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Nightshade Eld
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Race: Mixed Race
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Nightshade Eld

Nightshade Eld

Age: 26 Arcs

Race: Mixed Race (Human and Avriel)

Renown: 485

Date of Birth: The 100th of Ashan, Arc 693

Marks: Celarion, Taithir

Factions Joined: None

Languages Spoken:
Fluent Common(Starter),
Broken Lorien(Starter),
Fluent Ith'Ession(Etzos Loyalty Bonus+Novice Linguistics)
Broken Common Sign(Novice Linguistics)

Partners: Noth


Nightshade's features tend to lean more towards the human half of her blood. She attempts to try and wear a cloak in order to hide who, or more so what, she is. Usually her wings will still be the one thing that's still noticeable so it doesn't have much of an effect. Once she becomes more comfortable with a situation she will start to wear it less and less. Her Avriel blood comes out in the fact she has a larger than average pair of midnight black wings on her back and her legs and feet resemble that of a bird of prey complete with feathers. Her nails without proper care look more and more like talons as time pass, with proper sharpening they can be used like deadly weapons in the middle of a close battle. Her eyes are almost completely human in appearance, something that leads to her being unable to see wind currents like her Avriel kin. Her eyes are a very beautiful dark blue which have a depth to them that someone could easily get lost in. In the right lighting they can take on a gray coloration that can become dominant almost making her eyes look like a constantly shifting storm. Her skin in a beautiful porcelain color despite constant sun exposure due to her line of work. Most would tend to describe her as very beautiful because her long black hair which currently reaches all the way down to her rear and dark blue eyes that well compliment each other along with her skin tone. Her hair is as soft as her feathers which for being adult feathers are unusually soft. She usually walks very tall and proud almost like she has somewhere. This pride is something subconscious and can either make people ignore her or target her all the more. She stands at a height of 5'6 roughly and weighs a little under 130 lbs.


Night tries her best to be cautious and impartial to most situations, although sometimes that's hard to do for her. She has a natural and powerful sense of justice that often cause her to fling herself into battles that aren't her own. She's a fierce person when it battle, her personality becoming a lot more hostile and fierce. When she's in a fight she'll fight to win knowing that someone like her will die most of the time if they lose. No matter what she won't do is put an innocent life in jeopardy to accomplish her goals though. She hates all manner of killing and tries her best to avoid it whenever she can, if she has the chance she'll sooner save the life of a criminal and let them repent than give death. She tries her hardest not to be arrogant or prideful because she knows that's a bad trait a lot of Avriel share. Most of her pride is well earned pride her her skills as a fighter. For the most part Night will initially come off a kind a well mannered sort of girl who definitely doesn't seem like she's half Avriel. She has an immense lust for knowledge of almost all kinds be it history, math, science, chemistry, warfare, anything she can learn she will learn. There are times when she can act a little rash such as when an innocent life is in danger or when she perceives something to be unjust or unfair. Her biggest downfall can be her willingness to help someone else in need, she has a naive sort of trust that comes with her pure nature. Even when she knows she's being betrayed or tricked she'll often go along with it until someone besides herself is getting hurt. She tries her best to avoid other Avriel for various reasons and finds most companionship in friendlier creatures, she however will always try to approach another half Avriel. There is a darker half of her nature that she tries her hardest to ignore. One might question why her subconscious thoughts are so fierce at times, and she'll honestly blame her Avriel half. Thanks to being half human she never went savage like most children do, but she wasn't completely spared of the savage thoughts that haunt most Avriel. This half of her personality is both a bless and a curse as the subconscious sense usually tips her off to when something is off, but it also tries to convince her to become more aggressive and traitorous. There isn't really much of a need for it to be said, but she doesn't listen to it often.
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Nightshade Eld
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Posts: 878
Joined: Wed Aug 10, 2016 5:43 pm
Race: Mixed Race
Profession: The Best Hero
Renown: 485
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Wealth Tier: Tier 10



RP Medals



Nightshade Eld


A long time ago there was an outcast of an Avriel known as Evaryin Kervoth. For a long time he was known as a brave and steadfast warrior. He was hated by most the rest of his kind for seeing equality among all races, that each one had something unique to offer that the others did not. Evaryin had far less instinctual tendency than most other Avriel and because of this choose the life of a scholar alongside being a warrior. He however one day decided to spurn the other Avriel and found a very small settlement not far off of Etzos. Being one of the most modest, kind, outcast breed of Avriel he was taken in begrudgingly where he fell in love with a beautiful woman known as Karmin. He changed his name to that of the woman's last name, Eld, and forsook all he knew having a child with her. A considerable crime among his kind though not all too hated in the settlement he found himself in. Sadly some people just attract misfortune from the moment they come into the world, Nightshade was just one of those people. Her mother died in her birth and not long after bandits of some kind burned down the small settlement that her family had lived in. That left Nightshade and her father to brave the world alone. They had nowhere to go, after all Nightshade would be killed if brought to the attention of the Avriel, not to mention there would be many people out there who would love the idea of using a creature like her. So what else could Evaryin do other than sell himself to a powerful noble family and try to keep her out of it. He was able to strike up a deal with a human noble family. He would give them his complete servitude if they would raise and teach Night. The family seeing this as a great opportunity accepted. After all, this would not only be the servitude of an Avriel but it meant they could raise this beast into a loyal monster.

Becasue of her human like qualities Night never went insane off instinct like most Avriel do, so in her adolescents she stayed with the noble family under the watch of many tutors as well as her father. Instinct didn't completely skip her by but it didn't brutally control her. She was the master of her own instincts and used them to become a master of the wilds. She learned things from both the wild and the books of man just remaining silent while she had to pretend to be loyal to these beasts who thought it was okay to use her and her father, who thought it was okay to just treat them like lesser beings. When she went to her father with these concerns she was shocked to hear from him that most if not all other races acted like that to those who they could subjugate. Night yearned for freedom nearly as much as she did knowledge and to be trapped like a bird in a cage from the day she was born made her bitter. This was the catalyst of what made her so different from the Avriel and Human kind both. This desire for freedom and this knowledge of how unfair it was to get no chance from the day she was born was what caused her to be a lot of the person she is.

Many times in her childhood she was cornered by the son of the noble who owned Evaryin. It wasn’t until her friend Grace actually almost got taken advantage of by the mad did she attack and start to avoid him. In fact after that point in time she never went anywhere without one of her tutors or her father and she hung around her room with the door locked if there was no one in sight to hang around.

When she turned 16 her father was offered a deal. If she married the son of the noble that owned Evaryin then he would be allowed to go free. Of course this would mean Nightshade became the young bride of a man she didn't know and already hated. For her sake Evaryin declined. The nobles became angry and then ordered Evaryin as their salve to comply with their demands. Evaryin still did not yield. He told Nightshade to leave and never look back. She had no doubts in her mind that her father died that day. For the first time Night was completely on her own lost out in the wilds of wherever the heck she was. It wasn't like she knew. Of course she studied a fair bit of geography as a child but what had really interested her was things of nature and sword fighting. She had plenty of survival skills to hold on with, but she couldn't stay away from towns for her entire life.

Finally luck would allow her a touch of reprieve and she stumbled upon a traveling scholar known as Icarus who she stayed with for a couple of years learning what the nobles refused to teach her. Eventually he taught of her the different Immortals and she came to a decision. Tried and Ethelynda. Knowledge and longing allowed for Tried to strike a chord with her while she looked up to Ethelynda for nobility and honor, something she had learned to value greatly after being subjugated for so long. Over time she became extremely devout to her chosen Immortals and prayed to them whenever she got the chance. She tried her best to live out their ideals and prove herself to be a good follower, someone worthy of a mark. But that mark never seemed to come. She stayed with Icarus until he died and after that she went back to the only town she’d ever known of, having gone there a couple times with her father and with Icarus. Etzos wasn’t the most welcoming place in the world but it was a place to get work and survive. She took of residence in a nearby cave with the hopes and dreams of one day being looked up to instead of looked down upon.


Night is a traveler so she doesn't actually have a house. She simply sleeps in a tent and when she can an inn room of a city, but only when she feels she has enough money to spend. She took living in a tent in a cave some time in the 716 Vhalar so that she didn't freeze.



Wild Zelroux
3 arcs old
Born Ymiden 81st, 714
A beautiful gray Zelroux that borders on silver. He has sharp blue eyes a very similar shade to his master's. He stands at 6'6 feet tall, but when his horns are included he is a whopping 8'6 feet (giving him a 2 foot rack length). This, of course, means he is the size of an Alpha.


Memory NPC

Name: Evaryin
Race: Avriel(presumed)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blade(Scimitar)- 50
Flying- 30
Medicine- 20
Appearance: Evaryin's appearance is that of a typical Avriel man with large pitch black wings. He has admitted to dying his wings and hair in order to better match the color displayed by Night and supposedly her mother. His true feather color is unknown.
Personality: Evaryin was always a kind and noble man, especially towards his daughter. He took care of her as well as he could and always encouraged her to worry about herself before others.
Relationship to PC: Father
Anything else you would like us to know: Despite being raised by him and especially close to him, Night never actually knew much about her father, let alone his past. Somethings were left unknown because Night simply didn't know them, but I also want to leave room for potential plots that I've had in mind for a while and still could pop up.


Memory NPC

Name: Icarus
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Arc 677
Fieldcraft- 10
Hunting- 10
Navigation- 10
Ranged Combat(Longbow)- 10
Strength- 10
Intelligence- 50
Appearance: Long spindly gold hair, long spindly suntanned limbs. Icarus is a man of the wilds and he truly looks the part, often being a ragged mess dressed in self-made clothes or clothing he convinced someone else to make for him after giving them the pelts.
Personality: Self-proclaimed "inventor and loyalist to the best immortals" Icarus had gotten himself kicked out of Etzos on multiple occasions. Some wonder how he didn't die. He once upon a time had an uncanny knack for avoiding death. Obsessed with flight he tried to invent a flying machine his entire life and would take in those who had nowhere else to go and were lacking in support. The last person he ever took under his wing was Nightshade, usually under the excuse that she had wings he could study.
Relationship to PC: Teacher for many years
Anything else you would like us to know: Icarus was killed by an Akari in the arc of 712 during a thread I have the intention of eventually writing.


Memory NPC

Name: Grace
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Arc 692
Singing- 40
Needlecraft- 30
Textile Production- 30
Appearance: Grace has billowy long brown hair with sharp blue eyes. Her face is covered in a smattering of freckles just above her nose and the tops of her cheeks.
Personality: A maid to the Master and Ivan, Grace is one of the more gentle people throughout the life of the half-breed. One of the few who paid her any attention for something other than her breeding, positive or negative.
Relationship to PC: Best friend for a long time
Anything else you would like us to know: Grace is presumed dead after Night's escape from the master, however, that has yet to actually be confirmed or denied.
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Nightshade Eld
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Joined: Wed Aug 10, 2016 5:43 pm
Race: Mixed Race
Profession: The Best Hero
Renown: 485
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Wealth Tier: Tier 10



RP Medals



Nightshade Eld

Knowledge & Skills

SkillTotal Points SpentSkill Level
Animal Husbandry0/250Unskilled
Animal Training0/250Unskilled
Ax(Battle Ax)0/250Unskilled
Blunt(War Hammer)0/250Unskilled
Business Management195/250Master
Discipline 250/250Master
Exotic Weaponry(Urumi)0/250Unskilled
Field Craft99/250Expert
Lock Picking0/250Unskilled
Negotiation 0/250Unskilled
Polearms(Three Section Staff)0/250Unskilled
Ranged Combat(Short Bow)105/250Expert
Shielded Combat(Tower Shield)0/250Unskilled
Trap Making0/250Unskilled
Unarmed Combat(Brawling)78/250Expert

Skill Levels
Unskilled (0 Points)
Novice (0-10 Knowledge) (1 - 25) (25 Skill Points)
Competent (11-21 Knowledge) (26 - 75) (50 Skill Points)
Expert (22-32 Knowledge) (76 - 150) (75 Skill Points)
Master (33-59 Knowledge) (151 - 250) (100 Skill Points)
Grandmaster (60 Knowledge) (Blade, Flight)

Secondary Weapons Skill Levels
Unskilled = 1 Knowledge
Novice = 5 Knowledge
Competent = 10 Knowledge
Expert = 20 Knowledge
Mastery = 30 Knowledge
Legendary = 40 Knowledge

Capstone Abilities


Frequent Flyer: Flight requires little energy or concentration for a Grandmaster of flight. Through trial and error they have discovered how to most efficiently move and act in order to keep flying for as long as possible without rest. A Grandmaster of flight whose learned how to do this will be able to fly a max of two trials without stopping and will have a lot more flight based stamina which will replenish faster.


Guard Breaker: Grandmasters who focus in the art of weaponry know not only their own weapons, but that of their enemy. Guard Breaker allows a user to break through another person's "guard", be it one that's created through a parried weapon, shield, or armor. The Grandmaster knows where to strike and how to strike in a way that causes the material to crack. Specially made or enchanted materials will take more than a single strike to shatter, as they go well above the normal quality.

Hit Them Where It Hurts: A Grandmaster of blade is an expert at hurting, disabling, and killing others, as morbid as the thought may be. A Grandmaster of the blade skill has a better understanding of where to strike compared to a normal opponent. Though it's not perfect, they have a higher chance of being able to disable their opponent on their first strike, the more strikes they are able to take the higher this chance becomes to disable. It takes a little a couple of strikes or prolonged observation to know where to strike in order to kill, and again this isn't perfect.

Path of Least Resistance: This ability relies on a user's in-depth understanding of their sword and how it swings, allowing the user to wield it in a fashion in which it undergoes the least air resistance possible. The effects of this ability are faster and more devastating attacks, the less air resistance allowing for the sword to reach a higher velocity faster. This can allow for a far greater number of swings to be taken while also not fatiguing the user quite as quickly. Because the nature of this ability the user must be greatly familiar with the sword they are using (4-6 threads using the sword itself in combat at a minimum) to attack with. In addition, because the nature of the ability the sword becomes harder to control. More effort must be put into stopping the blade, leading to the potential injury of the user, sword, or their allies if an attack is poorly planned or executed. A careless attack against something stronger than the sword can also lead to the blade shattering, however, it can be equally devastating when the attack is carefully planned and well executed. The ability is in no way exhausting due to the point of the ability being that it takes the path of least resistance for the blade, ensuring that it's easier to get it to a higher velocity faster with less effort on the part of the user. It comes with the downside of being less coordinated for one, but a single misjudgment could easily lead to the destruction of a weapon or injury of the user. This higher velocity makes it much easier to pull muscles(i.e. dislocation of the shoulder) or hit yourself, if not allies and the total destruction of your blade in some poorly judged cases.


Gen. Lore

Basic Wilderness Survival
General Herbology
Chemistry + Magic + Crafting = Alchemy(ML)
Any Source Can Provide Learning(ML)
Magic Truly Exists(ML)
The Basics of Immortal Lore(ML)
Walk Like You Belong, to Go Unnoticed(ML)
Don't Let Rivals See the Pain
Failed Art and Writing are Still Good For Kindling
Steady Work is Better Than Odd Jobs
The Need to Improve Drawing and Penmanship
Information on Athart
Avriel Lore
Features of the Wilds Around Etzos(ML)
Mercenary Work is Reliable Money(ML)
Getting a Good Reference For Future Sword Work
Etzori: Can be racist
Good food is good distraction
Saoire: The Holiday Woman
Saoire: The Beauty of a Gift
Saoire: Wear Variable Holiday Crowns
Holiday Gift: Stolen, but Given Back
Its best to stay quiet and ignore immature behaviour.
Anniversaries: The one year anniversary of the first meeting between Nightshade and Noth celebrated with sweet kisses
Animals: Vern, a goose to fear
Self insight: Able to go to lengths for people you love, even if they don't deserve it
Faction: "Old Guard" Supports Immortal Beliefs
Old Guard: Has Agents That Try to De-escalate Racial Tensions


Self: Making a Name in Etzos
Self: Trust your Instincts
Self: Rejected Becoming
Self: Proud of Who You Are
Father’s Sword: Important to you
Self: Alone, Hideous and Unwanted
Self: A Tool for Others
Self-Worth: Rock Bottom
Self: Accustomed to bad luck
Self: Kill the Killers using the Weapons of the Dead
Rage at the Machine
Escape Artist: Attempting To Escape Bindings With Nails
Wings: Sometimes cause more trouble than they are worth
Wings: Give an added boost to your mobility


Opting to Emulate Ethelynda, Treid, Pier & Pre(ML)
Adamantite Shield and Scimitar: Gift of the Immortals
Immortals: Ethelynda, Xiur & Faldrun
Ethelynda: Rescued by Avriel
Ethelynda Tactic: Taithir's Light (Major)
Ethelynda Tactic: Words of Empowerment
Xiur Tactic: Fog of Cold
Xiur Tactic: Spell of Hope
Xiur Vessels: Powered by Starlight
Immortals: Witness To Their Existence
Immortal: U'frek
Immortal: Xiur
Immortal: Moseke
Immortal: Yvithia
Immortal: Qylios
Immortal: Ilaren
Immortal: Ymiden
Immortal: Ethelynda
Immortal: Jesine
Immortal: Faldrun
The sight of two Immortals locked in battle is one not many mortals see
Immortal: Chrien: Probably uses you as a plaything
Immortals: Just Like Mortals
Immortals: Aelig
Immortals: Lysirra
Immortals: Syroa
Ethelynda: Believes in You
Ethelynda: Hopes You Will Stay to Help Redeem Etzos
Ethelynda: Is Amazed at Your Restraint
Ethelynda: Regrets Not Blessing You Sooner
Ethelynda: The eidisi was her Shield Bearer
Cassion: Your boat ride
Immortals Quest: Find the gem
Immortals Quest: Arlo won


PC: Malkin Fjorunn
Mal: A Becomer in Hyx Form
Mal: A Friendship Bonded in Battle
Mal: Someone you can trust
Mal: Can heal himself quickly
Mal: Trustworthy in a Fight
Mal: Abandoned his Original Form
Mal: Human Form #1
Mal: Member of the Etzori
Mal: needs to stay far away from Etzos and its army.
NPC: Mr. Gardener: Proprietor of "Gardener's Grace"
Mr. Gardener: Stays Out of Deals That Don't Involve Him
PC: Alex McKay: Vluharqih's Human Form
PC: Alex McKay: Mr. Gardener's Assistant
Alex McKay: a Yludih
Alex: Second bird form
Nauta: Cook at the Kettle Black
Nauta: A good cook
Nauta: Has Some Odd Need to Know About Bat Wings
Nauta: Trading "Free" Oil for a Favor
PC: Nauta F'Mos Geey
Malayan: Has something extra for your contribution
Master: Respects your personal space
Master: Beats you for disobedience
Master: Starved you for disobedience
Young Master: Ugly
Young Master: Slimy man
Young Master: Drags maids off in the night
Grace: Beautiful
Grace: Kind
Grace: Someone you can rely on
Rita: Not a nice person
Rita: Wants to kill Alex
Noth: Self-centred
Noth: Not a Monster
Noth: Has a Pet Goose
Noth: Lower Morals
The Black Guard: Friendly Insults Instead of Genuine Contempt
"Caravan Man": A Friendly Face Among the Black Guard
"Caravan Man" Confirms Night's Growing Reputation
Farmlands Boy: Prefers the Solitary Life
NPC: Farmlands Crazy Man: Lost Father
Farmlands Crazy Man: Believes His Own Wild Stories
NPC: Farmlands Orphan Boy: Homeless Waif
NPC: Alexander Burncock: "Caravan Man"
Kovic: Gave you a strange feeling
Kovic: needs to be watched
Storm: A Zelroux
Storm: Followed you
Storm: Thinks you are his new alpha
Storm: Your new animal companion
Storm: No longer "Mr. Packless"
Gangui: A wild man
Gangui: Despicable, you don't like men like him (pride in killing)
Gangui: Has sudden mood swings
Gangui: Hates to be compared to an immortal
Gangui: Believes you should clean up after a kill
Gangui: Came to Etzos for work
Gangui: Is not a civilized man
Ivan: His Father's Son
Master: A Sudden, Permanent Mean Streak
NPC: Gregor
Gregor: Good Example of Etzos’ Finest
Gregor: Died Saving You
NPC: Richard
Master: Even More Abusive During Cold Seasons
Master: Sadist and Pedophile
Noth: Birthday is Ashan 97
Noth: Someone You Still Believe In
Gangui: Owes You His Life
Gangui: Does Not Accept Charity
Mark (NPC): Hunter
Faith: Ex-Slave
Faith: Pregnant
Faith: Thinks I’m beautiful
Noth: Doesn’t take well to Orders
Leo: Imaginary Avriel knight
Leo: a sassy little forth wall breaker
Vicious: an angry imaginary friend
Sweet: a nice Imaginary friend
Noth: vicous wants you to tap dat ass
Lizzie: A Friendly, Happy Little Girl
NPC: Lizzie: Nauta's Adopted Child
Nauta: Still Seems Sore Over the "Flapjack" Incident
Nauta: Takes Good Care of Lizzie
Faith: Calming presence when upset
Noth: Ruthless in his approach
Noth: Emotionally confused (and confusing!)
Faith: Unnecessary in this instance
Alex: Nearly Got Executed
Mal: The First Friend I Had Since 16
Mal: The Bar You'd Last Seen Him
Mal: I Carried Him To Safety
Jachiel: You met him in a dream
Jachiel: Doesn't have the skills he used to have
Jachiel: Sparred with you
Jachiel: Fights with his left hand
Jachiel: Has a badly damaged right arm
NPC: Zefleran Folorie: Your Boss at "Smarter Charts"
Zefleran Folorie: A Victim of Anti-Eidisi Prejudice
Noth: Hated and adored
Noth: A giant pain
Noth: A lot like a drug
Father: Proud of you
Father: Left you gifts
Mother: Proud of you
Mother: loved you very much
Mother: Is sorry
Mother: Left you knowledge
NPC: Anita: The Don's Monstrous "Pet" Becomer Mage
NPC: Carlos: The Don's Defier Mage
NPC: Divinya: The Don's Necromancy Mage
NPC: Don Paul: Criminal Boss
NPC: Remna: The Don's Empathy Mage (Deceased)
NPCs: Winhelm and Alexander: Black Guard Veterans
Paplo/Kovic: Came Along With the Posse
PC: Tirta: Came Along With the Posse
Don Paul: Has an Elaborate Back Brace Apparatus
Capt. Segrille: Appears to have Murdered Parren
Capt. Segrille: Not Reporting a Third of Vuda's Property
NPC: Black Guard Capt. Berrit Segrille
NPC: Lewis Parren: Game Master and Scam Artist (Deceased)
Parren: Changes the Rules Arbitrarily
Kyin: The Asshat Craftsman
Kyin: Pretended to be dead for no reason.
PC: Annalise
Annalise: A helpful coworker
Annalise: Could do anyone's job better than they could
NPC: Valon
Valon: Forgot to order new quills... again
Valon: Really needs fired at this point
PC: Doran: The "Hero" of Oscillus
Doran: Gets The Credit You Should Be Getting
Skraylock: Avriel Bounty Hunter (Deceased)
Noth: Went on a Date with You.
Capt. Segrille: Not so Bad as You Thought
Lady Terris: A Genuinely Caring Politician
Kyin: An Odd One
Kyin: Gave a Heckler a Tall "Taste" of His Own Medicine
Mercenary Group: Alex, Axel and Elaine
Oberan: A Convincing "Clumsy Act"
Oberan: Skilled Acrobat
NPC: Garen Cricci: Human Empath
Garen Cricci: A Good Guy
Garen Cricci: In Charge of Lakewatch
Capt. Segrille: Likes You
Adruria: Seeks Avriel Lore
Herrick: Practitioner of Ki'Enaq Martial Art
NPC: Herrick: "Old Guard" Faction Employee
PC: Arduria: Naerikk 'Sister-in-Arms'
NPC: Eka
NPC: Zion
Zion: Starter Blade Student
Zion: Very weak
Valencica: The Doctor Of Lakewatch
Valencica: Can smell disease?
NPC: Havel
NPC: Lithlilim


Avriel: Feral Youths Can be Savage Beasts
Avriel: Some Have a "Code" About Damaging Wings
Avriel: Unkind
Avriel: Unintelligent
Race: Yludih - Confirmed Shape Shifters
Yludih: Like Becomers, But Not a Form of Magic
Race: Naerikk
Naerikk Lore: Early Savages Resurrected by Audrae
Naerikk Lore: Ether Tattoos for Protection From the Light
Naerikk Lore: Light of Treid's Moon to Stop Savage Naerikk
Naerikk Lore: The Shadow Form is True Form of Naerikk


Monster Race: Ratherion
Ratherion: Glowing Red Eyes Give Good Warning
Ratherion: Not Very Quick
Plague Rat: Carrier of Disease
Plague Rat: Vicious Beasts
Monsters: Arrow Buzzards
Monsters: Immortal Spawn
Spulmokawarta: Mutant Creature Whose Bite May Affect You


Carowa: Beautiful, colourful, deadly
Creature: Zelroux
Zelroux: Don’t mind intestines


Emea: Words effect the environment.
Etzos Location: Gardener's Grace
Location Eztos: Hates Immortals and only prays to them when things are very dire
Location: The Kettle Black
The Kettle Black: Doesn’t charge if you contribute
Location: Anari River
Location: Ne'Haer
Location: Westride Plains
Location: The Manor
Location: The Manor: Secret passageway
Etzos: The "Bad Streets" Don't Change
Location: Ne'haer
Ne'haer: City of Religious Tolerance
Ne'haer: In Ruins Due To Mist Men Attack
Ne'haer: Council of Minäih Judgement Hall
Ne'haer: Destruction of The Judgement Hall
Portal: To Oscillus
Portal: Lights above it like stars
Location: Etzos: Stone Quarry
Location: Etzos: The North Woods
Location: Noth's Cave
Etzos: Filled with Racists
Location: The Great Parhn Gate
Location: Smarter Charts for all your Mapping needs
Location: Smarter Charts has a unique smell.
Etzos Citizen's Market: Fewer Open Stalls During Zi'da and Cylus
Doors: They can be intimidating
Location: The old bandit fort
Location: Windrel
Location: The Library of Etzos
Location: Skin Deep Crafting
Lakewatch: Has a Powerful Empath in Charge
Lakewatch: A Town of Mutants


1. Acrobatics: Keeping Your Feet With Wings Pumping
2. Acrobatics: Nimble sword manuvers.
3. Acrobatics: Use wings to dodge
4. Acrobatics: Side stepping an enemy
5. Acrobatics (In-Flight): Grabbing a Small Item On The Fly
6. Acrobatics (In-Flight): Hovering, to Dangle a Rope to an Exact Spot
7. Acrobatics: "Gyroscopic Spin" Move, Incorporating Sharpened Armor
8. Acrobatics: Using your wings to aid your sword technique.


1. Acting: hard to fake happy
2. Acting: suppressing the annoyance in your tone
3. Acting: Sometimes cheesy works


1. Alchemy: Alchemized Fabric Exists
2. Alchemy: Mage's Blood Can be Used to Make Wards
3. Alchemy: Wards are Particularly Strong Against the Blood Provider

Animal Handling

1. Animal Handling: Animals can apparently have allergies

Animal Husbandry

1. Animal Husbandry: Animals can understand you to a point
2. Animal Husbandry: If you give an animal food, it might follow you
3. Animal Husbandry: Scaring an animal away doesn’t always work
4. Animal Husbandry: Low-ranking pack members eat later
5. Animal Husbandry: Low-ranking pack members often get scraps
6. Animal Husbandry: Replacing a horse with other large animals

Animal Training

1. Animal Training: Using food as an incentive or reward
2. Animal Training: Using gestures to communicate with an animal
3. Animal Training: Teaching your animal to come
4. Animal Training: It takes a few repetations to teach a command
5. Animal Training: Teaching your animal to stay
6. Animal Training: Praising your animal when it has done something well
7. Animal Training: Following Your Lead to Remain Calm
8. Animal Training: Stressful Situations Test Commands the Most


1. Appraisal: Adamantite: Burgundy in Color
2. Appraisal: Prizes are Well Worth the Contest Entry Fee
3. Appraisal: Knowing Qi'oran Craftworks are the Best
4. Appraisal: Noth's Thugs are Actually Fairly Talented



1. Becoming: Unleashing is Fast
2. Becoming: Headaches from Overstepping


1. Blades: Fly-By Attack
2. Blades: Slashing an Enemy Held in Talons' Grip
3. Blades: Aerial Spinning Dodge-and-Slash
4. Blades: Death Blow Through the Heart
5. Blades: Take out the Weapon Arm to Eliminate Reach
6. Blades: Coordinating Wing Strokes With Sword Strokes
7. Blades: Sever the Artery in the Wrist for a Quick Death
8. Blades: Slice across the stomach
9. Blade: Getting the Feel of Adamantite Scimitar
10. Blades: Longsword: Using a Blade to Pivot your Opponent
11. Blades: Longsword: Avoiding Armour
12. Blades: Longsword: Basic Block
13. Blades: Scimitar: Let the Stumbling Enemy Fall Upon Your Blade
14. Blades (sword): Clashing swords with a skilled bandit.
15. Blades (sword): Finish with jab to the skull
16. Combat: Blades (Scimitar): attacking while in the air
17. Combat: Blades (Scimitar): stabbing someone in the eye can, sometimes, be as effective as the neck
18. You must know the gender of a blade before you name it
19. Blades: Speed Over Force
20. Blades: Longsword is Stronger than a Scimitar
21. Blades (Scimitar): Strength and Accuracy to Slice Through the Neck
22. Blades: Dual Wielding
23. Blades: If the Enemy doesn’t have a Hilt, Hit their Arm
24. Blades: Parrying can cause Sparks
25. Blades: Some Stances can be Used for Different Sword Types
26. Bladed Combat (Sword): Crossed blades with your opponent
27. Bladed Combat (Sword): Stabbing through the skull
28. Blades: Using the momentum of your opponent's weapon against them
29. Blades: Serrated talons
30. Blades: Wedging a sword into armor
31. Blades (Armor Extensions): Seeing It Incorporated in "Wing Valance" Armor
32. Blades: Getting the Enemy to Kill Themselves
33. Blades: Feather Blades
34. Blades: Feather Blades are Good for Trapping the Enemy
34. Blades: Different Qualities Depending on Creators
35. Blades: The demands of blade sharpening
36. Blades: A sword can only be sharpened so many times...
37. Blades: Redbrand might need to be retired
38. Blades: Talon blades are even more effective in the dark
39. Blades: Cutting off a hand
40. Blades: Fancy tricks are done for a reason
41. Blades: Basic attacks
42. Blades: Basic knowledge about sword types
43. Blades: a Thrust Down an Animal's Throat Can Get Stuck Easily
44. Blades: Taking on multiple enemies
45. Blades: Lunging with a curved blade
46. Blades: Where to strike a broadsword to break it
47. Blades: Attacking weakness in the armor
48. Blades: Leather is easier to cut than steel
49. Blades: Taking off a man's arm through leather armor
50. Blades: The more blades in a fight, the more complicated things become
51. Blades: Behedding a practice dummy
52. Blades: The value of "Practice, Observation, and A sharp as heck sword"
53. Blades: The amount of force required to cut human flesh
54. Blades: Effects of different speeds on the attack's outcome
55. Blades: Thickness, density, and yield need to be taken into account durring attacks
56. Blades: Where to hold a typical broadsword
57. Blades: Let the blade help you balance your weight and put it into your attack
58. Blade: Keeping a weapon properly sharpened
59. Blade: Caution when near the blade's edge
60. Blade: Polish and oil the blade
61. Blade: "Care for your blade and it will care for you"


1. Blunt: A hit to the head
2. Blunt: A hit to the back of the neck
3. Blunt: Used for trying to disable a target
4. Blunt: You need to be strong for it to work

Business Management

1. Business Managment: Dealing with Reputation
2. Business Management: Always doing what must be done
3. Business Management: Moving around employees to deal with missing positions
4. Business Management: Dealing with a position of leadership
5. Business Management: Trashy jerk bosses suck, don't be one
6. Business Management: Pick someone suited to the job you're assigning
7. Business Management: Having weapons on hand for classes
8. Business Management: Having a quality product
9. Business Management: Different workplaces hold different standards
10. Business Management: A variety of jobs not always relating to the business main purpose
11. Business Management: Competition
12. Business Management: Leaving someone trustworthy in charge
13. Business Management: Detailed Instructions
14. Business Management: Backup plans
15. Business Management: Not trusting all of your employees
16. Business Management: The difference between working 'with' and 'for'
17. Bus. Mgmt: Bounty Contracts Can Shift you into a Higher Tax Bracket
18. Bus. Mgmt: Hearing an Expert List Details You Hadn't Thought of
19. Bus. Mgmt: Housing and Business Building Costs
20. Bus. Mgmt: Questions About Tax Parameters
21. Bus. Mgmt: The Tax Scheme was to Stop Criminal Gains, Not Citizens
22. Bus. Mgmt: Vendors Like to Sell Some of Everything, Not all of One
23. Bus. Mgmt: Seek Advice From Shop Owners
24. Business Management: Don't Bleed Your Customers
25. Business Management: Having Favourite Customers
26. Business Management: Linking Lessons Together
27. Business Management: Giving Out Perks
28. Business Management: Perks Sometimes Contradict Logic
29. Business Management: Newbie Hazing Is Bad
30. Business Management: Racial Tensions Are Bad
31. Business Management: Finding New Workers
32. Business Management: The Benefits of More Workers
33. Business Management: Workers Should Get Along
34. Business Management: Negotiating Pay
35. Business Management: Analyzing Worker Skillsets
36. Business Management: "Business Mode"



1.Cartography: Calling Out Details From the Air
2. Cartography: Mapping an Area is Bound to Have Encounters
3. Cartography: Flying Provides Vantage Points
4. Cartography: Flying Allows for Accurate Measurements
5. Cartography: Practicing maps
6. Cartography: Noticing flaws on a map
7. Cartography: Accuracy is important
8. Cartography: Having a group helps
9. Cartography: Rough Maps can be Edited and Cleaned Up for Sale
10. Cartography: Practice makes perfect
11. Cartography: No one cares about scouts
12. Cartography: Why you use compass
13. Cartography: Topological maps
14. Cartography: Topographical maps
15. Cartography: Legends
16. Cartography: Compass Rose
17. Cartography: Also called a Windrose
18. Cartography: Marking important spots on a map
19. Cartography: Rechecking for magnetic north
20. Cartography: Verifying True and Magnetic North for Maps
21. Cartography: Comparing old maps to find new errors
22. Cartography: The map makers signture
23. Cartography: The mark of the store
24. Cartography: Maps with color sell for a lot more, but are harder to make
25. Cartography: Maps with more detail go for higher prices
26. Cartography: Protecting Maps Properly
27. Cartography: Working on a Foggy day is Hard
28. Cartography: Knowing Direction by Instinct
29. Cartography: Making Stuff Up is a Bad Idea
30. Cartography: It's harder to scout during Cylus
31. Cartography: Fewer people buy maps in Cylus
32. Cartography: Scouts get bored easily
33. Cartography: Different interpretations of ancient/fake maps
34. Cartography: Telling if a map is fake or not
35. Cartography: Recognizing an Accommodating Land Location
[tab: Chemistry]
1. Chemistry: Extracting Essential Oils



1. Cooking: Using herbs to make food more edible


1. Dancing: Basic steps
2. Dancing: Twirling


1. Deception: White lies to save face
2. Deception: Annoyance is a great way to hide fear
3. Deception: Feigning a Broken Spirit
4. Deception: Letting Your Wings be Seen as Ranged Targets
5. Deception: Keeping your composure in the face of danger
6. Deception: If your bad at lying, avoid situations where you have to lie
7. Deception: Don't be suspicious
8. Deception: It's hard to lie to someone who sees thorugh everything
9. Deception: Half-truths about how interested you are
10. Deception: Feigning insanity
11. Deception: Making people think you're still in town
12. Deception: Falsifying Charts of Lakewatch Area
13. Deception: Keeping Lakewatch Hidden
14. Deception: Resisting the Urge to Comfort
15. Deception: When Rumors Go Wrong


1. Detection: Airborne Perspective Makes Distances Easier to Judge
2. Detection: Honest Movement on a Road is Different Than The Sneaking of Bandits
3. Detection: Horses Are a Good "First-Alert" Companion
4. Detection: Sensing wind direction
5. Detection: Watching body movements to help teaching
6. Detection: Sensing judgment
7. Detection: Smoke is Trouble
8. Detection: Every detail of a face
9. Detection: Listening to the Sounds when you can't See
10. Detection: Conditioning Yourself to Awaken at Unfamiliar Sounds
11. Detection: Farmlands 'Monster' is Just a Big Dog in Carowa Feathers
12. Detection: Lies Told to Prevent Credit Where it is Due
13. Detection: Noting Emphasis on a Single Word
14. Detection: Sensing something on a primal level
15. Detection: Spotting changes in environment
16. Detection: The death cry of an animal
17. Detection: Noticing that an animal is behind you
18. Detection: A rustling in the bushes
19. Detection: Don't Trip Over the Bodies of Those You've Killed
20. Detection: Noticing when Something is Awry
21. Detection: Father Allows Only Himself to Take Abuse
22. Detection: The Master's Enjoyment Shows in his Pants
23. Detection: Find the lie in the truth
24. Detection: Spotting friends and foes in a melee
25. Detection: Finding Nauta by Finding Lizzie
26. Detection: Worn-Out Faces, Familiar Places
27. Detection: Etzos' Racism Getting Worse
28. Detection: Tensed muscles
29. Detection: Torches in the Night
30. Detection: Knowing when someone is playing the victim card
31. Detection: Signs That The Public is Slowly Warming Up to You
32. Detection: Little Tics That Tip Off an Enemy's Next Move
33. Detection: Noticing Something is Off
34. Detection: Recognizing When People Know One Another
35. Detection: Trying to pick out details from a face
36. Detection: Noting when people are on the edge
37. Detection: Attend carefully to instructions
38. Detection: Figuring out who is lying
39. Detection: The Look of Honest Intent in the Eyes
40. Detection: Noticing the differences in screams
41. Detection: Observing everything around you
42. Detection: smoke in the distance
43. Detection: When Racial Targeting is Going to Get Confrontational
44. Detection: Wing Twitches Betray Emotions
45. Detection: Seeing a drop before you fall down
46. Detection: The Scent of Death


1. Discipline: Enemies in Familiar Forms are Still Enemies
2. Discipline: Force Back Fear and Fight
3. Discipline: Accepting That You Can't Save Them All
4. Discipline: Insults Provide Determination
5. Discipline: Resisting the Urge to Flee
6. Discipline: Stay to See What the Situation Reveals
7. Discipline: Worry can be a distraction
8. Discipline: Put aside memories, focus on the now
9. Discipline: Swallow your feelings, do the job
10. Discipline: Waiting when told to do so
11. Discipline: Ignoring Untrusting Looks
12. Discipline: Hiding your emotion.
13. Discipline: Turn hate into pride
14. Discipline: Don't give in to disgust
15. Discipline: Seeing Evil as a Motivation to Make the World Better
16. Discipline: The Easy Road is Rarely the Hero's Road
17. Discipline: Continuing to do what’s right in the face of complete hopelessness
18. Discipline: Keep down and get to work
19. Discipline: the right road over the easy road.
20. Discipline: Fighting Back a Cough
21. Discipline: Keeping On With Keeping On
22. Discipline: Not losing control of the situation even though you are in pain
23. Discipline: Not Giving in to an Unnecessary Fight
24. Discipline: Ignoring flies
25. Discipline: Take care of your weapons
26. Discipline: Getting your mind back to deal with practicalities after a distracting kiss
27. Discipline: Being able to sit and watch injustice
28. Discipline: Knowing You Must Forego Recognition for Your Effort
29. Discipline: Courtesy in High Chambers
30. Discipline: Having Patience for others
31. Discipline: Not immediately resorting to violence
32. Discipline: Doing work while in pain
33. Discipline: Finishing boring paperwork
34. Discipline: Not putting things off till the last minute
35. Discipline: Adhering to the Tenets of Ethelynda's Honor
36. Discipline: Staying Calm When a Search May Have Severe Repercussions
37. Discipline: Doing Whatever Must Be Done
38. Discipline: As a Doctor, Never Panic


1. Disguise: Wings make for a good fake hunchback
2. Disguise: The wings aren't helping
3. Disguise: Play the part
4. Disguise: Wearing a mask
5. Disguise: Wearing different clothes


1. Drawing: Take Notes to Identify Different Kinds of Claw Marks
2. Drawing: Focus!
3. Drawing: Keeping a steady hand
4. Drawing: A plain signature
5. Drawing: Large sweeping motion
6. Drawing: The effects of pressure
7. Drawing: Weight of a quill
8. Drawing: It’s time to learn color
9. Drawing: Color theory
10. Drawing: Nib variety
11. Drawing: Drawing while flying is even harder
12. Drawing: Using basic shapes
13. Drawing: Wind is the enemy
14. Drawing: Paper quality
15. Drawing: Drawing from observation is better than memory


1. Empathy: Emotional Stability was Tested
2. Empathy: Tested by Trying to Alter Memories


1. Endurance: Adrenaline Rush Costs You Later
2. Endurance: Humor in a Fight Truly Does Reduce Weariness
3. Endurance: A Fight to the Death Finds New Reserves of Strength
4. Endurance: Swinging Both Wings and Arms is Doubly Taxing
5. Endurance: Mental: The Nightmares of Those You Couldn't Save
6. Endurance: Enduring with light treatment
7. Endurance: The bitter cold of an unpleasant dream
8. Endurance: Push yourself to make your body work harder
9. Endurance: Flying in bad weather is tricky
10. Endurance: beatings
11. Endurance: Working hard as a child
12. Endurance: Learning to Ignore Pain
13. Endurance: Receiving Outside Source of Energy
14. Endurance: Cold is Something You Can Get used To
15. Endurance: The Cold isn’t a big deal.
16. Endurance: Movement keeps the cold at bay.
17. Endurance: Pushing through the cold
18. Endurance: Riding Out Abusive Treatment
20. Endurance: The Strong Smell of Death as You Have to Fight
21. Endurance: Holding up Under Attacks
22. Endurance: The Pain of Beatings Slowly Becomes Less Scary
23. Endurance: Frequent Witholdings of Meals
24. Endurance: Pain Threshold Does Not Determine Weakness
25. Endurance: Biting cold
26. Endurance: Sometimes, the spirit is stronger than the body
27. Endurance: testing the limits
28. Endurance: A Lifetime of Shoeless Feet
29. Endurance: Exposure To The Cold (Severe)
30. Endurance: Struggling With Depression
31. Endurance: Taking a hit to get into a good position
32. Endurance: Not getting winded while in pain
33. Endurance: Changes in stamina based on bodily condition
34. Endurance: Not throwing up
35. Endurance: Different kinds of pain
36. Endurance: Long Walks When You Could Fly Instead
37. Endurance: Maintaining Dignity and Courtesy in a Crowd
38. Endurance: Staying up late to get home
39. Endurance: Feking Zi'da...


1. Etiquette: Controlling your Temper
2. Etiquette: Ignoring Insults as Half-Avriel
3. Etiquette: Apologies Can be Given When Pain Subsides
4. Etiquette: Talking While in Pain tends to Sound Angry
5. Etiquette: Avoid Others' Bar Fights
6. Etiquette: Give a Warning About Harsh Demonstrations First
7. Etiquette: Smiling in the Face of Abuse, to Earn Respect
8. Etiquette: Asking questions for the benefit of others
9. Etiquette: Slaves Do Not Answer Back
10. Etiquette: Call Loudly at a Dangerous Man's Door
11. Etiquette: Converse From Outside Until Invited In
12. Etiquette: The desire to present yourself better
13. Etiquette: An Apology to Nauta and Lizzie
14. Etiquette: Sometimes things slips when you hate a person
15. Etiquette: Calling Stealing What it is
16. Etiquette: When to laugh and when to keep quiet.
17. Etiquette: Dress Up for a Date
18. Etiquette: Some People Take Dresses Very Seriously
19. Etiquette: Walking Like a Lady
20. Etiquette: Apologising for a perceived slight against someone else
21. Etiquette: It is not polite to refuse a gift
22. Etiquette: Mocking One Performer is Not "Support" for Another
23. Etiquette: Telling Others It's Rude to Laugh
24. Etiquette: Approach Strangers on Foot, Not in Flight
25. Etiquette: Making no Complaint to Submit to a Fair Search
26. Etiquette: A Stranger Wearing a Sword is Not Unreasonable
27. Etiquette: A Bow to begin a Conversation You Initiated
28. Etiquette: Give Reassurances That all is Okay First
29. Etiquette: Give Thugs a Fair Chance to Back Down First


Field Craft

1. Field Craft: A Tent is No Protection From Shadow Beasts
2. Fieldcraft: Setting a fire
3. Field Craft: Maintaining A Perpetual Fire
4. Field Craft: Small Caves are Easier to Keep Warm
5. Field Craft: Uncoiled Rope as an Impromptu Trap
6. Field Craft: A Cave is a Good Position to Defend
7. Field Craft: Signs of a Poacher's Den
8. Field Craft: The Monster Poses Many Other Negatives Besides Attack
9. Field Craft: Identifying Path of Large Troop of Warriors
10. Field Craft: What Hypothermia Feels Like
11. Fieldcraft: Setting up a rope snare
12. Fieldcraft: Use of a water skin
13. Field Craft: Identifying a Carowa
14. Field Craft: Identifying a Bronze Bear
15. Field Craft: Salting meat for preservation
16. Field Craft: Making Bear Jerky
17. Field Craft: Animals in Unfamiliar Surroundings Get Aggressive
18. Fieldcraft: Always being prepared
19. Fieldcraft: It's possible to make crude arrows in a pinch
20. Field Craft: Water is the top priority
21. Field Craft: Being prepared is best
22. Field Craft: Building a Shelter
23. Field Craft: Foraging for Food
24. Field Craft: Why you should make a bed in your shelter
25. Field Craft: Fire Starting Method: Flint and Steel
26. Field Craft: Building a Campfire
27. Field Craft: Building a torch
28. Field Craft: Pacing for safety
29. Field Craft: Sleeping outside without shelter
30. Field Craft: Fire Starting Method: Fire plow


1. Fighting: Height can Kill



1. Flying: Deliberately Clumsy Take-off as a Form of Payback
2. Flying: Landing is the Hard Part
3. Flying: Body Angling is as Important as Wing Strength
4. Flying: You Have to Grab With Everything to Land on a Tree Branch
5. Flying: Practicing Loop-de-Loops
6. Flying: Using Gravity to Build Momentum
7. Flying: Adding Half-Turns During Loops to Change Direction
8. Flying: Always Fly With Your Sword
9. Flying: Practice On Your Days Off Work
10. Flying: Swooping Slash Allows Ground View
11. Flying: Techniques for flight whilst carrying things
12. Flying: Using the heat of the air
13. Flying: Controlling the downward spiral
14. Flying: Controlling landing
15. Flying: Aerial combat
16. Flying: Angle of the wings during take off
17. Flying: Has a beautiful rhythm unique to each circumstance
18. Flying: Keeping pace with a weaker flyer
19. Flying: Ensuring that you angle your wings against rain
20. Flying: Fighting From Higher "Ground"
21. Flying: Knowing What Your Wings' Features are Best Suited For
22. Flying: Can be calming for you
23. Flying: Using flight to evade an attacker
24. Flying: Useful for Information Gathering
25. Flight: Battling freezing winds
26. Flight: Dodging arrows
27. Flight: Matching your speed with another
28. Flight: Riding currents
29. Flight: Saving a falling man
30. Fly: being to high can make things harder to find.
31. Flying: Summoning the force to propel yourself upwards
32. Flying: It takes a lot of effort to take off without any wind or preparation at all
33. Flying: Leading a Pursuer to Crash into the Ground
34. Flying: Fog makes Wings Damp
35. Flying: Fog is the Bane of Flight
36. Flight: Using flight to aid your sword technique.
37. Flying: A Stage in a Tavern Has Little "Wing" Room
38. Flying: Having Wings Tied Back Puts Dangerous Kinks in Them
39. Flying: Keeping Wings Well Preened is Important
40. Flying: Let the Wind Carry You When Possible
41. Flying: Messed-up Feathers Have Bad Aerodynamics
42. Flying: Primaries Are the Most Important Wings
43. Flying: Automated hovering
44. Flying: Requires a lot of Wing Strength
45. Flight: Sustaining Momentum To Land, Not Crash


1. Gardening: Supporting top heavy flowers
2. Gardening: Having the right tools
3. Gardening: Pruning
4. Gardening: Fast growing mint plants
5. Gardening: blackberries are extremely stubborn


1. Hunting: Getting Rid of Rat Infestation
2. Hunting: Mercy kill
3. Hunting: Following behind Prey
4. Hunting: Cutting the meat into small pieces makes it easier to transport
5. Hunting: If you can't hunt well, hunt small game
6. Hunting: A knife is better than a sword for cutting apart prey
7. Hunting: Death throws sometimes mean food
8. Hunting: Traps are helpful
9. Hunting: Knowing how to track
10. Hunting: Hiding from prey
11. Hunting: Trying to kill a deer with a sword doesn't work
12. Hunting: A Zelroux makes for a good hunting companion
13. Hunting: Following the Light of Rupturing Portals in the Dark
14. Hunting: How to track an animal
15. Hunting: Uses of a hunting animal
16. Hunting: Identifying a scuffle between animals
17. Hunting: Searching the Area the Animal Was Seen
18. Hunting: What Dead Things In An Area Means
19. Hunting: The Dangers of Approaching Wounded Animals


1. Intelligence: Leave While Enemies are Regrouping
2. Intelligence: Recognizing a Flying Attack Formation
3. Intelligence: Shadow Beasts: Can Take Bird Form
4. Intelligence: Shadow Beasts: Can't Fly or See Like Real Birds
5. Intelligence: Shadow Beasts: Formed From Fog
6. Intelligence: "Monster" Rumors are Not Noth This Time
7. Intelligence: Etzos' Woods Monster is a Clawed, Charging Quadruped
8. Intelligence: Etzos' Woods Monster is Nocturnal
9. Intelligence: Asking To Get Filled In On Details
10. Intelligence: It's Not Truly an Enemy That Thinks They're Doing Right
11. Intelligence: Finding Connections
12. Intelligence: Dad's old friend
13. Intelligence: Yorskmir
14. Intelligence: Etzos mutants
15. Intelligence: Contractual loop holes
16. Intelligence: Solving Riddles
17. Intelligence: Context Clues
18. Intelligence: Remna Infiltrated the Black Guard Posse
19. Intelligence: The Don Has Mages in his Employ
20. Intelligence: Avriel "Air Current Vision" Betrays Silent Dive Approach
21. Intelligence: Watching the Techniques Your Enemy Uses Against Others
22. Intelligence: Gathering information from someone else's actions.
23. Intelligence: Identifying vital information
24. Intelligence: "Market Walk" was a Brutal, Mutant-Hating Incident
25. Intelligence: Guards That Were on the Market Walk Will be Sympathetic
26. Intelligence: The Underground has a Secret Exit
27. Intelligence: Secret rooms Underground
28. Intelligence: How to get a mutant to Lakewatch
29. Intelligence: Patrol paths of city guards
30. Intelligence: A rough idea of the Scalvoris map
31. Intelligence: Pirate lords and their disappearance
32. Intelligence: Gossip is typically a bad source of information


1. Interrogation: Subtle Questions About Bats
2. Interrogation: Ask a Question and be Beaten for Speaking
3. Interrogation: Learning by Being on the Receiving End
4. Interrogation: Making it a Game the Victim Always Loses
5. Interrogation: Reinforcing the Notion that 'You Earned This.'
6. Interrogation: Challenging Talk to Expose the Leader of a Mob
7. Interrogation: Firing off questions


1. Intimidation: Battle Cry
2. Intimidation: Uncloaked Form is Scary
3. Intimidation: Magic is Terrifying
4. Intimidation: Sometimes Words aren't Enough
5. Intimidation: Just Being an Avriel is a Threat
6. Intimidation: Offering a Chance to Surrender First
7. Intimidation: The Spray of Blood From Your Swung Sword
8. Intimidation: Walk Into Danger Like You Belong There
9. Intimidation: A Challenging Glare to Co-Workers
10. Intimidation: Make yourself appear taller
11. Intimidation: Trash talking
12. Intimidation: Make eye contact when you deliver your threats
13. Intimidation: Epic rant to scare away Newbs
14. Intimidation: Break Them When They're Young
15. Intimidation: Pain is the Fastest Teacher
16. Intimidation: Having Infractions Made Up to be Punished For
17. Intimidation: Humiliating Punishments in Class
18. Intimidation: The Genuine Threat of Freezing to Death
19. Intimidation: When it comes to weapons, size matters.
20. Intimidation: A show of skill can be very frightening to the weak
21. Intimidation: Laughing in the Face of Superior Numbers
22. Intimidation: A pet Zelroux
23. Intimidation: Helping to cow opponents into surrendering.
24. Intimidation: Need to work on being more intimidating.


1. Investigation: Telling a true survivor from a regular bandit
2. Investigation: Innocence or Guilt is Not Always Obvious
3. Investigation: Sometimes Decent People are Provoked to do Evil
4. Investigation: Watching Other Contestants' Efforts
5. Investigation: Finding sources
6. Investigation: Getting help to find information
7. Investigation: The existence of tact
8. Investigation: Don't settle for Surface Appearances
9. Investigation: Leave the Thugs' Weapons for the Guards to Confirm


1. Leadership: Brave Talk to Inspire Courage
2. Leadership: Intimidate the Fear-Shocked into Running
3. Leadership: Protective Formations in Danger Zones
4. Leadership: Martyr of the Defenseless
5. Leadership: Cartographers are Not Warriors
6. Leadership: Joking About One's Own Wounds Eases Worry
7. Leadership: Protector to the Defenseless, Even Racist Jerks
8. Leadership: Initiating Smoke Clearing Plan
9. Leadership: Leading Your Captives Into Town
10. Leadership: Offering to Keep Watch
11. Leadership: Taking Charge of Drunken Brawlers
12. Leadership: Taking The Risk of Not Killing the Enemy
13. Leadership: Tough Love, in the Form of "Fall or Fly"
14. Leadership: Wait for my signal
15. Leadership: Sometimes even newbies can inspire genius tactics.
16. Leadership: Hostility is Not Effective
17. Leadership: Taking Charge in a Bad Situation
18. Leadership: Focus on your strengths
19. Leadership: Rallying support
20. Leadership: Spotting who will help you
21. Leadership: Out-Shouting an Argument
22. Leadership: Stopping a Fight
23. Leadership: Accepting a Dangerous Position
24. Leadership: Knowing You're the Right One for a Job
25. Leadership: Meeting with Lakewatch to Establish Hope for the Future
26. Leadership: Understanding how bad you are at leading


1. Linguistics: Simple Statements can have unintentionally bad meanings (your kind)
2. Linguistics: Words Often Have Several Meanings
3. Linguistics: Often, written and the spoken forms are separate languages
4. Linguistics: Different languages can be spoken in very different, very weird ways
5. Linguistics: Many People, Many Languages, Saying the Same Things
6. Linguistics: Urgent Situations Will Cause Statements of Urgency
7. Linguistics: Cheers and Jeers in Many Languages
8. Linguistics: Writing understandably
9. Linguistics: Multi-Lingual Citizenry Helps Learn Languages
10. Linguistics: Odd Sentence Structure May Indicate 2nd Language
11. Linguistics: Recognizing foreign names

Language: Avrielian Script
Avrielian Script: Mostly confusing scribbles
Avrielian Script: Few of the spoken words look like their Lorien counterparts are said
Avrielian Script: How to write 'look up'
Language: Lorien
Lorein: Sounds like screaming and death
Lorein: Harder to vocally produce without hurting yourself
Language: Dehasin
Dehasis: Used by the human slaves of Athart
Dehasis: Soft or gentle sounding, usually spoken in whispers
Dehasis: Raising of the voice's pitch?
Language: Gravokian
Gravokian: "Korrikalari" means 'Delinquent Slave'
Gravokian: Simple Plural Forms

Lock Picking


1. Logic: Defining a "monster"


1. Logistics: Unloading Mounts and Loading Boats
2. Logistics: Caves Render Wings Near Useless
3. Logistics: Independent Search Parties Often Confront Each Other
4. Logistics: The Chaos of a Lynch Mob in Keeping Order
5. Logistics: Planning the practical preparations for a journey and what to purchase before departing
6. Logistics: Making appointments with traveling partners and outlining the travel plans to them
7. Logistics: Mutants Are Profitable to be Auctioned Off
8. Logistics: Weighing up what's right with time allowed
9. Logistics: The Details that Must be Kept Secret to Hide Lakewatch
10. Logistics: The Roost was a Better Idea Than You Even Thought


1. Medicine: Taking care not to cause further damage to the wounded
2. Medicine: Attempting to comfort the traumatized
3. Medicine: Leechbane to Increase Blood Production
4. Medicine: Scarf Rot: Antiseptic, Among Other Things
5. Medicine: Strangler Fig Tea: Sleep Aid and General Health Tonic
6. Medicine: The Cost is Another Affliction
7. Medicine: The Fainting Effects of Blood Loss
8. Medicine: Running Could Tear Open the Bandages
9. Medicine: Cleaning out wounds
10. Medicine: Rockmaze moss
11. Medicine: Suturing Wounds
12. Medicine: Veterinary Medicine
13. Medicine: Rubbing Alcohol Sterilises Wounds
14. Medicine: Poisons typically have cures
15. Medicine: Identifying Ailments and Diseases
16. Medicine: Hypothermia: The Causes
17. Medicine: Hypothermia: Don’t Use Direct Heat
18. Medicine: Always Be Gentle
19. Medicine: Monitor Breathing
20. Medicine: Aromatherapy
21. Medicine: Use of Lavender
22. Medicine: Use of Sage
23. Medicine: Use of Cinnamon Bark
24. Medicine: Use of Lemon Rind


1. Meditation: Dreams are a place to let your emotions free.
2. Meditation: Friend of the sky
3. Meditation: Wipe out the existence of emotions
4. Meditation: quelling the angry beast inside
5. Meditation: repeated mantra
6. Meditation: using imaginary friends to relax you
7. Meditation: Useful for wing control
8. Meditation: Practicing individual muscle movements
9. Meditation: Controlled breathing
10. Meditation: Mantras
11. Meditation: ‘The goal is to be at peace with yourself’
12. Meditation: Patience is key
13. Meditation: Keep your Concentration
14. Meditation: Block out everything unimportant
15. Meditation: Useful for 'beating the tar' out of anxiety
16. Meditation: Breathing exercises
17. Meditation: Practice without distractions
18. Meditation: Adressing an issue, even if it hurts
19. Meditation: Facing personal demons somewhere you feel safe
20. Meditation: Help offered by the peacekeepers jewel
21. Meditation: Using the earth to keep yourself grounded
22. Meditation: Self reflection is an extremely important part
23. Meditation: Tea can help the mind and body relax
24. Meditation: The uses of mint tea
25. Meditation: Relaxation During Vhalar
26. Meditation: Old Wounds Finally Healing
27. Meditation: Repetitive Actions



1. Mount: Hyx: Wrapping Arms Rather Than Digging in Claws
2. Mount: Hyx: Leaning With Mount's Movements
3. Mount: Talk to Your Horse
4. Mount: Unfamiliar, Speed-Empowered Horse
5. Mount: Using Wings for Mounted Balance


1. Navigation: fly around until something strikes me
2. Navigation: How to use a compass
3. Navigation: How to use a map
4. Navigation: True north vs magnetic north
5. Navigation: Using the sun's location to ascertain direction
6. Navigation: The Layout of the Underground
7. Navigation: Lining up your compass with your map
8. Navigation: Navigating using a map
9. Navigation: A natural sense of direction
10. Navigation: Compass 'model'
11. Navigation: Compass Declination
12. Navigation: The 'two' north poles
13. Navigation: Avoid Metal
14. Navigation: Finding a Bearing: Stick in Ground
15. Navigation: Keeping Your Bearing: Aiming Off
16. Navigation: Remember landmarks
17. Navigation: Finding a Bearing: Moss
18. Navigation: Finding the North Star
19. Navigation: Using the location of the moons
20. Navigation: Using the location of various constellations
21. Navigation: Navigating in the dark
22. Navigation: Following weak directions
23. Navigation: Plotting a course
24. Navigation: Finding your location on a map
25. Navigation: The varying usefulness of different map types
26. Navigation: Terrain related delays
27. Navigation: Following a river
28. Navigation: Flow direction of a river
29. Navigation: Asking for directions
30. Navigation: Cities are distinctly easier to find
31. Navigation: Retracing your steps
32. Navigation: Judging location by travel time
33. Navigation: Return trips are easier


1. Negotiation: Acknowledging Both Sides' Apprehension
2. Negotiation: Knowing Each Others' Secrets Keeps You Equal
3. Negotiation: Agreeing to Hunt the Monster With Noth
4. Negotiation: Asking people to be more specific
5. Negotiation: Doesn't work on the blood thirsty
6. Negotiation: The Many Fluid Rules of Lewis Parren
7. Negotiation: Haggling for the actual price
8. Negotiation: To close a deal
9. Negotiation: Accepting Payment Makes it Hard to Object


1. Persuasion: Convincing someone you really are horrible
2. Persuasion: Ask for Explanation Without Demanding
3. Persuasion: Hear the Other Side Out
4. Persuasion: Use emotion to ensure that you are persuasive
5. Persuasion: State your case clearly.
6. Persuasion: Calm Voice and Proof Help Exonerate You
7. Persuasion: The Promise to "Be There" for Noth
8. Persuasion: Bribing Guards
9. Persuasion: Pointing out why people should not kill themselves.
10. Persuasion: Acknowledging a Willingness to Die for Your Beliefs
11. Persuasion: Stating Past Popular Actions before Taking Unpopular Stance
12. Persuasion: Use of personal ties to get what you want
13. Persuasion: Persuading people to go on a trip with you by saying you will pay the expenses
14. Persuasion: Calming someone with tone of voice
15. Persuasion: NOT Kissing Ass Will Gain the Favor of Some People
16. Persuasion: Convincing potential liabilities to stay behind
17. Persuasion: Convincing someone that abuse isn't a form of love
18. Persuasion: Convincing someone to get out of a toxic situation
19. Persuasion: Don't Over-Apologize
20. Persuasion: Prepare Your Points Beforehand
21. Persuasion: Rein in Signs of Nervousness
22. Persuasion: Use Huber's Gem to Stay Calm
23. Persuasion: Getting someone to let you hitch a ride
24. Persuasion: Convincing Someone to Speak Up
25. Persuasion: Convincing Someone to Be Brave
26. Persuasion: Money Is A Good Reason To Work


1. Poison: Nightshade is the most deadly plant in the world.
2. Poison: Nightshade: Roots are Most Poisonous
3. Poison: Hiding the Unappetizing Inside Food
4. Poison: Skin test berries for toxicity
5. Poison: Hemlock
6. Poison: Poinsettia: Lesser poison
7. Poison: Poinsettia: Mostly an irritant unless in a fairly large dose
8. Poison: Body mass changes reaction

Pole Arms


1. Politics: Monster Attacks Among the Poor is No Priority
2. Politics: Jurisdiction Conflicts Aid the Criminals
3. Politics: Safety vs. Money Often Decides Whose Side Folks are On
4. Politics: Vuda's Words about 'Dominance' Rings Explain a Lot About Etzos
5. Politics: Guards Have the Power of the Law Behind Them
6. Politics: Mutants are No Longer Considered People
7. Politics: Lady Terris and Capt. Segrille are Definitely a "Thing"
8. Politics: Lakewatch Will be a Mutant Sanctuary
9. Politics: Only the Viewpoint of Authority Matters
10. Politics: Reputation is always helpful
11. Politics: Punishments should fit the crime
12. Politics: Capital punishment is useless and should be avoided
13. Politics: Brushing away bad laws
14. Politics: Marks are better off hidden in Etzos
15. Politics: Who you're with and where you go cause scandals
16. Politics: Capt. Segrille Knows "Cryptography" Means Lakewatch
17. Politics: Lerrik Calloso Heads the Old Guard Faction
18. Politics: Lerrik Calloso Will Gladly Help You Out
19. Politics: The Old Guard Has Tax-Exempt Status
20. Politics: Merchants' Testimony is Often "For Sale"
21. Politics: The Necessity of Hiding Lakewatch


1. Psychology: dreams can show how you really see yourself.
2. Psychology: We define what is horrific.
3. Psychology: just because people fear it doesn’t make it bad
4. Psychology: Don’t compare yourself to others, be yourself
5. Psychology: Facing a Nightmare That is a Reality
6. Psychology: Finding Yourself in a Strange Place
7. Psychology: Belief in Dreams' Potential Revelations
8. Psychology: Shared danger leads to camaraderie
9. Psychology: Physical pain fades, psychological pain is harder to overcome
10. Psychology: Children are cruel
11. Psychology: Accepting Unpopular Cause That's Right
12. Psychology: Satisfaction of Giving 100%
13. Psychology: Hiding fear
14. Psychology: Accepting Punishment May Change Your Fate
15. Psychology: Coming to Terms With Loneliness
16. Psychology: Compassion For Those With Wretched Fates
17. Psychology: Hating the Killer in Yourself
18. Psychology: Not Always Wanting to Kill The Enemy
19. Psychology: Being an outcast can make you more merciful
20. Psychology: Being an Expert fighter isn’t a good thing.
21. Psychology: People who are excited to go to battle are ignorant and foolish.
22. Psychology: The joy of the kill
23. Psychology: Realizing That Inner Avriel Savagery
24. Psychology: That Inner Voice That Warns You
25. Psychology: Think Past the Emotional Obstacle Others Impose
26. Psychology: The True Dynamics of Slavery
27. Psychology: Trust is The Most Fragile Feeling
28. Psychology: Focusing on the Good in a Fellow Half-Avriel
29. Psychology: Hopelessness Triggers the Avriel Savage
30. Psychology: The Need to Save Others
31. Psychology: We All Live in a Cage of Some Sort
32. Psychology: The Dragon That Awakens at Rock-Bottom
33. Psychology: Associations Between Words and Memories
34. Psychology: Dealing with Xenophobia
35. Psychology: I Belong Nowhere
36. Psychology: Trust No One
37. Psychology: Desire to be Accepted Can Overlook Serious Flaws in Others
38. Psychology: Holidays Can Hurt When There's No One to Share Them With
39. Psychology: Simple Decorations Lift Spirits
40. Psychology: Guilt Over Mutants' Fate
41. Psychology: Negative experiences in the past can cause you to miss positive opportunities in the present
42. Psychology: How people behave when they are friends, and enemies.
43. Psychology: When Dishonesty is the Right Thing to do
44. Psychology: Axel and Elaine's "Help" is Not Reassuring
45. Psychology: One Lone Judge's Verdict is Hardest to Anticipate
46. Psychology: Learning not to fear death through desensitization
47. Psychology: A Lie to Prevent Oppression is Not Bad
48. Psychology: Once You Get on Topic, Anxiety Wanes

Ranged Combat

1. Ranged Combat, Shortbow: Moving can affect your aim negatively
2. Ranged Combat: Wind Affects the Route of an Arrow
3. Ranged Combat(Short Bow): How to Aim
4. Ranged Combat(Short Bow): Better gear tends to help
5. Ranged Combat(Short Bow): Jerry is a good but a moody bow
6. Ranged Combat(Short Bow): Try to aim for vital areas.
7. Ranged Combat: Better arrows, better shots
8. Ranged Combat: The benefits and downfalls of an aerial attack
9. Ranged(Short Bow): Staying Calm
10. Ranged(Short Bow): Focus on Nothing but the Target
11. Ranged(Short Bow): Keeping a Steady Hand
12. Ranged(Short Bow): It doesn't have to always be a perfect hit
13. Ranged(Short Bow): Taking into account the effects of heartbeat and breath
14. Ranged(Short Bow): Correct Stance
15. Ranged(Short Bow): How to Load and Arrow
16. Ranged(Short Bow): Properly Holding a Bow
17. Ranged(Short Bow): Keep Movements Fluid
18. Ranged(Short Bow): How to Properly Release an Arrow
19. Ranged(Short Bow): Stringing a Bow
20. Ranged(Short Bow): Unstringing a Bow
21. Ranged(Short Bow): Basic Bow Care Practices
22. Ranged(Short Bow): Multiple Kinds of Arrows Exist
23. Ranged(Short Bow): Multiple Kind of Arrowheads Exist


1. Research: The Odd Form Fits Old Description of Yludih
2. Research: Books on Tying Knots in the Library of Etzos
3. Research: Process of Elimination is an Element of a Contest


1. Resistance: Surviving a Fever
2. Resistance: Mithridatism
3. Resistance: Getting used to something to build up immunity
4. Resistance: Poisoning’s one’s self for practice
5. Resistance: Food poisoning
6. Resistance: Throwing up doesn’t help
7. Resistance: Shivers
8. Resistance: Convulsions
9. Resistance: Stomach Aches
10. Resistance: Getting Sick Over Blood
11. Resistance: Getting Sick Over Death Things


1. Rhetoric: “We’re doomed even if we all fight” speeches
2. Rhetoric: “We’re doomed unless we all fight” speeches
3. Rhetoric: Turning the tables on the plaintiffs
4. Rhetoric: Accusing others of your crime
5. Rhetoric: The Many Phrases of Lewis Parren
6. Rhetoric: Explaining why you did something you regret


1. Running: Feet are Better than Talons
2. Running: Difficult for Avriel
3. Running: Recklessness leads to tripping
4. Running: Good for putting distance between yourself and others
5. Running: Speed is key
6. Running: Get right back up when you fall
7. Running: Outrunning someone on bird feet


1. Seduction: Speak your words like honey
2. Seduction: Move your body to look alluring
3. Seduction: Give someone with a massive smile that reveals your love to them
4. Seduction: Hold out your arms to silently demand a hug
5. Seduction: Asking to be kissed

Shield Combat

1. Shield Combat: Bracing against the blows
2. Shield Combat: Using the shield to disarm
4. Shield Combat: A Weapon to Inflict Non-lethal Damage More Easily
5. Shield Combat: Useful Against Arrows
6. Shield Combat: Holding a shield and a sword
7. Shield Combat: Shields break under enough force
8. Shield Combat: Harder to block multiple blows from multiple foes
9. Shield Combat: Good for protecting others
10. Shield Combat: Vital to Taithir
11. Shield Combat: Forearm shield bracers
12. Shield Combat: Wing Armor
13. Shield Combat: Careful Not to Hurt Yourself on Wing Armor
14. Shield-Use: Basic Shield Technique.
15. Shield Combat: Blocking basic attacks
16. Shield Combat: Forcing a foe backwards


1. Socializing: Don't Let a Gift Look Like an Attempt to "Buy" Friendship
2. Socializing: Changing the Nature of Your Act by Necessity
3. Socializing: Being the Spokeswoman for Friends in Etzos
4. Socializing: Going into a New Town as a Guest of Honor


1. Sociology: Selective Memory About Some Friends
2. Sociology: Sharing Hope Through a Hug
3. Sociology: A Gift Can Turn an Acquaintance Into a Friend
4. Sociology: Saoire is a Good Holiday for Social Interaction
5. Sociology: Giving Credit Where it's Due
6. Sociology: Set a Good Example to Inspire Others
7. Sociology: Taking Unmerited Blame is not Inspiring
8. Sociology: Warn What Comments You Will and Won't Put Up With
9. Sociology: Families with Mutant Members will be Sympathetic
10. Sociology: Mutants are People Too
11. Sociology: Friendly Teasing Can Set a Situation at Ease
12. Sociology: "Rikki": Apparently, A Racial Slur Against Naerikks
13. Sociology: Speaking the Local Language Helps You Connect


1. Surgery: Staunching Your Own Wounds
2. Surgery: Stitching: Start in the middle
3. Surgery: Stitching: Go beyond the wound
4. Surgery: Veterinary Examination of a Bird
5. Surgery: Don't Remove the Knife Before You Find a Healer
6. Surgery: Stabilizing a Victim


1. Stealth: Patience is Key
2. Stealth: Trying to Hide in a Tree Top
3. Stealth: Moving quietly in a hall
4. Stealth: Taking Advantage of Distractions
5. Stealth: Avoiding Lines of Sight
6. Stealth: Using Shadows to Hide
7. Stealth: Wrapping your Claws
8. Stealth: Torches just Reveal your Location
9. Stealth: Careful Movements Beneath Blankets
10. Stealth: Whispering with skill.
11. Stealth: Hiding Items Within Your Wings
12. Stealth: Following at a distance
13. Stealth: Conveniently going the same way as someone else
14. Stealth: Waiting to walk in


1. Strength: Fireman Carry
2. Strength: Bodily pulling another person
3. Strength: Carrying heavy things
4. Strength: Toting a Dead Body Over Your Shoulder
5. Strength: Lifting an Injured Man
6. Strength: Holding the weight of a full grown Sev’ryn
7. Strength: The muscle burn of long battle
8. Strength: Carrying mutants
9. Strength: Massively supplements blunt force strikes
10. Strength: Hardens the body
11. Strength: Carrying Mutants Back to Town
12. Strength: Weight lifting
13. Strength: Bearing the weight of Wings of Valence armor
14. Strength: Practicing till you’re in pain
15. Strength: Carrying someone, bridal style
16. Strength: The effort to move a very large shield
17. Strength: Pushing backwards a young man
18. Strength: Using Your Core
19. Strength: Spreading Out the Weight
20. Strength: Carrying Dead Animals
21. Strength: Consistency
22. Strength: Starting Small If Needed
23. Strength: Wing Training
24. Strength: Weights are Helpful for Training
25. Strength: Using Rocks as Weights
26. Strength: Incrementally Increasing Weights Over Time
27. Strength: Repetition
28. Strength: The Weight Of Another Person
29. Strength: Carrying Someone Piggyback Style
30. Strength: Proper Breathing Helps
31. Strength: Tearing Yourself Free
32. Strength: Tossing Someone
33. Strength: Making Sure Not To Damage Muscles
34. Strength: Sustaining Your Own Weight
35. Strength: Never Giving Up
36. Strength: Focusing Strength Into Multiple Spots
37. Strength: Tensing Muscles Produces Force


1. Storytelling: All About Your Mother and Father
2. Storytelling: The Inescapable Cruelty of Your Childhood
3. Storytelling: The Shadow of Death Over Everyone You Knew
4. Storytelling: The Truth of The Tale is in The face of the Speaker
5. Storytelling: Your Father's Deal With "Master"
6. Storytelling: Your Time with Icarus
7. Story Telling: possessing a vivid imagination.
9. Story Telling: Mentioning the Events in Oscillus
10. Story: the queen and the Lionhart
11. Storytelling: The living blade
12. Storytelling: Why you name a sword
13. Story Telling: Adolescent Avriel Leave to Purge Feral Nature
14. Story Telling: Avriel Have Cold, Callous, Slavery Culture
15. Story Telling: Avriel Originally Created by Delroth
16. Story Telling: Describing the Freedom of Flight
17. Story Telling: The History of Your Parents
18. Story Telling: Syroa Raised Avriel to be Civilized but Vicious and Arrogant


1. Swimming: Drowning is bad
2. Swimming: Flailing madly isn’t swimming


1. Tactics: Encircling a Wagon For Strategic Position
2. Tactics: Diving Airborne Attack
3. Tactics: Create a Wind Shear to Pull Shadow Birds to the Ground
4. Tactics: Feigning Hesitation to Draw Enemy In
5. Tactics: Third Party in a Battle Sometimes Fights Both Sides
6. Tactics: Using the Loop-de-Loop in Combat
7. Tactics: Protect Torches With Wings
8. Tactics: Wing Pumps to Blow Back Mist Men
9. Tactics: Retreat When Outnumbered to Live Another Day
10. Tactics: Staying Within Your Limitations
11. Tactics: Crouch, Cover and Wait for Answers
12. Tactics: Looking Out Through Crossed Wings
13. Tactics: Studying the Surroundings Before Making a Move
14. Tactics: Use the environment to your best advantage
15. Tactics: Feint With Blade to Strike With Claws
16. Tactics: Using Wings to Clear Smoke
17. Tactics: Extinguish the light to take opponents by surprise.
18. Tactics: Getting a lay of the land.
19. Tactics: Archers can pose a real problem
20. Tactics: Shields are useful against raining arrows
21. Tactics: when life gives you flaming torches drop them on your enemies.
22. Tactics: a good defense is a good offence.
23. Tactics: Avoiding danger when possible
24. Tactics: Knowing when to back down
25. Tactics: Some battles aren’t worth fighting
26. Tactics: Go After a Nocturnal Beast During the Day
27. Tactics: Teamwork: One Melee, One Ranged
28. Tactics: Using Disposable Troops to Spring an Attack
29. Tactics: Putting Yourself at Risk to Save Others
30. Tactics: Only attack definite enemies
31. Tactics: Shield wall
32. Tactics: Using every resource
33. Tactics: When forward doesn’t work. Try up!
34. Tactics: It's best to always have a backup plan
35. Tactics: Try the Obvious First
36. Tactics: Taking advantage of attacks against you
37. Tactics: Calling a Pure-blood "Brother", to Anger Him
38. Tactics: Move to Where the Air is Thin Against an Armored Foe
39. Tactics: Say Nothing to Reduce an Enemy's Overconfidence
40. Tactics: Slow down your opponents
41. Tactics: Using dual wielding to face multiple opponents.
42. Tactics: Skillfully using your Blessing Abilities to give you an edge.
43. Tactics: Thinning enemy numbers.
44. Tactics: Clumsiness Could be Deliberately Misleading
45. Tactics: Go For the Belly of a Creature with a Tough Hide
46. Tactics: Let a Beast's Own Momentum Impale Itself
47. Tactics: Take Advantage of Your Enemies' Distractions
48. Tactics: Using Historic Conflicts to Disrupt Current Friendships


1. Teaching: Tell, show, explain
2. Teaching: Praise your pupil
3. Teaching: Explain why something happened
4. Teaching: Let you student discover things for themselves.
5. Teaching: Best With Demonstrations
6. Teaching: Avian Bone Structure
7. Teaching: Avian Wing Structure
8. Teaching: The Particulars of Lift vs. Thrust in Flight
9. Teaching: Wing Shape Generates Uplift
10. Teaching: sometimes you need to be blunt for others to learn.
11. Teaching: A newbies needs to know to stay out of they way and not be a hero.
12. Teaching: Teaching about sword fighting
13. Teaching: Conducting class before an unruly audience
14. Teaching: Being gentle with meek students works far better
15. Teaching: Encouragement
16. Teaching: What students to yell at and what ones not to
17. Teaching: Competent People are the Easiest to Teach
18. Teaching: Someone Can Only Learn If They Want To

Thrown Weapons

Unarmed Combat

1. Unarmed Combat: Using Foot Grasp on the Neck Like a Noose
2. Unarmed Combat: Grip Enemy With Talons to Hold Him in Place
3. Unarmed Combat: When Your Sword Gets Stuck, Use Your Claws
4. Unarmed Combat: Wings Provide Gusts to Knock Off-Balance
5. Unarmed Combat: Talons can Gouge out Eyes
6. Unarmed Combat: Eye strike
7. Unarmed Combat: Talons: Scratching
8. Unarmed Combat: Duck-and-Roll Maneuver
9. Unarmed Combat: Nails Will do the Trick
10. Unarmed Combat: Elbow strike
11. Unarmed Combat: Drunks are bad at fighting alone, but move in packs
12. Unarmed Combat: You don't need bulging muscles to be strong
13. Unarmed Combat: Using your arm as a shield.
14. Unarmed Combat: The Classic Sidestep-and-Trip Maneuver
15. Unarmed Combat: Using an Enemy's Momentum Against Them
16. Unarmed Combat: Flat-Palm to the Nose
17. Unarmed Combat: Keep a Low Center of Gravity
18. Unarmed Combat: Kick to the Chest (Solar Plexus)
19. Unarmed Combat: Putting Your Whole Body into a Punch
20. Unarmed Combat: Replaying a Fight to Find Mistakes
21. Unarmed Combat: Shoulder Flip
22. Unarmed Combat: Taking Note of Herrick's Ki'Enaq Moves
23. Unarmed Combat: Weapon Sounds Can Indicate Level of Threat
24. Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Don’t Be Scared to Throw A Bish


1. Whips: The Urumi
2. Whips: Good reach and good close up
3. Whips: Still bring back bad memories
4. Whips: A good weapon to know about
5. Whips: Splits and bruises skin, doesn't typically cut
6. Whips: Often good at inflicting pain
7. Whips: The flick of the wrist
8. Whips: The arc of the arm


1. Writing: Endless supply of quills produced on your back
2. Writing: Calligraphy

Skill Point Ledger

Arc 716-718
► Show Spoiler

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
The Dragon And The Rabbit15015
The Things We Do10035
Confidence Is Key10045
Vhalar's End10055
Wrath Of Fear10065
Pressing Weight10075
Heavy Wings10085
To Chuck A Man10095
Getting Lighter100105
Workers For The Roost150120
Business Managment01200
Grief's Reprieve10020
Strong Scent10030
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RP Medals



Nightshade Eld





  • Bond(Minor): The Favored can Bond with 1 other person. In doing so the Bonded individual gains a single glowing band around their left forearm. The Bond remains as long as both the Favored and the Bonded allow it. The Bond only functions within 300 feet of the Favored, and dissipates shortly beyond that distance.
  • Illustrious Skills(Blades): Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Blades, Leadership, Discipline, or Endurance. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
  • Bound in Battle: The Favored and those Bonded with them are better able to fight together. Their tactics and movements flow almost seamlessly with little-to-no spoken communication. The Bond passes insights and slight thoughts between those Bonded while in combat together.





  • Serpent's Hood: Named for the technique many snakes use to appear more threatening, Serpents Hood generates an aura around the user that makes them appear like significantly bigger threat than the people around them, drawing the attention of enemy combatants towards the Shield-Bearer and away from more vulnerable targets. This ability lasts until the Shield-Bearer deactivates it or is rendered unconscious or dead.
  • Enduring Scales: The Shield-Bearer's skin takes on a scale pattern, allowing them to absorb more physical damage than they could before. Poisons and toxins also take longer to effect the Shield-Bearer. The effect only lasts for a single Bit, and takes a Break to recharge before it can be used again.
  • Protective Skills I(Blades): Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Any Weapons Skill, Shield Use, or Endurance. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
  • Honor's Shield: A skill that serves as a boost to the Shield-Bearer and their allies, Honor's Shield boosts the capabilities of the users own shield and those of their allies with a fifty yard radius, allowing them to block abilities that might otherwise shatter, pass through, or go around their shields, allowing them to defend against skills and techniques that would otherwise be much more dangerous.
  • Inspire: When this skill is activated, those around the user find themselves able to resist the fears and doubts that plague their minds, allowing them to act in spite of them when they might otherwise be unable to do so. This does not only apply to martial fears and doubts, but to fears and doubts in all facets of life.
  • Nobility's Endurance: A skill that requires a short sentence, of the Shield-Bearers own design, to activate, Nobility's Endurance grants all allies within hearing range of the Shield-Bearer, as well as the Shield-Bearer themselves, a boost to their endurance, allowing them to take more punishment than usual. The effect lasts three Bits and can't be used again for a Break.
  • Calm Mind: For a short period of time, the wielder of this skill is able to calm themselves completely, leaving them immune to taunts or other attempts to anger them or otherwise knock them off balance.
  • Noble's Shield: As the shield of the helpless and weak, no Shield-Bearer should be without their own shield. Noble's Shield will generate a golden tower shield when used and will last until shattered or deactivated, ensuring no Shield-Bearer is without this defense. However, these shields are no substitute for a real shield, as they cannot take too many heavy blows before shattering. In exchange, however, these shields have a cooldown of only a single bit.
  • Second Wind: A skill that activates when the bearer is on their last legs, this gives them a burst of sudden energy at the moment when they need it most. However, this ability has a large drawback in that it can leave the bearer bedridden for several Breaks.
  • Iron Scales: The shield bearers skin literally becomes hard and scaly, giving them a significant boost to the level of physical damage they can take to their bodies. In addition, poisons and toxins are slowed to an high degree and weak poisons and toxins will halt their progress completely while this ability is in effect. The ability lasts for three Bits and takes two Breaks to recharge. This ability does not share a cooldown with Enduring Scales.
  • Serpent Manifestation: A skill that allows the bearer to summon a Taithir Serpent familiar, a serpentine spirit that aids the user in battle. This familiar has no real mind of its own but follows the directions of the summoner, though it will act to defend its summoner in extreme situations. The appearance of this familiar is unique to each Shield-Bearer, but each is the size of an anaconda and can take significant punishment.
  • Protective Skills II: Add an extra six skill points to one of the following skills: Any Weapons Skill, Shield Use, or Endurance. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
  • Serpent Tongue: This skill is seemingly useless at first, as it only allows the bearer to understand the language of snakes. However, this gives the bearer access to all the information that snakes can gather undetected, allowing those who know how to listen to find information they might never have otherwise learned. There are myriad other uses to this ability, depending on the ingenuity of the Shield-Bearer.
  • Serpents Interception: Referencing the blinding speed of a striking snake, Serpents Interception creates a dome around the Shield-Bearer that extends in a five foot radius around them. This dome blocks all physical projectiles, no matter how strong. An opponent could, however, walk right through this shield to engage the Shield-Bearer close range. It is worth noting that this dome does not prevent ranged attacks from inside the dome. The dome lasts for three Bits and can't be used again for a full Break.


Taithir: Serpents Hood: Best used to defend others
Taithir: Honor's Shield: Can't block everything
Taithir: Enduring Scales: good for those things Honor's Shield can't get
Taithir: Enduring Scales: Can't block everything
Taithir: Enduring Scales: Very basic armor, not very good

Devotion Ledger(Grandfathered)

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Wealth Tier: Tier 10



RP Medals



Nightshade Eld

  • Travelers Pack Items
    • One set of clothing (blouse, skirt, undergarments, boots, all standard quality)
    • One set of Weather Gear (thick black cloak, heavy duty shirt, heavy duty skirt, boot, all standard quality)
    • One tent (sized to accommodate two people or one person and their possessions.)
    • One horse-pulled wagon (two feet wide, three feet long, two feet deep)
    • 100 feet of rope
    • One tinderbox.
    • A set of six torches
    • One Lantern
    • One bedroll
    • A compass
    • A fishing pole with a set of thirty hooks.
    • A blanket
    • Four rucksacks
    • A knife(Named Penny)
    • One waterskin
    • One set of toiletries
    • Two rags.
  • A old but trusty Scimitar called Red Brand, the blade isn't actually rusty as much as it's stained red
    • Red Brand was given to Nightshade at a young age by her father when she was first learning to fight. It is her one precious item and her go to weapon in a fight
  • Two Nightshade Plants
  • 2 x Carowa horns
  • Adamantite Shield & Scimitar
    • The sword was dubbed Love Struck
  • 1 Good Quality Shortbow
    • The bow was named Jerry
  • 24 Poor Quality Arrows
  • Alchemically Modified Green Leather Cloak: Ability to conform to the user’s body and create weak leather armor.
  • Good Quality Dagger
    • Noted as being called Alrumon
  • One of Lisirra's Frozen Antennas
  • A Letter From Dad
  • 3 keys to father's basement
  • Headwreath of Awareness
  • 40 Master Craft Arrows
  • Talon Gantlets
    • Created by Kyin and given the name Juu ya Mapanga which means 'Above Swords'
  • One bed roll
  • A four person tent
  • A large water proof tarp
  • 40 master craft adamantite arrows
  • A mastercraft Urumi whip
    • Dubbed Ambassador(in irony)
  • Avriel Wing Valence Armor
    • Received in a fight with an avriel. Though technically not weapons each one has its own name as thought they were weapons. The right wing is called Honor and the left wing is called Valor.
  • Coin Purse Rewarded From This(Point Bank Item)
    • Any amount of coin may be placed into this small pouch. The coin can be retrieved at any time by announcing into the pouch how much is required. This will even cause larger coins to be converted into change for specific amounts.
  • Engraving Quill Rewarded From This(Point Bank Item)
    • A character may scribe onto any surface with this quill.
  • Roughly Cut Bear Pelt
  • 260 Pounds of Bear Jerky
  • Hubert's Gem: The Peacekeeper's Gem. This gem, while it is in a mortal's possession, brings about a feeling of peace and calm in whoever holds it. Meditating and reflecting using the gem as a focus helps to heal issues of anxiety and allows the character to truly work through issues which are causing them problems. In combat, the carrier of this gem will be able to remain focused, not allowing doubt to get in the way.
  • Rupert's Statue
  • Empathy ward, a small, white disc, imbued with the blood of the mutant empath leader of Lakewatch. It works particularly well against him, but will work to a lesser degree against any other empath as well.
    • A ward against Expert Empathy which will drag Master and Revealed down to weaker levels. The abilities can still be performed against you, but with considerably reduced effectiveness.
  • A Spring Loaded Dagger (Mastercraft)
  • A Tamo Dagger set(2) (Mastercraft)
  • A Sai set(2) (Mastercraft)
  • A Swordbreaker (Mastercraft)
  • A Cane Sword (Mastercraft)
  • A Three Section Staff (Mastercraft)
  • A Reaper Scythe (Mastercraft)
  • A Lace (Mastercraft)
  • A War Axe (Mastercraft)
  • A War Hammer (Mastercraft)
  • A War Sledge (Mastercraft)
  • A Spiked Flail (Mastercraft)
  • A Short Bow (Mastercraft)
  • A Long Bow (Mastercraft)
  • A Cross Bow (Mastercraft)
  • A Javelin (Mastercraft)
  • 25 Throwing Daggers (Mastercraft)
  • And a Chain Sickle (Mastercraft)
  • 160 Arrows
  • 160 Crossbow Bolts
  • A three-vial box of The Raft, liquid bandages.
  • 1 dose of Storm Brain
  • A box of 12 bottles of mead from Mah'ludre and Velvessa Sej'lehna
  • Detailed copy of a map of Etzos Underground with some hidden chambers and passages
  • 3 bushels of mint leafs; they're a bit mangled
  • Scribe's kit
  • First aid kit
  • Portal Boots
    • There’s no place like home and these shoes are bound to get you there in the blink of an eye. Enchanted shoes that allow you to travel home once per season if traveling from city to city, or twice per season if traveling within your city.
  • Transformation Stone
    • A rainbow-colored gemstone that is able to turn the bearer into a human for as long as the user holds it.
  • large silver pendant with strange markings on one side and an odd portrait on the other. Inside the pendant is a note written completely in Avrielian Script
  • Mastercraft Tower Shield


► Show Spoiler

Wealth Leger

Adjustment (link) Wealth Tier Total Wealth Points
Grandfathering In Tier 10 297
Rebirth 719 Wage Tier 10 343
Example Example Example

Renown Leger

Starting Fame 2020
Map Making 5 25
Fight or Flight 6 31
Shadow Lands, Umbra Skies 35 66
A Dance of Doubt and Hope 14 80
Rats! 4 84
Birds with Vinegar 11 95
In Need of Help 3 98
[M] Bye-Bye Birdie 3 101
Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery 5 106
On Shaky Wings 3 109
Spreading Your Wings 2 111
The Wings of Etzos 1 112
(Global Event) A River of Stars 12 124
Bird Hunt 6 130
Fortuitous Misfortune 10 140
(Global Event) The Great Meeting6146
Nest Upon The Heart18164
[Farmland Plains]Blood makes the crops grow3169
Monster In The Woods15184
Repel the Stone Quarry Attack15199
Tracking the Mine Raiding Party10209
Love Struck4213
An Arrival Full of Shame2215
(Global Event)Battle To The Tomb of Treid40255
The Worth of a Life3261
The Truth About Scouts1262
Hitting a Jewel Mine13278
Keys to the Past10288
A City of Villains and Lies10298
Step Right Up5303
May the Best Hunter Win3306
The Etzori Iron Heel Shakes Off the Rust 1307
Worth of the Dead10319
In Ethelynda's Name20340
Cutting Through Deceptions5345
Roast Session10360
Passing it On5365
Etzos Has Skills20385
Underground Machinations10395
Busting Bandits5400
A Grand Hero!10410
Honor in The Night10420
All She Wants to Do Is Dance5425
Abuse is Never Love5430
A Little Chat10450
Unfamiliar Wings10460
Confidence Is Key5465
Workers For The Roost10475
Oh Guard5480
A Fighting Pair5485

[*]10% off pricelist(Fame Grandfather)
[*]+5 to leadership(Fame Grandfather)
[*]x3 50 PBP(Minor Reward)
[*]+1 To Daily Wage(Medium Reward)
[*]10% off price list(Medium Reward)

Reward for 350 and up has not yet been claimed
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Race: Mixed Race
Profession: The Best Hero
Renown: 485
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Wealth Tier: Tier 10



RP Medals



Nightshade Eld

Thread List

General Threads

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They Bleed For Us (Vhalar 9th, 716)
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Swordswoman's Blade (Ashan 12th, 707)
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1. Seethe (Vhalar 13th, 716)
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3. A Dance with Truth or a Beautiful Lie (Cylus 1st, 717)
4. Of Birds and Flirts (Cylus 5th, 717)
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16. Drowning (Cylus 6th, 719)
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19. ... ()
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Special/Moderated Threads

(Global Event) A River of Stars (Vhalar 14th, 716)
(Global Event) The Great Meeting (???)
(Global Event)Battle To The Tomb of Treid (???)
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Payback! (Zi'da 18th, 716)

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A Little Chat (Ashan 8th, 718)

To Trouble a Soul (Ymiden 44th, 718)

Hunting for Honor (Saun 15th, 718)

A Crack In The Wall (Ashan 120th, 719)

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