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Alistair Venora

Full Name: Alistair Venora
Race: Revealed Mage - Paragon, Crux, Visitant (Lychgate Conservator)
Sex: Male
Height: 7'
Weight: 600 lbs - much heavier than he appears due to Metamusculature and Titan of Venora
Birthdate: 32 of Age, 13th of Ashan, Arc 689
Birthplace: Venora, Rynmere

Profession: Doctor (25 wp/Season)
Housing: The Fairwayte Hall, Rharne
Partners: None. baby. SINGLE MAAAAN.

Blessings: Sesser (1), Shirvain (1)
Curses: N/A
Factions Joined: The Lotharen Jegers, the Travelers
Lotharen Clan: Stahlmark

Titles: King of Hélice (Formerly)
Children: Asher Venora, Bjorn Calder,...
Merits: Diligent, Perceptive, Loyal, Protective
Flaws: Ideological, Ruthless, Controlling

Fluent: Common, Haltunga, Vahanic
Basic: Rakahi, Atvian, Ith'ession

Alistair is a very tall man with a large, soldierly muscled frame, one only greatly emboldened in height and physique by his mutations in the spark of Hone. His sides along the ribs and along the underside of his arms are covered in mostly transparent Runic tattoos, though they glow white-gold with the shifting of his emotions. Natural light becomes radiant gold around him, particularly around his waistline and the aforementioned Runic tattoos. Due to his strength training (legendary proficiency), he wields an incredibly robust, muscular body type refined into the ultimate athletic physique. His skin is somewhat tan due to his excessive traveling - with a clean and smooth texture - and his eyes appear as a spiraling vortex of white gold, shimmering hues, due to his Rupturing mutations and Hone mutations. The man's face is considerably different in appearance to many Venora, with a rugged masculinity, a strong jaw and a stern and almost scowling expression constantly attached to his eyes and brows. His hair is a dirty blond shade naturally, one he shares with his brother Andraska and inherits from his father.

The man's dress is fairly regal and posh, most commonly open-collared satin and even with frequent onyx adornments in the form of jewelry - a signifier of his exceptional wealth.

All Appearance Modifiers Here

Once the center of intrigue in the court of Venora, an ambitious and challenging, yet empowering man - Alistair holds none of the old influence of the past... nor the austerity. Instead, he is a rural and rugged man, who cautiously hides all talents, and remains as obscure as he can. He is wary of the outside world, and generally sticks to himself and a small community, one that he's forged quickly. Living in the outskirts of Oakleigh, he remains sentimental, sticking close to the home of his extended family - the Duchy of Oakleigh - watching things go by, ready to step in and protect House Venora even after everything.

All-in-all, he is cast-off and forlorn, but he still holds a good nature to him. Falling from grace has humbled the man, and what was once ambition is now the desire to live a quiet and steady life . . . apparently.

~ Fundamentals ~
This story, once told in full, no longer carries much bearing on the man's life. As such, his history will be written only as a summary of the events that have led him to his current place in life.

Alistair var Radomir, once Lord Alistair of the House of Venora, First Heir of the Duchy, was born among many riches... to one of the greatest families in Idalos. As the heir to said family, he was given everything he could have ever needed. He was taught all manner of things; leadership, politics, martial combat, riding, poise and manner, history, and philosophy. His education was primary to the family -- given an immediate spot within the hands of the most qualified professors, hand picked by the Duchess Ebony herself.

As a man who would one day rule over millions, and perhaps even the whole of the Kingdom, Alistair's life was of a particular grain that few others today understand. But within the luxury and scholarly diligence laid an undercurrent of mischief . . . on his part, and on that of his father's.

A sort of mischief that was evil, exploitative, and abusive. Caught within the grudge of a mother and father who held no love for one another, and would tear apart the Duchy in their emotional dispute, Alistair was utilized as a middle-ground and bargaining chip for much of their fury. The manner of things that would occur near him, beside him or to him were many, variable and crude . . . but regardless, this too is an older figment of Alistair's history.

Alistair is no longer a noble, and no longer the heir to anything but what his hands provide him.

Like so many men led into isolation, magic one day came as a natural result of the abuse. Before he knew it, Alistair had been inducted into the Seekers, under the tutelage of one named Lucas Geliadal... who taught him magic and its theory, and initiated him into Necromancy for the purpose of animating wholly dead husks for labor and protection. Alistair, however, followed different interests... and found much more satisfaction in the fully preserved, hyper-intelligent and skillful undead; Revenants.

For his interest in soulbinding, he was made anathema to the faction, and he found himself experimenting by his lonesome . . . until the Coven, as a second suitor, took him into their own ranks, which were far less limited and far more aggressive in their teachings and demands for progress. Alistair thrived in this environment, and reveled in it, becoming a master Necromancer within a few arcs and taking on the second practice of Rupturing... which quickly became the one thing he found solace in.

Bonding with Ellasin, the leader of the Coven and great Necromantress, he was untouchable - a progeny for the group, one of the Lich's few apprentices throughout history.

But as his nobility surely receded, so too did his loyalty to the Coven and its ideals. Over time, Alistair became more and more distant, and less involved in their affairs. He began to fall away from Ellasin's ideology, and conspired with her enemies to destroy her. Sensing the treachery brewing in the man she once called her son, the Necromantress recoiled, implanting whispers into the ears of his enemies of his mage-bearing nature.

And she won, easily. Alistair's nature as a mage was revealed, and within only trials he'd lost it all. His throne, his name, his dignity . . . all weapons to use against her, one day. He played the game, and he lost.

This is far more pertinent to the story of today. A simple story, known to many. A story of a fallen Lord . . . whose legacy was built around a Great House, that has - as of now - left him behind.

Alistair owns many homes in many places. The full list is here:

1. The Fairwayte Hall (Rharne, Stormlands) Tier 10 Home
Huge Rooms
1. Central Study (Library), East Wing
2. Soiree Ballroom, West Wing
3. Grand Common Area, West Wing
Large Rooms
4. Alistair's Bedroom, East Wing
5. Asher and Bjorn's Bedroom, East Wing
6. Grand Dining Hall, East Wing
Average Rooms
7. Study, West Wing
8. Study, East Wing
9. Familial Dining Hall, West Wing
Small Rooms
10. Lounging Alcove, West Wing

2. Garden of Revelry (Sabaissant, Venora) 2,500 GN
3. House of Buggery (Uthaldria, Gauthrel) 1,500 GN
4. Kaelserad (Ne'haer) 3,500 GN
5. Cappola (Oakleigh, Rynmere) 2,500 GN
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Posts: 3421
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Wealth Tier: Tier 10

Alistair Venora

Mastery PercentageTotal Points SpentProficiency
Hone (Lucis) 100/100 (250/250) Revealed
Rupturing 100/100 (250/250) Revealed
Transmutation 100/100 (250/250) Revealed
Necromancy 98/100 (242/250) Master
Attunement 0/100 (0/250) Novice
Dreamwalking 35/100 (35/100) Competent
Polearms (Spear) 106/100 (256/250) Grandmaster
Endurance 106/100 (256/250) Grandmaster
Strength 112/100 (262/250) Grandmaster
Athletics 100/100 (250/250) Grandmaster
Unarmed (Krenn Maii) 100/100 (250/250) Master
Blades (Claymore)100/100 (250/250) Master
Shields (Round) 79/100 (165/250) Competent
Thrown Weapons (Daggers) 25/100 (25/250) Novice
Swimming 25/100 (25/250) Novice
Mount 25/100 (25/250) Novice
Detection 100/100 (250/250) Grandmaster
Stealth 100/100 (250/250) Master
Meditation 100/100 (253/253) Master
Discipline 100/100 (250/250) Master
Fieldcraft 56/100 (98/250) Expert
Linguistics 51/100 (78/250) Expert
Hunting 40/100 (55/250) Competent
Leadership 100/100 (250/250) Grandmaster
Socialization 100/100 (253/253) Master
Politics 100/100 (250/250) Master
Tactics 100/100 (250/250) Master
Intimidation 100/100 (250/250) Master
Logistics 52/100 (80/250) Expert
Seduction 43/100 (60/250) Competent
Medicine 100/100 (100/100) Master
Caregiving 54/100 (85/250) Expert
Business Management 51/100 (78/250) Expert
Cooking 26/100 (27/250) Competent
Musical Instrument (Harmonica) 10/100 (10/250) Novice
Painting 0/100 (0/250) Novice
Starting Package: 5 Rupturing, 19 Necromancy, 26 Medicine
Mythic Approval: +5 Rupturing, +5 Meditation
Renown Bonuses: +6 Polearms
Mark Bonuses: Grifter's Skills: +3 Socialization, Scholarly Minds: +3 Meditation
Grandfathered Racial Bonus: +10 Necromancy
Racial Bonus: +25 Leadership
Fast Track: Medicine

Polearms: Shadowspin
Shadowspin: Alistair, as a pioneer of the art of Shadowdancing, has invented and perfected the greatest technique known to the style, seemingly given an inhuman level of precision in performing this ability. This skill has never yet been properly replicated by others, and acts as a sheer and destructive ability meant for penetration and overwhelming force. Shadowspin allows Alistair to spin his spear within his grip at exceptional speeds, nearly impossible to perceive or comprehend. He will twirl his spear so quickly that the motions can scarcely be seen, instead appearing as a black whirlwind, spinning as a continuous, seamless motion.

During this motion, the entire length of the spear is considerably sharp, acting as a blade and dicing through opponents, eviscerating nearly all deployed materials, even among those made for war. Only the nigh impenetrable can hold off the sheer cutting power of the spin, with the fan-like motion projecting a great deal of force into the bladed length.

There is, however, a drawback - the ability can only be truly deployed by both arms in tandem, significantly limiting Alistair's realm of utility while Shadowspin is taking place.

Rippling Swings: Using the same fundamentals as Shadowspin, while holding a polearm with two hands, Alistair may ripple the movements of his spear strikes with his hands and wrists. Equally the same principle, Alistair's strikes become infused with such speed and precision that the length of the blade beyond his grip becomes bladed, capable of slashing and slicing. Unlike with Shadowspin, Alistair's rippling swings are not a spinning, continual, three-sixty motion, but rather a persistent modifier to his strikes, lunges and swings. Acting as singular, contained attacks with the same effect as Shadowspin, this ability expands on the former with added control.

As a downside, however, rippling swings are not - due to their contained nature - as unstoppable as Shadowspin, and can be blocked or deflected consistently by a warrior of similar skill and strength, though the recoil on both parties and the bones connected to their weapon will typically be considerable in such cases, due to the sheer kinetic impact.

This ability, in practice, works by method of precision and velocity. The polearm's length ripples and strikes so quickly that it builds immense air pressure through its momentum, adding a cutting force to the length of the weapon. The genuine blades of the polearm, however, carry more cutting power than the length of the handle. It should be noted that the pommel of the polearm is not bladed.

Detection: The Pulse
Alistair, tying from his Acrobatics Capstone Gravelmonger and his fighting style as a Shadowdancer, is exceptional with his feet. So in control of his feet he is that he can even balance the entirety of his body on the sides of his feet, and on the mere bulb of his sole, even while bending back as previously made clear by Gravelmonger. This ability takes his precise control over his feet into the sphere of sensory. Focusing on the every touch his foot makes against the ground beneath him, and tying in his understanding of awareness and detection, he has learned to hone his feet to feel every vibration around them to an unnatural degree. He cannot only see or hear the steps and presence of others around him, he can feel their weight and movements as if they were pulsing outward and touching his heels, his soles, and creeping up to his ankles. From this pulse of vibrations he can almost always detect movements around him, whether or not they are within his focus or vision. He can gather from steps and movements the weight and size of the source, how near they are, and even their exact position, posture, stance and direction though this becomes clearer as they grow closer to him. This sense is more acute when he is barefoot, and less and less acute the more weight he has around his feet.

Heavier targets offer him much more precise detection, to the point where he can essentially envision their exact movements as they are made, so long as they are rooted to a solid object (thus this ability is useless against flying or gliding targets). As an obvious downside, very light targets and those who make almost undetectable movements with their feet can lessen the effect of this ability.

Endurance: Metamusculature
Metamusculature: As a grandmaster user of Endurance, Alistair's muscles have essentially become akin to a lightly armored exoskeleton, comparable to a hardened leather armor. His muscles have increased in mass and density over time, eventually becoming an internal armor to help shield from blows, particularly those not directly landed or by those without considerable strength and precision, and especially blunt blows. Additionally, considering the extra weight and muscle mass developed within this ability, Alistair's natural strength is somewhat augmented, as well as all of the other benefits of a large and dense physique.

Escalier (or Escalate in Vahanic) is an expansion to Alistair's Metamusculature Endurance capstone, which showcases his emphasis on perfecting the durability of the body through endurance. It works by strengthening his skin and muscles much as Metamusculature has, but in a unique and uncanny way. All damaging effects Alistair experiences are delayed in effect, as he endures wounds incurred on him intensely to the point of being able to wholly withstand any non-lethal damage. Damaging attacks will, therefore, not immediately cause their full, harming effect. Rather, wounds and other damage will delay and then gradually incur their effects over time, allowing Alistair to fight normally and unflinchingly for a long duration (depending on the severity and multitude of blows dealt). This will typically delay the full detrimental effects of any attack for at least three breaks.

The drawback of this ability is that Alistair may often leave battle with so many endured wounds that he may lose consciousness or face consequences even to the point of death if too many wounds were incurred.

Athletics: Gravelmonger
Gravelmonger: As someone with both incredible strength, flexibility and proficiency in the use of his legs, particularly his lower legs and feet, Alistair has developed a particular ability that makes him incredibly distinctive among acrobats: Gravelmonger. Unlike most acrobats who may use the talent to perform attractive, impressive feats of agility, Alistair has fine-tuned his Acrobats not for aesthetic feats of dexterity, but solely for the art of killing. Gravelmonger is the usage of the legs and feet to perform extremely dirty and unappealing actions on the fly, all around a similar basis of low-lying, surprise motions.

The Gravelmonger technique entails anchoring both feet to the ground, followed by moving the user's head like a pendulum. Then, using centrifugal force, the body is swung very close to the ground, utilizing the awkward, low-lying angle to catch the target completely off-guard. Due to the swiftness and precision of the Gravelmonger technique, it can often be pulled off incredibly quickly, offering a massive advantage to Alistair and many times a lethal opportunity. Many times, this ability appears similar to 'limbo', but often Alistair's entire body can appear to be swinging and sliding only slightly above the ground, totally skirting around the movements of his foes.

Strength: Muscular Grip
Made possible by Alistair's hardened, armor-like muscles due to Metamusculature, the Grandmaster Strongman has trained his muscles to be capable of grabbing weapons mid-swing with a similar if not equal disarming grip as an armed grab. As the weapon breaks Alistair's skin and begins to run through his muscles, it is held by immense force, halted in its place and locked into position by his muscles. The foe, though they may attempt to regain hold of the weapon or push it in deeper, will have immense difficulty in doing so and will, as a result, be disarmed until they manage to regain their armaments... if they can.

The drawback of this capstone is, of course, the risk to Alistair. Though Metamusculature and Muscular Grip both work together to dampen the damage to his muscles, the fact remains that Alistair is allowing a weapon to pervade his body. As a secondary weakness, depending on the muscle restraining the weapon, Alistair's mobility with that muscle may be compromised whilst holding the weapon. He cannot, for example, clench a blade in his right leg, and then proceed to perform a roundhouse kick with that leg immediately after. The appendage itself may be moved if surrounding muscles are not fully constrained.

Titan of Venora
As Alistair has focused a great deal of time on strengthening his bones and increasing their innate physical resistance, the man's joint strength training and armor-like skeleton has since developed permanent alterations, especially at his elbows, knees, arms and feet. These specific locations more than any other have been honed by their muscular and bone strength to not only wield endurance on par with the greatest minerals but have equally had their striking and countering power amplified, as well as their joint strength and and any other benefits that come with vastly enriched strength in these areas. For this reason, Alistair has become exceptionally well-equipped to avoid kinetic recoil and bone-shattering effects that may travel through his skeleton and fracture them, as his bones (and particularly joints) absorb the damage at a much higher level. In general, Alistair's bone strength and density has increased, though after extended periods of deprivation from proper nutrition these effects may be considerably lessened.

Leadership: Death Before Disloyalty
Death Before Disloyalty: Alistair can use his position and influence to inspire extreme zealotry in his followers, causing them to choose death in the name of their leader rather than life without him. By empowering the words he speaks to his followers en masse, he can cause them to follow him to the end, no matter when it is.
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March of the Dramatic Ponces 7 7 [Blades] 0
The Fluttering of the Swallows1515 [Necromancy] 0
First Birth1010 [Necromancy] 0
White Padded Walls99 [Business Management] 0
Peter the Prancing Pony106 [Business Management] 4 [Medicine] 0
Lamentations of the Physical Form1010 [Business Management] 0
Blood Brothers1515 [Necromancy]0
Men of Avarice1515 [Medicine] 0
Professor Amputate1515 [Leadership]0
The Wilted Rose1010 [Medicine] 0
Allure of Power87 [Politics] 1 [Blades] 0
Two Gentlemen of Venora1515 [Politics]0
Father Damien99 [Blades]0
Dying Young, Playing Hard105 [Necromancy] 5 [Medicine]0
Union Station1515 [Leadership]0
Trading PlacesN/AN/AN/A
Sibling ShowdownN/AN/AN/A
Prometheus1515 [Politics]0
Bows and ArrowsN/AN/AN/A
Fall At Your Feet1515 [Medicine]0
The Slave Girl, The Lich and the Venoras1211 [Politics] 1 [Endurance]0
Familial Bonding1010 [Politics]0
Speaking Clearly15[13] Strength [1] Medicine [1] Politics0
Don't Hate, Abrogate1010 [Abrogation]0
Perfecting the Individual108 [Strength] 2 [Politics] 0
Projection of Force1010 [Rupturing] 0
The Heir, Disrobed99 [Endurance] 0
Homekromeing1515 [Endurance]0
In Saun, Everyone Suffers1515 [Rupturing]0
Projection of Force II1010 [Rupturing]0
The Weak, Winnowed1010 [Rupturing]0
Negotiations Between Parties1717 [Rupturing]0
Cruel World1010 [Medicine]0
Salvatore1313 [Medicine]0
Don't Say Goodbye1515 [Politics]0
The Lips of Galador 10 10 [Rupturing] 0
Ultraviolence 10 10 [Rupturing] 0
A Dog's Life 15 14 [Strength] 1 [Blades] 0
The Hound and Rose 15 15 [Strength] 0
Enlightened Minds 15 1 [Medicine] 14 [Strength] 0
Anguish of the Forest 10 10 [Rupturing] 0
Chorus 15 15 [Rupturing] 0
The Shadow Strikes the West 10 10 [Rupturing] 0
Sera Ba Randil 10 10 [Rupturing] 0
Hungry for the Kill 15 15 [Leadership] 0
Immortal Ambitions 10 10 [Rupturing] 0
Hegemony 15 15 [Rupturing] 0
Somnus 10 10 [Rupturing] 0
Unsung the Versed 15 15 [Rupturing] 0
The Arcane Enterprise 15 15 [Rupturing] 0
Pride 15 15 [Rupturing] 0
Call of the Wild 15 15 [Rupturing] 0
Pipe Dream 10 9 [Politics] 1 [Linguistics] 0
Sleeping Dogs Lay 15 9 [Leadership] 6 [Strength] 0
Go the Distance 15 15 [Necromancy] 0
Brothers, Reunited 15 9 [Blades] 6 [Politics] 0
Can't Get Rid of You 15 15 [Polearms] 0
I Actually Kinda Like You 15 10 [Polearms] 5 [Politics] 0
For Andaris 11 11 [Politics] 0
Krometheus 15 2 [Politics] 13 [Leadership] 0
Two Men Aloof 15 15 [Leadership] 0
Crimson Wineskins 14 14 [Strength] 0
A Walk in the Woods 15 15 [Necromancy] 0
Set Awry 15 15 [Tactics] 0
Midwinter Masks 18 4 [Leadership] 8 [Politics] 2 [Acrobatics] 4 [Endurance] 0
The Bear and the Maiden Fair 15 2 [Strength] 13 [Acrobatics] 0
Clear Skies Above 15 15 [Necromancy] 0
Let the Journey Begin 14 14 [Tactics] 0
Wordplay 15 15 [Leadership] 0
Eviscerate Your Fragile Frame 10 10 [Necromancy] 0
The Shield 15 13 [Leadership] 2 [Politics] 0
Progress 15 13 [Tactics] 2 [Endurance] 0
The Rift 15 15 [Tactics] 0
No Holds Barred 15 15 [Leadership] 0
From One to the Next 15 15 [Tactics] 0
Another Day 15 6 [Tactics] 9 [Acrobatics] 0
Together Again 15 15 [Endurance] 0
Acquiring the Totem: King Crocodile 14 14 [Endurance] 0
Legality of Magic 20 19 [Endurance] 1 [Acrobatics] 0
Clarity 15 15 [Strength] 0
The Next Trial 15 3 Unspent 12 [Necromancy] 3
Melting a Frozen Heart 15 15 Unspent 18
Blood on Snow 15 15 Unspent 33
Cave of Wonder 15 15 Unspent 48
Not You Again 15 15 Unspent 63
Dashing Through Snow 15 15 Unspent 78
Ne'haer or Far 15 15 Unspent 93
In Depths We Tread 15 15 Unspent 108
Skyline 10 7 [Rupturing] 3 Unspent 111
Memento Mori1010 Unspent 121
The Travesty of Coincidence1310 [Strength] 3 Unspent 124
Damn, You Let Him Get Away 15 15 Unspent 139
New Eden 3 3 Unspent 142
I'm Gonna Punch It 20 7 [Necromancy] 13 Unspent 155
Booty and the Beast 15 15 Unspent 170
Acquiring the Totem Kaiserion 15 15 Unspent 185
Gaze 10 10 Unspent 195
Windfall 10 10 Unspent 205
Cold Front 10 10 Unspent 215
Intricacies of the Rose 15 15 Unspent 230
A Business Proposition 15 15 Unspent 245
Acquiring the Totem Willow Redbear 15 15 Unspent 260
Heart of the Wild 15 15 Unspent 275
Caw of the Raven 15 15 Unspent 290
Dancing With Shadows 10 10 Unspent 310
Hal-tongue-a 15 15 Unspent 325
The Sunless 15 15 Unspent 340
New Rain 10 10 Unspent 350
A New Leaf 15 15 Unspent 365
That Dying Sky 15 15 Unspent 380
Festering Rage 15 15 Unspent 395
Masks of Fallen Men 15 15 Unspent 410
Plenipotentiary 15 15 Unspent 425
Hearts of Stone 15 15 Unspent 440
Tidvatten 10 10 Unspent 450
Vindarnas 15 15 Unspent 465
Insomnus 10 10 Unspent 475
Fellow Jeger 15 15 Unspent 490
Pups On Their Own 15 15 Unspent 505
Pups On Their Own II 15 15 Unspent 520
Setting the pace 15 15 Unspent 535
Duskfall 10 10 Unspent 545
Pups On Their Own III 15 15 Unspent 560
XP Expenditure 0 226 [Polearms] 226 [Acrobatics] 108 [Strength] 0
I May Be Crazy, Don't Mind Me 15 15 [ Strength] 0
Pups On Their Own IV 15 15 [Strength] 0
Deconstructed 15 15 [Linguistics] 0
Arcane Process 0 0 0
Letting Go 0 0 0
She of Shimmering Eyes 0 0 0
Warm Welcome 0 0 0
Pups On Their Own 15 2 [Strength] 11 [Endurance] 2 [Business Management] 0
Pups Together 15 11 [Linguistics] 4 [Business Management] 0
Sunless II 15 14 [Business Management] 1 [Endurance] 0
Faster Yet 15 15 Unspent 15
Pups Together II 15 15 Unspent 30
My Cabbages! 15 15 Unspent 45
Remembrance of a Fallen Leaf 10 10 Unspent 55
Daudra Dura 10 10 Unspent 65
Kael and Aedirn 15 15 Unspent 80
The Pup's Nemesis 15 15 Unspent 95
Daudra Dura II 10 10 Unspent 105
Naming Earth 15 15 Unspent 120
Stakeout, Break Out 10 10 Unspent 130
If I May 15 15 Unspent 145
My Brother, Where Have You Gone? 15 15 Unspent 160
XP Expenditure 0 160 [Endurance] 0
Skins of Thistleweed 15 15 Unspent 15
Finally Here 15 15 Unspent 30
Clemency 10 10 Unspent 40
The Art of Restraining Power 15 15 Unspent 55
Goodbye Patali 15 15 Unspent 70
Where Secrets End 15 15 Unspent 85
XP Expenditure 0 55 [Hunting] 25 [Fieldcraft] 5
Going Home 15 15 Unspent 20
Pups No More 15 15 Unspent 35
XP Expenditure 0 27 [Detection] 2 [Fieldcraft] 6
The Rose Has Wilted 15 15 Unspent 21
Consequences 15 15 Unspent 36
Koda Red 15 15 Unspent 51
Stirring the Pot 10 10 Unspent 61
Ren Norendel 15 15 Unspent 76
Dress Up 15 15 Unspent 91
The Hound's Graces 15 15 Unspent 106
The Way of the Wild 15 15 Unspent 121
Our Ancestor's Shaperate 15 15 Unspent 136
XP Expenditure 0 96 [Leadership] 40
Dominance 15 15 Unspent 55
Dauðra Dura III 15 15 Unspent 70
Let Us Drink, Let Us Punch 15 15 Unspent 85
XP Expenditure 0 33 [Business Management] 52
So It Begins 15 15 Unspent 67
Totem cREEEEation 15 15 Unspent 82
Arrogance 15 15 Unspent 97
XP Expenditure 0 51 [Detection] 27 [Discipline] 19
Another Day in Andaris1515 Unspent34
XP Expenditure 0 23 [Persuasion] 11
Rupturing Point Dial Back 0 5 Unspent 16
The Witch With Claws 10 10 Unspent 26
The Bucket Fist 10 10 Unspent 36
Makeover 15 15 Unspent 51
The Bucket Fist, II 10 10 Unspent 61
XP Expenditure 0 61 [Stealth] 0
Where We Began 0 0 0
Our Son 0 0 0
Rage Against Renner 0 0 0
Ne'haerly Out of Breath 0 0 0
Clinging to the World 0 0 0
Our Choices 0 0 0
Acadia, A Rock Upon the Dirt 0 0 0
Empty Moons 0 0 0
Tarnished And Tattered 0 0 0
Ollie Ollie Oxentide 10 10 Unspent 10
Breathe Into Me 10 10 Unspent 20
Lunch for Shmucks 15 15 Unspent 35
Learning A Man 15 15 Unspent 50
War Song 10 10 Unspent 60
Dancing with Daggers 10 10 Unspent 70
Investing in Ashes 10 10 Unspent 80
Lunarfall 10 10 Unspent 90
With Silhouettes We Deal 10 10 Unspent 100
Motivational Therapy 10 10 Unspent 110
The Frontier 15 15 Unspent 125
In Dreams He Came 15 15 Unspent 140
XP Expenditure 0 Politics [33] Stealth [17] Detection [70] 20
Cappola Is A Made Up Word 15 15 Unspent 35
Going to the Coast 15 15 Unspent 50
Tell Me More 15 15 Unspent 65
Stories From Outer Space 15 15 Unspent 80
To Be Alone With You 15 15 Unspent 95
XP Expenditure 0 Discipline [51] Detection [4] 40
Submission to the Master 15 15 Unspent 55
Ether the Gentle 15 15 Unspent 70
It's A Waste of Good Suffering 15 15 Unspent 85
Trust Me, Darling 15 15 Unspent 100
XP Expenditure 0 98 [Detection] 2 [Stealth] 0
The Magisters 15 15 [Necromancy] 0
Such Portal, Much Wow 15 15 Unspent 15
The Tides of Change 20 20 Unspent 35
Campires and Other Things That Burn 15 15 Unspent 50
Hearts of Shattered Stone 15 15 Unspent 65
What Could I Ever Do For You? 15 15 Unspent 80
XP Expenditure 0 80 [Running] 0
Rusty Veins 15 15 [Necromancy] 0
Rooftops 15 15 [Necromancy] 0
Our Father, Who Died Long Ago 15 15 [Running] 0
The Eye of the Woods 15 15 [Running] 0
Between Hills and Falling Skies 10 10 [Running] 0
Keep Breathing 15 15 [Necromancy] 0
The Devourer: Part One 10 10 [Running] 0
The Call of the Shrike 10 10 [Running] 0
Perspective: Remembrance 10 10 [Running 0
The Devourer: Part Two 10 10 [Running] 0
A Mother Forsaken 10 10 [Stealth] 0
The Sound of Nature 15 15 [Running] 0
Chasing the Line 15 15 [Running] 0
A Disposition of Trust 15 15 [Running] 0
A Nice Cuddle 15 15 [Running 0
Playing Doctor 15 15 [Running] 0
Using Magic Inappropriately 15 15 [Running] 0
Are Those Crystals, Or... 15 15 [Unarmed Combat] 0
Dreams Trapped In Totems I 10 10 [Unarmed Combat] 0
Blackwing, Free Thing 10 10 [Unarmed Combat] 0
To Build A Life 15 15 [Unarmed Combat] 0
To Prey on Mantis: Part One 10 10 [Unarmed Combat] 0
To Prey on Mantis: Part Two 10 10 [Unarmed Combat] 0
To Prey on Mantis: Part Three 10 10 [Unarmed Combat] 0
To Bleed the Head of a Bastard 10 10 [Unarmed Combat] 0
Investing in Industry 10 10 [Stealth] 0
Two Nobles, One Spark 15 15 [Transmutation] 0
Rage Against Renner 15 15 [Climbing] 0
Quality Time With Qualities 10 10 [Transmutation] 0
Deconstructed and Redistributed 10 10 [Transmutation] 0
Qualify 10 10 [Transmutation] 0
Clinging to the World 15 15 [Unarmed Combat] 0
In These Woods They Fell 15 15 [Unarmed Combat] 0
The Three Of Us 15 15 [Unarmed Combat] 0
Lost in the Woods 15 15 [Transmutation] 0
To Animate Life 15 15 [Unarmed Combat] 0
Make It Bold 10 10 [Transmutation] 0
All Black, All Blue 10 10 [Transmutation] 0
The Ineffable 15 15 [Unarmed Combat] 0
The Mark of Evil 15 15 [Unarmed Combat] 0
Black Sheep 5 5 [Unarmed Combat] 0
Letting Go 15 15 [Unarmed Combat] 0
Fluctuation of the Seasons 10 10 [Transmutation] 0
She of Shimmering Eyes 10 10 [Unarmed Combat] 0
The Most Important Thing 10 10 [Unarmed Combat] 0
The First Witch of Skalden 10 10 [Unarmed Combat] 0
Hagerd Fen 10 10 [Unarmed Combat] 0
Ne'haerly Out of Breath 15 10 [Unarmed Combat] 5 [Stealth] 0
From Rose to Risen 15 12 [Meditation] 3 [Stealth] 0
Blackwing, Free Thing: Part Two 10 10 [Meditation] 0
Sesserian Psychology 15 15 [Stealth] 0
Deoch Daire 15 15 [Stealth] 0
Renegotiation 15 15 [Stealth] 0
Tarnished and Tattered 15 15 [Stealth] 0
Blood Adrift the Ocean Breeze 10 10 [Musical Instrument (Harmonica)] 0
Perspective 20 20 [Discipline] 0
I Remember the Swallows 10 10 [Discipline] 0
The Ashvane Reflection 10 10 [Discipline] 0
What Maketh Man 15 15 [Discipline] 0
Ether and Candied Apples 15 15 [Transmutation] 0
The Coalition 15 15 [Linguistics] 0
No Further Secrecy 20 20 [Linguistics] 0
Black Blood 10 10 [Linguistics] 0
Rose Colored Shades 10 6 [Linguistics] 4 [Vahanic] 0
All Walls Are Made of Glass 10 8 [Vahanic] 2 [Stealth] 0
Tongue Unspoken 10 10 [Stealth] 0
The Gang is (Almost) All Here 10 10 [Stealth] 0
Back to Dreaming 10 10 [Stealth] 0
Whispering Through Open Windows 15 15 [Stealth] 0
Along the Lines of Lobsters 10 10 [Necromancy] 0
We Need Wood 10 10 [Stealth] 0
A House of Flowers 15 15 [Stealth] 0
Oblivion Heart 15 10 [Stealth] 5 [Discipline] 0
Little Ones 10 10 [Climbing] 0
We Need Trade 10 10 [Discipline] 0
Mortal Men 15 5 [Discipline] 10 [Meditation] 0
He Gave Me Wings 15 15 [Meditation] 0
Empty Moons 15 15 [Meditation] 0
A World That Lives 15 15 [Meditation] 0
To Every King, A Throne 10 10 [Meditation] 0
To Be Alone 10 10 [Meditation] 0
Quality People 10 10 [Transmutation] 0
Magnetic Men 10 10 [Transmutation] 0
The Weab Dream Chronicles: Part 1 10 10 [Meditation] 0
The Weab Dream Chronicles: Part 2 10 10 [Meditation] 0
The Blighted Thicket: Part 1 10 10 [Transmutation] 0
The Blighted Thicket: Part 2 10 10 [Transmutation] 0
Bearbie Girl 10 10 [Meditation] 0
A Sun Over Stone 15 15 [Climbing] 0
Jeepers Creepers 15 10 [Climbing] 5 [Meditation] 0
Technique 15 15 [Meditation] 0
Guilt 15 3 [Meditation] 12 [Climbing] 0
Safe Space 15 15 [Swimming] 0
What's Mine is Mine 15 15 [Intimidation] 0
Tomorrow is Another Day 15 15 [Intimidation] 0
Your Hand in Mine 15 15 [Intimidation] 0
Obscurum 15 15 [Intimidation] 0
And the Guiltless 15 15 [Intimidation] 0
Life, Again 15 15 [Intimidation] 0
Him And I 15 15 [Climbing] 0
The Venora Thing 15 15 [Intimidation] 0
Rising Tide 15 15 [Intimidation] 0
Wedlocked 15 15 [Intimidation] 0
Shrike on Viper Action 15 15 [Intimidation] 0
Starbound 15 15 [Climbing] 0
Sun and Moon 15 5 [Intimidation] 10 [Swimming] 0
Wood You Kindly 15 15 [Tactics] 0
Blood in the Rudders 15 15 [Transmutation] 0
A Bed of Swines 15 15 [Tactics] 0
What Remains 15 15 [Tactics] 0
The Eclipse 15 15 [Transmutation] 0
Chokehold 15 15 [Tactics] 0
Asher to Ashes 15 15 [Tactics] 0
What a Beautiful Morning 15 15 [Cooking] 0
No More Stories 15 12 [Cooking] 3 [Climbing] 0
Serene Devotion 15 15 [Climbing] 0
A Feeling 15 15 [Climbing] 0
Hello, Nice To Meet You 15 15 [Climbing] 0
My Sister's Creeper 15 15 [Seduction] 0
Another Attempt 15 15 [Seduction] 0
Skycrown, Rosethorn 15 15 [Transmutation] 0
Runaway 15 15 [Hone] 0
Even Stones Breathe 10 10 [Hone] 0
The Grimoire 10 10 [Hone] 0
At Least Bones Mend 15 15 [Seduction] 0
Home, Again 15 15 [Seduction] 0
Your Core 15 15 [Hone] 0
Resist 10 10 [Hone] 0
Squirm 15 15 [Hone] 0
Dead Or Not 10 10 [Hone] 0
Still Healing 15 15 [Hone] 0
The Mere Thought 15 15 [Negotiation] 0
Fade Into You 15 15 [Negotiation] 0
Deprivation 15 15 [Hone] 0
Peace, Again 15 15 [Hone] 0
Efflorescence 15 15 [Hone] 0
Two And I 15 15 [Persuasion] 0
Abject 15 15 [Persuasion] 0
Point to Point 15 15 [Persuasion] 0
Secrets of the Craft 15 15 [Persuasion] 0
Heart of Thorns 15 15 [Hone] 0
Helix 10 10 [Hone] 0
The Start of a Trial 15 5 [Necromancy] 10 [Persuasion] 0
Braga-docious 15 15 [Persuasion] 0
Blade and Boundaries 15 15 [Persuasion] 0
To Live 15 15 [Persuasion] 0
To Breathe 15 15 [Persuasion] 0
Contamination 15 10 [Hone] 5 [Negotiation] 0
Beware, Beware... 15 15 [Logistics] 0
Hope Falls 15 15 [Logistics] 0
A Path to Portals 15 15 [Negotiation] 0
Somnus and Solitude 10 10 [Hone] 0
May Change One Day Come 10 10 [Negotiation] 0
Ivory On Your Lips 10 10 [Negotiation] 0
Rejuvenation 15 15 [Negotiation] 0
Mynea 10 10 [Hone] 0
Salt and Wroth 15 15 [Necromancy] 0
People Like Us 15 15 [Negotiation] 0
Life Has Little Luster 15 15 [Negotiation] 0
From Overgrowth to Ash 15 15 [Negotiation] 0
A Little Advice 15 15 [Negotiation] 0
Mythos in Mynea 10 10 [Hone] 0
Conversations 15 10 [Negotiation] 3 [Politics] 2 [Tactics] 0
Doorstep 10 10 [Thrown Weapons] 0
Mistakes 15 15 [Thrown Weapons] 0
For My Family 15 15 [Caregiving] 0
To Be a Lord 15 15 [Caregiving] 0
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger 15 15 [Caregiving] 0
Intention 15 15 [Hone] 0
In the Middle of the Night 15 15 [Caregiving] 0
The Political Flesh 10 10 [Caregiving] 0
Welcome to Tyros 10 10 [Logistics] 0
Simplicity 10 10 [Logistics] 0
Embraced By Claws 10 10 [Logistics] 0
Journey 10 10 [Logistics] 0
The Interloper: Part I 10 10 [Logistics] 0
What Maketh A Man 15 15 [Mount] 0
The Interloper: Part II 10 10 [Mount] 0
The Interloper: Part III 10 10 [Shields] 0
The Interloper: Part VI 10 10 [Shields] 0
The Long Way Home 15 15 [Shields] 0
Who We Are 15 15 [Shields] 0
Purity to All 10 10 [Hone] 0
Skoteini 15 15 [Hone] 0
Guardian 10 10 [Shields] 0
Wondering About You 15 15 [Shields] 0
A Thousand Sons 15 15 [Shields] 0
Epitaph 15 15 [Shields] 0
The Loyal Do Not Reap 15 15 [Shields] 0
Detriment 10 10 [Shields] 0
Things Better Left Unsaid 15 10 [Shields] 5 [Blades] 0
The Man Who Once Was 10 10 [Shields] 0
Leoi 10 10 [Blades] 0
A Meeting of Minds 15 15 [Blades] 0
The Choice 15 5 [Rupturing] 10 [Transmutation] 0
Arbiter 10 10 [Blades] 0
The Waiting Place 25 25 [Blades] 0
Awaken From That Darkly Night 10 10 [Blades] 0
The Simple Things 15 15 [Blades] 0
Endgame: Nightmares 20 20 [Transmutation] 0
One Last Memory 10 10 [Blades] 0
A Father That Is Always There 10 10 [Blades] 0
Debrief 15 15 [Blades] 0
Eschate 10 8 [Blades] 2 [Climbing] 0
A Way Forward 15 15 [Blades] 0
Always Loyal 10 10 [Blades] 0
Flawed Blueprint 15 5 [Blades] 10 [Transmutation] 0
Remember Me 15 15 [Blades] 0
Etherwork 10 10 [Transmutation] 0
One With Me 15 10 [Transmutation] 5 [Blades] 0
Stones 10 10 [Blades] 0
Into the Old 10 10 [Blades] 0
Into Darkness 10 10 [Blades] 0
Into Judgement 10 10 [Blades] 0
CitW: The Curious 15 15 [Shields] 0
Swan Song 15 15 [Meditation] 0
Our Origin Story 15 15 [Meditation] 0
Forward, We Have Gone 15 15 [Meditation] 0
The Curiously Nice House 15 15 [Meditation] 0
CitW 2: Endgame: Nightmares 20 20 [Meditation] 0
The Lost 20 20 [Meditation] 0
Skill Conversion: [Acrobatics] to [Athletics] 250 250 [Athletics] 0
Skill Scale Down: Refund [Running] 250 250 [Unspent] 250
Skill Scale Down: Refund [Climbing] 142 142 [Unspent] 392
Skill Conversion: [Persuasion] to [Socialization] 156 156 [Socialization] 392
Skill Scale Down: Refund [Negotiation] 155 94 [Socialization] 61 [Unspent] 453
XP Expenditure 0 97 [Discipline] 95 [Intimidation] 95 [Politics] 95 [Tactics] 71 [Fieldcraft] 0



Thousands of disorganized, alphabetized knowledges.


Abaddon: Knows Hone and Attunement
Abaddon: Lotharen Mage
Abaddon: My Lover
Aberration: Harvesters Can Bind to Aberrants
Abrogation: Can be used with surgery very effectively
Abrogation: Hardened Air Can Form a "Cone of Silence"
Abrogation: Shackle: To Hold a King Croc's Tail in Place
Abrogation: Taken, plucked out by Ralaith
Abrogation: The anti-magic magic
Abrogation: There are limits
Abrogation: Three basic uses: pre-emptive, reactive, replicative
Abrogation: necromantic reanimated corpses might not be immune
Abrogation: pre-emptive abrogation reverses the polarities of energy
Abrogation: pre-emptive abrogation stops spells before they are cast
Abrogation: reactive abrogation
Abrogation: reactive abrogation "reverses" spells that have been cast
Abrogation: replicative abrogation duplicates substances
Abrogation: to replicate a substance, you have to know it's touch/feel, not it's chemistry
Acting: Appearing Proper
Acting: Being called on-stage
Acting: Feigning Hate for Your Siblings...or is it?
Acting: Feigning a rural accent
Acting: Forgetting to dress the part can be devastating to playing a role
Acting: Improvisation
Acting: It's difficult to stay in the role
Acting: Jumping into a role
Acting: Keeping a fake calm
Acting: Playing a character
Acting: Playing the doctor
Acting: Playing the part of a fantasy romance
Acting: Remaining cohesive within a role's boundaries
Acting: Roleplaying during adult actions
Acting: Roleplaying horribly
Acting: Using a different dialect
Acting: When to Let Strangers Hear is Part of the Act
Aedan: Your past life
Aeon: Former Knight
Aeon: Good Man
Aeon: Lost Hand to Zvezdana
Agriculture: Polders
Ailluin: A Tunawa
Ailluin: A piece of bark that clings to Avrae
Ailluin: Stabbed you
Ailluin: Tiny and punchable
Ailluin: You punched it
Alaric: A useful slave
Alaric: Disgusted by your work
Alaric: Literate
Alaric: Reluctant to speak freely
Alaric: Slave since childhood
Alcohol: The Venoran Vice
Alistair Calder: You
Alistair: Becoming Warm and Cuddly
Alistair: Enhanced reflexes
Alistair: Received a genetic mutagen
Alistair: Shadowdancing Master
Alistair: Spear Master
Alistair: the Sunless
All Weapons Have Merit Against Immortals
Ancient Book: guide to Orimar
Andaris: City Layout
Andraska Venora: would have helped in this social situation.
Andraska: Gets drunk, but is obviously the most relaxed of the two of you. Maybe you should be more like him?
Andraska: Has matured while you were away
Andraska: Knows you are a Necromancer
Andraska: May just be the only sane person left in the Venora family
Andraska: Takes drugs and stabs people with his wood
Andraska: The fact that you love him is a major realisation.
Andraska: Understands you more than most
Andraska: You are going to need your brothers help in this, as in all your endeavours. He is key
Andraska: You love your brother
Anger has brought me to suicide
Animal Husbandry: Animals are apparently not fond of Necromancers
Animal Husbandry: Attempting to treat a horse
Animal Husbandry: Baby horses are cute
Animal Husbandry: Dealing with an injured Redbear
Animal Husbandry: Horses don't like me
Animal Husbandry: Horses have few predators
Animal Husbandry: Sohr Khal Eggs
Animal Husbandry: Techiniques for identifying strength in horses
Animal Husbandry: When startled, horses are likely to bolt.
Animal Husbandry: Wild horses like meadows
Animal Training: Llewnos are feisty if untrained
Animal Training: Offering food to keep animals compliant
Animal Training: Strength can deter animals to rebel
Arcana: Abrogation
Arcana: Necromancy
Arcana: Rupturing
Arcana: Subjected to a Spell
Arcana: Wards
Arcane: Initiation in magic can form a strong bond
Arios: A Seducer
Arios: Greatly assisted me in persuading his peers
Arios: Member of the Argonis of Miletos
Arios: Will aide me in acquiring Tyros
Arios: Wishes to rule directly beneath me
Ashadi Ki'haru: a very ambiutious necromancer / coven member
Ashadi Ki'haru: you killed her on Ellasin's order
Ashan: Stopped My Revelation
Asher: A divine miracle provided by the Fates
Asher: All I Have Left
Asher: Born on the 24th of Vhalar, Arc 718
Asher: Is beginning to develop his own eye colors
Asher: Learning to express his emotions through colors, thanks to Zarik
Asher: Liked Zarik immediately
Asher: My Son
Asher: Possibly Zarik's "Child"
Asher: Seems comfortable with Zarik as his parent
Asher: Teething
Asher: Will rule the South
Athletics: Acrobatic curl
Athletics: Acrobatically landing on a foe to do severe damage
Athletics: Back-flipping into a grab
Athletics: Balancing on a thin ledge
Athletics: Balancing on sand
Athletics: Barrel Roll
Athletics: Catching multiple high velocity projectiles with your hands
Athletics: Comboing acrobatic moves
Athletics: Dancing around a heavier opponent
Athletics: Dancing with your enemy
Athletics: Diagonal Cartwheel
Athletics: Evasion
Athletics: Fluid Voiding
Athletics: Front handspring
Athletics: Front-flipping from a crawl
Athletics: Front-flipping into a cartwheel
Athletics: Frontflip
Athletics: Gentle Dodges
Athletics: Gravelmonger
Athletics: Gravelmonger can even work on apparitions
Athletics: Gravelmonger: Crawling like a spider
Athletics: Gymnastic positions
Athletics: Handspring into a stand
Athletics: Hanging from something with your legs
Athletics: Jumping Attack
Athletics: Landing softly after a great jump
Athletics: Leaping onto someone's shoulders for escalation
Athletics: Persistent Evasion
Athletics: Rebounding into a somersault to dodge
Athletics: Recovering From a Roll
Athletics: Rolling into a crawl
Athletics: Rolling into a sweep
Athletics: Side-roll
Athletics: Sliding beneath a foe
Athletics: Slipping a large frame through small windows
Athletics: Spinning Turn
Athletics: Stepping and flipping to scale a hill
Athletics: Strafing into a Spin
Athletics: Timing an Acrobatic Maneuver
Athletics: Twirling Around Projectiles
Athletics: Using your body's dexterity to avoid being impacted
Athletics: Vertical Cartwheel
Athletics: Voiding is easy against massive enemies
Athletics: Walking on your hands
Athletics: Weaving through lunges and slashes
Athletics: Ascending from a window sill
Athletics: Avoiding Athletics brittle structures
Athletics: Can be used in tandem with Athletics
Athletics: Can benefit parkour
Athletics: Athletics a flat-topped roof
Athletics: Athletics a straight surface
Athletics: Controlling traction upon a landing
Athletics: It's difficult to climb structures with wide gaps between ledges
Athletics: Jumping from ledges
Athletics: Landing from a height safely
Athletics: Leading into the next ledge
Athletics: Making long jumps consistently for parkour
Athletics: Managing a landing on your feet
Athletics: Measuring the impact of one's body weight on Athletics
Athletics: Preparing your path before Athletics
Athletics: Producing jumping momentum while Athletics
Athletics: Rebounding and leaping as a way to advance
Athletics: Seating oneself upon a ledge
Athletics: Shimmying using cracks and gaps
Athletics: Upwardly springing into a grip
Athletics: Using Athletics for momentum to scale objects
Athletics: Using traction to improve Athletics and parkour
Athletics: Adrenal bursts of speed
Athletics: Breathing Evenly
Athletics: Breathing evenly while angry
Athletics: Easier without the burden of weight
Athletics: First Fundamental, Form
Athletics: High endurance means longer Athletics uptime
Athletics: Human legs can only perform traction so well
Athletics: Jogging
Athletics: Jogging a mountain
Athletics: Jogging through intense heat
Athletics: Jumping from a sprint early can lead to consequences
Athletics: Keeping one's arms at their side
Athletics: Liches can run tirelessly
Athletics: Lowering your back before a sprint
Athletics: Lowering yourself into a sprint for maximal speed
Athletics: Maintaining an even pace
Athletics: Not colliding with trees
Athletics: Not tripping over roots
Athletics: Quickly moving from one target to the next
Athletics: Regulating Breath with Speed
Athletics: Remaining balanced despite emotions
Athletics: Athletics against an opposing force
Athletics: Athletics and stealth can go hand in hand
Athletics: Athletics and strafing around a larger and deadlier opponent
Athletics: Athletics into a descending lunge
Athletics: Athletics jumps
Athletics: Athletics through tall, rural grass
Athletics: Athletics through unadulterated areas can be dangerous
Athletics: Second Fundamental, Core
Athletics: Skirting spherically
Athletics: Spraining your ankle due to Athletics
Athletics: Sprinting
Athletics: Sprinting from a crowd of vicious children
Athletics: Sprinting into a clean swipe
Athletics: Sprinting over forest terrain
Athletics: Tensing into the ground to build momentum
Athletics: The legs need to be trained to run in extreme conditions
Athletics: Traction
Athletics: Using traction to retain bursts of speed
Athletics: Using traction to slide into an attack
Athletics: With my longer legs, I run faster
Avrae: A 'gutter-trash, tough-guy punk'
Avrae: Aukari
Avrae: Cried because you're different in dreams
Avrae: Cries when emotional
Avrae: Emotional
Avrae: Goes down easy
Avrae: Got quite a temper
Avrae: Knew your name from a dream
Avrae: Punched you
Avrae: Starts things he can't finish
Avrae: Thinks he's a monster
Avrae: Thinks you've got layers, but he knows the real you.
Avrae: Very limited combat experience
Avrae: Warm
Avrae: Was tailing someone
Avrae: You knocked him on to his butt.
Avrae: You punched him
Avrae: You think he's beautiful
Axes and Bludgeons: Skill free swinging
Azzas: Fridgar's past life
Banner: House Burhan
Banner: House Endor
Banner: House Krome
Bayern: A farming settlement
Bayern: Has fallen to extortion from a gang; the Bloodletters of Bayern
Becoming: A strong self-identity is key
Becoming: Heavy Overstepping Penalties
Becoming: Moderate Overstepping Penalties
Becoming: The Basics About Totems
Becoming: The Initiation
Becoming: The Protean
Becoming: Unleashing is a Very Fast, But Tiring, Shift
Becoming: You Have to Finish Before You Can Shift Back
Bellinos: Condemned
Bestiary: Adamantine Kingfisher
Bestiary: Changelings
Bestiary: Harvester
Bestiary: Harvester: Aberrants rely on them
Bestiary: Harvester: Not trustworthy
Bestiary: Harvester: Spiritual Being from Emea
Bestiary: Saltfetchers
Bestiary: Saltfetchers: Sometimes attack settlements
Bestiary: Soraanar
Bestiary: Trachadon
Blades (Claymore): Always be quick and aggressive
Blades (Claymore): Downward lunge
Blades (Claymore): Drawing quickly for a sneak attack
Blades (Claymore): Going for an ascending object
Blades (Claymore): Impaling a downed foe's head
Blades (Claymore): Quick lunge
Blades (Claymore): Reacting to being splintered
Blades (Claymore): Severing a mage's hand as they cast
Blades (Claymore): Skewering
Blades (Claymore): Swiping, horizontal draw
Blades, Longsword: Decapitation
Blades, Longsword: Fighting in tandem with unarmed strikes
Blades, Longsword: Remise
Blades, Longsword: Using adrenaline to increase your speed of attacks
Blades: (Claymore) Blades are about precision
Blades: (Claymore) Countering
Blades: (Claymore) Disarming with a deflecting strike
Blades: (Claymore) Parrying
Blades: (Claymore) Riposte
Blades: Always the Jugular to Finish a Fight
Blades: An Extension of Your Arm
Blades: Blades are good for quickly removing limbs
Blades: Butchering someone while they're down
Blades: Dagger: A Dual-Wielder May be About to Throw One
Blades: Footwork Can Indicate an Opponent's Intent
Blades: Longsword - Using rupturing in tandem with the sword
Blades: Longsword: Coordinating Swings With Rupturing Moves
Blades: Longsword: Reach Advantage is Lost in Close
Blades: Longsword: The Need to Learn New Attacks to be Less Predictable
Blades: Not Every Tactic Involves the Weapon
Blades: Parrying WITH the Swing to ADD Carry-Through
Blades: Skewering
Blades: Strike Wherever Carry-Through Allows
Blades: Upward Slash
Blades; Sword: Mounted Height Aids in Cleaving Skulls
Bloodletters of Bayern: A gang led by the Axton sons and daughters.
Bonesong: Fantasia
Bronik: Easy on the eye
Bronik: Knows a lot about drugs
Bronik: Relaxed in company
Bronik: Your first kiss
Brynjar: Offers The Courtesy of His Home
Business Management: A business must distinguish itself from its competition
Business Management: Acknowledging social relations between workers and clients
Business Management: Buying from already affiliated partners
Business Management: Commodity
Business Management: Delegating your workers to prevent a violent situation
Business Management: Emergency visits for extra revenue
Business Management: Everyone needs a trial off
Business Management: Everyone needs a trial off - even the boss
Business Management: Expanding business infrastructure
Business Management: Funding a new industry
Business Management: Handling an employee roster
Business Management: Hiring a new employee
Business Management: In a high class locale, all of one's employees must dress well
Business Management: Inspecting a potential investment
Business Management: Interest revenue
Business Management: Investing in a business property
Business Management: Investing in infrastructure
Business Management: Investment royalties
Business Management: Keeping on long-term customers for consistent revenue
Business Management: Maintaining the integrity of your business
Business Management: One needs more employees for more opening hours
Business Management: Organizing an external operation
Business Management: Orientation
Business Management: Overworking an employee
Business Management: Securing a valuable position in the market
Business Management: Sending a worker on leave for a violation
Business Management: Taking advantage of low investor expectations
Business Management: Taking jobs from wealthy patrons
Business Management: Tax as a source of revenue
Business Management: Teaching your workers new skills
Business Management: Undergoing large-scale developments
Business Management: Undermining rival trade organizations
Business Management: Using your employee's strengths to introduce new features
Business Management: Valuations based on position in business relationship
Caregiving: Attending One's Every Need
Caregiving: Attending the Dying
Caregiving: Being Patient With the Elderly
Caregiving: Biqaj can develop by mirroring one another
Caregiving: Bringing Comfort to the Ill
Caregiving: Children might need to be beaten
Caregiving: Children's development can be supplemented by games
Caregiving: Comforting someone who is crying
Caregiving: Comforting your child with benevolent ether
Caregiving: Emotional support for the elderly
Caregiving: Entertaining a group of children
Caregiving: Giving attention to multiple children
Caregiving: Giving attention to orphaned children
Caregiving: Holding a child so that they don't fall
Caregiving: I can make others feel no pain
Caregiving: Making someone feel valued
Caregiving: Offering guidance to someone in your household
Caregiving: Physically supporting the elderly
Caregiving: Shaping your child's personality early on
Caregiving: Speaking directly to a child to teach them communication
Caregiving: Supporting one through their insecurities
Caregiving: Supporting someone's mental wellbeing by distancing them from a source of stress
Caregiving: Two parents is better than one
Cassander: A tactical man
Cassander: Cares about the people of Rynmere
Cassander: Courageous
Cassander: Held Faith's hand
Cassander: Killed Queen Freya
Cassander: Knows his heritage well
Cassander: Posed as a slave
Cassander: Sixteen arcs old
Cassander: The Boy King
Cassander: The Rightful King of Rynmere
Cassander: Wears a black crown
Cassander: Well-spoken for a boy
Cassander: Won't stoop to insults
Celeste Andaris : Best candidate for beard
Celeste Andaris: Broke off the marriage, no women for me.
Celeste Andaris: Future Wife
Celeste Andaris: Has no women in her family alive.
Change starts with wanting to change
Construction: Tower of Sabaissant Built to Stay Warm
Cooking: Adding flour to a brew for thickness
Cooking: Adding supplements to a meal for better nutritional value
Cooking: Chili Dip
Cooking: Chopping vegetables
Cooking: Cooking meat on a rack
Cooking: Cooking stew over a fire
Cooking: Following ingredients
Cooking: Garlic is not as easy to chop
Cooking: Making the 'batter' for stew
Cooking: Mixing in vegetables to bring out flavors
Cooking: Pacing your cooking process
Cooking: Serving the right portions based on appetite
Cooking: Simmering something
Cooking: Using wine to add flavor to other liquids
Cooking: Venison stew
Cooking: Wheat Chips
Corrosion from a distance: needs practice
Corrosion: Can be used to burn away flesh on physical contact
Corrosion: Can be used to remove rot from corpses
Cosmetology: No one likes a sweaty Noble
Cosmetology: Picking dresses for suitable skin tones.
Cosmetology: always check the hair
Coven Membership Has Physical Costs as Well
Coven Philosophy Largely Matches Etzos' Policy
Coven Ranks
Coven Rule: Challenging Ellasin
Coven of Ellasin: Establish a Governance of Mages
Coven of Ellasin: Hierarchy
Coven of Ellasin: Mages stand above the rest
Coven of Ellasin: Naxos, the Orphaned
Coven of Ellasin: Sae'a'fei, the Black
Coven of Ellasin: Sotrosei, the Corrupted
Coven of Ellasin: The Tenets
Coven: Using You for a Greater Purpose
Coven: Weakness if Viewed as a Sin
Coven: Will Kill You if You Prove Unworthy
Creature: Crimson Skinbane
Creature: Lurkers of the Cliffs
Creature: Lysorian Skinbane
Creature: Sylvithia
Crimson Skinbane: Giant Lysorian
Cyrene Venora: One of the Sacred Seven
Damian: The Prankster
Damien Noch: Not a slave to power
Damien's Opinion of Krome: Krome: Brutish
Damien's Opinion of Krome: They Shag Boys
Damien: A Fallen Lich
Damien: Attracted to power
Damien: Believes I should return to Rynmere
Damien: Believes abrogation is a kind magic
Damien: Can corrode a pig from a distance
Damien: Didn't quite say "I told you so" but nearly
Damien: Doesnt trust the coven
Damien: Early history
Damien: Has no more to teach you
Damien: Helped you to understand how to walk as a sinner seeking repentence
Damien: Impressed with you
Damien: Initiated you into abrogation
Damien: Loves you
Damien: The Jagged Heart
Damien: Thinks I've lost my way
Damien: Thinks its important mages can engage in physical combat.
Damien: Wishes to destroy the Coven for good
Damien: Wounded
Damien: more important to you than perhaps even he realises.
Damien: sorry that he brought you into this
Dance: have fun with it next time
Dancing: How to Approach a Potential Partner
Dancing: Strong Partners Can Suspend You in the Air
Daniel Blackstone: A Good Friend
Daniel Blackstone: Loyal to Me
Daniel Blackstone: My Bodyguard
David Krome: Emperor of Rynmere
David Krome: Loyal to the King
Deception: A biqaj's truth is in their eyes
Deception: Baiting someone into a prank
Deception: Convincing Someone Of False Self Attributes
Deception: Cutting off a loose end by manipulating their motives
Deception: Emotionless Gaze
Deception: Faking Cultural Traditions
Deception: Feigning emotion to gain someone's trust
Deception: Formulating a Story as a Cover to Magic
Deception: Hiding one's motives until the last moment
Deception: Hiding that you're initiating another person.
Deception: Improvisation
Deception: Keeping a falsely passive demeanor around a threat
Deception: Leading someone into a trap
Deception: Leading the Conversation
Deception: Leaving out the details of your adventures with the coven.
Deception: Lies are sometimes necessary
Deception: Lying to people who care about you is easier
Deception: Making a gambit with a lie
Deception: Making promises of love
Deception: Manner of Dress Can Create False Impressions
Deception: Playing someone's game and outmaneuvering them
Deception: Plotting another's downfall
Deception: Pretending to be an Ally
Deception: Pretending to be something you're not
Deception: Pretending to submit
Deception: Say What They Desire
Deception: Setting up a scheme
Deception: Setting your own rules can enhance your trickery
Deception: Shrouding yourself in innocence
Deception: Springing a plot
Deception: Telling lies nonchalantly
Deception: Telling lies within outrageous truths to conceal them
Deception: Well-done plots can lead to instant assassinations
Deception: dodging the question
Defiance: An Act of Communion
Defiance: Deference
Defiance: Defiers can break apart water
Defiance: Kin Element
Defiance: Kin Element Ritual
Defiance: Kin Elements
Defiance: Less Structured Than Rupturing, Can Be Learned With Intuition
Defiance: The Elements Are Sentient
Defiance: The Kin Element
Defiance: The Magic of The Elements
Defiance: The elements have feelings
Dehlila Fairfax: Ambitious student
Dehlila Fairfax: doesn't have high regard for slaves
Dehlila Fairfax: interested in intestines (gross)
Demetrion: Practical and observant
Deovan: Also Called "The Raven"
Deovan: Even "Nailed", he Fights Well
Deovan: Serious Physical Skills
Deovan: Wanted Vuda's Empathy Ring
Detection: An Accent Can Determine Origin if You Listen Close Enough
Detection: Being aware of someone's movements over a long distance
Detection: Detecting a change in texture
Detection: Detecting a difference in one's anatomy
Detection: Detecting oddities in a corpse
Detection: Detecting personality traits amidst extreme emotion
Detection: Determining the source position of a movement from sound and touch
Detection: Discerning certain smells
Detection: Failing to detect wordplay can result in missing a lie
Detection: Familiar voices
Detection: Feeling out a physical change to examine it
Detection: Finding opportunities for self-enjoyment
Detection: Finding the source of a voice
Detection: Following someone's evasions preemptively
Detection: Going on the lookout for specific characteristics
Detection: Hearing sounds against water
Detection: Hiding whilst observing is useful for better perception
Detection: How to notice small details in nature
Detection: How to recognize a change in someones facial expression
Detection: Identifying style of combat.
Detection: Knowing the intensity of someone's desire for you
Detection: Knowing when a guy is um..yah
Detection: Learning to fight with improved feet sensory
Detection: Linking a mark to a blessing or curse
Detection: Noticing aesthetic changes
Detection: Noticing fine details in craftsmanship
Detection: Noticing hidden details
Detection: Noticing someone else's suspicions
Detection: Noticing someone's traces
Detection: Noticing tension.
Detection: Noticing when someone is speaking to their Harvester
Detection: Observing from an outpost
Detection: Observing the mechanics of a fighting style
Detection: Observing your surroundings in a dangerous situation
Detection: People lie better whilst playing games
Detection: Perceiving a biqaj's eye colors and their meanings
Detection: Piecing together minor transformative differences
Detection: Pin-pointing the location of someone fleeing
Detection: Realizing someone's attraction
Detection: Recognizing admirable traits in someone
Detection: Recognizing an opponent's counters
Detection: Recognizing what makes others happy
Detection: Recognizing when a crowd is about to turn violent
Detection: Recognizing when you're being watched
Detection: Recognizing your form's potential weaknesses
Detection: Scanning for the source of something
Detection: Searching for something in a high tensity situation
Detection: Searching from a higher elevation
Detection: Seeing through a diversion
Detection: Sometimes patients lie
Detection: Sounds in a strange house
Detection: Spotting an accomplice in a group
Detection: Spotting curious children.
Detection: Spotting minute details in non-verbal communication.
Detection: Spotting talent in combat movements
Detection: The scent of blood
Detection: The tiny squeak of a Tunawa
Detection: The unmistakeable smell of corpses
Detection: Trying, and failing, to place a motive on someone's behavior
Detection: Using heat to find an enemy
Detection: Using logic to discern lies
Detection: Using perception to lock someone down
Detection: Using sound to find an enemy
Detection: Using sound traps to detect
Detection: Using your feet to sense surrounding movements
Detection: Watching expressions to determine intentions.
Detection: Watching in the distance for movement can yield results in open spaces.
Discipline: Acting as a conduit for someone else's emotional needs
Discipline: Acting faithful among depravity
Discipline: Acting on your ethics, regardless of anyone else
Discipline: Admitting What Little You Know When Asked
Discipline: Being the first born comes with responsibilities
Discipline: Calming yourself and looking for opportunity
Discipline: Can replace meditation
Discipline: Containing kneejerk reactions in the face of odd practices
Discipline: Controlling suicidal thoughts
Discipline: Crying but not breaking
Discipline: Cutting off family for pragmatic reasons
Discipline: Diminishing stress with self control
Discipline: Dismantling things with ether to feel better
Discipline: Don't give up when times are tough
Discipline: Enduring the removal of hope
Discipline: Failing to hold back your emotions
Discipline: Following rules regardless of adversity
Discipline: Forcing Oneself to Move Forward
Discipline: Forcing truth to precede ideological belief
Discipline: Holding back desires in order to get what you want
Discipline: Holding yourself back until otherwise prompted
Discipline: Humility As An Asset
Discipline: Keeping calm during a negotiation
Discipline: Keeping oneself calm despite passions being put into question
Discipline: Killing one emotion with another
Discipline: Knowing when to retreat.
Discipline: Knowing your goal and striving for it
Discipline: Learning how to conceptualize a calming thought
Discipline: Maintaining a clean room
Discipline: Maintaining a rigid set of principles
Discipline: Maintaining composure at an emotional moment
Discipline: Maintaining relative composure under gang bullying
Discipline: Managing grief to allow for love
Discipline: My mind works differently during sexual encounters
Discipline: Not allowing emotional rifts to interfere
Discipline: Not allowing emotions to leak into actions
Discipline: Not distracting loved ones even as they endure pain
Discipline: Not laughing when it is not appropriate to do so.
Discipline: Not letting sensations disrupt your plans
Discipline: Obeying Another
Discipline: Obeying your partner's will
Discipline: Regulating Information Internally
Discipline: Reining in your fury
Discipline: Remain focused on the job, even when it's gross.
Discipline: Remaining Calm While Witnessing a Radical Shift
Discipline: Remaining calm within a storm
Discipline: Resisting an Immortal's compulsion
Discipline: Resisting lustful temptations
Discipline: Resisting temptation
Discipline: Resisting your lovers charms
Discipline: Restraining extreme lust, even in the thick of the act
Discipline: Restraining facial expressions that would portray your emotions
Discipline: Restraining instinctual desires
Discipline: Restraining lust
Discipline: Restraining your anger
Discipline: Retaining your grip on yourself during anguish
Discipline: Sexual self-control
Discipline: Silencing your own grief to help another find comfort
Discipline: Taking Information Calmly
Discipline: Tolerating horrors
Discipline: Trying not to cry
Discipline: Understanding what causes unwanted emotions is the first step to controlling them.
Discipline: Using breath control to calm down
Discipline: Using thespian to control emotions
Discipline: accepting your destiny of a loveless marriage.
Discipline: keeping your promises
Discipline: standing up to injustice
Disguise: Examining the subjects face
Disguise: Examining the subjects voice
Disguise: Exploring the expressions of a disguise
Disguise: Mastering your own face to hide from others
Disguise: Minor touches can help conceal
Disguise: Utilizing a painting for visual accuracy
Disguise: When living in your own skin is dangerous
Domain Magic: A consequence of Fractures can be the dramatic loss of ether
Domain Magic: All mages must make a choice
Domain Magic: Crux
Domain Magic: Hone mages are called 'Runewrights'
Domain Magic: Immortals can remove a spark
Domain Magic: Spark Link
Domain Magic: The Fifth Spark
Domain Magic: The Revelation Melds Soul and Spark
Domain Magic: The Revelation wipes away the self
Doran: A Mortalborn
Doran: A professor, not a doctor
Doran: Accepted a polygamous relationship
Doran: Accepts Me
Doran: Believes that, to improve the future one must be familiar with the past.
Doran: Born in Ne'haer
Doran: Has an aura about him.
Doran: I Love Him
Doran: My Partner
Doran: Not a noble
Doran: Taught me to embrace my sorrow
Doran: Worked as an apothecary
Dragon: Jadacons
Dream: High priest of Yaralon gave necklace Damien wore/
Dream: Symbol of Lichdom that represented Ellasin
Dream: Symbol of peace and exploration of self
Dreamwalking: I no longer forget my dreams
Dreamwalking: Initiation
Drexion: Incredible Jaw
Drexion: Sneaky
Duncan OIsin: Mercenary
Duncan Oisin: Calls you 'Boss'
Duncan Oisin: Not afraid of your station
Duncan Oisin: Prefers to use a gladius
Duncan Oisin: Terms and conditions of employment
Duncan Oisin: Thinks about his answers carefully
Duncan: Always Good, Unlike Me
Duncan: Born in Andaris
Duncan: Happy to sleep beside you
Duncan: Honest after ale
Duncan: It's Over
Duncan: Kissed you at someone else's dinner.
Duncan: Kissed your cheek
Duncan: Knows you are a mage
Duncan: Looks well
Duncan: Makes you nervous
Duncan: Next time, you'll go out to dinner?
Duncan: Regrettable Words Shared
Duncan: Risked his life for you
Duncan: Still has the gift you gave him
Duncan: Thinks you are emotive
Duncan: Thinks you look stunning
Duncan: Wants to trust you but doesn't think you are honest
Duncan: Was a member of the House of Roses
Duncan: Willing to undress
Duncan: Would never let anyone hurt you.
Eastern Gauthrel: Divided by rivers
Eastern Gauthrel: Many forests
Ebony Venora: Had a gay brother who married a women, had a male lover too
Ebony Venora: Wants you on the throne most of all
Ebony Venora: Would Not Condone Your Actions
Echo Scroll: Partner: Zarik
Effren Galien: Abberation means he has a Harvester
Effren Galien: Empowered by his emotions
Effren Galien: Lotharro
Effren Galien: Sees you, truly?
Effren Galien: Thinks you are obvious.
Effren Galien: Your emotions empower and weaken you
Effren: Powerful Mage
Elements: Damaged by a cult in their ranks
Ellasin Dathlane: wishes to harness the power of the Adriel en Avellach
Ellasin: "A Mage Needs to Blend In"
Ellasin: "Deny Yourself to Stay Hungry"
Ellasin: A level of power as an Immortal
Ellasin: Believes Patrick to be weak
Ellasin: Believes necromancy is freedom
Ellasin: Believes relationships are a distraction
Ellasin: Does not believe there is a shred of goodness in you
Ellasin: Does not speak truth
Ellasin: Does she have her sights on Ne'haer?
Ellasin: Free from her chains.
Ellasin: Giving Love Advice?
Ellasin: Had Designs on Reyard Seymour?
Ellasin: Her Origins
Ellasin: Here in Gauthrel
Ellasin: In your dreams
Ellasin: Kill Her with an Immortal
Ellasin: Knows you lost your virginity to Patrick
Ellasin: Leader of the Coven of Ellasin
Ellasin: Lich
Ellasin: Made Damien a Lich
Ellasin: Mother Figure
Ellasin: Necromancer
Ellasin: Offers freedom
Ellasin: Once Innocent
Ellasin: Searching for a unique object in Rynmere
Ellasin: Seeking to become the eternal duke in your body?
Ellasin: Seeks "Seraas en Avellach"
Ellasin: Sense of Humour
Ellasin: Sera be Randil
Ellasin: Signs of Power Hungry Hipocrisy
Ellasin: Takes Pleasure in Corruption
Ellasin: Translated the Incantation
Ellasin: Up to something
Ellasin: Uses the ancient tongue to attempt to call spirits
Ellasin: Whilst she rules, can the Coven ever truly be what it should?
Ellasin: Will be staying in Rynmere as of Saun 716
Ellasin: Worth Pitying
Ellasin: You covet her power
Ellasin: You envy her
Ellasin: always investigates further
Ellasin: cruel
Ellasin: killed another apprentice
Elyna: A Handful
Elyna: Married to Malcolm
Elyna: Treated Poorly by Krome
Elyna: not a good candidate for beard
Emea: all greatness in Idolas spawns from it
Emea: offers true power
Emerson Sands: Asked for donations
Emerson Sands: Empress of Rynmere
Emerson Sands: Empress of Rynmere
Emerson Sands: Keeps snakes
Emerson Sands: The most loved woman in Rynmere
Emerson Sands: Wears a black veil over her face
Emerson Sands: Wore a simple gown to the ball
Emerson Snads: Men aren't allowed to look at her
Emerson Snads: Men aren't allowed to touch her
Endurance: Ability to withstand exertion or maintain activity over long periods of time
Endurance: Being stoned by children and surviving
Endurance: Burning the candle at both ends
Endurance: Carrying weapons in a state of weakness
Endurance: Dealing with fatigue in the Saun heat
Endurance: Dealing with minor overstepping
Endurance: Enduring intense physical and mental overflow
Endurance: Enduring pain for cuddles
Endurance: Enduring the aftermath of a Beacon
Endurance: Enduring the flow of an unbearable mass of ether
Endurance: Fighting through a daze
Endurance: Fighting through dehydration
Endurance: Fighting through hunger
Endurance: Fighting through serious injuries
Endurance: Glutten for punishment, when fridgar is involved
Endurance: Going beyond your limits through willpower
Endurance: Going on with an empty stomach and a broken heart
Endurance: Holding Yourself Up by Your Legs
Endurance: Holding a strenuous acrobatic position for extended periods
Endurance: Holding back release
Endurance: Ignoring enhanced sensitivity
Endurance: Ignoring pleasant physical sensations and pushing forward
Endurance: Just hold on a little longer
Endurance: Love bite.
Endurance: Moving forward despite overwhelming physical sensation
Endurance: No escape from the summer heat.
Endurance: Outlasting your lover's stamina
Endurance: Painful insertion
Endurance: Past the Point of No Return
Endurance: Proper breathing can greatly enhance endurance
Endurance: Relationships can spur a reserve of energy
Endurance: Sexual Stamina
Endurance: Soul-wrenching pain cannot be resisted through regular endurance
Endurance: Striding through incredible weakness
Endurance: Struggling through extremely emotionally taxing conditions
Endurance: Sustaining one's motions without faltering
Endurance: The Cold Grows on You
Endurance: The pain of a good face slap
Endurance: The recovery of a punch to the face
Endurance: Traversing difficult terrain in a state of weakness
Endurance: Using adrenaline to fight through weakness
Endurance: Using excitement to quell pain
Endurance: Withstanding Cold Conditions Without Clothes
Endurance: Withstanding limiting factors
Ensorcelling: Emetyte, when overloaded, explodes catastrophically
Ensorcelling: Imedyte is less caliber than Emetyte but more commonly used for thralls.
Ensorcelling: Lesser Harthyte
Ensorcelling: Recognizing Wells in a Fracture
Etiquette: Accept gifts graciously.
Etiquette: An apology is the first step to reconciliation
Etiquette: Appropriate Times To Scold Someone
Etiquette: Appropriate conversation in front of servants.
Etiquette: Balancing the concern of a grandson and the duty of a lord
Etiquette: Commoners likely have different rules for house siting.
Etiquette: Don't tell them you made advances to the help!
Etiquette: Funny sometimes just.... isn't.
Etiquette: Giving a potential wife the proper greeting
Etiquette: Ignorance and Intellectual depravity are unforgivable sins
Etiquette: Impressions are important.
Etiquette: Its good practice to appear fully clothed in front of strangers
Etiquette: Its not nice to impose
Etiquette: Making a guest feel welcome
Etiquette: Prisoners Don't Handshake
Etiquette: Properly addressing a Rynmere Noble
Etiquette: Proposing a political marriage
Etiquette: Remember Nobles' Names from Portraits
Etiquette: Speaking as a Noble Lord
Etiquette: Taking Part in a Toast
Etiquette: The formalities of a ball
Etiquette: Treating a guest properly
Etiquette: Using titles appropriately sometimes means not using them
Etiquette: scandals are ruinous to old and noble families
Etiquette: we do not discuss scandal
Etzos Location: Coven Base
Etzos Location: The Commercial Circle
Etzos Location: The Underground
Evil: Desire
Faction: Coven of Ellasin
Faction: Coven of Ellasin (My)
Faction: Seekers (My)
Faith Obedient
Faith: A Competent Combatant
Faith: A member of Scalvoris Council
Faith: A slave with the desire to learn
Faith: Doesnt know how to ride a horse
Faith: Experience in surgery
Faith: Finds History and Politics fascinating (barf)
Faith: Likes to be prepared
Faith: Loyal and Dependable
Faith: Pro-active thinker
Faith: Timid women in a yellow dress
Faith: Tristans slave
Faith: Unafraid of death
Faith: previously and undertaker
Father Damien: A dreadful tease.
Father Damien: A lich
Father Damien: Birthday 17th Ashan
Father Damien: Had a pony at aged 3
Father Damien: Nostalgic
Father Damien: Rebirth Day 19th Cylus
Father Damien: Retained the most humanity of the Coven.
Fauna: Skinbane
Fauna: Sohr Khal
Fieldcraft: A cave is a good place to be alone
Fieldcraft: A sinkhole is not a bad place to find shelter
Fieldcraft: Avoiding known threats
Fieldcraft: Better to be prepared ahead of time
Fieldcraft: Building a shelter with long sticks, grass 'rope' and broad leaves
Fieldcraft: Caves make for easy Shelter
Fieldcraft: Conceptualizing a wilderness shelter
Fieldcraft: Don't put a fire too close to a flammable shelter
Fieldcraft: Finding a creek via sound
Fieldcraft: Finding a glade
Fieldcraft: Gathering sticks for a campfire
Fieldcraft: Greater animal density around rivers
Fieldcraft: Oil for the Fire
Fieldcraft: Purifying water with a bag
Fieldcraft: Recognising a well-established 'camp'
Fieldcraft: Seeking a riverbed to build a shelter
Fieldcraft: Setting up camp underground
Fieldcraft: Snakes are Surprisingly Heavy
Fieldcraft: Successfully creating a wilderness shelter
Fieldcraft: The Magnificent Flying Furball of the West
Fieldcraft: The benefits of the woods over plains
Fieldcraft: Using (Gross) Trail Signs
Fieldcraft: Using a tent for shelter in the wilderness
Fieldcraft: Using everything at your disposal
Fieldcraft: Using stones for a firepit
Fieldcraft: Water is cleaner upstream
Fieldcraft: You Have to go into the Wild to Really Learn
Fields of Gauthrel: One must never be injured
Fire: Not Good with Wind
Forgiveness is what you seek
Forgiveness only happens if first you forgive yourself
Fracture: Dangers in a Major Fracture
Fracture: Don't go into the Foyer
Fracture: Dreams are reality, reality is dreaming
Fracture: Half real, half dream
Fracture: Incredibly dangerous
Fracture: Magic is toxic within
Fracture: Magic works differently in a Fracture.
Fracture: Nightmares live here
Fracture: Pathway between Emea and Idalos
Fracture: The differences between Minor and Major Fractures
Fractures: Cave-like
Fredrick Gawyne: Baron of Gawyne
Fridgar Calder: Your love
Fridgar Style!
Fridgar: A bear whisperer
Fridgar: A loving man, a kind man, a caring man
Fridgar: A special person.
Fridgar: About to get that booty rocked
Fridgar: Actually alive
Fridgar: Alive
Fridgar: Also knows Avrae
Fridgar: Always almost dying
Fridgar: An animal lover
Fridgar: An unexpected supporter
Fridgar: Angry at me
Fridgar: Appears to be subjected to a horrific mutation
Fridgar: Attacked you due to a mentally altering drug
Fridgar: Belongs
Fridgar: Bonded by Magic
Fridgar: Brave
Fridgar: Came all the way to Quacia so we could reunite
Fridgar: Can Become an Anaconda Too
Fridgar: Capable of shattering Abrogation barriers
Fridgar: Chose to stay with me after learning of who I really am
Fridgar: Clever
Fridgar: Concerned about the revelation
Fridgar: Controlled his anger
Fridgar: Cuddly AF
Fridgar: Dared to imagine you a breeder
Fridgar: Didn't hurt Zarik even against the will of his spark
Fridgar: Does not find Zarik to be a threat
Fridgar: Does not want a life where I'm shared
Fridgar: Doesn't think Ren is sentient
Fridgar: Doesn't understand why you're upset that you hurt him.
Fridgar: Epic warrior
Fridgar: Feels That "Self" is Not Defined by the Form
Fridgar: Feels that I betrayed him
Fridgar: Fiance and Dominant
Fridgar: Friction burned himself
Fridgar: Gallant AF
Fridgar: Gallant to his kindal
Fridgar: Gave His Virginity to You
Fridgar: Genius field expert
Fridgar: Gives what he takes
Fridgar: God of Punching
Fridgar: God of Sex
Fridgar: God of virility
Fridgar: Gone, but still loved
Fridgar: Grievously wounded for his insults
Fridgar: Hallucinating a spider that speaks to him
Fridgar: Has a lot to Learn
Fridgar: Has weird dreams
Fridgar: Heartbroken
Fridgar: His mate
Fridgar: I Need Him
Fridgar: I hurt him, dearly
Fridgar: I re-gained my Rupturing bond with him, alongside another bond
Fridgar: Impressed with how strong I've become
Fridgar: Inflicting self-harm while he learns his Umbral Runes
Fridgar: Initiated me into Hone; my mentor and parent spark
Fridgar: Interprets everything I say poorly
Fridgar: Is triggered by the title Pup
Fridgar: Knows me at my core; my true identity
Fridgar: Left me in order to contemplate
Fridgar: Likes it in Gauthrel
Fridgar: Likes to dominate me
Fridgar: Loves You
Fridgar: Loves me more than anything
Fridgar: Loves you no matter what
Fridgar: Made false assumptions of me
Fridgar: Making an Effort to be Civil
Fridgar: Much kinder than expected
Fridgar: My lover, my warrior, my employee
Fridgar: Needs You
Fridgar: Not Big on Listening to Advice
Fridgar: Not Going to Reveal
Fridgar: Not at All Impressed with Kaiserion
Fridgar: Offered to become more Noble
Fridgar: One of a kind
Fridgar: Pain is a temporary thing for him.
Fridgar: Promised to be with me always, no matter what
Fridgar: Rambunctious and free
Fridgar: Returned to me
Fridgar: Reunited at last
Fridgar: Revealed
Fridgar: Robek
Fridgar: Seeing him hurt kills you
Fridgar: Should be mourned, not erased
Fridgar: Sick AF
Fridgar: Similar dietary mutation
Fridgar: Sleeps for too long
Fridgar: Strong AF
Fridgar: Survivor
Fridgar: The "Thorn" That protects the "Rose"
Fridgar: The Man
Fridgar: The funniest man you know
Fridgar: Thinks he'd be an awful father
Fridgar: Thinks he's not good enough - as always
Fridgar: Thought Halden was nice
Fridgar: Threatened to kill Zarik
Fridgar: To Him
Fridgar: Typical Fighting Style (Brutal)
Fridgar: Unable to argue back
Fridgar: Used "Tharos" as an alias
Fridgar: Used an Umbral Rune to weaken me into submission
Fridgar: Wants to change
Fridgar: Wants to lead the Jegers
Fridgar: Wants to marry this Ymiden
Fridgar: Wary of Yithnai
Fridgar: Was meant to be with you
Fridgar: Was willing to have an intimate, sensual time with Zarik
Fridgar: Will Have A Child With You
Fridgar: Will Marry You
Fridgar: Will remain my Havendal
Fridgar: Will seek Immortality so we can stay together
Fridgar: Will stay with you no matter what change comes
Fridgar: Will try to restrain his jealousy
Fridgar: Willing to use seduction to manipulate someone?
Fridgar: Wishes to get a divorce
Fridgar: Worried about revealing
Fridgar: You remained loyal to him
Fridgar: Your Hound
Fridgar: Your havendal
Fridgar: Your husband
Fridgar: Yours Forever
Fridgar: attuned to his needs
Fridgar: killer bod
Frumpybutt: Your horse is undead, dude.
Galador: Asked to be Your Apprentice
Galador: Betraying Ellasin
Galador: Conspirator Against Ellasin
Galador: Knew your Seeker Alias
Galador: Mage and Member of the Seekers
Galador: Recognized You
Gangui: Tried to Help
Gaston Languedoc & Guillaime Languedoc: Sons of the house
Gauthrel: Magic is Viewed Differently There
Geography: Cultural differences between Rharne and Rynmere
Good: Distinction of Need and Want
Gorgolas: Alpha lurker
Gorgolas: Lurker of the cliffs
Gorgolas: Murdered hundreds if not thousands over the past 10 arcs
Gorgolas: Would make an awesome zombie
Grayson line depleted
Grayson more lifelike than Wilkund
Guillaime Languedoc: assassinated
Harlot and Hound: Definition of a Harlot
Harlot and Hound: Definition of a Hound
Harlot and Hound: Tavern, inn, and brothel
Harvesters: Controlling
Harvesters: Manipulative
Harvesters: Need Killing
Haunted by Something Greater
Helice: Helians fear Quacia
Helice: Skilled Shield Bearers
Helice: The 'Kings' of Theros
Helice: The Argonis
Helice: The Tirano
Helice: Tyros
Helice: Tyros is a powerful island
History: Tales Written on Walls
History: The Quacian Puppets
History: The Quacian Underway
Hone: Applying a Rune of Strength the chest increases core strength
Hone: Applying multiple Runes of Regeneration for improved healing
Hone: Applying the same rune to multiple limbs to amplify it
Hone: Being Lucis helps me apply Runes to others
Hone: Bonecraft (Necromancy) can be used to mitigate great recoil from Hone
Hone: Can boost physical characteristics
Hone: Diffuse
Hone: Diffusing a Rune on an ally may circumvent the need for Resistance
Hone: Diffusing an endurance Rune for balanced stamina
Hone: Diffusing must be done before triggering
Hone: Dismissal
Hone: Dismissal is similar to flaying in how it works
Hone: Domain Magic
Hone: Drawing a rune against a set amount of time
Hone: Drawing and activating runes
Hone: Has changed my body and mind immensely
Hone: Has forever changed my body
Hone: Having an Umbral Rune diffused on you
Hone: Instant Runes
Hone: Is soothed when I 'purify' another of perceived wrongs
Hone: Learning runes through meditation
Hone: Lucis Ideology
Hone: Lucis are meant to give Runes to others
Hone: Mental Trigger
Hone: Mental triggers require focus
Hone: My Dialect is Lucis
Hone: My Purifier Spark
Hone: My Purifier spark allows me to enhance thralls
Hone: My mutations permanently regenerate others around me
Hone: One can whisper spoken triggers
Hone: Placing Runes onto allies
Hone: Predicated on 'Runes'
Hone: Renewal
Hone: Renewal can be very costly
Hone: Rune Magic
Hone: Rune of Endurance
Hone: Rune of Endurance: Best applied to the chest for cardiovascular reasons
Hone: Rune of Ethersight
Hone: Rune of Focus
Hone: Rune of Naming
Hone: Rune of Rebound
Hone: Rune of Rebound is not an immediate effect
Hone: Rune of Regeneration
Hone: Rune of Resistance
Hone: Rune of Savoring
Hone: Rune of Savoring focuses on tastes and scents
Hone: Rune of Sight
Hone: Rune of Sound
Hone: Rune of Speed
Hone: Rune of Speed is best paired with Focus
Hone: Rune of Strength
Hone: Rune of Strength can enhance mobility by empowering the legs
Hone: Rune of Touch
Hone: Rune of Weakness
Hone: Runes cannot be dismissed by thought
Hone: Runes of resistance should be applied to allied rune-bearers
Hone: Runic Dialects
Hone: Runic Grottos
Hone: Spoken Trigger
Hone: The Initiation
Hone: The Lucis Bond
Hone: The Lucis Bond: Requires time and concentration
Hone: The Lucis Bond: Very ethereally taxing
Hone: The Paragon
Hone: The Purifier Spark believes itself infallible
Hone: The Purifier spark is naturally aligned with me
Hone: The Rune of Ethersight can see residual ether
Hone: The Rune of Sound can hone in on specific sounds
Hone: The Rune of Sound helps perceive even small frequencies
Hone: The Rune of Touch can be used to more easily perceive vibrations
Hone: The rune of regeneration is very satisfying
Hone: The rune of strength has a dramatic effect
Hone: To learn runes through meditation, it must be a deep meditation
Hone: Touch Trigger
Hone: Umbral Dialect Mutations
Hone: Umbral Runes debilitate others
Hone: Using Runes as batteries by not triggering and then dismissing them
Hone: Using Sesser and the Rune of Touch to seduce in tandem
Hone: Using the Rune of Touch on your legs to feel movements around you
Hone: Using the Rune of Touch to amplify internal sensations
Hone: Using the Rune of Touch to increase sensual sensitivity
Hone: You are either Lucis or Umbral, not both
Hone: You cannot place more than six runes on one person or they die
Horse Riding: Galloping on rough terrain is painful on your bottom.
House Venora: Ancient History: The Life of Henry Venora III
House Venora: Has a beautiful garden, perfect for weddings
House Venora: No official stance in 716 Saun civil-war
House Venora: The secret of their firm legs, is stair cases
House Venora: filled with secrets.
House Warrick: Alston Warrick's Likeness
House Warrick: Isabel Warrick's Likeness
House Warrick: Ned Warrick's Likeness
House Warrick: Olivia Warrick's Likeness
House Warrick: Victor Warrick's Likeness
House Warrick: Wren Warrick's Likeness
Hunting: Chasing trails of blood
Hunting: Drawing the attention of prey with lights
Hunting: Finding and rounding up people
Hunting: Harvesters are weak when manifesting
Hunting: Harvesters need to manifest when they flay
Hunting: Higher chance to find animals around a watering hole
Hunting: Killing Creepborne by splintering them through blunt force
Hunting: Llewnos, strengths and weaknesses
Hunting: Luring in a beast
Hunting: Luring in a foe, then outmaneuvering them
Hunting: Preying on a high volume killer
Hunting: Relying on another animal's sense of smell
Hunting: Slaying a Creepheart will disorganize its allies
Hunting: Sohr Khal
Hunting: Targeting humans when they're isolated
Hunting: Targeting people at night
Hunting: The Adamantine Kingfisher
Hunting: The Albion
Hunting: The Alpha Feron, a greater Feron
Hunting: The Feron's abilities
Hunting: The Trachadon
Hunting: Using a creature's nightvision to spot them
Hunting: Using darkness against your prey
Hunting: Watch where you sit
Hélice: Arsinos
Hélice: Mythology
Hélice: Pyrrha
Hélice: The Arsinalis
I Love the Wind
Icarus Axton: Attempted to assassinate you
Icarus Axton: Charming
Icarus Axton: Expelled from the Iron Hand
Icarus Axton: From Bayern, northeast Venora.
Icarus Axton: Has slept with a lot of people, has killed a large number of them.
Icarus Axton: Renowned for his hatred of the nobility
Icarus Axton: Was previously a high ranking member of the Iron Hand.
Icarus Axton: hired to kill you
Ilaren: Her tits probably aren't that perky
Increased Magic Exertion Potential Allows Greater Versatility
Increasing Fear of Initiations
Initiation: Awakening the spark in another
Intelligence: Building your case.
Intelligence: Gauging your enemy's information network
Intelligence: Millstone can be a network against Rynmere
Intelligence: Spying on Patrick with a rupture portal
Intelligence: Spying on enemy troop movements
Intelligence: Use of domain magic for intelligence gathering
Intelligence: When undercover, never drop your guard
Interrogation: A strong personality can break weaker ones
Interrogation: Questioning someone's motives aggressively
Interrogation: Setting up an "interrogation" environment
Interrogation: Using a particular individual's weaknesses
Interrogation: Using atypical behaviors to confuse the victim
Interrogation: What are these crystal people you speak of?
Interrogation: understanding the source could aid in resolving the issue.
Intimidation: A 5,000gn Royal Bounty on Someone You Love
Intimidation: A controlled anger can be scarier than an uncontrolled anger
Intimidation: Asserting dominance
Intimidation: Asserting your dominance in the face of conflict
Intimidation: Challenging a foe much weaker than you
Intimidation: Claiming ownership of someone through threats
Intimidation: Commanding another by demonstrating strength
Intimidation: Conditioning someone to submit to your standards
Intimidation: Controlling your loved ones through fear
Intimidation: Demanding authority
Intimidation: Deterring actions through threats of harm
Intimidation: Disguised in politeness
Intimidation: Forcing another to comply
Intimidation: Forcing others into sexual submission
Intimidation: Forcing someone into submission
Intimidation: Forcing someone to submit to a double standard
Intimidation: Imposing your will on others through force
Intimidation: Inflicting pain to subdue another
Intimidation: Issuing a challenge to shut someone up
Intimidation: Knowing How Tough Becomers Must Be
Intimidation: Lashing out against insubordination
Intimidation: Making displays of power to subdue others to your will
Intimidation: Posturing
Intimidation: Scaring people into ideological submission
Intimidation: Scaring the dickens out of poor patrick with you magic.
Intimidation: Showing that you're not swayed by discomfort
Intimidation: Spirits can be threatened, too
Intimidation: Summoning the Revenants to invoke fear
Intimidation: Terrifying others into compliance
Intimidation: The Gaze of judgement
Intimidation: The Threat of Telling Rey'na
Intimidation: Threat of Hostilities
Intimidation: Threatening a foe by show of superior force
Intimidation: Threatening murder to prove a point
Intimidation: Threatening to beat someone
Intimidation: Threatening violence
Intimidation: Threats Based on Greater Endurance in an Equal Match
Intimidation: Threats of Magic
Intimidation: Warning of Hard Hits to Come
Investigation: Examining injuries
Investigation: Examining patient marcus though visual and touch based examination.
Investigation: Examining the scene of an escape
Investigation: Examining the source of injuries
Investigation: Examining wounds to determine multiple assailants
Investigation: Feeling the contours of Fridgar
Investigation: Finding a note at a crime scene
Investigation: Learning of a group
Investigation: Mutilating the victim for evidence
Investigation: Observing a murderer's actions before and after
Investigation: Paying attention to dates
Investigation: Ruling out mutation as cause for illness
Investigation: Ruling out potential perpetrators
Investigation: Searching a murder scene
Investigation: Seeking out a target's route of movement
Investigation: Summarizing your findings
Investigation: Taking witness testimony
Investigation: The way in which a malicious deed was done can verify its malice
Investigation: Tracking a suspect using a canine
Investigation: Using Transcendence to search
Investigation: Using the right tools to determine the cause of a magical affliction.
Investigation: When a opportunity sounds too good to be true.
Investigation: a knack for reading people
Investigation: be weary of strangers, especially eavesdropping ones
Investigation: figuring out how someone could possibly cough up crystals
Investigation: getting a feel for someones Aura and demeanour
Investigation: looking for possible hiding places
Investigation: searching for visual inspiration
Is impracticality wrong?
Ivy Gawyne: A fellow Grand Noble
Ivy Gawyne: An Ally
Ivy Gawyne: Her Past
Jacadon: Breath hot steamed known as White Fire
Jacadon: Can carry two people
Jacadon: Dangerous and unpredictable
Jacadon: Massive wingspan
Jeger Initiation: Failed
Jeger: Assholes
Jeger: Demand Perfection
Jeger: Don't like to be disrespected
Jeger: Initiation Trial Procedures
Jeger: Will trade membership for services
Jegers: Dance of the Graces, Complete
Jegers: Fridgar and I are joining
Jegers: Packs
Jegers: Passed their final test
Jegers: Three Trials to Become a Hound
Jegers: Trail of the Nemesis
Jegers: Vindikar Pack
Judge: Automaton
Judge: Believed that I'm King Arkenstone
Judge: My Own Puppet
Justice: Given by Those with Strength
Kaelrik: A Chance Meeting in a Bar
Kaelrik: A Defiance Mage
Kaelrik: A Lothar Hunter
Kaelrik: Blacksmith in Ne'haer
Kaelrik: Desires me
Kaelrik: Died for me in a past life
Kaelrik: Feels insecure about our difference
Kaelrik: Feels that he failed Thetros
Kaelrik: Fought in the Quacian Arena
Kaelrik: Has been life-bonded to me for several lives
Kaelrik: Hates the Name Kael
Kaelrik: Havendal
Kaelrik: He's Cordial to Rio Because of Their Shared Race
Kaelrik: I love him
Kaelrik: In love with me
Kaelrik: Initiated by me into Rupturing
Kaelrik: Is uncomfortable with being touched
Kaelrik: Life-Bonded with me
Kaelrik: Like me, loves Gauthrel
Kaelrik: Man of Integrity
Kaelrik: Must Overcome a Lurker
Kaelrik: My Husband
Kaelrik: My Slave
Kaelrik: Son of Taelin, of Clan Stahlmark
Kaelrik: Surname 'Arenir'
Kaelrik: Wants to be mentored by you
Kaelrik: Wants to stay your slave until he has redeemed himself
Kaelrik: Was Enslaved
Kaelrik: Was abused by his former master
Kaleb Venora: a sadist
Kaleb Venora: a sick man
Kaleb Venora: a spymaster
Kaleb Venora: appears to have softened with age
Kaleb Venora: enjoyed depravity
Kaleb Venora: is a glorified proletariat who made his way to the jewel of Lamonte via schemes and plots.
Kaleb Venoran: Forgiven?
Keanu Ki'Lozdara: Blacksmith, Mage, Shadowdancer
Keanu: Believes Every Session Must be a Battle
Kerad Reyn: Stone King
Kiara: In denial over Zarik being alive
Kiara: Lives with her sister, Tyara
Kiara: Rude
Kieran Riley (Alistair): Vision of Sesser
Kindred Bracelet: Partner: Zarik
King Arkenstone: My liege
King Arkenstone: Offered me a position as his adviser
King Crocodiles: Found in Southwood River by Etzos
King Crocodiles: Move Quietly, Hiss Loudly
King Crocodiles: Natural Armor Stymies Normal Weapons
King of Mac Teagan: An Unknown Figure
King of Mac Teagan: Hired Deovan, "The Raven"
Kleine: Attempted to initiate me into Becoming but could not
Kleine: Is angry with me
Kleine: Is comatose due to near-death overstepping
Kleine: Nearly died initiating me
Kleine: Nothing to me, compared to Zarik
Kleine: Will always be punished for my failures
Kleine: Will do anything for me
Knowledge: Arcana
Koda: Cocky
Koda: Hedonist
Koda: Mouthy
Koda: Practitioner of Krenn Maii
Komodo Enthor: War Lord
Koros: Mynea
Krenn Maii: Aedirnan Fighting Style
Krigers: Badasses
Krome: The Fortress
Krome: Their Hospitality
Kura: Not currently counseling the Empire
Kura: Phelan, Familiar
Kyriakos: Shrewd and reserved
Lamonte: A place of free love
Lamonte: Has a much darker side
Leadership: Ask, then ask again
Leadership: Becoming a voice for the voiceless
Leadership: Being depended on
Leadership: Being honest with your followers
Leadership: Charismatic leaders can be the most effective.
Leadership: Clearly state your standpoint
Leadership: Conceptual glorification of Words of Power
Leadership: Conquer your own backyard first
Leadership: Control through theological reinforcement
Leadership: Delegating leadership to someone more ingrained in a community
Leadership: Delegating your allies to specific roles
Leadership: Delegating your vassals
Leadership: Disenchanted followers must sometimes be soothed through time
Leadership: Disregard empathy for one's people
Leadership: Don't Let an Asset Go to Waste
Leadership: Encouraging productivity through grief
Leadership: Fathers are seen with respect
Leadership: Forget Political Aims And Win First
Leadership: Getting to know your subordinates
Leadership: Getting to the heart of the matter quickly
Leadership: Giving people what they want to acquire their loyalty
Leadership: Good leaders can change things on an individual level
Leadership: Guiding your followers sternly
Leadership: Honing rage into a leader's instrument
Leadership: Ideology gives legitimacy to power
Leadership: If You Have Authority, Use It
Leadership: Instructing barbarians
Leadership: Knowing When To Retreat
Leadership: Leading discussions
Leadership: Mages and men must live collaboratively
Leadership: Making Sure Your Men Are Well Cared For
Leadership: Mediating disputes within your household
Leadership: Never allow your authority to be hijacked by a mob
Leadership: Offering a quick solution to someone more knowledgable of a situation
Leadership: Organizing a mob
Leadership: People need security
Leadership: Picking your fellow monarch
Leadership: Power through Fear
Leadership: Power through Peer-Enforcement
Leadership: Presenting a positive face to soldiers at all times
Leadership: Protecting those who have been good to you
Leadership: Reining in vassals with fear
Leadership: Remember your role at all times
Leadership: Rule to accomplish your ideals
Leadership: Some people benefit from atrocities - learn how to use them
Leadership: Stepping Up and Taking Control
Leadership: Stopping a friend from making a mistake they do not understand
Leadership: Surrendering the platform
Leadership: Taking command over a crowd
Leadership: Taking command over a divided populace
Leadership: Taking command over respected figures is key
Leadership: Taking risks
Leadership: The Leader Commands and The Subordinate Follows
Leadership: The happiness of the people comes with the realization of ideals
Leadership: The path of non violence
Leadership: The war is on everyone's mind
Leadership: Turning a riot into a protest
Leadership: Understanding the locals you seek to command
Leadership: Using a Tone of Command Will Make People Listen
Leadership: Using common enemies to acquire loyalty
Leadership: Using grief to take on a role of leadership
Leadership: Using rules to alienate dissenters
Leadership: Using sexuality as a method of gaining loyalty
Leadership: Victory Breeds Loyalty in Troops
Leadership: War Negotiations
Leadership: You are ALWAYS Lord Venora
Leadership: Your actions affect others choices.
Leechbane: Can take a long time to work with extreme wounds
Lesterly: Founded by Emelia Anhalt
Lich Symbol: Center is mana or the heart of the lich
Lich Symbol: Created by Ellasin
Lich Symbol: Symbolises the true nature of a lich
Lich: Alive but not (Ellasin's rhyme)
Lich: Because mana is their life blood, they can often cast spells easier.
Lich: Burning has limited effects on them.
Lich: Can move from body to body as the phylactory holds the essence
Lich: Conduit is like their heart and their brain
Lich: Energy is their life blood
Lich: Killed when their heart is destroyed (conduit)
Lich: Very resistant to death
Lichdom: A Final Destination
Lichdom: Privileged Power of the Few
Liches: Halfway between life and death
Lilith Odam: A Revealed Aberrant
Lilith Odam: Her Story
Lilith Odam: Must die for mages to be trusted
Lilith Odam: Not affiliated with the Coven
Lilith Odam: One of the great mages of the world
Lilith Odam: The Lady of the Maw
Linguistics: Ancient Language
Linguistics: Ancient Language Exposure
Linguistics: Becoming more comfortable in a language
Linguistics: Haltunga is steeped in passion
Linguistics: Haltunga: Accent
Linguistics: Haltunga: Brynjar's Accent Helps Establish Spellings
Linguistics: Haltunga: I love you
Linguistics: Haltunga: Kaiserion Will Teach You
Linguistics: Haltunga: Many words for each thing
Linguistics: Haltunga: Passionate language
Linguistics: Haltunga: Pronunciation
Linguistics: Haltunga: Saying you want to punch someone
Linguistics: Haltunga: Simple Sentences with "Havendal" and "Kindal"
Linguistics: Haltunga: Simple Sentences with "Me" and "You"
Linguistics: Integrating sign into speech
Linguistics: Language: Haltunga
Linguistics: Language: Rakahi
Linguistics: Learning by means of conversation
Linguistics: Learning from a native speaker
Linguistics: Making adjustments to words to masculinize them
Linguistics: Mixing languages together in a conversation
Linguistics: Native Language is Crucial to Assimilate
Linguistics: Octaves and accents
Linguistics: Persistence is key in improving linguistic ability
Linguistics: Practice makes perfect
Linguistics: Rakahi: Biqaj Mother Tongue
Linguistics: Rakahi: Sailor's Language
Linguistics: Reading with a partner to learn a language together
Linguistics: Tongue Twisters
Linguistics: Training less intelligent beings to respond to linguistic cues
Linguistics: Utilizing gestures as a form of coded language
Linguistics: Vahanic
Linguistics: Vahanic: Few separate dialects
Linguistics: Vahanic: Quacian Tongue
Linguistics: Vahanic: Several ending verb tenses
Linguistics: Vahanic: Similar alphabet and sentence structure to Common
Linguistics: Vahanic: Soft spoken and smooth
Linguistics: Verb Tenses
Linguistics: Whore vs Horse
Linguistics: Word by Word Definition
Llewnos: Shadowdancing animal
Llewnos: Terrifying night predators
Llewnos: Their cubs are cute
Location: 1138 Selvora Lane
Location: Andaris Library
Location: Coven's Inner Sanctum
Location: Earth Quarter
Location: Eastern Gauthrel
Location: Etzos
Location: Fields of Gauthrel, likely to be attacked at any moment
Location: Glass Quarter
Location: Harlot and Hound
Location: House of Buggery
Location: Kaer Jeger
Location: Lamonte: The City of Love
Location: Leinster
Location: Notice Board where jobs are posted.
Location: Patrick's Home
Location: Rharne
Location: Rharne Stormlands
Location: Sabaissant
Location: Sabaissant du Cristel
Location: Shirnrad
Location: Temple of Thetros
Location: The Meadow of Sunflowers
Location: Treth, Outlying Town near Ne'haer
Location: Willow Woods
Logistics: Assessing the Potential for Collateral Damage
Logistics: Be Sure You Clarify Which Enemy Aspect You are Tallying
Logistics: Becoming an Ally Adds Enemy Numbers
Logistics: Comparing the Power of a Lich Against a Mere Master
Logistics: Delaying a counter-offensive for pragmatic reasons
Logistics: Determining an enemy's numbers
Logistics: Escalating those loyal to the top in order to control the structure
Logistics: Evacuation of assets
Logistics: Fending off enemies to help settlements grow
Logistics: Figuring the Division of a Common Enemy's Strengths
Logistics: Gathering with local leaders to pursue a plan
Logistics: Leaving a proper defense for the household behind
Logistics: Maneuvering against the Guilds
Logistics: No Need to Hunt Allows More Travel
Logistics: Peacefully acquiring settlements leads to more manpower
Logistics: Planning for a counter-invasion
Logistics: Planning out the details of a wedding
Logistics: Preparing a measure based on projected numbers
Logistics: Providing protection for a project
Logistics: Provisioning a large-scale development project
Logistics: Safety from Seekers vs. Trials of Cylus Cold
Logistics: Settling colonial regions properly
Logistics: Surveying before an invasion
Logistics: Tallying Future Costs of Repercussions
Logistics: The Details of Coordinating with Allies
Logistics: The numbers game of colonization
Loodith: Another name for Yludih
Lord Marcus: Spitting on Burhan
Losing your virginity
Lotharen Horde: Astronomically destructive
Lotharen Horde: Brutal
Lotharen Horde: Does not abide by the concept of mercy
Lotharen Horde: Ruthless
Lotharen Siege Weapons
Lotharen: Paths Before Them
Lotharro: Lifetimes
Lotharro: Marriage tradition
Lotharro: More and More of Them Popping up all the Time
Lotharro: Paths They Follow
Lotharro: Susceptible to spirits
Lotharro: The Path of The Hunter, Also Known as The Jeger
Love: Brotherhood
Love: Need
Lucas Geliadal: Former Master
Lucretia Clement: Former Seeker
Lucretia Clement: Prolific author
Lucretia Clement: Rynmeren, Like Me
Lucretia Clement: Wise scholar
Luden: Providing a Sucker Punch to the Face
Luden: Scared of Alistair
Lysorian Lotus: can be used as an aphrodisiac when properly managed
Lysorian Lotus: edible leaves with quite a distinguished flavour (like broccolli)
Lysorian Lotus: native to Ne'haer
Lysorian Lotus: refinement process lost to time
Lysorian Skinbane: Doesn't Sense Rupturing Portals
Lysorian Skinbane: Tentacled Scourge of Ne'harean Farmlands
Mages: Law-breakers
Magic: Can be used to protect the ones you love.
Magic: Disliked and mistrusted by the general populace
Magic: How Becoming totems are made
Magic: How long it takes to Dedicate a Totem
Magic: The Three Sovereign Substances of Becoming
Magic: in Becoming ones form could be lost if all totems are destroyed.
Magic: progressing far in Rupturing.
Major Fracture: Heart of the Wild
Malcolm: Only late thirties?
Malgoth: Lich of the Coven
Many of Ellasin's Names for Things are in Ancient
Marcus Folten: Eldest of twelve siblings.
Marcus Folten: Rejected by his dreams
Marcus Krome: One of Veljorn's commanders
Marcus Krome: Still Hates You
Me: A Portal
Me: A shit
Me: Asshole
Me: Finding Forgiveness
Me: High Maintenance
Medicine: Acid Crocodile, medicine effective in treating fevers
Medicine: Applying whitemoss through the pores instead of through a cut
Medicine: Bandaging a patient
Medicine: Beating a powder into a mixture
Medicine: Binding a gauze
Medicine: Blood looks like a lot, even when there's not lots.
Medicine: Claytona Monticola can cure any disease a Ylundih had.
Medicine: Creating a proper poultice
Medicine: Cystic Fibrosis
Medicine: Dealing with serious blunt head trauma
Medicine: Directing medicine into the blood stream through a metal insertion
Medicine: Disinfecting a wound
Medicine: El'ganneth Rhovanion as a rehabilitative treatment
Medicine: El'ganneth Rhovanion to treat mental illness
Medicine: Examining a back wound
Medicine: Examining a chest wound
Medicine: Failing your patient due to distractions
Medicine: Gauging whether a patient is physically or mentally ill
Medicine: How to check for a pulse
Medicine: How to inspect open wounds
Medicine: Identifying a stab wound
Medicine: Identifying blunt weapon injuries
Medicine: Illness of Marcus Folten: A possible new plague
Medicine: Illness of Marcus Folten: Resistant to Acid Crocodile and Strangler fig bark.
Medicine: Illness of Marcus Folten: Tumours are nearly impossible to break.
Medicine: Illness of Marcus Folten: Tumours growing between his skin and muscles.
Medicine: Illness of Marcus Folten: a man made poison from Uthaldria likely used for human trafficking or organ harvesting.
Medicine: Illness of Marcus Folten: most symptoms are typical of strong fever or start of Influenza.
Medicine: Internal bleeding is much more serious than external
Medicine: Leechbane: Uses
Medicine: Managing an incurable, terminal disease
Medicine: Metal straws to drain fluids
Medicine: Mixing liquids with a batter to help them go down
Medicine: Mixing two salves into one
Medicine: Rockmaze Moss Powder
Medicine: Scabbing...?
Medicine: Sexually transmitted illnesses
Medicine: Stitching a patient
Medicine: Taking a patient's details
Medicine: Taking on a patient with an immortal-borne illness
Medicine: The Rhiannon fungus
Medicine: The process of putrification
Medicine: Time sensitive treatments
Medicine: Treating a lethal battlefield injury
Medicine: Unorthodox uses for dilatators
Medicine: Using Corrosion to remove unwanted physical objects from a patient
Medicine: Using body temperature to determine the time of death.
Medicine: When there is a lot of blood, it looks dreadful
Medicine: When your patient fakes you out
Medicine: Whitemoss and Leechbane, used to cure Fridgars illness.
Medicine: Yithnai-borne illnesses
Medicine: bandaging your own hand is hard
Medicine: Always apply heavy sedatives to prevent complications
Medicine: Cauterization
Medicine: Cutting out fungus
Medicine: Drilling into the head to relieve pressure on the skull
Medicine: Hot iron bars
Medicine: Never cut the carotid vein
Medicine: Opening the patient
Medicine: Removing crossbow bolts
Medicine: Removing splinters from open wounds
Medicine: See to Your Own Wounds Before Processing a Thrall
Medicine: Thickened Bones are Like Inner Body Armor
Medicine: Wooden weapons can splinter inside
Medicine: Wrapping and Sewing a Torso Bandage on Yourself
Medicine: Yludih are made of crystal
Medicine: basic cautery
Medicine: bloodletting and leeches are bad practice
Medicine: common disinfection
Medicine: don't operate on a subject in a classroom setting
Medicine: scalpel, the surgeon's best friend
Meditation: A man is not the refection of his company or his actions but only by the future he could carry out.
Meditation: Balancing stillness and exertion to excite the mind
Meditation: Clearing One's Mind
Meditation: Communicating with your spark's desires through meditation
Meditation: Everyone shares the same basic from, of equal capabilities
Meditation: Experiencing a Spark's imprinted memories
Meditation: Focus as a deterrent to anger
Meditation: Focusing On Emotions Amidst Isolation
Meditation: Focusing amidst horrendous pain
Meditation: Focusing on Prayer
Meditation: Focusing on a positive thought to dispel negative ones
Meditation: Focusing on a scent, even through memory
Meditation: Focusing on an abstract
Meditation: Fully immersing yourself in a false world
Meditation: Helpful in magic
Meditation: Ignoring the mental effects of physical stimulation
Meditation: Immersing Oneself in Nature For Clarity
Meditation: Layers of the world
Meditation: Maintaining a dialogue within meditation
Meditation: Maintaining focus despite mental taxation
Meditation: Maintaining intense focus for extended periods
Meditation: Meditating and relaxing after a difficult experience
Meditation: Meditating through physical activity
Meditation: Mentally centralizing a concept
Meditation: Picturing the darkness
Meditation: Reflecting on personal growth and finding comfort in it.
Meditation: Remaining focused while the maelstrom swirls
Meditation: Remembering serene moments to herald calm
Meditation: Resisting compulsions, even fundamental ones
Meditation: Spreading the exhaustive effects of high ether expenditures
Meditation: Using a clear mind to vividly envision something
Meditation: Using meditation to further surrounding awareness
Meditation: Using nature to relax
Meditation: Vividly imagining a higher concept
Meditation: attuned to another sexual desires.
Meditation: finding comfort in cuddles
Meditation: finding comfort in knowing your not you arent alone in your struggles
Meditation: focus on the pleasure
Missions: Danger!
Morals: Good and Evil
Mount: Armored Cavalry
Mount: Helping another person onto a Drexion
Mount: Hippodrome racing can translate to cavalry experience
Mount: Horses are slaves to hunger
Mount: Keeping your fellow rider on the mount
Mount: Mounted Knights
Mount: Setting a Drexion in motion
Mount: Sharing a mount between two people
Mountains: Windy
NPC: C is Mr. Crowley
NPC: Deovan: Lotharro Assassin (Deceased)
NPC: Etzos' Chief Adviser, Karnos Vuda
NPC: Garland Crowley
NPC: Garland Crowley: primitive
NPC: Sir Barnes
NPC: Tres: hired by an unknown woman
Naerikk Culture: Same Arrogance as Immortals
Naerikk: Flapper-Slappers
Navigation: Determining a direction in a four way split
Navigation: Mapping out the wilds around Rinlokk Elv
Navigation: Navigating safely through ruins
Navigation: Navigating tunnels
Navigation: Navigating underground
Navigation: The layout of house Venora
Navigation: Using the sound of water to find a river
Navigation: Viewing a landscape from above
Ne'haer: The Coalition
Ne'haer: The Stand-Off Between Council and Faithul
Ne'haer: Tolerant of magic
Ne'haer: Willow woods: collapsed bridge
Ne'haer: Willow woods: read the bestiary
Ne'haer: You would expect it to have kinder winters
Ne'haer: has harsher winters than Venora
Necromancy: 'The Insider'
Necromancy: A Lich's expanded repertoire
Necromancy: A Path to Insanity (My)
Necromancy: Bonesong: Diminuendo
Necromancy: Bonesong: Lusingando
Necromancy: Burning
Necromancy: Corpse Molding (Bones)
Necromancy: Corpse Molding (Flesh)
Necromancy: Corpse Molding on a Small Scale to Craft Totems
Necromancy: Corpse Molding to Reinforce Bones for Hitting Armored Targets
Necromancy: Corroding cause of death to slow decay
Necromancy: Corrosion must be used differently depending on the animal
Necromancy: Does not include levitation.
Necromancy: Fresh corpses preferred
Necromancy: Gaunts
Necromancy: Haunts are ingenious tools against the Creep
Necromancy: Horses have a stronger will than dogs or squirrels
Necromancy: Hulks
Necromancy: Imperioso: Teaching a thrall to verbally reply to sounds
Necromancy: Lich Symbol
Necromancy: Marrows
Necromancy: My Revenants are sentient
Necromancy: Natural Ally is Malevolence
Necromancy: Neck is favourable for source placement
Necromancy: Protocol on a new body
Necromancy: Protocol: Can be used with signals and voice
Necromancy: Protocol: Typically used to add to a minion's routine
Necromancy: Reanimated horses might need corrosion up to an hour a day.
Necromancy: Reanimation of animals
Necromancy: Reanimation of humans is the most tricky
Necromancy: Remember to tune to the eyes
Necromancy: Revenant Creation
Necromancy: Revenents are capable of going too far in service to protection protocol
Necromancy: Sap: Channeling Miasma
Necromancy: Sap: Potentially self-harmful if interrupted
Necromancy: Siphon: Adds a life-stealing energy to withering and sapping
Necromancy: Siphon: Can be channeled off of wither or sap
Necromancy: Siphon: Exhilarating, unparalleled rush
Necromancy: Some minions may not animate correctly
Necromancy: Soul Theft
Necromancy: Stitchborn
Necromancy: The use of corrosion in surgical procedures is extremely dangerous
Necromancy: Training Revenants to be life-like
Necromancy: Undead Can Take More Damage
Necromancy: Undead Taking Blows to Disarm Opponents
Necromancy: Undead don't cry
Necromancy: Using a well to re-animate
Necromancy: Using protocol to patrol
Necromancy: Using protocol to scout and secure an area
Necromancy: Using shared vision with thralls to find allies
Necromancy: Using undead to make false scenarios
Necromancy: Using welled minions in a Fracture to minimize volatile ether usage
Necromancy: Wither: Can Rot Natural Armor
Necromancy: Withering armored areas
Necromancy: Withering the neck can lead to nigh-instant death
Necromancy: a way of achieving balance for you
Necromancy: corrosion can be achieved from a distance
Night Sky: Enhances vision and gives a wicked high
Night Vision Glasses
Nora: From the Venoran bloodline
Northern Gauthrel: Few trees
Northern Krome House: Pleasantly Uncrowded
Nothing is without a price
Orimar: Heart of the World
Orimatsu: Lost Tribe
Orimatsu: hid and guarded the Jewel of Emea
Orimatsu: spiritual
Orimatsu: worshiped the Emea
Orion: Ellasins Familiar
Orion: No Real Sentience
Overstepping: Mild degree- slight dizzyness and a feeling of lightness
PC: Brynjar Bheinn: Lotharro Farmer
PC: Gangui: Armored Soldier on Horseback
Patrick: A bit of a nudist
Patrick: A fainter
Patrick: A good student
Patrick: Almost fell into the gorge
Patrick: An open book
Patrick: Attractive
Patrick: Bartender at the Harlot n Hound
Patrick: Believes himself to have a good sense of direction
Patrick: Bisexual
Patrick: Born and raised in Rharne
Patrick: Brother died an arc ago
Patrick: Brother was Dominek
Patrick: Butt Buddy
Patrick: Changed
Patrick: Charming
Patrick: Did Not Say 'I Love You'
Patrick: Doesn't Think Much of Himself
Patrick: Doesn't view magic as good or bad
Patrick: Fears mages
Patrick: Fended for himself with his brother
Patrick: From Dust Quarter in Rharne
Patrick: Gentlemanly and compassionate
Patrick: Genuine Adoration For
Patrick: Had his mother and half-brother
Patrick: Has Claimed You
Patrick: Hound
Patrick: I need to ask him about some of his less desirable customers.
Patrick: I think I love this man hoe.
Patrick: Initiated out of Love
Patrick: It's Up To You Where You Stand With Him
Patrick: Left Wendell and Rei Alone?
Patrick: Loves You
Patrick: Man of worldly knowledge
Patrick: More open than before
Patrick: Mother died of illness
Patrick: My partner, from now until the end
Patrick: Never knew his father
Patrick: Not Family, More Than A Friend
Patrick: Proclamation of Need to a Mage
Patrick: Relentless pursuer
Patrick: Said 'I Love You' First
Patrick: Suave
Patrick: Thinks your first time having sex was pretty damn good
Patrick: Worked his way to the Earth Quarter
Patrick: Would have Preferred The Romping
Patrick: You Both Walk Two Separate Paths
Patrick: You Can Help But Show Affection For Him
Patrick: You want him
Patrick: You're In Love With Him
Patrick: Youngest son
Patrick: Your Desire
Patrick: Your Whore
Peake: Lewd
Peake: Thinly Veiled Threats
Personal Goal: Rule over a Mageocracy
Personal Goal: Slaughter the Immortals
Personal: Being Responsible for Another's Injury Doesn't Sit Right With You
Personal: Being a husband means not accepting insubordination
Personal: Helice won't be enough
Personal: I Look Like a Lotharro?
Personal: I Will Always Be A Mage
Personal: I almost flayed a mage… on accident
Personal: I am a Kókkinos
Personal: I am a Paragon
Personal: I am afraid of how Revelation will change me
Personal: I am the Lord of Koros
Personal: I can do what I want to Zarik, when I want
Personal: I caused the worst cataclysm in the history of mankind
Personal: I failed Fridgar
Personal: I have Revealed
Personal: I helped Ki'eiran become a better place to live
Personal: I need to guide mages to wisdom
Personal: I will Reveal
Personal: I will be a Paragon
Personal: I will not allow my lovers to spite me
Personal: I will plan a proper wedding for me and Zarik
Personal: I'm Going to Be a Father
Personal: I'm Polyamorous
Personal: I'm an Immortal
Personal: I'm bad at managing my vices around Fridgar and Zarik
Personal: I'm kind of abusive
Personal: I'm no longer fully human
Personal: I'm not truly an Immortal
Personal: My Dreamscape
Personal: The Creep Wants Me Dead
Personal: The Immortals must all despise me
Personal: The people of Koros and Marcovera expect me to keep them safe
Personal: To save Kleine, I will Reveal
Philosophy: All of the Immortals were born from reckless ambition
Philosophy: Ambition means there is always something to improve
Philosophy: Can a cruel man forgive himself?
Philosophy: Denying your true nature may lead to
Philosophy: Everyone is a thief
Philosophy: Is blood and fire worth its weight in chaos?
Philosophy: Mages and Immortals have equal claim to Authority
Philosophy: Morality is Self-Enforcement
Philosophy: Only tangible Power is Power
Philosophy: Power is Authority
Philosophy: Solitude is a Combination of Freedom and Rejection
Philosophy: The compassionate and the compassionless invite trouble in equal measures
Philosophy: The meaning of magic
Philosophy: The minds of the wealthy are similar regardless of where you live
Philosophy: The only Master is power
Philosophy: To be a mage is to seek to empower mankind
Philosophy: To live a good life means to be true to ones self
Philosophy: True Power is Honesty and Reality
Philosophy: What makes a man?
Physical Excellence Allows Greater Magical Exertion Potential
Physics: Boulders break up on reentry with unpredictable results.
Pinnacle of Arcana: Lichdom (My)
Poison: Mages Greatest Weakness
Poison: Unnamed poison that creates hard tumours in the skin and muscles.
Polearms: Spear - A blink into a leg sweep
Polearms: Spear - Adjusting one's stance for a specific foe
Polearms: Spear - Attempting a blind spear throw
Polearms: Spear - Coordinating Magic and Shadowdancing
Polearms: Spear - Creating a new 'form'
Polearms: Spear - Crouching into a spinning parry
Polearms: Spear - Cutting through offensive weapons with Shadowspin
Polearms: Spear - Dancing Snakebite
Polearms: Spear - Deflecting a heavy blow by spinning your spear
Polearms: Spear - Destroying the abdomen to prevent movement
Polearms: Spear - Disarming a claw-dagger is difficult
Polearms: Spear - Duskfall
Polearms: Spear - Even Stance
Polearms: Spear - Every movement must transition into the next movement
Polearms: Spear - Fighting a foe that can become intangible
Polearms: Spear - Impaling a lower creature through the head during a flip
Polearms: Spear - Impaling a sensitive area to damage a foe's mobility
Polearms: Spear - Incorporating low-lying movements
Polearms: Spear - Insomnus
Polearms: Spear - Keeping your footing by using your spear as a pole
Polearms: Spear - Knocking a heavier opponent off their feet
Polearms: Spear - Lodging a spear deep into a foe
Polearms: Spear - Maintaining low motions to break through an opponent's formation
Polearms: Spear - Making powerful, lethal jabs
Polearms: Spear - Matching a foe's speed
Polearms: Spear - Over-the-shoulder lunge
Polearms: Spear - Overhead Block
Polearms: Spear - Parrying enemies with much greater strength
Polearms: Spear - Paying care to footwork
Polearms: Spear - Raking an opponent as they move by
Polearms: Spear - Rapid Swing
Polearms: Spear - Rending foes in half from beneath them
Polearms: Spear - Ripping through a foe while they're down
Polearms: Spear - Scorpion's Sting
Polearms: Spear - Shadow Sting
Polearms: Spear - Shadow Sweep
Polearms: Spear - Shadowdancing
Polearms: Spear - Shadowdancing is focused on mobility, acrobatics, fluidity
Polearms: Spear - Shadowfall
Polearms: Spear - Shadowspin can kill spirits, too
Polearms: Spear - Shadowspinning from within an enemy's body
Polearms: Spear - Side-stepping after a disarm
Polearms: Spear - Silum
Polearms: Spear - Skewering a foe by slamming them into the ground
Polearms: Spear - Skewering a larger weapon to parry it
Polearms: Spear - Skewering people through others
Polearms: Spear - Snakebite
Polearms: Spear - Spinning Parry
Polearms: Spear - Spinning disarm
Polearms: Spear - Spinning to dice an opponent apart
Polearms: Spear - Strafing into a lunge
Polearms: Spear - Striking Apart an Arrow
Polearms: Spear - Striking with high force, high velocity, pin-point strikes
Polearms: Spear - Thigh-slash into a blunt strike to knock down a foe
Polearms: Spear - Underarm Swing
Polearms: Spear - Using Silum with Unarmed Combat
Polearms: Spear - Using a spear spin or twirl to strike with momentum
Polearms: Spear - Using the Nail with a spear
Polearms: Spear - Using the Spear For Mobility
Polearms: Spear - Using the Spear Handle to Dodge
Polearms: Spear - Using the reach of a spear for a lethal first lunge
Polearms: Spear - Utilized for range
Polearms: Spear - Voiding
Polearms: Spear - Wielding a spear with a dangerous Quality safely
Politics: A Mageocracy is a political system where mages rule
Politics: A healthy dose of cynicism.
Politics: Alleviating the worries of your allies
Politics: Alliances between rebels are still alliances.
Politics: Allying with fellow nationals overseas
Politics: Anti nobility sentiment in Rynmere is growing.
Politics: Assembling allies in secret
Politics: Betraying your liege for a better one
Politics: Building your claim
Politics: Building your public image
Politics: Calculatively Weighing Your Options
Politics: Carrying on a legacy of beauty is needed.
Politics: Casus Belli
Politics: Complex maneuvering
Politics: Considering motivations
Politics: Coordinating with Allies
Politics: Crowns don't matter when your a corpse
Politics: Democracy
Politics: Dont give away too much
Politics: Even Victory in Sparring is Considered
Politics: Every Branch of a Family Tree Matters
Politics: Everything has a reason, everyone a motivation.
Politics: Grooming political vassals
Politics: Higher Status via Queen in Family
Politics: Historic use of magic
Politics: Hospitality Opens Negotiations
Politics: Ideologies
Politics: Ideology runs thicker than blood
Politics: Investing in a political stronghold
Politics: Investing in the community for support and funding
Politics: Isn't it funny how the noble lord always gets the praise?
Politics: It is good to be seen publicly with your allies
Politics: It is good to publicly perform good deeds
Politics: Krome Succession
Politics: Learning of local leaders
Politics: Learning of the dominion you rule
Politics: Learning the religion of those you wish to conquer
Politics: Legitimising claims to increase their validity
Politics: Letting a vassal to bring order in a city in your absence.
Politics: Liberation vs Subjugation
Politics: Looking at the political landscape
Politics: Lords Always Have the Option of "Command"
Politics: Mageocracy, a Society ruled by Mages
Politics: Making demands
Politics: Marrying Celeste as a possible stepping stone to dukehood.
Politics: Minute details can be very important
Politics: Nepotism in the law
Politics: Open hostilities with a political obstacle
Politics: Peasants are odd
Politics: Peasants sometimes mock nobility
Politics: Playing the part
Politics: Political Prisoners
Politics: Quacia: The Dragoons
Politics: Quacia: The House of Arkenstone
Politics: Quacia: The Nobility
Politics: Quacia: The System of Laws
Politics: Quacia: The Theocratum
Politics: Remembering your own inexperience
Politics: Risks are necessary
Politics: Seeking an ambassador for advice
Politics: Selling independence as autonomy to keep the peace
Politics: Sharing Views with Other Parties
Politics: Sharing ideals with others
Politics: Showing people you care for their support
Politics: Social responsibility is the lifeblood of Society
Politics: Special protection laws
Politics: Strengthening a friendship with a regional rival
Politics: Structures of nobility
Politics: Swearing off a dangerous ally
Politics: Taking on a politically advantageous archetype
Politics: The Powers of the Eastern Half of Idalos
Politics: The Ramifications of Poor Association
Politics: The balance of keeping secrets vs protecting your house.
Politics: The ducal crown is ever present
Politics: The more people you tell, the less secure your secret is
Politics: The people of Rynmere view you as dubious and morbid
Politics: The personal has no part in noble politics
Politics: The view of the people is complex
Politics: There's Always Some Noble Ready to Take the Throne
Politics: Threat of War
Politics: Trading Honest Talk is Refreshing
Politics: Understanding where true power is in a family
Politics: Using a mob as leverage
Politics: Using positive rumors to one's advantage
Politics: Venoran Succession
Politics: White lies are commonplace
Politics: Working for a Future Alliance
Politics: choose who to trust.
Politics: trust no one
Prostitute: That cant be a fun job.
Psychology: Acknowledging your own anger disorder
Psychology: Ambition can be the strongest force.
Psychology: Anger disorders
Psychology: Anxiety led frustration
Psychology: Because I am powerful, I cannot be wrong
Psychology: Coming forward about old feelings
Psychology: Death is Less Scary Than Losing Your Self-Identity
Psychology: Denial is a dangerous tool
Psychology: Dissecting one's mind to uncover their morality
Psychology: Emotional vulnerabilities
Psychology: Everyone deserves a second chance
Psychology: Extraordinary times often call for extraordinary people
Psychology: Finding common ground
Psychology: Guilt is a vile and vicious emotion to deal with
Psychology: Guilt is debilitating
Psychology: Helping someone under duress relax
Psychology: Holding back physical intimacy
Psychology: Honest Work Will Encourage Personal Change
Psychology: How others view you is important to self image
Psychology: It's hard to have fun when you're not used to trying
Psychology: Its difficult to under the tragedies of others when youve lived above it all
Psychology: Kindness is a step to self forgiveness
Psychology: Laughter can be healing
Psychology: Laying things to rest
Psychology: Learning to articulate your passions
Psychology: Letting it all go to heal
Psychology: Love is subjective
Psychology: Magic Scares People
Psychology: Maria wasnt intending to inspire empathy, but talk of Marcus potential.
Psychology: Mental health issues can lead to suicidal thoughts
Psychology: Morality is systemic
Psychology: Physical touch can be soothing.
Psychology: Rationality vs. Hopefulness
Psychology: Saying goodbye to a former lover with care
Psychology: Self-actualization
Psychology: Sensing the doubt in another actions.
Psychology: Sometimes, a voice can be stronger than a serum
Psychology: Strife creates wisdom
Psychology: Struggle Between Power or Love
Psychology: The mindstate of the dying
Psychology: Wisdom creates greatness
Psychology: Your childhood is with you, always.
Psychology: acceptance from others feeds self image
Psychology: childhood has a major impact on personality
Psychology: communicating with your siblings might allow you to heal
Psychology: finding the positives in your mutation.
Psychology: happiness is not a choice when you can't feel it
Psychology: people lie
Psychology: the wealthy place more worth in inanimate objects than people
Psychology: understanding others is hard
Quacia: A Waning Kingdom
Quacia: Condemnation
Quacia: Fortress
Quacia: Marriage Tradition
Quacia: The Docks
Quacia: The Gleam
Quacia: The Harbor
Quacia: The Puppet
Quacia: The Shanty
Race: Lotharro
Rafael Warrick: A bastard of house Warrick
Rafael Warrick: Assumes a lot
Rafael Warrick: Believes his family are cowards, and traitors.
Rafael Warrick: Demands secrecy
Rafael Warrick: Gave you a gift
Rafael Warrick: Has an interest in furniture design?
Rafael Warrick: Plans to be the King of the Qe'dreki
Rafael Warrick: Really doesn't like Cassander
Ralaith's Stopwatch: Activates upon opening
Ralaith's Stopwatch: Artifact of an Immortal
Ralaith's Stopwatch: Can freeze time outside of one room
Ralaith: Admirable
Ralaith: Appeared as a stranger
Ralaith: Gave me the Stopwatch
Ralaith: Guided Me
Ralaith: Immortal of Time, Wisdom, Bitterness and Bears
Ralaith: Offered me a choice between megalomania and prosperity
Ralaith: Offers wisdom among chaos
Ralaith: Worth Following
Ralaith: Worth Following
Ramifications: Necromantic Association
Raskalarn: Doesn't like others sitting on thrones in her presence
Raskalarn: Enjoys others claiming for her
Red cordelia: Represents House Languedoc.
Ren: Absolutely Insane
Ren: Capable of manipulating bugs
Ren: Confused about his past
Ren: Lisirra's Blessing Story
Ren: Nearly impossible to handle
Ren: Profane for the sake of causing discomfort
Ren: Sadistic
Ren: Slowly coming forward with the truth
Ren: Sovereign
Ren: Yithnai
Research: Bringing together knowledgeable minds to cross-examine theory
Research: Citing well-received texts
Research: Discussing theory
Research: Document your findings on paper
Research: First-person research
Research: Listening to an informative lecture
Research: Make your interviewee comfortable
Research: Researching one's model
Research: The Works of Sedaias Reyloth of Etzos
Research: Theorizing on the fundamentals of a craft
Resistance: Alcohol and it's effects are cumulative
Resistance: Nature is filled with natural intoxicants
Rey'na: Lackey of Lissira
Reyard Seymour's Codex: "Guide to Transcend the Stars"
Reyard Seymour: "Rupturing Inventor"
Reyard Seymour: Disappeared Suddenly
Reyard Seymour: More than Just a Mage
Reyard: Powerful Mage
Reyard: The greatest rupturer of all.
Reyn'a: An Inevitable Problem
Rharne: Citizens drink at all times of day
Rharne: Jovial and boisterous
Rharne: Known for its taverns
Rharne: Looser morals than Rynmere
Rharne: Orgies in the street for Ilaren
Rio: His Likrjyr, Life Bond, Taught Him Magic
Rio: Not your average slave
Rio: Protective Of His Brethren
Robin Stark: A mage
Robin Stark: Cocky, with a side of sass
Robin Stark: Compelling
Robin Stark: Not a noble
Robin: Good Guy
Robin: Has a crush on you, probably
Robin: Your Apprentice
Rory: Keanu's Kindal
Royand: Facetiously issued a duel to the death
Royand: Surprisingly fearsome
Royand: Warned you of the Horde's consequences
Rupturing Artifact: The Sundial
Rupturing: "Nailing" a Crocodile Down
Rupturing: A Decent Escape Route
Rupturing: A portal which has a strong pulling effect
Rupturing: Advanced Compression
Rupturing: Beacons
Rupturing: Beacons are exhausting
Rupturing: Beacons require a trial beforehand of preparation
Rupturing: Blinking in a Fracture is dangerous
Rupturing: Blinking into a blind-spot
Rupturing: Blinking to grab a weapon's hilt for added strength
Rupturing: Boulder-Bomb
Rupturing: Breaking objective reality with transcending
Rupturing: Can be controlled, even when you are angry
Rupturing: Chasing is for Short Jumps, Compression is for Long Jumps
Rupturing: Chasing: Connecting and Riding Energy Between Two Points
Rupturing: Compressed Rend
Rupturing: Compression: To Actually Contract the Distance Between Two Points
Rupturing: Creating a ring to behead someone with.
Rupturing: Divine power can short circuit a spell.
Rupturing: Energy Builds During Travel to Open the Return Portal
Rupturing: Fast Travel for Tactical Advantage
Rupturing: Fear and Awe: 2 Sides of the Same Wonder
Rupturing: Funneling high pressure water through a portal
Rupturing: Gateway: Can fit heavier and larger objects
Rupturing: Gateway: Necromantic constructs that are welled can fit by cutting themselves into smaller pieces
Rupturing: Grip another person tightly so you appear to be one entity
Rupturing: How to cause a rend
Rupturing: How to close a rend
Rupturing: Initiating another in Rupturing
Rupturing: Initiation
Rupturing: Initiation Ritual
Rupturing: Intelligence gathering via Scrying
Rupturing: Maths and Science
Rupturing: Miscalculation Can Have Severe Consequences
Rupturing: More Than Just Idalos is Out There
Rupturing: Nail
Rupturing: Nailing in Transmuted items for much more deadly effect
Rupturing: One must attune themselves entirely to a location to form a Beacon
Rupturing: Opening a portal right where someone's walking is very possible.
Rupturing: Passing Through the Portal is Disorienting
Rupturing: Picking the right location
Rupturing: Porthole
Rupturing: Porthole-ing in order to summon a weapon
Rupturing: Predator's Purview: Using scrying to extend one's Rupturing range
Rupturing: Pull
Rupturing: Reflecting projectiles with networks of portals
Rupturing: Revealed form
Rupturing: Scrying: Utilizing an aerial view
Rupturing: Skystepping
Rupturing: Splintering a small section of armor for a pin-pointed lunge
Rupturing: Splintering to Negate a Weapon, Rather than Armor
Rupturing: Sundial: Advanced Compression
Rupturing: Sundial: Focuses and Stabilizes the Compression
Rupturing: Sundial: Geography
Rupturing: Sundial: Larger Size Allows More Specific Location Details
Rupturing: Sundial: Marking the Precise Location
Rupturing: Sundial: Requires Precise Distances
Rupturing: Sundial: Travelling Through the Portal
Rupturing: The Five Core Rules
Rupturing: The Nail: Stapling someone to the floor with high velocity projectiles
Rupturing: The Portal Can Link to Deadly Location
Rupturing: The Portal Doesn't Directly Affect Surroundings
Rupturing: The Portal Opens Loudly
Rupturing: The Rend
Rupturing: The Rend, Mastered
Rupturing: The Sundial Gem is at the Center of All
Rupturing: The Sundial: Carvings are The Data for Destinations
Rupturing: The Sundial: Flat Round Plate with Gem in the Center
Rupturing: The Sundial: Learning the Names of Distant Places
Rupturing: The Undefinable Energy of the Spark
Rupturing: The Void Itself is Just a Doorway
Rupturing: The initiation is based on emotion
Rupturing: The level of half-focus which is good enough
Rupturing: Transferring Dangers Elsewhere
Rupturing: Two Forms: "Chasing" and "Compression"
Rupturing: Using Nailing on the spot
Rupturing: Using a Compression Portal for a Secret Conversation
Rupturing: Using pulling portals to suck poison out
Rupturing: Using push and pull to throw people off balance
Rupturing: Using the Nail on a downed opponent
Rupturing: Using the Visitant to reflect projectiles
Rynmere Gazette: Like to do pieces on nobles
Rynmere Gazette: Twist the truth
Rynmere University: Doesnt allow slaves
Rynmere University: Has warned you
Rynmere: Court Politics
Rynmere: Expanding East
Rynmere: Solidarity Between the Houses
Rynmere: The King Might Be Dead
Rynmere: The Noble Houses
Rynmere: Undergoing a plague
Sabaissant: Nocturnal Residents
Sabaissant: Slangs and mock names
Scapegoat: Can be used to turn a crowd against someone
Scapegoat: More effective if anger is already present
Scapegoat: Shifts anger towards a specific thing
Scarf-Rot: Antiseptic
Scholar of Viden: Less than thrilling medical guide
Scython-Ur: Cunning hunters
Scython-Ur: Go straight for the kill, watch your vitals
Scython-Ur: Hunt in packs
Sect: Diplomat
Sect: Legendary Mage
Sect: Powerful Mage
Seduction: A massage can make ones partner melt
Seduction: Adapting to suit your partner's needs
Seduction: Alluring someone by presenting yourself properly
Seduction: Asking to be on top
Seduction: Becoming a source of pleasure for another
Seduction: Being suggestive whilst nonchalant
Seduction: Being the Agressor
Seduction: Bondage
Seduction: Can be utilized for political gain
Seduction: Challenging his dominance
Seduction: Coercing someone into bed through physical feats
Seduction: Coercing someone through sex
Seduction: Coming on strong from the start
Seduction: Coming to one in their sleep
Seduction: Dealing with a partner's doubt
Seduction: Dirty talk
Seduction: Discovering your partner's pace
Seduction: Dominance
Seduction: Dominance vs Submission
Seduction: Dominating Your Partner
Seduction: Drawing on old desires
Seduction: Drugged targets are more susceptible to sexual advances
Seduction: Even Mere Body Heat Can be Stimulating
Seduction: Feeding your partner is an important part of courting
Seduction: Focus on the lips.
Seduction: Focusing on another's satisfaction
Seduction: How to appeal to ones partner through the written word
Seduction: Indulging your partner's setting
Seduction: Keeping your partner from release
Seduction: Kiss that mans jawline.
Seduction: Kissing Along the Jawline
Seduction: Lewd Stories and Memories
Seduction: Molding your partner to submit to you
Seduction: Mutations can supplement and attract
Seduction: My eyes can draw others in
Seduction: Natural Lubrication
Seduction: Not letting Patrick get away from your strong manly love.
Seduction: Offering others a taste of sexual control
Seduction: One in his peach, one in my peach
Seduction: Overpowering your partner into submission
Seduction: Owning others through desire
Seduction: Pleasing your partner
Seduction: Pleasing your partner
Seduction: Rekindling sexual attraction
Seduction: Satisfying two partners at the same time
Seduction: Sensual exploration
Seduction: Soothing an inexperienced partner's worries
Seduction: Splintering for Skin-to-Skin Contact
Seduction: Spooning the sign that your a love sick sap.
Seduction: Submitting to another
Seduction: Succumbing to your partner's wishes
Seduction: Taking Control
Seduction: Taking charge
Seduction: Taking control in a sexual encounter
Seduction: Teasing your lover after awaking
Seduction: The Venora Thing
Seduction: The lure of a soft and gentle kiss
Seduction: True desire is enticing
Seduction: Using Humour
Seduction: Using acts of kindness to make someone susceptible to you
Seduction: Using bindings
Seduction: Using drugs to increase your own satisfaction
Seduction: Using magical imagery to enamor someone
Seduction: Using someone's desires to manipulate them
Seduction: Working with your hands in a skillful way
Seduction: work them hips
Seekers: Slow to Teach Necromancy (My)
Ser Axton: Location: Bayern
Ser Axton: Wants you dead
Sera Ba Randil: The Witch
Sesser - Transformer's Toolbox: Adjusting vocal cords to change voice depth
Sesser: Attraction Triggers the Mark
Sesser: Ever Alluring: An advantage for seduction
Sesser: Ever Alluring: Can nestle desires onto the surface
Sesser: Ever Alluring: Only a suggestion, to be honed through sensation
Sesser: Ire's Talons: Can be used in conjunction with Wither
Sesser: Scapegoat: Can only be used to redirect anger from a person or thing to a person
Sesser: Thespian: A boon and a crutch
Sesser: Thespian: Ideal to Dispel Emotional Obstacles
Sex with Fridgar: how are you still alive.
Sheor: A Magocracy
Sheor: Created Mages of Legendary Skill
Sheor: The Fallen Kingdom
Shields (Round): Bashing
Shields (Round): Blocking
Shields (Round): Can be flung for surprise effect
Shields (Round): Counter-Bashing
Shields (Round): Dampening incoming force
Shields (Round): Deflecting projectiles
Shields (Round): Disarming a foe through recoil with your shield
Shields (Round): Keeping a shield steady during a relentless assault
Shields (Round): Maintaining a flat surface
Shields (Round): Phalanx
Shields (Round): Positioning a shield to generate recoil
Shields (Round): Protecting your face
Shields (Round): Raising the shield before you with your elbow
Shields (Round): Shields are useful for close-range duels
Shields (Round): Subverting recoil
Shirvain: The Bear of Ralaith: A familiar, of variable personalities
Shirvain: The Bear of Ralaith: Intangible, and intelligent
Shirvain: The Bear of Ralaith: Offers a boon that enhances strength and endurance
Siege Weaponry: Shellshatter Harpoon
Siege Weaponry: The Submission Chains
Singing: A familiar tune in harmony with a familiar voice.
Singing: Crafting lyrics through meditation
Slavery: A master is just a man
Slavery: not property but a bond that was mutual beneficial
Rhetorical Device: Logos
Socialization: A promise for a promise
Socialization: Abusing a power dynamic
Socialization: Accepting someone's request for favors
Socialization: Addressing concerns
Socialization: Agreeing to Teach Rupturing to Keep Fridgar
Socialization: Agreeing to try a nonviolent approach
Socialization: Alleviating a negotiating partner's concerns
Socialization: Allowing your partner the option to opt out early
Socialization: Arranging an exchange of services/goods for autonomy
Socialization: Bartering for a marriage blessing
Socialization: Bartering with someone's life
Socialization: Beginning a relationship by discussing terms
Socialization: Bribing
Socialization: Calmly approaching an agreement in a high stress situation
Socialization: Coming to Terms With Fridgar at Stake
Socialization: Commiserating with the other party can make it easier to seal a deal.
Socialization: Commissioning an architectural project
Socialization: Detailing specific family plans
Socialization: Determining the terms of a will
Socialization: Doing deals with those similar to you
Socialization: Explaining the role of your partner in a proposed marriage agreement
Socialization: Exploiting naivety in negotiations
Socialization: Forging a political pact through carnality
Socialization: Forming a marriage pact
Socialization: Handling an altercation intelligently
Socialization: Listening calmly to another's concerns
Socialization: Maintaining a partnership despite losses
Socialization: Making a deal
Socialization: Making an agreement to handle a disagreement
Socialization: Making an agreement to try something
Socialization: Managing a squabbling family
Socialization: Negotiating estate terms
Socialization: No Need for Fridgar to bestow a Totem
Socialization: Offering allies time to decide
Socialization: Offering an extreme as an alternative to make someone capitulate
Socialization: Offering something important to build trust
Socialization: Preparing a Socialization beforehand
Socialization: Providing all available opportunities to entice an agreement
Socialization: Refusing a deal with an untrustworthy individual
Socialization: Revising a contract to better suit you
Socialization: Sealing a pact through affection
Socialization: Sometimes your negotiating partner doesn't need Socialization
Socialization: Telling your ally the truth for the sake of trust
Socialization: The art of non-negotiating
Socialization: Upholding a vow
Socialization: Using guild membership as a bargaining chip
Socialization: Using sensuality to barter an alliance
Socialization: Using wealth as leverage
Socialization: Utilizing contacts for trade advantages
Socialization: Viewing terms objectively
Socialization: Accepting and playing into someone's quirks
Socialization: Acknowledging the dangers in a diplomatic move
Socialization: Appealing to one's personal beliefs
Socialization: Asking someone to settle down somewhere
Socialization: Asking someone's hand in marriage amidst a powerful moment
Socialization: Attempting to veer someone's deep held beliefs is difficult
Socialization: Avoiding peeving someone while persuading them
Socialization: Baiting with touch
Socialization: Being honest about magic can dispel mistruths
Socialization: Bribing with a Slave
Socialization: Build up your argument
Socialization: Calming someone down
Socialization: Changing a long-held opinion can take time
Socialization: Coercion through intimacy
Socialization: Convincing a farmer to join a fledgling organization.
Socialization: Convincing others of your solutions
Socialization: Convincing others through fear
Socialization: Convincing someone by using beauty
Socialization: Convincing someone of their worth
Socialization: Convincing someone to become a mage through promise of power
Socialization: Convincing someone to keep the peace
Socialization: Convincing someone to let you in
Socialization: Convincing someone to rule
Socialization: Dispelling someone's fears with facts
Socialization: Failing to persuade someone
Socialization: Forcing someone to understand
Socialization: Forging a relationship through words
Socialization: How to Use Someones Weaknesses to Exploit Them
Socialization: How to use logic to persuade
Socialization: Kissing your lover awake
Socialization: Laying out terms for a discourse
Socialization: Persuading those close to someone influences their decisions
Socialization: Putting emphasis
Socialization: Relaxing fears with logic and facts
Socialization: Seeking someone's priorities to help with persuasiveness
Socialization: Seeking to rally old followers
Socialization: Suggest compromise
Socialization: Tactics for making someone feel more at ease
Socialization: Telling the whole truth to build trust
Socialization: The importance of providing options
Socialization: Thinking you've persuaded someone
Socialization: Trust can veer someone towards being persuaded
Socialization: Trying to better a situation with an enticing offer
Socialization: Trying to explain your point of view
Socialization: Trying to get what you want with angry hyperbole
Socialization: Using a compelling domain to convince someone of the greatness of an Immortal
Socialization: Using an argument based on personal experience
Socialization: Using artifacts for amplified coercion
Socialization: Using facts as the basis for persuasive attempts
Socialization: Utilizing Status
Socialization: Utilizing things that satisfy the target of your Socialization
Socialization: Withholding an item until a service is performed
Socialization: Yelling can be effective at persuading
Socialization: Comparing the Pros and Cons of Different Magics
Socialization: A sincere apology
Socialization: Asserting dangerous truths in a compelling form
Socialization: Being your partner's hype man
Socialization: Clearly stating your position
Socialization: Cleverly being a dick
Socialization: Emphasizing danger
Socialization: Hide uncertainty with over-confidence
Socialization: How to craft an impromptu speech
Socialization: How to know when to speak frankly
Socialization: How to summarize a speech
Socialization: How to translate ones personal philosophies into words
Socialization: Inspiring confidence in another
Socialization: Keep it simple
Socialization: Leading the Conversation
Socialization: Making a show of support
Socialization: Making a speech amidst an event
Socialization: Making someone feel confident
Socialization: Matched apologies
Socialization: Pause and think before answering
Socialization: Provide familiar examples before disproving them
Socialization: Putting your argument in a historical context
Socialization: Putting your message across.
Socialization: Socialization's place within democracy
Socialization: Sharing your vision.
Socialization: Silly phrases for serious concepts
Socialization: Speaking for peace
Socialization: Speaking on more personal terms
Socialization: Speech giving
Socialization: Stating an overview
Socialization: The power of a well-placed example
Socialization: Using Haltunga to speak powerfully
Socialization: Using Honeyed Words on the Naive
Socialization: Using speech to announce political intentions
Socialization: Using words to illustrate love
Socialization: Agreeing to Disagree
Socialization: Fellow Schemers Do Not Need to Admit It
Socialization: Hard Questions will Garner Respect
Socialization: Not Everyone is Impressed by Fancy Titles
Socialization: Sharing a Dislike for the Same People
Socialization: Some Discussions are Best Done Privately
Socialization: The Assumption of a Noble's Hetero Marriage
Socialization: The Roles of "Havendal" and "Kindal"
Sohr Khal: Quirky Personalities
Sohr Khal: Saint of the Skies
Soraanar: Incredibly powerful
Soraanar: Kaedhan, Duskwraith
Soraanar: Special abilities
Soraanar: Spectral wraiths
Specture: Uses Arcana
Stealth: Blinking into stealth
Stealth: Camouflage
Stealth: Concealing large and suspicious objects with a domain bag
Stealth: Crouching behind a brush to stealthily coordinate
Stealth: Descending to avoid being seen
Stealth: Escaping stealthily via flight
Stealth: Hiding among darkness
Stealth: Hiding an unconscious body to prevent alert
Stealth: Hiding in darkness while changing forms
Stealth: Keep low when sneaking in a field.
Stealth: Knocking out a potential threat
Stealth: Learning to walk quietly on hardwood
Stealth: Lester, the thief persona
Stealth: Limestone colored disguises work well in desert hills
Stealth: Losing your hiding spot to physics
Stealth: Minimizing contact with objects that vibrate sound
Stealth: Mobility and stealth are not incompatible
Stealth: Moving slowly along distant cliffsides
Stealth: Muffling movements to avoid waking a sleeping target
Stealth: Muffling your footsteps
Stealth: Not scaring your target
Stealth: Pranking someone without their knowing
Stealth: Prowling along the edges of the treeline
Stealth: Reducing a trace by properly disposing of bodies
Stealth: Reducing sound
Stealth: Reducing your effective size to reduce chances at being seen
Stealth: Remaining in dark lighting is essential
Stealth: Signaling for a stealth formation
Stealth: Sneakily listening to conversations
Stealth: Sneaking into an open building via blinking
Stealth: Stakeout
Stealth: Standing light on your soles
Stealth: Sticking to one's peripheral or blindside to hide mid-combat
Stealth: The Cold of Cylus Keeps Folks in Their Beds
Stealth: The Domain Bag assists in maintaining a small form
Stealth: Using a blink to hide
Stealth: Using high places to hide
Stealth: Using inconspicuous objects to hide
Stealth: Using rocks as cover
Stealth: Using rupturing to gain a stealth advantage
Stealth: Wearing a different face to lose notoriety
Stealth: Wearing the right attire to camouflage with darkness
Stealth: When hiding from animals, consider all senses.
Stekir: Annoying
Stekir: Plentiful in the East
Stekir: Weaksauce
Story Telling: Every good hero needs a suitable name
Story Telling: The Cruelties Your Father Inflicted
Story Telling: The Cruelties Your Mother Inflicted
Story Telling: The Escalation of Parental Cruelty
Storytelling: Composing a vow
Storytelling: Convincing someone with a story
Storytelling: Corroborating story claims with Scrying images
Storytelling: Embellishing tales to develop audience excitement
Storytelling: Facts can be a touch dull
Storytelling: Facts make you more believable
Storytelling: Focusing on your body language and tone
Storytelling: Pictures Tell Stories
Storytelling: Ralaith's Time Travel: A story that no one will ever believe
Storytelling: Sometimes, your own story is told more powerfully by others
Storytelling: Speaking to an audience through visual
Storytelling: Telling a story of heroism
Storytelling: Telling a story with passion
Storytelling: Telling stories to young people
Storytelling: The fall of Sheor, incomplete
Storytelling: The tale of Galador, incomplete
Stranger Fig Bark: Antiseptic
Strangler fig bark: Medicine effective in treating fevers.
Strength: A tool of seduction
Strength: An empty stomach can burn through muscle
Strength: Applying your strength to your hips
Strength: Can be used as a conversational utility
Strength: Controlling your pressure so as to not crush someone
Strength: Doing squats
Strength: Dominating another through strength
Strength: Forcing Your Foe to Match your Strength
Strength: Grappling your enemy's weapons with raw strength
Strength: Holding yourself above a bar
Strength: How to carry a man bridal style
Strength: Ignis Beans, A Superior Protein Source
Strength: Keeping someone down with your lower body
Strength: Laying your weight into someone
Strength: Laying your weight into someone to keep them pinned
Strength: Leaning all of your weight into a pull
Strength: Maintaining steady motions
Strength: Managing your muscle strength while weakened by Umbral Hone
Strength: Overpowering an opponent
Strength: Practice Swords are Weighted
Strength: Pull-up
Strength: Resisting physical submission despite a great weight differential
Strength: Suspending a man by his waist using your forearms
Strength: Suspending another
Strength: Training Often Doubles as Endurance Training
Strength: Training: A Protein-Rich Diet is Necessary
Strength: Training: Heavy Metal Shackles
Strength: Training: Weighted Bag
Strength: Unflinchingly pinning someone down
Strength: Using all of your strength in a heavy, final swing
Strength: Using strength to add piercing power to weapons
Strength: Using the strength of a collective to outdo a superior creature
Strength: Using your strength to grapple a man in a sexy kind of way.
Strength: When Sparring Becomes Wrestling
Strength: With strength, a low skill punch can be deadly
Strength: Work them core muscles.
Swimming: Adjusting to the water's temperature
Swimming: Butterfly Stroke
Swimming: Cardiovascular health can improve underwater breathing
Swimming: Holding your breath
Swimming: Peddling with your feet
Swimming: Propelling yourself backwards with your legs
Swimming: Using sand to balance yourself underwater
Tactics: A Sarissa Phalanx
Tactics: Advancing a perimeter
Tactics: Attack on multiple sides
Tactics: Basic Dragoon Procedures
Tactics: Battle Experience Without Combat Experience
Tactics: Building a fighting style to counter your foe
Tactics: Capturing an enemy to reduce enemy morale
Tactics: Communicating with allies through magic
Tactics: Conquering a people through diplomacy
Tactics: Conquering a people through overwhelming force
Tactics: Conscription of mages strengthens military might?
Tactics: Consider all types of military might
Tactics: Conspiring with enemy leaders in private
Tactics: Controlling fortifications is key
Tactics: Coordinating a lethal maneuver
Tactics: Countering mage hunters by not relying on magic
Tactics: Cutting off an enemy's escape
Tactics: Defeating a foe with special abilities
Tactics: Delegating a proper selection of weapons
Tactics: Diverting enemies into attacking an ally
Tactics: Divide and conquer
Tactics: Drawing your enemy into your playing field
Tactics: Fighting unfairly to win
Tactics: Forcing your enemies to strike
Tactics: Framing an assassination
Tactics: Go to the crux of the matter
Tactics: Guarding the flank of those ahead of you
Tactics: Isolating a man away from fortifications
Tactics: Keeping Track of What Will Aid You, and What Will Hinder You
Tactics: Keeping Track of the Battlefield
Tactics: Kill the Leader and Use the Confusion
Tactics: Killing the enemy with pure speed
Tactics: Know your enemies, know your friends.
Tactics: Let Squads Focus on Single Goals
Tactics: Luring foes to reinforcements
Tactics: Mages ramp up; are weak to agile fighters
Tactics: Making Your Presence Known to Prompt a Meeting
Tactics: Manning siege weaponry
Tactics: Master everything, be countered by nothing
Tactics: Not wise to rouse the Coven
Tactics: Offering Self as 'Prisoner'
Tactics: Preparing an all-inclusive assault
Tactics: Preventing knowledge of a counter-attack being shared
Tactics: Reversing an ambush
Tactics: Separating and isolating targets
Tactics: Setting up a multi-step strategy
Tactics: Setting up a perimeter
Tactics: Setting up for an ambush
Tactics: Shields as a martial weapon
Tactics: Sizing up the enemy often means a battle is won or lost before it is begun
Tactics: Slowing your enemy's plans through subversion
Tactics: Spreading out strengths so as to minimize weaknesses
Tactics: Strike Before You Finish Speaking
Tactics: Subverting a common enemy to gain new allies
Tactics: Surrounding the enemy's borders
Tactics: Taking out a leader
Tactics: Targeting the weakest
Tactics: Taunting an opponent
Tactics: Telling complete strangers you are a necromancer is a Really Bad Idea
Tactics: Testing an opponents abilities
Tactics: The importance of scouting, pre-assault
Tactics: There is as Much Strategy In Defense as Offense
Tactics: Training against an experienced foe
Tactics: Undead Retinue
Tactics: Using a forest to your advantage
Tactics: Using a stealth unit to assassinate a foe
Tactics: Using archers to whittle down foes
Tactics: Using every advantage to mitigate against being outnumbered.
Tactics: Using protection to gain loyalty from natives
Tactics: Using regenerating thralls as distractions
Tactics: Using rupturing in tandem with a partner
Tactics: Utilizing Rupturing to perform catastrophic feats of destruction
Tactics: Utilizing a foe's routine against them
Taelan: Filthy Sailor
Talesin: Powerful Mage
Teaching: Applying physical therapy
Teaching: Attempting to minimise your student's flaws
Teaching: Attempting to simplify incredibly complex concepts
Teaching: Be calm
Teaching: Being firm
Teaching: Being honest
Teaching: Being patient with the one you're guiding
Teaching: Being stern with your students
Teaching: Calling in for an expert
Teaching: Demanding obedience for wisdom
Teaching: Developing a curriculum
Teaching: Forcing a student to endure unwanted sensations to help them grow
Teaching: Give praise to soften the critisizm
Teaching: Guiding a student into better descriptiveness
Teaching: Instructing a slave on how to behave in presence of a Venora
Teaching: Making sure students are in classes that suit them
Teaching: Mnemonic Devices
Teaching: Non-conventional students
Teaching: Not letting irritation impact your teaching
Teaching: Objectively offering facts about a taught subject
Teaching: Preventing a student from harming themselves
Teaching: Preventing your students from self harm with emphasized explanations
Teaching: Protecting your students from existential threats
Teaching: Protecting your students from the harm of ignorance
Teaching: Quelling a rebellious student
Teaching: Real life experience can be a good aid
Teaching: Reassure Students of Your Support
Teaching: Removing conflicting instructions
Teaching: Seeing the weaknesses in someone's form
Teaching: Teachers need to learn in peace, too
Teaching: Teaching in a compact way
Teaching: Teaching someone about upcoming dangers
Teaching: Telling the cold, hard truth
Teaching: Use Affection as Means of Reward
Teaching: Use Simple Explanations for the Simple Minded
Teaching: Using hyperbolic speech to keep someone interested
Teaching: Using metaphor to teach the self and others
Teaching: What not to do.
Teaching: following proper protocol
Temple of Thetros: Beautiful
Temple of Thetros: Calming
Temple of Thetros: You married here
The Coven: Growing Across The Globe
The Coven: It's all just gone too far
The Grand Idalosian League: Book about the physical body
The Immortals: Not My Enemy
The Kókkinos: Unanimously chose me as their Lord
The Originals: Fathers and Mothers of Magic
The Originals: The Source of the Spark
The Pointy End: Smithy
The Seekers: Weak
The Seekers: Will remember those who Yielded in Terror
The Sisters of Cyrene Bay: A Musical Group
The Song of Venora: Yes, it's a thing
The Study of Magic is to Seek to Transcend Boundaries
The Widow Maria: Needs Marcus to survive
The Widow Maria: a dumb idiot women
The Wilted Rose: Your nickname
Theocratum: Blood Prayer
Theocratum: Hymns of Devotion
Theodore Venora: Deceased
Theodore Venora: Tasks of Forgiveness
Theodore: Attracted to older men.
Theodore: Believes beauty is skin deep, pleasure universal
Theodore: Believes there is no better feeling than that of a note penetrating one to their core
Theodore: Charming, attractive, witty and wild
Theodore: Deserves better than a cold, dead man.
Theodore: Drems of being a stableboy
Theodore: Excited to see you
Theodore: Has an innocent beauty inside him
Theodore: Made you laugh
Theodore: Precious to you, like Andraska
Theodore: Skilled in the arts.
Theodore: Thinks you are extraordinary
Theodore: Thinks you should relax, and go with it.
Theodore: Uniqe preferences
Theodore: You'd like to offer him serenity
Theodore: You're determined to be a good role model to him.
Transcendence: Using it to search for someone
Transmutation: "Transmutes" something with ether
Transmutation: A Domain Magic
Transmutation: Absorption
Transmutation: Absorption can draw from Necromantic constructs
Transmutation: Absorption: Can strip mage-crafted items of their qualities
Transmutation: Alteration
Transmutation: Bolstered items can still be destroyed
Transmutation: Bolstering
Transmutation: Bolstering is an intrinsic weave
Transmutation: Both master and student should know one another's limits to move ether effectively
Transmutation: Brilliance
Transmutation: Brilliance can be re-cast in flashes with the same base ether
Transmutation: Can effect both organics and materials
Transmutation: Can shape objects via touch
Transmutation: Combining Pathway with Shapecraft
Transmutation: Controlling the flux of ether between a master and student spark
Transmutation: Corrosion
Transmutation: Corrosion: Can either melt objects or trim them
Transmutation: Corrosive Ether Missiles
Transmutation: Deconstruction
Transmutation: Enchanting is much like smelting
Transmutation: Ether Missile
Transmutation: Ether Missile: Seemingly stops upon hitting organic material
Transmutation: Ether Missiles can corrode wood; are powerful against the Creep
Transmutation: Ether, a fundamental
Transmutation: Flaws
Transmutation: Flinging an Ether Missile at high velocity
Transmutation: Forging Qualities into a Pathway
Transmutation: Formula
Transmutation: Formula decreases the lifespan of an object
Transmutation: Formula is largely based on memorization and repetition
Transmutation: Galvanize
Transmutation: Generally not apparent, or flashy
Transmutation: High durability weapons can withstand more powerful Transmutations
Transmutation: Identification - can reveal all materials
Transmutation: Identify
Transmutation: Identify: Can be used to learn from other Transmuters
Transmutation: Initiating another
Transmutation: Initiation: The Initiate must cling to reality.
Transmutation: Initiation: Transmutes the soul.
Transmutation: Items are still bound by their inherent characteristics
Transmutation: One can match magnetic fields
Transmutation: Pairing Shapecraft with the Nail for high velocity strikes
Transmutation: Pathway
Transmutation: Pathway: Instilling effects along the Path
Transmutation: Pathways cannot travel between multiple conflicting materials in a line
Transmutation: Qualities as 'fundamental, intrinsic principles'
Transmutation: Qualities can conflict with one another
Transmutation: Qualities cannot be inherently magical
Transmutation: Qualities must be physical traits
Transmutation: Quality: A flame's outer radiance of warmth
Transmutation: Quality: Light
Transmutation: Quality: Magnetic Pull
Transmutation: Quality: Sunlight
Transmutation: Quality: The Combustion of a Flame
Transmutation: Quality: The Force of an Explosion
Transmutation: Quality: The Smoothness of Stone
Transmutation: Quality: The burning touch of a flame
Transmutation: Quality: The durability of Terrendyte
Transmutation: Quality: The lightness of a feather
Transmutation: Quality: The scent of a rose
Transmutation: Reformation
Transmutation: Sculpting
Transmutation: Sculpting appears to cost no ether
Transmutation: Sculpting can be used like a scalpel
Transmutation: Shape-changing Ether Missiles
Transmutation: Shapecraft
Transmutation: Shapecraft is not etherless, unlike sculpting
Transmutation: Shapecrafting stone into obstacles
Transmutation: Shapecrafting to invert a structure
Transmutation: Speaking to your initiate to help keep them grounded to reality
Transmutation: The Initiation
Transmutation: The Palate
Transmutation: The Steps: Must maintain absolute concentration
Transmutation: Touching, a fundamental
Transmutation: Using Sculpting to imprison foes
Transmutation: Using Shapecraft on wooden entities to turn their forms against them
Transmutation: Using Shapecraft to make remote projectiles
Transmutation: Utilizing Sculpting to craft makeshift weapons
Transmutation: Well-Craft
Transmutation: Well-Craft: Ezymite
Transmutation: With Shapecraft, one can reform a shape entirely in moments, rather than resculpting it
Treasure Hunting: Be Careful of Booby Traps
Treasure Hunting: Caves
Trial of the Hunter: I Failed, But I'll Try Again
Trial vs Trial
Tristan: Can make dead bodies disappear
Tyara: A lot kinder than Kiara
Tyara: A strumpet
Tyara: Asher's biological mother
Tyara: Doesn't mind her totem being used for reproduction
Tyara: Possibly has a gambling addiction
Tyara: Seems to be in heavy debt
Tyara: Was nicer to Zarik
Tyara: Zarik's Sister
Tylema: Bold and glory-seeking
Tylema: General of the Kattarákti
Tylema: Loyal ally
Tylema: Tactical mind
Tylema: Wishes to bed me
Tyros: Argonis traditions
Tyros: Pyrgonas and Megaris
Tyros: The Kókkinos Players
Tyros: The Miletians accepted me as their Lord
Unarmed Combat: Armoured fists as weapons.
Unarmed Combat: Back-Swung Elbow Spin and Follow-up Push
Unarmed Combat: Blows can be deadly with strength attached
Unarmed Combat: Can kill spirits, if manifested
Unarmed Combat: Catching a foe by the bottom amidst a tackle
Unarmed Combat: Decapitating a foe with an upward kick
Unarmed Combat: Don't grab daggers with your hands
Unarmed Combat: Grappling someone
Unarmed Combat: Gravelmongering into an upward kick
Unarmed Combat: Kicking a sword out of trajectory
Unarmed Combat: Krenn Maii
Unarmed Combat: Krenn Maii - Abdominal punching into a leg sweep
Unarmed Combat: Krenn Maii - Boxing with Krenn Maii fundamentals
Unarmed Combat: Krenn Maii - Measuring your level of blunt force
Unarmed Combat: Krenn Maii - Swiftly following a knock-down with a head kick
Unarmed Combat: Krenn Maii is brutal and effective
Unarmed Combat: Krenn Maii: Kor Koron, the First Technique
Unarmed Combat: Krenn Maii: The Eighth Fundamental - Never Stop the Aggression
Unarmed Combat: Krenn Maii: The Fifth Fundamental - Be Hyper Aware
Unarmed Combat: Krenn Maii: The First Fundamental - Dispatch Efficiently
Unarmed Combat: Krenn Maii: The Fourth Fundamental - Krenn Maii is Meant to Kill
Unarmed Combat: Krenn Maii: The Second Fundamental - Make Every Hit Count
Unarmed Combat: Krenn Maii: The Seventh Fundamental - Everything Is A Weapon
Unarmed Combat: Krenn Maii: The Sixth Fundamental - Fight on Your Terms
Unarmed Combat: Krenn Maii: The Third Fundamental - Use Every Part of Your Body
Unarmed Combat: Letting adrenaline leak into fighting
Unarmed Combat: Multiple opponents.
Unarmed Combat: Observing two masters brawl
Unarmed Combat: One-handed suspended choke
Unarmed Combat: Punching with raw strength, no skill
Unarmed Combat: The Magehunter's Fist, Conceptualization
Unarmed Combat: Using off-hand hooks to weaken an enemy
Unarmed Combat: Withering into a skull bash
Unarmed combat: Pulling yourself up from submission
Unarmed combat: Throwing your opponent off balance
Unarmed: A hook fist against the neck can be immediately fatal
Unarmed: Basic punch
Unarmed: Blinking into a lethal punch
Unarmed: Chivalry is a Weakness
Unarmed: Pulling someone's hair and pushing them into the ground
Unarmed: Punching smaller opponents will send them much further than someone your own size (you big bully)
Unarmed: Straddling a foe provides free opportunity for a beatdown
Unarmed: Striking the head often results in serious injury
Unarmed: Sweeping out an opponents legs
Unarmed: The Hand-Lock While Falling Trick
Unarmed: The Leg Hook and Twist Maneuver
Undead: Have no fear, feel no pain and will not falter in conviction
Understanding a peasant's thirst
Use of imagery in words can be confusing to you
Uthaldria: Everything is done at a high volume
Uthaldria: Marriage Norms
Uthaldria: Valley of Kings
Uthaldrian Fighting Styles
Vanessa Krome: Not dead?
Veljorn Burhan: Killed by Elyna Burhan
Veljorn Burhan: The Dragon King
Veljorn Burhan: Threw a goblet at the king
Veljorn: Elyna's uncle
Venora: Has the most beautiful of palaces
Victor Warrick: Saved your life
Victor Warrick: Second son of House Warrick
Vri: Capable of Allowing Souls a Moment in the Living World
Vri: Cursed Me
Vri: Immortal of Death, Sadness, Remembrance, and Love
Vuda: Abrogator, Rupturer and Sovereign Mage
Vuda: Appreciates Your Situation
Vuda: Has No Reason to Lie to You
Vuda: Relies on His Many Wells to Avoid Overstepping
Vuda: Won't Back Down, But He Will Deal
WIllow Venora: had intended to dissolve her marriage to Kaleb
Walter RIley: originally from Venora
Walter Riley: a good man
Walter Riley: a pragmatist
Walter Riley: a therapist
Walter Riley: discreet
Walter Riley: knighted by Granny Ebony
Walter Riley: knows you're a necromancer
War would strengthen the Coven
Weyland Hil: Coven Member
Weyland Hill: Defecting Seeke
Weyland: Damiens Father
Weyland: Ellasins Enemy
Weyland: Powerful Mage
Weyland: Specter
What anger feels like
When Magic is Spent, the Body Must Still Fight
WhiteMoss: Used to cure poisons by boiling the root.
Wilkund: Animate corpse at your control
Wilkund: Former musician
Willem de Furdan: Hired to investigate rumours of necromancers
Willem de Furdan: Works for House Venora
Willem de Furdan: Young and foolish
William Grayson: Betrayed your secrets
William Grayson: Buried
William Grayson: Childhood friend
William Grayson: Dead by your hand
William Grayson: Effects of Reanimation
William Grayson: Mutual Past
William Grayson: Reanimated
Willow Redbears: Cute
Willow Venora: Duchess?
Willow Venora: allowed Kaleb to commit unspeakable acts
Willow Venora: offered her children to Kaleb as a means to protect herself
Willow Venora: wild as a young woman
Willow Venora: will beat slaves if not addressed the right way
Willow Verona: Incompetent according to grandma Ebony
Willow Woods: Dangerous
Wine: The Taste? It kind of grows on you
Winston: Alive
Winston: Alive
Winston: Called Bellator by Fridgar
Winston: My son
Winston: Was enslaved and abused
Words: Weapons
Writing: Expressing distaste in oppressive rules in a letter
Writing: Flowery words can make ones writing more lively
Writing: How to structure a letter
Writing: How to use a post-script
Writing: How to use metaphor
Writing: Making notes on a possible new plague in the medical journal
Writing: about when you almost played Detective.
Writing: used to clarify your thoughts.
Wyland: A childhood friend
Wyland: Has the Rhiannon fungus
Xander Krome: A Good Friend
Xander Krome: Challenger
Xander Krome: Considers House Venora 'Garden Pansy Loving'
Xander Krome: Does Not Understand the Advances of Men
Xander Krome: More Sophisticated Than Most Kromes
Xander Krome: Not a Stereotypical Krome
Xander Krome: Single
Xander Krome: Treats Slaves Well
Yithnai: Strange Eyes
Ymiden: Bringing you towards forgiveness
Ymiden: My New God
Ymiden: Summer, Dawn, Forgiveness, Rebirth
Ymiden: Tasks of Forgiveness
Ymiden: You commissioned a shrine of his
Yoreth Blackwood: Believes Cassander to be a coward
Yoreth Blackwood: Escaped with Marcus Krome
Yoreth Blackwood: One of Veljorn's commanders
You want to be different
Zalazar: Had a psychotic break
Zalazar: Homicidal
Zarik: A businessman at heart
Zarik: A good parent for my children
Zarik: Abusive, crude father
Zarik: An exceptional choice to rule with me
Zarik: Becoming apt at handling my miscellaneous needs
Zarik: Committed infidelity with Fridgar
Zarik: Does not mind me Revealing
Zarik: Does not wish to be hidden
Zarik: Does not wish to have any sensual contact with Fridgar
Zarik: Doesn't mind abuse as long as it is not humiliating
Zarik: Doesn't seem to mind being abused
Zarik: Doubts my ability to remain singularly attracted to him and Fridgar
Zarik: Elegant Mutations
Zarik: Enjoyed his sensual affair with Fridgar
Zarik: Felt he needed to bed Fridgar for his safety
Zarik: Forgot all of the events with Fridgar on 34 Ashan
Zarik: Good to Asher
Zarik: Has a soft spot for children
Zarik: Has submitted his consent to me indefinitely
Zarik: Hesitant to be initiated in Becoming
Zarik: I gave him false memories
Zarik: I initiated him into magic
Zarik: I like him, a lot
Zarik: I love him, dearly
Zarik: I married him in the Theocratum sanctuary
Zarik: I used the Dominant Ring of Empathy on him
Zarik: I want to keep him safe, by any means
Zarik: I was his first time
Zarik: I will always find him attractive
Zarik: I'm to be his husband
Zarik: I'm unkind to Zarik, and I want to be better to him
Zarik: Inspires me into depravity
Zarik: Is beginning to refute my authority
Zarik: Is determining a final decision on my initiation
Zarik: Is happy to have many children with me
Zarik: Is moving suitably into the role of 'mother'
Zarik: Is not angry with me, even despite everything
Zarik: Is not comfortable revealing his sexuality to Fridgar
Zarik: Is sacred to me
Zarik: Is willing to choose me over his family
Zarik: Is willing to initiate into Becoming, finally
Zarik: I’m willing to initiate into Becoming for him
Zarik: Learns Quickly
Zarik: Likes Me
Zarik: Lord of Koros, alongside me
Zarik: Loves the sea
Zarik: Made an official draft for our union
Zarik: Made eye contact with Fridgar, despite my express orders not to
Zarik: Makes me feel like a man
Zarik: Manifesting strange post-initiation behaviors
Zarik: Might be willing to convert to Rynlism
Zarik: Moving into his role as a noble
Zarik: Must be heard before instinctively responded to
Zarik: My Spouse
Zarik: My only
Zarik: My property
Zarik: My soulmate
Zarik: My source of comfort and light, even in my darkest moments
Zarik: Now Zarik Venora
Zarik: Seemingly willing to be initiated into Becoming
Zarik: Seems callous to Kleine’s fate
Zarik: Seems to want everything I want
Zarik: Shares my philosophy on truth
Zarik: Shrewd
Zarik: Threatened to lay with other men
Zarik: Transformed into his sister
Zarik: Trusted me utterly
Zarik: Upbringing
Zarik: Very satisfying partner
Zarik: Wants me to tell Fridgar the truth about our marriage
Zarik: Wants to have many, many children with me
Zarik: Was seriously injured in pursuit of Zalazar
Zarik: Will accept physical punishment for breaching his boundaries
Zarik: Will go with me to find his sister(s)
Zarik: Will have heirs with me, if we find his sister
Zarik: Will move to Helice with me
Zarik: Will rule alongside me in Rynmere
Zarik: Wishes for me to 'utilize' his sisters
Zarik: Wishes for me to initiate into Becoming as well
Zarik: Wishes for our children to be safe, and free
Zarik: Wishes to become powerful like me
Zarik: Wishes to begin investing
Zvezdana Venora: Deceased
Zvezdana Venora: Tasks of Forgiveness
Zvezdana: Does not believe she taught you to love
Zvezdana: Feels betrayed by you
Zvezdana: Forgives you for everything your father made you do
Zvezdana: Found true love
Zvezdana: Is cursed by Syroa
Zvezdana: Is pregnant
Zvezdana: Is the beast that tore through Andaris
Zvezdana: Made a deal with Syroa for her life and the ability to kill Cassander and his allies
Zvezdana: Now lives in Rharne
Zvezdana: The angry sibling
Zvezdana: Thinks you are what the kingdom needs
Zvezdana: Thinks you will have to kill her to take over the kingdom
Zvezdana: Was angry that you had not done anything to save Veljorn
Zvezdana: Was envious of your position as heir
Zvezdana: Will insult anyone
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Alistair Venora

  • 1. City Dweller's starter package.
    "One set of clothing (adaptable as per race, though for humanoid races, this will include a coat or cloak, shirt or blouse, pants or skirt, undergarments, and a pair of boots. All clothing is standard quality.
    One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste,
    One waterskin
    Two sets of eating utensils
    2. Necromantic Conduit
    3. Full Leather Armor for Icarus (Gauntlets, Greaves, Fauld, Padding, Helmet, Armor)
    4. Full Leather Armor for Andreas (Gauntlets, Greaves, Fauld, Padding, Helmet, Armor)
    5. Cutlass for Andreas
    6. Longsword for Icarus
    7. Kite Shield for Icarus
    8. Heater Shield Andreas
    9. First Aid Kit
    10. Languedoc Signet Ring
    11. Ancient Book
    12. Very Nice Longbow
    13. 22 Ezymite Wells
    14. 9 Imedyte Wells (6 currently powering Marrows)
    15. Masterwork Longsword: Thornblade Given as a gift to Robin Stark
    16. Masterwork Longsword: Bear Whisperer
    17. Masterwork Beryllium Emerald, Terrendyte Combat Spear: Shadowsong
    18. Masterwork Zirconium Leather Armor
    19. Masterwork Zirconium Leather Gauntlets
    20. Masterwork Zirconium Leather Fauld
    21. Zirconium Plate Helm (Oni Mask)
    22. Albion Scale Wings
    23. Domain Bag
    24. Running Shoes
    25. Masterwork Steel Chainmail Set for Daniel
    26. Masterwork Steel Broadsword for Daniel
    27. Masterwork Steel Plate Helm for Daniel
    28. Masterwork Malorite Scalemail Armor
    29. Masterwork Malorite Plate Armor
    30. Masterwork Adamantite-Geminite Combat Spear
    31. Masterwork Malorite Round Shield
    32. Kindred Bracelet (Gold)
    33. Echo Scroll
    34. Masterwork Malorite Claymore

    Camping Gear:
    1. Four Man Tent
    2. 2 Bedrolls
    3. Rope
    4. Tinderbox
    5. Waterskin

    1. Eight Silk and Satin Outfits (4/4) from the House of Venora, kept in Domain Bag
    2. Cotton:
    Fishnet Shirt, Polo Shirt, Undergarments, Trousers
    3. Linen:
    Polo Shirt, Pants, Undergarments

    1. Artifacts:
    Kala's Bend (Zirconium), Ralaith's Stopwatch (Silver), Dominant Rings of Empathy (Silver)
    2. Silver:
    3. Copper:
    Venora House Pendant, with a Ruby Rose

    1. Llewnos: Keanu, Male (Reached Adulthood Vhalar 717)
    2. Scython-Ur Cub: Kiara, Female (Reached Adulthood Vhalar 717)
    3. Llewnos: Senna, Female (Reached Adulthood Vhalar 717, Acquired from Fridgar)

    1. One Frigate (Tallship) Purchased With 28,000 GN
    2. Two Galleons (Wealth Tier 10) from Arc 719 Limits, ...

    2. Cappola (2,500 GN)
    3. Sabaissmais (2,500 GN)
    4. Kaelserad (3,500 GN)
    5. House of Buggery (1,500 GN)

    1. Ashvane Estate (10,000 GN)
    2. Woodstock Hall (18,000 GN)

Old Ledger
Grandfathered Wealth +271 wp 271 wp
Approved Wages - Cylus 719 +24 wp 295 wp
Approved Wages - Ashan 719 +25 wp 320 wp
Trade: Quacian Ashvane Estate and Woodstock Hall -> Tier 10 Home, Rharne (Stormlands) +0 wp 320 wp
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Wealth Tier: Tier 10

Alistair Venora

Battle Theme
Hone (Lucis)
Initiated By: Fridgar Calder, Havendal

Mutations: Theme - 'Purifier'
The Purifier spark imparts one goal into Alistair - to cleanse the 'Blight' from those around him, by any means necessary. It seeks to create an orderly and sanitized world, free of filth, immorality (by his subjective views) and heresy.

Aesthetically, all runes will appear white-gold, shining with a heavenly gleam, with more powerful runes igniting with the appearance of a purifying white flame rising from them.

Alistair's Rune of Naming appears to be a white-gold rune similar in appearance to a dragon's maw, wrapping around his left nipple.

Cleansing the Vile - Competent
Alistair can only place runes on those he considers to be pure, by his own very subjective measures of morality, sanitation and even religion. Those who are given runes by him that are not pure in his mind will immediately experience a vivid burning sensation, as if the rune is searing into them - because it is. It will burn a malignant scar into their flesh before vanishing, unable to cooperate with those Alistair views as blighted. This can even occur after a target is given a Rune; if they commit a deed Alistair considers dishonorable, vile, repulsive or otherwise against his purist code, all of the Runes on their body will writhe in searing agony before vanishing.

Enemies cannot be marked with Runes at all, as even to be burned by the Purifier spark is a symbol of the feasibility of redemption. However, Alistair and those who remain in his spark's favor are given a heightened degree of potency within their runes, trading the quantity of rune-marked for the quality of their script. On these individuals, the potency of all runes appears to be increased roughly by a third. The spark does not offer any potency bonus on strangers or poorly known individuals affected by runes, as it has not determined their purity.

Deathwight Purification - Expert
Obsessed with preservation and the abatement of decay, Alistair's Hone Spark commands him to keep his Necromancy thralls in a rigorously preserved state. Alistair must keep all of his thralls orderly and pristine, appearing as if animated from a fresh corpse, or his Hone spark will reject them, causing for the usage of any rune to terrify his thralls and send them into a mindless frenzy. If they are kept well-maintained, however, the spark recognizes the thralls as orderly (perhaps even living) entities and allows for Runes to be placed upon any undead who meet this criteria. However, due to the nature of Lucis Runes and their reliance on bonding with living tissue, Alistair's thralls anointed with his Runes will find that over time the Runes themselves will destroy the bodies of the undead much faster that they might normally decay.

This effect cannot be negated as the energy of the Lucis Runes is essentially "burning away" at the thralls due to it's inability to handle the power of the Rune. Anywhere a Rune is placed, the tissue or material around it will begin to glow white hot and begin to corrode. Within the span of one trial the thrall will be completely consumed with this corruption and will be reduced to dust. The damage of the Lucis corrosion cannot be undone even if the duration of the Rune lasts for less than a trial. However, welled thralls can be considered an exception to this, as determined by the power of the well. Ezymite wells will somewhat reduce the Runic corrosion of thralls; Imedyte will dramatically reduce corrosion, and Emetyte and comparable wells (or higher) in thralls can regenerate corrosion like any other wound, considering the strength of these wells.

Empathic Sanitation - Master
Alistair's spark, having now taken a firm hold of him, has shifted his psychology to one of a great sorrow - or even sometimes apathy - for those he deems to be unclean. Alistair feels deep pity and remorse for those he deems to be Blighted, which now includes vast numbers of individuals; those with deeply heretical views, unwieldy sanitary conditions, deep-rooted immoral behaviors (by his perspective) or the mis-utilization of magic. At first, he believes they must be 'cured', purified of their vices whether by being subdued or altered by his words. If they do not change in a way that suits his perceptions, his spark instead coaxes him into the consideration of culling these individuals, even on a wide scale.

Doing so provides the mage with an immeasurable level of clarity and fulfillment, almost euphoric and heightened by more and more callous acts of violence, though it provides no true benefit to him other than ephemeral pleasure. This sensation and desire to 'cull' is even more heightened when he believes such individuals to be a threat to his allies or ideals, compelling his mind to slaughter the individual, or group of individuals.

Additionally, aesthetically, all of Alistair's ether now manifests with a white-gold color, with more costly displays of ether fluctuating between a more solid and shimmering white or gold.

Statuesque - Master
Statuesque is a mutation that comes in tandem with an ideology; the belief that the Purifier is the moral authority, that their morality is transcendent and incorruptible, and that they are incapable of cognitive dissonance or the fragility of an imperfect mortal mind. It also carries quite a dramatic physical alteration, one so direct upon their physical depiction that many would believe it to be several mutations in one. Statuesque shifts the Lucis Hone to appear almost like that of a Pantheonic deity, carrying an overwhelming depiction. Natural light around the Purifier will now illuminate more brightly. His eyes will glow an intense white-gold, and golden runic symbols will run across his skin like tattoos, lighting and dimming with the rise and fall of his emotions. Weapons and armor he wields will now appear almost... animated, alive, as if the Holy artefacts of some makeshift deity. They will seemingly twitch and even breathe, and will sometimes shake or lightly contort, with these effects becoming more considerable on any equipment enchanted by Hone. This change is purely aesthetic. He will also increase in stature, to roughly 7', as if to further illustrate his supposed divinity.

Though the physical alterations of the mutation are quite dramatic, Statuesque does come with it a very useful ability: the 'Cleanse'. Alistair always exudes an aura of purity, one that emits unbearable and even disorienting heat to those he deems impure (within ten feet of him), and instead radiating a comfortable warmth from his form to those he is benevolent or ambivalent towards. Additionally, within the same radius those nearby Alistair whom he considers "worthy" are granted the subdued effect of a Rune of Regeneration. Their wounds and ailments including Alistair's will slowly heal overtime at half the speed of a fully charged Rune of Regeneration. Simply being near Alistair will clot blood and stabilize those who are wounded or sick. This ability also helps Alistair remain standing in combat for longer without needing to use up a Rune slot. There is, as a result of this, a very slight but constant drain on Alistair's ether, preventing him from recovering his ether quite as quickly and - as a result - pushing him to overstepping a little sooner than normal. It will still only result in overstepping from the active and heavy use of his magic, but can be seen as another expenditure for the sake of overstepping.

Initiated By: Ellasin Dathlande, Leader of the Coven

Mutations: Theme - 'Predator'
The Predator spark is built on two concepts; one, that Rupturing is to be used by Alistair as a form of murderous predation, and two, it is an instinctual aspect of his life that is natural to his daily interactions. The Predator's spark is inherent and key to his personhood, and moreso than any other spark has blended with his personality, or perhaps derived from it.

Portal Appearance

Alistair's voice appears to travel farther and longer than other's do, and with an infused predatory undertone to his words that can be highly disconcerting to others.

Predator’s Purview - Competent
Alistair’s eyes are - literally - very small portals, gifted with sight but still natured in ether. They appear always with the wild, twisting motions of a watery vortex, clearly supernatural. While this makes it obvious to anyone and everyone that he is a mage, it does come with a benefit. Alistair can link his vision to a Scrying portal he has created, trading off vision between his natural eyes and another portal. This is done by closing his eyes, creating a scrying portal and linking it to his own portal-eyes, and peering through it, helping him track prey from a distance. The portals in question, only requiring one side to cast, cost minimal ether and therefore can be used with considerable frequency.

Wild Hunt - Expert
Alistair may feed an insignificant amount of blood of an individual to any one of his portals, soothing the inherent bloodthirst of the spark. In return, for a duration of three trials, Alistair may Scry to the target’s location with pinpoint accuracy, enabling him to hunt them relentlessly. In exchange, the mage has found that his portals will enter open disobedience if ever sparing a foe recognized by Alistair as prey, and will demand their share of the dead after battles even if it detracts from his ability to animate thralls. If these demands are ignored, Alistair will be blinded (as his eyes are portals) and his portals will not manifest until properly fed — at which point they will violently dismantle corpses flung into their jaws.

If Alistair fails to catch his prey in those three trials, the effect will not extend. Instead, his spark will grow hungry, and the next time Alistair manages to hunt and kill prey his spark will demand significantly more to feast upon. It should be noted that Alistair will not view every individual he battles with as prey or find it necessary to hunt them; but rather, genuine enemies of his. Similarly, the Wild Hunt does not necessarily need to be used for the sake of murderous predation. The spark also enjoys simply observing things from afar and watching their movements, if only to learn of their weaknesses and the way in which they operate.

As a physical alteration, a single tick mark will manifest upon Alistair’s right shoulder blade for every hundred sentient individuals he has killed, including posthumously.

Current Tick Marks: 9

The Purview Grows - Master
Unlike other Rupturers, Alistair can create Beacons without leasing the construct a sliver of his soul. He may create them through this method, but instead he will typically craft these monuments a different way. Alistair may instead craft Beacons through an elaborate ritual involving the devotion of a powerful foe's heart, blood and bones, dissolved and immersed within an ethereal tapestry that is then utilized to craft a Beacon at the place of their demise, with the final sacrifice being the victim’s soul which will remain to power the Beacon thereafter. It must be said that an objectively weak entity will not be valid for the creation of the Beacon.

This follows the same extensive weakness of dangerous ether drain and nearly immediate overstepping as a result, but allows the mage to create Beacons as monuments to his victories. The Beacons, once formed, appear to act as manifestations for his Spark's bestial hunger. They appear not as transparent flecks of light that might be called upon at a time of need, but large and visible horrors. They will generally appear to be still, statue-like entities crafted by blood, charred marrow and torn fibers, and will rip open their chests to allow usage once called upon for long-distance travel.

When crafted, the Beacons will greedily feast upon the remains of the fallen foe used to construct them before reforming themselves as a twisted, gory malformation of the entity they once were. In addition to all of this, Alistair's appearance has begun to grow more bestial. His canines have expanded in size, his nails and toes will typically extend lengthy claws that cannot be cut, and beneath his voice lies a perpetual humming growl rather than merely a faint undertone.

Interestingly, these Beacons change the dynamic of Beacons in general. Directly contrary to the purpose of a Beacon and acting as a huge weakness, Alistair cannot use Beacons for inter-continental travel. Instead, he can only utilize them to travel within the same region, but may do so much more often at the cost of high ether expenditure if traveling from one end of the same region to the other end. However, these ether costs are based entirely on distance traveled and do not ramp up based on uses per season. This change is directly correlated to Alistair's Beacons acting as almost totemic monuments that mark his territory rather than methods of inter-continental travel as they were originally conceived. In terms of limitations, Alistair may create up to fifty of these totemic Beacons at any one time.

Dominion - Master
While within the same city area as one of Alistair's Beacons, the mage's presence will leak ambient ether into the air that will resonate on the same powerful frequencies as the Beacon constructed. From within this field of domain, Alistair is capable of imbuing ether into divets of space that will thereafter act as Portal-Traps for unwanted guests. Those who wander too near to these areas where ether has been stored for the creation of a trap - typically within ten feet of said trap - will generally be Pushed or Pulled into a portal that will open and lead the prey into Alistair's clutches. Generally this will be done within areas Alistair is protecting such as his home or other sensitive parts of his 'dominion', particularly as he must physically be present and channel his ether into the space before him in order to create such traps.

Furthermore, Alistair is able to intuitively sense his prey more and more clearly the nearer they draw to one of his Beacons. The Beacon's surroundings will act as a field that will relay information back to the magister, specifically regarding entities his spark as recognized as enemy or prey. He will be able to use his Purview to directly Scry onto them in such cases, enabling him to hunt the target very effectively.

As a downside, Alistair must feed considerable ether on a constant basis to keep the traps from dismantling, even in hibernation. Imbuing such traps can be expensive and as a result, this mutation is rather costly to maintain actively (if one wishes to utilize the traps) other than the inherent Beacon's intuition. Additionally, Alistair's Beacons become intricately linked to him in a way that cannot be denied even with immense meditative and disciplinary skill. Destroying them will viciously haunt the mage with nightmarish anguish, terror and rage for a minimum of seven trials and will weaken his Rupturing magic an entire mastery level for thirty trials.

In terms of noted physical effect, Alistair seems to affect all animals and non-humanoid life forms around him with predatory urges, perhaps as a part of the same 'frequency', or at least the presence of his ether nearby. Canines will viciously bark and may snap at others who draw near; cats will claw their masters and desperately seek prey. Already violent and highly carnivorous animals will attack relentlessly, with much of this ire focused on the mage himself as if these creatures feel cornered by him.

Initiated By: Lucas Geliadal, Acolyte of the Seekers
Thrall Points: 36

Mutations: Theme - 'The Insider'
The Insider is a spark that is truly pervasive. It not only feeds into his other sparks, influencing their own themes and mutations, but also influences every aspect of Alistair's humanity. It is a spark that deeply wishes to not only command the dead, but to be one of them, and so it alters Alistair from that of an outsider commanding over dead controlled only by ether, to a kindred scion of undeath. Alistair's perceptions naturally change through the 'Insider', and so do the dead's perceptions of him, as they come to view him as one of their own.

A unique witchmark, Alistair does not appear to have a reflection, perhaps as a symbol of how he lies in the ether between life and death. Even in pools of clear water, Alistair cannot be seen, meaning the mage truly has no conception of what he looks like unless painted by another.

Desecration - Competent
As long as the brain of a dead body remains, Alistair can commune with it by channeling ether into its neurological system. This will allow him to ask dead bodies questions regarding recent events or important things that resonated within their minds in life. In rare cases, such as with the very recently dead, Alistair may be capable of communing with them before their soul has moved on and can carry extended conversations with them. These conversations, however, are typically horrifying to observe as the Insider appears to be subjugating the dead's mind to his will, interrogating them before allowing them to move on.

Whether as a result of this ability or the compulsions of the spark, Alistair carries no sanctity for the dead and is deeply disturbed at their cremation or dismantling. He is incapable of observable empathy for others who have lost loved ones, at least in regards to the death itself, as he views the dead as muses to his will.

Morbid - Expert
All conventional thralls carry within them an instinctual hunger for flesh, organs and blood, and are capable of feasting upon such properties without backlash to their physiology. This mutation simply imparts Alistair with the same effects, sharing this trait between the Insider and his thralls. Alistair can now feast on raw flesh and may cannibalize others freely, without any resulting drawbacks upon his body. In fact, cannibalizing other sentient humanoid species appears to offer him increased nourishment, supplying the mage with enriched physical health, supplementing his strength and endurance for seven trials. This mutation permanently alters all of Alistair's teeth to be razor sharp, akin to that of a shark's maw in appearance.

Unfortunately, however, the psychological component of a thrall's cannibalistic hunger is also infused into Alistair who will go into feverish withdrawals if he has not feasted upon such flesh in the last seven trials.

Sanguine Morte - Master
Rather than bright red, Alistair’s blood is an amber-colored jelly. When cut, he does not bleed as the viscous gore remains thick around his bones and organs. Should any of his blood be removed from his body and skin it instantly reverts to hot, living blood before eventually coagulating. Alistair can no longer perish from blood loss. However, this change has had other effects as well. His skin is cold to the touch and he cannot easily bear freezing temperatures, as they steal the movement of his limbs. He cannot be poisoned by anything carried through the blood nor infected by any sickness of the blood. Likewise he can never receive a transfusion (should such technology be available) and each wound he receives will always scar black-red.

As a result of this mutation and the spark developing this far, it is much more difficult for Alistair's thralls to consider turning on him. Even in such cases as heavy overstepping many will hesitate, considering Alistair to be 'one of their own'.

Lord-Revenant - Master
Revenants are a thrall deeply familiar to Alistair, whose spark resonates with them. Moreso than any other Necromancer, Alistair's Revenants are bound to him and their soulbindings are eminently strong. Rather than the typical bond of subjugation, Alistair's Revenants forge an alliance with his spark, which offers their soul the opportunity to move on if they do not desire to create a pact with the Insider, who will offer them strength and eternal life.

As a result of this closer binding, his Revenants are allowed to keep a higher level of sentience that reflects upon their intellect and personality. In nearly all ways, Revenants of Alistair are similar to Stonehearts. In this regard, the great weakness of this mutation comes into effect; though Alistair's Revenants do not loathe him as others do their masters, they carry a much higher degree of free will and are capable of refusing his orders and performing deeds without his explicit will or permission. In the case of a Revenant refusing his orders, Alistair may maintain utter control by expending a slight amount of ether until he can move them to agreement or until they calm.

As a result, though his Revenants are of greater utility than others, they are best managed through negotiation rather than overt mental command.

Initiated by: Victor Amielle, Noble Lord of Lysoria

Mutations: Theme - 'Chevalier'
The Chevalier spark is a chivalrous one, perhaps due to being imparted into Alistair as an agreement between Lords. It is predicated upon supplying Alistair with martial prowess, supporting his ability to perform his noble duties in times of war. As such, the majority of the Chevalier's mutations directly impact his ability to be battle-ready at any moment to defend his loved ones. It also supplies him with a mentality of heroic gallantry that is often supplanted by hypocrisy, but with good intent.

Alistair's witchmark of Transmutation is a silvery-chromatic scar at the center of his left shoulder that appears visibly to be a crown, and is fairly large.

Boneturner Fists - Competent
Alistair makes great use of metal in his fighting. Constantly engaging in difficult battles has caused his Transmutation Spark to respond in kind. Each finger on his hands takes on a regal and armor-like appearance, his knuckles gilded with the appearance of gold and his hands and fingers bearing an ivory bone-like appearance and texture. This prevents Alistair’s hands from being easily cut and imbues a painful grip and force akin to if he were wearing a gauntlet. His fists may also mold any material over them and several inches past the wrist, similar to an armored gauntlet with exceptional durability beyond even that of the material utilized. As materials, Qualities and other Transmuter abilities may be applied to these gauntlets. Should these hands be shattered, however, they take twice as long to naturally heal as the bone reknits itself.

In addition to this, Alistair’s hands - as tools of the chivalrous spark - will not break code in order to harm others and will actively resist his will. While Alistair may still murder others including innocents, he will not be allowed to hurt people he has truces with or assault locales he does not have a public declaration against, at least not with the assistance of his hands.

Ethereal Riposte - Expert
As Transmutation - particularly through Absorption - is often considered a mage-dueling magic, the chivalrous and noble nature of Alistair's spark naturally resonates with the ability. Not only can Alistair utilize Absorption through weapons rather than purely through touch, but Absorption in general carries a substantially increased potency that allows him to redirect more of an ethereal ability's power, or absorb more of its ether.

As a downside, the honor-bound nature of his spark no longer allows Alistair to reject a duel, no matter who offers it to him.

Additionally, Alistair’s hands will now perpetually channel absorption on things they touch unless concealed either by a glove or the gauntlets of Boneturner Fist. Absorption can still be willfully channeled through such materials but will passively channel if not inhibited. This does not drain his ether unless utilized to deflect attacks, as otherwise the ability will simply recycle the ether around him, drawing some in and bleeding it back out.

Shapecrafter's Form - Master
Alistair's body, the focus of his Transmuter's spark, is teeming with ether constantly seeking to lash out against his foes and reveal its strength. As a result of this, Alistair's form may sometimes appear to bear odd shapes of ether crawling above the skin, typically wild wisps of blue energy without any clear borders. If Alistair likes, he can channel Shapecraft through this ambient ether, pulling on a nearby resource to temporarily meld this Shapecrafted object to his form. This could result in a defensive mechanism, such as merging a metal band with his forearm to help reduce impact from an attack, or an offensive measure such as sprouting blades from his heels. Due to the nature of the spark, the shapes of ether will almost always be battle-focused in nature, meant to either defend his body or forge weapons to assail his foes.

As backlash to this ability, the objects may often grow dangerously melded into his skin, muscle or bone (the latter two typically unintentional) and must either be ripped off - taking skin and even flesh with them, and in very rare cases dislocating bones - or must expire. There is also a slight ether expenditure in crafting these shapes, though considering the light costs of Sculpting and Shapecrafting, it is not in any way significant, and depends on the extremity of the shape crafted. Equally, this is not a permanent Transmutation, and will eventually break off and crumble much like any other Transmuted object.

Mage Heart - Master
A final manifestation of his spark, Mage Heart is a generally unwanted and unexpected side effect of seeking to utilize Transmutation solely for self preservation. To begin with, Alistair's chest area is now permanently accompanied by the ambient movement of blue ether, typically forming around his muscles to craft the visage of a thin, unfixed layer of energy.

During moments of duress, stress or fury - an emotion particularly common to the man - the pale blue ether will glow with eminence, forming a breastplate of luminescent blue ether that will lay transparently atop his skin, completely enveloping his abdomen, pectorals, his collar area and essentially the whole of his front torso, with wispy tendril-like strings floating around and above his shoulders. Equally, it will cover his back, though it does not defend his arms or his sides. This is the spark's method of protecting itself, and his body, though it can often result in highly negative consequences. First, this armor carries similar properties to an Ether Missile. It will never harm or affect Alistair, but like an Ether Missile, deconstructs materials that it makes contact with - other than his own body - such as armor, weapons, or other people. It will immediately, then, melt through his armor regardless of the ore or mineral utilized in creating it, as well as any other object he might have kept in his torso area. This does not function very well to protect him from magical or divine attacks or abilities, and instead of stopping such attacks or degrading the weapon, will typically dampen the blow depending on the severity of the attack.

As a result of the armor, Alistair cannot make close contact with others during moments of stress, anger, fear, anxiety and many other emotions, due to fear of dismantling their bodies or at least doing severe damage to their skin and flesh. The spark, in moments such as these, has the tendency to exacerbate these emotions, forcing Alistair into an emotional state that seeks out conflict and fights - as a Battlemage should.

As a benefit, the armor crafted around his chest is exceptionally powerful. It will nearly instantly disassemble any object that attempts to press beyond the aura of the armor, weapons and even organic materials.

Hound - Acquired for achieving Hound within the Jegers of Gauthrel
The Hounds are given a simple mutagen. This will enhance their reflexive, reactive capability, giving them a reaction much more keen than a typical human's. Even despite the simplicity of this mutation, however, the body will typically be vulnerable and traumatized for twenty to forty trials after the beginning of this amniotic therapy.

1. 10 Raw Ezymite Wells (0 in use)
2. 6 Raw Imedyte Wells (6 in use)
3. 4 Raw Emetyte Wells (4 in use)

1. Dominant Ring of Empathy [Pair]
Alistair, wearing the 'dominant' ring, may force or ask another to wear the 'submissive' ring. While the other wears the submissive ring, Alistair's words and actions greatly influence their mind and can lead to reverence, subservience and obedience. His words appear wise, persuasive, prudent and great, and these words can rebound into someone's thoughts from his own. These rings were given to Alistair by Vuda of Etzos, and crafted by Talia Eisenwald. Acquisition Here

2. Kala's Bend: A zirconium-steel and Oakwood bracelet, Kala's Bend is an item said to be enchanted in the past by Audrae's favor. While the wearer of the Bend is standing on or within a shadow, they are empowered in specific ways. Aesthetically they will appear as if they have shadowy tendrils rising from their skin upward, appearing much like thin whips of deep black smoke. Within shadows, the wearer of the Bend will be able to predict the position and shape of the shadow a trill in advance, at all times whilst active. This ability can be active for one break each trial, and can only be activated if the shadow is large enough to fit both of his feet, though he does not necessarily need to have both feet in the shadow at all times, as long as a portion of his body is standing within it. PSF Approval

3. The Locket of Ralaith: Shaped like a strange looking, alien device which Alistair almost recognises, this is not a stopwatch (as we would know it) but is in fact a locket which looks tantalizingly like one. A well-made locket-stopwatch with a golden back and silver hands, one that perpetually hangs around Alistair's neck. At any given time whilst in an enclosed area by himself, upon opening the Stopwatch, Alistair may freeze time for a break... during which time he may do as he wishes without any interference, as all things outside of the enclosed area will be placed in a temporal stasis. Six bits are stored into the stopwatch each trial, thus one break every ten trials. Alistair may rescind the temporal stasis at any time, and leaving the enclosed area will automatically do so. This artifact was given to Alistair by the Immortal of Time, Ralaith. Acquisition Here

4. Twin's Blood: Twin's Blood is a Grave Gold ring adorned with two Star Rubies at the front of the ring, with both the metal and the gems supplying the artifact's name. Considered by many to be an artifact of Quacia lost through time, Alistair found it in the Quacian Underway on Cylus 24, Arc 719.

It is unknown who or what created the ring. What is known is that it is a powerful artifact that supplies a passive ability to its wielder so long as it is worn. Twin's Blood turns all blood and gore spatter on the wielder’s body into an armored coating, seemingly thick and difficult to penetrate by external assault. The durability offered by this coating is equivalent to that of embersteel, but without the cumbersome weight of it. Additionally, weapons wielded by the ring’s wearer that are coated by blood become sharper and otherwise more damaging due to the layers of metal-like coating being embedded into them.

The more the ring’s effect is utilized in a trial, defensively - such as dampening external blows - the dimmer the ring will become until the enchanted rubies “recharge”, which can take up to five trials depending on the ring’s level of depletion. After intensive use in an active combat situation, the ring will always require at least a trial to recharge. PSF Approval

5. Arsinalia: Found at the highest peak of the Helian Isles, Arsinalia is rumored in mythology to be the weapon of the Helian God Arsinos. Arsinalia is a spear with a long bladed end that glows in the light of the sun. It is gold in appearance, yet with a red undercoat and fiercely crimson glow beneath the golden shade. It is crafted by Adamantite and Geminite, for the purpose of exceptional sharpness and durability.

This weapon carries a truly powerful ability that allows its wielder to manipulate the light around them to create false images, with the spear always emanating an intense light even in darkness. Specifically, Arsinalia provides the ability to create illusionary replicas of the wielder, called “Reflections”. These illusions are created through such condensed light that they are searing hot and can severely damage things that they touch, and the illusions explode into a burst of burning radiance when destroyed.

The illusions will eventually fade after three breaks. Only up to eight illusionary replicas (or images total) can be constructed at any given time, and when one is destroyed (through extensive kinetic or arcane damage) Arsinalia requires at least a bit in order to create a new one. Only up to fifteen may be created per trial, with Arsinalia needing to be 'recharged' after so many uses. After the end of that trial, Arsinalia will need to recharge for one trial for every three illusions constructed in battle. PSF Approval

6. Perius: Perius is known by many Quacians to be one of the greatest artifacts of the Seekers, only surpassed by Arcanis in its legend and enigma. It is completely unknown where the artifact originated from, and while some claim it to be the work of a powerful magical artificier, many believe it to be the artifact of a Champion of Ethelynda. Nevertheless, whether constructed by the Seekers or stolen by them, Perius was one of the artifacts lost to the destruction of Arcanis. Taken by the sea, or so many have claimed, it was never witnessed again on Idalos, until a Quacian expedition sought the artifact out.

While many believed Perius to be lost to the ocean, a Quacian scholar and architect noted that Arcanis' ruins were not originally found by the sea. In fact, it is truly unknown to all but Ellasin and the surviving Seekers where Arcanis crashed at all, and the bearer of Perius at the time of the fortress' destruction was said by some of the living to have dragged the shield off to the forest.

Considering Quacia's forest was consumed by Creep at this time, it was believed by this scholar that Perius was lost within the Quacian thicket and taken by the Creep for further study. Alistair (yet to be threaded) followed the lead of these legends and invaded deep into the heart of the Creep, only to discover a cluster of Creephearts borne around the energy that emanates from Perius, the shield locked within their formation and a small legion of Creepborne.

The first and central ability of Perius is the ability to levitate at will; it moves at an incredibly high velocity and can ricochet, as well as innately being able to return to its wielder at a high speed, whether called by them or separated by too far a distance. Once Perius has bonded to a wielder, it will find a way to return to their side throughout their life and as the shield is nigh-indestructible, can survive the most catastrophic conditions in its journey to return to and protect its bearer.

The second ability of Perius lies within the two 'rods' that emerge outwards from the core of the round shield. While both rods have not been utilized throughout the season, Perius absorbs the majority of the power and damage from any blow - mundane or ethereal - and redirects it unto the next enemy bashed or hit by a ricochet or throw. Or, up to two times per season, or once per rod, Perius can absorb an attack or ability no matter how powerful and by what source and store the force of that ability within one of its rods. The shield can then redirect the power absorbed from that attack in a bash or throw that will dramatically light up the rod, directing all of the kinetic or ethereal energy stored unto the struck target in a violent backlash that may annihilate them. This will exhaust the rod(s) and cause for them to go black in color until the season passes, at which point they will recuperate and this ability may be utilized again.

While one rod has been utilized, the automatically enhanced absorption and redirection is diminished roughly by half. While both have been utilized, Perius acts largely as a regular shield save for its levitation and extremely high durability. PSF Approval

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Alistair Venora

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Alistair Venora




Sesser - Favored (1)

Blessing Approval
Devotion Points: 47, before the system change


Shirvain - Favored (1)

Blessing Approval


Transformer's Toolbox [Minor] The bearer is able to make superficial changes to his or her form. Facial skin, hair, eyes, nails, voice - through Syroa's blessing, the bearer becomes a minor shapeshifter, a faint echo of the winged goddess of transformation. Minor alterations are instant - the bearer could be a brunette with a pixie cut and brown eyes one moment, a long-haired, blue-eyed blonde the next. Minor alterations can be held effortlessly for trials at a time, while major alterations will start showing signs of reversion within a few breaks. While users of Makeover can attempt to mimic another, at this level the resemblance will always be a little off.

Ever Alluring I The bearer has an enhanced constitution, staying strong and healthy in conditions where others would wilt and fall ill. Scars never remain, disease rarely seems to visibly touch the bearer, and he/she recovers from injuries much faster than the average member of their race. The bearer seems to age more slowly, though the effect is superficial rather than biological. In addition, everyone encountered is subconsciously attracted to the bearer, even those of incompatible sexual orientation. Those of alternate tastes may not feel compelled to flirt or pursue the marked, but the spark of incomprehensible arousal, however slight, is there all the same.

Grifter's skills I Add an extra three skill points to any of the following skills: Acting, Intimidation, Seduction, or Persuasion.

Thespian - Earned from the old Devotion System - While some other gods would demand their followers master their emotions, Syroa favors a more elusive approach to the solution of the human heart.With this blessing, the bearer is able to adopt and discard feelings and emotions as he or she sees fit, turning the human heart from a liability into one of its greatest, most controlled assets. This ability is even somewhat effective against Empathy, although experts and masters can overtax a Sesser just as fast as they discard. At the end of the trial, however, the bearer has to feel again; everything 'real' comes rushing back in their sleep as a jumbled mess. Syroa's chosen don't have nightmares; they simply face the ugly reality of their mindscape in their dreams.

Wrathling Forge - Earned from the old Devotion System - The spirits of rage live where there is spilt blood and broken bones. The marked call them Wrathlings, small orange-red miasmas with gibbering mouths and formless spines. Alone, these spirits are but the scavengers of fury, wafting through battlefields and taverns, in abusive homes and alleyways. However, Syroa's marked have learned how to make use of these creatures for their own gain. When a Sesser motivates violence from fury, either self perpetuated or as the result of their manipulations, they attract these relatively common spirits. While most cannot perceive Wrathlings, a Sesser can uniquely mark their shape. When found, a single Wrathling can be taken and bound to a weapon in the Sesser's possession. This weapon will hit with more force, pierce deeper, and slash wider than any other ordinary weapon of its class. Weapons with bound Wrathlings tend to manifest unique reddish stains and wear out much faster than ordinary. Fury gives no regard for the damage done to it, caution abandoned for raw, furious power. A Wrathling can never be taken from a weapon. When the weapon breaks, and it most often will wear itself out within the first few bouts it is used, the Wrathling dissipates with the shattering. For whatever reason, magical items cannot have Wrathlings bound to them.

Demon's Kiss - Earned here - There is lust for an object or person, and there are those that lust for an object or a person. This power allows the marked of Syroa to feed off the lust that is generated by a person for a person. Generally, they feed off lust during sexual encounters when the other party deeply desires the body of the marked. This power can help the body heal and appear younger. Marks of fatigue and battle wounds begin to fade away and youth begins to return to the marked. This lasts for mere bits, providing that the lust had been strong with the party they had shared passion with. It is not uncommon for this power to be combined with Covet to generate lust within a person and then feed off that created lust. Created lust is less potent than lust that had been created by a person on their own.

Scapegoat - Earned here - Fury is the domain of the Transformed Immortal. She knows the ins and outs of its weaknesses and strengths. Logic does not always follow one into the twists and turns of fury. This ability makes use of that. Against an enraged foe, the marked can shift the object of that fury from them to any other within distance of sight to the enraged. A useless ability if there is no one else, this can be a potently destructive ability among a crowd. Some of Syroa's marked have deliberately goaded others into rage, only to shift the object of their fury to another and watch as anger consumed those around them. Without furious intent, this ability has much less potent an effect. With even the hint of anger, it can be misplaced to another; however, one who wishes to visit harm on the marked due to religious conviction, sorrow, or any other emotion outside of rage cannot be swayed.

Ire's Talons - Earned here- The bearer is able to transform their hands and legs into huge, flesh-rending talons reminiscent of their patron's own. They are large enough to fully grip a man's head and sharp enough to cut through bone.. Syroa allows a little versatility with this transformation and the claws of any two Sesser are rarely the exact same. What sets these apart from ordinary morphed talons is that they devour fury. Each time the claws drink blood or damage an individual, it devours their furious will to survive, to fight, to struggle. While it cannot completely make one apathetic to an attack - as fear is a motivator as well - it can change the tide of battle and leave an attacker reticent or fearful after too many strikes of the sharp talons. The more rage and fury the claws devour, the stronger they become. These talons are even capable of stopping steel if they have devoured rage during the course of the battle.

Compendium of Immortal Wisdom - This book exists as one that may store an infinite amount of knowledge for the wielder to explore. The wielder must experience this knowledge first hand to record within the book. The compendium exists as a portion of the blessing itself, and may be stored in a sliver of time and brought forth upon the user willing it. The Compendium does not exist as a normal book. While the pages feel as if merely a high quality parchment, all of the contents of the book are blessed by Ralaith and the way in which this information is accessed is largely variable. You may turn a page and find that there is no words, but instead an image. This image can tap into the past, and play visions in the reader's mind. You may guide your fingertip over a mere word, and entire paragraphs will consume the page of the book, retracting when you are done with them. The Compendium of Immortal Wisdom recycles information that is unimportant or unnecessary, and by the end of a long life a true follower of Ralaith will find that their Compendium is a library of great knowledge that is both true and genuine. Upon the death of the wielder of Shirvain, the Compendium finds itself in the hands of Ralaith, and he will read it and study upon all the knowledge they have gained before offering this Compendium to a library of great pieces of writing.

The Bear of Ralaith - Those blessed with Shirvain are granted with a large spirit bear familiar, similar to that of a Sev'ryn familiar. This bear, though at this level cannot effect the Material world, has the unique ability to increase the strength and endurance of the Shirvain, granting a moderate boost when close by. In this form, the bear is a shimmering arrays of colors, all looking like woven strands. It tends to be the species of bear most commonly encountered nearest to the Favored's home.

Scholarly Minds I - Add an extra three skill points to any one of the following skills: Meditation, Teaching, Research, Philosophy, Writing. These points can send a skill over the 250/100 threshold.

Point Bank Ledger
+323 Points Total: 323
+95 Points Total: 418
-400 Points Total: 18
+274 Points Total: 292
Skill Points, Kaiserion: 1 Becoming, 5 Blades, 5 Acrobatics = 11 XP, -55 Points. Total: 237
+118 Points Total: 355
-200 Points, Domain Bag - Total: 155
+719 Points Total: 874
-30 Points, Chalice of Fortune (Ornate Plate Chest, 3) - Total: 844
+150 Points, 3 Renown Rewards - Total: 994
+99 Points Total: 1093
-995 Points Total: 98
+353 Points Total: 451
+142 Points Total: 593
-400 Points Total: 193
-150 Points, Running Shoes - Total: 43
+50 Points, Small Renown Reward - Total: 93
+995 Points, Damien Noch PB Refund - Total: 1088
+455 Points, Kaiserion PB Refund - Total: 1543
+189 Points Total: 1732
-300 Points, Ring of Reversal - Total: 1432
Skill Points, Daniel Blackstone: 50 Strength, 50 Endurance, 50 Blades = 150 XP, -750 Points. Total: 682
+574 Points Total: 1256
Small Renown Rewards: +100 Points. Total: 1356
Revenant Upgrade - Devin: -650 Points. Total: 706
+1095 Points Total: 1801
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Alistair Venora

The Ashbrook Hospice

Character Name: Alistair Venora
Current Wage: 54.5 as of Zi'da 718
2gn base, +5gn skill bonus (medicine 100), +2 Season of Ashan, +2 Season of Ymiden, +3 Season of Saun (Business), +3 Season of Vhalar (Business), +3 Season of Zi'da (Business), +3 Season of Cylus (Business), +2 Season of Ashan, +2 Season of Ymiden, +2 Season of Saun, +2 Season of Ashan, +2 Season of Ymiden, +2 Season of Vhalar, +2 Season of Zi'da = 37
Loyalty Bonus: Vahanic +2 = 2
Business Modifiers: 5.0 (Business), 6.0 (Skill), +4.5 (6 Employees) = +15.5
Profession's Main Skill: Medicine 100
Business Management Skill: 51
Business Name: The Ashbrook Hospice, formerly Kaelserad
Business Location: Quacia, the Gleam
Type of Business: Hospice and Physician's Center
Business Description: This is a physician's office, specialized or general, as well as a surgery center, and hospice.

The business charges a standard fee for each procedure, as well as the cost of any antidotes or drugs supplied to cure one of any diseases or poisons or prevent further illness, etc. Drugs NECESSARY to the surgery and absolute wellbeing of the patient are given for free, though extra dosages (if one complains about pain for example) will cost. The company promises not to give patients unnecessary supplicants/antidotes/drugs, and asks before applying any sort of drug unless the patient is in critical or unaware condition.

Disclaimer: The Ashbrook Hospice is not responsible for the deaths of patients, and has been excused from any legal drawbacks in their death unless evident willful neglect of their health can somehow be proven!

Value of Location: 10,000 GN
As depicted in the purchase of the Ashvane Estate

Number of Employees: 6; 1 written NPC named Kleine Volgotha (Nurse/Receptionist) -- up to 6 Employees Possible due to Expert Business Management

Price List


Poison Antidotes
Ivorian Kora Sap: 5gn each Snake antivenin
Whitemoss:30gn each General poison cure
Buzz: 10gn each Cures Fuzz (which over-sensitizes and strengthens nerve connections)
Fuzz: 10 gn each Cures Buzz (which numbs and can break nerve connections)

Medical Drugs
Acid Crocodile Blood: 25gn each General speed healing supplicant of the Northern Region
Brain Berries: 5gn each Mental recovery/enhancement supplicant
Cat's Tongue: 2gn each Helps cure food poisoning
Clam Leaf Tonic: 5gn each A numbing agent, multipurpose (almost always applied before a surgery)
Fist Nut: 30gn each A coagulate for excessive bleeding by competent doctors
Fog: 5gn Drug resistant
Garrotte Vine Sap: 25gn Slightly less effective anticoagulant than Fist Nut
Giant Leech: 2gn Saliva is anesthetic
Ice Block Tea: 25gn Helps one survive the extreme cold or the effects of it.
Ignis Beans: 1gn Protein supplement
Leechbane: 10gn Blood booster
Psinia Shield: 20gn Versatile painkiller
Scarf-Rot: 5gn Anti-Infection Poultice blend, sleep agent, anti-scarring burn balm, and anti-aging cream
Rockmaze Moss Powder: 5gn For rapid bone healing and health
Strangler Fig Bark: 2gn Boiled, the steam is a general health tonic

Eye Cataracts: 100gn An extremely painful and dangerous surgery that does not usually yield the greatest of results due to the unsophisticated medical technology by modern standards. This is gruesome. Period. However, some people require it and so they deal with the pain and high cost.
Blocked Bladder Surgery: 80gn This surgery requires less exceptional focus and precision, and so costs less than some of the other more extreme surgeries. This is more advanced than the old medieval catheter surgeries performed, instead using pressure as well as Cat's Tongue. Sometimes incisions are made and the stomach is inspected to uncover damage or other issues, but this is often considered an extreme that is avoided.
Brain Surgery: 150gn An extreme surgery performed by several medical professionals, with Alistair often requiring large numbers of assistants for such an operation, often the family of the patient. Incisions are usually made to inspect the skull and tools such as a 'drill' as well as a plucking tool are used to repair damage to the skull and inspect the greatest ailments of the brain. This is extremely dangerous and has often resulted in death, frankly about as frequently as it's saved individuals, though a more proficient medic can increase their success rate over time.
Arrow Removal: 25gn per arrow Another dangerous procedure, though much less dangerous than the others. Arrow removal is tricky as often arrow heads come off of their shaft when loosed into a victim. This procedure involves an "arrow spoon", a device that with proper precision can attach onto the arrowhead and pull it out before it causes further damage. After that, cautery is performed to improve the recovery of the victim and prevent bleeding out. However, scars are almost certain.
Childbirth: 75gn Childbirth is somewhat deadly. Usually for childbirth the patients are requested to bring in any family or dear friends they have in case of the relatively low (but still notable) chance that the mother is to die. The surgeon will perform the midwifery and give birth to the baby, though the extremely long and drawn out process results in a fairly high cost. As surgical experts, Ashbrook flaunts a much higher survival rate for the mothers than with midwifes or other random groups of individuals, often giving mothers a much cleaner process with the use of painkillers, recovery tonics and other agents.
Amputations: 50gn One of the most gruesome surgeries, the amputation is one reduced in cost merely out of support for the victim who is assured of a negative outcome. This requires precision by the doctor as well as the use of hot irons and other practices to prevent wild infection after the amputation has been performed.
Other Surgeries: Variable There are many more surgical procedures out there, and their prices and procedures can be discussed IC.

Hospice Services
In-Home Hospice: 20gn/night The dying patient will be provided a bed suitable to their needs, and will have a nurse or physician attend to them for up to two breaks each day, servicing their needs and assuring their comfort.
Provided Stay: 50gn/night The patient will be allowed to lay on one of the beds of the Ashbrook Hospice, and will be given constant care and attention by the physicians or nurses on-hand. All needs will be taken care of, whether particular meal requests, or requests to ensure continued comfort. The patient will also be cleaned on a regular basis, until they pass.
Embalming Services: 70-150 gn If necessary, dependent on culture, embalming may be performed to ensure that the memories of the former patient are not compromised by those who remember them. More extensive embalming, such as in those who died of a serious and physically demeaning illness, includes extra - considerable - costs.
Other Services: Variable Any additional services may be discussed within RP.

Business NPCs/PCs

Kleine Volgotha


Full Name: Kleine Volgotha, known previously as the slave "Kaiserion"
Race: Lotharro
Age: 24
Title: Nurse/Receptionist
Skills: Menagerie

Kaiser, or Kleine, was born in the Fields of Gauthrel, to the clan Nordhoff. Born as the life mate (Likrjyr) of the leader of the clan, Kleine was cherished among his people and given exceptionally high status. As he developed, he was placed in charge of slave control and affairs, essentially an intelligence position within the tribal territory meant to ensure the continued subjugation and obedience of the slaves. This was considered an extremely high station within Nordhoff, and as such he was seen with much credence and respect. However, as time went on and as he pursued his profession, he discovered that - in fact - he loved the slaves he'd been assigned to subjugate.

Servitude as loyal as theirs was something he admired, and shortly after the rise of this realization, he determined that he would help slaves from within rather than without. The reason for this, unbeknownst to others, was due to a rise of commitment to the Immortal Famula. In her name, he swore to serve the interests of slaves and servants, ensuring their happiness amidst their dedication and labor. He would live as a model example, educating and empowering them to have integrity and to possess depth and will, while yet still content from behind their shackles. He commanded his life-mate, the leader of the Nordhoff, to place him in chains as a sign of his own free will. Reluctantly and with sorrow, the man obliged. However, considering Nordhoff bears no Lothar slaves, Rio was sold to a black market organization within Ne'haer that trafficked slaves through the city.

In the midst of transport between one city to the next, Kaiser encountered Alistair Venora, a man he considered to have exceptional depth from the start. Rio, given greater autonomy due to his almost fanatical obedience, was allowed to spend portions of the evenings with Alistair while being brought from Rharne to Rynmere. Over time, he began to grow a devotion for Alistair, and what appeared to be a subliminal message ultimately brought him to request the Venora Lord take and keep his lock and key: in his own personal journal, from combining the capital letters of each paragraph, the words "ALISTAIR YOUR MASTER" were formed.

Being sold to the Lord, Kaiser has since begun a new and very different life.

Approved by Jade as a business, and Tyrant for its transition to Quacia.
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Alistair Venora

Renown Ledger

Starting Renown: 30

Projection of Force: 2 (32)
Projection of Force II: 2 (34)
Fluttering of the Swallows: 7 (41)
First Birth: 3 (44)
Peter the Prancing Pony: +5 (49)
Memento Mori: 2 (51)
Blood Brothers: 2 (53)
Men of Avarice: 4 (57)
Own a Business: 10 (67)
Prometheus: 1 (68)
Fall At Your Feet: 2 (70)
The Heir, Disrobed: 2 (72)
Cruel World: 1 (73)
The Weak, Winnowed: 7 (80)
The Travesty of Coincidence: 4 (84)
Don't Hate, Abrogate: 2 (86)
Dying Young, Playing Hard: 2 (88)
The Homekromeing Democracy: 6 (94)
In Saun, Everyone Suffers: 2 (96)
Negotiations Between Parties: 5 (101)
For Andaris: 4 (105)
Immortal Ambitions: 2 (107)
The Lips of Galador: 2 (109)
Somnus: 2 (111)
Call of the Wild: 2 (113)
Pride: 3 (116)
Unsung the Versed: 2 (118)
The Arcane Enterprise: 1 (119)
In Depths We Tread: 0 (119)
Skyline: 2 (121)
Ne'haer or Far: 3 (124)
Dashing Through Snow: 2 (126)
Cave of Wonder: 4 (130)
Damn, You Let Him Get Away: 4 (134)
Not You Again: 2 (136)
Blood on Snow: 1 (137)
Melting a Frozen Heart: 10 (147)
Krometheus: 3 (150)
Clear Skies Above: 3 (153)
The Shield: 16 (169)
Masked Ball: Legality of Magic: 10 (179)
From One to the Next: 5 (184)
Pups On Their Own 2: 6 (190)
A New Leaf: 1 (191)
Hal-tongue-a: 6 (197)
Caw of the Raven: 3 (200)
Pups On Their Own 3.5: 6 (206)
Deconstructed: 1 (207)
Pups Together 2: 1 (208)
Faster Yet: 5 (213)
Remembrance of a Fallen Leaf: 7 (220)
Dauðra Dura: 12 (232)
The Pup's Nemesis: 15 (247)
Naming Earth: 3 (250)
If I May: 4 (254)
Existing Noble Fame Boost: 30 (284)
Clemency: 7 (291)
Going Home: 10 (301)
Pups No More: 9 (310)
Consequences: 1 (311)
Koda Red: 1 (312)
Ren Norendel: 3 (315)
The Way of the Wild: 11 (326)
The Hound's Graces: 8 (334)
Dauðra Dura III: 2 (336)
Let Us Drink, Let us Punch: 4 (340)
Another Day in Andaris: 10 (350)
Ollie Ollie Oxentide: 5 (355)
Investing in Ashes: 20 (375)
The Tides of Change: 15 (390)
Rooftops: 5 (395)
The Devourer: Part One: 5 (400)
Keep Breathing: 10 (410)
The Devourer: Part Two: 5 (415)
The Sound of Nature: 5 (420)
To Prey on Mantis: Part Two: 15 (435)
To Prey on Mantis: Part Three: 5 (440)
Investing in Industry: 20 (460)
To Bleed the Head of a Bastard: 5 (465)
Rage Against Renner: 20 (485)
Clinging to the World: 5 (490)
The First Witch of Skalden: 5 (495)
Hagerd Fen: 10 (505)
Ne'haerly Out of Breath: 15 (520)
Renegotiation: 10 (530)
Perspective: 20 (550)
The Ashvane Reflection: 10 (560)
What Maketh Man: 10 (570)
The Coalition: 5 (575)
No Further Secrecy: 10 (585)
Black Blood: 15 (600)
We Need Wood: 15 (615)
Little Ones: 10 (625)
We Need Trade: 5 (630)
To Every King, A Throne: 15 (645)
The Blighted Thicket: Part 1: 5 (650)
The Blighted Thicket: Part 2: 15 (665)
Tomorrow is Another Day: 5 (670)
Your Hand in Mine: 15 (685)
Blood in the Rudders: 20 (705)
What Remains: 15 (720)
Squirm: 15 (735)
Efflorescence: 15 (750)
The Heart of Thorns: 20 (770)
Beware, Beware: 15 (785)
Hope Falls: 20 (805)
May Change One Day Come: 10 (815)
Rejuvenation: 10 (825)
Mynea: 5 (830)
Life Has Little Luster: 5 (835)
From Overgrowth to Ash: 20 (855)
A Little Advice: 5 (860)
Mythos in Mynea: 5 (865)
Conversations: 15 (880)
Doorstep: 5 (885)
The Political Flesh: 5 (890)
Welcome to Tyros: 10 (900)
Simplicity: 5 (905)
Embraced By Claws: 15 (920)
Journey: 5 (925)
The Interloper: Part I: 5 (930)
The Interloper: Part II: 10 (940)
The Interloper: Part III: 10 (950)
The Interloper: Part IV: 10 (960)
The Man Who Once Was: 15 (975)
A Meeting of Minds: 5 (980)
The Choice: 20 (1000)
Arbiter: 10 (1010)
The Waiting Place: 20 (1030)
Endgame: Nightmares: 30 (1060)
A Father That Is Always There: 20 (1080)
Eschate: 5 (1085)
Debrief: 5 (1090)
Flawed Blueprint: 10 (1100)
Remember Me: 20 (1120)
Into Judgement: 15 (1135)
CitW: The Curious: 5 (1140)
The Curiously Nice House: 5 (1145)
CitW Endgame 2: Nightmares: 30 (1175)

Small #1 - 50 Point Bank Points
Small #2 - 50 Point Bank Points
Small #3 - 50 Point Bank Points
Small #4 - 50 Point Bank Points
Small #5 - 50 Point Bank Points
Small #6 - 50 Point Bank Points

Medium #1 - Polearm Bonus (253)
Medium #2 - Polearm Bonus (256)
Medium #3 - Strength Bonus (253)
Medium #4 - Strength Bonus (256)
Medium #5 - Endurance Bonus (253)
Medium #6 - Endurance Bonus (256)
Medium #7 - Strength Bonus (259)
Medium #8 - Strength Bonus (262)

Tier Reward #1 - Kala's Bend
Tier Reward #2 - Twin's Blood
Tier Reward #3 - Arsinalia

Visions of Sesser

*The Visions of Sesser are the living identities of Alistair Venora, utilizing Sesser as a conduit to manipulate his physical appearance. With each appearance comes a personality, a history, a lifestyle. These are utilized for self-protection, as well as to live multiple separate lives.

Alleged Backstory:


Alleged Backstory:


Ayla the Compliant

Biological Parents: Alistair Venora and the Immortal, Syroa
Race: Mortalborn
Birth Date: 92 Ashan, Arc 717
Age: 4 (Technically), ...


Biological Parents: Fridgar Calder (Father) and a surrogate
Race: Lotharro
Birth Date: 15 Vhalar, Arc 717
Age: 4


Approval Link: Here
Biological Parents: Alistair Venora and Zarik Venora (conceived via his twin sister's Totem)
Race: Mixed Blood (Human/Biqaj)
Birth Date: 24 Vhalar, Arc 718
Age: 3
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Alistair Venora

Judge (Puppet)


As a Puppet, Judge is one of six of his kind and was not only the last built but the first and only to ever be labeled as destroyed. During the Cataclysm of Quacia, Judge was lost to the Underway amidst what many believe to be a mission to kill those suspected to be the horrific event's perpetrators. Though equally as many believe such a claim to be useless historical conjecture, they are keen to admit that the belief is drawn from a truth; Judge's role, rather than one of defense of the Arkenstone dynasty, has always been one of violently adjudicating perceived enemies to the state or those who have held the Puppet's reins.

Initially, Judge was deployed as a method of challenging the city's swelling mage-population, a weapon to be utilized to put down aspirant magisters who thought to make Quacia a magocracy.

And he proved to be overwhelmingly effective. An arm to the ruling House, Judge was thereafter sent on a variety of missions to kill many oppositional forces to House Arkenstone. Enemy nobles, sycophants believed to be spreading 'misinformation', and other such entities even including the initial specters of uncontrollable zealotry. He became a public face for the overwhelming power of the monarchy and a natural deterrent to the scheming of many political and magical factions that stirred within the city. And yet, despite the efforts of him and his typically Dragoon retainers, Judge was left in what some might call a deathly slumber within a pile of pre-Cataclysm rubble.

Acquisition - Into Judgement
Judge was acquired by Alistair on the seventy-eighth trial of Ashan, Arc 719, in the Quacian Underway. After a long and arduous journey of four trials through the depths of the Underway, to the ruinous core of the old city, the mage uncovered Judge's waking form at the foot of a maddened Revealed Mage, a Crux of Transmutation. After felling the mage, Alistair was given the opportunity to encode loyalty into the ancient pre-Cataclysm artifact, and he did.

Like all Puppets, Judge is very dangerous and can easily dispatch even skilled Dragoons. Judge utilizes the Puppets' unique and unnamed material (utilized by Knight and Servant for defense) to pad his coat, providing him a unique variety of defensive and offensive options by flailing around his attire or keeping it embedded to his body. In terms of special offensive capabilities beyond his size, strength, speed, durability and weight, Judge appears to be capable of reshaping his fists to a variety of different weapons to suit whatever purpose he is seeking to fulfill. These weapons carry the same plating that adorns the rest of his body, and are therefore very durable.

Judge's armor is made of an extremely dense plating. As all Puppets are known for their immense durability, he is no exception, and his plating retains the same anti-magic properties as the remainder of his brethren.

As Judge was allegedly built by ancient technology either lost in the Cataclysm or long before that, it is unknown what provides him sustenance to exist or how to repair or rebuild him. It does appear possible for extremely skilled blacksmiths to build plating that may replace lost aspects of his external armor, but if Judge were ever to be damaged beyond the point of deployment it cannot be said that he might ever be recovered. It is a certain truth that no replicas of him can ever be made -- at least not without a breakthrough of truly grand proportions.

As a note, Judge's magic nullifying properties cannot be learned as a Quality. This is because they are imperceptible, ethereally, and inherently negate Transmutation when applied.

PSF Approval
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Alistair Venora


Minion Name: Banshee
Type: Haunt
Minion Upkeep: 4
Well Type: N/A
Acquired or Hypothetical: Acquired

Abilities: Like all Haunts of Alistair's, Banshee is capable of instantly teleporting to his shadow or emerging from his shadow at any given time. She can also move into his shadow as a method of protecting herself, only to rise when she is prepared. As Alistair's shadow can also move across the floor freely, this is a deadly ability.


Minion Name: Adamantine Kingfisher, Phorcys
Type: Gaunt Hulk
Minion Upkeep: 12
Well Type: Emetyte
Acquired or Hypothetical: Acquired

Abilities: Aside from the standard ability of a Kingfisher, as a Gaunt, the thrall is even more lethal. "A Gaunt is more resilient than a Marrow, much faster than a Husk, and tends to have the most versatility and combat prowess of any non-welled thrall. Gaunts tend to be much like their namesake, with unnecessary fat and skin removed. Most necromancers choose to reshape finger bones into claws, give them wider jaws with jagged teeth, and lend an element of inhuman that could not be overlooked. Gaunts are fast, merciless, and dangerous...easily contending on the level of speed that most operate on."

Additionally, Phorcys is powered by an Emetyte Well - one of the higher classes - and therefore carries exponentially greater speed, strength, durability and regenerative powers. Phorcys is, thus, incredibly lethal in sustained combat.


Minion Name: Marrow Guardians
Type: Marrow
Minion Upkeep: 2
Well Type: Imedyte
Acquired or Hypothetical: Acquired - 6

Abilities: As marrows with Imedyte wells, these thralls are - despite their skeletal appearance - surprisingly quick, strong, and durable, acting exceptionally more capable than the typical Husk. As a result of their well, they are capable of regeneration, and due to their status as Marrows they can easily be held in Alistair's domain bag as transportation. When inside of the bag, they are always deactivated, awaiting their next endeavor.


Minion Name: Quacian Sea Archers
Type: Husk
Minion Upkeep: 1
Well Type: N/A
Acquired or Hypothetical: Acquired - 9

Abilities: N/A
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