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Lynessa Deveri

Mon May 23, 2016 12:05 pm

Full Name: Lynessa Deveri
Race: Mixed Race (Half Biqaj, Half Human)
Gender: Female
Age: 24 Arcs
Birthday: 100th Trial of Ashan, Arc 694
Birthplace: Rharne, Central Idalos

Height: 5'8
Weight: 125 lbs

Current Location: Rharne, Central Idalos
Profession: Warrior of the Thunder Priestesses
Languages: Common (Fluent), Rakahi (Basic)
Partner: None

Appearance: One look at this young woman’s way, anyone will be able to say that she is a woman of confidence, someone who knows perfectly of her allure. How can she not be? Despite not being a stunning beauty, a charming smile can always be found lighting up Lyn’s features. Her hazel eyes seem to always glint with mischief and curiosity, as most people would miss the cold calculation hidden beneath them. Much to her chagrin, freckles decorates nearly the entirety of her face, making her a bit too easy to remember. In her line of work, being conspicuous might get one killed. Hence, Lyn is often found using powder trying to cover them up.

Her Biqaj traits are obvious enough when one paid enough attention. Glimpses of pointed ears can be seen on the rare occasions where she braided her brown hair. Though her eyes do not change in color, it does possess a soft glow in the darkness. Under the moonlight, her skin takes on a silvery shimmer. All these are disadvantageous in Lyn’s opinion, making her a bit too easy to notice.

With her slender build and athletic frame, it is not difficult to believe that Lyn is trained intensely in the arts of unarmed combat. Standing at 5'8, Lyn also finds herself being described as willowy. The young woman is not quite the imposing figure, but not one to look over either. Her tanned skin is unfortunately marred by a large burn scar running across her back, extending to her arms and shoulders. It had been worn down by time, but nonetheless deforming. In spite of her confidence, Lyn is quite insecure of her scar.

Despite being a full-fledged Priestess, Lyn rarely wears their iconic robe and her chain-link bracelet. As a member of the warrior branch, discretion is required and it makes things a whole lot easier if no one knows that her loyalties lie with the Thunder Priestesses. She can be seen wearing her garb only during celebrations or when it suits her needs. Because of her scar, her choice of clothing is rarely revealing, favoring armor and long-sleeved dresses if she could help it.
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Tue Jul 05, 2016 5:18 am

Born to a Biqaj woman and a man from the Dust Quarters, Lyn had never lived the comfortable life. Her mother wanted nothing to do with her and left her in the care of her father, Darrian. Truth be told, the young woman could not even remember what her mother looked like – only that her father always said that the resemblance was stunning. It never did matter to Lyn, however, for Darrian was good father and it was enough.

For some reason, Darrian had always been a devout follower of Ilaren, always telling her stories and reminding her that life under the Immortal was good. It had always sounded a bit odd to Lyn, seeing that life wasn’t good for them. There were days where she woke up with hunger pangs and night where she shivered so hard that she feared her teeth might break. But her father never seemed to lose faith in Ilaren and the girl was more than happy to pretend. She liked how he always seemed to have hope that some day their lives would be better.

Then one day, this one day, a redheaded man was running out of the gates and through the Dust Quarters. Father was taking her to the market that day, promising to buy her some sweets. The man ran right pass them, with the City Guards running in pursuit. Seeing this, her father – being the proud citizen of Rharne – decided to meddle and tackle the fleeing man. Everything was a blur from that point on. The two men were yelling and scuffling and cursing. Lyn was standing close by but couldn’t seem to make her body move. Then there was a flash of heat and red in front of her. Her father screamed, calling her name. She turned to run, but then there was this pain, such excruciating pain. The world went dark after. It was the fire people, the Aukari her father always warned her about – that realization came much later.

A City Guard found her still curled besides her father’s charred remains, on the brink of death. Being an orphan, the city easily sent her off to an orphanage in the Earth Quarters. The children were mean and unwelcoming, knowing where she came from. They made fun of the scar she had, constantly reminding her that she was deformed. Lyn hated it, hated it so much that it fueled her anger. It was more reason to blame the Aukari for everything that went wrong in her life.

When she turned sixteen, Lyn wasted no time to offer herself as a novitiate to the Thunder Priestesses. It was the only way she could think of to get her revenge against the followers of Faldrun. Her mentor, Alia, seemed to sense this in her and refused to graduate her when her fellow novitiates did. To say the least, Lyn was furious at the decision, but there was little that she could do. With most of her training already finished, Alia focused on teaching her about Ilaren, insisting that she could only be granted the title Priestess if she let go of her grudge and gave her live to Ilaren wholly. Lyn respected and is quite fond of her mentor, but it was very difficult for her to let everything go when she could see its reminder in the mirror every damn day.

Later it was clear to her that she had to pretend. Slowly, she stopped questioning her orders and served faithfully as she followed Alia through her missions. Fortunately, the act was not so difficult - Lyn had no qualms in serving Ilaren, after all their goals did align. It took some time, but Alia finally believed that her novitiate had mostly let go of her ideas of vengeance. At age eighteen, Lyn finally graduated as a Thunder Priestess.

To this day, Lyn served faithfully as an agent for Ilaren, succeeding every mission sent her way. She was not the best Priestess, but certainly very good. As all Priestesses did, she was paired with a Lightning Knight, Leth, who she quickly got along with. They worked well together and was slowly getting well known.
To most people, Lyn is known as a charming young woman. She is quick to smile and laugh, with a tongue as sharp as the dagger she always carries. She likes the attention she can get by enrapturing others with her confidence and wiles. Most people might find her pleasant and easy to like, albeit a bit distant. From her habit of partying and drinking, it is almost difficult to imagine her as a priestess.

Though she might seem like someone who always says her mind, Lyn usually picks and chooses her words carefully. When asked about her past, the young woman has a habit of shutting down and brushing away the topic smoothly. Her lack of trust in others makes it difficult for her to form lasting friendships. Lyn believes that there is no one in this world that she could rely on. Socializing is merely a way for her to entertain herself. Still, Lyn knows how being likable will save her a lot of trouble and prove to be beneficial in her line of work. Making people believe things that are not true is her gift, you can say. However, if anyone succeeds in gaining her affection, they will know just how fiercely loyal and protective Lyn can be for her constant fear of losing them.

Lyn can be seen in her most raw and true self while she is in the heat of a mission. Serving in the Warrior Branch for the Thunder Priestess had honed her into a cold-blooded spy, tuning her anger and vengeance into a weapon. She thinks nothing of tricking and deceiving people, considering a part of her job. As part of her training, Lyn had almost mastered the art of keeping a cool head. Despite her denial, her emotions tend to steer her actions where the Aukaris are involved, often going out of her way to murder them given the chance. She never stopped blaming Faldrun and his followers for her father’s death and the scar marring her back.

That being said, Lyn’s relationship with the order and Ilaren is rather complicated. She had no qualms in serving Ilaren for their goals align, but she has never quite perfected an undying faith either. Her decision to join the order also did not come from a willingness to serve an immortal, but the young woman had merely seen an opportunity to hurt Aukaris and gain more power to continue her work. Lyn possesses a respect for Ilaren, for her willingness to defend mortals and destroy Sirothelle, but not nearly as much faith.
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Lynessa Deveri

Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:57 pm

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotalKnowledgeProficiency
Animal Training 10 XP 10/251 7 Novice
Blades: Daggers 25 SP 25/251 4 Novice
Deception 5 SP + 4 RM + 5 XP 14/251 6 Novice
Disguise 4 RM 4/251 1 Novice
Intelligence 15 SP 15/251 5 Novice
Investigation 20 XP 20/251 8 Novice
Leadership 20 XP 20/251 8 Novice
Mount 5 XP 5/251 4 Novice
Stealth 4 RM + 5 XP 9/251 3 Novice
Tactics 5 SP 5/251 5 Novice
Unarmed Combat 25 RB [FT] + 15 XP 40/100 8 Competent
► Show Spoiler

Thunder Priestess Skills

Unarmed Combat
Unarmed Combat: Offensive Techniques (SP)
Unarmed Combat: Counterattack Techniques (SP)
Unarmed Combat: Vulnerable Regions of the Body (SP)
Unarmed Combat: Full Mount Position
Unarmed Combat: Importance of Defending Against a Mounted Opponent
Unarmed Combat: Escaping from a Full Mount
Unarmed Combat: Techniques for Kicks
Unarmed Combat: Defensive Techniques
Deception: Being Submissive Towards a Higher Authority
Deception: Convincing yourself that you did the right thing
Deception: The Art of Lying (SP)
Deception: Pretending to Be Lost
Deception: Playing the Part of an Innocent Healer
Deception: Hiding a Threat under Innocence
Disguise: Use Powder To Hide Freckles (RM)
Blades (Daggers)
Blades (Dagger): Techniques during Unarmed Combat (SP)
Blades (Daggers): Basic Fighting Stance (RM)
Blades (Dagger): Testing the balance of a blade
Blades (Dagger): Downward stab
Intelligence: How To Read Between The Lines (RM)
Intelligence: Gaining Information before Going on a Mission
Intelligence: Noticing When Someone is Hiding Something
Intelligence: Connecting the Dots
Intelligence: Easier to Get Answers from a Man without Another Man Around
Investigation: Question After Question
Investigation: Knowing What You're Getting Into
Investigation: Leaving No Stone Unturned
Investigation: Asking for details concerning a missing person
Investigation: Questioning others about local information
Investigation: Scanning your surroundings
Investigation: Taking account of wear and tear on clothing
Investigation: Asking how long the victim has been missing
Tactics: Splitting Up from Your Knight
Tactics: Knowing When to Back Down
Tactics: Sending Your Knight Away at the Right Time
Tactics: Choosing to act rather than wait
Tactics: Staying close to a senior priestess
Detection: Disapproval from Sister Mariden
Detection: Noticing the presence of blood

General Skills

Leadership: Being willing to take the lead
Leadership: Commanding nervous defenders
Leadership: Instructing your followers to ‘be prepared’
Leadership: Physically grabbing others to encourage them to move
Leadership: Staying in control of those under your command even when under stress
Leadership: Directing others to take cover
Leadership: Taking command of your soldiers and resources
Leadership: Volunteering where help is needed, even when dangerous
Stealth: Step Quietly (RM)
Stealth: Sneaking up on a Zephyrus mother
Stealth: Using boulders to obscure yourself
Mount(Zephyrus): Riding a Zephyrus with an experienced rider
Mount(Zephyrus): Hang on tight when sprinting
Mount(Zephyrus): Move your body along with their movements to avoid being jostled
Mount(Zephyrus): Their entire body undulates when running
Animal Training
Animal Training (Zephyrus): Being wary around full grown adults
Animal Training (Zephyrus): Use special saddles and harnesses to control them, along with vocal commands
Animal Training (Zephyrus): Petting helps calm down young Zephyrus
Animal Training: Keeping an adult Zephyrus under control on the move
Animal Training: Using clicks and hand gestures to convey a command
Animal Training: Zephyrus don’t especially love the desert
Animal Training: Zephyrus love a good neck scratch
Discipline: Keeping exciting news to yourself
Discipline: Staying focused on your goal when being pursued
Discipline: Staying calm even when being attacked
Discipline: Fighting off exhaustion to stay on your feet after a battle
Acrobatics: Keeping your balance in a boat
Blades (Axe): Cutting through underbrush
Cosmetology: Removing leaves and twigs from your hair
Etiquette: Apologizing for running late
Etiquette: Exchanging things equally
Etiquette: Making an introduction
Endurance: Hiking through the forest
Strength: Climbing onto the back of a Zephyrus
Strength: Hanging on to a boat when dragged down by vines
Strength: Jumping from the boat and guiding it to shore in water
Strength: Leaping a great height to climb a tall target
Running: Sprinting from predators
Running: Escaping from an angry heard of wild boar
Running: Sprinting toward a target
Navigation: Remembering details about landmarks
Hunting: Checking tracks for information
Hunting: Discerning between heavy and light footprints
Hunting: Trying to figure out if local wildlife has been in an area


Faction: Thunder Priestess (SP)
Thunder Priestesses: The Oath (SP)
Thunder Priestess: Tasked to Investigate the Mysterious Faction
Thunder Priestesses: Don't Tell Her Everything
Thunder Priestesses: Sometimes Turns a Blind Eye
Patrick: Not a Passing Do-Gooder
Patrick: Tricked Your Order
Patrick: Owes You a Favor
Patrick: Planning a Large Project
Patrick: Partner-in-Crime
Rharne: City Layout (RM)
Rharne: A New Faction Rising?
Rharne: Aukaris are Targeted
Location: Mistral Village- has a neighboring forest known as Mistral Wood
Location: Mistral Village
Race: Aukari (RM)
Immortal: Ilaren (SP)
Immortal: Faldrun (RM)
Sister Mariden: Severe Looking
Sister Mariden: Does Not Like You
Leth: Flusters Easily
Leth: Fussy Mother Hen
Leth: Far Too Kind
Leth: May Thinks You're a Monster
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Lynessa Deveri

Mon Jun 05, 2017 2:04 pm

Starting Items
  • One Set of Clothing
    • Black Cloak
    • Purple Robes
    • Brown Leather Boots
    • Lacy Undergarments
  • One Set of Toiletries
    • Soap
    • Comb
    • Razor
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
  • One Waterskin
  • Two Sets of Eating Utensils
  • Tinderbox
  • A blank journal given to you by Alia to record your thoughts & observations. (RM)
  • A quill and bottle of ink that you “borrowed” from one of the Cathedral’s classrooms. (RM)
Bought Items
  • Cotton Dress
  • Armors
    • Leather Armor
    • Leather Gauntlets
    • Leather Grieves
    • Leather Fauld
    Priestess Armor Set
    Masterwork Leather Armor
    Masterwork Leather Gauntlets
    Masterwork Leather Grieves
    Masterwork Leather Fauld

    This masterwork armor set was acquired by Lynessa after rescuing the people of Mistral Village. High-grade, rare leather was used in the making of entire get-up, designed to withstand the sharpest of blades and the fastest of arrows better than any other hide. She can be seen clad in this armor during official missions from the Thunder Priestesses or during patrols. There were no markings to associate her with the organization, however - after all, the warriors of the Thunder priestesses did not exist to most people. While the armor hugged her figure perfectly, the leather was pliant and did not hinder her movements in the slightest bit. The priestess could easily navigate her way stealthily through the streets without any trouble. The dark leather allowed her to hide under most shadows, blending her in with the darkness as she waited for her time to strike.
  • Weapons
    • Daggers (2)
    • Masterwork Dagger
    • Throwing Daggers (10)
    • Masterwork Shortbow
Acquired Items
  • Image
    Stormsister (Dagger-Masterwork): Lynessa finds that after returning to Mistral Village that the hatchet she borrowed from the shrine has been replaced in her pack by something wondrous and strange. It is a dagger shaped into a jagged lightning bolt with an ebony handle inscribed with gold filigree. There is a bright teal blue leather sheath and the weapon itself seems to have been made to balance perfectly in Lynessa’s hand. On the flat of the Adamantite blade, there is a small very tightly engraved inscription that reads: “Strike true, daughter of lightning.” The blade itself seems to glimmer with afterimages of violet and indigo lightning strikes within its metallic surface. (This effect is purely cosmetic)
  • Fight or Flight: During their flight through the forest from the packs of boars, a piece of jewelry somehow finds its way into her pocket. It is a silver necklace made of a large beautifully cut piece of amethyst placed in a simple pewter setting. The jewel seems to shift from a rich purple to a blueish indigo depending on the lighting.
  • Mistral Reward: To show their appreciation the people of Mistral Village award Lynessa with 250gn. This amount is a direct result of her taking charge of the escape.
Prized Possession: Spring-Loaded Dagger
A treasured gift from her mentor, Alia, on the day of her graduation. Lyn remembered that she had been jealous of the weapon since the first day she saw Alia using it during training. It was of a good quality, if only a bit worn from use by its previous owner.
Housing: South Wing of the Lightning Cathedral
Priestesses and High Priestesses have their own 300 square foot private room with a window. Each private room comes with one bed, two chairs, one desk, one chest, and a fireplace.
NAERA: You have acquired Naera the Zephyrus cub! You must invest at least two seasons of training into Naera until she will be large enough to take into combat. Four seasons are required before she will be large enough to ride as a mount.

Personality: Naera is a terribly curious feline who gets into all sorts of trouble if Lynessa does not keep a close eye on her. She will be prone to chasing strangers in the street along with small house-pets. However these urges can be controlled with careful training and ensuring that she is kept with Lynessa as much as possible. Naera is especially intelligent and independent so she will require a firm hand during training.
Starting Package 100 GN 100 GN
Daggers (2) -6 GN 94 GN
Leather Armor -10 GN 84 GN
Leather Gauntlet -5 GN 79 GN
Leather Grieves -5 GN 74 GN
Cotton Dress -6 GN 68 GN
Leather Fauld -5 GN 63 GN
Throwing Daggers (10) -4 GN 59 GN
Ymiden 717 +463.1 GN 522.1 GN
Ashan 718 +924.8 GN 1446.9 GN
Rewards +250 GN 1696.9 GN
Rewards +400 GN 2096.9 GN
Starting Race +10 10
Starting City Race +10 10
Starting Job +10 10
Thunder Priestess +7 17
Getting a Zephyrus +15 32
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Lynessa Deveri

Mon Jun 05, 2017 2:13 pm

Name: Lethalan Girardi (Personal NPC)
Race: Human
Age: 21
DoB: 22nd Trial of Cylus, Arc 697
Relationship to PC: Lightning Knight Liaison
Weapon: Shortbow – 30
Mount – 30
Unarmed Combat – 25
Endurance – 10
Musical Instrument: Viol – 10
Singing – 5
Appearance: As knights tend to be, Lethalan is a young man with a tall stature and muscular build - a complete opposite to his partner. Pale scars also decorated the various surfaces of his body, a by-product of his years in training. After being teased for having a pretty face, Lethalan made sure to nurture a shadow of a beard. His dark hair is always kept short and just slightly messy. With a constant scowl and cold gray eyes, Lethalan kept make most people keep their distance.

Personality: Lethalan has always been known for his absolute devotion to the Lightning Knights. Growing up with a harsh father, the young man is one to adhere to rules and will follow the orders given to him without any complaint. He is also a levelheaded man, favoring a thoughtful approach rather than a rash one. This caused him to be known as someone who steals the fun out of everything. In addition to being the son of a well-known captain, this quality has not help gain many friends in the order.

Surprisingly once one knew him better, the young man can be somewhat raucous – at least, in his own way. Lethalan will become chattier and even prone to teasing – more like the man he used to be before he became a soldier. His troubles with his father had changed him, but some of old nature still lingers. For one, Lethalan still dislikes unnecessary violence. He also has these idealistic view, expecting it to be better. Add in a strong sense of morality and you have this young man who always struggles to be the perfect soldier, the perfect son, and the perfect man.

History: Lethalan came from a wealthy family, spending nearly all his life in the Glass Quarters. There was little to nothing that he lacked – supposedly. The Girardi Family was a well-respected family, known for their… perfection. Lethalan’s father, Tiberius, was an esteemed cavalry captain of the Lightning Knights and his mother, Eula, is a successful member of the Merchants’ Guild. Their three sons were handsome and trained to become warriors.

Unfortunately, Lethalan wasn’t quite like his brothers. He didn’t have much interest in combat. Since he was young, he fell in love with music, a natural prodigy in playing the viol. While her brother was praised for his talent of fighting, Father would beat him for practicing music. His older brothers were never allowed to intervene. At first, Lethalan was stubborn and refused to change his mind, believing one day that his father will change his mind. But the beatings got worse until one day, Father came in and broke his viol. Despite that, Tiberius still calle his son a weakling arcs after that. Since then, Lethalan struggled to win back his father’s love, but nothing he did seemed to matter. He used to refuse the idea of becoming a Knight, but with the turn of events, he grudgingly became a squire and trained harder than everyone else.

When he was finally placed in the cavalry branch, his father finally started to acknowledge him. For the first time in a long time, Lethalan felt like he had a father again. So, he swore that he would proof that he was the strongest among his brothers. Unfortunately, Ilaren seemed to have other plans. He was not pleased when he was summoned and chosen as a Lightning Knight Liaison. Lethalan had not trained his ass off to be a glorified bodyguard for some girl. It was unfair, but he had little to no say in it. His father would no doubt hear about it if he refused an order.
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Lynessa Deveri

Fri Jun 09, 2017 5:09 am

Title Status Date
Lost Her Way Ongoing 3rd Trial of Cylus, 708
Troublemaker Ongoing 1st Trial of Ymiden, 717
Crimson Conundrum Abandoned 17th Trial of Ymiden, 717
Rising Dawn Graded 20th Trial of Ymiden, 717
A Challenger Approaches Abandoned 34th Trial of Ymiden, 717
Finding Good Fortune Abandoned 52nd Trial of Ymiden, 717
Strength Abandoned 52nd Trial of Ymiden, 717
Face in the Crowd Ongoing 53rd Trial of Ymiden, 717
Push Comes to Shove Graded 58th Trial of Ymiden, 717
Troubling Times Ongoing 66th Trial of Ymiden, 717
Shadows in the Mist Graded 15th Trial of Ashan, 718
Rescue Me Ongoing 70th Trial of Ashan, 718
Cold-Blooded Ongoing 50th Trial of Ymiden, 718
word count: 146
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