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Levinia Black
Name: Levinia Black

Age: 23

Race: Human

Date of Birth: 15th of Cylus, Arc 693

Factions Joined: N/A

Languages Spoken: Common [Fluent]

Partners: N/A

Starting at the age of six, Levinia’s once dark hair began to turn white. Many claimed this was due to a curse or perhaps something she ate or drank, but no one really knows. Out of all her family members, she is the only one with white hair and this makes her stand out but nonetheless she is her father’s favorite.

Her extraordinary hair color aside, she has always been a lovely human girl. Petite and almost doll like at 5' 2", she easily falls on the bottom scale of height for humans. This, of course, does not matter as much since she is female. At least not as much had she been male, then her height would have been a concerning factor. Still, she manages to use her size to her advantage as a child would to push its way through crowds and to seem less threatening to others.

Levinia’s eyes are really the main focus on her face. Her eyes are a unique blue that is sometimes violet in the right light. They are crowned by dark eyebrows which are the color of what her hair would have been like had it not turned white. They make enough of a contrast to highlight her eyes. Her nose is nothing out of the ordinary but set straight and in proportion to her face. Her lips are full and set in a way to make them then pouty when she is serious, or pondering on something or when she really is upset. Levinia does smile every now and then and it does light up her entire face. Being the daughter of a doctor, she was shown how to properly clean her teeth so it is not unusual that her teeth are both straight and white and only adds to her loveliness.

Never having to work extra hard, Levinia’s body is feminine and soft, her hands smooth and as delicate as a noble woman’s. It helps when she’s dealing with difficult ingredients that demand that extra sensitive touch. She keeps her white hair long and sometimes braided in intricate ways, again proving how skillful her hands can be. When working she will usually put her hair back with a bandanna in order to keep her hair out of her potions. Mostly, she allows her hair loose, letting it sit below her shoulders and towards the center of her back.

She is usually dressed plainly, but Levinia doesn’t need fancy or colorful clothing. Her style is practical and modest though that does not mean she doesn’t like a pretty dress, she just can’t afford any at the moment. Her greatest accessories, though, are her white hair and her blue-violet colored eyes.
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Levinia is as sweet as she looks, but that does not mean that she’s a pushover. Often referred as feisty she can have a temper if pushed hard enough. Normally, however, she’s attentive, caring and very smart. Even as a young child she was noted as clever and brave. Levinia had the intelligence to pursue a career as a doctor, but her family found it better that her two male siblings receive that schooling. This wasn’t unusual, since women were mainly seen as getting married, having kids and too much education would be lost on them. Although Levinia was disappointed she wouldn’t begrudge her brothers their education and she would find her own way.

She doesn’t allow her small stature to keep her from being intimidated or make her demure. Levinia usually looks a person in the eye and doesn’t back down when she knows she’s right which often gets her into trouble. The young human woman often forgets how small and vulnerable she is when she is fired up so it is a good thing that she is mainly mild tempered and charming. Always with a ready smile and polite words, Levinia has never been known to be conceited or snobbish.

Although she can be quite charming, she’s not a flirt and does not like the attention she sometimes receives because of her beauty. Levinia does not like flattery, it annoys her, as well as false modesty and people pretending to like her just to bed her. She tries not to assume that of people and often takes them at their word, but she is cautious.

Growing up in a big city, she has her street smarts and is weary of strangers. As a city girl, Levinia knows her way around the alleys and neighborhoods. She is familiar with where she can go and who to avoid. Her senses are always alert when on the streets only relaxing once she makes it home. Levinia is a good haggler and loves to shop at the market for just the right herbs and other ingredient for her concoctions.

She is truly happy when creating her potions and makes sure she takes meticulous notes about everything she does. Spending most of her free time working on certain ingredients at home, Levinia rarely goes out. This has kept her rather lonely and a bit anti-social. It's not that she does it on purpose, she likes people, she just has too much to do to waste time on them. Time is precious and there is just so much to do, learn and create.

Levinia was born the third child to Ambry and Serna in the dark winter of Cylus. It was said she wouldn’t survive, but her parents warmth and love were enough for the tiny pale infant to make it until the sun shone again. She had two older siblings, Ambry who was named after their father, and Tabitha who, unlike Levinia was not a very attractive child. Big brother Ambry immediately fell in love with his little sister and dotted on her ever since. This made Tabitha, how had had her brother all to herself for four years, very jealous of Levinia and would often try to harm her. Tabitha never really outgrew this, especially as her little sister grew prettier and more charming.

It wasn’t long before her fourth sibling was born, only eleven months after Levinia which meant they were practically babies together. Doug looked and acted completely opposite of Levinia. She was light, he was swarthy, she was obedient and mild while he was rambunctious and often getting into trouble. They both, however, were inseparable and were always mistaken as twins. Even when Levinia’s hair began to turn white they were as close as twins and always together; especially when Ambry started apprenticing with their father.

Tabitha was closer to Serna, their mother, and although she was never the beauty that Levinia was, Tabitha was a good cook and housekeeper. It wasn’t difficult for her to find someone to marry her and she was soon betrothed and wedded by the age of 16. That left Levinia and Doug as the only children in the house. Levinia was 12, however, and had to start learning how to cook and how to take care of a house. She was, unfortunately, often found reading her father’s books in some hiding spot or another. Her father convinced their mother to allow Levinia to continue with the higher learning.

Although Levinia still learned to cook and clean, she also learned more advanced writing, higher reading and business management from her father. He also taught her how to help with patients but his focus was on teaching his two sons, so Levinia mainly observed and read. There were many offers for her hand but she refused them all, not wanting to waste her time being married. Still, she could not remain with her parents for too long, being that her brother Ambry had moved his family in. Soon, their home was starting to grow with new babies and was soon bursting at the seams.

It wasn’t long before Doug himself found a wife and moved out, leaving Levinia like a leaf in the wind floating all on her own. So, she decided to move out on her own and find her own way. Her parents were willing to give her the money they had saved for her wedding and dowry and gave it to her so that she could start her life. Levinia is an enigma to many people that do not know her choice of being single. Some are left wondering what could be wrong with her to be living alone. Many assume she’s just a young widow and other still believe she just does not like men. However, when they get to know her they realize that her mind is just focused on her study and on her love of Apothecary.

Levinia lives on her own, in a 400 sq ft room in the city of Andaris. The stony walls make her quarters feel comfortable. This is just fine with her since coming from a large family it is nice to have a room to herself; and her cat, Biscuit. Her room has only one window and it looks out into the busy city street. Having grown up in the city, Levinia has gotten used to the hustle and bustle noise and sometimes leaves her window open when she's home so she can feel as if she's part of the city.

She pushed her table against the window so that her cat could have a place to sit and look outside. Biscuit is a wonderful mouse catcher and keeps Levinia's home free of them, but prefers to stay indoors. A busy city is too dirty for a lovely white cat like Biscuit. So, the white feline mainly watches the traffic on her perch and makes certain her lovely white coat remains pristine. Levinia likes the light from the window when she makes notes in her journal or is just writing or reading. At night she has her candle holder and candles to help her see, though she does shut her window at night and keeps it nice and locked. Her home consists of the usual:

1 bed
2 chairs
1 table
2 knives
6 plates (assorted)
1 chest
1 fireplace
Image Image
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Herbalism [SP] 15 [KG] 4 19
Gardening [SP] 15 15
Medicine [SP] 10 [KG] 9 19
Business Management [SP] 10 10
Writing [RB] 10 10
Leadership [KG]3 3
Observation [KG] 7 7
Socialisation [KG] 10 10
Etiquette [KG] 1 1
Organization [KG] 1 1
Massaging [KG] 3 3
Rhetoric [KG] 4 4
Seduction [KG] 2 2
Cosmetology [KG] 1 1
Persuasion [KG] 1 1
Espionage [KG] 1 1
Appraisal [KG] 1 1

Basic Knowledge

Biscuit the Cat
Loves to sun himself

City Living:
Knowing how to walk the streets without getting mugged, pick-pocketed or too dirty
Locking everything nice and tight to prevent burglary
Knowing where all the best shops are

Andaris Docks
Andaris Bakery

Rynmere Herbs

The attire of the servants

Staying Prepared
Accessing the Injury

The Harlot

The Skyrider
Always in trouble

Specialized Knowledge

Measuring - Apothecaries' system, weight, amount, by sight
Mortar - grinding, pulverizing, mashing

Herbs found in Andaris

Disinfecting tools and instruments
Mixing turmeric and ginger
Administering pain relief

Using tone to change the meaning of a message

The smell of fresh bread
Vinegar and salt removes blood from fabric

Has a beautiful body

Use eye contact
How to inflict pain to the shoulder
  • Household Items
    • 1 bed [SP]
    • 2 chairs [SP]
    • 1 table [SP]
    • 2 knives [SP]
    • 6 plates (assorted) [SP]
    • 1 chest [SP]
    • 1 fireplace [SP]
    • 1 tinderbox [SP]
    • 1 cutting board
    • 1 washbasin
    • 1 waterskin [SP]
  • Personal Products
    • Hair Brush [SP]
    • Soap [SP]
    • Toothbrush [SP]
    • Toothpaste [SP]
  • Clothing & Accessories
    • 1 Coat [SP]
    • 1 Blouse [SP]
    • 1 Blouse
    • 1 Skirt [SP]
    • 1 Skirt
    • 1 Breeches
    • 1 Undergarment [SP]
    • 1 Undergarment
    • 1 Chemise
    • 1 Bandanna
    • 1 Pair Boots [SP]
  • Professional Items
    • Mortar & Pestle
    • Blank Journal
    • Fine Paper (10 pages)
    • Ink Well
    • Ink Pen
    • Candle Holder
    • Herb Knife
  • Miscellaneous Items
    • Cat
starting 100gn 100gn
cutting board 5gn 95gn
washbasin 4gn 91gn
Breeches 1gn 90gn
Blank Journal 5gn 85gn
Fine Paper (10 pages) 5gn 80gn
Ink Well 2gn 78gn
Ink Pen 1gn 77gn
Candle Holder 5gn 72gn
Herb Knife 1gn 71gn
Cat 5gn 66gn
Blouse 6sn 65gn 4sn
Skirt 8sn 64gn 6sn
Undergarment 2sn 64gn 4sn
Chemise 12sn 63gn 2sn
Bandanna 12sn 62gn
Mortar & Pestle 5gn 61gn 5sn
Total Currency: 0 ON, 61 GN, 5 SN, 0 CN
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