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Name: Inali

Age: 32 arcs

Race: Eídisi

Date of Birth: Ashan 58, 686th arc

Marks: Audnev (Favored)

Factions Joined: N/A

Languages Spoken: Ancient Language* (Fluent), Rakahi* (Fluent), Euthic Sign (Fluent), Common* (Fluent), Jourkadri Cuts (Broken), Xanevic (Broken), Avrielian Script (Broken), Lorien (Broken), Tree Talk (Broken), Gihysian (Broken), Ith'ession (Broken)
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Partners: N/A

Current Location: Etzos

Inali's skin is the color of frozen lake water, with jagged white lines crossing her face, torso, and legs. Her pure white eyes tend to look past the subject of her attention to the world just beyond them, though few outside of her kin could ever follow her gaze. Inali ties her azure hair behind her head with a small section of twine, preferring the style so that she may pursue her research uninterrupted.

Her clothing is far less utilitarian, and she often wears dresses in deep gem colored hues that provide a striking contrast against her skin. While they must be custom tailored to fit her 6'2 frame, Inali believes that dresses make her seem more approachable.

When deep in thought, Inali can be seen absentmindedly moving her slender fingers in dizzying patterns across flat surfaces. While scribing a translation, her free hand can often be found tracing fractals into the aged wood of her table.
Inali's personality has been shaped by the environment of Viden, the solitary nature of her research, and her interactions with visitors to the city. She prefers to be away from her kin when possible, as the constant displays of superiority take time away from her work. Her interactions with other races are far more amicable, and she does her best to converse with outsiders and pick up their mannerisms. While she is known for her brusque personality, her teaching methods are the opposite - emphatic and passionate. Her desire to spark a love of research in her students is a driving force behind her work and she spends many hours pushing them to improve. Inali rarely allows herself to be overcome by anger or lust, finding it to be unfitting behavior for a proud Eídisi.
Like the majority of her kin, Inali was born in stronghold of Viden. Her childhood and adolescence was devoted to the rigorous study of the Ancient Language and the various academic applications of the spoken and written word. The majority of her research was done alone, though she would occasionally share her findings with her kin, provided they were adequately reverent of her theories. As her research developed, Inali began utilizing her copy of 'The Teachings of Yvithia' to develop her own system of encoding and storing her findings. The idea of simply writing about the Ancient Language on parchment where any Eídisi could steal her work was unfathomable. Her makeshift system, (half code, half jargon), was developed over a period of five years, and perfected in her last year within the walls of Viden. The early notations and symbols have been crossed out or edited, showing the complex evolution of the code into an elegant form of shorthand. She quickly tired of writing about her research and decided to pursue the secrets and stories of others. If she was to create her own system within the Ancient Language, it only made sense to store information that was precious and unknown to most of the residents of Viden. These secrets were petty at best - small time affairs, the inflated tales of cat buglars, and (entirely false) reports of the less than ethical research occurring in some of the labs. While the Eidisi took little stock in such rumors, she recorded it all the same.

Midway through developing her code, Inali also began to teach a select group of students basic phrases in the Ancient Language. The risk was great, and the few lessons she were taught in the privacy of her home. While she shied away from teaching them any written components, it was an eye-opening experience to understand how difficult it was for humans (and other races) to learn the basics of another language. Inali struggled with their apathy at the intricacies of phonemes and syntax. Instead of sending her pupils away, she refined her pedagogy to make the lessons more relevant to them by including more phrases that dealt with their individual trades, family structures, and needs. Once she began personalizing her lessons and letting go of her preconceived notions of human intelligence, Inali found that her students were voracious pupils that picked up on many lessons away from her tutelage.

After a year of gathering 'secrets', teaching, and refining her precious code, Inali came to the conclusion that true knowledge and valuable secrets could only be found outside of Viden. Her distaste for climbing the ladder and advocating for her research meant that she was virtually unknown to her kin. Without clout or cutting edge research, Inali would never unearth the true workings of the city.

Inali decided to travel to Ne'haer at the urging of her most trusted advisers within the city. While she would not exist without the divine meddling of Yvithia, Inali does not feel any connection to the Goddess, and sought to broaden her understanding of the world outside of Viden.
Inali is currently staying in a small room at the Inn for Dinner within the outer perimeter in Etzos.
A 400 sq. foot apartment in Ne'haer, sparsely furnished.

This dwelling is unremarkable by every measure and contains few personal touches aside from a neatly organized scribe's kit on a lantern-lit table. A neglected teapot sits near the edge of the fireplace.

Items contained within the apartment: One bed, two chairs, one table, two knives, a set of six assorted plates, one chest, one ceramic teapot, bridle, bit, reins, two horse brushes, saddle bags.
Points AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Linguistics* [19]50/100 (50/100)Expert (15SP, 5KG)
Cryptography [17] 50/100 (75/251)Competent
Forgery [8]31/100 (37/251)Competent (5SP)
Teaching [11] 26/100 (27/251)Competent (15SP, 4KG)
Research [6]26/100 (28/251)Competent (25RB, 3KG)
Fieldcraft [9] 26/100 (27/251)Competent
Negotiation [8] 26/100 (27/251) Competent
Business Management[11]25/100 (25/251)Novice (5SP)
Leadership [1] 25/100 (25/251) Novice
Intimidation [7] 11/100 (11/251)Novice
Mount [6] 10/100 (10/251) Novice
Deception [1]5/100 (5/251)Novice (5SP)
Writing [1]5/100 (5/251)Novice (5SP)
Detection [8] 0/100 (0/251)Novice



-Viden, the fortress of knowledge (SP)
-Ne'haer, the white walled lake city(SP)
-Ne'haer: No magic in public within the city *
-Ne'haer: Bounty Board in Judgement Hall *
-Location: Viden University (KG)
-Location: Ne'haer Docks (KG)
-Viden: Values Education *
-Location: Zuroni’s Animal Care and Training Sanctuary *
-Ne'haer: Locations In and Around The City*
-Ne'haer: Route between Ne'haer and Lysoria *
-Location: Hall of Lost Repentance *
-Location: Ne’haer Sewers *
-Ne’haer Culture: Homemade Jewelry *
-Ne’haer Culture: Some fashion is important *
-Ne’haer Culture: Rakahi is more accepted *
-Location: Augiery *
-Location: The Devil’s Advocate *
-Location: Viden *


-Linguistics: Morphology Basics (SP)
-Linguistics: Be mindful of your accent *
-Linguistics: Ancient Language City Names Sound Similar to Common City Names *
-Linguistics: Comparing Like Words In Different Languages *
-Linguistics: Thorough Examination of Individual Words *
-Linguistics: Comparing Languages *
-Linguistics: Examining Language Themes *
-Linguistics: Sometimes body language is the better option *
-Linguistics: Trading Insults *
-Linguistics: Tree-Talk is hard *
-Linguistics: Bound hands prevent communicating effectively in certain languages *
-Linguistics: Abbreviations for expediency *
-Linguistics: Using the shape of letters to help identify them *
-Linguistics: Identifying key letters for quick identification *
-Linguistics: Immersion in the language is a key to learning *
-Linguistics: Pronoun placement in different languages *
-Linguistics: Accompanying gestures can be helpful for clarity *
-Linguistics: Noun and adjective placement across languages *
-Linguistics: Words Are Signifiers For Meaning *
-Language: Rakahi *
-Rakahi: Spoken By the Biqaj in Ne'haer *
-Language: Tree talk *
-Language Common: Requesting a service *
-Common: Latter Half - More Difficult? *
-Common: Morphemes *
-Common: Word Components and Syllables *
-Common: Same Single Syllable Words, Different Meanings *


-Sunburst Flower: Stem, Leaves, and Sap Mildly Toxic*
-Fieldcraft: Common Edible Plants In and Around Ne'haer*
-Fieldcraft: How To Detect Edible Vegetation*
-Fieldcraft: You Need LOTS of Water*
-Fieldcraft: Rest During Hottest Parts of the Day*
-Fieldcraft: Always Have Direction Forward*
-Fieldcraft: Save Clothing Scrapes, Bones, Twine, and Fabric*
-Fieldcraft: Carry Flint, Tinder, and Spares of Each*
-Fieldcraft: Know the Biome and Season*
-Fieldcraft: Stay On High Grounds In Storms or Sleeping*
-Medicine: Calming Camomile Tea *
- Medicine: Identifying the symptoms of a dislocated shoulder *
- Medicine: How to cure a dislocated shoulder *
- Medicine: Injured ribs require rest to recover *


-Sana: The trained horse *
-Orqet: Ne'haer Merchant *
-Orqet: Inali's First Student *
-Jorim: Son of Orqet *
-Vyryn: Having financial troubles*
-Gwyvith: Appreciates your help with her husband *
-Gwyvith: Gardens *
-Gwyvith: Is thoughtful *
-Isabella Doracre: Wealthy and Beloved *
-Caerith Lidanse: Jealous and Bitter *
-Isabella Valentino: Strange *
-Isabella Valentino: Insulting *
-Isabella Valentino: Knows were to find secrets *
-Isabella Valentino: is a mage *
-Malcolm: Adventurer *
-Malcolm: Captain of the Iron Hand *
-Malcolm: Teaches at Rynmere's university *
-Malcolm: Wants to learn the Ancient Language *
-Godric: Adventurer *
-Kura: Traveling to Lysoria *
-Kura: Moves well through the foliage *
-Rigo Zyl’Amaq: Racial Purist *
-Rigo Zyl’Amaq: Misguided *
-Rigo’s Past *
-Antony Fransse: Councilman of Minaih *
-Antony Fransse: Welcoming Individual *
-Thalin Glaurid: Councilman of Minaih *
-Thalin Glaurid: A Wise Man *
-Rauve de Visci: Councilman of Minaih *
-Rauve de Visci: Pragmatic Individual *
-Kohanu Meissen: Captain of the Guard *
-Niv: The Falling Tunawa *
-Tunawa: Ymiden’s Children *
-Tunawa can mimic forest creatures *
-Ilied Loraeva: Frequents the Golden Flask tavern *
-Ilied Loraeva: Cold Grey Eyes *
-Linika Amarinthine: Exile of Augiery *
-Linika Amarinthine: Naer *
-Invini: Ruler of Augiery *
-Naerikk: Hated in Viden *
-Race: Naerikk *
-NPC: Karnos Vuda: Chief Adviser to High Marshall Brogen Parhn *
-NPC: Marlin Tagley: Etzos' Guidance Counselor *
-NPC: Landon Toberell: Executive Director of the Etzos Academy *
-Marlin Tagley: Respected on the Streets of Etzos *
-Marlin Tagley: Vuda's Primary 'Eyes and Ears' *
-Londan Toberell: Has to Consider the Academy's Needs First *
-Londan Toberell: A Shrewd Perpetrator of the Status Quo *
-Karnos Vuda: The Man in Charge in Etzos *
-Karnos Vuda: Wanted to Use the Globe to Spy on Council *


-Teaching: Linguistic Pedagogy (SP)
-Teaching: Teach what you know (KG)
-Teaching: Breaking down problems into component parts *
-Teaching: It Takes Patience *
-Teaching: Using Pictures To Educate *
-Teaching: Some lessons aren’t simple *
-Teaching: Managing expectations before you begin *
-Teaching: Setting clear aims and objectives *
-Teaching: Students need internal motivation to succeed *
-Teaching: Demonstration can be a good tool *
-Teaching: A delicate balance between praise and challenge *
-Research: Fact gathering (KG)
-Research: Going to Places of Knowledge*
-Research: Examining Related Texts*
-Research: Delving Into Your Findings*
-Research: The Importance of Good Note Taking*
-Research: Time and Patience Is The Key*
-Logic: Greed beats pride*
-Mathematics: Adding up the cost and giving the correct total *
-Cartography: Mapping the Surroundings of Ne'haer*
-Cartography: The Route To Treth*
-Cartography: First Map Hardly Accurate Scale*
-Cartography: Creating a reference map *
-Navigation: Incomplete Maps are Unhelpful *
-Intelligence: Using art and letters to exchange information *
-Business Management: Pick your battles *
-Business Management: Take care of your employees *
-Business Management: Handshakes are important *
-Business Management: Study the trends *
-Business Management: Partner with well known caravans *
-Business Management: Invest nels into the business early *
-Business Management: Taxes vary by region *
-Business Management: Wartime crushes unprepared businesses *
-Business Management: Bankruptcy doesn't have to be the end *
-Business Management: Rewarding employees ensures loyalty *
-Business Management: Expanding at the proper time yields thousands of nel *
-Forgery: An unacceptable discipline *
-Forgery: Forgery by definition is theft and deception *
-Forgery: A skilled practitioner can create chaos *
-Forgery: Fluidity is key to avoiding splotches, pools and stains *
-Forgery: Requires time, patience and concentration *
-Forgery: Size and spacing matters *
-Forgery: Height and loops *
-Forgery: Having the proper tools *
-Psychology: A desire to teach and inspire others *
-Psychology: Homesickness *
-Psychology: Visualization *
-Psychology: Extracting another's thought processes from their writing style *
-Psychology: Pain Exposes Truth *
-Psychology: The Fear of Lying to a Powerful Man *
-Psychology: Is Anything Worth Being Vuda's Tool? *
-Psychology: How the mind of a racist works*
-Sociology: Courtesy During Negotiatons *
-Cryptography: Two letter digraphs (Common) *
-Cryptography: Most frequently used letters in ciphers (Common) *
-Cryptography: Difficult ciphers can be written in reverse *
-Cryptography: Two letter pairs often signal 'he' or 'me' (Common) *
-Cryptography: Missives need to be re-written multiple times to be decoded *
-Cryptography: Stenography can be used in difficult situations *
-Cryptography: Ciphers can't always be used against affluent rivals *
-Cryptography: Stenography can use various raw materials to conceal information *
-Cryptography: Stenography - the cryptographic art of concealing information in plain sight *
-Cryptography: Stenography - requires extra materials and personal conversations to succeed *
-Cryptography: Simple ciphers break easily*
-Cryptography: Vyryn’s Cipher*
-Cryptography: Basic letter switching*
-Cryptography: Changing the language makes the cypher harder to break *
-Cryptography: Code words *
-Cryptography: Using numbers in cyphers *
-Cryptography: Combining methods to make a harder-to-break cypher *
-Discipline: Withstanding extreme hunger *
-Discipline: Choosing a difficult path over an easy one *


-Intimidation: Threaten to hurt them *
-Intimidation: An Apology Does Not Eliminate the Potential Threat *
-Intimidation: Hiding a Demand Within a Seemingly Courteous Request *
-Intimidation: Using two weapons to terrify a small creature *
-Intimidation: Orders backed by action intimidate as well as violent threats *
-Intimidation: Providing a not so warm welcome *
-Intimidation: Using gruesome threats of violence to instill fear *
-Negotiation: Being Frank *
-Negotiation: Hearing Their Side *
-Negotiation: Choosing the right course *
-Negotiation: Becoming Vuda's Tool, to Secure His Backing *
-Negotiation: Mention Your Assets Before Making Your Requests *
-Negotiation: An Offer of New Teaching Methods, Not Just Languages *
-Negotiation: State the Fullest Possible Upside as a Bargaining Hook *
-Negotiation: Splitting up difficult tasks *
-Etiquette: Compliance *
-Etiquette: Necessary Silence *
-Etiquette: Invite for tea *
-Etiquette: Don't candy coat it *
-Interrogation: Ask Questions For Which You Already Know the Answers *
-Interrogation: Reveal How You Can Expose Lies, But Stop Short of Doing So *
Rhetoric: Arguing for free will by way of consequence *
-Persuasion: Emphasizing The Situation *
-Persuasion: Seeking a compromise *
-Persuasion: Appealing to the powerful *
-Leadership: Demanding obedience in a crisis *
-Observation: Breaking down another's handwriting *
-Stealth: Using decoys to deceive and mislead an enemy *
-Detection: Watching For Stalkers *
-Detection: Observing a hidden pattern within noise *
-Detection: Noticing those around you *
-Detection: Signs of concentration in others *
-Detection: Decrypting easy cyphers *
-Detection: Tiny details in your environment can remind you of home *
-Detection: More Going on in Etzos Than Just Racism *
-Detection: Listening for people moving behind you*
-Deception: Hiding your distaste from your expression. *
-Deception: Using words to draw attention away from gestures *
-Meditation: Reflecting on your pedagogy *
-Politics: Mortal laws should be used for mortals *


-Animal Husbandry: what it takes to own a horse *
-Animal Husbandry: soft petting can relax some animals *
-Mount: Don’t ride a greenbroke if you’re new to riding *
-Mount: You can ride a horse without a saddle but you need a bridle to direct them *
-Mount: How to use a bridle *
-Mount: 3 ways to mount a horse *
-Mount: The way of mounting a horse that’s the least likely to snap a neck *
-Mount: 3 ways to mount a horse *
-Animal training: Sugar cubes are used to teach a horse not to eat your fingers *
-Animal Training: Positive reinforcement *
-Endurance: Pushing though the heat of the sun *
-Endurance: Utilizing adrenaline to prevent collapsing *
-Strength: Weathering kicks to the ribs *
-Survival: Retreat when you hear a wolf
-Survival: Differences in poisonous mushrooms within Ne’haer*
-Botany: Types and descriptions of tunawa head flora *
-Running: Adrenaline allows you to run faster
-Torture: Pain and Pleasure Mixed [url=http:/]*[/url]
-Torture: Using Previous Injuries To Your Advantage *
-Torture: Restraining A Person With Rope *
-Torture: The Versatility of the Skinning Knife *
-Torture: Nipple Clamps *


-Pickled Corn Tastes Wonderful *
-Greenbroke: A stubborn and wild horse *
-Book: Survival In The Woods*
-Common Sense, A Versatile Tool*
-Days in Viden, Returned *
-Writing: Sacred among scholars *
-Maknahocan: A rare plant used by the Order of Adunih *
-Maknahocan: Thin, white fuzz covered leaves *
-Tunawa: Use birds as mounts *
-Tree Talk: Difficult to mimic chirps act as greetings *


-Yvithia, the cruel creator of the Eídisi (SP)
-Immortal: Thetros *
-Thetros: The Father *
-Thetros: Willing to use force *
-Thetros: Protective *
-Thetros: Powerful Defensive Magic *
-Thetros: Reader of Memories *
-Thetros: Appearance *
-Thetros: Calm Man *
-Thetros: Progenitor of Psychology *
-Thetros: Resolution *
-Audrae: Supposedly resides in Augiery *
-Audrae: Desires all secrets *
-Lisirra: Dislikes Tunawa*
Points AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Language: Common [4] 30/90 (30/90) Broken (SP)

Inali traveled to Etzos to find employment as a teacher. She dreams of teaching the children of merchants, warriors, and minor nobility the Ancient Language so that she may in turn learn more of the city and its secrets. When she isn't tutoring spoiled children, Inali provides her services to those who seek ciphers to encrypt their finance records, love letters, and other sensitive documents.

Current Jobs:
Tutor, Ne'haer (Since Saun 716)
Cryptographer, Ne'haer (Since Saun 716)

Teacher (Linguistics), Etzos at the Linguistics Wing of Etzos Academy (Since Ashan 717)
Cryptographer, Etzos (Since Ashan 717)


Audnev (Favored)


  • Blood Tie (Auto-Location of Augiery)
    • The blessed can always tell in what direction The city of Augiery lies. This does not magically open an easy path, but it does give a boon to ignore the many decoys and avoid the traps that ensnare the unblessed who attempt to locate the hidden city. It can double as a compass of sorts. Can be activated twice per trial.
  • Leading the Blind (Uncanny Concealment)
    • The blessed is able to inflict, upon a single victim, a sense of absolute certainty that some item could only be hidden in one particular place. The victim simply refuses to consider the possibility of it being concealed anywhere else. It lasts as long as the searcher feels the necessity to search, or as many bits (minutes) as the blessed's "Deception" skill point total, whichever comes first. This can be done twice per trial, but not both uses at once, so a pair of guards will still be a problem.
  • Stare Down (Fear Resistance)
    • The blessed is always able to think clearly under extremes of terrifying situations. This does not mean they will never decide to run or hide (or whatever) anyway. But they will have been able to give lucid consideration to other options at the time. This includes the option of acting scared if they think it might give them some edge. This does not protect them from fear inflicted by drugs or arcana, but the impact will be significantly reduced.


-Audrae's Blessing: Audnev (SP)
-Favored: Leading the Blind (SP)
-Audnev: The Blind Leading the Blind makes finding easier *
-Favored: Blood Tie (SP)
-Blood Tie: Pulls Audrae’s favored southeast *
-Stare Down: Allows one to think clearly *
-Stare Down: Painful in the presence of a murderer *
-Stare Down: Does Not Reflect the Fear Back Against its Source *


+5 (Helping a stranger pull off a serious deception)*
Total: 5
+10 (Starting Race Fame)
+10 (City Fame- Ne'haer)
+10 (Job Fame)
+5 (Teaching the Ancient Language to an Outsider)*
+10 (Sanctuary) *
+10 (Creative Deception) *
+10 (Routing the Worshippers) *
Total: 65

Purchases via renown:
Small - 50 point bank points
  • The Memory Globe:An artifact granted by the Immortal Thetros. This globe can essentially record images within it that can be waded through at a later date. Images can be stored infinitely - Inali’s memories will correspond with the globe and seek out the particular images she seeks. This can record continuous, audible images (videos) as well. It does not need to be carried, and essentially floats beside Inali and records things as she wills. *
  • Book of Secrets:This book is a mess of annotations, circled page numbers, and dog-eared pages. To the casual observer, the book appears to be a well loved copy of 'The Teachings of Yvithia'. However, the collected secrets within have been painstakingly recorded as addendums and modifications to the original text. (Heirloom)
  • One set of clothing (winter)
  • One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, and toothpaste
  • Two sets of eating utensils
  • Tinderbox
  • Dresses (2) (One in plain slate grey, one in emerald)
  • Undergarments (3)
  • Scribe's Kit
  • Blank Journal (2)
  • Lantern
  • Book: Ancient Language Poetry
  • Book: Linguistic Anomalies
  • Ink Well (2)
  • Ink Pen (2)
  • Large soft-pleated leather bag with shoulder-straps
  • Cloth Bag (Small) (3)
  • Misericorde Dagger
  • Good Leather Armor
  • Good Leather Gauntlets
  • Good Leather Greaves
  • Good Leather Helmet
  • Compass
  • Bedroll
  • Two tinderboxes
  • Four waterskins
  • Dried rations (one week, vegetarian)
  • One heavy duty canvas, waterproof bag with shoulder straps
  • 50 ft of hemp rope
  • Oil lantern
  • Tent (One person)
  • Lake pearl necklace*
  • Invisible Ink Pen*
  • Sigh (Mount) *
  • Cloak of Hiding *
  • Echo Scroll *
Starting Currency: 100gn
Scribe's Kit -18gn 82gn
Blank Journal -5gn 77gn
Lantern -10gn 67gn
Book: Ancient Language Poetry -10gn 57gn
Book: Linguistic Anomalies -10gn 47gn
Dresses (2) -10gn 37gn
Undergarments (3) -1gn 36gn
Saun 716 Wages (Tutor) +240gn 276gn
Saun 716 Ne'haer Taxes/Living Expense -32gn 244gn
Sana + Tack -164gn 80gn
Loan: Bank of Ne'haer +150gn 230gn
Saun 716 Wages (Cryptographer) +160gn 390gn
Saun 716 Ne'haer Taxes/Living Expense -21gn 369gn
Misericorde * -16gn 353gn
Bounty Reward (All That Glitters)* +40gn 393gn
Blank Journal, Ink Well(2), Ink Pen(2), Bag(Small)(3) -12gn 381gn
Large Leather Bag w/ Shoulder Straps -2gn 379gn
Bounty: Sanctuary* +166gn, 7sn 545gn, 7sn
Loan Repayment -157gn 5sn 388gn, 2sn
Compass –50gn 333gn, 2sn
Bedroll –5gn 328gn, 2sn
Two tinderboxes -10gn 318gn, 2sn
Three waterskins –9gn 309gn, 2sn
Dried rations (one week, vegetarian) –5gn 304gn, 2sn
One bag (heavy duty canvas, waterproof, shoulder straps) -1.5gn 302gn, 7sn
50 ft of hemp rope –1gn 301gn, 7sn
Oil lantern –2gn 299gn, 7sn
Tent (One person) –15gn 284gn, 7sn
Lake Pearl Necklace -5gn 279gn, 7sn
Good Leather Armor -20gn 259, 7sn
Good Leather Gauntlets -10gn 249gn, 7sn
Good Leather Greaves -10gn 239gn, 7sn
Good Leather Helmet -10gn 229gn, 7sn
Vhalar 716 to Cylus 717 Expenses (Inactive) -0gn 229gn, 7sn
Cylus 717 Expenses -22.5gn 207gn, 2sn
Cylus 717 Tutor Wages +234.9gn 442gn, 1sn
Cylus 717 Cryptographer Wages +156.6 gn 598gn, 7sn
Cylus 717 Living Expenses -40gn 558gn
End of Cylus 717 - Ashan 718 (inactive) -0gn 558gn, 7sn
Current Debts: 1665gn for business start-up (Etzos Academy - Linguistics Wing)
Current Housing Cost (per season): 80gn for a room at the Inn for Dinner
Thread or Skill NamePoints GainedPoints SpentRunning Total
Fulfilling a Need* 10010
Teaching -40
Seeking Sana *10010
Mount -100
A Question of Preparation* 9 0 9
Linguistics by the Lake 10 0 10
Language: Common-100
All that Glitters * 7 0 7
Language: Common-70
The Woes of a Merchant* 10 0 10
Language: Common-100
On the Hunt 15 0 15
Language: Common-312
Teaching -48
Fieldcraft -80
The Failings of Scholars * 15 0 15
Fieldcraft -150
Sanctuary * 19 0 19
Fieldcraft -415
Business Management -150
Amid the Flora and Fauna * 15 0 15
Tricks of the Trade * 10 0 10
An Academic Affair *15025
Business Management -421
Business Management-110
Hardly a Hobby *10010
Unwelcomed Guest*14-14
A Pirate and Linguist... *15-24
Broken Lanterns *10-34
Memories and Seperation*10-17
Negotiation: 101*15-32
Mounting Tensions *15-47
Magic Found in Nature *15-62
Truth will Out *15-28
Creative Deception *10-10
Words *15-15
Torment, Pt 2 *15-30
Routing the Woshippers * 10-10

Note: Strike-through denotes dream threads.
Ymiden 25 - An Academic Affair*
Ashan 20 - Hardly a Hobby*
Ymiden 11 - Ciphers and Cryptographs*
Saun 24 - Unwelcomed Guest *
Ashan 20 - Welcome to Viden *
Saun 1 - Linguistics by the Lake*
Saun 2 - All that glitters*
Saun 3 - Amid the Flora and Fauna (Niv)*
Saun 3 - Fulfilling a Need (Solo)*
Saun 4 - On the Hunt (Isabella) *
Saun 4 - On the Hunt Pt 2 (Isabella) *
Saun 7 - The Woes of a Merchant *
Saun 9 - Common Issue *
Saun 10 - A Question of Preparation (Solo)*
Saun 10 - Seeking Sana*
Saun 12 - Tricks of the Trade*
Saun 13 - Tongue Tied*
Saun 13 - Shattered Hopes (Avrae)*
Saun 18 - Discourse *
Saun 22 - The Failings of Scholars (Malcolm, Kura)*
Saun 29 - A pirate and a linguist walk into a bar (Kian) *
Saun 30 - Saving Grace (Sor'ren) *
Saun 33 - Magic Found in Nature *
Saun 38 - Sanctuary *

Vhalar 716
Vhalar 3 - ...And From the Darkness*
Vhalar 4 - Scholarship in the Stone City*

Cylus 717
Cylus 3 - Broken Lanterns *
Cylus 10 - Memories and Separation *
Cylus 20 - Words *

Ashan 717
Ashan 58 - Birthday!
Ashan 67 - Negotiation 101 *
Ashan 71 - Mounting Tensions*
Ashan 72 - Torment, part two*
Ashan 81 - Truth will out *
Ashan 104 - Animal Rescue *
Ashan 105 - Crash Course *

Ymiden 718
TBD - A Logical Rebuttal *
TBD - Secret Lessons *
TBD - That One Job *
Ymiden 1 - Routing the Worshippers *
Ymiden 2 - Creative Deception *
Ymiden 4 - I never knew you *

Saun 718

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Inali's Audnev Blessing Story

Zi’da 42, 713

Inali’s body was a mess of aching muscles, bruised skin, and shivering gooseflesh. Her mind fared better, but not by any significant margin. The journey from Viden to Rhakros had been unlike anything else she had experienced. The travel logs she had pored over had not prepared her. The cautionary tales of the caravan guards simply flowed over her. They were human. She was Eídisi. They had not spent their lives researching Idalos like she had.

After the fiftieth day, the halfway point in her journey, Inali grimaced her teeth, bandaged her sore ankles and admitted that ‘real world experience’ might have bested her. By the seventy-fifth day, she was a shell of her former self and hardly interacted with the traders and merchants that she journeyed with. They whispered behind her back. Crazed Eídisi and ”Pretty damn proud for a walking ghost, eh?” were among their favorites. Raucous laughter spread across the camp, drowning out the sounds of burning logs in the fire pit. Too exhausted to make any effort to admonish the dimwitted fools, Inali laid on her tattered bedroll and simply breathed.

Thirty bits later, a sound drifted into her fading conscious, demanding recognition. The words of the Ancient Language brought her to full alertness and she strained to make out the words just beyond earshot.

“A traito...”

A small animal rustled through the grasses, breaking her concentration. Inali cursed and lifted her head off the bedroll in time to catch another snippet of the conversation.

“Offered to teach”

An annoyed female voice spoke up, indignant, in Common.

“Can’t kill her. Don’t be absurd.”

Inali’s blood froze. Murder. They hunted in the dead of the night while the caravan crew was drinking enough ale to put them out of commision for days. A wave of terror ran down her spine, causing an involuntary jerk as her hand reached for the bedroll.

A snarl of frustration came from the male of the duo, only thirty paces away. He spoke louder, fueled by his anger.

“She wakes. You should have just been done with it.”

Inali’s shaking form barely cleared the warm confines of her bedroll as the duo approached. She stood, fists balled together at her side, voided eyes looking directly at the faces of her would-be murderers.

They were Eídisi and taller than her by a number of inches. The female was dressed in loose leather armor and furs with a short sword strapped to her waist. The male already had his hand on a dagger, holding it in an obviously practiced post. He addressed her in the Ancient Tongue, giving her no time to speak.

“Did you think that the Directorate would not hear of this? Do you think that you could usurp the role of the Academy if you ran far away from our home?”

He spat in disgust, the globule landing on her torso before slowly sliding down. The woman spoke in a measured tone beside him,

“The Directorate does not condone murder within the walls of the city, but we are far away. The effort of bringing you back to Viden would exert us greatly…”

She trailed off, obviously still conflicted.

The loud rushing in Inali’s ears had nearly stopped. The ice that seeped outward from her core to extremities remained, and light flickered in the darkness just beyond her vision. Illogically, her palms were starting to sweat and the hair on the back of her rose in an attempt to meet the sky. Fear and adrenaline pumped through her in equal measure, but the Eídisi had nowhere to run. The caravan might protect her, if she could reach them with blades in her back. They might even manage to bandage her once they quit vomiting. More than likely, however, they would provide little more than a token effort towards saving a proud bitch who had died to her own kin. They had already been paid for the voyage.

The cold subsided and with it, Inali regained her voice. Her voice shook even as her fingernails pierced the tender skin of her palms.

“I was sent here to learn more about Western Idalos. I aim to collect information while teaching.”

Emboldened, her spine stiffened and she glared up to the duo.

“I will be teaching them nonsense, of course. However, there is much knowledge to be gained from the west and I have spent the last few arcs preparing myself for this task.”

An odd sense of calm filled Inali. The lie was too absurd, formulated too quickly. This was the end. No more walking, no more blisters. Just blackness.

The woman looked hesitant and her white eyes flicked to those of her partner’s. Her voice was demanding:

“Prove it.”

One shaking hand held palm out to the duo, Inali fell to one knee, groping around the inside of her bed roll for her Book of Secrets. When she pulled it out, recognition was apparent in the eyes of her kin. They recognized the book. With steady hands Inali flipped open to the fifth to last dog eared page with the page number circled thrice. She pointed to an absurdly complex series of code that detailed the travel route to Ne’haer. A few of the words would be barely recognizable. Most would look like utter lunacy or a stroke of genius. She pointed to a section at random and sneered.

“Can you not see it? The directive is written plainly. And there you can see Ne’haer.”

Her free hand made a dismissive gesture before she continued.

“You can kill me, but you will have to answer to more than just the Directorate.”

The duo paused, searching her for any obvious signs of lying. Finding none, the male ripped the book from her hands and flipped through the pages, his brows knitting together as he passed page after page of coded secrets and research. He glared downward and threw the text back into her bedroll.

“The Directorate will hear of this.”

With that the duo turned as one and made their way back to the winding path that cut through the wilds. Once they were out of sight, the energy drained from Inali and she collapsed into her bedroll, twisting her wrist as her limbs collided in a heap. Heaving gasps worked to replace the air in her lungs.

As she began to recover from the ordeal, a shadow fell over the Eidisi. Inali instinctively drew her arms over her head, shaking while a terrified whimper escaped her lips. They had returned.

A full bit passed before Inali looked up. A medium height woman wearing a hooded cloak looked down at her with a cocked head. Rippling muscles outlined her legs and arms as she stood at rest. Every movement was precise, and she was perfectly at ease with her surroundings. Inali shook in fear, too weak to lie, too tired to speak.

The hooded woman spoke to Inali then, her tone impossible to decipher.

“You have lied to you kin, deceived them of the true purpose in your journey. And you will likely continue to do so, teaching a language forbidden outside of Viden. You spurn the one who created you, Eídisi. Why?”

Inali found herself unable to reply. If she could speak, she would show the strange woman the book, she would speak of survival and the need to live. The Eídisi was mute.

“I see.”

The cloaked figure reached down and placed a hand on her head. All of the fear and adrenaline returned in an instant, causing her to shake violently and grip the front of her dress in a mixture of terror and madness. The knowledge of this fear and the blessing she received rushed through her veins like the poison of a viper. Audrae. Deception. Augiery. Secrets. Secrets layered in secrets, mired in deception. Shaking, Inali collapsed onto her bedroll and nearly fell unconscious.

Audrae was gone and left naught but a star shaped blessing and cold sweat in her wake.
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