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Sun Sep 04, 2016 5:11 am

Doran Thetys

Credit for background texture used in this CS: jojo-ojoj@Deviantart

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Sun Sep 04, 2016 2:31 pm

Name: Doran Thetys

Age: 396 arcs (appears to be in his late twenties to early thirties)
Date of Birth: Ashan 25, Arc 322
Race: Mortalborn (son of Ziell and a human woman)

Marks: Sesser (Favored)

Factions Joined: N/A

Languages Spoken: Common (fluent), Rakahi (Broken), Ith'ession (Broken)

Partner: N/A
Sexuality: Bisexual
Faceclaim: Dimitris Alexandrou
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Sun Sep 04, 2016 3:05 pm

Standing at 6'3", Doran is noticeably taller than his immortal father, Ziell, but he resembles him in most other regards. His eyes are the same deep shade of blue as his father's, and his skin is lightly tanned and cool to the touch, even in summer when it is hot outside. His hair is the same shade of brown as Ziell's, but unlike his father he keeps it short, and he usually sports a well-trimmed beard.

He has broad shoulders and a strong jaw and is in perfect shape. His body is toned, with well-defined muscles, the result of arcs of training, and he has no scars or tattoos save for the mark of Syroa that manifests as an intricate tattoo of a pair of demon wings on his back.

His voice is deep and not unpleasant, and there is often an authoritative quality to the way he speaks that is perhaps the result of his long life and the way he lived it. He never slouches, but always stands and sits up straight and moves with purpose. He never fidgets and only gesticulates very sparingly as he disapproves of such behaviour, and he carries himself with utter confidence.

At present he appears to be a man in his late twenties or early thirties despite the fact that he is nearly four hundred arcs old.
There was a time when Doran resented his immortal blood because it kept him from leading a simpler life, but that time is long past now. These trials the son of Ziell is excessively proud of that which sets him apart from mortalkind and considers himself to be stronger and better than they are. At times he appears to be arrogant beyond measure and aloof. Most would consider him cold and unfeeling, as cold as the ice that is one of the defining characteristics of his father’s domain, but there are some things and some people that he cares or cared about. He is a dark man, but he is rarely violent without a reason or causes others pain simply for the sake of causing pain.

Doran is unlikely to voluntarily attend events where there are a lot of people present and alcohol flows freely, seeing little point in such activities, although he will not be uncomfortable if it is necessary for him to socialize in such a manner. He guards his private life closely. There are only a handful of people in all of Idalos that know who he really is and what he did, that he attacked an Immortal and lived to tell the tale. He is intensely aware of the fact that there are people that would kill him if they recognized him for what he is, but he is not afraid.

Such an emotion is foreign to him. He is simply careful. He hardly ever experiences anxiety or is indecisive. There are few things in Idalos that have the potential of really shocking him. In the nearly four hundred arcs that he has been alive he has experienced the best and worst of mortalkind and will thus simply watch indifferently where others start to panic.

The son of Ziell is a warrior - and a scholar, a scientist who observes his surroundings closely and rarely misses a detail. He is a scholar of life and death who seeks to change that which others claim cannot be changed. He is not the kind of man that condemnds others on a whim, but prefers to get to the bottom of things instead. Matters of race or religion are of little concern to him, although he despises weakness, in himself as well as others.
The son of Ziell was born in 322 when the kingdom of Rynmere was in its infancy and when Andaris was not yet surrounded by walls, when many of the things that today’s people take for granted did not yet exist.

The city was under attack from foreigners that had sailed up river to Lake Krome at the time of his conception, in 321. Doran’s mother, Amaya, was a diplomat in the service of the king who tried to help find a peaceful solution to the conflict that threatened the kingdom which was what attracted Ziell, who came to her the night she had returned home from the battlefield.

Doran’s childhood was relatively eventless, especially for the son of an Immortal. While not nobles, his mother and he were never wanting for anything, even during the war, although there were some that disapproved of the illegitimate child she had given birth to. There was always enough food on the table, and both mother and child had clean clothes and a roof over their heads. Neither was affording an education for the boy a problem.

Only once was the Mortalborn’s life in serious danger during those arcs. His mother had travelled to Ne’haer with him as she had found work there. A mage sought to Flay him for his divine spark. It was only due to a warning that Ziell had given her arcs earlier that mother and child were able to escape.

As a little boy Doran was not yet aware that he was different from his peers. He didn’t know who the man he had met on a handful of occasions after his birth really was. To him he was simply "father", and he loved him, as much as one could love a father that spent most of the time elsewhere – until he realized what being Ziell’s son meant. In time he realized that he didn’t age as those around him and possessed strange powers that set him apart from them, that they feared and sometimes envied and that made him a target. While they faded away within the blink of an eye, he retained his youth.

To hide his nature, he was forced to move from place to place and fake his death again and again.

When he died for the first time, he was nearing fourty, but still looked like a man in his twenties. He had been together with his first wife, a human by the name of Aura, for nearly fifteen arcs at that point, pushing the boundaries of what could be considered safe for one of his kind. They had bought a farm with the money that his mother had left to him and taken care of it together. There had even been a child once, a little girl, but she had not survived infancy.

One trial, while his wife was at the market, he set the barn on fire. The people in the village where he lived thought he had died then. Doran attended his own funeral, crying with them and mourning the life he had lost that trial, the illusion of normalcy.

Ten arcs later he faked his death again, helping a child that had fallen into a frozen river in the middle of winter. He had been playing the part of a warrior then. He had learned to use the sword out of necessity, to defend himself from those that wanted him dead and worked for a noble lord from the House of Endor. It was then that he discovered his first ability – the manipulation of temperature that allowed him to save the child from what would otherwise have been certain death. To that trial he considers it to be his best death for he didn’t leave anybody who would mourn his passing behind, no lover, no wife and no children.

Only once did he refrain from disappearing before the age of fourty and burning all the bridges behind him. He was nearly two hundred at the time and had decided to settle down in Viden after nearly two centuries of restlessness. He was masquerading as a student, laying the groundwork for what would later become his research and his lifeline. Chemistry, medicine and physics, the secrets of alchemy fascinated and fulfilled him more than the sword or the plough ever had. For a while he worked in the Infirmary, taking care of those that were considered beyond help and trying to come up with new kinds of medication, with something that would decrease pain, but have none of the side effects of opiates. In time he even became a professor, passing his knowledge on to others.

She was a young academic from Andaris, talented and ambitious, and skilled in the Disciplines of Transmutation and Dustforge. She had somehow recognized him for what he was, a child of an Immortal, but she did not try to kill him like so many mages he had met or draw back in fear. They became companions for nearly half a century, trying to uncover the way that the world worked together and change that which most people claimed could not be changed, and, for a very short time, lovers.

Through chemistry and medicine, through the application of rare herbs the Mortalborn tried to prolong his companion’s life. He even begged the Immortals to save her when she was dying, but of course all his efforts were in vain for blessings can be given, but immortality can never be shared.

In the end he left again, for Ne’haer and then Etzos and Andaris where he had been born such a long time ago, as lonely as he had ever been. It was then that he came to a decision: He would never again grow that attached to a mortal being but pursue knowledge, for in the end, when everything else was gone, only knowledge and memories remained.

In time he accomplished certain things and made certain inventions in his chosen field, but nobody would ever know that it was him for the need to hide what he was was paramount.
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Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:36 pm

Change: Phase Transition: By activating this ability, the Mortalborn can change his target's temperature and thus ultimately its phase, liquifying solid matter or turning liquids into gas - or achieve the opposite effect.

When using "Phase Transition" on an inanimate object such as a block of ice, the Mortalborn will usually experience headaches as well as, depending on the volume of his target, physical as well as mental exhaustion.

Even small temperature changes can have devastating effects on the body of a living being, and thus the side effects of using this ability on a living being are much more serious.

The Mortalborn will not only experience headaches and fatigue, but also get a taste of his own ability. If he tried to cool somebody’s blood down for example, he would start to shiver, his lips would turn blue, and he would find it harder to breathe.

He is, theoretically, able to kill his target with this ability, but any such attempts will bring the Mortalborn to the brink of death and have lasting negative effects on his health, and thus using “Phase Transition” in such a way can only ever be a last resort.
Darkness: Light Thief: By activating this ability the Mortalborn can steal the light from any source, and store it within himself so that he can see clearly in the middle of the night, if he so wishes. The duration of this ability depends on the strength of the source that the Mortalborn stole from. Side effects include headaches and, if the ability is used for longer amounts of time his eyesight will be affected. He might have visual hallucinations and see flashes of light even after turning his ability off for example.
Knowledge: Window to the Past: By touching a person’s skin the Mortalborn can access their recent memories. Prolonged contact allows him to look further into the person’s past. Those with skill in Meditation may be able to defend themselves. Using this ability more than once or twice per trial leaves the Mortalborn with severe headaches. Furthermore, looking into somebody's past can have scarring effects on his psyche.
Name: Amaya Thetys
Date of Birth: Cylus 64, Arc 291
Date of Death: Saun 14, Arc 360
Skills: Negotiation 30, Persuasion 30, Rhetoric 20, Observation 20
Face Claim: Noam Frost

History: Amaya Thetys was born in Andaris when the city was still under construction and when the protective walls had not been built yet. Her father was a diplomat in the service of the king, and she followed in his footsteps. In 321, when the city was attacked by foreigners, she was there, at the frontlines, hoping to help them find a peaceful solution – in vain. After her return to Andaris, she was visited by a handsome man - the Immortal Ziell. In 322 she gave birth to his son whom she raised alone. In 327 she travelled to Ne’haer with him as she had accepted a job there. They were both nearly killed by a mage who tried to Flay him. It was only due to a warning that Ziell had given Amaya arcs earlier that she managed to escape. Both mother and son eventually returned to Andaris where Amaya died in 360.

Appearance: Amaya was, at least at the time that she met Ziell, a tall woman, taller than average. She stood at 5'9", had pale skin, long dark hair and brown eyes. Few would have considered her to be attractive in the traditional sense, for she was too thin with too few womanly curves, but most would have agreed that she was interesting, fascinating even. She had little interest in jewelry or fancy clothes, preferring to wear practical things instead.

Personality: Amaya was a calm woman who rarely got angry, a peaceful woman who worried about those around her, sometimes more than she should. She abhorred war for in her opinion a war only had losers, never winners. She was also a kind woman who never denied those that suffered, even if it cost her dearly. Some would have called her slightly naive, but she never cared about them. She was also an intelligent woman who loved to read, one of the traits that she passed on to her son.


She had just returned from the frontline, physically as well as mentally exhausted and feeling much older than her thirty arcs. They had struck a peace bargain with the attackers, but it had been broken trials later. In the end they had won the war nevertheless, but at what cost? So many had died and those that had survived would forever bear the scars. The king had called it a great triumph, but to her it was nothing but a tragedy, born out of a perverted desire to betray, main and kill that seemed innate to most of mortalkind.

After having taken one look at her mistress‘ face, her servant had lit a fire in the fireplace. It was strangely cold outside, and it was getting a little colder with each passing bit, as if the Immortals had decided to ignore summer and immediately move on to winter. There she sat now, huddled in her armchair, a blanket wrapped around her body and a mug of hot tea in her hand, in a desperate attempt to get warm again, although she knew that the cold that she felt was not just physical. Her heart seemed to have turned to ice that trial.

He knocked on her door just as the sun was about to set, and the sky was darkening rapidly. He was a man of average height, lightly tanned, with brilliant eyes and long hair. "Will you let me in, Amaya?" he asked. "It’s cold outside." She thought it strange that he knew her name even though they had, as far as she knew, never met before and hesitated a bit, but then she saw that snow was beginning to fall. The stranger was only wearing a thin shirt that was woefully inadequate for the weather. Besides, there was something about him.

"Please do come in", she said. "My servant will give you something warm to drink and there is food as well. Do you come from far away? You look as if you have been on the road a while …"

The stranger smiled as he took a seat by the fireplace and gratefully accepted the cup of hot tea that Nell had brought him. "I have not travelled any further than you are going to travel a few arcs from now", he replied, and then added, "I know that you worry about Rynmere’s future, but there won't be another war like that for over a century."

"How do you know that?" she asked.

"I just do", he replied.

They spent the whole evening sitting there, in front of the fireplace, talking while snow was falling outside. She found herself growing unusually comfortable in his presence. It was as if she had known him all her life and had been waiting for that very moment, as if that was what she had been born for.

Finally, after the last cup of tea had been drunk and the fire had nearly stopped burning, the stranger rose to his feet and extended his hand for her to take it. "You are still cold. Come with me. Let me warm you." Together they walked up the stairs, into her bedroom. She wondered how he knew where it was when he had never been there before, but decided that it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that he was there, with her.

The sun was just about to rise again as the man next to her began to stir. She sat up in her bed, covering her chest with the blanket as she did so even though he had gotten to know her body intimately during the previous breaks. "Don’t go yet", she asked him and touched his arm. He smiled at her and kissed her once more. "I’m afraid that I have to, but I have left you a gift. I also have a warning for you. There will be a time where you’ll meet a man with eyes as pale as the moon above us in a place called Death’s Door. He will try to lure you into a false sense of security with sweet words. Do not trust him. Take my gift and run as fast as you can."
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RP Medals



Mon Sep 05, 2016 1:57 pm

Blades (Longsword)251/251Grandmaster35
Chemistry 100/100Grandmaster48
Endurance 27/250)Competent13
Gardening 5/250Novice4
Mathematics 3/250Novice4
Medicine 76/250Expert27
Fast Track Skill: Chemistry

Blades Capstone: Precise Riposte: With this ability, Doran's intimate knowledge of the longsword allows him to block blows from anything that can be wielded as a weapon in the hands, including weapons that would surpass the size and ability of his sword. In addition to completely stopping and redirecting the force of the incoming blow, Doran leaves himself open to make a riposte that utilizes the blade as if it were a much lighter weapon like an epee or a foil.

Chemistry Capstone: Omniscientia: Doran can identify any chemical upon inspection as long as he has studied at least one of its ingredients before. He does not have to conduct any of the complex analyses that less experienced chemists have to conduct and does not depend on a laboratory anymore. He can effectively through things such as sight or smell deduce its purpose and intent. He can of course also easily identify any chemicals that he has studied in any form before.

Alchemy Capstone: Residual Alchemy: Doran has learned to keep detailed track of which vials and beakers have residue from past experiments. As long as he uses his own equipment, he can imbue a free property into an item without needing the reagents for it once every three trials, by knowing which units to use in a particular process. Extremely potent reagents, such as the blood of Immortals, Mortalborns, mages or blessed characters, are exempt from this ability as they need to be used when they are still fresh. Doran needs to previously have used two doses of a reagent in order to have enough residue to imbue said free property, and the residue needs to come from something that he has made within the past season, otherwise his creation will be ineffective.

Skill Points Ledger
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Racial Bonus: Blades (Longsword) 25 - Starting Package
Chemistry 25 - Starting Package
Medicine 10 - Starting Package
Poisons 5 - Starting Package
Teaching 10 - Starting Package
Agriculture 2 (JD) - CS Reward
Alchemy 2 (JD) - CS Reward
Medicine 3 (JD) - CS Reward
Teaching 4 (JD) - CS Reward
A Lesson in Chemistry 10/15 7 Chemistry, 3 Mathematics 0
Playing with Fire 10/15 10 Chemistry 0
Give me Shelter 15/15 4 (Blades), 2 (Alchemy), 9 (Chemistry) 0
A Matter of Science 15/15 14 Medicine, 1 Blades 0
Twisted Wings and Things 15/15 15 Blades 0
[Global Event] The Humble Son 18/20 18 Blades 0
[Global Event] Crossed Swords [Side Challenge] 15/15 15 Blades 0
Enlightened Minds 15/15 2 Blades, 13 Strength 0
[Andaris Farms] The Doran will see you now 15/15 12 Strength, 3 Alchemy 0
Chrysopoeia 10/15 10 Endurance 0
A Big Mistake 15/15 15 Endurance 0
Bone of the Father 10/15 10 Alchemy 0
[Global Event] The Great Meeting 20/20 10 Alchemy, 10 Blades 0
A scholar of blades 15/15 15 Blades 0
Only Memories Remain 15/15 15 Blades 0
Of Shadows and Fire 15/15 15 Blades 0
I have a question 15/15 15 Blades 0
A Linguistic Affair 13/15 5 Blades, 8 Alchemy 0
Pulvis pyrius 15/15 15 Blades 0
Undesired and Unwelcome 15/15 15 Chemistry 0
[Krome] The art of the blade 15/15 15 Chemistry 0
The End of Hope 20/20 19 Chemistry, 1 Alchemy 0
Sea Sick 14/15 14 Alchemy 0
[Global Event] Battle To The Tomb of Treid 11/20 11 Alchemy 0
In the Dark of the Night 15/15 15 Alchemy 0
[memory] Eyes to See (Doran) 15/15 2 Alchemy, 13 Blades 0
Credentials 15/15 15 Blades 0
The Alluring Potion of Eternal Life 15/15 15 Blades 0
Ascension 15/15 15 Blades 0
School for Everyone 15/15 15 Blades 0
A New Laboratory 10/15 8 Blades, 2 Gardening 0
Home for Sale 15/15 3 Gardening, 12 Alchemy 0
Epiphany 15/15 15 Alchemy 0
Domestic Bliss 15/15 15 Alchemy 0
Blood of an Empath 10/15 10 Alchemy 0
Step Right Up! 20/20 20 Alchemy 0
Mounting Tensions 15/15 4 Alchemy, 2 Strength, 2 Endurance, 7 Alchemy 0
Volatile Concoctions 15/15 15 Alchemy 0
Worth of the Dead 17/20 17 Alchemy 0
Lab rat 15/15 13 Alchemy, 2 Politics 0
Two of a Kind 15/15 8 Politics, 7 Etiquette 0
Neutralitatis 15/15 3 Etiquette, 10 Rhetoric, 2 Stealth 0
Alchemical Dealings 10/10 5 Stealth, 5 Strength 0
Fox Hunt 15/15 15 Strength 0
Aren't you that guy? [Doran] 15/15 15 Strength 0
Playing to the Deaf 15/15 13 Strength, 2 Alchemy 0
Familiarity and Diplomacy 15/15 15 Alchemy 0
An asterismwarming reunion? 15/15 15 Alchemy 0
But What Is a Name? 15/15 12 Alchemy,3 Medicine 0
The Murder of Hailey Shore 12/15 12 Medicine 0
An Unlikely Alliance 15/15 15 Medicine 0
[Gawyne] The Mark of Evil 15/15 15 Medicine 0
Sesserian Psychology 15/15 4 Medicine, 11 Teaching 0
The Monster and the Murderer 15/15 15 Teaching 0
Refining the Sword 15/15 15 Teaching 0
The Alchemist and the Aberrant 15/15 9 Teaching 6
A Trial at the Prime Atheneum 10/10 0 16
Reporting for Duty 15/15 0 31
[The Ivy Hall] Show and Tell 20/20 0 51
[Prime Atheneum] In Which A Lizard Learns to Sit Still 15/15 0 66
Introduction to Alchemy 15/15 0 81
An Encounter with a Corpse 15/15 0 96
Potions For the Infirmary 10/10 0 106
A Choking Incident 10/10 0 116


Sesser (Favoured)


Transformer's Toolbox [Minor]
The bearer is able to make superficial changes to his or her form. Facial skin, hair, eyes, nails, voice - through Syroa's blessing, the bearer becomes a minor shapeshifter, a faint echo of the winged goddess of transformation. Minor alterations are instant - the bearer could be a brunette with a pixie cut and brown eyes one moment, a long-haired, blue-eyed blonde the next. Minor alterations can be held effortlessly for trials at a time, while major alterations will start showing signs of reversion within a few breaks. While users of Makeover can attempt to mimic another, at this level the resemblance will always be a little off.

Ever Alluring
The bearer has an enhanced constitution, staying strong and healthy in conditions where others would wilt and fall ill. Scars never remain, disease rarely seems to visibly touch the bearer, and he/she recovers from injuries much faster than the average member of their race. The bearer seems to age more slowly, though the effect is superficial rather than biological. In addition, everyone encountered is subconsciously attracted to the bearer, even those of incompatible sexual orientation. Those of alternate tastes may not feel compelled to flirt or pursue the marked, but the spark of incomprehensible arousal, however slight, is there all the same.

Grifter's skills I
Add an extra three skill points to any of the following skills: Acting, Intimidation, Seduction, or Persuasion.

While some other gods would demand their followers master their emotions, Syroa favors a more elusive approach to the solution of the human heart.With this blessing, the bearer is able to adopt and discard feelings and emotions as he or she sees fit, turning the human heart from a liability into one of its greatest, most controlled assets. This ability is even somewhat effective against Empathy, although experts and masters can overtax a Sesser just as fast as they discard. At the end of the trial, however, the bearer has to feel again; everything 'real' comes rushing back in their sleep as a jumbled mess. Syroa's chosen don't have nightmares; they simply face the ugly reality of their mindscape in their dreams.

Wrathling Forge
The spirits of rage live where there is spilt blood and broken bones. The marked call them Wrathlings, small orange-red miasmas with gibbering mouths and formless spines. Alone, these spirits are but the scavengers of fury, wafting through battlefields and taverns, in abusive homes and alleyways. However, Syroa's marked have learned how to make use of these creatures for their own gain. When a Sesser motivates violence from fury, either self perpetuated or as the result of their manipulations, they attract these relatively common spirits. While most cannot perceive Wrathlings, a Sesser can uniquely mark their shape. When found, a single Wrathling can be taken and bound to a weapon in the Sesser's possession. This weapon will hit with more force, pierce deeper, and slash wider than any other ordinary weapon of its class. Weapons with bound Wrathlings tend to manifest unique reddish stains and wear out much faster than ordinary. Fury gives no regard for the damage done to it, caution abandoned for raw, furious power. A Wrathling can never be taken from a weapon. When the weapon breaks, and it most often will wear itself out within the first few bouts it is used, the Wrathling dissipates with the shattering. For whatever reason, magical items cannot have Wrathlings bound to them.


Thespian: allows you to discard your emotions as you see fit
Transformer's Toolbox [Minor]: Becoming another to avoid familiarity
Transformer's Toolbox [Minor]: Portraying an Eidisi means getting taller


Acting: Feigning No Cause For Concern
Acting: Reasonable Lying for Leaving
Agriculture: Tending The Fields [JD]
Alchemy: Transfers properties from a source to a receiving material
Alchemy: The function and constituents of litmus paper
Alchemy: Presence of Acid Turns Indicator Red
Alchemy: Red Cabbage: A Substitute Source for Litmus Powder Indicator
Alchemy: Roses and Some Berries also Yield 'Indicators'
Alchemy: Shield Lichen: Common Source of Litmus Powder 'Indicator' Reagent
Alchemy: Shield Lichen: Dark Powder When Processed
Alchemy: Using calcite to make glowing paint
Alchemy: Transferring properties
Alchemy: The differences between Practice and Domain Magic
Alchemy: Use of binders
Alchemy: gun powder in involves many of the same steps as making phosphorescent powder
Alchemy: Using phosphorescence on armour
Alchemy: Immortals' blood for eternal life?
Alchemy: Attraction potion from a Lotus
Alchemy: Better to "Grow" with the Lab
Alchemy: Reverse Processing on Finished Items
Alchemy: Primers: Are sometimes necessary for a reagent to work
Alchemy: Accelerants: Speed up a reaction
Alchemy: Blood Magic: Infusing a medium with the capabilities of a domain of magic
Alchemy: Blood Magic: Beware of backlash!
Alchemy: Cautious of Random Blends Wiped on Carpet
Alchemy: Analyzing an unknown Reagent
Alchemy: Certain Reagents negate each other without a Binder
Alchemy: Certain Reagents need to be combined with another Reagent of equal Potency
Alchemy: Certain Reagents require a Target Material of high Quality
Alchemy: Reagent: Noth's Powder: A powerful Neutralizer
Alchemy: Using a new Tool for each Working Step in order to prevent Contamination
Alchemy: Definition of a Neutralizer
Alchemy: Cleaning your equipment is important
Alchemy: Might be able to replicate the effects of Oberan's Shenanigan Sphere
Alchemy: Noth's Powder: Needs to be combined with reagents of the highest quality
Alchemy: Definition of an Accelerator
Alchemy: Using a sealer
Alchemy: Using a triggering reagent
Alchemy: Triggers: used to activate an enhancement
Alchemy: Triggers: Must be added last
Alchemy: Requires a lot different steps
Alchemy: Many reagents come from animals and plants
Alchemy: How to handle sensitive reagents
Alchemy: Golden Salamander: Source of alchemical reagents
Alchemy: Definition of an inhibitor
Alchemy: Definition of a mutagen
Alchemy: It's important to be thorough
Alchemy: Doesn't require a spark
Alchemy: An item that "uncasts" spells
Alchemy: Refining a procedure
Alchemy: Alchemy as a defense against magic
Alchemy: Blood Magic: Uses the blood of mages
Alchemy: Has certain things in common with Transmutation
Alchemy: Normal reagents vs. transmuted reagents
Alchemy: Is creating lightning possible?
Alchemy: One of the few ways of creating a permanent magic item
Alchemy: Enables you to replicate the effects of domain magic
Alchemy: Consistency in reagents
Alchemy: Don't trust a stranger with your reagents
Alchemy: Replicating somebody else's experiment
Alchemy: Magic allows you to prepare your reagents faster
Alchemy: Has something in common with chemistry
Alchemy: Can have negative effects on your health
Alchemy: Don't start a campfire in the laboratory
Alchemy: Requires a lot of Research
Alchemy: Making a potion that alleviates one's breathing
Appraisal: Appraising Weapon Quality
Appraisal: Considering functionality over purpose.
Blades, Longword: Offensive Postures
Blades, Longsword: Slash
Blades, Longsword: Thrust
Blades, Longsword: Plow guard
Blades, Longsword: Backwards lunge
Blades, Longsword: Fighting against a number of opponents
Blades, Longsword: Severing limbs
Blades: Muscle Memory is a real thing.
Blades: Roof guard
Blades: Fools guard
Blades: Oberhau
Blades: Slight movements to avoid blows
Blades: Longsword: Refined basic stance
Blades: Longsword: Adjusting mid-move for better defence
Blades: Longsword: Parting Strike
Blades: Longsword: Ox Guard
Blades (Longsword): Minimise movement to maximise efficiency
Blades (Longsword): Minute details to improve stance
Blades (Longsword): Strike of Wrath technique
Blades (Longsword): Squinting cut technique
Blades (Longsword): Aiming for the internal organs
Blades (Longsword): Aiming for the vulnerable body parts
Blades (Longsword): Making several attacks in quick succession to tire your target out
Blades (Longsword): Meant to be wielded with both hands
Blades (Longsword): How to hold your sword correctly
Blades (Longsword): Survival is the primary objective of a fight
Blades (Longsword): The best way to keep your opponent from hitting you is to hit them first
Blades (Longsword): Parrying isn't always the best defence
Blades (Longsword): If you can, step out of the way of your opponent's attack
Blades (Longsword): Every defence must be made with an attack in mind
Blades (Longsword): If you hesitate, you'll die
Blades (Longsword): Lead with the sword and follow with the Body
Blades (Longsword): Disarming somebody
Blades (Longsword): Don't hold your sword in a vice-like grip
Blades (Longsword): Cross Strike
Business Management: Political Events Can Disrupt Income
Business Management: Scheduling (& Rescheduling) Meetings
Caregiving: Reassuring someone
Caregiving: Supporting physically
Chemistry: Dilution Ratio
Chemistry: Water as a solvent
Chemistry: Acid-base extractions
Chemistry: Dilution
Chemistry: Concentration
Chemistry: Does not exist in isolation of the other sciences
Chemistry: Came about because of consideration of physics
Chemistry: Closely linked with pharmacy
Chemistry: White Phosphorus, highly toxic
Chemistry: White Phosphorus, burns on contact with air
Chemistry: Doses and amounts: Caution is best
Chemistry: Safety first
Chemistry: Boil leaves to soften them before extracting the essence.
Chemistry: A Drop of Alcohol to Prevent Sample Contamination
Chemistry: Drain the Spent Pulp From Boiled Solutions
Chemistry: The Classic Soak-and-Dry Application Method
Chemistry: Phosphorescence and the properties of phosphorescent stones
Chemistry: Density of water vs alcohol
Chemistry: White phosphorus properties
Chemistry: The difference between phosphorus and phosphorescent
Chemistry: Gun powder is more stable then the liquid or gaseous type explosives.
Chemistry: Gunpowder is made of charcoal, Sulphur and saltpeter
Chemistry: Saltpeter also known as Potassium Nitrate.
Chemistry: Using the right percentages is essential.
Chemistry: Sulfer and the charcoal as fuels, while the saltpeter provides the oxygen for the reaction.
Chemistry: Sulphur is made of Sulphur, but there are also combined forms such as sulfide and sulfate
Chemistry: oxygen is needed for oxidation reactions, after ignition the reaction produces it’s own oxygen
Chemistry: moisten explosive materials for safety reasons.
Chemistry: Mix 65% potassium chlorate, 15% strontium nitrate and 20% shellac to burn red.
Chemistry: use ear protection when dealing with explosives.
Chemistry: Dealing with an escaping gas
Chemistry: Basic testing procedures for liquids
Chemistry: Quantifiable aspects of liquids
Chemistry: Analyzing an unknown substance
Chemistry: Physical properties: odor, color and viscosity
Chemistry: Chemical properties: reactivity with other substances
Chemistry: Manipulating plants so that they glow in the dark
Chemistry: Definition and uses of a centrifuge
Chemistry: How to tell human and animal blood apart
Chemistry: Using chemicals to reduce the melting Point
Chemistry: My capstone allows me to quickly identify chemicals
Chemistry: Galvanic cells
Chemistry: Jacob's ladder
Chemistry: The combination of chemistry and magic
Chemistry: An embalming agent prevents decomposition
Chemistry: Determining calcium Content
Chemistry: Some substances aren't water-soluble
Chemistry: Alcohol as a solvent
Deception: Delivering a lie
Deception: Hiding a lie in half truths
Deception: Mixing truth and lies
Deception: Pretending to Be Sick
Deception: Imitating an Expected Reaction
Deception: A Thought Out Backstory Gives More Credibility
Deception: Keeping the Real Reason You Hate Immortals Secret
Deception: Not Admitting You're a Mortalborn in Etzos
Deception: Hide Your Mortalborn Blood While in Etzos
Deception: Leaving Permanently Under the Guise of an Academic Trip
Deception: Sometimes it's better to lie about what you really need something for
Deception: Hiding your true thoughts
Deception: Pretending that you enjoy talking to People
Deception: Sometimes you have to deceive people in order to protect them
Deception: I operate within the limits of the law
Deception: I only kill those that deserve it
Deception: There are some things better left untold
Detection: Some Odd Mental Link Between Vuda and Parhn
Detection: Small glances can tell a lot about thought processes
Detection: Watching how someone moves before a fight
Detection: Smells can be deceiving
Detection: Reading a facial Expression
Detection: Spotting small details in wreckage
Detection: Spotting eye contact is important.
Detection: Checking for changes in the Body
Detection: Use available light sources to help spot details.
Detection: Using Someone's Appearance to Make Conclusions
Detection: Checking for poison in the mail
Detection: Ascertaining physical fitness.
Detection: Weakness in fighting technique
Detection: Alchemy Used as a Cover for Rule Manipulation
Deception: Don't Leave the Battle Zone Too Quickly
Detection: Out-of-Place Sounds, Getting Closer, Implies Pursuit
Detection: Observing the Scene
Detection: Elyna's Hesitance to Continue on to See Malcolm
Detection: Noticing when somebody's angry
Detection: Noticing that a lock has been tampered with
Detection: Signs that somebody is nervous
Detection: The smell of acid
Detection: Spotting a lie
Detection: Spotting the only calm man in a panicked crowd
Detection: Changes in somebody's appearance
Detection: Spotting inconsistencies in somebody's Story
Detection: Checking out the audience for familiar faces
Detection: Loud noises
Discipline: Not lashing out when you want to do so
Discipline: Don't allow little things to distract you
Discipline: Panic is an unhelpful reaction in combat.
Discipline: Maintain Focus
Discipline: Following Through Despite Personal Distaste
Discipline: Maintaining calm in Irritation
Discipline: Standing Your Ground Against an Enemy's Charge
Discipline: Don't Put Faith in Flattery
Discipline: Show No Reaction to Gathering Guards
Discipline: Finish What You Start
Discipline: Keeping your cool in unexpected situations
Discipline: Staying calm when somebody gets too close to you
Discipline: Trying not to lash out
Discipline: Sometimes it's impossible to contain your emotions
Discipline: Staying calm
Discipline: Not showing your excitement.
Discipline: Maintaining a sense of self
Discipline: Not behaving in an inappropriate manner
Discipline: Remaining aloof even though many people obviously have the hots for you
Discipline: Curbing your curiosity
Empathy: Quilt
Endurance: The pain of sparring
Endurance: Power naps and coffee help stave off sleep deprivation.
Endurance: Remaining Absolutely Motionless
Endurance: Non-stop Travel for 30+ Trials
Endurance: Cleaning up and organizing a room for breaks
Endurance: A long fight
Endurance: Enduring the Ashan Cold
Endurance: Enduring the weather in Viden
Endurance: A practice fight
Endurance: Improves automatically if you regularly work out
Endurance: If you don't build up your endurance, you won't last long in a fight
Endurance: Walking through freshly fallen snow
Endurance: Spending several breaks reading
Etiquette: Girl Friends Linger When Dismissed
Etiquette: Faking Interest to Be Polite
Etiquette: Opening Doors For Others
Etiquette: Listening is More Important than Talking
Etiquette: Misguided Modesty Serves No Purpose
Etiquette: Escorting a Lady to Where She Needs to Go
Etiquette: Mind Your Own Business in Others' Relationships
Etiquette: Not leaving a Mess For Your Successor
Etiquette: Giving people time to answer before asking another Question
Etiquette: Letting a visitor in
Etiquette: Dealing with effusive people politely
Etiquette: More than one assistant is useful
Etiquette: Discussing being your assistant and setting boundaries
Field Craft: Realizing That Scent Defeats Visual Deception
Gardening: Characteristics of flash poplar
Gardening: Characteristics of duckweed
Gardening: Characteristics of bamboo
Gardening: Characteristics of roses
Intelligence: Lissira/Rhakros' Proximity to Etzos
Intelligence: Observing Winged Fighting Styles, For Future Reference
Intelligence: Observing your surroundings
Intelligence: Asking questions in order to find out more about somebody
Interrogation: A follower of Ilaren eh?
Interrogation: Sometimes you need to be direct
Interrogation: Interrogating a suspicious looking individual
Intimidation: Sometimes your mere presence can be intimidating
Intimidation: Threatening somebody with punishment
Intimidation: Explaining what exactly happens to mages in Rynmere
Intimidation: Preventing somebody from leaving the room
Intimidation: Cold Anger
Intimidation: Listing all your impressive titles
Intimidation: An icy tone
Intimidation: Listing all your accomplishments
Intimidation: Taking advantage of your height
Investigation: Looking for clues at the scene.
Investigation: Putting together puzzle pieces.
Investigation: Asking motives
Investigation: Actions and care for items tell a lot about a person.
Investigation: Watching Other Contestants' Efforts
Investigation: Investigating the cause of an unusual event
Leadership: Make your plan clear
Leadership: It's Not to Cultivate Popularity
Leadership: Letting Them Wait, to Learn Patience
Leadership: A Teacher is an Officer of the Mind
leadership: Advise Others to Consider Their Own Future First
Leadership: Your Attention Often Worries Those Below You
Leadership: State Plans as Though Already Agreed Upon
Leadership: Taking charge of an unexpected situation
Leadership: Using your reputation to influence People
Leadership: Giving a servant orders
Leadership: Maintaining professional distance
Leadership: Carrying yourself with confidence
Leadership: Maintaining quiet control.
Leadership: Keeping to schedule
Leadership: Speaking plainly
Leadership: Setting clear boundaries
Leadership: Call out clear directions
Leadership: Give people the chance to volunteer before you pick on people
Leadership: Controlling a group of young people
Linguistics: People have a fondness for abbreviations
Linguistics: Some words are loaned from other languages.
Linguistics: Cheers and Jeers in Many Languages
Linguistics: The word "pal" implies a certain familiarity
Linguistics: Discerning someone's heritage based on their name
Logistics: Mutants Are Financially Worthwhile as Test Subjects
Mathematics: Enhances the study of chemistry
Mathematics: Different branches
Mathematics: Percentage Is a number or a ratio expressed as a fraction of one hundred
Mathematics: Percentage is another word for fraction
Medicine: How To Bandage A Wound [JD]
Medicine: Herbs Can Only Help So Much [JD]
Medicine: Ginger soothes a sore throat and an upset stomach
Medicine: Using Alcohol or Water to Clean Cuts
Medicine: Bandaging a Broken Wing
Medicine: Preventing Infection
Medicine: Checking the pulse
Medicine: Diagnosing what changes in the body mean
Medicine: Thorough examination involves sufficient light.
Medicine: Calming your patient down with breathing exercises
Medicine: Cleaning abrasions
Medicine: Checking for breathing in an unconscious patient.
Medicine: Wounds heal better if you don’t touch them.
Medicine: Checking somebody for burn wounds
Medicine: Internal organs are vital for survival
Medicine: A thorough amamesis is a crucial part of any diagnosis
Medicine: Possible signs of drug abuse
Medicine: Reasons why someone might think they are haunted
Medicine: Apply cold water to a burn
Medicine: Wear protective gloves when examining a dead body
Medicine: Don't touch your face while wearing contaminated gloves
Medicine: Examining a dead body
Medicine: Some beneficial substances can be lethal in higher doses
Medicine: There are some things medicine can't fix
Medicine: Time is of the essence
Medicine: Contaminated potions can pose a health Risk
Medicine: What to do when someone is choking
Meditation: Focus on a flame technique
MB Ability: Window to the Past: Not always as specific as you'd like.
MB Ability: Window to the Past: Painful after effects
MB Ability: Window to the Past: The difficulty of being able to look, not interact
MB Ability: Weakened Light-Empowered Enemy
MB Ability: Light Thief: Worked Once Against Divine Light
MB Ability: Window to the Past: I cannot always control what I see
Navigation: Layout and Features of Oscillus
Negotiation: "Handshake Deal" to Escape to Augiery
Negotiation: The Many Fluid Rules of Lewis Parren
Negotation: Offering an Item of greater Value in order to get the item you want
Negotiation: Haggling Over Buying Singly, or in Pairs
Negotiation: Sealing a pact through affection
Negotiation: Doing deals with those similar to you
Persuasion: Showing Your Hands to be Non-Threatening
Persuasion: Showing that you see the beauty in life
Persuasion: Explaining your viewpoint
Persuasion: Sometimes You Have to Sell Yourself
Persuasion: Promise people to mention their name in your research to get what you want
Persuasion: A little money helps ensure your privacy
Persuasion: Reassuring someone of safety is helpful
Persuasion: Using analogy to promote interest
Persuasion: Reassurance might need repeating
Persuasion: Be clear and efficient in your description
Persuasion: Reaffirm praise so that the recipient believes it
Persuasion: The threat of homework convinces students to behave
Physics: Adding a stick to your flame arrows as a guidance system.
Physics: Concerned with the physical properties of matter
Physics: Cool the contents of a metal bowl by putting the bowl in cold water
Poisons: The Naerikk 'Red Tide' toxin
Poisons: Tea-Bower/Red Tide mixture as a plague vessel
Poisons: Red Tide toxin from a southern fish
Poisons: Frostfire Poison
Poisons: Applying poison to weapons
Poisons: The dose makes the Poison
Poisons: Rubberlegs
Poisons: Most poisons eventually wear off
Poisons: Fuzz
Poisons: Buzz
Poisons: Stain
Politics: "Old Guard" Wants to Reduce Restrictions on Immortal Worship
Politics: You Are Considered a Hero in Etzos
Politics: You are Called "He Who Would Not be Deceived"
Politics: Better the Exaggerated "Hero" than Villain
Politics: Spying on Rival Ministers
Politics: Stay on the Good Side of Those You May Need Later
Politics: Mortal laws should be used for mortals
Politics: Mutants are No Longer Considered People
Politics: The Risk of Conniving Not Worth the Possible Loss of Status
Politics: Magic is illegal in Rynmere
Politics: The importance of staying up to date
Politics: The importance of looking for allies
Psychology: People are less afraid of what they know.
Psychology: A difference between drive and attraction
Psychology: Don't Trust Strangers
Psychology: Regret weighs heavy
Psychology: The Soul Is Black
Psychology: Coping with Eternal Life
Psychology: The end of hope?
Psychology: Withholding information to create mystique
Psychology: Resisting intimidation by distancing oneself
Psychology: Not Knowing Where You Stand in a New City
Psychology: Will Your Own Legend Become as Exaggerated as Parhn's
Psychology: Immortals are the Puppet Masters
Psychology: How the mind of a racist works
Psychology: Hate can blind you
Psychology: The heavy weight of regret
Psychology: The truth can set you free
Psychology: Being empty inside
Psychology: Even the most disciplined person must laugh
Psychology: Attention can be addictive
Research: In the early stages it's best to consider every possible Option
Research: Process of Elimination is an Element of a Contest
Research: The Container an Object came in can provide clues regarding its Origin
Research: Mutants as Leads on Numerous Lines of Inquiry
Research: Researching the animal you are going to fight
Research: Asking questions in order to get the whole Picture
Research: Going to the library
Research: Basing a new experiment off an old one
Research: Discussing your research with a colleague
Research: The difficulties of finding certain research subjects
Research: Building an experiment
Research: Repetition
Research: Listing your sources is important
Research: It's a good idea to use several different Sources
Research: Acquiring a research assistant
Research: Listing your research topics
Research: Sometimes it's necessary to get a second opinion
Research: Answering questions about your research
Research: Some people willingly provide materials for your Research
Research: Using lab animals to test a potion
Research: Using several test subjects to make sure something isn't coincidence
Rhetoric: Providing Alternate Explanations to Phenomena
Rhetoric: The Many Phrases of Lewis Parren
Rhetoric: Analogy
Rhetoric: Make your argument difficult to refute
Seafaring: The bow of a ship
Seafaring: Take the Galleon
Seduction: Passionate kisses
Sesser: Thespian: allows you to discard your emotions as you see fit
Socialization: Keeping Conversations Clipped and Direct
Socialization: Steering Conversation In A Favored Direction
Socialization: Sharing Personal Philosophies
Socialization: Reconsidering Initial Judgements
Socialization: The University is no Place for Pets or Children
Socializing: Sharing a Sense of Being Manipulated
Socialization: Chatting in Groups
Socialisation: Making it clear to a group of people that you disapprove of their behaviour
Sociology: Crowds are Inevitably Boorish
Sociology: Cultural differences in attitudes to magic
Stealth: Walking on tiptoes
Stealth: Hiding in doorways to obscure one's form
Stealth: Wear a Dark Suit to Look Like Another Official
Stealth: Moving quietly
Stealth: The right clothes let you blend in with your surroundings
Stealth: Losing Yourself in a Crowd
Storytelling: How You Were Recruited to the Oscillus Campaign
Storytelling: What Drove You to Attack Xiur
Storytelling: Setting the record straight
Storytelling: Telling the story of my life
Strength: How to lift a man
Strength: Breaking down calcites is good for building up strength in your arms.
Strength: Dragging heavy objects
Strength: Delicate Manipulation With a Heavy Pole
Strength: Delicate Manipulation With Large, Heavy Tongs
Strength: Pulling an assailant away from his victim
Strength: Carrying a heavy load
Strength: Sometimes it's better not to use your full strength
Strength: If you want to succeed, you need to be stronger than everybody else
Strength: Necessary for a swordman to have
Strength: Building up the strength in your arms
Strength: A forceful thrust
Strength: Building up your strength by attaching a weight to your Sword
Strength: Carrying a lot of books
Strength: Lifting heavy objects
Strength: Working in Tandem
Strength: Back blows
Strength: Abdominal thrusts
Tactics: He who hesitates is lost
Tactics: Setting a large fire to scare shadow beasts
Tactics: Train when there is nothing else to do
Tactics: Fire will drive Shadow Creatures away
Tactics: Taking numbers into account when predicting enemy actions
Tactics: Choosing your battle ground.
Tactics: Use of fire (or glowing weapons) to misinform the enemy
Tactics: using phosphorescence to deceive the enemy during a battle and make the army look smaller than it really is.
Tactics: Explosives have their uses in a battle especially in ranged combat.
Tactics: Flame arrows can be substitutes for signal horns or other means of communicating during a battle.
Tactics: Adding nails and such to explosives to take out more enemies
Tactics: Rebalancing things so that more explosive arrows could be shot
Tactics: Changing Strategies to Adapt to Unexpected Outcomes
Tactics: Backtracking and Sidestepping to Confuse a Trail
Tactics: Impulsive Actions Don't Allow for Complications
Tactics: Aim for somewhere vital
Tactics: Plotting to ruin an official
Tactics: Using a bad situation to your Advantage
Tactics: Scheduling A Meeting Far Ahead
Tactics: Never Lose Your Cool
Tactics: How to make sure that somebody "agrees" to work for you
Tactics: A plan of attack based on collected information
Tactics: Taking advantage of a temporary weakness
Tactics: Never go anywhere unarmed!
Teaching: You really do have to speak clearly
Tactics: Consider who you tell what to - work in your best interests
Teaching: Enunciation is important
Teaching: Share a little of your past, they think they know you.
Teaching: If it's dangerous, tell them. Clearly.
Teaching: Target setting is motivational
Teaching: Refocusing students
Teaching: Brainstorming with students
Teaching: Summarizing important information
Teaching: Note taking
Teaching: Setting homework
Teaching: Essay Assignments Come Back to Haunt You
Teaching: Give Students Time to Formulate Their Responses
Teaching: Tutoring in Alchemy is Not to be Made Public
Teaching: Point out the mistakes
Teaching: Prepare them for what you're going to do
Teaching: Never let students near explosives until their second arc of studies
Teaching: Don’t pick favourites.
Teaching: Be tough but fair
Teaching: some people learn better through practical exercises.
Teaching: don’t be serious all the time.
Teaching: There are no dumb questions.
Teaching: Make sure your wording is clear.
Teaching: Reprimanding Reckless Behavior
Teaching: Point Out the Flaws of Mainstream Thought to Encourage Deeper Thinking
Teaching: Clearly explain the consequences of actions.
Teaching: Demonstration plus explanation is effective one to one
Teaching: Compliments, used sparingly, can be very efficient motivators.
Teaching: Work with the strengths of your students
Teaching: Giving scenarios helps
Teaching: Teaching somebody to fight with a sword
Teaching: Asking a student to show you what they are capable of
Teaching: An impromptu lesson on Immortals and their offspring
Teaching: Preparing for the following trial's lesson
Teaching: Recommending books
Teaching: Make sure that the topic of your lesson is clear
Teaching: Demonstrations are a good way of showcasing what a subject can do
Writing: Using a blackboard


Adviser Vuda: Has More Going on Than He Lets On
Adviser Vuda: Prefers to Remain in the Background
Beira: Intelligent woman
Beira: Eidisi
Beira: Mother
Beira: Housewife or farmer
Beira: Restricts her son’s activity
Beira: Doesn’t like being criticized
Beira: May not be happy
Beira: Married to a farmer
Beira: Interested in moving to the city
Beira: Husband is Rudi
Beira: Not Eidisi
Beira: Turned to crystals when she died
Beira: True form
Beira: You know her, even in her crystal form.
Beira: Loved her husband
Beira: Yludith
Beira: I love her
Bruxen Avenger: Proof that Xiur Did Not Die
Elsie: Reminds You of Your Own Daughter
Elsie: Elyna and Malcolm's Child
Gremielle: Killed by Xiur's "Bruxen Avenger"
Gremielle: Naerikk Swordmistress
Hailey Shore: Has a Boyfriend Named Jett Ryne
Hailey Shore: Murder Victim
Hailey Shore: Torn Between Love and Career
Hailey Shore: Promising Student
Hannah Yavich: the owner of the "Herbal Shop"
High Marshall Parhn: High Marshall Brogen Parhn
Jaks Liteborn: Seeking his grandfather's lucky charm.
Jaks Liteborn: Says his lucky charm is Ziell's finger bone
Lewis Parren: Game Master and Scam Artist (Deceased)
Lewis Parren: Changes the Rules Arbitrarily
Luther Verran: Alchemist
Old Lab Master: Killed by Shrapnel from Exploding Naphtha Fuel
Patron Lerrik Calloso: Leader of the "Old Guard" Faction
Plia Yishnai Velanar (NPC): A half-Eídisi, half-Ellune woman who lacks confidence
Plia (NPC): Seems to have a crush on you
Rita: Has a death wish
Rudi: Used to be in the Military
Ser Nade Brecht: A Knight
Ser Nade Brecht: Has an old war injury
Skraylock: Avriel Bounty Hunter (Deceased)
Thalia: Teacher’s Pet
Thalia: Know it all
Vuda: Chief Adviser Karnos Vuda
Vuda: Loves His Deceptive Rank
Vuda: More Powerful Than He Looks
Vuda: Wants You to Take over His Alchemy Lab


Aeon: Scarred
Aeon: Visited by a woman in a dream
Aeon: Prior combat experience
Alistair Venora: A Noble
Alistair Venora: Claims to be about as sexual as a stone pillar
Alistair Venora: Claims to be a renowned medical professional
Alistair Venora: Invited you to visit his home
Alistair: Exiled from Rynmere
Alistair: Has lost everything
Alistair: Knows that I'm a Mortalborn
Alistair: Accepts me
Alistair: Mine
Alys: Met her on the ship to Ne'haer
Alys: Wonders if you've been sent to die
Alys: No one's entertainment.
Alys: A thief and a liar, or a store clerk in a book shop. Or maybe both.
Arlo: A threat?
Doran Cooney: The other Doran
Doran Cooney: Is fine with me calling him Cooney
Doran Cooney: Not an assassin
Doran Cooney: A performer
Elyna: Pregnant
Elyna: Captain in the Xiur Skyriders
Elyna: Crew always around
Elyna: Doesn't like questions
Elyna: Likes the quiet
Elyna: Good with bow and sword
Elyna: Sword is male.
Elyna: Remembers You From Shadow Beast Attack
Elyna: Stayed in Rynmere for the Treidhart Battle
Finn O'Connor: A little criminal
Finn O'Connor: Twelve, not ten!
Finn O'Connor: Why he broke into my laboratory
Finn O'Connor: My new little helper
Finn O'Connor: The Kid at Parren's Contest
Inali: Eidisi
Inali: Not a Seeker
Jonathan Burr: Aberrant and Transmuter
Linika: True daughter of Audrae
Linika: Exiled from Augiery
Mal: Also called "Padfoot"
Mal: The Beast that was NOT in Disguise
Malcolm Krome: History and Language Teacher at Rynmere University
Malcolm Krome: Possible Scandal with Elyna Burhan
Malcolm Krome: Previously Been to Ne'haer
Maloclm Krome: Elsie's Father
Nightshade Eld: Defeated Skraylock With Patience, Prowess and Planning
Nightshade Eld: No Slouch With Blades
Nightshade Eld: Avriel Half-Breed
Niv: Not the Best at Hiding
Noth: Half Avriel
Noth: How he found the Powder
Noth: A possible ally?
Oberan: Mortalborn
Oberan: Has the power to transform people
Oberan: Could be a valuable ally
Oberan: His philosophy on why to use the Shenanigan Sphere
Padfoot: Attacked you in Ardor Form
Patrick: I taught him to fight
Patrick: Treasure hunter
Rorom: A Sailor
Rorom: Wants You to Mend a Wounded Albatross
Rorom: Native Tongue is Rikahi
Ryder: Mercenary
Ryder: Wants to get a Sword
Saeri: Appears to be an Eidisi
Saeri: Stuck With You After "Xiur incident"
Sintih: Beira’s son
Sintih: Sickly
Sintih: Heavily medicated
Sintih: Doesn’t like you
Sintih: Liar and Manipulator
Sintih: Buried the crystals of his parents.
Sintih: Yludith
Sintih: Too weak for a longsword
Sintih: Wants you to teach him Plow Guard Counter Attack
Sintih: Emotions make his magic difficult.
Sintih: Not very good with a sword
Sintih: Really hasn't changed
Sintih: Blames you for his mother's death
Sintih: Thin and weak
Sintih: Still very prone to weakness.
Sintih: Quite Observant
Sintih: More like his mother Beira
Sintih: More a mage and a scientist than a warrior
Sintih: suddenly behaving exceptionally well.
Sintih: Flexible with his worship
Sintih: Doesn’t have hero worship, might still be hope for him.
Sintih: Has decided to stay in Rynmere
Sintih: Mad at me because I left without a word
Sintih: Needs more from me than knowledge
Sintih: I care about him
Sintih: Yludih messenger service
Sintih: I told him who I really am and what I did
Sor'ren: From Viden
Sor'ren: Recurring dream
Sor'ren: Mixed blood
Sor'ren: Half Sev'ryn
Sor'ren: Born and raised in Desnind
Sor'ren: Was sent away from Desnind
Sor'ren: Believes he was sent away for a good reason
Sor'ren: Drawn to Magic
Symbri: Devoted to Xiur
Symbri: May Have Been Xiur's "Bruxen Avenger"
Vega: Was in your dream
Vega: Good and pure
Vega: Trusts you
Vega: Wants to play the harp
Vega: Lonely
Vega: (Dream) You will save her
Vega: (Dream) Bad at running
Vega: (Dream) Brave, just like her mother
Vega: (Dream) Slows you down
Vega: (Dream) Your daughter
Vega: (Dream) Has a brother named Arlo?
Xander Krome: From House Krome
Xander Krome: Seems almost competent to learn
Xander Krome: Handsome, in a conventional sort of way
Xander Krome: A pleasure to teach
Yanahalqah: Saeri
Yanahalqah: Has skill in combat
Yanahalqah: Came out of first attack unscathed
Yanahalqah: Thinks there is a possible traitor
Yanahalqah: Believes the crew is incompetent
Yanahalqah: Believes the Immortals are doing it for a laugh
Yanahalqah: Interrogated the traitor
Yanahalqah: Didn’t get any useful information from interrogation
Yanahalqah: Views the crew as a meatshield
Yanahalqah: Believes the traitor believes he is speaking truth
Yanahalqah: Enemies are powerful or traitor is weak
Yanahalqah: Hopes for more competent Summoned
Yanahalqah: Thinks Aeon is stubborn and foolish
Yrmellyn Cole: Thought You Were a Thief
Yrmellyn Cole: A Persistent Painter
Yrmellyn Cole: Apprentice of The Great Mariuz Arbin of Rharne
Yrmellyn Cole: Ex-Courtesan
Yrmellyn Cole: Above Average Intelligence
Yrmellyn Cole: A Good Conversationalist
Yrmellyn Cole: An Attunement Mage
Yrmellyn Cole: Seemed rather flustered by you
Yrmellyn Cole: Has an 'elixir of eternal life'
Zasalamir: My Student


Immortal: Ziell
Immortals: Merciless More Than Merciful [JD]
Immortals: Responsible for the Shadow Creatures?
Immortals: Witness To Their Existence
Immortals: Unlikely to draw their attention if you worship to many of them.
Immortal: U'frek
Immortal: Xiur
Immortal: Moseke
Immortal: Yvithia
Immortal: Qylios
Immortal: Ilaren
Immortal: Ymiden
Immortal: Ethelynda
Immortal: Jesine
Immortal: Faldrun
Moseke: Revitalised and healed all present
Qylios: Her Golden Spheres Explode
Sailor's Custom: Red Sky
Saoire: The Holiday Woman
Saoire: The Beauty of a Gift
Saoire: Wear Variable Holiday Crown
Xiur: His Boons Always Stand in Opposition to Audrae's
Xiur: Soon to be a Powerful New Enemy
Xiur Boon: Starlight Key
Xiur Came to Etzos for Oscillus Troop Support
Ziell: Doesn’t recognised you?
Ziell: Visited your home
Ziell: Strange?


City: Viden
Etzos: Built For Defense
Etzos: Focus of Intolerance Shifts From Race to Race
Etzos: Overall Circular Layout
Etzos Location: The Council Chamber
Etzos Location: The Great Parhn Gate
Etzos Location: The Tower of Ministers
Etzos: City of Stone and Immortal Haters
Location: The Prime Atheneum
Location: the Academy of Viden
Location: Rynmere – Andaris [JD]
Location: Ne'haer [JD]
Location: Etzos [JD]
Location: Elyna's house
Location: Strosdyn
Location: Ivorian
Location; U’frek’s ship
Location: Ne’haer
Location: Potions & Tonics
Location: Ne'haer (Western Idalos)
Location: Andaris: Herbal Shop
Location: Andaris: Ser Nade Brecht's house
Location: Rynmere: Haakon's Isle
Location: The Broken Blade
Location: The Gardener's Grace
Location: Etzos Museum of Art and History
Location: Foster's Landing
Ne'haer: Pleasant Both Spiritually and Visually
Ne’haer: Located in the west of Idalos
Ne'haer: In Ruins Due To Mist Men Attack
Ne'haer: Council of Minäih Judgement Hall
Ne'haer: Destruction of The Judgement Hall
The Citadel: Most Rooms Have Spy Holes
The Citadel: Secret Passageways Fill the Gaps Between Towers
The Fence: A Smuggling Ring and Mercenary Ally
The Lab: Library: All of Vuda's Books
The Lab: Storage: Reagents, Materials and Finished Items
The Lab: Three Rooms: Library, Storage and Workroom
The Lab: Workroom: All The Lab Gear and Two Large Protected Vats


Domain Magic: Becoming: Totems
Domain Magic: Becoming: Protean
Domain Magic: Becoming: Blending
Domain Magic: Becoming: Echo
Domain Magic: Becoming: Unleash
Domain Magic: Becoming: Chrysalis
Domain Magic: Overstepping
Dreams: Battle Aboard a Ship
Dreams: Sharing a Dream
Golden Salamander: Produces a milky substance that can be used as a fireproof coating
Golden Salamander: Most common around Sirothelle
Golden Salamander: Source of alchemical reagents
Horn of a Horned Carowa: Can be used as an alchemical primer
Language: Ancient Tongue
Language: Common Tongue
Language: Rakahi
Logic: Magic is Intimidating Due to Unpredictability
Lysorian Lotus: native to Ne'haer
Lysorian Lotus: edible leaves with quite a distinguished flavour ~ broccolli
Lysorian Lotus: can be used as an aphrodisiac when properly managed
Lysorian Lotus: refinement process lost to time
Mages: They Like To Flay Mortalborns [JD]
Philosophy: Darkness and Morality Are Spectrum, Not Absolutes
Portal: To Oscillus
Portal: Lights above it like stars
Reagent: Barkskin: a binder
Reagent: Nafinju spinal fluid: a powerful accelerator
Reagent: Swiftweb: a metabolizer
Reagent: Ivorian Rock Turtle shell: a sealer
Sailor's Custom: Red Sky
Shadow Beasts: Easy to kill
Shadow Beasts: Can take human form
Shadow Beasts: Can hold and use weapons
Shadow Beasts: Rise up out of nowhere
Shadow Beasts: Don't tend to go inside
Shadow Beasts: Attracted to movement and sound
Shadow Beasts: Only appear during the day
Shadowbeast: Howl
Shadowbeast: Fire hurts them
Snäytu Kanna: the largest sentient land creature in all of Idalos
Snäytu Kanna: source of "Barkskin"
Tall Ship: Incompetent Crew
Tall Ship: Crew incapacitated after first attack
Tall Ship: Enchanted to keep everyone aboard
Task: The immortals need your help
Task: Head to the Council of Minäih
Thread NameFame Awarded
Mortalborn -10
Mortalborn in Rynmere +10
Job (Professor) +10
Give me Shelter +5
Twisted Wings and Things +1 for helping a local sailor and his bird!
[Global Event] The Humble Son +5 fame (for competing in the side-challenge), +3 fame assorted. Total: +8 fame.
[Global Event] Crossed Swords [Side Challenge] +4 (Victory in single combat)
[Andaris Farms] The Doran will see you now +2 for helping Sintih
Chrysopoeia +2: Share a Discovery Freely (+1), General Good Deed (+1)
Bone of the Father +1 (good deed, not telling them the truth), +5 (job)
[Global Event] The Great Meeting +10
Only Memories Remain -3 (reading Sintih's mind to begin with, continuing when you know you shouldn't and then telling a fib!) +1 (tending to Sintih) = -2 total.
Of Shadows and Fire +1 (protecting Alys), +1 (defending Alys), +1 (treating Alys' wounds)
Pulvis pyrius 1 General good deed
[Krome] The art of the blade +4 (teaching, good deed, noble house etc)
The End of Hope -10 fame
[Global Event] Battle To The Tomb of Treid -20: +10 Event participation, -30 Stabbing Xuir!!
Credentials +20: You could not have come to place that will hail your name more than Etzos.
Ascension +10 Guest of Honor
Epiphany +5
Step Right Up! +5
Mounting Tensions +3 (good deed, in public etc)
Volatile Concoctions +1 Offering your services for free
Worth of the Dead +5 Standing Your Ground When Padfoot Attacked.
Lab rat +2 Rescuing that poor lost boy (ha!)
Two of a Kind +10
Alchemical Dealings +5 (timely delivery etc)
Familiarity and Diplomacy +5 - Meeting and negotiating with a representative of the House of Gawyne
Refining the Sword +5 for training a student
The Alchemist and the Aberrant+5 Fame for successfully harnessing the power of Ilaren herself
Reporting for Duty+5
[The Ivy Hall] Show and Tell+20
Introduction to Alchemy5
A Choking Incident+10 renown for saving a child’s life
Total Renown: 255
Renown Point Rewards:
100 Renown: +3 Blades
200 Renown: +3 Blades
Total Devotion: 43
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RP Medals



Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:46 pm

While in Etzos, Doran lives in a finely furnished apartment that measures approximately 1.200 square feet. It is located directly in the Tower in Etzos and provides quick and easy access to the alchemy laboratory that he manages.

In Viden Doran lives in the Moonstone Prism.

Credit for the Image: Luc Viatour /


one set of clothing (cloak, shirt, pants, boots and undergarments of standard quality) - City Dweller's Pack
black leather gloves
black wool coat
red cotton vest
black velvet cape
ankle boots
2 black cotton pants
2 black silk shirts
3 sets of black cotton undergarments for men
knee boots
black wool cloak with fur trim
black leather jacket
Headwreath of Awareness
► Show Spoiler

Weapons & Armor


bed - City Dweller's Pack
chairs (2) - City Dweller's Pack
table - City Dweller's Pack
chest - City Dweller's Pack
fireplace - City Dweller's Pack
secretary desk (good)

Slaves and such

Live, pregnant mutant
Large bestial quadruped pregnant female mutant with thick white fur, large claws, giant fangs & Hyx-like tail. There is no certainty whatsoever what the child may be like. It may be a perfectly normal human.


  • Minimally Trained Falcon named Shade
  • Masterwork Falconer Glove
  • Masterwork Message Tube for Falcon
  • Brace to Prevent Flight
  • brush - City Dweller's Pack
  • eating utensils (2 sets) - City Dweller's Pack
  • knives (2) - City Dweller's Pack
  • plates (6) - City Dweller's Pack
  • razor - City Dweller's Pack
  • soap - City Dweller's Pack
  • tinderbox - City Dweller's Pack
  • toothbrush - City Dweller's Pack
  • toothpaste - City Dweller's Pack
  • waterskin - City Dweller's Pack
  • blank journal
  • ink pen
  • ink well
  • small tongs
  • Non-fiction book (Empathy)
  • first aid kit
  • hemp rope
  • large waterproof leather bag with shoulder straps
  • Ring that is imbued with the Empathy ability "Quilt"
  • ⅓ pound of Neutralizing Powder, 1 really old bag
  • A gift from U'frek: Seashell Necklace that makes you invisible to Dangerous Spirits, Wisps, Shadow Creatures, and Familiars when worn.
  • Gremielle's Notebook of Contacts
  • 4-Vial array (Each vial holds 2 doses.)
  • Attached "Dosing Device"that can slide to any vial and pump 1 dose.
    The dosage can be adjusted for compounds of varying potency.
    Currently loaded with:
    Red Tide: Anti-coagulant/blood thinner - excessive blood loss and weakness.
    Kidnapper's Joy: Paralytic - made from the venom of the "Kidnapper" spider.
    Scarf Rot: Sleep Agent - made from a particular fungus that has many other uses.
    Buzz: Nerve Sensitizer: - made from a species of bee. Used in interrogations.

Starting Package + 100 gn 100 gn
Longsword - 25 gn 75 gn
Black leather gloves - 5gn 70 gn
Income, Professor (Saun 716) + 240 gn 310 gn
Expenses, Professor (Saun 716) - 12 gn 298 gn
Black wool coat - 7 gn 7 sn 290 gn 3 sn
Red cotton vest - 10 gn 8 sn 279 gn 5 sn
Black velvet cape - 3 gn 5 sn 276 gn 0 sn
Income, Professor (Vhalar 716) + 984 gn 1260 gn
Expenses, Professor (Vhalar 716) - 49 gn 2 sn 1210 gn 8 sn
The Humble Son + 50 gn 1260 gn 8 sn
Strain x2 - 200 gn 1060 gn 8 sn
Glass of Venora Rose - 8 sn 1060 gn 0 sn
Ankle boots - 8 sn 1059 gn 2 sn
Black cotton pants x2 - 3 gn 6 sn 1055 gn 8 sn
Black silk shirt x2 - 12 gn 1043 gn 8 sn
Black cotton undergarments (men) x3 - 3 sn 6 cn 1043 gn 4 sn 4 cn
Finding Jak's lucky charm + 25 gn 1069 gn 4 sn
Knee boots - 1 gn 2 sn 1042 gn 2 sn 4 cn
Black wool cloak with fur trim - 9 gn 5 sn 1031 gn 7 sn 4 cn
Secretary desk - 8 gn 1023 gn 7 sn 4 cn
Blank journal - 5 gn 1018 gn 7 sn 4 cn
Ink pen - 1 gn 1017 gn 7 sn 4 cn
Ink well - 2 gn 1015 gn 7 sn 4 cn
Income, Alchemist (Vhalar 716) 492 gn 1507 gn 7 sn 4 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Vhalar 716) - 24 gn 6 sn 1483 gn 1 sn 4 cn
Holiday Gift - 51 gn 6 sn 1431 gn 5 sn 4 cn
Black leather jacket - 7 gn 5 sn 1424 gn 0 sn 4 cn
Zi'da expenses 0 (no Zi'da threads) 1424 gn 0 sn 4 cn
Income, Professor (Cylus 717) + 360 gn 1784 gn 0 sn 4 cn
Expenses, Professor (Cylus 717) - 50 gn 4 sn 1734 gn 0 sn 0 cn
Income, Alchemist (Cylus 717) + 270 gn 2004 gn 0 sn 0 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Cylus 717) - 13 gn 5 sn 1990 gn 5 sn 0 cn
Apartment in the Tower in Etzos - 750 gn 1240 gn 5 sn 0 cn
Income, Alchemist (Ashan 717) + 924 gn 2.164 gn 5 sn 0 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Ashan 717) - 92 gn 4 sn 2.072 gn 1 sn 0 cn
Journey from Andaris to Etzos (Ashan 717) - 16 gn 2.056 gn 1 sn 0 cn
Step Right Up! - 30 gn 2.026 gn 1 sn 0 cn
Sold house in Andaris + 250 gn 2.276 gn 1 sn 0 cn
Blood of an Empath - 60 gn 2.216 gn 1 sn 0 cn
Income, Alchemist (Ymiden 717) + 1.079 gn 3.295 gn 1 sn 0 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Ymiden 717) - 107 gn 9 sn 3.187 gn 2 sn 0 cn
First aid kit - 22 gn 3.165 gn 2 sn 0 cn
Hemp rope -1 gn 3.164 gn 2 sn 0 cn
Large waterproof leather bag with shoulder straps -1 gn 4 sn 3.162 gn 8 sn 0 cn
Income, Alchemist (Saun 717) 640 gn 3.802 gn 8 sn 0 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Saun 717) - 64 gn 3.738 gn 8 sn 0 cn
Worth of the Dead - 500 gn 3.238 gn 8 sn 0 cn
Income, Alchemist (Vhalar 717) + 2.214 gn 5.452 gn 8 sn 0 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Vhalar 717) - 221 gn 4 sn 5.231 gn 4 sn 0 cn
Alchemical Dealings - 22 gn 5.209 gn 4 sn 0 cn
Income, Alchemist (Zi'da 717) + 1.860 gn 7.069 gn 4 sn 0 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Zi'da 717) - 186 gn 6.883 gn 4 sn 0 cn
One Arc Job Bonus (Alchemist) + 5.000 gn 11.883 gn 4 sn 0 cn
Rented a horse (Zi'da 76, Arc 717) - 8 gn 11.875 gn 4 sn 0 cn
Rented a horse (Cylus 15-18, Arc 718) - 24 gn 11.851 gn 4 sn 0 cn
Rent for house in Andaris (Cylus 718) - 67 gn 5 sn 11.783 gn 9 sn 0 cn
NPC Elias (Cylus 718) - 10 gn 11.773 gn 9 sn 0 cn
No Cylus 718 job thread +/- 0 11.773 gn 9 sn 0 cn
NPC Elias (Ashan 718) - 10 gn 11.763 gn 9 sn 0 cn
Boat trip Etzos-Andaris (Vhalar/Zi'da 717) - 16 gn 11.747 gn 9 sn 0 cn
Rent for House in Andaris (Ashan 718) - 276 gn 7 sn 5 cn 11.471 gn 1 sn 5 cn
Letter exam (Viden Academy) - 100 gn 11.371 gn 1 sn 5 cn
Certificate exam (Viden Academy) - 100 gn 11.271 gn 1 sn 5 cn
Discounted Tuition Fees, Viden Academy (Ymiden 718) - 90 gn 11.181 gn 1 sn 5 cn
Accomodation, Viden Academy (Ymiden 718) - 30 gn 11.151 gn 1 sn 5 cn
Boat trip Andaris-Viden (Ashan 718) - 18 gn 5 sn 11.132 gn 6 sn 5 cn
Discounted Tuition Fees, Viden Academy (Saun 718) - 90 gn 11.042 gn 6 sn 5 cn
Accomodation, Viden Academy (Saun 718) - 30 gn 11.012 gn 6 sn 5 cn
Wage, Ambassador (Zi'da 717) 372 gn 11.384 gn 6 sn 5 cn
Expenses, Ambassador (Zi'da 717) 0 gn 11.384 gn 6 sn 5 cn
Wage, Alchemist (Ashan 718) 2.583 gn 13.967 gn 6 sn 5 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Ashan 718) - 361 gn 6 sn 2 cn 13.606 gn 0 sn 3 cn
Wage, Alchemist (Ymiden 718) + 2.241 gn 15.867 gn 0 sn 3 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Ymiden 718) - 224 gn 1 sn 15.622 gn 9 sn 3 cn
Wage, Alchemist (Saun 718) + 1.160 gn 16.782 gn 9 sn 3 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Saun 718) - 116 gn 16.666 gn 9 sn 3 cn
Discounted Tuition Fees, Viden Academy (Vhalar 718) - 80 gn 16.586 gn 9 sn 3 cn
Discounted Tuition Fees, Viden Academy (Zi'da 718) - 80 gn 16.506 gn 9 sn 3 cn
NPC Elias (Ymiden & Saun 718) - 20 gn 16.486 gn 9 sn 3 cn
... ... ...
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RP Medals



Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:26 pm

Memory Threads

Saun 27, Arc 701: [Andaris Farms] The Doran will see you now

Vhalar 10, Arc 703: The Soothing Sound of Water

Ymiden 25, Arc 710: A Linguistic Affair

Zi'da 3, Arc 710: Only Memories Remain

Zi'da 3, Arc 710: A Scholar of Blades

Ashan 43, Arc 711: Pulvis Pyrius

Ymiden 15, Arc 711: Epiphany

Ymiden 63, Arc 712: Eyes to See

Ymiden 17, Arc 714: Convalescing

Ymiden 43, Arc 714: Sea Sick

Saun 20, Arc 714: Twisted Wings and Things

Zi'da 14, Arc 715: A Matter of Science

Zi'da 14, Arc 715: Pretenders

Saun 716

Vhalar 716

Vhalar 1: Chrysopoeia

Vhalar 13: Give me Shelter

Vhalar 20: The End of Hope

Cylus 717

Cylus 16: Domestic Bliss

Ashan 717

Ashan 7: Home for Sale

Ashan 40: Credentials

Ashan 40: Ascension

Ymiden 717

Ymiden 21: Lab rat

Ymiden 36: Fox Hunt

Ymiden 41: Step Right up!

Saun 717

Saun 37: Two of a Kind

Vhalar 717

Vhalar 70: Neutralitatis

Zi'da 717

Cylus 718

Ashan 718

Ymiden 718

Saun 718

word count: 494
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