and cloth of silver brocade.
3rd Masterwork Outfit: Woe was wearing a jacket of dark crimson velvet over a black silk, button-up shirt with onyx buttons. Trousers of sturdy, brown leather with diamond pattern quilted stitching. A cloth of onyx cravat wrapped around his neck and tucked into the neckline of his coat. On his feet were a pair of polished dancing shoes.
4th Masterwork Outfit: Woe wore a long-sleeved, blue-gray silk jacket covered him to well above his knees and was loosely tied with onyx string at the bottom right side. The sleeves of his jacket are quite wide and reach down to his wrists, they're decorated with a single cloth of onyx thread lining at the sleeve ends. The jacket had a deep v-neck which revealed part of the simple, pale purple silk shirt worn below it and was worn with a black cloth neck tie, held in place by a flint broach. The necktie was made of satin. His black pants were simple and quite wide and reach down to his hard leather boots. The boots were made from a tough leather, but are otherwise a common design.
5th Masterwork Outfit: Covering Woe's shoulders is a black, quilted wool jacket, stitched with cloth of silver in a diamond pattern. Beneath it he wears a wool shirt of pale dark blue, which hangs freely over a pair of black breeches made of quilted leather, in the same diamond pattern as the jacket, with similar silver stitching. He wears a pair of black knee boots on his feet.
6th Masterwork Outfit:
7th Masterwork Outfit:
8th Masterwork Outfit:

House of Woe

House in Etzos (GIVEN UP)
3 small bedrooms
Master Kitchen, Master Bathroom
Hidden dungeon/basement :twisted:

+1 Prisoner
-1 Prisoner
0 Prisoners currently
Treth Almshouse and Farmhouse sold Early Ashan 720

Tier 8 Farm Manor in Ne'haer territory (Treth): 4+ acres

Rooms: 2 distinct buildings, the Treth Almshouse, and Plantation facilities.

Almshouse facilities:

1 huge 1 Dormitories for Almshouse.
1 Large 1 Dining Area
1 Average 1 Big Kitchen
1 Small 1 Broom Closet

Treth House:

1 large 1 Large Study.
2 average 1 Master Bedroom, 1 Big Kitchen.
2 small 1 Reception to an office, 1 examination room for a doctor.

1st floor: Large Study, Reception to an office, examination room for a doctor, Big Kitchen.
2nd floor: master bedroom


Tier 6 Items
  1. Edibles:Edibles available at Tier 6 are likely to be of average or good quality, with some processing and variety (e.g. bread, butter, cheese, fish, salted meat, all kinds of fruit and veg). There is access to a good variety and quality of seasoning. Sweet treats of honey, unrefined sugars, and more candies are available. Expensive or rare items are limited.
  2. Medicine & Drugs: Medicines and alcohol available at Tier 6 are likely to be of average or good quality. Expensive or rare items are limited.[/note]
  3. Clothing: 4 outfits, three of average quality and one of good quality
  4. Jewelry: 2 sets of good-quality jewelry.
  5. Armor: 1 masterwork quality aketon, padded coat.
  6. Shield: Tier 4 blood metal buckler
  7. Weapons: Average+ Copper and Iron bladed Scourge; average+ blood metal flail
  8. Mount: 1 average+ quality curly horse.
Trash left in Withersfield
  • Brown leather pants, undergarments, and a pair of brown leather boots. All clothing is standard quality.
  • A flimsy Scourge
  • a cattle-driver hat
  • a large, black leather coat
  • leather padding
  • Plate armor
  • Plate pauldron
  • Plate pauldron
  • leather gauntlets
  • leather fauld
  • leather greaves
  • leather lamellar tunic
  • good plate helmet
  • crossbow
  • 20 good bolts
  • Tower Shield
  • crossbow spanner
  • Leather armor plate covering.
  • A Scorpion (Iron Scourge)
  • A one-handed sword
  • A flail (Good Quality) - The handle is made from a hardwood, capped at either end with iron. THe chain is about four inches long, with the spiked metal, oblong head being one inch thick where it meets the link, up to three inches thick at the end.
Basic Quality Hone Grimoire
Acquired here

Basic Quality: Core Runes, Novice.

Contains information regarding runes of touch, strength, endurance, weakness, trap technique, dismissal technique and diffuse technique.
Average Quality Hone Grimoire
Acquired here

Average Quality: Core Runes, Umbral Runes, Competent.

Yet to be read.
Average+ book of Webspinner Nursery Rhymes (Encrypted)

"Labrae, a child suffers,
Wishes to go away,
From home and shelter,
To weave and play."

Point Bank Items
  • [*]101 Ships biscuits Donated to Ne'haer city council.
  • Master's Ring
  • Ring of Reversal
  • Portal Footwear: Boot Buckles.
  • Stone Horse
Armor and Weaponry:

Steel Rapier (sold)
Status: Sold in mid Vhalar
Condition: 100%
Quality: Good+
Wounds: 0
Kills: 0
Black Snake Whip
Condition: 100%
Status: In possession
Quality: Average
Wounds: 0
Kills: 0

Description: The snake whip is around 1.5 meters long, with a slack handle and lead-filled handle knot for use as a blackjack.
Grave Gold Cane-Sword (Sold Zi'da 719)
Condition: 100%
Status: Sold Zi'Da 719
Quality: Masterwork+

Description: The blade had sharpened, triangular point and cross section running up from handle to tip, and was incredibly light, with excellent flex and control. The pistol-grip is weighted, to lend even more point control and balance to the blade. It shone with a strange patina, in fact, Grave Gold. A metal cane, with a scorpion's sting shaped into the grip, with the claws twining around the cross section. The case is made from a grave-gold inner sheath, with an ironwood frame around it.

Acquired: viewtopic.php?f=88&t=20457
Grave Gold, Spidersilk, Blacksnake Whip (Sold to a local smith)
Condition: 100%
Status: Traded in on 45th Zi'Da 719
Quality: Masterwork+

Description: The whip, braided with spider silks of black and reds interwoven, was braided with expert skill. Inside the strap, small metal balls of pure grave gold and pure copper were oiled to resist corrosion. At the soft handle knot of the blacksnake whip, was contained a large grave gold ballbearing. The grave gold shell was filled with some lead in its core to increase the weight and balance. The hard ballbearing served well as an option to bludgeon into the bargain.

Acquired: viewtopic.php?f=169&t=20532
Grave Gold Spiked Flail
Condition: 100%
Status: In Possession
Quality: Masterwork+

Description: A one-handed flail with a 24 inch rod of grave gold, with roughly six holes drilled out of the top of the rod, for chains to weld onto. The handle was full-metal grave gold construction, crafted into the shape of an Imperial Gladius grip. The flail portion consists of four separate spiked chains a foot in length, with two large spiked heads, and two smaller bladed heads. All metal in the flail is of grave gold.
Adamantite Long Seax (Bought Cylus 720)
Condition: 100%
Status: In Possession
Quality: Masterwork+

Description: A hilt with a round pommel, handle wrapped in sharkskin, and a bronzed, round cross-section. The blade 24" long, wide enough for chopping, but tapering narrowly about six inches from the tip.
Steel Mesh Whip (Acquired Saun 718)
Condition: 100%
Status: In Possession
Quality: Average

Description: A simple steel whip made of metal mesh, about a meter and a half long, with a solid iron handle and leather grip.
Tier 6 Grave Gold armor (Acquired late Ashan 720)
Condition: 100%
Status: In posssession
Quality: Masterwork

Description: The metal of the armor itself was of a golden color, only having begun to earn its blood marks. The cloth that accompanied the armor was darkest black.

As for its construction, the suit began with a maile coif and half-mask that covered Woe's upper face. The chain portios of the coif had thick, silken underpadding. The mask molded in the likeness of a demon's eyes, with a few other motifs besides. From the coif, a mantle of maile and silken padded cloth covered his neck and shoulders. Polished scale lamellar covers his chest, in a cuirass. From the cuirass, a pair of maile and padded silk sleeves ended in protective vambraces.

A half-skirt of lamellar scale protected his legs, their scales swept around in Imperial style. A girdle of gravegold protected his midsection. Around the legs, a pair of chain leggings with black silk underpadding. Finally, a pair of sabatons that protected his feet.
Tier 6 Grave Gold full metal targe (Acquired late Ashan 720)
Condition: 100%
Status: In posssession
Quality: Masterwork

Description: The targe shield is around 2' in diameter, almost as small as a buckler, with a boss set in the middle, several small spikes protruding from the front of the boss. A light mesh valance, about two feet wide and three feet long hangs from the bottom of the targe, as protection against low projectiles.

Old Ledger
Starting Package 100 gn 100 gn
Bullwhip 20 gn 80 gn
Scourge 40 gn 40 gn
Loan of 200 gn 230 gn to be paid by Ymiden 717 0 240 gn
Wardrobe Purchases 215 gn 8 sn 4 cn 24 gn 1 sn 6 cn
A large, canvas rucksack with shoulder straps. Not waterproofed. 8 sn 23 gn 3 sn 6 cn
Sold into Slavery Assets Liquidated Everything Nothing left
Ymiden 718 job 0 473 gn 1 sn
Rent (Good 2 room Cabin around Yaralon paid until 27th of Vhalar) 90 gn 0
Woe finds five gold nels on some corpses 0 5 gn
Woe gets his house confiscated in Rynmere with the loan and account dissolved 1 starter house 0
Bought a grain flail 6 gn 0
Leather armor plate covering 78 gn (est.) 0
Armor/crossbow stuff bought 185 gn (est.) 0
A Scorpion (Metal Scourge) 50 gn (est.) 0
A one-handed arming sword 20 gn (est.) 0
Tower Shield 20 gn (est.) 0
Renting in Yaralon 108 gn (est.) 0
Small renown reward for reaching 50 0 300 gn
Purchased a good flail in Withersfield 1st of Vhalar 718 90 gn 0
Wardrobe Update Vhalar 718 99 gn 1 sn 5 cn 0
Leather Lamellar Tunic 10 gn 0
Total Currency/Debt: 0 ON, 21 GN, 9 SN, 5 CN

Wealth Tier: 6
Wealth Skill: Whip
Purchases/Wages Adj. Total Wealth Points
Approval 0 66 WPs
T5 Starting Equipment marked by (T5SP) 0 66 WPs
Ymiden Wage 719 +11 77 WPs
1st ofVhalar 719 Traded T4 steel buckler for T4 Plate Mitton (T5SP) 0 77 WPs
1st ofVhalar 719 Traded 2 Average Embersteel Scourges for 2 Average Embersteel Gauntlets (T5SP) 0 77 WPs
for 2 masterwork outfits for Werthom -1 76 WPs
for 4 Average outfits for Werthom -1 75 WPs
for 4 Average outfits for Werthom sold back +1 76 WPs
Bought a Steel Rapier (Good+) -10 66 WPs
Sold a Steel Rapier (Good+) +10 76 WPs
Bought an average snake whip. (within tier) 0 76WPs
Bought a masterwork+ grave gold cane-sword -14 62WPs
Saun Wage +12 74WPs
Vhalar Wage +13 87WPs
Traded T4 Plate Mitton for a Good T4 Silk Padded Cloak (Shield) (T5SP) 0 87WPs
1 Masterwork+ spidersilk and grave gold blacksnake whip -14 73WPs
Severance Package season of Vhalar 719 -2 71WP
T8 Plantation Manor in Treth + 4 acres of additional land -28 43WPs
Bribe -1 42WPs
Lessons in sword -2 40WPs
Playing it safe, paying someone's debt -1 39WPs
73rd of Zi'Da 719 sold his masterwork canesword +14 53WP
Zi'Da wages +14 67WP
Medicines for Emelia Enners -5 62WP
Bought eight masterwork outfits -4 58WP
Traded Masterwork+ Grave-gold and Spidersilk Blacksnake for a Masterwork+ Grave Gold Spiked Flail Zi'Da 45th 719 0 58WP
720 Cylus Wage +25 83 WP
Bought a Masterwork+ Adamantite Long Seax Cylus 6th 720 -15 68WP
Sold his land in Treth, plus the farmhouse and almshouse +28 wp 96 WP
Bought a tier 6 set of grave gold armor (masterwork) -12 wp 84 WP
Paid Fleaface for services rendered. -1 83 WP
Paid Fleaface for services rendered. -3 80 WP
Ashan 720 Wage +26 106 WP
Purchased Courier Service (Ymiden 720) -1 105 WP
Purchased samples of Faldruunium (Ymiden 720) -2 103 WP
Alms for the Affluent (Ymiden Wage 720) +27 130 WP
Purchase of a full shipment of Faldruunium enough for 7 weapons, 1 of which Woe will be keeping for himself. (Ymiden 720) -14 116 WP
Purchased a Masterwork+ Faldrunium Chainmail Bullwhip with fire-warded golden salamander leather grips and sheath/sleeve -16 100 WP
Purchased a tier 10 house with renown discount 1/2 off -43 57 WP
Purchasing a series of trap-doors and Household Items for the Undercroft of his Townhouse -2 55 WP

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RP Medals

Re: Woe

Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:59 pm

Item/ ThreadFameTotal
Being Human Rynmere +10 +10
Being Human in Rynmere +10 +20
Being a Trafficker Rynmere -10 +10
General Good Deed (Maltruism) Rynmere +1 21
Enforcing City law - no snake wrestling in the street (Maltruism) Rynmere +2 23
Masquerade Ball (Pegasus) Rynmere +10 33
Snatching Victory from the jaws of Defeat Yaralon 5 38
Woe Eats Crow Yaralon 5 43
Best three out of five Rynmere 5 48
Intensive Care 3 50 (rounding down for the new system)
Thread Wrapped in Scarf Man Yaralon 10 60
Waylaid near Warrick's Watch Rynmere 10 70
Woe is Me Yaralon 5 75
Rynmeran Dandy Etzos 10 85
Rise of the Fallen Yaralon 5 90
Right by Combat Etzos 10 100
A Long Cold Look in the Mirror Etzos 10 110
The Woe of Aftermath Etzos 10 120
Whats New Pussy Cat? Etzos 5 125
Minute Men Yaralon 10 135
Roadside Assassins, I mean Assistance Ne'haer 10 145
Echo of Morandi Ne'haer 10 155
What's in a Name? Ne'haer 5 160
Return to Etzos 10 170
Eighteen Lashes Etzos 5 175
Deeper in Cups Ne'haer 5 180
Whip it! Ne'haer 10 190
Ordinary People Etzos 5 195
It's so easy to forget Etzos 10 205
Playing it Safe Etzos 5 210
From the West Etzos 10 220
Luxuria Aranea Etzos 5 225
Council Murder: Inquest Ne'Haer 10 235
This Pain is Mine Etzos 10 245
A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned Ne'Haer 15 260
Pit of Lashes Ne'Haer 5 265
Getting Salty Ne'Haer 5 270
One thing drives out another Ne'Haer 5 275
Hurt Me Ne'Haer 10 285
Allow Us Ne'Haer 10 295
Chamber of Anguish Ne'Haer 5 300
Catch a Scorpion by the Tail Ne'Haer 5 305
Boy Howdy Yaralon 10 315
Lost Stars Rynmere 5 320
Loveless Ne'haer 10 330
Four Corners of a Corruption Ne'haer 10 340
Alms for the Affluent Quacia 10 350
War and Hospitality Quacia 10 360
101 Ship's Biscuits Quacia 10 370
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RP Medals

Re: Woe

Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:59 pm

Arc 717-718
Best Three out of Five?: Cylus 1
The Cat's Half in the Bag: Cylus 6
Acquiring the Totem Anaconda Cylus 6
Other End of the Chain: Cylus 9
Playing to the deaf Cylus 12
Midwinter Masquerade Ball: Cylus 13th
Legality of MagicCylus 13th
Intensive Care Cylus 20th
Walking Target Cylus 28th
Ring of Lashes: Saun 1

Arc 718
Birthday Gift 4TH TRIAL OF CYLUS
Give me Freedom, Oar Else 29TH TRIAL OF CYLUS
Nightmire Run at Maiden's Refuge 4TH TRIAL OF YMIDEN
Snatching Victory from the jaws of Defeat 30TH TRIAL OF YMIDEN
The Healer and the Tormentor 30TH TRIAL OF YMIDEN
Woe eats Crow 50th Trial of Ymiden
Thread-Wrapped-In-Scarf Man 58th of Ymiden
Withersfield belongs too the Gourds 68th of Ymiden

Arc 719
Rynmeran Dandy 1st of Ymiden 719
Right by Combat 1st of Ymiden 719, 12th break
A Clutter of Three 3rd of Ymiden 719
Unraveling the Servant 3rd of Ymiden 719
Watching the Watcher 31st of Ymiden 719
A Long Cold Look in the Mirror 68th of Ymiden 719
What's New Pussy Cat? 69th of Ymiden 719
From the West 8th of Saun 719
We're Frightened and We Need to go Home 9th of Saun 719
Quacian Botany 1st of Vhalar 719
Mycology, Miasma, and Murder?! 8th of Vhalar 719
Return to Etzos 10th of Vhalar 719
Fleecing Fleaface 14th of Vhalar 719
Wall Flower of the Crescent Arena 20th of Vhalar 719 Early Morning
Ordinary People 20th trial, Vhalar, 719 Afternoon
Remember that you must die 23 Vhalar 719
Playing it S A F E 24th Vhalar 719, 13th break
Down Came the Rain and Washed the Spider Out 28th of Vhalar 719 14th break
Crossed Swords and Double Jeopardy 35th of Vhalar 719
Farewell to Fleaface 36th of Vhalar 719
Eighteen Lashes PT 1 36th of Vhalar 719 - 39th of Vhalar 719 Morning - 40th of Vhalar 719 early morning.
Thread of the Webspinner 39th of Vhalar 719 Evening
To Posture is not Divine 40th of Vhalar 719 Noon/afternoon
It's so easy to forget 43rd of Vhalar 719
The Nurse is In 44 of Vhalar 719
Get Out of my Dreams 44th of Zi'da 719
Quacian Safari 50th of Vhalar 719
Roadside Assassins, I mean Assistance 60th of Vhalar 719
House of Savagery 61st of Vhalar 719
Wicker's Funeral 63rd of Vhalar 719
The Echo of Morandi 68th of Vhalar 719
Whats in a Name? 71st of Vhalar 719
Deeper in Cups 71st of Vhalar 719
Whip It! 83rd of Vhalar 719
Small Talk in Lochgrass 90th of Vhalar 719
A Haunting Hunt 118th of Vhalar 719
A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned 2nd of ZI'da 719
Nostalgia 12th of ZI'da 719
Old Habits 71st of Zi'da 719

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RP Medals

Re: Woe

Fri Dec 14, 2018 4:00 pm

Companions and Contacts:

Magic Mentor

Approved Here
Name: Brigantia
Race: Human/Ellune mix
Age: 14th Ashan 650
Title: Recluse of the Webspinners

Transmutation: 26
Empathy: 76
Attunement: 51
Textile Production: 51
Seduction: 26
Stealth: 20


Brigantia was always an unhappy child. Looked down upon by her pure-blooded siblings, and scorned for her human taint by her grand parents and extended family. From a young age, she grew to wish that she had no real relation to the people who raised her as their own, often entertaining such romantic ideas as joining a travelling carnival or mummer's group, or some other such thing.

So when Labrae appeared to her, it was hardly a frightening event. The Mother of Crows was perhaps the first adult who'd appeared to show kindness to Brigantia, and having heard her pleas from afar, offered to take her away from the family that never wanted her. Overwhelmed with a sense of belonging, Brigantia quickly stowed away what things she wanted to keep into a travel pack, and left with Mother.

Far from the bitter cold of her homelands, Brigantia took to the warm lands of Yaralon with enthusiasm. She learned the craft of weaving from her new siblings, who treated her far more friendly than her half-siblings and cousins had. When it came time for her to leave Labrae's nest, she did so reluctantly. She was nonetheless braced by the love the Mother had granted her, and took it with her outside of Yaralon, to experience the world beyond.

Her travels took her all along the Eastern regions of Idalos. Along the way, she used the wiles Labrae and the other webspinners had taught her to seduce a mage into teaching her the ways of magic. She forged a relationship with this man, and even married him for a time. Theirs was a tumultuous relationship, which didn't end until a freak accident with a magical missile from Brigantia's hand ended his life.

Brigantia never loved another after that incident, but took on trists here or there as needed to advance her interests and those of the Webspinners.

She fled justice as the jaws of consequence began to fall above her leaving to relocate in Westguard, Etzos. She relied heavily on her magical abilities to see her through the dangers of the wilderness. Eventually she did arrive at that final destination. Since then, she’s had only token interaction with other webspinners, yet awaits the Divine One’s call to action, as well as that of the Mother of Crows.

She lived for decades in Etzos, developing her magical capabilities, especially those relating to Transmutation.

Brigantia helps Sintra and Labrae whenever they need her. Often taking webspinners under her wing when they need a place apart from Labrae, for some 'emotional adjustments'. As a master mage, she commands a good amount of power and influence within the Webspinners, but has yet to teach even one student.

As one living independently of the Webspinners at the moment, she is not in regular contact with Labrae or her brood, plying her weaving crafts as a front for her activities as a mage and webspinner, and promoting her old family whenever it is required.

Appearance: She's grown old, but still rather tall as a half-breed ellune. She stands at 6'4" with snow-white skin, and black, salt-pepper hair. She wears the finest of garments, and always carries a cane around with her while out and about in Westguard in Etzos. She's also a habitual smoker, carrying the trappings of that hobby: A pipe, and tobacco in a pouch. The ease of her lifestyle betrays her affluence.

Reasons for taking on students: She would only grant an initiation to a fellow Webspinner, and never any other. As such, when Woe appears at her doorstep, they get to negotiating the prices of clothing. Eventually it becomes clear to one another that they are in the presence of another Webspinner, and forge an accord of sorts.

Woe wishes to learn magic from her when he realizes she is a mage, in order that he might serve the Divine One better.

Approved: viewtopic.php?f=369&t=20652
Name: Stoll Moritan
City Location: Ne'haer
DoB: 23rd of Vhalar 665
Race: Human
Organization: Stone Dungeon torturer.
Hone (Umbral): 76
Attunement: 40
Abrogation: 26
Torture 76
Unarmed Combat 26

Bio: Stoll is a professional, who worked on behalf of the authorities in the Stone Dungeons. Here, he was almost made a warden, but thrown out for visiting cruel and unusual punishment on the wrong inmate. The inmate was well connected, and when he died it went out to the underworld who was responsible for it. As Stoll was nobody important, it was a simple matter to discredit him.

Since then, he's been disgraced and cast out of society, reviled by those above and forced to live out his life in the Underground. The family of the inmate he killed wished for him to be imprisoned, but his might in magic prevented them from apprehending him. As such, the administrators of the Stone Dungeon decided that the Underground would be his prison.

There he stalks the Underground halls, looking for heretics to bend, break, trap, and destroy. His Spark of Abrogation has grown accustomed to his need to enact justice upon the deserving (In his opinion), while the Hone Spark delights in the art of torment, and seeks to unleash new and innovative ways to break his quarry.

Since his disgrace and removal from his post, he's mostly a thing of rumor, stalking the Underground for victims that he deems menaces to society. He has very little influence anymore, and has never really been much of one to fight for his place in society. He's content to do as he does in the Underground.

Woe at first encounters Stoll when he tries to visit the Shrine of Sintra in the Underground. He takes Woe (rightfully) for a heretic, and attempts to trap him. He succeeds, and in a series of threads keeps him prisoner in his hideout. There, he proceeds to torment Woe, and they undergo a battle of wills, one between the other. Woe trying to persuade him to join the Webspinners of Ne'haer, and Stoll stoicly refusing, and trying to reprogram Woe and 'rehabilitate' him.

Eventually, Woe makes a persuasive enough argument that Stoll relents, and the ex-slave's will wins out. Further, he agrees to become Woe's master in the magic arts, and the arts of torture.

Appearance: A pale man with white hair, his face is scrunched in, part of a mutation from Abrogative influences. The scars on his face are almost caving in upon themselves, creating ridges and bulges here or there. All over his body, runic tattoos glow dark, standing out upon the vision as one sees them.

Otherwise see pic^^^

Relationship: Stoll will come to see Woe as a protege of sorts. While he'll never be as dedicated to Sintra's cause as Woe, he does see the pragmatism in having such a patron, in ensuring the apprehension and punishment of heretics and criminals. He will aid Woe so long as Sintra's directives are good for Ne'haer.

Stoll's sparks, on the other hand, revel in the idea of imparting one or more of their child sparks to the Mortalborn. They actively encourage Stoll toward this end, and end up being the deciding factor in prompting him toward the Webspinner's side.


Leveled up Axes & Bludgeons +20
Leveled Up +5 Axes & Bludgeons +5 Resistance

Name: Fargis “Fleaface” Cutler
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 15th of Zi’Da, 669

Endurance: 80 (Master)
Axes & Bludgeons: 76 (Master)
Discipline: 51 (Expert)
Deception: 51 (Expert)
Detection: 51 (Expert)
Running: 28 (Competent)
Resistance: 31 (Competent)
Intelligence: 26 (Competent)
Caregiving: 20 (Novice)
Medicine: 14 (Novice)

Appearance: 5’7” tall, thin and reedy of build. His eyes are black, his hair is brown. He has a crooked nose that has been jabbed out of place a few too many times. His mouth and lips are wide, the better to make his insults heard. He often wears shabby wools and linen clothing, and usually carries a bottle of whiskey with him, if not a tin of smokes.

Personality: Abrasive, rude, and clever are three words that strangely enough sum up the mixture of personality traits and flaws that embody Fleaface.

Relationship to PC: Webspinner double agent, sent along with Woe to Ne'haer to keep tabs on him, and make sure he doesn't further disobey Sintra or dishonor her.

Breen, Diri of Sorrow
Approved Here: viewtopic.php?p=139987#p139987
Acquired Here: viewtopic.php?f=88&t=21117


Base Quality: A highly intelligent dog with good quality training and conditioning. He can communicate with Woe telepathically whether in physical form or in spirit form.

Sinking into Sorrow: If, during the course of tribulation Breen becomes too injured to continue physically, he will sink into spirit form, where he will feed on his master's sorrow until he is ready to return to his physical form.

Drinking Sorrow: Breen can absorb sorrow directly from a person, or even ambient sorrow in the case that people are sharing their sadness. He can store this sorrow, and it makes him slightly stronger, but allows him to store a bit away for using his other abilities.
Must be unlocked in stories
Gift of Sorrow: When a person is undergoing moderate psychological or emotional distress of any kind (anger, envy, hate, delirium, or even catatonia etc.), Breen can effuse them with a sense of sorrow that relieves their mental distress. The person will have a cry for a few bits, and then feel better supposing the cause of their psychological/emotional distress doesn't persist, as in such ailments caused by curses/mark abilities/magic. In cases where the source of emotional distress persists, the gift of sorrow can only provide temporary relief, lasting at most a couple of breaks, during which they'll be receptive to psychological/emotional treatment in order to effect a more permanent improvement in their mental state. This gift can be given roughly once a trial by Breen.

Seeker of the Sorry: Breen has a nose for those who are sad or emotionally vulnerable. He'll be able to tell when someone is in deep emotional distress, regardless of how well they hide it. Additionally, he can track the emotional traces to their source in the case that he's not in the same area as the person in distress.

A black-furred Lysorian Shepherd Dog of average size, strength, and endurance. Although it is perfectly physically capable, to others it often appears gangly, awkward, and sad. He has deep, pale blue eyes.


Lottie Bird
Approved Here: viewtopic.php?f=369&t=20587

Name: Lottie Bird ; Lavender Crebain. (Buhlihsanuh)
Race: Yludih
Date of Birth: 100th Vhalar 656
Date of Death: 5th Cylus 710

Blades 20
Stealth: 30
Storytelling: 30
Rhetoric: 20


Lottie Bird: 4'11" human, short and plump, for one who has grown to a ripe old age. Her hair is stark white, with streaks of yellow in it. She has a bulbous aquiline nose. She often wears brown simple dresses, with splashes of color here or there. Wears a cap with a dyed crow's feather in it.

Lavender Crebain: 5'5" human, average musculature, and a youthful appearance. Her hair is ash blonde, her eyes are dark brown. She often wears athletic linens, an aketon and leggings that are brightly colored. She favors the color orange and yellow.

Personality: A mischievous old woman, or a mysterious younger one. She often plays Lottie as the estranged mother of her other form, Lavender. Lavender has nothing but trash to talk about her mother, and delights in playing games with people as the two forms play people off of each other. She's secretly a cultist who reveres certain Immortals that are taboo. Aelig, Sintra, and Syroa to name a few. Her devotion is mostly casual, though. She abides by the mystique of an old witch with a lot of stories to tell and her feisty daughter.

Relationship to PC: An acquiantance, possibly a friend and mentor.
Emma Heen
Approval: viewtopic.php?f=369&t=19659

Name: Emma Heen
Race: Human/Biqaj mutt
Ghost Class: Echo
Date of Birth: Arc 695 1st of Ymiden
Dagger 26
Stealth 26
Deception 26
Seduction: 22
Possession: 26
Materialization: 34

Approval of Skills:

viewtopic.php?f=369&t=20860 - Materialization +10

Appearance: Amber, shoulder length hair. Brown eyes, freckles. She stands at 5'8", wearing mostly plain clothes. She hides a stiletto on her at all times. There's a tattoo of a butterfly on her left wrist.

Personality: Emma was a woman embittered by her treatment by her parents, who cast her out at the age of fifteen. She had to live on the streets until she was eighteen, which is when she met a guardsman who she began to shack up with. He made unwanted sexual advances on her, which prompted the volatile girl to murder him in his sleep. She's been wanted ever since, and was hunted by Woe only to be taken under his wing.

She later betrayed him by selling him to Naer slave traders, and then took up refuge with Erastus, his old master. When he found out, much later, he flew into a rage from all she’d put him through and used appropriate self-defense methods to murder her, then murdered Erastus.

Emma will have only recently reemerged from the beneath to haunt Woe. Mentally twisted as she was in life, she’s alternately obsessed and dismissive of Woe, both wants and hates him at the same time. He became her anchor, and she followed quietly until the time when she was substantial enough to materialize before him in Etzos.

Relationship to PC: Formerly a friend that betrayed and sold him into slavery. Woe’s first love and murder victim.

Death Remnant: When Emma is around, people tend to accidentally cut themselves on sharp objects, if there are any around. Whether shards of glass, pieces of jagged metal, or just knives. While mortals are being possessed by her, they gradually begin to take on her brown eye color.

Method of Death: Woe stabbed her through the heart in Low Town, after defeating Erastus.

Character has appeared in the following threads and stories:

Approval: viewtopic.php?f=369&t=20346
Original Dev Entry Article: viewtopic.php?f=472&t=830&p=32657#p32657
Name: Erastus
Race: Human
DOB: arc 657 19th of Cylus
DoD: arc 718 33rd of Ashan
Title: Weaver of the Webspinners
Blessings/Curses: Formerly Favored Lethroda (Stripped from him after he died)

30 Tanning
30 Persuasion
20 Leatherworking
20 Whip
30 Possession
20 Siphoning
10 Materialization

Approval of Skills:

viewtopic.php?f=369&t=20860 - Siphoning +10

History: Former slavemaster of Woe. He runs a household out of Mid-Town, but conducts an extra-legal slave trade out of Low-Town, where it's bound to draw less notice. He has several contacts within the Justice system, who he pays and cajoles to overlook his trafficking of slaves. His front operation in Low-Town, where his unluckiest chattel is housed, is a simple company that trades material commodities, providing leatherwork to various enterprises and for those who need leather products. The side-effect of running a leather-working facility and tannery is that nobody important wants to visit in person unless they're happy with the scent of tanning animal skins.

Method of Death: Stabbed in the back by Emma Heen, then stabbed in the front by Woe until he died.

Death Remnant: Whenever Erastus possesses someone, they grow pale in the face as if suffering from a loss of blood. This is mostly a cosmetic change, but if a prolonged period of possession ensues, the possessed will begin to feel the sensation of a knife twisting in their back.

Relationship to Woe and appearances: He's appeared mostly in the background of Woe's stories on-site, but has made a direct appearance in his Lethroda Mark thread. He is Woe's mortal parent, although neither of them knows it.

Anchors: Woe is his first anchor. His second anchor is his house in Lowtown Andaris.

Anything else: He's become paternalistic in his ghostliness. His death has driven much of his former drive and ambition from him, for whatever reason. He's also descended from the House Morandi from Ne'haer. (That part will need input from Octopie)
Approval Link: viewtopic.php?f=369&p=127385#p127385
Name: Werthom
Race: Human female
Date of Birth: Ymiden 23rd, 709
Date of Death: Ymiden 60 719

Stealth: 26
Resistance: 26
Persuasion: 20
Detection: 20
Blades (Stilleto): 8

Appearance: Blonde hair, gray eyes, and standing at 4’0” tall. Werthom is compact but strong for her age. Her voice is soft and quiet, and Woe often has to ask her to speak up when they’re talking.

Personality: Werthom is an optimist, despite her harsh upbringing. Diligent and ambitious, she sees her adoption and apprenticeship to Woe as a chance to better her lot, where previously she’d been an orphan.

Relationship to PC: Adopted daughter, apprentice, and occasional catspaw. She's dead dead, passed on, no ghost. Poisoned by Vluharqih.

Acquaintances and Assets


Approval: viewtopic.php?f=369&t=20346

Name: Sywena Praide
Race: Biqaj
Date of Birth: Vhalar 87th 691

Detection: 30
Stealth: 30
Cryptography: 20
Rhetoric: 10
Running: 10
Storytelling: 10

Approval of Skills:

viewtopic.php?f=369&t=20860 - Crytography +10

Appearance: Sywena has short ash-blonde hair, hanging down to the top of her neck, and prominent biqaj ear points poking through the locks. Her eyes are amber. She stands at around 5'6", narrow of frame and long of limb. She often favors practical clothing that allows for a good range of movement, but doesn't stand out too much. Her favorite color is maroon.

Personality: A mousey, shy woman that is observant and generally good-natured. Her contemplative nature is something that her fellow Whispers admire her for, and they have confidence in her discretion in all their matters. However, the other side of her discretion is that she will cope with holding in secrets by making up stories. Sometimes including inscrutable elements of the secrets she's privy to. These are often nigh indecipherable unless one already knows of them.

Relationship to PC: She's going to be his contact and witness within the Whispers, and his introduction to the group.
Anything else you would like us to know. I plan to use her in plots in Ne'haer.

Approval: viewtopic.php?f=369&t=20346

Name: Toutouye
Race: Sev'ryn/Avriel
Date of Birth: Vhalar 87th 710

Endurance: 30
Resistance: 30
Fieldcraft: 30
Running: 10
Trapmaking: 10

Approval of Skills:

viewtopic.php?f=369&t=20860 - Trapmaking +10

Appearance: Wild, disheveled hair frames his face, and in fact nearly covers it in a curtain of wild, curly brown locks. His complexion is tanned, from much time spent in the sun from having lived in the wilderness for such a long time on his own. His eyes are black. He stands at 4' tall.

Personality: A brash and enthusiastic youth. He's unable to communicate verbally. Whether this is due to some physical anomaly or psychological trauma from the past, is a matter of conjecture. However, he can understand common well enough, and uses Common Sign fluently. He's lived in the wilderness for some time alone, getting by on his endurance and knack for fieldcraft.

Relationship to PC: Woe meets this boy on the road, and he acts as a guide of sorts for the Rynmerian. At the end of their trip, Woe ends up adopting him as his own, but Tsohon runs away before he can convince him to stay. Nevertheless, the boy often follows Woe when he ventures out of the cities. Toutouye seems afraid of civilization, for some unknown reason.
Anything else you would like us to know. Woe needs help getting to Ne'haer after his caravan gets sacked.

Approval: viewtopic.php?f=369&t=20220

Name: Petrusa
Race: Eidisi
Date of Birth: Cylus 21st, 668

Rhetoric: 20
Endurance: 20
Seduction: 20
Dance: 20
Psychology: 20

Appearance: Standing at 6', with a lithe willowy build, Petrusa is a rare eidisi beauty, with symmetrical features, dark blue skin, and dark sea-foam green hair and eyes.

Personality: Coy and cool of temperament. She enjoys physical exercise and dance as her activities of choice. She's capable enough in Rhetoric to keep pace with others in subjects they are competent in, although she only feigns knowledge most of the time.

Relationship to PC: His favorite courtesan.

Profession: High End Videnese Courtesan. Her highly prized services are to hold debates ranging on a variety of different topics. Whether she has sex with a client is entirely happenstance, and somewhat rare, as her services are mainly educational and cultural.

Approval: viewtopic.php?f=369&p=137829#p137829

Name: Chef Jordan Lindsay
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Ymiden 42nd 672

Cooking: 30
Logistics: 30
Baking: 15
Leadership 15
Appraisal: 10

Appearance: 6'1" tall, with a lean but muscular build. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He often wears the trappings of a dedicated chef.
Personality: Cantankerous and demanding, he requires excellence in all things. He frequently will bark outrage at those who fail to meet his standards, and his criticism is not limited to those below him.
Relationship to PC: One of (Or maybe the only) chefs that Woe has hired on to help devise a recipe for ship biscuit chowder.

Approval: viewtopic.php?f=369&p=137829#p137829

Name: Mustelo Catcher
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 669 Cylus 23rd

Hunting: 30
Butchering: 30
Trapmaking: 10
Woodworking: 10
Polearms: 10
Tanning: 10

Appearance: He stands at 5'4", with a stocky build, delineating his long lineage of miners that came before him. His graying, brown hair hangs from his scalp and beard in wiry strands. He often carries a series of cages and traps along with him as he goes about his work, catching rats and other critters for meat. He uses a staff as a walking stick and his weapon of choice when it comes to bagging his quarry.
Personality: Easy going and amiable, despite his ragged appearance, Mustelo is one of the up and coming rat catchers in the city, providing cheap meat to vendors around Ne'haer. Yurrova born, he comes from miner stock, which perhaps explains his short stature. He uses his low height as an asset as he navigates cramped tunnels in the underground and sewers, catching, cleaning, and dressing the corpses of rats.
Relationship to PC: One of the more prolific rat-catchers that Woe has hired on to keep the meat flowing for his food operation.

Approval: viewtopic.php?f=369&p=137829#p137829

Name: Gwarpy
Race: Biqaj
Date of Birth: 678 Saun 23rd

Unarmed Combat (Vy'Ufnaji): 30
Swimming: 30
Resistance: 20
Medicine: 10
Torture: 10

Appearance: He stands at 5'9", with a prodigiously fat build, owing that to his habit of imbibing legendary amounts of grog and eating fried foods. His skin is often greased with some form of ungeunt or another. He's entirely bald, with many decorative tattoos all over his head, body, and face. All along his skin are piercings, which catch with sharp edges on anyone who grazes his skin.
Personality: A bon vivant if ever there was one, he's nevertheless serious when it comes down to combat. He teaches Vy'Ufnaji in the Training Grounds of the Coliseum, yet has had not much luck in finding students lately, given the rise of popularity of Ki'enaq out of Etzos.
Relationship to PC: Woe meets him at the coliseum and convinces him to teach him the style of Vy'ufnaji.

word count: 4054
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