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Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:59 pm


Birth Name: Kisaik Ciuruọrun sọ Kufuata Karo

Knightly Name: Mädärä Kisaik Ciuruọrun sọ Kufuata Karo Kashe Däuä, Tìfmi Härumtä sọ anou Faewun Samuwar, ọbavi sọ tẹlẹ, igbaradi sọ anou tabi ọludïbọ, Saoire's chieja kẹmïkälï kukïrï, Akoko Nọọsi.

Alias/Nicknames: Chip to tall folk

Race: Tunawa (Mortalborn son of Aelig)

Date of Birth: Ymiden 70th 699

Marks: None

Factions Joined: None

Languages Spoken:

Fluent = Tree Talk, Xanthean.
Conversational = None
Broken = Common


Kisaik is 10" tall, lithe of build, long in the limbs. His bark is deep black, marbled by iridescent green veins that run up and down his torso and limbs. His eyes shine green in the light of the sun and moon. He rarely wears much clothing, save a mantle and cloak of black silk. The lichen on his scalp is the color of charcoal, mixed with silky fibers of the same color. He has a beard of flowery lichen which he keeps styled based on his current tastes. Currently it's trimmed to cover the area under his chin.
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Race: Tunawa
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Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:59 pm

An Example of some detail......
Things Kisaik likes

Good bug meat
Research and Books
Shaded areas

Things Kisaik dislikes

Blinding lights


Loyal, trusting, studious, charitable, ambitious.


Gullible, absent-minded, reckless.

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Race: Tunawa
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Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:59 pm

Raised by his great, great, great, grandfather, Kisaik was born in Desnind beneath the Ologbon tree. He was left there to sprout after his parents arrived in Desnind, and met with the father's great great grandfather, who was 60 at that time. They arranged for the elder Tunawa to raise Kisaik as his own, while they went back to Yaralon, where they had lived for over a decade as mercenaries. They didn't linger long after Kisaik sprouted, but left him to their elder.

The elder, named Robalemun, took care of Kisaik as well he could. He supported the young sapling through his young life, teaching him in the ways of their people, the basics of gardening, mounted transport, poisoning, and hiding from tall folk. However, Kisaik was a curious sprout, and sought out the tall folk, ever thirsty for knowledge of their ways.

He ran into a Qiora in the middle of Desnind during one of these adventures, who was working at their alchemy. After pestering the alchemist for ten trials, she finally assented to teach the young sprout the fundaments of alchemy. In particular, the grinding of reagents and producing mediums without the use of advanced laboratory equipment or flame.

Eventually, Kisaik's restless nature took him on trips farther and farther from the Ologbon tree, until his feline mount got spooked, and ran aboard a ship bound for the outer realms. Before he could regain control of her, they felt the ship making way from the harbour of Desnind, and out to sea.

The sea voyage was a precarious time for Kisaik. He had to hide, which wasn't too difficult given his size. The cat meanwhile was taken to be one of the ship cats, and was tolerated as it left rats dead on the foot of the captain's door. Kisaik, for his part, had to make subsistence on the flies and bugs that buzzed around these kills, and was able to feed himself this way, occasionally making his way to the deck to get some sun. Nobody really seemed to pay much attention to him during the entire voyage. Either they didn't notice the wee wooden man, or simply didn't care.

After many ten trials at sea, they were skirting the eastern Continent of Idalos, when they ran along a crag in the night. The resulting chaos torn the ship asunder, sinking it. In a panic, Kisaik had to find his cat, which he promptly did, and jumped into the sea. As luck had it, they landed on a large piece of flotsam, which drifted off toward the shore. When morning came, they found themselves on the savanah of Fool's Run. A perilous journey to Yaralon ensued, during which his cat almost died several times. He was able to dodge predators, however, by ducking into rabbit holes along the way, finding them tunneled out by wolfmice. He made his way from burrow to burrow, all the way to the Hammer Gate, where he received a mark for unwittingly making the run.
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Race: Tunawa
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Skills & Knowledges

Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:59 pm

Master Skill List

SkillTotal PointsProficiency
  1. Grinding in a mortar and pestle
  2. Using toxins and acids to produce a medium.
  3. Alchemy: Basic Definition
  4. Alchemy: Foxfire used to make something float.
  5. Alchemy: How its different from chemistry
  6. Alchemy: Rabu's mother used a root to make something water resistant.
  7. Alchemy: Congelation: One of the primary alchemical processes.
  8. Alchemy: Gather samples, because you never know
  9. Alchemy: Magic mud?
  10. Alchemy: Potion: Ghost Pepper Brew can keep you warm in the cold, and stave off frost.
  11. Alchemy: Mixing different reagents produces different results.
  12. Alchemy: Sulfur, ground charcoal, and composted manure explosive
  13. Alchemy: Merging of Magic and Chemistry
  14. Alchemy: Immortal's Bodies Have Special Properties
  15. Alchemy: Combining ingredients to make Magic
  16. Alchemy: The Use of Ingredients for Magic
  17. Alchemy: Can strengthen cloth
  18. Alchemy: Requires careful planning
  19. Alchemy: Binding two substances to get the best of both worlds
  20. Alchemy: The reagents needs to be added at the creation stage
  21. Alchemy: Requires multiple steps
  22. Alchemy: Instrument: A Solar Calcinator is used to warm fluids without the use of fire.
  23. Alchemy: Brainstorming ways to make a tunawa drunk through alchemy.
  24. Alchemy: Frogwax: Viscous, rubbery wax that can be used to prevent moisture from leaking through a surface.
  25. Alchemy: Tunawa sap: Has special properties when it comes to the shaping of plant materials.
  26. Alchemy: Making magic with primitive materials.
  27. Alchemy: Natural Reagents tend to be safer for consumption than those altered chemically.
  28. Alchemy: Fire ward: Charwood bark and Phoenix wood can be used to derive fire resistance for alchemical items.
  29. Alchemy: Wood: A medium that can be imparted with alchemical enhancements, as well as a source of them.
  30. x 8
Animal Husbandry
  1. Animal Husbandry: Egg napping in order to raise them oneself.
  2. Animal Husbandry: Separating natural enemies in order to protect them from each other.
  3. Animal Husbandry: Hatching an egg
  4. Animal Husbandry: Feeding a baby bird.
  5. Animal Husbandry: Animals are most comfortable in their natural habitat
  6. Animal Husbandry: Regular treats are good!
  7. Animal Husbandry: Rats are a fine snack for cats.
  8. Animal Husbandry: Panhandlers are quite docile and shy even compared to most turtle species.
  9. Animal Husbandry: Panhandlers absorb minerals and metals and gems into their shell when burrowing.
  10. Animal Husbandry: Panhandlers make deep burrows, and hide under the earth from hunters and poachers.
  11. Animal Husbandry: Panhandlers are a boon to farmers, both for tilling the earth as well as eating insects.
  12. Animal Husbandry: Panhandlers are a small species of turtle, with pretty shells.
  13. Animal Husbandry: Panhandlers are omnivores, and especially enjoy minerals but also roots, earth worms, and berries.
  14. Animal Husbandry: Panhandlers can be found deep in the earth, and often are hard to find if you don't dig them up.
Animal Training
  1. Animal Training: A cat is independent and isn't bought.
  2. Animal Training: Cats are territorial.
  3. Animal Training: Keeping a panhandler's attention by playing with it and performing a juggling act with berries.
  4. Animal Training: Making sure that the panhandlers have a good rapport with the opposite gender of their kind, by observing their behavior.
  5. x 2
  6. x5
Athletics (Was Acrobatics)
  1. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Jumping to grab onto someone.
  2. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Getting tossed about, and trying to right oneself in a sackcloth bag.
  3. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Escaping the talons of a raptor by losing an article
  4. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Leaping to avoid projectiles.
  5. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Jumping whilst running
  6. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Best time to jump from a swing
  7. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Balancing on branches
  8. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Basic Moves are Often Parts of Advanced Moves
  9. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Best to be Wearing Pants, Not a Dress
  10. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Cartwheels, Forward and Lateral
  11. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Do Some Stretching Exercises First
  12. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Keep Momentum From One Move to the Next
  13. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Climbing While Tied To Another Person
  14. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Forward somersault
  15. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Jumping onto a man’s shoulder.
  16. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Jumping down from a man’s shoulder, when he’s at full height.
  17. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Jumping onto a man's shoulder while he's moving.
  18. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Righting oneself on an unsteady landing.
  19. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Slipping on some suds and falling lightly onto the bar.
  20. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Hop-climbing to the top of a stool.
  21. *Athletics: Acrobatic: Balancing on a narrow bridge or beam is difficult, when doing so silently.
  22. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Falling down a tunnel and then rolling with the landing.
  23. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Hopping over a boulder is easy with springy limbs.
  24. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Leaping enormous distances
  25. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Preparing for landing with your knees
  26. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Leap and roll
  27. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Can be really helpful in combat
  28. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Mounting another person's shoulders.
  29. *Athletics: Acrobatics: Knowing when to leap in defense, and when to stay the hell out of dodge.
  30. *Athletics: Acrobatics: x4 viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26196
  31. *Athletics: Running: Frogleap: A leaping gait on all fours, giving a tunawa maximum mobility while taking more energy.
  32. *Athletics: Running: Running as fast as you can through the woods is difficult with all the physical obstacles.
  33. *Athletics: Climbing: Small, barklike hands adhere well to bark for the climbing of trees.
  34. *Athletics: Climbing: Rock climbing requires you to find handholds and footholds.
  35. *Athletics: Climbing: Tether a climbing partner.
  36. *Athletics: Climbing: Finding an alcove in the rock to rest.
  37. *Athletics: Climbing: Scaling a person's clothing to get up on their shoulders.
  38. *Athletics: Climbing: Clambering onto a wagon.
  39. Athletics: x 2 viewtopic.php?f=326&t=23072
  40. Athletics: Juggling fruit with rupturing magic.
  41. x 10
  1. Brewing: Gold water: a beer containing caraway, cardamom, aniseed, a couple types of fennel, cumin, and a special touch of amber
  2. Brewing: Sunny Sticky: A desert brew with a kick, the key ingredient being a hot, fermented cactus.
  1. Caregiving: Calm and reassure
  2. Caregiving: Remind loved ones you love them
Combat: Blades
  1. Blades (Tiny Sword): Small, thin blades fit easily through gaps in armor.
  2. Blades (Tiny Sword): Need only make inches deep wounds to hit an artery.
  3. Blades (Shadow Shard): Using the shiv to hack and poke enemies.
  4. Blades (Shadow Shard): Extending your arm for greater reach.
  5. Blades: All Shapes and Sizes (1/7)
  6. Blades: All Shapes and Sizes (2/7)
  7. Blades: All Shapes and Sizes (3/7)
  8. Blades: All Shapes and Sizes (4/7)
  9. Blades: All Shapes and Sizes (5/7)
  10. Blades: All Shapes and Sizes (6/7)
  11. Blades: All Shapes and Sizes (7/7)
  12. Blades: x 4 viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26289
  13. Blades (Shadow Shard): Stays corporeal out of hand until it hits it's mark, then returns to your shadow.
  14. Blades (Shadow Shard): Throw shadow shiv to bring a barricade of rubble down, to fill the gaps.
  15. Blades (Will o Wit): Toss your partner the sword.
  16. Blades Combat (Sword): Throw the sword through a snapshot portal for extra velocity
  17. Blades Combat (Sword): Using a person as a target.
  18. Blades Combat (Sword): The posterior isn't generally a deadly target area, however painful.
  19. Blades Combat (Sword): Shadow Shard is a good projectile, all things considered.
  20. Blades Combat (Sword): Taking aim from a mount.
  21. Combat (Blades): x 2 viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26789
  22. x 10
  23. x10
(70+6 (76)/250)Expert
Combat: Bludgeon & Axes
  1. Blunt (Club): Whacking tunawa around with a club.
  2. Blunt (Club): Brandishing the club with a proper grip.
Combat: Unarmed ((Toṣeọruni Az'vi))
  1. Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Schools of this fighting art are formed beneath Toṣeọrun trees.
  2. Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Involves the use of small weapons, like Toṣeọruni blades.
  3. Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Burying a blade in the dirt, to hide it.
  4. Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Cheita: A master of Toṣeọruni Az'vi.
  5. Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Don't let your guard down, ever.
  6. Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Draw and strike
  7. Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Slice whilst moving foward
  8. Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Maintain balance
  9. Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Changing movement mid-strike
  10. Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Relaxed stance
  11. Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Lunging
  12. Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Shifting weight as movement changes
  13. Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Overhead arc
  14. Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Recovering from an unexpectedly ineffective attack
  15. Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Upward thrust
  16. Combat: Unarmed (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Being small makes you hard to hit.
  17. Combat: Unarmed (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Being light makes it easy to move about without effort.
  18. x 10
  1. Dancing: Can be used in tandem with Flying.
  2. Dancing: The Waltz.
  1. Discipline: Maintaining emotional control.
  2. Discipline: Continuing on despite pain
  3. Discipline: Focus on what's truly important.
  4. Discipline: Rushing in to fight a monster.
  5. Discipline: Never give up!!
  6. Discipline: x 1 viewtopic.php?f=326&t=23072
  7. Discipline: x 2 viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26789
  8. Discipline: Try to keep focused while asking questions of a very unusual conversationalist. viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26273
  9. Discipline: Don't be spooked by the telepathic tree. viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26273
  10. Discipline: x 3 viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26273
  11. x 10
  1. Detection: Taste-testing substances to try and figure out what they might do.
  2. Detection: Taste-testing beer to tell what food it pairs well with.
  3. Detection: Looking at other’s reactions to determine the success or failure of an outcome.
  4. Detection: Something isn’t right with Rabu…
  5. Detection: Righting chaos through order.
  6. Detection: The cry of a harpy eagle
  7. Detection: The sound of an eggshell cracking.
  8. Detection: Feeling the weight of wells about your arm.
  9. Detection: Feeling that the bag of teeth is no longer under the pillow.
  10. Detection: Noticing that your friends are no longer there.
  11. Detection: Spotting things in irregular places
  12. Detection: Close to the ground can help with tracking
  13. Detection: x1
  14. x 10
  1. Endurance: Getting swatted aside with a wooden sword.
  2. Endurance: The crushing weight of near-death
  3. Endurance: Persistent, determined, pain in your legs.
  4. Endurance: Tunawa have built in resistance to magic.
  5. Endurance: Touching a hot surface.
  6. Endurance: Taking the heat of the laboratory.
  7. Endurance: Wear armor if you want to survive a pitched battle.
  8. Endurance: Armor is somewhat restrictive of movementrs and bulky.
  9. Endurance x 3 viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26647
  10. Endurance: Tunawa joints get creaky when they sleep without food or drink.
  11. Endurance: Waking up after a very long nap.
  1. Etiquette: Keeping someone's secret.
  2. Etiquette: Proper Greeting
  3. Etiquette: Compliments can lead to awkwardness.
  4. Etiquette: Pinky Swears are binding.
  5. Etiquette: Apologising for ruining someone's camp.
  6. Etiquette: Introducing oneself to those present.
  7. Etiquette: Addressing a stranger.
  8. Etiquette: Yaralon Duelling Customs: Absence of a Darstrion means duel is to the death.
  9. Etiquette: Yaralon Marriage Customs: Giving a weapon away means you're accepting a proposal.
  10. Etiquette: Yaralon Marriage Customs: Weddings need witnesses.
  11. Etiquette: How to speak to powerful beings.
  12. Etiquette: Apologizing on behalf of someone else can mend bridges.
  13. Etiquette: Ask your betrothed how their day is going.
  14. Etiquette: When in doubt, make remarks on the weather.
  15. Etiquette: Etiquette is the better half of valor for a knight.
  16. Etiquette: Etiquette can end conflicts or fights before they begin.
  17. Etiquette: Asking if a person is alright.
  18. Etiquette: Politely asking where your things might be.
  19. Etiquette: Melrathi Customs: 'Skol' a Melrathi toast.
  20. Etiquette: Melrathi Customs: Spirits are held in high regard by Melrathi.
  21. Etiquette: Meeting a fairy queen.
  22. Etiquette: Inviting royalty to your wedding.
  23. Etiquette: Remembering the gift meant for royalty.
  24. Etiquette: Explanation of what happened.
  25. Etiquette: Remembering the names and roles of important people.
  26. Etiquette: Not acting hostile in reaction to aggressive fairies.
  27. Etiquette: Inviting otherworldly creatures to your wedding.
  28. Etiquette: Yaralon Duelling Customs: Duels without a Darstrion are to the death by default.
  29. Etiquette: Compliments can soften another's disposition.
  30. Etiquette: Accepting an important quest from an important being.
  31. Etiquette: Putting your weapons away when asked to.
  32. Etiquette: Talking to a fish, that can talk.
  33. Etiquette: Treating fish like people will surely put you in their good graces.
  34. Etiquette: Remembering a person, and stating how you knew them.
  35. Etiquette: Sometimes, people need to be yelled at
  36. Etiquette: Remain polite where possible. It is not always possible
  37. Etiquette: Keep people informed where it's relevant
  38. Etiquette: The Dark Mother's Forest
  39. Etiquette: Yaralon Weddings: You say the same vows you said at engagement
  40. Etiquette: You must respect a cat's agency.
  41. Etiquette: Greeting a ghost kindly
  42. Etiquette: Making a solemn promise to a ghost.
  43. Etiquette: x2 viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26196
  44. Etiquette x 3 viewtopic.php?p=175314#p175314
  45. Etiquette: How to address a tree and ask it nicely for some seeds. viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26273
  46. Etiquette: Dubbing a new squire.
  47. Etiquette: x 2
  1. FieldCraft: Suriving on Insects
  2. Fieldcraft: Searching for nuts.
  3. Fieldcraft: Woods are a treasure trove of materials and food.
  4. Fieldcraft: Rabbit poo has many uses.
  5. Fieldcraft: Pine-pitch adhesive: Made from Pine Pitch, water, and rabbit poo.
  6. Fieldcraft: x 2 viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26289
  1. Flying: Learning to Fly.
  2. Flying: Flying upward.
  3. Flying: Carrying a heavy object while flying.
  4. Flying: Adjusting a fall through wings.
  5. Flying: Flying can go faster than on-foot.
  6. Flying: Weight distribution.
  7. Flying: Fairy wings can carry a light load fast.
  1. Gardening: The greatest, and most beautiful, garden of them all.
  2. Gardening: Flora: Conifer trees and ever greens.
  3. Gardening: Collecting various herbal items and seeds from the wilds.
  4. Gardening: Toṣeọrun tree: Grows nuts that can be turned into weapons.
  5. Gardening: Moss behaves in certain ways
  6. Gardening: Moss does not usually grow in perfect rectangles
  7. Gardening: Moss doesn't just grow on trees.
  8. Gardening Dirtier than the books describe
  9. Gardening: Speaking to plants
  10. Gardening: The right tools!
  11. Gardening: Window boxes and planters for growing food
  12. Gardening: Growing herbs in a ship’s cabin
  13. Gardening: Using a ship’s cabin roof as a gardening space
  14. Gardening: Keep vegetables and fruits cool when storing them
  15. Gardening: Demon Seeds: Plant-like entities from Emea, that have a taste for mortal souls.
  16. Gardening: Demon Seeds: Evil plants that have tentacles that grab things
  17. Gardening: Apples: A crisp fruit that grows from trees.
  18. Gardening: Northern Nuts are tasty.
  19. Gardening: Cacti grow in the desert.
  20. Gardening: Fist Nut: A tasty nut with a toxin inside that can be steamed out of it.
  21. Gardening: Toseorun Nut: A nut that can be turned into a deadly and sharp weapon.
  22. Gardening: Macademia Nut: A nut with a very hard shell and creamy innards.
  23. Gardening: x 3 viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26200
  24. Gardening: x8
  25. Gardening: x4
  26. Gardening x 3 viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26647
  27. Gardening x 3 viewtopic.php?p=175314#p175314
  28. Gardening: Growth Domain Ability: Regrowing a tunawa limb.
(76/250) Expert
  1. x 3
  1. Intimidation: Shadow Shiv is scary to Demon Folk.
  1. Leadership: Not hesitating to take action.
  2. Leadership: Not all tasks can be accomplished alone.
  3. Leadership: Giving instructions of what the plan is.
  4. Leadership: Giving orders on demand is hard!
  5. Leadership: Gloom and Doomsayers (1/2)
  6. Leadership: Gloom and Doomsayers (2/2)
  7. Leadership x 3 viewtopic.php?p=175314#p175314
  8. x 10
  1. Linguistics: Ulehi: Qadarqih roughly translated means 'Black Blade'.
Medicine (was Poisons)
  1. *Medicine: Poisons: Insinuative toxins must find their way into the blood stream.
  2. *Medicine: Poison: The food of poisonous animals might have ingredients that are equally dangerous.
  3. *Medicine: Poison: The slime of tree frogs has properties that can be refined into poisons.
  4. *Medicine: Poison: Curare can be derived from the slime of tree frogs.
  5. *Medicine: Poisons: Antidotes can be grown from the top of a tunawa's head.
  6. *Medicine: Poisons: Castor Bean: Can be used to produce a poison known as ricin, in powder form.
  7. *Medicine: Poisons: Toxicology deals with the adverse effects of chemical substances
  8. *Medicine: Poisons: Toxins are produced by living organisms
  9. *Medicine: Poisons: Toxicants are created artificially
  10. *Medicine: Poisons: Different delivery methods
  11. *Medicine: Poisons: Fist Nut: Uses
  12. *Medicine: Poisons: Fist Nut: How to remove the toxin
  13. *Medicine: Poisons: Sometimes the dosage makes the poison
  14. *Medicine: Poisons: Sometimes only a part of something is poisonous
  1. Meditation: The trill and songs of many birds.
  2. Meditation: Not all visions of peace can be trusted.
  3. Meditation: The Order of Color Value.
  4. Meditation: Music as an inward path
  5. Meditation: Using the setting to determine focus
  6. Meditation: Don’t let nerves sway you from your path.
  7. Meditation: Regulating breathing
  8. Meditation: Sometimes It Brings The Focus You Need to Figure Things Out
  9. Meditation: Concentrating on making a spoon stir in a dream.
  10. Meditation: Doesn't need to be sitting still.
  11. Meditation: Movement as meditation
  12. Meditation: Breathing in to coincide with movement.
  13. Meditation: Breathing out slowly
  14. Meditation: x 2 viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26200
  15. Meditationx 3 viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26647
  16. x4
  17. x10
Mount (Flying Spec)
  1. Mount (Canine): Riding in the backseat on a terrier
  2. Mount (Cat): Remaining in saddle when startled.
  3. Mount (Feline): Allowing your mount to charge and damage the enemy.
  4. Mount (Feline): Coordinating movements with your mount on the ground.
  5. Mount (Feline): Dismounting quickly
  6. Mount (Feline): Don't let your mount run off, or you'll have to hitch a ride froms someone else.
  7. Mount (Feline): Evasive maneuvers during combat can save your mount some damage.
  8. Mount (Feline): Fighting alongside your mount.
  9. Mount (Feline): Jumping on and off a mount as a trick.
  10. Mount (Feline): Outrunning a pack of wolfmmice
  11. Mount (House Cat): A valiant charge into danger can take an enemy by surprise.
  12. Mount (Housecat): Catching up to another mount.
  13. Mount (Housecat): Leaping with your mount.
  14. Mount: Cat: Let the cat drive.
  15. Mount (Housecat): Weaving in and out of people fighting among each other.
  16. Mount: Cat: Let the cat drive.
  17. Mount (Rabu): Rabu is fast, really fast.
  18. Mount (Wagon): Avoiding obstacles on four wheels.
  19. Mount (Wagon): Minimizing collateral damage while driving into a crowded street.
  20. Mount (Wagon): Taking control of a cart run amok.
  21. Mount: Getting into the saddle
  22. Mount: Slowing to a trot.
  23. Mount (Avian) Riding in a eagle's talons.
  24. Mount: Raptor: Basics of a saddle
  25. Mount: Raptor: Getting to know your Raptor is important
  26. Mount: Raptor: Mounting up into the air!
  27. Mount (Raptor): Eagles make for noble steeds.
  28. Mount (Raptor): Special equipment is required to mount an eagle.
  29. Mount: Raptor: Putting in the hood and reins
  30. Mount: Raptor: Putting on a girth strap
  31. Mount: Raptor: Raptor landing
  32. Mount: Raptor: Raptors are slaves to hunger
  33. Mount: Raptor: Raptors are solitary creatures.
  34. Mount: Raptor: Riding with a passenger
  35. Mount: Raptor: Tendency to hold breath whilst saddling up
  36. Mount: Raptor: The Dark Mother's Forest
  37. Mount (Feline): Riding a cat while it's chasing a rat.
  38. Mount x 2 viewtopic.php?p=175314#p175314
Musical Instrumenet: Wind
  1. Navigation: Location: The shores of Lake Lovalus.
  1. Needlework: To start making garments and hats, one needs first a thread.
  2. *Needlework: Design: Feathers and other decorations make a hat much more attractive.
  3. *Needlework: Design: Monochromatic Color Value and Tone.
  4. *Needlework: Design: Feathers and other decorations make a hat much more attractive.
  5. *Needlework: Design: Monochromatic Color Value and Tone.
  1. Politics: Yaralon: Probably shouldn't go back to Yaralon.
  1. Psychology: When an Immortal hands you something
  1. Rupture: Surprise! You stepped in a portal.
  2. Rupturing: Initiation: Taking a trip.
  3. Rupturing: A portal is a two-way journey.
  4. Rupturing: Phasing: Allows one to scry through solid, opaque objects.
  5. Rupturing: Snapshot: Cutting open a portal to send a projectile or weapon trhough.
  6. Rupturing: Snapshot: Can use the ability to shoot projectiles around awkward corners.
  7. Rupturing: There are several levels of overstepping, each bearing greater consequences, congruent to their expenditure.
  8. Rupturing: Witchmark: Rupturer's gleam fills a rupturer's eyes with light as they gaze over a certain distance.
  9. Rupturing: Mutations: Mutations result from advancement in magic, and more rarely through overstepping.
  10. Rupturing: Rupturing can improve mobility by moving through portals when they are large enough.
  11. Rupturing: Rupturing sparks are often attracted to those who possess wande
  12. Rupturing: Phasing: Looking through an oak barrel to see the fluid inside.
  13. Rupturing: Opening a small portal to transfer beer from the bottle into yur glass.
  14. Rupturing: Casting in chaos
  15. Rupturing: Gloom and Doomsayers (1/1)
  16. Rupturing: Blink: A double blink
  17. Rupturing: The Wedding Ceremony (1/3)
  18. Rupturing: The Wedding Ceremony (2/3)
  19. Rupturing: The Wedding Ceremony (3/3)
  20. Rupturing: x2 viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26196
  21. Rupturing: Blinking x 4 viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26289
  22. Rupturing: Portal: useful for getting back to a place you can easily visualize. viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26200
  23. Rupturing: x 2 viewtopic.php?f=326&t=23072
  24. Rupturing: Snapshotting oneself through a portal, to improve the momentum of blade strikes.
  25. Rupturing: Pulling: Pulling oneself through portals, one after another.
  26. Rupturing: Rupture sight can help one find animals far under the ground.
Science (Was Chemistry)
  1. *Science: Chemistry: Basic Definition.
  2. *Science: Chemistry: Congelation makes a fluid more viscous.
  3. *Science: Chemistry: Some fluids can congeal to the point of crystallization.
  4. *Science: Chemistry: Viscous fluid can become dry like puddy or unrefined rubber.
  5. *Science: Chemistry: Elimination Process: Trying salts and other materials on a substance to create viscosity.
  6. *Science: Chemistry: Mixing stuff into drinks is a kind of chemistry.
  7. *Science: Chemistry: Cactus juice has something in it that sheds lichen.
  8. *Science: Chemistry: Process of distillation can create potent spirits of substances.
  9. *Science: Chemistry: Alembic: An instrument that allows for the process of distillation
  10. *Science: Chemistry: Calcinator: A small furnace that provides heat to the laboratory equipment.
  11. *Science: Chemistry: Calcinator: Can be used to reduce materials to ash and other useful components.
  12. *Science: Chemistry: Definition
(26/250) Competent
  1. Sculpting: Forming a sharpened edge along a hardening material.
  1. Seafaring: Pushing a raft off from shore.
  1. Singing: Song: Friends and guests are welcome.
  2. Singing: Pitch and tone.
  1. Socialization: Pestering Someone Sometimes Works
  2. Socialization: Exchanging promises.
  3. Socialization: Contact: Vasa: Rabu's Ithecal protector.
  4. Socialization: Contact: Alaiwa: Kisaik's faithful squire.
  5. Socialization: Hosting a gathering is a good way to shore up relationships.
  6. Socialization: Rabu: Kisaik's husband
  7. Socialization: Kisabu: Its officially a thing now
  8. *Socialization: Persuasion: Convincing the strange catman to sell some cats.
  9. *Socialization: Persuasion: Trying to make peace between a kitten and a full grown cat.
  10. *Socialization: Persuasion: Getting a ghost to tell her story.
  11. Socialization: Persuasion x 3 viewtopic.php?p=175314#p175314
  12. Socialization: x 4
(32/250) Competent
  1. Blending into one's surroundings.
  2. Blending into ambient sound.
  3. Stealth: Hiding is Easy When You are Small
  4. Stealth: Trading Silence For Chain Mail Protection
  5. Stealth: Don't Wear a Path to Your Own Home
  6. Stealth: Tracking Soldiers
  7. Stealth: Following Humans Up Mountains Silently
  8. Stealth: Sleight of Hand Allows for “Magic”
  9. Stealth: Use the Light of Someone Else' Torch
  10. Stealth: Staying Near the Edge of a Fight Keeps you Hidden
  11. Stealth: Staying Away from Firelight
  12. Stealth: Keep back until you know where you are
  13. Stealth: Hard to hide in the middle of a circle
  14. Stealth: Acrobatic leaps are difficult to manage while trying to remain silent.
  15. Stealth: Melting your own noise into the ambient noise of a crystal forest.
  16. Stealth: Sneaking on tippy toes.
  17. Stealth: Keeping to the darkness.
  18. Stealth: Hiding in books
  19. Stealth: Use your environment
  20. Stealth: The Dark Mother's Forest
  21. Stealth: x 1 viewtopic.php?f=326&t=23072
  22. x 7
  1. Storytelling: The Tale of the Knights of the First Tree, and the Mud Burho.
  2. Storytelling: The story of how Qit'ria found her mate Noth.
  3. Storytelling: Telling stories to pass the time.
  4. Storytelling: The Story of the Tooth Fairy.
  5. Storytelling: The Tale of Azrael and the Field of Fire.
  6. Storytelling x 5 viewtopic.php?p=175314#p175314
  7. Socialization: Waking up to meet an old friend.
  8. Storytelling: The nap of Skeeterwampulus: A harrowing warning not to wake the monster of the wetlands.
  9. Storytelling: The Mouse and Schnizzlesnoot: A story about how a mouse outsmarted an entire forest, by befriending the scariest things in it.
  10. Storytelling: The Story of 416 and Baron Smooglenuff: How Enri named the big monster Smooglenuff so it wouldn't seem so scary.
  11. Storytelling: The Seige of Jesine's Fairy Court: How Kisaik and the Wardens of the First Tree saved Jesine's Fairy court.
  12. Storytelling: Figuring out how to hook an audience with an initial premise.
  13. Storytelling: Stories are good as new when the audience changes.
  1. Strength: Walloping a larger creature with a crosse.
  2. Strength: Lifting a rock with your bare arms.
  3. Strength: Shoving a sharp splinter into a wolfmouse's eyesocket to kill it.
  4. Strength: Leverage can improve your efforts to move things.
  5. x 6
  1. Swimming: Suriving going Overboard
  1. Tactics: Working together to accomplish a goal.
  2. Tactics: All Shapes and Sizes (1/1)
  3. x 8
  1. Teaching: A field trip to learn about other fighting styles.
  2. Teaching: Correcting your student.
  3. x 3
Textile Production
  1. Textile Production: A fabric is made with a combination of threads from a spindle, loaded into a loom.
Woodworking (Was Shipbuilding)
  1. *Woodworking: Shipbuilding: Making a simple raft and leafy oar.

Old Knowledges


Climbing (Into Athletics)
  1. *Athletics: Climbing: Small, barklike hands adhere well to bark for the climbing of trees.
  2. *Athletics: Climbing: Rock climbing requires you to find handholds and footholds.
  3. *Athletics: Climbing: Tether a climbing partner.
  4. *Athletics: Climbing: Finding an alcove in the rock to rest.
  5. *Athletics: Climbing: Scaling a person's clothing to get up on their shoulders.
  6. *Athletics: Climbing: Clambering onto a wagon.
Persuasion (Into Socialization)
  1. *Socialization: Persuasion: Convincing the strange catman to sell some cats.
  2. *Socialization: Persuasion: Trying to make peace between a kitten and a full grown cat.
  3. *Socialization: Persuasion: Getting a ghost to tell her story.
  4. Socialization x 3 viewtopic.php?p=175314#p175314
Running (Into Athletics)
  1. *Athletics: Running: Frogleap: A leaping gait on all fours, giving a tunawa maximum mobility while taking more energy.
  2. *Athletics: Running: Running as fast as you can through the woods is difficult with all the physical obstacles.
Thrown -All converted to blades knowledge
  1. Thrown (Shadow Shard): Stays corporeal out of hand until it hits it's mark, then returns to your shadow.
  2. Thrown (Shadow Shard): Throw shadow shiv to bring a barricade of rubble down, to fill the gaps.
  3. Thrown (Will o Wit): Toss your partner the sword.
  4. Thrown Combat (Sword): Throw the sword through a snapshot portal for extra velocity
  5. Thrown Combat (Sword): Using a person as a target.
  6. Thrown Combat (Sword): The posterior isn't generally a deadly target area, however painful.
  7. Thrown Combat (Sword): Shadow Shard is a good projectile, all things considered.
  8. Thrown Combat (Sword): Taking aim from a mount.

  1. (SP) Immortal: Ymiden
  2. (SP) Layout: Yaralon
  3. (SP) Immortal: Moseke
  4. (SP) Location: Desnind
  5. (SP) Laws: Desnind
  6. (SP) Layout: Desnind
  7. (SP) Customs & Festivals: Desnind
  8. (SP) Location: Yaralon
  9. (SP) Customs & Festivals: Yaralon
  10. (SP) Cats
  11. Immortal: Mortalborn: Jesine, Queen of Dreams
  12. Jesine: Her Fairies.
  13. Title: Orange Knight of the Fairy Realm
  14. Immortal: Aelig
  15. Aelig: Illusions, Mimicry, Chaos.
  16. Aelig: The voice of your grandfather.
  17. Aelig: Knows about you and Rabu.
  18. Aelig: Called Rabu “Old Dust’s spawn” and “taleweaver’s sapling”.
  19. Rabu: The tallest Tunawa
  20. Rabu: A friendly tunawa
  21. Doran: A grumpy professor.
  22. Doran: Knows an awful lot about chemistry and alchemy.
  23. Doran: Now knows more about tunawa.
  24. Doran: Is a curious sort of person.
  25. Viden: Academy gives classes in Alchemy and toxicology.

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Skill Point Ledger

Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:59 pm

Thread or Skill Name Points Adjustment Running Total
Starter XP +50 50
Stealth 25 50
Gardening -10 40
Poisons -10 30
Mount: Feline -10 15
Animal Traininng: Feline -10 10
Alchemy -10 0
Stealth 3 0
Swimming 3 0
Animal Husbandry 3 0
Can you Distill Joy from a Sunbeam +15 15 (15)
Rupturing -15 0
The Call (R) +20 20 (35)
Rupturing -20 0
Gloom and Doomsayers +15 (Rupturing) 15 (Rupturing) (50)
Rupturing -15 0
The Wedding Ceremony +11 11 (61)
Rupturing -11 0
Tunawa Alchemy +15 15 (76)
Alchemy -15 0
Spirited away on a Ray of Moonlight +10 10 (86)
A Pound of Prevention is worth an Ounce of Curare +10 20 (106)
Poisons -10 10
Mount -10 0
A Haven for Some +15 15 (121)
Mount -15 0
Dollhouse Union +15 15 (136)
Etiquette -15 0
Egg Quest +10 10 (146)
Acrobatics -5 5
Climbing -5 0
Novice Basket Weaving +15 15 (161)
Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi) -15 0
A spoon of sleep +10 10 (171)
Chemistry -10 0
Taking Root +20 20 (191)
Etiquette -11 9
Where Eagles Dare +10 19 (201)
Alchemy -1 18
The Pure +20 38 (221)
Acrobatics -20 18
Chemistry -15 3
Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi) -3 0
Balthazar's School of the Elements +15 15 (236)
An Unexpected Pupil +10 25 (246)
Alchemy -25 0
The Door of Life +20 20 (266)
Acrobatics -1 19
Gardening -16 3
Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi) -3 0
Seeds of Evil +15 15 (281)
Gardening -15 0
Raining Fire +15 15 (296)
Mount -15 0
Court the Fairies +25 25 (321)
Etiquette -25 0
A Night for those who Grow +15 15 (336)
Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi) -5 10
Etiquette -10 0
Trial of the Scared +20 20 (356)
Etiquette -20 0
The Gauntlet is Thrown +10 10 (366)
Socialization -10 0
A Most Eggcellent Occasion +15 15 (381)
Blades -5 10
Endurance -5 5
Climbing -5 0
Wee Little Demons +15 15 (401)
An Antidote +15 30 (431)
Chemistry -1 29
Alchemy -9 20
Combat: Blades -10 10
Combat: Thrown -10 0
Tooth Fairy +10 10 (441)
Qadarqih: On the Dark Side +10 20 (451)
Stealth -10 10
Running -10 0
Time and Time Again +15 15 (466)
Blades -10 5
Endurance -5 0
Live Reagents, Locally Sourced +15 15 (481)
Poisons -15 0
Black as Night, Dark as Pitch +20 20 (501)
Acrobatics -20 0
Dark Mother's Forest +5 5 (506)
Acrobatics -5 0
Drawing on Experience +15 15(521)
Acrobatics -15 0
We're All a Little Nuts +10 10 (531)
Acrobatics -10 0
The Smallest Shipwright +10 10 (541)
Fieldcraft -6 4
Running -1 3
Combat: Thrown -1 2
Flying -1 1
Persuasion -1 0
The Wedding Ceremony +4 4 (545)
Climbing -1 0
Endurance -1 0
Animal Training -1 0
Mount -1 0
Cats in the Crate-l +15 15 (560)
Kindred Spirits +15 30 (575)
Persuasion -20 10
Meditation -6 4
Woodworking -1 3
Animal Husbandry -3 0
We're all going on a dragon hunt +15 15 (590)
Discipline -6 9
Socialization -1 8
Swimming -3 5
Woodworking -5 0
All Shapes and Sizes +15 15 (605)
Combat: Blades -5 10
Meditation -5 5
Flying -5 0
Settin' Up Camp +15 Rupturing 15 Rupturing (620)
Rupturing -15 0
The Wild Hunt +15 Rupturing 15 Rupturing (635)
Meditation -15 0
Spring is in the Air +10 10 (645)
Gardening -10 0
Who Wants to be a Milliner? +10 10 (655)
Storytelling -5 5
Textile Production -5 1
Savior of the Morning +15 15 (670)
Gardening -15 0
Combat: Thrown Reassignment +11 11 (670)
Combat: Blades -10 0
Gardening -1 0
Spring has Sprung +5 +5 Rupturing +5 +5 Rupturing (680)
Rupturing -5 5
Mount (Ground) -5 0
Putting Down Roots +15 15 (695)
Animal Training -5 10
Mount -10 0
Acrobatics Is now Athletics 0
Chemistry Is now Science 0
Poisons is now Medicine 0
Persuasion is now Socialization 0
Running (Into Skill Pool) +11 11
Climbing (Into Skill Pool) +11 22
Mount -10 12
Alchemy -12 0
Fear of the Heavens +15 15 (710)
A Fear of the Heavens: The Seedling +10 (Rupturing) 15 10 (Rupturing) (720)
Rupturing -10 15
Endurance -15 0
Captain Grayskull and the Fish-Strewn Gully +10 (Rupturing) 10 (Rupturing) (730)
Rupturing -10 0
Treetalk or Talking to Trees +10 10 (740)
Discipline -10 0
Creaky Hinges +15 15 (755)
Discipline -10 5
Animal Husbandry -5 0
Never Give Up +10 10 (765)
Animal Husbandry -5 5
Tall Tales, Short Stories, and Fables of all Sizes +15 20 (780)
Animal Husbandry -10 10
Storytelling -10 0
Turtlequest: Panhandlers +10 10 (790)
Seafaring -6 4
Woodworking -4 0
Ocean's Forge +50 50 (840)
Leadership -30 20
Storytelling -15 5
The Turtle Whistle +10 15 (850)
Musical Instrument: Wind -10 5
I Need a Little Hand Here +10 15 (860)
I'm Your Huckleberry +15 30 (875)
Combat: Blades -30 0
Announcement +32 32 (875)
Animal Training -10 22
Dreamwalking XP Ledger

Thread or Skill Name Points Adjustment Running Total
Court the Fairies +4 4
Novice Basket Weaving +2 6
Qadarqih: On the Dark Side +2 8
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Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:59 pm

His Spirit Friend
His Spirit Friend
Name: Ataja
Personality Traits: Patient, Kind, Knowledgeable, Workaholic, Unrestrained.
Appearance: The diri varies in size, but most often stands at a height or slightly above Kisaik himself at 12". She can extend her vines one way or another, into the ground, upwards, or all around. Wherever she grows her vines, she contracts elsewhere, making her slightly shorter in the trunk while long in the vine, and vice versa.
Description/Brief Sketch: This spirit could only do things that would allow for anyone or anything to grow. It could never hinder growth, nor could it cause or tolerate decay. This spirit often helped plants to grow during poor seasons, helped babies to reach adulthood and the like. When something reached full growth, the spirit would move onto something else.


Orchard Revel: This power is simple. It allows for a singular plant specimen to grow to full maturity within ten trials. Alternately, it can be used to bring a medium-sized garden of plants halfway to maturity in ten trials. This power can only be used once per cycle.

Zoological Miracle: This power allows for a single animal to mature twice as fast during the course of a cycle. Once the animal has grown to full measure, this power can no longer be used on the same animal. This power can be used once per cycle. In the course of a cycle, the creature will have aged 2 cycles. If the person/creature targetted by this power is targetted cycle after cycle for an arc, it'll grow 2 arcs in 1 arc.

To Everything a Season: Plants that grow up in the orbit (within about a city block or within a building) of Ataja can do so regardless of poor growing conditions. To the point where a plant can grow in entirely unsuitable conditions as if it were under ideal conditions.

Approval of powers: viewtopic.php?f=362&t=19326&p=127462#p127462

His Loyal Steed
His Loyal Steed
Name: Slate (Ibiti Hau, reincarnated prince of a mighty pride, Nigbawo Yäfï)
Training: Average
Bred: Average
Characteristics: Active, agenda-driven, energetic, hunter.
Status: Kisaik tamed this cat from a kitten when they were both living in Desnind, and is bonded to it. It can forgo sleep at need, but tends to go days making up the sleep debt.
His Fellow Knight
His Fellow Knight
Link to Approval: viewtopic.php?p=115673#p115673
Name: Alaiwa
Race: Male Tunawa
Date of Birth: 54th of Ymiden 709

Advancement: viewtopic.php?f=369&t=20239 +20 Mount (Terrier)
Announcement declaring change to skills: viewtopic.php?f=469&t=13364&start=230#p175240
  • Climbing converted to Athletics
Animal Husbandry: 10
Mount (Terrier): 30
Ranged (Blowgun): 10
Appraisal: 10
Etiquette: 10
Animal Training: 10
Athletics: 10
Gardening: 30

Appearance: His bark is the color of autumnal orange, with amber eyes, bramble hair, and stands at 8 inches tall. His build is willowy, with largish hands for one of his size.
Personality: Starry-eyed and easily impressed, he is nevertheless practical in temperament, and prefers to take caution when undergoing most tasks. He's serious minded for a younger tunawa, but his one weakness is tall-tales and telling little fibs here or there in order to get his way. He shares devotion and a bond with a black-furred fox-terrier named Angus.
Relationship to PC: He's Kisaik's Fellow Knight. Former squire.
His Ward
His Ward
Phee at hatching
Phee as of Ymiden 60th 719
Phee as of Saun 10th 719
Names: Phee
Training: Hatched 1st of Ashan 719. Fed an aging potion on Ymiden 61st 719. Purchased Excellent+ training for him via psf Here.
Bred: Wild parents
Characteristics: Noble, majestic, fierce, swift, and dutiful.
Status: Kisaik with the help of Alaiwa, helped rescue the harpy eagle's egg from a horrible childhood, as he heard that Harpy Eagle chicks tended to fight among themselves. So he left one egg behind and took the two spares on the way back to Yaralon, after an impromptu rescue mission.
His Friends


Name: Sai
Race: Human female
Date of Birth: Saun 21st, 713

Persuasion: 30
Bludgeon (Wooden Sword): 30
Socialization: 10
Etiquette: 10
Intimidation: 10
Dancing: 10

Appearance: A young Yaralon child, who prefers to wear brightly colored dresses as opposed to the furs, hides, and leathers of her contemporaries. She's missing a few baby teeth that have already fallen out. She stands at about 3'8" and is light of build.
Personality: A dreamer and romantic at heart, she has a weakness for cute things, and always tries to thwart her brother's penchant for punishing cute things. She rules the roost for the most part in her household, and her father backs up many of the playtime demands she makes of her brother.
Relationship to PC: Rabu's Ethelguard and Prime Keeper to Rabu's engagement vows.


Name: Drostam
Race: Human Male
Date of Birth: Zi'Da 51st, 711

Intimidation: 30
Bludgeon (Club): 30
Strength: 10
Leadership: 10
Persuasion: 10
Etiquette: 10

Appearance: He stands about a head taller than his sister Sai, at around 4'4". He's lost his two front teeth, which are beginning to show his adult teeth growing into his gums. He's obviously well fed, a bit stocky for his age, and red in the face.
Personality: A bully to the core. His only weakness is his parent's preference for his sister, who he has to acquiesce to during playtime and training. He enjoys dominating weaker kids and creatures, forcing them into cage fights. He has few real friends.
Relationship to PC: Kisaik's Raskalguard and Prime Keeper to Kisaik's engagement vows.


Name: Vishar
Race: Human Male
Date of Birth: Vhalar 20th,679

Woodworking: 30
Fletching: 20
Ranged Combat (Longbow): 20
Bludgeon (Club): 20
Etiquette: 10

Appearance: He stands at about 6'1", with brown hair and black eyes. His clothes are often of simple make, resembling a craftsman's get-up with all the trappings of such.
Personality: A kindly man, he nevertheless will stop at nothing to protect his children. He is more of a homebody, staying at the house to keep his children safe, despite their having guardian spirits. He always has a soft spot for those who treat his children with respect.
Relationship to PC: Father of Kisabu's Ethelguard and Raskalguard.

Quick (Pending Approval)


Approval: viewtopic.php?f=369&t=19576
Announcement declaring change to skills: viewtopic.php?f=469&t=13364&start=230#p175240
  • Acrobaticsconverted to Athletics
Name: Quick
Race: Male Tunawa
Date of Birth: Ymiden 719

Exotic Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): 30
Meditation: 20
Endurance: 10
Athletics: 10
Discipline: 20
Strength: 10

Appearance: He looks like Rabu, only tougher.

Personality: Laconic and grim, Quick is an expert of the quick draw form of Shäurï'ìlä under the combat art Toṣeọruni Az'vi. He weilds a Toseorun blade that is curved.

He spends most of his time guarding Kisabu's holdings, when he isn't sparring with Kisaik or guarding Rabu during his foraging for ingredients. He rarely says much, but when he does, it's in the clipped wisdom of a sort one might find on a fortune cookie.
His Family


Approval: viewtopic.php?f=369&t=19576
Announcement declaring change to skills: viewtopic.php?f=469&t=13364&start=230#p175240
  • Thrown Combat (Toseorun Shuriken) converted to Combat (Blades 1h-Thrown)
Name: Peona Ciuruọrun sọ Kufuata Karo
Race: Tunawa
Date of Birth: 67th Ymiden 689
Appearance: 10" Tall, with bright green bark, leafy hair, and dark black eyes.
Personality: Sunny of disposition, bright, yet curious to the point of being nosey, Peona sometimes sticks her nose where it doesn't belong. She's the leader of the relationship with her mate Tsani, and tends to explore the world, heedless of his complaints. She rides a large parrot.


Mount (Parrot): 30
Detection: 30
Combat (Blades 1h-Thrown): 20
Leadership: 20


Approval: viewtopic.php?f=369&t=19576

Name: Tsani Beruja sọ Kufuata Njama
Race: Tunawa
Date of Birth: 34th Ymiden 690
Appearance: 8" tall, with brown bark, bramble hair, and yellow eyes.
Personality: He's a quiet sort of tunawa, preferring to keep to himself. Tsani likes to keep secrets, however, which often puts him at odds with the sunny disposition and nosey nature of Peona. He mostly follows his mate Peona around the world, wherever she travels. He rides a Crow.


Mount (Crow): 30
Ranged (Blowgun): 26
Detection: 24
Athletics: 20

Announcement declaring change to skills: viewtopic.php?f=469&t=13364&start=230#p175240
  • Climbing converted to Athletics
His Mortal Enemy


Approval: viewtopic.php?f=369&t=19576

Announcement declaring change to skills: viewtopic.php?f=469&t=13364&start=230#p175240
  • Trap-Making converted to Hunting
Race: Male Tunawa
Date of Birth: 645 Ymiden 23rd

Meditation: 30
Gardening: 30
Hunting: 20
Storytelling: 20

Appearance: He looks like an older version of Kisaik, with a glowing, hollowed out center to the bark of his chest. His eyes are dark.

Personality: As a tunawa that was formerly possessed by Aelig, until Kisaik fled for farther shores, the elder's mind has been warped by the influence of the Immortal of Chaos' purpose. Although he thinks he has what is best in mind for Kisaik, he often finds himself at odds with his great grand son. This is often to hold him back from a life of adventure and danger, which obviously puts him at odds with the impetuous Kisaik. He will stop at nothing to keep his great grand son's life as uneventful and safe as possible.



Approval: viewtopic.php?f=369&t=19576

Announcement declaring change to skills: viewtopic.php?f=469&t=13364&start=230#p175240
  • Persuasion converted to Socialization

Name: Ubar
Race: Male Tunawa
Date of Birth: Ymiden 719

Deception: 26
Stealth: 24
Socialization: 24
Meditation: 26

Appearance: He looks like Rabu, only more evil.

Personality: Clever, sly, and utterly evil at his core, Ubar has a talent for manipulation and devious tactics.

He spends most of his time stalking Kisabu, setting traps for them, and making life generally full of mischief. He enlists the aid of various unsavory types to help bolster his evil plans to ruin the days of Rabu and Kisaik, although he rarely takes direct action against them.
His Noble Line (Mortalborn Information)
Character Background information: Kisaik was raised by who he took for his Great Grandpa, when he decided he wanted to learn who his parents were. After pestering his great grandpa, and getting no answers, he decided he'd had enough of the elder's obstructions and failed lessons, and struck out on his own, embarking to the sea.

Since embarking on his journey, he's had many adventures, getting kidnapped by birds, children, set to fight other tunawa in a mock battle by said children, and even getting betrothed to Rabu.

Character concept: Kisaik is a quixotic type of character, who up and decided one day he wanted to be a knight, despite his miniscule size and lack of strength. He enjoys taking on tasks, especially if those happen to help those around him. He never turns down a challenge or quest, no matter how hopeless it seems. Every set back is a chance to make things right again.

Appearance: Kisaik is 10" tall, lithe of build, long in the limbs. His bark is deep black, marbled by iridescent green and gold veins that run up and down his torso and limbs. His eyes shine green in the light of the sun and moon. He rarely wears much clothing, save a mantle and cloak of black silk. The lichen on his scalp is the color of charcoal, mixed with silky fibers of the same color. He has a long beard of flowery lichen.

Mortal Parent: In NPC form

Name: Peona Ciuruọrun sọ Kufuata Karo
Race: Tunawa
Date of Birth: 67th Ymiden 689
Appearance: 10" Tall, with bright green bark, leafy hair, and dark black eyes.
Personality: Sunny of disposition, bright, yet curious to the point of being nosey, Peona sometimes sticks her nose where it doesn't belong. She's the leader of the relationship with her mate Tsani, and tends to explore the world, heedless of his complaints. She rides a parrot.


Name: Tsani Beruja sọ Kufuata Njama
Race: Tunawa
Date of Birth: 34th Ymiden 690
Appearance: 8" tall, with brown bark, bramble hair, and yellow eyes.
Personality: He's a quiet sort of tunawa, preferring to keep to himself. Tsani likes to keep secrets, however, which often puts him at odds with the sunny disposition and nosey nature of Peona. He mostly follows his mate Peona around the world, wherever she travels. He rides a Crow.

Mortalborn story: It was a very dark, overcast season, when Peona and Tsani planted their sprout in the soil of the Ojogbon tree. There was plenty of rain, and moisture in the air, but very little in the way of sunlight hit their poor sprout, making them worry that it might not grow at all.

Getting desperate for help, they decided to depart for the swamps to look for a great wisp that had been spotted there. After a long journey, they found the great, bright wisp, and begged for his help in giving light to the sprout before it failed. Moved by some inscrutable motive, the entity followed them to the spot where Kisaik was growing, and shone a nimbus of false light upon him.

Unknown to any, this entity was not a Wisp, but in fact the Immortal of Mimicry and Chaos, Aelig himself. It had decided long ago that it wished to have a spawn of the Tunawa race, being as their kind were so well disposed toward his domains of mimicry and illusion.

To their surprise, and delight, he began to grow swiftly before their eyes, until they had a full grown sprout, with dark bark and glowing veins. But before they could celebrate by plucking him out of the ground, the mother's grandfather emerged from a nearby hut. He stood before Aelig, and threatened the great Immortal, telling him that he must leave at once, and never return.

Amused, but in no way threatened, Aelig laughed a terrible laugh. The laughter persisted for many hours, frightening the mother and father enough to chase them out of the village, and send them fleeing to the docks and over the ocean. They were effectively banished, and left their sprout to the mercy of the entity and their grand father. Once the parents had been disposed of, Aelig took it upon himself to consume the grandfather, in effect making him one of his forms. From then, his avatar in the form of that grandfather, raised Kisaik in the ways he saw fit.

Meanwhile, Kisaik grew, knowing only his extended family and his 'Great Grandpa', learning all of the typical tunawa arts, stories, education and such, which were corrupted and tainted by the concepts of chaos and mimicry. Eventually he rebelled against these ideas, skewing to the concepts of justice, law, and order as a remedy to the atrophic chaos that threatened to stifle anything that grew. He went out into the world to seek his parents.

Mortalborn domains: Hats, Echo, Growth.

Mortalborn abilities:

Growth: Fantastic Reach: Kisaik can grow and extend his limbs near instantly and much farther than the typical tunawa. He can extend either one limb to five feet long, two limbs two and a half feet, or all four limbs and neck one foot. This helps him dodge and stay mobile in combat, as well as increase his reach on the fly. The ability can be active for roughly ten bits three times a trial. He will find himself hungry for sugary treats after using this power.

Echo: Clarion Call: an extention of a tunawa's ability to throw their voice and imitate animal noises, Kisaik can make himself understood by animals near and far, to the point where depending on his Etiquette and other social skills, he may be able to convince them to come to his aid. Otherwise, he can reason with creatures that are negatively disposed toward him. This functions as a one-way communication, as he cannot understand the animal's language.

Everchanging Hat: Kisaik has an illusionary hat that changes shape based on his current obsession or interest. There's a hat for near every skill set and profession that he becomes enamored with. Here are a few examples:

Knight: The hat becomes a visored helmet. He becomes obsessed with chivalry and emphasizes the importance of honor and defense of the weak.
Wizard: The hat becomes a tall, wide-brimmed wizard hat, and Kisaik becomes more interested in his pursuits in Alchemy and more esoteric pursuits.
Ninja: The hat becomes a rattan hat, which prompts Kisaik to emphasize his skills of stealth, subterfuge, and deception.
Priest: The Hat becomes a miter, or other similar and Kisaik becomes more concerned with spiritual pursuits such as meditation, oratory. He becomes both introspective and preachy in this form.

While under the influence of his current obsession, his personality and relationships will not fundamentally change. Just his specific passions and interests. The Illusory hat cannot be lost, and will find itself back on Kisaik's head should he misplace or leave it behind. Also, while the hat is taking the form of a profession/interest that includes the need for a kit, he can conjure a kit relating to those skills from within the hat. The kit's quality is equal in value to his current wealth tier. A skill kit can be conjured in such a way three times a trial, but will disappear should his hat change shape. The kit never includes weapons/armor/ammunition. He can change hats about three times a trial.
His Impossible Dream (Dream XP and Knowledge)
Magic Mentors
Name: Gwälọ-motsi (Rotari Rooteater)
Race: Sev’ryn
DOB: 34th of Ymiden 655


Graft: 76
Attunement: 51
Defiance: 26
Gardening: 51
Endurance: 26
Resistance: 20


Born to a father who belonged to the seekers, and his mother was a priestess of Moseke. When he grew to adulthood, his father taught him much of what he knows of magic, including the art of Graft and Attunement. Then, Rotari developed an unhealthy obsession for plant-life, and began incorporating plant components into his body early on from his use of graft.

As he grew into manhood, his father died early due to illness. Due to this loss, resulting from his father’s early death, Rotari became obsessed with methods of life extension.

He began researching and looking for ways to use magic to extend lifespan of living beings. Rotari experimented on animals at first, incorporating long-lived plant species into them. Eventually he turned his attentions toward the most sacred of trees within Desnind and the Lori, suspecting that the key to immortality lie within them.

This inevitably led to his being exiled from Desnind due to forbidden experiments with a sacred grove. From there, he moved to Rhakros, where his talents and knowledge were welcome. He met Evelyn there, and they fall in love and marry in the Lissiran tradition.

She initiates him into the art of Defiance, and he quickly grows to competence. Intrigued by the call of the elemental spirits, they decide to move to Melrath to seek out greater sources of power. They drift apart in love, but maintain a tense rivalry over the following decades.

Sometime in 718, Rotari learns of the Hochojobon and their tree, and seeks it out. He tries to merge with the Hochojobon at the roots. A magical mishap results in his complete merging with the tree, ensuring his immortality but Immobilizing him entirely.

Why does he seek a student? He wishes to find a tunawa that is capable of magic. However, knowing that this is impossible, due to the nature of a tunawa soul, he gives in to despair, accepting the occasional care package from his former wife, while awaiting the completion of his melding with the Hochojobon.

When he actually does meet Rabu and Kisaik, who show magical talent, he is overjoyed, and swiftly agrees to tutor either one of them.

Name: Evelyn Ebonywood (birth name unknown)
Race: Avriel Qi’ori mix
DOB: 66th day of Zi’da, 666


Necromancy: 76
Defiance: 51
Transmutation: 26
Surgery: 51
Animal caretaking: 26
Medicine: 20

She was born in Rhakros, a half breed reject, abandoned in the swamp forests by her birth parents. At some point, she is taken in and raised by mage defier. As she grows from girlhood, she discovered that she had a fascination with dead bodies from a young age. Much to the delight of the Lisirran fanatics of Rhakros, she would dissect dead frogs and other animals she found

She otherwise enjoyed raising animals and insects, taking special favorability toward bees, and starting her own apiary. Her aviel instincts kicked in when she reached later adolescence, and she left her home to live in the wilds.

When she came back, she found that her caretaker was missing. After tracking his movements and activities, she later discovers their body being used by a necromancer.

A battle ensues between the two, where Evelyn clashes with necromancer and the two try to kill each other. However, they find themselves evenly matched arcanically, and by the time they exhaust their magic, they resolve their differences and bond over their fascination with death.

Evelyn decided soon after that she wants to control death as a way of overcoming death, and so convinces the necromancer to initiate her.

Sometime later, she meets Rotari, they fall in love and marry. Bound together by their interest in life extension, together they strive to live forever.

Sometime after they relocate to Melrath they break up, and become rivals in a love hate relationship. She brings him occasional care packages, where he has melded into the Hochojobon tree roots, sustaining him in his new existence, and takes every opportunity to taunt him.

Why is she looking for a student, and why does she teach Kisabu?
When she sees the effect that the discovery of the magical tunawa has on her former lover, her disposition is softened. She begins to, with the cooperation of her rival, teach both of them the ways of magic.
Mark of Loshova
  • Springbringer Skills I The character is granted an extra three skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Meditation, Dancing, Medicine or Agriculture/Gardening. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses.
  • [Spirit Cloak (Minor) The Favored has the ability to entice a basic spirit of concept into a partnership. The Loshova takes this spirit around their person and has it attached to their soul. The spirit must willingly agree to this and can be released at any time. While the spirit is attached, it can feed off the ambient energies of the Loshova rather than its concept, keeping it strong. The Loshova benefits from a small resistance from the concept and the ability to sense it without hearing or seeing it around them.
  • [Peer Through The Pool A basic ability given to the Loshova at early levels, Peer through the Pool allows a Loshova to look into the Beneath and see the spirits and souls within. While this does not allow them to interact with them, exactly, they can hear and see the activities through the barrier between worlds. Sometimes this can be instructive, as spirits of pain and torture lingering in a location might identify it as a place hiding a dark secret. Beings in the Beneath are only loosely aware of those in the physical world, but when this ability is used the user becomes as clear to them as they are to him/her. This ability also allows a Loshova to instinctively guess the nature or purview of each spirit they see.
  • [Ephemeral Sustenance The Loshova gains the ability to feed as spirits do, by immersing themselves within the concept of whichever spirit is bound to their soul. While this will never completely replace the need of food and water, it allows a Loshova to survive with very little physical sustenance so long as they have an abundance of concept to surround themselves with. Approved by Pegasus
  • [Spring's Bounty The Loshova brings new life wherever they go. In the cities and towns in which they stay longer than a season, the crops will grow at an unprecedented rate. Life explodes around the Ashan Blessed, following them even into the cold of Cylus. Places they have dwelt longer than a few trials begin to show signs of their passage. Flowers, shoots, vines, and roots grow exponentially in the area closest to where they rest. While this power is muted in the colder months, it is far from absent. Even Tunawa can benefit from this aura, healing their bodies much swifter when in the presence of a Loshova. Approved by Pegasus
  • [Broken Shackles (Minor) A Loshova must be free. To protect freedom and those oppressed is a creed they take to heart. This ability imparts some of that mission onto their being. A Loshova can never be bound with simple restraints. Knots will untie, hooks will unclasp, and simple manacles will spring open. If the restraint purpose is to restrict the Loshova’s personal movement and does not include a lock of complex design, the Loshova can free themselves whenever they desire Approved by Pegasus
  • [Verdant Protection The Loshova is protected by the new life they bring. All that is verdant and green bends to give them safe haven. During the spring seasons, a Loshova will suffer no discomfort sleeping in a forest. In every other season, plants rise to protect the blessed. Roots curl around the feet of attackers, acorns drop from above, clouds of pollen and seeds blow to obscure an attacker’s gaze. Even the trees themselves will bend and creak to put themselves between the marked and their enemies. While the plants are by no means quick, this power can prove incredibly difficult to overcome when summoned in a forest.Approved by Pegasus
  • [Spring's Eternal Renewal All the death of winter is banished by Spring. When the season calls forth shoots and life from every burrow and hill, it is difficult to deny the rejuvenating power of Spring. A Favored of Ashan given this blessing will always heal twice as fast as any other member of their race during the Spring and Summer seasons but half as fast during Fall and Winter. This renewal can be granted to anyone the Loshova touches and persists for as long as they are in contact with the mortal, ending when contact is broken. Many Loshova use this to stabilize those at the brink of death and to treat illnesses and grievous injuries. Approved by Pegasus
  • Dire Rejuvenation The final ability of a favored Loshova is the ability to renew themselves through adversity. Once per two trials, the Loshova can renew their stores of energy and rejuvenate both their minds and muscles as if they’d had a full eight hours of rest. This ability is impressively useful to any Loshova in a particularly hard job or in the midst of a series of physical or mental challenges. For two trials after this ability is used, the Loshova will feel groggy no matter how much sleep they choose to get and easily tire. The only way to avoid this is to sleep for nearly an entire trial afterward in order to rejuvenate the stress this puts on the body. Awarded by Pegasus
  • Spirit Cloak (Moderate) At this level, a Loshova can invite a second spirit to enter into a partnership with the Adored. The effects of both spirits stack. In addition, a Loshova’s companions can never be subject to Pact magic and impart minor manipulations of their concept to the Adored. While the Adored cannot truly manipulate the concept in the way the spirit does, minor phenomenon are possible and encouraged between them, as they come into greater understanding of each other. When a bond is broken, a Loshova must wait for half a Cycle in order to engage in another spiritual bond. At this stage, protection from the spirit’s concept increased to a moderate level. Awarded by Pegasus
  • SpringBringer Skills II The character is granted an extra six skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Meditation, Dancing, Medicine or Gardening (+6). Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses. Awarded by Pegasus
  • Ashan's Cognizance By meditating within a forest or among life, the blessed is able to share their senses with their surroundings. They feel the grass and those who tread upon it, smell those that pass the flowers and see through the eyes of the small rabbits, birds and insects that populate the area around them. This range only affects a half mile in radius around the Blessed, but it is usually more than enough to get a lay of the land and what lies ahead for them through the trees. Awarded by Pegasus
  • Broken Shackles (Moderate) At this level, Broken Shackles evolves. No longer can even the most complex locks restrain a Loshova’s personal movement. Even magical binding will slip around them and dispel. A Loshova can choose to be bound or not as they desire. At this level, however, that freedom extends to their area as well. If a Loshova would ever be imprisoned in a pit, a cell, or a room that restricts their environment...they will find there is always a way to escape. The bars will rust, allowing them to break free, the well walls will sprout handholds allowing them to climb out. A Loshova of this level cannot be bound or sealed. While this blessing does not apply to grappling or the tangle of organic beings, any non-sentient environment limiting or person limiting restraint can be escaped. Awarded by Pegasus
Mark of Taithir
  • Serpents Hood Named for the technique many snakes use to appear more threatening, Serpents Hood generates an aura around the user that makes them appear like significantly bigger threat than the people around them, drawing the attention of enemy combatants towards the Shield-Bearer and away from more vulnerable targets. This ability lasts until the Shield-Bearer deactivates it or is rendered unconscious or dead. Awarded by Pegasus
  • Enduring Scales The Shield-Bearer's skin takes on a scale pattern, allowing them to absorb more physical damage than they could before. Poisons and toxins also take longer to effect the Shield-Bearer. The effect only lasts for a single Bit, and takes a Break to recharge before it can be used again. Awarded by Pegasus
  • Protective Skills I The character is granted an extra three skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Any Weapons Skill (Blades + 3), Shield Use, or Endurance. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses. Awarded by Pegasus
  • Honor's Shield A skill that serves as a boost to the Shield-Bearer and their allies, Honor's Shield boosts the capabilities of the users own shield and those of their allies with a fifty yard radius, allowing them to block abilities that might otherwise shatter, pass through, or go around their shields, allowing them to defend against skills and techniques that would otherwise be much more dangerous. Awarded by Pegasus
  • Inspire When this skill is activated, those around the user find themselves able to resist the fears and doubts that plague their minds, allowing them to act in spite of them when they might otherwise be unable to do so. This does not only apply to martial fears and doubts, but to fears and doubts in all facets of life. Awarded by Pegasus
Mark of Celarion
  • Bond (Minor) The Favored can Bond with 1 other person. In doing so the Bonded individual gains a single glowing band around their left forearm. The Bond remains as long as both the Favored and the Bonded allow it. The Bond only functions within 300 feet of the Favored, and dissipates shortly beyond that distance. Awarded by Pegasus
  • Illustrious Skills I The character is granted an extra three skill points which may be spent only on the following skills: Blades (+3), Leadership, Discipline, or Endurance. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 250 (or 100 if fast track) point cap on skills. Within these skills, the points may be spent how the pc chooses. Awarded by Pegasus
  • Bound in Battle The Favored and those Bonded with them are better able to fight together. Their tactics and movements flow almost seamlessly with little-to-no spoken communication. The Bond passes insights and slight thoughts between those Bonded while in combat together. Awarded by Pegasus
  • Brilliant Weapons (Minor) The Favored is able to create weapons out of solid light. The Favored can only generate one melee weapon at a time. To produce a weapon, the Favored must be in an area of substantial illumination (ie. Outside during the day, in a well-lit room, or at night during a full moon). Awarded by Pegasus
  • Bound Tongue (Minor) The Favored is able to understand one Fluent Language of those they have Bonded. The selected language can be changed once per trial. Awarded by Pegasus
  • "Hold the Line!" The Favored is able to bolster the morale of any who stand with them. The call rings out and dispels fear in the defenders, whether mundane or magical. Those affected by the shout gain a small boost in stamina and the use of a shield. The effects of this ability last for ten bits, and can only overcome magical fear effects from other Marks of the same tier or lower. Any fear effects caused by Domain Magic can be overcome as follows: Favored can overcome Magic at a Competent level or lower, Adored can overcome Expert level or lower, and Exalted can overcome Master level or lower. Awarded by Pegasus
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Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:59 pm

  • 1 set of clothing: Forest green mantle of cotton, with a black cloak. Also some boots.
  • 1 Cloth of Gold Silk Tunic,padding, and fauld for his armor
  • A black silk mantle, padded silk longcoat, and hood. Gray-blue padded silk gambeson.
  • A spider silk fancy tuxedo and velvet tailcoat, complete with spider silk shoes and gloves.
  • 1 Ring of Reversal
  • 1 Kindred Bracelet shared with Rabu
  • 1 Cavani's cloak.
  • A bronze locket set with a rolled stone of peanut wood. Inside the locket are some mud from the first tree and a magic acorn: You keep your magic acorn. It is a magic acorn of movement! It allows you - twice a season (season, not cycle) to use the roots and under-earth network of plants to teleport yourself and up to 2 other Tunawa or Qi'ora anywhere on Idalos. This acorn has been gifted to Saoire, and is no longer in Kisaik's possession.
  • A Lucky Rabu's Foot.
    A small (Kisaik appropriate) charm in the shape of a foot. Kisaik finds that he has two of them, making a pair of feet. When someone else is holding the other foot, or wearing it in their hair, or generally has it about their person then, they are always aware of each other's state - be that physical or emotional. Usually, this is just "background noise" but once a trial, with concentration, they can be used to communicate telepathically and hold a brief (2 minute) conversation between the two wearers.
  • Mirror of reflection: A tiny mirror pendent in the shape of a cage, perhaps made from the mirror in the trial itself, this trinket allows the owner to reflect back the language someone is speaking to them in. It does not impart the ability to "know" the language, but it means that a) you can hear a language you don't know and although you hear that, you understand what they are saying and b) when you speak back in your native tongue, the person who hears you will understand it as the language they spoke to you in.
  • Dream Wings: An ability linked to Emea, and requiring ether to work, Kisaik can summon a set of proportional fairy wings to fly with. They last for one trial, and can only be used once per season.
  • +1 Fairy Knight Ring: Of Orange Stone and Metal, can be used once a season to bring about a strong sense of hope and courage to yourself.
  • Dark-Bark: Kisaik delved into the portal and he saw the swirling chaos within. The portal turned parts of his skin / bark so it looks like he's rotting. Over the course of the next few days, he'll find that this fades but - once a season he can perform a feat of heroism in which he fundamentally increases his skill level by 2. This may be that he increases an existing skill by 2 levels, or 2 skills by 1 level each. The skill(s) are his choice and this works only for the single action needed. However, once he has done this, within 5 trials his skin again turns black and he needs to "release" a ball of chaos (The Chaos Sphere: Releasing them will create the kind of effect that you have seen here, with magic going awry, random effects etc.). If he does not release this, it will release randomly. The release of this must be played out if the ability is used. Once released, his bark turns back to normal again after a few trials.
  • Saoire's Gift: A Tier 10 Skill Kit for Animal Husbandry and a set of books on turtles.
  • The Magic Tree: Saoire plants the acorn and it grows quickly. The Naficula-Àdánù becomes the focus for how people travel to and from Saoire's School. In gratitude for this gift, Saoire sends Kisaik a tiny clasp, suitable for a belt-buckle or to hold other clothing together, with a delicate desigh on it of a tree. It has the ability from her mark on it. "Sometimes, merely stopping an offensive strike is not enough render it harmless. In such cases, all that can be done is to make sure it doesn't harm anyone besides the one who attacked. Catch and Return creates a temporary Gateway that takes in any attacked and rebounds it towards the attacker. This is most effective against ranged or supernatural attacks, but it does bounce back physical melee attacks as well." It may be used twice a season. Further, the Naficula-Àdánù is always open to Kisaik, should he wish to travel anywhere.
    Cloak of Invisibility A cloak for Sir Chip which allows him to turn invisible when he activates it (may be activated 6 times a cycle, lasts for a full trial) It doesn't stop him making sounds. It also is a duplicity cloak which changes colour to match his outfit and it keeps him protected from fire, at all times he wears it.
  • Dragon's Tear: A small gem in the shape of a tear drop, this gem will heal one person of moderate wounds (deep cuts, burns, moderately sized puncture wounds, etc) once a day. It can not, however, work on Sir Chip
  • Vindecaldra's Flame A small tealight candle which never burns away or gets blown out. Kisaik is the only one who can light it or snuff it out and it does not harm him. While it is burning it gives anyone in the room with it (up to a large room / tent / 50ft area) a feeling of confidence and energy, passion and determination. Across the side of the candle is carved the words: "Fire burns all so that new life may grow from the ashes."
  • Dragon Necklace A small necklace with a locket of Vindecaldra. This looks like a beautiful piece of jewelry but it acts as an equilizer. While he's wearing it, twice a cycle Kisaik may use it and he will match the size of a single opponent. It has to be someone or somethig he's fighting and it gives him no extra skills. However, it negates the size advantage. Awarded here
  • Lava Egg A small stone egg which fits in the palm of his hand and looks like it is made of lava. For Kis it is always just warm and when he is carrying it, he is not affected by cold effects even in sub-zero temperature. Four times a cycle, it can be activated and thrown and will explode doing significant damage in a ten foot radius from point of impact. Once activated in this way, the egg returns to Kisaik's hand. Awarded here
  • Cassion's Gift : For his part in this epic tale, Kisaik is awarded a book. It has "The Tales of Sir Chip, Knight and Hero" written on the front and, as long as he writes down his adventures in it, he seems somehow to attract more notice and attention. Mechanically, this book grants you 10WP per season to your Wealth Threads (as per the Sombran mark) - so long as you use the book within the thread. Awarded here
  • Emergency Supplies: A small bag which can be hung easily on his belt, this bag contains a Tier 10 alchemy kit which is perfectly sized for Kisaik. You may pull up to 6 reagents which you know of and which are common or unusual each day - and may also pull one rare resource once every season (twice a cycle). These resources may be from anywhere in the world, they appear in your magic bag.
  • Moseke's Gratitude: For endangering your own life to help her follower, Moseke grants Kisaik a small bracelet. On it are 2 moseke-granted abilities: Awarded here
    - Ivy's Touch The character must be in direct contact with some form of flora to use this ability. The user is able to manipulate the plant into thick vines that are easily controllable. These vines can be used to climb, used to entrap animals and people, or kill. There are a number of uses for these vines, and once made, they will not dissipate unless willed by the user. Depending on the kind of plant the character is using to make the vines, they can be poisonous to others.
    - Moseke's Light - The user is capable of focusing divine energy into a moderate injury (Deep cuts, burns, moderately sized puncture wounds, etc.) and coax the cells into healing. When this ability is in use, a pale green, yellow light emits from the bracelet like a mist and is focused towards the injury. Awarded here
  • Dragonling and Dragonet Awarded here.
Arms and Armor

Will O' Wit

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A Good quality blade, hard as embersteel and sharp as a razor, balanced well to Kisaik's hand. The blade is razor thin, not ideal for parrying, but well capable of delivering deep cuts and thrusts. It is about a foot long, two inches taller than Kisaik himself and just as wide, yet light as a feather.

As pictured above, just imagine a smaller hilt and much thinner blade... It was formed from a special Toṣeọrun Nut that will be gifted to Kisaik in a solo plot where he meets a Fairy. From there, he will go on to mold the blade to the design pictured above.

It's enchanted with a point bank elemental illusion that shows ivy vines crawling across its blade.

Its special ability, other than being a sword made from a nut shell, tougher than embersteel and sharp as a razor, is that it self repairs damage when in close proximity to Kisaik. When immersed in a solution of water and a bit of tunawa sap, it takes about one trial to repair catastrophic damage. Minor wear and tear may repair in half-a-trial without being so immersed. However, If he immerses it in the water + tunawa sap solution for wear-and-tear, it repairs minor damage/wear and tear within one break.
The ojogbon pellet-thrower consists of a 5 inch staff that can be gripped with one or two of Kisaik's hands. The shaft is flexible and strong, giving it added leverage for throwing distance with force. The chamber is carved from the head of Kisaik's great grand-father, Ilanaenou, whose face is forever preserved as a bust on the other side of the chamber. The stick was formerly his torso. As an Ojogbon weapon, only Kisaik or one of his blood can use it.
Tip-Top Tunawa Armor
A tunawa-sized suit of cobalt half-plate armor, made to masterwork quality of tier 8 composition. It allows for stretchiness of limbs, which at the same time compromises his protection, until his limbs contract once more. The following enchantment was placed on it during the call:

The weird events of the Call seem to have sort of ..oozed into your armour. Kisaik will find that, from this point onwards, his armour is always in tip-top condition, not denting, rusting etc, and furthermore - it's always really comfortable. It's light, makes no difference to his movement etc. It's not more effective as armour.

An elemental Illusion from the point bank has been applied, making this suit of armor appear as if it's made of vines/moss/wood.

Acquired here: viewtopic.php?f=414&t=16999&start=20
Shadow Shard or 'Shivvy'
A tiny-teeny Tunawa sized blade (8 inches long) - which appears to be made out of shadow. When you hold it, it is solid, of masterwork quality and imparts (as well as it's usual damage) a sensation of cold dread in those you fight - which may be overcome by discipline, etc, fairly easily. You are able to store the blade in your shadow - and pull it from the same. When it is in your shadow it is just ... your shadow. You simply will it into existence and, as long as you have a shadow, you've got a sword.
Grayskull's Helm
An armoured helmet, finely crafted from GreySkull's skull. It would fit Kisaik perfectly if he chose to wear it. It would also make a very good addition to a scarecrow.

Awarded here: viewtopic.php?f=545&t=26789

Inns and Hospitality.

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Wealth Ledger

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Old Ledger
Item Adjustment Total
Starting Package +100gn 100gn
Total Currency: 0 ON, 100 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
Purchase/Wage Adj Total Wealth Points
viewtopic.php?f=378&t=15936#p106560 0 50 WPs
(SP) Alchemy Skill Kit (T4) 0 50 WPs
(SP) Poisoning Skill Kit (T4) 0 50 WPs
(SP) Animal Husbandry Skill Kit (T4) 0 50 WPs
(SP) Animal Training Skill Kit (T4) 0 50 WPs
(SP) Chemistry Skill Kit (T4) 0 50 WPs
(SP) Gardening Skill Kit (T4) 0 50 WPs
(SP) Slingshot and bullets: Basic+ (Tier 4) 0 50 WPs
for cobalt metal plate and fur barding for slate -6 44 WPs
for embersteel/cobalt tunawa lance (Exotic) -12 32 WPs
for Cobalt Plate armor and Metal Round shield -15 17 WPs
1 Cloth of Gold Silk Tunic,padding, and fauld for his armor -1 16 WPs
Cylus Wage 719 +11 27 WPs
Meat for Nugget for the Season of Ashan -6 21 WPs
Ashan wages 719 +12 33 WPs
2 masterwork outfits -1 32 WPs
Sold his used Embersteel Lance on Ymiden 40th +12 44 WPs
Sold cobalt metal plate and fur barding for slate on Ymiden 40th +6 50 WPs
Purchased Excellent+ quality training for his Harpy Eagle -6 44 WPs
Purchased Ingredients for potions, and 1 cold weather outfit. -2 42 WPs
Ymiden Wealth Thread +13 55 WPs
(WIthin Tier 4) Acquired a bronze locket set with a rolled stone of peanut wood. Average quality 0 55 WPs
Saun Wage 719 +14 69 WPs
Paid for some service at Beer Festival -1 68 WPs
Vhalar wage 719 +15 83 WPs
Zi'da wage 719 +16 99 WPs
Cylus 720 wage +18 117 WPs
Ashan 720 wage +18 135 WPs
Cylus 721 wage +20 155WPs
Ashan 721 wage +21 176WPs
Purchased: Masterwork Cobalt Plate Mount Armor for Phee + Riding Equipment/Accessories -7 169 WPs
Wages: Ymiden 721 +21 190 WPs
Wages: Saun 721 +33 223 WPs
Purchasing: Tier 10 House (Shellknight Lodge) -86 137 WPs
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Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:59 pm

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30th Ashan 719: viewtopic.php?f=414&t=17123; The Door of Life (Ongoing)
70th Ashan 719: viewtopic.php?f=66&t=18112 Balthazar's School of the Elements
2nd Ymiden 719: viewtopic.php?f=66&t=18340 An Unexpected Pupil
14th Ymiden 719: viewtopic.php?f=66&t=18740 The Gauntlet is Thrown
33rd Ymiden 719: viewtopic.php?f=66&t=18392 Wee Little Demons
46th Ymiden 719: viewtopic.php?f=66&t=19077 The Tooth Fairy
50th of Ymiden 719: viewtopic.php?f=66&t=19096 The Wedding Ceremony of Kisabu
60th Ymiden 719: viewtopic.php?f=66&t=18374 Time and Time Again
1st of Saun 719: Arrival in Viden

word count: 309
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