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Name: Doran Thetys
Gender: Male
Race: Mortalborn (of Ziell)
Date of Birth: Ashan 25, Arc 322

Profession: Dean of the Instiute of Sciences in Viden

Favored: Daianya, Ezere, Sojourn, Xypha
Adored: -
Exalted: Nalos

Partner: ~

Factions Joined: Iceforged

Languages Spoken:
Fluent: Common, Scalveen
Conversational: Ancient Language, Vahanic
Broken: Common Sign, Ith'ession, Rakahi

Faceclaim: Dimitris Alexandrou
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Race: Mortal Born
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Physical Change Control
As the Mortalborn of Change, Doran can cause, reverse, speed up, slow down or otherwise alter any kind of physical change.

Examples of physical changes are cooling and heating, up to the point that the object that Doran uses his ability on simply melts and turns into a liquid, changes of density, volume or durability, or even sublimation.

Physical changes are changes that affect the form of a chemical substance, but not its composition, and they are, at least usually, reversible.

While Doran can affect any kind of object regardless of its chemical composition with this ability, he cannot use it on living beings.

Furthermore, he can only use it once a trial without side effects. Heavy overuse of this ability for a single trial may lead to harmful effects that include headaches, fatigue and, in the most extreme of cases, even fracturing.

Changes to smaller objects are usually instantaneous while it takes some time for Doran to affect larger objects. Using this ability on objects that are more than half of his volume or mass requires Doran's full concentration.

Light Thief
By activating this ability the Mortalborn can steal the light from any source, and store it within himself so that he can see clearly in the middle of the night, if he so wishes. The duration of this ability depends on the strength of the source that the Mortalborn stole from. Side effects include headaches and, if the ability is used for longer amounts of time his eyesight will be affected. He might have visual hallucinations and see flashes of light even after turning his ability off for example.
Window to the Past
By touching a person’s skin the Mortalborn can access their recent memories. Prolonged contact allows him to look further into the person’s past. Those with skill in Meditation may be able to defend themselves. Using this ability more than once or twice per trial leaves the Mortalborn with severe headaches. Furthermore, looking into somebody's past can have scarring effects on his psyche.

MB Approval: here.

Special Knowledge: Mortalborn: Doran has acquired the ability to sense other mortalborn when they use mortalborn abilities. (Approval.)
Mortal Parent:
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Mortalborn Story:
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Race: Mortal Born
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Renown: 1162
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Optimism: The character is granted an extra three skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Etiquette, Navigation, Psychology or Teaching. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses.

Flow of Morale: The Blessed is able to bring a brief surge of hopeful resolve to those around him. Within 10 feet, this lasts for eight bits; to 20 feet, it lasts for five bits; to 30 feet it lasts for two bits. At "Adored", double either the range or duration. At "Exalted", double both.

Calming Overcast: A tense situation suddenly undergoes a dusky graying light, and the attitudes of everyone within 50 feet are affected as if the current hostility instead happened the day before, and everyone has had the time to cool off.

Night Torch: The Blessed can touch any item and cause it to glow with a bright, starry light. This light can be directed away from the holder, so as not to dazzle night vision. If no other Nalos abilities are used, this can be maintained as long as the item is held by the Blessed.

Fog Bank: The Blessed can generate a concealing fog to aid an innocent or threatened person to escape harm. If the target is instead genuinely guilty of some wrong, for which he was being pursued, the fog will instead leave trail behind him; as well as a revealing nimbus around him for a number of breaks equal to the Blessed's Etiquette skill. The target will have to run through the fog bank to activate this trail. During this time, placing this fog a second time will immediately dispel the current one.

Shooting Star: A Bow can be blessed to emit a ray of star light in a path that displays the trajectory of the arrow nocked upon it. This does not affect the shooter's ability to maintain this aim, and if the light moves from the target upon release of the arrow, the shot will still miss the mark. This effect can be called upon three times a trial.

Cooling/Warming Trend: The Blessed can impart an actual rise or drop in local temperature, to bring relief and encourage good moods. This can be up to a 15-degree effect in a single building; a 10-degree effect over a city block, or a 5-degree effect over a small village. At "Adored", raise the effect by an additional 5 degrees, and make the new 5-degree area be the size of a large town. At "Exalted", add another 5-degrees, and have the new 5-degree area be the size of an entire city. This effect will remain for an entire trial, but can not be generated again for another three.

Eyes of Dusk: The Blessed can impose the stark contrasts of lighting that are typical of dusk on one target. Shadows are much darker and lights much brighter by comparison than at any other time of trial. The effect this has is to render an adversary stricken by visual impairment, as if their eyes are never truly able to get used to the light. In game terms, appropriate skills are reduced by a tier equivalent when used. For instance, if a PC in a fist fight has 10 points into Master Level Unarmed Combat, this will reduce his skill to being Expert instead. This lasts for as many bits as the Blessed's Psychology skill.

Dry Ice Cloud: The cold of the void between the stars infuses this ground-level cloud with a near paralyzing cold. Joints grow stiff, hands grow numb on weapons, movements and communications are hindered by shivering, weapons and armor may become brittle. This has essentially the same game impact as "Eyes of Dusk", but is an Area-of-Effect power that covers 100 sq.ft. At Adored, it covers 200 sq.ft. At Exalted, it covers 300 sq.ft. The Blessed is unaffected by this cloud.


Bolstered Optimism: The character is granted an extra six skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Etiquette, Navigation, Psychology, or Teaching. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses.

Starry Eyes: The Blessed can always see perfectly well in all darkness. What's more, he can detect Shadow-form Naerikks, and can see through the shadow-based blessings of Audrae, if his blessing level is superior to theirs. This does not, however, cure blindness.

Cloud Nine: The Blessed can put one adversary to sleep. The amount of divine force needed to complete this act depends on the level of Resistance or Discipline the target possesses, whichever is higher. The targets will be marked so their superiors will know that they were targeted by an Immortal power, to spare them serious repercussions.

Fulcrum of Fervor: The Blessed can select a single word to empower with the ability to spread optimism. When he cries it, those nearby may take up the cry, compounding the power and range of it's uplifting effect. The fervor generated by this collective outcry will last until dawn of the next trial. This can only be cast once per cycle. At "Exalted", it can be cast three times per cycle.

Starlight Key: Once a season, the Blessed can bring down starlight to form a key that will unlock any key-type lock. This hardened starlight will stay this way, for use on this same lock, for the remainder of the night in which it was formed. It is bright however, and could give away stealthy movements. In the alternative, this key can be left in the lock to ensure it remains unlocked, but is easily seen by any hostiles. Covering it will help greatly, but the presence of something covering the lock will be suspicious in and of itself. This key can not be used on combination locks, nor will it remove a simple bar from a door or unlatch mechanisms.

Shadow of Doubt: The Blessed brings clouds overhead to create a dusk-like atmosphere that strips the morale from enemies over a broad area. Those of only Novice Discipline or Resistance throw down their weapons and run or surrender. Competent level enemies back away, promising no aggression. Expert level enemies stand their ground, but do nothing unless attacked. Master or higher are unaffected, but will probably reconsider any aggressive act if many of their support troops are demoralized.

Cloudy Armor: The Blessed is covered in a cloudy blanket that cushions or misdirects melee strokes and ranged missiles so they afflict only light wounds. A very skilled fighter or marksman can accomplish higher levels of damage against this armor. In game terms, this armor reduces the attacker's pertinent skill by one tier, so that the Blessed's counter skill is more effective.

Guiding Stars: The Blessed is guided by the stars at night. When the stars begin to appear it is as if they speak to him, giving intangible hints as to where things are, the best way to go to reach them, and what hazards may lie in whichever path he takes. The glares of starlight seem to take on brief shapes that warn and direct. There must be either direct, or directly reflected, starlight present to receive this benefit. Night clouds lit with starlight will also bestow this benefit. Those that lack Xiur's mark will not perceive this effect.

Spread the Word: The Blessed can make additional individuals the central focus of "Flow of Morale", "Calming Overcast", "Cooling/Warming Trend", "Night Torch" or "Dry Ice Cloud" without it costing him his charge of its use. This second person must be willing, but can only be given one of these boons at a time. The Blessed can bestow several of the same boon, or one each of several if he chooses.


Optimum Optimism: The character is granted an extra nine skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Etiquette, Navigation, Psychology, or Teaching. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses.

Unshakable Resolve: The Blessed is immune to any demoralizing effects; magic, chemical, divine or otherwise. What's more, he knows when such an effect has been attempted against him; as well as the source and specific ability used.

Empowered Sunset: With the arrival of dusk, the Blessed can infuse one thing with the energy of the encroaching stars. This can be used to permanently heal a person of serious wounds, reduce fatal wounds to serious, or grant a temporary boon of superhuman level to one physical or mental attribute. In the alternative, this can be used to permanently repair a broken item, or to bestow a temporary enhancement to it.


Sentiment: The Favored has the unique ability of being able to pluck a shimmering, silvery hair from their head, regardless of whether or not they have actual hair. This hair may be tailored into anything that the Favored might make from Needlecraft. While the tailoring, as a whole, is being done, the Favored may focus on a memory or strong emotion, and weave it into the object. Once it is finished, the silvery hair will change color and appearance to fit the object made. Following that, anyone who makes contact with the object will either be able to see the memory as a vision or feel the emotions as strongly as the Favored imparted into the object. These things can be resisted easily if so desired by those who touch it.

Invigorate: The Favored has the ability to generate more Lifeforce than they need while dancing. Passively, this keeps the Favored young and vigorous, staving off the effects of aging. However, when used in the presence of decay, decrepit, or anything past the prime of its life (as this only applies to living things), this ability will turn back the biological clock, returning them to their peak, and never younger. This is strictly physical, and does not affect the mind, memories, etc. For simple things such as plants and small animals, this affect kicks in over the span of a few minutes. For more complex beings, such as older animals and people, it requires roughly one hour of dance per year of invigoration. This ability does not affect time, so it does not remove scars, injuries, etc.

Trusted Gaze: The Favored must lock eyes with a person and activate this ability. The Favored's own eyes will change to look like the eyes of someone that person trusts or believes in. This change includes eye color, shape, and other such details of the eyes. This is only visible to that person, and it can be done with multiple people in order to overlap the effect. This effect lasts for up to one hour. It cannot be used on the same people twice in one day.

The Beat of Your Own Drum: The Favored will find themselves able to improve in all aspects of their life simply by dancing. No matter what it is the Favored is doing, if they do it while dancing, they will find themselves better at it. This reflects itself in the Skills they use.

If the Favored's dancing skill is of higher tier than the target skill they are improving, that target skill may be utilized at one tier higher than it currently is. If the dancing skill is of equal or lower tier than the target skill, the Favored will find smaller improvements to the skill that makes what they are doing easier and more efficient.

Daianya Skills: The character is granted an extra three skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Dancing, Needlecraft, Leadership, Caregiving, and Endurance. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses.

The Snitching Stitch: The Favored may pluck a golden, shimmering hair from the tip of a finger, regardless of whether or not they have actual hair. This hair may be tailored into anything that the Favored might make from Needlecraft. During the process of creating the item, the Favored may focus on their emotions or memories, though it is important to pick one, as failure to do so renders the ability moot. The created item must be given to a person in order to activate the next part of the ability. If the item was created with emphasis on emotions, and is held or worn by the person it was gifted to, the ability activates. If the person's emotions are being manipulated, either by mundane, magical, or divine means, it will alert the Favored that created the item. This alert is a different sensation for each Favored, but it will always indicate who the alert is coming from. It does not indicate what the source of the manipulation is nor the protected person's location. Creating the same item with an emphasis on memory, and is held or worn by the person it was gifted to, the ability activates. If the person's memory or intelligence are being manipulated, either by mundane, magical, or divine means, it will alert the Favored that created the item. This alert is a different sensation for each Favored, but it will always indicate who the alert is coming from. It does not indicate what the source of the manipulation is nor the protected person's location. The Favored cannot gift these items to themselves. They can maintain 3 of these gifts at Favored, 6 at Adored, 9 at Exalted, and 12 at Champion.

The Gift of Life: Once per season, the Favored can help two people establish a bond together. This bond requires completely willing consent on the part of both parties, and will not activate if there's any form of coercion or force in play. The Favored can only be the third party in this ritual, they cannot apply this to themselves. The ability requires the Favored to touch the skin of both people who wish to utilize it. Over the course of an hour, the Favored will cycle and mingle the Lifeforce from both people. While tiring and draining for the Favored, this is refreshing and invigorating for the other two people. Once it is completed, one of the two people will experience their stomach glowing briefly for a couple of days. That individual has become pregnant, with a child born of the two participants in this ritual. The individual that has become pregnant does not need to be female. If the individual is a male, the mark will temporarily alter their body to allow for the child to grow within them, changing back to normal after the child is born. The parents do not need to be of compatible genders or races to form a child through this method. However, if the races are not compatible under normal circumstances, the child will be born as completely one or the other of the two parents' races, not a mixed breed. The pregnancy will always take roughly 270 days, regardless of the races involved. The child is always born through the stomach if created through this ability. The stomach and womb will glow when it is time to give birth. It will split open, to allow the child to be pulled out. It will then reseal and heal, completely, over the course of two to three days, returning the parent's body back to how it was prior to being impregnated.

Inner Voice: Once activated, the Favored has the ability to make themselves heard clearly by any and all in a radius around the Favored, without having to yell or scream. If they do yell or scream, the radius doubles. This ability is active for up to one hour a day. The radius on this is roughly the size of a tavern at Favored, a village at Adored, a castle at Exalted, and a city at Champion.

A Dancer's Call: While dancing, the Favored can close their eyes. This lets them astral project themselves into the Grand Ballroom of Daia's Emean Domain. To onlookers, this changes nothing, nor will they notice anything beyond the closing of the eyes. The Grand Ballroom is filled with other dancing projections, and is always as large as it needs to be to accommodate.
All the projections are of people that are currently dancing, anywhere in Idalos. They don't know their projections are there, and the projections are simply dancing just as they are dancing. Should the person stop dancing, the projection leaves The Grand Ballroom.

The Favored is able to dance among these people, and can see them as they appear, albeit a bit transparent. Should the favored begin dancing with one of these people, the pair will begin sharing a sympathetic and telepathic connection. This can be severed by either party, at any time by stopping the dance.

During this connection, all thoughts and emotions are shared, but only that which is given. Thoughts and emotions not explicitly withheld will be shared. Nothing can be forced from either party. However, during this connection the Favored can establish the person as a Dancing Partner. If so established, anytime either of the Dancing Partners begin to dance, the other will know, often described as their legs yearning to boogie. This is a bond that lasts until the Favored wishes to break it. But in order to break it, there must be a dance off, with rules established by both dancers. Whoever wins gets to determine the fate of the bond. In the event that both dancers are marked by Daia, either can initiate a dance off.


Snow Falls Silently: In the winter, one can almost hear the sound of quiet snow drifting and building around them. This ability takes that silence and applies it to a different sound. The user of this ability can silence all sound they make, evoking nothing louder than the gentle sifting of snow. (They can maintain this ability for half a break before needing to rest.)

Calm Before the Storm: The user of this ability can target one person who is able to hear them. The ability lives within the words that are said and this ability is especially powerful in the moments before a verbal argument comes to blows. The target will feel all anger, annoyance, fear, and violence seep away from them. It may not change their minds about their disagreement with the other party, but they will no longer feel compelled to escalate the argument. This ability is triggered with a few words or sentences to the targeted individual. Those especially learned in Meditation can resist, but cannot hold their anger for long. This ability is useless against those that are already in pitched combat.

Winter's Warmth: The blessed individual doesn't feel the cold as strongly and is able tolerate much colder temperatures than the average person, walking in snow without footwear, venturing outside during Cylus, or swimming in an icy lake without issue. The marked cannot be affected by an ice or cold-based effect.


Ready for Adventure: Sojourners are vibrant people flowing with life and tend to be thrill seekers and adventurers. Each is gifted with enormous appetites and the ability to subsist on substandard food. So long as it is edible, they can thrive upon it. Each one heals half again as fast as another member of their race and can often push the limits of the endurance that a member of their species might have.

Hunger's Bane: This ability can only be used once a trial but allows the Sojourner to prepare a hearty and filling meal for themselves and up to three companions, no matter how little there was to prepare in the first place. In order to work, the Sojourner must do their best to make the meal as appetizing and filling as they have the material to provide, it must be prepared with edible ingredients only, and the Sojourner must tell a tale while preparing the meal itself.

Skills of the Road: The character is granted an extra three skill points which may be spent only on the following skills:Discipline, Fieldcraft, Seafaring, Storytelling, Cooking, or Navigation. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses.

Surrounding Area: The character is granted a map which always remains centered on them. It shows a basic, but accurate, map of the surrounding area (up to 3 miles) - even if the area in question is unseen or unknown to the Sojourner. The Sojourner can see the map on any flat (ish) surface. In order to be seen by others, the Sojourner may summon the map to any piece of paper which the character has with them.

Journeyman: Cassion’s chosen often have a much easier journey than those who do not bear his mark. Inclement weather, obstacles and other dangers tend to be much less disastrous to the marked and travel time is reduced by 25%of what would be the usual time for that journey by that means / mount. Note that this only works against natural obstacles etc.


Telepathic Communication (Minor): As the Immortal of Communication, Yvithia is synonymous with spoken and written language. But those who truly wish to follow the Immortal find themselves with the ability to communicate with others with nothing more than their minds. With this ability, the Favored Xypha can send communications willingly with those within their range of vision, so long as the person's eyes can be seen. This ability can be used indefinitely as long as the two parties remain within visual range of each other. However, at this level, the Xypha cannot receive the thoughts back, only send his or her own.

Intuitive Linguist: With this ability, the Xypha can choose any one EASY language and rank up to Fluent for free. This language may be denoted with an [XY] in the list, and may exceed the language cap imposed by the character's Linguistics skill.

The Intellectuals' Skills I: The character is granted an extra three skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Linguistics, Mathematics, Meditation, Research, Teaching.Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses.

Identify: By observing or hearing a gestured or verbal language, the Favored Xypha instinctively knows the name of the language and the region where it is most commonly used. Additionally, this allows the Xypha to know the place from which the speaker hails as well. Often used for determining intent, this ability does not allow the Xypha to understand the language, if they do not already know it.

Perfect Copy: Communication and Language are important domains to Yvithia, and with this ability the Favored Xypha can accurately copy any document he or she has ever read, whether they remember the exact details or not. This also transcends language barriers, so that they may write what the document said, even if they have no real knowledge of the language. They cannot understand what they've written, but instead regurgitate the information verbatim.

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Reforged: Forged are not named as they are for no reason. By accepting an Induk's deal their body is filled with their power and tempered by it, making it tougher than it was before. A Forged will find that their skin is like a leather armour and their bones like iron rods, making them more resistant to blunt physical damage.

Identify: As someone who has developed a close bond with a spirit themselves, the forged in partially connected to the spiritual realm. Not only can the forged see spirits of all kinds, but when they look upon a spirit they will recieve a fairly close, if not entirely accurate, impression of what that spirit's concept is.


Frozen Heart: Sometimes a guardian must make tough choices in order to do their duty. They must be able to put aside their own personal desires and act in the best interests of many. Ishallr understands this better than most, and with this ability allows his Iceforged to ease the burden of such a difficult decision. Frozen Heart is an ability that can be activated by the user at will, or triggered by Ishallr or the Iceforged's diri. With it the Iceforged's emotions are temporarily removed, allowing them to act with cool dispassion and focus in any situation, and make the most logical decisions without taking into account individual emotions.

Ice Spear: An old classic. The Iceforged can conjure a levitating spear of ice in their hand. This ice is suprisingly tough, and sharp enough to pierce through a grown man's body with ease provided it has enough momentum. The Iceforged can fire this spear in any direction to a speed of up to 6 meters per second. One ice spear can be created per trial for every five points they possess in the Order of the Forged.


Diri Name: Lumi
Appearance: Lumi takes the form of a small Kioo Tulki with soft, icy blue fur, large, pointed ears, a fluffed-out tail and a pair of antlers that look like icicles growing out of its head. It has beautiful, graceful, feathered wings on its back. Even though it does not need to do so, being a spirit, Lumi frequently flies when appearing. When it does so, tiny snowflakes seem to fall from its wings and gently float to the ground.
Personality: Lumi has adopted many traits of its animal form. It is clever, perceptive and incredibly curious about the world. If Doran is looking for something, it usually tries to help him find it, and it tends to make observations about their surroundings. It is a peaceful spirit that has very few aggressive tendencies. When Lumi is alone with Doran, it can be quite talkative as well as slightly whimsical and humorous. When Doran is in the company of other people, it is usually perched somewhere up high and watches the proceedings though. It is not really shy; it just prefers to quietly gather as much information as possible.

Iceforged Ledger
ThreadPoints AwardedTotal Points
[Scalvoris Mountains] Life Forged, Death Forged 1616 (Principales)
[Faction] The Forged218 (Principales)
[Faction] The Forged220 (Primus Principales)
[Faction] The Forged222 (Primus Principales)

Ralaith's Respect: With thanks for all he has done, Ralaith gifts Bao one of his abilities. He explains that Doran's investigation into history has been something which he, Ralaith, has noted and he grants Doran the ability to use psychometryFor the chosen of Ralaith, time is an open pool. While not gifted with the perspective to see all time forward and back as Ralaith can (as the weight of constant sight forwards and backwards would collapse almost any non Immortal mind) a marked can channel their sight through artifacts and mediums to gain insight that would have otherwise been obscured from a more casual observer. The first level of this ability allows a marked of Ralaith to take an item and read the impressions and memories cast upon it. Instances of great passion or importance will rise first, requiring more minor impressions to be gleaned after hours of concentration with the object. At this stage, looking into the past can only go a limited distance, the space of ten years. But almost any event in the object’s history can be seen or experienced within that time. Depending on the intensity of the emotion or event the knowledge is experienced in one of two ways, either in visions ‘whispers’ or immersion ‘shouts’. An axe used to carve up a family, wielded by a man magically compelled to destroy the things he loves would be so intense a moment that the marked would be drawn into the vision, feel the spray of blood on their face, feel the emotions roiling within them, and see the axe carve bone and flesh...whereas a rope used to tie up a criminal might only impart itself as a brief sensation of rough rope on skin and the vision of a man trussed up. Players are encouraged to take creative liberty with this ability. Knowledge is not always comfortable to gain. Easy questions like “Who does this belong to, what was it used for? What important event was it a part of” are the easiest to ask and tend to make the chosen of Ralaith the greatest investigators in Idalos. three times a season.


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Ring of Reversal
Ring of Immunity
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Race: Mortal Born
Profession: Alchemist
Renown: 1162
Character Sheet
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Point Bank Thread
Wealth Tier: Tier 10


Animal Husbandry26/250Competent13
Combat: Blades (Two-handed)257/251 (grandfathered, 251+6)Grandmaster79
Combat: Unarmed76/250Expert44
Detection 250/250Grandmaster141
Discipline 250/250Grandmaster100
Endurance 250/250Grandmaster63
Gardening 5/250Novice6
Intimidation 26/250Competent22
Investigation256/250Tier 2111
Mathematics 3/250Novice4
Medicine 151/250Master107
Meditation 250/250Grandmaster82
Research250/250Tier 2(Approval)121
Science100/100 (FT)Grandmaster131
Storytelling26/250 (23+3)Competent20
Teaching85/250 (+9 Nalos)Expert100

Skill Points Ledger:

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Spare XP: 127

Skill Boni:

100 Renown: +3 Blades
200 Renown: +3 Blades
350 Renown: + 3 Investigation
450 Renown: + 3 Investigation

Nalos (Favored): Optimism: +3 Teaching
Nalos (Adored): Bolstered Optimism: +6 Teaching
Sojourn (Favored): Traveler's Skills I: +3 Storytelling
Daianya (Favored): Daianya Skills: +3 Endurance


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Tier 2:

Research (Novice)
Gateway Ability: Shards of Glass: When Doran researches a person, an object or an event, for example, he doesn’t see them in the way that most people would. He doesn’t simply see a fraction of them. He sees all of them and everything that is connected to them. To him, it seems as if glass shatters when he looks at them and subsequently breaks into a myriad of tiny shards that surround them like a cloud – shards of glass that each stand for a piece of information, or an aspect of their history.

So great is his skill as a researcher, that Doran is capable of instinctively and intuitively linking anything that he has ever read or learned before now. It isn’t necessary for him to have the information that he needs to be in the library with him or consult his notes anymore.

Should the subject that Doran studies be new on the other hand, he is capable of researching faster than ever before. What would take most of his colleagues entire seven-trials to research, takes him but a trial. Trials become breaks to him, breaks become mere bits, and what would have taken him bits before, can be accomplished within the blink of an eye now.

PSF Approval
Gateway Plot Tracker
Gateway Plot Completion
Tier 2 Progression (Qylios' Task)
Qylios' Task Plot Tracker
Tier 2 Progression (The Resurrection of Fei)
Rise and Rebirth Plot Tracker
Investigation (Novice)
Gateway Ability: Investigator's Instinct: While a Master or Grandmaster of Investigation is capable of solving mysteries with even the smallest or most obscure of clues, Doran has developed the ability to solve an investigation based purely on his instinct. This is not an ability that works in the field, yet; it only works when he investigates historical events for now.

Coupled with his Research ability, Doran has developed the ability to just know when he follows the correct information and leads. He just “follows his instinct”. Conversely, he can tell when he follows a dead end in any investigation of historical events, no matter how promising it looks.

Mechanically, writing threads where Doran investigates is still necessary, of course. Where historical events (events that took place more than approximately thirty arcs in the past) are concerned, Doran just “gets it” though, even if the information doesn’t exist.

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Alchemy: 221
Alchemy: Transfers properties from a source to a receiving material
Alchemy: The function and constituents of litmus paper
Alchemy: Presence of Acid Turns Indicator Red
Alchemy: Red Cabbage: A Substitute Source for Litmus Powder Indicator
Alchemy: Roses and Some Berries also Yield 'Indicators'
Alchemy: Shield Lichen: Common Source of Litmus Powder 'Indicator' Reagent
Alchemy: Shield Lichen: Dark Powder When Processed
Alchemy: Using calcite to make glowing paint
Alchemy: Transferring properties
Alchemy: The differences between Practice and Domain Magic
Alchemy: Use of binders
Alchemy: gun powder in involves many of the same steps as making phosphorescent powder
Alchemy: Using phosphorescence on armour
Alchemy: Immortals' blood for eternal life?
Alchemy: Attraction potion from a Lotus
Alchemy: Better to "Grow" with the Lab
Alchemy: Reverse Processing on Finished Items
Alchemy: Primers: Are sometimes necessary for a reagent to work
Alchemy: Accelerants: Speed up a reaction
Alchemy: Blood Magic: Infusing a medium with the capabilities of a domain of magic
Alchemy: Blood Magic: Beware of backlash!
Alchemy: Cautious of Random Blends Wiped on Carpet
Alchemy: Analyzing an unknown Reagent
Alchemy: Certain Reagents negate each other without a Binder
Alchemy: Certain Reagents need to be combined with another Reagent of equal Potency
Alchemy: Certain Reagents require a Target Material of high Quality
Alchemy: Reagent: Noth's Powder: A powerful Neutralizer
Alchemy: Using a new Tool for each Working Step in order to prevent Contamination
Alchemy: Definition of a Neutralizer
Alchemy: Cleaning your equipment is important
Alchemy: Might be able to replicate the effects of Oberan's Shenanigan Sphere
Alchemy: Noth's Powder: Needs to be combined with reagents of the highest quality
Alchemy: Definition of an Accelerator
Alchemy: Using a sealer
Alchemy: Using a triggering reagent
Alchemy: Triggers: used to activate an enhancement
Alchemy: Triggers: Must be added last
Alchemy: Requires a lot different steps
Alchemy: Many reagents come from animals and plants
Alchemy: How to handle sensitive reagents
Alchemy: Golden Salamander: Source of alchemical reagents
Alchemy: Definition of an inhibitor
Alchemy: Definition of a mutagen
Alchemy: It's important to be thorough
Alchemy: Doesn't require a spark
Alchemy: An item that "uncasts" spells
Alchemy: Refining a procedure
Alchemy: Alchemy as a defense against magic
Alchemy: Blood Magic: Uses the blood of mages
Alchemy: Has certain things in common with Transmutation
Alchemy: Normal reagents vs. transmuted reagents
Alchemy: Is creating lightning possible?
Alchemy: One of the few ways of creating a permanent magic item
Alchemy: Enables you to replicate the effects of domain magic
Alchemy: Consistency in reagents
Alchemy: Don't trust a stranger with your reagents
Alchemy: Replicating somebody else's experiment
Alchemy: Magic allows you to prepare your reagents faster
Alchemy: Has something in common with chemistry
Alchemy: Can have negative effects on your health
Alchemy: Don't start a campfire in the laboratory
Alchemy: Requires a lot of Research
Alchemy: Making a potion that alleviates one's breathing
Alchemy: Being familiar with domain magic is important when practicing blood magic
Alchemy: Ways of creating a portable light source
Alchemy: Dirty equipment can have harmful consequences
Alchemy: Creating fireflowers
Alchemy: Snow Net: source of alchemical reagents
Alchemy: Blood Magic: A way to replicate the effects of domain magic and Blessings
Alchemy: Reagent: Rat Fluff
Alchemy: Making a calming agent
Alchemy: New equipment should always be tested
Alchemy: Medium: Stone
Alchemy: Medium: Powder
Alchemy: Medium: Metal
Alchemy: Reagent: Faldrass Sand
Alchemy: Blood needs to be kept cool
Alchemy: Using a centrifuge to purify blood
Alchemy: You cannot replicate magic without magical reagents
Alchemy: Can seem like magic
Alchemy: It's impossible to create something from nothing
Alchemy: Creating a substance that absorbs other substances
Alchemy: Fresh blood is best
Alchemy: Potions: A good base is essential
Alchemy: Certain reagents react negatively with certain substances
Alchemy: Potions: Masking the taste of certain components is a good idea
Alchemy: Reagent: Ignis Bean
Alchemy: Using the correct amount of each reagent is important
Alchemy: Testing a potion that has been made in Emea on yourself is a bad idea
Alchemy: Empathy: Strum: Temporarily brings an emotion to the top of the Tangle
Alchemy: Empathy: Strum: Fairly easily dispelled
Alchemy: Empathy: Strum: Works on the Empath as well as on others
Alchemy: Empathy: Strum: More like a suggestion than an imperative
Alchemy: Empathy: Strum: Can be incredibly powerful in the hands of a Master Empath
Alchemy: Blood Magic: Blood needs to be fresh
Alchemy: Blood Magic: You need to know how exactly magic works
Alchemy x4 (A Trial Away)
Alchemy x3 (Blood of a Lotharro, Part 1)
Alchemy x4 (Blood Magic)
Alchemy x3 (Blood of a Lotharro, Part 2)
Alchemy x4 (Continue)
Alchemy x4 ([Academy] Meetings, minutes, memories.)
Alchemy x5 (Phase One)
Alchemy x3 (A Vial of Hope)
Alchemy x2 (Against the Cold)
Alchemy x4 (Fire Flowers)
Alchemy x3 (A Guest Lecture)
Alchemy x2 (Scalvoris Sand)
Alchemy x1 (Blood of an Ellune II)
Alchemy: Attunement: Omnivision: Gives you a sixth sense of sorts
Alchemy: Attunement: Omnivision: Doesn’t impart a full image
Alchemy: Attunement: Omnivsion: Doesn’t adhere to a set radius
Alchemy: Attunement: Soothe: Soothing your own mutations
Alchemy: Attunement: Soothe: Makes your casting less potent
Alchemy: Attunement: What Attuners can attune to
Alchemy: Attunement: The frequencies of spirits are related to their concepts
Alchemy: Attunement: Dousing: Dousing for similar frequencies
Alchemy x2 (Learning by Doing)
Alchemy: Attunement: Omnivision: Easier to focus if you aren’t wearing shoes
Alchemy: Attunement: Omnivision: Can be easier to use when you aren’t being guided by your eyes
Alchemy x1 (Paid in Blood)
Alchemy x2 (The celebrity and the pauper)
Alchemy: Attunement: Omnivision: Imbuing a blindfold with Omnivision
Alchemy: Attunement: Omnivision: Saltwater works well
Alchemy x3 (Omnivision II)
Alchemy x5 (Golden Salamander)
Alchemy x3 (The Magic of Learning)
Alchemy x6 (A Lesson in Alchemy)
Alchemy x2 (A Mage Keeps His Promises)
Alchemy x2 (An Announcement)
Alchemy x2 (Freezing Rain)
Alchemy: Cloth cannot be the source of an infusable property
Alchemy: The term ‘medium’ refers to both the receiving material and the source material
Alchemy: The Iffloil flower is a metabolizer that works especially well in potions
Alchemy: When you are learning, it's best to imbue simple materials
Alchemy: When making a potion, ensure that all the reagents are safe for consumption
Alchemy: An organised laboratory aids alchemical processes.
Alchemy: Working in stages for maximum efficiency
Alchemy: Rendering the process so it is at its most simple.
Alchemy: Primers: Prepare the item for receiving the enhancement
Alchemy: Triggering reagents need to be applied to both the item and the trigger
Alchemy x2 (Yellow Glass)
Alchemy x4 ([Hopetoun] Framing Things)
Alchemy: Using Faldrass sand to make pots that are always warm
Alchemy: Contamination can cause side-effects
Alchemy: A metabolizer strengthens the effect
Alchemy: Adapting an alchemical recipe
Alchemy: Natural reagents tend to be less volatile than magical reagents
Alchemy: Use natural reagents when alchemificating items that come in contact with food
Alchemy: Golden Salamander acid can be used to make items fireproof
Alchemy: Using oil to make an object waterproof
Alchemy: Transferring the properties of stone to wood to make it hardier and more durable
Alchemy: Some reagents serve more than one purpose
Alchemy: A sealer ensures that the first effect won't be ruined upon adding a second effect
Alchemy: Using alchemy to enhance the natural properties of a material
Alchemy: You cannot turn a living body into a Rupturing portal
Alchemy: Chemistry and medicine can prevent or reduce backlash
Alchemy: Certain steps are always the same
Alchemy: Too much of a reagent can have negative effects
Alchemy: Items created with natural reagents are permanent
Alchemy: The effects of potions are temporary
Alchemy: Using Charwood sap to make a fire-ward
Alchemy: Certain items may be impossible to alchemificate
Alchemy: Alchemificating pots and pans so that they keep your food cool
Alchemy: Activating an alchemical effect with an impact trigger
Alchemy: Using seawater for alchemy is ill-advised due to the possibility of contamination
Alchemy: Naf-Rush can be used for medicine
Alchemy: If you work with finished items, there might be gaps in the effect
Alchemy: Making an alchemical handwarmer
Alchemy: If you only use a single reagent, you don’t need a binder
Business Management: 2
Business Management: Political Events Can Disrupt Income
Business Management: Scheduling (& Rescheduling) Meetings
Combat: Blades (Two-Handed): 79
Blades, Longword: Offensive Postures
Blades, Longsword: Slash
Blades, Longsword: Thrust
Blades, Longsword: Plow guard
Blades, Longsword: Backwards lunge
Blades, Longsword: Fighting against a number of opponents
Blades, Longsword: Severing limbs
Blades: Muscle Memory is a real thing.
Blades: Roof guard
Blades: Fools guard
Blades: Oberhau
Blades: Slight movements to avoid blows
Blades: Longsword: Refined basic stance
Blades: Longsword: Adjusting mid-move for better defence
Blades: Longsword: Parting Strike
Blades: Longsword: Ox Guard
Blades (Longsword): Minimise movement to maximise efficiency
Blades (Longsword): Minute details to improve stance
Blades (Longsword): Strike of Wrath technique
Blades (Longsword): Squinting cut technique
Blades (Longsword): Aiming for the internal organs
Blades (Longsword): Aiming for the vulnerable body parts
Blades (Longsword): Making several attacks in quick succession to tire your target out
Blades (Longsword): Meant to be wielded with both hands
Blades (Longsword): How to hold your sword correctly
Blades (Longsword): Survival is the primary objective of a fight
Blades (Longsword): The best way to keep your opponent from hitting you is to hit them first
Blades (Longsword): Parrying isn't always the best defence
Blades (Longsword): If you can, step out of the way of your opponent's attack
Blades (Longsword): Every defence must be made with an attack in mind
Blades (Longsword): If you hesitate, you'll die
Blades (Longsword): Lead with the sword and follow with the Body
Blades (Longsword): Disarming somebody
Blades (Longsword): Don't hold your sword in a vice-like grip
Blades (Longsword): Cross Strike
Blades (Longsword): Stabbing someone in the chest
Blades (Longsword): Stabbing a Tanner Mantis in the head
Blades (Longsword): Driving your opponent back
Blades (Longsword): A circular cut
Blades (Longsword): A slice across the torso
Blades (Longsword): Driving your sword into your opponent’s chest
Blades x1 (Plia)
Blades x3 (Menochoros/Blades II)
Blades x5 (Don't Spar(e) The Horses)
Blades x1 (Fake human reunion)
Blades x5 (Plia's Test)
Blades x4 (Practice with Plia)
Blades: The proper footwork
Blades: Placing the thumb on the blade allows for greater control
Blades: How to execute a strike
Blades: How to execute a slice
Blades: Defending the head
Blades: Defending the torso
Blades: Defending the legs
Blades: A two-handed sword allows you to strike with greater force
Blades: Striking with the edge allows you to cut more easily
Blades: Your cut should come from the body and not just from the shoulders
Blades: You cannot attack the head without exposing the legs
Blades: Don’t just try to hit your opponent’s weapon, try to hit your opponent
Blades: Don’t swing your sword wildly, strike precisely
Blades: Cutting a bundle of ropes in half with a sword
Blades: Centering your torso renders your attacks more effective
Blades: Cutting a free-hanging rope with a weight attached to it
Blades: A serrated edge works best for cutting ropes
Blades: Striking at a certain angle renders your attacks more effective
Blades: How your blade was sharpened plays a part
Combat: Unarmed: 40
Unarmed Combat (Menochoros) x1 (Menochoros I)
Unarmed Combat (Menochoros) x5 Menochoros III)
Unarmed Combat (Menochoros) x5 (Menochoros IV)
Unarmed Combat (Menochoros) x1 (Menochoros V)
Unarmed Combat (Menochoros) x2 (Fake human reunion)
Unarmed Combat (Menochoros) x10 (Patience Grasshopper)
Unarmed Combat (Menochoros) x4 (Taelis I)
Unarmed Combat (Menochoros) x1 (Studies in Transmutation, Part 3)
Unarmed Combat (Menochoros) x1 (Taelis II)
Unarmed Combat (Menochoros) x2 (Practice with Plia)
Unarmed Combat (Menochoros) x5 (The Tournament, Part 1)
Unarmed Combat (Menochoros) x1 (The Blizzard)
Combat (Unarmed): Spinning kicks
Unarmed Combat (Menchoros): Open palm strikes
Combat (Unarmed): Menochoros: Side hand strikes
Combat (Unarmed): Menochoros: Striking with the heel of the hand results in focused attacks
Combat (Unarmed): Menochoros: When kicking, aim at below knee height
Combat (Unarmed): Menochoros: Constant movement keeps you from becoming an easy target
Cosmetology: 3
Daianya: 1
Daianya Ability: Invigorate: Staves off the effects of aging
Daianya Ability: Sentiment: Can be used to weave a strong emotion into an object
Deception: 24
Deception: Pretending to be empathetic
Deception: Pretending that you didn't notice something
Deception: Omitting certain details
Deception: Wording things carefully so that you don’t give away too much
Deception: Delivering a lie
Deception: Hiding a lie in half truths
Deception: Mixing truth and lies
Deception: Pretending to Be Sick
Deception: Imitating an Expected Reaction
Deception: A Thought Out Backstory Gives More Credibility
Deception: Keeping the Real Reason You Hate Immortals Secret
Deception: Not Admitting You're a Mortalborn in Etzos
Deception: Hide Your Mortalborn Blood While in Etzos
Deception: Leaving Permanently Under the Guise of an Academic Trip
Deception: Sometimes it's better to lie about what you really need something for
Deception: Hiding your true thoughts
Deception: Pretending that you enjoy talking to People
Deception: Sometimes you have to deceive people in order to protect them
Deception: I operate within the limits of the law
Deception: I only kill those that deserve it
Deception: There are some things better left untold
Deception: Don't Leave the Battle Zone Too Quickly
Deception: Feigning indifference
Deception: Hiding who you are
Acting: Feigning No Cause For Concern
Acting: Reasonable Lying for Leaving
Detection: 138
Detection: Noticing that someone looks tired
Detection: Strangely colored "blood"
Detection: The smell of rum
Detection: Noticing that someone makes strange noises in their sleep
Detection: The sound of fighting
Detection: Some Odd Mental Link Between Vuda and Parhn
Detection: Small glances can tell a lot about thought processes
Detection: Watching how someone moves before a fight
Detection: Smells can be deceiving
Detection: Reading a facial Expression
Detection: Spotting small details in wreckage
Detection: Spotting eye contact is important.
Detection: Checking for changes in the Body
Detection: Use available light sources to help spot details.
Detection: Using Someone's Appearance to Make Conclusions
Detection: Checking for poison in the mail
Detection: Ascertaining physical fitness.
Detection: Weakness in fighting technique
Detection: Alchemy Used as a Cover for Rule Manipulation
Detection: Out-of-Place Sounds, Getting Closer, Implies Pursuit
Detection: Observing the Scene
Detection: Elyna's Hesitance to Continue on to See Malcolm
Detection: Noticing when somebody's angry
Detection: Noticing that a lock has been tampered with
Detection: Signs that somebody is nervous
Detection: The smell of acid
Detection: Spotting a lie
Detection: Spotting the only calm man in a panicked crowd
Detection: Changes in somebody's appearance
Detection: Spotting inconsistencies in somebody's Story
Detection: Checking out the audience for familiar faces
Detection: Loud noises
Detection: Details of a person's appearance
Detection: The sound of someone pacing
Detection: Noticing that someone's skin is unusually warm
Detection x3 (Blood of an Ellune III)
Detection x1 (Materials)
Detection x1 (I Found You!)
Detection x1 (Blood of an Ellune IV)
Detection x1 (Sandspecks)
Detection x1 (Porcelain)
Detection x3 (A Dream of Fall)
Detection x2 (Holidays & Homecomings)
Detection x1 (A Dream of Winter)
Detection x2 (A Dream of Spring)
Detection x1 (A Dream of Dawn)
Detection x3 (A Dream of Dusk)
Detection x2 (A Flicker of Hope)
Detection x3 ([Infirmary] A Game before Twilight)
Detection: A face in the crowd
Detection: Looking at your surrounding area at night.
Detection: Spotting an Immortal.
Detection: Putting together clues from a hint.
Detection: Noting every detail of a gift
Detection: Sometimes the information is actually a riddle.
Detection: The taste of winter air
Detection: Noticing a skin irritation
Detection: A shimmer in the sand
Detection: A plant growing in the sand
Detection: A light breeze that touches your skin
Detection: The sound of the ocean waves
Detection: The smell of Tempest Lilies
Detection: Noticing differences between two similar pots
Detection: The sound of ice thawing
Detection: The smell of summer
Detection: A hint of caramel and vanilla in one’s coffee
Detection: A knock on the door
Detection: Changes in one’s environment over the course of time
Detection: A hint of a salty smell in the air
Detection: How the sky changes color at sunrise
Detection: Noticing that rain has started to fall
Detection: Noticing rainbow-colored clouds in the sky
Detection: Noticing that someone twists their sword in mid-attack
Detection: Differences between the Mummer‘s Ball and Viden’s Grand Ball
Detection: Noticing when half of your group seem "out of reality"
Detection: Spotting changes in the environment.
Detection: Noting specifics about White Eagles.
Detection: Minor changes in an altar.
Detection: Changes in Drainglass after use
Detection: The absence of the spark
Detection: Noticing that the temperature in the room has dropped
Detection: Noticing small details in a child's expression
Detection: Spotting important details of the wider environment
Detection: Seeking out differences in the well-known
Detection: Ensure that you look at big picture and small detail.
Detection: Pebbles in the water that touch your bare feet
Detection: Noticing that the gate creaks a little
Detection: The smell of a room that lacks fresh air
Detection: The smell of parsley
Detection x5 (Saoire's Heroes: The Air Table)
Detection: The smell of freshly baked goods
Detection: The smell of incense
Detection: Noticing that sunset is approaching
Detection: Signs that someone is enjoying their food
Detection: Noticing that an object is becoming cool to the touch
Detection: A hint of rosemary
Detection: A sound that reminds you of a bell
Detection: A shimmer in a tree
Detection: Noticing that someone is out of breath
Detection: Noticing that someone is looking at a particular object
Detection: Signs that a customer is happy
Detection: Noticing that someone is frustrated
Detection: The smell of caramel
Detection: Noticing that the fireplace is still warm
Detection: The smell of freshly cooked food
Detection x 5
Detection x2
Detection: The rustle of the leaves
Detection: Noticing that someone wants to say something
Detection: Noticing minor signs of stress on someone’s face
Detection: Noticing that someone is giving you strange looks
Detection: A Snokovind on your back
Detection x5
Detection: People walked here before
Detection: A hauntingly beautiful song
Detection: The stars are actually glowing stones
Discipline: 100
Discipline: Resisting the urge to cough
Discipline: Drinking something you don't like
Discipline: Remaining patient
Discipline: Keeping your calm in the face of extraordinary events
Discipline: Refraining from asking too many questions
Discipline: Not showing how surprised you are
Discipline: Standing still while someone is pacing
Discipline: A neutral tone
Discipline: An expressionless face
Discipline: Refraining from touching something
Discipline: Not lashing out when you want to do so
Discipline: Don't allow little things to distract you
Discipline: Panic is an unhelpful reaction in combat.
Discipline: Maintain Focus
Discipline: Following Through Despite Personal Distaste
Discipline: Maintaining calm in Irritation
Discipline: Standing Your Ground Against an Enemy's Charge
Discipline: Don't Put Faith in Flattery
Discipline: Show No Reaction to Gathering Guards
Discipline: Finish What You Start
Discipline: Keeping your cool in unexpected situations
Discipline: Staying calm when somebody gets too close to you
Discipline: Trying not to lash out
Discipline: Sometimes it's impossible to contain your emotions
Discipline: Staying calm
Discipline: Not showing your excitement.
Discipline: Maintaining a sense of self
Discipline: Not behaving in an inappropriate manner
Discipline: Remaining aloof even though many people obviously have the hots for you
Discipline: Curbing your curiosity
Discipline: Refraining from an excessive display of emotions
Discipline: Appearing to be at ease
Discipline: Not commenting on something you are interested in
Discipline: Trying to not show in how much pain you are
Discipline: Refraining from touching a mage's mutations
Discipline: Not backing down
Discipline x2 (Blood of a Lotharro, Part 4)
Discipline x1 (Thesis I)
Discipline x1 (Blood of an Ellune III)
Discipline x3 (I Found You!)
Discipline x1 (Studies in Transmutation, Part 1)
Discipline x1 (Paid in Blood)
Discipline x3 (Reactant)
Discipline x1 (Body Language)
Discipline x2 (The celebrity and the pauper)
Discipline x1 (The Black Crow)
Discipline x2 (A Lesson in Alchemy)
Discipline x1 (Cornerstone)
Discipline x2 (A Mage Keeps His Promises)
Discipline x3 (A 'Necessary' Foundation)
Discipline x3 (Hallowed Halls & Ivory Towers)
Discipline x2 (Resonance (Mummer's Ball - Doran))
Discipline x1 (A Dream of Winter)
Discipline x3 (Ball Aftermath and Rewards!)
Discipline x2 (The Marked Men)
Discipline x2 (To Know You)]
Discipline: A calm expression is not always easy to maintain
Discipline: Maintaining your composure when someone is irritated with you
Discipline: Resisting the temptation to try an enchanted item out immediately
Discipline: Resisting the temptation to shake your head
Discipline: Standing in the presence of Induks
Discipline: Standing in the presence of Immortals
Discipline: Not being overwhelmed by Cassion's story
Discipline: Recognising that something has changed you and working out ways to hold that.
Discipline: Standing perfectly still in a maelstrom
Discipline: Focus on what's in front of you.
Discipline: Focusing on a problem you can solve
Discipline: Not losing your temper
Discipline: Ensure that you remain calm and in control.
Discipline: Not allowing your anger to overwhelm you.
Discipline: Focus on what's important.
Discipline: Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed.
Discipline: Not showing your emotions openly
Discipline x4
Discipline x4
Discipline: Schooling your face into a neutral expression
Discipline: Witnessing harrowing events without breaking down
Dreamwalking: 22
Empathy: 1
Empathy: Quilt
Endurance: 62
Endurance: Spending an entire evening drinking
Endurance: Holding someone close the entire night
Endurance: Forcing yourself to stay awake
Endurance: The pain of sparring
Endurance: Power naps and coffee help stave off sleep deprivation.
Endurance: Remaining Absolutely Motionless
Endurance: Non-stop Travel for 30+ Trials
Endurance: Cleaning up and organizing a room for breaks
Endurance: A long fight
Endurance: Enduring the Ashan Cold
Endurance: Enduring the weather in Viden
Endurance: A practice fight
Endurance: Improves automatically if you regularly work out
Endurance: If you don't build up your endurance, you won't last long in a fight
Endurance: Walking through freshly fallen snow
Endurance: Spending several breaks reading
Endurance: Training in the cold
Endurance: Training until exhaustion begins to set in
Endurance: The aftereffects of inhaling a dangerous substance
Endurance: Waiting next to a patient's bed for what seems like an eternity
Endurance: Walking through hardened snow
Endurance: Standing still and waiting in the cold
Endurance: Walking in cold weather
Endurance: Sometimes you need to relax after all the Fighting
Endurance: Kneeling on the frozen ground
Endurance: A lengthy walk in windy weather
Endurance: Being punched
Endurance: Grading essays is frustrating and time-consuming
Endurance: Running up and down stairs
Endurance: Accepting the pain
Endurance: Exhaustion
Endurance: Being initiated into Transmutation is extremely painful
Endurance: A fight against a beast-man
Endurance: A deafening roar
Endurance: Being sore after Initiation
Endurance: The sound of a portal Opening
Endurance x1 (Emean Exploration, Part 2)
Endurance x1 (Blood of a Lotharro, Part 4)
Endurance x1 (Blood of an Ellune II)
Endurance x2 (Reactant)
Endurance x1 (A Dream of Dusk)
Endurance x1 (The Blizzard)
Endurance: The Forging
Endurance: Standing in a maelstrom
Endurance: The wrath of Qylios
Endurance: The toll of a very long day!
Endurance: Enduring the Saun heat
Endurance: Dancing until you feel warm
Endurance: Lab work can make you tired
Endurance x 9 (Startup Changes)
Endurance: Certain kinds of food help keep your endurance up
Endurance: Heavy meals can affect your endurance negatively
Endurance: Feeling warm after a physical workout
Etiquette: 112
Etiquette: Girl Friends Linger When Dismissed
Etiquette: Faking Interest to Be Polite
Etiquette: Opening Doors For Others
Etiquette: Listening is More Important than Talking
Etiquette: Misguided Modesty Serves No Purpose
Etiquette: Escorting a Lady to Where She Needs to Go
Etiquette: Mind Your Own Business in Others' Relationships
Etiquette: Not leaving a Mess For Your Successor
Etiquette: Giving people time to answer before asking another Question
Etiquette: Letting a visitor in
Etiquette: Dealing with effusive people politely
Etiquette: More than one assistant is useful
Etiquette: Discussing being your assistant and setting boundaries
Etiquette: Introducing yourself
Etiquette: How to comport yourself in a Hospital
Etiquette: Helping somebody who has fallen up
Etiquette: Shaking a visitor's Hand
Etiquette x5 (Emberlight)
Etiquette x5 (Olivia)
Etiquette x5 (Menochoros I)
Etiquette x1 (Blood of an Ellune III)
Etiquette x2 (Porcelain)
Etiquette x2 (The Black Crow)
Etiquette x10 (The Mummer's Ball)
Etiquette x1 (A Flicker of Hope)
Etiquette x1 ([Infirmary] A Game before Twilight)
Etiquette: Ask how your guest is - even when they're an Immortal
Etiquette: Expressing genuine gratitude.
Etiquette: Don’t refuse a meal that took a lot of effort to cook
Etiquette: It’s okay to eat in the classroom, but not during a lecture
Etiquette x3 (A new dean at the academy?)
Etiquette: Don’t wear old and used clothes to an important event
Etiquette: Don’t interrupt a conversation
Etiquette: Bowing as a sign of respect in a truly unknown situation.
Etiquette: Speaking with Immortals.
Etiquette: Inviting an Immortal to Tea!
Etiquette: Surprising an Immortal.
Etiquette: Congratulating a woman on her pregnancy
Etiquette x5 (Saoire's Heroes: The Air Table)
Etiquette: Thanking someone for their help
Etiquette: Thanking a waitress for bringing the menu
Etiquette: Giving a young couple privacy
Etiquette: Don’t interrupt someone that might be doing important work
Etiquette x4 (A Night full of Surprises)
Etiquette x3 ([Telka] Saoire's Heroes.)
Etiquette: Don’t share information that might be private
Etiquette x 6
Etiquette x 8
Etiquette x2
Etiquette x3
Etiquette x2
Etiquette: Letting your visitor sit down first
Etiquette: Offering your visitor something to drink
Etiquette: Don’t be late to dinner!
Etiquette x2
Etiquette x6
Flying: 2
Flying x2 (The Black Crow)
Gardening: 6
Gardening: Characteristics of flash poplar
Gardening: Characteristics of duckweed
Gardening: Characteristics of bamboo
Gardening: Characteristics of roses
Agriculture: Tending The Fields [JD]
Gardening: Pulling weeds
Intelligence: 49
Intelligence: The current political situation in Etzos
Intelligence: News travel slowly sometimes
Intelligence: Someone’s research can reveal a lot about them
Intelligence: Putting clues together
Intelligence: No answer is an answer as well
Intelligence: Lissira/Rhakros' Proximity to Etzos
Intelligence: Observing Winged Fighting Styles, For Future Reference
Intelligence: Observing your surroundings
Intelligence: Asking questions in order to find out more about somebody
Intelligence: Drawing conclusions from observing someone
Intelligence: Sometimes it's best to take things slowly
Intelligence: Start with less delicate Questions
Intelligence: Contact: Namira
Intelligence x3 (Keep it Simple)
Intelligence x3 (A Mage Keeps His Promises)
Intelligence x1 (Hallowed Halls & Ivory Towers)
Intelligence: Elisabeth Angelus: Was abandoned as a child
Intelligence: Elisabeth Angelus: Owns a mysterious necklace
Intelligence x1 (Resonance (Mummer's Ball - Doran))
Intelligence: Madame Leona: Rumor has it that she is a follower of Daia
Intelligence: Elisabeth Angelus: It’s possible that something divine interceded when she was abandoned
Intelligence: Elisa’s secret balcony
Intelligence: Sources of information
Intelligence: Comparing information to ensure you have maximum validity
Intelligence: Use experts to give you information.
Intelligence: Compare historic and current information
Intelligence: Use all available sources of information.
Intelligence: Uncovering secrets is hard.
Intelligence: Ensure that your source is reliable
Intelligence: Multiple sources increase validity of information.
Intelligence x4 ([Eureka] What makes the candle splutter?)
Intelligence x1
Intelligence x5 (Asked Raine to Dance)
Intelligence x5
Intimidation: 22
Intimidation: Sometimes your mere presence can be intimidating
Intimidation: Threatening somebody with punishment
Intimidation: Explaining what exactly happens to mages in Rynmere
Intimidation: Preventing somebody from leaving the room
Intimidation: Cold Anger
Intimidation: Listing all your impressive titles
Intimidation: An icy tone
Intimidation: Listing all your accomplishments
Intimidation: Taking advantage of your height
Intimidation: Pointing your weapon at someone
Indimidation: Looking directly into someone's eyes
Intimidation: Mentioning that you have access to substances that can kill someone quickly and quietly
Intimidation: Telling someone they are not supposed to be here
Intimidation: Telling your students to be quiet
Intimidation: Being asked a question can be intimidating
Intimidation: Threatening to alert the guards
Intimidation: Talking about the punishment someone might receive
Intimidation: Telling an Yludih that you know what they are
Intimidation: Intimidation can help someone make up their mind
Intimidation: A laboratory can be intimidating
Intimidation x1 (Olivia)
Intimidation x1 (Fire Flowers)
Investigation: 111
Investigation: Looking for clues at the scene.
Investigation: Putting together puzzle pieces.
Investigation: Asking motives
Investigation: Actions and care for items tell a lot about a person.
Investigation: Watching Other Contestants' Efforts
Investigation: Investigating the cause of an unusual Event
Investigation x5 (A Dream of Summer)
Investigation: Investigating people's opinion of you
Investigation: Using your own experience can help you understand another's motives
Investigation: Question the motives behind behaviour.
Investigation: It is important to see beyond what is obvious.
Investigation: Consider options for different outcomes
Investigation: Investigate the state of victims - whether they seem to be victims, or not.
Investigation: Spotting hints in what someone says - or doesn't say.
Investigation: Focus on what is possible, not what can not be changed.
Investigation: A son will provide information about his mother
Investigation: Telling the local Librarian what specifically you are looking for.
Investigation: When you find a good source checking out similar sources.
Investigation: Pulling and outside expert when you don’t know the language.
Investigation: Information on the Originals is selectively shared.
Investigation: Records beyond the races creations are scares.
Investigation: Scalvoris sits over a Grand Fractrum
Interrogation: A follower of Ilaren eh?
Interrogation: Sometimes you need to be direct
Interrogation: Interrogating a suspicious looking individual
Interrogation: Being direct is not always the best strategy
Interrogation: Finding out where somebody's allegiance lies
Interrogation: The art of insightful questioning
Interrogation: Questioning politely can often yield good results.
Investigation: Questioning the situation, even when it seems absolutely to be one thing
Investigation: Asking questions before committing.
Investigation: Putting together multiple clues
Investigation: Investigating historical events
Investigation: Ensure that you ask experts for specialised information.
Investigation: Try to understand motives in order to understand behaviour.
Investigation: Riddles require some context to solve.
Investigation: Identify which is the key question.
Investigation: Question witnesses - and those who know the witnesses.
Investigation: Challenge assumptions
Investigation: Tiny details can make a massive difference.
Investigation: Learning about a person’s past can help you find them in the present
Investigation: Start your investigation where everything happened
Investigation x10 (Saoire's Heroes: The Air Table)
Investigation: Qylios’ Task: Figuring out which people to talk to next
Investigation: Qylios’Task: Figuring out who likely knows something about Cassion’s visits to Scalvoris Town
Investigation: If you don’t know what a Mortalborn looks like, describe their Immortal parent
Investigation: When investigating a Mortalborn and Blessed, talking to a priest can be helpful
Investigation: When trying to find a Mortalborn, talking to someone who researches the Immortals and Originals can be helpful
Investigation: If you share the details of your investigation with someone, they are more likely to be able to provide you with a new lead
Investigation: Having a drawing of someone makes it easier to find them
Investigation: Asking questions to jog someone’s memory
Investigation: When interrogating someone, it’s better not to pressure them
Investigation: Taking notes during an interrogation to prevent misremembering things
Investigation x4 ([Eureka] What makes the candle splutter?)
Investigation: Pictures can be helpful when it comes to verifying someone’s identity
Investigation: Being familiar with someone’s personality can help you find them
Investigation x1
Investigation: Collecting samples
Investigation: Trying to figure out why someone thinks it’s the wrong arc
Investigation: Start by considering the likeliest possibilities
Investigation: Checking if someone’s confusion might be due to a fever
Investigation: Civil registries can be helpful sources of information
Investigation: Sometimes, ruling out certain possibilities is the best you can do
Investigation: Sometimes, just asking around can be helpful
Investigation: Consulting a native can be helpful
Investigation: Baron Rodrigues’ murder mysteries
Investigation: Accents can tell you something about a person
Investigation: Learning more about the people someone surrounds themselves with can help you understand them
Investigation: Paying attention to the things that someone doesn’t say
Investigation: Sometimes, the circumstances surrounding an event are more important than the event itself
Investigation x 6
Investigation x2
Investigation: Linking information relevant to recent events to the current investigation
Investigation: Recognizing a connection between past events
Investigation x10
Investigation x5
Leadership: 51
Leadership: Make your plan clear
Leadership: It's Not to Cultivate Popularity
Leadership: Letting Them Wait, to Learn Patience
Leadership: A Teacher is an Officer of the Mind
leadership: Advise Others to Consider Their Own Future First
Leadership: Your Attention Often Worries Those Below You
Leadership: State Plans as Though Already Agreed Upon
Leadership: Taking charge of an unexpected situation
Leadership: Using your reputation to influence People
Leadership: Giving a servant orders
Leadership: Maintaining professional distance
Leadership: Carrying yourself with confidence
Leadership: Maintaining quiet control.
Leadership: Keeping to schedule
Leadership: Speaking plainly
Leadership: Setting clear boundaries
Leadership: Call out clear directions
Leadership: Give people the chance to volunteer before you pick on people
Leadership: Controlling a group of young People
Leadership x1 (Omnivision II)
Leadership x2 (Ball Aftermath and Rewards!)
Leadership x4 (A new dean at the academy?)
Leadership: Making your voice heard in a large group.
Leadership: Working in a team.
Leadership: Ensure that everyone in your group knows what your strengths are.
Leadership x5 (A Beacon for Hope)
Leadership: Give clear directions
Leadership: Give precise information
Leadership: Ask politely, there's no need to give orders.
Leadership: State what you want.
Leadership: Explain the risk
Leadership: Repeat information if it's needed.
Leadership: Making people aware of your position can help
Leadership: Speaking in a firm tone of voice can help
Leadership: Assigning tasks to specific people increases the likelihood that the work gets done
Leadership: Briefing someone
Leadership: Taking charge when nobody else does
Leadership x1
Leadership: Leading a staff meeting
Leadership: Encouraging your staff to share their ideas
Leadership x3
Linguistics: 33
Linguistics: People have a fondness for abbreviations
Linguistics: Some words are loaned from other languages.
Linguistics: Cheers and Jeers in Many Languages
Linguistics: The word "pal" implies a certain familiarity
Linguistics: Discerning someone's heritage based on their Name
Linguistics: Recognizing the accent of Ne’haer
Linguistics: Haltunga: Composed of quick, guttural bursts
Linguistics(Ancient Language) x3 (Immunity)
Linguistics x1 (Learning by Doing)
Linguistics (Common Sign) x3 (Fake human reunion)
Linguistics (Vahanic) x3 (Body Language)
Linguistics (Common Sign) x1 (Body Language)
Linguistics (Common Sign) x2 (The celebrity and the pauper)
Linguistics (Common Sign) x1 (The Black Crow)
Linguistics x2 (A Lesson in Alchemy)
Linguistics (Scalveen): A separate Language from common.
Linguistics (Scalveen): Modern scalveen influenced by pirate occupation.
Linguistics: Alchemificate: a neologism
Linguistics: Vahanic: A gentle language with light accenting
Linguistics: Vahanic: Has largely phonemic spelling
Linguistics x3
Linguistics: Vahanic: Greeting someone
Linguistics: Proper names have a purpose that goes beyond identifying a person
Mathematics: 4
Mathematics: Enhances the study of chemistry
Mathematics: Different branches
Mathematics: Percentage Is a number or a ratio expressed as a fraction of one hundred
Mathematics: Percentage is another word for fraction
Medicine: 107
Medicine: How to treat a nosebleed
Medicine: Withholding information can be dangerous
Medicine: Causes of tooth loss
Medicine: How alcohol affects the body
Medicine: How To Bandage A Wound [JD]
Medicine: Herbs Can Only Help So Much [JD]
Medicine: Ginger soothes a sore throat and an upset stomach
Medicine: Using Alcohol or Water to Clean Cuts
Medicine: Bandaging a Broken Wing
Medicine: Preventing Infection
Medicine: Checking the pulse
Medicine: Diagnosing what changes in the body mean
Medicine: Thorough examination involves sufficient light.
Medicine: Calming your patient down with breathing exercises
Medicine: Cleaning abrasions
Medicine: Checking for breathing in an unconscious patient.
Medicine: Wounds heal better if you don’t touch them.
Medicine: Checking somebody for burn wounds
Medicine: Internal organs are vital for survival
Medicine: A thorough amamesis is a crucial part of any diagnosis
Medicine: Possible signs of drug abuse
Medicine: Reasons why someone might think they are haunted
Medicine: Apply cold water to a burn
Medicine: Wear protective gloves when examining a dead body
Medicine: Don't touch your face while wearing contaminated gloves
Medicine: Examining a dead body
Medicine: Some beneficial substances can be lethal in higher doses
Medicine: There are some things medicine can't fix
Medicine: Time is of the essence
Medicine: Contaminated potions can pose a health Risk
Medicine: What to do when someone is choking
Medicine: The use of alchemical potions in Medicine
Medicine: Making a splint
Medicine: How to tell if a bone is broken
Medicine: It's important to immobilize broken limbs
Medicine: A tea of sage soothes the stomach
Medicine: Ginger reduces Nausea
Medicine: Symptoms of alcohol poisoning
Medicine: Treating alcohol poisoning
Medicine: How to keep someone from choking on their vomit
Medicine: A catheter keeps someone from wetting themselves
Medicine: Monitoring a patient is important
Medicine: Most living beings bleed
Medicine: Probably can't affect Overstepping
Medicine x3 (Blood of a Lotharro, Part 1)
Medicine x3 (Doran's Charter Meeting)
Medicine x3 (Blood Magic)
Medicine x3 (Alchemical Accidents)
Medicine x4 ([Academy] Meetings, minutes, memories.)
Medicine x1 (Merchant Arrival)
Medicine x1 (Learning by Doing)
Medicine x3 (Paid in Blood)
Medicine x2 (The Magic of Learning)
Medicine x1 (A 'Necessary' Foundation)
Medicine: The ground up seeds of the Iffloil flower can stop bleeding and speed up your heart rate and the intake of medications
Medicine: Too much of a normally curative substance can have adverse effects
Medicine: Alcohol can affect a child’s development negatively
Medicine: Chamomile tea helps against inflammation
Medicine: Valerian tea helps against insomnia
Medicine: Elderberry syrup helps against congestion
Medicine: Rubrum Berries boost the immune system
Medicine: Arnica soothes aching muscles
Poisons: The Naerikk 'Red Tide' toxin
Poisons: Tea-Bower/Red Tide mixture as a plague vessel
Poisons: Red Tide toxin from a southern fish
Poisons: Frostfire Poison
Poisons: Applying poison to weapons
Poisons: The dose makes the Poison
Poisons: Rubberlegs
Poisons: Most poisons eventually wear off
Poisons: Fuzz
Poisons: Buzz
Poisons: Stain
Poisons: A sleep poison made of Snow Nets
Poisons: Swiftweb increases the potency of a Poison
Poisons: Toxicology deals with the adverse effects of chemical substances
Poisons: Toxins are produced by living organisms
Poisons: Toxicants are created artificially
Poisons: Different delivery methods
Poisons: Fist Nut: Uses
Poisons: Fist Nut: How to remove the toxin
Poisons: Sometimes the dosage makes the poison
Poisons: Sometimes only a part of something is poisonous
Poisons x1 (Continue)
Medicine x5 (A Beacon for Hope)
Medicine: White Heat
Medicine: Wearing wet and cold clothes can lead to hypothermia
Medicine: Assessing someone’s mental status
Meditation: 82
Meditation: Focus on a flame technique
Meditation x1 (Shards)
Meditation x5 (Clarity)
Meditation x4 (Letters)
Meditation x1 (Blood of a Lotharro, Part 4)
Meditation x1 (Menochoros IV)
Meditation x4 (Thesis II)
Meditation x5 (Menochoros V)
Meditation x1 (Learning by Doing)
Meditation x2 (Studies in Transmutation, Part 1)
Meditation x2 (Fake human reunion)
Meditation x2 (A Visit to the Infirmary)
Meditation x8 (Observed inner peace)
Meditation x1 (Studies in Transmutation, Part 2)
Meditation x2 (Reactant)
Meditation x2 (The celebrity and the pauper)
Meditation x1 (Studies in Transmutation, Part 3)
Meditation x1 (A Dream of Summer)
Meditation x2 (Resonance (Mummer's Ball - Doran))
Meditation x3 (A Dream of Fall)
Meditation x2 (Holidays & Homecomings)
Meditation x4 (A Dream of Winter)
Meditation x2 (A Dream of Spring)
Meditation x4 (A Dream of Dawn)
Meditation x2 (A Dream of Dusk)
Meditation x3 (Ball Aftermath and Rewards!)
Meditation: Consideration of where you are at peace.
Meditation: Focusing on an object can help
Meditation: Going for a walk can help redirect your focus
Meditation x2 (Yellow Glass)
Meditation: Using the sound and smell of the ocean to meditate
Meditation: Repetitive actions can have a meditative effect
Meditation: Focusing on your breathing and your heartbeat helps
Meditation: Meditation can make your thoughts clearer
Meditation: Being in a place where you are comfortable helps you meditate
Meditation: Clearing your mind of (somewhat) unpleasant thoughts
Meditation: Breath counting meditation helps stabilize the mind
Meditation: Using a physical focus to negate the outside world
Meditation: Meditating on an impactful event
Meditation: Being in a calm environment makes it easier to meditate
Medicine: Cherry stone pillows help relieve pain and cramps
Meditation: Radiance of Calm: Helps the people around you become calmer
MB Abilities:
MB Ability: Window to the Past: Not always as specific as you'd like.
MB Ability: Window to the Past: Painful after effects
MB Ability: Window to the Past: The difficulty of being able to look, not interact
MB Ability: Weakened Light-Empowered Enemy
MB Ability: Light Thief: Worked Once Against Divine Light
MB Ability: Window to the Past: I cannot always control what I see
Navigation: 12
Navigation: Layout and Features of Oscillus
Navigation x2 (Hallowed Halls & Ivory Towers)
Navigation: The basics to reading a star map.
Navigation x 7 (Startup Changes)
Navigation: Using a map can help
Politics: 52
Politics: "Old Guard" Wants to Reduce Restrictions on Immortal Worship
Politics: You Are Considered a Hero in Etzos
Politics: You are Called "He Who Would Not be Deceived"
Politics: Better the Exaggerated "Hero" than Villain
Politics: Spying on Rival Ministers
Politics: Stay on the Good Side of Those You May Need Later
Politics: Mortal laws should be used for mortals
Politics: Mutants are No Longer Considered People
Politics: The Risk of Conniving Not Worth the Possible Loss of Status
Politics: Magic is illegal in Rynmere
Politics: The importance of staying up to date
Politics: The importance of looking for allies
Politics: Every political system is flawed to some extent
Politics: Scalvoris: The Albarech is the political leader of Scalvoris
Politics: Scalvoris: The Elements and their problems
Politics x2 (Keep it Simple)
Politics: Political leaders are not the only type of leaders
Politics: Make sure that everyone knows what is expected of them.
Politics: Tell people what their roles are, and what to expect.
Politics x4 (A Night full of Surprises)
Politics x 10
Politics x10
Politics x1
Politics x2
Politics: It’s important to clarify which matters require a vote
Politics: When making a proposal, it’s important to keep local customs in mind
Politics: Perception is an important part of politics
Politics: Considering public opinion when making decisions
Politics: Minimizing conflict when making possibly unpopular decisions
Psychology: 65
Psychology: Alcohol can make you act out of character
Psychology: How alcohol affects the mind
Psychology: Nobody is truly objective
Psychology: People are less afraid of what they know.
Psychology: A difference between drive and attraction
Psychology: Don't Trust Strangers
Psychology: Regret weighs heavy
Psychology: The Soul Is Black
Psychology: Coping with Eternal Life
Psychology: The end of hope?
Psychology: Withholding information to create mystique
Psychology: Resisting intimidation by distancing oneself
Psychology: Not Knowing Where You Stand in a New City
Psychology: Will Your Own Legend Become as Exaggerated as Parhn's
Psychology: Immortals are the Puppet Masters
Psychology: How the mind of a racist works
Psychology: Hate can blind you
Psychology: The heavy weight of regret
Psychology: The truth can set you free
Psychology: Being empty inside
Psychology: Even the most disciplined person must laugh
Psychology: Attention can be addictive
Psychology: Traumatic events can affect one's mental health
Psychology: Signs that someone is lying
Psychology: We feel emotions for a reason
Psychology: Denying your emotions can have harmful consequences
Psychology: Family is not everything
Psychology: You can escape your Heritage
Psychology: Pragmatism
Psychology: Power is not always worth it
Psychology: Some mages can be reasonable
Psychology x2 (Fate or Choice)
Psychology x2 (A Visit to the Infirmary)
Psychology x5 (Hallowed Halls & Ivory Towers)
Psychology x3 (Resonance (Mummer's Ball - Doran))
Psychology x3 (Holidays & Homecomings)
Psychology x2 ([Infirmary] A Game before Twilight)
Psychology x2 (The Marked Men)
Psychology: Immortals respond to grief based on their domains.
Psychology: How long you live can affect how long you grieve
Psychology x2 (A new dean at the academy?)
Sociology: Crowds are Inevitably Boorish
Sociology: Cultural differences in attitudes to magic
Psychology: Induk psychology is different.
Psychology: Immortal psychology
Psychology: People need to be told things repeatedly in a crisis
Psychology: Working with disparate groups makes communication difficult.
Psychology: People panic when in a crisis
Psychology: Worrying unnecessarily can make you sick
Psychology x1
Psychology: People deal with grief in different ways
Psychology: Some victims become abusers
Research: 121
Research: Some libraries are better than others
Research: In the early stages it's best to consider every possible Option
Research: Process of Elimination is an Element of a Contest
Research: The Container an Object came in can provide clues regarding its Origin
Research: Mutants as Leads on Numerous Lines of Inquiry
Research: Researching the animal you are going to fight
Research: Asking questions in order to get the whole Picture
Research: Going to the library
Research: Basing a new experiment off an old one
Research: Discussing your research with a colleague
Research: The difficulties of finding certain research subjects
Research: Building an experiment
Research: Repetition
Research: Listing your sources is important
Research: It's a good idea to use several different Sources
Research: Acquiring a research assistant
Research: Listing your research topics
Research: Sometimes it's necessary to get a second opinion
Research: Answering questions about your research
Research: Some people willingly provide materials for your Research
Research: Using lab animals to test a potion
Research: Using several test subjects to make sure something isn't coincidence
Research: Comparing different sources
Research: Skipping irrelevant Information
Research: An impromptu research Topic
Research: Not doing any research beforehand can be dangerous
Research: It's important to know if someone has already researched something before you
Research: Laying the groundwork for future Research
Research: Familiarizing yourself with your research Topic
Research: The relationship between a mage and their spark
Research: The limits of research
Research: Magic mutations
Research: Sintra's Cube
Research: Empathy: Soothing
Research: Ring of Paradigm
Research: Delroth
Research: Defiance: Defiers have an affinity to certain elements
Research: Defiance: Dancing
Research: Overstepping
Research: Defiance: Overstepping
Research: If you err on the side of caution all the time, you might never learn anything
Research x3 (A Trial Away)
Research x3 (Doran's Charter Meeting)
Research x1 (Blood of a Lotharro, Part 3)
Research x2 ([Academy] Meetings, minutes, memories.)
Research x3 (A Vial of Hope)
Research: Races: Ellune are resistant to the cold)
Research: Races: Ellune can hibernate)
Research: Races: Ellune can die if it’s too hot)
Research: Races: Ellune cover themselves with snow when they are hot)
Research x5 (Fate or Choice)
Research: Races: Lotharro: Have adrenaline outbursts and increased endurance)
Research: Races: Lotharro: What their adrenaline outbursts are like)
Research: Races: Lotharro: The Path)
Research x2 (Powders)
Research x3 (Blood of an Ellune I)
Research x2 (Blood of an Ellune II)
Research x5 (Blood of an Ellune IV)
Research: Attunement: A form of magical focus
Research: Attunement: How it is different from Transmutation
Research: Attunement: Notes
Research: Attunement: Does not happen automatically
Research Attunement: Omnivision: Does not impart colors or details
Research (Specialism: Arcane Theory): Chronicling one's magical evolution
Research (Specialism: Alchemy – Blood Magic): The magical effect is not permanent
Research (Specialism: Alchemy – Blood Magic): Power of the item vs. power of the mage
Research (Specialism: Arcane Theory): Ether is fleeting
Research (Specialism: Arcane Theory): Ether is the cornerstone of magic
Research (Specialism: Alchemy – Blood Magic): Testing an item
Research (Specialism: Alchemy – Blood Magic): Some items require a trigger
Research (Specialism: Alchemy – Blood Magic): There are differences to domain magic
Research (Specialism: Alchemy – Blood Magic): What using Omnivision is like for someone who is not an Attuner
Research x1 (Salamander Acid)
Research: making new strides in a the scientific field
Research: using protocols to get and permission
Research x3 (The First Storm)
Research(Specialism: Arcane Theory): Different kinds of ether
Research x2 (The Blizzard)
Research: The resources on hand are important
Research: Access to restricted material aids research
Research: Maps give good geographical data
Research: Compare current and historical sources
Research: Start your research broadly
Research: Leave no source of information out!
Research: More people makes for quicker research
Research: Conspiracy theories can lead to truth
Research: Identify topics for further research from your initial overview.
Research: Cross reference events to build a better picture
Research: Each question raises new questions
Research: Legends can be good leads
Research: Consider how many legends there are about a topic - note similarities and differences
Research: Research authors to discover new links
Research: Fairy tales can be very useful sources of information.
Research: Questions lead to answers, which lead to new questions.
Research: An Immortal can tell you about the Originals
Research: Names, spelling, and even languages change over time.
Research: There are only 7 Originals who had Immortal Children
Research: The locations of the Originals deaths are Grand Fractrum
Research: Fei was a scientist and like to make things.
Resistance: 13
Resistance: Inhaling a dangerous substance
Resistance: Venora Rose, a wine with high alcohol Content
Resistance x2 (Powders)
Resistance x1 (Blood of a Lotharro, Part 4)
Resistance x1 (Blood of an Ellune II)
Resistance x1 (Blood of an Ellune III)
Resistance x1 (Immunity)
Resistance x1 (Wraithgrass and Snow Nets)
Resistance x1 (Studies in Transmutation, Part 2)
Resistance x1 (Reactant)
Resistance x1 (Keep it Simple)
Resistance x1 (The Blizzard)
Science: 131
Chemistry: Dilution Ratio
Chemistry: Water as a solvent
Chemistry: Acid-base extractions
Chemistry: Dilution
Chemistry: Concentration
Chemistry: Does not exist in isolation of the other sciences
Chemistry: Came about because of consideration of physics
Chemistry: Closely linked with pharmacy
Chemistry: White Phosphorus, highly toxic
Chemistry: White Phosphorus, burns on contact with air
Chemistry: Doses and amounts: Caution is best
Chemistry: Safety first
Chemistry: Boil leaves to soften them before extracting the essence.
Chemistry: A Drop of Alcohol to Prevent Sample Contamination
Chemistry: Drain the Spent Pulp From Boiled Solutions
Chemistry: The Classic Soak-and-Dry Application Method
Chemistry: Phosphorescence and the properties of phosphorescent stones
Chemistry: Density of water vs alcohol
Chemistry: White phosphorus properties
Chemistry: The difference between phosphorus and phosphorescent
Chemistry: Gun powder is more stable then the liquid or gaseous type explosives.
Chemistry: Gunpowder is made of charcoal, Sulphur and saltpeter
Chemistry: Saltpeter also known as Potassium Nitrate.
Chemistry: Using the right percentages is essential.
Chemistry: Sulfer and the charcoal as fuels, while the saltpeter provides the oxygen for the reaction.
Chemistry: Sulphur is made of Sulphur, but there are also combined forms such as sulfide and sulfate
Chemistry: oxygen is needed for oxidation reactions, after ignition the reaction produces it’s own oxygen
Chemistry: moisten explosive materials for safety reasons.
Chemistry: Mix 65% potassium chlorate, 15% strontium nitrate and 20% shellac to burn red.
Chemistry: use ear protection when dealing with explosives.
Chemistry: Dealing with an escaping gas
Chemistry: Basic testing procedures for liquids
Chemistry: Quantifiable aspects of liquids
Chemistry: Analyzing an unknown substance
Chemistry: Physical properties: odor, color and viscosity
Chemistry: Chemical properties: reactivity with other substances
Chemistry: Manipulating plants so that they glow in the dark
Chemistry: Definition and uses of a centrifuge
Chemistry: How to tell human and animal blood apart
Chemistry: Using chemicals to reduce the melting Point
Chemistry: My capstone allows me to quickly identify chemicals
Chemistry: Galvanic cells
Chemistry: Jacob's ladder
Chemistry: The combination of chemistry and magic
Chemistry: An embalming agent prevents decomposition
Chemistry: Determining calcium Content
Chemistry: Some substances aren't water-soluble
Chemistry: Alcohol as a solvent
Chemistry: The state of your equipment can affect your products
Chemistry: Copper creates blue sparks
Chemistry: Magnesium creates white sparks
Chemistry: With a fuse you can control the rate of Burning
Chemistry: Definition
Chemistry x4 (Blood Magic)
Chemistry x3 (Blood of a Lotharro, Part 2)
Chemistry x1 (Powders)
Chemistry x3 (The Central Science)
Chemistry x5 (Materials)
Chemistry: Resource: Sandspecks
Chemistry: How to make silver sand
Chemistry x3 (Sandspecks)
Chemistry x1 (Golden Salamander)
Chemistry x3 (The Magic of Learning)
Chemistry x4 (A Lesson in Alchemy)
Chemistry x2 (A Mage Keeps His Promises)
Chemistry x7 (A 'Necessary' Foundation)
Chemistry x5 (Salamander Acid)
Chemistry x3 (The First Storm)
Chemistry x3 (Density)
Chemistry: most stones are non-porous which means they don’t absorb liquids
Chemistry: Substances that have a lower density than water float
Chemistry: Definition of phase transition
Chemistry: The three phases: solid, liquid and gaseous
Chemistry: Definition of sublimation and desublimation
Chemistry: Definition of vaporization and condensation
Chemistry: Definition of the critical point
Chemistry: The physical properties of metals
Chemistry: The chemical properties of metals
Chemistry: Mercury is liquid at room temperature
Chemistry: Definition of an alloy
Chemistry x2 (Yellow Glass)
Chemistry x2 ([Hopetoun] Framing Things)
Physics: Adding a stick to your flame arrows as a guidance system.
Physics: Concerned with the physical properties of matter
Physics: Cool the contents of a metal bowl by putting the bowl in cold water
Science: Binders are used to thicken a liquid
Science: The chemical and physical processes that take place in wood over time
Science: Substances that have a higher density than water sink to the bottom
Science: Candlemaking: Securing the wick to prevent it from swaying
Science: Candlemaking: Adding rose oil to make a rose-scented candle
Science: Candlemaking: Yellow sand gives candles a glow-in-the-dark effect
Science: Candlemaking: Using beeswax to make candles
Science: Choosing the appropriate base for a fuel
Science: Using an alembic to distill a liquid
Science: Using clay as an absorbent
Science: Improving a fuel with additives
Seafearing: 2
Seafaring: The bow of a ship
Seafaring: Take the Galleon
Seduction: 40
Seduction: Passionate kisses
Seduction: Pulling someone close
Seduction: Meeting someone's kiss
Seduction: Initiating a kiss
Seduction: Brief touches
Seduction: A massage
Seduction: Close proximity
Seduction: Running a hand along the buttons of someone's shirt
Seduction: Being respectful
Seduction: Wrapping an arm around someone
Seduction: Putting an arm around someone's waist
Seduction: Reacting to someone's kisses and touches
Seduction x9 (Mystic Mystery)
Seduction x4 (A Trial Away)
Seduction x5 (The Trial Ahead)
Seduction x3 (Continue)
Seduction x2 (Fate or Choice)
Seduction x3 (Powders)
Seduction x2 (Keep it Simple)
Sesser: Thespian: allows you to discard your emotions as you see fit
Sesser: Transformer's Toolbox [Minor]: Becoming another to avoid familiarity
Sesser: Transformer's Toolbox [Minor]: Portraying an Eidisi means getting taller
Socialization: 128
Persuasion: Showing Your Hands to be Non-Threatening
Persuasion: Showing that you see the beauty in life
Persuasion: Explaining your viewpoint
Persuasion: Sometimes You Have to Sell Yourself
Persuasion: Promise people to mention their name in your research to get what you want
Persuasion: A little money helps ensure your privacy
Persuasion: Reassuring someone of safety is helpful
Persuasion: Using analogy to promote interest
Persuasion: Reassurance might need repeating
Persuasion: Be clear and efficient in your description
Persuasion: Reaffirm praise so that the recipient believes it
Persuasion: The threat of homework convinces students to behave
Persuasion: Telling someone you might be able to work something out
Persuasion: Persuading someone to become your research subject
Persuasion x4 (The Trial Ahead)
Persuasion x4 (Fate or Choice)
Persuasion x2 (A Visit to the Infirmary)
Persuasion x2 (The Marked Men)
Persuasion x2 (To Know You)]
Persuasion: Mentioning a reward in order to ensure somebody's loyalty
Negotiation: "Handshake Deal" to Escape to Augiery
Negotiation: The Many Fluid Rules of Lewis Parren
Negotation: Offering an Item of greater Value in order to get the item you want
Negotiation: Haggling Over Buying Singly, or in Pairs
Negotiation: Sealing a pact through affection
Negotiation: Doing deals with those similar to you
Negotiation x3 (A new dean at the academy?)
Rhetoric: Providing Alternate Explanations to Phenomena
Rhetoric: The Many Phrases of Lewis Parren
Rhetoric: Analogy
Rhetoric: Make your argument difficult to refute
Rhetoric x5 (Wraithgrass and Snow Nets)
Rhetoric x3 (A Visit to the Infirmary)
Rhetoric x2 (An Announcement)
Rhetoric x2 (Freezing Rain)
Rhetoric x1 (Density)
Rhetoric x2 (The Marked Men)
Rhetoric x2 (To Know You)]
Rhetoric: enunciating your words clearly so that your audience understands you
Rhetoric x2 (A new dean at the academy?)
Socialization: Keeping Conversations Clipped and Direct
Socialization: Steering Conversation In A Favored Direction
Socialization: Sharing Personal Philosophies
Socialization: Reconsidering Initial Judgements
Socialization: The University is no Place for Pets or Children
Socializing: Sharing a Sense of Being Manipulated
Socialization: Chatting in Groups
Socialisation: Making it clear to a group of people that you disapprove of their behaviour
Socialization: Getting to know a new research Partner
Socialization: Trying to get to know an interesting person better
Socialization x1 (A Trial Away)
Socialization x2 (Merchant Arrival)
Socialization x3 (Resonance (Mummer's Ball - Doran))
Socialization x2 (A new dean at the academy?)
Socialization x3 (The Fake Alchemist, Part 1)
Socialization: Putting forward a compelling argument
Socialisation: Talking to an entirely alien entity
Socialisation: Speaking Chuckles.
Socialization x5 (Saoire's Heroes: The Air Table)
Socialization x4 (A Night full of Surprises)
Socialization x3 ([Telka] Saoire's Heroes.)
Socialization: Getting to know a new customer
Socialization: Getting to know your new guest
Socialisation x 5
Socialisation x 7
Socialization x3
Socialization x5
Socialization: Witty banter
Socialization x7
Stealth: 11
Stealth: Walking on tiptoes
Stealth: Hiding in doorways to obscure one's form
Stealth: Wear a Dark Suit to Look Like Another Official
Stealth: Moving quietly
Stealth: The right clothes let you blend in with your surroundings
Stealth: Losing Yourself in a Crowd
Stealth: Making sure that nobody is watching you
Stealth x4 (Emean Exploration, Part 2)
Strength: 67
Strength: Holding someone in place
Strength: Lifting someone up
Strength: Carrying someone in your arms
Strength: Digging your fingers into someone’s arm
Strength: Using your strength to hold another in place
Strength: Using strength to intimidate
Strength: How to lift a man
Strength: Breaking down calcites is good for building up strength in your arms.
Strength: Dragging heavy objects
Strength: Delicate Manipulation With a Heavy Pole
Strength: Delicate Manipulation With Large, Heavy Tongs
Strength: Pulling an assailant away from his victim
Strength: Carrying a heavy load
Strength: Sometimes it's better not to use your full strength
Strength: If you want to succeed, you need to be stronger than everybody else
Strength: Necessary for a swordman to have
Strength: Building up the strength in your arms
Strength: A forceful thrust
Strength: Building up your strength by attaching a weight to your Sword
Strength: Carrying a lot of books
Strength: Lifting heavy objects
Strength: Working in Tandem
Strength: Back blows
Strength: Abdominal thrusts
Strength: Ripping a piece of Cloth
Strength: Training with extra-heavy weapons
Strength: Repetition is key
Strength: Breathing slowly and steadily helps
Strength: The soreness of your muscles after a good Workout
Strength: Carrying an unconscious person
Strength: Carrying two cages with rabbits
Strength: Striking at a Tanner Mantis’ legs
Strength: Hacking a Tanner Mantis’ front legs off
Strength: Turning an overweight patient to the side
Strength: Carrying a crate full of alchemical equipment
Strength: Holding someone’s arm tightly
Strength x1 (Mystic Mystery)
Strength x4 (The Trial Ahead)
Strength x3 (Alchemical Accidents)
Strength x5 (Plia)
Strength x1 (Phase One)
Strength x1 (Emean Exploration, Part 2)
Strength x1 (Scalvoris Sand)
Strength x1 (Powders)
Strength x3 (Menochoros/Blades II)
Strength x4 (Don't Spar(e) The Horses)
Strength x1 (Fake human reunion)
Strength x1 (Holidays & Homecomings)
Strength: Moving stones from one place to another
Strength: Digging a hole in the sand with your bare hands
Strength: Melee Smash: All but bypasses the need for momentum
Strength: Ramming a pole into the ground
Strength: Shoveling snow
Tactics: 60
Tactics: He who hesitates is lost
Tactics: Setting a large fire to scare shadow beasts
Tactics: Train when there is nothing else to do
Tactics: Fire will drive Shadow Creatures away
Tactics: Taking numbers into account when predicting enemy actions
Tactics: Choosing your battle ground.
Tactics: Use of fire (or glowing weapons) to misinform the enemy
Tactics: using phosphorescence to deceive the enemy during a battle and make the army look smaller than it really is.
Tactics: Explosives have their uses in a battle especially in ranged combat.
Tactics: Flame arrows can be substitutes for signal horns or other means of communicating during a battle.
Tactics: Adding nails and such to explosives to take out more enemies
Tactics: Rebalancing things so that more explosive arrows could be shot
Tactics: Changing Strategies to Adapt to Unexpected Outcomes
Tactics: Backtracking and Sidestepping to Confuse a Trail
Tactics: Impulsive Actions Don't Allow for Complications
Tactics: Aim for somewhere vital
Tactics: Plotting to ruin an official
Tactics: Using a bad situation to your Advantage
Tactics: Scheduling A Meeting Far Ahead
Tactics: Never Lose Your Cool
Tactics: How to make sure that somebody "agrees" to work for you
Tactics: A plan of attack based on collected information
Tactics: Taking advantage of a temporary weakness
Tactics: Never go anywhere unarmed!
Tactics: Consider who you tell what to - work in your best interests
Tactics: Attempting to understand your enemy
Tactics x1 Menochoros III)
Tactics x1 (Don't Spar(e) The Horses)
Tactics x1 (Patience Grasshopper)
Tactics x2 (Paid in Blood)
Tactics x1 (Plia's Test)
Tactics x2 (Hallowed Halls & Ivory Towers)
Tactics x3 ([Infirmary] A Game before Twilight)
Tactics: Analyse enemy movements
Tactics: Seek out enemy weaknesses
Tactics: Assume that there's more to the enemy than meets the eye
Tactics: Weighing up war and peace
Tactics: Know who's on your side.
Tactics: Know when to seek help.
Tactics: Ask the right person for help or information.
Tactics: Taking individual parts and making them into a whole.
Tactics: Aiming for peace.
Tactics: Creation balances a Diri of Destruction
Tactics: Recognise when you are not responsible for something.
Tactics: The use of drainglass against a diri of Destruction.
Tactics: Use your environment to your advantage
Tactics: Use all your resources, even ones not there!
Tactics: Have a back up in case things go awry
Tactics: Sometimes you have to deal with things on the fly.
Tactics: Ensure that your command central is secure
Tactics: Identify the greatest threats to you.
Tactics: Co ordination is key
Tactics: People need information
Tactics: Making sure the right people have the right information
Tactics: The element of surprise.
Tactics: Thinking outside the box to surprise others.
Teaching: 100
Teaching: You really do have to speak clearly
Teaching: Enunciation is important
Teaching: Share a little of your past, they think they know you.
Teaching: If it's dangerous, tell them. Clearly.
Teaching: Target setting is motivational
Teaching: Refocusing students
Teaching: Brainstorming with students
Teaching: Summarizing important information
Teaching: Note taking
Teaching: Setting homework
Teaching: Essay Assignments Come Back to Haunt You
Teaching: Give Students Time to Formulate Their Responses
Teaching: Tutoring in Alchemy is Not to be Made Public
Teaching: Point out the mistakes
Teaching: Prepare them for what you're going to do
Teaching: Never let students near explosives until their second arc of studies
Teaching: Don’t pick favourites.
Teaching: Be tough but fair
Teaching: some people learn better through practical exercises.
Teaching: don’t be serious all the time.
Teaching: There are no dumb questions.
Teaching: Make sure your wording is clear.
Teaching: Reprimanding Reckless Behavior
Teaching: Point Out the Flaws of Mainstream Thought to Encourage Deeper Thinking
Teaching: Clearly explain the consequences of actions.
Teaching: Demonstration plus explanation is effective one to one
Teaching: Compliments, used sparingly, can be very efficient motivators.
Teaching: Work with the strengths of your students
Teaching: Giving scenarios helps
Teaching: Teaching somebody to fight with a sword
Teaching: Asking a student to show you what they are capable of
Teaching: An impromptu lesson on Immortals and their offspring
Teaching: Preparing for the following trial's lesson
Teaching: Recommending books
Teaching: Make sure that the topic of your lesson is clear
Teaching: Demonstrations are a good way of showcasing what a subject can do
Teaching: Inquiring about a student's previous studies
Teaching: Asking questions in order to ascertain a student's knowledge Level
Teaching: In order to help a student, you need to find out what exactly they have trouble with first
Teaching: Providing helpful literature
Teaching: Punishing students for leaving the classroom too early
Teaching x3 (Fire Flowers)
Teaching x3 (A Guest Lecture)
Teaching x2 (The Central Science)
Teaching x1 (I Found You!)
Teaching x2 (Learning by Doing)
Teaching x3 (The Magic of Learning)
Teaching x3 (A Lesson in Alchemy)
Teaching x2 (An Announcement)
Teaching x2 (Freezing Rain)
Teaching x2 (Density)
Teaching: if a large number of students are absent, it’s a good idea to take it slow
Teaching: a practical exercise can help illustrate certain concepts
Teaching: Assessing a student’s prior knowledge so that you don’t teach them something they already know
Teaching: Coddling your students will hurt them in the long run
Teaching: Tailoring a lesson to a student
Teaching: Teaching students something that will be of practical use can make them remember their class fondly
Teaching: Telling the students that they can keep the item they made during class can motivate them
Teaching: Letting the students know that they shouldn't hesitate to ask questions
Teaching: Summarizing the previous lessons in case the students don’t remember
Teaching: Don’t give students a lot of homework when they don’t know a lot about a subject
Teaching: Consider the reason for a lesson
Teaching: Explain what you’ll be teaching beforehand
Teaching: Explain why you are teaching something
Teaching: When teaching combat, a demonstration is helpful
Teaching: When teaching combat, use practice weapons
Teaching: Grading an exam
Teaching: Talking about an exam helps students understand their mistakes better
Teaching: Ask your student what they remember from their previous lesson before you teach them something new
Teaching: Give every student a chance to say something in class
Teaching: Be thorough, but don’t shock your students with gruesome details
Teaching: If there is a term your students may not be familiar with, explain it
Teaching: Asking your student what they want to learn
Teaching: Teaching two students with different levels of knowledge
Teaching: Giving a more experienced student an additional challenge
Teaching: You can impart more knowledge as a skilled teacher.
Teaching: Motivating students after a failure
Teaching: Be encouraging rather than overly critical of mistakes
Teaching: Teaching a small group allows you to dedicate more time to each student
Teaching: Practicing something repeatedly helps ingrain it into a student’s memory
Teaching: Excursions enrichen the students' learning in a non-school setting
Teaching: Giving students worksheets so that they can practice what they've learned
Teaching: Exams are a way to verify someone’s skills
Teaching: Assigning a task that fosters your students’ creativity
Teaching: Changing your plan due to your students’ questions
Teaching: Handling off-topic questions
Teaching: Clearly stating your expectations is important
Tracking: 1
Tracking: Following a trial of blood
Transmutation: 31
Transmutation: Initiation: How it is done
Transmutation: Initiation: Extraordinarily painful
Transmutation: Allows you to affect the world
Transmutation: Ether missile
Transmutation: Initation: Creates a bond between the mage and the initiate
Transmutation: Identity
Transmutation: Cannot affect organic or undead matter
Transmutation: Isn't permanent
Transmutation: Brilliance: Creating an orb of light
Transmutation: Brilliance: Can be seen by everybody
Transmutation: Quality: The sensation of burning
Transmutation: What flaws are
Transmutation: Allows you to sense when the one who initiated you uses their magic
Transmutation: Quality: The warmth of a flame
Transmutation x4 (Shards)
Transmutation: Sculpting x1 (Shards)
Transmutation x1 (Continue)
Transmutation: Quality: The cool smoothness of glass (Clarity)
Transmutation (Ether Missile) x3 (Studies in Transmutation, Part 1)
Transmutation (Sculpting) x3 (Studies in Transmutation, Part 2)
Transmutation x2 (Studies in Transmutation, Part 3)
Transmutation: Imbuing an object with the cool smoothness of glass
Transmutation: Quality: Porcelain


Adviser Vuda: Has More Going on Than He Lets On
Adviser Vuda: Prefers to Remain in the Background
Beira: Intelligent woman
Beira: Eidisi
Beira: Mother
Beira: Housewife or farmer
Beira: Restricts her son’s activity
Beira: Doesn’t like being criticized
Beira: May not be happy
Beira: Married to a farmer
Beira: Interested in moving to the city
Beira: Husband is Rudi
Beira: Not Eidisi
Beira: Turned to crystals when she died
Beira: True form
Beira: You know her, even in her crystal form.
Beira: Loved her husband
Beira: Yludith
Beira: I love her
Bruxen Avenger: Proof that Xiur Did Not Die
Cecil: an ithecal
Cecil: dean of history
Elsie: Reminds You of Your Own Daughter
Elsie: Elyna and Malcolm's Child
Gremielle: Killed by Xiur's "Bruxen Avenger"
Gremielle: Naerikk Swordmistress
Hailey Shore: Has a Boyfriend Named Jett Ryne
Hailey Shore: Murder Victim
Hailey Shore: Torn Between Love and Career
Hailey Shore: Promising Student
Hannah Yavich: the owner of the "Herbal Shop"
High Marshall Parhn: High Marshall Brogen Parhn
Jaks Liteborn: Seeking his grandfather's lucky charm.
Jaks Liteborn: Says his lucky charm is Ziell's finger bone
Lewis Parren: Game Master and Scam Artist (Deceased)
Lewis Parren: Changes the Rules Arbitrarily
Luther Verran: Alchemist
Ocraloch: missing at an important meeting for Doran
Old Lab Master: Killed by Shrapnel from Exploding Naphtha Fuel
Patron Lerrik Calloso: Leader of the "Old Guard" Faction
Plia Yishnai Velanar (NPC): A half-Eídisi, half-Ellune woman who lacks confidence
Plia (NPC): Seems to have a crush on you
Rita: Has a death wish
Rudi: Used to be in the Military
Ser Nade Brecht: A Knight
Ser Nade Brecht: Has an old war injury
Skraylock: Avriel Bounty Hunter (Deceased)
Taysin: female Eidisi
Taysin: a member of the Intelligence Authority
Thalia: Teacher’s Pet
Thalia: Know it all
Verin: dean of arcana
Vuda: Chief Adviser Karnos Vuda
Vuda: Loves His Deceptive Rank
Vuda: More Powerful Than He Looks
Vuda: Wants You to Take over His Alchemy Lab
Xad was the family black sheep and left them
Xad Changed his name because he felt "Smooglenuff" sounds like some type of exotic pillow


Aeon: Scarred
Aeon: Visited by a woman in a dream
Aeon: Prior combat experience
Alistair Venora: A Noble
Alistair Venora: Claims to be about as sexual as a stone pillar
Alistair Venora: Claims to be a renowned medical professional
Alistair Venora: Invited you to visit his home
Alistair: Exiled from Rynmere
Alistair: Has lost everything
Alistair: Knows that I'm a Mortalborn
Alistair: Accepts me
Alistair: Mine
Alys: Met her on the ship to Ne'haer
Alys: Wonders if you've been sent to die
Alys: No one's entertainment.
Alys: A thief and a liar, or a store clerk in a book shop. Or maybe both.
Ari'sora: Half Avriel
Ari'sora: Student of linguistics
Ari'sora: I taught her alchemy
Arlo: A threat?
Balthazar Black: Rupturer and Defier
Balthazar Black: Conducts hazardous experiments
Balthazar Black: Private investigator
Balthazar Black: What his mutations are like
Balthazar Black: Joined the Flame Troops
Balthazar Black: Wants to become the new Militant
Balthazar Black: Attuner
Balthazar Black: Dreamwalker
Balthazar Black: I taught him alchemy
Darius Baer: I taught him to use the sword
Doran Cooney: The other Doran
Doran Cooney: Is fine with me calling him Cooney
Doran Cooney: Not an assassin
Doran Cooney: A performer
Elyna: Pregnant
Elyna: Captain in the Xiur Skyriders
Elyna: Crew always around
Elyna: Doesn't like questions
Elyna: Likes the quiet
Elyna: Good with bow and sword
Elyna: Sword is male.
Elyna: Remembers You From Shadow Beast Attack
Elyna: Stayed in Rynmere for the Treidhart Battle
Finn O'Connor: A little criminal
Finn O'Connor: Twelve, not ten!
Finn O'Connor: Why he broke into my laboratory
Finn O'Connor: My new little helper
Finn O'Connor: The Kid at Parren's Contest
Inali: Eidisi
Inali: Not a Seeker
Jonathan Burr: Aberrant and Transmuter
Kisaik: A Mortalborn
Linika: True daughter of Audrae
Linika: Exiled from Augiery
Llyr Llywelyn: Initiated me into Dreamwalking
Llyr Llywelyn: Etherist
Llyr Llywelyn: Mister Magpie
Llyr Llywelyn: Supposedly practices Attunement and Mirage
Llyr Llywelyn: Transmuter, Becomer and Attuner
Llyr Llywelyn: Initiated me into Transmutation
Llyr Llywelyn: His mutations
Llyr Llywelyn: Told me his name
Llyr Llywelyn: Takes care of a couple of children
Llyr Llywelyn: His first initiate is an Etzori assassin
Llyr Llywelyn: Flayed someone
Llyr Llywelyn: Loves me
Llyr Llywelyn: I told him that I love him
Llyr Llywelyn: Researches Noth’s gauntlet for Marshall Webb
Llyr Llywelyn: Xypha
Llyr: a friendly face
Mal: Also called "Padfoot"
Mal: The Beast that was NOT in Disguise
Malcolm Krome: History and Language Teacher at Rynmere University
Malcolm Krome: Possible Scandal with Elyna Burhan
Malcolm Krome: Previously Been to Ne'haer
Maloclm Krome: Elsie's Father
Nauta: Aukari
Nauta: Thinks Faldrun's a bastard
Nauta: Thinks you are brave
Nauta: Is connected to Syroa somehow
Nauta: A potential ally?
Nightshade Eld: Defeated Skraylock With Patience, Prowess and Planning
Nightshade Eld: No Slouch With Blades
Nightshade Eld: Avriel Half-Breed
Nightshade: One of Xiur's people
Niv: Not the Best at Hiding
Noth: Half Avriel
Noth: How he found the Powder
Noth: A possible ally?
Oberan: Mortalborn
Oberan: Has the power to transform people
Oberan: Could be a valuable ally
Oberan: His philosophy on why to use the Shenanigan Sphere
Padfoot: Attacked you in Ardor Form
Patrick: I taught him to fight
Patrick: Treasure hunter
Rorom: A Sailor
Rorom: Wants You to Mend a Wounded Albatross
Rorom: Native Tongue is Rikahi
Ryder: Mercenary
Ryder: Wants to get a Sword
Saeri: Appears to be an Eidisi
Saeri: Stuck With You After "Xiur incident"
Saza Moshe: Llyr’s assistant
Saza Moshe: From Nashaki
Sintih: Beira’s son
Sintih: Sickly
Sintih: Heavily medicated
Sintih: Doesn’t like you
Sintih: Liar and Manipulator
Sintih: Buried the crystals of his parents.
Sintih: Yludith
Sintih: Too weak for a longsword
Sintih: Wants you to teach him Plow Guard Counter Attack
Sintih: Emotions make his magic difficult.
Sintih: Not very good with a sword
Sintih: Really hasn't changed
Sintih: Blames you for his mother's death
Sintih: Thin and weak
Sintih: Still very prone to weakness.
Sintih: Quite Observant
Sintih: More like his mother Beira
Sintih: More a mage and a scientist than a warrior
Sintih: suddenly behaving exceptionally well.
Sintih: Flexible with his worship
Sintih: Doesn’t have hero worship, might still be hope for him.
Sintih: Has decided to stay in Rynmere
Sintih: Mad at me because I left without a word
Sintih: Needs more from me than knowledge
Sintih: I care about him
Sintih: Yludih messenger service
Sintih: I told him who I really am and what I did
Sintih: Calls himself Ronan Dugal now
Sintih: Studies Graft and Rupturing
Sintih: Pretends to be a Becomer
Sintih: What happened to him
Sor'ren: From Viden
Sor'ren: Recurring dream
Sor'ren: Mixed blood
Sor'ren: Half Sev'ryn
Sor'ren: Born and raised in Desnind
Sor'ren: Was sent away from Desnind
Sor'ren: Believes he was sent away for a good reason
Sor'ren: Drawn to Magic
Sybil Malach: University student
Sybil Malach: From Viden
Sybil Malach: Changed
Sybil Malach: My abilities don't work the way they should on them
Symbri: Devoted to Xiur
Symbri: May Have Been Xiur's "Bruxen Avenger"
Vega: Was in your dream
Vega: Good and pure
Vega: Trusts you
Vega: Wants to play the harp
Vega: Lonely
Vega: (Dream) You will save her
Vega: (Dream) Bad at running
Vega: (Dream) Brave, just like her mother
Vega: (Dream) Slows you down
Vega: (Dream) Your daughter
Vega: (Dream) Has a brother named Arlo?
Xander Krome: From House Krome
Xander Krome: Seems almost competent to learn
Xander Krome: Handsome, in a conventional sort of way
Xander Krome: A pleasure to teach
Yanahalqah: Saeri
Yanahalqah: Has skill in combat
Yanahalqah: Came out of first attack unscathed
Yanahalqah: Thinks there is a possible traitor
Yanahalqah: Believes the crew is incompetent
Yanahalqah: Believes the Immortals are doing it for a laugh
Yanahalqah: Interrogated the traitor
Yanahalqah: Didn’t get any useful information from interrogation
Yanahalqah: Views the crew as a meatshield
Yanahalqah: Believes the traitor believes he is speaking truth
Yanahalqah: Enemies are powerful or traitor is weak
Yanahalqah: Hopes for more competent Summoned
Yanahalqah: Thinks Aeon is stubborn and foolish
Yrmellyn Cole: Thought You Were a Thief
Yrmellyn Cole: A Persistent Painter
Yrmellyn Cole: Apprentice of The Great Mariuz Arbin of Rharne
Yrmellyn Cole: Ex-Courtesan
Yrmellyn Cole: Above Average Intelligence
Yrmellyn Cole: A Good Conversationalist
Yrmellyn Cole: An Attunement Mage
Yrmellyn Cole: Seemed rather flustered by you
Yrmellyn Cole: Has an 'elixir of eternal life'
Zasalamir: My Student
Zemos: Student at the Institute of Sciences
Zemos: Studies toxins
Zemos: May have a blessing
Zemos: Has a friend called Sophia

Immortals & Originals

Delana: Her relationship with the other Originals
Immortal: Ziell
Immortals: Merciless More Than Merciful [JD]
Immortals: Responsible for the Shadow Creatures?
Immortals: Witness To Their Existence
Immortals: Unlikely to draw their attention if you worship to many of them.
Immortal: U'frek
Immortal: Xiur
Immortal: Moseke
Immortal: Yvithia
Immortal: Qylios
Immortal: Ilaren
Immortal: Ymiden
Immortal: Ethelynda
Immortal: Jesine
Immortal: Faldrun
Moseke: Revitalised and healed all present
Qylios: Her Golden Spheres Explode
Sailor's Custom: Red Sky
Saoire: The Holiday Woman
Saoire: The Beauty of a Gift
Saoire: Wear Variable Holiday Crown
Xiur: His Boons Always Stand in Opposition to Audrae's
Xiur: Soon to be a Powerful New Enemy
Xiur Boon: Starlight Key
Xiur Came to Etzos for Oscillus Troop Support
Xiur: Might be waiting outside of Etzos
Ziell: Doesn’t recognised you?
Ziell: Visited your home
Ziell: Strange?


City: Viden
Etzos: Built For Defense
Etzos: Focus of Intolerance Shifts From Race to Race
Etzos: Overall Circular Layout
Etzos Location: The Council Chamber
Etzos Location: The Great Parhn Gate
Etzos Location: The Tower of Ministers
Etzos: City of Stone and Immortal Haters
Location: The Prime Atheneum
Location: the Academy of Viden
Location: Rynmere – Andaris [JD]
Location: Ne'haer [JD]
Location: Etzos [JD]
Location: Elyna's house
Location: Strosdyn
Location: Ivorian
Location; U’frek’s ship
Location: Ne’haer
Location: Potions & Tonics
Location: Ne'haer (Western Idalos)
Location: Andaris: Herbal Shop
Location: Andaris: Ser Nade Brecht's house
Location: Rynmere: Haakon's Isle
Location: The Broken Blade
Location: The Gardener's Grace
Location: Etzos Museum of Art and History
Location: Foster's Landing
Ne'haer: Pleasant Both Spiritually and Visually
Ne’haer: Located in the west of Idalos
Ne'haer: In Ruins Due To Mist Men Attack
Ne'haer: Council of Minäih Judgement Hall
Ne'haer: Destruction of The Judgement Hall
Pyk: Might have been inhabited by the Shay
Pyk: Cave wall drawings suggest the presence of humanoids
Pyk: There are no bones left of its former inhabitants
Scalvoris: Location: The Proving Ground
The Citadel: Most Rooms Have Spy Holes
The Citadel: Secret Passageways Fill the Gaps Between Towers
The Fence: A Smuggling Ring and Mercenary Ally
The Lab: Library: All of Vuda's Books
The Lab: Storage: Reagents, Materials and Finished Items
The Lab: Three Rooms: Library, Storage and Workroom
The Lab: Workroom: All The Lab Gear and Two Large Protected Vats


Blood magic: never been researched
Domain Magic: Becoming: Totems
Domain Magic: Becoming: Protean
Domain Magic: Becoming: Blending
Domain Magic: Becoming: Echo
Domain Magic: Becoming: Unleash
Domain Magic: Becoming: Chrysalis
Domain Magic: Overstepping
Dreams: Battle Aboard a Ship
Dreams: Sharing a Dream
Dreamwalking: Initiation
Dreamwalking: Lucid dreaming
Dreamwalking: Branding
Dreamwalking: The Veil
Dreamwalking: Doors
Dreamwalking: Entering another’s dreamscape
Dreamwalking: Using magic in Emea is dangerous
Dreamwalking: You can change the way you look in Emea
Dreamwalking: You can change your dreamscape
Dreamwalking: Harm can befall you when you lucid dream
Dreamwlaking: Being physically in Emea can be dangerous
Dreamwalking: It's possible to bring items with you
Dreamwalking: Walking
Dreamwalking: Exploring someone’s dreamscape
Dreamwalking: Not all dreams are interesting
Dreamwalking: Governing
Dreamwalking: Governing: Governing as a way to remember
Dreamwalking: Governing: Only enables you to create an approximation of life, at best
Dreamwalking: Governing: Governed items disappear when you wake up
Ellune: resistance to cold
Endurance potion: can help fight the negative effects of magic
Ghosts: To banish a ghost, you need to destroy its anchor
Ghosts: A ghost’s power comes from age and deterioration
Ghosts: A larger anchor allows a ghost to travel further from it
Ghosts: Ghosts refuse judgement
Ghosts: Ghosts strive to fulfill a need
Golden Salamander: Produces a milky substance that can be used as a fireproof coating
Golden Salamander: Most common around Sirothelle
Golden Salamander: Source of alchemical reagents
Horn of a Horned Carowa: Can be used as an alchemical primer
Humans: Were the first race to emerge after the Shattering
Language: Ancient Tongue
Language: Common Tongue
Language: Rakahi
Licentiate: highest level of education
Logic: Magic is Intimidating Due to Unpredictability
Lotharro: racial endurance
Lotharro Potion: could be used to help against anaphylactic reactions
Lysorian Lotus: native to Ne'haer
Lysorian Lotus: edible leaves with quite a distinguished flavour ~ broccolli
Lysorian Lotus: can be used as an aphrodisiac when properly managed
Lysorian Lotus: refinement process lost to time
Mages: They Like To Flay Mortalborns [JD]
Obsidian Prism: houses the elite of Viden
Philosophy: Darkness and Morality Are Spectrum, Not Absolutes
Portal: To Oscillus
Portal: Lights above it like stars
Potions: able to give normal people enhanced endurance or cold resistance
Potions: regular blood not domain or spark magic used
Potions: no long last negative effect known
Reagent: Barkskin: a binder
Reagent: Nafinju spinal fluid: a powerful accelerator
Reagent: Swiftweb: a metabolizer
Reagent: Ivorian Rock Turtle shell: a sealer
Sailor's Custom: Red Sky
Shadow Beasts: Easy to kill
Shadow Beasts: Can take human form
Shadow Beasts: Can hold and use weapons
Shadow Beasts: Rise up out of nowhere
Shadow Beasts: Don't tend to go inside
Shadow Beasts: Attracted to movement and sound
Shadow Beasts: Only appear during the day
Shadowbeast: Howl
Shadowbeast: Fire hurts them
Snäytu Kanna: the largest sentient land creature in all of Idalos
Snäytu Kanna: source of "Barkskin"
Tall Ship: Incompetent Crew
Tall Ship: Crew incapacitated after first attack
Tall Ship: Enchanted to keep everyone aboard
Task: The immortals need your help
Task: Head to the Council of Minäih
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Wealth Tier: Tier 10


CommonStarting Language000Fluent
RakahiStarting Language300Broken
Ith'essionLoyalty Bonus000Broken
Common SignNovice Linguistics (Free Easy Language 1)70...Broken
ScalveenNovice Linguistics (Free Easy Language 2)20...Fluent
... Competent Linguistics (Levelled to Fluent)............
Ancient LanguageExpert Linguistics (Free Broken Language 1)417...Conversational
...Bought Conversational Rank (Expert Linguistics)......17...
PendingExpert Linguistics (Free Broken Language 2).........Broken
VahanicPrincess of Fection5......Conversational
WideneseLanguage Points......1Broken
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Race: Mortal Born
Profession: Alchemist
Renown: 1162
Character Sheet
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Point Bank Thread
Wealth Tier: Tier 10


Item or ThreadRenown AwardedTotal Renown
Mortalborn -1010
Mortalborn in Rynmere +1020
Job (Professor) +1030
Give me Shelter +535
Twisted Wings and Things +136
[Global Event] The Humble Son +5, +344
[Global Event] Crossed Swords [Side Challenge] +448
[Andaris Farms] The Doran will see you now +250
Chrysopoeia +1, +153
Bone of the Father +1, +559
[Global Event] The Great Meeting +1069
Only Memories Remain -3, +173
Of Shadows and Fire +1, +1, +176
Pulvis pyrius 177
[Krome] The art of the blade +481
The End of Hope -1091
[Global Event] Battle To The Tomb of Treid +10, -30131
Credentials +20151
Ascension +10161
Epiphany +5166
Step Right Up! +5171
Mounting Tensions +3174
Volatile Concoctions +1175
Worth of the Dead +5180
Lab rat +2182
Two of a Kind +10192
Alchemical Dealings +5197
Familiarity and Diplomacy +5202
Refining the Sword +5207
The Alchemist and the Aberrant+5212
Reporting for Duty+5217
[The Ivy Hall] Show and Tell+20237
Introduction to Alchemy5242
A Choking Incident+10252
Taking of the Guard: Andaris B [VII Event]+10262
Potions for the Infirmary5272
Ascended Mantis5277
Tanner Mantis15302
Smoke's Poison, Part 15307
A Trip to The Library+5312
Smoke's Poison, Part 310322
Wells and Stones5327
Smoke's Poison, Part 415342
Blood of a Lotharro, Part 1+5347
Doran's Charter Meeting10357
Blood Magic5362
Blood of a Lotharro, Part 3+5 372
Alchemical Accidents5382
Phase One5392
A Vial of Hope15407
Fire Flowers5412
Fate or Choice5 417
A Guest Lecture+5422
Merchant Arrival+5427
Scalvoris Sand5432
Blood of an Ellune I10442
Menochoros/Blades II5447
Blood of an Ellune II5452
Menochoros II5457
Don't Spar(e) The Horses5462
Menochoros V5467
Patience Grasshopper5472
A Visit to the Infirmarycolor]+5477
Observed inner peace+5482
Body Language+5487
Taelis I5492
The Magic of Learning5507
A Mage Keeps His Promises5517
An Announcement5.522
Doran's Licentiate15537
Freezing Rain5542
The Tournament, Part 1+10552
The Mummer's Ball30582
A Flicker of Hope10592
Point Bank5602
A Light in the Darkness15617
The Rising Stars10627
Light Returns to the Darkness (Doran)5642
The Taste of Winter Air5647
Fact Finding Fei5652
A new dean at the academy?15667
An Unexpected Visitor10 as Immortal meetings go, this was fairly hush hush. But still, word gets out that Doran had a conversation with Xiur and Vega.677
[Hopetoun] Framing Things10 for discovering a new invention, a beacon of hope.687
Sword Fighting for Beginners, Part 15 (For teaching a class in Hopetoun, being a positive, encouraging presence)692
Supplicants5 (for helping out with medical needs)697
Sword Fighting for Beginners, Part 25702
Orange Sand and Rainbow Shells5707
The Fake Alchemist, Part 15712
The War of Slags Deep: Exposition 420732
Anagénnis (Viden's Grand Ball)5737
[Scalvoris Mountains] Life Forged, Death Forged25762
A Beacon for Hope25 for his part in building and alchemificating the beacon.787
[Hopetoun] Hickory Dickory Dock+15. Great times in Hopetoun.802
[The Forging] Life & Death30832
Another Guest Lecture5837
A Home Away From Home+5. “Hey! You’re that guy who just moved into the lighthouse!”842
Saoire's Heroes: The Air Table30872
I'm Your Huckleberry5877
Daia's Dancers5882
A Promise Kept+5 for a public dinner and fruitful discussion with an eminent colleague.887
Pots and Pans+5. Mr. Watson loves his new pots and pans! He brags about them to anyone who’s interested! And also to a few people who aren’t!892
The Way of the Sword10902
Portrait of a Baron15917
A Night full of Surprises20937
The Way of the Mind10 - For Leading a Menochoros Demonstration947
[Telka] Saoire's Heroes.5952
A Brief Lesson5 (For teaching another lesson at the festival)957
[Eureka] What makes the candle splutter?+5 Your preparations for this expedition will arouse some mild curiosity.962
The Eccentric Entomologist, Part 1+5967
The Eccentric Entomologist, Part 2+5972
Out Of Time, Part 1+10. For being there and taking a leading role when something funky happened.982
Out Of Time, Part 25 for taking charge and being seen to spearhead this anomaly.987
Out Of Time, Part 35992
Of Dorans and Eckmans5997
[Spooky Spectacular!] Fright Night!101.007
Council Meeting: Cold Cycle 721101.022
Ashan's Walk101.032
Council Meeting: Rebirth Cycle 722101.042
Gift of the Magpie51.047
An Excursion51.052
A Theoretical Impossibility: Again.10 for meeting a dragon.1.062
Ghosts and Gardens51.067
Observance of Knowledge5 for leading a meeting1.087
Council Meeting: Hot Cycle 722101.097
Safety Dance201.117
The Four Wives of Doran T.51.122
Kaldvind and Snokovind5. Professor Fridson will talk about seeing Doran's dragonet/dragonling!1.127
Fuel5 inventing a none exploding fuel.1.132
Chasing Tales51.137
[Whole Island] Something wicked this way comes......51.142
Wealth Ledger
ItemAdjustmentWealth TierTotal WP
Grandfathered + 222Tier 9 222
Saun 719 + 21Tier 9 243
Ymiden 719 + 22Tier 10 265
Vhalar 719 + 26Tier 10 291
Zi'da 719 + 24Tier 10 315
Masterwork+ quality furniture for Doran's office at the Academy - 2Tier 10 313
Reward for stopping Smoke + 2Tier 10 315
Letter program for someone else - 1Tier 10 314
Certificate program for someone else - 2Tier 10 312
Diploma program for someone else - 3Tier 10 309
Cylus 720 + 29Tier 10 338
Ashan 720 + 30Tier 10 368
Donation for the Order - 10Tier 10 358
Ymiden 720 + 36Tier 10 394
Masterwork+ quality furniture for Doran's laboratory at the Academy - 2Tier 10 392
Letter in Chemistry - 1Tier 10 391
Certificate in Chemistry - 2Tier 10 389
Diploma in Chemistry - 3Tier 10 386
Letter for Llyr - 1Tier 10 385
Certificate for Llyr - 2Tier 10 383
Diploma for Llyr - 3Tier 10 380
Saun 720 + 37Tier 10 417
1 Masterwork Tier 3 set of padded cloth armor (Qualities: hardened, fireproof) - 5Tier 10 412
Charter in Chemistry - 4Tier 10 408
Licentiate in Ether for Llyr - 5Tier 10 403
Charter in Lexicography for Llyr - 4Tier 10 399
Vhalar 720 + 38Tier 10 437
Zi'da 720 + 40Tier 10 477
Loyalty Bonus (6 seasons) + 5Tier 10 482
10x average+ quality household items - 10Tier 10 472
Cylus 721 + 41Tier 10 513
Donations for Kura - 30Tier 10 483
Ashan 721 + 42Tier 10 525
2 masterwork outfits - 1Tier 10 524
Ymiden 721 + 43Tier 10 567
Tier 9 House in Scalvoris - 35Tier 10 532
Successes and Failures! + 5Tier 10 537
Saun 721 + 44Tier 10 581
Saoire's Feast + 5Tier 10586
Daia's Dancers -1Tier 10585
Vhalar 721 + 45Tier 10630
Order donation, Vhalar 721 - 20Tier 10610
Masterwork outfit for "Fright Night" - 1Tier 10 609
Zi'da 721 + 46Tier 10655
Loyalty Bonus (12 seasons) + 15Tier 10 670
Cylus 722 + 47Tier 10717
Ashan 722 + 49Tier 10766
Ymiden 722 + 40Tier 10806
Vhalar 722 + 46Tier 10852
... ... ... ...
Old Wealth Ledger
Starting Package + 100 gn 100 gn
Longsword - 25 gn 75 gn
Black leather gloves - 5gn 70 gn
Income, Professor (Saun 716) + 240 gn 310 gn
Expenses, Professor (Saun 716) - 12 gn 298 gn
Black wool coat - 7 gn 7 sn 290 gn 3 sn
Red cotton vest - 10 gn 8 sn 279 gn 5 sn
Black velvet cape - 3 gn 5 sn 276 gn 0 sn
Income, Professor (Vhalar 716) + 984 gn 1260 gn
Expenses, Professor (Vhalar 716) - 49 gn 2 sn 1210 gn 8 sn
The Humble Son + 50 gn 1260 gn 8 sn
Strain x2 - 200 gn 1060 gn 8 sn
Glass of Venora Rose - 8 sn 1060 gn 0 sn
Ankle boots - 8 sn 1059 gn 2 sn
Black cotton pants x2 - 3 gn 6 sn 1055 gn 8 sn
Black silk shirt x2 - 12 gn 1043 gn 8 sn
Black cotton undergarments (men) x3 - 3 sn 6 cn 1043 gn 4 sn 4 cn
Finding Jak's lucky charm + 25 gn 1069 gn 4 sn
Knee boots - 1 gn 2 sn 1042 gn 2 sn 4 cn
Black wool cloak with fur trim - 9 gn 5 sn 1031 gn 7 sn 4 cn
Secretary desk - 8 gn 1023 gn 7 sn 4 cn
Blank journal - 5 gn 1018 gn 7 sn 4 cn
Ink pen - 1 gn 1017 gn 7 sn 4 cn
Ink well - 2 gn 1015 gn 7 sn 4 cn
Income, Alchemist (Vhalar 716) 492 gn 1507 gn 7 sn 4 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Vhalar 716) - 24 gn 6 sn 1483 gn 1 sn 4 cn
Holiday Gift - 51 gn 6 sn 1431 gn 5 sn 4 cn
Black leather jacket - 7 gn 5 sn 1424 gn 0 sn 4 cn
Zi'da expenses 0 (no Zi'da threads) 1424 gn 0 sn 4 cn
Income, Professor (Cylus 717) + 360 gn 1784 gn 0 sn 4 cn
Expenses, Professor (Cylus 717) - 50 gn 4 sn 1734 gn 0 sn 0 cn
Income, Alchemist (Cylus 717) + 270 gn 2004 gn 0 sn 0 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Cylus 717) - 13 gn 5 sn 1990 gn 5 sn 0 cn
Apartment in the Tower in Etzos - 750 gn 1240 gn 5 sn 0 cn
Income, Alchemist (Ashan 717) + 924 gn 2.164 gn 5 sn 0 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Ashan 717) - 92 gn 4 sn 2.072 gn 1 sn 0 cn
Journey from Andaris to Etzos (Ashan 717) - 16 gn 2.056 gn 1 sn 0 cn
Step Right Up! - 30 gn 2.026 gn 1 sn 0 cn
Sold house in Andaris + 250 gn 2.276 gn 1 sn 0 cn
Blood of an Empath - 60 gn 2.216 gn 1 sn 0 cn
Income, Alchemist (Ymiden 717) + 1.079 gn 3.295 gn 1 sn 0 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Ymiden 717) - 107 gn 9 sn 3.187 gn 2 sn 0 cn
First aid kit - 22 gn 3.165 gn 2 sn 0 cn
Hemp rope -1 gn 3.164 gn 2 sn 0 cn
Large waterproof leather bag with shoulder straps -1 gn 4 sn 3.162 gn 8 sn 0 cn
Income, Alchemist (Saun 717) 640 gn 3.802 gn 8 sn 0 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Saun 717) - 64 gn 3.738 gn 8 sn 0 cn
Worth of the Dead - 500 gn 3.238 gn 8 sn 0 cn
Income, Alchemist (Vhalar 717) + 2.214 gn 5.452 gn 8 sn 0 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Vhalar 717) - 221 gn 4 sn 5.231 gn 4 sn 0 cn
Alchemical Dealings - 22 gn 5.209 gn 4 sn 0 cn
Income, Alchemist (Zi'da 717) + 1.860 gn 7.069 gn 4 sn 0 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Zi'da 717) - 186 gn 6.883 gn 4 sn 0 cn
One Arc Job Bonus (Alchemist) + 5.000 gn 11.883 gn 4 sn 0 cn
Rented a horse (Zi'da 76, Arc 717) - 8 gn 11.875 gn 4 sn 0 cn
Rented a horse (Cylus 15-18, Arc 718) - 24 gn 11.851 gn 4 sn 0 cn
Rent for house in Andaris (Cylus 718) - 67 gn 5 sn 11.783 gn 9 sn 0 cn
NPC Elias (Cylus 718) - 10 gn 11.773 gn 9 sn 0 cn
No Cylus 718 job thread +/- 0 11.773 gn 9 sn 0 cn
NPC Elias (Ashan 718) - 10 gn 11.763 gn 9 sn 0 cn
Boat trip Etzos-Andaris (Vhalar/Zi'da 717) - 16 gn 11.747 gn 9 sn 0 cn
Rent for House in Andaris (Ashan 718) - 276 gn 7 sn 5 cn 11.471 gn 1 sn 5 cn
Letter exam (Viden Academy) - 100 gn 11.371 gn 1 sn 5 cn
Certificate exam (Viden Academy) - 100 gn 11.271 gn 1 sn 5 cn
Discounted Tuition Fees, Viden Academy (Ymiden 718) - 90 gn 11.181 gn 1 sn 5 cn
Accomodation, Viden Academy (Ymiden 718) - 30 gn 11.151 gn 1 sn 5 cn
Boat trip Andaris-Viden (Ashan 718) - 18 gn 5 sn 11.132 gn 6 sn 5 cn
Discounted Tuition Fees, Viden Academy (Saun 718) - 90 gn 11.042 gn 6 sn 5 cn
Accomodation, Viden Academy (Saun 718) - 30 gn 11.012 gn 6 sn 5 cn
Wage, Ambassador (Zi'da 717) 372 gn 11.384 gn 6 sn 5 cn
Expenses, Ambassador (Zi'da 717) 0 gn 11.384 gn 6 sn 5 cn
Wage, Alchemist (Ashan 718) 2.583 gn 13.967 gn 6 sn 5 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Ashan 718) - 361 gn 6 sn 2 cn 13.606 gn 0 sn 3 cn
Wage, Alchemist (Ymiden 718) + 2.241 gn 15.867 gn 0 sn 3 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Ymiden 718) - 224 gn 1 sn 15.622 gn 9 sn 3 cn
Wage, Alchemist (Saun 718) + 1.160 gn 16.782 gn 9 sn 3 cn
Expenses, Alchemist (Saun 718) - 116 gn 16.666 gn 9 sn 3 cn
Discounted Tuition Fees, Viden Academy (Vhalar 718) - 80 gn 16.586 gn 9 sn 3 cn
Discounted Tuition Fees, Viden Academy (Zi'da 718) - 80 gn 16.506 gn 9 sn 3 cn
NPC Elias (Ymiden & Saun 718) - 20 gn 16.486 gn 9 sn 3 cn
... ... ...
Item or ThreadPoints AwardedTotal Points
Receive a Blessing from Syroa +1010
[Global Event] The Humble Son +212
[Global Event] The Great Meeting +2 Syroa14
The End of Hope +28 Syroa42
A New Laboratory +1 Syroa - Praying43
word count: 2322





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Wealth Tier: Tier 10

Re: Doran


Race: Human
Date of Birth: Ashan 34, Arc 680
Skills: Etiquette 25, Politics 25, Combat: Blades (Two-Handed) 25, Cooking 76, Brewing 26

Appearance: Elias is a largely unremarkable man. He is of average height and weight, with pale skin, brown hair that he usually wears short and brown eyes. The only thing that might catch one’s attention is the fact that his right leg is thinner than his left and that he walks with a slight limp.
Personality: At first glance Elias appears to be the perfect servant. He is polite, he has good manners, and he usually stays in the background. Only those that get to know him better – few do, these trials – will find that he is slightly bitter. Once he used to be a very different man – a proud warrior - but he was wounded in battle, and he struggled to find a new job until Doran, the so called Hero of Oscillus, hired him. For that reason, he is loyal to a man that many consider a traitor.
Relationship to PC: Servant
Skill Points Ledger: +10 Cooking (Vhalar 719), +20 Cooking (PB), +10 Cooking (Ymiden 720), +11 Cooking (PB), +26 Brewing (PB)



Race: Human
Date of Birth: Cylus 13, Arc 690
Skills: Caregiving 40, Etiquette 30, Discipline 20, Combat: Blades (One-Handed) 20, Logistics 30

Appearance: Olivia is a human woman with curly brown hair that comes down to her shoulders, lively brown eyes and pale skin with a few freckles. She is 5’6” tall, slender and takes great care of her appearance, as the servant of a wealthy man should.
Personality: Olivia is a calm and dutiful woman that takes great pride in being able to work for a professor at the Academy. She’s meticulous, and she rarely complains. Sometimes, she wonders about her employer - Doran seems different from his colleagues – but she is discreet, and she doesn’t gossip. Even though she looks helpless, she isn’t. She’s quite skilled with a dagger!
Relationship to PC: Servant. Olivia mostly cleans Doran’s apartment and takes care of his guests.
Skill Points Ledger: +10 Caregiving (Vhalar 719), +30 Logistics (PB)



Name: Plia Yishnai Velanar
Race: Mixed Eidisi/Ellune
Date of Birth: Ymiden 1, Arc 698
Skills: Alchemy 40, Science 40, Research 30, Medicine 10, Combat: Blades (Two-Handed) 30, Endurance 10, Strength 10, Art 51

Appearance: Plia is a slender young woman with grey skin, black hair and dark eyes. She usually dresses in comparatively plain and practical clothes and prefers not to show too much of her body.
Personality: Plia is a quiet, studious young woman. She is very shy and tends to stutter or mumble when she is nervous, and she doesn’t like being the centre of attention at all. She’d rather stay in the background. Plia is extremely self-conscious about being mixed race. Her classmates sometimes bully her, and she struggles to stand up to them.

At first, Plia wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about alchemy. She just studied it in order to please her parents. They thought it would be a valuable skill to have. In time, she actually began to enjoy it though, and after a few difficulties, she began to excel which increased her self-esteem that used to be quite low. She takes quiet pride in her work and her studies.
Relationship to PC: Student/Occasional Research Assistant
Skill Points Ledger: +10 Blades (Cylus 720), +5 Alchemy (Ymiden 720), +5 Chemistry (Ymiden 720), +20 Blades (PB), +10 Strength (PB), +10 Endurance (PB), +51 Art (PB), +5 Alchemy (Vhalar 721), +5 Science (Vhalar 721)

SSD: "Chemistry" changed to "Science"


Mr. Shaw

Name: Harold James Shaw III
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Ymiden 58, Arc 693
Skills: Animal Husbandry 76, Animal Training 26, Research 30, Detection 30, Logistics 30, Medicine 20, Tactics 20

Appearance: Harold stands at 5’10” and is of average weight. He has dark brown, nearly black hair that is slightly curly as well as a dark brown eyes. His skin is relatively pale, with a hint of freckles. As far as clothes are concerned, Harold prefers to dress in various shades of brown and green, and he prefers plain and somewhat understated outfits.
Personality: Harold who comes from a merchant family that is relatively well off is embarrassed about his name that sounds rather pretentious in his opinion and usually does not talk about it. He is a hard-working and meticulous man, and he quite enjoys what he does – he takes care of lab animals – even though he wasn’t sure about it at all at first. Furthermore, he’s an avid chess player and will often try to entice the various employees of the Institute of Sciences at the Academy of Viden into a game during a break.
Relationship to PC: Occasional research assistant.
Skill Points Ledger: +30 Animal Husbandry (PB), +30 Detection (PB), +30 Logistics (PB), +10 Animal Husbandry (Ymiden 720), +6 Animal Husbandry PB)s://]+26 Animal Training[/url] PB),



Name: Taelis
Race: Eidisi
Date of Birth: Vhalar 46, Arc 679
Skills: Combat: Unarmed (Menochoros) 40, Science 51, Strength 20, Research 26, Endurance 20

Appearance: Taelis is a tall Eidisi male, standing at 6’5” and comparatively slender, but far from physically weak. He has pale blue skin that is covered with jagged lines, hands that end in long, slender fingers and pure white eyes that make him look as if he were blind. His hair is black, and he wears it comparatively short.
Personality: Taelis is a rather quiet man. While he does have high self-esteem, he is less abrasive than most members of his race and has no problem working with humans and even befriending them. He tends to not show a lot of emotions, which doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have them of course. He just prefers to try and not let them get the better of him. Like most members of his race, he strives for excellence and is not content with mediocrity.
Relationship to PC: Training partner
Skill Points Ledger: +10 Unarmed Combat (Menochoros) (Ymiden 720), +26 Research (PB), +21 Chemistry (PB)

SSD: "Chemistry" changed to "Science"

word count: 1067





Worn Items

Ring of Reversal
Ring of Immunity
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Re: Doran


one set of clothing (cloak, shirt, pants, boots and undergarments of standard quality) - City Dweller's Pack
black leather gloves
black wool coat
red cotton vest
black velvet cape
ankle boots
2 black cotton pants
2 black silk shirts
3 sets of black cotton undergarments for men
knee boots
black wool cloak with fur trim
black leather jacket
Headwreath of Awareness
► Show Spoiler
6 outfits of masterwork quality (Tier 9, Hot Cycle 719)
7 outfits of masterwork quality (Tier 10, Cold Cycle 719)
4 sets of masterwork-quality jewelry (Tier 9, Hot Cycle 719, tbd)
5 sets of masterwork+ quality jewelry (Tier 10, Cold Cycle 719, tbd)
Blindfold imbued with Omnivision
Portal Boots
2 maskerwork outfits
Masterwork outfit from Telka
The outfit that Saoire had gifted to him was an elegant bespoke suit made of fine wool, dyed a dark kind of blue, the color of the sky at dusk. It was decorated with delicate embroidery of silver and gold, with a black shirt underneath. With the suit came a cloak in the same style that he draped across his shoulders, and fine boots made of soft black leather that were comfortable to wear. (Gained here.)
Duplicity Suit
1 masterwork outfit with Lunar Silk embroidery.
Glowing fish pin
Cloak that is akin to a duplicity suit
A gift token for a set of bespoke mastercraft jewelry

Weapons & Armor

longsword of standard quality
good longsword
full set of master-craft leather armour
alder wood shield
Fire-warded, hardened cloth
2 longswords of good+ quality made of Embersteel (Tier 9, Hot Cycle 719)
1 longsword of masterwork+ quality made of Grave Gold (Tier 10, Cold Cycle 719)
1 Masterwork Tier 3 set of padded cloth armor (Qualities: hardened, fireproof)


bed - City Dweller's Pack
chairs (2) - City Dweller's Pack
table - City Dweller's Pack
chest - City Dweller's Pack
fireplace - City Dweller's Pack
secretary desk (good)


Signature Items

Item Name: Emberlight
Quality: Good
Item: Longsword
Base Material: Tier 4-Steel reinforced with Tier 5-Embersteel (70%/30%)
Appearance: Emberlight is a sleek longsword made of an alloy of conventional steel and embersteel which makes it more durable than a longsword made of plain steel as well as heavier. The embersteel part gives the sword a slight smoldering appearance and thus its name. The sword’s hilt is cruciform, a deep black and relatively plain. Emberlight bears no enchantments; instead, there is a secret contained within the sword itself.

The hilt of the sword contains narrow chamber that opens into a channel that runs all the way down the interior part of the blade to the tip. The interior of the chamber is coated with a special kind of material that makes it nearly indestructible and resistant to all kinds of different substances. The chamber can be filled with a potion or a poison that can be released by activating a trigger and that takes effect upon contact with the target.

Due to the fact that there is not a lot of room in the chamber, the effect wears off after only two bits. After this, the chamber has to be refilled; until then, Emberlight is a conventional sword.

Notes: 250 Renown Reward

Item Name: Ring of Immunity
Quality: Good
Base Material: Silver, with a hint of Cobalt
Description: The Ring of Immunity is a sleek silver ring with hints of black that are due to the cobalt that was mixed in with the other metal. It contains an enchantment that is similar to the Favored Yithnai ability Immunity in nature and that exempts its wearer from all diseases, infections and parasites, including those that were created magically. In addition to that, any venom that belongs to a creature in the insect kingdom will be useless as long as the ring is worn. The ring cannot be used to cure a disease, infection or insect venom that was acquired when not wearing it though.

Notes: Primary Signature Item (Point Bank)

Item Name: The Black Crow’s Cloak
Quality: Masterwork
Item: Cloak
Base Material: Velvet
Description: The Black Crow’s Cloak is a black velvet cloak that is covered with shimmering crow feathers. Normally, it is an elegant and, perhaps, slightly extravagant garment.

Once the enchantment that is contained within is activated, the cloak changes into a pair of black feathered wings though. The wings are fully functional and strong enough to bear the owner’s weight. The transformation is painless, but not instantaneous. It takes approximately six bits for the wings to fully manifest.

The wings remain as long as the owner needs them, but once deactivated, they cannot be summoned again for another trial. The wings are not armored and do not offer any protective properties. They do enable the owner to fly though, provided that they possess the Flying skill.

Notes: Secondary Signature Item (Point Bank)

Item Name: Ralaith’s Spectacles
Quality: Masterwork (Tier 9)
Appearance: The spectacles possess a frame that is made of an alloy of Cobalt and Geminite that makes them appear as if they were made of some sort of black diamond, with a glossy appearance, highly durable and exquisitely crafted. The lenses themselves are made of the finest glass from Egilrun and tinted very lightly in order to make bright light a little more bearable while not really making it harder to see in a dimly lit room.

Enchantment: Ralaith’s Spectacles allow the wearer to look directly into the past and see what something or someone may have looked like at various points in time. Ruins can be seen in their former glory and appear whole once more, for example. Furthermore, the spectacles can be used on a smaller scale, to see what a broken object may have looked like when it was whole, or what an old person may have looked like as a younger adult or a child. While the spectacles do not allow the wearer to observe events that happened in the past, they can view their surroundings and how they changed over the course of time.

There is only one thing that even Ralaith’s Spectacles are not capable of. While they allow the wearer to look anything from trials to entire centuries into the past, they do not allow them to go back to the very beginning, to the origin of Idalos. Finally, they only allow the wearer themselves to look into the past, unless they choose to meet the gaze of another person and pass what they saw to them. Prophet input may be required to use this ability on plot important locations, objects or beings.

Notes: Tertiary Signature Item (Point Bank)
IC Acquisition

Special Items

Blade of Hope's Reveal: Doran has acquired an ability to summon a sharp sword-length blade from his hand twice per season. The blade takes on the color of blood. Instead of harming mortals, however, it can be used to heal emotional wounds. When a person suffering from emotional trauma is hit by the blade, their demons and worst fears will be drawn out from the 'wound' which swiftly seals up. Depending on the severity of the emotional trauma/fears, a creature or construct representing those fears and trauma will emerge that are equally dangerous may emerge, which then has to be defeated by Doran, in order to result in the permanent mental/emotional healing of the individual. Should Doran fail to defeat the construct, or refuse to fight it, it will eventually find its way back in the sufferer, and their healing will only have been temporary. The details of this creature should be discussed with a local mod and also if helping another PC, that pc's input should be taken into account.

Xiur's Star: This star shines with an inner light. At night, or when it is dark, gazing on this light will bring peace and aid restful sleep for anyone. For Doran, if he sleeps in the same room as the light then he has only pleasant dreams and wakes feeling rested after only 4 hours. Whenever he's in a room with the small crystal star, he feels like he does when he's surrounded by cold and snow and ice. Even the air "tastes" the same.

Deathsong!: An ornamental doorstop-like figure. Made from what seems to be ice, this is the Deliroth-Goat that Doran saw. It can be placed at a perimeter or point where it will act as an alarm. When there is movement within a 40ft radius of it, Doran will hear an alarm. The alarm can only be heard by Doran and up to four other people he designates. He can remove access to hearing the alarm at any time, but can only give access twice a cycle.

Urges!: A beautiful and very delicate-looking decanter which, once a trial, will create pure, clear water. The decanter is actually very tough and will hold up to four servings. Those who drink this water will have any negative effects from tiredness, tension etc, washed away with the drink. It leaves you feeling refreshed and clear-headed. It does not, however, heal wounds etc and will not combat magical effects.

Malapropism!: The Very Pineapple of Usefulness. A small cut-glass pineapple which would fit in the palm of your hand. When placed on the ground it functions as a campfire in terms of warmth and providing a place to cook.

Fears!: A small bunch of 10 grapes. Each one is wonderfully sweet - eating 1 grape will heal you of minor injuries. This is cuts and bruises, scrapes and grazes etc. If you have moderate injuries (deeper cuts etc) then it will take 3 grapes. Major injuries take 6 grapes and someone can be brought back from a critical condition with 9 grapes. Please note, though - if you gave (for example) 1 grape to someone with moderate injuries, it would do nothing. You have an all-or-nothing grape situation.

Cassion's Favor: Doran did something very few mortals ever do - he surprised Cassion. The Immortal of the Story is pleased to have met him. You have 1 favour from him, should you call on him.

1 Crystal Sculpture from your little boxes. While not magical, there is something very lovely about these and they just have a bit of a 'feel good' about them.

Crystal turtles ~ Each crystal turtle allows you to have a home. Twice a cycle it will transform into a turtle-shell shelter (shellter). Up to four adults can comfortable shelter in the Shellter. No matter what the weather is, the Shellter is warm and comfortable and dry.

The Scholar's Ring: This plain platinum ring allows Doran to understand any language, be it written or spoken. The main power of the ring, however, is that it grants him the ability to psychometrise (as per the Shirvain Moderate power)

Joy Scroll – For those that accepted a scroll from the Immortals, allowing them to connect with Vega/Arlo.

Health Pack: Two times a season, this small box will produce enough emergency rations for up to four people for one trial. This will appear in the form of nutrition bars and clean water. The rations can be split further but this will lower the effectiveness of the rations.

Saoire's Sweets: A small box of your favorite chocolates / candies (10 total). You find yourself unable to eat more than 1 on any trial. But each one provides the following to whoever eats it for the next 6 hours: "Saoire's domain of Gifts is not merely one of physical goods, but of the happiness and joy that comes with both giving and receiving a well-meant gift. This ability allows the Blessed to give both themselves and anyone they're with a feeling of joy and good cheer, banishing negative feelings like sorrow, anger, and fear."

A spare memory vial

Small bag of flour: It is enough to bake 4 cakes which would feed 6 people each - basically there are 24 uses, but only if used in cooking). Anyone who eats something made with it will have any minor cuts / abrasions dealt with (minor stuff only) and will feel as refreshed as if they'd slept a full night's sleep and just woken up!

Children's puzzle: A small children's puzzle made of wood and brightly coloured. It draws attention, should you be trying to solve it. People will stop what they're doing and watch you, they'll be intrigued. It isn't massively powerful (Discipline, etc, will be able to resist it) but it's very useful for de-escalating situations.

Small statue of a woodpecker: Once a cycle it can be animated with a command word (you must include this word in your inventory / link to it and your PC chooses it now) and will then fly to the nearest piece of wood and attempt to bore a hole through it. It will stay active for 1 hour and can bore through a piece of wood approximately 4 inches (10 cm) deep and roughly the same diameter in that time. However. It is activated on use of that word the first time it is spoken in it's "earshot" each cycle. So, if someone else happens to say it, it'll fly and find the nearest piece of wood and start pecking.

Gold coin: A gold coin which is most odd-looking and not a nel (it looks like a florin, OOC) - when you flip it for heads or tails -it always lands on the opposite of what was called. Always.

Pocketwatch: It doesn't work, but once a day it starts ticking for one hour.. During that time, Doran is able to see - and communicate - with ghosts.

Golden chains: A pair of golden chains which can be worn as a necklace or the chain for a pocket watch. The two people wearing the chains may communicate telepathically for up to 5 minutes one a trial. They can only be activated once a trial, so you can't split up the time.

An Echo Scroll With Enri: Think of it as being like Facebook Friends!

A Tier 10 apartment in the Obsidian Prism in Viden (first home).

A Tier 10 building includes one small room, three average rooms, three large rooms, and three huge rooms with masterwork+ quality furnishings. Tier 10 buildings are huge in size and are exceedingly complex and luxurious, not only in design but in aesthetics. They have an enormous amount of room to live in, and are usually located within the rich districts of a city.

2 small rooms are equal in size to 1 average room.
2 average rooms are equal in size to 1 large room.
2 large rooms are equal in size to 1 huge room.

Rooms: Coming soon.
A Tier 9 house in Scalvoris (Bought here).
Image A Scalvorians Home Is His Castle! Literally, in this case. This amazing and rather quirky home is ideal for those who live on the seas. With a private beach with an old, disused dock suitable for small to medium boats with some renovation, this home sits on the coastline and also acts as a lighthouse. Details: In addition to the usual purchase for Tier 9: 2 large bedrooms, 4 receptions, and a big room with the largest lantern you ever-did-see! A large garden and in an coastal location with a small private cove.Reference: Property 10Price:Tier 9 Player Note: A very posh lighthouse with a private beach. Smugglers? No, we don't have any of those, do we? Surely not...... The exact location is up to you, the player.
A Tier 9 building includes one small room, three average rooms, three large rooms, and two huge rooms with masterwork-quality furnishings. Tier 9 buildings are huge in size and are exceedingly complex and luxurious, not only in design but in aesthetics. They have an enormous amount of room to live in, and are usually located within the rich districts of a city.
word count: 3127





Worn Items

Ring of Reversal
Ring of Immunity
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Re: Doran

Memory Threads

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Ashan 722

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Ymiden 722

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Vhalar 722

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Worn Items

Ring of Reversal
Ring of Immunity
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