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Briar has elected to become an NPC Mortal Born. Please see the Mortal Born Guide for more information!
Name: Briar

Age: 17

Race: Mortalborn (Aukari/Immortal) (Daughter of Ziell: Approval)

Date of Birth: 21st of Cylus, 700th Arc

Marks: N/A

Factions Joined: N/A

Languages Spoken: Common (Fluent), Vauni (Broken)

Partners: N/A

All he had to do was touch her. Just a fingertip, and it was over.

While most of her time was spent in the Andaris estate catering to her overlords, it wasn't unusual for Haukhara to be subjected to the streets of the city itself and the judgemental stares that would always follow her, the modestly adorned woman with the brand resting visibly under her chin, burnt into the delicate skin of her neck. She was a familiar sight to some who followed her as she steered her steps gracefully between the stands, dodging out of the way of the masses to avoid brushing into anyone else. While her red wig wasn't enough to identify her heritage on its own, her reputation preceeded her---she'd lived in Andaris for far too long to hide the fire that burned inside of her, though forsaken by Faldrun as she may be... Her blood alone stirred the hearts of those who lived here, and she couldn't blame them. It was a poison she wouldn't feed the King, for no atrocities were deserving of such disgusting retribution as being consumed by an ever burning flame, fear and sorrow devouring you from within.

It was a reality she was accustomed to, however, though her heart ached today more than usual. The crowds of Andaris couldn't mask her steps, and she knew it---she wished with all her heart that they could, for her pursuer wouldn't lose their scent wherever she went. She could feel his spite and hatred burning into the back of her head even as her steps had woven through narrow pathways taking her away from the streets themselves, children in the midst of their games greeting her enthusiastically and with no small amount of mischevous guilt as they tucked rocks and stolen trinkets behind their backs and underneath their clothes... Nothing would dissuade her pursuer, eyes honing in on her and always spotting her crimson mane no matter what she hid it behind.

She knew very little about him, but she had seen him before. Every day for the past few years, they had met in the halls of the Andaris estate, exchanging little more than stray glances. A young boy, barely a man, angry and grieving his ill fortunes with brands scarring his youthful yet rugged facade, real age hidden behind a multitude of scars. His name escaped her, though she was sure it had been mentioned before. He'd pursued her now for some time, her tranquil exterior a provocation unlike any other and a reminder of a truth that he couldn't bring himself to accept---he was a boy, and his life was already over. It made him angry, and she understood it perhaps better than he would ever know.

His steps echoed closer as Haukhara sought shelter in one of the darker alleyways. He hissed and cursed at the children as he passed them by, the clatter of light objects strewn across the ground and dismayed cries telling enough of his state of mind. ... She prayed he hadn't seen her as she ducked out of sight, steps coming closer still. ... Then, they passed her by, heading off into the distance with his hateful and angry words following him, tongue whipping profanities he was far too young to know of. This stung her heart and she rested her back up against the dirty wall behind her, knees quaking underneath her as she struggled to regain her composure again.

And all it took...

"You are so far away from the mountains." He hadn't needed to speak, the weight of his hand resting on her shoulder enough to quell the fire that threatened her inside her chest. His hand was cool against her burning skin and once Haukhara pulled herself together enough to find him with her gaze, there stood a man she'd never seen before. From where he'd come and when he'd arrived, she didn't know. There was something about him that she couldn't put her finger on, though his appearence was positively mundane---a rugged and dirt-speckled human man in his prime with a lazy posture and serene smile on his face, pale eyes burrowing into her without mercy. Slicing through the silence and calling Haukhara back to reality, he spoke again;

"Worry not, he's gone. His time's run out, his master's call too strong to resist." As he spoke, his hand remained still on her shoulder---and for that, she was more grateful than she could ever hope to express. Whatever and whoever this man was... Right then and there, in that moment, he had saved her. She knew it, and by the smile on his face as he continued, so did he: "Come, it'll be some time before your expected return. Walk with me. You are safe now."

The man whose name she never learned held her hand the whole way, walking her along the streets of Andaris. It was the first time in her life where she'd felt well and truly invisible, no eyes turning to catch her as they passed by. It was her and her rescuer moving together in silence, a calm she'd never felt before resting over her like a soft blanket. They walked together for several breaks until darkness chased the suns out of the sky and he followed her still as she tried to return to the Andaris estate. ... As fate would have it, however, she found herself cradled in his arms throughout the night, safe and peaceful in his embrace.

Before she knew it, the moment was over. Haukhara knew then, however, that her fate had been sealed.
Mortal Parent
Name: Haukhara
Race: Aukari
DOB: 675th, Ashan 32nd
Skills: Endurance 25, Meditation 30, Etiquette 15, Deception 10, Cosmetology 10, Stealth 10
Appearance: Haukhara was a small lady with her height of 5'3'' and lean build, though her fine frame was deceptive. She was tougher than she looked and sported striking and, some would say, beautiful features that blessed the halls of the Andaris estate throughout her life, lucious and thick crimson locks and a pair of piercing blue eyes, a healthy glow and warm sheen to her skin no matter the abuse she put her body through. She always looked older than she was, however, her features aging several years ahead of her physical age, a mature hardening to her before she reached the age of eighteen.
Personality: Firm and graceful in spite of her position, Haukhara was a reserved woman. She was serious and dutiful, strongwilled and polite. On the surface she was even tempered and kind as Aukari go, subjugated by her position of lifelong servitude as if having accepted her fate a long time ago. As things go, however, she lived her life in fear of the fire churning in her chest and the constant mockery of her peers, trapped among people who cared very little for her or her heritage. She was a survivor, constantly struggling and fighting for her life in an uphill battle that she knew she was going to lose eventually, and yet she perservered. As far as anyone else knew, she was a good woman and housekeeper, meticulous and warm, invested in her job and colleagues.
Relationship to PC: Mother
Other: She was born into servitude, as far as she knew. Taken away from her parents when she was young, she was raised in Rynmere and promised to the Andaris family when she was very young. Barely a teenager, she was sold to them and dutifully served until the day she died, her daughter promised to the Andaris estate in kind but, unfortunately, forgotten after she was handed off to be raised elsewhere.

Face Claim: Asyma Sefic

Her mixed heritage is obvious enough, at the very least for those who are even remotely familiar with her father. She possesses the same blue eyes and some stronger facial features and the thick texture of her hair are all reminiscent of the Immortal who fathered her, though for someone who is not as familiar with Ziell, her red-haired Aukari heritage will stand out the most. Briar is small and short, standing a meager 5'4'' with a thin and wiry frame, pale skin riddled with freckles. Her unimposing posture is largely due to her age, barely physically mature but still stronger than you'd expect from a girl in her mid-teens thanks to her training and tempering in preparation for her life of servitude. She's grown up as a slave and wears the brands on her body, formerly belonging to the noble houses of Rynmere with Rynmere's brand under her arm and House Andaris' brand on her right thigh. All in all, she doesn't look malnourised but it's evident enough that she has not been afforded any luxuries and her normally pale skin is usually covered in dirt.

Briar is a slave, and that much is obvious. She's been "raised in captivity", as it were, and driven hard throughout her adolescence to reach for certain expectations in order to shape her into a capable replacement for her mother when the time came, especially after her mother passed away. Reserved and collected, Briar's a girl of very few words who prefers to speak with her eyes or not speak at all, learning early on that words are better saved for later and pose a greater danger than they can prove advantageous to her. She shows the standard signs of a subdued personality on the surface, any signs of rebellion knocked out of her in her younger years.

Beneath the surface, however, Briar is on fire in a literal and figurative sense. She harbors strong passion and resentment for her situation and the world at large but is wise enough to keep her true sentiments hidden beneath a tough exterior. She fears her mother's fate above all and is prepared to go to great lengths to prevent it, given the opportunity. Above all, Briar desires to live, whatever that means, which might seem like a very simple and straightforward desire... but it keeps her sane and grounded, enabling her to survive despite the terrible hand she's been dealt by the fates themselves. She bides her time and waits for the appropriate moment to rebel and break the chains that bind her, praying that the world will give her direction and purpose before she does lest she'll fumble blindly in the dark.

Born into slavery, Briar's life started in the Andaris estate after her mother unexpectedly started showing signs of pregnancy in the seasons prior. The identity of her father was always a mystery, though Haukhara was a beautiful woman and stood out amongst the servants of the noble house and garnered, as a result, plenty of unwanted attention both among her colleagues and around the city itself. She kept a tight lid on the circumstances surrounding Briar's birth and valiantly kept up her efforts in raising the girl herself while carrying out her duties to the Andaris family, to the day that she died when Briar was barely five years old. For her own protection, Briar was sent away from the family to be trained by a personal friend and employee in preparation for the day when she could return to the estate and replace her mother, whose death had left a void yearning to be filled.

Her fate was no secret, and she grew accustomed to the brands adorning her body way before the death of her mother. However, Haukhara's demise caused Briar to clam up, turning her into a quiet and stoic child. Her training was at times brutal, perhaps a form of retribution for the loss of her mother in the first place, the child quickly growing accustomed to pain and at times inhuman amounts of strain where she forced herself past the limits of her body to accomplish impressive feats of strength and endurance in spite of her age. With an unquenchable spirit and a raging fire deep in her chest, Briar perservered through years of training and education that aimed to prepare her for a life of servitude in the upper echelons of Rynmere's society, drilling the basics of etiquette into her mind while building up her body to make her into a strong and disciplined young lady; fit for servitude.

Perhaps because of her master's rigorous training routine, Briar's powers started to awaken when she was young. She'd barely turned ten arcs old by the time her mind first touched another's. It was a jarring experience for the young girl, her eyes meeting those of an older man and his thoughts flooding her mind in the moments after. The man was a gladiator, and her memories of the event are hazy. The girl was quickly overwhelmed by the feedback and lost consciousness within moments of linking with the older man, awakening several days later. Her first order of action as she awakened again was to leap on her master as he was nursing her back to health, though the weak girl was subdued despite her protest and unintelligable screams in a language he'd never before heard her speak.

This episode ended as soon as she lost consciousness again, mere moments after as her master threw her against a wall. Briar was very tight-lipped about her experience, any attempts at explaining her outburst quickly silenced by the firm hand of her master. There were several other instances throughout the years where Briar's mind connected with those around her, though she gradually became able to control when it occurred, being able to prevent the connection from being established in the first place. It was a hit and miss, however, but Briar successfully avoided ever connecting to the mind of her master. Unknowingly, she awakened to another of her abilities in her explorations of the first, the rousing influence resulting in the loss of another slave's life as he broke the shackles en route to the ring. He, too, was a gladiator, but much younger. Not much older than Briar, in fact.

It wasn't until Briar was seventeen that she awakened to her third and final ability. To her master's horror, he came to discover Briar in her bunk, completely encased in a thick layer of ice with a look of dread on her face, hands outstretched towards the ceiling with her lips parted in what looked like a soundless scream. Fortunately for Briar, her condition didn't last long enough for her master to take a metal rod to the ice in an effort to break her out of it, the girl thawing out of her cold coffin in a state of absolute panic within moments of her discovery. Only then did her mind reach out to his, connecting with him for long enough that her fear surged through his mind, overpowered him... and knocked her out cold, a shivering mess and bleeding out of her eyes.

Only days later, her master had made a fateful decision. The experience had shaken him to the core, Briar's fear still clouding his thoughts and creeping into his marrow---the paranoia quickly became too much to bear, his trust for the Andaris family and estate unearthed by the slave girl's terror. Without imparting his plans on Briar, the man packed what belongs he could carry and dragged the girl along with him in the middle of the night to secure passage from the city, taking him and Briar far away from the city of Andaris. Smuggling himself and the girl aboard a ship to depart the next morning, he held her close throughout the night just as much for his own comfort as for hers. When morning finally broke and the ship was set to depart, the pair of them were discovered in the hull of the merchant vessel and promptly handed over to authorities. Briar changed hands and was handed over for readjustment and auction, the Andaris estate having rescinded their claim of her many years ago and denying her return with her education's apparent failure. She and her master were separated during the arrest, and his fate is still unknown to her.
Knowledge & Skills

SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Endurance25/100 (25 SP)(25/251)Novice
Etiquette19/100 (5 SP, 10 SB, 4 ZN)(19/251)Novice
Meditation7/100 (5 SP, 2 ZN)(7/251)Novice
Resistance5/100 (5 SP)(5/251)Novice
Stealth [FT]0/100 (0/100)Novice
Strength14/100 (10 SP, 4 ZN)(14/251)Novice


Rynmere: Slavery Laws [SB]

Etiquette: Memorizing Names [SB]

Rynmere: The Noble Houses [SP]

Rynmere: The Royal Family [SP]

Andaris: City Layout [SP]

Religion: Rynlism [SP]

Etiquette: Titles and Honorifics [SP]

Etiquette: Body Language [SP]

Etiquette: Formal Vocabulary [SP]

Etiquette: Treatment by Social Standing [SP]

Endurance: Breathing Through Pain [SP]

Meditation: Clearing Ones Mind [SP]

Haukhara: A Slave [ZN]

Location: Rynmere [ZN]

Strength: Willing Yourself Stronger [ZN]

Endurance: A slave's work is never done [ZN]

Endurance: Pushing past your limits [ZN]
Skill Point Ledger

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Starter Package 50 25 (Endurance), 5 (Etiquette), 5 (Meditation), 5 (Resistance), 10 (Strength) --
Slave Bonus 10 10 (Etiquette) --
Approval Reward (Zenith) 10 4 (Etiquette), 2 (Meditation), 4 (Strength) --
Fame Ledger

ThreadPoints AwardedRunning Total
Starting Fame +10 (Mortalborn, Rynmere), -10 (Mixed Race) 0
Domains & Powers

Endurance, Unity, Rebellion
Endurance: The Long Winter

Perhaps the most obvious callback to Briar's Immortal father, The Long Winter is an ability that essentially permits her to hibernate for an unknown amount of time. Activating this power will freeze her, quite literally, in her current mind and shape with a vague awareness of the passage of time around her---effectively forcing her into a cryogenic stasis in which she will preserve herself just as she was when she entered this state of dreamless rest. Her mind is semi-present in her body throughout, though she'll be unaware of what happens around her; no sensory input beyond a vague grasp of time passing. She can extend this effect to others if connected to her through the collective of Stand Together, though this will always include her. She cannot use this power solely on others, as it's primarily targeted on her.

DRAWBACKS: Besides the obvious drawback of losing time and never knowing quite how long she's out of it, the length of time she spends in stasis blurring the time that passes even further... means she could end up spending years in hibernation if she's not careful. Any injuries or diseases she takes with her will still remain when she wakes up, and her frozen body, which is literally just her body except it's frozen like ice, will remain in the world somewhere and be left defenseless unless hidden, meaning she can be slain or tampered with while she's still sleeping. Upon waking up she'll suffer chills, sluggish physical motions and potential hypothermia (depending on the length of time she spends frozen) for up to several trials, where other physical ailments include illness, numbness, frostbite and unresponsive limbs. At worst, if she's too weak when she enters stasis, it's likely the recoil of her 'awakening' will kill her.

Unity: Stand Together

In the spirit of Unity, Briar is able to extend her mind and aura outwards to sense and share emotional and sensory input between herself and everyone falling under her influence. She can connect with one or more people around her, the ability becoming more taxing for every additional mind she reaches out to. Once they're connected through her, they can sense each other's emotions, thoughts and dispositions and these feelings grow stronger the more likeminded individuals are connected through Briar, which can overpower others who don't initially share the same disposition and urge them to adjust accordingly; a sort of spiritual peer pressure, bordering on brainwashing depending on severity.

Briar, as the epicenter of this mental and spiritual collective, can direct the flow to a degree and is, of course, privy to everything that is being broadcasted through it. She is able to single out thoughts and feelings to bring into focus inside the collective, effectively shining the spotlight on specific things and drowning out other input as a result. Briar can add and remove people from her collective on a whim, though stronger minds are difficult to remove once connected if they are unwilling to leave and, likewise, hostile or unwilling minds are not always susceptible to Briar's influence. If the collective is already large, pulling unwilling minds into it becomes proportionally easier.

DRAWBACKS: Connecting to a single mind is usually not that big of a deal, for Briar. It's simple and easy enough, though the additional emotional and sensory input can be overwhelming depending on the circumstances. Once she starts to connect to others and expands her collective, however, Briar's mind will stretch. Unless she has good control of herself (high Meditation, for instance), her mind risks stretching so thin it will shatter, drawing on mental afflictions and even burning out parts of her brain or body, rendering her unable to see, feel, taste, hear, etc. for shorter or extended periods of time depending on degree of sensory overload where serious overload can render some of her senses completely disabled permanently (blowing out her eardrums, eyes burning in their sockets, etc). This may very well result in brain hemorrhages or heart attacks, if it gets serious enough---though regularly this manifests in bleeding out of her eyes, ears, nose and/or mouth after a few tics (even if using it on just a single person). There's also the obvious risk of stronger minds taking over, meaning Briar can lose herself and be effectively brainwashed by those in her collective.

Rebellion: Rise Up

By invoking this power, Briar is able to charge various kinds of contact with a rousing sort of influence. It could be a glance, a pair of carefully chosen words, a touch... if Briar chooses to to channel this power through any of these to whoever is affected, she invokes the spirit of Rebellion in whoever is touched by her power. More power is required to touch more people, making her voice a more taxing medium than simple touch, but so long as she utilizes her body in some way, it's an acceptable medium for this power.

Those affected by the power will feel roused, empowered and invigorated, as if their shackles had vanished or the weight of their burdens had fallen from their shoulders---and this sparks anger and discontent. Every fire flares out of control and every thorn burrows dangerously into their sides, effectively seducing those affected into a frenzy. The subjects become more frenzied if Briar exposes them to her influence repeatedly, and this influence can be spread through Briar's collective while using Stand Together.

DRAWBACKS: One of the greatest risks is for Briar's power to backfire, either sending herself into a frenzy, drawing the pains and angers of those around her into herself or, alternatively, making Briar herself the target of their fury. Every time she uses it, she has to draw upon her own inner Fire (her Aukari blood haunting her) and risk it burning out of control, Eruption being a very real and tangible risk when she utilizes this power. Along with all the drawbacks of Stand Together if it's used in tandem, it jogs her heartrate dramatically and raises her blood pressure, rendering her short of breath, with headaches that evolve into thumping migraines and dizziness that can lead to nausea and eventually for her to faint.
Marks Section




  • Attire (Slave Pack):
    • One set of clothing (damaged/tarnished)
    • One set of shoes
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Total Currency: 0 ON, 0 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN

As a slave, Briar has no residence of yet. She's currently being stowed away in Andaris, awaiting an auction or discreet hand-over to a new owner.
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