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Sun May 22, 2016 6:34 am

Name: Niv

Age: 7 Arcs

Race: Tunawa

Date of Birth: 23 day of Ymiden, 710 (Time of Yaba Daiv)

Marks: -

Factions Joined: Order of the Adunih (not a very good member)

Languages Spoken: Fluent: Xanthea, Tree Talk, Common 65/65 | Conversational: - | Broken: Rakahi (Novice Linguistics), Murnasian (Novice Linguistics) Haltunga (Competent Linguistics) Umaya (Competent Linguistics)

Fame: 101

Devotion (totally useless but I want to keep this info because I earned it dammit XP): Moseke: + 10, Lissira: -5, Ymiden: + 1, Vhalar: +1, Ziell: +1, Ashan +15


The seven inch tall Tunawa embodies the natural beauty and whimsy of the forests in her appearance. The skin on her thin frame is covered with smooth tan coloured bark and her hair is a tangled mess of teal coloured vines that twist about organically. Delicate purple flowers and all kinds of bizarre fungal structures which carry medicinal or sometimes toxic properties frequently decorate her head. Since being blessed with Ashan her vines have unexpectedly grown and Niv has worked to cultivate this growth by braiding and tying them using beads and different decretive peices.

The young Tunawa has an endearing look to her face; with sparkling emerald green eyes framed by thick eyelashes, a button nose and prominent lips.

To spruce herself up, Niv uses pastes made from ground up herbs and flowers to paint her face when the mood strikes her. When it comes to style, Niv doesn’t like to limit herself. Having become more accustomed to life outside Desnind, Niv wears clothes far more often than she used too. Her two most common articles of clothing are the two rings she's received from the Immortals Ymidden and Thetros as well as her Demential bag witch she uses as a cape.

Virtues: Bold, Brave, Cheerful, Kind, Humorous, Creative, Curious and Determined.
Flaws: Rash, Naive, Stubborn, Daydreamer, Eccentric, Curious, Overconfident and sometimes Blunt.
Likes: Eating Bugs and Poisonous Mushrooms, Praying to her Immortals, Her bird friend Patcha, Singing, Dancing, Pranks, Learning new things and Adventure.
Dislikes: Slavery, Injustice, Bordom, Scary looking strangers, People thinking she's Stupid and Rudeness.
Worships: Moseke,Ymiden, Ashan, Vhalar and Ziell. She has a fondness for Thetros after meeting him and an understandable hatred for Lissira. The other Immortals Niv doesn't really know about just yet.
Fears: Bumblebees, Fire and being alone.


After sprouting, Niv was raised in a massive tree near the edge of Magani that was covered with a vibrant assortment of fungus and flowers. It was never quite as grandiose as the the Ojogbon tree but was still quite majestic and attracted quite a bit of Tunawa to live amongst its sturdy branches.

When Niv wasn't galavanting about with the many residents of her tree, she would receive lessons from her parents on the secrets of the forest. Most of these secrets had to do with the many uses of the surrounding vegetation and how to show respect for the natural world. Niv took these lessons to heart and they shaped a great deal of her character and values.

On the 3rd cycle of Niv's life, Smoke suddenly wafted around the trunk of the tree she called home. While the threat seemed real it was a ruse orchestrated by a clever slave trader on the outskirts of the city. The cruel men set a controlled fire on a group of shrubs and fanned the smoke into the city. In fear and confusion, some of the Tunawa ran from the protection Magani provided and right into the hands of the slave trader and his small band of accomplices. When the smoke dissipated, everyone searched high and low for the missing Tunawa but they were never found. Niv still had her family but many of her friends were thought to have been some how taken by the source of the mysterious smoke.

Niv moved to her own tree away from her parents not long after the incident, so that she could grow stronger. She still feels guilty that she wasn't able to save her friends from the smoke and hopes to one day discover the mysteries behind it.

After a relatively peaceful time in Desnind she was captured by slavers and her companion skret was killed in the altercation. Thankfully Niv was saved by Biqaj sailors and taken to Ne'hear. The Tunawa is still adjusting to her new home and the new dangers she must face.

She helped the Immortal Thetros deal the with Ne'hearian government with the help of two other chosen diplomats before heading to Scalvoris to study chemistry and become more civilized. She unable to keep up with the course however and quit, instead looking for more free form ways of learning.

Currently Living: In a lemon tree on Pash's tiny boat.

Old Home in Desnind: Niv has a hollowed out home in a fairly large tree, where she lives with her roommate Skret a young flying squirrel who's a little on the shy side. Some might consider their relationship to be one of pet and owner but Niv can only see a friendship between them. Her other close animal friend is Patcha the sulphur crested cockatoo, Niv gives him toys and nuts in exchange for transport. Patcha doesn't live with Niv and Skret but has a nest in the same tree and will visit often.

The house has all the simple furniture one might expect, but it's still a squirrel nest so no care is put into keeping it clean. Niv isn't bothered by the bugs and mould that occasionally pop up through out her house, she only ever really takes care of her small collection of note books she wrote while studying with her parents.
  • Skret a young flying squirrel who's a little on the shy side. (considered dead at the moment)
  • Patcha the sulphur crested cockatoo, A Loyal friend that can be a bit excitable.
  • Moop the young spirit of fear. Her base form is a grey translucent glob of slime but shapes herself into a flaming bee when close to Niv. Speaks with sounds that once caused fear in others, like creaking doors, ominous foot steps and ghostly whispers and screams. (Not really female but Niv considers them so)
  • Freckle: A strange male fairy who was drawn to Niv after seeing her in Emea a few times. He likes to pester Niv with strange challenges and tests to keep things interesting. He considers himself a connoisseur of lustrous eyebrows and shinny objects and has a strange way of speaking.
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Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:01 am

Knowledge & Skills

Unused Skill Points: 142
Skill/knowlegesPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Persuasion2/100 (2 ML)(2/251)Novice
Skill/knowlegesPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Alchemy 2/100 (2/251)Novice
Chemistry26/100 (27/251)Competent
Linguistics 26/100 (27/251)Competent
Meditation 26/100 (5 SP) (27/251)Competent
Poisons (FT)50/100 (10 RB) ---Competent
Research 10/100 (0/251)Novice
Writing2/100 (2 ML)(2/251)Novice
Skill/knowlegesPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Acrobatics 26/100 (27/251)Competent
Climbing 26/100 (25 RB)(27/251)Competent
Dancing 28/100 (5 SP) (26/251) (+3 Loshova Favoured)Competent
Mount 26/100 (5 SP)(27/251)Competent
Ranged Combat (sling) 50/100 (5 SP) (75/251)Competent
Singing 5/100 (5 SP) (5/251)Novice
Stealth 26/100 (27/251)Competent
Skill/knowlegesPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Animal Husbandry25/100 (5 SP)(25/251)Novice
Construction 23/100 (23/251)Novice
Cosmetology5/100 (3 ML)(5/251)Novice
Field Craft 13/100 (3 ML) (13/251)Novice
Medicine 26/100 (20 SP) (27/251)Competent
Skill Point Ledger

► Show Spoiler


Calling it a Superstition Doesn't Make it Wrong (ML)
Apothecary Headware (ML)
Core Values: Mutual Respect and Sharing (ML)
Everything Has a Spirit (ML)
Clothing: Keep it Light (ML)
Fire Victims: Shouldn't There Be Some Remains? (ML)
Notebook: Keep it Safe (ML)
Slaves: No Friends or Family
Your Traumatic Past
Challenged an Eidisi to a Language Learning Content
Headstands are Playful Dares
Dreams: Famula the Secretary
Slavery: Ownership of Another Being
Small stature makes tiny rivers seem massive
Found the Lost Healers
The Lost Healers: Rescued!
Magic: Alchemy
Magic: Empathy
Children: Cry at Silly Things
Creature: Boar
Human Game: “Hide and Seek”
Dreams: Battle Aboard a Ship
Dreams: Sharing a Dream
Whisky: Alcohol
Maiden's Kiss: Aphrodisiac
Group Topic: Anos’s visions and impulses
Guilt: Crippling
Fauna: Furry white spiders of Scalvoris
Fauna: Giant Spider-Snakes of Scalvoris
Fauna: Purple glowing spiders of Scalvoris
Chickens: Smelly travel companions
Instrument: Lute
Artifact: The Halo
Immortal’s Quest: Obtain the Halo
Immortal’s Quest: Failed


Acrobatics: Dodging Roots
Acrobatics: Leaping over obstacles
Acrobatics: Takes Energy
Acrobatics: Even Rag Dolls can Learn to Free Fall.
Acrobatics: Table-top landing
Acrobatics: Jumping from great heights
Acrobatics: Landing is made easier by soft ground / snow.
Acrobatics: Knowing how to fall
Acting: Mimicking a Wolf
Acting: Hiding your surprise
Acting: Forcing a smile
Agriculture: Phenomena: Plants growing in the freezing cold
Animal Husbandry: Phenomena: Ice Wolves shatter on impact
Animal Husbandry: Chickens: They peck tunawa
Animal husbandry: Calming an animal with gentle petting.
Alchemy: Is Like Chemistry
Anatomy: The location of bowels
Anatomy: Tunawa have no bowels
Brawling: Using a vial as a weapon
Blades: Shiny sticks
Cosmetology: Accessories are Everything.
Climbing: Keep looking forward for the next grip
Climbing: Evoking the spirit of the squirrel
Climbing: Falling happens often
Climbing: Digging in your grip
Climbing: Almost Second Nature to the Tunawa
Climbing: Scrambling whilst running can be very tricky
Climbing: Pay attention or you can get hurt
Climbing: Up a chair
Climbing: Moving Through Hedges
Climbing: Aiming for the top
Climbing: Branches are for tall folk
Climbing: Endurance climbing
Climbing: Scaling a monstrous tree trunk
Climbing: Using tree creases as a climbing hold
Chemistry: Has a number of disciplines
Chemistry: Disciplines include: organic, analytical, physical & biochemistry
Chemistry: The fundamentals of biochemistry
Chemistry: Biochemistry
Chemistry: The biochemical makeup of a virus
Chemistry: "The virus upsets the balance" analogy
Chemistry: Biochemistry: The body in a state of constant change
Chemistry: Phenomena: Ice which changes colour
Chemistry: Phenomena: Rocks which absorb light
Chemistry: Phenomena: Water retaining a liquid state sub-zero
Chemistry: Copper changes to green when exposed to air
Chemistry: Base's free the oxygen slaves of Acids.
Chemistry: Water is an acid and a base.
Chemistry: strange codes.
Chemistry: Everything is made up of small people named Adam.
Construction: Using Nature
Construction: Shrine building
Construction: Making a glider
Construction: Digging a snow tunnel
Construction: first step gathering materials
Construction: Sev’ryn use planks of wood in their construction
Construction: Sev’ryn use metal nails not human nails
Construction: if mud isn’t around you need string
Combat: (Legs) Using detached limbs as a weapon
Dancing: Communicating with movement(SP)
Dancing: A Form of Expression
Dancing: Pleasing a Bird
Dancing: Feeling the Rhythm
Dancing: Can be used to apologize
Dancing: Counter Movement to Prevent Dizzyness
Dancing: 90% Attitude, 10% Skill
Dancing: How to do interpretive dance
Dancing: Robe Twirling!
Dancing: The climbing squirrel dance
Dancing: The flapping bird dance
Deception: Faking Death
Deception: Feigning death
Deception: Other People’s Moods can be Mean Different Things.
Deception: impersonating the spirit of a lemon tree.
Deception: concealing your beliefs.
Deception: Pretending you didn't say something stupid out loud.
Detection: Buzzing can mean danger
Deception: Covering your actions
Detection: Looking for small gaps
Detection: Spotting tiny details
Detection: Small Bits of Information are sometimes Enough.
Detection: Watching behaviour
Discipline: Fighting through pain
Discipline: Hiding emotions
Discipline: The early bird catches the worm
Discipline: Conducting yourself in the prescence of Etzori
Drawing: Using sticks as tools
Endurance: Ignoring pain
Endurance: Remaining focused after a head injury
Endurance: Enduring extreme cold long term
Endurance: Keep going when your legs hurt
Endurance: Sleeping in extreme discomfort
Endurance: Sustained cold temperatures
Endurance: Persevering Through Pain
Endurance: A mild episode of PTSD
Endurance: pushing upward despite tired limbs
Endurance: Mustering the strength for one final push
Etiquette: Don't insult people in languages you think they can't understand. It's rude.
Etiquette: Compliance
Etiquette: Necessary Silence
Etiquette: Apologize no matter what
Etiquette: Let others know before you disappear behind a frozen waterfall
Flying: Using a glider
Flying: Falling with style
Flying: Flapping feathers that aren't yours doesn't help
Flying: Bracing for impact
Flying: To Rooftop Adventures.
Flying: People’s Heads can be Safe Landing Zones.
Fieldcraft: Feathers are easy to find
Fieldcraft: Identifying poisonous mushrooms by sight
Fieldcraft: Hot stones are helpful
Fieldcraft: Orange sand for warmth
Fieldcraft: Preparation is key.
Fieldcraft: Foraging
Field craft: Spotting bad mushrooms
Field craft: Make a shelter to protect from rain
Intelligence: Using art and letters to exchange information
Intelligence: Finding out information can be as simple as listening.
Intelligence: Working out who someone is from clues
Intelligence: Using the Surroundings to Change Something
Intelligence: Fire is a Weakness to Tunawa
Intelligence: Creation Comes Only from the Maze Walls
Intelligence: A high vantage point gives you the lay of the land.
Intelligence: Learning things through observation.
Intimidation: Squawk like a bird, to a bird.
Intimidation: Not being intimidated is the beginning of being intimidating
Intimidation: Growl like a wolf
Intimidation: Shouting and brandishing weapons
Intimidation: Making a little girl cry.
Investigation: Piecing Pieces of the Story Together
Investigation: Connecting phenomena by a theme
Leadership: Clear orders and strong gestures!
Leadership: seeing the potential in others
Linguistics (Bird Calls): Song Bird Greeting
Linguistics (Bird Calls): Murder of Crows
Linguistics (Common): Practicing with Disjointed Sentence Structure
Linguistics: Using context to learn new words
Linguistics: The many differences between Common and Xanthea
Linguistics: Recognizing a Rakahi accent
Linguistics: Reread as many times as it takes to understand
Linguistics: Bird Calls can Draw Cats Towards You
Linguistics: Advanced Common Words
Linguistics: Projection of the Animal Calls
Linguistics: Sounding out words.
Logistics: Required equipment for an expedition in the cold.
Medicine: Basic first aid in extreme cold
Medicine: Phenomena: Shattering of a frozen corpse
Medicine: Common herbs, their uses and where to find them. (SP)
Medicine: Moss as an Absorbent
Medicine: The Moseke Mist
Medicine: Moukou bean is common but useful
Medicine: Yarrow Herb
Medicine: It's good to always have a cure
Medicine: Phenomena: Statues of ice which heal themselves
Medicine: Spotting signs of poison in non tunawa.
Meditation: The Sounds of the Forest
Meditation: Deep breathing technique
Meditation: Extended exhalation technique
Meditation: Calming yourself
Meditation: Maintaining focus
Meditation: Prayers and mantras
Meditation: Vocalising can help focus
Meditation: Mantras and Breath
Meditation: Controlling Emotion Before Rash Decision are Made
Meditation: Accepting Once’s Emotions
Meditation: Calming yourself during a PTSD episode
Mount (Cockatoo): Flying is Best for Long Distances
Mount (Cockatoo): Allowing the Mount to Rest is Best
Mount (Wolf): Far Too Big for a Tunawa
Mount (Wolf): Fur as Reins
Mount: Dismounting on uneven surfaces
Mount: Bird: Clambering on
Mount: Bird: Trying to control a determined mount
Mount: Bird: Cantankerous birds make lousy decisions
Mount: Flying high to avoid danger.
Mount (Patcha): Useful For Getting Around at the Speed of Tall People
Musical Instrument: Harp
Navigation: Using Local Landmarks
Navigation: Placing Markers
Navigation: Ask for directions
Negotiation: Hearing Their Side
Negotiation: Using Moral Guidelines
Negotiation: Choosing the right course
Negotiation: Reaching a compromise
Poison: Common poisons, their uses and where to find them (SP)
Poison: Machineel Tree has poisonous fruit
Poison: Antidote to Machineel Tree is a purple flower
Poison: Blackblossom venom (fatal)
Poison: Extraction of venom from spiders
Poison: Look carefully for poison plants
Poison: Some things aren't deadly, just tasty
Poison: Hemlock
Poison: Hemlock: Makes people stop moving and slowly wither
Poison: Hemlock: Roots like carrots
Poisons: Maknahocan is a plant that poisons Ether.
Persuasion: Cheering Up Children
Persuasion: The bunny hood stays
Persuasion: Putting forward your point of view.
Persuasion: proving your worth to the scepticle.
Physics: Phenomena: Darkness becoming solid
Physics: Phenomena: Glowing ice
Physics: Phenomena: Glowing wall in response to prayers
Physics: Phenomena: Melodic pillars
Physics: Phenomena: Walls of blackness
Physics: Phenomena: Hot steam contained in tiny red berries
Physics: Phenomena: Sticky snowballs?
Pole arms: (Slingstaff) using the staff to bludgeon an opponent
Ranged combat: Sling staff (SP)
Ranged Combat (Sling): Practice makes Accurate
Ranged Combat (Sling): Focus on the Target
Ranged Combat: (Sling): Aiming in a group melee
Ranged Combat: (Sling): Useful to scare others
Ranged Combat: (Sling): Mushrooms are not Aerodynamic
Ranged Combat (bow): Don't be afraid of the string
Ranged Combat(Bow):Don't press your fingers on the arrow too hard.
Ranged Combat (Bow): You should shoot lower than you think
Ranged Combat (Bow): trust in your own aim.
Ranged (short bow): Arrows never hit when your hands are trembling,
Ranged (short bow): When at first you don't succeed, try again
Ranged (short bow): third time is a charm
Ranged (short bow): Knowing when to aim for more vital areas.
Ranged (short bow): Using arrows as a distraction
Ranged (short bow): Hit a man in the Kiwi's
Ranged (short bow) Patience is key.
Ranged (short bow) A lucky shot.
Research: Identifying sub-categories of study
Research: Learn as much on a subject as possible.
Running: Takes Energy
Running: Running over uneven ground
Running: Ducking and diving whilst running
Running: Using your environment
Singing: Using Emotions
Singing: Stories within Songs
Singing: To sing in prayer
Singing: The song of birds
Sculpture: Phenomena: Ice sculptures with no tool marks
Stealth: Hiding your actions
Stealth: Hiding in the Trees
Stealth: Hiding in Small Spaces
Stealth: Quiet as a mouse
Stealth: Using the Bushes as Cover.
Stealth: Following from the Shadows.
Stealth: Hide among the chickens!
Stealth: Use your size to your advantage
Stealth: Use shadows to ensure that you are unseen.
Stealth: Other noises can hide your own
Steath: Your clothes can give you away.
Stealth: crouching down to become harder to see.
Stealth: Watching from the tree tops without being seen.
Socialization: A Joyful Night with Two People.
Storytelling: Sometimes the truth can sound like fantasy
Strength: Back stretching for flexibility
Tactics: Improvising combat in confined spaces
Tactics: Hiding in the Trees
Tactics: Using Birdsong to Find Someone
Tactics: When not to volunteer
Tactics: Sharing Information With Your Team Only
Tactics: Send Your Mount Elsewhere as a Distraction
Tactics: Assessing Friend or Foe
Unarmed Combat: Dodging flying attacks
Unarmed Combat: Taking cover
Unarmed Combat: Kicks from a prone position
Yoga: Touch toe technique
Yoga: Downward dog technique
Yoga: Cobra technique


Desnind Geography (SP)
Desnind: A Place Safe for Slaves
Location: Hall of Lost Repentance
Location: Ne’haer Sewers
Location: Golden Flask
Location: Ice Caves of Ishallr
Location: Ice Caves: Many corpses have been found
Location: Ice Caves: Many strange phenomena
Location: Ishallr
Location: Ishallr Main Camp
Ice Caves: Benches teleport you
Ice Caves: Deadly rainbow icicles
Ice Caves: Glowing Benches on Ishallr
Ice Caves: Rainbow icicles
Athart: Full of slaves
Eidisi: From the Frozen Place, Viden
Location: The Willow Woods
Willow Woods: Full of Unspeakable Things
Scalvoris: Affected by the Mist
Scalvoris: Many Foreigners Arriving
Scalvoris: A very odd place
Location: The Scholars' Nook
The Scholars' Nook: BETS system
The Scholars' Nook: Serves tea.
The Scholars' Nook: Serves good tea
Location: Scalvoris Town
Location: Central Square
Emea: The Labyrinth
Emea: The Game’s Mistress
Emea: Dreams of Death
A future tunawa sanctuary in Etzos


Common Tongue: Names of Games
Language: Speaking Common with Humans
Teynga Kukuru Lefngap: Yarrow Weed in Common
Common: Understanding synonyms in Common
Common: Puzzling out meanings based on context
Common: Contains many idioms
Language: Common; The University
Linguistics: The many differences between Common and Xanthea
Linguistics: Using context to learn new words
Linguistics (Common): Practicing with Disjointed Sentence Structure
Linguistics (Bird Calls): Song Bird Greeting
Linguistics (Bird Calls): Murder of Crows
Linguistics: Recognizing a Rakahi accent
Socialization: Introducing yourself in groups
Sociology: The camaraderie of groups in danger
Rakahi Language: You shouldn't blurt out words that drunken sailors say.

Poison and herbs

Poison: Machineel Tree has poisonous fruit
Poison: Antidote to Machineel Tree is a purple flower
Poison: Hemlock
Poison: Hemlock: Makes people stop moving and slowly wither
Poison: Hemlock: Roots like carrots
Black Blossom: Burrowing poisonous spider
Black Blossom: Burrow in tiny holes
Black Blossom: Live in the Willow Woods
Conocybe filaris mushroom: Poisonous to humans
Poison Ivy: Dangerous for humans to touch
Medicine: The Moseke Mist
Medicine: Moukou bean is common but useful
Medicine: Yarrow Herb
Teynga Kukuru Lefngap: Yarrow Weed in Common
Psinia seed: Can cause strange feelings


Race: Avriel
Avriel: Bird-hybrid
Avriel: Soft plumage to break your fall
Avriel Creation Story
Avriel: Subjugate other races for their own benefit
Chevnoavi: Impossibly difficult name
Chevnoavi: Saved your life
Chevnoavi: Will fly you around
Niv: Welcome in Chevnoavi's tree
Shea: Beautiful Grassy Hair
Shea: Easily Distracted
Immortal: Thetros
Thetros: The Father
Thetros: Willing to use force
Thetros: Protective
Thetros: Powerful Defensive Magic
Thetros: Reader of Memories Thetros: Appearance
Thetros: Calm Man
Thetros: Progenitor of Psychology
Thetros: Resolution
Immortal: Ashan
Immortal: Ashan: Gave you his blessing
Immortal: Ashan: Kind of height-ist.
Ymiden: Great Grand Papa
Ymiden: Wants a ring for his special flower
Edasha: Immortal of Beauty, Jealous, Sight, and Adultery
Ti'niva: Your saviour
Ti'niva: Handsome
Ti'niva: Kind
Ti'niva: Makes butterflies flutter in your tummy
Ti'niva: Brave
Ti'niva: Your hero
Ti'niva: You were his first......
Ti'niva: Has Niv in his name, surely 'twas meant to be?
Ti'niva: Thinks you are beautiful
Rigo Zyl’Amaq: Racial Purist
Rigo Zyl’Amaq: Misguided
Rigo’s Past
Antony Fransse: Councilman of Minaih
Antony Fransse: Welcoming Individual
Thalin Glaurid: Councilman of Minaih
Thalin Glaurid: A Wise Man
Rauve de Visci: Councilman of Minaih
Rauve de Visci: Pragmatic Individual
Kohanu Meissen: Captain of the Guard
Eidisi: Blue Skin, Vacant Eyes
Faith: Human Slave
Faith: Had a dream about you
Faith: Shy
Faith: Cook
Faith: You met once in a dream
Faith: Expert in medicine
Faith: Meets people from her dreams
Faith: Works for order of Adunih
Kura Wolfsdotter: Mortalborn of Karem
Sev'ryn: A Race that Associates with Spirits
Tai'klein: Trained in Archery
Tai'klein: Harp Player
Tai'klein: Wolf Familiar
Aster: Not from Around Desnind
Aster: Hunter
Heath: Aster's Pet Owl
Saoire: The Holiday Woman
Saoire: The Beauty of a Gift
Saoire: Wear Variable Holiday Crowns
Saoire: Winter gift giver
Nir'wei: The squirrel Sev'ryn
Nir'wei: Came to save the Ojọgbọn
Nir'wei: Fought the creature with you
Nir'wei: Tried to fix you by putting your lower and upper body together
Nir'wei: tried to save you from Vin
Ball: A pill bug
Ball: Carries a miniature rapier
Vin: Attempted to destroy the Ojọgbọn
Vin: Attempted to kill you
Vin: Is your evil Doppelgänger
Anos: Wishes to Understand Magic
Anos: Has an owl called Cassander
Anos: Has come for help
Anos: A supernatural illness?
Cassander: King of Rynmere
Patcha: Enjoys Playing Games
Patcha: A good flying companion
Patcha: Gets jelous easy
Humans: Cause Pain Through Leg Hair
Doran: Thinks You Should Pay Attention
Patrick: Your holiday gift giver
Patrick: Truthful
Patrick: Originally from Rharne
Patrick: Gallant
Drunkards: Cruel and callous
NPC: Ventri Jahan
NPC: Ventri Jahan: Eidisi
NPC: Ventri Jahan: Fellow student
NPC: Ventri Jahan: Knows all the answers
Padraig Augustin: You met in the Scholars' Nook
Padraig Augustin: A psychic
Padraig Augustin: Helped you find chemistry books
Padraig Augustin: A physicist (not a psychic :( )
Padraig: Faith’s special flower
NPC: Jackson Eclipse
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: How rude!
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Not a chatty fellow.
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Your guide
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Dead
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Has a sense of humour under there
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Has lots of useful equipment.
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Jug which pours constant hot water
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Jumped in front of the spider snake to save Amaris
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Thinks we’re all “someone’s special flower”
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Tried to jolly you along
NPC: Zach: Enthusiastic and then some
NPC: Zach: Expedition Leader
PC: Adam
Adam: Looking to make poison
Esata Broca: Frustrating tutor
Amaris: Part Sev’ryn
Amaris: Hopes to start at the University
Naerrick: Able to pass through the “shadow wall”
Pash: Biqaj
Pash: Has eyes that change color
Pash: Plays the lute
Pash: Can speak Rakahi
Pash: Has tattoos
Pash: Sings lovely songs
Kali'rail: Hunter of beasts and trader of hides
Kali'rail: Sev'ryn
Kali'rail: Is lost too
Featherpaw: A bad kitty
Inali: Left her home because she kept secrets.
Emerath: The All Seeing Game’s Mistress
Mer: Fish people who eat fish
Ithecal: Snake people also eat fish.
Patrick: Attended the dream tea party
Tei'serin: Still don't know her favourite colour
Quattro: Faith and Pad's cat is kind of evil in Emea
Cosmo: Attended the dream tea party
Cosmo: Is kind of a dumb puppy
Ellis: Pash's lemon tree who attended the dream tea party
Kali and Pash: Were too busy having sex to attend Niv's tea party
PC Zipper
Zipper: The Best person you've met in Etzos
Zipper: A mage with strange gifts
Zipper: Gangui's really nice boss
Zipper: Can see and interact with the supernatural
Ellen’wyn: meeting again in Etzos
Ellen’wyn: knows Gangui
Pc: Gangui
Gangui: kind of a knob
Gangui: Hates Slavery and the Immortals
Gangui: Epic Stash
NPC: Caoindelbhan
NPC: Frimen
Frimen: Confused for a lady but is totally a Man
Frimen: Named for being freed from slavery
Frimen: Timid
Frimen: Niv’s new friend


Order of Aldunih: Healer Faction
Faction: The Intelligentsia
Faction: The Intelligentsia: Meet at the Scholars' Noook
Intelligentsia: Collaborative Scholars
Intelligentsia: Groups choose a seasonal research topic
Foundation of the sons of Justice
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Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:30 pm

Marks Section

Mapping the Ice Caves + 5 5
Team Tenacious Tunawa + 10 15
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...


Loshova (Favored)


  • Spirit Cloak (Minor)
    • The Favored has the ability to entice a basic spirit of concept into a partnership. The Loshova takes this spirit around their person and has it attached to their soul. The spirit must willingly agree to this and can be released at any time. While the spirit is attached, it can feed off the ambient energies of the Loshova rather than its concept, keeping it strong. The Loshova benefits from a small resistance from the concept and the ability to sense it without hearing or seeing it around them.
  • Peer Through The Pool
    • A basic ability given to the Loshova at early levels, Peer through the Pool allows a Loshova to look into the Beneath and see the spirits and souls within. While this does not allow them to interact with them, exactly, they can hear and see the activities through the barrier between worlds. Sometimes this can be instructive, as spirits of pain and torture lingering in a location might identify it as a place hiding a dark secret. Beings in the Beneath are only loosely aware of those in the physical world, but when this ability is used the user becomes as clear to them as they are to him/her. This ability also allows a Loshova to instinctively guess the nature or purview of each spirit they see.


Immortal: Ashan
Immortal: Ashan: Gave you his blessing
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Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:36 pm

  • Starter Package
    • hoodless dark brown cloak
    • long sleeveless blouse (dyed green)
    • loose fitting shorts (dyed green)
    • undergarments
    • Waterskin
    • Pruning Knife
    • Ojogbon sling staff (with one pointed end)
    • Leather saddle (fitted for a Cockatoo)
    • halter
    • reins
    • stirrups.
    • chest
    • bed
    • four chairs
    • one table
    • four eating knives and forks
    • a set of four plates (assorted)
    • a bookshelf
    • four glow-lamps (enchanted jars with essence of firefly).
    • Herbalism note books (heirloom from parents)
  • Healing Kit
    ► Show Spoiler
  • Sphere of Sanctuary
    ► Show Spoiler
  • crochet hook (appropriately sized for Niv) (Holiday gift)
  • Domain Bag
  • Alchemist kit
    ► Show Spoiler
  • A Wool coat made with bunny ears on the hood
  • Ice Cave Samples
    ► Show Spoiler
  • 1 Blue Ribbon (given to you by Ashan)
  • Poor quality short bow (a twig with a string wrapped around it)
  • 40 Arrows.
Starting Package 100 GN 100 GN
Order of the Adunih fee 10 GN 90 GN
42 Day Travel from Desnind to Ne'hear (5 SN X 42 = 21 GN) 69 GN
Job Wages Ymiden 716 83 GN 152 GN
Seasonal Expenses (poor) hot Cycle 716 N/A 152 GN
Sanctuary thread 166 GN, 7 SN 318 GN, 7 SN
Zi'da Holiday Gift - 47 GN, 2 SN 271 GN, 5 SN
Rescue in the Willow Woods (bounty) 100 GN 371 GN, 5 SN
Seasonal Expenses (poor) Cold cycle 716 N/A 371 GN, 5 SN
Tuition for Viden Academy (Rebirth Cycle 717) 200 GN 171 GN, 5 SN
Pot of Tea from the Scholars nook 2 GN 169 GN, 5 SN
Chemist kit 115 GM 54 GN, 5 SN
Wool Coat Coat (7gn) X 2.2 (wool) - 50% (X-small) = 7 GN 7 SN 46 GN, 8 SN
The Spiders bite (bounty) 80 GN 126 GN, 8 SN
Seasonal Expenses (poor) Rebirth cycle 716 N/A 126 GN, 8 SN
Poor Quality short bow 10 GN - half for poor quality = 5 GN 121 GN, 8 SN
40 Arrows 1 GN 118 GN, 2 SN
Total Currency: 0 ON, 120 GN, 8 SN, 0 CN

Point Bank Ledger
Graded Thread x3 (Nov 2016) +15 15
Finish Collaborative Thread with 2+ PCs (Nov 2016) +5 20
Meet an Immortal or Mortalborn (Nov 2016) +2 22
Earned a medal x 3 (Nov 2016) +15 37
Oct Vote (over 300) (Oct 2016) +5 42
I new medal (Helper) (Oct 2016) +5 47
Approved Fauna (Oct 2016) + 2 49
Approved Fauna (Oct 2016) + 2 51
Approved Location (Oct 2016) + 5 56
4 approved Npc's from location (Oct 2016) 2 x 4 = + 8 64
Digital art for Npc's (Oct 2016) 2 x 3 = 6 70
2 approved Npc's from location (Oct 2016) 2 x 2 = + 4 74
digital art and drawn art for Npc's (Oct 2016) 2 x 2 = 4 78
Approved Npc: Miss Flora Emery Langham (Oct 2016) + 2 80
Digital photoshop edit of Npc (Oct 2016) + 2 82
Approved Npc: Elissu (Oct 2016) + 2 84
-Digital photoshop edit of Npc (Oct 2016) + 2 86
Review X5 (Oct 2016) +25 111
4 pieces of St related art (Oct 2016) 2 x 4 = 8 119
Approved Location (Oct 2016) +5 124
Reviewed 1 thread (Nov 2016) +5 129
Reviewed 1 thread (Dec 2016) +5 134
December Top Votes: at 250 votes (Dec 2016) +4 138
Earned a medal (Holiday Event 2016) (Dec 2016) +5 143
Earned a medal (Nominee 2016) (Dec 2016) +5 148
Event Participation and Completion (Holiday Event 2016) (Dec 2016) +2 150
Review threads X 8 (Jan 2017) +40 190
Earned a Medal (lol Worthy) (Jan 2017) + 5 195
Earned a Medal (Painting with words) (Jan 2017) + 5 200
Domain Bag - 200 0
Review threads X 2 (Feb 2017) +10 10
Earned a Medal (Vlogger Extraordinaire) (Feb 2017) + 5 15
Review Threads X 3 (Mar 2017) + 15 30
Meet Mortal Born (Mar 2017) + 2 32
300+ Votes (Mar 2017) + 5 37
Top Votes: at 200 votes (Apr 2017) + 3 40
Finish Collaborative Thread with 2+ PCs X 2 (Apr 2017) +10 50
Finish Event (Apr 2017) + 2 52
Reviewed Thread X 7 (Apr 2017) + 35 87
Reviewed Thread X 3 (May 2017) + 30 117
Medal (Crush The Reviews! 717) + 5 122
Drew an Avatar for Gangui, Nightshade and Noth (May 2017) + 9 131
Collaborative Thread X2 (May 2017) + 10 141
Event (May 2017) + 2 143
Review (June 2017) + 5 148
Collaborative Thread (June 2017) + 5 153
Medal (One Arc Later...) (June 2017) + 5 158
Blessing (June 2017) + 5 163
Event (June 2017) + 2 165
Meeting at Immortal(June 2017) + 2 167
Medal (Reviewer's Choice) (June 2017) + 5 172
Medal (Pioneer) (June 2017) + 5 177
TopSite Votes (150+) (Aug 2017) +2 179
TopSite Votes (200+) (Sept 2017) +3 182
2 Reviews (Sept 2017 + 10 192
TopSite Votes (300+) (Oct 2017) +5 197
TopSite Votes (200+) (Nov 2017) +3 200
Fairy Companion -200 0
Total Currency: 0
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